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2nd Week of August 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


August 6, 2007

At the hospital, Kayla and Steve have just visited Roman. Kayla says Roman should be responsive by now. Steve says have patience, he'll come around. Kayla says this from the man who performed a background check on Jeremy? Steve says it was necessary. Stephanie shows up with a bag. She asks how Roman is. Kayla says no change. Steve asks if she's taking a trip? She says no, she's moving out. Steve says if she's mad at him then don't punish her mom. Stephanie says this isn't about punishing her mom. She tells Steve she liked him a whole lot better when he was just a man who (missed what was said, but it wasn't nice). Kayla is worried, how will she afford living expenses and school? Stephanie says relax, she's not paying rent. Steve thinks she's moving in with Jeremy. Adrienne shows up and says no, she's moving in with her. Steve can't believe this, he wants Stephanie to wake up and see Jeremy for who he is. She says Steve needs to realize that Jeremy is the man she'll marry. Kayla asks if he proposed? Stephanie says no, but he plans to and she will say yes. Stephanie then storms off. Adrienne says she's sorry, she thought it would be better that Stephanie moved in with her than Jeremy. Steve asks Adrienne to keep an eye on her. Adrienne leaves to get Stephanie. Steve thinks he's a rotten father, he blew it. He says he pushed Stephanie so far away that she may never come back. 

At the mansion, the police are taking photos of the crime scene and putting Bart in a body bag. Rolf and Stefano discuss that they can't find the key. Kate shows up to see Stefano and learns about Bart's death. Kate says she heard he was ill, how is he feeling. Stefano says this isn't one of his better days. Stefano asks Kate what brings her here? Kate says to check on him. Stefano laughs and says no empty pleasantries between them. Kate admits she needs his help. Stefano suggests she make them a drink, she does. He understands that Mythic is having hard times. She says yes. Stefano says the SEC can be a problem, and it is even worse when it's their own children who betray him. She says she spoke to EJ earlier. Stefano says he knows no man by that name. He understands that Lucas turned her in? Kate says he did. Stefano says they both have disappointing sons. Stefano asks what she needs? She needs a loan to cover Mythic until she regroups. She says she'll pay him back. He says money is no concern to a dying man. She thinks he's not dying, but he says his doctors say otherwise. He asks why she didn't go to John, or to Phillip? She didn't want them bailing her out. He says but he's done so before, for years he sheltered her and her son. Kate hasn't forgotten. Stefano says he has been home for weeks and she has not come to see him until now. She says she should go. Stefano becomes angry, throws his drink and yells Without a dime? Are you not worth that anymore? Stefano says he's sorry, it's just he's not himself today with Bart's death. He apologizes for his anger. He says he's just feeling so alone. Kate says maybe they could help each other feel not so alone. She promises to visit soon. She says goodbye and gives him a kiss, which turns into a real kiss! She thinks it doesn't seem like a kiss of a dying man. He was hoping she'd notice! She asks how his temperature is? He says rising! He says he's so sorry for his outburst, he doesn't want their last conversation to end in anger, he wants to be remembered as a kind and generous friend. He gives her a check. She thanks him, they keep kissing. She says he knew why she came. He says she came to do what she does best, he was prepared to allow her. He says they are what they are. She suggests they take this upstairs. He can't think of a better way to go! They then head off.  Bart's poor body is still on the floor in a body bag.

In the past, Colleen takes care of Santo, whose face is bleeding from the fall. She wants to tend to his wound, but he says he can see to it himself. She says she is a Christian nurse, she must. He yells at her to walk away, any kindness she shows will get him into trouble. She says it won't be the first, nor the last she fears. She helps take care of him, he jokes her cloth was dirty and she was trying to poison him. She says she could go fetch him a proper nurse, but he says he likes this nurse. He says she brought him back from the brink of death before. They soon end up kissing again. She stops the kisses, thinking this is wrong. Santo tells Colleen he wants her to be free, free from her doubts. He wants her to be a woman, his woman! They kiss some more. Colleen soon starts laughing, saying he could be an actor up on the stage with his skills and fancy language. She says he was asking her to be a woman, she's asking him to be just a man . . . her man. She asked him how he felt about her, he said Ti Amore (I love you in Italian).

At the pub, Hope says things could have been so different if Santo fell. Bo says if only. Sami says he would have fallen into the ocean and would have survived. Sami feels they were fated to be together. Sami says she thinks she knows how Colleen was feeling, she was keeping her options open. She says she had to make a choice sooner or later about her life and fate caught up with her. She says lust sealed her fate, she was done in by her lust. Doug finishes reading one of the letters about how her kiss sealed the promise of a new life. They soon read about how Santo told her that he loved her.

Tony shows up at the pub, everyone begins screaming. Bo pulls a gun on him, Tony swears it is him. Bo says convince him before he pulls the trigger. He proves who he is when John questions him about his island girls. They ask him about the key, Tony tells them what happened and Bart's death. He says Bart swallowed the key before he died. Sami says gross! Bo says they'll have to get it. Lucas says but he's dead. Hope says they'll have to cut him open. Tony wants to go with them. Bo says Tony should stay in his car until he gets the okay. Bo and John then head off. Sami suggests the rest of them continue the letters. Julie keeps reading the letters. Colleen tried to insult Santo by calling him a peacock, to see if she could protect her future as a nun and chase him off. It didn't work.

Back in the past, Colleen is moved by Santo's words. He thinks she is afraid, as she is shaking. She says this is not how a good, proper daughter and novice behaves. He says it is how a woman behaves. Colleen doesn't know who this woman is. She says everything she's ever wanted is slipping away, doubt is coming into its place. He says doubt is the expectations of others. She says he's asking her to break her vows, where will that lead them? Santo says closer to each other. She says he has a son and a business that takes him far away from her world. He says she can come into his world. She says she is a simple girl from a country village. She says the only thing between them is sin. He says love is not a sin. She says apart their lives are rich, but here and alone, they are asking for heartache and damnation. Santo says if he has to suffer eternal damnation to be with her, then let him be damned. He cannot believe God would damn them for loving each other. He gives her his soul. She says then she'll pray for him and his son, Mr. DiMera. He says they are back to that? She says it is his name, they should only be friends. Santo says his friends call him Santo. He kisses her hand and then picks her up and spins her around. He wants to know if they'll go dancing at the inn in town. Shawn soon shows up saying the Father needs her. Colleen says she must go. Santo asks if she will come? She says he'll have to wait and see. 

Back at the pub, they all think she went to the inn to dance, and that must be how and where she died. Lucas asks Sami if she thinks she and EJ are fated to be together? They do look like Santo and Colleen. Sami says no, Lucas is her fate. Lucas says maybe she's just tempting fate, he's a bump in the road until she and EJ figure it out. Sami says this isn't funny, EJ has hurt them and the family. Lucas says he's sorry, he was just kidding. 

Back at the mansion, John shows up. Rolf asks what he's doing here? John says they have to cut Bart open, he swallowed key evidence. Rolf says they'll need a court order. John says Bo is in the car getting it, they'll do it in the ambulance. Bart's body is then taken away. He tells Rolf to disappear. Kate then returns with Stefano, they are laughing. Kate asks John what he's doing here? John says he has business here. Stefano wants him to go. Kate thinks she should go. She leaves, John follows her. He asks if she has lost her mind? Kate says none of his business, but if he wants to know, there is a lot of life left in Stefano, more than anyone thinks. John returns to Stefano and asks him who killed Bart, Stefano doesn't know. John tells him Tony's story. Stefano says Tony drugged him, he doesn't know what happened. Tony shows up, they have the key and taunt Stefano with it. John says he did like Bart, he was funny, he made him laugh. John wonders what the key opens? Why did he swallow it. Tony says to keep it away from them. Tony tells Stefano that whatever happened between Santo and Colleen, it is history and over. Stefano says it will never be over. John says they'll find out what this key opens and Stefano will lose. They then walk out.


August 7, 2007
Nick is hanging out on the pier. Stephanie shows up, she asks why they are meeting here? He says he likes it here, it's quiet, it's a nice place to talk. He has to talk to her about Jeremy. Stephanie says she's not going to stand here and listen to him dump all over her boyfriend, that's not what friends do. Nick says he's not really her friend, which is why he's the one person she should listen to. Stephanie says thanks for not considering them friends. Nick says they are more like mutual acquaintances. Nick tells Stephanie something weird happened in Vegas. He says in a bar these guys were asking him a lot of questions about Jeremy and they were cops. He says they implied that Jeremy was involved in something illegal, something high end. He says he didn't tell them anything, yet. She wants to warn Jeremy, but Nick says she can't. She asks why not? Nick says the police said he'd be in trouble for saying anything, he just thought she should know. He asks her if she knows anything that Jeremy is doing that is illegal. Stephanie says there is nothing illegal, it's just a shuttle to Vegas. She tells Nick that he was wrong, he is her friend and maybe the only friend she has right now. 

Later Jeremy meets Stephanie on the docks. She says something scary is going on, she's found out the police in Vegas are investigating him. She thinks they should call the cops and tell them . . . Jeremy becomes upset and says let him handle this. She says no, what isn't he telling her? Is this about his side business? Jeremy says no, and he bets it was Steve who did this to him. Stephanie says it wasn't her dad. Jeremy asks who told her this then? Stephanie says she can't tell him and she can't talk to him like this. She says he needs to calm down. She goes to walk off, but he grabs her arm and says she's not going anywhere! He demands to know who told her and shakes her. She screams it was Nick, someone she trusts. He says something isn't adding up and runs off.

At the hospital, Abe visits with Roman. Roman is still unconscious. Jett shows up to ask how Roman is? Abe says he's not up yet. Abe guesses Jett isn't here just to see Roman. Jett has to ask him something. They go to the hall to talk. Jett says he may have blown his cover, Chelsea knows about him. Abe asks exactly what happened? Jett explains to Abe how Chelsea got onto him, he couldn't keep lying to her. He says she was getting hurt. Abe asks if they are involved? Jett says not really, but they did get close . . . there was an attraction. Abe thought she was with Nick? Jett says they broke up, it's complicated. Abe says he blew his cover because Chelsea was hurt? Jett says partially. He says she found out the truth about Danielle, so he decided to come clean. Abe asks if Jett is sure Jeremy is dirty? Jett says yes, he just has no proof. Jett says he asked Chelsea for her help, but now the ISA is angry and he may get fired. Abe says he's compromised an entire investigations by letting his personal feelings interfere. Jett says so the job comes first? Abe says it is the life he chose. Jett says he's surprised hearing that from him. Jett says he idolized Abe growing up, he's why he became a cop. Jett remembers Abe telling him once that the job was important, but people matter most, if you don't have anyone to come home to then life doesn't matter. Abe says he was wrong, outside of his son, his job is all he has. Jett tells Abe to call Lexie, but Abe says she doesn't want to see him. Jett asks why he'd think that? Abe says the last time he saw her he said he wanted her out of his life for good, and he meant it. Jett asks if he still means it? What would he do if she walked in to see him? Abe says part of him would wish her well and on her way, a lot has happened. Abe says the other part of him would grab her, never let her go, beg her forgiveness for not believing her the night John was shot. He says he'd tell her that he loves her. Jett asks which part will win out? Abe says he doesn't know. Jett would love to see them back together again. Jett says he has to go, he's got the inquisition to go through. Abe says what he said before, he was wrong, sometimes you do have to go with your heart. Jett says that's his uncle Abe, he hopes he goes with his heart too.

Chelsea meets Kate at the pub. Kate thanks Chelsea for meeting with her, she knows she's not her favorite person. Chelsea can't believe she blackmailed Nick. Kate says she was desperate and she's sorry. Chelsea says apologize to Nick. Kate says she will. Kate says she has missed her, how are things going, is work fun? Chelsea says work is only for a few more weeks, then she goes back to school. Chelsea says tuition is so expensive these days though, she's probably only made enough for 2 semesters. Kate says maybe this will help. She gives her a check for 50,000 dollars. Chelsea thinks this is Kate buying her forgiveness. Kate says no, this is only for her education. Chelsea asks why this is important to her? Kate says she loves her, she wants what is best for her, she doesn't want her to end up like her. Chelsea says she's one of the most successful women in Salem. Kate says she fought her way to the top, there was a time she had almost nothing. She wants Chelsea to have the advantages she never had. Chelsea doesn't know how she'll pay her back. Kate only wants her to go to school and make something of herself. She says she's a Brady and a Roberts, that is one hell of a combination. Chelsea says this means a lot to her. She says this shows her that she actually cares. Kate says of course she does, she's family. Chelsea says sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Kate thought things were getting better with Hope and Bo. Chelsea says they are making the effort, it's just hard to trust sometimes. Kate says she's been making a lot of adjustments over the past few years. Chelsea talks about how she really pushed Bo and Billie away after they found her. She knows they've forgiven her though, and she knows they love her. She says sometimes it just feels like she doesn't belong. Chelsea says this money though she'll never forget. She gives Kate a hug and thanks her. Kate then asks Chelsea if it is about time she forgives her mother? Kate says Billie didn't mean to hurt her and made a mistake. Chelsea says she knows, and she loves Billie too. Kate says Billie slipped up, she was at a low point. She says what is worse than hating yourself is having your child hate you for it. Chelsea asks if they are still talking about her mom? Kate says yes. Chelsea says she just can't seem to get passed it. Kate says because she hasn't forgiven them, once she does then she will be surprised how fast she gets over it. She says do it for her mom, herself and for Nick. She says Nick is a good guy, Chelsea doesn't want to lose him. 

Later Nick and Chelsea meet at the pub. She shows him what Kate gave her for school. He says this is great, her education is very important. Chelsea thinks it's so odd how quickly her life could change in 24 hours. She never thought something like this could happen. Nick asks Chelsea if she's telling him that they are still over? Chelsea says they agreed to take this slow. He says that is fine. She asks if he talked to Stephanie? Nick did, she doesn't know anything about Jeremy and what he's involved in. However he thinks she'll be keeping her eyes open from now on. Nick tells her the story he gave her. He feels bad about lying to her. Chelsea says that is because he is a good guy. She says her grandma Kate said that and told her to hang onto him. Nick says he did what he said he would and kept her name out of it. Chelsea says he is her hero. She suggests they go to the beach and talk about things. She says she'll meet him in an hour. Chelsea then leaves, Nick does too. Sitting at the bar is one Miss China Lee! She's been watching them again.

Kate goes to the hospital to visit Roman. He's still unconscious. She says if he was awake he'd wonder what she's doing here, she knows she's not one of his favorite people these days. Kate says it's not like she knew Sami was raped, and even afterwards she found it hard to believe, this is Sami. Kate says she shouldn't go there. Kate says she wishes that she could let him know that she wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even Sami. Kate says she and Chelsea were talking about mistakes, and she made a really big one. Kate says she slept with someone over money, she slept with Stefano. Roman wakes up and says you did what! She can't believe he's awake. Roman asks her why? Kate says she doesn't know, but she did save her company. Roman says she's selling herself again. Roman says life is too damn short to go backwards, she is not that woman anymore. He says he can see it, why can't she? Kate says she still has her self respect and she got what she wanted. She says Stefano doesn't own her or control her. She says she used him like he used her, she got her revenge. Roman says if that is what it takes to get her through the night. She says she sleeps very well at night. Roman says it's her choice. Kate then leaves and has a little run-in with Abe in the hall.

Lexie is snooping around the pub with her face hidden under a hooded sweatshirt. Celeste shows up to meet her. Celeste says she can't keep hiding. Lexie is afraid to see Abe, she was locked up for so long. Celeste says she's helped Bo and Roman set a trap for Andre. Lexie says but Andre is still out there. Celeste says and she's afraid of him? Lexie says she's terrified. Celeste says go to Abe then, he'll protect her. Lexie is afraid of Abe most of all. Celeste says half the town has seen her, let Abe see her. Lexie says she can't face him. Celeste says then she might as well go back to that tunnel and live in the dark! Celeste tells Lexie how she's cutting herself off when she can have her life back. She begs her to go to Abe. Lexie says and what, ask for a third chance? Lexie thinks Abe is better off without her. She says if Abe really wanted to see her then nothing could keep him away. Celeste says maybe he's afraid of getting his heart broken again. She says someone has to make the first move. Lexie says she can't, why can't she understand. Celeste says she does understand, all too well. Celeste understands shame all too well. Lexie says because of her father? Celeste says you begin to accept shame and misery as your punishment. Lexie says if she's being punished it is because she deserves to be. Celeste asks if she too deserves to be punished? LExie says no, Celeste did what she did to protect her. Lexie says she however hurt people, people who were her friends. Celeste says the DiMeras hurt people and she was controlled by them. Lexie thinks she should have fought back harder. Celeste says they've all been victims of the DiMeras. Celeste says they controlled her past, don't let them control her future. Celeste says the Brady and the DiMeras are waging a war and they are caught in the middle. She reminds her that her son is a DIMera, look what they did to Elvis Banks. Lexie says Abe will protect Theo. Celeste says they all need her, come out of the dark and rejoin the living before it is too late. Later, Lexie ends up running into Abe outside the pub!


August 8, 2007

At the hospital, Phillip meets with Billie. He gives her an envelope, which she examines. She notices the postmark is from Indianapolis, where his calls are coming from. He tells her to open it. Inside is a photo of a baby and a note that says for Phillip to meet his son, isn't it time he stepped up and helped take care of him with some financial contributions. Billie says so the extortion has begun. Phillip says he is not the father of this child, he hasn't been with anyone since he was with Belle. She says he was a little crazy there for awhile, is he sure? Phillip is and he won't be extorted out of money. He says why is she doing this, why not just show up and knock on his door with a team of lawyers? Billie thinks maybe more than one person is involved, or maybe this person isn't rational. Phillip says no, extortion is very rational. Billie sees something in the photo, a prescription bottle in the background. She decides if they blow the photo up, they can read it. She says she'll take it upstairs to the lab and see what she can come up with.

Belle talks to Shawn, they are also at the hospital to check on Roman. Belle tells him how he's doing well, they have him on an IV drip to keep him hydrated and his blood pressure is good. Shawn is impressed she seems to know all these details. Belle has been doing some thinking, doctors and nurses are amazing people with amazing jobs. Shawn says he won't argue there. She says that is why she wants to go back to school and get a nursing degree. Shawn says what? Wait a minute. He doesn't like this idea, saying Claire needs her right now. He says if he's working at the garage and she's studying for finals or writing a paper, Claire will get passed off to the grandparents or a baby sitter. Belle says so what, what is the big deal. Shawn feels after everything Claire has been through, she needs Belle right now. Belle says Claire has lived in far too many different places for a child her age, what she needs is a home. She says Shawn can't afford a mortgage on his salary, they need another job. He says they'll just have to wait a few years and save up, but Belle says Claire's childhood will be gone by then. Shawn says they can barely afford nursery school, how will they pay for her schooling? Belle says her mom offered. Shawn says no, her mom already bought her all these new clothes. He says they can't keep going to the bank of mom. Belle says they'd pay her back eventually. Belle thinks this is all about Philip again. Shawn says maybe part of it is, Phillip doesn't have to worry about these things. He doesn't like the whole town knowing he can't support his family. Belle says the whole town thinks he's a man who would go to the ends of the earth for his family. Shawn thinks still, he could take a second job. Belle says he has a second job, being Claire's father. She tells Shawn one of the reasons she loves him so is because she grew up with a great dad, she knew Shawn was a good man like her own dad. She wants Shawn to be there, be around Claire so she grows up knowing that too. She says let her take a second job as a nurse and help out. Shawn eventually agrees.

Later, Belle and Shawn run into Phillip. Phillip tells them how the person who has been calling him, well she claims he is the father of her kid. Belle says he has to call the cops, but Shawn thinks he should just ignore the person and they'll go away. Billie returns, she has the photo blown up. The pill bottle is for a Tyler Kiriakis. Phillip still thinks it could be a lie, but Billie did checking. She says Tyler Kiriakis has a social security number, she has the address, phone number, everything on the person doing this. She gives it to Phillip, who calls the woman up. He says he's coming to Indianapolis with a detective and he wants answers! The woman of course hangs up. Phillip and Billie leave. Belle sees an odd look on Shawn's face, he looked upset. Belle asks Shawn to be honest, where did he go on the 4th of July? Did he go to Indianapolis?

At the beach, Nick and Chelsea are hanging out. Nick is getting turned on by her in her bikini rubbing sun tan lotion on her legs. She is talking about how happy she is, how she can't believe her grandma gave her that money for school. She talks about how her grandma asked her to forgive her mom. Nick says it was a gift, it shouldn't come with strings attached. He says if she wants to forgive her mom, make sure it's because she's ready to. Chelsea talks about how she is, her mom is family and while families fight, they also have to forgive. Nick asks if this forgiveness extends to him too? She asks what he thinks? He goes to kiss her, but she stops him. She says they can't make that mistake again. Nick doesn't understand. Chelsea says part of their problem is they always lie to one another, they need  to be honest. Nick says he has been honest with her. Chelsea says she wants no more lies, and she needs to say something. She says she has to be honest about Jett. Nick asks if she slept with him? She says no, but if she could have she might have. She tells Nick that she thought Jett liked her and she started liking him too. However she now knows it was all a lie, part of his job. Nick says he lied to her too though. Chelsea says the difference is his lie was to protect her, Jett was lying to protect himself and his job. She then asks Nick about lying to Stephanie, how did it make him feel? Nick thinks once again Chelsea doesn't trust him. SHe says she doesn't trust herself, she's been a bad judge of character lately. Nick says lying to Stephanie made him feel crummy. She is glad, they then start kissing. 

Later Nick discusses what he should do for a new job. Chelsea worries his parents will hate her for costing him his job, his career, everything he worked so hard for. Nick says no, they always wanted him to get out of the lab and live. Nick says he's had a blast since he met her. However he does have to pay the bill collectors. She says what about the money he won in Vegas? He lets her believe it's gone, he gave it away to a charity for people who need it. She thinks he's crazy, but they kiss some more. China Lee then walks up and tells Chelsea she could use China Lee's boot camp of love. She then tells Nick that they've been married a month and he's already cheating on her? Nick says he's not married to her, he doesn't even known her. She says oh he knows every inch of her body, and she knows his too. She shows him their marriage license from Vegas. He says he's going to have Mickey look at this, it has to be a fake. Nick runs off, Chelsea tells China Lee she's not married to Nick. China Lee hands her the video, a DVD that says "Our Wedding" on it. She says watch the instructional video!

Outside the pub,  Abe runs into Lexie. Lexie quickly puts the hood on her sweatshirt up. Abe wishes she wouldn't, he misses her, he wants to see her. Lexie thinks he's better off without her, she is nothing but a tramp. He asks why she'd think that? She says because of him! She says he was right about her, she tried to pretend to be Dr. Lexie Carver, but she can't escape the truth, she's a DiMera. He says she is not a DiMera, she is a Carver. She tells him that she has to stay away from him, it's for his own protection. He tells her that he was wrong, the problem in their marriage wasn't her, it was him. He says he didn't give her love as a husband should, he loaned her his love with strings attached. He says he was the one who made her feel like she had to be worthy of being with him, and that was wrong. He says she made mistakes, he should have understood and forgiven her. He was quick to judge that night John was shot, but he knows the truth now. He says he's not blind anymore, he can see her. He says he loves her and he misses her. He wants her back, but he won't push. He says if she doesn't want to see him fine, but if she does . . .  Abe goes to walk away. She cries out his name and he returns to her. They hug one another.


August 9, 2007
Belle finds Shawn at the beach thinking. She asks if he's angry? He says no. She says she wasn't trying to accuse him of anything. He asks why she asked if he was in Indianapolis? He says he has nothing to do with Phillip getting those calls. If she thinks that, then they don't stand a chance. She says not to pull that, trust goes both ways buster! She says they both know he didn't go to Chicago on the 4th and he claims he was driving around Salem all day. Shawn says he thought she wanted to be a nurse, not a cop. She just wants to understand what is going on. He says she might not. He says he was planning to go to Cleveland, but Mimi called to tell him the divorce was final. He says he needed to take a breath, to make sure what he was doing was right for all of them. Belle says everything doesn't have to fall on his shoulders. Shawn says being a good father and making them happy is the most important thing to him, the job and travel time just seemed wrong. She asks what he did then? He says he didn't go to Indianapolis. She says she believes him. They hug. In the distance someone shows up and watches them. He suggests she go to the pub and get them a table, he'll meet her there. Belle says okay and heads off. 

After Belle leaves, Lauren shows up and tells Shawn she needs his help . . . again. He won't lie for her anymore. Lauren says Phillip has found her, he says she should have thought about it before she started harassing him. She asks Shawn to take the baby and give it to Phillip. He says she's ditching her own baby? What kind of person is she? Shawn asks how he knows the baby is real, he never saw one in Indy. Lauren says oh the baby is real. Shawn asks why he should believe her? He says she is scamming Phillip and he wants no part of it, she's on her own. Lauren shows him the birth certificate. Shawn still says this is her problem, not his. He says she is the one who used a baby to extort money. Shawn says Belle is asking questions, he doesn't want her thinking he was a part of this. Lauren says help her and she won't have to know anything. Shawn tells Lauren that she has to clean up her own mess, she and Bonnie started this. He tells her that his advice is come clean with him, Phillip may surprise her. Shawn says no more contact, no more phone calls. He tells her she made this mess, come up with her own solution. Shawn then walks off. 

At the pub, Bo and Hope meet with John, Marlena and some man. Bo had a motorcycle accident, his arm is in a sling. The man is Jim, a man who investigated the key for them. He says it's from Rome, the Vatican to be specific. Jim says this was made for a tabernacle. Bo says the box that holds the communion wafers on the altar. They realize they have to find the one this particular key opens. Jim says notice the key's shape, it's a shamrock. They realize it is for a tabernacle in Ireland. Jim hopes they find what they are looking for. Jim leaves them. They know it's for the church in Galloway. Bo and Hope decide to go to the church, but John says Bo isn't in the shape to do this. Bo says he is up for this. John says okay, but keep them filled in. Bo asks John to keep an eye on Roman for them. Bo and Hope then head off.

Belle shows up and tells her kissing parents to get a room! She shows them the course book for Salem U, saying she did apply to the nursing program. Marlena is so happy. John and Marlena offer to help them out any way they can. John says Shawn must be proud. She says he was concerned about Claire at first, but he's okay with it now. They tell her that good marriages aren't born, they are created and take work. John says they could probably get married housing on campus. Belle doubts a dorm is the answer. They think it would get her out of Phillip's. She says Claire is happy there though. John says Shawn isn't, so if it doesn't work for one it doesn't work for both. Belle talks about how when they ran with Claire, lying became second nature to them. MArlena asks if Belle is keeping anything from Shawn? Belle says nothing important. Marlena says so then she told Shawn she got her fabulous wardrobe from Phillip? Belle says she was trying to avoid having more fights about Phillip. Marlena says she doubts it if Belle would like Shawn taking presents from women. Belle says fine, she gets it. She says she'll tell Shawn about the clothes. She says about the nursing, is she being selfish? Is it wrong of her to want more than just being Claire's mom? Marlena says Belle knows how she feels about this, she loves her work. Belle says she remembers quiet time. Marlena would come home with her case work, she'd color with her mom as she worked. Marlena forgot all about that. Marlena says as much as she loved her work, raising her children was the most rewarding time of her life. Belle says she feels like that about Claire, but she doesn't get to do what people her age get to do. John and Marlena say call them if she ever need help. Marlena also says she and Claire will have their own quiet time. Marlena says she's so proud of her girls. Belle says speaking of Sami, is she still bent on taking on the DiMeras? Marlena says they think she's under control, and they think they have the key to ending this feud finally.

Sami and Lucas visit Roman in the hospital. They talk to him about the key and what it could unlock. Lucas tells Roman how Sami keeps wanting to take on Stefano. Roman tells Sami it's not worth taking down Stefano if the twins are hurt. Lucas tells Roman not to waste his breath, he tried to tell her. Lucas' phone beeps, he gets a message from his mom to meet her. Lucas says he should go, he'll be back as soon as he can. Lucas leaves, Roman asks Sami if she's okay? She seems nervous? Sami says the DiMeras attacked him, kidnapped her, she's just a little nervous when the man she loves is out of her sight. Roman says Lucas can take care of himself. She says she thought he could too, she was wrong. Later Sami is trying to get Roman to eat, but he says he's on a hunger strike until she promises to stay away from the DiMeras. She says they have to hit the DiMeras back, they don't have time to waste. Roman says he minute she shoots someone in cold blood or sticks a knife in them is the moment she becomes like those they hate, the DIMeras. Roman says leave the DiMeras to those who can handle them. He then asks her if she wants his pudding? She says no. She doesn't understand why this is his fight and not hers. He says because he's not pregnant. Sami says she realizes she's breaking a dozen laws saying this, but they have to take them out. He wishes she'd just go knit some things like regular moms. Sami wants them all to be safe, she wants him to tell her kids stories about the bad old days about this feud. Roman says that will happen. Sami says they both know the DiMeras will hurt someone they love again and she can't sit around and watch it happen. 

EJ is at freezer truck and says Lucas is about to have a rather unfortunate accident. He texts Lucas and says that should do it. Later Lucas shows up in the alleyway where his mom said to meet her. He doesn't know it's a trap. He hears a voice saying Somebody help me please! Lucas thinks it is his mom calling him. EJ is hiding behind some boxed watching. Lucas goes into the freezer truck, which is a meat cooler. In the truck he thinks he sees his mom, but it's a mannequin dressed as Kate with a tape recorder saying somebody help me! Lucas is then shut in the truck by EJ, who locks it. Later Lucas tries to turn off the generator in the truck, gets shocked and passes out.

Bo shows up at the hospital to talk to Sami. He has news, he's sorry, it's Lucas. Bo says Lucas was stuck in a refrigerator truck, he's dead. Sami cries no, it's not possible! EJ is there to comfort her. Roman then says what the hell is he doing? As it turns out, it's a fantasy of EJ's. Sami and Roman are in the hall, Sami was wheeling her dad to radiology. EJ is standing in the hall, they want to know what EJ is doing here? EJ just wanted to check on him. A nurse takes Roman off. EJ talks to Sami, saying she looks tired, but beautiful. He says if she needs anything, just ask. Kate shows up to see Roman. Sami asks why Kate's here, where is Lucas? Kate doesn't know. Sami says she sent him an urgent text message. Kate says she didn't. Sami realizes it is another trap. EJ tells Sami he's sure Lucas is safe, why doesn't she call him. Sami leaves and EJ asks Kate what she's done? Kate says he's the one who said he wanted to hurt Lucas. They argue, Sami returns and says Lucas is not answering. She thinks they should call the police. EJ asks what she will say? Sami says Kate better not be playing with her. Kate says she can check her phone if she wants. Kate suggests they split up and look for Lucas. Kate goes her way, EJ goes with Sami.

Bo and Hope come to see Roman and tell them about the key and the progress they've made. They also talk about Sami, how she's been talking like a one woman wrecking ball lately. Roman says she almost got herself into a whole bunch of trouble. Roman wants to end this thing before someone gets hurt bad.

Lucas is in the freezer truck and is passed out. He has some dream of being on a beach and seeing a white light. Sami shows up, Lucas asks where she's been as he's missed her. She says she's missed him too. They kiss. Lucas says he has to go, he wants her to come. Sami says she can't. Lucas says it is so beautiful, peaceful and calm over there. He says he has to go. Sami cries not to leave him, she needs him, their kids need him. She says this isn't his time. Lucas says he has to, it's so warm and it feels so good. He says he can't stay and walks off. She begs him to hold on for her.

Sami and EJ arrive in the alley where Lucas' car is. She sees the door still open, she thinks he was pulled out. EJ says there is no sign of a struggle here. Sami says that doesn't make her feel better. EJ suggests they talk to people around and see if they saw him. Sami feels he's close. She wonders what this truck is. EJ says it's just a delivery truck, but she says there are no restaurants here. She's banging on the truck, he says she's accomplishing nothing. She won't leave until she finds out what is in the truck. Inside Lucas is moving and seems to hear Sami. EJ keeps telling Sami that she's wasting her time with this truck, they should be looking for Lucas. Sami says Lucas is in trouble, she knows it. She keeps screaming at the truck, inside Lucas passes back out. EJ tells Sami to stop this and come with him. She says no, she won't leave this car. EJ says Lucas isn't in there, they should talk to the merchants around here. Sami cries that she's scared, she doesn't know what she'd do without him right now. He says lean on him. EJ convinces her to leave the truck!


August 10, 2007

At the pub, Belle shows Shawn the check her parents gave her for tuition. He jokes about how hot she'll look in her scrubs. She says she has to get through her classes first. Shawn knows she'll ace them all. She asks if he's really okay with this, she knows he was worried about Claire. Shawn says Claire will just be spending a lot more time with her daddy. She says and he's okay with her parents paying? He says they set up a college fund, that's what the money is for. He says he won't argue with John and Marlena, especially after the wardrobe of clothes she bought her. He says she'll be one hot nurse. Belle finally tells Shawn that she has to be honest. She says her new wardrobe wasn't purchased by her mom. She tells him Phillip did it, he found a clothing catalogue she flagged and surprised her. Shawn asks why she said her mom paid? She says she can take them back, but he says no. He says she hasn't bought anything since Tinda Lau. He's not mad. She says Phillip was trying to do something nice. He says it's beyond nice, but he is happy the clothes make her happy. However he thinks Phillip was trying to make her happy while making him look bad. Belle says he really believes that? Shawn says he wanted to make her look good and remind her that he was the guy who could afford to buy her such things. Shawn says watching another man spoil your girl does sting a bit. She says he's generous with all his friends. Shawn says but she's his ex. Belle says she'll give them back, but Shawn says no. He says Phillip has thought this one through, he wants her back. Belle doesn't think so. Shawn still thinks Phillip's agenda hasn't changed, to get her and Claire back. Belle says Phillip doesn't stand a chance. Shawn feels like he can't give her what Phillip can. She says she does not think Phillip is better than him because he has money. Belle says only one number matters to her, number 1 and he is it. She says Phillip didn't give her the clothes to score points. Shawn says Phillip has an agenda, he has them moved in and then gets Claire into a preschool with a year long waiting list. Shawn says Phillip can provide things he can't no matter how many hours he puts in. He says think about it, her new wardrobe, them living at the mansion and Claire's new preschool, who is really taking care of her and Phillip? She says he's right, she's been blind. However Belle says Phillip knows Shawn makes her happy. She says she'll make sure he knows there is no future between them except as friends. She says she will give his clothes back or to a church, whatever it takes to convince him. Shawn says don't give the clothes back, just leave it alone. He says he just wants it all to end. She says all of it, is there more? Shawn says he wasn't honest with her either. He tells Belle on the 4th he went to Indy to help Mimi. Shawn tells Belle that Mimi was getting calls from Indy from a woman screaming about a baby and Bonnie owing her. Mimi called him and asked her to help, she couldn't leave Arizona because of her brother. Shawn says it turns out Lauren the surrogate didn't terminate the pregnancy, Bonnie paid her off to get the baby and then squeeze Phillip out for money. Belle says but Bonnie ended up in jail and Lauren got stuck with the kid. Shawn says he went to see Lauren, but he couldn't find proof there was a baby. Shawn says he told her to call Phillip and deal with him, but he didn't think she was going to harass him. Belle asks why he didn't tell her or Phillip? Shawn says Phillip would have tried to convince her that he was involved. Belle asks if he's spoken to her lately? Shawn says today, she came to Salem asking for help. He again told her to fix this problem. Belle asks if she had the baby? Shawn says no. Belle says they have to find Phillip and tell him. 

Phillip and Belle are in Indianapolis and outside Lauren's apartment. They listen at the door and don't hear a baby inside. Billie suggests he knock. He does, nobody answers. Billie then decides to pick the lock. They go inside and nobody is home. Everything has been emptied out. Phillip is beginning to wonder if there really is a baby, but Billie says there is. She recognizes this as the place from the photo Phillip says something would have to be left behind, some signs of a child. Billie finds a baby toy. Phillip says damnit! Phillip thinks this girl is messing with him. She knows this kid isn't his. Billie finds a gym membership ID with a photo, Phillip looks at it. Phillip recognizes it is Lauren the surrogate. Phillip says the embryos got switched, they cancelled the contract with her. Billie thought she had an abortion. Phillip says she didn't want to raise a kid, that was clear. Billie thinks she changed her mind and it has to do with his last name. Billie says Lauren realized she could cash in on him. Phillip says he has to call the cops, but Billie says no. She says they have broke and entered here, they can't call the cops. Phillip wants Lauren in jail if this is a joke, but Billie says what if the baby really is out there. Phillip says deja vous. Phillip says they should go to the cops and do things properly. Billie says okay, but don't get his hopes up. Phillip says if he has a baby he wants to find him. 

They call the cops, who later arrive and question Billie and Phillip, saying they'll do what they can to find this woman and the child. Billie in the meantime swipes a baby bib, thinking they can analyze it for DNA. The cop returns, the neighbors confirm the woman who was here had a baby. Meanwhile Lauren has returned to her apartment and sees the cops hanging around. She hides. The cop tells Phillip and Billie they'll contact local hospitals to find out where the baby was born and anything else they can. He gives them his card and then heads off. Billie asks Phillip if he's okay? He says sure why not. She says he just found out he could have a kid, that's an Oh My God! moment.  Phillip doesn't understand why Lauren didn't terminate the pregnancy. Billie doesn't know why. Phillip says someone talked Lauren into having the baby and he is sure it was Shawn. Billie asks why Shawn would get involved? Phillip says to keep him distracted from Belle. Billie says he's jumping to conclusions, he doesn't know if the baby is his. Phillip is sure the baby is his. Phillip thanks Billie for doing this. She says she's his sister. He knows what people think of his dad and that he was raised to be like him. HE says he's not like him. They decide to leave. After they do, Lauren returns to her apartment. She goes looking through a drawer for something. She wonders where she left it. Meanwhile Billie and Phillip return, Phillip forgot his cell phone. Lauren sees the doorknob jiggling from inside.

At the hospital, Kayla sees a baby at the nurses station. She thinks he's precious. The nurse says he was left here with a note asking him to be taken care of. Kayla asks if she called CPS? The nurse says she was hoping the mom would come back. Kayla says she has 24 hours before she's charged. Kayla suggests they have the doctor in pediatrics look at him and they should call Abe too about this. Kayla takes care of the baby, which she thinks is precious and calls a little bug. The doctor looks over her and says the boy was well taken care off. Abe and Lexie show up together. Kayla shows Abe the note as Lexie googoos over the baby. Abe says he'll check the surveillance cameras and he'll have to call CPS. Abe leaves, Kayla and Lexie talk about the baby and who wouldn't want such a sweet thing. Kayla says it seems like just yesterday Stephanie was a little baby. Kayla says she and Steve have been talking about adopting, well she's done most of the talking. She says Steve is a bit scared, but she knows the second she lays a baby in his arms that he'll fall in love with him or her. Later Mrs. Meyers from the CPS comes by. She talks about how she sees this more and more, teenage girls or young mothers who hide their pregnancy and are pressured to get rid of the baby once it's born. Kayla thinks the carrier is nothing a scared mother or teen would buy. Lexie is just glad the mother knew enough to bring him here. Mrs. Meyers says the baby will be placed in foster care until the mother is found. They say they'll see him set up in a good home. Kayla is worried, she tells her not to take the baby! Kayla is just concerned about the baby, how anyone could abandon him. She wants to know the child will go to a good home, this is the time a baby should bond with his mother. Mrs. Meyers says sadly she's not here. Kayla asks if she can take care of the baby. Kayla says she and her husband have room. Abe asks if she's sure? Kayla says she is, she would be honored to be the foster mother until they find his mother.

In the alley, EJ is trying to convince Sami that Lucas isn't in the truck, then need to go and look elsewhere. He says they need to question the merchants in the area. He convinces her to forget the truck, which they do. Inside Lucas is trying to move but passes out. Sami soon runs back to the truck. She is convinced Lucas is in there. She looks around on the ground and finds a brick. She begins smashing the lock and begs EJ to help her. He stands there looking as she is working to get into the truck. EJ says this is insane and tries to stop her. She begs him to help her. Sami is screaming at Lucas to talk to her. Inside Lucas is moving again. He reaches over and turns the tape recorder on with the fake Kate's voice. Sami says she knew it, someone is in there. She tells EJ to help her! EJ tries, but Sami says it's not working. They get a tire iron out of the car and EJ breaks the lock open. EJ opens up the freezer and they get in to rescue Lucas. Sami cries that he's so cold and he has to wake up. Lucas tells Sami he loves her as he begins to come too. Later the EMTs are on the scene to help Lucas. They say his temperature is almost normal, he should be fine. They are taking him to the hospital. Sami thanks EJ for saving Lucas' life. He says lets hope they don't have to make it a third time. EJ says he is sorry, he is a different man now, she has nothing to fear from him. She wishes she could believe that, but she is afraid of him and always will be. He says what he did to her was vile and inhuman, he's sorry. She says but he's a different person now right? We see EJ having flashbacks of setting the trap for Lucas. EJ says he loves her and that love has changed him. She says don't talk to her like that. He says this has Andre all over it, but Sami says Stefano doesn't care about this. EJ says he will speak to Stefano about this. Sami says well tell him the next time she shows up with a gun, she's finishing things. 


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