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1st Week of February 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


February 5, 2007
Kayla meets Steve at Chez Rouge for dinner. She hopes this isn't his way of avoiding his promise to call Benjy about his episodes. He says he will do it tomorrow. She asks why not now? Suddenly EJ walks in and Steve says I'll be damned.  Steve can't believe he's here and thinks he knows what is going on with him. Steve goes over to confront EJ. He calls him Squire Crumpets and says he sees EJ took his advice and came back to town. EJ asks how his favorite buccaneer is? He thanks Patch for the advice he gave him in Mexico. He tells Kayla that she looks ravishing. Steve says not to even look at her. Steve wants Elvis to tell him what his family did to him. Steve says he mentioned Benjy in Mexico. Steve says these episodes started with Benjy. EJ says he and Benjy share the same last name but he barely knows him. Suddenly Steve starts having an episode as EJ begins tapping a knife on the table. He tells Steve if he's having issues to see a shrink, he's a businessman, not a villain. EJ knows what he's doing, he's triggering Steve's episode with the knife. Steve hears the banging sound in his head. Kayla says Steve told her what he said to him in Mexico about his episodes. EJ says Steve attacked him, he's a sick man. Steve tells EJ to stop it, but EJ says he doesn't know how to stop these episodes. Steve then jumps EJ and grabs him by the head as if he's about to break his neck. He holds the knife to EJ's throat, but Kayla calms him down. EJ is furious and says he'll have him arrested for attempted murder. Kayla takes Steve outside, she says he needs help. Steve says he has to make it stop and runs back to fight with EJ. They end up going through the glass window as Steve attacks him again! 

Lucas and Sami arrive back at the cabin where Sami rescued him. She says it is weird being back here where all that bad stuff happened. He says he doesn't remember anything bad, just being next to her with the fire. Inside Kate is with the director and organizing the shoot. There is a fake body on the ground and they put the log on top of it for Sami to move. Sami sits on a sofa and she is filmed describing the events of that night. She explains how she and Lucas were on a ski trip. She says they were driving on a winding road and out of nowhere a huge snowstorm hit. She says Lucas suggested they kept on going, which they did. She says the car eventually died and they were stranded in the middle of the road. She says if a truck had come around the corner they would have been sent over a cliff. Sami says suddenly a tree above the car broke and hit the car. Kate and Lucas are impressed, they say Sami has them on the edge of their seats. Sami recalled a cabin a few miles back so they set out on foot to find this cabin. Sami eventually asks for some water, which they get her. The director says after Sami gets a drink they'll pick up. Lucas thanks his mom for doing this, it means a lot to them. Kate says this is a good way for everyone to find out who Sami really is. Lucas gets a call and has to leave. The filming begins again as Sami continues to describe what happened when they got into the cabin. She says they came in and built a fire to keep warm. She says suddenly the roof gave way because of the weight of the snow. She says a beam pinned Lucas to the ground, she rushed over to help him but she couldn't. She says she called for help, but there was no reception. She says Lucas was in pain and she had to do something. She says she thought she could get help on the road, but nobody was there. She says she came back to the cabin and when she got here Lucas was unconscious. She says she was scared for him and she had to save him. She says she found a 2x4 and had a burst of adrenaline. She says she jammed it under the rafter and . . . the director says cut! Sami asks why they stopped her? The director wants her to reenact it and lift the beam for them. Sami reminds them the only way she could have lifted the beam in the first place was the situation. The director says this beam is half the weight of the other one, it shouldn't be a problem for her. They say action and have Sami try and lift the beam. Of course Sami can't do it, she struggles to even make it budge. Kate wonders if there is a problem? Sami says this is all different. Lucas returns and demands Sami stop this and says she'll hurt the baby. Kate is stunned and asks if she is pregnant? Lucas thinks his mom should be happy about this. Kate asks if she's sure about this? Sami says sure she's pregnant or sure she's happy? Sami is suspicious and Kate says she thought they were putting the past behind them. She says she missed most of Will's childhood because of the animosity she felt for Sami, she doesn't want to make that mistake again. Kate wants to be part of this baby's life. She also knows they kept this a secret to protect Sami and the baby. Kate hugs sami and says best wishes. Kate tells the director that they have enough to go ahead, and Kate gets an idea on how to finish off the shot. She is able to move the beam and they just film the beam being moved. Lucas and Sami head off while Kate pays off her helpers. She thinks she will get just what she needs from this. 

In Canada, Phillip is banging on the door of the safe house. He breaks in and walks inside. He hears a baby crying. It's dark and he is shining a flashlight. He finds Belle holding a baby. It turns out the woman is Stacey, not Belle. He questions her about Belle, but she says she doesn't know anything about her. He demands she leave, but she says it's cold outside. He doesn't care. She asks what kind of person he is? He says a person whose child was stolen from him. Stacey leaves and Phillip keeps yelling at Belle to come out, she won't get away. He asks if she hears him? Belle walks out and says she heard him.

Stacey meets up with Chelsea outside. Chelsea takes Claire from Stacey! Chelsea tells Claire that it will be okay, they won't let anyone take her. Chelsea thanks Stacey. Stacey says no child deserves to be with a man like that. Chelsea was watching Stacey's baby for her. Stacey takes her baby and heads off.

Back inside, Phillip finds Belle is holding a fake baby. He wonders what she's done. She says nothing, he's the one who sent a woman and her child into the cold. He demands to know where Claire is. Belle says she is safe and Shawn is her father. She thinks he was hurt when he learned the truth and wants to get even with Shawn. Phillip laughs and says this isn't about Shawn, he wants to make her suffer. Belle says he doesn't get it, Shawn is Claire's father, not him. He asks what about the baby she lost? He says she went to Marlena's and left him. She says she is the one who lost the baby, she was the one in pain. He says what about the promises they made when they married and baptized Claire? He says he thought Mimi was bad but she is the biggest liar of them all. Belle tells him not to make her about the bad guy, he is the one who wanted the baby aborted because it was Shawn's. She says just like Claire, he wanted nothing to do with her when he found out she was Shawn's. Phillip says he never stopped loving Claire. She says he ran off and left them until he had some battlefield epiphany that Claire still belonged to him. She wonders if he even wants to be a father or does he want revenge? She says Claire will end up hating him and then what, he'll abandon her? He yells shut up! She says what or he'll kill her? She says go ahead and do it, just know he will never see Claire again. Phillip says he's done with her, he will find Claire and then they'll see which parent Claire ends up hating. Phillip then storms off. 

In the jail, Shawn and Nick learn that Phillip has charged Shawn with kidnapping and therefore he can't leave. Shawn says this child is his and Phillip Kiriakis pays people off. The cops hopes Shawn is not suggesting anything. Nick suggests they call Commissioner Roman Brady in Salem. The cop thinks he's related to the suspect, but Nick says he's also the police commissioner. The cop agrees to call Roman. Shawn wonders what Nick is doing. Nick knows what he's doing, Mickey says this is a violation of the court order but not kidnapping. The cop returns after talking to Roman, he realizes they have been telling the truth and they are free to go. Shawn thanks Nick, but Nick says Chelsea is the one he should thank as she's been amazing. Chelsea then shows up with Claire. Shawn asks if that's a package for him? He takes Claire and says he's missed her. Chelsea thinks they did it. Shawn thanks Chelsea, she went up against Victor and won. He knows he has blamed her . . . she says she deserved it. Shawn says he did his share of screwing up too, they both get it from dad. She says that's the good thing about genetics, they can always blame someone else for their mistakes. Shawn says he won't forget this and hugs her. She says okay they don't have time for this, they have to get out of here. Nick says the problem is that they spent all the money on bail, they don't have enough for the freighter. Shawn says as long as he and Belle are together with Claire that is all that matters. Shawn then asks where Belle is? Chelsea says she had to stay behind and distract Phillip. They head out and run into Merle. Shawn asks about Belle. Merle hopes she's on her way. He says there is bad news though, the freighter left. He says there is a plan B, there is a cruise ship leaving soon but they'll need three grand for tickets and passports. Shawn only has a thousand left. Nick tells them to get the ball rolling and he'll be back with the money. Merle tells Nick and Shawn where to meet up. Shawn wonders what Nick is up to, but Chelsea doesn't know. She says he can be Mr. Mysterious sometimes. Chelsea tells Shawn it will work out though. 

Belle meets up with Shawn and Claire. Belle explains that they have to go now, but Shawn says they don't have the money and the freighter left. Chelsea says Merle is going to get them on a cruise ship leaving soon. Belle says they have to go now, Phillip is out of control and won't leave them alone. Nick returns and has the money for them. Shawn asks if he robbed a bank? He says no, but don't ask him how he got it. They thank him for this. They thank both Nick and Chelsea for what they've done. They then head off to meet Merle. Chelsea asks Nick what time is it? She noticed his watch is gone, the graduation gift from his parents. He says he sold it. He says you can replace a watch but not a child. She says that is really nice of him. She can't believe they pulled this off. She says they make a good team. Belle and Shawn soon return. They have the tickets but need Chelsea and Nick to give some letters to her mom and dad. They thank them again and then leave. 

Willow returns to the hotel and is furious with Phillip for ordering her to come back here. She says if it weren't for her . . . . Willow says nobody crosses her and bad boy Phillip will figure out the hard way. Willow teaches the baby it's first lesson, always get payment up front. She begins stealing Phillip's things. Phillip soon shows up and catches her stealing. He says nobody takes what is his! She says she figured she had to get something out of this trip. He asks what she did with the ten grand his dad gave her? She says it's gone. He tells her to get out and throws her out of the hotel room. Phillip then gets a call from the cop at the station. He gives Phillip news on Shawn Brady. Phillip heads to the station, he's upset that the cops let him go. The cops says they couldn't hold him. Phillip says they made a big mistake. The cop says he may be a big deal from where he comes from, but around here he is just another tourist. 

Willow apparently goes to the safe house and cries. She talks with Merle. She says she's lost everything and is all alone. He says she's not alone, maybe he can help her. She says maybe he can.



February 6, 2007
At the hotel in Canada, Phillip is on the phone yelling at someone about finding Shawn and Belle. Willow shows up and he says he thought he told her to disappear. She says fine, though she could tell him where Shawn and Belle are. He says and he should believe her because? She says he'll have to trust her soldier. He asks how she has information that his detectives can't find. She says she's very resourceful. He tells her to cut to the chase. She says last night when he kicked her out he spent the night at the safe house. She says she met the guy named Merle and they got to talking. She says she got the truth out of him, which is Phillip's for a price. She says nothing comes for free. Phillip can't believe she wants money when she just tried to rob him. He asks about the ten grand his father paid her. She says she used it to pay for her brother's tuition. She says he's a good kid, he's not like her. She tells Phillip that she's sorry she tried to rip him off, she was angry and desperate. Phillip says he doesn't need her, he can find Belle and Shawn on his own. Suddenly Willow runs off to be sick. Willow returns and shocks Phillip with the news she's pregnant. He thinks it isn't the first time for her, but she says it is. She says this pregnancy is special to her. He asks if this is a scam, but she says no. He says so why doesn't she get the guy who knocked her up to pay her bills. Willow says Shawn is her baby's father. Phillip says what a hypocrite, he goes on and on about being a great father but bails on the kid he's having with her. She says he doesn't know about it. She says he left town before she could tell him. She says she told his mom thinking she could help, but Hope told her where to go. She says she's alone without a job or insurance. Phillip says spare him the sob story as he's not interested. She says he's one cold SOB. She goes to leave, but Phillip stops her. He says maybe he is interested, she could be of use after all. He says he'll help her as long as she does what he says when the baby comes. She won't give up her baby. He says the baby won't go anywhere, it's an asset. He says Shawn has his baby so he has Shawn's for the time being. Willow says they have a deal, it might work. He says when they get back to Salem they are going to make sure she is pregnant and that the kid is Shawn's . He also says if he catches her trying to steal from him again then he will kick her and the brat out. He won't make the mistake of being double-crossed again, especially by a whore like her. She says call her that again and the deal is off. She demands he apologizes. He does and wants to know what she knows about Belle and Shawn. She says Shawn, Belle and Claire got fake IDs and are on a cruise ship, to where she doesn't know. Phillip says he'll find them. She says maybe by then she'll be showing. Phillip says they'll send Shawn a picture and real them back in.

Sami and Lucas at home having breakfast. Lucas has taken the job with EJ after all and it's his first day of work. Sami has something on her mind and tells Lucas that she can't stop thinking about the TV shoot. She couldn't lift the beam and it makes her look bad. He says it doesn't, she lifted the beam before because her adrenaline was pumping. He also says she is pregnant. She wonders if he is disappointed, but he says he's walking around with two legs because of her. He says he's proud of her. She thinks everyone will turn their backs on her when the episode airs. Lucas says they know the truth, who cares what others think. Lucas wants a little morning loving before work, but Sami isn't up to it. Lucas tells her maybe she should go out and do something nice for herself, buy something to cheer herself up. Sami is still worried about the show. She calls the network to talk to them about the show. She is shocked by what she's told. Lucas asks what has her slamming things around? Sami says she called the cable company, they don't know the producer and director they met. She also says the show was canceled long ago. She says it was a scam set up by her mom. Lucas can't believe she'd do this, she promised them she was accepting them. Sami says she lied and is up to her old tricks. Suddenly EJ calls. Lucas says he was just about to come into the office. EJ asks him to come to the station instead with his attorneys. Lucas says he will. Lucas has to go and promises Sami he'll find out what his mom is up to. After Lucas leaves Sami tries to find where Kate is. Sami gets a call from Roman and asks her to come down to the station, he has a few more questions about the night she saved Lucas. Sami knows this is about Kate, she's trying to stir up trouble. Roman says he's trying to prevent it so get down here.

EJ is at the station and is filling a cop in on Steve attacking him at Chez Rouge. He says Steve was screaming he was going to kill him and not only attacked him with a knife, but pushed him through a glass window. Kate shows up and is shocked by how EJ looks, he's got a black eye. She says he could have been killed. EJ says it wasn't his idea, Steve Johnson has completely lost it. EJ says Steve is in jail right now and hopefully that is where he will stay. He is touched she came down here, but she says actually she's here to see Roman. He wonders what is up. He says he thought they were partners and had no secrets. He goes to kiss her but she stops him. She says they haven't shared everything. She says she knows he can't be trusted, though there is nothing she can do about them being business partners. She says anything else would be a mistake.

Kate brings a physics professor from MIT in to talk with Roman. Roman is confused, Kate says he is an expert witness on a video she's made. She gives him a DVD to play, it's the fake documentary she shot on Sami. Kate explains it was for a cable tv show, but that isn't important. She says what is important is that Sami couldn't lift the beam. The professor says he's convinced that woman, even with a surge of strength, couldn't have moved that beam on her own. Kate finds that interesting, doesn't he? The professor also says the woman trying to move the beam has no idea how a fulcrum works, a lever. He says this woman is unbalanced and unfocused. He also finds her story odd, trekking all over looking for help would have left her exhausted. He hopes he's been of help and says he has a plane to catch. He leaves and Roman wonders what Kate is up to now? Kate says she's righting a wrong. She tells him to keep the disk as evidence, Sami didn't lift the beam. She says the beam was half the weight of the original, she could lift it but Sami couldn't. Roman asks where this DVD came from. Kate explains a producer friend wanted to do a show on Sami, she was there and was horrified that Sami couldn't lift the beam. Roman is suspicious of her, she admits she set it all up to expose Sami. Roman asks why? She says to expose her lies, she didn't save Lucas and everyone should know it. Roman wonders how much this cost her? She doesn't care, it is worth it if the truth comes out. She says the police awarded her a metal that she accepted, which constitutes fraud on Sami's part. She says Sami made a fool of them all. Kate says Sami shouldn't get away with it and she'll make sure she doesn't. Kate tells Roman that Sami doesn't change, she knows he wanted to believe in her and trust her. She says he has to wonder after that DVD. Kate once again says everyone knows EJ was in the area of that cabin and everyone knows something is going on with EJ and Sami. She says someone had to move the beam. Kate says she thinks EJ helped her save Lucas in exchange for her helping him escape, which means she aided and abetted. She says Sami lied because she knew she'd go to jail. Kate begs Roman to interrogate her and get the truth. Roman says he talked to her already, Sami had nothing to do with EJ getting away. Kate says Sami is hiding something and if that is all she's hiding then it would be a big surprise. 

Steve is in jail. Kayla is lecturing him saying he's been losing it for weeks. She wants him to get help. She says she's been asking him for weeks and now it's gone too far. Steve says he had the MRI, but she says he needs other help. She says he said he would talk to Marlena. She says no more stalling, she wants him to check into the psych ward at the hospital. Steve says there is no way he will do that. Kayla says he has no choice, he either gets help or rots here in jail. Steve says he'd rather stay here, they won't grill him about his childhood while he makes potholders. Kayla says that isn't funny. She says whatever is going on inside of him, it's getting worse. She says he is out of control. She says what if the next person he hurts doesn't have it coming to them, what if the person is her? He says he'd never hurt her. He asks what she wants him to do. She wants him to deal with this, admit he has no power over it. She asks if their future is worth him being stubborn and pigheaded? Suddenly Benjy shows up to see Steve, he heard about what happened. Kayla asks Benjy to talk to her husband. Steve asks Kayla to give him and Benjy a few minutes alone. Benjy signs to Steve that he's worried. Steve says so is he. He says there is whacked out stuff going on in his head, he hears and sees things, he has memories of being tortured. He says when this happens he does crazy things. Steve says he thinks it all started with Benjy. Benjy says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Steve reminds him the night he gave him something and kissed him on both cheeks. Steve says that is when this all started. Steve grabs Benjy by the shirt collar and says not to lie to him. He can see Benjy is scared. He asks who put him up to this? Steve says he's dying here and needs answers. Steve says if he or Kayla meant anything to him then he will tell him. Benjy explains he didn't know what the devil card was about, Stefano ordered him to give him the tarot card. Steve says if Benjy came to him then he would have kept him safe. Benjy says nobody is safe from Stefano. Benjy says he was afraid Stefano would do something to him or his family. Benjy says he was told the card was meant to scare him only. Steve wants to know where all of this is leading, tell him the truth. Benjy swears he doesn't know anything else. Steve tells Benjy if he's lying then he'll tear him apart! Kayla returns and tells Steve to stop. Steve says he's sorry and someone is trying to get to him. Benjy tells Kayla that he loves her and heads off. Steve tells Kayla that Stefano sent him here, he gave him a tarot card at the hospital and that is what started this. Steve says Benjy did this, he betrayed them. Kayla says she feels Benjy must be a victim like they are. Steve wishes he could help Benjy, but Kayla says he has to help himself. Steve says he tried to and he can't. Kayla begs him to go to the hospital, let them help him. She says she knows he's a proud man and to turn himself over and face the unknown won't be easy. She says she will be with him every step of the way. Steve agrees to commit himself. She thanks him. 

Benjy runs into EJ in the station. Benjy tries to leave, but EJ stops him and decides to have a little chat with him. EJ asks if he talked to Steve? Benjy says no. EJ asks if he's sure about that? EJ says Benjy better be telling him the truth. Benjy admits he told them about the tarot card and that he was ordered to give it to him. EJ says he better not be lying, he has his eye on him and his family. EJ says if Benjy betrays them then it will be the last thing he ever does. He gives Benjy a little slap on the cheek. 

Later Lucas and the lawyer show up. EJ is planning to sue Steve for the attack and also is planning to sue Kayla for negligence. Lucas says Kayla? EJ says she is a doctor and didn't do anything to help her husband. Lucas doesn't think they can hold Kayla accountable. EJ suggests if Lucas wants to keep this job then not to question him. EJ says nobody crosses him and gets away with it. He says it's time he gets justice in this town, he's been far too forgiving. He says from now on anyone who crosses him will get exactly what they deserve.


February 7, 2007
Billie is having trouble getting into her apartment. EJ shows up and asks if he senses a damsel in distress? She is shocked to see him back in town. He says the charges against him were dropped and he and her mother are back in business. He talks about how they have a big presentation coming up. She says she heard and will be there, her mother invited her. EJ offers to give her a ride, unless she's afraid the police will catch them. He says Lucas is working for him now too. Billie says her brother hates him and Sami . . . EJ says Sami told Lucas to take the job. EJ says when you've been vilified as he has it's hard to see what the truth really is. He says the news prints he's been arrested on page 1 and then about his exoneration somewhere between the comics and the want ads.  He says truth be told he is a nice guy. He talks about how he's come to admire Lucas and Sami, they have a deep love for one another that will last. He says they all want that, a soul mate, a life companion. He says he envies them a bit and if he's lucky he'll find that one day. Billie says she couldn't agree with him more. He offers to help her move the boxes in, she accepts his help. She talks about how she didn't know she had so much stuff. She says Sami and Lucas didn't expect her to turn their place into a warehouse. Billie has so much stuff she's storing it in their place temporarily. EJ offers her space in his place, but she doesn't want to impose. He says he doesn't mind. EJ says something (I missed) and it touches a nerve with Billie. Billie says she used to be somebody, an executive at a very well known cosmetics company. She says she and her mom were partners, they didn't see eye to eye so she left. She says the company snowballed after that. She says then she went into law enforcement and loved it, but she let personal problems get in the way. She says she won't rely on anyone else, she wants to set an example to Chelsea that she can make it on her own. She also has a new business idea for home security systems for the average person who don't have the money for all the high-tech gadgets. EJ is interested in her idea and suggests they discuss it, mythic is always looking to diversify. He says they could go to his place for some wine, but she says she doesn't drink. He jokingly offers her some prune juice instead. EJ is serious though, he would like to talk about her business plan. He suggests they go to this presentation together and talk on the way. Billie reluctantly agrees. 

At the hospital Marlena is with John. She says this isn't the way she wanted it, and the doctors say they can't do anything else for him here. She says that he needs the help she can't give her. She says she is not giving up on him. As she's talking to him, John's spirit comes out of his body and watches her with him. Marlena says she can hear him calling her in her dreams, but she can never find where he is. She says she wakes up and her pillow is wet with tears. She says the bed is too big and she misses him more than ever. John says he is trying to come back, he's fighting with everything inside of him. He says he's trying to reach her, he just doesn't know how to make it happen. John says he has to find a way to reach her, to tell her what EJ said the night of the shooting. Marlena is holding his hand and saying she can feel him, can he feel her? John moans that he can feel her but he's trapped in a pit and can't get out. Marlena tells John how she looks for him in her dreams. John says follow his voice in her dreams and find him. A doctor comes in to check on John and Marlena. They are ready to transport John to a long term facility, they will be bringing up a gernie in a moment. He says he has to prepare John for the move. Marlena cries that she can't believe this is happening. She goes to give him a goodbye kiss. John is sucked back into his body by the kiss and Marlena looks at him. Marlena sees that he moved, she knows he moved. She says talk to her. He says come to him in dreams. Marlena hears him, she swears John spoke to her. The doctor says the machines don't indicate it. Marlena says she knows what happened, look at him not the machines. The doctor says it is involuntary muscle movement. Marlena says it wasn't, she is a doctor too. She knows they haven't lost John. The doctor explains how muscle spasms in the lungs can force air out that sounds like sound. She says this wasn't a sound it was her name, he said words. The doctor says they have to transfer John, but Marlena refuses. She says her husband is staying right here. She tells the doctor he is leaving though and kicks him out. She says so much for her sterling reputation here. She tells John she knows he's trying to reach her and she will be right here waiting. Marlena falls asleep next to John and finds herself in an odd place (it looks like the DiMera mansion). She's in a white gown and hears John calling. She asks where he is? A door is rattling, he says he's behind the door and to come to him. He tells her not to be afraid.

At the jail, Steve and Kayla have returned from Steve's arraignment. He was charged with assault and battery and terrorist threats. He jokes he is Osama BinJohnson. He just wants to get his bail paid and get out of here. Kayla reminds him that he promised to check himself in the hospital, which he's going to do. Steve says first he'll get out of here, then they'll go home and make love and then he'll go to the hospital with the rest of the cuckoo birds. She says he's taking this very well, but he says he's shaking. Dr. Biel, chief of the psychiatric unit and a friend of Kayla's, shows up to oversea the transfer. He hands the papers to Steve and asks him to sign them. Steve looks at them and says this won't work for him. Kayla says he promised. Steve says he's not crazy, he just has this thing in his head and he knows he can fix it on his own. Kayla says they can't. She begs Steve to work with the doctor, let the doctor help him get his life back. Steve asks how long he'll be there? The doctor says it will be an evaluation for two weeks, it's not that long. Kayla says the time will go quickly. She says what if the doctors can cure him? The doctor says if Steve doesn't do this then he goes to jail pending a trial. Steve says so it's jail or the psycho circus. He says both are equally bad and nobody tells him what to do. Kayla has a talk with Steve alone. She reminds him of how he stuck by her side when she was in quarantine, she also says he stuck by Shawn and Belle as well and helped them escape. He says does that sound like a crazy man? She says no, it sounds like a man who is willing to do anything for those he loves. She wants him to do this for himself. Steve thinks nothing is going to make this better, no one can make it go away until he finds out what is going on. Kayla refuses to argue with him anymore. She says he claims to love her and will do anything for her, so prove it. She hands him the paper to sign. He says she drives a hard bargain. He says come in and make love to him and then he'll sign it. She says sign it and maybe he'll get lucky. Steve ends up signing the commitment papers.

At the station Sami shows up to see her dad. Roman says Kate brought over the bogus footage. Sami says she figured Kate would. Sami says she has to give Kate points for ingenuity and the bucks she shelled out. Sami says she should have known better that to trust her, but she wanted to be a TV star and she thought the money would help her and Lucas. She says some heroine she is. She won't forgive Kate or fall for her BFF routine again. Sami says she is better off keeping the peace with her for now. Roman thinks there is another reason she's not going after Kate. She asks if he is accusing her of something? He says no, he just thinks maybe she's forgetting something about that night. Sami once again tells her same story, saying her fear gave her the strength to get the beam off his legs. Roman believes her, but he says an expert doesn't think she could have lifted the beam and neither does one of his cops. She asks what he thinks then, an alien landed and lasered the beam off his legs? He says no, but EJ Wells crossed his mind. Sami says she is the one who set EJ up, his department let EJ slip through. Sami says they are suggesting that EJ stopped while running away to save the life of someone he can't stand? Roman says Kate raised questions and he had to ask them. Sami asks if this interrogation is over? He says she should tell him. Sami talks about how that award meant everything, as well as him saying he was proud of her. He says he is proud of her. He promises not to ask anymore questions. She thanks him and cries. They share a hug. She just can't believe he believed Kate over her. Roman asks her to let him off the hook. She says she will, but not Kate. Roman thinks if Kate knows about the baby she'll soften up. Sami says she does knows and said she was thrilled, another lie. Sami cries and asks her dad for some water. He says okay and leaves to get her the water. The minute he leaves Sami says Kate wants to know her secrets, so she'll find out Kate's. Sami begins going through the evidence files. Roman returns and asks her if she's looking for something? She grabs something and tells her dad a tissue. He says they are over on his desk. He eventually tells Sami he is proud of his daughter the hero and he promises not to bring this up again. Sami then heads off.


February 8, 2007

At Mythic, everyone is getting ready for the big presentation. Kate shows up to the room where everything is being set up. Kate lectures a woman to make sure all the media cues come up as the script indicates. She also wonders what the temperature in here is as it was supposed to be cool. Lucas walks in screaming at his mom for setting Sami up again. Kate tells Lucas this isn't the time, but Lucas says it is the time. He thought she was happy for them, but she chopped Sami off at the knees. Kate says no she chopped Sami off at the neck. Lucas asks what she has to do to please her and he'll make sure Sami does it. Kate says the story she told is ridiculous, she doesn't believe it. Lucas says this is it, if she can't get over this then he will cut her out. He asks what this hate for Sami is. Kate says this has nothing to do with whether she hates Sami. Lucas says he believes Sami has changed, he believes in miracles. Kate says fine but what happened in that cabin was not a miracle. He tells her to get a life. She claims she's trying to save his life. Kate says he wants to see him loved by a woman who knows the meaning of the word. Kate says all Sami will ever do is hurt him, she's trying to protect him. Lucas says he doesn't want her protection. She says she won't stop trying to protect him. Kate says he wants to believe in her so much that he refuses to believe the truth. Lucas tells Kate to spell it out. Kate says it is impossible for Sami to have moved that beam, which means someone else helped her. Lucas says fine prove it, he's all ears. Kate says she took the footage to both a physics professor at MIT and an anthropologist with forensic knowledge. She says they both say Sami couldn't lift it. Lucas says so she had help from some farmer or something. Kate asks where the farmer is? Lucas says maybe Farmer Joe doesn't want attention. Kate says maybe that help shouldn't have been there. He says if Sami is keeping a secret then she has a reason. Kate says yeah to keep her out of jail. Lucas tells his mom that he is happy with Sami and if she won't stop making Sami's life miserable then she is out of their lives. He promises her that if she makes him chose that she will lose. Lucas then walks out. 

Sami is getting ready to leave the apartment. She is all smiles. She hears Billie and EJ in the hall laughing. They say hello to Sami. She says she didn't realize they were such good friends. Billie says they were just talking and enjoying conversation. Billie says EJ was helping her move boxes. EJ says Sami knows how helpful he can be in a crisis. EJ gets a call and says he has to take it. EJ leaves and Sami asks Billie if she's out of her mind? Sami says EJ shot John and she was alone and flirting with him? Billie says she was making a business proposal. Sami says they both know business isn't what she was proposing. Billie says if she didn't know Sami was happy with Lucas, well she would think that Sami was jealous. Sami says she is worried about her, she doesn't know who she's dealing with. Billie says she can handle herself with EJ. Billie also says the charges were dropped, there are no witnesses nor evidence incriminating EJ. Sami says he's a DiMera and the two witnesses disappeared. Sami begs Billie to listen to her before she gets herself hurt. She says EJ was on the run the night John was shot, if he was so innocent then how did he know to get out of Salem? Billie asks Sami how she knows this as nobody else does? Billie says there wasn't a word on the radio or newspaper about EJ running. Sami says her dad is the acting commissioner. Billie thinks Sami is lying and knows nothing. Sami says believe her, EJ is not who he says he is. Billie says she thinks a little bit of her is still itching for EJ. Sami says she's out of her mind. As they argue EJ shows up and asks if he's interrupting something? Billie says no they were just talking about him. EJ says obviously she has been warned. Sami says not enough, she's still standing here. He says he's not the monster some say he is. Sami says she'll see Billie later and she tells Elvis that it better not be at her funeral. EJ asks Billie if she still thinks he's a monster? She says if he is the monster that Sami makes him out to be then she will find out and she doesn't scare easily. Billie says she was a cop, she can tell when someone is being honest with her. She says her sixth sense is telling her now to proceed with caution. She says if she finds out what Sami said is true then their professional relationship will be over like that. He says what about their personal one. She says they don't have one. He says uh huh. They begin joking as Lucas shows up and sees Billie being chummy with Elvis. EJ says he didn't see him there, he also didn't say how delightful his sister was. EJ and Billie says EJ was helping her move boxes. Lucas says EJ has boxes of his own to worry about, he should be moving any day now. EJ says true, he doesn't stay in once place long, he likes to keep moving. Lucas says like a shark. EJ says they were just going to see Kate's extravaganza, would he like to come. Lucas says he'll meet EJ there, he wants to talk to Billie. EJ says okay and he can't wait to talk to Billie about her business idea more. EJ leaves and Lucas lets Billie know that he won't let her near that sick SOB. Lucas wonders when she got chummy with EJ. Billie says he's just the neighbor. Lucas says he shot john black. Billie says she just got this lecture from Sami. Billie says why should she not take EJ's offer up to help her with business. Lucas says because he loves her. Billie says she loves him too and she will be fine, nobody will take advantage of her. Billie then heads into her apartment to change.

Back at the conference, Kate begins the meeting. She says she is president and CEO of the company. She's asked if EJ Wells no longer holds the title? She says no they share them. Everyone has questions, is EJ's role being scaled back, are they financially in trouble? As Kate is answering the press's questions, Sami sneaks in. She distracts the AV guy by saying some woman called for him, she seemed upset and said it was an emergency. She tells him to go quickly. He leaves and Sami then switches the DVDs. Sami says this is called just deserts and she deserves every bite. The AV guy returns and says there was no call for him. Sami pretends she got his name wrong. Sami says she's sorry. She goes to leave and then runs into EJ. He tells Sami that he's onto her. She says she can explain, he says he's sure she can. He tells her not to make up a special explanation, he knows she's here to support the company and the family. Sami thinks EJ loves hearing himself talk. EJ says his father used to say the aria is the heart of the opera. Ej talks about weaving spells and melodies. She tells him to stop it. He asks if she's okay, she looks green around the gills. Sami says listening to him, well it is shocking she is as well as she is. She assures EJ that she's never been better. She then storms off.

Billie shows up and meets with EJ. He is glad she made it. She says she got two lectures about him, but she likes to rely on her own opinions about people and he shouldn't forget that. He says he finds a wise woman very attractive. EJ says Sami just left and he wonders if she is up to something. Billie makes a shocked face and says No! Sami sneaks back around to watch her revenge. Kate proceeds with the film, but the press then sees EJ and has questions for him. EJ had a contract canceled because of his reputation. EJ says they are working to overcome that. They ask if he's ashamed of his background as part of a crime family? Kate suggests they stop this now. She praises EJ and says she is honored to work with EJ and they will understand more about the company when they view the following film. She says they will understand just what she and Mr. Wells have in mind for this company, saying they'll see the morals they are building it upon. The film begins and Kate is shocked. So is the press by what they see. It's a film of Kate and EJ doing the dirty boogie on EJ's couch. Billie turns to EJ and says you slept with my mother? Are you crazy? Sami then introduces the partners of EJ and Kate to the press and notes how well they are  holding up the morals and strict guidelines of their company. Sami asks Kate what morals mean to a whore?

Marlena is in the hospital with John. She doesn't care what the doctor said, she heard him, she knows he's fighting and won't leave his side until they connect. She holds his hand and falls asleep next to John. John is saying to himself dreams . . . come to me in dreams. Marlena enters the dream world. We see her back in the room where John says he's behind the door and she needs to open it. He says he's waiting for her. MArlena tells John that she'll follow his voice. She opens the door and sees a bright light. Marlena asks where he is. He says in the light, cross the threshold and take his hand. Marlena sees his hand. She is frightened and says she doesn't understand, is this heaven? She asks if he is dead? He says she knows he isn't. He says he loves her and to take his hand. She does as he says and he pulls her into a lovely park area. She asks where they are? He says a place between here and there, life and death, waking and dreaming. She asks how? He says she knows the answer, love makes anything possible. They are holding one another's hands, he says if he lets go . . . . . She asks him to let go of just one hand. She touches his face and says he feels warm . . . she feels him. She says he is real. She says she's sorry she's just not sure . . . . He says she is very sure. She asks him to kiss her so she knows for sure. John touches her cheek and asks if she feels that. Marlena says she does. He then kisses her. Later John says he has something to tell her, something EJ said. He says she must remember this when she wakes up. He says when she wakes up she will start to forget this, she will want to. He says a part of her is already fighting, she'll talk herself into believing this wasn't real. He says she will want to forget. Marlena says he is scaring her. He says good, he wants her to be afraid. She asks why? John says this time her fear will be the only thing to keep her alive. He tells Marlena that Steve Johnson is in trouble. Marlena remembers him calling Steve a killer. John tells Marlena this is the part she must take with her. He says Steve was tortured and brainwashed by the DiMeras. John says they stole his body, his coffin. He says Steve was taken to a lab and they programmed him. John says they set things up that he has no control over. As John is trying to tell Marlena what the DiMeras want him to do, the doctor is waking Marlena up. John fades away, and Marlena wakes up. 

Back in the hospital room Marlena asks what happened? The doctor says he had to wake her. She says she was with her husband, he was telling her something important. She says he pulled her away, why would he take her away from him? Marlena says she knows she was dreaming but she also knows this was a different dream, it wasn't an ordinary dream. She asks what he came for? He says Kayla Johnson called to let her know that Steve signed himself in. Marlena realizes Steve committed himself. Malrena remembers John's message about Steve. The doctor says Kayla was hoping she'd look in on Steve. Marlena says she will. The doctor then leaves. Marlena goes back to John's side. She knows he was telling her something important and  she begs him to finish telling her. Later she's telling him how this will be their secret, nobody would believe her anyways. However she says she remembers the place and the warmth of his hand on her skin. She knows it was real and denying it would be denying them, denying him. She says they are stronger than that. She tells John that she needs him to come back to her, she wants to hear what he was trying to tell her. As she pleads with him, John's eyes flutter.


February 9, 2007
Belle and Shawn arrive on the ship. Shawn has a tray of food and is impressed by the cruise ship, it has everything one could want and more. He wants them to go enjoy the ship, but Belle wants them to just stay in the cabin until they get to Australia. Shawn thinks they can relax out here, they sailed out of Canada, nobody knows them. Belle isn't willing to chance it, she wants to stay in the cabin. Belle begins blaming herself for all of this. Shawn says he made mistakes too. She says she married Phillip knowing she didn't love him. Shawn says Phil knew how she felt. Belle says Phillip was good to them and she made him miserable. She thinks she turned Phillip into his father.  She also says she was taken in by Victor when he warned her. She says she never thought it would come to this, to cutting Phillip out of Claire's life. Shawn promises that he will protect her. He tells her to trust in him. Belle feels bad that she is not there for her dad and he's not home to know his sister. Shawn says their family understands they have to do this.  Shawn convinces Belle that they should take Claire out of the cabin, but Belle wants to lay down some rules. Belle says they have to call each other by the names on their passports and say they are from  Nova Scotia  and this is their first vacation since the baby.

Later Shawn and Belle are wowed by the stars they are seeing in the night sky out the window. Belle says she always wanted to go to Australia, but now they'll never see the big dipper again and the stars they are used to. Shawn however thinks one days they may be able to come back home. Belle thinks about John. Shawn assures her that John would be proud of her. Shawn says they are on an adventure and her dad's genes will come in handy. Later, Belle notices that Claire is burning up with a fever. Belle realizes they have to take her to the ship's doctor. The doctor pays them a visit. Belle says she was fine till they got on board, now she has a fever and can't keep anything down. The doctor feels the fever is from her getting some teeth in, the other issues are just seasickness. Shawn says his daughter seasick? He practically grew up on a boat! He just says to keep her on a liquid diet. He then asks to sear their passports for records. They give them to him and he becomes concerned, Claire is lacking an immunization stamp on her passport. 

At the hospital, Steve is having reservations about the psych ward. He doesn't think he can handle it, but Kayla says he's the strongest person she knows. He talks about the people in here, will he become one of these people who has to be spoon fed. She knows the hypnotherapy will help him remember and make him better. Steve thinks they should be off somewhere making love, he shouldn't be here locked up like a loser. He is blaming himself, but Kayla says he shouldn't. Dr. Beal shows up and meets with them. He's going to try and help Steve unlock the answers in his head. Steve jokingly asks if this can help him lose weight and quit smoking. Kayla says he's nervous.  The doctor warns Steve he may say things he normally wouldn't say. Steve says he has no secrets from Kayla. 

The doctor puts Steve under, Kayla stays but is not allowed to say anything. Steve is put under and taken back to the time when he first heard the sound in his head. He sees he's on a table, there are bright lights around him. He's strapped down and being given electorshock therapy. Steve is being tortured and EJ is there laughing. He shows Steve the devil card and tells Steve that he's one of them now. The doctor brings Steve out of the hypnosis as he's too agitated. When asked what he saw, Steve claims he doesn't recall. The doctor plays back the recording of the session for Steve. He listens but claims he doesn't remember who he saw or what was said. Steve claims the hypnosis didn't work and excuses himself to use the bathroom. The doctor tells Kayla that he feels Steve experienced something so horrible that  he is blocking the memory out to protect himself. She thinks he was tortured, the doctor agrees. He says they have to figure out what happened to him. He says torture can be used to get information or to force someone to do something they normally wouldn't. The doctor suggests they try another session later in the week. Steve returns and tells Kayla they should go, but Kayla reminds him that he's here for two weeks. Steve says that won't happen, he can't stay here. He thinks the hypnosis didn't work, but the Doctor says it did and they are making progress. The doctor lets Steve know if he leaves then his bail will be revoked. The doctor leaves them to talk. Kayla talks with Steve and he once again says he doesn't remember, though he does. Steve begs her to help him get out, but she says she can't let anything happen to her. Steve doesn't want her to worry so he agrees to stay and do what he has to do in order to get better. Later though Steve prepares to escape and go after EJ. He breaks open the window and jumps out the window saying company is coming for tea!

At the mythic event, Sami gloats to the press about the film and says this is how Kate and EJ do business and what they will be dealing with, should they do business with their company. Sami lectures Kate, saying she saved her from EJ and she saved Lucas' life, but Kate still had to come after her. Sami says know Kate knows what it's like to be humiliated. Kate warns her that EJ will not be happy about this.

Meanwhile Billie can't believe EJ slept with her mom. EJ says life is short, take pleasure where you can find it. Billie thought he liked Sami, but EJ says Sami was with Lucas. Billie can't believe this and says her family is incestuous. He can see she's upset. She tells EJ to go make things right with her mother.

Billie confronts Sami about what she's done. Sami fills Billie in on how Kate lied to her about accepting her and Lucas, how she humiliated her. Sami says she was returning the favor. Billie thinks Kate will just get even. Sami says if Kate wants a war then she'll get one, but she'll be the loser. Billie thinks Sami and her mother will never learn. Billie just wants to make sure Lucas isn't hurt anymore. Sami thinks Billie is just upset to find out that her mom was sleeping with EJ. Sami knows Billie likes EJ. Sami warns her once again that EJ is bad news. Billie in turn thinks Sami is still into EJ. Sami wonders why everyone thinks she likes EJ. Billie says she was into EJ back while she was engaged to Austin and still in love with Lucas. Sami swears she only wants a family with Lucas and Will. As they argue Sami ends up becoming ill and runs off.

EJ tries to calms Kate, who thinks they've been humiliated in front of the press and their investors. EJ does some damage control and tries to explains what has happened. EJ asks everyone if they like what they saw? Did they think that was him and Kate up there? He says raise your hands if you did. They do. EJ ends up claiming that they did not just witness him and Kate on that screen, but revolutionary new CGI technology that will revolutionize the industry. HE says it will take Mythic to the top. Everyone buys it! EJ turns the crowd over to Kate. 

EJ returns to Billie and asks where Sami is. Billie says she went to the bathroom. Billie questions EJ about him and his mother. EJ assures her it was a brief fling and it's over, they are only business partners now. EJ hopes she's not deterred from working with him and Mythic.  Billie is still interested in working with EJ, but she says she won't be another trophy on his wall. She lets him know that they will be business partners only, nothing else. He says if that is what she wants then fine. He says to a fruitful business partnership. Kate shows up and hears this, wondering what he is planning. EJ says they'll discuss it later as they have guests to take care of.

Later Sami returns and Billie notes she looks terrible. Billie thinks she should be home, maybe Will should stay with her for a few days. Sami says she's not contagious. Billie figures out that Sami is pregnant! Sami admits it, but asks Billie to keep it quiet. She says her dad and Kate also know. Billie wonders why Sami isn't rubbing her face in this. Billie is puzzled, is the baby not Lucas'? Sami is offended, she thinks Billie called her a slut. Billie says she's never been unfaithful. Billie apologizes. Later Kate comes over, Kate says she hasn't changed and after this stunt Lucas will see that. Billie says Sami doesn't feel well, she's come down with the flu and has to go. EJ appears and asks Sami if she's okay? Sami says she is. Sami leaves and EJ says she looks terrible.  Kate snipes that Sami always looks terrible. EJ has to go off and deal with more business. EJ looks forward to talking to Billie again. Kate then takes her turn warning Billie not to get involved with EJ. Billie says unlike her mom, she can keep sex and work apart. Billie swears this is only a business deal, she is doing this to support herself and put Chelsea through college. Kate thinks Billie is just sabotaging her life, EJ is trouble. Billie thanks her mom for her concern but thinks she'll be fine.


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