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3rd Week of April 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


April 16, 2007
At the hospital, Nick has apparently told his boss that the brush could be in the vault (first few minutes cut out for news). They decide to go check it out. Abby yells at Chelsea that Nick made the biggest mistake of his life taking that brush and he'll pay for it unless she does something about it. Chelsea says Nick made his choice. Abby tells Chelsea she got on plane to New York and made Nick think she wanted nothing to do for him, that is why he stole the brush. She asks Chelsea why she couldn't tell Bo the truth like she said she was going to? Chelsea says she was going to tell him the truth but Nick stopped her, he already had the brush. Abby thinks she could have told him to put it back. Chelsea says her dad is finally starting to trust her, why would she do that? Abby says because it would mean putting someone else first. Chelsea says if Nick changes his mind later then that is his prerogative. Abby still wonders how Chelsea will react when Nick gets caught. Chelsea says Abby can come visit her in Prison for a crime she didn't commit and find out. Abby says if she's innocent then . . . .Chelsea says her dad invited her to live with him, to help with Ciara. She says she won't screw that up. Abby says because it's all about her, as usual. Chelsea says she threw the brush away, nobody will find it, it's gone. Abby is confused, Nick is wondering if he should put the brush back? They continue arguing, Abby says actually she told Nick to put the brush back but he wouldn't. Chelsea says he can't do it, he doesn't have the brush. Abby says he does. Chelsea says it doesn't make sense, why would he go behind her back and get the brush back? Abby says maybe he realized she was using him and he did something about it. Chelsea says so Abby thinks she has been lying about having feelings for Nick all along? Abby says nobody lies like she does. Chelsea says Nick lied too, he pretended to be someone else and he slept with her mom. Abby says Nick wanted to tell her about that but was torn. Chelsea realizes Abby knew, she can't believe she knew and didn't tell her. Chelsea says Abby is such a hypocrite, she lies like everyone else only she sits there and lies behind people's backs. Chelsea thinks Abby doesn't give a damn about her. Nick soon turns up. He asks what is going here? Chelsea says nothing, Abby was just leaving. Chelsea tells her goodbye. Abby walks off in tears. 

Nick asks Chelsea what happened? Chelsea says she found out that Abby knew about Nick and her mom all along. Nick thought they were putting this behind them. Chelsea says she tried but she can't, she doesn't know how she can trust him, her mom or Abby again. Nick says after he risked everything for her by taking that brush? He wonders why he did any of this for? Chelsea says Abby says he still has the brush. Did he get it out of the trash? HE says he does believe her, but she knows he still has his doubts. She knows she's done a lot of horrible things. He says everyone makes mistakes. Chelsea says she's made more than a few, how much forgiveness can she expect. She tells Nick if there is the slightest chance that he doesn't believe her, if he believes she is using him then he needs to tell her out loud. She wants to know if he believes she set fire to her dad's house. Nick says nothing, Chelsea thinks he does believe it. She ends up running off in tears. Nick looks in his backpack, the brush is there. Dr. Parsons, Nick's boss returns, he says the brush is gone. Nick says that is bad huh. Parsons says he'll have to call Dr. Hacket and say it's missing. Parsons leaves, Nick says he doesn't think that brush will turn up anytime soon. 

At Chez Rouge, Max shows up to see Maggie and get this over with. Maggie asks if she can speak her mind? Max says first he did stop in New York to see Abby, but it was totally innocent. Maggie doesn't think so. Max asks if she's accusing him of something? Maggie asks if he has something he'd like to confess? Max swears nothing happened between him and Abby. Maggie says something did happen, a 24 year old man stayed overnight with an 18 year old when her father was next door and didn't know. Maggie says she's known the Brady's forever and he's a delightful young man, but he is a player. Max is shocked. Maggie says he is one of his best customers, she thought about putting a plaque on his regular table. Max gets she doesn't like him, but this isn't her decision to make. Maggie tells Max that she knows his history, but he doesn't know hers. She warns Max not to get on her bad side.

Abby shows up at Chez Rouge as Max is heading out. Max says he just got the word from Aunt Maggie. HE says she was told Abby was off limits. Abby says it is her life, didn't he say they weren't even dating. Abby says she'll talk to Maggie, but Max says don't. He says Maggie might be right, maybe they should keep their distance. He says like she said, they aren't dating. He says all they can be is friends, he's made up his mind. She says no Maggie made up his mind, is she queen now? HE says with her parents in England, yeah she is. Abby tells Mr. Max Brady, Car #9, that he's one big jerk.

Chelsea is at Bo and Hope's. She's crying about how nobody believes in her or trusts her. She says then again who is. She says she can't trust Abby or Nick. Chelsea says she'll show them. She calls Max and says she's in a bind. She says she's been moving into her dad's house and her car died. She asks if he could possibly come over and lend her a hand? Max says what the hell, he'll be there. Chelsea promises to make it worth his while. After she hangs up, Chelsea says lets see how Abby likes feeling betrayed. 

At the state hospital, Steve and the others are eating their pizza. Foley soon shows up, he's furious. He tells the loonies to get back to their station. He also says 80 bucks is what the pizza party cost him and it came out of Foley's pocket since he was in charge. Steve says they should all show Foley some love. Foley tries to beat Steve, but he grabs his arm. He says he needs a bigger bat, he can send him down to the minors. Dr. Kraft soon shows up and demands Foley stand down, walk away from the patient. Foley says she doesn't understand. Kraft does, she will have him reimbursed. Foley leaves. She tells Steve she thinks he really is crazy. She also says him using the laptop to order pizzas makes them all look bad. Steve says they were happy to have the pizza, happier than those pills they give them. Kraft says she warned him but he wouldn't listen. She says now he is on his own. She says she's been reassigned starting today. She says since she can't be counted on to control him, she's been removed from his case. She says good news huh? Steve says be honest, she put in a transfer. She says no, her superiors are concerned about his lack of progress. HE thinks she's working hard. Kraft says she hasn't done enough and they want a new course of treatment. She doesn't know what the new course is though. He asks what about Marlena? Kraft says MArlena is in private practice, this is a state institution. She says her bosses won't listen to anything she or Marlena has to say. She says she's being moved to the 5th floor to work with children. She doesn't consider this a promotion. Steve tells her that he's sorry, she's a good person dealt a bad hand. She says for what it's worth she thinks he's a good man who has been dealt a worse hand. She tells Steve to just try and cooperate and don't pull the gorilla. She says Foley can't wait to get off his leash, don't let it happen. She tells Steve to get well and get out of here, she only wants the best for him. He says he knows. She says take care. Steve thanks him. She says good luck. As she's leaving, Steve tells her to have fun with the kiddies. 

After Kraft leaves, Foley returns and tells the zombies that the party is over and they are to go back to their rooms. However he tells Steve he's not going anywhere, his party is getting started. Another orderly locks them in the room together. Foley and another very large orderly both get in Steve's face. Foley thinks maybe Steve is wishing he had listened to him before. 

On the island, Shawn shows up at Gabby's room. She was looking through her closet of baby things when Shawn knocks. She closes the closet and answers her door. Shawn says he and Belle talked, welcome aboard. Gabby hugs Shawn and says he has no idea what this means to her. He looks puzzled. She mumbles how it will be a whole new life. Shawn pulls away, she says sorry. Shawn says they are going to have make sure the boat is ready before they leave. He thinks Duck will miss her. She begs Shawn not to say anything to Duck. HE says she has to say goodbye to him. She says Duck thinks this is paradises, but she wants what Belle has. She wants a man and a baby. She says she has so much love to give. Shawn says and she will be able to give it to someone someday. He tells Gabby there is something he needs to make clear. He says once they reach land they will go separate ways, she will be on her own. He wants to make sure she gets it. She does, her boat, her money, she's on her own.

In her room, Belle is telling Claire how Australia has kangaroos and koala bears and Hugh Jackman. There is a knock at the door, it's Duck. He's brought some old baby books someone left. He says his good dead is done, time for a beer. Belle asks if any mail has come for them? HE says nope. She is confused why they haven't gotten a response. Duck asks if they checked with the post office? Belle says they sent it out from here. Duck says they didn't, all mail goes through him and he didn't see any mail going out from her or the pretty boy. Belle explains how it was to Shawn's Uncle, Commissioner of the Police. Duck doesn't know why they are running when their family is the cops. He assures her though, if a letter went out to the police, he'd remember. 

Belle goes to Gabby's room, Shawn is still there. Shawn says Gabby is going with them, they'll be sailing in a few days. Belle wonders if they'll hear from Salem before they go. Shawn doesn't know. Belle says she was talking to Duck, Duck says no letter goes out without going by him and he didn't see their letter. She asks Gabby what could have happened to it? Shawn says maybe he missed it, it happens. Belle says if someone got the letter then why haven't they heard from them? Belle thinks the letter never got sent. She decides to write the letter again. Shawn asks Gabby if she did sent the letter out? Gabby insists she did and quickly leaves to do something.

Later Shawn and Belle talk about Gabby. Belle is sure something is going on. He knows she thinks Gabby pocketed the letter. She asks doesn't he? He asks why she thinks Gabby wouldn't send the letter off? Belle says because if they had the chance to go home then Gabby wouldn't see him again. She doesn't want to sound like a jealous wife . . . Shawn likes the wife part. Belle says Gabby has been working him. HE says she flirts, but she flirts with everyone. Belle says she has been told to watch out for Gabby as she could steal her man. Shawn asks who would say that? Belle says Duck said it, does he still not believe that Gabby is after him? Belle says Duck sees she's trying to break them up, she knows Gabby didn't send that letter and he still wants her to go to Australia with them.  


April 17, 2007
Nick shows up at the hospital. An officer says his girlfriend wants to see him. He says Chelsea? The officer says no, blond, pregnant . . . he better hope the kid gets her looks .Nick walks into the room where Willow is. She asks Nick how he likes her new digs? Nick asks what she's doing here? Is the baby okay? Willow says she had premature contractions. She says she's only here overnight, then it is back to jail. Nick asks why she wanted to see him? She says he's the only guy who has treated her halfway decent in this whole town. She's counting on him and the guys in the white coats to come through for her. She says that hairbrush and the DNA will prove the brush doesn't belong to her. She says they'll have to let her go, he has to do right by her. Willow says her baby's life depends on it. Nick says he's not running the tests. She says it has to be him. Nick says he knows who is doing it, he is a good guy. Willow says her whole future depends on a hairbrush, she's never been this low. He asks how he is supposed to help her? She says could he just be her friend? She says Bo and Hope have cut her off after this whole arson thing. Nick asks what about the jewelry? She admits she tried to sell it, but she didn't steal it, why would she? Nick doesn't know, but he's not having this conversation with her. Willow says why, because he's in love with Chelsea, the girl who set her up? He says if he could help her he would, but there is nothing he can do. She just wants him to promise that they won't switch out the hairbrushes or something. He says okay. She says she knew he'd be the one to help her. Nick says he's no boy scout, but she says he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. She says don't believe what people say about her, give her a second chance like he did Chelsea. She asks if he could do her a favor, bring her a sandwich from the cafeteria? He says he'll see what he can do. Nick leaves and runs into Roman in the hall. Roman was looking for Nick, he heard from Dr. Parsons that the hairbrush is missing. Nick knows, he tried to find it but couldn't it. Roman says they both know what happened to that hairbrush.

At Bo and Hope's, Max shows up to see Chelsea. They are outside. She tells him that the car is working again, so he thinks he should go as he doesn't need her. She says she does, she should at least get him a beer for making the house call. He thinks he should split, but she says what is his hurry? He tell her that he's had a bad day. She says they used to talk about everything when they had bad days. He says he should go, but she wants him to just come in. She says he can celebrate her new home. He thinks she should be doing that with Nick or Abby. She says they have better things to do, come on, she'll get him a beer. He finally says okay. They head inside. Chelsea asks what he thinks of her new home? He says he's happy for her. She hugs him and says she knew he's understand. They sit on the couch, she tells him how she has a huge bedroom with a huge feather bed. She's loving the place. She is planning to cook them dinner to thank them for everything. She says there is no place like home. Max asks what she called what she had with her mom? Chelsea says Billie tried her best, but here she has her dad, her family, sitting at the Brady table. Chelsea realizes she never got Max his beer. She leaves to get him one and comes back. She has a soda for herself. She then tries to get him to open up when he mentions an issue with Maggie Horton. She says he can spill his heart to Abby's best friend. He doesn't know if this is cool talking to her about this. She says it's okay, what is the deal with Maggie? Max says she feels Abby is too young for him. Chelsea agrees with Maggie. Max points out she's not much younger than Chelsea and the two of them dated. Chelsea says some girls are younger than their age, others like her are much older. She says Abby has been protected and sheltered, she isn't ready for him. She says he needs someone who knows as much about love as he does. Max says funny, when they were together she hardly knew her way around the block. She says she had a good teacher. She pulls Max into a kiss! 

Lucas, Kate and EJ are at Chez Rouge. Lucas has plans and needs to go, get this over with. EJ tells them both that he's going away for awhile. He says he's going to what is popularly called Sin City. Lucas jokes that would be any city he's in. Kate says he means Vegas. She asks if they have business there? EJ says this trip is personal. Lucas asks what he wants from them? EJ says save the fanfare until he gets back with his new bride. Kate says he's getting married? Lucas says he's been chasing Sami so long, how did he find time to hook up with someone else? EJ orders champaign and pop for Lucas, he  wants them to toast to his bride. She asks who his bride is and why is he getting married? He says for love of course. HE says it was a surprise, she walked into his life. He says at the time she was taken, now she's not. Lucas says well to death do them part. EJ says or as a poet says (he recites some poetry about you and me and the best that life can be). EJ and Lucas end up exchanging some little insults back and forth. EJ has some work for Lucas to do while he's gone, but Lucas doesn't have time for this and feels it isn't fair. EJ says he could fire him and sue him for breach of contract, which wouldn't be good for Lucas as he does have a rather expensive wedding coming up. EJ begins to pile the work on Lucas, meetings with execs and PowerPoint presentations. He also talks about how their IT system is working to install firewalls on all the PCs, he wants Lucas and Kate to be in charge. Lucas says anything else? EJ says if there is then he'll text them. Lucas says fine he has to go now, he and Sami are having photos taken for the papers and announcements. EJ says then this is the last time he'll see him before he's married. Lucas says yeah, he'll be doing EJ's work while EJ is partying. EJ says a lot can happen in two weeks! Lucas walks off and Kate gives EJ a look.

Kate remains behind with EJ. He goes on and on about his wedding and honeymoon. She is having a hard time buying this metamorphosis of his into a love struck school boy. She doesn't think he'd run off without at least three hidden agendas. He says she doesn't know this woman. Kate says then tell her who she is. EJ says she won't guess in a million years. Kate says it's probably some pale skinny thing with thinning hair that his parents arranged his marriage too. EJ eventually claims that his bride's name is Brandy Mathis. Kate asks if she's a pole dancer? He says not even close. He says she can google her, he spells the name out for her to look up. He tells her to have fun, he is leaving. He says he can't be late for his own nuptials. Kate says he's actually marrying a woman nobody knows? EJ says oh she'll know her soon enough and she'll love her as much as he does.

At Sami's, Sami is in her dress (wedding dress? It looks eco-friendly!). She tells Celeste she can't do this, she can't kill EJ. She says she's supposed to have wedding photos tonight for the announcements, how is she to act like she's happy when she's hours away from killing EJ. Sami says she'll have his blood on her hands for life. Celeste says or she could end up like Lexie and lose her baby. Sami says he thinks she's showing up at that cabin to marry him, the truth is she's knocking him out with a kiss and killing him. She asks how she lives with that. Celeste says she lives, that is how she does it. She says if Sami wants to end up happy with Lucas and her baby then EJ Well's must die! Sami is afraid, she could give herself away. Celeste says if Sami believes she can't go through with this then she'll leave and they won't mention it again. She will pray Sami doesn't meet the fate EJ has in store for her. Celeste goes to leave, but Sami stops her. Sami thinks there is another way, she can plead with EJ to save what she has with Lucas. Celeste says last time she tried that, EJ raped her. Sami says and he called it making love. She tells Sami to stop fooling herself, EJ doesn't have a heart to appeal to. Sami says he's still human, to actually kill him. Celeste says all she has to do is knock him out with a kiss, the fire will kill him. Sami then finds something and yells at Will to get out here! She found the 200 bucks in Will's backpack. She demands to know where he got this? Will says he did some work for EJ wells. She asks doing what? He says he set up some video equipment. Sami is furious with him for being alone with EJ. She says she has warned him to stay away from EJ. Will says he can take care of himself and take her own advice, she spends more time with EJ than anyone. Will storms off to his room. Celeste warns Sami that EJ won't stop, there is not one part of her life EJ won't leave alone. Sami says she knows. Celeste says as soon as she's done with Lucas, they will put their plan into action. Celeste will drive the back roads to the cabin. She also tells Sami to put the lip balm on as soon as she's done with the photographer, the lipstick later. Celeste says when they are done, EJ will be roasting in hell! 

Later Lucas arrives, he gets dressed in his tux. Lucas is upset, he tells Sami how EJ is bragging about running off to Vegas to get married. He doesn't know who he's marrying, he just hopes the plane crashes in the desert with the rest of the bodies. Sami is all nerves, Lucas tries to calm her down and convince her that it will all be okay. Later the photographer finishes taking their photos. He says he's so late, he has to get to dinner with his mom. He asks if he can leave this gear here? They says sure, he can pick it up tomorrow. Afterwards Sami says she needs to go to the grocery store, but Lucas says no way. He has a surprise, he booked them a hotel suite! HE says they have their own steward, a Jacuzzi . . . he will make her feel amazing tonight. She asks what about Will, but Lucas thinks he'll be fine. He wants her to pack a bag, it will be an amazing and romantic night. Lucas leaves to get stuff together and Sami panics. She calls up Celeste and says they have a problem, she can't get rid of Lucas. Celeste is spying on EJ at Chez Rouge, she says he's leaving now! Celeste says if Sami isn't there at 9 sharp . . . . Sami says Lucas is pulling this romantic evening on her. Sami tells Celeste it is off, all of it is off. Celeste warns her if she's not at that cabin by 9pm there will be consequences! Sami hangs up when Lucas returns. Sami's phone rings again, she doesn't answer it. Lucas asks who that was? She says no one important. It seems it is EJ calling, he gets her voicemail. He leaves a message that he's leaving for the cabin, don't disappoint him.


April 18, 2007
At Bo's, Chelsea and Max are kissing. Chelsea starts taking his clothes off, but he pushes her away and says cool it. She says why? He says he was about to ask her the same thing. Max says she knows he and Abby have something going right now. Chelsea thought Maggie told him to keep his hands off the princess. Max tells Chelsea to confess, she got him over here with this lame story, what did she do this time? Chelsea says newsflash, she didn't screw up this time, it was his precious Abigail and Nick. Max asks what happened. Chelsea says they kept secrets from her. She tells him that Nick has broken her heart twice, he did two horrible things that Abby knew about and didn't warn her. Max says so she's paying Abby back by jumping his bones? She thinks he must think she's a nutcase. He says he thinks she's pretty normal. However he doesn't think Abby was trying to hurt her, but instead protect her. Max says if she found out something devastating to Abby would she hurt her by telling her? Max thinks probably not. Chelsea says okay, maybe she over reacted a little. Chelsea ends up telling Max the big secret about Nick and Billie, which he didn't know. She can't believe Abby never told him. Max says not a word, this is twisted. He asks if they were having an affair? Chelsea says they claimed it only happened once. Max says this is a tough one, but she can't let it ruin her life. He says she's come too far to let that get in her way. Chelsea says sometimes she wonders how far she's come, tonight proves that. Max says he won't tell anyone. He also says she needs to stop playing the victim and take responsibility for her life and happiness. She says it's not that easy, he slept with her mom, she sees him every day at the lab. Max says then get a new job. Chelsea says maybe she should get a new job and ditch Abby. Max says stop looking for others to rescue her and blame, be her own hero. Chelsea says so he won't say anything to Abby? Max says he won't. She says he's a good guy. She gives him a hug and says she knows what she has to do now. She says she knows she'll be fine.

Roman goes into Willow's room at the hospital. He asks where the hairbrush is. He says it is missing, he knows she took it, where is it. Willow asks why she would take it? He says because her DNA is on it. She says it isn't, that hairbrush is her ticket out of here. Roman says she's been lying since the start, now stop it and tell them where the hairbrush is. Nick says maybe Roman should leave Willow alone. Roman says excuse me? Nick says he's not telling him how to do his job, but just because the brush was reported stolen doesn't mean it went missing this morning. Willow tells Roman he won't find anything here. She rips off her hospital gown and tell him to do a strip search! Roman says this won't work, put her gown back on. She says he doesn't know what he's missing. He thinks he does, she is a sad and angry girl who burns houses down when she doesn't get her way. Willow gets back into bed and Roman takes off. Willow tells Nick that Roman is right, she's pathetic and screwed. She says the brush was her ticket out of this mess, she'll have her baby in prison. Nick says she won't, he will fix things. 

Nick goes to the hall where Roman asks another female officer to go in and look through her things. Nick tells Roman he doesn't think she took the brush. Roman asks Nick when he became Willow's best friend. Nick says he's not. Roman thinks Nick is a little too close to the situation, which could be dangerous. He warns Nick that girl is trouble, she's burned down two places and milked Bo and Hope out of a small fortune. Nick thinks she's not all that bad. Roman says Willow is a scorpion, it's in her nature, she can't help it.

Later the female cop comes out of Willow's room. She says no trace of the brush in the room or on Willow. Nick goes in to see Willow, he finally brought her that sandwich. Willow apologizes for the flashing, she was just upset. Nick says what matters is the brush isn't here, she's off the hook. Willow says she'll still take the fall thanks to whoever stole the brush and she knows who did it. She thinks it was Chelsea, but Nick says no it wasn't. He says she didn't have access, she is a suspect. Willow says she had someone steal it for her then, if he wasn't such a boy scout then she'd think it was him. He says he's going to come check up on her tomorrow. Willow says come early, she'll be shipped back to jail first thing. Nick says it will be okay. Willow says she'd like to believe that but she's never had good luck. Nick then leaves. Nick is feeling really guilty. He wonders what the hell he's done. 

At Lucas', Kate is apparently sitting for Will. She's stressed out, she's been trying to Google this woman Brandy Mathas. Will says there is something odd about the name, it is familiar. Kate breaks out the scrabble tiles to start figuring it out. Will's in the other room setting up the Tivo as Kate plays with the tiles. She soon comes up with Samantha and figures it out. She starts saying Oh my God! She hits the tiles and says That little bitch! Kate tells Will, who returns asking what is wrong, that she has to go out for a few hours. She says she has to go prove to someone that she was right. 

Sami is at the hotel suite with a shirtless Lucas. She checks her message, she listens to EJ's message. Lucas says they agreed to give the phone a rest for the night. He says this night is just about them. Lucas kisses Sami, she's obviously worried. Lucas then says a surprise from room service is coming up, the chocolate fondue with whip cream she likes so much. She says her back is hurting so she's going to take a hot shower. He wants to take one with her. Sami's phone rings she takes it. It's a message, she claims it is her mom and she has to call her, it's important. 

She leaves the room, actually going into the hall. Celeste is there asking if she's ready. Sami isn't, she says it's not going to happen. She thinks she can't get out of this, the whole thing is ruined. Celeste says she can get out of it, she has an idea. Sami asks her to explain. Celeste pulls out the lipstick. She asks if Sami applied the lip balm? She says yes, she's applied it all night. She says that is for EJ though. Celeste says she can kiss Lucas and then get out of here. Sami says she's not drugging her fianc! Celeste says she is, she doesn't have a choice. Sami says he could have a reaction to it, but Celeste says it will knock him out to get to the cabin and do what she has to. Sami says she makes it sound like it's something on her list of chores, it's not that simple. Celeste says it is. She says it's not murder, it is justice! Sami asks for twenty minutes, she'll meet her downstairs. Celeste says she's doing the right thing. She heads back into the suite.

Sami goes back in. Lucas comes out of the shower, he sees she has new lipstick on and he likes it. He goes to kiss her but stops. HE asks if something is bothering her? She says no, she's just worried about her mom. She goes to kiss him but this time he stops to find out what is taking room service so long. HE makes the call demanding it get up here. They go to kiss again when there is a knock at the door. He thinks it is room service but it is Kate. Lucas says Mom . . . . hey. 

Kate demands to talk to Lucas about Mythic, it is important and they have to talk in private. Lucas doesn't want to, but Sami says it is fine. She says she'll go take a shower and leave them. Sami leaves, Lucas invites Kate in to talk. Once Kate is sure Sami's in the shower, Kate reveals she's here about Sami. Kate says they have to talk outside, she drags Lucas outside. Sami then comes out of the bathroom and listens at the door. In the hall Kate tells Lucas about EJ's fianc, EJ said her name was Brandy Mathas. Kate says it was an anagram, she shows him it spells out Samantha Brady. Kate says Sami is leaving to marry EJ! Lucas won't believe this, he thinks this is EJ retaliating against him for threatening him about the cooked books. He tells Kate she's the one he played for a fool this time. 

Back inside, Sami's phone rings. She says not now! She answers it, it is Celeste. Sami warns her she hasn't done it and she may have lost her chance. She says Kate showed up, she knows something. Celeste says forget Kate, kiss Lucas and get out of there. Sami says she has to go, she hangs up and goes back to listening.

Back in the hall, Lucas tells Kate she's insane. He won't tell Sami about this, he tells her he's going back to his romantic night with Sami. He thinks Kate and EJ have to get used to him being with Sami for life. Kate begs him to believe her, but he won't. Lucas returns to the suite, where Sami pretends to come out of the shower. Sami asks Lucas if everything all right? He says yes, just business with EJ. He tells Sami how he'll always care for her, she means everything. He says he's sorry about his mom, he won't let her doubt Sami again. Lucas says he's never meant this more but they will be together, in sickness and health till death do they part. He says he won't let anyone come between them again. She says this is the part where he kisses the bride. They finally kiss!

EJ is at Chez Rouge having a drink. Phillip shows up to see him, he says they need to talk. Phillip says they are changing their plans. Phillip heard about his trip out of town, he's not happy. What if Shawn makes contact while EJ is gone? Phillip demands the equipment before EJ leaves so he can watch. EJ asks and if he doesn't give it to him? Phillip says he'll take them! EJ laughs. Phillip tells EJ he needs to trust him, he needs to let him monitor Bo and Hope's. EJ says he doesn't like being threatened, but since he's in a good mood he'll let this slide. EJ seems to agree to give him the equipment, but warns him he does not have the upper hand and not to pull a fast one on him, don't cross a DiMera. Phillip says he's lost a leg and his face and now his daughter, there is nothing EJ can throw at him. EJ says there is always something, let's just hope their relationship doesn't get to that point. 

At EJ's place, EJ hands over all the equipment to Phillip. Phillip thinks it is all complicated, so EJ introduces him to his IT guy. He knocks on Sami's door and Will answers. EJ says just who he was looking for. Will asks Uncle Phillip why he is with EJ. Phillip says they are working on a project. EJ asks Will to show Phillip what he showed him. Will thinks that would be okay. He lets Phillip in but not EJ.

Ej is about to leave when Kate shows up. She tells EJ she's onto him, Brandy Mathas is Sami. EJ says strange coincidence. Kate says whatever he's planning, it won't work, Sami's in a hotel room with Lucas and she doubts Sami is leaving. EJ says they'll have to see. EJ then leaves. Kate heads back in and finds Phillip working with Will. She asks what is going on? Phillip says he's spending time with Will. Will says he told EJ to get lost, he showed up with Uncle Phillip. Kate isn't pleased, she asks Will to leave her alone with Phillip. Will goes to do homework. Kate says let's have it, why is Phillip so chummy with EJ? 


April 19, 2007
Chelsea is at the hospital pacing around in the hallway. She finally goes in to see Willow. Willow is surprised Chelsea came. Chelsea says when Willow left a message saying she knew what she did, she thought it would be worth the laugh. Willow says they are waiting for another guest. Nick walks in, Chelsea asks what is going on? Willow asks which one of them came up with the idea of stealing the hairbrush from the lab? Chelsea says so Willow told them to come over so she could play Law and Order? Willow thinks they did swipe it. She knows Chelsea would steal it so she (Willow) would take the blame. Willow says Nick would do it for Chelsea. She doesn't believe Nick's little conjob earlier, she's onto him. Nick says what? Chelsea says well if she thinks she stole the brush then prove it! Willow says she is going down for this and taking her baby with her, can Nick live with this? She threatens to call the cops, she has nothing left to lose. Chelsea says go ahead, nobody will believe her. Willow says her own dad doesn't believe her. Chelsea says her dad invited her to live with him. Willow says she'll fill Bo in on what is going, she'll be kicked out of casa de Brady. Chelsea says they all know she stole Hope's jewelry. Willow says Chelsea planted it! Chelsea says yet she tried to pawn it. Willow says she needed the money. Chelsea says even though Bo and Hope were giving her money? Chelsea says even if she was questioned about the brush, she'd lie and say it wasn't hers. Willow thinks that was a confession, it is her brush! Chelsea says the only way Willow could know that is if she stole it and planted at her dad's house. Willow wants a phone, Chelsea gives her one and her dad's number. Willow caves, she doesn't call the cops. Willow still accuses them of taking the brush. Nick says he never saw the brush, they wouldn't give it to him, he's so low on the totem pole at the lab. Chelsea says she's out of here. She walks out, Nick follows.

In the hall, Nick asks Chelsea what is wrong? She says she can't see him anymore. He asks why? She says they were never a couple to begin with. He asks if she kisses all casual acquaintances the way she kissed him? She appreciates what he's done for her, but she needs to move on from him, from Billie, from this job. She knows it isn't what he wants to hear, but it is what is best for her. Nick says he's glad to hear she's putting herself first for once. She asks what that means? He says he's close to losing everything over that brush. He says he lied to Roman. Chelsea says if he believes what Willow says, that she set the fire, well then it is best they are over. She then walks off. 

Nick goes back in to see Willow. She says get out, he's done enough. He says maybe he doesn't want to leave. He says he thinks she could use a friend. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She touches it and smiles at him. 

At Sami's, Kate is still talking with Phillip. She asks when he became so chummy with EJ? He just says he and EJ are working on a project with Billie's security system. She demands answers. Phillip says he and EJ have a mutual interest in someone. She asks who? He says it's business, but she knows more is going on here. Phillip admits they are interested in Shawn. She says she doesn't know why EJ would be interested in Shawn, but he is already making Lucas' life hell. Phillip reminds her that she got involved with EJ as well. Phillip says he can handle EJ. She thinks not, EJ is cold and ruthless, just like Victor. She says he's not like that, but Phillip says don't be so sure. Kate says Victor and EJ don't have a conscience, they will do anything to get what they want. She warns him that others have gotten involved with EJ and disappeared, she doesn't want that to happen to him. Phillip thinks she's insulting him, that he doesn't measure up to EJ. Kate says he's not like EJ or Victor, he has a heart. Phillip says ask Shawn and Belle about his heart. She says she would rather ask Claire, whose face lights up when he's around. How about his brother or Will. How about the soldiers he fought with? She says it isn't a weakness to have a heart, but it is to EJ and he will use it as a target. She begs Phillip to tell him what he's up to so they can stop it. Phillip says he can't stop it. Phillip begins spilling the beans on how they bugged the Brady's to find out about Shawn. Kate can't believe this. Phillip says as soon as Shawn makes contact, he tells EJ and then Claire is as good as his. Kate says if she tells EJ where Shawn is then he could be signing Shawn's death warrant. Phillip says EJ won't kill Shawn. Kate reminds him of the black gloved crimes last summer. She says EJ was the main suspect and Shawn did work with EJ and Patrick then, that is why he could want Shawn. Phillip realize Kate is serious about this. Phillip says but she still works with EJ. Kate says yes, she's tied up in business with EJ. She begs Phillip not to tell EJ about Shawn, otherwise Shawn's blood could end up on his hands. Kate then fills Phillip in on the whole Brandy Mathas thing and how EJ is going to Vegas to marry Sami. Phillip thinks this name  could mean anything. Kate says she confronted EJ, he wouldn't deny it. Phillip asks where is Lucas? Kate says at The Towers in a hotel room. She can't call him, she's on thin ice with Lucas already. Phillip says fine, he'll call Lucas. Phillip calls Lucas' room at the hotel, but nobody answers as Lucas is passed out at this point.

At the hotel suite, Lucas and Sami kiss. Afterwards Lucas falls to the floor! She checks on him saying she's so so sorry. She says he'll wake up in a few hours and be fine. EJ then calls Sami. He's at the cabin and saying he's waiting, she better be on her way, tick tock. He asks if she told Lucas about the baby? She says she did, she said she didn't want to be with him anymore too. He asks how he took it? Sami asks how he thinks? He says don't worry, this isn't the first time she broke his heart. EJ says Lucas will recover. He asks where she is? She says she's on her way. She asks if she can be 15 minutes late, but he says no. He says she will be here at 9pm or else. Sami says she'll be there. She hangs up, suddenly room service bangs on the door! Sami thinks she just can't catch a break. Sami asks them to hold on. She throws Lucas in bed, covers him up and dims the lights. She gets in bed with Lucas and tells them they can come in. He thinks he's interrupting so the room service guy leaves them with their desert. After he leaves, Sami calls Celeste begging for help. Celeste soon arrives to pick up Sami. They put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Sami worried Lucas could wake up, but Celeste says he won't. Sami says she won't make it to the cabin in time. Celeste says she will, EJ thinks he's a race car driver, but EJ's never seen her in action. 

At the cabin, 9pm comes and EJ calls Lucas up. He gets Lucas' voicemail. He says they need to talk. Suddenly Sami comes in. EJ says actually scratch that, there has been a change of plans. EJ says she's cutting it a little close. EJ helps her with her bag. He asks why she was late? She says Lucas begged her not to leave. EJ says she wouldn't lie would she? Sami says she's here and she is all his. EJ says yes in deed. He kisses her hand. He admits he didn't know if she'd come. He says time awaits, they need to go. She asks why the rush, they could make this cabin their own sin city. He says soon. He wants to go now. He asks if that is a problem? She says yes. She's given up so much to be with him, something in return would be nice! He asks what is going on here? She wants to know if he's really attracted to her. He asks if this is her poor me routine? She says he's a pig, she gave up everything for him, she hopes he doesn't just think of her as a surrogate. EJ says she's all sentimental, if it's genuine. Sami says it is. She says she finally agreed to be with him after denying her feelings for so long and all of the sudden he's turned cold on her. She says she is a woman and she has needs. She strokes his face and tries to kiss him. EJ thinks this is a night full of surprises, first she's almost on time and now she's putting on this romantic overture. EJ grabs her and says he thinks she's playing him for a fool. HE chokes her and says he's onto her and she's about to be sorry.

Meanwhile Phillip and Kate show up at Lucas' room at the the hotel. They bang on the door asking if Lucas is in there? No one answers. Kate says she has a bad feeling about this.

On the island, Belle overhears Shawn and Gabby in the hall laughing about stuff. They talk about how they got lots of work done today. Gabby doesn't know how to program the GPS, but Shawn does. She'll pay him back for this, she'll bring him dinner and wine. He says sounds good. He tells her he's never seen a girl handle a belt sander the way she did, good job. He then goes into his room to shower.

Shawn asks Belle about Claire. Belle says she just put her down. Belle asks how the boat is. Shawn says it's going well. He's going to take a shower. She wants to go for a run later. He asks if she'll be out late? Belle asks if he has something planned? Shawn says he and Gabby will work on the GPS. She says wouldn't want to keep Gabby waiting. Shawn says he's just trying to get them off this island. He won't have this conversation about Gabby again. There is a knock on the door, it's Gabby. She says she just told Duck about Australia, it didn't go down well. She asks Shawn to talk to Duck, make him see this is the right thing to do. Shawn says he's not Duck's favorite person. Gabby says Duck thinks a lot of him, he respects how Shawn takes care of his family. She knows it's a big thing to ask, Belle agrees. Gabby doesn't want to cause trouble, she'll deal with Duck. Shawn says no he'll talk to Duck. Belle yanks Shawn aside and asks why he's doing this? HE asks why she is being so hostile? Belle says she doesn't trust Gabby. Shawn thinks she's not trusting him either. Belle says she's trying, do what he thinks best. Shawn decides to go have a chat with Duck.

Gabby tells Belle she's sorry if she thinks she crossed a line with Shawn. Belle decides it is time to have a talk with Gabby about Shawn. She says she and Shawn have tried to keep their private life private, but everyone here seems to know anything. Belle lets Gabby know that she and Shawn are a couple, even if it doesn't seem like it.

Shawn goes to have a man to man talk with Duck. Duck jokes that would put Shawn at a bit of a disadvantage. Duck wants an apology from Shawn for taking Gabby. Shawn says Gabby wants to go, there is nothing here for her. HE says Gabby only stayed for Duck. Duck says so Gabby has been telling Shawn her sob stories. Duck says Gabby said what, she needs a break, a chance to spread her wings. Duck says Gabby won't come back here ever. Shawn says she said she would. Duck says Gabby left that part out, she won't come back and Shawn will be stuck with her forever.


April 20, 2007
Kayla is at Chez Rouge talking with Maggie. Kayla is waiting for Stephanie to arrive. Maggie says Stephanie could be the best medicine for Steve. She also says she'll be a good influence on Abby, Stephanie is such a sweet little girl. Stephanie walks in, she's in a tight little miniskirt and gold glittering top! Maggie thinks this is her cue to go. Kayla is a bit shocked, she looks . . . . Stephanie knows, she looks different. She even has a tattoo, a little rose on her stomach. She tells her mom to relax, dad has one. Kayla says yes but he's a grown man, she is a sweet perfect baby girl. Stephanie says she still is her baby girl, she just has to grow up sooner or later. Stephanie asks so what is wrong with dad? Kayla says it's a complicated story. Kayla wanted to keep her out of it, but she may be the only one who can help. 

Later Kayla has filled her in, she's in tears. Stephanie wishes her mom had told her about this earlier. Kayla says Steve didn't want her to know, he didn't want her upset with him. Stephanie says she's upset with her mom. She says everything she knows about her dad she knows from her mom, but he's alive, and that is a miracle. Stephanie asks why her mom decided now to finally tell her? Kayla says Steve isn't getting any better and she didn't know what else to do. Stephanie asks what she is supposed to do? Kayla wants Stephanie to convince her dad to tell the cops about EJ Wells. Stephanie knows he's keeping quiet to protect them. Kayla says but they can take care of themselves. Stephanie says damn right! Stephanie agrees to do it. Abby then walks in, she didn't notice Stephanie at all. Abby sees she has a makeover. Stephanie tells Abby she left out a lot in her emails. Kayla doesn't look happy.

Abby joins Kayla and Stephanie for dinner. Maggie brings her dinner, what Maggie thinks she should be eating, not what Abby wants. Abby hates being treated like she was 12. Stephanie tells her that she needs her own place, she should move out. Abby can't afford the dorms unfortunately. Kayla excuses herself. Abby and Stephanie continue talking. Abby says she's sorry about her dad. Abby does like her tattoo, she asks what else has she left out of her emails? Stephanie says she met a guy and is in love! Abby wonders why she kept it a secret, what is wrong with him. Stephanie says he's got a record, nothing big, just small stuff. She says he's edgy, a bad boy! Stephanie thinks she was way overdue, as is Abby. Stephanie asks Abby if she got any from Max? Abby says she feels odd talking to her about him. Stephanie says Max is old news. She wonders if this is why Maggie is acting odd? Abby says yes. Stephanie says Max has a rep too, which is why she liked him. Stephanie talks about how she finally broke free from her mom, she finally feels like a woman. Abby asks if that is because she's not a virgin anymore? Abby tells he to spill it. Stephanie admits she did it. Abby thought she was waiting for marriage, but Stephanie says she didn't and is glad she didn't. She asks Abby what is up with her? Abby says she'll settle for a kiss at this point. Stephanie tells Abby that Max is being respectful with her, he really cares about her. She says Abby doesn't have anything to worry about, except for Aunt Maggie. Stephanie tells Abby she's got a plan. Chelsea suggests Abby get a fake boyfriend for Aunt Maggie so she can see Max on the side. Abby doesn't know. Stephanie asks what she has to lose, except her virginity!

Kayla sees Dr. Kraft has come looking for her. Dr. Kraft tells Kayla that she's been removed from Steve's case and she doesn't know why. Kayla doesn't know why either. Ella tells Kayla given the circumstances and his past history, she is afraid for Steve. Ella feels she was pressured to be removed from Steve's case. She says Steve has made waves and made enemies on the staff. Ella tells Kayla she should intercede on Steve's behalf before it's too late. Kayla returns to the table. She tells Stephanie they should go see her dad, he could be in more trouble than they thought. Stephanie leaves with her mom. 

Kate and Phillip are outside of the hotel room. Kate is banging on the door. Nobody is answering as Lucas is out cold inside. The room service guy shows up, Kate asks if he knows the couple in the suite? He says average guy, blonde girl, mid twenties. Phillip says that is them, but Kate says he's not average! She says she's his mommy so open up this door. He says that is against hotel policy, he can't. Kate says her son is in danger, nobody is there answering. The guy says maybe they went for a walk or don't want to be disturbed. He says when he was in there earlier he got the impression that . . . . well . . . . Phillip gets the idea and thinks it is time his mom did too. Phillip tips the guy for wasting his time. Kate is still determined to get in and see Lucas. She is convinced Sami is going to marry EJ. Phillip thinks this is crazy. Phillip suggests she call EJ, she can get the info out of him. Kate says fine, she'll call EJ. 

At the cabin, EJ feels something is wrong here, is Sami wearing a wire? He gets rough with her, ripping open her shirt. She says nothing but her and storms off. She says if this is his idea of foreplay then she is not interested. He says if she's not wearing a wire then something is in her bag, he goes through it. He thinks she's planning to put a knife in his back. She jokes close, she has a bomb in his purse. He says he will search every inch of her. She says she gave up everything for him and now he's giving her grief. She says she's here because she wants to be, don't make her regret it. She says she thought he was different, that he'd treat her with respect. He asks if the other men she was involved with treated her with respect? Sami says he knows when she makes up her mind she sticks to it. She says if she called the cops then he'd know by now. She also says he can call Lucas if he doesn't believe her. Kate suddenly calls EJ, he says now is not a good time. Kate demands to know if Sami is with him. EJ says so she wants to know about Sami? Maybe he should tell her the truth. EJ says so Kate wants to know if Sami is here with him? Suddenly Sami jumps on EJ and kisses him! Kate is on the phone saying EJ where are you? Sami are you there? EJ is now passed out from the lipstick. Sami grabs the phone and stares at it. Celeste walks in and asks what happened Samantha? Sami hangs up the phone, but not before Kate hears someone say her name. 

Celeste comes in, Sami has to tell her everything that happened. Sami doesn't know what Kate heard or what she'll tell Lucas. Celeste says she can't worry about Kate, they have to finish this plan. Celeste goes to get the gas, she tells Sami not to leave anything behind that will place her at the scene of the crime. Sami cries she's committing a crime, murder. Celeste says this is no crime, EJ is a killer and A DiMera. Sami looks at EJ and says she doesn't know if she can actually kill him. Celeste warns her that she better move to another country then as EJ will come for her and get his revenge. Sami says EJ wouldn't hurt her, he thinks she's carrying his baby. Celeste says he raped her. Celeste says if she wants her future with Lucas then do this. Sami asks why her why can't Celeste do her own dirty work. Celeste says she lost Lexie because of Elvis, if she leaves here now her future won't change. Celeste says Sami's future hangs in the balance here. Sami says she still is no murderer. Celeste feels this is a chance for Sami to make right the misery she's caused others. Sami says he could be her baby's father. Celeste says she gave up her daughter to keep her from the DiMeras, Sami needs to do this. She says Sami has everything to lose and everything to gain. Sami tells Celeste to get the gas. Later we see Celeste pouring the gas over everything, including EJ! Celeste  tells Sami to strike the match and toss it. She says good luck, she'll be waiting outside. Sami feels like she has no choice. She strikes a match . . . . .

Back at the hotel, Kate is more worried than ever. She wonders if Sami did something to EJ and Lucas. Phillip says EJ is yanking her chain, that is what is going on. HE tells her to take her own advice, be careful with EJ. Kate says Sami is the problem. Phillip says she's been a broken record about that for ten years and it is getting old. Kate demands Phillip break down this door so they can break the Sami cycle. Phillip says no, she break the cycle before she loses Lucas. Phillip tells her to listen to her kids, butt out. Kate says she is worried about Lucas, something could have happened. Kate decides to call Roman. She tries to get Roman paged, but the PD won't. She threatens to sue them for endangering her son's life. Kate says she'll track down Roman on her own.

On the island, Belle has a talk with Gabby about Shawn, he's off limits to her. Gabby hates to break it to her, but the reason she's insecure about Shawn has nothing to do with her. Gabby tells Belle that her problem is she can't commit to Shawn, but she's afraid someone else will. Gabby says if she loses Shawn then she'll know it was her fault. Belle says Gabby claims she's not interested in Shawn, so why did she throw the letter away? She says they both know she did it. Gabby asks then why ask? Belle says she was hoping from honesty. Gabby says here is honest, she has too much self respect to go after a guy in love with another woman, and it is obvious Shawn loves her. Gabby says even if Duck did call her a tramp. Belle says fine if she's so honest, what is with the baby things in her closet? Gabby asks why she was going through her closet? Belle explains she went to hide in there from Phillip. She wants to know what it is for? Gabby says it's not her business and has nothing to do with what they are talking about. Belle says well they were having an honest conversation.

Meanwhile Duck tells Shawn that Gabby left the island before and got pregnant. Shawn asks what happened to the baby? Duck won't go into it. He says he just needs to know Gabby doesn't know much about the world. He tells Shawn he's planning to go their separate ways in Australia, well he is as dumb as a bag of rocks. Duck tells Shawn to just tell Gabby there is still plenty of work to do here.

Shawn returns to the room and finds Belle and Gabby acting strangely. He says he talked to Duck, he doesn't think he did much good. He asks them if he's missed something here? Gabby says Bell has a problem with her coming with them. Belle says no, not as long as they know were they stand. Gabby thanks Shawn and leaves. 

Belle tell Shawn that she and Gabby were clearing things up, she didn't deny not sending the letter. Shawn tells her to just let it go. Belle just wants to get off this island. Shawn suggests when Claire wakes up they go for a walk with Claire. Belle says he has to work, they need the money. She says she'll just feel better once they are off the island. Shawn then leaves to do some work.

Shawn runs into Gabby in the hall. Shawn tells Gabby he hopes they can work things out. Gabby says Belle explained it all, they are a couple and she needs to stay away from him. She says Belle told her she was overstepping her bounds. She asks Shawn if that is how he feels? He says it isn't how he feels, he appreciates what she's done for them. She says thanks. Gabby says since Belle laid down the law, she'll figure the GPS out on her own. She leaves. 


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