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3rd  Week of December 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


December 17, 2007
At Chez Rouge, Nick is having a romantic dinner set up for Chelsea as a surprise. Maggie says chef has made her favorites. Chelsea shows up, Nick gives her flowers. She thanks him. He says she looks incredible. She asks what is going on, she thought they were meeting for drinks. She says she didn't know they were having dinner, she has a lot of stuff to finish at the house and a final due soon. Nick says it can wait, this can't. They sit down for dinner, Nick takes Chelsea's cell phone because he doesn't want her to run back to the sorority.  The girls are texting and trying to call her. He asks if this has to do with Ford? Chelsea asks why he'd say that, and changes the topic to the food. Nick says dinner is coming soon, he's ordered already. He begins rambling about how he wanted to write a poem for the occasion, but he's no poet. He says for all the good and the bad, he wouldn't trade a second of it, he loves her. Chelsea focuses on his drink and has flashbacks to Ford. Nick asks her to pick up her glass . . . and maybe say I love you too. She is so out of it, Nick asks if he wore a dress and joined Alpha Chi Theta would that get her attention? Chelsea says if she tells him something, he has to promise not to go running out the door. He says not before the chocolate covered strawberries come. Chelsea looks over and sees Max standing there. She chickens out and just says she's sad that school and the sorority keep getting in the way of them. She gives him a kiss and sits on his lap. Nick says they could forget dinner and get dessert to go. Nick goes to get them to box up dessert. Chelsea gets a call from Morgan, she doesn't want to end her date as she almost blew tonight as is because she's thinking about "you know who." Morgan tells her about her mom being here. Chelsea says she'll be there. Nick returns and over hears her call. Chelsea says they called an emergency meeting, she has to go. She promises to make it up to Nick.


Max sits down and tells Nick for him, so sweet. Nick says he's not in the mood. Max says the way Chelsea ran out of here, it looks like he needs help. Max tells Nick if he had to do all of this to get his girl's attention, well he didn't have it in the first place. Max says Chelsea has a lot going on now, but Nick says he has been giving her space. Nick wants to go find out what is going on. Max says forget it, go home and take a cold shower. Nick tells Max if he's such a ladies man then why is he here hanging out with him? Max says he and Stephanie have a special case. Nick says at least he's diving in and not playing games in the kiddie pool, he's got Steph and Morgan and is too chicken to talk to either of them. He thinks maybe they both need to go to the sorority house. Max tries to convince him not to, but eventually agrees to go with him.

At the house, Stephanie arrives, there is an emergency. Morgan and Carmen say Cordy is holed up in her room and won't come out again. Morgan is afraid if she cracks then it's over for all of them. In her room, Cordy can't stop thinking about Ford's death. The girls go in to see her, she talks about how she keeps seeing Ford out there laughing at her. They say nobody is out there. Stephanie thinks it was a nightmare. They say Ford is gone. Cordy says because of them. She says they have to call the police and tell them everything. Stephanie says they will get through this. Morgan brings in some tea, saying Carmen is making her soup. Cordy says she's not hungry. Stephanie says she didn't kill Ford. Cordy blames herself for saying Ford raped her, if she hadn't then he'd be alive still. Morgan says she was right when she said Ford was an animal. Stephanie says she was brave, she helped them all. Cordy says they weren't raped and none of them cares that she's dead. 


Billie shows up and see Carmen. She says she has to talk to them all about Ford. Carmen asks if Ford raped someone else? Billie says they'll talk about it with the other girls. Carmen takes Cordy the soup, Morgan tells Stephanie that Chelsea's mom is here to talk about Ford. She thinks they are busted. Morgan calls Chelsea to get over here. They think they have to stall Billie until Chelsea arrives. Cordy wants to tell Billie the truth. She says Ford has a family, they have to be worried about him. She says this is wrong. The girls tell Cordy sorry, but she cannot leave this room.


Chelsea shows up, claiming she ran out to get everyone some dessert. Billie doesn't like that Chelsea was out on her own. Billie says she is here to talk about Ford. Chelsea says she'll go get them then. Chelsea goes into Cordy's room to see the girls. Chelsea says her mom has that look on her face. Cordy wants to tell the truth, but the girls say Ford's family will crucify them. Chelsea says they'll agree on what to tell her and how to tell her. The girls think that Billie must know Ford came and didn't leave. Stephanie and Chelsea admit they needed help, they told someone and they left wearing Ford's clothes for the camera. Chelsea says they have to have a reason why Ford stayed the night. Billie knocks and says open the door or she's coming in. They open up and let Billie in. Billie asks how Cordy is feeling. Cordy says she is better. They all go into the living room to talk to Billie. Cordy insists she goes too.


Billie says Decker is missing, he missed a meeting with his dad to get some cash. Decker's dad says Ford has gone awal before, but is hoping he'll show up. Billie also knows Ford was here. They claim he showed up drunk, they let him sleep on the sofa. They say they all watched him all night in shifts. Cordy gets up to leave. Billie wonders if Cordy has something to add? Cordy says nothing. Billie says if anyone sees or hears from Ford, let her know. Billie leaves, they wonder if she believed them. Chelsea says they have to keep the lie up. Stephanie then announces Cordy is gone, she's not in her room.


At Lucas', Sami finds Lucas screaming at someone on the phone about the package. She tells him to cut the bull, what is really in that package. Lucas keeps saying it's a check, a really big one. Lucas says he cashed in an investment. Sami says you can have a stop payment issued and a new check written. Sami tells him she doesn't believe this is a check, she wants the truth. Sami says he can tell her anything. Lucas says it's not as bad as it sounds . . . it's his gun. Sami wants to know who is sending the gun? Lucas' phone rings, but Sami takes it, it's Kate. She wants answers from Lucas about the gun. Lucas says he sent it to himself, he didn't want the police finding it when they searched the place. Sami asks Lucas again, did he shoot EJ? He swears he didn't shoot him, he wouldn't put her in danger as she was at the altar too. The phone rings, it's Kate. Kate says a cop is watching her, EJ has the package. She also says Bo is on the way to get it back. She tells him to get the gun. Lucas tells Sami to watch the kids, he won't be long. She asks where he's going? Lucas says EJ got the gun somehow. Sami says it doesn't matter, he didn't shoot EJ so the gun means nothing. Lucas says he has to find the gun before Bo gets it. Lucas says when she married EJ she said have faith. He asks her to have faith, he's doing this for their family. Sami wants to go with him, they are still in this together. Lucas says he can do this, but she says he isn't going without her.


At EJ's, EJ gets a call from Bo. Kate listens in as Bo calls EJ about the package he picked up for Lucas'. EJ just claims he signed for the package like a good neighbor, but of course he didn't open it. Bo tells EJ he is on his way to get it.  EJ tapes the package back up. Stefano then shows up asking if he's okay? EJ says he didn't know he was coming over. EJ lets him in, Stefano asks if there has been any change? EJ says no. Stefano talks about his grandson, how time flies and EJ may regret missing moments with his son. EJ assures him he won't miss any moments with Johnny. Stefano says he's been cleared for travel, but he's not going to Tuscany. He must attend to "it," saying it is a personal matter. He asks EJ to take Sami and his son to Italy for the holidays, he'll meet them there. He says he too has to deal with a difficult woman, but she'll be neutralized soon. EJ asks what is going on? Stefano hands him letters saying this will tell him what he needs to know. EJ says she's threatening him, is she insane? Stefano says she has more courage than sense. Stefano says he'll take care of the problem once and for all. He says she has vital information that could destroy all he's worked for, she could ruin their family. Stefano says never let a woman ruin his life. EJ says he can handle Samantha. Stefano says he won't be in that chair forever, he will get him the best doctors. Stefano then heads out. 


Lucas and Sami show up at EJ's. They want to know where it is. EJ says hold on. EJ pulls out the package. He says unfortunately he can't give this back to them. Sami asks what he wants for it? EJ says there is something, he wants to take Sami and Johnny to Italy for the new year. Lucas says no, so EJ won't give him the package. He says Bo is coming for it, he said he'd hold onto it. Lucas decides to take it. He gets the package right as Bo shows up, saying Lucas must have talked to his mom. Bo gets the box from Lucas, he asks Sami if she knows what is in it? Sami says she has to go check on Lucas, who walked out. Bo asks if she knows what is in the box? She says yes a gun, but Lucas didn't shoot EJ. Bo tells her that a nurse was hired to watch the twins while he went out. Sami says Lucas couldn't have done it. Bo says they will run tests, Lucas will be in the clear if it doesn't match up. Bo then leaves. Sami asks EJ if he set Lucas up? EJ says no, he had no idea what was in that box. He says he wanted to open it but didn't, he was trying to do the right thing. Sami says Lucas is innocent. EJ says he hopes so, betrayal is a horrible thing. Sami then leaves EJ gets up and lays down on the couch. 


Back at Lucas and Sami's, Sami confronts Lucas about going out the night of the wedding. Lucas says he's trying to keep his family together. Lucas says he hates EJ and wishes he was dead, but he didn't do it. There is a knock at the door, it's Bo. Bo says he needs Lucas' passport, it's routine procedure. Lucas says he doesn't know where it is. Sami says she'll get it. Bo says anything he wants to tell him? Lucas says no. Bo says the package is on the way to the station. Lucas asks when the ballistics will come back. Bo says after the holidays, they aren't doing it in house. Sami gives Bo the passport. Bo says he's going, he hopes to see them at Alice's on Christmas.  Sami then questions Lucas about where he went and what he did. Lucas says he went to the church and that is all he can say. The babies cry so Sami goes to them. Lucas then calls someone (his mom probably). He says Bo has the package and his passport, he can't hold him off much longer.


December 18, 2007
At the hotel, Steve comes home and finds Kayla in some sexy lingerie. She says she knows they said they would go to the movie, but maybe they should stay in and entertain each other. Steve says okay. She leads him into the bedroom and begins undressing him. Steve says remember there is always adoption. Kayla knows, she picked up the forms. Steve thinks they should fill them out. Kayla asks what is wrong with him? Steve says pregnancy can be risky. Kayla says it's not for so many women, so don't worry. Later they are in bed together. Steve is still worried about her having a baby, she could be at risk. Kayla says if it isn't safe she won't do it. She says she'll have a physical and have tests. Kayla says if they say she's fine, will he stop worrying? He says okay, they kiss on it. Later Kayla thinks about telling Stephanie the news she is pregnant. Steve says they need to take it slowly. He says lately something seems to be bugging her, something she won't talk about. Kayla says she hasn't said anything to her. Steve says something is definitely bothering her.  Steve wants to talk to her. He says he'll be cool, he'll just feel her out. Kayla says don't push too hard, she doesn't need them like she used to. Steve says she needs them moe than she thinks she does.


At Sami's, Sami is tying to get Johnny to stop crying. There is a knock at the door, it's Marlena dropping by to see what is going on. Marlena says someone isn't happy. Sami can't get him to stop crying, she doesn't know what is wrong. Marlena says it could be colic, all she can do is ride it out. Sami says or he senses how upset she is. Sami tells Marlena that Lucas lied to her and was at the church the night she married EJ, he had a gun. She doesn't believe he shot him though. Later Marlena says without Will it won't seem like Christmas. Sami says Will doesn't want to come home, he won't even talk to her. Marlena says he's angry, he doesn't understand. Sami says nobody does. Sami says she married EJ to stopped the killing, but if she knew it was going to drive everyone she loves to show up at the wedding with a gun . . . . Marlena says she would have come to her senses? Sami says no she would have eloped. Marlena says love makes people do crazy things. Sami says so does hate, and she doesn't know anyone who hates EJ more than Lucas. Sami says Lucas claimed he was here all night, but Uncle Bo found out he hired a nurse so she could go to the church. MArlena says but he swore he didn't do it, and there were other shots fired. Sami says Lucas had a gun, if the police match that bullet to the gun then Lucas will go to jail. She blames herself for betraying him, by leading EJ to believe he'd fall in love with him. MArlena says you told EJ you love him? Sami says no, she just let him assume she had feelings for him. Marlena asks why? She says EJ was giving up on life, if EJ died then he would have given up and died. She says then the vendetta would be back on. Marlena says so Stefano threatened her. MArlena can see why Lucas is upset over her feelings for EJ. Sami says it's just an act, Lucas knows. Marlena says she told two men she loved them and not the other one, how can they trust her. Sami says Lucas has known her for years and known she loves him. Marlena says after all she has put Lucas through, she can see why he doubts her. Sami says that is fair, so what does she do. Marlena says you fight back, you don't play the game anymore. She says if she does then she'll lose. SAmi says they murdered John. Marlena gets that, now it is time they got it. Marlena says it's time to make sure her husband didn't die in vain. She wants Sami to walk away, get an annulment. Sami says to do that would be putting a target on everyone's back. Marlena says take care of herself, her children and her husband . . . her family will take care of the rest. Marlena asks her to think about what she said. Sami says ending her marriage to EJ is all she thinks about. Marlena says don't think, act. She says either they fight back and end this now, or it won't end. Marlena then heads out. Sami asks her to come to Alice's for Christmas, John wouldn't want her to be alone. Marlena says she'll think about it.


At the sorority house, Max and Nick arrive. Carmen says Stephanie is out looking for Cordy, she goes to get Chelsea for Nick. Max tells Nick he needs to play things cool, don't push if he wants to get lucky. Nick says he got lucky when he met Chelsea. Max says that sounds like something from a Hallmark card. They argue back and forth, Chelsea finally shows up. She says the meeting is over, did she forget something at the restaurant? Niuck says this and kisses her. She says he came all the way down here to do that? Nick says no, he came to tell her that it wasn't dinner he was excited about, he was excited about being with her. He says he understand she has things to do so he'll just go. She says no, wants to talk to him in private. They leave.

Morgan shows up telling Max that she has a present for him, something she's wanted to give him for a long time. Morgan gives him a present. She says she knows it is early. Max says she shouldn't have done this. She wants him to open it. He opens her gift, it's a photo from some famous race car driver with his signature saying "Sorry we never raced each other, you were one of the best." Max can't believe it and says this is amazing.


In her bedroom, Nick tells Chelsea she heard her on the phone saying she couldn't stop thinking about "him." Chelsea says she was on the phone with Morgan and she was talking about Ford, he's missing. Nick asks if anything else is going on? She tells him how Ford came over here last week, that was the last place he was seen. She says he came over drunk wanting to apologize. She says he passed out and he slept on the sofa as they watched him. She says Ford left in the morning, no one saw him sense. Suddenly there is a scream!

It turns out Carmen was in the shower when it went ice cold. She wants to know who is using up all the hot water? Morgan says no one is. Nick it is probably just the water heater in the basement. This leads Max to remember burying Ford down there. Nick says he can check it out. Chelsea says no, Max can do it. Nick says he can deal with a water heater. Max says he can do it. Nick doesn't know what the big deal is. They claim his Christmas present is down there, he shouldn't go down there. Chelsea takes Nick back to her room. Nick says Ford is probably kicking back somewhere and will pop up when they least expect it. Chelsea ends up kissing on Nick.


Max goes to check on the water heater and mysterious noises are heard in the basement. He gets a little freaked out. He checks where Ford was buried, nothing seems disturbed. He heads back upstairs and tells Morgan they'll probably need a new water heater soon, but the pilot light was out so he fixed it for now. Morgan tells Max that Carmen went next door to finish her shower. She says if the hot water will be on soon, then they'll need it so they can take a nice hot bubble bath. She then kisses him. Max says she's smart, beautiful and amazing. Morgan says she knows what that means. Max says he really likes her. Morgan thought they would just have some holiday fun. Max says he's going to regret this. She says he will. They say Merry Christmas to each other, Max then leaves. He runs into Carmen on the way out. She says she got a message from Steph, she found Cordy at Chez Rouge.


Nick later comes out button he's shirt to find Morgan drinking. He asks if Max is here? She says no. He asks if Stephanie is here? Morgan says no, is Max looking to get back with Stephanie? Nick says he doesn't know. Chelsea yells at Nick to get back in here, what is taking so long. Morgan gives him a bottle of wine and says Merry Christmas. He heads back to Chelsea's room. Nick says he thinks Morgan got dumped, Max may be going to chase after Stephanie. Nick then gets back into bed with Chelsea.


Stephanie shows up at Chez Rouge looking for Cordy, her bike is out front. The hostess says a woman came in not feeling well and is in the restroom. Stephanie goes in to find her. Cordy is in one of the stalls crying. Stephanie tells her that everything will be okay. She asks what Cordy has in her hand? She has a bottle of pills. Stephanie asks how many she took? Stephanie says she's going to call 911, but Cordy says this has to stop. She says she can't close her eyes without seeing him, she doesn't understand, no one does. Stephanie says she does, Ford raped her too. Stephanie asks her how many pills she took? Cordy says she didn't' take any, Stephanie found her before she could. Cordy doesn't even know how she got here, she just grabbed pills and took off. Stephanie asks if she was going to kill herself? Cordy just wants the feelings and memories to stop. She says she came here and just felt sick, how could she have been so stupid to let this happen. Stephanie says this wasn't her fault, none of them knew who Ford really was. Stephanie says if anyone deserves to blame herself it is her. She says she went after Ford to make Max jealous. She thought she had it under control, until he made her a drink. Cordy and Stephanie hug each other. Stephanie says she wanted to tell her so much. Stephanie continues with the story, how she thought Ford was cute and it would make Max jealous. She says he asked her back to his room, she thought no big deal. She says then she felt sick, she couldn't stop him, she couldn't do anything. She realized Ford was the rapist. She says she told him no and to stop, but he wouldn't. Cordy asks if she passed out? Stephanie wishes she had, she could see it all happening. She remembers the look on Ford's face, how he just stared and stared at her the whole time. She says she'll never be able to forget it. Cordy asks why didn't she tell her? Stephanie says because she was scared. She says her whole life is a fake, she's a hypocrite. She says she shouldn't have gone home with a guy she didn't know. She says she used to love being a daredevil, taking chances, safe was boring. She says she always wanted to live on the edge, danger made her feel alive. She says that isn't who she is anymore, now she's always scared. Cordy says Ford did that to them both. Stephanie says she should have stepped up and pressed charges too, she is so sorry Cordy had to face this alone. Cordy says Stephanie faced this alone too. Stephanie doesn't want to hear excuses or be forgiven. Cordy is glad she told her, she has a friend who understands. Cordy forgives her and says she has to forgive herself. Later Stephanie tries calling the girls, no one is answering. She left them voicemails saying she found her and everything is okay. Cordy says she never thought she'd be the victim of a rapist. Stephanie says at least she came forward. Stephanie says talking to her helps. Cordy says Stephanie is brave too, she got rid of Ford's body. Stephanie calls Cordy spitting in Ford's face was brave. Cordy needs to do something else, she needs to go to therapy. She wants Stephanie to go with her. Stephanie doesn't think so, it's not for her. Cordy says she has to talk to someone, someone who will keep it confidential. Cordy thinks Stephanie needs to talk to someone too. Cordy suggests her parents. Stephanie says she can't tell her dad, and her mom went through this herself. Cordy says if she doesn't tell them, it just gets bigger and bigger and then you break. Cordy tells Stephanie that she saved her life tonight, let her save hers. Cordy and Stephanie are leaving when Max shows up. Max overhears Cordy telling Stephanie to tell someone close to her, it's too big, she has to tell someone she trusts.


December 19, 2007
At Chez Rouge, Max shows up as Cordy is telling Stephanie to tell someone. Max says Carmen said they were here, are they okay? Stephanie says Cordy wasn't feeling well, that is all. Cordy says she'll get back to the house. Cordy wants Stephanie to stay and talk to Max. Cordy leaves, Max says it sounds like she helped Cordy a lot. Stephanie says Cordy wanted to tell Billie the truth, but she didn't. Stephanie says Cordy is strong. Max asks if Cordy will be okay? He says he heard Cordy advise her to talk to someone she trusts. Stephanie says it's not a big deal, she just told her some stuff that wouldn't make her feel so alone. Cue the flashbacks to yesterday. Max wants to know what kind of stuff, what is going on? Stephanie says she has to go. Max won't let her. He asks where is the girl who jumped out of an airplane with him, the girl who trusted him to help her with Ford, who danced with him at the Cheatin' Heart. She says she's sorry, she didn't know she was supposed to fall into his arms every time they met. Max thought they were building to something, that more was going on. She says he was wrong. He goes to leave, so she says stop. She says there is something she needs to tell him. Stephanie tells Max that Cordy was in a bad way, she had a bottle of pills. Max had no idea she was so down on herself. Stephanie thinks she's okay now, she doesn't feel so alone. Stephanie gets a text message from Cordy, she's home safely and feels a lot better. Max says that is because of her, she's a good friend. Max says she handled a difficult situation just right, he is proud of her. She says yeah she's wonder woman. Stephanie says he's nice and she's been able to count on him a lot lately, but at the end of the day he's a guy looking to get laid.  Max says that is what she thinks? Stephanie says he just seems to come around to hit on her lately. Max says the hits seemed to be mutual. They bicker back and forth. Stephanie accuses Max of always trying to play the hero, and she asks if he can even be friends with girls? She ends up telling Max how Nick is the real hero here, he is straight and honest and that makes him a better man then him or Jeremy. Max says don't ever compare him to Jeremy! Max says he is nothing like Jeremy. Stephanie says is he kidding, the way he plays girls. She says she's sick of guys who think they are God's gift to women. Max asks where this is coming from? Stephanie says that night Ford did what he did to Cordy, they did her hair and dressed her, she screamed come and get it. Max says what Ford did isn't her fault or their fault. She says Cordy should be able to be herself and date a guy who respects her. Max says he's sorry he got her upset, if all she wants is to be friends then that is all they will be. Max says earlier this night he gave Nick advice on succeeding with women, but his own advice isn't working out for him. Maybe he should be taking advice from Nick, like telling a certain woman how he feels. He doesn't know why it's so hard for him to do this. He says he's been in this place before with girls, but they all seem to up and move away. She says it's hard to put your heart out only to have it broken. He says he wanted to ask Stephanie if she was planning to stick around or move on? She wonders why he wants her to stick around. He thought they were having an open discussion about their relationship. Max says he told Morgan tonight they weren't going anywhere. Max ends up giving Stephanie a kiss. She pulls away and runs off in tears saying she can't do this.


At Titan, Phillip and Kate are waiting for the Assistant DA to show up. Kate is worried, she's hoping a plea bargain is offered. Phillip says if Kate doesn't blow it. Flashbacks to when Kate was arrested and Kate confronted him about his disloyalty. The Assistant DA finally shows up, her name is Jen. Phillip asks where they stand? The Assistant DA says since they have agreed to cooperate with this investigation, so they are prepared to offer a plea bargain. It's only a one time offer. They'll drop the charges of murder if she pleads guilty to terrorist threats, she'll go to prison for a maximum of 18 months. Kate says she is not going to prison. Kate says she doesn't mind picking up trash or helping the homeless, but the woman says community service was never part of the bargain. The Assistant DA says she could be out in as little as three months. Phillip won't accept it. The Assistant DA says this means a court trial, and Kate could serve a minimum of seven years. The Assistant DA says she'll see them in court. Phillip asks how the bargaining is going with Marlena? She says she can't discuss that. Phillip says his lawyer have dug up several emails between the DA and Roman Brady. He shows the woman the transcripts, she says these are protected under privacy laws. Phillip says as they can see, Roman is making a backdoor deal to get the charges against Marlena dropped. Kate says two crimes that are the same, but two outcomes, someone isn't playing straight with the law. Phillip threatens to reveal these emails to the media, she and the DA would crash and burn. Phillip suggests she look at that plea bargain again and find some wiggle room. The Assistant DA says there might be something that can be done. Phillip says there is something in here for everyone, his mom goes free and she and the DA are able to run again on a clean slate. The Assistant DA says if Kate pleads guilty to illegal possession, she'll get five years probation. Phillip wants a misdemeanor weapons charge, in exchange for Mrs. Roberts offering the DA Stefano DiMera. Kate thinks this is suicide. Kate says she'd rather serve time then rat out him. Phillip says Kate will be a material witness against Stefano, a direct pipeline to his illegal activities. The Assistant DA asks if she'd wear a wire? Kate says she'd rather burn in hell! Phillip says if she cooperates she'll pay a fine, do community service and this will all go away. He says take this deal. The Assistant DA says she has to go to the office and clear this with her boss, she doesn't think he'll be happy. Phillip thinks he will. Kate feels like she has no choice here, they have a deal. The DA says she'll be in touch and leaves. Kate asks Phillip if he knows the position he's put her in? He says if they ask her to wear a wire, he'll make sure she's not around. She says he is Victor's son. Phillip takes that as a compliment. She hopes he'll help his brother too, he was there at the church and may be needing some help. Phillip says it's never enough is it . . . She says he cares about his brother, so promise he'll help him. Phillip says he promises. 


At Marlena's, Hope is helping Marlena go through John's old things and pack them up. Hope tells Marlena to do things when she's ready, there is no time table. Marlena says she was arrested for attempted murder, she may be going to jail. Hope says she wasn't alone in shooting at EJ, and she didn't hit EJ. Marlena says Stefano has to be stopped. Hope asks what she's thinking? MArlena says she's thinking that her husband was killed by Stefano's hired gun and her daughter married his son. Marlena says when she left Belle's wedding she went to Stefano and told him she would kill him. She says as God as my witness, I will do that. Hope cannot believe this, what if he comes after her. She says she'll be ready for him. She wants to get back to packing up John's things. Hope says she's here to help her. Marlena says she's giving most of this to the midnight mission, the one with the plaque on the wall with John's name. She says when he was alive she didn't mind he had a past. Hope says they were looking forward. Marlena says all those years they had together, they seem like five minutes to her now. Hope wishes there was something she could do or say to comfort her now. Marlena says she is by being here. Marlena talks about how when John was in a coma he'd come to her in dreams and say he was coming back. She says he's not in her dreams anymore. They finish packing up and end up finding a bag with the clothes John was wearing the night of the accident. Hope says she'll take care of them. Hope then ends up finding an old letter.  It's an old letter addressed to John, it appears the postmark is Spanish. The photo is of a little boy on a woman's lap, the woman's head is cut off. On the back it says "this is a picture of you and me, mama." Marlena says this woman doesn't look like Daphne DiMera, so if she wasn't his mother . . . . Marlena says this means his real mother found him shortly before he died and wanted a reply. Marlena thinks this woman may know more about John, his past, what happened to him. Marlena says she is determined to find her. Hope says it won't be easy. The envelope is useless and the face of the woman is cut off. Marlena doesn't care, now her life has a purpose, she can find out about the John she never knew. Marlena says she'll find her, it will be like meeting John for the first time, like falling in love all over again. 


At the DiMera mansion, one Alesandro Chavez has been flown over to see Stefano. He is a president of a foreign country. He feels he's being treated with disrespect, but Stefano says it was his father that let his family come into wealth and power. Stefano's father arranged for them to get access to land with copper mines. He says they both know where he'd be without the DiMera family. Stefano says now it is payback time. He says an old enemy of his has resurfaced, he wants him and his army to make sure this enemy disappears and never surfaces again. Stefano shows the man the letters, saying this "assassin" is threatening his life. He believes the person is hiding in his country. Stefano wants the man to find this woman and lead him to her. Stefano says this woman is a very dangerous woman. Chavez says he is a head of state, not Stefano's personal servant. Stefano says he is what he says he is. Stefano threatens to shut down the copper mines that have made him rich, he will watch the people he has ground under his feet rise and sweep him away. Chavez asks how he can help? Stefano wants a dossier compiled on this woman, known acquaintances, family, background. He says find her or suffer extreme consequences.


Stefano talks to Rolf about this woman, this she-devil who has made his life hell. He says all these years he was free of her, now she has resurfaced and can ruin him. Rolf reminds him of his secret. Stefano wants to see the patient. Rolf says he's in the lab recuperating, it will be a few days. Stefano says take him there.  They go down to the lab, clearly the patient is a white man who is on a slab covered by tents and drapes. All we see is his feet. Rolf says it's too early to judge his work, but it's done. Stefano asks to be left alone with the patient. He talks to the man saying every life has a purpose, it is time for him to find out his. He says the DiMera line goes back generations, they were kings and emperors until their fall from grace. He says his father restored them, and he won't let anyone, especially a woman, take it away. He asks the patient if he understands? Stefano says they will be his greatest soldier, he will save the DiMera empire from ruin. Stefano says he will destroy his enemy and anyone who tries to stop him will feel the full wrath of the DiMeras.



December 20, 2007
Roman stops by Marlena's to help take the boxes of John's things over the midnight mission. She says she was going to call Shawn to help, but under the circumstances. Roman knows about Belle and Phillip, he's picked up a few things. Marlena doesn't know what to do about it. Roman says about Belle? Marlena says no, Hope. Marlena says she loves Hope, but she's being so hard on Belle. Marlena doesn't condone Belle's behavior. Roman says one woman in love with two men, it hits close to home. Marlena says she never wanted her to go through this, she told her how hard it was for them. Roman says she'll have to learn from her mistakes just like her mom did. Marlena says he was not a mistake. Roman gets a call from the DA, he says keep her fingers crossed. Later Roman tells her the charges have been reduced to a misdemeanor gun possession. He says she'll be doing community service and a fine, but she is good to go and allowed to smile. Marlena knows he had something to do with this, and she doesn't know how to thank him. He says Kate got the same deal, he think he helped them both. Marlena says then who shot EJ? Roman says that is the million dollar question. Later Marlena shows the photo to Roman that she and Hope found. He examines it. Roman asks if this is Daphne DiMera. Marlena says no, she knows that much. Roman asks then who is it? Marlena doesn't know and was hoping Roman could help her find out. Roman says there isn't much to go on. Marlena says she has a necklace on, they could find the maker. Roman says she realizes this is next to impossible. Marlena says for a detective like him? Roman says flattery will get her everywhere. Roman asks what she hopes to find? She says his past since his future is lost to her. Roman needs to keep the photo. He'll get a copy back to her, he'll see what he can find out about the necklace. He then asks what she's doing for Christmas. She doesn't know. Roman asks her to come to Alice's, John would want her to be with people who love her. Marlena says she'll think about it. He says take care, he'll let her know what he finds out. 


Hope shows up at the pub, Belle is wrapping some gifts for the twins. Hope sits down and joins her. Belle talks about the twins not sleeping through the night. Hope says children sense tension, no matter what their age. Belle says she and Shawn are good with Claire, they tell her every day mommy and daddy love her. Hope says which daddy would that be, Shawn or Phillip? Belle says Claire knows who her father is and she and Phillip are over. Hope asks why she met with Phillip before the reunion? She says they talked about Claire. Hope thinks she's lying. She says Belle swore to have nothing to do with Phillip, yet she met him to talk about Claire? Belle says she loves Shawn with all her heart. Hope says she has a funny way of showing it. Were they talking about Claire while having sex upstairs? Belle says she's trying to be respectful for her. Hope says how about respecting herself, or Shawn. She says she's been trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Belle says oh please, she told the entire town about her affair! She says she has always admired her and Bo and wanted that kind of marriage. She says she's trying to get through this, stop judging her. Hope says this is about trust, she's lost hers. Belle knows and she'll never get it back. Hope says she's given her so many chances. Belle says no, she's given her tests and is making sure she fails them. She says trust is earned and she threw it away in one afternoon. Belle throws Patrick in her face. She says nobody is perfect. Hope says they both know nobody is perfect. Belle says she knows she's not the daughter in law she dreamed of, but she is married to Shawn so deal with it.


Shawn shows up at Phillip's giving him a heads up to call a fancy lawyer. Phillip says Shawn won't go through with his threats. Shawn says wrong, his dad is on the way here now. Phillip says he is blowing this out of proportion, he and Belle were just trying to help. He says it was a favor. Shawn says the only reason he did it was to get close to Belle. Phillip says there are plenty ways he could get close to Belle, and all they did was talk. Shawn says that must have been tough for him, he's not used to someone hearing no. Phillip accuses Shawn of wanting revenge, of wanting to punish Belle. Phillip says Belle will get involved as well, and it will take Bo ten seconds to figure things out. Bo soon shows up, he asks what is going on? Shawn tells Bo that the gun was a set up. He tells Phillip to tell Bo. Phillip says nothing. Shawn says Phillip had the gun the whole time, he paid the guys up to put on a show for him. Phillip says he's a little busy to be staging fights outside the pub, and Shawn has no proof. Bo asks Shawn why he'd do this? Shawn says there is a reason . . . . never mind. Bo says it's Belle. 


Shawn and Bo are outside the pub now. Bo says he did the right thing. Shawn asks what will happen to Belle? Bo says he'll do what he can to keep her out of this, but they need to talk. Shawn says he knows. Shawn tells him to go in, he'll be there in a second. Bo heads into the pub, he sees BElle walking away from Hope. Bo asks what is going on? Hope says she was talking to Belle about her meeting with Phillip before the reunion. He says speaking of Belle . . . . Shawn walks in and asks his dad what he's doing? He asks to talk to dad. Hope goes to get tea. He asks Bo not to tell mom about the gun. Belle meanwhile returns with Claire and sees Bo with Shawn. Hope asks what's wrong, she looks nervous. Belle says she won't do this in font of Claire. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Bo he doesn't want mom upset or Christmas dinner ruined, especially for Claire. Bo says he will promise no arguments in front of Claire. Belle and Claire walk over, Bo hears they are going to see Santa. Belle invites them to come with them for the big tree lighting. Bo says they'll try and be there for the tree lighting, but if they don't make it then they'll see them at Mrs. H's. Bo and Hope leave, Bo tells Hope how Belle and Phillip arranged for Shawn to find that gun.  Back inside, Belle sends Claire to decorate Christmas cookies with Caroline. She asks Shawn why Bo seems distant with her? Shawn says he knows about the gun. Belle says what? Is Phillip in trouble? Shawn says his dad knows all and will try to keep her out of this. He says everything will be fine. Shawn goes to get the camera and leaves. Belle immediately calls Phillip. She asks what the hell was he thinking? She can't believe that he told Bo. Phillip says he didn't betray her, Shawn did.



At Chez Rouge, Lucas tells Kate that Bo has his gun, he failed. Kate is trying to figure out what to drink and have for lunch. Lucas can't believe her, all she can care about is lunch. Kate says she has always taken care of him. Kate got a call from the lawyers, all she is getting a slap on the wrist. Lucas is a little surprised. Kate says don't under estimate her, she always gets what she wants. She thinks if she came through it, so will he. Kate decides this calls for champagne. Lucas can't believe she's so cavalier. Kate says everything will be fine, they have a way to test the bullet in EJ's spine and they'll see it won't match his gun. Lucas says it will, he is the one who shot EJ. Kate is stunned. Lucas says he doesn't know what will happen next, he just thought she should hear it from him first. Kate says they will fight this. She says EJ played dirty, so will they. She has a huge file on him, they'll win this case before it goes to trial. Lucas says they won't, he's pleading guilty. She asks if he's thought about this, about the twins and Will and what will happen. Lucas says if he fights then Stefano will go after him. He says family means everything to him, he's lost Sami, he won't lose his children. Kate knows better than anyone that a parent will do anything for his or her children. Lucas says the night Sami married EJ, all his dreams died. Lucas says he hated EJ for taking everything from him, but in the end it was his hatred that took everything. Kate says he's not a murderer. Lucas reminds her about Franco. Kate says she remembers what that did to him, so she knows he wouldn't do it again. Lucas says EJ took so much from him, he wanted to take something from him. Lucas says the night of the wedding he was at home trying to relax, but he couldn't' stop thinking about it. He says as he watched the twins sleep, they were so peaceful while he got angrier. He says he called a baby nurse and went to the church. Kate says she didn't see him. Lucas says he was hiding behind the curtain. He tells Kate about the wedding through flashbacks. Lucas says he aimed the gun and pulled the trigger, he shot him. Lucas asks if she believes him now? He says instead of EJ going down, it's his life that is over. Lucas asks her to say something. Kate says they will get through this. Lucas says there is nothing they can do. Kate wants him to leave the country. Lucas won't do that, he can't abandon his daughter. She says he can't take her to prison. Lucas is afraid Stefano will come after his children. Kate wants him to go to Switzerland, lay low. Lucas says if he goes awal then that is the first place they'll look. Kate says he needs to just get out of Salem, Phillip has the Kiriakis empire at his fingertips and it's no problem. Lucas says Bo has his passport. Kate says that won't be a problem, and they need to get him on a cargo ship in the Kiriakis fleet. She says that he'll go to Europe, and when Stefano dies he'll be able to come back. Kate asks if she should make the arrangements? Lucas says okay he'll do it. He says he'll go along with her plan, but only if the bullet is a match. He says there is a still a chance they may not be able to do it. 


At EJ's place, EJ is looking out the window. He asks Sami if she prefers snowflakes or doves for their cards? She says he's sending Christmas Cards? He also says he wrote one of those bragging letters you Americans love. She says they aren't sending this out. She says the twins are down sleeping, she is going back to her place. He asks why she's going back over there? She says she hasn't moved her stuff in yet. EJ thought they could spend time together, have a glass of wine. He has good news, he had another session this morning. He says he was able to stand up on his own. She says that is amazing, his recovery has been going so fast. EJ says so maybe instead of her having to just  lay down with him well maybe they can go to the bedroom and see if she can connect with some of her feelings for him. Sami blows up, accusing him of being able to walk all the time, of faking it. EJ says she thinks he'd do this to gain her pitty? Sami does. She says he probably was paralyzed, but got better and strung her along. EJ says how dare you, she should be ashamed of herself. He says go talk to his doctors, to his physical therapist, to her lover who put the bullet in his back! Sami says Lucas didn't shoot him, he knows that. EJ asks does he?  She says he's a snoop, he was listening in on them with the baby monitor. EJ says she found the monitor after it was turned off, but she says she knows he was listening in. She says she knows he heard them, she heard Lucas tell her that he didn't shoot him. EJ says oh there we have it, Lucas' word. He says stop being a simpleton. He says it won't be long before Lucas gets caught. EJ says he had an exam at the police department's request. It seems they brought in hi-tech equipment to examine the bullet lodged in his spine. He says very soon they'll know for certain if that bullet came from Lucas' gun. She thinks they'll know it didn't', Lucas didn't do it. EJ says let's just say he did shall we? EJ says he is prepared to make her a deal to guarantee Lucas' protection. EJ says all he needs from her is . . . well her. He says live here, exclusively and immediately. He says she lives as his wife and sleeps in his bed. He says in return he won't press charges against Lucas, he'll go free. He says he'll also make sure Stefano doesn't retaliate. He asks if they have a deal? Sami says want to know what she thinks? She goes to slap him! He stops her though. He tells her she wants her family to be safe doesn't she, then all she has to do is honor her commitment to him. She says she doesn't care what he thinks was meant to be, she will never sleep with him ever again! He says husbands do make love to their wives. Sami says is that what he called it when he raped her? She says this seems so familiar, oh he did this before when he said it was the only way he'd save Lucas. Sami says if Lucas is in trouble then she'll save him herself. EJ says don't be foolish. Sami says she's finally wising up, she won't let him hurt her again . . . this ends now.


December 21 , 2007
Shawn talks with Maggie at Chez Rouge. Maggie is helping him plan a surprise anniversary party for Bo and Hope. Chloe shows up and says hi to Shawn. He gives her the cold shoulder, she asks if this is about the reunion? He says she has guts to waltz in here after the stunt she pulled. Chloe says she's sorry but she thought he deserved to know the truth. Shawn says her timing was lousy. Chloe had no idea they would get that stupid award. Shawn says Belle is not cheating on him with Phillip. Chloe says she's sorry, Belle didn't want her to know she was there at that hotel and later Phillip called to make sure she didn't tell anyone. Chloe says she's sorry and she means it. Shawn says he probably would have thought the same thing if he was there. He says Phillip has been going after Belle for months now. He says if they were having an affair he would want to know and would be furious with anyone who knew and didn't tell him. Shawn says let's forget about this. Chloe tells Shawn she has some good news, she has a date with Phillip. Shawn says Phillip isn't someone he'd like to see a friend dating. She says she might be able to make him forget about Belle. She says she does care about Phillip and wants them to be close again. Chloe thinks neither one of them has changed that much. Shawn says she's wrong, he's not the same Phillip, she doesn't know what she's getting into. They sit down and have some drinks, Shawn tells Chloe how Phillip is manipulative and ruthless now. Chloe says he seemed the same to her. Shawn asks her why she and Brady got a divorce, they seemed pretty happy to him. Chloe says basically they grew apart, people change. Shawn says that is his point. Chloe says maybe she'll like Phillip's changes. Shawn says he's trouble. Chloe says he's still looking out for her, how sweet. He thinks she still needs looking out for. Chloe says stop worrying about her and Phillip and worry about Phillip and his wife. Shawn says he can handle Phillip. Chloe says he'll be here any minute. He says be careful. She says it's just a date.


Belle is  at the pub studying the bones of the hand. Phillip shows up. She tells him he shouldn't be here, Shawn will be here at any moment. Phillip says he's not the one who betrayed her to the police. She says it doesn't matter, they shouldn't have done it. Phillip says Shawn should have kept quiet, he made his wife an accessory to a crime. Belle says no she made herself that. She tells Phillip to stop causing problems, she's glad Shawn told Bo the truth. She says he's been nothing but loving and forgiving and she doesn't deserve it. He tells her to talk to him, he's the only one who knows what she is going through and she can count on. She says he told Bo about her being involved, but Phillip says ask Bo how her name came up, it wasn't his doing. Phillip asks why she told Shawn about the gun? Belle says because Chloe told them they were in a hotel room, what was she supposed to do, tell him they were having an affair. Phillip says maybe she should be honest with him. She says that would be a disaster. Phillip says soon he'll find out, Bo and Hope, her mom or Kayla . . . Phillip says it will be better if it comes from her. Belle asks him to please leave, she doesn't want Shawn knowing he was here. Phillip asks if she's sure she's okay? Belle says yes. Phillip then says he has to go, he asked Chloe out on a date. Belle asks why he asked her out? Phillip says why not. Belle can think of a million reasons, for one she left him for her brother. Phillip says and now she's back and wants to be with him. Belle says it will be a rebound relationship, she's using him. Phillip says maybe he wants to be used. He says she and Shawn have been telling him to get his own life, he's taking their advice. Phillip then leaves.


Shawn later shows up at the pub. Belle asks if everything is ready for the party? Shawn says yes. Belle says they'll love it. Shawn decides to go upstairs. BElle tells him that Phillip was here, she didn't ask him to come. She says she wanted to tell him because she doesn't want him to think she's keeping anything from him. Belle tells Shawn to talk to her, say he forgives her. Shawn says he can't, not yet. Shawn says what they did is something he can't forgive right away. Belle says she didn't mean to hurt him. He says she did, and what is worse is that his own wife would deceived him without batting an eyelash. Belle says she hated lying to him, and originally she wasn't going to go along with the plan. However he messed up the crime scene and was upset, so she agreed. Shawn says Phillip didn't do this to help him get in the academy, he did it to get closer to her. Belle knows. Shawn says and she played into his hands. Shawn says he knows she's sorry, but it's not enough. He says some things have to change around here. Shawn says for this marriage to work they have to be honest. She knows, that is why she told him Phillip was here. They hug and exchange "I love yous." Shawn says no more secrets, he wants this marriage to work. She says so does she. He asks if there is anything else she wants to tell him? She says yes. He says he can handle it, they can handle it together. She says promise? He thinks it can't be that bad, unless there is something more about her and Phillip she hasn't told him. She says no. She tells Shawn that she doesn't know if she wants anymore kids. Shawn says that's it? He was expecting much worse, like Phillip bribed the academy to get him in. Shawn says they won't have anymore kids unless she's sure. Shawn says they should go get ready to head to Chez Rouge. Shawn says there is nothing she could do that would change how he feels about her, he loves her. Shawn heads to change, Belle says she'll be right up. Shawn thanks her for trusting him and says no more secretes, ever. After Shawn leaves, Belle breaks down. 

Phillip arrives at Chez Rouge and picks up Chloe, saying they are going someplace. She says someplace romantic? He says that depends on her definition of Romantic. Phillip ends up taking her back to his Titan office. She says so work is his life, he doesn't do anything for fun? He says he sits on the boards of several other corporations, the hospital and Salem U. She says yeah that's fun. He says people respect power. He talks about how some may think he's ruthless. She doesn't think so, she thinks he's a real teddy bear. He says he's nobody's teddy bear. He swats away her hand, she was touching his face. She says so he has changed. He says he's been to war twice, he's seen things no man should have to. He says he isn't the same fun guy she used to know, this is who he is now. He says this is all he knows how to do. He tells her that he's lost the ability to love. Chloe knows that isn't true, she's seen how he looks at Belle. He says he doesn't want to talk about Belle. She says of course he doesn't, then he'd have to give up this fortress of solitude bull. Chloe tells Phillip he's changed, so has she. She says he has no idea what the past few months with Brady have been like. She says she's tired of being alone and kisses him. They soon fall down onto the couch.


Billie shows up to see Lucas, he called her over. She says she's sorry about Bo, she tried to put him  off as long as she could. Lucas says it's okay, it's not about that. He called her over about Allie, he needs a favor. He asks Billie to be Allie's godmother. Billie says that is the last thing she expected to hear. Doesn't he want Maggie or Hope? Lucas says no he wants her, he wants Allie to model herself after her. Billie says a former drug user . . . Lucas says she's not that person anymore, he wants Allie to know she can become whatever she wants to be no matter what happens in life. Billie says she'd be honored, she's just a little scared. Billie has one more question. She asks now that Bo knows he was there at the church and he had a gun, now that he's looking for someone to watch Allie, is he about to be arrested? Lucas says no, he won't be arrested so relax. Billie says he can tell her anything. Lucas says and what happens when Bo asks her? She says it's partly his fault for telling her that he was here when EJ was shot. Billie can tell he's worried about something. Lucas says he's worried about Will, he should be here not Zurich. He says that is why he wants her to be Allie's godmother, if something happens to him he wants someone he trusts watching her. Billie promises to keep her safe. Billie asks if she's taking Allie to Alice's. Lucas says no, he's not going. He would like Billie to take her though. Billie says he won't be with her on Christmas? Lucas says he will in the morning, he wanted her to take her over there that afternoon. He says he just doesn't want to hang with the Brady clan being the ex-husband. She says okay. She says she'll call him, and she loves him. He says he loves her too. Billie then heads out. 


At EJ's, Sami tells EJ she wants out, a divorce, an annulment, whatever it takes. He says she's making a mistake. She says she made a mistake trusting him, he agreed to separate bedrooms. He says that was before she had all these feelings for him. She reminds him he's the one faking his paralysis, he's the one spying on them, he's the one forging signatures to steal Lucas' package. Sami tells EJ that his offer not to throw Lucas in jail if she has sex with him reminds her of the night she raped him. She says she should have listened to her family, she shouldn't have married him. She says get your father on the phone, have him get the pope or the bishop or whatever to annul this marriage. EJ says she isn't in the right state of mind to be making these decisions, decisions that could be dangerous for her family. She asks if he's threatening her again? He says no, he thinks they should revisit this when she's calmed down. Sami says she is worried about her family, but it doesn't mean she has to stay married to him. She says there has to be another way to protect them rather than being raped by him, they wouldn't want that for her. EJ tells her to get out, she'll be back because she needs him and wants him. EJ says he knows what he says frightens her, but deep down she knows it's true. Sami says he thinks he knows her so well, but he doesn't. She says she knows him, he is exactly like she used to be . . . sneaky and selfish and thinking only of what he wants. She says she outgrew it, she doesn't think he will. She tells him to call Stefano and start the vendetta up again. EJ says if she does this then people she loves will die. Sami says he keeps saying he's changed, and she's given him a chance to prove it, but she's sick of it, sick of his games. EJ says they both know why she's running, it's because he's so close to being that man she danced with on the pier last summer, the man whose company she enjoyed. EJ says it's the reason she's still here and can't leave. She says you know why I'm still here, to do this! Sami them dumps him out of his wheelchair! EJ tells her to get him up. Sami tells him it's killing him to lie there, looking pathetic to continue this charade. She says just get up. 


Lucas shows up at this point asking if she's all right? Sami says she's fine. Lucas asks what happened to him. Sami says it's over, she's getting a divorce. Lucas says that works for him. She says she's so sorry, there has to be another way to protect everyone. He says there is. EJ asks someone to get him up. Sami goes to get the twins. EJ says he could use a little help here. Lucas knows, but he won't get it from him! Lucas thanks him for whatever he did to wake Sami up. EJ says it's only temporary, she'll be back in his bed before long. He also tells Lucas to enjoy himself while he can, life won't be so rosy when he's found guilty of attempted murder. EJ says he thinks Lucas is the one who shot him, and he tells him to go on and proclaim his innocence. Lucas says it seems like he has the whole thing figured out so why bother. Lucas goes and gets some water while he waits for Sami. EJ says please have a drink, oh he doesn't do that anymore does he. EJ suggests he take it up again because where he's going, he'll need it.  Sami shows up with the babies and heads out with Lucas. Lucas asks Sami if she's sure about this? Sami says yes. She says the only thing she regrets is that it took her so long to listen to him and her family. She says she's sorry for everything she put him through. Lucas has flashbacks to KAte telling him about the plan to send him to Europe for awhile. Sami tells Lucas for the first time in months she feels free and happy and hopes he can forgive her. 


Billie heads to Chez Rouge to see Maggie. Billie wants to talk to her about Lucas, she's worried about him. Billie says he just asked her to be Allie's godmother. Maggie says that's wonderful, but that's not why she's concerned. Billie says it is, he made it sound urgent that she's there to take care of her. She says he sounded like he knew he wouldn't be there to raise her. Maggie worries Lucas could be drinking again. Billie says he's not, that isn't he problem. Maggie asks what is wrong then? Billie says she doesn't know. Maggie says if she hears from him she'll let her know, they all have to look out for Lucas. Billie says she intends to. 


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