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3rd Week of February 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


February 19, 2007
Nick shows up at the garage to see Abby, saying he has a leak in his brain and it needs to be fixed. Abby says she heard from Chelsea about what happened. Nick says he should have listened to them all and come clean. He asks Abby if she's tuning engines in her spare time? She says she's helping Max catch up on work. Nick thinks she's out of her mind. He says she likes Max, but he's with Mimi. He warns her that liking someone who doesn't like you back is a great way to get your heart broken, take it from him. They have some sodas and Abby tells Nick about how she and Max had dinner and both admitted they had feelings for one another. She says it felt great, it was like the big elephant in the room walked away. Nick says nice concept, but it is too late for him unless he does something drastic. Abby reminds him last time he tried that he ended up in bed with Chelsea's mom. Abby tells him to just lay low for awhile. Nick thinks he should serenade her, maybe buy her a car. Abby tells Nick she won't help him, she is Switzerland, she is neutral and won't get involved. Nick says well he hopes things work out for her and Max, he'll just have to think something else out. Abby knows she should keep her mouth shut, but she may have a way for him to get Chelsea back. Abby tells Nick that it will require humility on his part. She says Chelsea still needs a job and went to see Dr. Rebert about the lab assistant position. Nick says great idea, she wants him to ask his supervisor to hire the crazed girl who covered him with kisses? Nick thinks he'd be fired for sure. Abby says if his boss was going to fire him then he would have done so by now. Abby then gets a call from Chelsea asking her to come over and talk. 

Chelsea is at home listening to messages from Nick on her answering machine. She keeps deleting them. Nick is calling to apologize and asks her to call him. Billie tells Chelsea that Nick only wants to make things right. Chelsea says he lied and she never wants to see him again. Billie says everything he said in those emails was the truth. Chelsea asks why he had to pretend to be someone else? Billie says if Nick had told her how he felt, what would she have done? Billie takes it from her silence that she wouldn't have given him the time of day. Chelsea says maybe not. Billie says she's heard how she makes fun of him. Billie says what Nick did was wrong, but the reason he did it was so right. He says it was to bring comfort to a lovely girl. Billie says it is like Cyrano. She tells Chelsea the story of Cyrano and Roxanne. Chelsea wonders whose side Billie is on. Billie says hers. Chelsea asks why she brought him to the garage then? Why does she keep defending him? Billie claims she's not, but Chelsea says she's calling him poetic. Billie tells Chelsea that Nick made a mistake and God knows she's made her share. Billie says treat Nick the way she'd like to be treated as a friend, because that is what he's been to her.

Billie at Nick meet up at Chez Rouge. Nick is drinking a beer, he offers to buy her one. She says no thanks, she's recovering remember. She asks how many he has had. He says two, three is his personal record, which he may best. She thinks he doesn't need the beers. She says he called to talk, she assumed about Chelsea. She says she is here and listening, what can she do for him? Nick says he usually doesn't drink. Billie says it's not a good idea especially when you feel bad. Nick feels worse than bad. Billie says she's been there, she's been everywhere on the scale of what not to do with your life, including sleeping with her daughter's friend. Nick says another reason for Chelsea to hate him. He feels like his life is a stupid country western song where you lose everyone you love. Billie says this isn't the place cowboys go to tie one on. She tells him he'll probably feel like hell in the morning, so she gets him some water and an espresso. Billie tells Nick that it will be awhile before Chelsea forgives him, and knowing Chelsea that could be a long time. Later Nick ends up burning his mouth on his espresso. Nick downs some water. He says he doesn't care what it takes, he will make Chelsea forgive him. He decides to start by getting Chelsea that job at the lab, maybe it will get her to hate him a little less. Billie says this could go either way, either it could make her forgive him a little, otherwise working with her every day could be torture. He says he has to do something for Chelsea that will prove how much she means to him.

Chelsea and Abby talk at the apartment. Chelsea says she's had a bad day, first she finds out about Nick and then her dad throws her out. She won't talk about Bo, so Abby asks about Nick. Chelsea says she hates Nick. She tells her how embarrassed she was to lip lock with a complete stranger at the hospital. Abby thinks she'll get over it, maybe laugh about it in 20 years. Chelsea doubts it, she can never go back to the hospital. Abby ends up saying she had begged Nick for weeks to tell Chelsea about Shane Patton. Chelsea says you knew? Chelsea thinks Abby had a big laugh at her expense. Abby says she tried to get Nick to tell her the truth but he was afraid to. Chelsea says Abby should have told her. Abby has no excuses, she hoped Nick would do the right thing. She says she was caught in the middle, she didn't want either of them to get hurt. Chelsea asks who else knew? Maggie? Stephanie? Max? Abby says no one else knew. Chelsea admits she can't be upset, she hasn't been the best of friends to Abby. Chelsea thinks it is payback time all the way around for her. 

Later Chelsea is shocked when Dr. Rebert calls her. He wonders if she remembers him. She remembers him, joking how she could forget. He says he was hoping she'd say that. He still hasn't filled the job and asks her to come in. Chelsea is shocked and says she'll be right there. Chelsea tells Abby that Dr. Rebert is still willing to consider her for the job. She hopes she gets that job, she'd love to be in Nick's face and rub it in. She also says that doctor is hot and if she gets the job then she could use the doctor to make Nick jealous! Chelsea says why not use this opportunity to get some revenge, Nick deserves it. Chelsea heads out, asking Abby to lock up when she leaves. Abby then calls Nick to tell him it was a brilliant move calling Dr. Rebert and getting Chelsea the interview. Nick says he didn't. He realizes Dr. Rebert didn't mind playing tonsil hockey with Chelsea after all. Nick thinks he's screwed. He rushes out of Chez Rouge to get to the hospital.

Kayla finds Steve in the living room working out. He can't sleep. She asks him what he's doing? He thinks she's disappointed in him. He says he couldn't stay in that hospital, he would have become a basket case. She says if he has a plan then tell her as it is time for him to step up to the plate. Steve tells Kayla how wonderful she is, how if he didn't have her that he couldn't survive. He says the DiMeras can come after him all he wants, he can take them and whatever they have to throw at him. He says what he can't take is losing her, she is his wife. She says he won't lose her, she is staying right here. She says he keeps saying he is waiting to lose her, well that is a cowards way to make the first move. She thinks he wants her to demand he check into that hospital or she'll leave him. She says he wants to go off and be a lone and injured wolf, but she won't give him that luxury. She says if he wants to go then go, but she won't pack his bag and open the door for him. She says she's never given up on him before and won't now. She tells him that he has to decide if he wants to be this wounded warrior, or does he want to get well. He says he wants to get well. She says he can't do it on his own and if they don't stop this problem now then it will only get worse. She says she's not going anywhere, she will be in that bedroom every night and wants him there with her. She says she loves the man he is now. She and Steve hold one another. Steve says he's scared. She says she knows. She tells him that he can attack this fear that is gripping him and understand he's a victim. She says the DiMeras put him through hell, they tortured him for weeks or years. She says most men couldn't survive that, but he did. She says if he can survive that then he can survive this. She begs him to attack this head on, just be himself. 

Later Steve is in bed and Kayla comes in wearing a negligee. She gets into bed, he tells her how beautiful she is and how much he loves her. They begin to kiss. Later they lay in one another's arms. Steve says when he stands in front of the Big Dude and they are tallying up his scores, they will ask what the finest thing he ever did. Steve says he'll tell them that he let down his guard and let Kayla love him. He doesn't know if that will get him into heaven or not, but this is heaven to him. He says earlier she said something that confused her, she said she needed him to be Steve. Steve says when he left the hospital he was Steve, he was Steve afraid of becoming one of those zombies. He says he's made a decision though, he will talk to Marlena. She thanks him. They begin to drift off to sleep. Steve of course has more dreams of being tortured by EJ, who keeps saying he is one of them now. Steve wakes up from his dream and looks around. He looks over at Kayla who is sleeping. 

EJ is in some alley. He meets a guy, the guy says he is in the back of the truck and it wasn't easy getting him off the boat. Later we se a hospital room has been set up in a warehouse. A nurse is there and EJ asks her to check his vitals and IVs. EJ pays the guy who delivered him and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Later EJ sits with the patient. He says he has the finest nurses and equipment in the world, nothing is too good for his father. EJ puts on some opera music for him to listen to. He remembers growing up he'd conduct the orchestra as if it was they in front of him. EJ says he's consulted several doctors about his condition. He says nobody is more important to him than his father. He says it is funny he almost never met him, he should have heard what his mother said about him. He says he doesn't know where he'd be without him, he gave him the best teachers and guidance, he gave him the world. EJ says now it is time he gave something back to him. EJ promises his father that he will save his life, even if it means someone else must die.


February 20, 2007
Chelsea arrives at the hospital lab to see Dr. Rebert. He asks her to come in. He says normally he doesn't interview job applicants this late. She is surprised he called after she basically jumped his bones. She says he's an important doctor and she treated him like man-candy. He asks if it looks like he minded? Outside the lab Nick is spying. Chelsea thought she blew this job. He says she didn't, and Dr. Patton is a lucky man. She says there is no Dr. Patton, just Nick who used her . . . used them both. He says well they have something in common, but he thinks Nick learned his lesson. Dr. Rebert gives her the job and tells her she can start tomorrow. She thanks him and says she won't disappoint him. She heads out and runs into Nick in the hall. She knows he was eavesdropping. Chelsea says she got the job. Nick says he was planning to recommend her for the job. Chelsea says they both know the last thing he wants is her working with him. He says she's right, he doesn't. Se says he doesn't want her making fun of his polyester shirts, his pocket protectors and his shoes. She says she didn't tease him to be mean, if he knew her then he would have known she did it because she was his friend. He says he still is her friend. She says he's not and he doesn't get it. Nick says no she doesn't get it, he loves her. He says he had to say that, he's sorry if it makes her uncomfortable. Nick says awhile ago she made him promise to always be her friend. He asks if she wants that? She says he broke the promise, after tomorrow they are just coworkers. She then lets Nick know that the real Dr. Shane Patton likes her and she kinda likes him. She tells Lonely Splicer that she'll see him around. 

Chelsea goes to the garage and tells Abby that she got the job. Abby asks if Nick put in a good word, but Chelsea says no. She says Dr. Rebert hired her. Abby says but she doesn't have much experience and she did put her tongue down his throat. She says he didn't seem to mind that. As Chelsea tells her about the interview, Abby realizes Dr. Rebert was flirting with her. She wonders if Nick knows. Chelsea says Nick listened in on the interview. Abby thinks it must have broke his heart, he worships the ground she walks on, he practically . . . . Chelsea says he loves her, Nick told her that. Abby asks how that makes her feel? Chelsea doesn't answer. Abby says Chelsea hated working at the hospital, she only took this job to make Nick pay. Chelsea admits it. Abby hopes Chelsea will think about how she feels about Nick. Chelsea says she needs to go shopping for her new job. Abby says lab assistants wear lab coats. Chelsea doesn't think so! Abby wonders who Chelsea is trying to dress for, Nick or her new boss? Chelsea says both!

Back at he lab, Nick talks to Dr. Rebert about hiring Chelsea. Nick lets him know that Chelsea tries to come off more worldly than she seems. Dr. Rebert says yeah right. Nick says she's not some cheap piece of . . . .Dr. Rebert tells Nick not to talk to him that way, he's already on thin ice around here. Nick says he cares about her and doesn't want her to get hurt. Rebert asks what makes Nick think he'd hurt her? Rebert says this conversation is over and he walks out.

At the Carver's, Celeste is taking care of Theo as well as looking through the bills. She gets a speeding ticket for Lexie and is shocked by what she sees. She says this is LExie's car but that is not her daughter.

At Sami's, Sami is looking at a bridal magazine that she just subscribed to. She talks to Lucas about what is in the magazine. She tells Lucas how as a little girl she used to dream about getting married to the man of her dreams. He says and soon she will. They kiss one another. Sami says she does the wedding planning herself every time and every time she jinxes the big day. Sami jokes she has to find a dress that she hasn't worn before. Lucas says this is the last time so she might as well get it all, do it right. Sami says he said that before remember. Sami says last time Kate sabotaged the wedding and this time she's pregnant and will start showing soon. She says Kate still wants to ruin their relationship. Lucas says it won't happen. There is a knock at the door, it is Kate. Lucas invited her over. Kate thinks Sami is going to apologize. Lucas says no that he called her to apologize to Sami as well as to tell her that he proposed, he and Sami are getting married. She asks how many proposals and rings she has had, has she ever been involved in a legitimate marriage? Sami then gets a call and demands to see her, if she's not here in ten minutes then she's calling the police. After hanging up, Sami tells Lucas it was just a telemarketer. She says she can't deal with this, she's going shopping. She hopes Kate will be gone by time she returns. Sami then heads off. Kate wonders what that was about. She wonders who that phone call was from and why is Sami shopping at this hour. Lucas says he isn't curios, he trusts her. Kate says then he is a fool. He tells her thanks for the support. Lucas wants her to let go of her anger, of her negative attitude towards Sami. She asks if he's lost his mind, has he forgotten what she did to their family? Lucas says forget about the past. Kate asks if he wants Will to end up like her. Lucas wants to talk about her mistakes. He says she is a control freak and doesn't want him to be happy. She says she does want him to be happy. He asks what about the baby, does she want them to be happy or is she going to pull another fake reality show? Kate says she did that to prove that Sami lied about saving his life. He says he doesn't know why he called her over here, he thought he could talk sense into her but he was wrong. She says maybe she can talk sense into him. Kate once again goes into her entire EJ/Sami theory. Kate says EJ was on his way out of Salem and the fastest way is on the road by that cabin they were at. Lucas says he knows and she thinks EJ stopped and helped Sami lift the beam. He thinks she is on drugs for believing that. Kate says she's not but she does believe EJ saved his life and not Sami. Lucas says yeah and then what, EJ went and hid in a grassy knoll? Kate says it makes sense, but Lucas wants proof. Kate has none of course. Kate knows Lucas proposed, but it's not too late. Lucas says there is the issue of the baby. Kate says there is a court system to handle that. Lucas won't do that. Lucas thinks about his own life and how it could have turned out if he had his father in his life. Lucas says she made sure that didn't happen, she wanted his life to revolve around her. She says that is a terrible thing to say. HE says she has made so many mistakes. He tells her all she cares about is her own happiness. Lucas says he's warned her time and time again what would happen if she kept trying to turn him against Sami. He tells Katye she's not welcomed here anymore. Kate says she is his mother. Lucas says not anymore. Kate says she'll always be his mother. Lucas says he's threatened her several times with this, he never went through with it because he felt sorry for her. He says he can't do it anymore, he can't have her in his life if she can't respect the woman he loves. Kate thinks Lucas is angry with Sami and is taking it out on her. Lucas says he can't stand to look at her. He shows her the door and says she's not invited to the wedding, to the Christening or anything else until she can learn to respect the woman he loves. 

Sami shows up to see Celeste. Sami tells Celeste her father is the police commander, why is she threatening to turn her into him? Sami says it's not much of a threat. Celeste says Sami obviously took it as one as she is here. Celeste wants to talk about Sami's trip with Lucas to the cabin, which happened the night John was shot. She wonders if Sami saw Lexie that night? Sami says she didn't and she had nothing to do with her disappearance. Celeste asks who did then. Sami asks why is she asking her? Celeste says Lexie claimed to see the shooting, she lied but Tek saw it and now they are both missing. Celeste wants to know what she knows. Sami tells her to go look in her crystal ball. Celeste tells Sami that she knows she was with EJ that night. Sami says that is a lie, so Celeste shows her the speeding ticket photo. IT clearly shows Sami and EJ Lexie's car. Celeste that is Sami helping the man who tried to kill her step-father. Sami says she can explain, but Celeste says wait until Abe gets home so she doesn't have to listen to the same story twice. Sami says she didn't want to do it. She says Lucas was hurt, she went to flag down a car and didn't realize until it was too late that it was EJ. Celeste asks why she didn't tell the police? Why didn't she come forward? Sami says EJ held a gun on her, he forced her to get through the barricade. She says if she didn't help him then she and Lucas would have died. She says EJ only helped her as long as she let him have sex with her. Sami says so she did. Sami is crying as Celeste says He raped you. Celeste ends up comforting Sami. Sami says Alan Harris raped her as a kid, she swore she'd never be a victim again. Celeste says she is a survivor, not a victim. She tells Sami that she as to go to the police, she can't let EJ get away with this. Sami says she can't, she's pregnant. Celeste asks if it is EJ's? Sami doesn't know. She hopes it is Lucas', but when do things ever go her way. She says Lucas just proposed too. She says when Lucas finds out that she cheated on him. Celeste says forced intimacy doesn't constitute cheating, it is about power and is evil. Sami says there is a 50 percent chance that evil is growing inside of her. Celeste asks if EJ knows. Sami says no, but he will find out soon. Celeste also asks about EJ wanting this to happen. Sami says EJ told her that Stefano sent him to plant the DiMera seed  in a Brady woman. Celeste had hoped the evil would die with Stefano, but she fears that the worst is yet to come. Celeste fears that not only did EJ try and kill John, he must have murdered Lexie. Sami says he may just have them somewhere, remember she is his half sister. Celeste says Sami knows what EJ  is capable of. Celeste promises to keep her secret safe. She tells Sami to take care of herself. Sami says her too. She gives Celeste a hug before leaving. 

Sami returns home to her apartment. Lucas asks if she bought anything? She says she was just window shopping. She asks where his mom is? Lucas says gone, he disowned her. Sami is stunned and asks if he's sure, is he okay? Lucas says he's fine. Lucas says she came up with this theory that EJ saved him that night at the cabin. Sami says Kate is crazy. Sami asks Lucas if he's okay? Lucas says he loves his mom in spite of the crap she's pulled, but he can't have her in his life if she can't accept them. Sami hugs Lucas and says she loves him so much, don't forget it. 

At Steve and Kayla's, we see a replay of Steve having dreams of EJ torturing him and saying he was one of them now. In his dream Steve strangles EJ, who is laughing. In reality Steve is choking Kayla, who says it is her. When he realizes what he's done he falls out of bed screaming. Steve says he's so sorry. Kayla screams at him to stay back as she arms herself with a vase. She's on one side of the room and Steve is on the floor in tears. Steve says he was dreaming, Wells was in his face and torturing him. Steve swears he thought she was EJ. Steve screams that EJ is in his head. Kayla goes to Steve, they are both crying. Steve says he remembers the words he said, he told him that he was one of them now. Steve also remembers EJ saying something about Stefano. Steve cries, he doesn't know what is wrong with him. He says he could have killed her. Kayla says they will get him help, but Steve says there is no help for this. Steve says he is better off dead. Steve says what if next time he doesn't stop himself. Kayla says he will, and whatever was done to him, they will undo it. Steve tells Kayla that she isn't safe with him, she knows this. He says he'll kill himself before he lays a hand on her again. Steve says nobody can help him, but Kayla says John Black overcame this. Steve says he never got his memory back, he's looked over his shoulder his whole life and now he's in the hospital in a coma. Kayla says at least talk to MArlena, but Steve says she can't help him either. Steve says he thought he was strong enough to beat this, but after tonight he doesn't think he can. Steve wants Kayla to call Roman and Bo and press charges against him for domestic violence. He says if he is in jail then he can't hurt anyone, that is why Wells dropped the charges against him. HE tells her to do it right now, but she refuses. She says he couldn't assault he, he is the kindest and sweetest man. Steve refuses to let her die for him. Steve packs a bag and says he's leaving her.


February 21, 2007
At Sami and Lucas' place, they re kissing again. Lucas tells Sami how she needs to stop worrying about the future and the baby, the best days are to come. Sami wishes she could believe it. Lucas does and shows her some little piece of jewelry he bought for their baby girl. She asks what if it is a boy? He says he'll boy it up with a football or something. Lucas says he can't wait to tell the world that they are having a baby. Sami reminds him they have to wait. Lucas knows. Sami says she just wants to wait as long as possible, maybe they shouldn't be buying gifts just yet. As Lucas talks about how he can't wait for the baby, Sami is obviously hurting. Lucas doesn't know why she wants to keep it a secret, a lot of people already know. He also calls her an amazing woman, she conceived a child and saved him all in one night. She tells him to stop. She doesn't like thinking about that night, she was scared and didn't know what to do. Lucas says everything will be fine. He suggests they not concentrate on the bad stuff, only the good stuff. Lucas says when the time is right they'll take out a full page ad in the paper. Suddenly EJ shows up claiming their secret is out, Kate told him the news and he wanted to come congratulate them. Sami is petrified. It turns out EJ just knows they are engaged, he hopes he's invited to the wedding. He says he couldn't be happier for them. Sami asks if that all Kate is talking about? EJ says yes, is there any other surprises? Lucas and Sami say no. EJ offers Lucas a month off work, full pay and take the company jet anywhere  for their honeymoon. EJ says him that Kate is already seeing every shade of red so they'll need that month off. He says Sami better get used to Kate tormenting her for life. Sami thanks for painting such a rosy picture of her future. She excuses herself. Lucas and EJ talk about dealing with Kate at work. EJ says he told Kate to keep her opinions of Sami to herself at work. Lucas thanks him, though says his mom is his headache really. EJ decides to head out and offers to take their trash out. EJ leaves, Sami thought for sure EJ knew she was pregnant. Lucas wonders why she doesn't want EJ to know? She says she just thinks it will be bad karma if he knows and he's dying to know, why she doesn't know. Lucas thinks keeping this secret is taking a toll on her. Lucas asks about her last checkup. Sami says the baby is fine, though she as a bit of high blood pressure. Lucas thinks she needs to relax, don't risk the baby. He says they should tell everyone that she is pregnant. He says it will be fine, trust him. She says she doesn't want to tell anyone, especially not EJ. Lucas asks if she has a thing for EJ? She says no, if anything she is afraid of him. She says she is scared for them all. Lucas says he can protect them. Sami says it's EJ she doesn't trust. She says she set him up, he is out for revenge and that makes them all targets. Lucas knows he's a DiMera, but he offered to foot the bill for their honeymoon. Sami thinks Lucas is suddenly on EJ's side. He says he's not, but he does have bills to pay and a family to look out for. He tells Sami to relax, it will be okay. He tells her to wipe every thought of EJ out of her mind. Lucas says if he finds out about the baby then so what, what is the worst that can happen? She says she'll try not to be so scared from now on. 

At Steve and Kayla's, Kayla thinks Steve is running away. Steve says he's trying to protect her so that he doesn't kill her. He points at the marks on her neck. Kayla says she brought him back, but Steve says this time. He says there won't be a next time, he's saving her by leaving. Kayla won't let him walk out on her, this isn't for her own good. She says he's just going to give up on any chance of their future and making him well? She says she is not letting him go, he's going to stay here and they will fix this. Steve says the DiMera's did something to him, he doesn't know what, but he can't control it. He says he has to get away from everyone so he hurts no one else. He tells Kayla not to make him live his life with his blood on his hands. Kayla talks about how all her friends wanted her to move on after losing him, but she couldn't. She says she felt her soul was still married to him. She says she never gave up on him, then he showed up like a walking miracle. Steve says he's sorry, but she has to let him go. Kayla won't, she tells him that chuck his self-sacrificing hero. She wants her hero here with her. He can't, he says he has to go. Kayla says then kill her now and get it over with, her life is over without him. She says consider it a mercy killing. He says he couldn't live with himself. She says they can't live without one another so why even try. She begs him to stay, but Steve says he can't, he loves her too much. Kayla grabs his bag and won't let him go. She says he'll have to go through her to get out. He tries but she tackles him. She calls him a coward and says he promised for better or worse, well this is as worse as it gets. He ends up in tears. They both roll around on the floor and kiss. Steve fakes her out though, saying he loves her and runs off. Kayla is left alone and is angry. She looks at her and Steve's wedding photo. Kayla picks up the phone and calls someone for help. She says she has to talk to them about Steve, it is a matter of life and death.

EJ takes Sami and Lucas' trash to his fathers hidden hospital in the warehouse. He looks through it and finds something from Sami's OBGYN. He says Sami is having a baby and with any luck it will be a DiMera baby. Stefano makes a fist. EJ says everything is working out with the baby and Steve. He says words can't express how grateful he is to Stefano. He says he will give him the greatest gift he can, he will make Stefano his father again. Later Steve somehow finds the warehouse where EJ is. Steve tells EJ that he wins, he'll do what he says, just don't hurt Kayla. EJ says Kayla's fate is in his hands. EJ pulls out the devil card and begins tormenting Steve with it. Steve falls to his knees begs EJ not to hurt Kayla. EJ tells Steve to bring John Black to him. Steve is in a trance and utters Bring John Black over and over.

On the boat Phillip and Willow are on the deck. Willow says this ship is a floating palace for suckers. HE says he gave her money for clothes, not to gamble. Willow apparently conned some old men out of their money to pay back Phillip's loan, but he says keep it. She says fine. She says she'll go back to the tables and con some more men. Hw says she's staying here, this isn't a pleasure cruise, they are here to get his daughter back! Willow asks what he'll do when he gets Claire when he's running Victor's empire 24/7? She asks who will be watching Claire? He says he'll hire someone. Willow suggests he hire her. He says she expects him to trust her with his daughter? She says she's great with kids, she raised her brother and put him through college. Phillip says by turning tricks. Willow says she gave that up, and if it weren't for her he wouldn't be here. He lets her know that once her baby is born then her free ride will be over. Willow threatens to have a talk with Shawn and let Shawn set him straight. He thinks her threatening him is funny. She says she can make his life hell, but he says he's been there and even lost a leg. She says he needs her as much as she needs him. He doubts it. She says she can tell the judge everything, but Phillip says she'll go to jail for perjury. She says he won't chance it, Claire's future is in her hands and he knows it. Phillip says she's too smart for her own good. Phillip ends up picking her up and holds her over the railing! She begs him not to do this, she says she is pregnant. He doesn't drop her. She calls him a sick monster and she hopes Shawn and Belle get to keep their kid. She takes off.

In their cabin, Belle thinks thy are done for. Shawn tells her never say never. Shawn has a plan, though it is dangerous. Shawn says he's going to steal a life raft, that is the easy part. He says getting out of here will be the hard part. She asks where they go without a compass? Shawn says he'll use the stars, he's done it before. She asks what about food and water? Shawn says they'll take enough for a day. Belle says she doesn't know. Shawn says they have no other choice, they have to take a chance and go for it. Belle agrees. Shawn says first they have to find a way out. Belle realizes Claire needs to be changed, she heads into the bathroom. Shawn looks around and Belle says she found it! Belle tell Shawn she found an air vent. He checks it out while she watches the door. Shawn breaks it open and plans to get out the air vent and get what they need. She asks what if he gets stuck? He says if he's not back in an hour then worry. Shawn tells her to be ready when he gets back.

Later the chief officer shows up to speak with Belle and Shawn. Belle says hold on as she's not dressed. She turns the shower on and puts a robe on. The man comes in and asks where Mr. Brady is. She says he's in the shower. The officer says he needs to speak with them both. She says he likes a long shower, so the man says he will wait. Belle pretends to check on Shawn and says it will be awhile. She asks what this is about? The man shows her the story from the paper about them being kidnappers. Belle says that the custody order isn't valid outside the US. The man says they still broke the law. He is coming to take Shawn to the brig until they dock, she will stay here with Claire. Belle says this is unfair. Belle has to breast feed her child so she asks the man to come back. The officer says he'll be back in ten minutes.

Outside the cabin, Shawn is in an officers uniform! He's about to go into the cabin with a set of keys, but hears the officer still inside. He waits for the officer to leave and then sneaks in. Shawn returns, he asks Belle what the officer wants. Belle brings him up to speed. Shawn says they have to go now then. Phillip shows up outside and hears something going on in their cabin. 


February 22, 2007
Mimi and Max are at the station, where Bonnie is being questioned in Roman's office. Mimi says her mom sent Connor off to the juvie ranch yesterday, she didn't even get to say goodbye. Mimi knows something is up. Roman comes out to talk to Mimi. He says Bonnie has confessed to killing her father. Roman says Bonnie told him the whole story. He says that Bonnie did it on her own and she did it because David came home drunk, smelling of perfume and was hitting her. Roman says she picked up the fireplace poker and . . . Max says it was self defense then. Roman says he talked to Connor, he only helped steal the bones so he is clean. Bonnie however will be charged with murder. Bonnie is in the background listening in at this point. Bonnie is in tears. Mimi begs Roman not to lock her up, it was self defense. Roman says she tried to cover things up, that raises a lot of flags. Mimi says her mom couldn't kill anyone in cold blood. Roman says his hands are tied here. Mimi asks if she can at least talk to her mom? Roman says she can. Roman goes to talk to the DA. Mimi worries that they won't be able to prove it is self defense. Max has an idea, it may be a long shot. Max thinks if what Bonnie said was true and her father hit her, well there could be blood on the ring to prove it. Mimi thanks him, she thinks it is a good idea. Max decides to move forward with this while Mimi talks to her mom. 

After Max has left, Mimi goes into Roman's office to ask her mom what is going on. She wants the truth, all of it. Mimi asks why she had to kill dad? Bonnie claims she had no choice. Mimi asks why the clothes? She explains the civil war uniform was to throw the cops off if he was ever found. Mimi says and she put the wall up herself? Bonnie says sure why not. Bonnie feels that Mimi believes she killed him on purpose. Mimi asks why she didn't tell her? Why did she let her think her dad was still alive? Bonnie says she was afraid of losing her. Mimi says she won't lose her, she is right here. Mimi says they are having dad's ring tested for evidence. Bonnie says there is no evidence, forget about it. She says she is responsible and she belongs in prison. Mimi begins to make faces like she's not believing this. Mimi asks what is going on? Bonnie says nothing, she deserves what she has coming. She says she did the crime and she'll do the time. Bonnie says she stole the ring from the hospital to pay the bills and she gave it to her dad. She says it shows what a criminal she is. Mimi thinks there is a difference between a thief and a murderer. She wants Max to stop the tests on the ring, it's a dead end. Mimi demands to know what is really going on here, she knows she is hiding something. She thinks her mom is covering something up for someone else. Bonnie says there is no one else, it was all her. Roman then returns and asks if everything is okay? Bonnie says it's fine, she's ready to get this over with. She tells Roman to book her. Mimi hugs her mom and says she loves her. Bonnie says she loves Mimi too, more than she'll ever know. Bonnie is taken off.

At the Java Caf, a guy named Jed talks to Abby. He says they are in Professor Sinclair's class, he just transferred in. He likes her and would like to get to know her better. He asks about the question she asked in class. Abby brings him up to speed on the class and suggests he rent the movie Reds, it will clear a lot up for him. Chelsea shows up to complain to Abby about school, she's failing a class.  Jed tells her to drop the class if it is too hard. Chelsea asks who he is again? Abby says they are in a class together. Chelsea says nice now scram. Jed tells Abby it was nice to meet her, he'll see her around. Jed leaves and Chelsea complains about her calculus class. Abby says take Jed's advice and drop it. Chelsea realizes Abby has the hots for Jed, she wonders what she will do about it. Abby switches the subject back to Chelsea's class, why doesn't she drop it. Chelsea thinks if she can make it through this class then she won't have to take other semesters of math she doesn't understand. Abby suggests she go to Nick for help, he's a wiz at that stuff. Chelsea says no thanks. Abby says he'd dress up in a wig and dress for her. Chelsea gets an idea . . .  Abby tells her to stop. She says Nick made a mistake, she has to forgive him and he is still a friend. Chelsea says even if she could get over the lies and manipulation, there is still the love thing. She thinks she needs to keep Nick away from her. Abby says they are working together, how will she manage that. Chelsea says she's working with Dr. Rebert too, who she calls Dr. McBeautiful. She says she will flirt with him and use Dr. Rebert to make Nick jealous. Chelsea realizes she has to get to her job. She looks over to Jed, who is still around, and says dude she's all his now. Jed talks to Abby, who claims she is kinda involved with a guy. Jed says he's kind of involved too. He wanted her to know he wasn't trying to hit on her before. She thanks him for letting her know. She says she'll see him around. Jed asks if she has a car? He says his car just died and he really could use a lift home. These guy at the table are laughing, she says ask his friends for a ride. He says they aren't his friends, they are teammates and he just got to know them. Jed says he thought it would be easier to ask her. She says well she's not easy. He says he didn't mean that, but she says she knows what he meant. She tells him to go tell his pals that he struck out. She then leaves, but looks back in at Jed through the window.

At the hospital, Rebert and Nick talk about Chelsea coming to work. Nick is a mess, he drops some vials. Rebert asks if Chelsea working here will be a problem? Nick says no. Rebert asks if he is sure, Chelsea seems nice and has a great body. Nick says he knows. Rebert says he shouldn't get red faced, appreciate her ass-ets. He says it shows Nick has good taste. Nick tells Rebert the whole story about him and Chelsea in a quick sentence or two, so he suggests they talk about something else. Rebert says fine they will talk about his work. He says Nick is the best lab tech they have and is smart, but when it comes to women he is the dumbest person he's ever met. Nick says so what, so he's not smart about women. Rebert says he's so dumb he doesn't know how dumb. Rebert offers to give Nick some pointers, but Nick says no thanks. Rebert says it's not so hard to train women. Nick suggests they not talk about this, if someone hears this he could be brought up on charges. Rebert says no woman ever has and ever will bring him up on charges. Nick says they need to drop the subject and focus on work. Rebert says fine he was just trying to help him over the hump, so to speak. He tells Nick to just work and try not to break anything else. Nick says to himself that there is something he'd like to break. 

Max shows up to see Nick, who drops yet another vial. Max has the ring from the skeleton and asks for an analysis on it. Max brings Nick up to speed on what has happened. Nick says he'll let them know what he finds. Max then asks if he'll see Abby later? Nick says probably why? Max says no reason, just tell her hi for him. Nick says okay. Max leaves and Nick hears Chelsea show up and tell Dr. Rebert how she's been looking forward to seeing him today. Chelsea puts on the labcoat, Dr. Rebert says he's never seen an assistant more perfectly dressed. She hopes to learn from him, he says he can't wait to teach her what he knows. Chelsea talks about how she's having trouble with calculus. Nick offers . . . but Dr. Rebert says he'll be more than happy to help her with her homework. He then shows her around. Chelsea says please do, show her everything. After they return from the tour, Chelsea thinks the nurses were jealous of her, they must really love him. He jokes he loves them all too. She can't wait to work and impress him. He suggests they go out to dinner, some place quiet where they can get to know one another and discuss work. She says she'd love to, so they leave to go to dinner.

Max returns to the station after Bonnie has been taken off to booking. Mimi tells Max that her mom is hiding something and they have to find out what before it's too late. Mimi feels like her mom is trying to protect someone, maybe Connor, maybe Patrick. Max says if there is evidence on the ring then Nick will find it. She suggests they go back to his place for now, but he says he can't. She asks if there is a problem? He says he has to go to the garage and he won't work if she's there. Mimi says she'll hang at his place and wait for him, she's worth the wait. Mimi heads off and Max calls Abby. He leaves her a message saying he'll be at the garage, he hopes to see her there.

On the ship, Belle tells Shawn that the ship's officer is coming to arrest him and throw him in the brig. She says they need to get out of here now. Shawn says they will get off the ship, but they have to take it one step at a time. Phillip is guarding the cabin door, Shawn says they have to get rid of Phillip. The officer returns in the hall, he sees Phillip and warns him to stay out of his way or he'll go to the brig along with Shawn. Phillip basically orders the guy to throw Shawn and Belle in the brig and give him Claire. Phillip asks him what he's waiting for? Back in their cabin, Shawn tells Belle not to freak out. He has a plan, he'll jump the officer and Phillip and she can run with Claire. Belle says where? They are on a ship! Back in the hall, the officer lets Phillip know that he's following the captain's orders, not his. Phillip says fine, but he insists he gets to watch the cuffs get slapped on Shawn. Phillip tells him to do his job! The officer knocks on the door to take Shawn into custody. Belle lets the officer in, she tells the officer that Shawn is in the bathroom with Claire. Phillip is still demanding the man do his job, go get Shawn now. The officer knocks on the door, but Phillip breaks it down. They see the air vent is ajar, Phillip is convinced Shawn fled with his daughter. They lock Belle in the cabin and then go looking for Shawn and Claire. Once gone, Shawn and Claire come out from under the bed where they were hiding. Shawn uses his keys to unlock the door and make sure the coast is clear. As they are escaping Willow shows up! 

Phillip and the officer are walking around, they find the air duct open down on deck. They think he could have crawled through it. The officer then finds one of the officers on a deck chair with a bump on his head. Phillip knows Shawn did this and rushes back to the cabin.

Back outside the cabin, Belle and Shawn beg Willow to let them go. Willow says they can't bribe her, but Phillip has that checkbook. She says if she turns them in then she'll get her reward, since a dumb hooker like her only cares about money. She threatens to pull a fire alarm and bring everyone running. Shawn says no! Willow says she got them. She says when she sees Phillip she'll tell him they said goodbye. She lets them escape!

Phillip and the officer return to the cabin, they find they are gone and the doors are open. Willow shows up and says if she's looking for Shawn, Belle and Claire, well they left. Phillip asks if she's nuts? Why didn't she stop them? What the hell is wrong with her? She says she's looking out for herself and she has no one on her side, as he pointed out earlier. She says this is his war, take charge. Phillip says he'll deal with her later. She says she can't wait.

Shawn, Belle and Claire make it back to the deck. Shawn tells Belle there is only one thing to do, they have to jump. Belle says they could hurt Claire seriously if they jump from here. Shawn says she will be fine. Belle says this is an ocean not a kiddy pool, there is no sign of land out there. He says either they jump or they both go to jail, if that happens then guess who gets Claire? Shawn says there is no other way. Belle says she is trusting him. They end up jumping.


February 23, 2007
Chelsea and Dr. Rebert go out to Chez Rouge for dinner. He asks if she's ready to learn? She says about calculus? He says no, about wine. He gets her to taste some wine. He talks on and on about how a good wine is complex, there is a layer to the flavors. He begins talking about how the taste comes from the oak barrels. She says maybe they should get to calculus, she's ready to learn what he wants to teach her. Nick is in the background watching.

Maggie catches Nick all sniffley, he claims it is just allergies. Maggie knows it isn't pollen. Nick admits it is Dr. Alan Rebert, jerk extraordinaire. Maggie asks if he's hanging around here to save Chelsea from the big bad wolf, well he should worry more about the wolf. Nick thinks Chelsea is in trouble and making a mistake with this guy, he is a pig and seduces women as an ego trip. Maggie says so what, he's going to wait for the moment to rush in and save Chelsea? Nick says yes. Maggie says Nick is making a mistake, he thinks Chelsea is made of sugar and spice when really she's made of beef jerky. Nick says she's not that tough, and Dr. Rebert is playing a game with her. Maggie says Chelsea is playing it too. Nick says well he's not going anywhere. Chelsea looks over at Nick during his allergy attack.

Chelsea and Rebert continue their dinner. He asks how long Nick has had a crush on her. She says it feels like forever, but it won't be a problem for her at work. Chelsea asks about her job and also about this Nurse Bootcamp. Rebert says ah the lovely Lincoln. Chelsea asks if she's a wannabe Marine? Rebert says just pay her a compliment and she'll be her friend for life. Chelsea thanks him, she says this is so much better than boywonder over there. He asks if Nick hurt her? Chelsea says no. He tells her that he knows what it's like to be burnt, even rich handsome doctors get hurt. Chelsea asks about the one who hurt him,  was she very beautiful Rebert says yes, almost as beautiful as her. 

Nick goes to the bar to get whatever is on tap. When the bartender says he doesn't need to see his ID, he knows he's 21, this gives Nick and idea. He then goes to Maggie and lets her know Chelsea is not 21 and she's drinking in her establishment. Maggie goes over and takes the wine from Chelsea and lets the Doctor know that his date is under 21. Chelsea says she knows why she's doing this. Maggie says it's the law, she could lose her license. She says when Chelsea is 21 then she can come back, she'll give her a glass on the house. When Dr. Rebert gets a bit snotty, Maggie suggests he take his date elsewhere. Rebert says he can grill them a stake at home. Maggie says why waste the money when kids love happy meals! Rebert says he's eaten here over a dozen times and never been treated like this. He tells Chelsea that he'll pull the car around. Chelsea decides it is time to pull the boy wonder's tights up over his head.

As Nick and Maggie are laughing, Chelsea walks up on them and tells them this is pathetic. She knows Nick followed her and says like all world class losers, he's also a spiteful jerk. Chelsea yells at Nick. Maggie points out that this is a restaurant, not her living room, try using an indoor voice. Chelsea tells Nick, in a lower voice, never to come near her again. She says he is sick. Nick says she is the sick one, she just met Dr. Rebert and is slobbering all over him. She says she'll give him three guesses, the right answer is that Dr. Rebert isn't him. Nick says she's right, Rebert is not nice or honest like him. Chelsea tells Nick that he is no poster boy for honesty. Nick admits he has a credibility problem. He says he didn't come here because he's jealous, he came to save her. He says Dr. Rebert is dangerous, he's a predator. Rebert returns and says his car is out-front. Chelsea heads off. Nick warns Rebert that she is immature and has no idea what she's doing. Rebert says he knows, that is why he spent the evening listening to her babble. He then punches Nick in the stomach and walks off. 

Maggie finds Rebert left without paying his bill and hit Nick. Magie threatens to have Mickey take care of this, but Nick says let it go. Maggie encourages Nick to fight for her. Nick downs a beer and slams it on the bar. Meanwhile, Rebert and Chelsea get into his car. She says it is getting late, could he just take her home. He says they are going back to his place for dinner. She says he's not hungry, but he says he is. He puts his hand on her leg. 

On the boat, Phillip is yelling at the officer about Shawn and Belle's escape with Claire. He officer says they are no longer on the ship, he's sorry but his child is gone. Phillip says what he's thinking isn't possible, they are in the middle of the ocean. The officer says one of the life rafts is missing. Phillip won't believe this. He demands the anchor be dropped and every inch of the ocean searched, otherwise he will bring this Cruise ship company down. The officer leaves. Willow returns and asks if there is news. Phillip says thanks to her, Shawn and Belle jumped overboard with his daughter! Willow says she had no idea they'd do this, she thought they'd just hide in a life boat. She says the reason she didn't tell him . . . Phillip goes into a rage and says he knows why she didn't tell him they escaped. He goes to attack her, but she kicks him where it hurts. He throws her across the room. She says he's the reason she didn't tell him about Shawn and Belle leaving. She warns him if he wants to throw her overboard then do so, but know that she'll always play rougher! He says he never thought he'd have a street walker as a partner. She says he's such and ass. He says when they get to Salem he never wants to see  her again. She says he was supposed to support her, but he says their deal is off.

The officer shows up later, he tells Phillip they've dropped anchor and also found a section of the life raft, it was slashed to ribbons. Phillip says they need to get the boats in the water, but the man says he's sorry, it's too late. Phillip knows Claire is alive and he says he will find her.

On deck Phillip is looking into the ocean with binoculars. Willows shows up and says he's so sorry. Of course Phillip says that means nothing! He tells her to get out of his face before he does something he can't take back. The captain comes to see Phillip. Phillip wants the search back on, but the captain says they can't do that. Phillip won't listen to the captain. The captain finally tells Phillip that rescue is no longer viable. Phillip says a torn raft doesn't mean anything. He captain says there was blood on the raft, his little girl didn't make it. Phillip says the captain is wrong. The captain says the raft is being tested by a forensics lab, they've done all they can. Phillip attacks the captain! He says if the blood belongs to his daughter then he will pay! The captain and his officer leave. Willow of course tells Phillip that she understands he wants Shawn to pay, she wants to help him. She says she needs to make this right. Phillip says she has nothing he wants. She says she has Shawn's baby. She says she owes him and she always pays back her debts. 

On an island, Shawn is on the beach when Belle runs up to him screaming. He asks where Claire is? Belle says she tried, the riptide was too strong and they went under. Belle cries that she lost her! Shawn remembers when they jumped off the raft, she had Claire then. Belle says the riptide pulled her away, it was too strong. Shawn says she will be fine, they will search and find her. Shawn ends up finding Claire, she is fine. Belle takes her and says she's so sorry. Shawn says the riptide took her to the other side of the island, she sat in the sand and was playing. Belle thinks she's hungry so Shawn looks in the bag for her bottle. He finds some strained peas as well. Belle asks if there is a first aid kit as he's bleeding. She says they don't know what cut her, Shawn realizes it was his knife. She tells him not to blame himself, they survived Phillip and the ocean, they can survive this. Shawn calls it fantasy island. Shawn struggles to start a fire to warm Claire, who is cold and turning blue. Shawn says he's working on it, he will make this work, this is a new start for all of them.

Marlena is on the phone with someone saying she hasn't heard from them since they sent the goodbye letter home with Chelsea. She goes into Kayla's place, Kayla had called her about Steve. Kayla has a silk scarf around her neck. Marlena sees bruises on Kayla's neck and realizes Steve did this to her. Kayla says it wasn't his fault, EJ has done something to Steve. Marlena asks what she wants her to do? Kayla says she wants her to find him. Marlena says he won't do that. Kayla says she wouldn't ask if she wasn't desperate. MArlena says Steve is delusional, he needs help. Marlena agrees to help him once he's back in his right mind. Kayla says so what, she waits for him to come home? Marlena says no, she needs to call the police. Kayla won't do that, she says she'll find Steve and undo this. Marlena says she can't reach him. Kayla says John is in a coma and she has found a way to reach him. Kayla thinks they are in similar situations, she says she will find a way to reach Steve. Marlena says she can't reach him, the DiMeras have rewired his mind. Marlena says she's sorry but Steve belongs to them now. Kayla says she has to stop Steve. Marlena says wherever Steve is now, his only focus is completing his mission. Kayla won't lose him, but Marlena says she can't save him either. Marlena begs Kayla to call Roman, Steve is dangerous, John said . . . Kayla asks what John said? Marlena says it's not information based on fact or science. Kayla knows facts and science don't explain all. Marlena says it was a dream. Kayla says Bo told her about this dream. Kayla asks Marlena what she thinks John was trying to tell her? Marlena says that Steve was programmed to kill someone. Kayla asks what if John is wrong? Marlena says Steve and Patch are gone, this Steve has no control over what he does. Marlena believes it will be murder. Marlena tells Kayla they need to put Kayla in a hospital, but Kayla says she can't do that to Steve, he'll hate the idea. Marlena says he'll hate waking up from this nightmare to find out he killed someone. Kayla won't betray her husband. Marlena says she's not. She tells Kayla that she's been tortured by the DiMeras, had her thoughts controlled by them, been tucked away in an asylum. Marlena says this isn't betrayal, it's salvation. She also says she's not just talking about saving Steve, but the person they need to save from Steve. Marlena says there must be another way. Kayla feels like she has failed here, she hasn't been able to reach him. Marlena says she wouldn't say that, Steve is fighting, probably for her and Stephanie. Kayla asks how she will tell Stephanie that she had her father locked up. Marlena says by considering the alternative, that she has to tell Stephanie that her father killed someone and she could have stopped it. Kayla hates this but agrees to do it. 

Steve is in an elevator at the hospital. He's obviously under a trance of EJ's, he hears EJ's voice in his head saying Bring John Black To Me! Steve goes into John's hospital room. He ends up hearing the banging sound in his head and grabs his head because of the pain. He ends up having to run out of John's room to stop it. He hears EJ ordering him to bring John Black to him. Steve goes into a storeroom and puts on scrubs. As he's doing this we hear Marlena telling Kayla that he is under the DiMera control, whatever they want him to do, he will do it. Steve goes into John's room as we hear Kayla telling Marlena that she's lost him once, she won't lose him again. Marlena tells Kayla that she can't save him either. These are all voiceovers, Kayla and Marlena are discussing Steve as he's doing all this. As Steve stands over John, we hear Marlena's voice telling Kayla she thinks Steve will murder someone. Suddenly, John's monitors begin beeping. Later we see Steve leave the room and pull a fire alarm, which sends the nurses scrambling. Steve ends up having another episode in which he recalls the torture sessions. After he recovers from the flashback we see Steve wheeling John into an elevator. John is covered up by a blanket. He is long gone by time the nurses see John is missing.

Back at Kayla's, Marlena gets a call from the hospital that John is gone. Kayla and Marlena take off. We then see Steve in the elevator at the hospital with John.


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