September 25, 2006
At the station. Abe gives Bo the news, Shawn is in fact Claires father. Bo realizes hes a grandpa. Abe also fills him in on Phil going off the deep-end and running with Claire, only to get arrested for making a ruckus at the hospital. Bo asks why he wasnt called about this, Abe says Shawn asked them not to. Bo asks how hes doing, Abe says he's pretty shocked. Roman shows up, he hears hes a great uncle. He then asks Abe why hes not having dinner with Lexie. Bo doesnt understand why Abe is continuing this, Patrick has been arrested. Roman and Abe suggest that she is a Dimera and someone is threatening the Bradys. Abe says he wants to just wrap this up so he doesnt have to spend anymore time with Lexie than he has to. Tek walks in and says he knew it, hes been playing Lexie the whole time. He demands to know why shes a suspect, other than because shes a DiMera. Tek says one day soon Lexie will realize how lucky she is to have Abe out of her life forever. Abe says hes warning Tek. Bo and Roman suggest they not make this personal. They remind Tek that the vendetta against the Bradys was his idea. Tek says he never suspected Lexie, and Abe only suspects Lexie out of spite to try and pay her back. Abe tells Tek not to lecture him about morality. Abe says if he crosses over the line again then he will have his badge. 

Roman takes Tek into his office. He says hes taking him off the Eve Michaels case, Abe will wrap it up. Tek says Lockhart asked him to help prove his innocence, Lockhart trusts him. He says Roman cant take him off this case, he needs him. Later Roman calls Bo (who is out with Billie and Chelsea, see below), they got some phone records from Patricks place. Roman says Patrick did call Sami the same time Sami got the threatening phone call, it looks like hes involved in the kidnapping. Bo says if hes in jail then where is Will? Roman says they have to find that out.

Billie and Chelsea are at Dune. They are sitting at a table looking at menus. Chelsea asks her mom why she thinks Billie has something bad to tell her? Billie is about to say something when Lexie shows up. Lexie thanks Billie for encouraging her not to give up on Abe, they are trying to work things out. She says they are meeting here for dinner, but hes running late. Billie suggests she join them. Billie asks Lexie what happened, Lexie says honestly she doesnt know. She says they are taking things slowly, but she thinks for the first time in a long time they have a chance. Lexie leaves when Abe arrives. Billie continues her conversation with Chelsea. She tells Chelsea about going to the divorce hearing and telling Hope everything they did to break Bo and Hope up. Chelsea asks Billie why she didnt tell Bo sooner? Billie says she has no desire to be with Bo again, it took so long to tell him because she was afraid. Chelsea says of what, of him hating both of them? Chelsea says she guesses Billie decided it didnt matter anymore, he already hates her (Chelsea). Billie says her job as her mother is to set a good example, and she is doing a bad job doing that. Billie says she hates that Chelsea didnt grow up her, just like she grew up without her mom. Chelsea says she had her adopted mom, they were good to her and she didnt have some horrible life. She says Billie and her dad didnt even want her, they let her be taken from them, they didnt know she was still alive. Chelsea tells Billie not to get on her moral high horse, if Bo and Hope had such a great marriage then it wouldn't have taken them months to talk and get to the truth. She says the only thing Hope cant forgive Bo for is having her, and that wont change. Later Bo shows up, he was looking for Chelsea. She says why to arrest her? Bo says no. He says he told her that he didnt want anything to do with her until she could be a descent person. Bo says hes proud of her. He explains about the DNA test, he tells her that he owes her an apology. She says she owes him about a million. Bo then thanks Billie for finally coming forward at the divorce hearing. Billie just hopes it isnt too late for him and Hope. Bo says him too. Bo tells Chelsea he hopes it isnt too late for them either. Chelsea is glad, she thought he hated her. She says shes glad to having him back in her life, they share a hug. Bo leaves when Roman calls him. Chelsea cant believe shes been forgiven and wont go to jail. Billie says she has a second chance, again. EJ shows up (after all the stuff with Sami below). He says hello to Billie. Billie introduces her daughter, EJ says they met at the press conference and later at the pier. Chelsea says they did? He says she had a lot on their mind. Billie invites him to join them, he accepts. Hes just waiting for a take-out order. Billie has to excuse herself, and once shes gone Chelsea finally realizes EJ is the one who helped her after she took the X. She says she remembers very little from that night. He says its best forgotten for her, and shes lucky that he found her. She asks EJ not to tell her mom, things are finally going well for her. EJ says he wont say anything if she promises never to touch the junk again. She says done, that stuff did not make her feel good, she remembers that much. He is glad, hed hate to see anything to happen to a lady of her potential.

Abe shows up at Dune, he and Lexie get a table for dinner. They talk about Theo, who may be getting an ear infection. She also talks about how shes been working double shifts. Later as they share a toast, Lexie cries. She tells Abe how she thinks about how close she came to losing Theo, to losing the future the two of them planned. She thanks Abe for giving them another chance. Abe says dont get her hopes up, they still have to get to know one another again. Lexie says she knows, she knows she has to gain his trust again. She says she knows she can always trust him. Suddenly Lexies happy face turns a bit unsure as she looks at Abes reaction. She asks what is wrong? He says this feels like a date and he feels a bit nervous. Lexie says she is too. She then toasts to the future and hopes that it will be happy for all of them. 

Back at the station, Roman, Tek and Bo discuss the new evidence against Patrick. Bo promises to get some information out of Lockhart and bring Will home.

EJ shows up at Samis, she thought he was Austin when he was coming in. Sami says Austin went up to the roof and hasn't come back down. EJ says well he just saw Carrie headed up there. Sami says they better not be up there comforting each other. He says she sounds upset by that idea. Sami says her son is missing, she thinks they should be upset about that. Sami says after she broke up with Austin . . .  which sounds insane since shes never broken up with anyone. She says it was the right thing, but she knows he was the right thing. Anyways, after she broke up with him well she told him to be with Carrie. Sami says if Carrie has mixed feelings then Lucas deserves better than her. She thinks maybe its foolish that she thinks she knows what is best for Lucas. She says Lucas loves Carrie and she has to love him to have married him. Sami says they have had a rough couple of months. She says Carrie found out she couldnt have kids and Lucas really wanted that baby. Sami says Will means everything to him, hed be a wreck if . . . Sami tells EJ that having something happen to your child is the worst thing you can go through. She knows how Lucas feels, she knows he needs Carrie there for him. She says Carrie better not let him down. EJ says he let Lucas know Carrie seemed upset and told her she was on the roof. Sami asks EJ to watch the phones, she has to check on something.

Lucas finds Austin and Carrie kissing on the roof. He tells Austin to get his hands OFF his wife. Carrie says shes sorry, but he says that is all you can say? Austin explains they were going to tell him but then Will went missing. Austin says Lucas married Carrie knowing how they felt about one another. Lucas wonders if Austin went after Carrie right after Sami dumped him. Austin takes full responsibility, but Carrie says no she is to blame. Lucas says he blames them both. He is furious and lashes out at them (so fast that I couldnt get it all). He never thought his upstanding brother and his upstanding wife would do this to him. He says he gave Carrie outs, why would she marry him if she didnt want to? He thanks EJ for alerting him to this. He says EJ saw Carrie go to the roof and told him, thinking he may need to go comfort her. Lucas says he never expected to find this. Lucas says obviously Carrie didnt need him to comfort her, she had her brother in law. He then launches into an attack on Austin saying he will kill him! Carrie holds him back, he says he cant believe he just went to bed with her. Austin says Oh Carrie! Lucas tells Carrie what was that, pity sex? He says she went to bed with him and then five minutes later she went to Austin? Sami shows up and is furious. She lashes into Carrie telling her that she has Lucas and everyone else fooled with her little miss perfect act, the truth is she is a cheating whore. Sami says she wanted to be a better person for Austin, but obviously she didnt know him at all. Austin explains how they were going to tell Lucas but then Will got kidnapped. Sami says they couldnt hold off for a few days? Does he have no self control? Sami asks Carrie how she could do this to Lucas? Lucas asks Carrie why they even got married. He says it didnt have to do with the child, she said yes to his proposal before that baby came along. Carrie says she knows. Lucas asks Sami and Austin to leave, let him talk to Carrie alone. They go. Carrie doesnt know what to say. Lucas says there is nothing to say, he wants her out of his life. Lucas says he keeps thinking back to when he thought Sami cheated on him with Brandon. He says she didnt, but he didnt believe her. He says he chose to trust in Carrie, but it turns out that shes the one he cant trust. Carrie says hes right. Lucas says that is supposed to make him feel better? She cries, he tells him not to cry, not to play the victim. He says shes played it since she came to town. He mocks her saying "Oh Austins going to steal my company, Oh Im in love with two men at the same time." Lucas says she left Austin for Mike, now shes leaving him for Austin. He wonders when shell leave Austin again. He says she and his brother deserve each other.

Back in Samis place, EJ tells Sami that shes sorry, he had no idea what was going on. Sami says not to worry, he did Lucas a favor. EJ thinks he just made things more complicated. Austin, who is there, lashes out at EJ, he seems to love interfering in their lives. Austin says he is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. He says this isnt any of EJs business, get the hell out of here. Sami says this is her apartment and EJ is her friend, more of a friend than Austin has been. Austin says hell go then, but Sami doesnt want that. EJ says hell go, besides he has to work on the television plea. EJ leaves, Sami then lashes out at Austin. She calls him a cheater and says he brought this on himself. She says she told him Lucas was struggling with taking a drink tonight, if he falls off the wagon then it is Austins fault. She thinks Austin could have controlled himself, taken a cold shower or something. Sami says he did that all the time while he lived with her, he was always walking around here in his little towel. She says she fooled herself about him, he just settled for her cause he couldnt have Carrie. Austin says that isnt true, he cared about her, what they had was just different. Sami says she looked up to him, and after all these years she realizes they never knew one another. She says at least she never cheated, she knows it just hurts everyone. Austin admits when they got together it was because he thought he couldnt be with Carrie. She says so he settled for the wicked step-sister. Austin says she doesnt get to do that. He says she loves Lucas just as much as he loves Carrie, and he doesnt know why they cant admit this. He says he never understood why Carrie chose Lucas, but she finally realized it was a mistake. Sami says Carrie doesnt make mistakes. Austin says they all make mistakes. Sami says she knows, believe her. 

Lucas returns to his place, he takes off his ring. Hes furious. Later we see Lucas throw Carries stuff into the hall. Austin comes out to check on things, he sees Carries suitcase and clothes outside the door. 

Back on the roof, Carrie is in tears as she takes off her ring. Austin shows up. She says this is just what she was afraid would happen. She says this is all her fault. Austin says it is his fault too. He holds her. She asks how they can ever face Sami or Lucas again. Carrie says this isnt how they wanted Lucas to find out, but it would have been awful no matter how it happened. She wonders how loving him can cause so many people pain. How did everything get so messed up.

Back at Lucas, Sami comes to check on him after seeing Carries stuff in the hall. Sami says she can go if he wants, but she wanted to say she was sorry. He says she didnt do a damn thing wrong. Sami tells him how they spent so much time thinking Austin and Carrie were perfect, but they are better off without both of them. He says shes right, to hell with Austin and Carrie. Sami says he deserves a woman who is in love with him and no one else. Lucas says if he hasnt found her by now then he probably wont. Sami says not to say that, its the plot of all the romance novels she reads. She says finding true love is difficult, but worth it in the end. She says she hasnt given up on her soul mate but he cant either. Lucas says he wouldnt recognize his soul mate if she was two feet in front of him (which Sami is!)


September 26, 2006

Carrie and Austin talk at the pub about how they are doing. Carrie is happy that she gets to have a future with Austin, but Lucas . . . . She says its bad enough that Lucas saw them kissing, but if he and Sami knew they had been . . . on the night he proposed to Sami . . . She says Sami is right, shes a slut. She says Lucas is right too, she needs to stop playing the victim. Carrie says they should be focused on Will right now. Carrie wants to be there for Sami and Lucas, but Lucas wont even look at her. Austin says look at all theyve forgiven them for a lot worse so it will be okay. Austin asks if she got sleep last night, she said not really. She stayed at Austins hotel room, they both realize they need to find a place to live. Austin hopes Carrie will live with him. They share kisses. Carrie then talks about how all her friends and family will know she cheated on another husband. She says it will be tough having everyone know she isnt who they thought she was, its hard enough knowing it about herself. Austin and Carrie leave the pub, Austin wont let Carrie talk about herself this way. Carrie says its all true, everyone asked her a million times if she was sure she wanted to marry Lucas. She says Lucas told her she doesnt know how to be faithful, hes right. She doesnt trust herself not to hurt Austin, she doesnt know who she is anymore. Austin says he does and he loves her. He says he was unfaithful to Sami, they are in the same boat. She says only because she married a man she didnt love. She says maybe she doesnt know what love is. Austin says thats not true. Carrie wishes Marlena was here. He suggests they call her. She says no shes busy with work. Austin says what about her dad? He says her dad is very forgiving, why doesnt she go see him. Carrie says hes busy too. Austin thinks shes trying to get out of it. He offers to go with her. She says no shell go by herself. He says hell go over to Samis to check on what is going on. Carrie heads off to see her dad as Austin leaves for Sami's. 

At the station, Bo asks Roman for another shot at Lockhart. Bo thinks he can get the truth out of him and bring Will home. Roman says Sami and Lucas are making a live plea to the kidnappers now, but if Patrick isnt the kidnapper then they have to find Will before time runs out. Roman tells Bo whatever he gets out of Lockhart it better hold up in court. A cop shows up with the ballistics report on the murder weapon. Bo asks what it says, Roman hands it to Bo to see. Lockharts gun is the murder weapon.

Later Carrie shows up to see her dad. He can tell this isnt just a social visit. She cries that ays shes made such a mess of everything. He thinks whatever it is, it cant be that bad. She says it is. She says she and Austin are back together. Roman says and shes still married to Lucas. Carrie says yes. She says she tried to make it work with Lucas, but she couldnt fool herself. Roman says so they were seeing one another and Lucas caught them. Carrie explains how Lucas caught them kissing on the roof. She says shes so ashamed of the way she handled this. Roman reminds Carrie that he asked her if she was sure she wanted to marry Lucas. She says she was afraid of disappointing him. She says Lucas and Austin were both fighting over her, she was like a prize and she's ashamed to admit that she liked that. She says she doesnt know how she thought she could marry Lucas and be a good wife knowing she didnt really love him, what an ego. She doesnt know how she could do this to him. She thinks Sami is the one they should be focusing on right now, not her. Roman asks Carrie if she had to do it over, would she not chose Austin? Carrie says no she loves him, she just hates what she did to Lucas. Roman says she was trying to protect Lucas from the truth, thats disrespectful of him. Roman says Lucas is strong enough to deal with this, both Lucas and Carrie can come out of this a better person. Carrie thinks she cant become a worse of a person. Roman says she can if she keeps with this self pity and hatred as well as making all these excuses. She says she made a mistake and shes honed up to it, that is the first step. He also says if she loves Austin hold onto it, that love comes once in a life time. Carrie says she already threw it away once. He tells her not to make the same mistake he did with Marlena, dont lose Austin. She says for a cop hes a good psychiatrist. He says he had a good teacher. Roman suggests they call Marlena up so Carrie can talk to her. Roman calls up New Jersey to try and get in touch with Marlena. The man they call says Marlena never arrived and shes not answering her phone. Roman and the man both worry something has happened to Marlena. 

Hope pays Patrick a visit in jail, hes sporting an orange jumper. He asks her if she believes he is innocent? She says shes having his baby and owes it to him to hear his side. However as a cop the evidence is piling up and it will be hard to prove hes not guilty. Hope says if he knows where Will is, if he ever cared about her then tell her where he is. He says he doesnt know, he swears he is innocent, this is a huge mistake. Hope says every perp shes arrested has said that to her. He says so hes a perp now? Hope says his finger prints were not only on the disc but the case, which the disc was put in after it went into evidence. She says the shoes were in his house. He says those shoes arent his, he gave that lead to Tek anyways so why do it if he was guilty. He also says the gun wasnt his either. He suggests Bo investigate Jack and Jens mystery source, how did he have a picture of the gun anyways unless it was in their possession? He swears he had nothing to do with this. Hope says Jen believed in him and yet now she is convinced hes guilty. Patrick says they slept together and made a baby together, does she think he can look her in the eyes and claim hes innocent if he wasnt. Hope says Bo told her a dozen times he didnt steal the disc and she didnt believe him. She says it turns out he was innocent, Patrick set him up. Patrick says no, the one who set him up was Bo. Hope says leave Bo out of this. She says she made mistakes believing the worst about Bo, shes trying not to make the same mistake with him. She says she knows Bo would never frame an innocent man, and if she had to make a choice of who to believe then shed believe Bo. Hope turns around, standing there is Bo. Patrick swears hes not guilty, Bo says the evidence says he is. Bo says the gun found at his place, registered to him, was used to kill Eve Michaels. Patrick says the gun isnt his, the registration is fake. Bo moves to another matter, phone records show he called Sami the day Will went missing. Patrick claims he didnt. Bo says so the same person who stole the disc, bought a gun, killed Eve and hid it all in his closet also called Sami? Patrick says it wasnt him. Bo says hes a liar and he will fry. Bo demands Patrick tell him where Will is, Patrick says he doesnt know. Bo vows to get the truth out of him. 

Lucas arrives at Carries place. Sami says Austin left, he went to see . . . . Lucas says its fine, besides they have to focus on Will right now. Kate, EJ and the news crew show up. Kate tells Lucas that he looks like hell. Sami thanks Kate and EJ for letting them use their station. Kate says of course shell do everything she can, Will is her grandson. EJ stops a fight before it happens, saying they all want the same thing here. EJ and Kate talk about how often this will replay on their television station. EJ tells that he's looked into cases using pleas like this, he tells them that if they can get across their love for Will then the chances of him being released and found go way up. Kate says she could say something, Austin and Carrie could as well as his Aunt and Uncle. Lucas doesnt want Austin and Carrie in here, neither one of them is his family anymore. Lucas explains Kate that its over between him and Carrie, hes filing for divorce. He tells her what happened. Kate realizes EJ knew, EJ says he thought she should find out from her son. She thanks EJ for not giving her a heads up. Lucas says this isnt about her. Kate says shes sorry, he and Carrie did make a perfect couple. He says bull, she wanted Carrie with Austin all along. She says in the beginning yes, but then she got used to them as a couple. They argue about Carrie, Kate says Carrie loved him and was good for him. Lucas says she wasnt, hes sick of the good girls of the world who knife you in the back. He says hes going back to the bad girls, at least you know what you are up against. Kate says no way, he wont go back to the bad girls if she can help it! Lucas suggests his mom butt out of his life from now on. The cameraman positions Sami and Lucas together and suggests they hold hands. Kate says this isnt a dating show, but the man says they have to make this look sincere. Sami tells Kate they will do whatever it takes to get Will back so deal with it. 

Kate talks to EJ, she thinks Sami will use this to lure Lucas back into her bed. EJ doubts it, but Kate is positive shes going to swoop in and grab Lucas as her prey. EJ doubts Lucas will be ready for another relationship for a long time. She says it doesnt matter what Lucas wants, if Sami wants Lucas then shell lose her son. 

Austin soon shows up, he wonders what EJ is doing here. EJ says hes in charge of Sami and Lucas on air plea. EJ says if Austin has a problem with him being here then leave. Kate asks Austin why hes here. Austin says what hes not family? She says yes but hes been busy with his brothers wife, this isnt good for Lucas. Lucas and Sami see Austin, Lucas says it must be garbage day. Lucas says time to take the trash out! Sami tells Lucas to calm down, he only wants to be here to help. Lucas says if anyone is going to support Sami then it will be him. Kate tells EJ as she told him, its already beginning. 

The on air plea is about to begin, Sami and Lucas take their places. They hold hands as Lucas makes a plea to Will and his kidnappers. They say they love him very much and they want him back. Lucas says hes the most amazing kid ever. Lucas says he means hes his young man, he knows Will hates being a kid. Lucas talks about how hes only missed one football game, his team won. He also says he made an A on that math test (I thought he went missing the first day of school?). Lucas says Will is the only one who has truly been there for him his whole life. Lucas begs his kidnapper not to hurt Will. He says they can get them any amount of money they may want. If the kidnapper has a personal issue with him or Sami, just dont take it out on their son. Lucas says they just want Will home safe. Sami begins talking about what a great dad Lucas is, how Lucas helped Will with his curve ball all summer. Sami says Will and Lucas are going to go to the World Series this year, its been a dream of theirs for years. Sami tells Will that shes so sorry for all of the disappointments hes had in his life, they would do anything to make that up to him. Sami talks about how Will was sick when he was born and when she first got to hold him. She says she saw in his eyes that he was an old soul. She tells Wills kidnappers that if this person has a problem with her, take it out on her, dont hurt her son. Sami says its not Wills fault and that Will needs his family. She begs the kidnapper to let Will come home. As they are telling how to get in touch with them, Will walks in the door. Sami and Lucas rush to him and begin kissing him.


September 27, 2006
Abe, Lexie and Theo show up at the dinner where they run into John. Hes eating alone, hes surprised to see them here together. Lexie says Abe has lunch here every day, and she realizes Abe hasnt told any of their friends that they are back  together. John says hes just glad that things are working so well that is all. John looks at Theos baseball cards and talks about how the Kobe Bryant one must have set them back. Abe and Lexie say they are taking Theo to the museum to see the new T-Rex exhibit as he loves dinosaurs. They are also going to the park to spend the day together. Lexie says they are doing all of Theos favorite things today. Theo tells Abe that he loves him. John gets a call from Roman asking him to come in to the station, John says hell be there is a few seconds. John heads off, Lexie, Abe and Theo continue their little outing by having lunch. Lexie tells Abe how happy she is right now. Suddenly their song comes on over the radio. Its the song they danced to on their first anniversary (Here and Now, I Promise To Love Faithfully! Luthor Vandros). They share a kiss, Theo says do it again! Lexie and Abe laugh. Tek (after leaving the station below) soon shows up. Theo sees Tek and calls out to him. Abe asks why hes here. Tek says getting lunch like them, but good news, Will was found and is home. Lexie tells Abe maybe he should go back to work, but Tek says no everything is under control. He says carry on and pretend hes not here. Abe and Lexie talk about the cases Abe is working on and how its a shame Patrick, one of their own, was the perp. Theo has to go to the bathroom so Lexie takes him. Tek walks over. He tells Abe he should have a career in Hollywood the way he kissed Lexie like he meant it. Abe says drop this bogus investigation, the only think Lexie is guilty of is loving him. Tek doesnt understand why she does. Lexie and Theo return, Theo tells Tek that they are going to the museum to see the T-Rex. Tek thinks Theo's favorite baseball team must be the raptors. Abe doesnt like how it seems Tek has been hanging around with Theo. 

At the station, Roman is on the phone with Jeffrey Taylor, commissioner of health and human affairs for the State of New Jersey. They discuss Marlenas disappearance, Roman plans to call the Trenton PD. Roman explains to Carrie that it appears Marlena is missing and could be in trouble. Roman says Marlena checked into a hotel, w as seen having dinner and returning to her room, but never left the room and hasnt been seen since. Carrie wishes Marlena just stayed home, so many women here need help. Roman says Marlena felt she needed to do this. Roman places a call to John and asks him to come over, he needs his help. 

Tek and the other cops are watching the live feed of Sami and Lucas plea, they are stunned that Will has shown up. Bo joins them and sees this too. Bo wonders if Will was able to escape from Lockhart now that he's in jail. Bo says Lockhart is still sticking to the story that he was framed. Tek says Lockhart asked him to prove hes being set-up. Bo asks Tek if he thinks hes being set up? Tek says not by Bo, but it could be by someone else like a past criminal employer. Tek says they have to explore every angle to create an air tight case against him. Bo tells Tek that Patrick is guilty so stop wasting his time. Bo decides to head over to talk to Will and get a statement from him. As hes leaving, John shows up. John says he heard Will was found, and he also heard that Bo found the disc. He feels bad Eve Michaels was killed, he thinks his undercover mission was what got her killed. John also says he thinks Alex North always had a plant here, Eve could have been it. John says he guesses they'll never know. Bo still thinks theyll find something, perhaps Tony wanted Patrick as the new plant here. Bo heads off, John goes into see Roman. 

John finds Carrie with Roman, he asks what is with her long face? She says they have bad news about Marlena. Roman fills John in on what he knows, she was at the hotel last night but that was it. Roman asks what Marlenas frame of mind is last time they talked, John says upbeat. Roman says lately Marlena hasnt seemed very happy, what if she ran away from her life. He says it beats the alternative. John wont sit around and do nothing. Roman says he doesnt want him to. John tells Roman how that the last thing he ever thought about when he and Marlena came back was that shed ask for a separation. He also never expected her to want to go away to Jersey for a few months. Carrie says she talked to Marlena before she left, she seemed like the old Marlena. She doesnt think Marlena would run away from her husband and kids. Carrie talks about how Marlena wanted to prove she didnt need rescuing anymore, Roman says and now they are coming to rescue her. Roman suggests John go to Jersey and look into things. He says hell catch the first flight out. Roman asks if John doesn't have his own jet. John says taking his own jet would take too long with homeland security as well as fueling and flight checks. Carrie thanks John, she asks him to call her if there is anything she can do. She says first Will now Marlena. John says Will is home, the news just broke. Roman says he was so wrapped up with Marlena he hadn't heard, nobody told him. Roman says that is great, he just hopes the news about Marlena is just as good. Later Bo is back (from his trip to Samis below). Bo talks with John, he suggests Alex is behind this. John is sure Alex is very dead. Bo offers help if he needs it. An officer tells John she booked him a flight, Bo offers to drive him to the airport. The Trenton PD calls, they have found blood stain in Marlenas hotel room. Bo wonders if Patrick could be behind this, Roman says hell break him as Marlenas life could depend on it.

At Samis place, Lucas and Sami are all over Will, a camera is in his face. They are trying to find out who took him, EJ and Kate think their station will have the exclusive. Sami eventually pushes the cameras away, Will asks what is with the TV crew? Lucas explains they were making a plea to his kidnappers. Will tells them that he wasnt kidnapped. Sami says of course he was, was he threatened by them not to say anything? Sami says she got a call from a voice threatening him. Will doesnt know about the call, but he didnt go to school because he ran away. She says she thought that he was kidnapped, he says who would want to kidnap him. She asked how he could do this to them, but Will says shes an expert of running away from her own happiness. EJ tells the reporters to cut it and get out, this is a family matter now. Lucas and Sami try and find out what was going on with Will. Will didnt want to be the joke of Salem High again after his mom's latest failed wedding. He says now with this plea hell be a bigger joke. Lucas asks where he went? Will says he went to Chicago on a bus. He says he went to a few baseball games while there. Sami asks where he slept? He says a park bench. Kate says he could have been mugged. Sami says there are crazies out there. Will says he wont do anything like that again, he misses his bed and three meals a day. Sami says she cannot believe hed do something so dangerous, but shes happy hes safe. Lucas says that is the most important thing. Lucas says hell take him to school tomorrow and make sure he gets there. Kate asks if Will ran away then how did the guy who called Sami know about it? Lucas says someone is keeping tabs on them, they are playing with their heads. Sami thinks her dad should come sweep this place for bugs. Bo soon shows up, Sami asks him to sweep this place for bugs. He asks why, does she think the kidnappers have the place bugged. Sami says it turns out Will ran off. Bo says the call made to her was from Patrick. Sami asks what Patrick has against her? Bo says nothing, he is terrorizing his family to get to him. Kate thinks that is a reach. Bo asks Kate if she wants to be back on the suspect list? They all discuss what Patricks motives are, Austin says he did work for the Dimeras. EJ says with Patrick behind bars hes no longer a threat though. 

Later Sami feeds Will, hes shoving the food down his throat. He says he's sorry he worried them, he didnt think some guy would make them think he was kidnapped. Sami asks if people didnt wonder why he was there alone? Will says cops stopped him, he claimed he was gifted, that he graduated at fourteen and told them he was attending the university of Chicago. Lucas says they bought that? He says yup. Sami says he must be his mothers son. Sami talks with Will about running away. She knows how he feels, she ran off when she was pregnant with him. She was afraid of being a terrible mom, she thought shed be a disaster. She says she hasnt been the greatest mom, but he is the one thing she did right. She says he turned out to be a great kid, she and his dad are so proud of him. Sami thanks him for sticking by her and forgiving her for all the horrible things that happened. She hopes he will understand why she walked out on Austin, hopefully hell understand and forgive him. Will thought this time hed be part of two real families, Sami with Austin and his dad with Carrie. Lucas says about Carrie, there is something he needs to know. Lucas says he and Carrie split up. Will says he knows couple in 9th grade that stay together longer than his parents do in their relationships. Sami explains Carrie and Austin are back together, Will says his whole family is screwed up. Lucas says they will get through this together, but until then hes grounded indefinitely. He also says he needs more consisting parenting, hes moving in with him and his mom. 

Austin, EJ and Kate go to Dune for drinks. They discuss the broadcast, which will still get them some great ratings. EJ and Kate discuss how the Salem Grand Prix will keep their ratings up as well. Carrie soon shows up, she heard the news about Will. She also tells them all congratulations for being on the spot and nailing the news for their new station. Kate says she guesses congratulations are due to her and Austin. Kate says she is thrilled they are back together, but she is worried about Lucas. Carrie says she never meant to hurt him. Kate says she doesn't  know what it is about you Brady girls and my sons. She wonders how Will will react when he finds out about Carrie and Austin. She fears hes going to be matchmaking his parents. 

Carrie and Austin have a chat. They both with Kate would accept Lucas and Sami together, they could be happy. Austin says enough about them, is she feeling better after the chat with her dad? She says yes, he made her see she has to grow from her mistake and not to turn her back on their love. She then tells him the news about Marlena being missing. 

Meanwhile EJ and Kate keep discussing Sami and Lucas. Kate says Sami cant get Lucas out of her system. EJ thinks there is something they can do about that. 


September 28, 2006
At the hospital, Max is in the emergency room, Chelsea is with him. It seems they had Salem Grand Prix trials this morning, Chelsea beat him. Max was so angry he kicked a wall and broke his toe. The doc says there isn't much he can do about it. Max wants this kept hush hush, Stephanie assures him she wants nobody thinking she beat him in the Grand Prix because of a broken toe. He assures her he can still hit the gas and that's all he needs. Meanwhile Chelsea is filing and overhears two nurses talking about Max being here with his girlfriend Stephanie. This doesn't sit well with her. She goes to see them. She wants to tell Max about the DNA test, but he says save her stories. He asks Stephanie to take him back to his garage.  

At Max's garage, NuShawn is working on Max's car when Frankie shoes up. They go into the office to talk. Shawn called him here about Claire. Shawn wants to sue for joint custody of Claire. Frankie asks Shawn to be sure this is what he wants, he and Phillip are best friends and this could get very ugly. Shawn wants to go forwards. Later, Frankie finds Chelsea hanging around, she was waiting for Max to show up. She talks to Frankie about Max breaking it off with her in spite of the fact she didn't lie this time. Frankie thinks in time Max will forgive her. Meanwhile, Max and Stephanie have gone to the Titan steam room to relax a bit. They end up sharing a kiss.

At the diner, Hope shows up to meet Bo. They have to go see Belle and give her the news about Marlena being missing, John asked them to. Hope doesn't know why John would ask them. Bo says they are a family now. He tells her the DNA tests Chelsea left in Shawn's room were accurate, Shawn is Claire's father. Hope says so for once Chelsea told the truth. They discuss what this means for all of them. They both know what it's like to find out a child you raised wasn't your own and then lose them. She hopes Shawn thinks about this and Phillip's feelings.

At Mimi's loft, Bonnie shows up with a bag of things to help save Mimi's marriage, lingerie and those candy/edible underwear. Mimi thanks her mom, but she says Shawn still pays her attention in that department just fine. Bonnie thinks that is a good sign, Mimi admits she thinks perhaps things will work out for them. Bonnie thinks Mimi and Shawn need to move into their own house and away from Belle and Phillip. Mimi asks how they'll afford it, Bonnie says with the Salem Grand Prix money. Later Shawn arrives home and informs Mimi about his lawsuit. She's a bit shocked, as is Bonnie. Mimi ends up seeing Bonnie out, Shawn and Mimi discuss the lawsuit in private. Shawn thinks if Mimi can't get used to him being Claire's father as well as the father of her other baby . . . . Mimi says don't say it. She says she will accept Claire and this new baby, they are a part of him. She wants Shawn to show her how much he loves her, they make love on the couch.

At Phillip's loft, Victor shows up. He was out of town, he saw Chloe and Brady who send their love. Victor heard about Phillip's auto accident and being arrested, does he need anger management classes? Phillip explains it will never happen again, and he lies about being arrested saying he got in a bar fight with some army guys. Claire cries so Victor tends to her, wanting to see his granddaughter. She asks why Phillip why he didn't tell Victor, he thinks his dad doesn't need to know. Belle says he'll find out eventually. Victor brings Claire out, Phillip ends up taking her saying she's daddy's little girl. A man knocks on their door, Belle thinks it's Bo and Hope who are supposed to be coming over. It's a clerk, he serves Phillip with papers. Belle asks what it is, Phillip says Shawn's trying to take Claire from them. Belle and Phillip have to tell Victor about the DNA tests, he figures out that is why Phillip really got himself arrested. Hope and Bo soon show up. Hope learns about the law suit, she talks with Phillip about how this is going to be painful for everyone involved, Victor agrees. Later Bo and Hope finally tell Belle about her mom. Belle becomes upset, saying her mom shouldn't have left, enough people here need her mom's help. Suddenly she doubles over in pain and says something is wrong.


September 29 , 2006
At the lofts, Belle is cramping, but she insists it's nothing. Phillip shows up and learns what is going on. Everyone thinks it is a good idea that they take her to the hospital to be checked out. When she's hit with more pains she agrees. Bo heads over to Shawn's place and interrupts Mimi and Shawn's session on the couch. He apologizes but says Belle is having problems and they are taking her to the hospital. Shawn wants to come, Mimi says she'll watch Claire. After they all leave Mimi calls Bon Bon. Bonnie shows up and Mimi explains what is going on. Bonnie brings up if Belle lost the baby . . . Mimi doesn't want that, but Bonnie says it would be one less tie. They head over to Belle's place to watch over Claire. They continue talking about Mimi and Shawn's sex life, Mimi says they were about to . . . . when Belle had her issues and of course Shawn went running off. Bonnie thinks they need to fix that. She realizes they have baby monitors and can keep and ear on Claire from Mimi's place. They head back over. Mimi gets dressed in a sexy black dress, complete with the candy undies underneath. Bonnie is cooking up some aphrodisiac stew to turn on Shawn. 

At the hospital, Belle is being checked on as Phillip and Shawn begin arguing. Phillip blames Shawn for this, it was after they got his custody papers that this happened. Shawn says this is Phillip's fault, he's always upsetting Belle, especially when he took off with Claire. It escalates to a shouting match.  Shawn tells Phillip he never wanted Belle to have this baby, he probably hopes she loses it. Phillip goes to attack him, a guard breaks up the fight and threatens to call the cops. Bo intervenes, he says he is the police and he'll make sure they conduct themselves. Dr. Ross comes out to talk to them. She says right now Belle and the baby are stable, she wants to keep them over night though. Shawn wants to see Belle, he's allowed to go in. As he talks with Belle, Phillip talks with Hope about losing Belle.

Shawn sits with Belle. She has a sonogram photo of the baby. He looks at it and says you can see all the little toes and fingers. He says he missed all this with Claire. He says he only felt a bond with Claire after she was born. He says right now he feels connected to this baby all ready. He touches her stomach and thinks he feels the baby kick him. HE tells the baby that he or she needs to stay strong. Shawn says he needs to get back and check on Mimi as well as make sure Claire is okay. He says he'll watch over her. Later Phillip comes in to see Belle. He says he knows she and the baby will be fine. Belle says she knows, Shawn made sure of it. Phillip is a bit upset, he tells Belle that she, Claire and yes this baby are his family and mean everything to him.

Back at the lofts, Shawn arrives to check on Claire. Over the baby monitor he hears Mimi and her mom talking. Mimi says if Shawn ever knew that she knew the truth about Claire all along then it would all be over.

At the steam room, Max and Stephanie continue their kissing. Later they head to the garage, after picking up Chinese food. She wonders who ate the last eggroll, he says he fed it to the cat he got to chase away rats. She asks what rats? He throws a fake stuffed rat on the table, making her scream. He notices how terrible she is at using chop sticks. She says normally she doesn't show that to guys, but he's not most guys, he's special. He gives her a lesson on how to use them. They eventually come to the fortune cookies. Max doesn't believe in them, saying it's just some ancient Chinese tradition. Stefano says actually they were invented in California, Max is SURE they don't work then. As they talk about the future Stephanie worries. She's afraid her father will leave again. She says one day he's here, the he seems to want to be elsewhere. Max comforts her.

At the diner, Chelsea, Kate and Billie show up at the diner. Chelsea wonders what is bothering Grandma Kate. Billie jokes she worked here once and is afraid of being recognized! Billie sees Steve is there and wants to split, but he sees them and invites them all to join him. They agree. As they sit down, Kate and Billie begin arguing about Chelsea's future and where she should be headed. Billie thinks she as her mother should be the one giving Chelsea advice, Kate says she doesn't have the experience she does. Chelsea says Kate has her there, she is the one who gets things done. Billie thinks Chelsea should NOT take advice from Kate, especially when it comes to love. Eventually Kate heads off, as does Chelsea. This leaves Steve with Billie. He's been wondering why he hasn't seen her around. They end up talking about them. When he is obviously flirting with her, Billie brings up Kayla and how she could walk in. Steve says then he'd ask Kayla for a divorce, he doubts she's into adultery. Billie says no, but she thinks they are going a little fast, is he sure he wants a divorce? Steve says he's woken up with a lot of people he can't remember over the years, why should he continue to do it with Kayla? He thinks they have something and ends up kissing her. Meanwhile Chelsea realizes she forgot something and heads back in only to see her mom kissing Steve.

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