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2nd  Week of December 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


December 10, 2007
Summaries will be back to posting regular times beginning tomorrow, and the screen caps will also be back!

In some back Alley in Cincinnati, a woman is burning trash in an old steel barrel to keep warm. Bo and Hope show up looking for the gun dealer Leroy. When Bo calls out this name, the woman bolts. Bo pulls his gun and goes after her. She pulls a gun on Bo swearing to shoot. He doubts that as she has the safety on her gun. He takes it from her and Hope shows up, calming things down. Bo says he's not here to bust her, they need answers about a gun used in a murder. She doesn't know anything about a murder. Bo doesn't thing she's the gun dealer. She says her dead husband was the guy selling the illegal guns. She said he up and died and left her with nothing but a warehouse full of guns, she's been trying to unload them to survive. She says she has a kid and has already been evicted, she's living out of this warehouse at the moment. The woman agrees to help them find the records they need. The work to match the serial number to a receipt, they find it but don't recognize the name of who bought the gun. The woman says she has a camera that takes a photo every time someone comes through the door, she can check it out and see who was here that day. She does and it's a photo of Lucas! Hope talks with the woman in private when Bo makes some calls. She asks if Hope's husband will bust her? Hope doesn't know. She talks to Bo later, Bo says selling stolen guns is a huge offense. Hope wants him to cut her slack, he agrees. They will take in all these guns, but they won't run her in as she's just a kid with a kid. Later Bo and Hope study the photo of Lucas, the gun he has in it is not the same as the one Kate used. They realize Lucas purchased two guns.

At the pub, Steve and Kayla are having dinner, the subject of another child comes up again. Steve is now having second thoughts. He doesn't think he'd make a good dad. She doesn't understand, before he seemed excited by the idea. Was he playing her? Was he pretending to be excited only because he thought that pregnancy test was hers? Steve tells her that he comes from a bad family, that messes people up, stuff gets passed on. Kayla says Adrienne grew up in the same home and she's a wonderful mother and happy. Steve says that is true. She also remembers how he was with Stephanie as a baby, he was wonderful. Steve and Kayla reminisce, Steve agrees to have another kid. However Kayla worries at her age it might not be so easy. Steve says then they'll adopt, but Kayla says that could take years. Steve says they'll cover all their bases, they'll get their names on some lists. In the meantime, he says they can practice and try the old fashion way. She tells Steve that he's made her so happy. 

At Lucas',  Kate shows up and Lucas questions her about being arrested and the gun. She is afraid the gun will be traced back to her, but Lucas made sure that couldn't happen. However he's a bit upset. He says three shots were fired and one was aimed at Sami. He's not sure she was really aiming for EJ. Kate swears she was. She eventually changes the topic back to their plan to make it look like the Bradys have been targeted again and Stefano has gone back on his word. Lucas admits it is a good plan, but he doesn't want the Brady's hurt. Kate says no one will get hurt, and she has a great idea. She wants to cut the brakes on Steve and Kayla's car! Lucas says no way, that could kill them. Kate says relax, she'll drain the gas tank, they won't get anywhere. Lucas still doesn't think so. Kate asks what is wrong with him? She says he's changed, he's not willing to fight like he used to. Lucas says she'd be surprised how dirty his hands can get if he's pushed, but he won't do this. He doesn't want Kate to do this either, she says fine. Kate has things to do and leaves. She then calls Kayla, claiming she has some Christmas presents for Sami and Lucas and wanted her and Steve to deliver them, given they aren't talking to her. Kayla says okay and that they are having dinner at the pub.

In the alley behind the pub, Kate tampers with Kayla and Steve's car! Later Steve and Kayla come out to their car. It's not working, and when Steve checks things out, he says it looks like someone has tampered with their brakes. Meanwhile Kate returns to Lucas', she has grease on her face. She tells him she went ahead with the plan anyway, he's not happy. Then Lucas gets a call from someone. He says he remembers their name. They tell him something, he's not happy saying they said this couldn't happen. Lucas tells his mom it's about to hit the fan . . . the gun was traced back to her!



December 11 , 2007

At the pub, Belle is fixing Shawn's tie. They are getting ready for their first reunion. They wonder what everyone has been up to. Bo, Hope and Ciara show up. Hope says they look amazing. Bo jokes a tie twice in a month, they should mark it on the calendar. Shawn wishes he could wear jeans, but Hope says this is about impressing old friends. Shawn and Belle leave. Abe then shows up and tells Bo he has "it" right here. Abe has a search warrant for Lucas' place. Abe says if he shot EJ, holding onto the gun will be foolish. Bo says if he shot Jr that was his first mistake. Abe says too bad they don't have the bullet to match to a gun. Bo talks about how a guy in DC has a high resolution MRI scanner, they may be able to pick up information on the bullet and match it. Bo still doesn't like this, do they really want to arrest Lucas. Abe says a crime against the DiMeras is still a crime, even if they don't want it to be.


Later Hope talks with Caroline, who is glowing over Shawn D getting such a good start in life and with the right girl. Caroline sees something is bothering Hope, she just says she's wondering if she did everything she could to raise Shawn and prepare him for fatherhood and marriage. Hope notes Steve and Kayla's car is outside. Caroline says they left awhile ago, maybe they are window shopping?

On the street, Steve and Kayla wonder who would tamper with their car? Kayla worries the vendetta is back on. Steve tries to calm her down. He remembers a long time ago in a parking lot at Shenanigans. He says they can call the tow truck later, there is no time like the present to add to their little family. Kayla knows what he's doing and she loves him for it. Later they are in the car, Kayla doesn't think they can do this. He says many babies are conceived in the back seat!  As they are getting it on, a nosy Hope comes to see what is wrong. Hope opens the back door, Kayla screens, Steve screams shut it! Hope walks off embarrassed. 


Kayla  soon returns to the pub. Caroline asks where they were? Caroline says her face is flushed. Kayla says they took a walk on the pier, so Caroline goes to get hot chocolate. Kayla is embarrassed. Hope says her secret is safe with her. Kayla says speaking of secrets, what is going on with Belle and Shawn? Hope fills her in on the latest, Kayla thinks Hope should tell Shawn. Hope worries what if Shawn doesn't believe her? Kayla says he may not, but at least she's giving him a choice. Hope says this will kill him, but Kayla says it will be okay. Steve then returns, a mechanic looked at the car. Steve says someone cut their brake lines. Hope asks if they know who did it? Kayla says they saw someone running away. Steve says someone didn't want them getting home in one piece. 

Belle and Shawn meet up with Penny and Susan outside the reunion. Shawn lets the girls catch up and talk wedding talk. Shawn heads in and runs into Kevin. Kevin runs his own internet travel business now. Kevin asks about him and Belle. Shawn says they just got married and have a kid. Kevin offers to hook them up with a great honeymoon deal.


Meanwhile. Belle is shocked that Penny has gone to law school, given how quiet she was. Susan is a therapist working to help girls with their self image, saying Belle was her inspiration. Cynthia  then shows up in a mink looking for Phillip. She says she heard Phillip is still hot as ever. Phillip then shows up. Phillip says he'll see them inside and leaves. Cynthia runs after him. Mr. Woods then shows up, he's now the assistant principal. Everyone decides to head inside.

Kevin asks Shawn if Mimi will be here, Shawn doesn't think so. Jason shows up and comments on how hot Chloe is still looking. Jason heads off, Shawn and Kevin comment on how Jason is still a jerk. Jason tells Chloe she looks good, why didn't she come as ghoul girl? Chloe says she grew up, he should try it. Chloe all but ignores Jason and is fixated on Phillip. Chloe has a flashback of meeting Belle and Phillip at the hotel earlier, and how Phillip tried to explain it all as innocent. 


Cynthia flirts with Phillip, she's a fashion editor for a magazine. She asks Phillip about him and what he's been up to. He says he's running his father's company. Cynthia thinks they should catch up while she's in Salem. Chloe shows up and says sorry, Phillip is taken. Cynthia heads off, thinking she didn't get here early enough. Phillip thanks Chloe for that. Chloe seems hurt Phillip isn't responding to her. She says she never forgot him. He says but he married Brady. She says and they split, it didn't work out. She says she realized she was happiest when she lived in Salem, when the two of them were friends. She asks if they can be friends again? Belle interrupts, saying they are about to hand out awards. Phillip heads in, leaving Bell and Chloe to talk.

Chloe asks Mrs. Shawn Brady what is going on with her and Philip? Belle claims nothing is going on, she thinks she interrupted something between Chloe and Phillip. She wonders what her brother would say about it? Chloe says Brady isn't her husband anymore, they got a divorce. Belle asks why nobody knows? Chloe says it was hard, they didn't want to talk about it. Belle says so hard she was hitting on Phillip? Belle wants answers. Chloe says she and Brady were growing apart for awhile, and at least she didn't string him along and meet other men in hotel rooms. She asks Belle what has happened to her? She says Shawn deserves a lot better.


Back in the reunion. Chloe goes to see Shawn and asks to speak to him. As Mr. Woods is handing out awards, Chloe tells Shawn she saw Belle at her hotel with Phillip, they took a room together. Shawn confronts Belle, asking if she's sleeping with Phillip? Mr. Wood then hands out the high school sweet heart award to Shawn and Belle! 

At Lucas', Lucas tells Kate they are in deep trouble, they traced her gun. He says he bought two guns that day and they will find out. Kate says so what, he didn't shoot EJ. Lucas says every time she comes back into his life, things go haywire. He says they traced her gun back to him and now she's out cutting brake-lines. She says it will work, but he says it won't. Kate asks about the second gun, where is it. He says it's not here, he sent it to the one person he could trust. We see a flashback of him mailing the gun to himself. Lucas tells Kate what she did. Lucas says he did it so the gun isn't here when the police show up.

Sami is retuning home with the twins (or going out?). She knocks on EJ's door asking if he's okay. He needs a little help, she comes in. He's ordered a jolly bouncer for the boy. EJ tells Sami he missed her, then asks to hold Johnny. She says  the twins need a nap. She says she'll come back later. He feels she's avoiding him, but she says she's not. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and heads out.  EJ has a flashback of Lucas trying to convince EJ that maybe Sami is lying about her feelings for him. EJ begins to wonder if Sami is lying. 

EJ shows up at Smi and Lucas' place, it's a bag of baby things and he wants him to give it to Sami. Lucas takes it and slams the door in his face. Lucas doesn't realize in the bag is a baby monitor. EJ listens as Kate tells Lucas to be nicer to EJ, especially if he shot him. Lucas says he never said that. She tells Lucas to get that package back, if the cops get it, otherwise then he will go to prison. Lucas makes calls trying to track his package. EJ continues to listen in, wondering what he's hiding. There is a knock at the door, it's Bo, Abe and the cops coming to see Lucas. Kate tells Lucas he has visitors. Abe and Bo have a warrant to search the place for a gun. Lucas tells them to come in and look around. Abe says he could save them time and hand it over, but Lucas doesn't know what they are looking for. Lucas and Kate wait in the hall. Bo and Abe know the gun isn't here, he's too calm. As EJ listens, he remembers being shot. 


In the hall, Sami returns with the twins, she asks what is going on? Lucas says Bo and Abe are searching for a gun they think he has one used in EJ's shooting. She thinks this is Kate's fault, and Kate will get him arrested. Sami decides to take the twins over to EJ's as she has no choice. Plus she doesn't want them near toxic Kate. Sami bursts in on EJ, who has the baby monitor. She asks what he's doing? EJ says he heard voices in the hall, what is going on? She says she was talking to Lucas and excuses herself to change diapers. BAck in the hall, Lucas is on the phone trying to track his package. He asks to be able to pick the package up at the warehouse. EJ listens at the door and writes down the package tracking number Lucas gives the person on the phone. Kate tells Lucas to get rid of it this time permanently.


Abe and Bo decide to tail Lucas, thinking he'll lead them to the gun. Bo thinks Abe thinks Lucas did it. Abe and Bo give Lucas a list of things they took, they tell him not to leave town. The cops leave. Kate tells Lucas again get rid of the gun or he'll be the next one arrested. Meanwhile, EJ has a fantasy that Lucas confessed to Sami that he shot EJ. Sami then came up with the plan to convince EJ she has feelings for him and get him to drop the charges against Lucas. Sami thinks the plan will work, then they'll run off together. Sami finds EJ brainstorming, she asks if something is wrong? He gets the impression that he can't trust her.


December 12, 2007
At the Salem High reunion, Chloe tells Shawn that she ran into Belle her first day back, at her hotel. She says she was there with Phillip, they had taken a room. Shawn goes to confront Belle, asking if she's sleeping with Phillip? At the same moment Mr. Woods presents the award for the high school sweethearts to Belle and Shawn! She says don't do this now. He wants answers, she says she can explain. Chloe gets on stage and tells Shawn and Belle to come and get their trophy, always and forever isn't that right? Phillip watches as they get on stage, he and Chloe seem to be glaring at each other. Chloe rubs it in, saying no one is more deserving of this awards. She then asks Shawn what it feels like to be married to your high school sweet heart? Shawn says words can't describe what he's feeling right now. She asks what about Belle? How was the thanksgiving wedding? Belle says it was a wonderful wedding, and she has a wonderful husband who she loves more than he knows. She says not many people are lucky enough to spend their lives with their best friend. They are given their trophy, and are asked about Claire. They talk about Claire. Belle says she loves her daddy and does everything he does. She jokes she'll grow up to be a cop just like him. Shawn says yeah, packing a pistol and a pink purse.


Phillip leaves and steps outside, Cynthia comes out to see him and says she doesn't recall him being so cute in high school. He says she seems the same to him. Cynthia talks to him about his divorce with Belle, he was smart to get out of that marriage. She asks if he had a prenup with her? He says don't talk about Belle like that. She asks if he's still hot for her? Cynthia realize he does still have a thing for Belle.

Phillip returns and is sad to hear about Belle and Shawn talking about their family. Chloe sees the look on his face. Later Jason talks to Phillip and Penny, he doesn't remember Penny at all. She says they only went from kindergarten through high school together. He asks to borrow Penny's camera to take some photos. She says he better not break it. Jason then takes off.

After they get the award, Shawn runs off. Susan, thinking something is up, gives Belle her card and offers to listen if she ever needs to talk to someone. Shawn is outside, he is remembering facing off with Phillip, Phillip telling Shawn that Belle is miserable and he's the one that makes her happy. He also remembers their fight after Phillip gloated Belle may have already been in his bed. Cynthia shows up asking Shawn where his bride is? Shawn doesn't need this now. She says she needs a refill anyway and leaves. Belle comes out to talk to Shawn. She tells Shawn it isn't what he thinks. He says this better be good, otherwise she can keep the trophy of  her proof of their brief marriage. She tells Shawn that Phillip planted the gun he found. She says she was trying to make up for the letter, she wanted to help him. She says Phillip had it, if he found the gun he'd be a hero. Shawn asks what Phillip got in return? She says time alone with her, but nothing happened. He asks why he should believe her, everything else has been a lie. He says Belle just thinks he's a total loser. Belle says she doesn't think he's a loser. Shawn says just let him make his own mistakes. He says he wants to get in to the academy on his own merits. Shawn also says the gun was used in an attempted murder, they won't let that slide. Shawn says he has to tell his dad. 

Chloe talks to Phillip. Phillip says this isn't like he pictured it to be. Phillip thinks he's going to leave. Chloe tells him to wait. She says she told Shawn everything about the hotel. She says she's sorry. Mr. Woods then calls Phillip up for some award. Phillip is given an award for being a true American hero. Phillip makes a speech saying that he's flattered, there are a lot more people out there more heroic than he is. Phillip runs into Chloe again and asks why she would tell Shawn? Chloe says she owed it to him. She says she was picked on for most of her high school years, she wasn't about to let Shawn be treated like she was. Phillip thinks he has to go find Belle. Susan, Penny and Kevin ask Chloe to hang out at the Java Cafe while they are all in town. They get photos together and want to get one with Shawn, Belle and Phillip. Chloe thinks that isn't a good idea right now.


Belle and Shawn are still talking. Belle begs Shawn not to tell his dad the truth, but Shawn won't lie. Phillip listens and and hears them talking about this. Shawn won't be in debt to Phillip. BElle says Phillip could be arrested. Shawn doesn't care. Phillip walks out and says Belle could be charged as an accessory, so don't call his dad.

At the pub, Steve says someone cut the brake lines and drained the gas. Kayla asks why? Hope says it doesn't make sense. Lucas ends up calling Steve to see how it is going. Steve says someone cut their brake lines. Lucas asks how they are, Steve says they are fine. Lucas says Bo just came in and he has to talk to him. Lucas says he'll talk to him later. Bo has learned what happened, he says it sounds like the DiMeras are up to their old tricks. They sit down, Steve describes the guy he saw running away from the car, dressed head to toe in black. Bo decides to go take a look at the car. Bo then asks Hope to call Billie, he wants to talk to her about where Lucas was the night of the shooting.  Bo and Steve investigate the car. They find sloppy work, it's not the work of the DiMeras. Bo says someone wants them to think the DiMeras are back in business. They return to the pub and tell Kayla and Hope this was not Stefano, it was an amatuer. Hope says Billie is on the way. Kayla and Steve head out, Hope decides to talk to Bo about Shawn and Belle. She asks him to sit tight and runs off to see Steve and Kayla off.


At EJ's, EJ asks Sami if he can trust her. She asks where this is coming from? EJ thinks Sami knows who shot him. That she is protecting someone. She asks if he's psychic now? He says she's a lot more protective of her ex-husband. She says he thinks it was Lucas? EJ says he had motive. She says he did, he just found out their marriage was real, it's as hard for Lucas to accept her feelings for him as it was her. Sami swears she doesn't know who shot him and she doesn't think it was Lucas. She wonders where this is coming from? EJ says when he sees Lucas he doesn't see a man who is moving on without her. He wonders how far Lucas would go to keep her? Sami says Lucas wouldn't shoot him, he'd be the number one suspect. EJ says then why isn't she telling him something. Sami says she wants to find who shot him too, there was a bullet hole in her dress. EJ says they aren't leaving this up to the Salem PD, they are looking into it too. Sami asks why he's questioning her then? EJ doesn't believe she's not part of this. Sami says he thinks she arranged for Lucas to shoot him? She says she she wasn't trying to kick the vendetta up, she was trying to end it. They continue arguing, Sami tells EJ he's being ridiculous. She says if he can't believe she didn't have him shot then she doesn't know what kind of marriage they'll have. EJ asks what kind of marriage she wants to have? He says if she wants this marriage to be real then she needs to move in here with him. She says Lucas and her go back a long way. He knows she can't turn her feelings off, but she made a choice and she should be living with him. He says they both have choices to make, he knows this place is more of a bachelor pad. She knows he's working to build a nursery. Sami asks how they'll make her being here work? EJ says he knows she wants a house so not to rub this in Lucas' face, but he doesn't want to separate the twins. Sami doesn't either. EJ says then they'll have to work this out. He says she can change whatever she wants in his place, she'd do anything for him, just don't make a fool of him. Sami says she'll have to have time to think about it. She says she should take the twins and go home, but he says this is her home. She says but she has everything over there, and they need space. EJ wants her to feel comfortable here, he wants her to think of this place as her home. He is excited about her moving in. She says he knows he always gets what he wants. He says he really wants to hold her in his arms like at at the hospital. He knows that will take time. He says it's ironic, all he ever dreamed about was carrying her to bed, now he can't. She says she's sorry. He says he knows there is an honesty in bed, a magic, it's either there or it's not. He knows she can't fake it, that is how he'll know if she means it. He says kisses come as poor substitute, but it's better than nothing. She gives him a real kiss! 


At Lucas', Lucas is on the phone with Kate yelling at her. He knows what he has to do, he has to find the gun. He goes to leave when Billie shows up. Billie says Bo wants to question her about where he was the night EJ was shot, any idea why?  Lucas asks her to stall a few days, but Billie can't and she has to tell Bo the truth if he asks her. She says don't justify what he did because he was a victim. Lucas says he lost his wife and his son because of EJ. Lucas admits his life would be easier if EJ was dead, but he didn't shoot EJ. He begs Billie to help, but she says he is asking her to lie to Bo. Billie says this isn't a petty crime, this is attempted murder. She says she could be liable as an accomplice, her career would be over. Billie says if he didn't shoot EJ then everything will be fine, it will work out just fine. She says she has to go, it will be okay. Lucas says yeah right. 


Lucas goes over to EJ's to tell Sami he has to go out, but she needs to talk first. Sami goes over to the other apartment with him. Sami demands to know why Abe and Bo were looking for a gun here? Lucas says there is no gun here, but admits there was. He says it was for protection, he kept it locked up. Sami says since when did he stop caring about her opinion? Lucas says his opinion didn't matter when she married EJ. She says he agreed, but he says he didn't have a choice. Sami says neither did she. Sami says she trusts him. Lucas says he trusts her too. Sami asks Lucas to tell her the truth, why do the police think he had something to do with the shooting. Lucas says they think he was there that night. She says but he was here right. Sami asks Lucas please tell her that he didn't try and murder EJ. EJ listens in as Lucas says he didn't try and kill EJ, he was here taking care of the twins. Sami says what if he went to jail? Lucas says you think I'd miss out on seeing my kids grow up? Not for EJ. EJ realizes Sami doesn't know who tried to kill him, but he's not so sure about Lucas. Meanwhile Lucas tells Sami he needs to go get a package, it's very important. She asks if they can't deliver it, but he says no. Lucas says he'll be back and heads out. EJ meanwhile calls the package place and pretends to be Lucas. 

Billie arrives at the pub. Bo asks her about Lucas. He knows she's lying about the night EJ was shot and where he was. 


December 13, 2007
I lost the first few minutes due to snow/news updates.

At the pub, Belle tells Shawn that she was trying to help him. Shawn says Phillip wasn't trying to help him, he knew this would mess everything up for him and make him look like an idiot. Belle says they don't need to tell anyone about the gun. Belle says she only wanted to help, Phillip wanted to help. Shawn asks when has Phillip done anything to help him? Shawn says Phillip doesn't want to see them happy, he wants them broken up. Belle says he's right. Shawn asks for the keys to their room. They head inside. Shawn says he's tired and he wants to go to bed. Hope shows up to see how things went, but she sees she's intruding on something. Belle says of course she's not. Belle leaves them to talk, she'll call her mom who has Claire and check on them. Hope asks how the reunion was, Shawn says awful as Phillip was there. Shawn wants to just drop it. Hope asks what Phillip did that has him so worked up? More flashbacks to Belle's admission. Before Shawn says anything, Belle returns with the phone saying Claire wants to talk to him. Shawn leaves to talk to her. Hope asks Belle how the reunion was. Belle says okay. Hope asks if something happened with Phillip? Belle says the same thing that always happens when he and Shawn are in a room together. Hope says that isn't an answer. Belle says nothing happened, except Chloe told Shawn that she saw Phillip and her meeting. Belle says they just talked, but Hope reminds Belle of her promise to stay away from Phillip. Shawn returns saying he's had a long day, they can catch up tomorrow. Hope says of course and leaves. Shawn asks what Belle told his mom? She says she said they didn't exactly have the night of their lives. Shawn says for once she didn't lie.


Later Shawn is looking out the window. Belle asks if he's coming to bed? Can they talk? Shawn says not tonight. Belle says it will all be fine, Bo can fix it. Shawn says this can't be fixed, he is now a criminal. He says it is a crime to conceal information about a crime. Shawn says if he doesn't come forward then he's guilty too. Belle says so he's going to have her arrested? She says nobody needs to know. Shawn says he will not help her cover for Phillip. He says she cannot see Phillip again, there isn't enough room in their marriage for him. He says she keeps telling him that Phillip is out of her life, then she does this. He says she needs to choose, him or Phillip. Shawn won't talk anymore and insists they go to bed.

Down in the pub, Billie thinks about Lucas asking Billie to lie for him (flashbacks!). Billie says after she heard about EJ, she went to Lucas' place and he was there with the twins. Bo says that is what he says, that he was there the whole night. Bo doesn't believe him, he thought Lucas would confide in Billie. Billie says if Lucas trusts her then it is because she can keep her mouth shut, he knows that. Bo says she also knows people in her business need a good relationship with the law to do their job. She asks if he's threatening her? He says he's just saying he needs to count on her and she needs to be able to count on him. Billie tells him that Lucas did go out, he went to the church. Billie says Lucas wasn't hiding that he went to the wedding from her, some registered nurse watched the twins. Billie says Lucas is hiding this from everyone else because he thought everyone would jump to conclusions. Billie also tells Bo not to tell her he's never done anything to protect his brother. Bo says point taken. Billie says Lucas didn't shoot EJ, he told her and she believes him. He asks what he did with the gun. Billie says Bo's been playing her this whole time, how did he know Lucas had a gun. Bo explains how they know Lucas bought two guns, one was Kate's and the other is out there somewhere. Billie says she didn't know about the gun. Bo asks Billie if Lucas asked her to lie for him? Billie says he's her brother and he's been given a raw deal by the DiMeras. Bo says but she knows in the long run it would be best to tell the truth. Billie tells Bo that all she asks is for Bo to cut him a break. Bo says if he can he will. Billie then leaves. Later, Hope shows up and Bo tells her that Lucas was at the wedding. Hope asks what they do now? Bo says the usual step by step. Bo says they have to find a nurse that Lucas hired to sit the twins that night. 


At EJ's, the babies cry. EJ goes to tend to them. He comes out holding Allie, he's walking! He wishes he could raise her and her brother in Tuscany. Sami knocks on the door asks why he locked it? EJ puts the baby down and says they are coming. He gets back in his chair and goes to let Sami in. Sami is asking what is going on. EJ says Allie is asleep. Allie is in his lap Sami asks what he's doing with her? Sami takes her from him and is upset. Sami asks how he got her out of the crib from his wheelchair? Sami says he took a huge risk, he could have dropped her. EJ says he wouldn't hurt her daughter, and she was crying and wanted to comfort her. Sami says she should change and feed them. EJ asks her to do it here, let him help her. Sami says he said he would give her breathing room. EJ asks why he has to live up to all his promises when all she does is lie to him? Sami says she is not lying to him. EJ thinks she is using her ex-husband as an excuse not to spend time with him. EJ says she claims to have feelings for him, but now she does everything she can to avoid him and pushes him away. EJ says he can feel her reluctance to be near her. Sami says she has told him the truth, but it is still difficult for her. EJ says it's too difficult. Sami says she knows this is hard for him, but he's not alone. She says he's not the only one with difficulties. She says it's hard for her, it's hard for Lucas. Sami tells EJ that she is having trouble being free with her feelings when Lucas won't accept this. EJ says Lucas won't accept it if he has a hope they'll get back together. Sami says she has children with him, they spent years hating each other and she won't go back to that. EJ says when Lucas isn't around, like right now, is it too much for her to show him a little bit of affection? He says it's not like it will go anywhere, he can't do much. EJ doesn't understand why someone who has feelings for him doesn't seem to show that she has feelings for him. Sami says she knows he's frustrated, she feels the same way. She wishes they could spend more time together, but she has two infants and two families. She asks him to be a little understanding. He says she's right and he's sorry. Sami says trust her, things will change. He says he would do anything for her and that he loves her. Sami says she knows, they kiss. He asks her to stay, he arranged for a therapist and could use the support. She says okay.  Sami heads to Lucas' place quickly to get some things. She finds the baby monitor EJ hid and knows what he's been up to. Meanwhile, EJ ends up intercepting the package for Lucas! 


Lucas meets Kate at Chez Rouge. He says the package was put back on the truck for delivery. Kate thinks this wasn't a mistake, someone did this. Maybe it was the police? Lucas says they would have gone to the warehouse if they knew about it. Kate says he needs to get to the apartment in case it hasn't been delivered. Lucas says he knows, he's trying to get there. Lucas says Sami is there, she'll sign for it if it has already come. Kate says and she'll open it. Lucas says she won't, but Kate thinks she will as he sent it to himself. She says get back there and get rid of that gun. Lucas heads off and is trailed by a man. Later Lucas returns, he tells Kate that he's being followed. Kate asks he thinks or he's sure. Lucas is pretty sure. He says he heard someone behind him. Kate thinks it is paranoia. Lucas thinks it is the police, they expect him to lead them to a missing gun. Kate says he has an alibi, nobody else knows he was at the church right. Lucas says right, but she knows he's lying. Lucas says he came here for help. He wants her keys passed secretly to him. He'll act like he's going to the bathroom, but slip out in her car. Kate thinks that is a lame plan. He asks if she has a better one? Kate gives him the keys, he says stay here until he can get out of her. He takes off his jacket and pretends to be going to the restroom. 


Hope and Bo go to the hospital, Bo gets a call from the man tailing Lucas and fills him in on how Lucas met with Kate, they are both upset about some package. Bo and Hope then find the nurse who babysat for Lucas that night. She says he had a family emergency, she was only there for an hour. They question her about how he acted and if he had a gun. She says no! She says he seemed like a very nice man. Bo thanks her. Hope says it sounds like Billie was accurate with what she sad. Bo then gets a call, the tail is onto Lucas' game in Kate's car. Kate is still there, so they are going to go nail her now. 

Bo and Hope arrive at Chez Rouge to see Kate. She claims she's busy working on a deal. Hope asks what the deal is? Kate says she'll tell them after she signs, seals and delivers. He thinks she is to keep her son out of prison.

Lucas returns home asking Sami where his package is? Sami says nobody delivered a package, but Lucas says someone signed for it according to the parcel place. Meanwhile EJ is at his place gloating over the package, wondering what is inside. 


December 14 , 2007
Phillip is at Chez Rouge. Chloe asks him to buy her a drink and talk about high school days. He would rather forget about high school. She says what, no good memories of them together? He says not really! She says just buy her a drink. Phillip says he's going home. She asks what is at that big old empty mansion? Phillip says sleep. Chloe knows he's mad at her. Phillip says life has consequences, so does her actions. Chloe says so says the guy going after another man's wife. She knows he still has a thing for his ex. She thinks maybe he needs to change his focus. Phillip says he's not ready to go back, Cynthia and Jason are still stuck in the past, no thanks. Chloe says even if Belle did leave Shawn, there is no guarantee she'd come back to him. She says focus on what is in front of him.


Meanwhile, Bo makes a comment to Kate that her son will be going to jail for a long time. Kate asks what Phillip did that was so bad? Bo says she knows he's talking about Lucas. Kate claims she's expecting an important call about business. Bo thought the SEC had her tied up? Kate says it's a call for when she's back in business. Hope goes off to check on Ciara, Bo sits down and tells Kate that he knows Lucas is hiding a gun involved in criminal activity. Bo wants to know where it is. Kate says look in the evidence room? Bo says he knows that Lucas bought two guns, one of which Kate was packing at the church. Kate tells Bo that he'll have to look for the gun on his own. Bo says she has a son she wants to keep out of prison, so tell him where it is. Kate says she doesn't know anything about a second gun. Bo says Lucas lied about not going to the church, he lied about not having a gun, now he's looking all over for a package. He bets the gun is in it. Bo says Lucas went to the shipping office, came out empty handed, then came here to meet here. Kate claims they ran into each other. Bo says and he took off in her car to try and lose the cop on his tail. Kate tells Bo she guesses this questioning is informal. Bo says he could take her downtown if she'd like. He says she could maybe make a deal with the DA, as she has been charged with attempted murder. Bo wants to know what is in the package. Kate says she can't help him, but she can ask Lucas the next time she speaks to him. He suggests she call him now. Kate calls him but there is no answer. She says Lucas isn't available. Roman shows up, so Bo excuses himself.


Bo talks to Roman, Roman says the delivery company says they delivered the package, but their guy says it didn't happen. Bo wonders where the package is now. Roman says they need to keep after Kate, she knows more than she's saying. Roman plans to question the delivery man. Bo gets an idea, he wants Roman to keep Kate company for a bit. Roman doesn't like this, but agrees. However he wants Bo to bail him out if he gives him the sign.

Roman sits down and asks Kate what is new? She says go to hell! Roman says the thought he'd brighten up her day. He says Marlena was charged. Kate asks if she's waiting trial at the spa? Roman says she made bail like her. She also took a leave of absence from the hospital. Kate says so what, she has house arrest, how nice. Roman says she lost her husband and maybe her job, isn't that enough? Kate says she doesn't need a lecture on losses. Roman says she used to have a heart, what happened to her. She says maybe it's her exposure to justice Brady style. Roman asks what she wants from him? She says to be treated like he treats Marlena. Kate says he would do anything to protect and cover for Marlena. Roman says he does have a soft spot for Marlena, but he has one for her too. He says the difference is she makes it damn near impossible to feel sorry for her. He says she always puts Kate first, that is her problem. Kate asks so what was in it for her by shooting EJ? He doesn't know, maybe she was trying to shoot Sami to have Lucas to herself. Kate says same setting, same church, Marlena takes a shot. She asks how that was different than her? Roman says Marlena was lost in grief and was about to see Sami marry her enemies. Kate says so MArlena is ridding Salem of a vermin and she's a heartless assassin working her own angle? Kate says there was a time he was more forgiving of her faults, he softened her sharp edges. She says maybe he needs to remember how sweet it was. 


Elsewhere, Hope goes and interrupts Chloe and Phillip. She asks about Brady. Chloe says he's still in Europe on business. Hope asks to speak with Phillip, so CHloe leaves them. Philip asks what he can do for her? She says leave Shawn alone! Phillip asks if Shawn knows she's protecting him? Hope says he and Shawn used to be like brothers. Phillip knows she and Bo were like his second family, but things change, they grew up. Hope says they don't have to grow apart. Phillip tells her about the reunion, Belle and Shawn were crowned King and Queen, him the war hero. Hope says they are all proud of him. He says when he came home he was a changed man. She says but not that changed, he and Shawn still have a connection. Phillip says they fell in love with the same woman. She says Belle made her choice, if he loves her then respect it. Phillip brings up Claire, but Hope says she's Shawn's daughter. She says he needs to bow out. Phillip says it's not his fault that Shawn can't stand Belle being close to another man. Hope says they both know it is more than that, he's too close. Phillip says not for him. Hope asks if he's not the least bit ashamed? Phillip says no, and if she wants to tell Shawn go for it. However she won't, she knows what it will do to Shawn and his marriage. Phillip says she had a chance to tell Shawn but didn't, why not? He says because Shawn would never forgive her. Hope says Shawn is more forgiving then he thinks, he could forgive him. He says if she says so. Phillip walks off.



Bo asks Hope what just went on? Hope was trying to remind him how close he and Shawn were. She can't get over how cold and cynical Phillip has become. Hope says Phillip is going to make trouble and Belle is terrified. Bo asks if Marlena has talked to Belle? Hope hasn't been able to reach her since she got arrested. Bo says it's been a rough month for her. Hope decides to try and see Marlena, she shouldn't be alone right now.

Roman goes back to Bo, he only got attitude from Kate. Bo says maybe it's time to call in the A-Team. Bo goes back to Kate. Kate says she's answered his questions and she does have an important meeting. He says to go play around of who has the gun with Lucas? Bo tells Kate that obstructing justice could land her back in jail. He says he can bring her in for questioning if she doesn't cooperate. He says save them both time and energy, tell him what is in the package. Kate again says she doesn't know. Kate says she called him and he wasn't there, maybe he went to bed. Kate's phone rings, Bo suggests she answer it. She does, it's of course Lucas. She says she's still here at Chez Rouge, Bo is here, he wants to know what is in the package. Lucas says he doesn't have it, someone else does. Kate says all she needed to know. Kate tells Bo that Lucas says "what package?" Bo says she's going about protecting Lucas the wrong way. Kate asks if they brow beat MArlena this way? Bo says he didn't have to, she has a conscience and volunteered the information. Bo says he's not gunning for Lucas, he's family, but he's in hell of a lot of trouble. Bo says Lucas is hiding something, more than the gun, and he'll find out what. Bo says it would be better for them if she'd answer his questions. Kate says she has nothing to say. Bo then gets a call. He tells the person good work. He then tells Kate she just lost her chance. Bo says guess who has Lucas' package? 

Phillip returns to Chloe. Chloe asks if Shawn and Belle's marriage survived the reunion? Phillip doesn't know. Phillip asks why she would want Shawn or Belle to be unhappy. Chloe doesn't, she just thinks Shawn should know the truth. She suggests hey talk about something else.  Phillip says she and Belle have been friends forever, and Shawn, so why is she trying to bust them up. Chloe doesn't want that, she wants them to live happily ever after. Phillip says and what, then he'll turn his attention to her? She says she already has it, he just doesn't know it yet. He suggests they have another round. He says he hasn't made up his mind, but he's willing to see where it goes. He says she's convinced they have a connection, this is her chance to prove it. She whispers in his ear "starting now."


At Sami and Lucas', Sami swears to Lucas that nobody delivered a package and he has to calm down. EJ is listening from his door as Lucas goes nuts. Lucas says they said they delivered it, they said he signed for it. Sami says maybe they lost it and are lying to cover their butts. She says they'll find it, but Lucas needs it now. Sami asks what is going on. Lucas says he just needs the package, and he doesn't understand who signed for it. Sami doesn't know either. Lucas claims the package is about a deal, he needs to close it. She asks what kind of deal? He says it's an investment for their future. She wishes she could help him, but the package isn't here. Sami says she has to take some stuff back to EJ, the stuff he brought over earlier. Sami again tells Lucas to relax, don't have a melt down over this. 


At EJ's, he has the package and decides to open it. There is a knock at the door, it's the package people. EJ says just a minute and hides the package. The man tells EJ the package he signed for was for someone else. EJ says he knows, it's for his neighbor, he gave it to him, it's fine. The man doesn't think so, he wants to check with MR. Horton. EJ says he shouldn't do that, he's pretty angry about he mix-up and is a big guy. He also says Lucas went out for the evening. The man then leaves. EJ goes to open the package when there is another knock at the door. EJ has to hide the package AGAIN to answer the door. It's Sandy his physical therapist. He says he's a little tired, but she says it's his inactivity and she'll get his motor racing. She won't take no for an answer, she plans to get started with his therapy tonight. Sandy begins working with EJ. She says for a man with his kind of injury, his legs are pretty strong. She wants him to try to walk. He doesn't think this is a good idea. She knows it is scary and won't let him fall.


Suddenly, Sami bursts in furious with EJ. She throws his gift bag down and holds the baby monitor, asking if he didn't think she'd find out he was eavesdropping on her? EJ introduces his wife, Sandy laughs "newlyweds?" Sandy tells Sami that she was about to try and help EJ try to walk. Sami says he can walk? EJ says not yet. EJ really says they needs to do this another night. Sandy decides to leave. Sami asks what this is about him walking? He says Sandy thinks he might be able to regain use of his legs, he isn't so sure. He asks what is going on with her. She confronts him with the baby monitor, she thinks the other half is here somewhere and threatens to tear the place apart until she finds it. EJ says he thought he put both in the bag, maybe Lucas knows where it is. Sami says she won't bother Lucas with this. She continues tearing the place apart and finds the monitor. He says and it's turned off, thank you. She says she knows he was listening. She storms out. EJ then locks his door and returns to his package. He says he may have lost the battle, but he will win the war. He finally gets it open and finds the box with Lucas' gun in it. EJ laughs and says "bang bang."

Lucas calls the company, he learns that his neighbor took the package and said he gave it to him. Lucas is furious. Sami returns, she tells him that she needs information. She doesn't want to hear his phony investment paper story, she wants to know what is in that package. 


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