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5th Week of August 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


August 27, 2007
Max meets Jeremy at the Brady Pub. Jeremy says Ilsa has found all the girls, but it will take another day to round them up. He says they'll be at the hotel tomorrow night. Max says and Rawlings doesn't know? Jeremy doesn't think so. He says he's arranged for a plane, they have to get them on it and gone, then they can breath and chill. Max thinks they still need to go to the cops. Jeremy won't. Jeremy says Max will get off scott free given his brothers are cops, while he'll go to the grey bar hotel. Max says he won't as he's a Horton,  but Jeremy says with his rap sheet, he'll be put in jail. Max says trust him, it will be cool. Max says first they have to get those girls safe. Stephanie shows up and tells Jeremy they should go, beach time, Jett and Chelsea are outside. Jeremy asks for a second and leaves.

Jett and Chelsea are outside listening to Chelsea's ipod. Jeremy says he needs to talk to Jett, alone. Chelsea mocks Jeremy for just ignoring her and not saying hi, but leaves. Jeremy tells Jett he knows he has the hook up, talk to the cops and tell them that he's trying to make things right. Jett asks why he thinks he has the hookup with the cops? Jeremy says be straight with him, Jett claims he is. Jett asks what is going on? Jeremy doesn't want to go to jail, just tell his cop friend he's ready to name names and come clean. Jett says if the cops are onto him, what makes him think he's not too late? Jeremy thinks Jett did go to the cops, but Jett says he didn't. Jeremy thinks Jett sold him out. Jett says the cops have been onto him for months. Jeremy thanks Jett, but Jett says he got himself into this mess. Jeremy asks what they know? Jett says he's on his own on this one. Jeremy says so Jett will just walk away and leave him hanging? Jeremy says he's saved his life, it's his turn to save his. Jett says this was their dream, they both wanted to be the youngest guys to own an airline. Jett says when Jeremy started smuggling those girls in for prostitution, he killed their dream. Jeremy thinks the cops told him, but Jett says give him credit. Jeremy asks how close they are? Jett says closer than he thinks. Jett says if he's serious about doing damage control then get on it and fast.

Back in the pub, Max and Stephanie talk. Chelsea shows up, but quickly leaves as she thinks she's interrupting something here. Max tells Stephanie things got out of control the other night, he's sorry if he made her uncomfortable, he shouldn't have gone that far. Stephanie says she was not in control either, she could have stopped it but she didn't. Max asks where that leaves them? Stephanie says with a serious problem. She says he's single, she's tied down . . . well has a boyfriend. She should have stopped things before they got as far as they did. She says whatever it was, it can never happen again. Max says never. She says ever Chelsea shows up as they look like they are about to kiss again.

Jeremy goes into the pub and tells Steph they have to split. He then asks if something is going on between Stephanie and Max? They brush it off, Jeremy asks Steph if she's coming or not? Shee's not. Stephanie says this is their last chance for a beach trip, she wants to go to the beach. He can't and takes off. Jett and Chelsea walk in, they ask where Jeremy went? Stephanie doesn't know, she wants to go to the beach. Jett invites Max to come, he says the beach sounds great. Chelsea smiles and looks at Max and Stephanie.

Roman shows up to see Bo at his place. He's doing some chores around the place that he's been slacking on. Bo asks Roman what is up? Roman and Bo go inside to discuss Andre. Roman thinks Stefano ordered Andre to destroy the folio and make himself scarce. Bo says he thinks Stefano is faking this thing, but Roman says no. He says the doctors say he's not faking, his liver is failing and the old guy is about to check out. Roman says Bo doesn't look happy. Bo isn't. He says him dying now could be the worst thing to happen to them. As they talk, Roman gets a call. He learns EJ is about to have surgery to save Stefano. Bo says now they have the upper hand. Bo has a plan, which he tells to Roman. He wants to get EJ out of the hospital before the surgery and then force Stefano to end the vendetta to save his life. Roman doesn't know if this will work, they are asking Stefano to turn his back on his father and his right hand man. Bo says come on, this guy will sacrifice anyone to save his own life. Roman says lets go then. 

At the hospital, EJ is a bed and is almost about to go in to have the surgery. A doctor tells him what he's doing is admirable. EJ thinks it is crazy and stupid. Stefano shows up with Rolf. Stefano's in a wheel chair. Stefano says when he learned EJ was a match he rejoiced. Stefano says they are the same. EJ says they have had their differences. Stefano says if he has even the slightest doubt about this, he must tell him now. He says he won't hold it against him, but Elvis must be honest with him. EJ says fine, let's be honest. EJ says there was a time when he worshipped him, wanted to be like him. HE says he was warm and generous, but in control. EJ says he's come to see how many people he's hurt. Stefano says so he must pay for his sins. Stefano says he sensed some reluctance when he was so eager to put up Lexie and Benjamin for this, but not himself. He tells him however not to act like he's morally superior, he knows EJ was going to put Lucas Roberts on ice. The Salem PD think it was Andre, but that caper has his finger prints on it. EJ says it was for the love of a woman, but Stefano says he did what it took to get what he wanted. Stefano says EJ is a DiMera, if he can't accept that and him then they will stop this surgery. Stefano says he wants to leave, he'd rather then die at home alone then be in the company of someone who is turning his back on his father. EJ tells Stefano they are more alike then he'd like to admit, but he wants to rid himself of this curse. HE wants to be a better person, someone capable of loving and being loved. He says when he looks at Stefano he is terrified. Stefano says there is a saying, it is better to be feared than respected. Stefano says friends let you down every time, and he's had love from more women than he's needed or wanted. Stefano says love gets in the way, women work at the weakness of a man. He says EJ knows this because of Sami, and Tony has affections for Anna and any woman with a pulse. He says women have turned Tony into an idiot, is that what EJ wants? To be a joke like Tony? He asks EJ if he wants to be a man or not, because a man keeps his word. EJ says he does love him, and he cares about him very much, he will give him the piece of his liver. Stefano says this means so much to him. He tells EJ that he's a good son. Rolf takes Stefano back to his room.

At the Salem Gym, Lucas and Sami are on treadmills. They are looking for Andre and trying not to look conspicuous. Lucas goes off to by Sami some water. Andre then shows up and Sami sees him. He has the folio. Sami tries to hide and watches as Andre heads off somewhere. Lucas returns, she says Andre is here in the juice bar! He is hanging out in there with the folio. Sami asks Lucas what the plan is? Lucas was hoping she'd tell him! Sami doesn't know, she thinks they should just go get it. Lucas decides this is the point where they have to call her dad. Sami doesn't seem to want to. She goes to the the juice bar and orders an orange juice. Andre then walks up behind her and asks what the hell she's doing here. She asks what anyone does here Andre. He says losing pregnancy pounds? He grabs her and calls her a little twit. He says if she's thinking of pulling a stunt then think twice, he won't hesitate to snap the life out of her. As Sami pretends to faint, Lucas sneaks in to steal the folio from the table where Andre left it. A man runs to help Andre with Sami. Before Lucas can grab the folio, some blond shows up thinking he's Mr. Fry and she's been looking for him. Sami pretends to wake up and thanks Andre for helping her, says he's her hero. Meanwhile Lucas tells the woman she has the wrong guy here. She says she's sorry, he really doesn't look like he needs a personal trainer. Lucas again tries to get to the folio, but Andre gets to it first.

Lucas tells Sami this is it, they are calling her dad. As he calls, Sami realizes Andre is gone! Roman shows up and says they searched the whole club, Andre is gone. Sami thinks they blew the one chance to get the folio. Roman is not happy with Sami. Roman wants them both to go home and watch a dvd or play tiddleywinks. He says he will put an APB out on them, if they step out of that apartment then they'll be arrested! Lucas tells Sami they need to go, but Sami is sure Andre is somehow still here. Roman leaves, Sami tells Lucas that they have to find Andre. Lucas says Andre tried to kill her, and he'll beat Andre to it if she doesn't get her butt in gear! Sami then sees a woman with the folio go into the steam room. Sami says they have to follow her! Lucas says she can't as she's pregnant, but he'll do it. Sami waits, wondering what is taking Lucas so long. In the steam room, Lucas confronts the woman, who is Andre in a wig! Andre pulls a gun on Lucas! Andre tells Lucas he's going to make an ugly stain on the wall! 

Back at the hospital, EJ is about to be given a sedative when Roman and Bo show up. They have an arrest warrant and tells the doctor to stop. They want to arrest him for parking violations. EJ says they can't be serious. Bo and Roman say they are cracking down on this. EJ says they have chosen this opportunity to follow the rules. He says this tantamount to murder. Roman says the DIMeras would know about that. Roman and Bo suggest he puts some pants on unless he wants his butt hanging out. The doctor removes the IV under orders. Bo decides to go visit Stefano, he hopes his life insurance is paid up! Roman is left with EJ. Roman tells him to get going. EJ says turn around, this isn't a peep show, he wants privacy! EJ then sees the sedative the doctor left behind. EJ gets dressed as Roman reads him his rights. EJ is furious and ends up stabbing Roman with the sedative then takes off!

Bo goes to see Stefano and tells him slight change of plans. He says there will be no surgery, EJ has been irresponsible and has been arrested. Stefano says he was just with his son. Bo says Roman is reading him his rights as they speak. Rolf says but Stefano will die! Stefano says obviously he wants something. Bo says end the vendetta and hand over Andre, or cash in his chips. 


August 28, 2007
At the hospital, we see a repeat of EJ stabbing Roman with the hypodermic to sedate him and then run off. Roman falls to the ground. He tries to get up and get to Stefano. Meanwhile, Bo is in Stefano's room, telling him about arresting EJ. Rolf says he must have the liver transplant. Bo heard he was begging people for a slice of their liver. Stefano says he called on the loyalty of the family, Elvis is proud to be his donor. Bo says well Elvis is going to jail. Bo tells Stefano to either end the vendetta and hand over Andre, or prepare for a warm welcome in hell. Stefano says he will not sacrifice his flesh and blood to the blood thirsty Bradys. Suddenly EJ shows up. Bo asks where his brother is? EJ says he'll tell him, but he has to be Stefano's donor. Bo then arrests EJ and puts him in cuffs! EJ says if he takes him now this is murder! Bo doesn't care. Roman soon shows up, saying EJ drugged him. As Bo tends to Roman, EJ tells Stefano to give them what they want, Andre must be stopped. Stefano won't give up Andre, so Bo says he will die then. EJ asks Stefano if Andre is really worth dying for? Stefano says he has nothing to say to these people.

Later EJ asks Bo to talk to Stefano. Bo says Stefano choose death over giving up Andre. EJ says if Andre stays out there then it will be a bloodshed. Bo doesn't think EJ cares about his family. EJ admits he did terrible things, things in the name of this vendetta, but Sami showed him what a family could be and he wants to help. Bo lets him go talk to Stefano. Meanwhile Roman is looked at and told the sedative will wear off shortly. Roman is acting odd, telling Bo is Bo short for Boseph?

EJ goes into see Stefano. He tells Stefano that they need to stop playing these games or he'll walk out this door. EJ asks why he will not turn Andre in? Stefano says he's his nephew and hasn't turned on him, unlike EJ. EJ says Andre is a psychopath, he is out there killing people as he enjoys it. HE says Andre is not here trying to help him. Stefano says EJ has sided with the Bradys, he is no better than Lexie and Benjy. EJ says Andre will destroy what is left of this family's name. Stefano says he's doing what his father asked him to do. EJ thinks it may be a little too much to have asked. He says Stefano will die, he'll go to jail and Andre will keep going on killing people, like Renee. Stefano says leave his daughter out of this. EJ says no, why protect Andre for killing her? Don't let his daughter's death amount to nothing. Bo comes in and tells EJ his time is up, he's going to jail. Stefano tells Bo that Andre will be meeting Kate at the health club to give her the key that ends the Vendetta. EJ thanks Stefano and kisses his forehead. EJ asks Bo to let him find Andre and end this without violence.

At the gym, a woman tells Sami that the club is closed and she'll have to leave now. Sami says she's waiting for her husband to come out of the steam room. The woman asks to see her membership. She looks for her card but can't find it. She gives the woman her name, saying she's Mrs. Roberts and she's friends with the owner. The woman says she'll go look her file up, stay here. Sami says sure, but runs off the minute the woman leaves.

Meanwhile Lucas confronts Andre, who is in drag and has the folder. Andre pulls a gun on Lucas and says he's about to make an ugly stain on the wall. Lucas says just give him the folio. Andre says and let the Bradys learn how to end the vendetta? Sorry! Andre hits Lucas on the head with the gun and then starts kicking him while he's down. Lucas says Andre kills him then Bo and Roman will hunt him down. Andre says that is what he wants! He is just bait. Andre tells him to get up, but Lucas won't go anywhere with him. He says Andre can't beat the Bradys, just as Stefano. Andre says Stefano is going to die and he will take over. Andre tells Lucas he is a pawn and a fool, now it is time to die like a man. Andre soon hears Sami coming, he drags Lucas off. She finds some blood and Lucas' wedding ring. Sami goes to call for help. She calls her dad, who unfortunately is still drugged from the sedative and doesn't know who Sami is! Sami says it's her, Sami. Roman asks if her mommy knows she's on the phone? Her mom was so upset when she called Tokyo last week. She says that was a long time ago. She asks what Stefano did to him? He says he was stuck with a needle. Sami asks if Bo is there, Roman says yes. Sami asks him to get Bo, but Roman passes out! Sami then calls Bo. She tells Lucas is in trouble, they came to the club to meet Andre. Bo asks what she was thinking!

Back at the hospital, while Bo is busy talking to Sami, EJ steals the keys to Roman's cuffs and escapes. Bo soon learns EJ is gone. Stefano is laughing at Bo. Bo says they'll see who has the last laugh. Bo goes to get Roman and says they have to go now.

Back at the club, the woman returns to where Sami is. She says Sami is not a member, Kate is and she is not Kate Roberts. Sami says she never said she was Kate, she is Mrs. Roberts. She is positive her husband is stuck in the steam room, her father and uncle the cops are coming. She doesn't believe Sami at all and says it is time for her to go! EJ shows up, he has a membership card and says Samantha will be his guest. The woman says too late, they are closed. EJ tries to convince Sami to go with him, but she doesn't want to leave as Lucas needs help. EJ says he knows. The minute the health club woman is gone, they run off to look around. Sami shows him the steam room. EJ says he'll check it out, she should stay here. EJ then goes into the steam room looking for Lucas. Andre soon shows up. She asks what he's done with Lucas? Andre says she'll be reunited with him very soon! EJ opens the door and sees Andre, who pushes him and Sami inside and chains them in! 

Outside in an alleyway, Lucas is in a car and is tied up with duct tape. He soon wakes up. He realizes Sami is still inside with Andre. Lucas works to free his hands. He finally gets free of the tape, only to find there is a mean and very large dog outside!

Bo shows up at the club looking for his niece. He talks to the woman there, she realizes Sami was telling the truth. Roman then walks in, he's still a bit nuts from the drugs. Bo explains that Roman usually isn't like this. Bo asks the woman if he knows where Sami is. She says he left with Mr. Wells. Bo calls Lucas, who is strapped in the car still. Lucas tells Bo what is going on, how he's trapped in a car surrounded by dogs. Bo says he and Roman are here, they are on the way. 

Back at the hospital, Stefano is alone in his room and listening to opera. It is the aria from the first opera his father took him too. Santo shows up to pay a visit to Stefano. Stefano is shocked to see his papa. They talk about the opera, how it moved and changed Santo. Stefano thinks his Papa has come to reclaim him. Santo says no. He says he was a good son, he followed his wishes, he never doubted him. Stefano says now he is dying and he has wasted his empire. Santo says no, he wasted it. Santo says Colleen Brady was the great love of his life, he had to have her, and when he couldn't he wanted vengeance. Stefano says he did try, but he failed. Santo says no, he is the one who failed Stefano. Santo says it was his job to protect his innocence, instead he betrayed him. He says he put him in the middle of this. Stefano says sometimes he dreams and remembers the time before the vendetta. Santo says he is sorry. Stefano says sorry? He wasted his life avenging him. His children has abandoned him. He is dying alone! Stefano says sorry does not seem enough. Santo says it's not. Santo says he has come to tell him something. He says it's not over, the Phoenix will rise again. Stefano says if he is not going to die then why is here? Santo says he's here to help Stefano fulfill his destiny, he has much to accomplish. He tells Stefano not to give up. Stefano doesn't understand what he is to do. Santo then vanishes. Rolf shows up to check on Stefano, who tells Rolf that the end here! He then laughs hysterically.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope and Steve are having a baby changing race. Kayla shows up with tea. The doorbell rings, Kayla goes to get it. It's Benjy. Steve asks how Benjy knew they were here, Benjy just guessed. He needs to talk to Steve and Bo, but they say Bo is working. Steve and Benjy go outside for a few minutes to talk. Outside Steve is telling Benjy to slow down, he's out of practice with signing. Benjy tells Steve that Stefano is dying, which puts his life in danger. Later they go back inside, Steve explains what is going on with Stefano. They say it took guts for him to come here and tell them this. They tell him to hide his car in the garage, Andre knows what it looks like and they need to get it off he street. They offer to let Benjy hide out here. Benjy leaves, Steve watches over Pocket. Kayla thinks he'll make such a good dad, which she whispers to Hope. Steve knows they are scheming. He says if they want to have a talk then ask away. Kayla and Hope ask if he likes having Pocket around? Steve says it's all right, he likes when he wraps his hand around his fingers. HE says he likes the sound he makes when he's happy. Steve also likes when he falls asleep on his chest. Kayla knew he'd love being a dad. Steve says whatever makes her happy. Hope says he's still not answering the real question, does he want to be a dad again? Honest answer? Both Hope and Kayla want the truth. Steve says the truth is that life, especially his, is unpredictable. He says he loves Stephanie and doesn't regret having her, but he still feels guilty for leaving Kayla and her. She says that wasn't his fault. Steve fears the DiMeras could take him again. He says it's all he can do to try and protect what he has. He thinks Kayla did the best she could with Stephanie, but the damage was done. He says she's insecure and doesn't trust, he doesn't want to mess up another kid. Soon Steve realize Benjy hasn't come back, he should be back by now. Hope realizes she didn't hear the garage door open. Steve runs outside looking for Benjy. Steve returns, there was no sign of Benjy other than his suitcase. He promises Kayla they will find him though. 


August 29, 2007
At the hospital, Rolf is trying to calm Stefano down. Rolf gets a page, he says hopefully this news will make him happy and he leaves. Stefano's father returns. Stefano asks if he's come for him now? Santa says no. Stefano doesn't know how much longer he can hang on. Rolf returns and says they have found a donor for him. Stefano doesn't understand. Rolf says it is with the help of his remarkable nephew. Rolf instructs the surgeon they've fond another donor, the operation will go one. Meanwhile Stefano talks to his father again, when he returns. He tells his papa to go away, leave him alone. Rolf asks Stefano who he is talking to? Stefano tells his father this is his fault. Rolf says nobody is there? He tells Stefano they have to get him ready for surgery. Stefano keeps saying he's in this mess because of his obsession with a woman. He tells his papa to go away. Rolf is trying to get Stefano to relax, take deep breaths. Stefano then speaks to Rolf, he says the folio must be destroyed, nobody must know how the vendetta ends, the Brady's cannot find out. Rolf says he will destroy the folio for him. 

At the health club, Andre has locked Lucas and EJ in the steam room. He finally takes his wig off and wonders where Kate is? In the steam room, Sami is in tears. EJ tells her to relax, but Sami says she's not supposed to be in here as she's pregnant. EJ thinks they'll be out of here in no time as she called her dad. EJ starts taking his clothes off, she asks what he's doing? He says they are trapped in a steam room, their clothes will make them hotter. He suggests she do the same. She thinks he'd love that. He gives her a towel  to cover up with. He says he won't look, she is pregnant and needs to keep cool. Sami cries, she asks EJ if he thinks God would let the babies die? EJ says of course not. Sami blames herself, she should have listened to Lucas, he wanted her to leave. She thinks now Andre has done something to Lucas. She bangs on the door hoping someone, a cleaning crew, must be out there. EJ tries to calm her down. Sami is convinced Andre has done something to Lucas, but EJ doubts he'd kill someone in a public place. Sami asks what he's doing to them! She is having trouble breathing. She asks how long they can survive in here? EJ says a couple of hours at least. She wonders where Bo is, why isn't he here helping them. EJ says Bo is a smart man, they'll find them. EJ keeps asking her to calm down and relax, but she says she can't. She says she can't breath, her babies can't breath. She says her hormones are all riled up, so if he tells her to relax one more time then she'll kill him! 

In the alleyway, Lucas is still trapped in the car surrounded by the dogs. He's on the phone with Bo. Bo, still in the club, says they need to get him out of the car, but Lucas asks where his wife is? Bo says she left with EJ. Lucas is sure Sami was forced to go with him, something must be wrong. Bo tries to convince Roman to stay put, but he refuses saying he's the commissioner; he's giving Bo an order and he's coming. Roman is still doped up. Bo says fine, they'll go save Lucas together. Back in the alley, Lucas starts his car alarm to scare the dogs away. Bo and Roman show up to help him. Lucas ask what took them so long. Bo stops the car alarm, Lucas asks any word from Sami? Roman says Samantha is great, she really is. Lucas asks Bo what is wrong with him? Bo says Roman needs a little time to clear his head. Hope then calls Bo and tells him that Benjy is missing, there was blood found. Bo says he'll be there in ten minutes. Bo says he has to go, Lucas thought they were looking for Sami? Roman says he'll help him. Bo says he'll be back as soon as he can. Lucas begs Bo not to leave him with Roman, something is wrong with him. Roman tells Bo not to worry, he's got it covered. Bo leaves as Roman gives Lucas noogies!

Roman and Lucas head to the hospital. Roman is finally back to normal. They go to question Stefano about EJ and where he is. Rolf says they don't know, they haven't seen him. He says another family member has come forward to make the donation, so they are preparing Stefano for surgery. Lucas asks Roman who else would donate a liver and would want Stefano to live? Roman says Andre . . .or  maybe the liver wasn't donated at all, maybe it was stolen. Later Lucas makes calls, he's convinced Sami still has to be in the gym. He goes to the gym, Roman goes to meet up with Bo. Lucas asks Roman if he's sure to drive? Roman says he won't take chances, a unit will pick him up.

Back in the steam room, EJ suggests they play a game to take their mind off this She says she doesn't want to spend her last moments on earth playing 20 questions. He suggests that is a good idea, but then he says they should play truth or dare instead. Sami won't play, this isn't a sixth grade slumber party. EJ asks Sami if that is her natural hair color? She says excuse me? She says fine her turn. He says wonderful she's going to play! She asks if he set this up? Is he working with Andre to get them stuck in here. She can't believe she didn't be this before. EJ asks if she really thinks he did this to make a move on her? He can think of better more romantic places. She says then he wanted to save the day again. EJ swears he had nothing to do with this. She asks what about the other times, rescuing her from the car and saving Lucas. She says like Lucas says, he's always in the right place. EJ says Andre alerted him to the car, and she showed him where the meat truck was. Sami says maybe he's just always getting them into danger then. EJ says he's saved her life and her husbands a couple of times, he cares for her and what happens to her. Sami says if that is true then help her get out of here and save her babies. She thinks Lucas won't be too happy to find their naked bodies in here, it will be his last memory of her. He tries to help her by fanning her. She says that helps, she should do it to him. He says she can when he's pregnant with twins. She says spare her the martyrdom. He laughs and thinks she'd miss him. He says stop talking, he's sucking oxygen out of the room. EJ then sees the ceiling fan, he thinks he can short circuit it. He takes her bra and decides to use the under wire from it. Sami thinks he's getting off on touching her unmentionables. EJ says it's called a brassiere, but Sami says it's a bra. He says she used to be a lot more fun. She says it's not exactly a party in here. He says when they get out of here he'll take her shopping and buy her whatever she wants, something red and sexy that he's sure Lucas will enjoy. EJ begins working on the fan trying to short circuit it and shut it down. Suddenly there is a zap and EJ falls to the ground! Sami runs to his side.

Meanwhile, Lucas shows up and runs into the woman working at the health club. She again says the health club is closed. Lucas says his wife was here with another guy, an English guy. She remembers, they left together. He thinks they never left, they are still here. Lucas demands she help him look for them. They soon fine the steam room locked. The woman runs for help getting it open, while Lucas asks if Sami is in there? Sami tells him to hurry, EJ is here with her and she thinks he's dead.

In an alley, a homeless man finds Benjy, shirtless, in a dumpster with a bloody sheet over him.

At Bo and Hope's, Kayla is upset when she sees there is blood on the suitcase of Benjy's. Steve hugs her, he says he promises they will find him and they will. Steve feels this is his fault, he shouldn't have let Benjy out of his sight. He feels he needs to go find Benjy, he tells Kayla to stay with Hope and runs off. Bo later shows up, he fills Hope in on what is going on with Lucas and Sami. Kayla is afraid for Benjy. Bo says the DiMeras are warped, why would they go after their own? Hope asks if Stefano would really hurt his own son? Bo tells Kayla to think positive, he'll put out an APB. Bo leaves to make the call. Steve returns having seen Bo's car. Steve has something, Kayla asks what that is? He tries to hide it from her but she grabs it, it's Benjy's bloody shirt! Steve says he found it down by the docks. Hope says Bo's put out an APB, but Steve says that won't do good if he's in the bottom of a river! Bo returns, he says a homeless guy has found Benjy in a dumpster by the river, he's barely alive, he was wrapped in a bloody sheet. Bo says he's going down there, Steve insists he go with him. Bo thinks that is a bad idea. Steve tells Bo not to say he still doesn't trust him. Bo says with Benjy involved, he doesn't trust Steve. Steve says well they've made a lot of progress. Bo says he trusts Steve with his sister, his kids and his own life; but he knows how Steve gets when something happens to those he cares about. He doesn't need Steve playing vigilante with Stefano. Steve says he only cares about Benjy. Hope says Steve will only follow him anyways. Bo says fine, but if Steve loses it, he'll lock him up. Steve says he understands. Steve and Bo leave, Hope and Kayla stay behind. 

Kayla and Hope have a talk. Hope is glad things have worked out for Steve and he's back to himself. Kayla says deprogramming him was so hard. Hope asks how she did it? Kayla says all she knows is she hope's she won't have to do it again. They talk about Steve, Hope realizes that Kayla fears Steve could slip back to the old DiMera ways. Kayla wants to trust him and wants him to believe in himself. She says that is why she wanted Pocket, to give him a sense of purpose. Hope asks though what if he does slip away? She says she worries about that every day, but it won't happen. She says she just tries to concentrate on the every day and their future, it's all they have.

At the pier, Benjy is put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Steve learns there was a slice under Benjy's ribs, like a surgical procedure. Steve decides to go to the hospital with Benjy. Roman shows up, he tells Bo that Stefano is going to have the operation, he found and new donor. Bo figures out it came from Benjy. Bo says Roman needs to contact the ambulance and say their patient is missing part of his liver. Bo is headed to the hospital to stop the transplant. 

Back at the hospital, Stefano continues to see Santo and wants him to go away. Rolf wonders what medicine they have Stefano on. Santo tells Stefano he's been a faithful soldier, but his work is not done. Stefano asks what more he wants? Santo says whatever Stefano has left. Stefano suddenly smiles and tells Rolf that the phoenix will never die! He begins laughing.

Stefano is being wheeled off to the OR when Bo confronts them. He takes the cooler with the liver section and asks where they found the donor? Rolf says he already told this to his brother Roman. Bo asks again where they got the liver? Rolf claims a family member from Italy. Bo says so it's a coincidence that Benjy was found in a dumpster with a deep laceration? Bo says Benjy might not make it, he's in the OR fighting for his life. Rolf says Stefano will be upset. Steve then shows up and grabs the liver from Bo. He says they can't slice Benjy open and take half his liver. Bo tells him to cool down, but Steve won't. Steve won't let Stefano get this, he'll flush it first! 


August 30, 2007
At the pub, Billie and Phillip meet. Billie has a lead on Lauren, she was seen at a battered woman's shelter in Tulsa. Phillip says they should go. Billie says hold it, she says by the time the cops went to check it out, she was gone. Still it's the first real lead they've gotten. Phillip thinks they should go then, but Billie can't as the University needs her, the semester is starting up (no clue what Billie is doing for them). Phillip says he'll go on his own then, but Billie thinks that is a bad idea. She says he does need a woman to go with him, someone to say play the role of Lauren's concerned sister. She doubts these women will give Phillip any answers. Phillip doesn't know who to take, Billie suggests Belle would be perfect. Phillip agrees, but then remembers the fight he witnessed between Belle and Shawn. He doubts Shawn would allow this. Billie says so what if this gets him on Shawn's black list? Phillip talks about how once again he's chasing down someone for a kid, this feels familiar. Billie says it will work out.

At Bo and Hope's, Shawn and Belle are there, Shawn is looking for his set of tools. He doesn't like always having to use Max's, he wants his as they just feel right. Belle needs to go to the University to get some books, but thinks it will be okay if she does it in the morning. She goes to call her parents to check on how Claire is doing. When she's out of the room, Max shows up to see Shawn. He tells Shawn he has some bad news, he's going to lose the garage, they are both out of work. Shawn asks why . . . how? Max explains he borrowed against the garage to finance Jeremy's business as well as a side deal. Shawn gets the feeling this side deal isn't exactly legal. Max says no, and now it's gone bust and they will lose everything. Belle returns and sees Max is here. He says he came to give Shawn some news about the garage. Belle thinks he came to make Shawn a full partner! Shawn is shaking his head at Max not to tell her the truth. Max just lets her believe the news is about some new gadget they got in that will really help business and all. Belle says she needs to go to the university after all to get her books. She doesn't have her credit card and asks Shawn for some cash. He gives her some, she says he was so right. She says living at the pub, paying their own way, it really feels good. She then leaves. Max warns Shawn, he better tell Belle the truth before she finds out from someone else.

Later Max and Shawn sit outside and share some beers. Max has apparently filled Shawn in on the whole story about the shuttle and the girls. He says once the girls are safe, the cops will come in, all the books and records will be taken as evidence, it won't be good and he'll probably end up in jail. Shawn says he never knows, he could just get a slap on the wrist or something. Shawn says Max is a good guy, he has a good moral compass. Max wonders how his moral compass points the right way but he does the wrong thing. Shawn says he's been there and done that, remember how both he and his dad warned him not to get involved with EJ last year? Max says it's hard to do the right thing when the money is so tempting. MAx returns to what he was saying earlier, when will Shawn tell Belle the truth? Shawn knows he has to, but he can't shake this feeling that he'll never be good enough for Belle. Max says that is foolish talk. He says Belle loves Shawn, she went half way around the world with him. He says Shawn has Belle and Claire, don't lose them. Shawn knows Max is right, he needs to tell Belle, but this isn't something he can do over the phone.

Back at the pub, Belle shows up having gotten Phillip's text. She sits down, he tells her about the lead with Lauren. Belle says that is wonderful news. Phillip then says he really needs a woman to come along to help him get information from the women at the shelter, he and Billie think she'd be perfect. Belle says yes, she'll do it. Phillip says and Shawn? Belle says she promised him that she would help him find his son and she meant it. Phillip doesn't think Shawn will like this, but Belle says leave that to her. Phillip goes to make some calls, he arranges for them to fly out tomorrow and be back in the afternoon. She says Shawn probably won't even miss her, he'll be at the garage. He thanks her for this and they hug. They they look at one another as if they are about to kiss!

At the health club, Lucas arrives as Sami screams at him to get them out, and something is wrong with EJ. Lucas turns down the temperature and says they are working to get the lock cut. Meanwhile Sami realizes she has to give EJ mouth to mouth. She says this better not be a stunt to get a kiss out of her! As she's giving him mouth to mouth, EJ kisses her! She however doesn't know if it really happened or if she's hallucinating. She continues as Lucas finally bursts in wondering what is going on. They get Sami out, Sami explains EJ isn't breathing, he needs CPR! The woman at the club says the paramedics are on their way. Sami insists Lucas save EJ. He hesitates but gives EJ CPR and saves his life. EJ comes to and thanks Lucas for saving him. Lucas says now they are about even. EJ jokes that his lips are as soft as rose petals. Later the paramedics show up and as they are carrying EJ out, EJ hears Lucas tells Sami he fears in saving EJ, he ruined their future.

Later, Lucas and Sami are alone as EJ has been taken to the hospital, they are waiting for another ambulance for Sami. Her blood pressure is down and she has a low grade fever, they want to admit her. Sami asks Lucas about his comment earlier, but he tries to dismiss it. She won't let it go. He tells Sami how EJ wants her, and in saving EJ's life he may have given her over to him. Sami tells Lucas she doesn't care what EJ wants, she loves him. Lucas says EJ is always around, always getting to her and he's sick of it. He says EJ is quickly making his way into Sami's life to take his spot in record time. Lucas says it worries him that Sami can't see this. He has to wonder if deep down inside her that EJ's initials already aren't there. Sami can't believe she's hearing this from him. He reminds her of the letters they read, how Sami thought Colleen and Santo were fated to be together. He says maybe she and EJ are too. He reminds her how angry she got when he joked about it. He says it was only a joke, but she was upset, as if she knew he could be right. Sami says right now destiny is telling her to smack him! She says the only destiny she believes in is that a troubled young girl went to her first dance with a military brat, who turned out to be the love of her life. She says got it? He says got it. She says he lost this and gives him back his wedding ring, which she found earlier. They are told the ambulance is here, so Lucas helps her to it.

At the hospital, Steve holds the cooler with the liver and threatens to flush it before Stefano gets it. Dr. Rolf is screaming that this is murder! Steve says what about Benjy? He could die too. Bo tries to calm Steve down. Another doctor shows up, Bo informs him what is going on, that this liver was possibly stolen from another man in this hospital right now, it was not donated. The doctor doesn't seem to care, unless Bo has a warrant then the surgery will continue as schedule. He demands the liver be returned. Bo tries to convince Steve to give it back, they can't do anything, Steve will only end up in jail. Steve is furious, he wants Stefano dead, he thinks they can end this now. He grabs a bottle of bleach and is about to pour it on the liver when Bo grabs him. Rolf gets the cooler and Stefano is wheeled off. Later Rolf comes out to inform them the surgery was a success, Stefano will be fine, the phoenix has risen again! Steve says save it, they've heard it before!

Later, Steve is furious with Bo, calling him a coward who is afraid to do the right thing. Bo says there are rules to be followed. Steve says the DiMeras don't follow them, maybe it's time they make their own rules. Bo says so Steve wants to be like them then? Bo again tells Steve the only thing that would have happened is Steve would have ended up in jail with a cot and a toilet and nothing else, while everything continues to go on outside without him there. Steve says so what do they do? Nothing? Let the DiMeras keep coming after them? Bo says no. Bo does have a plan, if Steve will listen to him. Steve says he knows that devious look in his eye, does this plan involve bending the rules? Bo says into a pretzel! Steve says then lay it on him. Bo thinks that the person they need to get to is Andre, but obviously they can't. He says they have to set a trap, something that will lure him out. Bo says they need to off the old man! Steve thinks Bo is kidding. Bo says it won't be a real killing, they'll fake his death. Bo says they'll have a funeral and everything, it will lure Andre out and they will nab him. Steve is in for this. Bo says they'll have to run it by Abe, Roman and possibly internal affairs. Steve offers to do a little tap dance to sell it to them! 


August 31, 2007
At the pub, Phillip tells Belle that he just spoke to the pilot, they are all set for Tulsa. Belle says he must be excited. She knows the story, she as to pretend to be Lauren's sister. Phillip asks about Claire. She says she's with Shawn. Phillip says so it's all good? Belle says not exactly. Phillip knows she didn't tell Shawn. He thanks her for doing this for him. He talks about how except for this kid, it looks like he's in for a lonely ride through life. She says as long as she's around, he'll never be alone. Phillip tells her again how she is the best. Belle says she has to go tell Shawn, and says she'll see him soon. 

At Bo and Hopes, Shawn and Hope talk. Hope can't believe the garage went under, Bo did warn Max not to get involved in these illegal deals. Shawn is sure something new will come along. She says he's very confident. She thinks that must ease Belle's mind. . . . he has told Belle hasn't he? Hope says Belle should know about this. Shawn says she will, he'll tell her when he gets a new job . . . actually a career. He tells his mom he wants to join the Salem PD and become a cop. Hope tells Shawn that Belle won't like this, she won't like sending him off to work in a kevlar vest every day. Shawn says she'll get used to it, mom did with dad. Hope says you never get used to it. Shawn says she and dad are cops, it must be in his blood, he bleeds like them. Hope doesn't want him to bleed at all, she's lost one son . . . she doesn't want to lose another. She doesn't think Belle will want him doing work that puts him in danger every day. Shawn and Hope argue over his choice. Hope says she knows all she can do is pray that the lord keeps him safe and her phone never rings. Shawn asks if this is her blessing? Shawn says he needs to apply to the academy yesterday, before Phillip finds out about the garage and uses it against him with Belle. Hope says Belle is wearing his ring, not Phillip's. She says he needs to tell Belle the truth and live up to his commitment to her. He says he will, he'll tell her everything tonight.

Belle shows up at Bo and Hope's later. She's glad she caught him before he went to the garage. He has time. She asks where Hope is? Shawn says she stepped out. He is watching Ciara and in exchange she's watching Claire so he can take her to dinner. She asks what the occasion is? He says their dreams, the future. She says maybe another night, she's going to Tulsa and may not be back in time. She explains Lauren was spotted in Tulsa, she's going to help Phillip as the women at the shelter won't talk to a man. He asks what about Billie? Billie is setting up the security system at the university. Shawn asks why not Kate or Chelsea? Why must it be her? He eventually accepts that she's going, he just wants her to be careful. Phillip then shows up. Shawn asks if he's here to pick up his flight buddy? Phillip asks if it's a problem? Belle says no, Shawn is cool with it. Shawn claims he's glad he has a lead on Lauren, he hopes he finds his son. Belle leaves to make a call to Claire's daycare. Shawn then tells Phillip he knows what is going on, he's trying to move in on Belle and take her away from him. Shawn says he'll use every trick in the book to do it too. He asks Phillip where the hell he gets off asking Belle to go to Tulsa with him? Phillip says if Shawn had been upfront about the kid and Lauren, his son would be with him. Shawn says maybe, but this is the last time he gets Belle mixed up in his business. Belle returns, she asks what she missed? Shawn says not much. She says she won't be gone long, Shawn says dinner is at six. They kiss goodbye. Belle runs out the door, Phillip tells Shawn last he heard . . . Belle was a free woman, she's not his wife yet!

At Steve and Kayla's, Steve and Kayla are arguing over Steve helping Bo with this plan of his. She thinks he needs to be thinking about the Pocket. Steve says he is, he's thinking about ridding them of the DiMeras. Kayla says she needs to go to the hospital, she promised Lexie they'd look in on Benjy. Steve asks about Pocket. Kayla says she was thinking of leaving him with Steve. Steve says he's never done kindercare alone, she's usually there for him to catch when he falls. Kayla says with Pocket at this age it's all feeding, burping, diaper change, bath time and nap time. Steve thinks he can handle it, no problem. She asks if she should leave a list? He says no. She says the bottles are in the fridge, heat it up slowly, test it on his arm so it's not too hot. Steve says he can handle it all. Steve tells her to tell Benjy that he's praying for him. She says she will. She then leaves. 

At the hospital, Kayla and Lexie are with Benjy. Kayla says he looks the same way he did when she and Steve found him. Lexie wishes it was her in this bed, if only she had volunteered when Stefano asked for a donor. Kayla says she can't blame herself for this. Lexie does. She wants the best care for Benjy, she knows that is Kayla. She wishes she was still a physician, this is so hard. Kayla tells Lexie she'll use her expertise and the two of them will get him better. Lexie says he already got one miracle years ago when he ended up with Steve and her. She hopes Pocket is as lucky. Kayla says Steve just has to make it through day one of daddy daycare. Lexie remembers leaving Isaac with Abe for the first time. She says nothing happened, she watched through the window the whole time! Kayla and Lexie talk about how hard it was for Lexie with Isaac, having to give him up after finding out the truth. She says it was, but nothing like when he died. She still misses him. Lexie tells Kayla she is sure that things will work out for her, Steve and Pocket. Kayla thinks it will help Steve a lot. Lexie tells her how Benjy always talks about how great Steve was, how he still remembers the night they took him in and how Steve made him feel so safe. 

Later Kayla gives Benjy some antibiotics to treat him. His temp is spiking, his BP is up as is his heart rate. Lexie is worried Benjy can't fight this. Kayla says they won't let this man slip away while his evil father gets stronger every minute! Lexie says the phoenix rises again. Kayla says he's not phoenix, he's a organ thief and is rebuilding himself body part by body part to get better. She says she could have pulled the plug on him in Tuscany, if she only had . . . She says God forbid Benjy doesn't make it, she promises Lexie that Stefano will be next. She knows Stefano is her father and she is sorry. Lexie says she feels the same way, her father has taken so much from all of them. Kayla says he took years from Steve, years they'll never get back. She wants to make sure this time she and Steve last. Kayla suggests Lexie is tired, she should go home. Lexie won't, she's not leaving Benjy's side until he's okay. Kayla knows she's worried that Stefano might try something. Lexie says since being trapped in that pit, she has slept with one eye open watching out for Andre. She's terrified for Theo as well. Kayla says they shouldn't have to face the future with fear. Later Benjy finally comes around, Kayla and Lexie explain to him what happened. 

Back at the hotel suite, Steve is trying everything to get Pocket to sleep. He's dancing around and playing the harmonica. Pocket spits up all over him! We are talking projectile vomit! Hope soon shows up, Steve called her for serious help. He can't get Pocket to stop crying. Hope helps him try and calm Pocket down. It turns out Steve just wasn't feeding him enough, she says baby's have tiny tummies and need regular fill-ups. Hope asks Steve how he and Kayla ended up with this little guy. Steve explains, saying she even named him Pocket. Hope says it is a cute name, but he will grow out of it. She says imagine when he grows up and is a big handsome guy. Steve knows he'll need a regular name, maybe the name his real parents gave him. Steve knows he'll be gone as soon as they are found. Hope says and if they don't, is he ready to take on parenthood again? Steve asks Hope if she really thinks he's cut out for this daddy gig? She does, Benjy thinks the world of him. Steve says a different time and place, before all the brain trouble. Hope says if he was so terrified and afraid of this, why did he agree? He says Kayla wanted it. Hope says so he did it all for Kayla? Pocket means nothing to him? Steve says well he is cute, but if leaving him here was a test, he flunked. Hope doesn't think so. She says seeing him with Pocket, it was like watching him with Stephanie all over again. Hope tells Steve he knows a lot more than he gives himself credit for. Steve remembers why he always called her sweet thing. He thanks her.

Later Kayla returns home. She tells Steve that Benjy is awake, the antibiotics worked, he's on the mend. Steve says he knew she could do it. She asks how the baby is? Steve says sleeping like one. She says so everything is okay? Steve says right as rain. Kayla asks what he did with her husband? Steve says he's right here! Kayla thinks he's come a long way, parenting must come second nature to him. She is impressed. She knows he's done all this for her, but she wants them to raise a child together. She thinks part of the reason he came back to her is because he was meant to be a daddy. 

Hope returns home , Shawn explains to Hope how he didn't get a chance to tell her anything. He says Phillip conned Belle into going with him to look for his son. Hope says he can flex all he wants, if he trusts Belle it doesn't matter. Does he trust Belle? He says he does. She says then trust in that love and let all the doubts . .. whoosh . . . go away.


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