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4th  Week of December 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


December 24, 2007
Home for the holidays, so I am unable to do the screen caps. Sorry!

At the Titan offices, Phillip and Chloe are kissing up a storm. Phillip says this is a mistake and stops. She says maybe she's not his type. He asks what his type is? She says blond and married? She says relax, she's just looking for a little fun, not a lifetime commitment. They go at it again, she ends up ripping his shirt off. He says that was his favorite shirt! She says she'll buy him a new one. He says in Paris? Phillip goes to his closet to get a new shirt. He asks her if she's planning to go back to Europe? She says not at this time. She says he keeps a supply of shirts here? He says he told her that he has to sleep here sometimes. She says maybe  he keeps the extra shirts in case they are ripped off by other woman huh. He says there aren't any women ripping his shirts off. She says not even Belle? Phillip tells her not to try and make him her project. He says she doesn't know who he is anymore and time marched on here while she was away. She tells Phillip that Belle is with Shawn tonight, it will always be Shawn. HE shows her the door. She says a few years ago this would have bruised her ego, but now it's a challenge.

After Chloe leaves, Phillip gets on his PC and starts doing some searches. He then makes a call to someone and tells them to come  to his office. Phillip asks a woman to find out all she can about Chloe, who is funding her stay here in town, what happened to her husband. He needs all this information tonight, before the nuisance becomes a bigger problem. Later he gets the report. There was no divorce, no separation, they still live in their same place. The landlord hasn't seen either of them in three weeks, and Chloe is being sought as a person of interest in the case of her missing husband!

At Chez Rouge, Belle and Shawn are waiting for Hope and Bo to arrive for their surprise parties. Belle is still worried Bo is upset with her over the gun. Shawn says they had their talk, so no more secrets. Steve and Kayla show up saying this place looks great. Steve has a car full of presents, Shawn and Steve go to get them from the car. Kayla and Belle have a little talk, Belle feels a bit weird around her because she knows Hope told her about the affair. Kayla says she listened, she didn't pass judgment. She says she chose to marry Shawn, she could have backed off and chosen Phillip. Belle says she doesn't want Phillip. Kayla says a marriage, even a long and happy one, can be complicated. She says Bo and Hope just want Shawn to be happy, so show Shawn that she loves him.

Hope and Bo show up outside. Bo says all they have to do is sit, eat . . . Hope says and make it seem like they are all happy. Hope knows this is important to Belle and Shawn, so they should do this. Bo and Hope head inside, they find a huge party has been set up. Kayla is with Belle, Kayla says surprise! Shawn and Steve show up. They all wish them Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, and a happy birthday to Hope. Belle seems a bit awkward around Hope, not wanting to be left alone with her. She insists on getting things like the drinks and appetizers when Shawn is about to go get them. 

Hope and Kayla have a talk, Kayla guesses she didn't tell Shawn. Hope says no, she's hoping for the best. Kayla says they look happy, Hope says they do. Belle tells Kayla and Hope that Steve is ready to give her his gift. Hope talks about how that doesn't sound good. Kayla leaves, Hope and Belle have small talk. Hope asks if they will be at Grans? Belle says yes, and every Christmas after. Hope is glad to hear that. They decide to go see what Steve's gift is. It's some kind of digital photo album of them together when they were younger. They love it, Bo is embarrassed a bit though. Hope laughs his hair was so long. Maggie ends up proposing a toast to the birthday girl. Kayla proposes a toast to Bo for holding their family together. Belle toasts to both Bo and Hope for teaching them the importance of love and forgiveness. Hope says that is beautiful. Bo suggests they break out the cake! They want Bo to make a toast. He says he'll keep it simple, she's his wife, she's his life, thank you for being mine.

Chloe shows up for the party. They invite her to stay, they insist. Chloe and Belle end up having a little chat. Chloe asks if this was her idea? She says no Shawn's, they planned it together. Chloe says most guys aren't into giving their parents a party. Belle says Shawn isn't most guys. Chloe tells Belle they need to talk, in the ladies room, it's about Phil. Meanwhile, Hope and Kayla talk, Kayla says it was a nice toast Belle gave. Hope says it was. Elsewhere, Shawn thanks Steve for the picture of him in his birthday suit. Steve says baby's first bath is a classic, ladies love it! Belle then tells Shawn her favorite photo was of him in the buff!

Later Chloe and Belle  meet to talk in the ladies room. Belle asks her to make this fast, what is going on. Chloe says it's no secret that she's always had a thing for Phillip. Belle says hello, Brady is her brother. Chloe says and it didn't work out for them. Chloe says she went to Phillip's office and threw herself at him, he didn't flinch. Belle says he always had good taste. Chloe says he's living like a monk for her, it's her or nothing. She says if Belle says the world, Phillip will lay his entire world at her feet. Chloe storms out and then gets a call from Phillip. Phillip says he's sorry about before, meet her for a drink. She says she's at Chez Rouge, meet her. He says no, come to the office and they'll figure out where to go. Chloe says sure, why not. Meanwhile Belle composes herself and leaves the ladies room. Hope comes out of a stall looking worried. 

At Sami and Lucas' place, Sami asks Lucas what kind of tree they should get? She says they need lights, ornaments and mistletoe too. Sami says they should probably buy out the local toy store too. She says she has to make a list, it's the twins first Christmas. He says he won't be home for Christmas. She asks where he will be? He says with Will. Sami wants him to come home, she'll call Will and say she's divorcing EJ. Lucas says it's late over there. Sami says then they can buy him a ticket home, she wants their family together. Lucas says he's sorry, but Will wanted him to come alone. Sami asks if he hates her? Lucas says no, but he hates how they were living. Lucas says he should talk to Will first about this. Sami asks how he'll get there without a passport? Lucas says oh yeah. Sami says this isn't about Will, this is about that gun and the night EJ was shot. Lucas says he'll go and get back before anyone knows, Will needs him. She asks how he'll get through security, will he get a fake passport? Lucas says he's working on it. She says that is breaking a lot of laws. He tells her not to turn this on him, everything bad that has happened to them is because she trusted EJ. Lucas just wants her to go to Alice's and tell everyone he's sick or something. She says no, she won't help him because he's lying to her. He says he stood by her, watched her marry EJ, he trusted her when she asked him too, can't she just give him a little space here? Lucas tells Sami fine, he'll go out and get them a tree and decorations. She says he better be coming back. He says he will. Lucas leaves, Sami makes a call to someone. Later Lucas returns with a tree. He says it's not much, but it's all they had left. Sami says Charlie Brown would be proud. Lucas apologizes to her for scaring her before. Sami says she just doesn't want to lose him. He says she won't. Sami says she called Will after he left. Lucas asks what he said? Sami says nobody was home, but she really wanted to talk to him. Lucas says he doesn't blame her for doubting him, he's not angry. He suggests they work on the tree. Sami says if they call Will tomorrow and he sounds fine, then he won't have to go. Lucas says it sounds like a plan. She says they'll tell him about EJ and if he's okay, they'll fly him home. Sami says she just wants them all to be together.

EJ is thinking about Sami telling him their marriage was over and she wants an annulment. EJ makes a phone call to someone saying he really needs to talk to them. Later Tony meets EJ at the church. Tony had a few things to wrap up before he left town, he's lucky EJ caught him. He asks why EJ asked him here, to pray together? EJ says Sami walked out on him for good. Tony says he's sorry, not surprised, but sorry. EJ says he didn't think she'd go back to Lucas. Tony asks what he offered her? EJ says protection, to take her away from all this. Tony says so everything but his heart. EJ thinks he did, but Tony says he didn't. He says he gave her his obsession, did he put her above all else even himself? He says on Christmas there is no greater gift you can give a woman than your heart. EJ says Sami doesn't want his heart unless it stops. Tony asks what he'll do about it? EJ doesn't know. Tony says he could have father create some accident to make Sami come back to him. He says ruining lives is easy, making one is difficult. EJ doesn't know how Tony isn't so bitter after what Stefano did to him, leaving him on that island. Tony says he could have chosen to die, he chose life. Tony says EJ has to choose too, will he be a man or one of Stefano's soldiers. EJ thinks that is the problem, he can't be his own man and Stefano's son. Tony thinks he needs to be the man Sami can confide in. EJ talks to Tony about how father has been good to him lately, staying with him after the shooting. Tony asks EJ if he had one wish this season, what would it be? EJ says to have a life with Sami and his son, to love them, to have them love him. Tony says then make it happen, stand up to Stefano show her that he can be the man she loves. EJ says he's not afraid for himself, he's afraid for those around him. Tony says yes, revenge is Stefano's shock and trade. EJ says then there is Stefano's health, it's fragile. Tony says not as fragile as he'd like them to think. Tony says good men are not born, they are created. Tony suggests EJ talk to you know who. They share a hug, Tony then leaves. EJ has a talk with God, not knowing where to start. He says he's thankful to be here this Christmas Eve, he answered his prayers. EJ says he loves his father, but he can't be him, can't honor his ways. He says of all the people he's hurt and the things he's done . . . he wants to be a good father. He wants to know what it's like to love someone without conditions, to love truly. He wants to know what it is like to feel that love. He asks for that chance. He says he promises he'll be a changed man. 



December 25, 2007
I'm not sure WHAT happened to the Christmas scenes, hopefully we'll get them at some point this week!

At Marlena's,  Marlena is dreaming of John's accident when she's awoken by a sound. She goes out to find Sami in the living room decorating a tree. Marlena says it is lovely, and she knows how Sami always loved Christmas as a little girl. Sami gives her a gift, photos of the twins. Marlena loves it, she says John would love it too. She can't believe he'll never see them. She says she's sorry, but Sami says don't be. Marlena feels she should be strong for her and Belle, but Sami says let them be strong for her. She tells her mom that she left EJ. Marlena is thrilled with this news. She says Lucas must be ecstatic. Sami says he's adjusting and quickly changes to topic. She asks if Eric or Brady have called. Marlena says she has not heard from Brady in weeks, none of the numbers she's called have worked. Sami says this isn't good at all, they should call dad. Later Roman comes over, he makes some calls to the Vienna police to find out what is going on with Brady. Marlena thanks him, saying she could have done that on her own. He says not being a cop it would have taken her a lot longer to find out anything. Roman suggests she ask Chloe in the meantime what is going on. Marlena says she has called her, she can't find her either. Sami realizes Marlena doesn't know, Chloe is in town.

At Titan, Chloe shows up to see Phillip. He takes her into her office and again asks her about Brady. Chloe says she told him, they are divorced. He says that isn't what his sources say. He says his sources say she's still married and Brady is missing. Chloe tells Phillip when she said things were bad between her and Brady, she wasn't lying. She says they have been arguments for a long time now. She says mostly about her wanting to come home. She says she "conveniently" forgot to renew her Visa so she would have to come home. She says Brady got mad and walked out, she hasn't seen him since. Phillip doesn't believe her. He shows her a copy of a police report from Vienna, she's wanted by the police as a person of interest. He doesn't think they'd want to talk to her over Brady walking out. Chloe tells Phillip that Brady is gone, she looked everywhere for him, she didn't know what to do. She says she was scared, she came home. Phillip wonders what she's done, has she killed Brady? Chloe swears she didn't and she says he's her friend, he will help her right. Phillip says so her come-on's, they weren't about rekindling what they had, it was about her wanting his help, to use him. She says no! He wants the truth. She says she will tell him, but this is all she can say right now. Suddenly Marlena calls Chloe. Chloe realizes she's in trouble, Phillip tells her she can't dodge this for long. Chloe takes the call. Marlena is not happy that she was in town and never told her. Marlena has some questions about her and Brady, she'd like to speak to her. Chloe says she'll drop by tomorrow, but Marlena says today, in one hour. 

Back at Marlena's, Roman gets a call back from Vienna and leaves to take it. Chloe then shows up with a gift for Marlena. She says she's so sorry about John. Marlena says cut it, she has disrespected her and her husband's death by not calling or showing up. Chloe says it's just been crazy with the holidays and the reunion. Marlena says holidays are for family and they are family. She doesn't know what she's done to be treated this way by her. She wants to know where Brady is. Chloe says she doesn't know. Sami says he's your husband! Chloe says they haven't been getting a long lately, they've been having fights. She says Brady got really angry one day and walked out, so she came home. Marlena doesn't believe that at all. Roman returns, it sees some of Chloe's story checks out. He says the police in Vienna had received many reports of arguments from their place. He says the last call they received they checked out, they found the place completely torn apart and signs of blood. He says Chloe is wanted for questioning, fortunately they have sent those questions to the Salem PD and they will question her. Chloe asks if they have to? Roman says she could be extradited back to Vienna, they are doing her a favor here. She swears she loves Brady, she would never hurt him. She says this is all a misunderstanding. Roman says then she can help them get to the bottom of this.

At Chez Rouge, the party for Bo and Hope is still going on. Cordy and Steph show up, Cordy has been invited to stay with them for  Christmas Eve. Cordy also wants Stephanie to tell someone, her mom, Max, anyone about the rape. Max, Steve and Kayla approach and all say Merry Christmas. Cordy thanks Kayla for letting her stay with them. Everyone wonders where Hope is? Stephanie says she'll find her and go runs off. Max follows her, wondering what is up with her? She acts like she doesn't want to be near him. She says she's looking for Hope that is all. He says he's not just talking about today, he's talking about how she ran off when he kissed her. She says she's sorry she didn't give him the reaction he was expecting, she was caught off guard. Stephanie brushes him off and walks away.

Hope is in the women's room, thinking about the conversation she heard between Chloe and Belle earlier about how Phillip is still hung up on her. She comes out of the women's room and meets back up with her family. Doug and Julie arrive home from one of their trips around the world. Bo and Hope share many dances and kisses, he eventually give her her present. He gives her a necklace with a fleur de lis on it, the symbol she often wears (and the key symbol of Kristian's jewelry line Hope, Faith Miracles). As Bo and Hope dance and enjoy the evening, Belle and Shawn do the same.

Steve has a talk with Max. He asks him what is up with him and Stephanie? Max doesn't know, he thought she liked him, but the way she's been acting lately, maybe he was wrong. Steve says he's going to tell him something, Stephanie can never know this. He says he arranged for Stephanie to work at the bar because she wanted to be near him, and he wants to make his baby girl happy. This makes Max smile. He wants Max to make her happy too, if he ever hurts her then he'll hurt him with something sharp.

Cordy talks to Stephanie about the scene she just made with Max. She says she's taking her frustrations out on him, that isn't fair. She says she has to tell someone. Stephanie finally agrees to tell her mom. Cordy and Stephanie find Kayla. Kayla sees she's been crying. Kayla wants to get Steve, but Stephanie says no. She doesn't want him to hear this. She tells her mom that the night she came to the suite, that she hooked up with a boy. Well she didn't tell her that she didn't want to hook up with him, and that guy was Ford. Kayla says oh no and hugs her. They go into the women's room and talk. Stephanie tells her mom she feels so ashamed. Kayla says she did nothing wrong, Ford did. She says if someone broke into her house and stole her things, she wouldn't blame herself. She says Ford is a different kind of thief, what he steals and takes away is power. Kayla says her dad and uncles will hunt him down and make him pay. Stephanie says no, she can't tell anyone, not yet. Kayla is glad Stephanie came to her and agrees not to tell anyone until she says it's okay.

Back at the party, Doug and Julie bring out the cake for Hope. Hope cuts it and gives a little speech. She talks about how much they all mean to her, how much this party means to her and Bo. She says love and honesty, that is what has kept her and Bo together all these years. Later Belle tells Hope she heard what she said and she really agrees with her. Hope is glad, they hug. Phillip then walks in with a gift and wishes Bo and Hope happy anniversary, they are the last happy couple he really knows. Belle tells Phillip how dare he? He wasn't invited! She says this is her family, she married Shawn, she loves Shawn. She says Phillip has no place in her life anymore, he has to understand and accept it. Phillip says he hears her loud and clear and walks out. Shawn looks proud, Bo and Hope both give each other looks of surprise.


December 26, 2007
It's Christmas in Salem  . . . just a day late.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ shows up to see his father for Christmas. Stefano thought he'd be spending the day with his son and wife. EJ says he has some good news and some bad news, which does he want first? Stefano says the bad news. EJ says Samantha went back to Lucas. Stefano says this is unacceptable! He says she will be made to pay! EJ says doesn't he want the good news? EJ stands up and walks over to his father. Stefano is overjoyed. EJ also gives him a gift, a photo of him and Johnny. Stefano says the next generations of the DiMeras, this means so much to him. He tells EJ that this year will be the year that the Bradys will get their just rewards. EJ later walks off somewhere and Rolf comes to tell Stefano the patient is ready.

At Lucas', Kate shows up and finds Lucas holding a bottle of booze. She asks what is going on? He says nothing, he just found this and was pouring it out, which he does. She asks Lucas if he'll be able to do this, it will be lonely out there and he'll be tempted. Lucas holds Allie and says he has a lot to stay sober for. Billie and Phillip then show up. Billie sees suitcases and says something is going on, someone better say something. Lucas claims they are Sami's, she's moving in with EJ. Billie didn't know Sami had started moving things over. Lucas asks Billie to do him a favor, take Allie to Alice's for him. He claims he'll be along later. She agrees, but thinks something is up. After Billie leaves with Allie, Lucas and Phil say goodbye. He tells Phillip to take care of their mom for him.

At Alice's, everyone has gathered to hang ornaments. Doug, Julie, Alice, Maggie, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Claire, Chelsea and Sami are there. Chelsea goes to get some ornaments, she picks up Zack's. Ford's ghost appears outside the window. He says another year another victim, they say it gets easier. She almost drops Zack's ornament, Bo catches it. Hope asks if she's okay? Chelsea says it's just Zack. Hope says she misses him too. Chelsea says he'd be here if it weren't for her. She says she should go and runs out. Hope asks Bo to go talk to her, she's still feeling so guilty. Bo leaves to talk to her. She thinks she's going to just go, it's been a bad year with Ford and all. He says that wasn't her fault, they did the best they could and he's proud of her. Later the Hortons all begin hanging their ornaments. Maggie says Jeremy's is broken. Alice says well they'll get him a new one next year. Billie soon shows up with Allie, Sami asks about Lucas? Billie says he said he'd be here. However when he doesn't show, Billie tells Sami she thinks something is wrong, there were suitcases at the apartment. She tells Sami she'll watch the twins, she should go.

At the hospital, Max and Nick are with the kids. They are waiting for Steve, Kayla and others to show up. Steve is going to play Santa again. Eventually Abe, Steve and Kayla show up. Lexie is doing something with the hospital, so that's her excuse as to why she's not there. Max asks Kayla if Stephanie is coming, he was hoping she was as that's kind of why he came. Kayla says she's not. Max doesn't know what he's done to upset her, should he give he space? Kayla says that is the worst thing he can do right now. Max thinks she knows something. Kayla doesn't say anything, just not to give up on her. Later Abe says Lexie just heard from Marlena, she apparently got a call from the dry cleaners to pick something up. Roman and Caroline have now arrived, Caroline says they'd be closed today. Abe is worried this is a trap. He says now that Sami left EJ, who knows what Stefano would do. Abe, Roman and Steve decide to go find out what is going on.

Max and Nick see everyone leaving. They ask Kayla what about Santa? Nick says Santa has to show! Kayla has an idea and hands the outfit to Max! Later Max is in the outfit, Nick is laughing and taking camera phone pictures. Max says he has something for him too. He says wherever Santa is, is an elf! He gives him elf ears. Later Nick is in full elf garb, green face and all. Max reads the Christmas story from the bible to the kids. Then Nick asks if they have any questions. One kid asks about Hanukah, another about Kwanza. Nick and Max say people celebrate all different holidays this time of the year. They say whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or even a Transformer from Cybertron, today is really about hope, peace and love. 

Chelsea and Stephanie show up at the hospital. Nick goes to Chelsea, who seems down. He thinks she needs some elf loving and takes her for a surprise. He's made an online photo album of them. She thanks him and says this is great. As she hugs him, she sees Ford. He asks who her next victim will be? Meanwhile Max talks to Stephanie. She says he was really great, and she apologizes for how she's been acting lately. She says he's been great, it's her that's off. Max says he cares about her and goes to touch her face. She swats his hand away and runs off.

At the cleaners, Marlena shows up and finds they are closed. A woman says she thinks she knows why she is here. She says her name is Crystal. Marlena sees a psychic shop next to the cleaners. Marlena says oh she gets it. The woman asks if she wants to come in? Marlena says no. Crystal says she doesn't believe? Marlena says she has a friend who very much is into that other world stuff. She believes in the other world, but she doesn't believe anyone can talk to the dead. Crystal says she's lonely, searching for her love, she can see that. Marlena is upset with Crystal for mocking her. Crystal says she sees a Forest, there is a man there, he's reading a plaque, a name on it. Marlena is stunned, John? She says his name was Forrest for awhile, then he got his name off a plaque later in life. Crystal says she sees Black . . . .a robe . . . was he a judge or a priest? Marlena says he was a priest, but he's dead. Crystal says no, this man is very much alive. Marlena says it can't be, she watched him die, she held him in her arms. Crystal says is alive. Steve shows up at this point and calls to Marlena. Marlena turns around to Steve and goes to introduce him to Crystal, but she's vanished! Steve asks if she's okay? She says yes. Steve knows this time, the holidays, it's hard when you've lost someone. Marlena says John is . . .  she says he's always with her. Suddenly it starts to snow. 

Back at Lucas', Sami arrives and finds Lucas is gone. He's left a note explaining he has to leave, it's for the best for all of them, this will keep them safe. She tries to find him, but he's gone. She breaks down in tears. Back at Alice's, Doug sits at the piano and plays "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." As he sings, we see shots of everyone around Salem celebrating in various ways. Alice holds a photo of Tom and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

In the lab at the DiMera mansion, Stefano and Rolf prepare to bring their patient back to life. Stefano says a new life for a new year and injects him with something. On the monitor we see a heart beat. A profile of the patient is shown, it looks just like John! We also see his eyes open, they are blue and the eyes of an older man based on the wrinkles around the eyes. Stefano says welcome home!


December 27, 2007
EJ shows up walking at the DiMera mansion. He has to ring the bell, wondering what is going on. Rolf answers, EJ asks if someone changed the locks? Rolf says yes, he doesn't know why. Rolf says Stefano is not here. EJ says he'll wait for him then, but Rolf says no one is allowed in and he slams the door on him! EJ sneaks in through the back, he remembers talking to his dad. Stefano said he had a plan for the Brady's, but Johnny would be well taken care of. EJ wonders what Stefano is up to. Suddenly someone in black knocks EJ out from behind, Stefano finds EJ and thinks he's been drinking before lunch, he told him about that. EJ says he wasn't drinking, he was hit. Stefano knows, it was his house guest. Stefano asks EJ why he was searching through his desk? EJ says he knows about that? Stefano says his house guest is very thorough. We see the mystery person still hanging around. EJ asks who the houseguest is. Stefano says he'll find out in good time, now why was he looking through his desk. EJ wants to know what Stefano meant when he said Johnny would be well taken care of. Stefano says Johnny is a DiMra and he'll be raised according to their traditions. EJ says Johny is his son and he and Sami will raise him as they see fit. Stefano doesn't like that. EJ says this isn't negotiable, they will raise their son their way. Rolf comes in and tells Stefano their guest was in the yard, he got him back in before he left. Stefano is furious, saying they can't let him get out. Later EJ overhears Stefano lecturing the man behind closed doors, saying he can't go outside, if he shows his face they'll hurt him. Stefano returns to EJ, he won't tell him who the houseguest is. Stefano says as far as Johnny, he has no concerns that EJ will make the right decisions regarding Johnny, after all he raised him. Stefano suggests hey have a drink then. Rolf returns, he says a warrant has been issued for Lucas' arrest, they think he shot EJ. Stefano is furious about this news. Rolf says Lucas fled. EJ asks if he's alone, Rolf doesn't know. Stefano says Sami better not have taken off with Johnny. EJ says she wouldn't have done that. EJ then leaves.  Later Rolf shows up screaming, the houseguest is gone!

At Sami and Lucas', Sami re-reads Lucas' letter in which he says he was forced to do this to protect their family. He hopes she understands, he loves her and their kids. He says she has to be strong for them, he'll do anything to protect them, even if it means saying goodbye. Roman shows up. Sami thanks him for coming, she doesn't understand how Lucas could do this. Sami doesn't know where he went. She says he has to help her find him. Roman says Lucas is with Kate, there is an APB out on both of them. She says he promised he wouldn't leave, that they'd talk about it. Roman asks if he mentioned anything about where he'd go. She says to see Will in Switzerland. She's afraid if he's with Kate, he'll get out of the country. Roman says they'll find him, but when they do, they have to arrest Lucas for attempted murder. Lucas says the gun has Lucas' prints on it, he lied about the gun and the gun matches the bullet that shot EJ. Sami says Lucas didn't do it, but Roman says the facts say otherwise. Roman orders Sami to stay here, there is a good chance Lucas will contact her. She wants to go with him, but he refuses. Roman says as soon as he finds Lucas he'll send a car for her. Sami asks him not to let Lucas get hurt. Roman says that won't happen. 

Lter EJ shows up at Sami's looking for her and  Johnny. Sami sees he's walking, he's not even faking anymore? He says okay he may have been playing it up, but he didn't make it up. He says her ex shot him. She says based on him faking his paralysis, it wouldn't surprise her that he and Stefano set Lucas up. EJ says she was with him when he was shot, his father wouldn't do that to him. Sami thinks he would, but she knows Lucas wouldn't do it. Sami plans to find him. EJ offers to help her, he promises not to turn him in if they find him. Sami asks in exchange for what, sex? He says he would like her to forgive him. Sami says is that all? EJ says no, he would like her to let their son form his own opinion about him. EJ says Johnny is the only one who has loved him unconditionally, that means a lot to him. EJ says it is important that they give him the chance to be raised by his real father, and that she gives him the chance to prove he's worthy of his love. Sami doesn't know if she can trust him. EJ says he's done some thinking, he wants to be a good father, but if Johnny sees him through her eyes, then he doesn't have a chance. Sami says then make an effort to change the way she sees him. He says he's trying. He says he knows Lucas is with Kate, so they can find him. 

Stephanie sits on the couch at her mom's hotel. She remembers telling Max how it won't work for them and she ran off. There is a knock at the door. It's Max wanting to talk to her. Max says he knows she's in there, please open the door. She opens the door and lets him in. Max knows something is going on with her, he wishes she'd tell him what is going on. Stephanie remembers the rape and breaks down crying. She says she's sorry, she's such a head case. He wishes she'd tell him what was going on. He says he knows Ford's death was traumatic, but she did nothing wrong. Max says it was an accident. He says stop beating herself up about it. Stephanie says it helps when she thinks about what Ford took away from Cordy, the ability to get close to anyone. She says whenever someone gets close . . . Max says she pushes them away, just like she pushed him away. Max soon gets the feeling that they aren't talking about Cordy anymore. He asks Stephanie if Ford hurt her? Did Ford force himself on her? Stephanie's phone rings at the right moment, it's Chelsea with news of the latest problem. Crawford is here searching the house for his son. Chelsea tells her and Max to get over here. Stephanie and Max talk, they know he can't get into that basement. Stephanie thinks Crawford will send them to jail. Max says maybe if he knows the truth he won't. Stephanie Crawford only cares about image and he'll do whatever he can to protect it. She says Crawford will make them look like the psychos. Stephanie thinks maybe she should come clean with Bo.

At the sorority house, Chelsea is on the couch sleeping. Nick comes out to see her. He brings her some hot chocolate. She says it's really cold in here. He offers to start another fire. She says no he can warm her up.  She says last night was pretty perfect. He says so she enjoyed the photo album. She says that wasn't what she was talking about. He says oh you want to . . . She wants them to have sex, he can say it. Nick says Max said never talk about it with a woman. Chelsea says Max is pretty clueless when it comes to women. Suddenly there is a banging on the door. Nick answers it, in walks Crawford Decker. He wants Chelsea to tell him where his son is. Chelsea doesn't know where he is. Crawford says Chelsea organized the witch hunt against him, he saw the flyers, he heard the rumors. Chelsea says they were true, his son was a rapist and she had to warn people. Crawford says was . . . as in he's not now? Chelsea has flashbacks of Ford's death. Chelsea claims she hasn't seen Ford since he showed up here drunk. Crawford says so they let him sleep here, they are afraid of him. Chelsea says her son was dangerous. Crawford says so they took matters into his own hands? Nick calls Billie. Crawford says good, he's not going anywhere. He decides he's searching this place from top to bottom and heads upstairs. Chelsea tells Nick they have to stop him. Nick says it's okay, he won't find anything right? She says right. Chelsea has flashbacks about her, Max and Stephanie planning to burry the body near the water heater as it was a dirt floor. She also remembers Max coming up in Ford's cloths to leave so the camera saw him. Later Crawford shows up asking where the basement is. He wants to see it. Before he can go down, Billie shows up asking what he's doing here? He says looking for his son. Billie says she's going to have to ask him to leave, if he doesn't she'll arrest him for trespassing. Crawford says his son is missing, does she have any idea what that feels like. She looks at Chelsea and says she does and she's very sorry, but she can't allow him to search the building without a search warrant. He says she's no better than her daughter, she's protecting Chelsea. He knows she did it before with Zack. Billie says she made a mistake, they both did. He wonders if she's making another one. Billie knows he's going through a hard time, so she'll ignore the offensive comments. Billie reviews the case with Crawford and tells him how Ford left the next morning, she shows him a clip of Ford leaving the next morning. She says he didn't return to his house after he left. Crawford says he can't see Ford's face, so he doesn't know if that is him. Billie says it's the same clothes on both tapes. Crawford says this would be laughed out of the court as evidence. He wants to know what Chelsea did to Ford, where is he. Billie says it is time for him to leave now. She threatens to have him arrested. He says do it and he'll make sure she is back on the streets. He thinks this is all a cover up, he thinks Ford came to make amends and they did something. He goes to go in the basement, but Chelsea says he can't go down there. Billie tells him to leave. Crawford says he'll be back, God help her if she hurt his son. Crawford finally leaves. Chelsea is upset, Billie says things will blow over once Ford returns home. Chelsea asks what if he doesn't? Billie asks if she has anything to tell her, off the record? Chelsea says no. Nick suggests they go get food. Billie thinks that is a good idea, they shouldn't be here when he returns. After Billie leaves, Nick gets a call from some student. He leaves to take it. Chelsea quickly calls Stephanie back. She warns that Crawford is coming back, so they have to move the body. Stephanie and Max head over to help.


December 28 , 2007
Screen caps will be back next week now that I'm back home. Shorter summary today, was traveling.

At the mansion, Rolf tells Stefano that he's looked all over, their houseguest has escaped! Stefano says they must find him before he's seen. In some alley, a boy is playing with a ball. A man in a hooded sweatshirt shows up and catches the ball as it comes towards him. The kid is frightened and tells the man to keep it. The man bounces it back at him and heads off. Later Stefano and Rolf show up. They give the kid money when he points out where the man went.

At Chez Rouge, Marlena is sitting at a table and continues to think about John and his death. Hope shows up to see her. Hope says they missed her at Alice's, but understood why she wasn't there. Hope asks what she did. Marlena says she got a call from the cleaners, they said come pick up John's suits or they'd throw them out. Hope finds that odd, on Christmas? Marlena says they weren't open, but the shop next door was. Marlena tells Hope about Crystal and what she said. Hope is worried, this sounds like a con. She says a bad one too, the woman should have picked a better name than Crystal. Marlena says she seemed so real, she knew things. Marlena fears Stefano could be doing this to her. Marlena says that does make sense, she threatened to kill him. They decide to check it out.

Marlena and Hope leave as Stefano and Rolf show up. They think the guest went into Chez Rouge. They look around but can't find him. The guest slips out and seems to be following Marlena and Hope around. At the psychic's, Marlena and Hope show up and find the place is closed. The man from next door tells them that place has been closed for months, it's condemned. Marlena doesn't understand.  Hope feels someone is praying on Marlena's grief, and she's going to help her get to the bottom of this. Marlena says she's such a good friend. As they walk off, Crystal spies on them from the alley.

Back at the mansion, Stefano is on the phone demanding everyone look for the guest, he needs him found and returned. Suddenly the guest walks back in. Stefano says they have been looking everywhere for him! He seems to be shaking, Rolf says he needs a sedative. Rolf and Stefano plan to bar the windows and bolt all the doors so this doesn't happen again. Rolf fears he could be dangerous. Stefano says that is what he's counting on! 

At Lucas', EJ helps Sami find where Lucas is. He uses a GPS system to track Kate's car, knowing Lucas is with her. HE tracks them to the airport. He says he'll stay with the twins, she should go. Sami refuses, thinking he has some plan to kidnap Johnny with Stefano. They argue, EJ says Stefano probably does have some plan but he made it clear that they were raising Johnny and not him. EJ eventually tells her to take the GPS then and call Marlena or someone she trusts. He says hurry though as she doesn't have much time. Sami stops him, saying the bottles are in the fridge, the doctor's number is on the fridge. She says if he hurts her children . . . . EJ says he would never/

At the airport, Kate has driven Lucas there in the trunk of her car! When it's safe, he finally gets out. They discuss the plan, someone is coming to drive him to Mexico where he'll catch the freighter. Kate tells Lucas she's coming with him. They argue about this, but Kate won't take no for an answer. Lucas is beginning to have doubts about this. HE can't believe he's listening to her and he can't believe he's running, this isn't setting a good example for his kids. He thinks he should turn himself in and do his time. She says if he does that then he'll be dead, the DiMeras will have a knife in his back while in jail. She says this is his only chance. He says if he leaves, he's not coming back. She says one day when he's safe, Sami will come and join him with the twins. A man shows up to drive them to Mexico. As they prepare to leave, Sami arrives and begs Lucas not to go. 

At the sorority house, Max and Stephanie arrive to help Chelsea with Ford. They go downstairs just as Billie and Detective Dodd from the crime lab arrive. They will be searching the house, without Crawford Decker. They head upstairs. In the basement Max and Chelsea work quick. Max comes up with a plan. The new water heater has been delivered, but not installed. He plans to sneak Ford out in the old heater and they can claim a friend installed the new heater. Chelsea asks about the cameras? Max says call maintenance and claim the porch wiring is shot, they'll come fix it and it will block the camera. Chelsea makes the call and the man shows up. Max sneaks the water heater out when the camera is blocked. Billie and Dodd finish their search and plan to go to the basement. As Chelsea and Stephanie worried, Dodd and Billie head downstairs. Dodd looks at the ground, wondering if he's found something.


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