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1st  Week of December 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


December 3, 2007
Days was pre-empted in my area, I had to catch up via SoapNet. This is a quick summary due to the late hour.

At Sami and Lucas', Sami puts on some black lingerie to seduce Lucas. As they are about to make love, someone bangs on the door. Sami goes to see who it is, she sees Stefano at the door. When she opens the door, EJ is there in a wheelchair. He says her husband is home, and he doesn't seem happy about what he's interrupted. Stefano and EJ want to see Johnny. Sami says he's sleeping, but EJ says they'll have to see him sooner or later. Sami eventually brings Johnny out to them. They plan to take him over to EJ's place. After they leave, Lucas tells Sami this is a bad idea. She says she doesn't have a choice, they have a court order. He thinks they are going to try and control Johnny's future. Sami thinks she better go over there and lay down some ground rules.

At EJ's, EJ and Stefano fawn all over the baby. Sami listens at the door. When Stefano talks about all the senoritas in Italy who will fall all over him, she bursts in and says no way will they take her son to Italy. Stefano says she misunderstood, but Sami doesn't think so. He tells her that he just wants them to be a happy family, think of the opportunities he can give her and her son. He talks about how they will be in Florence, the center of the Renaissance, there is art and culture there. Sami says her son is an American, he will grow up in Salem. She asks EJ if there is a crib here. He points her to the back bedroom, so she takes the boy to put him down. Stefano tells EJ she will be a problem, if he doesn't handle her then he will . . . in his own way. 

Later Sami returns, she tells EJ since this is his first night here, maybe Johnny should just stay with her. He says nonsense, he wants her to stay here if she's so concerned. She doesn't know. He says bring Ali, Lucas will enjoy the rest. He begins joking around with her and soon pulls her into his lap and tickles her. Lucas walks in and doesn't look happy.

At the sorority house, Chelsea shows all the sisters the photos she took, all the evidence against Ford. She says the police can't do anything, so it's up to them. She has a plan to lure Ford here, drug him and make him feel like the victim. Cordy doesn't like this idea at all. Chelsea promises her they won't hurt him, just scare him. She agrees, as do all the other girls. Later Chelsea and Morgan talk to Sloan. They wonder if she's the second Alpha Chi Theta in Ford's journal, but she says she's not. They say Ford has always like her, so will she be their decoy? She hesitates, but agrees.

Ford takes another girl to his place, drugs her and rapes her. Afterwards she's in tears. He tells her what happened here tonight stays between them, and that she was great. She runs off upset. Later Ford gets a call from Sloan asking if he has any plans tonight. She assures him that she knows he'd never drug or hurt a woman, unlike what her other sisters think. Ford agrees to clear his schedule, for her.

At the Cheatin Heart, Adrienne has to close up, but also has to get home to help one of her kids with homework. Max offers to close up, saying Stephanie will stay and help. She agrees, so Adrienne thanks them both. Max later thanks Stephanie, saying he could use this break. She says from Morgan? He admits yes. He says while he likes Morgan, they are from two different worlds. He talks about how she talks about going to the South of France like it was down the street, how she plays tennis and croquet, how she calls raw vegetable crue de'ete. He says he likes Morgan, so don't tell her what he said. Stephanie promises not to. Max asks about Jeremy, but Stephanie says she hasn't heard from him, and she was a fool to ever date him. Max thinks Jeremy was the fool to let her get away. They come close to kissing when the jukebox suddenly goes off. Max invites her to dance, which they do. Later Chelsea interrupts, telling Stephanie she has to return to the house as the girls are putting a plan into motion to teach Ford a lesson.



December 4 , 2007

Phillip is a sleep at his desk dreaming. He dreams that Belle shows up in a red dress, red lip stick, jewels and her hair is all done up. She tells him that she finally did it, she left Shawn. She says she told Shawn that she was in love with him, he was devastated. She says she had to tell him, she's been in love with Phillip as long as she can remember. She says divorcing him was the biggest mistake she could make. Later Phillip seems to have another dream of Belle coming to him and telling him that she killed Shawn, just like he asked her to. She holds up a bloody cleaver! Phillip says he didn't want her to murder him. She says he may not have said it out loud, but he said it in every other way, in the way he talked about him, in the way he  pursued her. He asks how she could kill Shawn? Belle says she did it for him.  Phillip soon wakes up from his dream and leaves the office.

In their room, Shawn is giving Belle a massage. She says this is wonderful, even better then sex. He says hey! She says just kidding. She says if she knew he could do this then she would have married him long ago. He says he's sorry he ever doubted her. She says just keep doing what he's doing. Later the two are spooning. Belle tells Shawn that she's not the woman he thinks she is, she's made a lot of mistakes. She is afraid he doesn't see that. Shawn says he sees her as the woman he loves, not some innocent girl. She says she's not perfect. He says maybe not, but she's perfect for him. Later Shawn is asleep and Belle is looking out the window. She apparently is day dreaming of Phillip, we see some vision of her looking in at him from his office window. Shawn wakes up and tells her to come back to bed. Shawn goes over to her and kisses her and leads her back to bed. 

Bo comes home. Hope asks how his day was? He says not too bad. He says the guys were impressed with Shawn finding the gun. He talks about how it's Kate's gun and matches a bullet. Hope thinks Shawn will get into the academy no problem, as long as Phillip doesn't sabotage him again. Bo says Phillip didn't write the letter, Belle did. Hope can't believe this, why would she do something like that. Bo says according to Shawn, she didn't want him to be a cop because it was dangerous. Hope says that she understands. She asks why Belle didn't talk to Shawn instead of going behind his back? Bo says it was right after John's death, she regretted it as soon as she sent the letter. Hope says this is becoming a habit with her, and maybe they should have told Shawn the truth. Hope tells Bo about the message she found on Belle's phone, she may have cheated on Shawn again the night before the wedding. Bo thinks they have to tell Shawn now. Hope says they need to wait and talk to Marlena first. Hope tells Bo what the message said, and how she found out by snooping. Hope says she spoke to Marlena, who didn't want to believe it at first, but later agreed to talk to Belle. Bo says he's getting tired of lying to Shawn about his wife. Hope wants to see what Belle says to Marlena. Bo says Belle lied to her husband, she could lie to her mom. Bo wants to tell Shawn. Hope says if Shawn finds out, God knows what he'll do. She wants to wait and see what happens with Belle and Marlena. Hope just hates being in this position. Bo says Shawn is tough, they should tell him. Hope makes Bo promise to wait until they hear from Marlena. Bo says okay, but if they catch her in any more lies, he's telling Shawn the truth. 

At EJ's, Lucas finds EJ teasing and tickling Sami. He becomes upset and storms in demanding to know what is going on here? He grabs EJ by the color of his shirt. Sami yells at Lucas to get off of him, what is he thinking, he's paralyzed! EJ assures Sami that he's fine, but she doesn't believe him. She wants him to go to the hospital, but he says all he needs is a pain killer. Lucas asks what is going on, was she okay with his hands all over her like that? She says she fell and he caught her. Lucas asks if she's lying for the guy now? EJ says no she's lying for him, and he needs to know the truth. EJ says Sami is falling in love with him, she admitted so in the hospital. Sami says that isn't what she said. Lucas thinks EJ is delusional and he asks Sami what is going on. Is EJ telling the truth? EJ tells Sami to tell him. Lucas says don't bother, he knows the answer. Lucas then walks out. Sami is furious with EJ for doing that. He thought it was the best thing to do, but she says he didn't even consider her children in this. She says Lucas is angry enough as is. EJ says no judge will prevent her from seeing her kids, but Sami doesn't want to go to court over this. EJ asks if Lucas was right, should he be suspicious of her? Sami says of course she cares about him. He says prove it, stay with him. Sami says she can't , she has to figure this out with Lucas. EJ says but not tonight. Sami says if she waits it will get worse. She says she has to figure this out with Lucas, to get along with him. EJ asks her to stay. She says what if she did stay and dealt with this tomorrow. She says she won't be able to relax or enjoy her time with him. He says okay she wins. 

Sami returns to her place. She tells Lucas  not to be angry, what EJ said wasn't true. Lucas says he suspected something was going on all along. Sami says she doesn't love EJ, she loves him. Lucas tells her to leave, to go back to her husband. She tells him to listen to her, he has to know she loves her and would never love someone else. She says Stefano threatened her, she gave EJ a reason to live, but she did it for them. She tells Lucas that she loves him, he has to believe that. 

At the sorority house, the girls all plan to tie Ford up and duct tape his mouth as soon as he passes out from the drug. Sloan doesn't know if she can do this, she doesn't want to be alone with him. Chelsea says she won't be alone with him, they have the baby monitors, they'll be in the other room. Stephanie says Ford is a strong guy. Chelsea says but not stronger than all of them. She says together they can teach Ford a lesson he won't forget. Chelsea takes Stephanie aside to talk to her. She thinks something is going on, it's like she doesn't want to stop Ford. Stephanie says Ford is dangerous. Chelsea thinks her plan is air tight, nothing will go wrong. Stephanie says what if the plan doesn't work? Chelsea says then she'll come up with a new plan. Stephanie thinks it is risky. Morgan agrees, Ford is on a power trip right now. Chelsea says that is why it will work. Carmen asks what happens when they let Ford go? He'll want revenge. Later Ford calls Sloan to make sure they are still on as he's on his way. Chelsea says they need to get ready. Stephanie asks Sloan if she's okay? She's shaking! They ask if she can do this. Sloan says she'll try. Chelsea says they have her back. Stephanie says if Ford sees her like this, he'll know it's a set up. They think they'll have to cancel on Ford, but Chelsea says no as she'll do it. Stephanie says Ford won't believe her in this condition. There is a knock at the door, Morgan thinks they need to tell him that Sloan is sick. Chelsea says no, she's doing this. The others go and hide and leave Chelsea alone. 

Chelsea answers the door.  She asks Ford to come in. He does. He asks what is going on, where is Sloan. Chelsea says she had Sloan invite him over, she wanted to talk to him alone. Chelsea says she wanted to apologize. She says Cordy told her the truth, that she lied. The other girls are in the other room listening in. Ford says he told her that chick was lying. Chelsea says some girls send signals to make a guy think they like her. Ford says what about Morgan? She is saying the same things. Chelsea says she and Morgan aren't really talking, Morgan is too stuck on herself and her money. Ford asks if she's still dating the professor? Chelsea says no, he's a little too boring for her, she likes the night life and the parties. She tells Ford that is why she wanted to apologize to him, she thinks they are a lot alike. Ford looks around the place, which makes Chelsea nervous. Ford tells Chelsea he knows what is going on. HE thinks she's making nice so he doesn't sue her. Chelsea says she doesn't want to be sued that is for sure, but that isn't why she invited him over here. She says she wasn't thinking him about him suing her at all, she only wanted to  apologize. She says she also thought they could hang out. He says oh yeah? She says he knows he's hot, and she's been attracted to him for awhile. He says so that is why she trashed him? She says she believed Cordy, and she was scared because her feelings for him were intense. She says she guesses she blew any chance with him, she gets he doesn't trust her. She thanks him for coming by. Ford says who said he was going anywhere? He says he may not sue the sorority, if she confesses the fliers were wrong. She says she'll do it. Ford says so they are all alone here? Chelsea says everyone else is at the Cheatin Heart. She offers him a drink. He says bourbon on the rocks. She goes to get them a drink .The girls are making the drink in the room, they drug it. She takes the drinks out to him, he distracts her by asking her to put some music on. When she goes to do that, he drugs Chelsea's drink! When she returns to him, he wants her to taste his drink, saying he doesn't trust anything he didn't pour himself. She says okay and takes a drink. She asks satisfied? He says not yet, but he will be. Chelsea then toasts to getting what they want, and what they deserve. LAter the drug kicks in, and Ford begins attacking her. The other girls realize they have to do something. Ford asks Chelsea what she's going to do now? Stephanie bursts out and yells at Ford to get off her! All the other girls follow, Ford realizes he's been set up.


December 5, 2007
I'm still out of town, so I'm still unable to do the screen caps. Sorry! Also a bit of a shorter summary today.

At the sorority house,  Ford attacks Chelsea on the couch as the drug kicks in. Stephanie and the other girls race out, the other girls have to hold Stephanie back as she's ready to attack Ford. Chelsea runs up the steps, Ford chases after her saying he's not done with her yet. Ford ends up losing his balance on the steps and tumbles down them. The girls stand there looking at him. He crawls a bit on the floor before collapsing. Stephanie rushes to Chelsea, who is out of it because of the drugs. Morgan and the others try and perform CPR on Ford, but it's no good, he's dead. They think they need to call the cops, but Stephanie says they can't as they'll go to jail. The girls say it was an accident. Stephanie says they won't see that. Stephanie says they lured Ford here and drugged him, had they not done that, he wouldn't be dead. They still say it was an accident. Stephanie says this is a guy they accused of rape, of posting fliers about around campus. She says they'll see this as them getting revenge on Ford after the charges they brought against him were dismissed. She says they'll go to jail, or worse. Do they want to go to jail for Ford? One by one all the other girls realize Stephanie is right, they could end up in jail for Ford's murder, and none of them want to go to jail for him. Morgan, Cordy and Stephanie all privately relive the attacks on them. The girls wonder what they do with his body. They can't get it out of the house because of the security cameras, they'll be seen. Stephanie says for now they'll hide it in the basement. They don't like the idea, but don't have any other choice.

At EJ's, EJ is looking at Johnny telling him how beautiful he is, well maybe handsome is a better word. Anna and Tony drop by too see EJ and the baby. They are about to go abroad for awhle, they wanted to stop by and see him. Anna takes the baby to change him while Tony and EJ have a talk. Tony wants EJ to protect his son from Stefano. EJ thinks Stefano would never hurt him or Johnny. Tony reminds him that Stefano trapped him on an island for twenty years! EJ thinks Tony still loves their father, and everything he does is for family and for his blood. Tony says well he's just the gardener's bastard. EJ is sure Stefano would never harm him. Tony says he never realized how naive EJ really was. Tony says Stefano puts himself above all others, even his children. He reminds him how Benjy and Renee, two of Stefano's own children are already dead because of Stefano's vendetta.

At Sami and Lucas', Lucas tells Sami to just leave, he doesn't want to listen to this. She swears everything she's done is for them. She says she told EJ she had feelings for him to give him a reason to live, otherwise Stefano would keep the vendetta going. Lucas never wants to hear that word again. He says she didn't do this for them, there is no them anymore, they aren't husband and wife. She won't leave. He says she has her new husband and new marriage bed, go sleep in it. He tells her to get the hell out. She won't, grabs him and kisses him. Lucas tells her to stop this, to go to hell. She says come with me and seduces him. Later the deed has been done and there is a knock at the door. Lucas wonders who that could be. He answers the door, it's EJ with Johnny. EJ wonders if he's interrupting something here? Lucas asks what EJ wants? EJ says he feels it is best that the twins sleep together. Lucas says no way is he taking Ali. EJ says he's bringing Johnny over her for now, Sami is right, she can take better care of him then he can. EJ says he wants what is best for the twins, they must come first. He says he wants the anger and the animosity between them to go away for the twins sake.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano reads over a note of cut-up magazine letters. It says "The Truth Is Coming For You Stefano!" Rolf shows up in scrubs which are bloody. He asks if another one came? Stefano says yes, the same message as all the others. He says his old nemesis is alive. Stefano says he should not be dealing with this now, he needs to be focusing on Johnny. He tells Rolf how EJ is stronger than Tony ever was, but he suffers the same weakness for women that Tony does, this need to be loved. He says Sami will be the downfall of EJ. He says Sami just took Johnny from him and EJ sat there and said nothing. Rolf is shocked. Stefano says Johnny is the future of the family, he should be focusing on him and not this. Stefano asks about the operation. Rolf says the patient is alive and recovering. Stefano says good, when he is ready he will set him out to deal with this issue. Later  Tony and Anna show up to see Stefano. Tony asks Stefano to do him a favor and leave EJ and his son alone. Tony and Anna leave, Tony thinks his asking that of Stefano probably did no good.



December 6, 2007
At Sami and Lucas', they have the twins and are feeding them. Lucas is holding the boy, Sami the girl. Lucas is going to watch the twins as Sami does some errands. Lucas asks what errands? She says she was going to see her mom, then hit the shoe sale, does he need an agenda? She thought they could do lunch a Chez Rouge, but Lucas says it's a bad day for him. Sami asks Lucas if they are okay? Lucas says it's kind of hard to tell from one moment to the next. Sami again says she's lying to EJ about her feelings. Lucas says but EJ believes her, he thinks she's in love with him. Sami says she's in love with him (Lucas) and hopes he believes that. He says most of the times he does. Sami says she'll find a way to make it work because she knows they are forever. Sami then heads out.  EJ sees Sami going to the elevator. He wheels over to Lucas' after she is gone. 

Sami goes to see her mom and talks to her about what she's done. She thinks she's made a big mistake trying to juggle all this: Lucas, EJ, the twins. She tells her mom about EJ grabbing her and pulling her into his lap, he was joking. However Lucas saw it and was furious. Marlena isn't surprised. Sami says Lucas knows why she's doing this. Marlena says several months ago she asked her about how she felt about EJ, she was defensive. Sami says she was shocked she'd even ask her, all she feels for EJ is loathing. Marlena asks if she's sure about that. Sami says okay maybe she feels sorry for him. Marlena says the man is a monster, pure evil! Sami knows. Marlena says she has something to tell her, she may have to go to prison for trying to kill EJ. Marlena says they both know she was at the wedding. Marlena admits she was the woman in black, and she shot at EJ. She says it was like she was in a dream, she doesn't remember going there, being there, firing the gin. She says she was about to do it, but John's spirit came to her and stopped her. However the other shots startled her, she shot the gun. Sami can't believe this. She says two other shots were fired, she may not have hit EJ. Marlena says she'll still probably go to prison for attempted murder.  Sami says her mom won't make it to prison, Stefano will see to that. Marlena says she's not afraid of him. Marlena says she's turned herself in, she's waiting for Roman to come arrest her. Marlena admits that frankly after all the DiMeras have done to them, she wishes she had killed EJ.

Back at Lucas', EJ says he wants to see his son. Lucas lets him in and gives him his son, telling him to be careful. EJ holds him and gives him the bottle. EJ says he's so perfect. Lucas asks EJ if that is how he feels? He says it must have been a blow to learn he was paralyzed. EJ says yes it was, but Samantha helped change his attitude. Lucas asks if he's brain dead too? Lucas says Sami has told a lot of lies in the past. EJ says she sealed this one with a kiss, a kiss she gave freely. Lucas says well he guesses that is it for him, he should throw in the towel. EJ says Lucas won't make him doubt his own wife, nice try though. He also says Lucas seems very full of himself today, is he missing something? He says Lucas thinks Sami will come running back to him doesn't he? Lucas says he's the love of her life, how could he think that way about his wife? Sami returns at this point and asks what they are doing? EJ says he was just visiting his son and having a conversation with Lucas. EJ says Johnny is a sleep, he should go be with his sister. EJ says he'll go back to his place and finish his work. Lucas then tells Sami that he's going to go out for some fresh air. He reminds her earlier that she asked if they were okay, well he doesn't know. He says he doesn't know if she loves EJ, but he loves her. He thinks Sami is playing with fire. Lucas then leaves.

EJ sees Lucas leave this time. Later Sami gets a call from EJ. He says he needs some help. Sami says she's here alone, Lucas left. EJ says Sami please, and then hangs up. Sami goes over to EJ's place to see what is going on. He's shirtless on the floor, having fallen out of his chair. She asks what happened? He says he fell out while working out. She thinks he should really hire a nurse. He says he needs his wife instead of having her next door with her lover! Sami gets EJ into his chair. She says he obviously has his arm strength, it is his legs he needs to work on. Sami thinks he needs a physical therapist, especially if he wants to walk again. EJ says he will walk again, he wants to take his son to the park, to dance with his wife. He says he will walk again, she gave him the reason. Sami says to be the man he is? He says no, to be the man she needsh im to be. The twins cry, Sami says she needs to get back to them. EJ tells Sami he'll never forget what she's done and gives her a kiss on the hand. He then tells her to go. Sami heads back to her place. 

Lucas goes to see Kate. They meet at the Java Cafe. Lucas says he heard she was booked for shooting EJ, and he wants to know who she was aiming for, Sami or EJ? She swears her target was EJ, he tried to poison their relationship. Lucas says she did that with her little scheme with EJ. Kate says what she did was to keep them all safe. Kate says if he believed the threat was real, Sami would marry EJ and they'd all be safe. Kate says all she wants is for Lucas to be happy and to know how much she loves him. She wants Lucas back in her life, and she has a plan to end that marriage. Kate suggests they make it looks like the threat against the Bradys is still going on. She says if Sami believes the DiMeras aren't honoring the terms of the agreement, she'll get the hell out of that marriage. 

At the pub, Max is helping Caroline clean up. Caroline asks if he shouldn't be at the Cheatin Heart? Max says Adrienne has the boys cleaning the place after she got their cell phone bills. HE says he still tends bar at night. Caroline thinks he shouldn't be working so hard, he should be thinking about the other sex. Caroline thinks the right girl in his life could make all the difference. She thinks he must have his eye on someone. Caroline asks about that pretty girl Morgan. Max says she's just a girl. Caroline doesn't want Max to let the right girl slip by. Max says for now he's happy. Caroline just says don't find a girl who needs a 24 hour rescue service, all her son's have some Superman complex. Right on cue, Stephanie calls Max saying she's in trouble and needs his help.

At the sorority house, the girls are having tea. It's the next morning. All the girls talk about how they couldn't sleep after what they did. Stephanie says she's glad he's dead after what he did. Meanwhile Morgan wakes up Chelsea. Chelsea has a headache, she wonders how much she drank? Morgan says it was the date rape drug, she pretty much got a double dose of it. They let her get back to sleep as she's still out of it. The girls continue talking about what they do with the dead body in the basement. Carmen wonders maybe they were wrong, maybe he wasn't dead after all. Stephanie says there is only one way to find out, who will go down there with her? None volunteer.  They discuss what to do with him, but still none want to help Stephanie. Stephanie tells the girls that she'll deal with Ford on her own, she says the rest of them just go to class. They all swear to take this secret to their graves. 

Later Max shows up and talks with Stephanie. Stephanie explains to Max what happened last night with Ford, that he's in the basement dead. Stephanie says it was an accident, they only wanted to scare Ford. She says nothing went as planned. She says Ford knew he was tricked, Ford attacked Chelsea. Through a series of flashbacks we see Ford's death again. Max asks if she's sure he's dead? Stephanie says he had no pulse. Max asks why they didn't call the police? Stephanie says the lired here and drugged him, they'd get charged with manslaughter or negligent homicide. She also says nobody would believe them, they would think they were out to get Ford after all they did to him with the accusations and the posters. Max thinks they are taking a huge chance here. Stephanie says Ford was evil, he could have had any girl he wanted, instead he drugged and raped the girls. Stephanie says if Ford's dad finds out what they did, he won't rest until he ruins them all. Max asks about the body. Stephanie says she promised to get rid of him. Max doesn't know how to do this. Stephanie says she didn't know who else to call. Max holds her and says she did the right thing. Max says first they have to see if he's dead.

Meanwhile, Chelsea wakes up and sees that Ford comes for her in her room. He's all dirty and asks where they left off last night? Ford says they have unfinished business little girl. He says she asked for it, she's going to get it. He then attacks her. Chelsea cries she's sorry, she just wanted to teach him a lesson. Ford says he likes it better when he's the teacher. He says lesson one, he teaches her to scream bloody murder! 

Back downstairs, Stephanie and Max hear Chelsea scream. They run upstairs and find Chelsea dreaming. Chelsea swears Ford was here. Max goes to the basement and checks on Ford. He is dead. He tells the girls that he'll get rid of the body and all the evidence. Max says nobody will know.



December 7 , 2007
Apologies, another shorter summary (I've been under the weather this week). Also I will be back home next week and will be able to do the screen caps again.

At the sorority house, Max tells Chelsea and Stephanie that Ford is dead. Chelsea thinks she killed him, but Stephanie says they are all guilty. Chelsea doesn't understand what is wrong with her, why she feels this way. Stephanie explains Ford drugged her drink, and she drank some of his, she got a double dose of the drug. Max scouts things out and realizes they have a big problem, because of the security cameras all over the place there is no way they can get Ford out of here. Max comes up with the only solution he can think of, burying Ford in the basement! Max says he'll take care of it, which he does. Later as Chelsea and Stephanie are cleaning, they scream when Ford shows up! However it's only Max, in Ford's clothes. He's going to leave like this in hopes the cameras outside think he is Ford. Max takes off, and later the sorority girls return from class. They ask what is going on? Stephanie and Chelsea says they are just cleaning, a clean slate for them all. Stephanie says she said she'd take care of it and she did.

At Titan, Kate shows up to see Phillip. He sees she's made bail. She says she did. She also learned something interesting, telling him how Marlena was one of the other shooters. She doesn't intend to go down alone, and she won't let Roman cover for Marlena. Phillip says he was married to the woman. Kate says Roman was married to her too! Phillip says for all of five minutes! She also tells Phillip she and Lucas are making amends, everything may work out after all.

At Marlena's, Roman arrives and Marlena knows why he is here, to arrest her. He tells her not necessarily. Roman tells her that someone else shot at EJ, Kate. He says she missed though, but they suspect she was trying to shoot Sami. Marlena is furious. He then tells Marlena that her gun was a match for a bullet found at the scene, in the altar. He says she didn't shoot EJ. Marlena says she still went to the church with a gun, she went with intent to shoot him.  Roman says she was so far off the mark though, even her aim wasn't that bad. Marlena knows that doesn't matter. Roman says he can make the evidence disappear, no one has to know. Marlena won't let him do that. Kate arrives and neither will she. She confronts Roman with what she knows, and how she won't let him do this for Marlena. Roman tells Kate unlike her, Marlena wasn't aiming for anyone. Marlena is furious with Kate for trying to kill Sami, but Kate denies it. Kate threatens Roman, even calling Phillip and telling him to call the DA. Marlena won't let her do that, she will turn herself in. Roman wonders why Kate is doing this. Kate says she's fighting for her life right now, and whether he knows it or not, she's saving his as well. Kate then leaves. Marlena tells Roman it's okay, she knows he has to do this. Roman didn't want it this way.

Back at Titan,  Kate lets Phillip know it's done, and she thinks everything is about to turn completely around.

At the pub, Bo and Hope talk about the case. There is still one shooter out there, they are the one who hit EJ. Hope asks what will happen to Marlena? Bo doesn't know, Roman is more concerned with the final shooter and he worries whether Roman will do his job. Abe soon shows up with a lead for them. Kate's gun was traced to a dealer in Ohio. He gives Bo the folder, Bo says he'll go pay this guy a visit. Abe says actually its a woman, and she's a little shy when it comes to cops. He thinks perhaps he should take Hope along. Hope agrees to go and find out what they can.  As they head out, they run into Roman. Roman lets them know he arrested Marlena. Bo is proud of him for doing his job, he knows it was hard. ROman says he didn't have much choice, but she at least made bail. Bo says they are tracking a lead which could bust the case wide open.


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