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3rd Week of August 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


August 13, 2007
Lauren returns to her apartment to find something. Unfortunately Phillip forgot his cell, so he and Billie also return. As Billie is picking the lock again, Lauren runs to hide in another room. Billie and Phillip get in and Phillip finds his cell phone. Billie then realizes she smells perfume, and it's not hers.

Belle and Shawn arrive in the hallway. Before they go to Lauren's, Shawn again wants to make sure Belle understands he had nothing to do with the calls to Phillip. Belle believes him. Shawn is just afraid Phillip won't.

Back in Lauren's, before Billie and Phillip can investigate the perfume, there is a knock at the door. Phillip opens it, it's Shawn and Belle. Belle says Shawn has something to tell Phillip, they are here to help. Shawn tells Phillip he was here on the 4th to see Lauren. He explains that Mimi called him for help. He says Bonnie paid Lauren off to have the kid. Bonnie went to jail and Lauren lost her meal ticket. He says Lauren began harassing Mimi. Phillip says why? Mimi is broke. Shawn says Lauren didn't have Phillip's number, and Mimi wouldn't give it to her. Shawn says he came here to see Lauren and check things out, Mimi wasn't sure if Lauren was lying or not. He says he didn't see a kid, thought she was bluffing and gave Lauren Phillip's number. Shawn says he didn't think she'd keep harassing him. Phillip is furious and of course doesn't believe Shawn. He believes Shawn was in on it with Lauren. Belle says that is not true and Shawn was just trying to help. Phillip says Shawn is a liar and he can't believe Belle believes him. Phillip knows what is going on, Shawn hates that he is the one who can give Claire and Belle everything and Shawn can't. Phillip says Shawn did this to even the score, to distract him. He says Shawn is the same loser he's always been. Belle says if Shawn is a loser then what is Phillip? She reminds Phillip he'd be dead in Iraq if it were for Shawn coming over there to save his butt. Billie tries to calm them all down, saying it won't do any good to bring up the past. During the argument they hear a scuffle in the other room. They realize someone, probably Lauren, is here. Unfortunately she's escaped out the window. Billie says Lauren is still out there, possibly so is Phillip's kid. Phillip leaves to make a call to the police to warn them Lauren is back and on the run. Belle excuses herself to talk to Phillip.

In the hall, Belle tries to convince Phillip that Shawn isn't lying. Phillip won't believe her and he tells her to wake up. Belle says they are his friends, they always have been and want to help. Phillip says he's had enough help from them to last a lifetime. Belle goes back to Shawn. She says Phillip is angry, but he'll calm down and get over it. Shawn doesn't think so, not this time. Shawn says he has just made things worse, Phillip is now going to probably devote all his attention to Belle and Claire if this kid of his isn't found. Shawn tells Belle they don't have much of a choice anymore, they have to move out of the mansion as it will only be a matter of time before Phillip kicks them out.

At the hospital, Kayla is still holding the baby. Abe, Lexie and the woman from CPS are there. Kayla is positive she wants to take care of him. Abe and Lexie ask what about Steve? She says they've been talking about adopting. She of course knows this one isn't available, they have to find his mother first. However she thinks it would be good to have him around. The woman from CPS says rules need to be followed her, proper channels must be gone through. Kayla thinks that will take a lot of time Abe drops names, saying he knows the head of CPS. He suggests they go give her a call and see what they can do about fast tracking this. Steve soon shows up, he learns what is going on here. In front of the CPS worker he says there is not problem, this is fine. Abe and the CPS worker leave to call her supervisor, Lexie leaves them as well.

Once alone, Steve tells Kayla she has blindsided him here! She says they've discussed adopting. He says yes, discussed it. She talks about how this little pocket is so cute and needs a good home. Steve says pocket? She says yes, he's so small he can fit in a pocket. She thought he'd want to help, he knows what the foster system is like. He does. However he says there are proper steps here, he doubts they'll be approved once the CPS finds out all he's been up to lately. Kayla says they have Abe on their side, but Steve thinks maybe he shouldn't be. He also talks about how he's already driven their one daughter away. He tells Kayla he's just not good at being a father. He says he still has pieces of his life missing, he knows a lot, but he also doesn't know a lot. He says some things just aren't connecting for him still, he doesn't think he's ready to be a father again now. He says maybe some day. She says okay, she understands. She says she'll tell the CPS worker. As she goes to leave, he tells her not to. Suddenly he says something has clicked. He says it's like some of those pieces have fit together. He just remembered how he felt the day Stephanie was born, it was the happiest day of his life. The CPS woman, Abe and Lexie return. She says it's all taken care of, they can take the child home. Kayla is about to tell her they've had a change of plans, but Steve stops her. He says this is great news. He says he's sure they have a lot of papers to sign, so he'll watch the Pocket man while she signs then. Kayla goes off and returns after signing all the papers. Abe asks Steve if he's sure about this? Steve isn't sure he's ready, but Kayla is. Kayla has ordered a crib, diapers, a bassinette and clothes to be delivered. Lexie uses her camera phone to take their first family portrait. Abe says "say cheese!" Steve says "Change me!"

In Ireland, Hope and Bo arrive at the church. It's pouring, Hope says she can't believe the locals call this a soft day. She calls it a monsoon. As they enter the church, a nun is praying. The nun is really Andre in disguise, which they don't seem to notice. Hope wants to unlock the tabernacle and get out of here. Bo says they can't. He says it is a holy relic, only a priest can open it. Hope says ask the nun over there, but Bo says it has to be a priest! Bo thinks they should go check the rectory, but Hope doesn't want to go back out in the storm. She only agrees when he promises to buy her multiple pairs of shoes when they get home. 

Later they return to the church. The nun is gone, they couldn't find any one to help. Hope thinks they should just open it. She thinks God will forgive them and realize they have good intentions, unlike Stefano and Andre. Bo eventually agrees and tries to open it, but it won't open. Hope says turn the key harder, but Bo is afraid it will snap as it is pure gold. A boy carrying a back pack shows up. He asks if they are the Bradys? They say yes. He drops his pack in a pew and says the Father is aware they are here. He will be coming to see them shortly. The boy leaves, forgetting his backpack. Hope runs after him, but he's gone. Hope suggests they see if there is a name inside so they can return it. All that is inside is a red toy truck. Bo thinks it is really nice, fine details, heavy metal construction, he'll really want this back. Hope sees how taken Bo is with the truck. Bo says pop never let him or Roman have them when they were younger. Hope says that is odd, didn't he ask why? Bo says no. Bo then realizes the toy truck is ticking!


August 14, 2007

Steve, Kayla and Pocket return to their suite at the Salem inn. Randall a hotel worker is in the suite helping set up all the stuff that was delivered. Randall asks if there is anything else he can do. They say no and thank him. He then leaves. Steve says it looks like they are ready for about ten kids. Kayla says it's only temporary. Steve knows her, after a few days she won't be able to let this baby go. She thought he was okay with all this? He says he is, he just wants to make sure they are on the same page here. He says he's worried about her. He knows she wants to help this guy out, but what happens when CPS find his mom or grandma or something. Steve says they'll take him away, and all this stuff will go too. He says all she'll be left with is a hole in her heart. He asks if she can deal with that? She thinks she can. She has been through it before. Steve remembers, she was devastated when Benji left. Kayla says and she accepted it. The baby coos, Kayla goes to check on him. Kayla soon realize they didn't get any formula. Steve jokes they can order in some Indian. Kayla asks him to take him, she'll go borrow some from the people downstairs. She says she'll be five minutes and runs off. 

Steve tells little Pocket how he and Kayla won't let him down, they'll make sure he gets everything he needs. As he's talking to the baby, Stephanie shows up. She has to get more stuff, she asks whose kid is that. Steve doesn't know. Steve explains the baby was abandoned and he and Kayla are watching him until a foster home is found. Stephanie can't believe this. She doesn't know what to say. Kayla returns and says how about good luck? Stephanie can't believe them and goes off. Kayla doesn't take her lip, she says she doesn't recognize her daughter anymore. Kayla says she has changed and not for the better. Stephanie thinks that is another dig at her boyfriend. Kayla says no, this has to do with them. She says for years they were close and there for each other, but now she just turns her back like it's so easy. Stephanie says it's not, but she doesn't move on as quickly as her mom does. She also says she's been nothing but a disappointment to dad, so this is better. Stephanie leaves, Steve follows her into the hall. She says let go of her, he has a baby to take care of. Steve says she is his baby, even though she's all grown up. He says when he looks at her he still sees the tiny thing he held in his arms. He says he never felt so much love and joy than when he held her, she is his little sweetness and nobody can ever replace her. He says if she doesn't know then she's crazier than he is. She asks if he means that? He says just because he doesn't like her boyfriend doesn't mean he doesn't love her. He says never think he doesn't love her. She says she loves him too, they hug. Steve later returns to the room where Kayla is caring for the baby.

Outside the pub, Jeremy is apparently trying to get in touch with his dad, but he can't reach him. Stephanie shows up and sees Jeremy looks stressed. She asks if something is wrong? He says she has to ask? Jeremy says she told him the cops are after him but doesn't tell him why. He asks why this is happening, three months ago he was on top of the world. He says now he's the target of a witch hunt, his friends are turning on him and now his parents are too busy saving the world to take his calls. He says it's like he has nothing. She says not true, he has her. He says she is really something. He says he doesn't deserve her. He says maybe she should listen to her old man and stay away from him. She says she doesn't know what he's done, or even if he's done anything. She says she still loves him and is there for him, even if he just wants to talk. He says he can't talk about it. She says he's in trouble. He didn't mean for things to get so crazy. He just wanted to find a better way, and easier way than his parents way. He says he grew up watching them work like dogs. He says it was a noble cause what they did in war torn Africa, but they are doctors and should be living like the others. Stephanie says what others? He says the rich Americans he went to school with. HE says they had everything and their parents weren't killing themselves to get it. He knows this sounds cold, but there it is. He says he decided life shouldn't be that hard. HE says he decided to find an easier way. Stephanie thinks he easier way got a whole lot more difficult. Stephanie has some things to take care of, but when he's ready to tell her the rest, she'll be here. Stephanie then leaves.

Later Max takes out the trash and runs into Jeremy. Jeremy tries to talk to Max, but Max says he's doing work here, honest work. He wants nothing to do with Jeremy or his business, which he knows was a cover for his illegal activities. Jeremy says he needs his help. Jeremy says Max is in this as much as he is, but Max reminds him that he told him he wanted out. He says Chelsea and Jett think he's dirt too, Stephanie will find out soon enough. Jeremy says Stephanie can't know. Max asks what he's doing? Jeremy admits he's smuggling women into the country from Eastern Europe. Max says so he knew what Ilsa was doing in Vegas. Jeremy says no, he didn't know. He wasn't told what the women would be doing, only that they were desperate and looking for a better life. Max says so he thought he was helping out the poor innocents. Jeremy says no, he did it for the money. However all he was told was that Rawlings would get them jobs and set them up. Max says he set them up with old drunks. Jeremy says he didn't know until Ilsa. He says these girls aren't just turning tricks, they are getting hurt. Jeremy says he's not involved with that, he needs help making things right. Jeremy reminds Max he saw how Isla at Bo and Hope's place, he lied, she wasn't a one night stand. He says the person who did that to her was the one who got him involved in this, Andre DiMera. Max says he should have known when he caught EJ there that the DiMeras were involved. Jeremy says EJ was an errand boy, this is all Andre's doing. Jeremy knows he's a jerk, but he couldn't hurt a woman like that. He says Andre threatened him, he denied he hurt Ilsa and there was no proof. Jeremy is afraid of him, he didn't know he was a serial killer. Max asks how Rawlings fits it? Jeremy says Rawlings is the one who does all the deals in Vegas. Jeremy begs Max to help him fix this. Max thinks they need to go to the cops. He says this is evidence to put them away and save these girls. Jeremy says no, there has to be another way, Jeremy is afraid he'll go down too. Max says he won't like it. He says Jeremy has to go to Rawlings and stop it all or threaten to turn him in. Jeremy says okay, but don't tell Stephanie. He doesn't know who he can trust anymore, he's trusting Max here and hoping he can trust him. 

In the pub, Chelsea is watching a DVD on her PC of Nick marrying China Lee in Vegas. She says it is true. Nick shows up, he has good news. He says the marriage license doesn't mean anything unless she can prove the wedding took place. Nick thinks he's in the clear. Chelsea says she can prove it and shows him the DVD. He can't believe this. Chelsea says it looks like she's fooling around with a married man. Nick doesn't remember any of this, he has no recollection of this. She says that is because he had that concussion and he was drinking. She says Jeremy said he was out of it. Chelsea says this woman took advantage of him when he wasn't in the right state of mind. Chelsea asks what they will do about it? At this point China Lee walks in. She wonders if baby cakes showed Nikki the DVD? She talks about how cute Nikki looked at their wedding. She shows Nick some drawings his new step-sons made for their new daddy. Chelsea says they all know what she's doing, she's using what happened in Vegas to pull a con. China Lee says this is a legally binding marriage, it doesn't just stay in Vegas. Chelsea lays into her, but Nick stops her. Nick thinks China Lee is a reasonable woman. He knows they were married, but he doesn't recall anything of that 24 hours due to a bomb blast. China Lee asks if he saw a doctor and got a note? He says no, she says too bad. Nick says this marriage was a mistake, they should just end it. China Lee is thinking big fat lawsuit. Chelsea asks what grounds? China Lee says abandonment and pain and suffering. Nick says she's not the first one to try and pull something like this and she won't get away with it. Nick says he's been blackmailed twice, and as fun as it was, he's sick of it. He says Chelsea is the girl he loves and no money grubbing tramp from Vegas will get in the way. Nick says if she wants to play hardball then he's ready. She says nice speech, they both know she's running scared as his hands are shaking. China Lee says give me what I want and I'll go away. Nick asks what that would be? She wants her half of the money Nick won in Vegas. She says pay up or child services will visit him as a dead beat dad. She says don't take too long, she's not patient. China Lee leaves. Nick knows what Chelsea is thinking, but she kisses him! She says she's glad to see the real Nick standing up for himself, it was hot.

In Ireland, Bo says the truck is a bomb and rushes out of the church with it. Andre is looming in the background. Hope yells through the door to Bo, he says he thinks he took care of it and she should stay inside. Hope goes to the tabernacle and fiddles with trying to get it open. She finally opens it, inside is a leather portfolio. Andre then jumps out and grabs her! She fights him off, when Bo comes in she throws it to Bo. Andre holds a knife on Hope and tells Bo to give it to him or Hope is dead. Bo says if he so much as scratches her. Andre says Bo has never been able to nail him and he never will. Bo says he'll never get back into the States without being arrested. Andre says he's Stefano's son, he can do anything he pleases. Hope says he's not, he stole Tony's life. Andre tells her to shut up. He tells Bo to give him the folio or Hope dies! Bo gives him the folio and tells him to let her go. A priest shows up and asks what is going on? Andre says not to worry father, just pray. Andre makes his way to the door with Hope, lets her go and runs. Hope tells Bo to just go, he chases after Andre. Outside, Andre is saying Hope is wrong, he is Stefano's son and they will all find out what that means. Andre walks up behind Bo and slashes!

Back inside, Hope apologizes to the priest for breaking into the Tabernacle. He says that it hasn't been used in decades, they didn't even know how to open it. H says it should have been empty, Hope says it wasn't. Bo returns, he says Andre got away with the folio. Bo has been cut, the father goes to get him bandages. He says they lost the one thing to help end the vendetta. Bo thinks they should keep this to themselves, that piece of information may come in handy. He says they'll tell Roman and Abe, but nobody else. Bo says they could use this to their advantage somehow. Bo thinks they should go, but Hope says not until the father returns with bandages as he was cut. Bo wasn't hurt badly as Andre couldn't see in all the rain. Bo thinks they have to get back home before Andre somehow can with the folio.


August 15, 2007
At the hotel suite, Kayla is going through a box of Stephanie's old baby clothes. Steve shows up with Pocket. He ran an errand downstairs and says there was a whole mess of people downstairs who wouldn't let them leave, Pocket is a chick magnet. He thinks he should take him to the Cheatin' Heart and teach him how to shoot some pool. Kayla doesn't think so. Steve asks what all this stuff is? She says it's Stephanie's old clothes, she saved some, maybe some will fit Pocket. Steve says they aren't' putting him in any pink dresses. He asks if she doesn't have anything in there with footballs or baseballs. She doesn't. Steve says he's pissed, no literally, he's all wet. Kayla wants him to change the baby, he'll have to get used to doing it sooner or later. Steve says son these women might be pretty but they are bossy. As Steve walks off, Kayla notes he called Pocket son. Steve is trying to change Pocket, and before Kayla can warn him about changing a boy . . . . Steve is soaked! 

Later Steve is feeding Pocket. Kayla finds Stephanie's old bear, which she says she loved so much. She remembers when she dropped him in a puddle and cried and cried. Steve doesn't remember, he wasn't there. Kayla says he did miss so much, she wishes he was there. He says so does he. He still feels cheated out of watching her grow up. Later Steve tells Kayla, who is feeding Pocket, not to get too attached to this guy. He thinks that she's getting attached to him because Stephanie is all grown up and no longer needs her mom. Kayla is still angry over what the DiMeras did to them. Steve says that is over now and that little boy, he still can't make up for what they lost. Kayla later goes through more of Stephanie's old stuff, but Steve refuses to dress Pocket in them. When Steve is in the bathroom, she finds something she thinks Pocket can wear. Steve finds she's later dressed him up in a little white jumper that says I love daddy on it. 

On Touch the Sky, a passenger named Mr. Lowell flirts with Stephanie after she brings him a vodka tonic. He tells her how a beautiful woman like her is probably good at a lot of things. He pulls her into his lap and says she could sit here and earn a nice tip. She says her bosses wouldn't like that, plus it wouldn't be fare to the other customers. Stephanie leaves, she tells Chelsea how the guy in 1A groped her. Chelsea says she lets Jeremy treat her like that all the time. Stephanie says Jeremy is nothing like that perv, why is everyone attacking her boyfriend? Chelsea takes more digs at Jeremy, which causes Stephanie to call Nick a big wimp. Chelsea says he's not a wimp. She says Nick told off that girl from Vegas. Stephanie says that is impressive! Chelsea says Stephanie is dumping on Nick because her own boyfriend is a lying cheater. Stephanie says some best friend she is. Stephanie storms off.

Jett sits next to Max on the plane and finally tells him the truth. He shows him his badge and how he's a cop. Max says this is just great, perhaps he should have told him the day he invested in this airline! Jett is investigating Jeremy and thinks Max knows what is going down. He says J is in too deep and he's not going to walk. He says Max will if he tells him what J's up to. Max says he never should have gotten hooked up with them, and he wouldn't have if Jett was honest from the start. Jett says he didn't know who Max was, he didn't know he was a good guy. Jett says he's tossing him a life line, take it. Max says this sounds a lot like blackmail. Max tells Jett he won't help him, he's not talking. Jett says he never pegged him for one who would protect Jeremy. Max isn't, he doesn't like Jeremy. Jett asks if he think Jeremy would do the same for him? Jett says Jeremy will go to jail, will he join them? Jett says they'll talk about this when they get to Vegas.

Jett goes to talk to Chelsea in the service area. She tries to ignore him, but he wants to talk. Chelsea asks if he shouldn't be flying the plane? He knows he should have handled things better, but he had no choice. She says she could have told her and trusted her. He says it doesn't work like that. He says don't do this, they are friends. She says they aren't and walks off.

Jeremy talks to Max. He says Rawlings will be there when they land, no cops right? Max says no, no cops. Meanwhile, the pervy passenger Mr. Lowell continues to flirt with Stephanie. He asks her out to dinner, does she like sushi? She says she loves it, maybe afterwards they can head to his room for dessert? He says he loves dessert. She says in his dreams and dumps his tray in his lap! The man is not happy, Chelsea tries to help her when the guy gets rough. When he because mean, Max jumps him and begins beating the guy! Jett stops the fight, Jeremy asks what is going on? Max says this creep put his hands on her. Lowell says that is a lie, but Jeremy asks Stephanie. When she says he did . . . Jeremy becomes angry. Mr. Lowell says he's going to sue them. Jett takes care of the guy as Jeremy comforts Stephanie. She says if it weren't for Max she wouldn't know what would have happened. Stephanie gives Max a look, which Chelsea catches. Meanwhile Jett cuffs the passenger! Jeremy confronts Jett about carrying cuffs. Anything else he wants to tell him? Jett claims they are his uncle Abe's. Jeremy says nice of him to let him borrow them, and it was good thinking to have them. Jett thanks him, but Jeremy doesn't seem to believe Jett. Jett walks off and says to Max when they get to Vegas that he'll cover for him. Jeremy sees Jett say something to Max and is more puzzled. Meanwhile Stephanie talks to Chelsea about how great Max was, how she owes him.

EJ is spying on Sami at the hospital. She's in with Lucas and her dad. Roman is questioning Sami about this text Lucas got. Sami isn't able to concentrate, she's worried about Lucas who hasn't woken up. Roman thinks he'll be just fine. Roman is still a patient, he says he'll have some people run prints on the truck and see what they can find. Roman wheels himself out of the room.

In the hall, Kate asks how Lucas is doing? Roman says he'll be fine, and it's a good thing EJ and Sami were there. Kate can't believe EJ was there and was the hero. Roman says Sami did her part. Kate says yes, thank God for Sami. Kate goes into Lucas' room. EJ is hiding in the closet and realizes he has yet to play the hero card. He makes a call to the channel 6 news.

Kate goes in to see Lucas. Lucas finally wakes up, Lucas is still cold. HE asks what happened? He doesn't remember. Sami fills him on how they were here visiting Roman when he got a text message. She says he thought it was from his mom, Kate says it wasn't. He went to a freezer truck. Lucas begins to remember. He remembers a voice was calling for help, he thought it was her, but it was a tape recorder. Sami says she was banging on the door to get to him. Lucas says you were there? You saved me? Kate says actually EJ did. Lucas says EJ?

Suddenly EJ bursts in with a news crew to cover the story making EJ a hero. He then pulls Sami in front of the camera with him to explain to everyone what happened. She talks about how EJ saved her husband, if it weren't for him, her twins would have grown up without their father. The news people decide to get a shot of Sami giving EJ a hug. Sami then suggests they go, her husband needs rest. They however want to interview Lucas and get a quote from him about being grateful to EJ. EJ then leaves with the news crew after the story is filmed.

Lucas thinks it is just too convenient that EJ is always around when something happens to him. He wants to know what really happened, who sent the text message. EJ returns and says it is obvious who is behind this. EJ says it is Andre. He says he's tried to kill Roman, now Lucas, he's afraid for Sami now. Lucas thinks this makes no sense. EJ says he can't imagine who else, Bart is dead, Doctor Rolfe hasn't been around, Stefano is too weak. Lucas asks EJ where he was? EJ says he was in a conference call to Tokyo. Lucas asks if he has phone records to back that up? EJ just says come on Lucas! EJ tries to convince Sami it isn't safe for her to stay home alone, so Sami says she is staying here with Lucas. Of course there is only the one small bed and they can't get any more pulled into the room. Kate says she can't sleep in the waiting room, but Sami says she'll sleep on the floor if she has to. EJ suggests Sami stay with him! Lucas says no way, but EJ can guarantee she's protected. Sami says it won't happen, but Kate thinks EJ has a point. Lucas wonders what her agenda is, Kate says she just wants to see the babies safe. Sami says she's staying here with Lucas. EJ insists Sami come with him. Lucas gets upset, tries to get out of bed and falls. He can't feel his legs! The doctor rushes in, he demands everyone leave. EJ drags Sami out as she says she'll be right outside. Lucas is yelling at EJ to get his hands off his wife! 

Outside Lucas' room, Kate tells Sami she's pregnant and needs rest, go home, she'll stay with Lucas. EJ begs her to come stay with him, but Roman shows up and says Sami said no, when she says no she means it . . . but he has trouble with that concept. The doctor then comes out to discuss Mr. Robert's condition. He says Lucas will be fine, the numbness was just a result of the hyperthermia and he's getting his feelings back. Sami goes in to see Lucas. Roman talks to EJ about this attack on Lucas, he thinks maybe Andre wasn't behind the attack. He thinks the one with the most to gain from Lucas' death would be EJ, playing hero to the widow. Roman says he's going to be keeping an eye on EJ. He tells Kate that he'll talk to her later and wheels off. Kate then confronts EJ. She says if he had anything to do with this then she'll strangle him with her own hands. Kate returns to Lucas' room. 


August 16, 2007
At the hospital, Lucas' dinner shows up, Sami think it is not edible. She decides to make a midnight pizza run. He doesn't want her to go, he wants her to stay here and be safe. They soon end up kissing as a nurse shows up and asks what they think this is, the no-tell motel? She says they have rules here, does this bed look like it was made for two? What if there was an emergency? How would a doctor respond to the patient with a pregnant woman in his arms? She says she wouldn't be in the bed if they had got another for them like they asked. Lucas tries to ask nicely, whatever they have available would be great. The nurse says she should have called in sick. The nurse leaves. Sami says Lucas was practically flirting with her! Lucas says he got rid of her. He suggests they stop wasting time on her and focus on other things. They kiss. Later she's giving him a massage. He asks where she learned to do this? She says Sven, he gives her pregnancy massages at the spa. She says he's Swedish, he has huge muscles and turns her into jelly. Lucas says hey that is his job. He likes this, just the two of them, no bombs. She says no EJ stalking them. He doesn't want to talk about EJ while they are alone. She says sorry, she'll make it up to him. He has a way, stop going after Stefano. She feels she has to, she feels a connection to Colleen, she has to make things right. He says she owes Colleen nothing. Sami says Colleen can't make things right, but she can. She says Colleen is calling to her, she wants her to stand up to the DiMeras. Lucas says so what, she'll fight this battle to the death? Lucas thinks about what Colleen would say to her niece with a child and two on the way is trying to take Stefano on all on her own. Sami says he's made his point. He says he needs someone there to help save him from freezer trucks, to pay the bills when he forgets, to cook his eggs. They soon kiss some more, the heart monitor attached to Lucas rises! Later the nurses run in with carts, they think something is wrong as his pulse and pressure are way up. He says they don't understand, his wife was, trying to complete his body temperature. The head nurse, who they call nurse ratchet, returns. She thinks they ignored her orders and has to remind them who is in charge. The nurse brings them two beds, but stays in there as a chaperone as they sleep.

Anna and Tony are at the hospital flirting. Anna hasn't seen Tony in awhile, he says he's been busy. Roman walks out of his room and finds them together. Roman makes a comment about them, Anna gets him back in bed saying he needs to rest, that way he can get back home soon. Roman appreciates their visit and says he feels better already. Tony says he has something to take care of and leaves. Anna tells Roman that Tony was very worried about him. Roman asks Anna what will happen when she finally dumps the guy? He reminds her of the night they spent together in the hotel room. She remembers how he disappeared the morning after. She says he took the easy way out, but so did she when Tony came back .She should have been up front with him. Roman says no worry mate, as they say in Australia. He says if she'll excuse him, he has a ball game to watch. She turns off the TV and says forget about the game. She says she's sorry she strung him along. She wants him to be happy, but he has to move on in order to be happy. She says she does love him. He says but not like she loves Tony, he gets it. Anna says look at it like this, say Marlena ever left John for him, he can't say he'd not drop everything for her. He says point taken. He also says he knows she thinks Tony makes her happy, but Tony won't stick around for her or anyone. Anna thinks Roman is trying to hurt her. She says Tony won't leave her. Roman says Tony was on an island with nothing but palm trees and somehow he ended up with not one, but two woman! He says Tony DiMera is and always was a womanizer. Anna had hoped he would handle her decision with a little dignity. Roman tells Anna that he'll be around. If she decides to spend some time with a guy she can trust and will treat her the way she deserves to be treated, give him a call then. 

Tony runs into Stefano in the hall. Rolf has brought him in. Tony is glad he's here. Does this mean he's about to die? Rolf says Stefano has taken a turn for the worse. Stefano says don't waste your breath, Tony doesn't care about him. Tony says he does care. Stefano says he doesn't care about him or this family, he only cares about groveling at the feet of the Bradys. Tony tells Stefano all his years of this vendetta, what has it left him with? He says nothing, he has nobody who loves him. He says his vendetta has tied the Bradys together and made them stronger, while Stefano is alone. A doctor shows up to speak with Stefano. They arrange some kind of treatment for Stefano. Rolf assures the doctor they will be at the appointment. Tony tells Stefano his time is up, he should leave them all on a positive note. He tells his father to turn Andre in and end this tired vendetta. Stefano asks why he'd turn Andre in when he proved his loyalty once again? Stefano reminds him of the key he stole, that the Bradys ripped out of Bart's dead body. He says Andre took the contents of the tabernacle before Bo and Hope could get them. He says this means the vendetta will never end until he destroys every Brady who roams the earth! Tony says Andre will be his downfall, he is too violent, too unpredictable, Stefano can't control him. Stefano tells Rolf to take him out of here. They leave and Anna catches Tony giving eyes to a nurse. Tony sees Anna, goes to her and gives her some kisses saying he loves her so. 

On the plane in Vegas, Max and Jeremy are waiting to meet Rawlings. They start arguing abut what is going on. Rawlings shows up. He asks them how many they got coming tonight as he has a lot of customers. Jeremy tells Rawlings none, sorry but they are out. Rawlings asks Jeremy if he's letting that loser call the shots? Max wants the women brought back here. Rawlings says they are raking it in, but Max doubts this is their American dream. Max demands the girls be brought here and they will take them home. Rawlings thinks they are brave or stupid. Rawlings won't help them and warns them not to go to the cops. Rawlings leaves, Max tells Jeremy that they'll have to do this themselves then. Jeremy says the city is huge, how do they round them up? Max says they have to try. Jeremy says this is out of their hands. Max says it's not, if they find a few then they can tell them where the others are. He warns Jeremy get on board or the deal is off and he goes to Je . . . Jeremy asks whoa, what is going on here, what does Carver have to do with this? Has he been talking to Jett about this? Max says no, but he thought they were tight. Jeremy says it is hard to know who to trust, the guy could be a cop for all he knows. Max doubts that. He says he's going back to the hotel. They have to get these girls. Max leaves, Jeremy follows. Jett was hiding out watching everything from the service area. 

Chelsea and Stephanie are in the hot tub. Chelsea asks Stephanie if she wants to talk about the plane before? Stephanie says she's had guys hit on her before, but that guy was . . . She also can't believe how Max reacted, he could have gotten hurt. She says she's never had a guy do that for her before, it was nice. Chelsea questions her about Max, how Max acted like that when she was with her. Chelsea asks if Jeremy would ever do anything like that for her? Chelsea says she isn't saying this to be mean, but she has to be honest about Jeremy. Stephanie says she loves him, she's risked everything for him, she moved out of her parents place. She cries, what if she's right about her, what if everyone is, what if he's cheating? She couldn't stand that. Chelsea says maybe she should talk to Jeremy about this. Stephanie says and say what, say she's having doubts? That she can't trust him. Stephanie talks about how when she brought up moving in together, he got weird, he didn't want to rush things. She says maybe he does have a girl. Chelsea again says talk to him. Stephanie says Jeremy always has an answer and can talk his way out of anything. She says he always seems so sincere, and she wants to believe him. Chelsea says she and Nick have had their problems, right now they are in a good place though. There is a knock at the door, Chelsea goes to answer it.

Chelsea finds Nick at the door. Not only is Nick there, but so is China Lee and her two sons. She tells them to say hi to his daddy's friend! Later the kids are jumping on the couch, Chelsea asks if she pumped them full of caffeine. China Lee tells Nick to tell this girl that she didn't drug their sons. Nick says they aren't their sons, they are hers. She tells the boys to show their daddy how much they love him. They run to give him hugs. He suggests they go to the bedroom and make paper airplanes. They run off. Nick tells China Lee that he has to stop encouraging them. She says they need a strong male role model, someone like him. He says this marriage is a sham. She says they'll end it when she gives him $25,000 dollars. The boys return, he suggests mommy show them the pool! They say yeah! She says he better not split on her. China takes the boys to the pool. Chelsea tells Nick she thought he wasn't going to be pushed around? Nick says he doesn't have much of a choice here. She asks what he'll do, he doesn't have $25,000 dollars. He says the only thing he can do, he has to win it. She asks what about the money he won and donated, could he ask for it back? He says no. She asks how he gambles with no money? He has 3000 dollars, he cashed a life insurance policy. He feels he has no choice here. Max and Jett show up, they are surprised to see Nick. Nick has to go to the casino, he asks Chelsea to wish him luck. She kisses him for luck. She tries to convince him to stay here, maybe they could find a hot tub or empty bed. He says she's killing him. He says he's sorry, he's doing this for them. He'd do anything to stay up here with her. He says if he doesn't get rid of China and her two kids, where does that leave them? She asks if she should go with him? He says she'd be a distraction for him. He finally takes off.

Jeremy shows up and confronts Jett. He tells Jett they have a problem, someone isn't being straight with him. Meanwhile, Max goes out to the hot tub where Stephanie is. She says he should come in, there is plenty of room. HE says he shouldn't. He just wanted to see how she was doing. She says she's okay, thanks to him. He says he should probably get going, but she says no. She says she knows he's playing it down, but what he did for her was great. She says especially for an ex. She knows people always claim after a break up they'll stay friends. She says somehow they continued to stay friends, they made it work. Max leans in and they kiss!


August 17, 2007
At the pub, Tony is talking with two young girls telling them how Spain is so wonderful and they have to go. EJ shows up, Tony asks the ladies to excuse him. He says they'll have to continue this story later. Tony goes to EJ, saying it seems his facing is screaming for the bottle. He wonders why, the DIMera legacy perhaps? Or is it the curse. Tony says it goes along with the crown. EJ says Father never intended to give it to him, and he never asked for it. EJ says Father had dreams for him, but they weren't his dreams. Tony asks EJ if he could have anything he wanted, what would it be? He says to have Sami love him as much as he loves her. Tony says EJ has it bad. EJ says it does feel like he's dying sometimes. EJ feels like a bloody fool. Tony says why, because a beautiful woman brought him to his knees? He thinks EJ should enjoy it. EJ doesn't understand love, he thought a woman complimented a man, not consumed him. Tony thinks Stefano taught him only what he knows. EJ says Stefano wants him to deal with his obstacles the DiMera way, by removing them. Tony asks EJ about Lucas getting locked in a truck, was that his doing? EJ says maybe. Tony tells EJ that taking father's advice is folly and possibly deadly. EJ says he's facing the SEC and possibly prison, all he can think about is Sami. Tony says and offing her husband. Tony says he's going to tell him something, he wants EJ to listen. Tony says he can still have Sami, if he believes she's worth the sacrifice. Tony tells EJ about the key Stefano wore, how it unlocked the secret to ending the vendetta. He explains Bo and Hope went to find out what it unlocked, they found a folio. Unfortunately Andre got to it first. EJ asks if he knows the contents of this folio? Tony says revelations which give father power. EJ asks if Sami is in danger? Tony says all the Bradys are. EJ says and the contents will end the vendetta? Tony says the contents are so devastating that the Bradys might destroy it and let the vendetta go on rather than anyone learn the truth. EJ thinks that doesn't make sense, why would they destroy it if they could end the feud? Tony says EJ has to take himself to a scary place, the working of Stefano's mind. EJ says nobody, not even him, know how Stefano's mind works. Tony begs to differ. EJ says fine, explain this scary world. Tony talks about baroque architecture, Escher's world of twisted stairways that goes nowhere. Tony says this world came from Santo. Tony says Santo watched a murder, the love of his life, it tore him to shreds. HE says Santo was left without any hope. EJ says so Santo sends father on the road to revenge. Tony says yes, and stipulated what was required to end the vendetta. Tony tells EJ if he can get the folio and find out, who knows, maybe then he'll have everything he's wanted. 

At the hospital, Sami finds Lucas practicing moves for the Kama Sutra and invites her to practice before nurse rotwieller returns. Sami says she's not on duty anymore, but he needs his rest. A nurse shows up saying she's here to give him a sponge back and oil massage, full body. It's part of his treatment. Lucas thinks this is pretty cool. He tells Sami she should go home and get some sleep as she looks tired! Sami says oh hell no. The nurse gets to work on his massage. Sami thinks the nurse must have a ton of patients to take care of, but Lucas says this is doctors orders. Sami thinks the nurse probably would rather be practicing medicine rather than massage. The nurse says massage stimulates blood flow. Sami says that is her are of expertise. Sami offers to take over, the nurse does have other patients to deal with so she leaves him to Sami. Sami picks up the massage. Lucas starts getting too excited, she should go or he might get them in trouble. Sami suggests they think of alternate baby names, just for fun. That will take his mind off other things. They discuss names, Lucas says he thinks Kate is out. She says yes. Sami suggests Marlena, they could call her Laney for short. Sami's not really paying attention, her hand is moving up his thigh. He tells her that they are six and a half inches from lift off! Later the nurse comes to check on Lucas, to find the room empty! However Lucas soon comes out of the bathroom. He unhooked himself from the monitors and took a shower, claiming he wasn't into the sponge bath as he couldn't fit into the little bowl. The nurse says she was warned he was trouble and orders him back into bed. Sami soon comes out of the bathroom in a robe! She says oops! The nurse had hoped Sami would take her husband's condition more seriously, he has hypothermia. Lucas says not anymore. The nurse soon leaves them. Sami puts some compression stockings on Lucas, he has to wear them as part of the treatment. 

Later EJ  shows up. He says he's glad Lucas is feeling better. Lucas asks why he's here? EJ says to talk about the DiMera Vendetta, he thinks he knows how to end it. Ej explains that Andre has a folio, the conditions of ending the vendetta are inside. He has a plan to get a hold of it. Lucas doesn't want Sami involved, but Sami says she already is. She tells EJ if he has a way to end this then tell them. EJ says if Andre has it, he'll try and get it to Stefano. EJ says Stefano will use a go between, someone to deliver it, someone he trusts. Stefano won't risk being seen meeting Andre. Sami says they have to find out who Stefano would use. Lucas tells EJ to give them a name. EJ says he already knows who it is, it is Kate! Lucas won't believe this, but Sami does. EJ says Kate's assets were frozen for months, so why and how did she suddenly get so much cash to hire lawyers to keep her out of jail and to keep Mythic afloat. Lucas says maybe she borrowed it. EJ says or maybe she got it from Stefano for services rendered. Lucas gets upset. Sami says he's just speculating, EJ says he is. Lucas says his mothers days of doing favors for money are long over. EJ says regardless, he still believes Kate will get the folio from Andre and take it to Stefano. Sami says they have to intercept Kate. Lucas realizes Sami is buying this. Sami says if they can end this vendetta then they have to take this chance. Lucas refuses to believe his mom . . . . Sami says they have to focus on their babies right now. Sami says if there is a chance that EJ is right then they have to act. Lucas says fine, what do they do?

In Vegas, China Lee watches as Nick loses big time at blackjack. He's a thousand down, which is a third of his stake. He wishes he had Pete's glass eye to help him. China says she believes him. Nick says 25 bucks to get married, 25,000 to end it. She says his step sons are expensive to raise.

At the hotel, Stephanie and Max kiss in the hot tub. Stephanie stops, saying she's with Jeremy, she loves him. They keep kissing, Max jumps into the hot tub with all his clothes on. Stephanie says they can't do this, she and Jeremy are . . . . Max starts necking her. She says this isn't right, but he thinks it feels right. She doesn't know how this happened. They keep making out. Stephanie reminds him they tried this before and he dumped her. He says it was a huge mistake on his part. She says they can't do this. Max says okay, it was a mistake. She says too much history. He knows she and Jeremy are involved. They keep kissing anyways. Meanwhile Chelsea returns and sees Max and Stephanie going at it in the tub! 

In the hall, Jeremy questions Jett asking him if he's a cop? Is he selling him out? Jett says woah! You think I'm a cop? Jeremy doesn't know, he's always watching and asking questions that aren't his business. Jett asks what has him so paranoid? Is Jeremy in trouble? Suddenly Chelsea interrupts them. Jeremy asks if Steph is in there? Chelsea says yes. Jeremy wonders if she's okay? Chelsea says yes. He thinks she must be a wreck after that dirtball. He thinks after some champagne and a hot tub and she'll be just  fine. Chelsea says no, he can't go in! He asks why not? She says she has to change her underwear! He says what? She says she's going to the casino and needs her lucky underwear. Chelsea runs back into the room. She then interrupts Max and Stephanie and says Jeremy is here! She then leaves, heading to the casino.

Jeremy and Jett go into the room. Stephanie just got out of the hot tub, but Jeremy wants her to get back in. Stephanie says she's cooked, she suggests they shower. They run off. Jett goes out to the hot tub where Max was hiding under the water. Jett asks what the hell he's doing? Jett asks if he knows what would happen if Jeremy caught him? Jett says don't mess with the guy, he will go off on him. Max says he can handle Jeremy. Jett says when this is over he has to arrest Jeremy. Jett says he can't let Max ruin this for him because he can't keep his pants zipped. Suddenly Jeremy chases Stephanie all over the suite trying to whip her with a towel. She runs to Max and says save her, he's after her. Jeremy asks Max if it is raining? Max says no, Jett dunked him. Jeremy says nice work bro. Jeremy tells Max and Stephanie they should get dressed and hit the slots.

Back down in the casino, Nick loses everything he has, he is broke. China Lee says broke broke? He says he has nothing, no job, not 25,000 dollars. She says she is sorry, she knows she tried. She says at least the kids still have their daddy. Nick says they are good kids, they deserve a dad who will take care of them and love their mom. China Lee says that's fairy tale talk, happy endings. Nick says that ending could be out there for her, just not with him. China Lee thinks his girl doesn't know how lucky she is. She says she'll sign the annulment papers. He says just like that? She says this town is full of easy marks, but he's the first guy she really liked. She kisses him on the cheek. She says hang tight. China Lee leaves. 

Nick goes to the bar, charging a beer to Jeremy. Chelsea shows up and tells Nick what she saw going on upstairs. She asks him if he lost all his money? He says yes, but China Lee signed the annulment papers. He says they are free! Nick says she wanted deeper pockets and these weren't doing it for her. Chelsea suggests the next time he's in Vegas about to be married, make sure that . . . Nick says there is only one woman he wants, that is her. Chelsea thinks they'll figure something out, they'll keep on this ride. Jeremy and Stephanie come to the casino, Chelsea watches as Jeremy goes to some blond girl and talks to her (I think it's Ilsa). Chelsea can't believe him, why does Stephanie stand there and watch him do this? Nick doesn't know. He's tired, he thinks he's going to go catch some sleep. She says sweet dreams! Nick thanks her for sticking with him and and leaves. 

Stephanie sits with Chelsea and says she can explain. Chelsea says explain why she and Max went deep sea diving, or why her other boyfriend is flirting with that girl and she's doing nothing about it?

Max shows up and sees Jeremy with Ilsa. They nod to him. Max runs into a blond woman and she dumps her purse. He apologizes and helps her. Her name is Jenna Powers. They talk and Max offers to buy her a drink. Jenna excuses herself to make a call. She says she has what they asked for, what does she do with them? Jenna laughs. 

Nick goes back to the room. A man shows up with China Lee's kid. He says he was asked to deliver these children to their daddy!


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