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1st Week of April 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


April 2, 2007
Temporary Abby is in her hotel room. She is talking on the phone to someone about her trip to New York (probably Chelsea). She says she ate at Bobby Flay's restaurant, they shopped in the Villiage and she saw Gwen Stefanni in the hotel! She is having a blast. There is a knock at the door, Abby heads to see her date. At the door is Jack. She tells Jack that this is the perfect vacation, it's just what she needed. She hugs him and thanks him. He asks if she is having a good time, Abby says the best. Jack says he just ran into this amazing woman in the elevator, some Stephanie person. She says Gwen Stefanni? She says he should have got an autograph. Jack of course did get an autograph. Abby calls her dad a rock star. Jack wonders what else is on the agenda. She says the statue of liberty is probably out of the game at this point. He says they could do a carriage ride through Central Park. She says that is for couples though. H asks if she's ashamed to do it with her dear old dad? She always imagined doing that with a boyfriend. Jack says speaking of that, he talked to Maggie this week . . . about Max Brady. She says he's been talking to Aunt Maggie about her love life? He says so there is a love life? She says Max is not her boyfriend, they are just hanging out. Jack says he's older than her, he is more experienced and isn't for her. He tells her to stay away from Max Brady! Abby says she knows about Max's past, but it is in the past. He says those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Jack says he doesn't want her to get tied down. She says she just enjoys being around Max. She thinks mom would be on her side. Jack says they are in agreement on this, they want her to enjoy time at school and not miss out on life because of some guy. She says if it will make him and mom happy then she promises. Jack says so she won't see Max? She says Max won't interfere with her education. He gives her a big hug. He says he does love her. They decide to go to Time Square for the night. Jack says he'll go change and meet her in the lobby. He then leaves. 

Kayla and Max are on the plane home. They toast to burying EJ Wells. Max talks about how this is the most fun he's had since Frankie left. She says he misses him doesn't he. Max says the Brady's are great, but most of his life it has been just him and Frankie. She says since Frankie went to DC he's felt lost, like he doesn't fit in. Kayla understands, she's been there. She says when she lost Steve she felt that way. Max says so Frankie is the love of his life? She says he knows what she means. He says he does. He says he wanted to come on this trip for that reason, to see what was out there for him. Plus he wanted to see someone. Kayla says not just anyone, Abby Devereaux. He says smooth slipping her name in there. Kayla says she likes Abby, she thinks she'd be good for him. Max says she is a terrific girl. Kayla asks how Mimi fits in? Max says she is in Arizona, they talk but realize they have moved on. Max tells Kayla how he's scared, he's known girls and been around the block, but nothing like what is going on with Abby. He says he thinks about her all the time, she is so sweet, she can even take apart a carburetor. He knows when she's not around he misses her, when she is then it feels like home. Kayla thinks maybe he's meant to be with Abby. Max doesn't know, remember what happened with him and Stephanie? Kayla says maybe that wasn't meant to be. Max says Abby is just different, she is so innocent. Max feels the feelings are mutual, but they've not gone to the next level. Kayla says it is a special time for them, they are getting to know one another. Max doesn't want to be the first one to break her heart. Kayla says he won't. She wants him to go to her hotel room when the plane lands, surprise her and tell her everything he's told her. Max doesn't know. The captain announces they will be on the ground in fifteen minutes. Kayla says he better make his decision soon, does he stay on the plane with her or go meet the woman who could be the love of his life? 

Back at Abby's hotel, Abby gets a call from Max. Abby loves it so much here that she's thinking about transferring to NYU. She says she's just kidding. Abby says they've done all the touristy things. The only thing they haven't done is make it to the Yankees home opener. Max lets Abby know he and Kayla took a trip, they had a layover in JFK. Abby is disappointed he didn't stop by. There is a knock at the door, she thinks it is her dad. When she opens it, it is Max. She is thrilled and hugs him. She pulls him into the room. He says he has something to tell her. She says she has something to tell him to. She then remembers her dad, he has to go now! He asks why? She says he'll think she planned this. Suddenly Jack is knocking at the door. He asks what is up, let him in, she forgot to meet him downstairs. 

Back on the plane, Kayla says she is coming home and Steve need not worry, EJ Wells will never hurt them again.

At Chez Rouge, Nick has a talk with Maggie. He's in a bind, a friend wants a favor and he doesn't know if he should do it. He says he did one favor for a friend already, but can't decide if he should do the second. Maggie says any friend who cares about you would not ask you to compromise your principles.

At Sami's, EJ is shocked that the baby isn't his. He says he has never told anyone this, but nothing in his life, the money and fame, it didn't compare to the idea of being a father. He was even looking into schools for the kid, the best. He says it is amazing how one piece of paper can change your life. He says everything he's worked for, all his plans gone. Sami says this is her family here, her child. He says this could have opened up a new world for both of them. Sami likes the world she's in, especially since he's not a part of it. She says it's over, this is the end. She says he didn't succeed in planting the DiMera seed in her so get over it. EJ tells Sami that this isn't just his loss, it's her loss too. She asks what he is talking about? She says she's having a baby with the man she loves, the man she is marrying. She says she has a wedding to plan so excuse her. EJ says his father always told him that Tony's one weakness, his one fatal flaw was the ladies. EJ always vowed to learn from that mistake, he thought he had until he met her. EJ tells Sami that his feelings for her are real and there was a time when she felt the same. Sami says maybe there was a time when she felt something, but that was ancient history. She says it was before he shot John and raped her. He says he didn't rape her. She says don't pretend it was a beautiful night of love making. She says he forced her to have sex with her and then he forced her to put her life on hold for this paternity test. She says it proves what she's said all along, Lucas is the father of her child. She says they are done forever, nothing will ever connect them again! He says they still have a connection. She says maybe they had momentary chemistry, but when she found out who he really was well all she's wanted was to get him out of her life. EJ says if he had been out of her life, if he hadn't picked her up that night then Lucas would be dead. Sami says he's not dead and EJ is not this baby's father. She tells him to do the right thing, she wants to forget about that night. He says she has his word and they shake. He then pulls her close and kisses her hand. He says he was hoping if this baby was his that she'd overlook things and remember the man he was. EJ tells Sami that she is probably the only woman who could have made him into the man she thought he was. 

Later Celeste shows up and asks how it went. Sami says EJ bought it, she should have heard him talking about his feelings. Sami says he sounded desperate at one point. Celeste says she thought Sami knew what she was doing but she doesn't have a clue. She says EJ played Sami like a violin, he conned her. Sami asks why he'd act like he cared? Celeste says it amuses him to stroke her ego and ply her with lies. She says Sami bought the performance. Sami says the DNA report says Lucas is the father, that is the end of it. Celeste says this is not the end, it's only the beginning. She says either Sami destroys EJ or she lets him destroy her and raise her child as a DiMera. Sami says enough, she is under enough stress as is. Celeste says EJ will be back for the child. She tells Sami it wouldn't be hard for her, EJ doesn't love her but he does lust for her. She wants Sami to seduce him, use what he wants to get rid of him. Celeste thinks it is their only hope. Sami asks Celeste to leave. She shows her the door. Celeste tells Sami to just consider it. Sami tells Celeste to consider this, the only thing she's working on is her wedding and life. She says EJ is not a part of her life and neither is Celeste. She then slams the door in her face.

EJ is sipping a drink at Chez Rouge. Kayla call him from the plane .She says she is on a plane waiting for it to take off. She wanted him to know she went to Europe. He really doesn't care. She lets EJ she know about John's kidney, she knows where it went and thanks to her Italian getaway she has the proof. She tells Elvis to enjoy his evening! She hangs up. EJ is in a panic and runs off.

Nick returns to the lab saying he can do this. He says he stole a DNA report for Sami, he can swipe a hairbrush. He wonders what his life has come to, what is next, grand theft auto? He tells himself that he's had too much caffeine. Nick walks into his office and finds EJ sitting there. Nick threatens to call security on him. EJ, who is wearing rubber gloves, takes the phone from him. He  takes the phone cord and says Nick needs to be a good boy and not tell anyone he was here, or he will be taught a lesson! EJ threatens him, as if to say he'd strangle him. EJ then walks out. EJ goes to a payphone and makes a call. He leaves a message for Lucas, in his best southern accent, saying this is Dr. Young at University Hospital. He says there was was problem with Sami's amnio and Lucas needs to come in.

On the island, Shawn spies on Phillip as he questions Gabby. Kate shows up, she says she can die a happy woman now that she shared a truck with angry chickens. Phillip continues pressing Gabby, has she seen them. She says nope, sorry. Shawn sneaks upstairs while Phillip has his back turned.

Upstairs, Belle is with Claire. Shawn shows up, he says they have to get out of here. He says Phillip and Kate are downstairs interrogating Gabby. He says she hasn't told him anything yet, but they know Phillip, he's not going to leave until he gets what he wants. Belle asks how he found out, it couldn't be the letters as they couldn't have gotten there this fast. Shawn says they have to go, they can't take the chance that Gabby will slip up. Belle says their lives are in the hands of someone they hardly know! 

Back downstairs, Gabby assures Phillip she hasn't seen them, they don't get many couples around here with kids. Phillip decides to stick around and ask other residents, maybe they have a better memory than her. She says he is a real charming guy. Kate wants a drink, she decides to get one herself since Gabby isn't serving her. She finds Claire's baby teething ring toy, she confronts her with it and says she is a liar. She claims it is the neighbors kids, but Phillip says she said there weren't kids on the island. She says no new kids. Phillip doesn't believe her and grabs her and shakes her. She says fine he's right, they are here. Phillip asks what room they are in? She says they were here but they left. She says Belle and Shawn were right about him, he is a world class jerk. Phillip grabs her and demands to know where Belle and Shawn are. Kate finally steps in and tells Phillip to get his hands off her now! Phillip says he'll tear this place apart plank by plank. Gabby asks what they did to him and  why does he say Claire is his daughter when Shawn says . . . Phillip says Shawn is a liar. Gabby says Shawn and Belle left yesterday, she shows him Belle's ring as proof that they left this to take care of their bill. Phillip recognizes it, Kate says she's sorry. 

Back in their room, Belle continues to pack. She says she can't believe Phillip found them again. Shawn says he's found them everywhere else they went. He says if they have to confront him then he will. He says he can distract Phillip, she needs to get to Australia without him. He wants her and Claire safe from that maniac. Belle refuses, they are not splitting up. Shawn says fine. He says he needs to find out what is going on. He promises not to do anything stupid. After he leaves, Belle tries to convince herself it will be okay. She then realizes Gabby still has her ring. 

Shawn spies as Gabby tells Tarzan that he has the proof that Shawn and Belle are long gone. She asks if he believes her now?  


April 3, 2007
In New York, Abby tells Max that he has to hide, trust her. Jack is knocking on the door and asking if everything is okay. Max hides in the bathroom and she answers the door. She says she's changed her mind about Time Square, she's so tired from running all over and wants to just go to bed. Jack asks if he can come in and talk? She says yes. Jack says he was thinking about their conversation earlier, he feels he came down on her a little hard. She says they don't need to get into this again, but he says he feels he has to explain why he's so anti-Max. Max of course hears this. Jack wants to explain, she is 18 whereas Max is . . . Abby begs her dad to let it go, they'll talk about this tomorrow. He says okay. He says he wants her to know she is level headed and she trusts her judgment. He gives her a kiss, she thanks him. She then says she'll see him in the morning. After Jack leaves, Abby tells Max he can come out now. Max says that was interesting, her dad really hates him. Abby says no, he found out they were friends and took it to mean more. She says he was wrong, there is nothing to them, is there? 

Later Max makes a call, he's missed his flight home and there is not another one till tomorrow. She says so he's stuck here. He says he wouldn't mind spending the night . . . in New York he means. He decides to go find a cheap hotel. She says there aren't cheap hotels here anymore, he really hasn't been here in awhile. She says he'll have to stay here with her. He says this place would cost a lot. She says no she means here in this room. He is a bit shocked. There is a knock at the door, Max goes back to hide in the bathroom. Abby answers the door and it is Chelsea! 

Abby and Chelsea talk, Chelsea explains everything about the fire as Max listens from the bathroom. Chelsea says the thing is her dad believes her this time, but he won't when he finds out about the hairbrush. She tells Chelsea not to talk, they can't discuss this here. Chelsea asks why not, it's just them. Max shows up and says not really. Max swears he won't tell anything. Chelsea asks why Max is here? They catch her up on why Max is here. Chelsea thinks if Max is spending the night then she should get out of here. Chelsea says she'll see them back in Salem, but Abby says there are no more flights. Abby assures Chelsea Max is here as a friend so they should all hang out with her, the more the merrier. Max says yeah, sure, right. 

Later Jack shows up, he's in his bathrobe and jamies. He asks what is going on over here? Chelsea says she's sorry if they were too loud. He says who is she speaking of? Max hides and Abby says she had a surprise visitor. He sees Chelsea is here. He also sees they've ordered room service, a lot of food for just them. Chelsea says her eyes were bigger than her stomach. Jack suggests they enjoy themselves and try and keep it down. Jack leaves and Max returns. Abby says she's sorry, her dad is over protective. Abby says to be safe they should go to bed. Max says one problem, there is only one bed. He insists they take the bed, he'll take the couch. Abby tells him that he's such a gentleman.

Kayla goes to visit Steve at the hospital. He says Chow Bella. She asks who told him? He asks what is wrong with her? Does she see herself a martyr? Is she trying to get nominated for sainthood? She says she did what she had to do to nail EJ. Hw says even if she dies trying? She says yes. Kayla says she got evidence. Steve is worried, she is lucky she got out of Italy alive. He says the DiMeras could come after her at any moment, just like that. He says she was on thin ice before, now . . . . . Steve stops talking. Kayla asks if EJ said something to him? Steve just says stop it. She says she's not scared of EJ, but Steve says she should be! She says him yelling at her won't scare her either. Kayla lets Steve know that she saw Stefano in Italy. She explains everything she and Max did. He can't believe se got Maxwell involved. She says he is family, family helps one another. Kayla shows Steve the photos she took of the scar  and the fingerprints she got proving it belongs to the one and only phoenix. Steve says it's still not enough to implicate EJ. Kayla says that is where he comes in. She wants him to call Roman, but he says no. He won't testify against EJ. He asks who she thinks she is? He says this is real life, things don't get fairytale endings when the DIMeras are involved. He wants her to leave Salem and stay with Stephanie for awhile. He says he can't protect her from in here. She says she doesn't need his protection. Steve ends up pinning her to his bed and says promise him to stay away from those people. She screams at him to get off. He pulls her into a kiss. Afterwards Kayla looks furious. She goes to leave. He says promise her to stay away from those people. Se says if he wants to save her life then testify against EJ. Kayla then leaves. 

Nick arrives at Sami's. He says they are in trouble, he caught EJ hacking into the records at the hospital, he pulled up Sami's records. Sami asks if he saw anything, Nick doesn't know. Sami says she's sorry, she wanted a favor, now he's in the middle of this. Nick asks Sami why EJ is so interested in her baby? He thinks he should know if he's on a hit list. Sami says he's not. Nick realizes it is EJ, EJ is the guy who thinks the baby is his. She begs him not to tell Lucas. Nick asks if EJ is the father? Sami says no way, but Nick says you don't just think a baby is yours for no reason. He asks her to tell him the truth. She says it isn't as it seems, she didn't have an affair. Nick asks if he raped her? She begs him not to ask anymore questions, he's better off not knowing. Nick says okay, but he doesn't think EJ is a very good guy. Sami says she'll handle EJ, she'll fight back, even if she has to break some rules. Nick says that has always been her motto, desperate times, desperate measures. He asks if it ever works out? She says no, but when it comes down to keeping someone you love from being hurt, well she'd make this choice every time. Nick understands. He tells Sami to be careful and heads out. 

At the hospital, Lucas arrives after getting some message about a problem with Sami's amnio. The doctor says she's sorry but nobody from her office called and Sami hasn't had an amnio. She thinks there was a mix-up or someone is playing a joke on him. EJ is around the corner listening in. Lucas and the doctor keep talking, Lucas says the person who called said they were Doctor Young. The doctor says she'll check on it. She leaves and EJ suddenly pops up. He asks Lucas how he's doing, is everything okay? Lucas wonders if there is anywhere he can go where he won't show up? EJ claims he's concerned as to why he is here. Lucas says he's here to see Sami's doctor. EJ asks if Samantha is okay? Lucas tells EJ to get over this sick obsession with Sami and her baby! He tells EJ that the stunt he pulled at the shower, pulling Sami into the bedroom, was wrong. He tells EJ to stay away from his fianc! EJ says he's sorry he feels threatened by his concern for Sami. Lucas says he's not threatened by him. He also asks when EJ is going to move out? EJ is working on that. He says he has tried to assure him that he has no interest in Sami. Lucas says well actions speak louder than words. Sami's doctor returns, she says there is no Doctor Young here or sign that Sami had an amnio. Lucas says don't' tell Sami, he doesn't want her to worry. 

EJ goes to see Sami, but Will (sporting a new haircut) answers. He tells EJ that her mom is in the bedroom and probably won't want to see him. He says he'll tell his mom he stopped by. He slams the door on EJ. Sami shows up and asks buzz what is up, who was at the door. Will says EJ, and he didn't look happy. Later Lucas is home, Lucas and Will are both talking about the wedding. Sami is lost in a daze, she apologizes for spacing out. Lucas jokes about how they will all paint their faces green to make a statement. They get Sami laughing.

Meanwhile, EJ returns to his home and is making calls to find out about Sami's schedule. Something is going on at the Brady Pub, which he says will be perfect.

On the island, Phillip looks at the ring Gabby gives him proving that Shawn and Belle are gone. Kate tells Phillip she's sorry. She suggests they speak to some of the authorities on the other islands and see if there is any information. Shawn is still spying on them as this is going on. Phillip tells Gabby this is a pretty steep payment. She says they were here for awhile. She says so he was married to Belle. He says it's none of her business. She says he came her demanding answers so yes it is her business. Phillip says when he gave this to Belle he believed in things like honoring your vows. He says he made promises and people made promises to him, but one by one they broke them. He says his best friend ran off with his wife and daughter. He says he doesn't trust anyone and that is why he's not leaving until he knows she's telling the truth. 

Shawn goes back to Belle. He says Phillip won't leave until he searches the place. She says they need to hide in the room, but it won't deter Phillip. She asks why he can't leave them alone. Shawn says she knows why, it will always be like this, they will always have to stay a step ahead of Phillip. Belle says she's not going anywhere.

Back down in the bar, Phillip decides he is going to go search the rooms. Gabby says no he is not, the guests have a right to their privacy. She says they are gone. Kate looks through the hotel ledger and says they are in room 202. Phillip and Kate race upstairs and Gabby follows. 

They arrive at Shawn and Belle's room, but Gabby won't let them in. Phillip breaks the door down and inside is some guy. Phillip asks who the hell he is? Phillip asks the guy where the people staying here are. The guy says this is his room. Phillip demands Gabby tell him which room is hers? He steals her key and goes running. She gets it back and tells him not to even think about busting into her room. He shoves Gabby aside and starts to kick down her door. Shawn is trying to brace the door. Belle tries to hide in Gabby's closet, which is full with stuff, including a baby stroller. Soon Duck shows up and asks Phillip who the hell he is. Gabby says he is looking for Belle and Shawn, she told him they checked out. Phillip asks Duck for the real story. Duck assures Phillip that they are gone and he's glad, he didn't like them. He also says Phillip busted one lock already, don't do it to another. Phillip pays him for the lock and walks off. Kate leaves with him. Gabby thanks Duck and asks him to make sure they are gone. Duck leaves and Gabby checks on Belle, Shawn and Claire. The other guy who was in Shawn and Belle's room was in on the cover as well. Belle and Shawn thank Gabby for everything she's done. She hopes they'll consider staying then. She says if Phillip thinks they are gone then this is the safest place for them. She got the ring back, they could use it to start her new life. Shawn says it sounds great, but what about her getting her boat back? She says she knows every fisherman around here, someone will find it and bring it back to her. Shawn says they'll stay and don't know how to thank her. She says he can keep fixing up her boat. Shawn takes Claire off and Belle thanks Gabby again. Gabby also promises not to say anything to Shawn about their talk.


April 4, 2007
In New York, Max is in the shower. Chelsea tells Abby that she has her blessing to go for Max. Abby tells Chelsea she can tell she is still upset about the hairbrush. Chelsea tells her how Willow stole her hairbrush and planted it to frame her. Abby tells Chelsea to just tell her dad the truth. Chelsea says her dad won't believe her after what she's done. Abby says what about what Willow has done? Chelsea says it makes no sense why Willow would destroy the meal ticket she has going with them. Abby says Willow is a whack job, duh. Chelsea says to be on the safe side she asked a friend to steal the evidence for her. Abby asks what friend? Chelsea says Nick. Abby can't believe she asked Nick to destroy evidence! Chelsea says fake evidence used to frame her. Max shows up and asks what is going on, everything okay? Chelsea says she was just talking to her only friend. He asks what about Nick? Chelsea says Nick is not her friend, he only cares about Nick.

Later Max is gone, he took another flight. Chelsea thinks because they don't want anyone to know about their hooking up. There is a knock at the door, it's Jack! He's still around! Jack says he just saw a man leave this room, who was it. Chelsea says a maintenance guy, her hairdryer blew a fuse. Jack thought they wore uniforms? She says so did she, but she let him in only after he showed his ID. Jack says good thinking.  Jack and Abby are planning to leave, he asks Chelsea if she'll be coming with them? Chelsea isn't sure. Jack goes back to his room so they can keep talking. Abby thanks Chelsea for covering. She hates this sneaking around stuff. Abby asks Chelsea if she is upset about Max? Chelsea says she was three girls ago for Max. Abby says that makes her feel better. Abby wants to get back to what Chelsea said, what does she mean she doesn't know if she's going home? Chelsea says she's not living at home anymore, she's crashing at Sami's. She says why would she go home to a jail cell? Chelsea thinks that is all that is waiting for her. Abby thinks there must be a way to prove Willow stole the brush. She asks when the last time she saw it? Chelsea says the night at the Penthouse Grill when she came to see her. Abby remembers Willow was there with her brother that night. Chelsea says she knew that girl framed her. Abby asks Chelsea why she's playing into what Willow wants. She tells her to tell Bo the truth. Chelsea says she asked Nick to steal the brush though, to do it for their future. Abby says no, Chelsea asked Nick to put his future on the line for the possibility of a future with her. She says not even Willow charges that much! Chelsea says she's been compared to a lot, but not a hooker. Chelsea tells Abby how her father will find out the truth and disown her. Jack comes knocking again, he says they have to check out. She asks for five more minutes. Jack says they have hardly talked since he came to see her. Chelsea says that is her fault, she leaves them for a moment. Abby tells her dad that Chelsea had a fight with her boyfriend. He hopes someone closer to her age. He tries to tell her that Max Brady is too old. She says she has to finish packing, she'll be down in five minutes and he can lecture her all the way to the airport. Chelsea returns, she loves Abby's dad and wishes her dad . . . Abby says was a great guy who loves her? He is! She tells Chelsea to go home, give Bo a chance, tell him the truth. Chelsea says she will.

In the lab, Nick seems out of it. A guy comes in and tells him to get to work, he is backed up and Bo is pressuring them to get the DNA on the hairbrush. Nick offers to work on the hairbrush for him. The guy says Nick has only done one or two of these before, so he will do it. The guy decides to go do a caffeine run, he asks if Nick wants anything? Nick says no. The guy leaves and Nick takes the hairbrush. He has this fantasy of himself being arrested by Roman for tampering with evidence. The other guy is telling him that his career is over, he's a disgrace to the scientific community. Nick puts the brush down and sits back at his desk. 

Later Max shows up. He talks to Nick about how he just got back from a trip out of the country and stopping over in New York to see Abby. He says Chelsea was there, she seemed a mess. He doesn't know what happened between them, but Chelsea thinks she can't count on him. Max says this isn't his business. He says he knows how Chelsea can be, he walked away from her once when he needed her the most. He talks about how Chelsea is losing faith and trust in the people she cares about. Max gives Nick the number to the hotel where Chelsea is. Max says he'll see him around and leaves. Nick looks over at the hair brush. He says Chelsea is worth it. He stuffs it in his bag! 

Kayla and Roman meet at Chez Rouge. Kayla tells Roman she knows who forced Steve to take John's kidney. Roman asks if Steve named a name? Kayla says no, but she has proof. She shows Roman a photo of Stefano DiMera's butt, which shows the scar and all from the kidney. Roman asks how she got these? She says she took them, she went to Italy. Roman asks what she thinks will happen when EJ finds out? Kayla says he knows, she called him from the plane and told him herself. Roman asks if she's trying to get killed? He says he's gone through this with Marlena, he doesn't want to go through it with her. He says Stefano isn't dead yet, he has more lives than 20 cats. Kayla says if Bo did this then he'd be thanking him. He says Bo is trained, but he wouldn't want Bo going alone either. Kayla says she didn't go alone, she took Max. He can't believe this, where is Max now? She says in New York with Abby. He tells her again, stay out of this, it is too dangerous. Kayla says it's no safer here, EJ came to Salem to carry out his father's vendetta! She says this vendetta includes Sami, isn't he afraid what EJ may do to her?

At the pub, EJ spies from outside as Sami and Lucas meet with Carley Rooney from TheKnot.com to discuss their green wedding. Sami loves her ideas of soy-based candles and using an organic menu. They also talk about pesticide-free flowers. Sami says her problem is the honeymoon, she doesn't want to spend it in a trailer. Carley says it's a camper. She says it's still not for her. She wonders if this makes her eco-unfriendly. Lucas says they go camping with Will a lot, and then there was the night they made their baby. She says the night they almost died? Carley says she can get them information on Green resorts that are eco-friendly. Carley asks if she had time to look at the article on rice versus bird seed. Sami thinks it's in the car, she'll go get it.

Outside, Sami confronts the spying Elvis. She asks why he is still stalking her, she gave him proof he wasn't the baby's father. He asks if she thought he'd fall for this forgery? He has proof it is a fraud. She says this baby is Lucas'. He says then swear on her baby's life! She says she's not swearing on her baby's life for anything. He says he knows she lied, the doctor confirmed it. EJ tells Sami how Lucas was at the hospital, he listened in while they talked. Sami asks why Lucas would talk to her doctor and not tell her? He says she's not the only one keeping secrets! Sami says Lucas isn't the lying type. She tells him this baby is Lucas', they had sex that night. She wants EJ to leave them alone. EJ says he can't do that. He tells her to watch out because she's coming very close to losing the people she loves and everything else. He says don't make him do this. EJ then walks off. 

Sami goes back to the pub. She claims she left the article at home. She's also claiming not to be feeling well, could they reschedule this? Carley says sure and heads off. Sami then asks Lucas about seeing her doctor, why did he lie to her? Lucas says he got a weird call from a doctor about the amnio. He says he went down, he was worried. He also remembers finding that blank lab report, he thought something was wrong. Lucas says he didn't tell her as he didn't want to upset her. He says he was trying to protect her, that is what you do for people you love. Lucas says he is sorry, it won't happen again. Sami says if he's worried about the baby then just ask her. Lucas says he will. Lucas then asks how Sami knew he was at the hospital? She says nothing, Lucas says it was EJ. Lucas says he's sick of EJ, what business is it of his? Sami says she saw EJ in passing and he brought it up, it was nothing. Lucas asks then why she is shaking? She says she hasn't eaten since breakfast, that is all. Sami suggests they just go home so she can lie down. Lucas says okay, he'll make them lunch in bed. Lucas then walks Sami out. Sami is telling him that he has nothing to worry about. 

Back at Chez Rouge, Roman asks Maggie to tell Max he'd like to see him. Maggie asks why is he asking her? He says well he thought Abby could pass along the message to Max. Maggie says Abby is in New York. He says he knows. He says Kayla and Max took a trip, they stopped in New York and Max went to see Abby. Maggie says she sees. She's not happy about this! 

EJ has a run in with Kayla outside of Chez Rouge. He wants to have a little chat with her. She doesn't want to talk to him. He says he hopes she enjoyed her little adventure, she should have stayed in Italy. Kayla says she hoped to take her husband there, maybe she will when his father is dead or in jail. EJ asks about the evidence she supposedly has, what the Salem PD is doing about it. She claims they are interested in it. He tells Kayla if this is the best she can do then she's underestimated him and what he can do to her. She says he's underestimating her. She says she stood next to his father, she could have killed him. He asks why she didn't? She says because she's not him! EJ says he doesn't care what she or anyone thinks about him. She says that is right, he's a sociopath lacking in emotion. She asks if this is a game to him, did his father teach him to treat them like chess pieces? She says she won't give up until he is arrested or in a coffin. EJ says if she goes near his father again then she'll be the one in a coffin!

Phillip pays a visit to Willow in jail. He says he came back from a dirt speck of an island looking for Belle, Shawn and Claire, but they were gone. He wants Willow to stop bothering him, but she says she can still help him. She says she's on his side, she's in here because of Bo and Chelsea. She talks about how Chelsea torched Bo and Hope's place and is framing her, but she dropped her hairbrush and that will prove it wasn't her. Phillip says he will help her get out, but she needs to tell him the truth, no lies. She claims she is, but Phillip says Chelsea would ask for money, not rob Bo and Hope's place. He says she wouldn't set fire to the house either. Willow says maybe it was an accident. Phillip says Chelsea didn't set the fire, she did! He thinks someone hired her to do this. He says if she wants his help then tell him the truth. Willow says okay, it was EJ Wells. Willow begs Phillip not to say anything. Phillip says if she is afraid of crossing EJ then she should be afraid of crossing him too. Phillip says she's safer behind bars for now and walks off. 


April 5, 2007

At Chez Rouge. EJ calls Sami up and demands they meet. She doesn't want to hear from him and hangs up. He calls back, he says they have to talk about her phony little report, which he's not buying. He tells her to get rid of Lucas so they can meet. She says as it happens, he's meeting his mother for lunch at Chez Rouge. EJ says call him when Lucas is gone.

At Sami's, as Sami gets off the phone with EJ, Lucas shows up. He asks who that was, she says just a telemarketer. He says she is getting a lot of those calls lately. Sami says when you are planning a wedding, everyone wants in. He goes to hang up the phone and looks at the caller ID, he sees it was EJ calling. HE thinks EJ is bothering her again. He can tell she's upset too, as she usually is lately. He again wants them to move away from EJ, but she says no. He asks her what is going on here? She assures him it is nothing. She tells him he has nothing to worry about EJ. She says she loves Lucas, they are the ones who are getting married. She says she loves him. He seems to believe everything is okay. He talks about how he's been reading a book on baby's lately, how it's good to read to them. Sami thinks about John, how he used to read to her when she was little too. She ends up telling Lucas he should go, don't keep Kate waiting. He jokingly asks how big her feet have gotten. She asks why? He says he wants to bring his Cinderella a glass slipper. 

Back at Chez Rouge, EJ runs into Kate, who is chugging down martinis. He knows she is to meet up with Sami. Kate rants about Sami and the wedding, how Sami and Lucas are having a green wedding and it is impossible to find good eco-friendly clothes. EJ didn't know Sami had such a moral conscience. He tells her not to worry though, he thinks perhaps the wedding won't happen. He drops hints, which peak Kate's interest. She is dying to know what he knows.

Later Lucas shows up to meet his mom. They begin talking about the wedding and Lucas opens up about EJ and how he is hounding Sami, how it really upsets Sami. Kate tells Lucas perhaps Sami is having jitters about the wedding, it is normal, but nothing is normal when it comes to Sami and weddings. Kate brings up a talk she had with EJ about Sami, how he feels Sami might not marry him. Lucas says so she's trusting EJ's instincts over his now? Kate says she is concerned about him, she doesn't want to see his heart broken. Lucas says it won't be, he thought she was going to try and support them. Kate says from what she can see it sounds like Sami doesn't want to marry him. Lucas has had it, he tells his mom how she doesn't have to worry about the wedding because she doesn't have to be there. She tells him not to be dramatic, but he says he's serious and storms off. 

Back at Sami's, EJ finally arrives. She says Dr. Young I presume? EJ is proud of his little ruse. EJ is furious with her for her little scam. She continues to insist the baby is Lucas. EJ wants to call Lucas up and tell her she's been unfaithful, that this baby probably isn't his. She says he can't to that, Lucas doesn't deserve that. EJ says Lucas is a twit and that is just what he deserves. Sami remembers Celeste telling her that she is what EJ wants, she can use that. Sami breaks down and says she can't do this anymore. She confesses that the truth is she wants him to be the father of her baby, but she doesn't know who is. He applauds her performance and asks why he should believe her? She says because she wants her baby to be a DiMera, she doesn't want him or her to ever feel weak the way she does right now. EJ says say he does believe her, this could be a start to something. He says he wants her to tell Lucas this baby may not be his. He also says pending medical tests, if the baby is his, then he will take care of both Sami and the baby. He says this is a one time deal, take it or leave it. Sami remembers Celeste telling her that she could seduce EJ if she wanted to, that could be the lure to kill him. Sami agrees to it. She tells Elvis that she knows he is weak man, but despite what he may think, she is not a weak woman. She kisses him, just a little peck. He then pulls her into a real kiss!

Back at Chez Rouge, Roman meets up with Max. He has some questions for him, he's not happy about his trip to Italy. He thinks Max should have come to him and Roman. Max says what, the real Bradys? Max feels like Roman has always treated him like an outsider. Roman tells his "little brother" that is not true. He says he and Kayla are not trained for this. Max lets Roman know that the DiMeras have come after is family, himself included. He says they tried to kill him and Stefano. He says he won't sit back and do nothing. Roman wants him to just in the future come to him. Roman then asks Max to tell him about his little trip with Abby. Max says it wasn't much, Chelsea showed up and he had to sleep in a chair. Roman laughs and says "He calls himself a Brady?" He wonders why Max didn't answer him sooner, he left that message with Maggie to give to Abby. Max says Maggie knows I was in New York with Abby? He tells Roman "you call yourself a cop?"

At the station, Chelsea arrives to confess to Bo, but he's busy. She decides to wait around. Willow is brought out in cuffs and a jump suit. Chelsea says orange is a good color for her. Willow snaps back at Chelsea saying soon it will be her in the slammer when Bo figures out the hairbrush is hers. Chelsea knows Willow framed her, but Willow asks why she'd ruin her meal ticket with Bo and Hope? Chelsea says duh, your nuts! Willow thinks Chelsea burned the house down after learning mommy went Mrs. Robinson on baby Einstein. Willow goes on and on about how prison isn't bad, Chelsea will get used to it. Willow talks about Nick, Chelsea says "I'm warning you!" Suddenly Nick shows up. Willow ends up being hauled off.

Chelsea talks to Nick. She apologizes for using a relationship with her to make him steal the brush. She doesn't blame him for not helping her. He says he did. He shows her his backpack, the brush is in it. She thanks him, hugs him and gives him several kisses. She thinks they should dispose of the evidence. She suggests they trash it here, the cops won't think to look under their own noses. She throws it in a trash can in the hall. Nick wonders if Chelsea is using him again, is she really going to give them a chance. Chelsea assures Nick she is. She needs to go say goodbye to her dad. As she is out of the room, Nick quickly takes the brush back out of the trash.


April 6, 2007
Abe and Celeste are having dinner together at Chez Rouge. He tells her it is good to be out, for the last few months she has been his strength. He says she has been a godsend to him and to Theo. She says she sees so much of Lexie in that little boy. They hold hands, Celeste says it has felt good being part of a family again. She says they've been there for each other filling in the empty spaces. A drunk Kate walks up and says she wants to know what in the hell is going on with Sami and Celeste. Abe says they were about to enjoy a meal. Kate doesn't mind, she's eaten already. Celeste can see she's been drinking. Kate says she has. She says she finds it odd that after everything Sami did to Lexie why Celeste has anything to do with Sami, yet here they are, thick as thieves. Abe says he's not curious at all. Kate thinks Celeste put a spell on Abe then. She knows Celeste and Sami are cooking up a scheme and her son is caught in the middle. She needs to know what is going on as she has to stop her son from being hurt. She says Celeste crashed Sami's shower, they are being secretive about something. Celeste tells Kate to shut up! She tells Kate first she disrespects her daughter's memory, then she doesn't trust her own son enough to know his own heart. Kate says don't put this on her. Celeste says but it is about her, about her pettiness and jealousies. Abe asks Celeste if she has done anything to arouse Kate's suspicions? Kate says she's done a lot of things. Celeste admits she's been talking to Sami, but all that is going on is that they called a truce. Kate says that is a crock, she thinks their secret has to do with the night Sami saved Lucas' life. Kate once again says someone helped Sami that night. Abe says she doesn't have proof. Abe suggests they go, Celeste tells Kate she ruined a perfectly lovely dinner. Kate tells Abe that Celeste knows the truth and is keeping it from him. She tells Abe he's been around, he has instincts. She asks what his instincts tell him? Abe says he's known Celeste for a long time, if she says there is nothing to Kate's theory then he believes her. However he says for the sake of argument, if Sami didn't save Lucas then how would Celeste know? Kate says Sami told her or she found out some other way. Celeste asks why would she protect Sami though? Kate says she doesn't know why. Celeste asks if she knows anything? Abe says that is a good question! Kate says fine she gives up, they don't want to hear anything she has to say. She's not surprised as Abe spent years with Lexie who cheated on him. Abe tells Kate how dare she come in here, sling accusations while she's sleeping with EJ. Abe tells Kate she is in no position to judge anyone! He tells her that the whole world knows who and what EJ is, except those making a living off him. He says she's at the top of that list. Kate says she searched his apartment when asked, she put her life on the line, doesn't that count for anything? He says until she has proof about some conspiracy between Celeste and Sami then he wants to hear nothing from her. He says he doesn't care about her, but Celeste is family, a second mother to his son. He says if Kate can't respect that then she can go straight to hell! Kate says she still likes Abe and sooner or later he'll learn she was right. She advises Abe to watch this woman like a hawk. Kate then leaves. Celeste thanks Abe, but Abe asks Celeste if there is something he should know? She asks if he believes Kate? He says he's noticed she's been distracted lately and she has been spending time with Sami. Celeste assures him that they are just healing old wounds. Abe says Sami has a history of dragging down people with her schemes, he doesn't want her involved. Celeste says he doesn't have to worry. He is glad, both he and Theo need her so be careful. Celeste says she will. Abe then heads off to get them some champagne. 

At Mythic, Lucas is looking over papers and says this is insane. Billie shows up, she asks what is up? Lucas says Sami has put a condemned sign on their future, mom is in his face and EJ's PR budget makes no sense at all. Lucas hates how EJ has insinuated himself into all their lives. He talks about mom working for him, him trying to get to her with her security system and now he won't leave Sami alone. He thinks EJ has Sami freaked out. Billie says he's giving EJ too much credit. Lucas feels like she's defending the guy tearing up his family. Lucas says he has enough to deal with as is. He talks about how Kate won't let up and EJ is betting that Sami will pull a runaway bride. Billie says if the wedding gets screwed up then it is Lucas' fault for believing in the trash. Lucas knows EJ is up to something, he is evil. Lucas says EJ brings out every fear in Sami about their future together. Billie says once this wedding goes off and she realizes the sky didn't fall, Sami will end up with one of her favorite brothers. Lucas is searching for a folder, Billie finds something and gives it to him. Lucas looks over it, he says the numbers from last year don't match. Billie says talk to the guy, but Lucas says EJ is the Chief Financial Officer. Lucas thinks EJ is cooking the books. Billie says he's accusing her partner of being a thief. Lucas says EJ is skimming off the top, if the board catches this then he'll go to jail. Lucas says nobody has been able to pin a thing on him, but now he's got him, he's going down. Billie says one problem, she won't let him take EJ down. She warns him that if EJ is dirty then he will take mom down with him. She says mom could go to jail. Billie knows Lucas has it out for EJ and thinks she's being selfish, but he can't want jail for his own mother. Lucas asks then what he does? Billie says nothing, let it go. 

At Lucas and Sami's, EJ is sucking Sami's face hard! She stops him and says she can't breath. He necks her and keeps kissing her, you can see she's not liking this. She stops him, she doesn't want Lucas to walk in. EJ says let him. Sami says she doesn't need to be cruel. She wants to tell Lucas her way, EJ owes her that. He suggests she reconsider that last statement. EJ tells Sami that nothing will happen her way, in her terms or on her time. He says he's calling the shots. She asks if that is how he talks to people he cares about? HE says he does care about her, but he doesn't trust her. He says she has 24 hours to tell Lucas the wedding is off and that the baby is his. EJ wants her to meet him at that cabin where he saved Lucas. Sami asks why? He says if she doesn't meet her then he'll tell Lucas the truth, that he was the unsung hero that saved his life. He'll also have to tell Lucas about their rendezvous on the dashboard lights. He asks if they understand each other? She says yes, they'll meet at the cabin at 9pm. He says good, afterwards they'll take a trip in his jet and go to the wedding chapel in Vegas where she'll promise to love, honor and obey. She says they dropped that long ago. He says he's a traditionalist, they'll bring it back in. She says Vegas doesn't seem his style. He says he has many surprises for her. She thinks it is quick, but EJ says time is precious. He says aside from being married, there is the advantage that a wife can't testify against her husband and that Lucas will have no claim to the child. Sami tells EJ this isn't easy for her, this is breaking up her family, but she can't stop wanting him. EJ says any man would love to hear those words from a woman like her, one so skilled in the art of deception. She says either he believes her or he doesn't. He kisses her and says it's no secret how he feels about her, he's taken too many risks for her. Sami asks if it is worth it? EJ says she got in his way, she messed up his plans and caused him to disappoint his father. He thinks by presenting the next generation of DiMera to his father and having her on his arm will make up for that. He tells EJ that either she accepts him or denies him, but if she denies him then she will lose Lucas and that baby. He says if she won't be his wife then he won't be a mother to this child. Sami tells EJ that she did want him all along, but she hated herself for it, if that makes sense. EJ says she is a devious one, he likes to know what he's getting before he opens the package. She says he gets her, but trust goes two ways. She has to know he won't take this child from her as soon as it is born. He says that is a vow he can keep, he looks forward to all of their vows. He imagines a future for them. He paints the picture of them in bed with their child between them, she looks in his eyes and tells him everything he's ever wanted to hear. He says he's wanted her since they created this child. He wants to make love to her and begins kissing her neck. She kisses him back, but soon there is a pounding on the door, saving her. Of course it is Lucas, his hands are full and he can't open the door. She reminds EJ they had a 24 hour deal, she will meet him and she will handle Lucas. Lucas keeps yelling at Sami to let him in. EJ takes off and Sami composes herself and lets Lucas in. 

Lucas comes in with bags galore. He had to get a new tux made out of organic hemp for their wedding. He says she should check it out. She says no, it could be bad luck. He says no it's not, it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom. She says better safe than sorry. Lucas says she is weird. She says it's part of her charm. Lucas takes the stuff off to the closet. EJ is hiding in the other room, he comes out when Lucas is putting stuff away. EJ says someone is about to have his heart broken, he almost feels sorry for him. Sami begs him to go, she can't talk to Lucas with him breathing down her neck. She says she will be at the cabin tomorrow at 9pm. He says if she is late then he will tell her not only have they been carrying on, but they originally intended to kill Lucas at that cabin before heading to Mexico! She says she will see him tomorrow. EJ finally leaves, but not before kissing Sami again. Lucas returns, he can't find his dress shoes. He wanted them, they were perfectly broken in. He quickly says he's sorry, he doesn't need them, he could marry her naked and he'd be happy. They kiss.

EJ runs into Billie in the hall. He asks if she read over the papers he sent and talked to Bo about her security system? She says no, timing hasn't been great. She says his house almost burnt down, what is she supposed to say, should have had my system installed, don't make the same mistake twice? He says she should ease up on the sarcasm. Billie says Bo is a friend, she won't play him like a trick, she got out of that business long ago. He says she needs that killer instinct to make it in the business world. She says so he wants her to win at any cost? She says she doesn't care what he thinks, she doesn't have time to listen to a seminar on how to succeed by lying, cheating and stealing. She says if she doesn't like it then she'll go elsewhere. EJ wonders if something has changed? Why does she want out of their partnership? Billie says she's had a bad day. He suggests she come in for a cup of coffee, but she wants to be by herself. She says she'll just wants a nice soak in the tub.

Back in Sami and Lucas', Sami stops Lucas from kissing. She says they shouldn't start what they can't finish. He says they have time, but she says they have to stop and look for his shoes. He says he doesn't need shoes. Lucas then remembers they have to meet the wedding planner tomorrow for pictures. When Lucas is out of the room, Sami makes a call to Celeste. She says about that plan regarding EJ, she's in! 


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