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4th Week of April 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


April 23, 2007
On the island, Belle is laying in bed reading a magazine. Shawn returns from work. He asks her if she wants to go on that walk? She says it is late. He says it's not, he'll wait up for her. She says it's okay. Shawn asks if she remembers when he rigged that privacy screen on the ship's cabin? She says yes, she thought it was considerate of him. He says he thought it would make it easier for them to sleep in the same room. She says because they couldn't have sex? Why does it always come back to sex? Can they not have this conversation again? He says she talks to others about it. He knows she warned Gabby to stay away, that she wanted her to know they were a couple. Shawn is getting the message that she doesn't want Gabby to have him, but she doesn't know if she wants him either. He asks if he's wrong? He says in case she didn't notice, he loves her. He says he's told her and shown her a thousand different ways but she doesn't trust him, and he's starting to think she never will. She says so what, is he saying the clock is ticking? He says she never listens to him. She asks how long she has before he seeks comfort elsewhere? A day? A week? HE tells her to stop. He says he is asking her to let him love her, give him a chance. He says he can't go on like this, it is killing him. He says either they move forward together or they don't. He says he's going to bed. He then lays down. 

Later Belle is sleeping. A hand touches her shoulder, she looks up and sees John! He's in a tux, they hug. Belle says she's missed him so much. He says he's missed her too. He asks what is with the tears, why is she crying. She says she's happy to see him. He thinks it is more, he thinks it is Shawn. He says so, tell me all about him, tell me the whole story. Belle says she's just really confused. John thinks it all boils down to a very simple question, does she trust Shawn? She says she does. John says Belle has been hurt so much that she's afraid to trust, that if she counts on anyone it will be taken from her. She says like him. He says he's still here, he's fighting to get back to them. He reminds her of the promises he made Marlena in Italy when they tossed the coin in the fountain. He shows her the coin. He says every time he looks at the coin he knows he'll never lose Marlena. She wishes she had a coin to reassure her. He says she has something better, she has the man she loves. He says she just needs to have a little faith. They hug, she says she loves him. Of course this was all a dream Belle was having. Belle says in her sleep I love you Shawn.

Shawn meanwhile is in Gabby's room. She thinks she's destroyed the GPS. He says no, she has the memory card in backwards, that is all. She feels terrible she woke him up for this. He decides to head back, but she stops him. She says Belle probably already told him, but she wants to tell him. She says she once had a child . . . Shawn says it's none of his business. She says she doesn't talk about it, he must have questions. Shawn knows what it feels like to lose a child, that is why he and Belle are here, to protect Claire. Gabby says Belle thinks because of the baby . . . well she doesn't know what she thinks. Gabby cries, Shawn holds her. She then moves in to kiss Shawn! He pushes her away. She says she thought it is what he wanted. Shawn says no he loves Belle. Gabby says Belle doesn't let him touch her, she treats him like a brother. Shawn says this is none of her business. She says they have been flirting and dancing around since he got here. She says she knows he's attracted to her. He thinks there has been a misunderstanding. She says no she got the message, he wants her whether he'll admit it or not. Shawn says he thinks Belle is right, they need to rethink this traveling together thing. Gabby panics, she says his doesn't have to change, if she's wrong she won't push. He says she already has. There is a knock at the door, Gabby answers. Belle is there, she woke up and can't find Shawn, she thought he might be here. Shawn says he is, Gabby had a problem with the GPS and he was checking it out. Belle says she can see what he was doing, it's all over his face. He has lipstick on his cheek. He says he can explain. She says don't bother and runs off. 

Later Gabby finds Shawn moping in the hallway. She says she's sorry, she didn't mean to cause him trouble. He decides to go sleep on the veranda. She says he can crash in her room. He says thanks but he'll pass. HE then leaves. Meanwhile Belle wonders if she made a mistake, what if Shawn is being honest. She knows her dad would tell her to trust Shawn, believe in him. She decides she has to go find Shawn. Belle heads to Gabby's room where she hears Gabby moaning and giggling inside. She walks back to her room and looks like she's going to be sick. Meanwhile we learn Gabby is in the room with some guy who is not Shawn! 

Stephanie and Kayla arrive at the mental hospital. Steve is on the bed in his room, he's messed up. Stephanie runs to him and asks what they've done? He cries and hugs his baby girl. The show was interrupted for breaking news for a bit, when it returned Stephanie is begging Steve to tell her who did this to him? Kayla has a first aid kit, she cleans him up. Stephanie doesn't know why there isn't a doctor to help Steve. Kayla says good thing she is here. Steve thought they had a deal? Kayla says and he broke it. (Another news interruption at this point!) When the show returns, Steve is telling Stephanie that she is not quitting her job to move back and be his nursemaid. He says he didn't raise a quitter. Stephanie says he didn't raise her at all, she thought he was dead. She says he's here now and she won't lose him again. Steve says it's too late, they messed with his head. Stephanie knows, mom told her. Steve asks if mom told her that he tried to choke her? Steve says the doctors say he's a danger to everyone. Stephanie wants him to fight. Stephanie knows EJ is doing this to him, but why does he let him keep doing it? She begs Steve to put EJ away. Steve thinks Kayla put her up to this. Stephanie says they both love him, and if he loves them then fight for them. She says be the guy Mom always said he was. She says if he can't then it's like he never existed. Steve says he'll do it for her and for her mama. Kayla thanks him, she'll go get Roman and Bo. Stephanie hugs her dad and says he's doing the right thing. 

Roman and Abe are having dinner at Chez Rouge. Abe is having another transplant, hoping to be back at work in a month. Roman asks if Celeste had anything to do with this? He hears she can be persuasive. Abe says she is a formidable woman. Kate then shows up saying she needs Roman's help. Roman says they are in the middle of something called dinner. Kate says Sami has done something terrible, or is about to, and Roman is the only one who can stop her. Roman says okay she got him, what has Sami done this time. Kate says Sami and EJ are eloping. She says she confronted EJ and he's flying to Vegas with Sami to marry her. Roman says so where is Sami now? Kate says Sami and Lucas are supposed to be at The Towers having a romantic evening. She says she went there, they wouldn't answer the door. Roman says perhaps they were busy? Kate says she called EJ to demand if Sami was with him? She says EJ was about to tell her the truth when there was a commotion, the phone was dropped, a woman said Sami's name and the phone went dead. Kate says she needs Roman to get to the hotel and get her into that room. Roman thinks he needs to call Kate a cab for her to sleep this off. He also wants her to call Marlena in the morning for an appointment as she has lost her mind! Kate says so he thinks she's drunk, she's making this up? Roman thinks the closer the wedding gets, the more desperate she becomes. Kate says EJ was going to tell her the whole truth. Abe says until the phone was knocked out of his hand and a mysterious woman called out Sami's name? Kate says yes, and she thinks the woman was Celeste. Abe says so now Celeste is involved? Kate says her instincts tell her something is wrong and she won't stop until she finds out what. She tells them they can either laugh at her or get off their condescending butts and help her out. 

At the cabin, Sami stands over EJ with a match. She says she has no choice, God forgive her. The match goes out, burning her. She lights another and says EJ did this to her, he turner her into a murderer. She says she won't forgive him for that. She tries to kill him but can't. She says no matter how sick and twisted he is, she can't kill him. She says he wanted to make his daddy proud and for that he raped her. She says EJ used her love for Lucas. She says Lucas doesn't deserve any of this. She says Lucas is her future, her hope and her baby's hope. She says she won't let EJ destroy that future. She goes to light the match again. She says this is for John, for her mom, for Uncle Steve, for Aunt Kayla, Max, Stephanie, Belle, Shawn and everyone else he's tortured. She says she hopes he burns in hell. Celeste soon returns, she asks what is taking so long? Sami cries she can't do it. Celeste says she knows what this means. Sami says yes, EJ owns her, he won. Sami cries and Celeste's phone rings. She sees it is Abe. She answers, Abe says Kate is here insisting Sami has left Lucas and ran off with EJ. He asks if she knows anything? Celeste says that is ridiculous, she just spoke to Sami and she's enjoying the evening with Lucas. Celeste says Kate must be mistaken. Abe thanks her. Celeste tells Sami that damn Kate won't give up. Sami says they have a bigger problem, what will they do about EJ? Celeste says they need to go before he wakes up. As they are walking out, EJ wakes up and calls out to Sami. Celeste says they have to go. Sami says he'll come after them. Celeste says knock him out. EJ is moaning that he smells gas and he can't breath. She says he's dreaming, she kisses him again to knock him back out. She then runs outside.

Celeste and Sami are outside and about to leave. Sami says she forgot her suitcase. She heads back in to get it, EJ is gone! She turns around, he's standing there. She screams. He grabs her and asks what she's done top him. He collapses, she leaves him and runs out. We see EJ on the couch saying Samantha . . . Samantha . . . . . Sami runs outside, she tells Celeste that EJ knows she drugged him. Celeste says they have to leave now. Suddenly the cabin blows up in flames. EJ yells Samantha help me! 

Back at the restaurant, Abe relays Celeste's message to Kate and Roman. Kate says Celeste is lying, she's in on this. Roman tell Kate that it is time for her to go. Kate warns them if they turn a blind eye then they will live to regret it. Roman stops her from leaving, he asks what is wrong with her? He knows she doesn't like Sami, but what gives. Kate swears she feels Lucas is in trouble, she will never ask him for anything else again. She says all she wants is to make sure Lucas is safe. Roman says fine, he will tell Abe he's leaving. He tells her to call Lucas again and see if he picks up. Kate begins calling Lucas, he's in bed passed out. He rolls over as the phone is ringing.

Meanwhile, Roman tells Abe he doesn't believe Kate, but he's going to go check on Lucas. Suddenly Kayla shows up. Stephanie is with her. They say Steve is ready to talk against EJ. Roman is glad, Bo has been left a message on his machine at home. Abe thinks this is the break they've been waiting for. Meanwhile Roman goes to tell Kate, he says something very important has come up and he can't go wit her. He says to be honest he doesn't think Lucas is in danger. He suggests she go home and call Lucas in the morning. Roman leaves and Kate says if Roman won't help her then she'll handle it herself.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Granger shows up to Steve. He says he's been promoted to Steve's case. Steve doesn't think he'll need treatment, he is going to name the bastard who put him here. The doctor thinks he can change his mind, but Steve says it's made up. He shows him the devil tarot card and says his mind is not his to change, he's still one of them.   


April 24, 2007
We see a replay of Sami and Celeste running from the cabin, the cabin exploding and EJ calling out Sami help me! Sami wants to help him, but Celeste says it is too late. Sami runs into the cabin, it's on fire. EJ is screaming Please help! Celeste says she can't help, think about her baby. Celeste and Sami leave, Sami is in tears. Sami says a man is dying in there, doesn't that mean anything to her. Celeste says he is evil. Sirens are coming, Celeste says they have to leave. Sami says he's suffering. Celeste says evil doesn't suffer, they need to get out of here. Celeste and Sami then run. 

Kate is pounding on the hotel door demanding Lucas open up, he is still out of it. Kate ends up getting an axe from a fire box and starts hacking at the door! Inside Lucas finally wakes up, but soon falls back into the bed. The room service guy shows up and is not happy, she's destroying hotel property. She says she'll destroy a lot more if they don't open this door. She takes the guy to see the hotel manager about this. Later they return, she says she knew the manager would see things her way. Kate gets in and finds Lucas alone in bed. He looks up and sees his mom. She asks if he's okay? He asks why she is here? She says she's here to save him. He asks where Sami is? She says they'll talk about that later. She says they have to get him to the hospital. He says why, he was sleeping. She says no, Sami did something to him. Lucas thinks this is a nightmare, but Kate says it's real. Lucas asks why his mom is in his bed, where is the woman he loves. Lucas's head hurts, Kate wonders what bridezilla did to him. Kate says the porter called 911, they will be here soon to help. Kate knows something is wrong and she thought she'd enjoy this more. She says she hates the way he's been treated. She says EJ and Sami have run off together. He asks if she's been drinking? Kate says no. She says Brandy Mathas, EJ's fianc, is Sami Brady. She says Sami and EJ eloped. Lucas says she's making his head hurt. Kate says what is important is that it's over, Sami is out of his life. Suddenly Sami walks out in a bathrobe. It looks like she has just taken a shower. She asks Kate what she is doing here? Kate asks where EJ is, she knows they were in Vegas. Sami says obviously she's not. Kate says she called EJ, he was going to tell her everything, she heard Sami's name. Kate admits EJ told her nothing, but there was a struggle and she heard Sami's name. Lucas asks his mom what she is talking about? Kate doesn't know, she heard a crash. He thinks it was her martini glass crashing. Lucas says enough, he's had it. Kate says Lucas didn't even hear the axe hacking at the door. She wishes she hadn't put it down. Lucas thinks this is all his fault. Lucas tells his mom that Sami has been here all night. Sami claims she was in the shower, it was a nice soothing rain shower where they pipe in heavenly music. Lucas tells his mom to take the axe and get out of here. Kate says even the dead don't sleep as sound ad Lucas did. Sami claims he was tired, he's been working too hard. She says she is to blame for Lucas being so out of it. Sami claims she unplugged the house phone and set his cell phone to silent so he could sleep. Lucas tells his mom to get out, but Kate won't until Sami explains how she ditched EJ and got back here. She says if Sami can prove she wasn't with EJ then she'll leave on her own. Lucas can't believe this, why is she acting like this? Kate wants to know where EJ is. Lucas says in Vegas with his bride, go bang on their door. Kate yells he needs to open his eyes. Lucas says his eyes are open and she is suffocating him like Billie and Phillip. He decides to throw her out, which is when he sees what she did to the door. He suggests it is time for a therapist. HE tells her to get out and throws her out. She won't go though, she demands to know where EJ is. Lucas says he's in Las Vegas! Sami says she's had enough, she drugged Lucas, went to Las Vegas, married EJ and then returned in time to take a shower. Kate thinks it is so ridiculous it is probably true. Lucas eventually tells his mom the show is over, it's time for her to go. She says he is her child, she will never stop loving or protecting him. She says especially from Sami. Kate eventually leaves, Sami and Lucas kiss. Lucas says he has everything he needs is right here.

Kayla and Stephanie are at Chez Rouge. Bo shows up to meet them. Bo hugs Stephanie and calls her the miracle worker. Bo says Roman is filling the DA in about what is going on. Stephanie says they beat Steve in that hospital, was EJ behind it, can Bo arrest him? Bo will look into it. Kayla says things are going on at that hospital, they changed his doctor for starters. Bo says they are sure Steve will talk? Kayla says yes, Stephanie got through to him. Bo and Kayla fill Stephanie in on everything Steve has done under EJ. They hope Steve will be able to come home after making a statement. Stephanie asks if her dad will go to jail. Bo says no, they'll show he wasn't responsible for his actions. They decide to go to the hospital to get Steve.

At the hospital, the doctor has Steve strapped to his bed. He has electroshock equipment. He tell Steve not to fight, they need him back, his mind belongs to them and only them. Steve is reacting to the shocks with convulsions.

Later Bo, Steve and Kayla show up. Steve is basically catatonic at this point. They realize something is wrong with him. They ask if the new doctor came to see him? Steve isn't reacting to anything they say. They are begging him to speak, tell them what they need to know about EJ. They ask him to tell them why EJ made him take John. Steve just tells them that he doesn't know what they are talking about. Stephanie knows they did something, she says EJ turned him into a zombie. Kayla sees burns on Steve's head, they have used electroshock therapy on him. Kayla and Bo go to talk to the doctor, Stephanie stays with her dad. She tells him she's sorry for calling him a zombie. She asks if what they did hurt? Steve is still saying Did, what, what is with the stupid questions. She asks her dad if he loves her? HE says he's her father. She says that isn't an answer. She says if he loves her then tell Bo what he knows about EJ Wells. Steve calls for the orderly and says his daughter is ready to go. She says if he loves her then he'll do it. Steve says then he doesn't love her. Stephanie says he's trying to push her away, but he loves them. He asks if she's a psychiatrist? She says he doesn't want to be like this. HE says he wants to be asleep and tells her to go away. Stephanie says she met a girl in Ohio, her dad died when he was two. She says they talked about growing up without their dad's, but to her she always felt like her dad was alive and with them because of mom's stories. She tells her dad he is the last person she'd think about before going to sleep. She says she'd close her eyes and pretend he was kissing her forehead and telling her sweet dreams. Stephanie says earlier he sounded just like she always imagined he would. She says she won't give up on him. Steve says that is her problem. Stephanie says no matter what they put in his head, they can't change what is in his heart. Steve says her friend in Ohio, the one with the dead father, she's the lucky one.

Kayla and Bo confront Dr. Granger. He says he meant to call her, he had an emergency. She says maybe he was busy electrocuting her husband? Bo grabs Steve file and looks at it, Kayla demands the doctor cut the bull and tell her if he beat her husband and gave him electroshock therapy? Dr. Granger claims this is why Kraft was dismissed, she was careless and an orderly beat him. She says she'll ask him one more time, did he give Steve electroshock therapy? Dr. Granger says they don't do that here. Kayla says fine, from now on she is to be consulted in any future therapies for her husband. He says that is not possible. She says then she'll move her husband. He says not possible. He has a court order being made medical guardian of Steve, he is in complete control of her husband. Bo looks at the court order, she hasn't been banned and can't be kept from being consulted. She says she'll move in here then if she has to. She says EJ has tortured her husband for the last time! Dr. Granger says she's left him no choice, he will restrict her from seeing him. Kayla threatens to fight this. Dr. Granger feels these visits are interfering with Steve's recovery. He says if they return she will be removed and escorted off the premises. Suddenly Stephanie is pounding on the door to be let out. She tells her mom she has to go home. Stephanie runs off, Kayla follows. Bo tells the doctor to tell Elvis J Wells that it will take more than a court order to keep them out of here. Dr. Granger says he has no idea what he's talking about, he doesn't know EJ Wells. Dr. Granger has Curtis show Bo out. Bo says he will be back. 

Dr. Granger goes to see Steve. He says his wife and daughter are lovely, he's a lucky man. He says unfortunately Steve won't see them for a long long time. He says Steve is still one of them and they still have him.

On the island, Shawn knocks on Belle's door. He asks her to let him in, but she's not answering. He says he's sorry about last night, can she open up and let him in? He goes to knock on Gabby's door. She says give her a second. Gabby answers after putting on a robe. She tells Shawn he looks like hell. Shawn says Belle isn't opening the door and he doesn't have his key. She opens the door for Shawn. Shawn goes in, everything is gone. The bags are gone, Claire's stuff is gone, Shawn says Belle is gone! He soon finds a note, which he reads. In the note Belle tells him she is a coward doing it this way, but she had to. She says she knows they promised to stay together, but she had to go. She says the more he gave her, the more she felt she had to repay him. She says love shouldn't be that way. She says she is going back to Salem, she will face Phillip and is stronger than he knows. She hopes Shawn comes back soon as he's a wonderful father, they'll miss him. Shawn looks at a photo of him, Belle and Claire. He has flashbacks to the good times with Belle. Gabby shows up, she searched around, nobody has seen them and they didn't go out on any of the boats that have left. Gabby asks if Belle said in the note where she was going? Shawn says yes, far away from him. He says she's taken Claire and going home. Gabby does more looking around, there is no way she could have left. She thinks Belle is still on the island. Gabby wants to help him, she tells him she's sorry about the kiss but she didn't run out on him, she's here and trying to help him. Shawn says he blames himself for this mess. She says her trying to kiss him was the best thing, it forced him to wake up and see he loves Belle. He says he was trying to keep her safe and wasn't making her feel loved. He says she needs to know she's the one, the only one. Gabby says she'll go fire up Duck's jeep. She says he'll need the best tour guide to find them, he's looking at her. Shawn agrees to accept her help. She says she'll make some guy happy someday. She says that is the story of her life. 


April 25, 2007
At the hotel, Sami and Lucas are enjoying themselves know that Kate is gone. Lucas says he's sorry, she's going to have the mother in law from hell after they are married. Sami doesn't want to talk about Kate anymore. She tells him that she's been thinking. She says she's always been worried something would stand in there way, but now she's not. She feels fate is on their side, they will be married and have a happy future with their kids. Lucas asks what happened, did EJ get hit by a bus? She is shocked. HE says don't say she's never thought of getting rid of EJ. She thinks about the fire and quickly changes the subject to the honeymoon. She says she knows they booked a cruise, but she's been giving thought to having a green honeymoon instead. She wants them to go to New Orleans and help rebuild houses. Lucas says she's amazing and they kiss. He suggests they practice for the honeymoon, but Sami says they don't need to practice, it's their best advent. They make love, Sami afterwards wonders if it is possible to store up sex. He says like a squirrel stores nuts? She says kind of. SHe says once the baby is here it will be a lot of work, they won't have as much time. Lucas suggests they start storing up now! Just then the phone rings, it is is Roman. Lucas takes the call and is stunned. He tells Sami that EJ's car was found near a cabin on Green Mountain, the cabin was burned to the ground, EJ is dead! Lucas gets dressed, he decides to go to the cabin to see this for himself.

At Chez Rouge, Stephanie is dining with Kayla and Bo. They are all discussing Steve. Stephanie ends up furious, she says Steve doesn't want their help, they should forget him. KAyla refuses, she will never give up on Steve, she will risk her life for him. Stephanie says Steve doesn't want their help, he made it clear. She asks her mom how desperate is she? Is she going to waste another sixteen years of her life of this man? Kayla slaps Stephanie, but quickly apologizes. Stephanie says she's glad her mom even knows she's here. She feels neglected, her mom didn't once visit her in Dayton all those month, she never got to know her friends or her boyfriend. She also says her mom has given up her MD practice, she doesn't call Grandma Jo anymore and she hardly speaks to Aunt Kim. Stephanie says all for a man who doesn't want her. Bo lectures Stephanie, saying not to talk to her mother like that. Stephanie says she's had it with her father, he doesn't want their help so he's dead to her. Stephanie ends up running off in tears. Bo comforts and upset Kayla. Bo then gets a call from Abe, he's informed about the cabin fire as well. Bo and Kayla decide to go check it out.

At the cabin, Bo, Kayla, Sami and Lucas all arrive. Bo goes with a fire marshal as the others wait. Lucas thinks this is a coincidence, this is the same cabin the roof fell in on them that one night and Sami had to save his life. Kayla says she's a doctor, she really can't wish death on anyone . . . but . . .. Lucas says he's no doctor, he can and does hope EJ is dead. Bo talks with the fire marshal, Roman is addressing the press. The man has news on the victim . . . . Bo returns to Sami, Lucas and Kayla. He tells them that EJ's body was not found in the cabin!

On the island, Gabby and Shawn have searched everywhere and not found Belle or Claire. Gabby says there is one more place to search . . . .the caves. They prepare to head out. Later we see Belle return to the room with Claire! She ends up making a call to Salem.

At the hospital, Marlena is with John. She is shaving him and telling him all about Sami's green wedding. Her phone rings, she's shocked to hear it is Belle! Belle tells her mom she wants to come home, she needs her help. Marlena asks where she is? Belle says a little island called Tinda Lau. She says it's horrible, she's tired of it and the drunks here. She wants to leave, she wants to come home. Marlena asks what about Shawn? Belle says to hell with him! Marlena asks if they had a fight? Belle says not exactly. She tells her mom while she's been busy being an ice princess, another girl came along who was all too happy to open up to Shawn. She thinks they hooked up last night. Marlena says she thinks, but doesn't know. Marlena says she owes it to Shawn and Claire to find out the truth. Marlena says don't take Claire away from Shawn, it's not right. Belle tells her mom she is right, she will talk to Shawn. She asks about dad. Marlena says there is no change. Belle tells her mom about the dream she had, Dad came to her and gave her advice. He also showed her the coin they through in the fountain in Italy. Belle describes it, Marlena wonders how she knew what it looked liked. Belle says dad must have told her. Marlena says she had a coin like that, but it's gone missing. Belle says in her dream dad had it in his right hand. They eventually say their goodbyes. Marlena stays with John. She says she's been looking for him in her dreams but he hasn't been coming. She remembers Belle's dream, she checks John's hand. In his hand is the coin! She thinks it is a sign that he is still there.

Back on the island, Belle goes to look for Shawn. She sees flowers outside of Gabby's room, there is a card. She reads it, they are from Charlie thanking her for last night! She says Charlie the drunk from the bar? Gabby shows up, she is glad her mail is of interest to Belle. She yells at Belle, saying she and Shawn have been looking everywhere for her. She says Shawn thought she was dead, yet here she is looking like she's had a fun day in the sun. She asks if she has any idea how much Shawn loves her and Claire? Gabby tells Belle, for the last time, she's not interested in Shawn. Belle wonders if she came to that conclusion before or after she kissed Shawn. Shawn shows up at this point. He is glad they are okay, but she worried the heck out of him. He says nothing happened last night, Gabby can confirm this. BElle doesn't need Gabby's confirmation. She eventually shuts Gabby out of their room so they can talk. Belle tells Shawn it's time they lay their cards on the table about everything.


April 26, 2007
Marlena goes to Bo and Hope's to visit Hope. Hope says Bo is up at a cabin investigating a fire, the old cabin in the mountains, where Sami and Lucas . . . Marlena says it burnt down? Hope, who is tending to Ciara, says EJ's car was found outside. Marlena wonders is someone wanted EJ dead. Hope says they'll know as soon as Bo gets here. Marlena says she does have good news for her about the kids. Hope says she forgot something on the porch, could she help her? Hope takes Marlena outside. Hope warns Marlena the house may be bugged, they can't talk about the kids inside. Marlena says she has some information to put her worries to rest, she got a call from Belle. Marlena says they are safe and at some place called Tinda Lau. Suddenly they hear something inside, Hope goes inside gun drawn and demands some man, walking around the house with a gadget, put his hands in the air. She tells Marlena to call 911! The man says he is the police. He says let him reach for his badge. Turns out the guy is the cop sweeping the house for bugs. He asks her if she ever considered a career in law enforcement? Hope says she has. The guy gets back to work. Marlena is guarding Ciara through all this. Marlena wonders when it will all end, when will it all stop. 

At the cabin, Bo says if Wells was inside then he got out. Kayla calls him a cockroach who won't die. Lucas asks so he set himself up? He faked his own death? Kayla asks Sami if she's okay, she looks like she's about to pass out. Sami says she's just tired, it could be the smoke. Lucas decides to take Sami back to the hotel. Kayla tells Bo that Elvis could be on his way to see Steve now. She says they have to get to Steve first. Bo thinks they are out of options. Kayla says she has one, they'll bust Steve out! Bo asks Kayla if she remembers the accident Elvis arranged for her? He won't be throwing dirt on her coffin because she wouldn't stop this foolishness. She says she won't stop, so he's either with her or against her. Bo says fine, so how will she get Steve out? Will she hire an army to storm the place? Kayla says no, she'll do it herself. He says this is stupid, they begin arguing. As they argue, Hope calls and asks Bo to get home, Marlena is here and heard from Belle. Hope says she's outside on her cell, so it's safe. Bo asks if the inspector is there. Hope says he is. Bo decides to head home. Kayla decides to go with Bo.

Bo and Kayla arrive at home, the cop lets them know about the bugs he found, it was a good job too. Bo recognizes them, they are Billie's security system. Hope says this makes her sick to her stomach. Bo says now that they know the house is clean . . . they keep talking about the island and where Shawn and Belle are with Claire. Bo decides to book a flight, Hope demands she and Ciara go too. Bo doesn't want her coming, it could be too dangerous. Hope thinks none of them are safe. The baby cries so Hope tends to her. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Kayla she heard what happened with Steve. She offers to make calls, but Kayla thinks it is useless with EJ calling the shots. Elsewhere, Bo tells Hope that maybe it's best they not go to the island, it would be drawing a map to Shawn. Bo also says Shawn has managed to take care of his family so far, he's turned into a good man. Later Kayla says she was just about to tell MArlena her plan to help Steve. Bo says yeah, her brilliant plan to break Steve out. Marlena gives Kayla a look, she agrees with Bo here. Kayla is sure she can do this. Bo says for arguments sake, lets says she gets in as a patient, she would be recognized. Kayla says she'll get a disguise, but Bo says the shock doc could see through the disguise. Bo says then she'll be kept in there and he won't be able to get to her either. He thinks her disguise in Italy may have worked, but it won't work again. Later Bo and Hope are alone with Ciara. MArlena and Kayla have left. They discuss how Shawn is safe, for now. Hope says but what about tomorrow. Bo wishes he could promise her no harm would come to the kids or the people they care about. She knows he can't. He does promise to find a way to solve Shawn's problems, get Steve and Kay together and put EJ behind bars. She jokes he'll just solve all their problems.

Elsewhere, Phillip is looking on his TV at tapes of Bo and Hope's house. He's panning through images. He finally sees footage of Marlena and Hope outside talking about Tinda Lau! Phillip says bingo! Later we see Phillip is gone from his desk! 

Lucas and Sami return to their hotel. Lucas is trying to figure out what is going on, it's all so odd. Sami becomes upset and suggests they not talk about EJ for just one minute. Later Sami gets a phone call, someone is breathing heavily on the other end. She says say something, they don't. She hangs the phone up. Lucas returns and asks who that was? She doesn't know, the caller ID didn't say anything. She thinks it is creepy, like the movies where the babysitters get their throats slashed. He says nobody will touch her throat. They talk, Lucas suggests it is time they move out of that apartment and into a bigger one. He's thinking a nice house. She suggests they wait till after the wedding. HE says okay, they'll wait till Baby Lucas is born. She says did he just say baby Lucas? Lucas wants to name all the kids after him, like George Foreman. She says what if it's a girl? He says Lucas Ann or Lucascita. They end up messing around and tickling one another. Lucas suggests they have an underwear race to the ice machine and back, if she wins she gets to have her way with him, if he wins he gets a massage. He strips to some red boxers, he tells her to come on. She says the family next to them have children! He asks what is wrong, is she wearing granny panties? Sami says she doesn't wear them and he knows it. He strips her, she says she'll give him a race and kick his butt! She agrees to race him, but when he runs out the door, she shuts him out! Lucas says this is uncool, she is disqualified now open the door. Sami giggles. She says the door is stuck, maybe he could get her a soda. She gives him a dollar and says get her a diet soda. Soon Lucas says someone is coming, open the door. The room service guy shows up. Lucas says he was on his way to the pool and forgot his towel. The mans says and his swim trunks. Sami finally lets Lucas in, he says she owes her a massage. She says he didn't actually make it to the ice machine. They kiss, Sami suggests he go check the bathroom for some massage oil. He leaves and Sami pulls the covers of the bed back. In the bed is a gas can! Sami hides the can under the bed, Lucas returns and asks what that smell is, he smells gas, like something is burning. She says she doesn't smell anything. She pushes him onto the bed and kisses him.

On the island, Shawn assures Belle that nothing happened between him and Gabby, he knows it looked bad, but nothing happened. She says she knows. She asks if she can talk now? He says yeah, take her best shot. She says no more shots, just this. She says she's sorry. She says the doubts, the bickering, the jealousy, it's all been her. She says she's sorry for making things difficult. He says she had her reasons. Belle says she's been a brat, he said he wasn't interested in Gabby and she should have believed him. She says she shouldn't of brought up all his mistakes. Shawn says he understood where she was coming from. Belle says she drove him into the arms of another woman, the last thing she wanted to do. He says he wasn't going anywhere. She promises never to doubt him again. She doesn't know why she couldn't recognize what she had, how good she had it. They talk to one another bout how good they both have it. Shawn thinks they've finally figured out they are a family and that nothing will stop them from loving each other. She says she's so sorry for putting him through this. He says it's okay. He says he can't live without her and Claire. Belle believes him and says she's sorry for wasting so much time. Shawn says it's okay, he holds her. She says since they are being honest, she has something to tell him. She tells Shawn that she called her mom. She says she knows she wasn't supposed to, but she needed someone to talk to. Belle says MArlena made her see what has been in front of her this whole time. She thinks Shawn hates her, but he says he could never hate her. She says what if Phillip finds them? He says they'll deal with it, he won't tear them apart anymore. Belle says this feels like she won the lottery, though she didn't even buy a ticket. There is some awkward silence between them. Shawn says here they are, a brand new start. She says yes. He asks if there anything she wants to do? She asks if he has anything in mind? He says maybe he could kiss her. She giggles and says you don't tell a girl you will kiss her, it ruins the moment. He says fine, he'll sit down and wait for some spontaneity. Belle says she has a better idea. He asks what? She says maybe he could help her push the beds together. She asks what he thinks? Later Shawn is in his boxers, Belle is in a black night gown. The beds have been pushed together. They sit on the bed and begin to kiss. They soon get vertical! 


April 27, 2007
Shawn and Belle are in bed together. Belle says she's been waiting her whole life for this, it was like how she dreamed their first time would be. He says in a way it is like their first time. Belle says if they can never go home again, if they can't make any of their other dreams come true, as long as she has them then she'll be happy. Belle's phone goes off, she says it must be home. They answer, Hope and Bo are calling. They are glad to hear their voices. Shawn asks about his sister. Hope says Ciara is perfect, she's napping now. Hope wants her to hear his voice. Shawn wishes Claire could see her. Bo asks what the plan is? Shawn says they are planning to head to Australia in a few days. Bo says that is what he has to talk to him about. Someone arrives at the front door, Bo decides to get it. Hope decides to talk to Shawn about Willow. Hope says Willow is in jail, she broke into the house, stole jewelry and started another fire. Shawn doesn't know what to say, he think it's his fault for getting involved with the psycho. Hope says he shouldn't say that about the mother of his child. Belle is gone now. Shawn says Willow told him in Canada, he thinks she's lying. Hope says this time she's not so sure. Shawn asks why she'd believe Willow, this kid could be anyone's. Hope says yes but it could be his too. Hope knows Willow has been caught in a lot of lies, but this story would work to her benefit. Shawn says so she's squeezing money out of them. Hope says she paid for her medical care, that is it. Hope says Shawn just has to consider she is telling the truth. Shawn won't believe it. Hope says well Phillip does. Hope says Phillip is using her against him, but Shawn says Willow is using him too. Hope says Phillip wants his baby, he's using it and Willow. Shawn thinks his mom is right, Willow's baby has to be his. Shawn says he doesn't believe this, actually he does. He says he can't do anything right. He says he married Mimi on the rebound from Blle, he got hooked up with Willow on the rebound and now he's stuck on this island while Willow is having his kid in prison.

Out front of Bo and Hope's, Bo tells Billie, who arrived, that someone installed her security system in his house. He wants to know who it was. Billie says she has no idea. She wanted him to install it as a favor, as an endorsement, it wouldn't do her good to do it without his permission. Bo thinks Elvis J Wells did it, but she says no way. Bo says she's not off the hook for this, how could she get in bed with this guy. She says she's not sleeping with him. He says how she can go into business with him knowing what he's done to the Bradys, to John. She says there is no evidence against him. Bo says he's a DiMera, he's evil. She says so is little Theo. Bo says forget about what he did to John, to Max and Stephanie, what about what he did to Steve? Billie says what about Stefano? Bo says he's in a coma, stop defending EJ. Billie says she doesn't think EJ did it. Billie also thinks she knows who did it, Phillip. Bo doesn't think so, but Billie makes him listen. She says Phillip called her about the system, claiming he wanted to install it in Titan. She didn't think about it at the time, she went to call him back only to learn Phillip left the country on a business emergency. Bo realizes Phillip may know where Shawn and Belle are. Billie says they know where Shawn and Belle are? Bo says Marlena came over and told Hope. They also found a bunch of bugs. Bo warns Billie that he will hold her and Kate responsible if Phillip goes after them. 

Bo rushes into the house, takes the phone from Hope and tells Shan that he has to get off the island with his family now! Bo says Phillip left town, he may know where they are. Belle returns, she learns Phillip is probably on the way. Bo tells Shawn he will be on the first plane there, but Shawn says no. He says when they get to wherever, he'll contact them. They all say goodbye. Hope tells Bo it will be all right. Hope asks what Billie said? Bo says Phillip was asking about the system, next thing she knew, he left the country. Hope feels they tipped him off. Bo says it's not their faults. Bo says their kids are safe and alive. Hope says for how long? Hope says she told Shawn about the baby. Hope says Shawn knew, he just didn't believe it. Hope thinks they need to protect the baby from Willow. Bo won't believe it is Shawn's until they get a DNA test. Hope says she doesn't want to believe it, but she won't leave their possible grandchild in Willow's hands. Hope thinks Willow may have a maternal bone, she only took enough money for her prenatal care. Bo thinks that just means Phillip is paying her other bills. Hope says she paid for her brother's college. Bo says with Phillip's money. Hope says she showed some heart. Hope wants to talk to Willow about the baby. Bo says like giving it to them? Hope says that is a great idea. Bo says good luck with that. Hope asks Bo how he'd feel about that. Bo thinks he doesn't have much choice. He does say she's in jail for a reason, she's dangerous. Hope says so is she.

On the island, Shawn tells Belle they need to get out of here. She thinks Gabby can help them hide again, but Shawn says Phillip knows for sure they are here. Belle thinks they need to make a stand, they should stay and fight. Belle says she is afraid, they could end up someplace without a doctor for Claire. She just doesn't want to be on the run forever. Shawn says they won't. He's going to go ask Duck and Gabby if anyone is leaving so they can hitch a ride. She says make sure they have a life jacket for Claire. Shawn says for the first time he thinks things are as they are meant to be. He says they will fight Phillip and win. They tell one another they love each other. Shawn kisses her and heads off.

At the hotel, Celeste shows up to see Sami. Sami says Lucas is waiting for her at Chez Rouge, she had to get rid of something. Sami shows Celeste the gas can. She says it's a calling card from EJ, he is still alive and coming to get her! Celeste says EJ was trapped, how could he survive. Sami says there was no body found, EJ didn't die. Sami says too bad her tarot cards didn't tell her that, EJ is un-killable. Sami says EJ knows she left him there to die, he's sending her a message. She wonders why she listened to Celeste. Sami says next EJ will rid the world of her. Celeste says she should have lit that match when she had the chance. Sami says she did not invite her hear for her to say I told you so! Sami feels Celeste owes her some help here. Celeste doesn't know what she can do. Sami says she has an in with the DiMeras. Celeste doesn't consider them family. She begs Celeste to talk to EJ. Celeste says what she would say to him? Sami says tell him that she couldn't do it, that has to count for something. Sami also says she'll do anything to get EJ to leave her alone. Celeste says Sami doesn't know what she's saying. Celeste says EJ made it clear, he'd never leave her alone. Sami begs Celeste, she says she is her only hope. Celeste says she wishes she could help, but even if she could find Elvis, he wouldn't see her. Sami says well does she want her to end up like Lexie, was that her plan all along? Celeste says no, she will do what she can. Sami thanks her. Sami says she needs to go, she'll get rid of the can. Celeste warns her she's not her last chance, she has an alternative. Celeste tells her to tell Lucas the truth. Celeste says Lucas loves her, he will understand, he should be grateful for what she did. Sami says Lucas would walk out on her and she wouldn't blame him for it. Sami says if she's lucky EJ will kill her and put her out of her misery. Celeste says she is expecting a child. Sami says one she may never live to see. Sami says she has to go and leaves. After Sami is gone, Celeste makes a call . . . . She says she needs to see them right away. 

Lucas is at Chez Rouge and on the phone with Sami. Sami is on her way, Lucas promises he won't be making any decisions without her. Lucas says he loves her so much! Kate then shows up, she tells Lucas she needs his help. She says Mythic is going down the drain! Lucas won't talk about this now, but she says they stand to lose everything. Kate talks about how EJ didn't leave out town, his car was found by that cabin that was on fire. She says the office is in chaos and the board needs answers, EJ briefed him on some projects and no one else. Lucas doesn't have time for this, he has an important meeting with a wedding planner. She says he won't have a wedding if Mythic goes under. Lucas could care less, he never wanted to work there. Kate says she put everything she had into this company for her family. He says she'll be fine, she always has been. Kate says her last job while unemployed was working at a diner. She also reminds him his employment record isn't that good. Lucas feels her visit isn't about business, it's about Sami as always. She says this is not about Sami. Lucas asks what he wants her to do, find EJ? Kate thinks Sami might now where EJ is. Lucas says she doesn't know where he is. Kate asks if he's sure? She thinks deep down he doesn't trust Sami.

Billie shows up at Chez Rouge and goes to her mom. She throws what is left of her security system to her mom. She says Phillip installed this at Bo and Hope's without their permission. She demands to know where Phillip is. Kate says she doesn't know where Phillip is, he is a grown-up and does what he wants. Lucas says none of her kids are grown up thanks to her. Lucas asks Billie what is going on. Billie feels Phillip spied on Bo and Hope to find Shawn and Belle and went after them. Kate says so what, Claire is Phillip's daughter. Billie says Phillip used her! They all begin arguing, Kate feels if they always took her advice they wouldn't be in these predicaments. Lucas says and because of her they are all so happy. Lucas tells Billie how Kate was trying to use him to find out where EJ is, through Sami. Lucas and Kate both lay into Kate, telling her both EJ and Phillip have used her. hey tell her she can't ever admit when she is wrong. Billie says she's a great example, no wonder they are screwed up. Kate says she had nothing to do with Phillip's plan, and if Bo is angry with her then maybe she should get over Bo. Kate says with Billie it is always over a man. Billie says she's upset because of her and if Bo loses his grandchild . . . Kate says Claire is her grandchild too! Billie is upset because her mother betrayed her. Kate says she didn't betray her and Billie doesn't have to leave Mythic. Billie feels she does. She says she will keep her investment money though, she earned it! Billie leaves, Lucas tells his mom not to expect many presents for mother's day. Kate asks how this is his fault? Lucas says she did make Phillip believe Claire was his. Kate says she didn't make Belle marry Phillip and treat him like garbage.

Sami shows up, she and Lucas kiss. Kate rolls her eyes. She demands Sami tell them where EJ is. Lucas says ignore her. Kate knows she was at the cabin with EJ. Sami says she was with Lucas at the hotel, Kate was there. Kate knows something was going on. Lucas says yeah, two people were having a romantic evening till she showed up. Kate knows EJ was eloping with Sami, she heard someone say Sami's name on that phone after a struggle. Lucas tells his mom she is obsessed with this. Kate says Lucas was out cold, for who knows how many hours. Kate realize Sami drugged him, that is her MO. Sami says she's going to be sick and runs off. Lucas says he's had it, get the hell out of here. Kate says she'll go, but deep down Lucas knows she's right. She warns Lucas he will end up with a knife in his back.

Sami heads into the rest room. She's in tears. She throws water on her face. She heads thumping in one of the stalls. She opens it up, inside is EJ! He's unconscious, leaning against the wall and is all covered in ash. Sami begins screaming. Back the the restaurant, Lucas hears her screaming.


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