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1st Week of August 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


July 30, 2007
Chelsea is at the pub and is remembering being in the hot tub with Jett and talking about their kiss, how it was nothing. She also remembers falling into his arms and being caught by Nick. Later Jett comes into the pub with Danielle! Chelsea left the room at this point. They talk about how this is frustrating, too many people are involved and he doesn't know who to trust. Danielle says he has to be careful. She says if anyone finds out. Jett says no one will, he's in way too deep to blow it. Danielle thinks she was the one who blew it letting Chelsea hear her on the phone with Mark. Jett says he covered it, but Danielle says she thinks their engagement is history. What if Chelsea sees them together here? Jett thinks Chelsea is off licking her wounds after another breakup with Nick. She asks if he'll still use her? He doesn't know. Danielle gets a call, so she leaves to take it. Chelsea returns and runs into Jett. She says she was just thinking about him. Meanwhile, Danielle, on the phone, says they are handling it. Back to Jett and Chelsea, Chelsea apologizes to Jett for taking out her frustrations on him. She also says she's been thinking a lot about their conversation in the hot tub. Chelsea says she thinks she and Nick were over way before Nick showed up, she never realized it. She says that's why she agreed that their almost kiss wasn't a big deal. She says the truth is . . . Jett tells Chelsea that he doesn't mean to be rude, but he can't do this now. Chelsea says she's sorry, she didn't mean to intrude. He says he didn't mean to put her off, he just has a lot on his plate now. He does want to talk about this later. He says he'll call her. She says okay. Suddenly Danielle walks in, Chelsea sees her. She says she's such an idiot. Jett says it's not what she's thinking, but Chelsea says that is what they all say. Danielle says she and Jett are just friends. Chelsea says after what she did to him? She asks what is really going on and how kinky is it? They say they are just friends, Danielle is married and Jett knows her husband. Chelsea says so they were never engaged? This was one big lie? Danielle tells Jett they have to tell her. Chelsea says no they don't, she could care less. Chelsea storms out. Danielle tells Jett that he has to tell her and at this point, she deserves to know. 

In Vegas, Nick wakes up on the floor of his hotel room. We see a woman's bra and other clothes all over the room. Nick wonders where the hell he is? Nick finds fifty grand in his pockets, which he realizes he won. Nick then opens the door to the suite and Max falls in on him, he's been beaten up. Later Nick is cleaning Max's head wounds. He asks what happened? Max says he went for a drink when two guys showed up, took him away at gunpoint and beat the crap out of him. He says he guesses he pissed off the wrong people. Nick says they should call the cops and get him to the ER. Max says no. Max wants to find out what is going. He tells Nick about his side business with Jeremy, how it is slightly illegal, knock off designer clothes. He says it seems there is more going on, Jeremy works with this guy Rawlings, he thinks the guys who beat him up work for him. Nick says the name sounds familiar. He asks what Jeremy would be doing with these people? Max doesn't know, this girl Ilsa is involved too. Nick thinks it's drugs, the Russian mafia. Max says whatever it is, he will find out what is going on and and see Jeremy gets what is coming to him. Nick thinks it has to be drugs, but Max doesn't understand why Isla was involved and why she's afraid of Jeremy. Max says if Jeremy is using him and his money to do something illegal, he won't back down. Max then asks where everyone is? Nick says they probably went back to Salem. Max says nice of them to leave them here! Nick asks if Jett is involved with this? Max wouldn't put it passed him. Why is Nick interested in Jett? Nick says he and Chelsea had a fight about Jett. Max asks if that is why he followed her to Vegas? Nick says possibly. He says the last 24 hours are a blur. He remembers being on the beach, somehow he ended up at Sami and Lucas' and there was a bomb. He says the next thing he knows, he's on a plane to Vegas. Max thinks Nick is the one who needs a doctor. Nick says he has to find Chelsea and fix this. Nick wishes he could do this day over again. Max says too bad chicks don't all have twins, if you mess up with the first one you can get it right with the second one. Nick suddenly remembers what he went to see Sami and Lucas about, the call about the paternity test. Nick says EJ isn't the father of the twins. Max is confused. Nick says he can't explain it, but he has to go to Salem and tell Sami the truth. 

Back in Salem, Bo and Lexie go to the pier. They wait for Andre to show up. Lexie asks if he'll really show? Bo says the good puppet will do as the master asks. Lexie is worried Andre may know it's a setup. Bo says John took precautions, and Stefano is pretty much out of communications up in that plane. Lexie hopes Sami will be okay, she wants to help end this and nab Andre. Bo tells Lexie he won't let anything happen to her, Abe would kick his butt. Lexie says don't count on it. Bo says Abe loves her. Bo, along with other cops, hide on the pier. Lexie waits for Andre to arrive. Andre soon shows up. He says he got Stefano's message. Lexie thanks him for meeting her. Andre asks what all this cloak and dagger is? Lexie says Stefano didn't trust using the phone on the jet, he felt they should talk. Tony asks what she's looking for? She's acting like she's expecting someone. What is going on? Is she setting him up? She says no. She says there is something Stefano wanted to tell him. He says he doesn't believe her. Bo and the cops show up guns drawn. Bo says he's being arrested. Andre asks why? He's done nothing. Bo tells Lexie that Abe will be proud of him. Bo tells Andre he's going away for good this time. Andre says he's Tony! Lexie says he's Andre, he threatened her. Tony says no, he was afraid she was setting him up for Stefano and Andre. Bo asks why she'd work for the DiMeras after what they did to her? Tony says he was on an island for twenty years, how was he to know? He says all he knows is she once did do Stefano's dirty work. Bo and Lexie don't believe that Tony is Tony. Tony asks how he can convince them. Bo says the invitation was sent to Andre. Tony says Andre forwarded it to him. Tony says Andre is setting him up to go to jail so he remains free. Bo says he won't fall for this. Tony tells Bo they used to be friends. He tells Bo about how he took him to the opera once, Bo complained and went straight to the bar after the first act. Bo thinks Andre could have found that out. Bo says they'll straighten this out at the station. The cops drag Tony off. Lexie asks Bo if it is possible? Bo says nobody else could know about the opera ordeal. Lexie asks where Andre is then? Bo says he'll have someone drive her home. She wants to find out who they arrested, but she eventually agrees to go home, she just hopes they caught the right DiMera. Bo says he'll give Roman a call to warn him about this. 

Roman is at the station with Lucas and EJ. Lucas tells Roman they have to do something. Stefano says they are trying to get radio contact and talk to Stefano to get through to him, it's all they can do. On the plane, Stefano looks at Sami, who is still unconscious. Stefano tells Rolf that his life is in his hands, don't mess it up. A pilot says air traffic control has an emergency call for him. Stefano says put it on the intercom, make it quick. Roman talks to Stefano. Roman says they know where he is and what he's doing, if he hurts Sami then he won't live to see tomorrow! Stefano says his threat left him speechless. Roman says it is a promise, hurt Sami and he will kill him. Stefano claims he's on a way to see a specialist, he's sick. Roman knows, he's planning to take the stem cells to save his life. Stefano says on an airplane? He was going to sit down and watch a movie, The Departed. Lucas screams to Stefano that he's a liar, if he hurts Sami or the babies then he'll find him and strangle him with his bare hands! Stefano laughs at this. Stefano says he has to go now, but EJ says no! Stefano shakes his head and says why is he not surprised. EJ says if his father cares anything for him at all, don't harm Sami or the babies. He asks why he should care for a son who stands with his enemies? 

Back at the station, Tony shows up as EJ is begging Stefano to think about Sami, she's carrying his grandchildren. Stefano says yes, the spawn of a treacherous son. Stefano wonders why his children always betray him. EJ says he would never betray him, he raised him and loved him and protected him. EJ says that is what he wants to do for his children, Stefano must understand that. He says these children are his heirs, the future DiMeras he wanted. Stefano says he does not want to die, and if they are like their father then they aren't true DiMeras, which means they aren't his grandchildren. EJ tells Stefano if he harms Sami or the children then he won't see the end of the week, the last face he'll see will be his! Stefano can't believe what he's hearing. EJ says he thought Stefano cared about his children, all he cares about himself. Stefano says his first son ended up a disappointment, he thought EJ was different. Stefano says EJ is no different than Tony, no he's worse as he had potential. Stefano says EJ turned on his family for a Brady. Lucas says his wife wants nothing to do with EJ. Stefano says wake up and smell the coffee, Sami won't be his wife much longer. Stefano says Elvis wants Sami and Elvis will do whatever he has to in order to get what he wants. EJ tells Stefano this isn't about Lucas, it is about them and his grandchildren. He says they haven't been born yet, they can't have wronged him or disappointed him. Stefano says he's thankful his father is not alive to see what EJ has become. Stefano has to go. Tony says not yet, he's here too. Tony tells Stefano that he'll assist the police and EJ in bringing him down. Stefano calls him a failure too, but he has to go. He says this has been fun, later they can all get together when he feels like a new man. Stefano then hangs up on them. Roman says they did all they could. Lucas doesn't think they did enough. Lucas has to call Marlena and the others. EJ says he'll give Lucas a ride, reminding him that Lucas came with him. EJ and Lucas then leave.

Tony talks to Roman. He promises to do what he has to in order to see Stefano gets what he deserves. Roman is told Bo is calling. Roman hopes maybe Bo has Andre in custody and he can sell Stefano out. Tony says don't bank on it, Andre is loyal and would never turn on Stefano. Roman talks to Bo as Andre pulls out a knife! Roman asks Bo what is up? Bo says they arrested a DiMera, but he doesn't know which one. He says they may have arrested Tony. Roman says he'll see what he can find out. Roman looks at Andre and calls him Andre. Andre then stabs Roman! Bo is still on the phone saying Roman? Roman? Meanwhile the cops arrive with the real Tony in cuffs. A cop goes to tell Roman, only to find him on the ground. Tony sees Roman has been stabbed. He says he's still alive. Tony asks Roman if he can hear him. Roman says damn you Andre. Tony says it's Tony, hang in there, help is on the way. Roman says he has to stop Andre. Meanwhile Bo is on the docks still and learns Roman was stabbed.

On the plane, Stefano says he's ready. He just hopes this will be worth it. Rolf says this will save his life. Suddenly Bart runs in saying don't do it! He went over Sami's medical records. Stefano says get to the point. Bart says they aren't a match, EJ isn't the father! Rolf looks at the chart, Rolf says he's right. The bloodwork shows there is a different father. Rolf says the stem cells will not save Stefano. Stefano asks how this happened! Stefano says Sami had an amnio and a DNA test. Rolf says he doesn't know. Rolf says this DNA test tells a different story. Rolf says there is no mistake. Bart tells Stefano how sorry they are. Bart asks what they do about Sami?

Lucas is at the pub on the phone talking to Marlena about Sami. EJ sits with Lucas and says it will be okay, they will find her. Lucas gets another call. Sami is in a hotel room still in her hospital gown. She says she's in a motel, she just woke up. She says her head hurts and she feels funny. She asks Lucas to come get her. Lucas asks where she is? Outside the pub, Andre is spying. 


July 31, 2007
At the station, news stations are reporting about Roman's stabbing. Bo is besieged by reporters. The paramedics show up to get Roman to the hospital. They say he's losing a lot of blood, they have to roll. Bo helps plow the way through all the reporters to get Roman out.

Chelsea goes to the docks and is upset. She says she hates Jett, she hates Nick, but most of all she hates herself. Jett soon shows up to talk to Chelsea. She says he followed her, he shouldn't have. Jett wants to explain, but she thinks she gets it. She says Jett's turn-ons  include long walks on the beach, ice cold beer, going after women already spoken for. Jett says she has him all wrong. Chelsea says she gets it, she's the most clueless girl in the world. She says he can go. Jett says he's not saying that at all and he respects her. She says he lied to her, is he going to lie to her some more? She says he pretended to be so devastated about Danielle that he came onto her, knowing she had a boyfriend. She says forgive her if she doesn't want to hear another one of his lame excuses. He says she's right, and the whole thing was a set up, Danielle was in on it. He asks if that is enough truth for her? Chelsea says she told him about Danielle because she thought he was her friend and she didn't want to see him get hurt, but he bit her head off. Jett says he knows. He tells her that he needed some kind of firewall between them. She says she was with Nick though. He says that connection wasn't very strong as far as he could see. She says so what, he brought his friend's wife to Salem to fool her? He says he was looking out for her. She doesn't believe him and tells him that he needs to be a man and not a jerk. She says she used to think Jeremy was the biggest jerk she met and she never understood why he wanted share the same space with him, but now the mystery has been solved. Jett says he knows what he did wasn't fair, he had no choice. She says they all have choices. He says let him explain. He says he's in deep and he was looking to protect her. She says he lied and led her on. Jett says he's not the man she thinks he is. She says he's not, he is just like Jeremy. Jett says wrong, Jeremy Horton is a criminal and he's ISA, undercover to bring him down. Jett then flashes his badge to Chelsea! She asks if this is real? He says she can call his boss if she likes. He says he wanted to tell her from the start, but he's undercover. He says he's here to do a job, to nail Jeremy and the people he works for. She says so he's just been pretending to be her friend. Their talks, the near kiss, was that an act too? He says it wasn't a lie. He says he was attracted to her, so that is why Danielle was brought in, to try and cool things down. She asks why Danielle had to be dragged in further? Danielle shows up, she says she's working this case too. Danielle tells Chelsea that Jett thinks highly of her, she's never known Jett to go so far to protect someone. She tells Chelsea that Jett is a good man. She then leaves. Chelsea can't believe this. She says nobody will believe this. Jett says she can't tell anyone about this, especially Stephanie. Chelsea asks what Jeremy has done? HE doesn't know yet. Chelsea says Jett has to get him out of their lives. Jett says he and Jeremy were in the air force together, but he lost touch with him afterwards. He became a cop, and a file came up that had Jeremy all over it. He got involved and reconnected with Jeremy as part of the case. They suspect Jeremy is smuggling something. They also suspect Stephanie may know more than she's letting on. She asks what about Max? Jett says Max is cool, Jeremy's kept him in the dark. Jett asks Chelsea to watch Stephanie and see what she knows. Chelsea says this is her best friend he's asking her to do this too. Jett says he knows. 

At the pub, Kayla and Steve are waiting for Stephanie and Jeremy to show up. Kayla is trying to keep Steve in line and make him be good, he promised to be on his best behavior. She wants him to play nice. Steve says he can, but he got Bo to run a background check on Jeremy. Kayla can't believe him, but he says Bo was happy to do it after Max's involvement with Jeremy. Steve says if this dude's jacket turns up clean, then he'll back off. Steve says he missed a lot of Stephanie growing up, he wasn't around when she started dating. He says this is new to him, he knows he can't ground her or lock her in her room, but he wants to keep her safe. Kayla says he's so funny, he talks about all the time he missed with Stephanie and here she is giving him a second chance to raise a child, but he's not taking it. They continue talking about the idea, Steve tells her she's really laying it on. They soon end up kissing one another.

Eventually Jeremy and Stephanie soon show up to join them. Steve asks Jeremy how that business of his is going? Jeremy says they are up and running. Steve asks if it is running a profit? Stephanie says everything he touches turns to gold. She shows her parents the necklace he got her. Jeremy says profits are up 20%. He says they owe a lot to Stephanie, she really gets the passengers, she clicks with them. Steve talks about how it seems like all they are doing is partying. Jeremy says nothing wrong with that, Steve must have partied a lot when he was their age. Jeremy says they are looking toward the future though, he wants to offer Stephanie the future she deserves. Kayla says it sounds like he's planned things out. Steve says a business if run right is a good reward. Steve says a man's character is just as important too. Jeremy admits he's only human, he's scored as many errors as he has hits. He says Stephanie however always reminds him of the man he wants to be, that is one of the reasons he loves her so much. 

Later Bo shows up to see Steve. He tells Steve outside what happened with Roman, they need to get the family to the hospital. Steve says he'll break it to Kayla and Stephanie. He also gives Steve a file on Jeremy saying it's not pretty. Bo can't believe this guy is a Horton. Steve says there can be bad Hortons, a name is just a name. He says look at Benji, he's a good DiMera. Steve asks how bad is it? Bo says look for himself. Bo says Jeremy pretends to be a happy go lucky thrill seeker, but in reality he's nothing but trouble.

Back inside, Jeremy is still talking to Kayla about the business and being a pilot. He's completely sweet talking Kayla, but it seems she's not buying his act either. She's also a bit uncomfortable when Jeremy and Stephanie make out in front of her. Kayla soon comes out to check on Steve. Bo tells her about Roman. Bo takes Kayla to the hospital, while Steve goes back in to tell Stephanie. He sees her sitting at the booth making out with Jeremy and isn't happy. He returns to the booth and says he has some bad news. He says Roman was hurt tonight, Kayla went to the hospital with Bo. Stephanie wants to go too. Steve says no, her mom wants her to stay here until Kayla knows more. Jeremy asks if there is anything he can do? Steve says yeah, tell him about his arrest records, his convictions and his time in jail. Steve slams the file Bo gave him down on the table. 

At Sami and Lucas', Sami is home and on the couch. Lucas is taking care of her. EJ is there. Lucas asks what she remembers? All she remembers is EJ opening the briefcase that knocked them out. Lucas says when they came to, she was gone. They know Stefano took her. EJ says something doesn't make sense, why would Stefano kidnap Sami for the stem cells but then dump her? Sami can't stop thinking about that either. She wishes her dad would call and explain what is going on. Lucas says maybe his horoscope was off today or something, he doesn't care, but he's glad Stefano is running out of time. Sami and EJ both think something more is going on, why didn't Stefano take the stem cells. EJ thinks maybe Stefano had a change of heart. Lucas says you have to have a heart first! EJ says his father is a very compassionate man. Lucas says Stefano is pure evil, there are no shades of grey here. EJ asks why he released Sami then? Lucas doesn't know, but he doesn't think Stefano found his soul, he already exchanged it long ago and there are no refunds for that. 

Nick finally shows up, saying he has to talk to them. They ask how his head is? He says he was out of it for awhile, but he's back and that is why he's here. Nick remembered why he came here the day of the bomb. He says it's about Sami's babies. They ask if something is wrong with the babies? He says no. He says he came here to tell them the truth. He says he messed up. Suddenly Kate shows up claiming she just heard Sami ran away with EJ? Sami says no she was kidnapped by Stefano. Lucas says they let her go for some reason. Lucas tells Kate he'd appreciate if she would show some respect for Sami, who has had a trying day. Kate says she's glad Sami is safe. She asks why Nick is here? Lucas says to talk to them about the amnio. Kate is sure this little lab rat has nothing to say, does he? Sami can't believe Kate. Kate says Sami is home now and whatever Nick has to say, it can wait. Sami wants to hear it. Kate tells Nick not to say anything that would be a mistake. Sami thinks Kate knows something, what is going on. She asks if something is wrong with the babies? Nick says no. He tells them all that these babies are Lucas', they are not EJs. They ask if he's sure, Nick is. Lucas and Sami are thrilled. EJ asks why they should believe this? Kate says everyone, including Sami, knows these kind of tests can be falsified. Nick says the tests are accurate, he screwed up the original tests. Sami asks how he messed up? Nick says he was under pressure to get the results in fast, he got careless. He says he ordered a new report. He gives them the report, it's all there. Sami and Lucas look at it and are overjoyed. Lucas starts saying Whose your daddy! to Sami's stomach. Lucas asks Nick how he could do this to them? Sami says smart guys don't make mistakes, unless he was under pressure from someone . . . . they both look at Kate! They think Nick was blackmailed. Nick claims nobody pressured him, it was his mistake. EJ says this mistake will affect them all. Nick says he was careless, he takes full responsibility even if he loses his job. Kate says he won't, she'll talk to his supervisor. Nick says please don't do that, he will deal with it. Nick says he feels bad about this. Nick says he's going to go, but Sami doesn't believe him. Sami wants him to tell her to her face that Kate or EJ or both of them didn't have something to do with this. Nick says if she needs someone to blame, blame him. He then leaves. Kate says she'll go check on him and leaves. Sami thinks EJ is in on this too. EJ says nothing could be further from the truth. Lucas gets a call as Sami is telling EJ that she's sick of being messed with. She says enough of this. Lucas tells Sami that her mom just called, Andre stabbed her father tonight. Sami says she has to get to the hospital. EJ asks how this happened. Sami says why is he even here still? She says he has no power over this situation anymore. She says Stefano let her go because these twins aren't his. She says there is no reason for him to be in her life anymore. She tells EJ he is totally irrelevant! She then storms off to her room. Lucas shows EJ the door, saying he's out of their lives for good. Sami returns. She says she wants to be happy about their kids now, but she can't, she's so worried. She's dressed to get to the hospital for her dad.


August 1, 2007
At the pub, Stephanie asks what this is? Steve has thrown a file down on the table. Steve says a background check. Stephanie can't believe this, how could he do this? Jeremy says he can explain sir, but Steve says cut the sir crap. Steve says pick a category, theft, identity theft, fraud. She still can't believe her dad did this. Steve tells Stephanie to do herself a favor and throw him out with the trash. Jeremy says he has turned his life around. Steve asks if he didn't think he and her mom wouldn't be interested in this? What about Bo and Hope, he lives with them. Jeremy says he wanted Bo and Hope to get to know him first. Steve says didn't Stephanie have a right to know? Stephanie says she did know, she's sure there is nothing in that report that Jeremy hasn't told her. Steve thinks she's just covering for him. He warns Jeremy if he ever hurts Stephanie that a trip to jail will look like paradise. Jeremy decides to leave them so they can talk, he tells Stephanie that he loves her. Jeremy goes, trying to shake Steve's hand, but Steve doesn't. 

Stephanie is upset she wouldn't shake Jeremy's hand. Steve tells Stephanie that was an act. Stephanie says he's a hypocrite, he has a past as well. She also tells her dad that Jeremy committed white color crimes whereas her dad stole John's kidney and held a knife on uncle Bo. He says he's been forgiven for a lot more than he'd care to be, but his brain was rewired when he did those things, he did not have a choice. Stephanie says and Jeremy was younger. Steve still wants her to dump him, but she won't. She says it was wrong for Steve to investigate him and he hasn't given him a shot, he hasn't liked him since day one. Steve admits he's done things that make Jeremy look like a saint, but there is what a man does and how he feels about what he does. He says Jeremy looks like he's happy with his life. She says he's paid his dues. They continue to argue, Steve tells her that he knows if she stays with Jeremy then he will only hurt her. Stephanie tells her dad that he and Jeremy have a lot more in common than he thinks. She says every guy in this family either dodges bullets for a living or is out to get someone or someone is out to get them. She says he and the Bradys are so far from perfect. Steve says he doesn't want to be perfect. Stephanie says she doubts Grandma and Grandpa were jumping up and down when mom brought him home. He says no, they were wondering where she found a bum like him. Stephanie says he's not a bum and neither is Jeremy. She says mom always said you can't judge a person as you never know what good lies underneath. She says she remembers when she saw him in that mental hospital, he said awful things to her. She says she wanted to hate him, but she saw the good in him. She says there is good in Jeremy too, so cut them a break. She says Jeremy was young, bored and spoiled, that is why he did those things. Steve still thinks he is one and he can't accept Jeremy. Stephanie says everyone in this family accepted him back. Steve says there is one charge on the rap sheet he's a bit hung up on, it's a fraud charge. It seems Jeremy set up a scam, a bogus charity, to get money for kids with cancer. He says he stole in the name of sick kids. Jeremy went to people, some with sick kids of their own, and he stole from them. He says that money went to a high end condo and a sports car. Stephanie says he's not that same guy, the guy she loves. Steve says he's worried about her. He says Jeremy doesn't come off looking like a guy wanting a second chance, he comes off looking like a guy who thinks he won't get caught again. Steve begs her to walk away, but she won't. Stephanie says she has to walk away from him instead, which is what she does. 

On the pier, Chelsea tells Jett that she's not a snitch. He knows she's tight with her and he hates asking her to do this. Chelsea says he loves it, it's his job. Jett says he does, he helps innocent people. Jett says they don't know who Jeremy works for, but it's not good. She says great, so she'll be on their hit list too? He says no, he'll look after her. Chelsea says great so he'll be the one to hurt her. Jett says sometimes his job gets in the way of other things. He says they were cool before she knew about all this. He says fine, whatever, he will let her off the hook. He says he'll take Jeremy down and Stephanie will go down with him, even if she doesn't know what is going on. HE says guys do this to girls all the time, the girls end up doing life because their man set them up. He asks her to just get Stephanie to talk. Chelsea hates this. He knows, and he wouldn't ask her to do this if he had other options. She says so she either helps him or Stephanie gets hurt. She agrees to help him, but she says she is quitting Touch the Sky. She won't work for him or her dirty partner anymore. He says she can't quit, Jeremy will see through it in a second. Chelsea says she hates that she feels like he's using her the same way Jeremy uses Stephanie. Jett thinks it's not the same, but Chelsea is having a hard time seeing the difference. 

Chelsea calls Stephanie, who is in tears. Stephanie says she needs a friend right now, where is she? Chelsea says the pier. Stephanie says she'll be there. Chelsea asks if Jeremy is with her? Stephanie says no, Jeremy is the problem. Chelsea tells Jett, Jett says don't tell her that she knows Jeremy is dirty, don't give anything away. Jett says after this is over they can finally talk about the two of them. Chelsea says there is no us and never was. She says she's just his informant, she doesn't get paid or perks. She says after they nail Jeremy she never wants to see him again. Jett then leaves. 

Stephanie arrives to meet Chelsea. Chelsea talks about how she hates her dad right now. She tells Chelsea what happened and how Jeremy has a record. Stephanie says it was all petty stuff, Jeremy told her and she knew about it. Chelsea asks what she'll do about her dad? Stephanie says she's moving out. Chelsea asks if she can afford it? Stephanie says she'll swing it. Chelsea says if she needs anything at all, she's on her side. Stephanie says she knows. Stephanie then leaves. Chelsea then calls Nick. She asks how much he hates her? She says she needs help and didn't know who else to call. Nick says he'll meet her. 

At the hospital, Kate shows up and Nick says she's late (this is before Chelsea's call to him). Kate didn't know she was on the clock. Nick tells her to shut up. He says she can't get to him anymore. He says he just got fired, he just admitted everything. He says he hasn't told anyone else she is the one that blackmailed him though. She asks what he wants? He wants her to do what he wants and her secret will stay safe. She says wow, the mouse has turned on the cat it seems. Kate offers to get him a job or Chelsea back, but Nick says no. Nick does what something from her. He gives her a box and says give this to Chelsea, say it's a gift from her. It's the 50,000 dollars he won in Vegas. She asks how he got this, is it legal? Nick says yes it's legal and he won't tell her. He says just deposit it, write a check and give it to her. Nick says that's it. She demands to know where the money came from. He says he won it playing blackjack. He wants Chelsea to have the money for college. Kate says this is a lot of money, and gifts like this are never that simple. He tells her to just do it. She asks what is he getting out of all of this? Nick says something Kate won't understand, peace of mind. He says it's something he hasn't felt in a long time. She says do it himself, so he threatens to tell Lucas. Nick goes to call him, so Kate says she'll do it. 

Sami and Belle are with Roman in his hospital room. Sami thinks this is her fault for wanting to end this vendetta. She says she has to stop Stefano. Belle says not to go there, but Sami says they have to. She says her dad is the last Brady that the DiMeras will ever hurt. Sami tells Belle about the babies, and how now Stefano will just want to kill them too. Sami says they have to stop them before they hurt anyone else they love. Belle tells Sami that she can't go after the DiMeras alone. Sami says she's not afraid. She says fear is killing them, they have to go on the offense. She says they have to strike before they do. Marlena shows up, she has good news. Roman is being upgraded from critical to stable. Sami asks if the guard outside is still working hard? Marlena says John has ordered around the clock protection. Sami says it won't stop Stefano from getting to him. Sami says it's time to hurt them. She says the only way they'll get through this is to pick off the DiMeras one by one, starting with Stefano. Marlena tells her she cannot do this. Lucas shows up and finds out what is going on. Lucas tries to keep Sami calm. Sami says she is calm, she's happy that she's survived and her dad will be okay. However she has to protect her children and the best way to do that is to kill Stefano DiMera. Lucas says relax, she's not killing anyone. Marlena and Belle decide to leave them to talk.

Marlena and Belle get some coffee. Belle asks her mom if Sami will actually go after Stefano? Marlena says that is hard to say, but she's in such a state that she didn't notice her engagement ring. Belle didn't want to show Sami with Roman's condition, but Marlena thinks it will be good news they can use. She says they can even have a party. She says she doesn't want a party, they are keeping things simple right now. Marlena asks if there is a problem between her and Shawn? Her mom radar is going off. She says if Belle is concerned about getting married, this is the time to say something. Belle says she's not having second thoughts, but things are tough. She says things are tight, they have a baby, no place to live and Shawn is happy working at the garage. She says money is really tight. Belle says she wants a place of her own and Phillip tried to help them, but Shawn wouldn't take the job. Marlena asks what she's doing to help? Belle says taking care of Claire. Marlena says she can work too. Marlnea tells Belle to make a plan, pitch in and help get her family where she wants them to be. Belle says point taken. They have a hug and Belle heads off.

Meanwhile, Sami tells Lucas they all want the DiMeras dead, but Lucas says no they want peace. She says they'll have peace when they are dead. Lucas says Billie's installing a new security system, but Sami won't be a prisoner in their place. She says they can either fight or hide, she wants to fight. Sami says things have to change. Lucas says things are, her dad is getting better and her babies aren't DiMeras. Lucas says today they win. Lucas wants her to relax. She says she's trying, she just hates them, she hates EJ and their whole family. Lucas says they hate them too, because the Bradys never surrender. Suddenly Roman's machines begin beeping. Lucas runs to get a nurse. 

The doctor and nurses are working to save Roman as MArlena, Lucas and Sami watch. Sami is in tears. The doctor says something is wrong with his heart. Marlena explains to Sami that he has fluid around his heart which needs to be drained. Sami thinks her dad is going to die.


August 2, 2007
At the pub, Jeremy shows up to see Stephanie. She says tried to convince her dad he deserves a second chance, but he wouldn't listen. Jeremy says he's always had it in for him. Stephanie says she's had it and is moving out. Jeremy says it is time she got her own place. She has a better idea, she wants to move in with him. Jeremy thinks she's joking, but she is serious. He tells her there are a lot of great apartments she could rent. Stephanie thinks it is stupid to have two places, they'd save so much money if they shared a place. He tells her that he doesn't think living together is a good idea. He says he just moved out on his own. He also reminds Stephanie of their two friends Saddie and Ryan who moved in together, which was the end of them. He says he doesn't want to rush things. She says she doesn't care that he leaves dishes in the sink, she just doesn't want him bringing other women home. He thought they got over this. He also wonders if she's doing this to piss her dad off? She says no. He says if they do this, that will only make her dad angrier. She sees his point. Jeremy also says when they do move in together, he is hoping it will be as husband and wife. She asks if he is proposing? Jeremy says that isn't what he meant. She says oh . . . . He says don't be sad. He says they are too young to get hitched. He says she hasn't finished college, they have a good thing going here. Jeremy says they'll go look at places tomorrow. She says she can't afford rent and tuition. Jeremy says get a crib she likes, pay what she can, he'll cover the rest. He says they should hook up later and then leaves.

Stephanie makes a call to her aunt Adrienne. She says she has a problem and has to see her. Adrienne shows p to see her. Adrienne says it seems like it's been awhile since they saw her, she wants her to come over to the house for dinner, the boys miss her. She says she misses them too. Stephanie says this is why it would be great for her to say yes to her idea. Adrienne asks what she's saying yes to? Stephanie says moving in with her? Stephanie says it would only be temporary, she'll buy her own food, she'll even sit for her. Adrienne asks what is wrong with her parents place? Stephanie says it's been a hard year for her mom and dad, she thinks they need the place to themselves. Adrienne asks why she really wants to move out? Adrienne says she'd love to have her around, but she'd have to talk to her parents about this first. Stephanie begs her not to call her dad. Adrienne asks why not? Stephanie says they got into a fight, she can't deal with him right now. Adrienne guesses it was about Jeremy. Stephanie says dad hates him, he ordered her to stop seeing Jeremy. Adrienne says she thought Steve was cutting him slack, did something happen? Stephanie says Jeremy has a record and dad found out. She says it is minor stuff, he was young. Stephanie says he bounced some checks, set up a fake charity, stole a car for a joy ride. Adrienne can't believe this. Stephanie says her dad wasn't Gandhi. Adrienne says no, but Steve grew up in chaos and turned his life around. Adrienne says Jeremy has had two loving parents and his needs always met, so don't compare them. Stephanie just wishes someone would cut Jeremy a break. Adrienne says what about her dad? She says her dad missed out on her whole life, he's trying to make up for it. Stephanie says by forbidding her to see her boyfriend? Adrienne says when she's a parent, she'll understand. Stephanie thinks she'll listen to her kids when she's a parent. Adrienne thinks Stephanie has an answer for everything. Adrienne says she can live with her, but they have to share a bowl of popcorn and a movie one night a week. Adrienne says she'll be like the daughter she never had. Stephanie asks Adrienne if she'll be there for her when she moves out of her parents? Adrienne hopes she doesn't regret this. She thinks she better go tell Justin about this before Stephanie just shows up with her suitcases. 

Nick meets Chelsea on the pier. She thanks him for coming, though she thought he'd be on his honeymoon with that slut he met in Vegas. Nick says that is all still a blur, but as far as he knows he is still single. She says she'd hate for him to make the same mistakes she did. He asks what she did? She says she trusted Jett Carver. Nick asks what Jett did? She says he's lying to her and everyone else. She tells Nick the truth about Jett, he's ISA. Nick thought he was a pilot. She says no that was a cover. Nick asks what he's investigating? Chelsea says it is Jeremy. Nick asks what Jeremy is doing? Chelsea doesn't know. Nick thinks it must be pretty bad. Chelsea says the worst part is that Jett wants her to use Stephanie to find out what he's doing. Nick asks if she told him no? Chelsea says she couldn't as Jett said Stephanie would go down with Jeremy most likely. Chelsea doesn't think Stephanie is involved, but she thinks Jeremy would throw her under the bus to help himself. Chelsea doesn't know what to do, what if Jett is setting her up yet again. Chelsea asks what she should do? He says go with her gut. She says her gut has been wrong, she should have trusted Nick. Nick says he's lied to her too, but she thinks only to protect her. He says there were a lot of people he wasn't honest with, like Lucas and Sami. He tells her how the test results really came out and how he told them. She is glad. She asks about work and what his boss said. Nick says he was fired. Nick says maybe Maggie will hire him as a bartender and he can help her with the Stephanie thing. She says he doesn't have to, but he wants to. 

Jeremy shows up on the pier and runs into Nick and Chelsea. He asks if he interrupted something? Nick claims they were talking about earthquakes. Jeremy doesn't care. He says Jett said to meet her here and give Chelsea her paycheck, which he does. He also knows there have been rumors about him lately, Steph said she heard a doozie. He says they both know what Max told her. He says get her facts straight before running off to Stephanie. Chelsea says she was just trying to protect her, but Jeremy says that is what her boyfriend is for. He hopes they are cool and then walks off. Nick asks Chelsea to let him handle this. She asks what if he gets caught? He won't. She says he'd do this for her? He says he'd do anything for her, doesn't she know that by now? She says okay, but she hopes he's not going to pull anymore marrying stuff on her in the future. He says can he ask her for a cup of coffee? She says okay. They then head off. As they walk off, China Lee from Vegas shows up on the docks smoking a cigarette! 

Jeremy goes back to the pub. He learns Stephanie is moving in with Adrienne. He says cool. Adrienne asks Jeremy how his parents are? Jeremy guesses they are okay, he hasn't talked to them in awhile. Adrienne says they are good people, don't ever forget it. Adrienne then leaves. Jeremy says living with relatives can suck, is she down for this? Stephanie says it's all part of her plan to get her dad off her case. Jeremy hopes she can get him off his case. They soon end up making out. 

At the hospital, Marlena tells Sami and Lucas that Roman has fluid around his heart and they need to drain it. Sami thinks Roman will die, and even if he does pull through, it won't end anything. She says this will never stop. She says she won't sit around, she's going to do something. Roman is taken to surgery. MArlena is going into the OR with him, she asks Lucas to keep an eye on Sami. As Marlena talks to the doctor, Lucas realizes Sami is gone. Lucas tells Marlena that Sami is gone and he thinks they both know where she's headed. Lucas says she's going after the DiMeras. Marlena tells Lucas to get his car and she'll meet him out front.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ talks to his father. Stefano tells EJ he is an embarrassment, he can't stand to look at him. He says go mourn for his lost twins somewhere else. EJ says those children were nothing but an ends to the means for him weren't they. Stefano tells EJ not to acts like he cared for them, all he cared about was Sami. EJ says well she's gone now too and wants nothing to do with him. Stefano smacks EJ and says act like a man, he is a DiMera! Stefano begins mocking him, saying Woes me, what will I ever do, I lost the love of my life. Stefano says Elvis is a disgrace. EJ thinks his father has forgotten what it is like to feel passion for a woman. Stefano says this is not passion. EJ asks what he is supposed to do, walk in there and drag her out by her hair like a caveman? Stefano says if that is what it takes. EJ says and what about Lucas? Stefano says take him out of the picture. EJ asks if he's suggesting he kill Lucas? How would that win him Sami? Stefano says he didn't say kill, but Lucas can remove him without his hand being seen. EJ says if Lucas got the sniffles then she'd blame him. Stefano says Elvis is such a disappointment, maybe he'll find out EJ isn't his son. The doorbell rings, Stefano yells at Bart to get it. Stefano tell Elvis to leave as he's finished with him. EJ says he's not finished with him. Stefano thinks there is nothing else to say.

Bart answers the door. Sami tells him to get out of her way. He grabs her and says no way, she's not going anywhere. She pulls a gun on Bart! Sami leads Bart at gunpoint in and lets them know she took her father's gun. She asks Stefano if he remembers Roman? Stefano says yes. She says this gun is here to make sure justice is served. EJ tells Sami not to do anything she'll regret. Sami says she promises him that she won't regret this. Stefano tells Bart to do something, disarm her. SAmi ends up shooting Bart in the foot when he tries to get to her. Sami screams at them all to shut up. She then points the gun at Stefano. She says her father could have died because of Stefano, Andre, his whole stupid family and this feud. Stefano suggests they be rational. She says shut up! She says it's time for justice, an eye for an eye. She says she's going to start with Stefano, the head of the whole family. Stefano says this is the woman Elvis loves? He asks Elvis if he's going to let her stand here and kill him? He thought he raised a man, he was wrong. EJ tells Sami not to do this. She tells EJ to shut up as she'll shoot him too. EJ says don't put her babies at risk, but she says they already are. She says she's going to shoot all of them. EJ says they can settle this, they can end the vendetta. Stefano says it will never end and he will submit to no one. He says if Samantha wants to shoot him, he'll make it easier. He stands right next to the gun and says pull the trigger, she cannot miss. He says she wouldn't be the first Brady to commit murder, Shawn would be pleased, the whole family probably would. She tells him to shut up. He keeps telling her to do it, EJ tells her not to do this. He says she is a good person, does she want to give birth in jail. Sami tells Stefano to say goodbye. Suddenly Lucas and Marlean swoop in. Lucas grabs her, EJ gets the gun from her. Stefano tells EJ to destroy them all! Marlena tells Stefano that he and his stupid vendetta is responsible for all of this. Stefano tells Elvis to make them pay, he orders him. EJ empties the gun and gives it back to Sami. Stefano says he is a coward! EJ yells at them to go home and get out. Sami screams she will be back and make Stefano pay! Lucas and Marlena drag Sami out.

Stefano sends Bart off to find doctor Rolfe for his foot. He then tells Elvis he has cut the cord, he can do nothing to help him now. Stefano says Andre will take care of the rest of the Bradys and EJ, may God have mercy on his soul.

Outside Sami is in tears. Marlena holds her. Marlena says she wasn't herself tonight. Sami says but he'd be dead and their problems would be over. Lucas says their children would be born in prison. Sami wants a family meeting, she wants to know the truth about what started this mess. Marlena gets a call. Marlena says Roman is out of surgery and he's fine.   


August 3, 2007
At the pub, Sami arrives, Bo, Hope, John and Marlena are there. She talks to them about the feud and learns that Stefano is claiming Grandpa Shawn killed Colleen. Julie and Doug soon show up, they have more translated letters. The professor at the university sends her apologizes for how slow the translations are going. They sit down to read the letters. Colleen had felt guilty about going to meet Santo without her habit and prayed for guidance. She however went to meet him again, hoping to test herself.

In the past, we see Colleen sitting on the cliffs in a dress. Santo showed up, he was glad she came to meet him again. She admits she almost was about to leave, she's been praying for the strength to do so. He does not want her to go, but she feels this is wrong. She says she has her purpose in life and he is a married man with a son. He says was a married man. He reveals that his wife died three days ago. She feels terrible, he was here and not there. He says he has to travel, to pay the medical bills. She says it is terrible a woman with such a purpose was taken by God, he should have taken someone like her. Santo says no, he could not live without her. She feels like Santo should not have been coming onto her. He thinks she suspects that is what he does, comes onto all the girls. He says he has never before. He says his wife was a good woman, she was kind, but he did not know love with her. He says he was true to his vows to her and God, and his obligation to his family, but now he is free to pursue what he wants. Colleen asks what about what she wants? Santo thinks she should want to be happy, to have passion. Colleen says passion fades in time. He says kiss him and they will see, if she feels nothing then she can go. Colleen says she cannot, but they do end up kissing.

Sami seems troubled by the letters. Marlena asks what is wrong? Sami feels for Colleen. She says Colleen thought she knew what she wanted, she had her life planned out, then it all came crashing down. Marlena says no, she just saw a new life that she could have and new plans. Sami says it seems like no matter how much changes, some things stay the same. She says no matter how much better things get for women, they still seem ruled by their hearts. Julie agrees and she keeps reading. In Santo's letter he says he knew from their kiss she would not want to leave him.

Back in the past, Colleen tries to convince herself and Santo she felt nothing, so she was going as he said she could. He says she left her wrap. She asks him to toss it to her, but he wouldn't. She thinks he's playing games, slips and falls into his arms. They kiss some more, but she soon tries to break away and grab her wrap. During this little scuffle, Santo slips and falls over the cliffs! He clings to the ledge and Colleen helps him up. She apologizes, but he says it was his fault. He tells her that he will keep his word, she accepted his challenge and said she felt nothing. He tells her to go, to leave him.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolfe is worried about Stefano and wants to give him a shot of morphine. Stefano refuses and just wants to rest. Rolfe agrees and leaves the syringe on a tray. Tony, who has shown up, slips in and steals one of them. Bart shows up and wonders if the morphine would help his foot. Tony suddenly slips in and injects Bart with a syringe. He falls down. Tony then takes the other morphine syringe and injects a sleeping Stefano. Stefano wakes up and thinks he's Andre. He says no, he's Tony. Tony is here to get the key from him, the key that will end the vendetta. He rips open Stefano's shirt and finds the key on a chain, which he rips from his neck. Bart comes to and is groggy. Stefano takes the key and throws it to Bart, telling him to protect it at all costs. Stefano passes out as Tony demands the key from Bart, who swallows it! Tony has a sword at this point and is threatening Bart. Andre shows up and grabs his own sword. He tells Tony it's so good to see his face, and soon he'll be the only owner of it! Tony in returns demands Andre give him back his life, which he stole from them. The two fight, and during their sword fight, Andre runs his sword right through Bart! Andre feels terrible and tells Bart to hold on. Tony eventually slips out as Stefano wakes up and sees what happened. Andre says it was an accident. Stefano holds Bart, who is dying. Andre runs off to find Tony, but loses him. Stefano is furious, first he stabs Bart and then he lets Tony get away! Stefano says Tony got the key, but Andre says no Tony was trying to get it from Bart. Stefano asks Bart about the key. Bart claims he took care of it, then he passes out. Rolfe shows up and tells Stefano, who is in tears, that it is too late, Bart is gone. They think Bart must have hidden the key in the room, Stefano tells Andre to find it!

On the pier, EJ is drinking and thinking about how he's lost Sami and the twins. Lucas shows up, EJ apparently wanted to see him. EJ tells Lucas that his marriage to Sami is over, Sami and the twins will be his. Lucas laughs and says Sami hates him, she wishes she had set fire to him! EJ pulls out a gun and shoots Lucas! Of course this is all a fantasy. Later in his fantasy Sami finds Lucas dead on the pier and cries over him. EJ tells her they'll find who did this and make them pay. He also tells Sami he will be here to help her raise the twins. She says he'd do that for her? He says he'd do anything for her. They kiss.

Kate shows up and finds EJ in his drunken fantasy. She can't believe him, saying they had a meeting today which he missed. She says they stand to lose everything. He says you win some you lose some. She slaps him and says get over himself and Sami, grow up and be a man! This reminds him of Stefano's insults and sends him into a rage. He grabs Kate yelling he is a man. He threatens to throw her in the river. She's screaming at him to let her go. He says she shouldn't have said that to him, she apologizes. She learns Stefano smacked him and that is why he's angry. He doesn't care about the company, after all it was her son that turned them both in. She says they could go to jail. He thinks he'll be fine once Lucas is dead. She says what? EJ says he's drunk, he doesn't know what he's saying. She says he made a drunken slip. She tells him if he thinks Sami would run to him if Lucas was to turn up dead then think again, Sami will never be with him. Kate walks off. EJ says Sami will be with him. He fantasizes about being in bed with Sami. EJ realizes he has to stop dreaming and make things happen. He tells himself Lucas' life ends today . . . and his life begins!


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