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2nd Week of February 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


February 12, 2007
At the Pub, Bo meets up with Kayla. Kayla just came from a session with Steve at the hospital.  She tells Bo that Steve was apparently tortured, but he won't say by whom or why. She suspects Steve knows more than he's admitting. Bo tells Kayla about a conversation she had with Marlena. He says MArlena had a dream about John, she feels the Dimeras are behind this. Kayla asks why they would want Steve? Kayla tells Bo how this all started when they had dinner with Benjy. She says Benjy gave Steve a card which obviously was the trigger to all of this. Kayla then gets a call from the hospital, Steve has escaped! Bo thinks he has a good idea where Steve went. They head out.

Steve  confronts EJ at Mythic. Steve says he remembers what EJ did to him, EJ was there when they tortured him. EJ quickly pulls out the tarot card. Steve grabs his head in pain but fights the trance. EJ laughs and says he has strong will, but he is one of them now. He tells Steve he can't fight what he has to do. He tells him how he will be a better soldier than that miserable failure John Black. Steve says he's no one's soldier. EJ warns him if he doesn't do what they want then Stephanie and Kayla could have more accidents. Steve yells at him not to hurt his family. Steve won't do anything bad to anyone, he keeps saying he won't be their pawn. EJ lets Steve know how he was gone for so many years and doesn't know what he's done, he could have already killed people. Bo and Kayla walk in at this point, EJ hides the card and pretends like Steve was attacking him again. Steve says he remember EJ was there when he was tortured. EJ says he  thought Steve was committed, why is he here?. Bo wants to take Steve back to the psych ward, but Steve says he wants to go to jail instead. Bo says he will take him. Kayla slaps EJ and promises to make him pay for what he did to her husband. Bo also faces off with EJ, saying they know he shot John. EJ jokes they should be able to get along. Bo lets Elvis know that he's no better than his father and to watch himself.

Lucas comes to see Victor at the mansion, but meets up with Phillip. He says he still can't get used to Phillip's new face. Phillip asks Lucas why he's here. Lucas admits he wants to get his job back. Phillip says he betrayed the family, but Lucas says he sided with his wife to be. Phillip can't believe he would side with her after all she's done to him. Lucas says she has changed, but Phillip says he's only going to get burned. They continue arguing about the job, Victor shows up and tells Lucas he chose to leave this job and family so leave or he'll call security. Phillip doesn't think it will come to that. Lucas says he's going. Victor lectures Phillip for being too soft on Lucas. Phillip sees Lucas out and lets him know that one day Victor will be put out to Pasteur and he'll run Titan. He says he will hire Lucas back then. He gives him money to help him out. Lucas doesn't want money he didn't earn, but Phillip convinces him to take it.

Victor talks with Phillip about finding Shawn and Belle. Phillip says he hasn't found them on any of the ships rosters, so they must be using fake names. Victor suggests they compare the rosters to tax records to find out who is real and who isn't. Victor shows up with the information and tells Phillip to start comparing names. Willow then shows up, she loves the mansion and says she gets lost in it. She says her room is fit for a duchess. Victor wishes the duchess would go back to her room. He tells Phillip they'll pick up later when the duchess is gone. Willow tells Phillip she had her doctors appointment and she is 4 months pregnant. Phillip asks for proof the baby is Shawn's. She says it is his and he'll get it. He says he better otherwise she's out on her butt. Later they look through the papers and Willow finds the ship Belle and Shawn must be on. 

On the boat, the doctor notices that Claire's passport doesn't have an immunization stamp. Belle and shawn lie, saying their doctor did give them some paperwork to prove she was immunized. They can't find it and claim they'll get it to him in the morning. He says then will have to for his records. He leaves them and Shawn tells Belle they'll worry about that later. They decide to shower and turn in for the night. Shawn puts up a sheet across the room for some privacy. He thought Belle was probably tired of seeing him. Both Shawn and Belle get a bit turned on by each other's silhouettes on the sheet. They eventually turn in for the night.


February 13, 2007
At the hospital, Nick tells Mimi and Max that the DNA was a match, the bones do belong to her father David Lockhart. Max comforts Mimi, who is now a blond. Later Nick is talking to Dr. Rebert, who is running an add in the paper for a lab tech job. Nick flips out and calls Abby, saying he is in trouble and needs her help.

Max and Mimi discuss what they found out. Mimi says she always thought her father was out west, that is what her mom always told her. She says she used to fantasize about what he was doing. She always thought she'd make him proud of her one day and make him feel sorry for all the years he was away. Max says her dad was proud of her. Mimi says now she'll never know and she thinks her mother and brothers must have killed him. She says why else would they steal the skeleton and hide it. Max says they should go to Abe, but Mimi doesn't know. Max says they have to, this may be the only way to find out what really happened. He says it is her family and her call, he can't make the decision for her. 

Chelsea is at the new apartment and is talking to Abby on the phone. She says she and Nick had such a great time together in Canada, he was so cool, but not rock star cool. Abby, who is in Salem Place, thinks Chelsea has developed a crush on the guy. Chelsea says no, he was just sort of James Bond cool, in a geeky way. Billie walks in so Chelsea says bye to Abby. Billie says she just saw Bo and Hope and they went on and on about how she helped out Shawn and Bo and that they came through for them. She also says Hope says she's sorry she doubted her, but will tell her that when she sees her in person. Chelsea says she never thought Hope would want to see her. Billie says she's come a long way baby and she's so proud of her. Chelsea says there is still some reality she has to face, she still needs a job. Billie says she's working on a job opportunity to open up doors for them. Chelsea says that is great but she thought she should start taking care of herself. Billie wonders who she is and what happened to the girl always looking for a handout. Chelsea says she grew up. Billie then shows Chelsea a want ad for a lab assistant at the hospital. Billie reads the job ad to her, no experience necessary, must be able to deliver vials and other packages so walking is involved. Chelsea says she and Nick walked all over Canada, but she is is puzzled. Chelsea says Nick works there and told her there were no openings. She wonders why Nick would lie to her? Billie says maybe he misunderstood, but she says no. Billie asks when she asked him? She says before they went to Toronto. Billie says maybe the job opening came up after, or perhaps the job was already filled before they ran the ad. Chelsea says or Nick doesn't want her around. Billie says the guy sweats when she gets within ten feet, he wants her around. Chelsea thought they were becoming buds, good friends. She wonders if she was wrong? Billie says maybe Nick was afraid she was inexperienced, but Chelsea says the ad says no experience required. Billie says now that Nick spent time with her, she's sure Nick sees her as smart and vibrant. Chelsea says or a crazy wild chick. She says Nick is full of surprises. She says that he did the deed with some older woman. She would have bet he was a virgin but Nick swears this woman rocked his world. Chelsea says she wanted to ask him about it, but it felt weird. Billie says good decision letting this go. Chelsea says she won't let the job thing go. She says she is going to the hospital to get the truth out of him. Billie says she'll go along. Chelsea says good as she can keep her from strangling him.

Nick and Abby meet at the Java Caf. Nick explains to Abby how Dr. Rebert put a job ad in the paper this morning. He says Chelsea will see this and she will wonder why Nick lied to her. Nick doesn't have an answer to give her. Abby says he finally has to tell Chelsea the truth. Nick would rather come up with another lie, but Abby tells him it's over. She says it will be over when she runs into Dr. Rebert, who looks like Dr. Patton. He says he'll claim he's Shane's Doppelganger. Nick thinks Dr. Rebert will blow her off and he'll be there to help her get over him. Abby thinks this is a recipe for disaster. Later Nick thanks Abby for listening to him. He has to head to the hospital and she goes with him, joking in case Chelsea tries to beat him up. 

Billie and Chelsea arrive at the hospital. Chelsea gets the job application, but thinks if Nick doesn't want her here then she shouldn't apply. Billie says she will convince Nick that she will do a good job. Chelsea begins applying and there is a spot asking if she's ever been convicted of a felony. She asks what she puts down? Billie says she wasn't convicted of a felony, she was given community service. She says check no, it will be okay. Chelsea is worried they might ask. Billie says what happened is nobody's business and she doesn't have to talk about it. Suddenly Shane Patton does a slow-mo walk by. Chelsea tells her mom that is him, that is Dr. Shane Patton! She calls out his name and he looks over. She says it is him! She runs up, hugs him and begins kissing his face all over. 

Celeste comes into Abe's house where Abe and Theo are at the table. Abe wanted to call her and have her get something while at the store. He needed a small box of Valentines. Celeste pulls some out and says she must have been reading his mind. She also has a toy car for Theo as well. He thanks her. Celeste tells Theo when he's done playing and if daddy says it is okay, how about they go to the ice cream store. He says yeah! Theo runs off to play with his car. Abe has trouble getting around the house. Celeste asks if he's heard anything, but he says no and there is nothing to hear. Celeste doesn't agree, she doesn't think Lexie would leave Theo or him. He says until he hears something to the contrary then he has to take everything on face value. She asks how he is doing, is he taking his medicine? Abe isn't concerned about that now. She tells him to think about Theo. Abe says Theo asks for Lexie every day and he's running out of things to say. Abe says soon he fears he won't be able to take care of his son. She asks if his eyes are that bad? He says worse than ever. He says he can't go through another transplant and Lexie leaving with Tek has kicked the air out of him. She says she's here to help. Abe says Theo needs someone to be there, to have fun with him. Celeste says he is his father and his rock. Abe says this rock is crumbling and Theo needs an adult with two good eyes. Abe asks Celeste if for awhile maybe Theo could live with her. Celeste knows he is in pain, but she never expected this. He says he has to think about what is best for Theo. Celeste says she doesn't want him to miss Abe on top of Lexie. She also doesn't want Abe to be alone. Abe says so what, he hires a nurse? Celeste suggests a psychic, perhaps she should move in as she could cook meals, make sure the bills are paid and she would be here and Theo wouldn't lose Abe. He accepts her offer to Theo's sake. Celeste talks about how they both needs resolution and closure. She says she feels if they stay together then they will have it.

Max and Mimi later show up to see Abe. Celeste and Theo are off getting ice cream. Mimi says they have information for him. He is assuming it's about the skeleton and the DNA test. Max and Mimi says it is Mimi's father David Lockhart. Abe tells Mimi that he's sorry. He says he is in no position to handle the case anymore, they'll have to talk to Roman. He also says she can't ignore the fact that her mom and brother could be involved in a homicide. 

Celeste and Theo later return home from their ice cream outing. Abe thanks Celeste and says Theo is very happy around her. He asks if she talked to him about moving in. She says she did and Theo seems excited. Abe tells her to bring her things in anytime, he gives her the master bedroom. She says that is his room, but he says he can't sleep there as it is just too painful.

Roman drops by to visit Sami about what she did to Kate. Sami thinks the one bad thing she did has erased all the good she's done. Roman says what she did was inexcusable. Sami says what Kate did to her was worse. Sami says Kate just can't leave her, Lucas and Will alone and this TV show proves it. Roman says all it proved is she couldn't lift the beam because of the situation was different. He says what she did to Sami was a cheap trick, what Sami did to Kate was public humiliation. Sami won't apologize. She says if Kate wants to sue someone then she can sue her, she'll make sure Roman isn't to blame. He asks how? She says he knows what he has to do, he should arrest her. She says she did the crime and will do the time. Roman won't arrest Sami. He says he put the disk in the evidence file and she won't sue the department when she cools down. He warns her though if something like this happens again then all bets are off. He tells her to stay away from Kate and EJ. Roman asks if Lucas knows? Sami says not yet but she will tell him. Roman hopes this doesn't hurt her relationship with him as he does love his mom, in spite of her eccentricities. Sami says a woman who is eccentric has twelve cats, Kate is the bride of Satan. She tells her dad no offense. Roman just wants her to leave Kate alone. Sami says she will if Kate will. Roman tells her to just back off period. 

Later Roman heads out and Lucas shows up. Sami is crying and hugs him. He asks what is going on? Sami says she has to tell him something and he won't like it. She knew it was bad but she didn't know it was that bad. Lucas says his mom called him, he knows what happened. He also thinks it is great, he laughed so hard he almost drove off the road. He isn't mad and says his mom and EJ got exactly what they deserved. She says if he is mad he can tell her. He says he's not, it's only fair what she did. He says he told his mom to stop getting involved in their business. He also tells Sami not to lose that fire she has inside her as he loves her so very much. She says so he's okay with this? He says he is fine with it. He says he loves her and won't let his mom ruin their life anymore. He says she is his priority and the only thing that matters to him. He says if his mom can't handle that then she's out of their lives for good. She promises to support him the way he has supported her. They warm up by the fire and Lucas says he still has to take the job as he doesn't have much choice. He says his mom doesn't seem to mind that he gave her an ultimatum about Sami. He also says he doesn't know how well he, his mom and EJ will get along. Sami is glad he stood up to his mother. Lucas says he's been thinking a lot about John lately. He also has been thinking about Shawn and Belle. Lucas says he sees now that you can't wait for the right time or place if you want something. He says he lost his job and had to take one he hates. He also says he knows they just got back together, but with all that said. Sami asks if there is a question in there? He says he does have a question. Lucas gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him! 

On the ship, Shawn has bought Claire some toys and stuff. Belle is worried, they promised to show the doctor some immunization papers. Shawn says they'll claim they can't find them and he tells her to relax, nobody is looking for them.

Dr. Deardon the ship's doctor meets with the captain. He tells him that there is a couple on board and something seems off about them. He's not sure but feels they need to make sure this couple is who they say they are.

Later Shawn and Belle are out on deck. Belle is laying around and Shawn shows up with flippers and a scuba mask. He entered a diving competition and won all this. Belle laughs and says the sun really feels awesome out here. Shawn feels like a rich guy with everyone waiting on them. Belle says it's like Titanic but with a happier ending. Belle says she and Claire even made friends and had a good time. Shawn says no matter where they end up, this is how their life will be. He says they'll all be happy together. They are waited on by a guy named Kevin. Shawn thinks he should go get them some cheap wedding rings to make sure they look legit. She says nobody is looking for rings. Shawn wonders if he is supposed to tip the servers? Belle says she doesn't know. Shawn talks about how the ship is making one more port of call stop before hitting Australia. He thinks they should enjoy it, but Belle is worried Phillip could find them. Shawn says Phillip can't be anywhere. Belle then sees a photo of them in the paper. She shows it to Shawn, he reads the story. She says someone will see this and recognize them. Belle freaks and says she's going back downstairs and isn't coming out with Claire until the ship docks. 

Back in their room, Belle is packing. Shawn says they are hours from Australia. She says forget Australia, they are getting off this boat as soon as possible. Suddenly the doctor and captain show up saying problems have been found with their passports.


February 14, 2007
At the hospital, we see a replay of Chelsea kissing "Shane Patton" and saying she can't believe she's found him. She thought he was saving lives across the country, not right here in her own town. He says there has been some mistake, his name is Alan Rebert. She says he's not Lonely Splicer who has been emailing her? He says he's sorry but no, it seems someone sent her his photo. She feels like a fool and hopes he won't hold this against her when he reviews her application for the job. Later Chelsea talks with Billie about who could have done this. Billie says she worked here before, maybe a patient or someone else here developed a crush on her. Chelsea asks why they wouldn't have just told her? Billie says she knows men! Chelsea thinks she needs to talk to Nick, he'll know how to get to the bottom of this.

At Billie's, Nick and Abby arrive looking for Chelsea, but she's not home. Nick doesn't know what to do. Abby continues to tell him that he has no choice, he has to tell the truth. Nick starts talking about how great Chelsea is and how well they worked together in Canada. Abby says funny, Chelsea said the same thing about him, even calling him a hero. Nick thinks once she finds out what he's done she will only hate him. Billie then calls Nick and Abby up. She says Chelsea found out someone played a cruel joke on her and she's devastated. Billie says she's gone looking for Nick. 

At Maggie's, Chelsea shows up looking for Nick. Maggie says he's not here, but she's welcomed to wait in his room. SHe heads upstairs and looks around his room. She's stunned when she sees movie posters for the movies "Shane" and "Patton." She puts it all together just as Nick arrives. He wants to explain, but she's furious. She attacks him and asks how he could do this to her? She says she wanted to be a better person for him, but it was all a lie. She says whenever she thinks of him from now on all she'll see is the man who broke her heart. She then runs out.

At the station, Steve and Kayla are waiting Steve's being put back in jail. EJ shows up and claims a lot of this is his fault, so he's come to drop the charges. Steve would rather be left in jail. Steve knows all of this is because Elvis tortured him. EJ tells Kayla that her husband really is sick and needs help. Later Kayla sends Steve to sign some papers for his release. Kayla tells EJ that she will keep Steve away from him, but he better stay away from them as well. Steve returns and gets upset when EJ suggests Steve take his beautiful wife home. Steve doesn't EJ touching Kayla or coming near her. Kayla says they should just go home. EJ leaves and Steve has another head ringing episode, which he fights off. He tells Kayla he knows Ej is behind what happened to him and has the answers he needs. Kayla thinks it is pointless telling Steve to stay away from EJ.

At Sami's, Lucas proposes to Sami, who says no and goes crying on the couch. He doesn't understand, he just proposed on Valentine's Day and she's saying no? She is afraid, she doesn't want him putting his faith in her again only to be disappointed. He says he loves her and wants to marry her, that is all he wants. She eventually accepts and he puts the ring on her finger. He also says he got the baby something. He shows her a little Kangaroo animal with a baby in the pouch. They talk about their baby and Lucas hits a nerve when he mentions there will be no repeats of Will and how they weren't sure who the father was. This sets Sami into a tizzy. He apologizes and says he just meant nothing could break them up. Later EJ shows up at the door. he sees they are celebrating and Lucas reveals they just got engaged. He wonders if there is a reason. He sees the stuffed animal and wonders if they are expecting an addition? Lucas almost reveals it, but Sami covers and claims it is for Claire. Ej appears to buy the answer and later Sami reminds Lucas they have to keep this a secret for awhile long.

On the ship, the doctor and captain talk with Shawn and Belle. Shawn thinks this is about the immunization, he says they were tired and just didn't have time to look for it. The captain says something has come to his attention that there may be something wrong with their passports. The captain asks to see them and Belle hands them over. He says the passports are fake and it is his duty to hold them here and report them. Shawn and Belle explain how they are running from someone who wants to take their daughter, someone who buys judges, social workers and the courts. They says they had no choice but to run, they haven't done anything wrong. The captain says falsifying passports is against the law. Shawn begs him to give them a chance to escape at the next port, look the other way and say he did everything he could to keep them here. Suddenly Phillip bursts in, followed by Willow. He says they came onboard at the last port and their passports are valid. He says that he has a court order giving him custody of the child, which shares his last name. Shawn says she's not his child! Phillip demands the captain due his duty, lock them up and give the child to him.


February 15, 2007
At Sami's, Lucas and Sami are kissing on the couch. Lucas thinks they will have to start printing their invitations for the wedding pretty soon. Sami is scared about her wedding curse. Lucas says they aren't going to worry about that anymore. She says she is trying. Lucas has the perfect thing to get rid of curses, a kiss from a handsome prince like him. They kiss and he says the curse is gone. Sami says the curse won't be gone as long as Kate is in the church. Lucas says they don't have to invite her, they'll just invite Billie. Sami thinks Billie is mad at her over the advice she gave her on EJ. Lucas says same with him, she probably won't want to come.

EJ drops by to see Billie, who is reading some mail and having problems. He has come by to talk to her about her home security idea. He ran some numbers and thinks if they buy in bulk then . . . He realizes something is wrong and this isn't the time to talk about this with her. Billie has been evicted, Lucas leased this place from Victor and Victor wants her out. EJ brings her some tea and asks if there isn't anything Lucas could do about this? Billie says Lucas and Victor aren't even talking. He says that she won't know until someone asks. EJ then heads out as Billie yells at him to come back.

Back at Sami's, Sami and Lucas' make out session is interrupted by EJ knocking on the door. EJ says he is glad he's still here. Lucas says just because he lives across the hall doesn't mean he can come over every five minutes. EJ says Billie is upset, which prompts Lucas to want to know what he did. EJ says nothing, Victor evicted Billie. Lucas though he would let that one slide. He goes to check on Billie, Lucas tells EJ to shut the door on his way out. EJ sticks around with Sami. Sami tells EJ that he's supposed to leave now if he didn't get the hint. He suggests she not be rude given how much he's pined away for her. He says it is Valentine's Days, can't they be considerate to one another? He suggests they have a little drink to celebrate. Sami says she doesn't keep alcohol in the house anymore. He says yes he knows, Lucas likes booze too much. He says he has something on ice at home, he'll be right back with it. Later EJ returns and begins making some drinks. She is through with his games. She says he forced her to have sex to save Lucas' life and then forced her to lie about it, otherwise she would have told everyone what she knows and he'd be in jail. EJ hands her a drink and wants her to drink it. She won't drink it and he wonders if something is wrong. He asks why she hasn't been drinking at all lately, something she wants to share with a close friend? She says Lucas doesn't drink and she's lost the taste to drink. He says or maybe . . . she says it is time to leave. He says they still need a toast. She says she can toast just as easily with juice and she goes to get some. EJ pries through her stuff, claiming to look for matches. He wants to smoke, but she says she doesn't allow smoking in her apartment . . . for a number of reasons. Sami downs her juice and tells him to leave. He says one more toast, they should toast to her child and to mother's day. He asks if he said something wrong? She says no and he needs to go as Lucas will be back. He says there is no rush, but he says she and Lucas do seem to be rushing this wedding. He wonders if she has a little bundle of joy coming? Sami says they aren't rushing into this marriage, they've been in love with one another for years. He says it was just yesterday that she was engaged to Dallas. She says his name was Austin. She tells EJ that she is not pregnant, how many times does she have to tell him. He says until he's convinced. Lucas returns (after the stuff below) and says maybe he should convince him! Lucas gets rid of EJ. Sami tells Lucas that EJ knows, he must have heard something, maybe Billie or Kate said something. Lucas says he's just fishing and they will tell people when the time is right. He says tonight will be the first night of uninterrupted love making. 

EJ returns to his place saying he will find out what he needs to know, he always does.

Over at Billie's, Lucas talks with Billie. Billie won't take anymore help or handouts. She says she is taking EJ's offer to go into business with him. Lucas refuses. He gives her some money to help her out, but she says no. She says she knows she's taking a risk but only people who take risks get ahead. He warns her that she doesn't really how bad it will be. He also wants Billie to move in with them, Sami could use help planning a wedding. Billie asks if he proposed? He says yes and this time will be the last. Billie says she's happy for both of them. Lucas thinks nothing will stand in their way this time.

Nick shows up at Billie's place to see Chelsea. Lucas is still with Billie, Billie wonders what Chelsea did now. Nick says nothing, it is her fault. Nick admits to Billie that he was the one sending Chelsea the emails. Billie drags him inside asking what he's done. He says he pretended to be someone else so she'd like him, but she found out. He did mean every word he said to her. Billie says he shouldn't have let it get this far. She says Chelsea has made real progress and now who knows what she will do. Billie calls Abby, she hasn't heard from Chelsea either. They are both worried and head out to find her.

Chelsea shows up at Bo and Hope's in tears. She knows Hope probably doesn't want her here, but she can't talk to her mom or friends about this yet. She says they all warned her and she didn't listen. She tells them the guy she was talking to on the internet was Nick and he was lying to her. Chelsea explains the whole story, including how she made out with Nick's boss who she thought was Shane Patton. She thinks it's payback for all the bad things she's done. She says it deserves her right because of the photo she posted of Billie and Bo, now she's been fooled by a photo. Hope says it is funny how things work out that way. Bo gets a call and ends up having to take it. It is Roman, he asks Bo to come down to the station as there is something he needs to see. Chelsea tells Bo it's okay, she's taken enough of his time. Hope tells Chelsea to stay until Bo gets back, she could help her get through some ice cream. Bo says he won't be gone too long, don't eat it all. 

Later Chelsea tells Hope that she's being nice and she knows she doesn't deserve it, she just hopes one day that she may forgive her a little. Chelsea says she knows it is crazy. Hope says it's not, she already has forgiven her. Chelsea says she can't believe this. Hope says she needs Chelsea's forgiveness, she needs to apologize to her. Chelsea says she's the one who should be apologizing. Hope says she never thought she would stop feeling angry and bitter towards her. Chelsea says she deserved it. Hope says the truth is she lost the only parents she knew, she should have opened her arms and welcomed her but she couldn't do it. She says she made it worse for her, and for that she'll always be sorry. Chelsea cries and says they both have things they are sorry for. Hope promises to do everything she can to make a fresh start. Chelsea says she'll do her best too. The baby cries and Hope goes to check on her. Hope picks up Doodlebug, who is finally a real baby! Hope lets Chelsea hold her little sister. Chelsea promises her that she will do whatever she can to make her sister proud of her, Hope too. Later they talk about the email scam of Nick's. Hope doesn't think the emails were that fake, she thinks Nick's emails were genuine and that he really thinks a lot of her.

At the station Bo asks what is so important? Roman says the DA went to see Patrick to try and get a statement against EJ. Bo asks if it worked? Roman says he wouldn't give up EJ, but he did say something juicy. He says he did have someone helping him that nobody knew about. Patrick stated Chelsea was someone who he had helping him. Bo is furious. 

Later Bo returns home screaming at Chelsea. He says did he think he wouldn't find out that she was the one helping him? Chelsea says that isn't true. Bo says bull, he has a signed and sworn statement that she was involved. He says he's finished with her, she had her last chance a hell of a long time ago. He says she's not his daughter.

At the lab, Nick is messing up everything. Dr. Rebert shows up to see Nick. Nick asks if a beautiful dark haired crazy girl started making out with him? He says the one on the computer? Dr. Rebert has figured it out and says no harm done, in fact his reputation with the nurses went up.

On the ship, Shawn warns Phillip not to touch his daughter otherwise he will throw his sorry but overboard. The captain tells them all that this is enough. He intends to check all their stories. Phillip says the court order is clear, Shawn says yeah he got what he paid for. He asks Willow how much she got paid for this trip? Willow says it was a freebee, she wanted to see the look on his face when they lost Claire. Belle calls her a bitch and says that won't happen. The captain tells them all to stay here and remain civil, otherwise he will throw them all in the brig. Phillip wants to talk to Belle alone, so Shawn and Willow stand outside the cabin. 

Belle thinks there is nothing Phillip has to say to her, but he says trust him. She says never again. Phillip begs to just hold Claire, he can't do anything with Shawn outside. Belle lets him hold Claire. He tells Claire that he'll never go away again and he missed her so much. He says he can't tell her how much. Belle says this is so sad, all of it, all this fighting. Belle says she never wanted this. Phillip says maybe they should just forgive one another. She asks if he's serious? He says yes, forgive and forget? He says it is what is best for Claire. He says they should take her home together. He asks her what she says? She can't believe he would think she would go home with him. She reminds him how he called her the queen of deception. He says he said a lot of things, he still knows she is the kind woman she's always been. He also tells Belle that he hasn't changed either and he is still in love with her. She asks what he wants? Phillip basically lets her know if he comes home with her then she'll be part of Claire's life, if not then she loses Claire. She says this is blackmail. She says this isn't love and he's a sick man. She says it is so sad, he served his country so bravely and has come home unbalanced, violent and shell shocked. She wonders how the judge will feel when he hears that? She says he won't get her or Claire, deal with it. 

Outside Shawn wonders how Willow tricked Phil into taking her in. She says Phil isn't the kind of guy you can trick. Willow says she's living in the mansion now. She says it's a posh crib and Victor is such a sweetie. Shawn says Phillip wouldn't give her the time of day so what is she giving him? Willow says she is pregnant and Phillip wants to take care of her and her baby . . . what does he think about that? Shawn thinks she's lying, so Willow shows him his stomach. She says she's in her second trimester and he's the father! She tells himself to ask himself, why would Phillip keep her around if the baby isn't his. Shawn realizes Phillip is using this baby to get Claire. Willow says if Phillip doesn't get Claire then this baby is his. The captain returns and has made his decision, he suggests they all go in the cabin and talk. 

Back in the cabin, the captain reveals he can't enforce the custody papers. He says the authorities in Australia will though, they will have to settle this with the American consult. Phillip says good, his father knows half of Washington. He says until they get to Australia, Claire, Belle and Shawn are under house arrest. Phillip and Willow take the cabin across the hall to watch them. Phillip tells them to start kissing Claire goodbye for good. Phillip and Willow leave. The captain says they'll see they are as comfortable as they can be. He says he's sorry and locks them in. Belle freaks out, she thinks they will lose Claire. Shawn says they won't. he says they are getting off this ship somehow.


February 16, 2007
Max heads to the garage. He's on the phone and telling someone (Mimi) that he has a lot of work tonight and just can't meet up. He says he'll talk to them later. He walks into the garage and finds Abby under a car working. He thought she quit? She says she left some books here and noticed he was backed up with work. She decided to help. She says she's done three oil changes and some brake work, but the train (?) is all his. He asks why she did this for him? She felt bad for bailing on him and with Shawn cutting out, she knows he needed help. He says if he knew he had such a talented mechanic on his hands well he never would have let her go. She says she learned from the best . . . Shawn was a great mechanic. She says she's kidding, she watched him all the time. She talks about how he put some guys old junk car back together because he loved it so. She says he inspired her to learn more about cars. Max says he appreciates this and doesn't know what to say. She says he doesn't have to say anything. She says she'll head out, she knows Mimi is on her way over. He says she's not, he told her that he had to much work tonight. She says now he doesn't. He offers to take her out to dinner to thank her, but she says she left him in a lurch and doesn't owe her. He says for old times sake? He says he is starving. She says she guesses. She goes to clean up and change. 

Max and Abby go to Chez Rouge for dinner. Max tells Abby about the skeleton being Mimi's dad. Max says the cops are all over the case now. Abby asks how Mimi is handling it? Max says not well, she's beating herself up over thinking her dad ran out on them. Max also says that her biggest fears are that everyone in her family will go to jail and she won't have anyone else. Abby says she has him. Max says for what that is worth. Abby thinks it is worth a lot. He says he's trying to help her and trying to be here for her, but she just deserves a break from all this bad stuff. Max says she is a good person. Abby says she believes him. Max says it's just these past few weeks, he's felt overwhelmed and this is a lot. Abby says she knows, it's like he feels a responsibility to fix everything. She says it's like being friends with Chelsea, it's draining and you feel like your life has disappeared. Max says exactly. Max says it feels good to say that, he's felt like he would let Mimi down by admitting that. Abby says since they are being honest, she has something to tell him. She says it's about the way she acted towards Mimi. Abby says the truth is, she was jealous of the two of them. Abby says she's really sorry. She admits that she had a huge crush on him and when he started falling for Mimi, she acted immature and said things that weren't fair. She says she is sorry. Max says he's sorry he didn't see it before. Abby says she's grown up since then. He says he wishes he could say the same about himself. Max admits how overwhelmed he is right now and how he feels something is missing, something right there in front of his face. Abby knows what it is, he needs to start racing again. Max says he's moved on from racing, that chapter in his life is over. She asks why he quit? He admits to her that he is scared. He says ever since the crash he's been frightened. Max says  they could have died that day. Abby says it wasn't his fault. Max says he knows, but he's afraid of taking the chance and screwing up and making a mistake again, of hurting someone else. She says he has to get back in the game, get into the pit if he can't drive yet. She says if it isn't in him anymore then he'll know for sure. Max says she's very smart. They both admit they have missed one another a lot. Max says the timing might not be right, but she's not the only one who had a crush. He admits when he and Chelsea broke up, he thought about asking her out. He admits he was a attracted to her. He says he didn't ask her out because she was Chelsea's best friend and then there is the age thing. She says she's the same age as Chelsea. He says she seemed younger and innocent. He says there is six years between them, and at their ages that is a lot. He also doesn't think her dad would appreciate him dating his little girl. He says he held back and he's beginning to wonder if it was a mistake. He convinces her to come back to work for him, name her price. She says one million dollars and free car repairs. He says she drives a tough bargain.

Billie and Nick return home to Billie's to see if Chelsea is there, she's not. Nick says they searched everywhere, it's like she disappeared. Billie says she needs time to herself, she's hurt and upset.

 Nick says because of him, he shattered her hopes and dreams. He says she didn't just look disappointed, she looked betrayed by someone she thought was her friend. Nick says that is what kills him, not only did he lose any chance of being with her, he lost a friend. He says he blew everything, Chelsea hates him and he doesn't blame her. Billie says he didn't do it out of selfishness, he reached out to try and help her. Billie says in the long run he'll learn that he made her want to be a better person. Nick says Dr. Shane Patton made her want to be better and he doesn't exist. Billie says he is wrong, they are one in the same. She says it was his words and sensitivity that she responded to. Nick doesn't think so. Billie says it is time for him to stop feeling sorry for himself! She says what is done is done, now he fixes things. He asks how? She says he made a mistake, Chelsea has made a hell of a lot of mistakes. Billie says let her cool down, it's not the end of the world. Nick says that will happened when she finds out they slept together. Billie says it won't happen, but Nick says he thought the same thing about Shane Patton. He says secrets have a way of coming out unless you take them to your grave. Billie promises him that Chelsea will never find out. Nick says if she does then they are both dead. Billie says they have to focus on the positives, Nick is smart, attractive and funny and has a lot to offer. She also says Chelsea does like him, if she didn't then she wouldn't be so devastated. Nick says so he should be glad she hates him? Billie says if Chelsea didn't care about him then she wouldn't be so devastated. Nick wonders why Billie wants him in her daughter's life, after what they did one would think she wouldn't want him near her. Billie feels that Nick is good for her, just give her some time, don't give up on her.

At Bo and Hope's, Chelsea can't believe Bo thinks she did favors for Patrick. She asks what kind of favors? He explains it is all in his statement to the DA. Bo reads that Patrick says she helped him. Hope tries to calm Bo down. Bo demands she read it so Hope can hear. Chelsea reads what Patrick said, that he called her from time to time, she had the goods on Bo and helped him stay ahead of the cops. Chelsea says this isn't true. Bo says he knows Lockhart called her the night John was shot, he told her to call him. Bo says he arranged it so John could be in the boathouse with EJ instead of him. Chelsea says she didn't know that is what he was doing. Bo says he doesn't believe her, in fact he will never make the mistake of believing her again. Bo says she betrayed them again, this time she put Hope and her baby in danger. Chelsea says she would never. She says Patrick is lying, he's trying to get out of what he did by accusing her. Bo says he doubts it. Chelsea asks why he'd believe Patrick over her? Bo says Patrick has nothing to gain, she does. She asks what she has to gain? He says her goal was the same as his, to come between him and Hope. Chelsea says she didn't tell him anything, she doesn't trust him. Bo says and that's why she called him the night John was shot and Hope was kidnapped? Chelsea says Patrick wanted her to tell Bo that she saw Patrick and Hope leaving town together. Bo says but she didn't see them. Chelsea says she didn't and she called him right away to tell him what Patrick was up to. He says there is more to it that she's not saying. She says there isn't, and if she knew it was part of a murder plot then she wouldn't have helped him. She says she knows better, she's not that person anymore, she knows he belongs with Hope. Hope asks if that is how she felt the night she talked to Patrick? Chelsea admits she thought maybe they were going away together and there was a chance. Bo says there you go. Chelsea says she admits Patrick called her and said he was taking Hope out of town and Bo would be free, but she didn't know he was going to kill her or the baby. She begs Bo to believe her. Bo says he wants to believe her, she has no idea how much. He says but he can't, not anymore. He says she can't be trusted and is a threat to this family. He says he can't have her here anymore, she is no longer welcomed here. Hope asks Bo to talk about this, but he says no. He says he's threw with her. Chelsea begs him not to do this, she needs them in her life. Bo says she should have thought about that a long time ago. He says how many chances has he given her? How many times has she told him she changed? She cries that she has changed. Bo says he has to protect his family. He opens the door and says get out of his house and never come back. He tells her to get out before he throws her out. Chelsea ends up leaving in tears. 

Later, Hope begins dialing the phone as Bo is fuming. He asks what she's doing? Hope says she's calling Billie to let her know Chelsea is devastated. Hope talks to Billie and says Chelsea just left in tears. Billie asks if this is about Nick? Hope says no, Bo and her had an argument and he told her to leave and not come back. Hope won't get into it right now. Billie thanks her. After she gets off the phone, Bo says Chelsea is out of their lives. She says he has a right to be upset, but she wasn't the only one who made mistakes. Hope says Chelsea said . . . Bo says she says one thing but does another. He says look at what she's done this year, she was right from the beginning not to trust her, Chelsea was bad news. She says she doesn't think so. He asks what about Zack? Hope says that was a mistake. She says hanging onto this anger doesn't help and a lot has changed. Hope says she's done a lot of thinking about where things went wrong. She says the two of them are to blame for a lot. She says Chelsea did take advantage of them, but they turned their backs on one another. She says they can't do the same thing to Chelsea. She says they are a family again and starting to heal, they can't tear their family apart again. Bo says he's doing this for them, she is the reason he's turning his back on Chelsea. Hope says he's not listening, that isn't what she wants. Hope thinks they should take Chelsea's word. She says they talked tonight like they've never talked. She says she could see the change in her, she is sorry. Bo says she's always sorry for something. Hope says look at what she did for Shawn and Belle. She did that for her brother and to make her father proud. She says Chelsea craves his approval, she needs him . . . actually she needs both of them. Bo says she has a big heart, it is one of the many reasons he loves her. He says but no, he can't give Chelsea another chance. 

Chelsea heads to the garage and is in tears. Billie finds her at the garage. Chelsea was waiting to meet Abby. Billie says she's here and everything will be okay. Chelsea says it won't. She says she isn't meant to be loved, it doesn't matter if she's good or bad. She says nobody will ever love her. Billie says that isn't true, she loves her and the Brady's love her. Nick walks in and says her friends love her. Chelsea is furious, she yells at Nick that she told him she doesn't want to see him ever again. She says she meant it so get out! He stands there and she screams again for him to leave. Billie tells him it's okay and he should go. Chelsea keeps screaming Go! Nick eventually leaves. Billie tells Chelsea it has been quite a night for her between Nick and her dad. Billie says Nick told her what happened. Billie says Nick never meant to hurt her, and her dad has a temper. Chelsea says what she realized tonight is that they aren't that different, every time they thing they've found happiness it doesn't work out. Chelsea thinks they are cursed. Billie says they aren't, for one thing she has a wonderful daughter who has come back to her. Billie says she feels blessed. Chelsea says all she's done is cause her pain and misery, she should have stayed lost. Billie tells Chelsea that she's come a long way and is proud of her. Chelsea says once Billie hears the whole story she might change her mind. Chelsea fills her in (off camera). Chelsea swears she didn't help Patrick. Billie knows she's being honest. Chelsea asks why dad can't see that? Billie says he's being protective of his family. Chelsea says of everyone but her. Billie says not true, he helped her after the accident with Zack. She says Bo is being cautious but it doesn't mean he won't forgive him. She says give Bo time and make more of an effort to show she's changed. Billie says she believes in her and Hope does too. Billie suggests they go home and raid the cabinet.

Nick goes to the lab and runs into doctor Rebert. The doctor is finishing up some work before going home. Nick talks to the doctor about Chelsea and how she hates him. He says he really liked her. The doctor says she seemed nice, beautiful and a great kisser. He says she was a passionate lady. He says someone else will come along though for Nick. Dr. Rebert tells himself that he thinks he just filled the assistance job.


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