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2nd Week of April 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


April 9, 2007
A nurse comes to see Steve at the hospital. She wants him to take his pills, hoping there won't be a problem with him today. He takes the pills, taps for her and then barks like a dog. He shows her his mouth so she can see he took them. She says their senses of humor are quire different. He says the only difference is that he has one. She leaves, we learn Steve has palmed the pills and never took them. He tries to throw them out the window. Kayla then shows up, she asks Steve what he's doing? He says he's stuck in the nut house, all he can do is look out the window. He sees she has a PC, he asks what it is for? She says she got an email from Stephanie, she is in love. She wanted Steve to respond. Steve says she's only been there two months, how can she be in love. Kayla says it didn't take long for them. Steve reminds her of their deal. Kayla knows, she won't tell Stephanie as long as he stays here, takes his medicine and works with Dr Kraft. Kayla reads Stephanie's email to Steve, she's very much in love. Kayla says when she wrote back, she promised Steve would write her too. She asks him to start. Steve says he'll talk, she can type. Steve recites Hey baby girl, thanks for the email. He says he thinks he knows how she feels, but be careful. Be careful and don't let her heart do her thinking, sometimes it lies when it's beating too fast. Don't let it fool you in believing in fairytales about frogs turning into princes. He says frogs are still frogs, if she keeps kissing them then she'll be covered in warts and slime. He says if she buys into that stuff then before she knows it, she'll be looking back and all she'll see is the time she wasted believing in lost causes. Kayla says when she wrote Stephanie, she told her to trust her heart. Steve says storybook time! Kayla says she told Stephanie to go for it, fight for those feelings. Steve wants her to find someone to give her a safe comfortable life, someone who won't put her at risk. Kayla says love is a risk, if you run from it then you'll never be happy. She tells Steve how she still believes in those vows they took, nothing has changed. Steve says except the guy, he's not here anymore. Kayla says he is, he always has been. She says she sees him in his eyes. Kayla says that is why she can't tell their daughter to doubt her feelings about love, because she's never doubted her love for Steve for one minute. Steve tells Kayla he's sorry. She goes to kiss him, but he says don't. He is worried about Stephanie's man. Kayla wants Stephanie to trust her judgment. Steve says Kayla trusts too easy. Kayla remembers when they found love on the run. He says she has a selective memory, every day was a bitch. Kayla says she wouldn't change it, it is their story, their life, it means everything to her. She says he means everything to her. HE tells Kayla to look where he is, see him as he is. Kayla says she always has. He says he doesn't want to hurt her, she has to go. He says tell Stephanie congratulations, tell her whatever she wants. Kayla says whatever he says. She grabs her computer to go. Steve says walking away is the best thing she can do, don't look back. Kayla tells Steve she won't give up on him. He says she is stubborn. Steve thanks Kayla for including him, she is still his daughter. Kayla says and she's still his wife. Steve says the first step is letting go, that is what they say in recovery. Kayla says in her program the first step is moving on, he should try it sometime. Kayla then leaves. 

At Mythic, Lucas shows Kate the botched financial files. She says if this is found out then EJ is screwed. Lucas knows, he also knows if he reports EJ then she could go down with him. Kate thanks Lucas for reminding him she's partners with EJ. She tells Lucas to keep his mouth shut about this. Lucas asks if he's just supposed to forget about these numbers? Kate says the numbers look fine to her! Lucas says she wants him to forget this? Kate says EJ will slip out of this, not only that Lucas will set EJ off and his life will be over just like that! Lucas says he can't stand this, he's sick of EJ sticking his nose in all their lives. He rants about how EJ is always in Sami's face, always there. Kate says the person he's not angry with is not EJ it is Sami! Lucas says he's not angry with Sami. Kate yells at him to accept it, something is going on between Sami and EJ! Lucas won't hear this, he won't believe it. He tells her to get out. Kate says EJ and Sami are together and hiding something, that is what is making him angry, why won't he admit it? Lucas thinks Kate is jealous, jealous of Sami, she gets away with murder and Kate is jealous. Kate says she can't believe this. Lucas asks Kate if she knows something about Sami that she's not telling him? Kate says if she does? Lucas says spit it out. Kate says EJ said the wedding wouldn't happen, he told her not to worry about what she'll wear to the wedding. Kate says EJ guaranteed the wedding wouldn't happen. Lucas asks how he could possible know that? Kate says that is right, how could he possibly? Lucas thinks Kate is just spiteful and bitter and he won't end up like her. He says she can't look past people's faults, that is why she's alone. He says that won't be him, he won't make that mistake. Kate says so when Sami breaks his heart . . . .Lucas says to hell with her, he's done with her. He then walks out. She yells at him that Sami will break his heart!

At Chez Rouge, EJ and Phillip meet. Phillip says he was at Tinda Lau, Shawn and Belle were there but left for Sydney, he missed them by one day. EJ says their grease monkey must be smarter than his choice of hookers. Phillip says funny he brings up Willow, he hears he forced her to rob Bo and Hope's. EJ pretends to be stunned, Salem seemed such a safe place. Phillip says cut the bull, all he wants is his daughter back. EJ asks why she is his daughter, because Phillip says so? Phillip says got a problem with it? EJ doesn't, he lives by the girl is his cause he says so rule too.  Phillip continues to tell EJ how he knows he hired Willow and he's not scared of EJ, he isn't scared of anyone. EJ says something they have in common. Phillip says just like finding Shawn, so is he still interested in working together? EJ is and has a plan, he wants to use Billie's cell phone system Century Cell to spy on Bo and Hope and find out where Shawn is. Phillip says once problem, Billie is his sister. He doesn't want to see Billie's sisters heart ripped out again. EJ says he has a strange sense of family, odd it doesn't extend to Shawn and Bo. Phillip doesn't want to see Bo's house torched. EJ says that wasn't part of the plan, Willow was supposed to rob it so Bo would invest in Billie's system. EJ says unfortunately Billie won't push her system on Bo. EJ asks Phillip if he has any ideas? Phillip does, but he has some conditions for EJ first. Phillip wants him to stay away from Billie, he wants to know the minute EJ finds out about Shawn, he wants to know why he wants to know about Shawn and what he plans to do with him? Phillip apparently gets the answers he needs (I missed them, I don't know if they were said off screen). EJ still says they still have to find a way to get the system into the house. Phillip says Billie won't have to do it, they'll do it themselves. EJ says so his brilliant plan is to walk in under the cover of daylight and install it? Won't they notice? Phillip says they won't be there, they moved out while the house as it is being repaired. EJ is in, but Phillip reminds him whoever finds out about Shawn first that they share the info. Later Phillip calls Billie. He wants to stop by and look at her system, he wants to set it up at Titan. He says he needs Billie to tell him how it works. 

EJ returns to Mythic, Kate says he has received a flurry of calls from Italy. She says as she took the messages, she went over the books. She hopes he is covering their backs as he's turning these records in. He says he took care of it. EJ excuses himself and makes a cell call. He demands the person to start talking, he knows Kayla broke into his father's room. He tells the person to do their job properly while he still has a job. EJ says to himself that Kayla's move was not a smart thing to do. 

Celeste shows up to meet with Sami at her place. Celeste asks what happened. Sami says she's the psychic. Celeste says she doesn't need her powers to know EJ found out she was faking him and he threatened her. Sami asks now what. Celeste says she knows the answer and knows it is the only way out. Celeste tells Sami to say it. Sami says he has to die. Celeste says say it again, with conviction. Sami says EJ has to die! Celeste asks what is going on. Sami says she has to go meet EJ at the cabin at 9pm. Celeste says she will go. Sami asks how, she has photos with Lucas at 6. Celeste says she'll meet with Lucas, do the photos and then tell Lucas she has errands to run, she wants to visit John. Sami doesn't know if she can do this, it's still murder even if it is EJ. Celeste says it is justice, she'd be doing heaven's work. Celeste says leave everything to her. She wants her to meet EJ, say she told Lucas everything, say he called her a lying whore. She says tell him that her family, even her son, turned their backs on her. She says make EJ believe he is all Sami has left. Celeste says when EJ truly believes she is his that is when she will . . . . Sami says no, she can't. She says EJ is still human no mater what he's done. Celeste says he's a DiMera, a beast above consciousness. She says if they they don't stop him then EJ will destroy Sami's life. Sami asks how they do it? Celeste says with a kiss. She pulls out some lipstick. Sami is confused. She asks what she does, kiss him to death? Celeste says no. She plans to add a powerful narcotic to it, a poison. She tells Sami before putting on the lipstick she needs to apply lip balm. Sami asks if this will kill him? Celeste says it will put him to sleep. Sami asks how long? Celeste says long enough for them to do what they need to. Sami won't watch EJ die. Celeste says they won't have to watch. She says EJ will spend eternity roasting, they'll just give him a head start. Celeste says they will burn the cabin to the ground with EJ inside! Sami doesn't know, she'll lose her soul if she does this. Celeste says she'll lose her soul if she doesn't! Celeste says she lost her soul when EJ took Lexie, she cannot do this alone ,she needs her help. Sami asks what happens if they are caught? Celeste says they won't be, nobody will grieve him, nobody will investigate, the world will be a better place. Celeste says Sami will be happy and she will have avenged Lexie's death. She asks Sami if she's willing? Will she make the sacrifice to bring peace to them all? Sami doesn't answer, Celeste yells Samantha! Sami says she's willing to do what she has to. Celeste says she'll arrive at the cabin while she's with Lucas. She says she'll plant the gas can and hide her car. They have a little sketch of the cabin as they lay out there plan. Celeste warns Sami to coat those lips a half hour early with the lip balm, when she pulls up, put on the lipstick and go in and kiss EJ. She says it won't take long for the lipstick to take effect. When EJ loses consciousness she should come outside, they'll soak the cabin. Celeste lights a match and says it will take one match to rid the world of Elvis DiMera's evil. Sami says and she'll have EJ's blood on her hands, she'll be guilty of murder.

Later Lucas returns home from work. He calls out to Sami, he wonders where she is. Sami shows up in heels and a negligee! She asks if he needs help taking off his nasty tie? He asks what is going on here? She asks what it looks like? He says a fantasy. They kiss, Sami begins undressing Lucas. Lucas stops her, he says maybe it's his turn for jitters, but is she sure it will work this time? Sami says they will be just fine. They then get down to business. 


April 10, 2007
At the hospital, Steve is flicking cards into a bedpan when Marlena shows up to see him. He says she's the last person he expected to see. He is still feeling the affects of their last encounter. She says he left her no choice but to tranq him, he kidnapped Billie. Steve says Billie was helping him get away. She lets Steve know that she's still very angry with him for the way he treated John. Steve admits what he did to John was unforgivable, so why is she here? She says out of concern for the man he was, for their past together. She wants to help Steve, telling him that he's been brainwashed by the DIMeras. He asks if she has anymore news like Elvis is dead and the Titanic sank. He says he knows he was brainwashed. She says good, admitting it is the first step to getting help. She says it will help them understand what is done to him and undo it. He asks how? She says deprogramming. He agrees, saying they need to act fast as the little men are coming to beam him up to the mother ship. Marlena laughs, but says deprogramming isn't just for cults.  She feels it can help Steve understand what was done to him. Steve yells he knows what was done, they fried his brain. HE also thinks there is no way to fix it. She asks if he doesn't want to get out of here, be the man he once was. He says the only reason he's here is because he promised Kayla to play by the rules in order for her not to tell Stephanie the truth about him. HE eventually tells Marlena there is nothing that can help him and she should go. She eventually leaves.

At Chez Rouge, Kayla and Bo meet for drinks. Kayla wants Bo to do something about the evidence she brought back, but he can't. He's not happy with her and agrees with Roman, she should drop this. He says the evidence is no good, there is no telling what the scar in the photo is of. Kayla says any surgeon can attest it's a transplant scar. She also has photos of his fingerprints, but Bo says any lawyer can shoot that down. He tells Kayla if she keeps this up she will ruin any evidence they can get against EJ. HE says take it from him, don't play vigilante. Bo made that mistake already and it cost him his badge. Kayla says she won't drop this. She says if he and Roman won't do what is necessary to stop EJ then she will! She won't lose her husband, and every day he's in that hospital she loses more of him. Bo tells her not to do this, but she says he can't stop her. She says if she dies then her blood is on his and Roman's hands! he then storms off.

On the Road, Kayla is driving, it's dark out. She calls Bo and gets his voice mail. She apologizes for what she said, it was wrong of her. She notices lights behind her, a car is honking their horn. They won't pass her. Soon she sees lights coming at her, she swerves her car.

At Bo's, EJ is making a call outside. He wants the message sent, just don't take it too far. Phillip shows up, he asks if EJ is ordering a hit? EJ says no, just business. A painter is inside the house and isn't leaving, so they can't get in. They come up with a plan. Later we see them posing as electricians, in uniform and everything. They tell the painter they are H and S Electricians and show him a work order. The painter says it's late, he was finishing up and leaving, he is to lock the door behind him. HE suggests they come back tomorrow. Phillip says it's not their fault they got behind and this stuff has to be done tonight so the house is up to code, cut them a break. The painter says he guesses it won't hurt, just work fast. The painter leaves and they get to work. EJ places all the cameras as Phillip uses a PC to set them up. Meanwhile the painter is outside and calls Bo, he thinks this isn't right. Bo says he did not hire any electricians, he'll be right over. Back inside, EJ finishes as does Phillip. He tells Phillip the painter seems to be hanging around, no doubt he called Bo. They try and escape but are too late . . . Bo arrives at the house and calls for backup, saying no sirens or lights. HE goes in gun drawn as Phillip and EJ hide on the steps. He's almost about to catch them when the backup shows up. The backup gives Bo the news about Kayla that just came over dispatch. She had an accident and was taken to the hospital. Bo says he needs to go, search his house, he thinks someone is upstairs.

Back at Chez Rouge, EJ and Phillip managed to get out. EJ looks at his cellphone, all the cameras are working. They wired the whole house, except the bathrooms. Phillip says his sister is a genius, he just hopes she doesn't find out what they are doing with her invention. They toast to Shawn D, may he call home soon. Phillip says he is trusting EJ to tell him the minute he hears anything. EJ says he will. Phillip says he better. EJ asks if that is a threat? Phillip says no, he's just making sure their deal is clear. Phillip says EJ would know if he was threatening him. EJ laughs and says Phillip would be foolish to threaten him. Phillip lets EJ know he doesn't trust him, he obviously has his own agenda where Shawn is concerned. Phillip feels this deal of theirs will be beneficial, just remember they are equals in it. EJ tells Phillip not to make the mistake of thinking they are equal. He then walks off.

Back at the hospital, Marlena returns to see Steve. He says she is as bad as his wife. MArlena just got a call, Kayla had an accident and has been taken to the hospital. She doesn't know anymore. Marlena is about to leave to check on Kayla, Steve stops her and asks for 20 bucks for the vending machine as the slop they serve here is terrible. She looks angry, but gives it to him. He thanks her and says say hi to Kayla for me! After Marlena is gone, Steve bribes an orderly to bring him some kind of soap from the janitors closet. He sticks it under his armpit, which later makes him ill. A nurse says he has a fever of 104, they need to call and ambulance and get him to the hospital. To himself he says "I'm coming Sweetness."

At University Hospital, Bo sits with Kayla. She's a bit out of it, but okay. She has a concussion. He thinks she was driving too fast, just like him, and it's his fault for upsetting her. She comes too and says no. SHe tells him a car behind her wouldn't pass, then there was a car in front of her, she had to swerve off the road. Marlena soon arrives, she's relieved to learn Kayla is okay. Bo says it seems she was run off the road. Marlena says EJ? Bo says they don't know that. Marlena asks what else as to happen before the Salem PD puts him away? She's furious that EJ continues to walk around after what he's done. Bo says they are doing their best. Bo asks if Steve knows yet. Marlena says he does, she told him and he had almost no reaction, he is not the same man anymore. Bo says no he's not.


April 11, 2007
Bo returns home and learns the house is secure, nothing stolen or vandalized. The cop who Bo left there thinks the painter over-reacted, but Bo isn't so sure. Bo didn't hire electricians and they didn't leave a bill.

Nick and Chelsea are outside, Bo wanted to meet her. Nick is worried, could he know the brush is missing? Chelsea doesn't know, but she doesn't think she's here to hear how much Bo loves her. They knock on the door, Bo invites them in. Bo says he needs to talk to her about the fire. Bo says she knows when the safety of his family is compromised that he tends to go nuts. He says that happened, someone broke into his house and set it on fire. Chelsea goes off on how she never would hurt him, Hope or the baby, she loves them. Bo says he didn't invite her over to pin this on her, he invited her to apologize. He says he's sorry for suspecting her and for not being the kind of father she needs. Chelsea can't believe this. Bo says they found three pawn brokers that testified Willow tried to sell them the jewelry, all they need is the DNA from the brush and it's a done deal. Chelsea asks what if it doesn't match? Bo is sure it will. Nick asks so when Bo and Hope are moving back in? Bo says that depends on Chelsea. He wants he to move in with them here. Bo says they know she's working on things with Billie, they thought she might be comfortable here in the meantime. He says she belongs here, and she'd be doing him a favor. He says it would give him time to prove that he has changed as much as she has. He says he knows he hasn't given her a fair shot, this would give them a chance to work on their relationship. He also says she could help with the baby. Chelsea loves Ciara. Bo warns she's already a handful, she's flinging food and throwing bottles. Chelsea doesn't care, she's just really happy. He says good, he's happy too. He also says it will be good having her around. Bo gets a call and says he has to take this. He leaves, Chelsea does a happy dance that her dad trusts her again. Nick says he's happy for her. She says he doesn't seem that happy. He says he is, but there is still the hair brush problem. He says the lab will notice it's missing, questions will be asked. Bo later tells Chelsea he has an emergency to deal with. He says run this idea by her mom, if she's okay with it then he'll help her move in. She says she won't let him down. Bo leaves, Chelsea tells Nick not to say it. She says she knows there could be trouble ahead, just let her enjoy this. She thinks when the brush turns up missing her dad will just think Willow caught a break or had someone steal it. She says her dad won't connect the dots, he has no reason to. Nick says yeah, he guesses. She says the hairbrush won't turn up, they tossed it so they are home free. She says and it is all because of Nick. She kisses him. 

Lucas is at his and Sami's place, he's on the phone booking a hotel suite, a rock star style one. He also wants a classy dinner as well. He books it for Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Roberts. Sami shows up, she is all a fluster. She says her mom just called, Kayla was in a car accident. Sami says her mom has to go out of town so she needs to go be with Kayla. Lucas offers to go with her, but she says it's okay. Lucas tells her not to forget about their plans tomorrow, he also has a surprise for after. She says she has so much to do as is. He says she will love it, it is a romantic surprise for his baby. She says okay and she'll see him later. She leaves her place and says to herself she can't do this, she can't kill EJ.

At the hospital, EJ shows up in Kayla's room with flowers. She is out of it. He says he did try and warn her but she wouldn't listen. He sits by her and says maybe she'll listen now. 

Steve is brought into the hospital with a 105 fever. They assign a guard to him. Steve seems awake and fine, but is faking being out of it. The guard has been told he'll sleep through the night, lucky for him. Steve moans, he says he has a wicked headache. He asks the guard to get him some aspirin. He says he's handcuffed to the bed, he won't go anywhere. The guard says okay, no funny stuff. After he's out of the room, Steve drugs the guard's drink with the pills from the hospital he's been stashing. The guard returns with some aspirin for him. He gets the guard to give him some water, saying he's not swapping spit with the guard and using his drink. The guard starts drinking his own drink which Steve drugged. Eventually the guard passes out. He says here he comes Sweetness! Steve, dressed in the cops uniform, leaves his room. 

Sami arrives to see Kayla, only to run into EJ. Sami asks EJ why he's here? He says he heard about Kayla's accident, he came to pay his respects. She asks how he heard? EJ says bad news travels quickly. He thinks she doesn't believe him. She says she doesn't know what to believe with him. He says believe in their future, it starts tomorrow night at 9pm. He talks about getting married, is she excited as he is? She says yes but nervous too. He understands it is hard for her to tell Lucas the truth, has she told him yet? She says not yet, she's worried, Lucas will probably try and take Will from her. EJ says that won't happen, he won't let it. Sami thanks him. She says she will tell Lucas, she will be at the cabin and she will be his. He wants to kiss her, but she says not in public. She says her family or friends could see them. EJ says her feelings seem to be waning for him, he hopes she's not trying to play him for a fool. She pushes him into a corner and says she knows he doesn't trust her, she understands why. She says she did set him up. She says here she is though, carrying his baby. He says so she's not crying rape anymore? She says she's happy the baby is his and she can't wait to marry him. He asks why she's so standoffish? Sami says she's spent her life hurting people, what she's about to do to Lucas is the worst of worst. She says she doesn't need EJ making it more difficult for her. He says he's sorry. She says soon she will be all his. He says it will be interesting to see if she is a woman of her word or just foolish. He then kisses her and walks off. 

Sami goes to see Kayla. She is awake, Sami explains what has happened and how the family knows. Steve walks in dressed as a cop. Kayla says he shouldn't be here, he will be caught and thrown in jail. She begs Sami to get Steve back in the hospital before he's caught. Steve says that won't happen. Steve asks Sami to go watch the hall, give him a moment with her. Sami says okay, she'll knock if someone comes. Steve sits with Kayla, she begs him to go back to the hospital. He says he won't until he tells her how she almost got killed. Kayla explains how she was run off the road, she swerved to avoid an accident. She tells him now that he knows she's okay, please go back. He says EJ did this to her. She says there is no proof. He says he doesn't need proof. She asks why he cares, he said they were played out, there was no more us anymore. She asks what he's trying to prove? He says he's watching her back the way she watched his. She wants him to go to Bo and Roman and give a statement about EJ. Steve says EJ doesn't control him and he will prove it. He says he'll check on her later.

Steve leaves Kayla's room, he asks Sami to borrow her car for an errand. She gives him her keys and he takes off. Sami goes in to sit with Kayla. Kayla is calling Bo to tell him Steve is on the loose. Sami says he'll be arrested. Kayla says she's afraid Steve will kill EJ. Sami hangs up the phone! She asks what if he can kill the bastard, would it be so bad? Kayla tells Sami that Steve would be caught, nobody every gets away with murder. She says she's calling Bo and telling him that Steve is on the loose and this is a matter of life and death.

At Bo's, Bo gets Kayla's call. She says Steve escaped and is going after EJ. She begs him to find him. He says he will, relax. 

Lucas is still at the apartment when Will shows up. Will asks where mom is? Lucas tells him about Kayla's accident and how Sami is at the hospital. Will asks to visit her tomorrow after school, Lucas says he'll go with him. Will asks Lucas what is with all these papers? Lucas says it's proof that EJ is an embezzler, it's the ticket to saving their family. 

Later EJ shows up knocking at the door. Will answers, he tells EJ how he was just telling Lucas he hadn't seen enough of him today. Will says he has to finish his homework, so bye! EJ says actually he's coming to see Will. He asks Will about how to hook a cell phone up to a TV. Will tells him he needs a VGA converter, he can get one from Radio Barn. EJ is about to leave when Lucas shows up. He asks to speak to EJ. He shows him the budget reports and how they don't add up. Lucas wanted to talk to EJ before he called the FCC. EJ says he's been busy, has he been bored at work? Lucas says no. EJ thinks Lucas obviously needs more to do. He asks what these figures are supposed to mean. Lucas lets him know it seems like EJ is committing fraud. Lucas says he told his mother too, she was shocked. EJ says this would explain why Billie was curt with him earlier. EJ tells Lucas even if he told the FCC, all he'd get was a little fine. Lucas says his credibility would be at stake with the stockholders, he'd go bankrupt. EJ says but he, Billie, Kate, they'd all be out of a job too. EJ asks Lucas what he wants from him? IS this where Lucas tells him to get out of dodge again? Lucas just wants him to stay away from SAmi. He says EJ is obsessed with Sami, if that doesn't stop then he'll send the cooked books to the FCC. He threatens to call his boys in DC to prove he means business. EJ asks Lucas what he wants, for him to kiss Lucas' ring? Lucas says just stay away from Sami. EJ says the wedding is a few weeks away, nobody know what could happen in that time. EJ says Fate is different for all of them. EJ says goodnight and leaves. 

Steve grabs EJ in the all. He has a gun on him. He says if EJ ever goes near Kayla again, if he sees him on the same side of the street as her, he'll kill him. EJ says he made his point. He demands EJ open the door, EJ does. Steve shoves EJ into his apartment. 

Sami returns home. She tell Lucas Kayla will be released tomorrow. She says he seems happy, what is going on? He says tonight will be a night they'll never forget. Lucas says he thinks EJ has made his final appearance here, he won't be coming by anymore. Sami asks how he got him to agree to that? Lucas says he threatened him and EJ blinked! Sami wonders what Lucas has done, does he know what EJ is capable of? She says EJ put Kayla in the hospital, Steve in a mental ward and John in a coma. She says EJ will never leave them alone. Lucas says she's overreacting. Sami says she's not, the only way to stop EJ is to put him in the gfround. He asks if she'll kill him? Shesays no, it's just a figure of speech. She suggests they not talk about EJ anymore. She kisses him and hugs him. She says she needs him, she needs him so much! 

Bo arrives to see EJ at his place. EJ has an ice pack on his face. Bo says he came to warn him Steve was loose, but he thinks he's a little late. He asks EJ how he got the bruise? EJ says he was cleaning his fist and it went off. Bo says funny, why is he protecting Steve? EJ is sure Bo has his own theories. Bo knows, if he fingers Steve, Steve goes to jail and not the hospital where he can do his dirty work. EJ tells Bo to give Steve his best and slams the door on him.

At the hospital, Bo calls Kayla. Bo hasn't found Steve, but he knows Steve was here and beat EJ up a little. Bo says there is no sign of Steve, he'll keep looking. Kayla says she messed up, no judge or hospital will let this slide. Bo thinks if they can get to Steve first and cover this up, Steve will be okay. 

Steve is back in his room. The guard comes too and says his head feels like it was hit with a wrecking ball. He asks Steve how long he's been out. Steve says awhile, but it will be their secret.


April 12, 2007
Hope shows up at the hospital, Kayla is getting dressed. Kayla is heading home today. They both wonder who brought the beautiful yellow roses. EJ walks in, he says he delivered them last night and he's glad they like them. EJ of course swears he didn't cause her accident, but they don't believe him. Kayla and Hope talk about how he also didn't have Steve brainwashed or take John's kidney. Kayla warns EJ that the accident didn't scare her, it gives her more of a reason to keep digging for the evidence to put him away. EJ ends up taunting Kayla and Hope, he asks how John is doing? He hears he needs help breathing. Hope goes to slap him, he stops her. He asks her how her son Shawn is doing? She's already lost one son, this must be hard for her. She tells him not to mention her son again. She wonders why he's so interested in Shawn. He says Shawn worked for him, he considered him a friend. Hope says they haven't heard from him, no one knows where he is. EJ leaves, Hope tells Kayla that EJ knows Bo and Roman want Shawn to sign a statement against him and Patrick. Hope says EJ is after Shawn and she can't warn him. Hope says the only shot they have at putting EJ behind bars right now is for Patrick to testify. Hope is really worried about Shawn, she decides she has to find Bo and tell him about this. Kayla tells her to go, she'll be okay.

Bo arrives in Steve's room to pay him a visit. He has a coffee for him, black no sugar. He relieves the cop, but asks first if there was a problem. Steve says tell Bo that he was the perfect prisoner patient. The cop says no problem. Steve says he'll put in a special request next time he needs a guard. The guard leaves, Steve asks if he could uncuff him so he could stretch. Bo says he stretched enough last night, how did he get out of the hospital? Bo tells him what happens in this room stays in this room. Steve says is that like what happens in Salem stays in Salem? Bo says he's not happy about this, jail is off the table, no charges will be filed. Steve wonders if he can take the loony bin off the table, but Bo can't. He shows Steve some lye soap and asks if it looks familiar? Steve asks if it should. Bo says it makes a person's temperature rise, so they say. Bo says this bar of soap was found in the ambulance that brought him here, apparently they use it at the facility. Steve says that explains the food. Bo thinks it's just a coincidence he ended up here with Kayla? Bo asks Steve point blank, where did he go when he left the hospital last night. He knows Steve visited Kayla last night in her room, they know he escaped. Steve says she must have imagined it, that is his story and he's sticking to it. Bo gets fed up, he says he's here as Steve's friend. Steve says he used the soap to get here, that is it, that is all he will say. Bo says Kayla called him last night, he thought he ran over to EJ's place and did something stupid. Steve says he didn't, he was here all night. Bo grabs his fist and asks what happened here? Steve says a runaway pottery wheel. Steve thinks it ran into someone's face. Steve asks if EJ filed a complaint? Bo says he knows damn well EJ won't, EJ wants him in the loony bin to get to him anytime he wants. Bo tells Steve he's not crazy, he's just plain stupid! Bo says Steve is going to a lot of trouble for a woman he supposedly doesn't care about. Steve still won't talk. Bo offers to put him in a jail, give him a guard, nobody can get his hands on him. Steve says he's not interested. Bo says watch himself in that hospital, if they are lucky EJ will come after him, if they aren't then he'll go after someone they both love. Bo says but that would be okay, right? Bo begs Steve to just give him something to put him in jail, a confession. Steve won't, he wants to go back to the funny farm. Bo tells Steve to be careful. Steve says he'll be ready for EJ. Bo asks why he'd come after him? Revenge? Hope knocks on the door and says she's sorry for interrupting but they need to talk. Steve says it's okay, they are done.

Later Kayla shows up to see Steve. He asks how her head is, she says still there. Kayla tells Steve that she didn't need him here. He says he needed to be here, Wells went too far last night. She says and he didn't go too far when he stole John's kidney? She says Steve could have ended up in jail. She says he promised to work on things and break the hold EJ had on him. Steve thinks last night proved he's his own man. Kayla says no it proves he could outsmart a few people. He suggests she go, but she won't. She's tired of him pushing her away when they talk. She says for 16 years she prayed that he would come back to her. She says last night he held her hand, that is all she had been praying for all those years, to hand her hand in his. He says he's sorry. She saysthey had a deal, he took his meds and saw Dr. Kraft and she wouldn't tell Stephanie. Steve asks if she's threatening him? Kayla says no, the deal is off. She is telling Stephanie the truth. Steve says Stephanie will come home for him, that is selfish. He says if Stephanie comes home then he doesn't want to see her. Kayla says his choice. Steve begs her to leave Stephanie out of this. Kayla says she is out of excuses to give Stephanie. She says Stephanie is strong and can handle this. Steve says fine, go ahead, make her damn call! Kayla says she does love him. She then leaves. In the hall, Kayla makes a call to Stephanie. She says they need to talk about her papa.

Bo and Hope talk in the hall. Hope tells Bo that EJ paid Kayla a visit, he was asking about Shawn a lot. Bo tells Hope about the electricians that supposedly showed up at their house, ones he didn't hire. He thinks there is a connection, they bugged their house. Hope says there is only one reason EJ would bug their house. Bo says to find Shawn. They head home and check the place out. They can't seem to find anything, so Bo plans to call the tech guys to sweep the place for bugs. She hates this, he says they won't talk about Shawn until they are sure Elvis Jr isn't listening. He says they'll stay at the pub for a few days, Elvis Jr. is a punk in 2000 dollar suit and won't hurt their family.

EJ returns home and runs into Will in the hall. Will is on his way to school, EJ offers him a few hundred bucks to help him out with his cell phone hookup. He got the converter, he needs help setting it up. Will says doesn't he have people who work for him that could do that? He says he could give the 200 dollars to Robert, but Will says Robert doesn't know a HDMI converter from a 1080p hookup. Will agrees to help him as long as they make it fast, his dad would kill him if he knew about this. They go into Will's place and Will is teaching him how to do it, he won't go into EJ's apartment. Will is talking all technical stuff as he hooks it up to a laptop, EJ is writing it down. Will asks to see his phone so he can show him, but EJ says what this is for is more for adults eyes. Will says his dad is right, he's one sick perv. Will gets a call on his phone from his dad. Will says he'll take this outside. Will leaves and EJ begins messing with the computer hookup to see if it works. It does, he watches Hope and Bo in their home talking about him. He quickly cuts it off when Will shows up. Will says party is over, his dad is all over him about being late for school. Will dismantles the equipment, EJ thinks he can get it put back together again. 

On the island, Belle is reading a magazine to Claire. Gabby and Shawn show up, Shawn is a mess as he's been fixing a pump and needs a shower. He asks if he's been reading that magazine to Claire? Belle says yes, it's all the way from 2004. Gabby says they aren't really up to date with that stuff. Gabby decides to excuse herself, she stinks as well as she was helping Shawn. Gabby tells them later. Belle asks Shawn how the boat really is? HE says old but sturdy, there is plenty of room for them and they'll make it to Australia in it. She asks how long it will take till they can go? Shawn doesn't have an answer, but maybe a month. She says she can't stay here another month. He says it costs money to fix, he'll have to pick up more shifts. Belle thinks he won't have time to fix the boat then. She says she's going stir crazy here. Shawn says soon they'll be gone. Gabby shows up and says problem, the sheriff is coming and he looks like . .. . the sheriff walks in and says he looks like he has real bad news. The sheriff shows them some fliers, Kiriakis posted about 100 of them. He's offering a quarter of a million dollars for them, some people on this island would sell their mother for that. The Sheriff says this is making him nervous, he has kids and a wife. Shawn asks what he's saying? The sheriff says do what they have to do in order to get off this island as of yesterday! Shawn says they are trying to get a boat ready. The Sheriff says work faster, the clock is ticking on the bounty. Belle and Shawn discuss how they have to get out of here, Shawn says he's working as fast as he can. They argue, Shawn wants Belle to stay here and take care of Claire. She wants to get a job on the island to help them get money. She wonders what year he lives in? Shawn says this is not about him being a macho cave man jerk, it is too dangerous for her to be out there. She says this conversation is far from over. 

Later Shawn has grabbed his shower, he finds Belle reading the local paper want adds. Shawn tell Belle that he knows they have to do something fast, but he doesn't know what to do without a boat or cash. She says that doesn't have to be only on his shoulders. Shawn says it doesn't, but his job as dad is to protect her and Clair. Gabby shows up, she was watching Clair for a bit. She brings Claire in, she has a messy diaper. Belle takes her to the bathroom. Gabby asks Shawn what is up with the sheriff? What is going on. Shawn shows her the flyer, he says they need to get off this island fast. She says that is a lot of money! Gabby says they'll work overtime on the boat. Shawn says it will take too long to get the money. Gabby says she knows people who would hire Belle, but Shawn says no. Gabby says if Belle wants to work then she'll watch Claire, it's good daycare and it won't cost him a dime. Shawn says he appreciates the offer, but Phil is dangerous and he feels Claire is better with Belle. She says it's a standing offer, and she has faced off with that jerk and can hold her ground with him. Shawn says he'll talk about it with Belle. Gabby offers to take Claire for them if they need to talk. She also says she'll call in some favors and see what she can find as way of parts for the boat. She does have another offer, an easy way to get off the island. Shawn asks what? Gabby says take her with him! Gabby says she' sick of being stuck on this sandbar. Shawn says not his problem. She says she's good with a boat and can help with the baby. He says what about her dad? Gabby says Duck knows there is nothing here for her. She says she has dreams too, she also has 500 dollars saved up which will cover supplies to get them on their way. Shawn says he won't take her boat and her money. She says why not? She says she wants off this island, maybe more than him. She begs him to let her come with them. Belle walks in at this point.


April 13, 2007
At Bo and Hope's, Chelsea arrives with her things. There is a note on the door, it says "Welcome home, Love Dad and Hope." Billie soon shows up, she and Chelsea talk out front. Billie asks Chelsea not to move in here, she wants her to come home so they can work on things. Chelsea thinks there isn't anything to work on. She says Billie slept with her boyfriend, did Kate ever sleep with one of hers? Does this run in the family? Billie tells Chelsea how she's starting to get along with Nick great again, if she can forgive Nick, why can't she forgive her own mother? Chelsea says who says she's forgiven Nick? Chelsea tells her mom that it took her a long time to realize it, but her mom isn't a good influence on her. She admits she's made her own mistakes, but her mom keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. She says Billie taking the blame for Zack's death was the wrong thing to do, it is why Bo can't trust her now. She thinks she needs to be here with Bo and Hope, she needs a good family. She's trying to grow up, she would think her mom would be proud of her. Billie says she is, there is nothing Chelsea can do to get rid of her even if she tried. Chelsea lets Billie know that her real mom is the one who raised her, from now on Billie is just Billie to her. 

At the lab, Nick is looking nervous. The boss shows up, he asks Nick that if the Salem PD calls about the brush tell them other things take precedence, like this ladies life. He's tired of them always calling. Later Abby (the real one) arrives to talk to Nick. They go in the hall, she's going off about how Aunt Maggie yelled at her for being in New York with Max. Nick doesn't have time for this, he has other problems. Abby asks what is wrong? He tells her that he took the hairbrush from the lab for Chelsea. He explains how Max visited him and told him how shaken Chelsea was. He says Chelsea wasn't talking to him, so he took it, now things are back on track. Abby says Chelsea is using him again! She tells him he has to make a choice, protect the integrity of the lab or protect Chelsea, he can't do both. Nick doesn't know what to do, but Abby thinks he does. She says Chelsea won't stop having feelings for him if he puts the brush back. Nick thinks she will, so Abby says then he's better off without her. Abby says if only Chelsea would tell Bo the truth. Nick doesn't know if that would help. Abby thinks Nick believes Chelsea is guilty. Nick doesn't know, but he admits it doesn't make sense. He says why would Willow burn down the house, Hope and Bo are paying for her room, her food and the medical bills. Abby says maybe she thought they weren't doing enough, she burned up Shawn's place because of that. He says Willow also says Chelsea planted the jewelry in her place. Nick just doesn't know what to believe. Chelsea shows up at this point and gives Nick a big kiss. Just then the lab boss shows up. He asks Nick if he has seen the brush, he can't find it. All the girls look at Nick.

On the island, Belle walks out as Gabby is trying to convince Shawn to let her go with them, she can help with the money, the boat and the babysitting. Shawn says he has to talk with Belle first. Gabby decides to leave them. Belle is not happy with Shawn, she feels like he's all but invited Gabby to come with them. She says they don't know her. Shawn says he told her they would discuss it. Belle isn't understanding him, one minute he says she can't work, the next he's handing Claire over to Gabby so she can. Belle says she doesn't want to sound paranoid and that is why she didn't tell him this earlier, but she found baby things in Gabby's room. She doesn't know why she'd need them. Shawn says okay, obviously there are questions they'll need to ask Gabby. Shawn says he's just trying to find away to get them to Australia sooner. Belle thinks Shawn has been taken in by Gabby, she is after all a beautiful girl. Shawn is trying to protect their family, so don't blame him if . . . Belle says so what, if Phillip shows up and takes their daughter then it is her fault? Shawn says he's not saying that. Belle just doesn't trust Gabby, she feels Shawn is everything she could want. Shawn says well he's looking at what he wants. HE tells Belle they will have a talk with Gabby.

At the mental hospital, Dr. Kraft sits in the common room with Steve. He is trying to eat his slop. He asks her if she ever eats this mystery meat crud. She says it's not mystery meat and yes she has eaten in the cafeteria before. He doesn't believe her, he sees her packing her lunch every day. He becomes upset, they have nothing to look forward to in here and they feed them slop. Steve says this is monkey food, he does an impression of a monkey. He gets the other patients riled up. She claps her hands and says settle down people! One patient throws their tray, almost hitting Dr. KRaft. She asks Steve if he's happy? He says no, and neither are they. He says this food isn't fit for animals. She tells him inciting a riot is not the way to fix things. She says she will file a grievance for him. He reminds her he worked in a hospice, the patients there were dying and yet were less depressed than these people. Dr. Kraft says most of these people are here because of depression. She is paged and has to leave, she hopes he will control himself. The doctor apparently leaves her laptop behind. Steve sees it has wifi. He asks a patient to distract Foley. Once Foley is gone, Steve asks the others if they'd like Pizza? They cheer, so he puts in a COD order from Sal's Pizza. Later Steve and the other patients celebrate, he asks a woman to dance as he sings "Beautiful Dreamer." Foley returns at his point and doesn't like what Popeye is doing. HE tells Steve he should go back to his room, but Steve says he's fine here. Foley says it wasn't a request. He threatens Steve with his baton. As he's about to hit him, a nurse shows up carrying a stack of Pizza's. She says these were just delivered and they want their money.


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