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4th Week of August 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


August 20, 2007
At Kayla and Steve's, Kayla is getting ready to go to the hospital, Roman is being released. She says they won't be long. She has Pocket in her arms. He asks if she's taking the baby? Kayla says Hope is going to watch him. Steve says he can watch him. Steve says the sooner he's over this hump the better. Kayla says it's all set up with Hope as is. She says he can go to the Heart and shoot some pool. Steve thinks she doesn't trust him. Kayla says it's not that. She says if he doesn't want to go out then put the swing together. Steve says he'll go to the Heart, maybe he'll call Benjy and see if he wants to have fun. Kayla tells Steve she loves him. Steve says he loves her too. Kayla leaves with the baby, Steve looks down.

Later Adrienne shows up with baby books for Steve. She has a ton of books for him to read, Justin has read them all. One of the books is called Daddy Don't Drop Me! Steve says he guesses he could lock himself up with . . . The Joy of Nursing? Adrienne says one of her favorites. Steve says he doesn't have time to read all these, he needs the short hand version, he needs fatherhood 101. She says she can't teach him how to be a good father. She says all these books basically say that he has to be the best he can be in the moment. Steve says so go with his gut? She says yes. He just doesn't want to damage the kid. She again says be the best you can be. It's trial and error. Steve says Kayla won't even leave him here for the afternoon. Adrienne says start small, ask to take over afternoon feedings and go from there. She tells Steve remember how he was with Benjy and Max. He says it's about being the best father he can be, the father they never had and always wanted. She says it will be great. Steve still doesn't know how to do it and is afraid. She tells Steve to just be honest with Kayla. Steve tells Adrienne that she's really something. Adrienne says what else are little sisters for. Steve says for hugging, he gives her a hug. 

At the hospital, Bo and Hope are with Roman, who is dressed and ready to go. Bo asks what the hold up is? Roman says he can't leave until Kayla arrives and gets the okay, otherwise ma will move in with him and play nurse. Bo thinks it is cute that he's afraid of ma. Roman tells Bo to call ma and tell her they are leaving then, that they don't care about her rules. Hope offers to dial for him. Bo says he thinks ma is right, but Roman thinks he is just as scared of her. Hope wonders when these two little boys will grow up and get away from their mommy. Hope goes to see what the hold up with the paper work is. Roman talks to Bo about how all these women are offering to take care of him, why can't he find a woman to be with? Roman says well he has been there and done that, he already had the best, maybe he should be a happy bachelor. Bo asks about Anna, Roman says Anna is with Tony and they both dropped by to see him. He says it was tough, he felt like he was back in high school. He says part of him wanted to beat up Tony, but he didn't, though part of him wishes he had. Roman says the stitches said no though. Bo thinks it's more than his stitches hurting him. Hope returns and tells Bo she has something to do, but she'll catch up with them later. Hope then heads out. Roman tells Bo not to worry about him, he was just blowing off steam with his talk about Tony and Anna. Roman asks Bo what is going on with Tony's double? Bo says they have surveillance going on, Roman needs to rest up, they can take care of it. 

Later Kayla shows up, she asks how Roman is feeling. He says he'll feel better when he gets back to work. She says no no no, he can't go back to work. Kayla says he can't go back to work until she signs his form for the Salem PD. Roman says come on! He says Andre is out there, he has the leather thing-a-majig. Bo says it's a folio. Kayla learns Andre was in Ireland, she is asked to keep this to herself. Kayla agrees to let him go back to work, but he is not to take any calls for 2 weeks, only desk work. He says one week, but she says two. He says yes sir, mr doctor man. They ask about Pocket, she says he's with Hope. They wonder why she didn't leave him with Steve, and soon start laughing. They know why she didn't leave him with Steve. They say at least with Hope he has a chance of making it to his first birthday. They keep making jokes, say she better get super nanny on speed dial for future reference. Kayla gets upset with them for making fun of Steve, she says he's as good of a father as either one of you losers have been! She then storms off. Bo and Roman wonder if they went too far, if they should apologize. They just keep laughing about Steve though. In the hall, Kayla tries to convince herself that Steve will be a great father. She has a horrible vision of him asleep on the couch in front of a game while pocket sits in his highchair. She thinks she's as bad as the rest of them. 

Later Roman is finally released. A nurse is going to show up with his wheel chair. Roman tells Bo they need to get to the station. Bo says give himself a night off. Roman knows Andre is coming after him, he'll want to finish what he started. Bo realizes that is why he didn't want a guard, he's using himself as bait. Roman says he knows what the stakes are. Bo says yeah, your life. Later Hope arrives. Bo tells Hope that he knows he doesn't say this enough, but he is thankful for her and he doesn't know where, who or what he'd be without her. Hope wonders where this is coming from? Bo says he's just been thinking about them. Roman, in his wheel chair, asks if they are coming or not? They say yes they are. Roman suggests they stop by the mini mart so he can get him a soup for one. Bo says coming up happy bachelor man. 

Kayla returns to the hotel with Pocket. She apologizes to Steve, she knows she should have left Pocket with him. Steve says she was being a mama and wanted to protect him. She says but not from him. Steve says she has her doubts about him and he has his too. He says he knows she has expectations of him too. He has a bath prepared for her, she can soak and he'll give him his nightly bottle and watch after him. He says he got his break tonight, now it is her turn. She suggests he feeds the bugger, she'll put him down and then they'll both relax in the tub! 

In Vegas, Max has a drink with Jenna. Jenna promises Max a night he'll never forget. Max says this is the first time he's ever been propositioned, not that he means she's a . . . . Max tries to take his foot out of his mouth. Jenna asks what if she was propositioning him? What then Mr Max? Max asks if she is? Jenna says pucker up Max. Max asks her what she's really up to? He wonders if she has a friend with a blackjack or tire iron around here. She says no, she'd just kill him with her kisses. She makes him a proposition, suggesting he meet her over by the elevator. When he gets in and the doors close, he can ride it all day long.

Stephanie and Chelsea talk about Max. Stephanie says Jeremy doesn't know what happened and can't find out. Chelsea says so Jeremy is her boyfriend and what, she and Max are hooking up? Stephanie says no! Stephanie talks about how Max is her uncle, but Chelsea says not by blood. Stephanie says she's tried to tell herself that, but says he's still family. Chelsea says this didn't bother her before. Stephanie doesn't know what she's doing, or who she even is anymore. Stephanie swears she and Max are ancient history. She says that scuzz hit on her, Max came to her rescue and then it all just happened. Chelsea tells Stephanie she'll have to figure out what she wants and who she wants. She says Max may not be steady, but at least he's a good guy. 

Later Jett shows up to try and talk to Chelsea. She says she has to go meet Nick. Jett asks her for just five minutes. She thinks they've already said what they need to. He says he could lose his job over all this, can she just give him five minutes. She actually sets a timer and says start talking. Jett says he could be fired for breaking his cover, and he let her distract him from his job. He says he tried to protect her, but only put her in danger and hurt her. He didn't want that to happen, he likes her. She says she likes him too. He says he just wanted her to know, he still . . . you know. Chelsea's timer goes off. He says times up, he better go and so should she. He says he just wanted her to know, he walks off. 

Jeremy tells Max he just talked to Ilsa. She's going to get the word out to the girls, they have to agree to fly them out of here without Rawlings or anyone else knowing. Max says get the ball rolling. Meanwhile Jenna is on the phone, she asks how she seals the deal with Max? They tell her something, she says she'll let them know when it's done. She then blows a kiss over to Max. Max heads off with Jenna, which Stephanie happens to see.

Jeremy comes to see Stephanie, saying he's sorry it took so long, that is business. She can't help but notice his business always involves other women. Why can't he make her his priority rather than business? Jeremy asks who was talking trash about him this time? She just wants him to put her first again. He says he is her guy, if she doesn't know that by know, he doesn't know what else to say. He swears he's only doing business. He tells Stephanie that he is sorry he hasn't put her first, he just got mixed up in something. She says like something that has to do with breaking the law? He says the less she knows the better, but he's working to get this cleaned up. You wanna know why? She says because he doesn't want to go to jail. He says no, because he doesn't want to lose her. 

In the hotel room, a man drops off China Lee's kids. Nick swears these aren't his kids, but they hug Nick and say daddy daddy! He says have a nice evening. Nick asks the man what is going on? The man says the hotel day care center closed three hours ago, he was left as the contact in case of emergency. He says after watching them for the last three hours, he wishes Nick luck. Nick says these kids don't know him, but they still call him daddy. He says he was suffering from a concussion when he married their mom, they filed annulment papers. The man says if he doesn't want to take care of them then call the authorities. The kids say no daddy! The man warns Nick that feeding time for the hotel tigers is about to begging, and they show an alarming tendency to lean too far over the railing. Good luck! Later Nick is trying to make calls about China while the kids jump all over the place. Two airline attendants show up, they think the kids are adorable. Nick asks the boys what her mom's last name is, but they don't seem to want to tell him. The women give the kids badges from their airline, they say they want to be the pilots! 

Later Nick learns from a cop that China Lee is in jail, she has a warrant for solicitation and is in jail for 30 days! Nick asks to be shot, what is he going to do with these kids for 30 days! The officer says he'll call social services and get the kids off his hands. Nick won't allow that, but the cop says Nick was scammed, he shouldn't live with this responsibility. Nick says he can't live with himself if he doesn't look after them. The officer wishes him luck and heads out. Nick later tells the kids that tomorrow they are going to a magical kingdom called Salem,. They hug Nick. He says what they do when they get there is anyone's guess. 


August 21, 2007
In Vegas, Stephanie and Jeremy are still in the casino. Stephanie asks Jeremy what he's gotten himself mixed up in? He doesn't want to tell her, he thinks she'd walk out of his life. Stephanie says unless he's Hannibal Lecter, how bad can it be? Jeremy thinks her dad will love telling her that he told her so. She asks what he's done? She says don't play her, spin it or buy her off with jewelry. She says just be straight with her. She says she loves him, but all she knows about him is what he tells her. He says he was trying to protect her. She says he can't trust her, he admits he has trust issues. He says it's about to hit the fan and he is afraid he'll lose her. She says be straight or he will lose her. He says he thought he was doing good, he thought he was helping people. He says he was bringing in illegals from eastern Europe. As it turns out, the people who hired him have something bigger going on with the people. Stephanie can't believe this. He says the less she knows the better. She says so she's in danger because of him? She says her dad was right, he's nothing but a crook! She is furious and calls him a lying jerk, he played her. He says she is the best thing that happened to him, but she says she's defended him and made excuses for him for months. Jeremy says he couldn't back out, these guys play for keeps. She says great, he goes to prison and she goes home to face the mother of "I told you so's." He says his freedom is on the line and she is afraid of what she has to face? He says she is daddy's little girl after all. She tells him how he only seems to care about paying her attention when he wants to do it.  She says just go find one of those hot babe's of his. He says he's not in love with them. She asks what he just said? He says he thinks he said he was in love with her. She says she can't believe it, this is the first time he's said the L word and not in the context of "I love how you look in that bikini." He says why can't she just sit back and enjoy it, why does she have to make everything a drama. She says because everything is always about him, they aren't a couple, they are Jeremy and company. He says well she does work for Touch the Sky. Stephanie says she's done with it, she may not be the only girl in the world for him, but he's not the only guy for her either. She storms off, he follows her. She tells him that there are other guys out there, guys who can say I love you easily. She thinks he just said it to get himself out of a tight spot. He says it's not that way. She says then say it again, he can't. Stephanie says every now and then she sees the flicker of the guy she fell for. When they wake up, she'll see him sleeping with his arms around her. When he wakes up, he'll either want to do it again or hit the gym. She thinks Jeremy is never going to be able to love as much as she does. Jeremy asks if she's giving him his walking papers? She says if he can't be real with him, she'll find someone who can. He asks if she already found the guy? Anyone he knows? She says she doesn't play those games, but he says she plays games. He says she knew who he was when she met him. She says she's not trying to change him, but she thinks there is room for improvement. Jeremy asks her to be patient, he's trying to fix this mess, the Jeremy she ends up with will be worth waiting for. She says say it again. He says he loves her. She says he better. They kiss. 

Max and Jenna go head off to the elevator together. Once inside they begin going at one another. He asks what floor, she says all the way to the top! Max thinks they should call room service and have everything ready so they don't have to wait. Jenna says she's not waiting and jumps on Max! She begins ripping his clothes off. He doesn't like the idea of the doors opening and them getting caught, so she stops the elevator. She says she knows what she wants, how she wants it and she wants it now! She then rips his shirt off. Soon she's talking off all his clothes! Max says he showed her his, she has to show him hers. Jenna cuffs him to the railing in the elevator. HE says he's not into this. Jenna says he's going to stay here for the ride and she's going home. Max says okay she has him where she wants him, what the hell is this about? She starts the elevator and says it looks like some passengers are waiting. Max begs her not to do this with him, saying he'll do whatever she wants. Jenna says Mr. Lowell says they are even know. Max realizes it's the bastard from the plane. The doors open, Jenna runs out and some old ladies laugh when they see Max. 

Chelsea comes back to the suite as Nick is making arrangements to fly the kids back to Salem. The kids run out from another room telling daddy they are ready to go. They ask who she is? Chelsea asks why they are still here? What is going on? Nick sends them off to get their toothbrushes. Chelsea asks what is going on, Nick explains that China Lee is in jail for 30 days and until this ridiculous marriage is annulled, he's legally their dad. Chelsea starts laughing at the idea of Nick playing daddy to these kids. Nick says they just need a responsible adult to watch them. Chelsea doubts that is him. She asks how he will deal with these kids for 30 days. Nick doesn't know. Chelsea says call the police and say they were abandoned. Nick says he did that, they said he's the kids legal guardian, all he can do is put them in a foster home. Nick begs Chelsea to help him, but she won't. She says if he's bringing those kids back to Salem then count her out. Nick says he's trying to make the best of this situation. Chelsea tells Nick he's probably not the only daddy these kids have ever known, China Lee has these kids trained to act how she wants them to. She asks where their real dad is? Nick doesn't know and doesn't know of any relatives China Lee has. Nick says it's either him or foster care. She votes for foster care. She's tired of him putting everyone else's happiness in front of their own. She says first Willow now China Lee. Nick reminds her they said if they could survive the hairbrush fiasco they could survive anything. He says is she saying they can't last 30 days of taking care of these kids? Nick tells Chelsea that when they get back he'll talk to Mickey, he'll look into foster care for them. He just needs to know he's not alone here. Chelsea sees Jett in the background. Chelsea doesn't know too many girls who would stick by their man who married another woman, and who played another round of let's give our savings away. She says they are jumping from crisis to crisis. He says it will get better once the kids are gone. She says no, it will get better when he decides that his girlfriend gets priority. Chelsea goes over to Jett and asks him to take her dancing! Jett asks what has changed her mind about him? She says he did, he put her first, he put her and their friendship ahead of his career. Jett says okay. He invites Nick to go with them, but nobody says anything. He asks what is going on between them? Nick says he's going to stay here, he has his hands full, they should have some fun. Jett asks if he's sure? Nick says yeah, have a blast. Jett and Chelsea leave. China Lee's kids come out, Nick suggests they watch some TV before heading home. They ask where home is? He says he doesn't know.

Jett and Chelsea see Stephanie and Jeremy kissing in the casino. Chelsea says one couple seems to have survived a potential break up. Jett asks if she can say the same about her and Nick? She says Nick are what they are. She talks about how Nick thinks she should be there for him no matter how crazy things get, but there is a limit. Jett says Nick is a good guy, but maybe she's outgrown him? Maybe he's not what she needs anymore. 

Max meanwhile escapes the elevator and returns to the suite. He's still naked but has everything covered. He learns what is going on with Nick and the kids. He offers to help him out, he's pretty good with kids. Later Max tries to change when Jeremy and Stephanie show up. They wonder what is up with him and why he has half a handcuff on? Max says long story. Jeremy says right now he's more interested in his girl. He goes to show some love, but she wriggles away. She just says she'll meet him in the hot tub and runs off to change. Jeremy gives Max a look like he wonders what is up.

Nick shows up in the casino with the kids. Chelsea hears them and tells Jett she thought they were going dancing? She drags him off. 

At the Brady Pub, Belle finds Shawn setting up a candle lit dinner. Shawn says it's a celebration, he's found a place for them to live. She asks where? He says here. He says his grandparents need a night manager at the pub. He says he took the job so he can still work at the garage. He says they get to live here rent free in exchange. He asks how great that is? She says this is the worst idea he's ever had! He tells her he has it figured out, they'll save money in no time for their own place. She says living over a bar, hello, Tinda Lau! He says it is not the same thing, but Belle says once again he's made decisions about their future without her. He says his bad, he thought this would be a terrific surprise. She says a romantic dinner is a nice surprise, using it to move in here is an ambush. She tells Shawn they have an entire wing of Phillip's to themselves. She knows he did this with the best of intentions, but she can't move Claire, not now. Belle says Claire is finally stable and happy. Shawn says the last thing he expected was an argument tonight. She says she didn't expect a done deal sprung on her. Belle says her engagement ring is a symbol of their future, of making decisions together big and small. Shawn thought this would make her happy, he was wrong. He goes to walk away, she says don't walk away. She says they can't go to their separate corners every time they disagree. Shawn thinks this is more than a disagreement, it's about her wanting to live with her ex-husband over her fianc. She says she doesn't see the point of moving Claire into another temporary home. Shawn thought they agreed they had to move out. She says when they find something permanent. She asks why is he so ready to move out? He asks why is she so hung up on staying? She says Phillip does love Claire, but Shawn says she's not his daughter. Belle says she knows that, they all do. He reminds her how Phillip is paying for everything. He says does she really want to live off of Phillip? She thinks if the situation was reversed they'd do the same for him. Shawn says he wouldn't, he'd give him money and send him on his way as they need boundaries set. Belle reminds him that they agreed to get along. Shawn says it won't happen, Phillip hates him and is doing everything to get her back. Belle says that isn't happening and she just doesn't want to tear Claire away from Phillip like this. Shawn says he's worried about their future while she only cares about Phillip and his feelings. He wants to marry her, not her and Phillip. He says if she won't go over there and tell Phillip they are moving out tonight then he will. They continue arguing, Belle reminds him of what he did to Phillip, Lauren had Phillip's baby and he didn't think Phillip needed to know. 

Later Phillip shows up, he says Claire has been talking about some new CGI movie. He thought they could take her. Phillip says change of plans, they are taking Claire and moving out tonight. Phillip says that is short notice, where are they moving. He says here, to the pub. Shawn thinks Phillip would be glad to see the last of him after the surrogate mess. Phillip asks how this place is better than a wing in a mansion and around the clock child care. Shawn tells Phillip money is always his answer. Phillip says Shawn got caught in a lie and is now taking his ball and running home. Phillip wants to hear it from Belle that this is what she wants. Belle says se needs to talk to Shawn alone, Phillip leaves them. Belle can't believe she did that to her! Shawn says he's tired of playing second to Phillip and his feelings. Belle says this is about Claire, who is finally happy for once. She says Shawn is just concerned about his macho thing with Phillip. As they argue, Phillip listens in. Shawn tries to tell Belle that they need to be happy and together as a family, but Belle won't leave until they have a permanent home. Shawn says now Belle is making the once sided decisions. He warns her not to choose Phillip over him! She says or what? He says she doesn't want to find out.


August 22, 2007
At the pub, Belle tells Shawn he is making decision without asking how she feels. Shawn says he wants them to be a family, the three of them, not the four of them. Belle tells Shawn it's bad enough he surprised her with this, but then he told Phillip it was a done deal. She says she won't sit around and let him make all the decisions, she did that while they were on the run and won't do it again. Shawn says it's not the same, but she thinks it is. She says it's about him verses Phillip. Shawn tells her that Phillip tried to take Claire once, now he's using his money to try and get her and Claire back. She doesn't see that and she thinks Shawn needs to stop making him out to be a monster. Shawn says maybe she should stop taking Phillip's side every time they have an argument. Phillip watches with an evil look in his eye as they fight. She says she's not taking sides. He says every time he wants them to move, she says the same thing, it's not what is best for Claire. He thinks what it's not best for is Claire, she loves the maids and the meals and she loves Phillip telling her how she deserves it all. Belle says not true, it's best for Claire. Shawn says Claire shouldn't be torn between him and Phillip, Phillip is out for a family . . . his! Shawn tells Belle to think about how he's working, he makes a plan and attacks. She says this is not a war, he and Phillip are friends. Shawn says the friendship is over, this is a war now, go ask Phillip if he doesn't believe her. He knows she loves living the cushy life, but she says stop it. He tries to make her see that Phillip is the cause of their problems and adds to them every chance he gets. 

Shawn soon tries to drag Phillip into the conversation and give them a straight answer. He wants Phillip to admit that he's using his house and money to break them up, be honest, he wants Belle and Claire. Phillip says he does want to be a part of Claire's life, and he wants to be friends with them. He says if he wanted Shawn gone that he'd turn him into the cops for being in on that scam with Lauren. Belle says he had nothing to do with that, but Phillip says Lauren is gone and can't confirm that. Shawn threatens to deck Phillip, Phillip tells him to take the swing! Belle stops them from fighting. Shawn thinks Phillip always changes the subject rather than give them a straight answer. Shawn knows Phillip thinks he can take better care of Claire and Belle. Phillip says Shawn does what he can't, but he doesn't have a decent job. Phillip says living above a bar is not what is best for Claire, that's all he wants. Shawn again says well they are moving out and wants Belle to tell him. She won't, she asks for a minute alone with Phillip. He asks if she's going to listen to more of his lies? That is the last thing she needs. She says the last thing she needs is someone telling her what to do. She wants Shawn to leave them, show her that he trusts her. He leaves them to talk. 

Phillip wants to know if Belle is happy with this? Belle says Shawn isn't happy staying with him. Phillip thinks Shawn should be putting Claire and his girlfriend first. She says fianc. HE says she is happy at the mansion and secure, why can't Shawn understand. Belle says he's not happy so it's her problem too. Phillip says Shawn wants to cut him out of Claire's life and hers, he won't let that happen, no matter what it takes. They continue talking, Belle thinks this is about Lauren. Phillip knows Shawn wasn't mixed up with Lauren, but this is driving him crazy. He says this time this child is his, but she says he doesn't know that. Phillip says he does, the DNA tests proved it was his child. He just got the results from the bib Billie took. Belle says that is great and he will find his son. Phillip says that is maybe why he's trying to hold onto Claire. He swears he's not trying to take her or Shawn's place. He says he understand how Shawn feels now that he knows he has a son he doesn't know. He says but he was still Claire's father the first year of his life. Phillip says all he's trying to say is he knows how Shawn feels about Claire, he just wishes Shawn knew. Belle says slowly but surely they are all growing up. She promises Phillip that he'll always be a part of Claire's life. Phillip doesn't think anyone can stop Shawn. Belle says watch her. Phillip says if Shawn ever gets the chance to cut him off, he will, they both know it. Phillip says that says something about Shawn, see him for who he is, the real Shawn. Phillip says see it before it's too late for her and for Claire. Phillip says this isn't the Shawn they grew up with. Belle says it is, the problem is the two of them haven't been showing their best sides lately. She says they just have to get back to how they were, friends. Phillip says their friendship is still there and strong. He hugs Belle and thanks her for going to bat for him. He says it means a lot. She says he means a lot to her and Shawn. She says he can count on her. She says if he hears anything about Lauren or her son, let him know. He says he'll see her and leaves. 

Shawn returns, Belle tells Shawn she will move out of the mansion and into the pub, as long as Phillip spends time with Claire. She says that is it. She won't let him come between Phillip and Claire. Shawn says or Phillip and her? She says both, they've been friends too long and she won't throw her friends away. She also says from now on they don't make decisions alone, but together. Shawn says okay. Belle says she'll go get Claire, she's going alone as this will be hard enough for Phillip without him looking over his shoulder. Shawn hugs Belle and thanks her, she's been amazing. He promises things will be great. 

Doug and Julie show up at Bo and Hope's with the new letters. John and Marlena are with them. They decide to pick up where they left off, Colleen was trying to decide whether to go meet Santo alone in his room. They begin reading the letters. Colleen wrote that she knew she had to see him, but she needed an alibi as Sister Ann and Father Malory were too close.

In the past, Colleen asks Shawn for a wee favor. She says tell Father Malory that she couldn't do the door to door collecting with Sister Ann. She claims some villager had been feeling ill and she promised to tend to her. Shawn says he knew she was lying, the person she was going to take care of was fine as he just saw them in market today. He  knew she was going to see Stefano's father, she said yes. Shawn begs her not to go! 

Marlena thinks that Colleen asking little Shawn to lie for her must have broken her heart. Hope and John feel differently, she's not as innocent as they all think. Bo says would she show up though? Doug says the answer is Julie Olson Banning Anderson Williams Williams Williams! Julie continues reading the letters.

In the past, Colleen tried to convince Shawn that she and Santo are only friends, but Father and Sister Ann wouldn't understand it. Shawn said he'd go with her, but she says not this late. He asks why she must go? She says to be happy. Shawn asks if she's not happy with him and Da? She says she is, but there are other types of happiness. She talks about how Da is saving up to send him to America one day. Shawn doesn't want to go, but Colleen wants him to and wishes she could go with him. She says as for her, Da wants her to work in the church. She says it's what Da wants and he won't change his mind. Shawn knows Colleen is leaving anyways, she's leaving tonight. She says she's trying to find what makes her happy in her heart. She asks him to help her like she helps him to be happy. He says she wants her to lie, and he'll have to confess that in church the following week. She says he is right, forget she asked him to do this. He begs her again not to go, but she says she has to. She says this could be part of God's plan for her. She says she has to be sure. She asks him to try to understand and she leaves. Father Malory asked Shawn if he had seen his sister Colleen? Shawn simply ran off.

John and Bo talk. Bo says men are watching the mansion, they think Andre has to get the folio to Stefano. Bo is worried about Ciara, what if Stefano goes after her to hurt them. John says Stefano tried to cut out Sami's twins, but Bo says to save his lousy life. John says he tried to kill Roman, Lucas and Sami too. John says right now all the Brady's are vulnerable. Meanwhile, Doug asks the ladies what they'd do if they were Colleen? Marlena thinks Hope would hire a PI to scope out Santo and find out if he was on the up-n-up. They continue reading the letters. Santo was waiting for Colleen to come see him in his room, hoping she would risk everything to be with him as he would her.

In the past, Colleen did show up at Santo's room. She had to wait to sneak up here to make sure nobody saw her. He tells her the site of her has taken his breath away. He wants to make herself at home here, he doesn't have much here, just the one room. He suggests they dine in the bar, but she says she can't! He says he's just trying to be a gentleman. She says don't waste his time, they both know it's a lie.

The vets discuss Colleen. Hope thinks she is a true Brady, she's smart and saucy. Bo says Santo still got her into his room, he beat her at the game. They wonder how far Colleen thought things would go or would want them to go. John reads the next letter, Santo said Colleen was the biggest pain in the neck he'd ever met. Does she argue because she doesn't trust him, or because she doesn't trust what might happen when the argument stops.

In the past, Colleen and Santo shared a drink of wine. She wondered if he was trying to get her drunk, but he said it was only a small glass. He asks her to relax. She asks where the lad is? Santo said Stefano was upstairs with Mrs. Fitzpatrick and was happy to watch him any time. Colleen says so he wanted some privacy, she wonders how often he's used her services. Santo again tells her that he was never unfaithful to his wife while she was alive. Colleen says so he claims. Santo says they could ask Mrs. Fitzpatrick or the inn keeper, they will tell her there has been no woman here. She says they don't know she's here though. Santo got angry, what does she want from him? He says his heart? Take it as it only beats for her. He ripped open his shirt, which upset her. She told him to fasten it, but he won't. He says she has called him a liar, a deceiver, a sinner, a user of women. He says she holds his soul in her hands, but he won't do what what she wants. He says he will give his heart, but he will never beg for love. He tells her that she has to choose, it's her life, her future. He opens the door and says stay or go. He says if she walks out the door, it was her cowardice that drove her, she could not face who she is and what she wants. He says this is her life, live it for herself and not her father. If she wants to live behind the convent walls then do so with his blessing. He says she has to choose. She tries to leave, she's in tears, but she can't go. She closes the door and then kisses Santo! 

Bo thinks Sano got what he wanted, but Hope thinks Colleen got what she wanted too. Marlena says there is more. Their night at the inn was ended by a visitor! 

Back in the past, they kiss. She tells him not to say anything, he says there is no need for words. He says she is so beautiful. They kiss some more. Colleen doesn't know what to do. He tells her to follow her heart. They headed over to the bed! They are however interrupted by a knock at Santo's door. It was sister Mary Ann! She asks him to open up, they need to talk now! Colleen is certain she knows.


August 23, 2007
Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, Doug and Julie meet at the pub for breakfast. Marlena is talking about how she didn't sleep much last night, she was so worked up about where they left Colleen. Hope begins reading the next letter about Sister Mary Ann arriving and knocking at the door, as if it was God coming to smight her.

In the past, Sister Mary Ann is knocking at the door. She knows Santo is home so open up. Colleen is begging him not to open the door. Colleen eventually hides behind a curtain as Santo opens the door. Sister Mary Ann yells at him for keeping her waiting and pounding on the door and says he should hide away in the world in shame!

Bo gets a call and takes it as the rest discuss what is going on. They talk about Colleen hiding with her ten little toes peeking out from under the curtain. Marlena says they all know how this ends up, this is a doomed affair. Hope says she's right, they've been so wrapped up in the story that they forgot why they started reading them. John says to find out why the vendetta began. Bo tells them the news, Stefano has been rushed to the hospital and it doesn't sound good. The letter reading continues.

Santo asks Sister Ann if she is looking for something? She says a donation, Colleen must have told him about their orphans. He says yes and goes to look for his wallet. Sister Ann looks around the room and seems to notice some things. As she is leaving, she asks if he's seen Colleen tonight? She seems to have gone missing. Santo says he hasn't seen her, he's sorry. He then shows her to the door. Sister Ann counts her money as she goes. Colleen comes out, she is positive Sister Ann knows. Colleen thinks she will be the scandal of Galloway by morning! He asks how she could know she was here? Colleen says she could have seen her feet, but he says he doesn't know whose feet they were. She says he doesn't know who they are dealing with, they call her God's bookkeeper, she can close her eyes and tell who added to the donation pot and how much! Colleen says Sister Mary Ann will tell the father and the whole content, she will lose everything.

In the pub, Hope is so glad things have changed so that a woman isn't ruined by one indiscretion. Julie thinks she was courageous, she was risking everything to follow her heart. John says it's not courage, some things in this world are bigger than their choices. Doug says destiny! Marlena asks John if he believes they were destined to be together? John asks Marlena if she doesn't? She says she does. The letters continue to be read. Colleen thought her life was over, until Santo touched her and she felt the warmth of his skin against hers, she felt a calm come over her. Colleen said all she could see, all that mattered, was in that room.

In the past, Colleen thinks there can be no forgiveness for her in this life of or the next, she has brought shame to the church and her family. Santo still thinks she has learned nothing, but Colleen knows she'll find something. They kissed again. They fell onto the bed, Colleen screams as she sees her scarf by his pillow. She asks where it came from? EJ says he kept it for her. Colleen says Sister Mary Ann saw this, she knows! 

The vets talk, they think it's terrible that some horrible person like Stefano lives so long and someone like Colleen died so young. Hope says they still are no closer to learning how Colleen died. Marlena continues reading the letters, how Colleen knew her life would never be the same after turning her back on the church.

In the past, Colleen fears Sister Mary Ann is back at the church telling Father Mallory. Santo tries to convince her how beautiful she is, how loving she is. No God could create her and not want her to be happy. Colleen says this wicked talk is what led her into sin. She says she can never see him again and runs off.

Colleen returns to the church. Father Mallory asks where she's been, does she have anything to say? Sister Mary Ann does, she stopped by Mr. DiMera's and saw ten toes poking out from beneath a drapery and her scarf on his bed! Father Mallory says this is a grievous accusation, does she have anything to say?

The vets are left hanging, the professor hasn't translated anymore as she's preparing for the new semester. Bo worries by time they get the next set, Stefano could be dead.

At the hospital, EJ and Sami are with Lucas, who is picking at his breakfast. EJ has brought him a scone, he says they are very good. Lucas would rather have a donut and  is not happy, EJ is the last face he saw before bed and the first face he sees in the morning. EJ wants to get to the matter at hand. Lucas is positive that Kate wouldn't help Stefano this way, she's too close to Roman and she knows he and Billie would turn their backs on her. EJ says Stefano could be using Kate without her knowing. Tony calls EJ up saying Stefano's liver is shutting down, he's been rushed to the hospital. Tony says get here as soon as he can, this may be the end.

In Stefano's room, Dr. Rolf is yelling at a nurse to leave Mr. DiMera alone, he will handle the IVs. Rolf goes to close the blinds. Stefano asks Rolf to leave the blinds open, this room feels like a tomb as is . . . he needs no reminders of his future.

EJ talks to Tony in the hall. Tony says his liver is failing and he's not high up on the list. EJ thinks they need to bribe some people, find a new liver. Tony says it's too late, it could be a matter of days or hours at this point. Tony says the great Stefano DIMera about to breath his last breath. Rolf comes out to see them and says the master is about to leave his body, if they want to say goodbye then now is the time. 

EJ goes in to see Stefano. EJ talks to Stefano, how they have never been so far apart as they are now. However he wants to thank him for the blessing of being his son and the joy it brought him. Stefano says it goes both ways. EJ remembers spending time with him as a child, he remembers the look in his eyes when he would do something to make him proud. HE knows he has disappointed him. Stefano can't fault him for doing what his father did, falling in love and giving his soul to a woman. He says many people think love is a blessing, but he says he has known it only ends in tears. HE says it burned his father's heart, it took away his reason and life. Stefano says he knew his father was playing with fire. He says he knew what his father's mistake was and he swore he wouldn't repeat it, that his love would go to his sons, his children, his family. He says now he looks back on his life . . . alone. EJ says he has done as his father wanted, now is the time for him to choose his future. EJ asks his dad to end this Vendetta and stop Andre. Stefano doesn't know where Andre is, he can't stop this, there is nothing he can do for the Bradys. 

EJ goes to talk to Tony. Tony asks if he's okay? EJ doesn't know how to say goodbye to someone who cared for you your whole life. Tony says he doesn't know, he hasn't experienced that. Dr. Rolf then says he's done some research, a slice of a liver from a compatible donor could save Stefano, assuming Stefano doesn't die on the table. Stefano could re-grow his own liver, but he'd still need the stem cells. However it's a chance for him, it gives him time.

Later Rolf talks to Tony and EJ about this. He needs a blood relative to donate a portion of his liver, which counts Tony out. (Yes it seems they re-wrote the story again so Tony is back to not being Stefano's biological son anymore).  Stefano says he's sure that breaks his heart. EJ says he'll go call Benjy and Lexie and leaves. Tony leaves as well, doubting his off spring will jump at this chance. Stefano then asks Rolf for his phone!

Back in Lucas' room, Kate shows up and has brought flowers as well as chocolate from Belgium. Lucas says this is nice, but expensive. HE thought her assets were frozen. Kate says it's rude to ask where gifts come from. She claims she took a little withdrawal from her 401K. He knows she doesn't have one. Sami finally calls her out and says she must have got the money from Stefano. Kate asks if this is the thanks she gets? Lucas says he saw the look on her face when Stefano's name was said. Lucas says she went begging to Stefano! Kate and Lucas begin arguing, she admits she did go to Stefano and she won't defend herself. Sami asks them to stop fighting. Sami tells Kate they pushed her and they had a reason, please don't go. They explain to Kate how Andre has a folio that he stole, a folio with information in it that can end this feud. They want to know if Stefano has asked Kate to pick it up. She says no, he just gave her the money. Lucas says he must have asked for something, he knows his mom is lying to him. Sami thinks she knows what Stefano wanted. Sami thinks Stefano gave Kate the money to have her in his debt, to use her later on. Kate swears on her life and love for her children, Stefano has not asked this of her. Lucas wishes he could believe her, but Sami believes her. She doesn't think Stefano has asked her yet. Kate thanks Sami. Kate then gets a call from Stefano! She says she can't talk now, it's not a good time. He says this can't wait. Lucas grabs her phone and puts it on speaker. Kate keeps talking. Stefano asks Kate for her help, she owes him. Kate says she understands, what must she do. Stefano says Andre has something, a folio, it's leather. He says he must have it, but the police are watching so Andre can't deliver it. He asks her to meet him and get the folio. He says do this for him . . . . as a dying wish. He says he needs her help . . . 


August 24, 2007
At Bo and Hope's, Nick talks with Hope about the kids he's watching. They are having a snack, prepared by Hope. Nick is taking them to see a pediatrician tomorrow. Hope tells Nick he doesn't have to do this, he was tricked into this. Nick says the marriage was his idea, and China Lee is signing the annulment papers. He says their dad is MIA, China Lee has no other family. Hope says she's one in a million. He says tell that to Chelsea, she thinks he's choosing the kids over her. Jett shows up knocking at the door. Nick learns Chelsea is going to the beach with him. Chelsea is shocked to see Nick is here, she didn't know he was here. He asks what she's doing? She says she's going to the beach. He says with Jett? She says she guesses. He thought he was going to be able to see her. She says he came to see Hope for parenting advice, those kids come first remember. Nick says he'll only have them for 29 more days. Hope suggests she and the boys go upstairs and check on Ciara, then they'll go outside and play some basketball. Hope gets Jett to come with her and help, but Jett says he'll just wait in the car.

Nick asks Chelsea why she's doing this? Chelsea says because it's cooler at the beach? They argue about the kids. Nick says these kids are his responsibility. Chelsea thought he was going to see Mickey about a foster home. Nick thought about it, but he can't do that to them. Chelsea says of course he can't, not Nick the mark Fallon. Chelsea says China Lee took advantage of him because she knew she could. She probably saw him coming from a mile away. Nick says he had a concussion, they went over this. Chelsea understood, until he took those kids in. He asks how she'd feel if nobody took her in after her parents died? She says China Lee isn't dead, she's in jail. Nick says the kids need him now. She says and she doesn't? Nick says she does, when she gets a hair brush stolen, needs someone to lie for her, someone to get her out of jail. She says that is unfair, he thinks she's hanging in here because she owes him? Nick says he loves her, but she says he has no job and no money. He says he only has her, at least he thinks he does. She tells Nick that he lets himself be walked all over because he doesn't like himself. She says he has to learn to like himself. She says when she first came here, he was all about honesty. She was the one messed up. She asked him to destroy evidence and do things he didn't believe in, and he did. She says he did it for her and she knows why. Chelsea does, but a part of her wishes he had told her to buzz off. Nick says oh really? Chelsea says she used him because she knew he'd do what she wanted him to. Nick says wow, she says he'll do anything to be loved, here she is doing anything not to be loved. She says that isn't true. She says he doesn't stand up for himself enough. He says if that would make her happy fine, let's lay it on the line. Why don't they have sex? This time tell the truth? He wants more nights like that. Was it not good enough for her? Chelsea says she told him he was amazing. She says their relationship changes every day. She doesn't know how she feels about him, she has no answers for him. She thinks he's making a big deal out of nothing. She tells him how he deserves better. He says so your giving me the it's not you it's me thing? She reminds him who he was when they met. She again talks about what he did for her, how if she was honest then Willow would be alive and Nick couldn't have been blackmailed. She says Nick is a different person because of her, which is why she has to let him go. He says this is the wrong thing to do. He says she changed his life, she can't walk out of it. She says she has to, he'll have a better life without her. He wants her. He knows he's not the man of her dreams, but he thought he could be something to her. She says she took advantage of him. Nick says nobody will love him like he does. Jett shows up and asks if they are going? She says they are and goes to get her bag. Jett asks Nick what is going on, is everything okay? Nick says if he had a gun, he'd kill him right now! Jett says cool it with these threats, he needs to know . . . . Nick says he's not blind, he knows Jett is trying to steal her. Jett says whatever problems they are having, they aren't his doing. Nick says Chelsea likes him because he doesn't love her enough. Nick says his problem is he loved her too much

Chelsea leaves with Jett. Hope asks Nick what happened? He says he just lost the best thing to happen to him. Meanwhile, Jett asks Chelsea what he can do. She says fix her? She says she just broke up with Nick for good, she had to do it. He says if she doesn't want to go to the beach . . . she says she wants to. They leave. Hope and Nick watch them leave. Hoppe tells Nick if he loves her, go after her, fight for her, don't let her go. 

In the hospital, Stefano is on the phone with Kate. Lucas has put it on speaker phone, he and Sami listen as Stefano asks her to go meet Andre and get the folio. She says Andre scares her, but Stefano promises he won't hurt her. Stefano says he needs this folio, but he cannot get it from him as the police are watching. He needs her to meet Andre and get the folio. He wants her to bring it to him so that he can destroy it. He asks her to do this for him. Sami and Lucas tell her to say yes. Sami tells Kate she and Lucas will go in her place. She begs her to say yes. Stefano thinks her silence is his answer, he's disappointed. Kate says she will help him. Stefano tells her to go to the health club, get the letter from Andre and bring it to him. HE says if there is a chance it may fall into the wrong hands then destroy it. Kate says she understands. Stefano needs to know the contents will never be seen by another living soul. She says she understands. 

Sami and Lucas thank Kate. The both of them will go to meet Andre. Sami tells Lucas she's going no arguments. He knows she'd show up anyways, but he calls the shots. Kate refuses to let Lucas go, she tells Sami to go on her own if she's so insistent. Lucas says he and Sami are going together. He tells his mom to go find him a doctor so he can get the hell out of here. Kate says fine and goes. Lucas and Sami talk about doing this, Sami thinks maybe she should call her dad about this. Lucas says do it, but she realizes Lucas expects her dad to talk her out of this. Lucas says yes. Sami wants to end this, she wants to see the look on her grandpa's face. Lucas begs her just not to take any chances. She says she won't. Sami excuses herself to check on some things. Kate returns as she leaves.

Kate talks to Lucas. She says they are getting his release papers ready. Kate says she thinks she should be the one to meet with Andre. Lucas says she'd do it? Kate says yes, to keep him safe. Lucas doesn't want her involved, saying he doesn't trust her. Kate asks what she has to do to prove herself to him? Lucas says he'll take care of this. Kate says she comes to see him and he grills her about her money and Stefano. Lucas again asks why Stefano would give her a dime? Kate says maybe he felt bad for her, they do have a history. Lucas says so it was for old times sake? She says drop it, but he says he cares about her and it annoys him when people says she's sleeping with men for money. He knows she did, she's back where she started, Stefano's whore! Kate wishes Lucas wouldn't judge her. She says Stefano did pull her off the street and showed her opportunities she wouldn't have. She gave him companionship, she got a future. Kate says Stefano pulled them both out of the gutter, so what she does is here decision. She won't apologize to him or anyone else for what she does to survive. 

In the waiting area Tony lingers as EJ talks to Lexie and Benjy. EJ says father's liver is shutting down, he's dying. Lexie says too bad, did he call for them to pay last respects? If so it's a waste of time. EJ says no, there is a chance to save him. He says if one of them is a match, they can donate a section of the liver. Lexie says excuse me? She says she wouldn't donate a toenail clipping to save his life. She says EJ and Stefano can both go to hell! LExie says that man is not her father, he is a monster. Benjy wants to leave, EJ says no. Lexie says he's the only innocent in this family, let him go. EJ tells Benjy that their dad could die, does he want that on his conscience? Lexie translates for Benjy, saying he has his own family to consider and he hates Stefano. Benjy leaves, EJ tells Lexie he could have been a match. He reminds Lexie of her oath as a doctor. Lexie says Stefano is not her patient or father, he is nothing to her! 

EJ and Lexie go to see Stefano. Lexie knows Stefano wants to hack one of them open and take a slice of their liver, one hell of a last request. Stefano knows they've been struggling over this. Tony chimes in not him! EJ says neither he nor Lexie have been tested yet. Lexie says she has no intention of risking her life to save his. Stefano says so she wants him to die? Lexie wishes she didn't, but yes she does! She says because when he is dead, there will be one less piece of evil in this world. He tells EJ it seems he's his last hope. Lexie isn't finished, but Stefano says get out of his sight! She says so, no liver no use, fine. Lexie storms off. Stefano then asks EJ if he will do what is needed to help him. EJ says he needs a moment to think and leaves the room. Tony says and then there were none! He asks Stefano if he wants to be buried here or the family crypt in Tuscany? 

EJ runs into Sami in the hall. Sami tells EJ about what Stefano asked Kate. She sees how EJ looks, did Stefano . . . . EJ says no, he's still alive. EJ tells her about the operation that can save his life. EJ says both Lexie and Benjy won't do it. Sami says that leaves EJ. EJ says he loves his father, but he's hurt a lot of people. He says maybe the world will be a better place without him. Sami says give Stefano what he wants, he can't let Stefano die! EJ asks why she cares? She says he's the only one who can declare this vendetta over and take care of Andre. EJ asks what if he dies on the table? Sami says hasn't he heard, only the good die young. EJ says he'll do it, but not for her, for his father. Sami says because he's a good son? EJ says no because he was a good father once, and no matter what he's done, he can't help but love him. Sami doesn't care why he does it, just keep him alive. 

Sami returns to Lucas' room, he's dressed. Kate is gone, Sami asks if anything happened? Lucas says Kate did sleep with Stefano for the money. Sami says she knows, she figured it out. Lucas asks why she didn't call her on it? Sami says she didn't think it mattered. Sami says they needed her on their side, they needed her help. They then head off for their meeting with Andre. EJ meanwhile goes to Stefano and says he will do it . Stefano thanks EJ, saying he won't forget this, one day everything will be his. Tony wishes them luck and leaves. Rolf says time is of the essence, they need to have him tested. EJ leaves with Rolf. Stefano then laughs and says it's not over yet! He says he's not finished yet! He says the phoenix rises again.


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