September 18, 2006

At the garage, Abby cries to Max that her parents have been missing for 24 hours and she's scared. Max says Frankie and Jen are married though, she wouldnt . . . . Abby says they arent really married, but no her mom wouldnt. She is afraid something could be wrong. Max comforts her. Abby talks about how she wishes Frankie never came home, hes only complicated things. Max reminds her that her dad might not be alive if it werent for Frankie. Abby says they dont know if the drug trial will work, and at least her parents could have spent the past few months together. Max tries to assure Abby that nothing bad will happen to them, Jack would do anything to protect Jen. Frankie walks in, he says Max is right. He thought Abby may be here, he wanted to see how she was doing. She says not to good and walks out. Max asks Frankie how hes doing? Frankie says he doesnt know, he should have blown off the press conference and gone with Jack and Jen. Max says look what he would have missed, Chelsea getting arrested. Max says hes done with Chelsea, hes done being made to look like a fool. He says forget that, what about finding Jack and Jen. Frankie says its a waiting game now. Max says Jack and Jen will come out of this alive and Frankie will get Jen back. Frankie says hed like to believe that but Jack is the one who truly has her heart. Abby returns, she asks if he believes that? Frankie then gets a call, Jack and Jen are okay.

In the cave, Jack and Jen discuss the past and the other cave theyve been in. Jack says it was a long time ago, a lot has changed since then. Jen talks about how Abby is so grown up, she is almost as old as she was when she first started working . . . Jack says they shouldnt go there. Jen wonders where the time went. Jack says he wasted it. Jen says that isnt true. She tells him that shes loved being married to him, the only time she didnt love it is when they werent together. Jack says their life was never boring. Jen says it was never boring. Jack hopes his life doesnt end thanks to Enid shooting him in the backside. Jen doubts that, she jokes about how Enids looking after Jessie. Jen wonders where this adventure will take them next. Jack says to find supper, hes starving. Jen wants to go with Jack, but Jack suggests she stay here in their shelter. She also tells him to forage, not hunt, shes not cooking a rodent. Jack says hell be back soon, he promises not to wander far. Jack returns with berries, telling Jen to figure out which ones are edible since shes the girl scout. Jen grabbed matches from Enids, but Jack is busy trying to start a fire with flints he found. Jen finally shoves the matches in his face saying she knows hed like to do it cave man style. Jack makes monkey sounds and says its not a bad idea. Jack ends up starting the fire with the matches. Jack and Jen begin reminiscing some more, we see flashbacks from when they were chained up in a train car headed to nowhere. Jack tells Jen you would think they would have more survival skills by now, but Jen says they are doing pretty good. Jack tells Jen to eat up, she asks if hes telling her to eat them and make sure they arent poisonous? He says no, they could be here awhile and she has the best chance of survival. Jen says dont say that, they will be found and they will both get out of this. Jen says Dr. Berman could be at the hospital with his tests saying hes in remission. She says she has a good feeling about this. Jack says what if her good feeling doesnt reflect the truth of his situation. Jen tells Jack to eat these berries, they have anti-oxidants and are good for him. Jack ends up choking on the berries, Jen has to save him with the Heimlich. Jen thought for a moment he was having a relapse. Jack says well she saved his life again. Jack thinks hes had enough berries, hes going to ho to bed and then tomorrow they will go home. They lay down in front of the fire, Jen thinks its a bit early for sleep. He asks what else they will do? Jen says they are both so tired theyll probably fall right to sleep. Both Jack and Jen think about their first time together on Ernestos island in a cave. Jen tells Jack that she cant get away from loving him and doesnt want to, not ever. They then kiss. They give into their passion and begin making love.

At Patricks place, Bo confronts Patrick with the evidence he has on him linking him to Eve Michaels murder. He only brings up the shoes and the gun, not the disc. Patrick swears to Hope that hes never seen this stuff. Bo says the shoes were in his closet, the gun in his gun safe. Bo tells Hope that this creep is who she never should have trusted. Patrick swears hes innocent, but Bo says he has enough proof to hold him and hes going to jail. 

At the station, Kate and EJ continue to question Roman about the Eve Michaels investigation. Roman wont talk, so Kate says shes staying here until she finds out who killed Eve. EJ says hell stay with her. Abe asks why they are so interested in this? EJ says he and Kate are partners, and they are owners of a television station now and have to disseminate correct information. Tek says their company is Mythic Communication, Abe doesnt have much faith in a company with that name. Kate says Mythic as in legendary, not fictitious. Abe then asks Lexie why shes hanging around here? Lexie says she is here to see him, they were supposed to have dinner. He says he forgot, hes sorry. Lexie says his tone, he sounded so suspicious. Tek agrees, especially coming from someone who is trying to make his marriage work. Kate says she cant believe Abe would get back together with LExie after what shes done. Lexie tells Kate that she has some nerve considering what shes done, at least the things they know about. EJ says now theyve all done things they arent proud of at some time or another. Roman asks EJ if that includes him? EJ says yes, he then gives an example of being in London and giving a bunch of tourists on a doubledecker bus a tour, but he wasnt the tour driver. The driver left them and got sick, he took over out of a feeling of civic responsibility. He then buzzed a guard at Buckingham Palace, got arrested but only got a slap on the wrist as the police were EJ Wells fans. Suddenly Bo brings Patrick in, Kate says she doesnt believe this, Patrick killed Eve? Hope says they don't know for sure yet. Bo has the evidence sent to forensics, Hope tells Bo that he wont find Patricks prints on any of those things. Bo says theyll see. 

Bo takes Patrick to the office, he says now everyone will know hes up to no good. Patrick implies that Bo planted the evidence. Patrick says he wont say another word until his attorney is present. Bo tells Patrick hes the one who tried to set him up, but he failed. Bo promises him that hell get the death penalty for this. Abe and Roman order Bo out of the office and to calm down. Abe calls a lawyer for Patrick, which counts as his one call. Abe says Patrick would know this from training, and it was going to be covered next week at the academy. Abe doubts Patrick will be there for that class though. Tek cant believe Patrick, he let him help out on a case he was the killer on. Tek tells Patrick that hes headed for a fall.

Meanwhile Hope informs Kate of Billies speech at the courthouse. Kate cant believe this, she asks if the divorce was finalized? Hope says no, the judge had to leave and ordered a continuance. Lexie thinks it was information from Bo about the Eve Michaels case that the judge got. Kate doesnt know why Patrick would want to kill Eve. Hope says Patrick swears he is innocent. Lexie asks if she believes him? Bo shows up, Kate asks if Patrick confessed? He says when there is news theyll hear it in the press conference later. He tells them this isnt a coffee shop so go. Kate and EJ leave, Lexie asks Bo to have Abe call her when hes ready for dinner. Bo and Hope talk, Hope says she thought theyd be divorced by now. Bo says he knows. He thinks this must be hard for Hope given Patrick is the father of her baby, but she says nothing has been proven yet. Bo says Patrick will try and convince her that he set him up, does she think hed do something like that? He tells her that officer Casaras was with him the whole time. Bo says he wouldnt set up an innocent person to take a murder wrap no matter what is at stake. He says she has to know that much about him. Hope just makes her eyebrows raised face. She says she doesnt know what to believe. Bo says Jack and Jen were the ones who tipped him off, they were investigating the murder. Bo says if Jen can believe it then maybe Hope can too. Hope says she wants to talk to Jen. Bo says easier said than done. Bo fills her in on Jack and Jens situation, he says people are looking for them right now. Bo gets a call, he says bring it up, thats all he needs. Bo tells Hope that forensic has a fingerprint report on one of the items, they are brining it up now. Roman brings Patrick out for booking, he tells Hope hes innocent as hes being dragged off. Bo gets he report and he and Hope go into the office to look over it. Bo presents Hope with the evidence disc that was stolen, the one he was accused of stealing. He says the disc wasnt put in this cover until put into evidence, so nobody's prints but the one who took it should be on it. He says according to this report, Patricks prints are on the disc. He says Patrick stole the disc, he was the one manipulating people all along.

Kate and EJ go to Dune for drinks. They continue discussing the case against Patrick. Kate has a theory as to why Patrick would do this, Bo needed the disc to get Hope back. EJ says so she thinks Patrick paid Eve for the disk and killed her to shut her up? Kate says yes. EJ says he likes the idea, but something seems to be missing. Kate says it all fits together. EJ says it fits together too perfectly, there is more than meets the eye to this. 


September 19, 2006

In the cave, Jack and Jen are in one another's arms. They have made love. They talk about their past, how they still love each other as much as ever. Later Jack brings up Frankie, saying Jen did take vows with him. Jen has chosen Jack though. Jen tells Jack she never wants to be apart from him again, they make love again. Jen tells Jack how she knows he is in remission, she can feel it. Jack talks about how cold it seems to be getting, it's getting cold very fast. As Jack questions Jen jokingly about how she knows he's in remission, he passes out in her lap. Jen begs Jack not to die on her. She sees he's freezing and tries to keep him warm. She hears a helicopter outside, she runs and yells for help. The spotlight sees her. The helicopter lands and the paramedics tend to Jack.

Shawn is walking along the pier, he calls the station about the DNA results. They put his dad on the phone, he of course didn't want to talk to Bo. Bo informs Shawn that Patrick has been arrested for the murder of Eve and stealing the evidence disk. Shawn gloats that his dad finally got everything he wanted, he proved his innocence and nailed Patrick. Bo says this isn't easy for any of them, and he thought Shawn would want to tell Mimi. Shawn heads to the hospital to find Mimi.

At the hospital, Mimi meets up with her mom. They have learned the police sent the DNA test here to be done, Bonnie has a plan to change the results. Mimi doesn't want to do this, Bonnie talks about how she is Ma Barker and would do anything for her kids, even kill. Bonnie tells Mimi all she has to do is distract the lab technician. Mimi does her best, talking to him in a southern accent about how she wants to be a lab technician and asks him about his job. The technician is Russian and seems very into Mimi. As they talk and flirt, Bonnie slips into the lab. She looks at the screen, the DNA report is up on it. She then begins working to make sure it says Phillip is the father. Meanwhile Shawn arrives, is told Bonnie and Mimi headed in the elevator downstairs. He finds the guard flirting with Mimi and tells him to get away from his wife! Shawn and Mimi leave, Bonnie is forced to hide under the desk when the technician returns.

Shawn asks Mimi why she was down there, she claims she was looking for Bonnie. Shawn says but the nurse saw you go down there together? Mimi comes up with this story about how the did, but Bonnie left to help a patient and she got tired of waiting for her. Shawn then tells Mimi the news about Patrick. Mimi says if Bo was the arresting officer, is it possible he's doing this to keep Patrick away from Hope? Shawn says it looks like the evidence is legit. Mimi thinks she should call her mom, which she does. Back in the lab the technician catches Bonnie when her phone goes off. She claims she's hiding out from people, he says he understands and won't tell a soul that he saw her.  She then heads off. Bonnie is unsure if she was able to change the results. She then gets word from Mimi that Patrick is in jail.

At the station, Bo and Hope discuss the disk that was found among Patrick's things. They play it, it is the stolen disk and it only has Patrick's prints on it. Bo says this along with all the other evidence proves Patrick is guilty. Hope decides to wait for the ballistics report on the gun, but agrees Bo did not steal the disk and she misjudged him. Hope says there is more, she informs Bo about Billie's speech at the trial. Bo is furious with Billie, she should have said something sooner. Hope says what Billie said was brave of her, and she only did what she did for Chelsea, not to get Bo back. Bo and Hope realize Billie and Chelsea are the reason they are apart. Bo admits he was wrong in letting Chelsea drive that night, but given all that has happened, he's never stopped loving her. She admits the same to him. He asks then why they are apart? Hope says she has had a hard time trusting since Zack's death, especially trusting him. Bo promises to do whatever it takes to help them get back together, even go to therapy. She doesn't know if she's ready to trust him again, she needs time. He says she knows where to find him. 

Hope heads to Zack's grave. She is so confused, she doesn't know what to do. She tells Zack how much she misses him, how she doesn't feel joy or laughter anymore. She knows Bo is innocent of many things, but he still let Chelsea drive that night so he's still guilty of that. She doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile Bo heads to the pier to think about Hope.


September 20, 2006
At the station, Frankie gets news from Abe that Jack and Jen have been found, Jack is being airlifted to the hospital. He runs off just as Shawn, Mimi and Bonnie show up to defend Patrick. Shawn says Uncle Mickey is out of town and now Frankie is gone, what will they do for a lawyer? Bonnie says if they need a lawyer it will be one willing to sue these keystone cops for false arrest. They go to see Abe and tell him that he has the wrong man. Abe explains the evidence they found in Patricks house. They find this to be ludicrous, why would Patrick keep murder evidence around? Bonnie wishes she had cleaned out that closet this weekend. Mimi thinks Patrick has been framed, what about Chelsea as she lives there and shes already killed one person and made up a DNA report. Shawn also says his father was the arresting officer, he'd do anything to keep Patrick away from Hope. Abe says Bo did it buy the book, another officer was there. He also says Patricks fingerprints are on a crucial piece of evidence, how would Bo do that? Bonnie wants Patrick released, but Abe says Patrick is not leaving. He says no judge will grant Patrick bail given the crime. Bonnie cant believe this, Shawn calms them down. Shawn asks if they can at least see Patrick. Abe says hell arrange it. He also tells Bonnie and Mimi that he is sorry for what they are going through.

Tek visits Patrick in jail. Patrick tells Tek he didnt kill Eve Michaels. Tek says a closet full of evidence says otherwise. Tek says Patrick played him for a fool. Patrick says he wants to be a cop, so why would he kill one? He asks what his motive would be? He swears on his unborn childs life he didnt kill Eve and he needs Teks help proving that. Patrick says hes been set up. Tek says Bo didnt do this if that is what he's saying. Patrick says well if not Bo then maybe someone else, a former employer. Tek says like the Dimeras? Patrick says he gave Tek the lead about the shoes, hes not stupid, why would he do that if he was guilty. Patrick says he needs help, someone to could on to help clear his name. Patrick offers to pay Tek for his help. Patrick says Eve Michaels deserve justice and Will Roberts is missing still. He begs Tek to at least look into the possibility that hes being framed. Tek says hell look around, but only because he thinks it is worth investigating.

Bonnie and Mimi show up to visit with Patrick. They say they know hes innocent. Bonnie asks he is innocent isnt he, he says he is. Mimi wants to know what they can do to help, even Shawn wants to help. Patrick says really? Mimi says he thinks his father could have set him up. Patrick is stunned that Shawn thinks this about his own father, but if he finds out Bo set him up then he may really commit murder. They talk about Hope and whether shell believe in him. Patrick says she hasn't checked on him. Bonnie says Hope has a lot on her mind, she was getting divorced today. Patrick says the divorce didnt go through, the judge ordered a continuance. Bonnie thinks that was Bos doing, he probably bribed the judge. Patrick says Bo wasnt at the trial, he was raiding there house. Bonnie wants to take Bo down a notch but Patrick says he doesnt need her fighting his battles. Mimi suggests her mom listen to Patrick for once, dont make things worse than they are.

Shawn stays in the office, Abe asks if everything is okay? He says he wanted to give Mimi and Bonnie alone time with Patrick. Abe asks him how he is, he knows Shawn has a lot on his mind. Shawn says that is life in Salem. Abe says about Bo, does he really think he set up Patrick? Shawn says it wouldnt surprise him. Abe says Bo is an honorable man. Shawn says if Abe says so. Abe gets a call, the DNA tests are on their way up. Shawn paces around until they show up, he hopes this evidence helps nail Chelsea for good. Abe tells Shawn he is a lot like his father, they both get worked up and let their anger control them. Shawn says if Chelsea is responsible then she has to pay. Abe says if she is guilty then she will pay, but hes jumping the gun. Shawn says he doesnt share the same faith in the law as Abe does. Abe has to go end Bonnie and Mimis visit, but Abe needs to know if he wants to see the results alone? Shawn says no, he knows it will confirm that Phillip is Claires father. Abe says okay. 

Abe goes to get Mimi and Bonnie, he says their time is up and besides, Shawn is about to get the DNA test results. Bonnie says but she wasnt through! Abe says through with what? Bonnie says with her visit. Abe says they should go.  Back in Abes office, Shawn is on the phone with his mom when the messenger shows up with the DNA test results. Another officer signs for it and says Abe will get this when he returns. Later Abe, Mimi and Bonnie show up. Abe hands it to Shawn, he opens it as Bonnie and Mimi watch. Shawn reads the report, it says that the report Chelsea left was right, hes Claires father.

Jack and Jen arrive at the hospital, Jen explains to Lexie that she and Jack were in a cave and Jack just keeled over. Lexie questions her as if he had any bites or anything unusual happen, Jen doesnt know. She begs Lexie not to let him die. Abby soon shows up, she asks her mom what happened, where were they? Jen says they were working on a story, she thought Jack could handle it but she was wrong. Jen explains they were investigating the police officer's murder. Abby likes that they are working together again, Jen says it what great. However she says it all went wrong, they were ambushed and a crazy mountain woman shot at them. Abby is shocked. Jen says it doesnt matter, right now they need to pray for her dad. Abby worries that her dad may not be in remission, that this could be it. Lexie returns and says she has news. She says Jack is awake. She says Jack lost consciousness because he was suffering from hypoglycemia and hypothermia. She says with Jacks weakened state hes more susceptible than Jen was. Abby asks if the disease is back? Lexie says no, and they should both be with Jack to get this news. They all go in to see Jack. Lexie then informs them that its official, hes in remission. Jack says so hes going to make it? Lexie says he already has, now he has to figure out how hell spend the rest of his life. He says he knows the answer to that one as he hugs Jen and Abby. Lexie releases Jack, they all thank Lexie. Frankie shows up, Lexie says he is the man who really deserves their thanks. Frankie asks if everything is okay? Jack says hes much better now, Frankie says he can see that. Abby says it was Frankie who alerted them to the fact that they were missing, of it wasn't for him they may not have been found. Jen says another thing they are indebted to him for. Jack tells Frankie that hes in remission, Frankie says that is great. Jen hugs Frankie and says it never would have happened if it werent for him. Abby apologizes to Frankie, she was a brat to him while he was good to them all. She asks if they can start over as friends? He says yes. Jack suggests Abby take him downstairs so Jen and Frankie can talk. Frankie insists on a hug from Jack before he goes, Jack thanks him for everything. Abby then wheels Jack downstairs. Once alone, Frankie tells Jen that he knows what shes going to say. She asks how can he? He says theyve known each other for so long, he knows what shes going to say, its in her eyes. He says hes know for a long time, he just didnt want to admit it. He knows she is going back to Jack. Jen says shes sorry, but he says stop apologizing. She says she loves him very much and wanted to marry him. He says until Jack came home. Jen says shes sorry, she never meant to string him along and he deserves better than this. Frankie says whoever she is, she wont be Jen. Frankie says but she is out there somewhere. Jen says she wants him to find her, that woman will give him her whole heart, which is something she couldn't do. Jen says that woman will also be the luckiest woman in the world. They share a kiss goodbye. 

Later Lexie runs into Frankie, he says Jack, Jen and Abby left. Lexie says she is so sorry. Frankie says he knew what he was up against. He says at least he doesnt need a divorce, they werent legally married. Lexie knows this isnt easy for him. Frankie says hes giving them time at the house before he goes to gets his things. She asks then what? He says who knows, maybe hell spin a globe and point his finger and then head there. He says he knows this part of his life is over and it is time to move on. Lexie says shes envious of him in a way, he gets to start over. She says shes tied down with a job, a child . . . Frankie notices she doesnt mention Abe, what is going on with them? Lexie is unsure where they stand. She says they were trying to work on things, but hes holding something back from her. She says maybe he doesnt trust her, which she doesnt blame him for. Frankie says he hopes things work out for them. Lexie says shes sorry, they were supposed to be talking about him. He says it helped to take his mind off of things. She tells Frankie that hes one of the good guys, she hopes wherever he ends up he finds happiness. She says shell miss him so much.

Jen, Jack and Abby return home. Abby says this is the best day of her life, shell never complain again. Jack says yeah and if she believes that then he has some land to sell her. They then get a phone call, its Harold for Jack. Jack jokes it is his boyfriend and he told him never call him at home. Harold gives Jack amazing news, he asks if this is a joke? Jack says hell talk to Jen and Abby first and then hell get back to him. Jen asks what that was about? Jack says he was just offered London Bureau Chief for the Spectator. Jen says that is a huge compliment and something he's always wanted. Jack says it's a compliment for her too, he wants Jen to be the Chief European Correspondent, based in London. Jen says this used to be a dream of theirs. Jack says that was before. Abby says what, before kids? Jen says yeah. Jack thinks maybe this is just a way to get him and Jen out of Harold's hair? Abby tells them that they have to do this. Jack doesnt know, he just got his life back and now they are supposed to pick up? Jack says what about her? Abby says shell be fine. Abby says she can stay here, she can stay in a dorm at Salem U or with Maggie or Gran. Abby says shed miss them, but they cant pass this up. She says she could visit them at Christmas and for Spring Break. Jack asks Jen what she thinks? Jen says theyll never get another chance like this. Jack jokes that trying to pick up a new language at his age . . . Jen laughs, they speak English! Jack says they never have shied away from an adventure before. Jen says no, so Jack says merry old England here they come. 


September 21, 2006
At the Brady Pub, Kayla and Bo discuss Jack and Jen leaving and how this affects Frankie. Kayla thinks Frankie will be okay. She asks about him and Hope. Bo says things still arent looking up. Kayla doesnt understand, he proved his innocence and the divorce never went through. Bo says they still have a lot to work on. Kayla knows what that is like. Bo is upset with Billie after what hes found out about her. Kayla says he can blame Billie for what she did to him and Hope but the bottom line is Steve doesnt want to be with her, Billie didn't do that. Bo says Steve will want her when he gets his memory back. Bo says unfortunately for him, Hope remembers every thing hes done. Kayla tells Bo that he and Hope are meant to be together. He says they are. However shes still pregnant with Lockharts baby and it complicates things. He says the more complicated it gets, the less likely they are to work things out. Kayla asks what Frankie is going to do, Bo says hes going to try and move on with his life. Kayla cant imagine moving on without Steve. Bo says same with him as Hope, but at least he got rid of Lockhart. He says hes always known that guy was dangerous. Kayla encourages Bo to make his move on Hope, don't wait. Bo isnt sure. He says when he looks in her eyes he sees something is missing, its not just Zack, she doesnt trust him. Kayla says she knows how when you lose trust it is hard to get it back. They begin talking about Kayla and Steve. Kayla is still hurt over Steve dancing with Billie, which is silly since he doesnt remember her. Bo says Steve will be at Jack and Jens party. Kayla knows, but it doesnt matter as shes not going. Bo encourages her to go, they are Bradys and cant give up. Kayla says hes right. 

Hope, Maggie and Alice are working on a going away party for Jack and Jen at Alice's place. Hope thinks they plan these things well, but she wishes it wasnt a going away party. Maggie says they can make it a Jack is in remission party. Hope wouldnt mind going to London and starting over. They discuss how JJ might have a British accent the next time they see him. Hope says shes happy for Jack and Jen but she hates saying goodbye. Later they discuss what is going on with Patrick. Hope says she could be carrying a murderer's baby. She says the Patrick she knows is gentle and kind, but there is just so much evidence. She says someone could have planted it, but Bo doesnt think so. Maggie says trust Bo. Hope doesnt know if she can, she cant look at Bo without seeing Zack and feeling the pain. She says shed love to be able to look at Bo and not feel that pain, but its not possible. Maggie says miracles do happen, Jack and Jen are proof.

At Jack and Jens, everyone is packing for Jack, Jen and JJs trip. They tell Jack to take things slowly, but he says there isnt a thing that could slow him down today. Jo and Vern show up to say goodbye, Jo asks how he could up and leave his mother like this. She's a teary mess. Steve soon shows up, he knows his mother would have slapped him upside and down the other if he didnt show up today. Jen says shell get JJ so they can all go. Steve has a present for Jack, a pipe to smoke in the land of tea and crumpets. Jack knows he wouldnt be going anywhere if it wasnt for Steve. Steve says it was just dumb luck, but Jack doesnt think so. Steve admits it does feel right in a weird kind of way. 

Jack, Jen, Abby, JJ, Steve, Jo and Vern show up at Alices for the going away party. They discuss how Lucas cant be here because of Will, there is no word on him still. Alice is in the kitchen baking up a storm, Jo wont stop crying over Jack leaving. Later Jen and Hope talk about Patrick. Hope says Patrick says hes innocent, but Jen says the evidence is against him and the gun is registered in his name. Hope admits it doesnt look good for Patrick. Jen tells Hope she is safe though and things will work out how they were meant to. Hope says shell miss Jen so much. She says shes ready to move on with her life. Hope promises to visit her soon. Jen says just bring Bo with you. They both laugh. Jen tries to convince Hope that she can be with Bo again if that is what she wants. 

Meanwhile Jo is talking to Jack about how many times she can come to visit, four times right? Jack says he thought he said two times a year. Vern says actually he said five. Maggie breaks out the presents. They are given some international calling cards. Abby says too bad she didnt get one, she was going to call every day with information on how she was not partying and getting great grades. Hope says well she happens to have a card for her too! Jack would prefer she only study and not date, but Abby says come on dad!

Bo and Kayla show up, Steve tells Kayla he didnt know shed be here. Kayla says Jack is still her brother-in-law even if Steve doesnt remember they are married. Bo goes to see Alice, Alice says its nice to see him ISNT IT HOPE. Hope says it is. She thanks Bo for not giving up on Jack and Jen and bringing them home. Jen says yes, she thanks him too. Jack and Jen are sporting trench coats, some of their gifts. Jen says she knows theyve always been able to count on him and they love having him in this family. Jack says Bo is making the rest of them look bad. Kayla says there is nothing wrong with dependable men. Kayla says Stephanie cant be here because of a race, but she sent a gift. Its an American survival guide to driving in England. Jack jokes no more crashes and deaths for him, he wont be going anywhere for a long long time. He also says he promised Abby that theyd dance at her wedding. Jack talks about how he grew up thinking he knew what family was, but he didnt till he met all of them. He says he had trouble dealing with them, but he got over it. He says he can safely say he feels like the luckiest man in the face of the earth. Jack cant believe hes making a speech. He says he never believed in fate and destiny. He says after a lot or brushes with death he now believes in fate. He says it was fate he was brought to the hospice where Steve was, and it was fate that brought him and Jen back together. He says it was fate that brought them all back together. He drags Steve into the room, hes cowering in the corner. Jack says fate let him have a happy ending, or a happy beginning. He says they are going to sail off . . . well that is a Bo and Hope analogy. He says they are flying off to find their happiness. Jack tells Steve it is his turn now, he can walk away from his happiness and this family, but hell regret it if he does. Kayla has a brief talk with Steve, he doesnt have much to say to her though and walks off.

Jen tries to convince Hope to talk to Bo. Bo shows up to talk with Hope, Jen leaves them alone to talk. Bo asks Hope if they can spend their lives together? Hope says she needs time. Bo says the funny thing about time is you think you have plenty of it then you wake up and realize half your life has past. Hope says and you look back and wonder where it went. Bo says or you look to what you have forward to. Hope wishes she had a crystal ball to tell her what to do. Bo says she could look in her heart.

Jack announces its time to go, Jack and Jen say goodbye to everyone. Jen and Hope share an emotional goodbye. Hope tells Jen shell have a wonderful life, shell come visit her and they will go shopping. Meanwhile Jack and Abby have a practice wedding dance as a way to say goodbye. 

Jen then shares a goodbye with Alice. She says shell probably miss her the most. She remembers when she came to Salem to live with her and Grandpa Tom. Jen knows she gave them a hard time, but they made so many memories. Jen tells Alice how she is the heart of this family, every connection they have comes from her. Jen cries how much she will miss her. Alice says shell always be with her. Jack, Jen and JJ then go as everyone waves them off.

At Shawn and Mimis loft, Shawn has apparently been up all night. Mimi cant believe this is happening, she understands why he couldnt sleep. Shawn has been waiting to tell Belle and Phillip that Claire is his daughter. Shawn says this will be a shock, but it makes sense. He says all the evidence was staring him in the face, its odd that he never figured it out before. Shawn sees Phillip and Belle are home, he decides to go give the news. Mimi asks to come with him.

Phillip and Belle return home with Claire. Phillip is kissing Claire and saying how shes getting so big but shell always be his little girl. Later Phillip is feeding Claire. They are talking about what a great family they are, Phillip says they should have a professional portrait taken, especially before she starts showing. He says they dont want that baby taking the limelight away from Claire. Belle asks Phillip if he resents this baby? Phillip says hes not thrilled about this, he wanted them to have a baby. She wanted that too, but she needs to know if he can raise this baby as his own. Phillip says he will, hell love the baby as much as he loves Claire, he or she will be part of their family. Shawn and Mimi then show up. Shawn sees Phillip holding Claire, Belle asks what is wrong? Phillip tells him to spit it out. Shawn explains how his father ran a DNA test on him and Claire to get solid proof against Chelsea. Phillip asks why, they know he and Belle never slept together. Shawn says apparently they did, he is Claires father. He says the report Chelsea left in his room was accurate. Belle says maybe the lab made the mistake. Shawn says no he called and they ran the test twice. Belle says so they . . . . Shawn says it must have been the night of the fire. Belle becomes faint and almost passes out. She insists she is okay. Mimi asks Phillip if hes okay? Phillip holds Claire close and says he remembers the day she was born. Phillip says he promised her daddy would always be here and he always will. Phillip says hes checking this out for himself. Shawn says the result will be the same, Claire is his daughter. Shawn says hes sorry. Phillip blows up saying take his test results and his apology and go to hell. Claire, who has been put down, begins crying. Shawn goes to hold her but Phillip says dont touch his baby. Phillip says Claire is his baby, he decks Shawn, grabs Claire and runs.


September 22 , 2006
At Samis, Sami is pacing around. Lucas tells her to stop pacing. She cant, shes upset as Will has been gone for 24 hours. She doesnt know how Lucas can stay so calm. He says he isnt, its taking all he has not to take a drink. Sami sits down and tries to be calm as well for his sake. Lucas says Will is a strong kid, he'll be okay. There is a knock at the door, Sami wonders if it could be news. EJ shows up, hes here to talk about the television plans for the plea. He says they will set up a live feed here at their apartment so they dont have to leave the apartment. He also has arranged for it to go on the air as well as out on the web. EJ brings up Austin (I missed why), Lucas says Carrie and Austin have been gone awhile, they should have been back from hanging posters by now. Lucas calls Carrie and leaves a message, thats all hes going to do. He asks her to check in with him, hes worried. He wont waste time looking for them, Sami agrees, they shouldnt be concerned with them two. Later Sami ends up calling Austin and leaves him a message telling him to call her as soon as he gets this. Lucas thought they decided not to call them? Sami says she knows but with everything going on, who knows what has happened. Lucas agrees, something isnt right as the should be back. Lucas takes off to look for them. EJ makes some tea for Sami, she says nannys tea wont make her feel better this time. She says shes a horrible person and Will has been kidnapped because of her. She says if she hadnt blackmailed Lexie then this wacko couldnt have blackmailed her. EJ says dont blame herself, but she does. She says she was stupid and selfish, had she gone to the police then this guy will be behind bars. She says if anything happens to Will or Carrie and Austin then she will never forgive herself.

Carrie and Austin are at Dune having some drinks. Theyve hung posters and passed out flyers all day. Carrie is feeling guilty, Will told her that if his dad couldnt marry his mom that she was the next best thing, and they were a real family. Austin says Will told him a similar thing before he married Sami. Austin admits that is one of the reasons he tried to make it work so hard with Sami. Carrie worries about Will and what hes going through. Austin takes her hand but she says dont. She says they agreed as long as Will was missing that they couldnt be together. Austin says he knows, but he loves her. Carrie says they will not sneak around, right now they cannot be together. Austin says shes not going to go back to Lucas out of guilt is she? Carrie says no, she will leave him, just not right now. Austin says he understands, hes trying not to pressure her. Carrie says she only wants to be with him and its killing her that they cant be together. She says right now she has to be there for Lucas. She thinks she should get home to Lucas, she then sees he called her. Carrie says she didn't hear the phone, she has no reception in here. Austin offers to take her home, but she says he can go back to his hotel room. Austin says actually he told Sami he would stay with her until Will was found. Carrie says that is nice of him. Austin then looks up, Lucas walks in and finds them together, Lucas asks what is going on here? He says his son is missing, a maniac is on the lose and they are having cocktails? He thought theyd be handing out flyers. She says they did, they handed out flyers and hung up posters. Lucas says hes sorry, when they didnt answer their phones he got tripped out. Austin says hes sorry, this is his fault. He says they came in here to leave flyers, the manager offered them a drink. Austin says it had been a long day and he thought they could use it. Lucas apologizes for snapping, they have both been great in helping him and Sami out. He tells Carrie that he loves her, she is the best wife. He tells Austin hes the best brother. Lucas hugs Carriue, who shoots guilty looks to Austin.

Lucas and Carrie return to Samis. Sami is glad to see them. Carrie explains how they were passing out flyers and had a drink at Dune, it was a bad idea. Sami says its okay. She thinks they could all use rest, she assures Lucas and Carrie they can go home. Lucas doesnt want her to be alone. Sami says she wont be, Austin is going to stay with her. Sami says Austin will be here soon, shell be okay. Austin soon shows up, he had to pack a bag. Lucas and Carrie head out. Austin realizes he forgot a razor, he says now he has to go get one. EJ says he has one he can borrow, its okay. EJ leaves to get Austin one. Sami and Austin talk about how upset everyone is. Sami says Lucas was worried he would take a drink, and she worried about him and Carrie being off together. She thought they could be getting back together, but Samis glad he hasnt taken the advice she gave him about going back to Carrie. She says Lucas is upset and cant get through this without Carrie. Austin says he needs some air and heads out. He almost goes to knock on Lucas and Carries apartment, but goes to the roof instead.

Carrie and Lucas return to their place, Carrie tries to assure Lucas that Will will be found. He thanks her for her love and support, he doesnt know what hed do without her. Lucas says he needs her right now and they kiss. They make love and later Carrie heads out and up to the roof. 

Carrie and Austin run into one another on the roof. Austin is boxing to get rid of his frustrations. Carrie runs into his arms and they kiss. EJ sees them go up there separately. He ends up knocking on Lucas door. Later Lucas shows up on the roof and catches Austin with Carrie. 

Phillip and Claire show up at the DNA lab at the hospital where Nikitta is. Phillip demands to talk to the boss. Nikitta says hes alone here, how can he help. Phillip asks about the DNA tests on Claire, Nikitta says all police work is confidential. He demands Nikitta get those tests, he knows its a lie. Nikitta says he will not lose his job over this. Shawn shows up, Nikitta tells Shawn the crazy man to stay away. Shawn says his father ordered the results and says its okay for Phillip to see them. Nikitta says hell show them but then they have to leave. Shawn tells Phillip he wont like what he sees. Nikitta says it is 99.99% certain that Shawn is the babys father. Phillip still wont believe it. Shawn tells Phillip to calm down, he says he should take Claire and go home to Belle. Phillip says dont tell him what to do. Phillip says no one will take Claire away from him, not now or ever. The cops show up, they demand he hand over the baby so she doesnt get hurt. Phillip says he wouldnt hurt his little girl. They say if he doesnt hand her over then they will have to take the to child protective services. Phillip says if he gives them Claire then they will give her back right? They say yes. Phillip hands Claire over and then the cops bust Phillip and drag him off.

Belle shows up at the station, shes freaking out. Bonnie and Mimi are there, Belle tells John and Roman that Phillip took off with Claire. John asks what she means, why does she put it that way? John says Phillip is her father. Belle says they just found out hes not, Shawn is. John doesnt understand, how did they just find out? Roman explains Bo ordered a test to prove Chelsea doctored a DNA report. Belle says she and Shawn never thought they slept together, but there was one night in the barn when they had hypothermia. Bonnie says she doesnt believe they could have had sex while unconscious and maybe the test was wrong. Roman says it was run twice. Mimi says shes not helping. Belle says Phillip flipped and took off with Claire. Bonnie says she would too, possession is  nine tenths of the law. Roman says not when kids are concerned. Belle says she knows how Phillip gets when like this, anything can happen. John says once Phillip calms down he will come home, and he would never hurt Claire. Belle knows, but hed do anything to keep from losing her. Roman says hell have his men keep a lookout for him. Suddenly the officers bring Phillip in, Belle asks where Claire is? The officers say with her father, which sets Phillip off. The officers explain to Roman that they arrested him for disorderly conduct and threatening a lab tech. Shawn walks in with Claire, Belle rushes to her. Phillip looks at them all and is pissed! Mimi suggests to Shawn they go, Shawn suggests he take Claire as she shouldnt hang around here. Belle agrees. She thanks him for taking her, and for helping out Phillip. Bonnie, Mimi, Shawn and Claire head out. Belle remains behind to bail Phillip out. John talks with Belle, he says she has a complicated situation on her hands right now. He asks if shell be okay? She says she doesnt know if anything will be okay ever again. Roman decides to leave them, but Belle says its okay, he doesn't have to. Belle doesnt know what is going to happen, she is having two children with Shawn while they are married to others. John says she made a commitment to her marriage, and it will work out if they love one another. Belle doesnt think its possible, how will Phillip get passed this. John says it wont be easy, he knows better than anyone to find out the children you raised arent yours. Roman agrees. John says over time you realize it doesnt make that much difference as youve always loved them the same. Roman says Claire will end up with two fathers who love her very much. Belle says look at what happened between them and Marlena, Roman lost Marlena because of her birth. Roman says that isnt true. John asks Belle what shes thinking. Belle says shes stayed with Phillip and committed to him because of Claire. John asks Belle how she sees this situation playing out, not only for her but for Claire. She asks if hes asking if she will leave Phillip? She says she knows she shouldnt leave him, but Roman says there is a big difference between shouldnt and wont. John says she needs to be honest with herself here. Belle has a daydream about how things could be for her and Shawn. Belle tells her dad she doesnt know, everything is so complicated. 

Bonnie, Mimi, Shawn and Claire return to the lofts. Shawn takes Claire to her room to change her. Bonnie tells Mimi that Shawn is already starting to act like her father. Mimi says because he is, and she always knew this would happen. She says its the beginning of the end for them. Bonnie tries to find some baby food for Claire, she says all these strained peas are and unnatural colored carrots are gross. She says she would never feed her kids something she wouldnt eat. Mimi says that is why they ate all those TV dinners? Bonnie says they loved them, and they turned out pretty good. Mimi says yeah Conner has disowned them, Patrick is in jail and well she? Bonnie says Conner just likes hanging out with his friends, Patrick is innocent and well her . . . Bonnie says she did let her down. Bonnie says obviously she didn't have time to switch the DNA tests. Bonnie says at least Shawn doesnt know the whole story. Mimi says if Shawn knew that she knew all along then hed leave her. Later Shawn feeds Claire and tells her how shes his girl telling her thats my girl.

Outside Phillip and Belle show up, Belle begs Phillip not to do anything. Phillip says he had time to think, Claire is his baby legally and will stay that way, Shawn cant do anything about it.

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