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4th Week of February 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


February 26, 2007
On the island, Shawn is trying to build a shelter. Belle offers to help, but he says he has it. He asks about Claire. Belle is worried about her cut and that it may get infected. They put peroxide on it earlier, but Belle is still worried. Suddenly the shelter Shawn is building collapses! Shawn is angry, Belle tries to calm him down. He thinks this was a dumb idea, but Belle says it was their only choice. She reminds him of Puerto Rico and how they were able to survive there. Shawn says they only made it through that as they all stuck together, including Phillip and Mimi. He thinks he should have listened to his father, he can't even care for his family. Belle says they are taking care of one another. Shawn says they aren't, Claire is hungry and freezing all because he tried to show the world he could take care of things on his own. Shawn thought he would be able to take care of her but he can't. Belle says he got them this far. Shawn remembers when they kidnapped JT, they had no idea what they were doing. Belle says it was a long time ago. Shawn says it didn't help, they still lost JT. Belle says JT was Barb and Glen's kid, just like Claire is theirs. Shawn says this is the first time Claire has seen the beach, they should have a camera, a bucket and shovel for her to play with. Belle says Claire is happy right now. Shawn says yeah, for now. Belle says back in Salem she used to worry about preschool and play dates for Claire, she thought they were so important. Shawn says but what can they give her now? Belle says she doesn't have to grow up as a Kiriakis for one. Shawn says he just wants to protect them. Belle says maybe it's time for her to step up to the plate. She says she is a grown-up now, she knows what they are up against and he's not in this by himself. She says she is here too. He says he'll officially stop feeling sorry for himself. Belle suggests they both work on getting their new house up. They manage to get the house up. They don't know if it will hold through rain. Thunder rumbles, they realize they will be testing it sooner rather than later. They get Claire and get under the shelter. Shawn says they will tae good care of Claire. Belle says they will take care of each other.

In Rebert's car, Chelsea tries to convince Rebert that they should go to Dune instead of his place. He thinks they need someplace more quiet and private, his place is nice, they can talk and he has a hot tub. Chelsea asks Dr. Rebert . . .  he says call him Alan. She says that he probably shouldn't be asking her to come back to his place as he is her boss. HE says she jumped his boned the moment she saw him. She says she thought he was someone else, and again he is now her boss as well as much older than her. He says age isn't everything and he has so much to teach her. She says she thought he was going to teach her about math, not sex-ed. He says he can do both! He says they do background checks and know she was picked up on prostitution. She realizes that is why he hired her. He asks if she really wants this job or not? She realizes he is saying she has to sleep with him. She decides this is a bad idea. She tries to leave, but he says he needs a kiss goodnight. He says he is the man of her dreams, come on and kiss him. As he is getting rough with her to get a kiss, Nick rips him out of the car, throws him to the ground and screams that he can never touch her! Nick kicks Rebert while he's down, Rebert screams at them both to keep their mouths shut or they will both be out of jobs. He hobbles off.

Nick takes Chelsea back to her place. He offers to make the Horton cure all tea. She says no thanks. He asks if they should call her mom, but Chelsea doesn't want a lecture about getting into Rebert's car. She feels so stupid. Nick apologizes for putting Chelsea through this. Chelsea asks why he followed them? Nick says he thought it was weird that Rebert invited her out to dinner. He also says Rebert was talking trash about her. Chelsea says he thinks she is trash. Nick says Rebert is the one who is trash. Chelsea thanks Nick for saving her. Nick thinks she would have been just fine without him, but Chelsea isn't sure. She is sorry she was so rude to him. He says he doesn't blame her. She hopes he doesn't lose his job. Nick says if he did then Rebert would have to answer too many questions. Nick says this is all his fault. He says he knows this is a lot to ask, but can she find it in her heart to forgive him? She does forgive him. She questions him about all the things she thought Dr. Shane Patton wrote her, which he wrote. He says he could have a good job writing self help books if the lab thing doesn't work out. He says yeah right. Nick says they both learned a lesson huh. They shake on it and say Friends. Nick ends up making Chelsea the magic Horton tea. She drinks it and says she is feeling a bit better. She just wishes she didn't have to find a new job. He asks if she's quitting the lab? She says yes. He says Rebert should lose his job, she has to report this. Chelsea thinks nobody would believe her. He says if she doesn't complain then he could do this to others. She asks if he'll back her up, Nick says he will. She says even if he loses his job? He says he can always find another job, he'll never find another her. She wonders why he does this to her. She walks off teary eyed. He asks what he did now? Chelsea says it's not him. She talks about how before he was just Abby's geeky cousin, then she found out about Shane Patton. She says while he's still Abby's geeky cousin, he is the man who made her see life in a different way. Nick knows lying was wrong, but the words to her were true, every single one of them. Chelsea leans over and gives Nick a peck on the lips! She says tomorrow they take down Rebert right?

At the hospital, Bo makes calls to have all surveillance tapes looked at. Marlena is off giving a statement, Kayla asks Bo if there are any leads. He says no, and whoever took John has medical knowledge because of the machines he's hooked up to. Bo suspects EJ, but Kayla fears it was Steve. Bo asks why she'd think that? Kayla tells Bo how Steve has been fighting a battle for himself and he left her tonight, he said it was for her own good. Kayla tells Bo about Steve strangling her. Bo is furious, but Kayla says it isn't Steve's fault. Kayla explains that it was a dream about EJ. Bo says Steve has done the right thing, until he gets his head together then there is no telling what he coud do, including taking John. Kayla worries that EJ dropped the charges and freed Steve in order to get John out f the way. Kayla remembers how John said Killer when he saw Steve that night, then there are the dreams Marlena have been having. Bo asks Kayla if she's sure he wants her to put out an APB for Steve, he may have to arrest him. Kayla says Marlena made her realize she has to commit Steve. She says it's for his own good, she just hopes he hasn't hurt anyone yet. Kayla also asks him to talk to EJ, but Bo says he has to be careful with EJ, he can't let something happen to ruin their chances of bringing EJ in. Kayla decides to go back to the inn and wait and see if Steve comes home on his own. Bo says they should call one another should they hear anything. Bo then makes a call to EJ and asks him to meet him at the hospital, he has some questions about John Black. 

At the warehouse, EJ asks Steve if anyone saw him leave the hospital. Steve says no. Steve asks now that John is here, what the plan is? EJ jokes he's hungry, he'd love some kidney pie. He says he doesn't have a kidney though, but suggests they take one of John's as it would be delicious. Steve says this is wrong, this is sick! Steve says John is in a coma, this surgery will kill him. He asks what they will do with the kidney, but EJ says none of his business. A man shows up, a doctor who is going to do the surgery. Steve knows he's not a real doctor, he cuts people up for cash. EJ tells the doctor that Steve gets excited but is no threat. EJ says the patient is inside and ready for the procedure. When Steve sees them about to start, he freaks. HE won't let them do this to John. Steve won't let this butcher carve John up. EJ tells Steve that he's one of them now. Steve struggles to speak, he begs EJ not to let this hack cut John open. EJ says if Steve can find someone else then go ahead, does he know anyone? Steve asks who he asks? EJ says Marlena? Steve says is he kidding right?  EJ says Kayla then. Steve won't drag Kayla into this. EJ says it is his call, either find a real doctor or keep his mouth shut. Steve says he doesn't like these options. EJ says that's not his problem. EJ says he has fifteen minutes to get Kayla here otherwise the operation goes on. He shows Steve the devil card and tells Steve to keep his name out of this. Later EJ gets a call from Bo, he has to go meet him. He tells the organ doctor if something happens take the kidney, keep it on ice and dispose of the body. 

At the hospital, EJ shows up to meet Bo. Bo asks EJ what he did with John? He says nothing and this is harassment. Bo says speaking of harassment, what did he do with Steve? He wants to know why he dropped the charges against Steve. EJ gives him the runaround, so Bo grabs him and demands to know what he did with Steve. EJ says if he's done something wrong then arrest him, otherwise he's wasting his time. EJ says the penny will drop soon and Bo will never win. Bo says his father and brother thought they were untouchable too, where are they now? Bo says he did good job with Lockhart, he's scared of his shadow. He says then there is Lexie and Tek who have disappeared. He says EJ's list of crimes is growing though, his new profession will be as a felon. Bo says the Salem PD is working on a case that will hold him accountable for the gloved hand crimes and John's shooting, thanks to some lose ends that he didn't have time to clear up before fleeing to Mexico. EJ thinks he's bluffing, he has nothing. Bo says they'll see when the hand is played out. 

At the Salem Inn, Kayla finds Steve waiting. He says he was about to call her. Kayla worries, she goes to pick up the phone. Steve says no, if she calls the police then people will die, John will die. Steve knows Kayla is scared, but she as to listen and do as he says. He says he came to her for help with John. Kayla asks if he knows how much trouble he's in? Steve says he'll be in a lot more if Kayla doesn't come with him. She says what if she says no? He says she doesn't have a choice. She asks if he's threatening her? Steve says please sweetness, he needs her. Steve then walks out the door. Kayla goes with him. 

Back at the warehouse, Steve and Kayla show up. Steve grabs the medical tools from the fake doctor and throws him out. Steve tells Kayla John is inside the tent that is set up. He tells Kayla that he has to take out one of John's kidneys!


February 27, 2007
Phillip and Willow are in a car and pull up at the police station. Willow asks why they are here, she thought they were going to the mansion? He says he is, but not yet. She says if this is about his daughter, she knows he's upset. Phillip says upset doesn't cover it. Willow says she will make it up to him. He says she can't. He says this is the end of the line for her. She says he's turning her into the cops? She says she is the one who should be pressing charges against him for trying to kill her! She says go ahead, turn her in, but she'll tell them what he did trying to throw her overboard. He says he's not turning her in, just get out. She asks how she gets back to the mansion? He says she doesn't, he told her that her free ride was over. She says they had a deal, she's having Shawn's baby. He says he doesn't give a damn about that now, why should he when Claire is . . . gone. Willow says he doesn't know for sure, what if they are on some island laughing about how they duped him. Phillip says the odds are against them being alive. Phillip says if they did survive, Shawn will try and contact his family. Phillip says he'll find out and he'll finish what he started. Willow says he still needs her, but he says he doesn't. She says her baby and brother are depending on her. He says work at a massage parlor, hang a sign on a corner. He says she blew it and their deal is over. Willow takes his keys and says it is over when she says it is. He tells her that she has two seconds to give him the keys. She says if he lays a hand on her then she'll scream. He grabs her hand and forces her to drop them. She begs Phillip not to kick her out. He says he doesn't need her anymore so go. He opens the door and says get out. Willow can't believe him, she asks what kind of monster is he to do this to her and her child? He asks what about the money she won on the ship, or was that a lie too? He hands her cash and says get out of his car and life. Willow tells Phillip that she won't forget this. Willow leaves and Phillip pulls out a box labeled remains. 

At the station, Bo and Roman discuss Steve's condition and how they think EJ might be behind it. They begin going over the facts. Bo says the night John was shot, he said killer. Bo thinks the DiMeras want him so they make sure John doesn't wake up. They begin worrying about Kayla and start making some calls around. Shawn Sr. hasn't seen her since yesterday. Roman says she's not answering her cell either. They worry she may have gone after Steve by herself. Later Roman gives photos of Steve and Kayla to some cops, he has APBs put out on them. Bo asks Roman if they tell the folks about this. Roman says not yet, no need to worry them. Bo wishes he could have got more out of Wells earlier. Roman says Wells is too slick, he can't even put a tail on him without bringing the department up on charges. Roman says unless someone comes forward who knows something then they have nothing. Bo thinks there is someone who can help them. Roman says Lockhart isn't talking. Bo says he is talking about Shawn. Bo says Shawn was their courier, if they can get Shawn to sign a statement then maybe it would light a fire under the state's attorney. Roman says Shawn never witnessed a crime. Bo says they could use Shawn to get Lockhart to talk. Roman says it is worth a shot, but first they have to find Shawn. Phillip walks in with the box of remains and says they can't, this is all that is left of him. Bo sees a bear in the box that belongs to Claire and something else that belongs to Shawn. Phillip explains how he tracked them onto a cruise trip, which he's sure they knew they were on. He says he was about to reclaim Claire but they pulled a fast one. He says they stole a life raft and jumped overboard. He says these are the only things left of them and the shredded life raft. He also says there was blood found on the raft. Roman asks whose blood? Phillip shows them the results, it is Claire's blood. Bo doesn't know how to tell Hope. Phillip says tell them that they are to blame. He says because of them his little girl is dead, he won't rest until all the Bradys pay. Phillip says Claire is dead because of them. A cop interrupts to speak to Roman, they may have a lead on Steve. Roman leaves and Phillip wonders what that lunatic did now, he holds Steve responsible too. Bo grabs Phillip and tells him that if anyone is responsible it is him and Victor. He says this started when they kidnapped Claire, when they painted Belle as an unfit mother. Phillip says all he knows is that while he was off getting his face blown off, Belle and Shawn cut him out of his daughters life. Bo tells him to get out of here before he gets hurt. Phillip says he's always looked up to his big brother, but he's never been afraid of him. Bo tells Phillip that he's no brother of his and throws him out of the office. Bo looks through the box of things and says it can't be. He says Shawn was raised at sea, he knows how to survive. Roman returns saying the lead was a bust. He also talked to the Australian coastguard about sending a search party. Bo, who has found something on the raft, says make it a search and rescue. Bo says they aren't dead! Roman wants to believe it too, but that raft is all that is left. Bo shows him the symbols on the raft, they are the naval flag codes, he sent a message. Shawn spelled out safe on the raft, it is a message from Shawn. Roman asks what about the blood? Bo doesn't know, but he as to believe they are safe. Bo suggests they keep this to themselves until they get more proof. Later Roman gets a call from Kayla about John. He tells Bo that it doesn't look good.

Willow finds Phillip as he's leaving the station. She once again begs him not to do this, she has no insurance, no prenatal care. Willow says one child may be dead, would it make him feel better for another child to die? She says she doesn't need a handout, just a loan. He tells her that she and her kid are on their own, she can't change his mind. She says she could say it was his baby, that would look great on the front page. He says he could disprove it. She says eventually, but his reputation will be tainted. He says she knows how to play hardball. He tells her to come to the mansion tomorrow and they'll talk.

In the warehouse, Kayla asks Steve what he said? He says she has to take out one of John's kidneys. Kayla says he could die given his state, why would he ask her to do this. He says she is the only one he can trust. She refuses, but Steve says she has to do this, she doesn't have a choice. She needs answers, but he can't give her any. All he says if she doesn't do this then someone else will. She says that man that was just here? Steve says he's a butcher, an organ dealer. Kayla tells Steve he is under their control, he would never take John or ask her to do this. She says it isn't too late, they don't have to do this. Steve says it is too late, she is John's only chance. Steve says that butcher will be back and rip John up. She tries to call Roman and Bo, but he takes her phone and says he can't let her do that. He says the police can't help. He says this is their only chance to make John survive. He tells Kayla that she can do this. Kayla says this is not her area of expertise, he could flatline and then what? Steve knows he won't die, he says she can do this surgery. Steve says if they don't get that kidney then a whole lot of other people they care about will die. Kayla asks who else has EJ threatened? She asks if they threatened Stephanie? She says they can't hurt her. Steve says if Kayla doesn't do this then John won't be the only one to die. Kayla finally goes in and is suited up for the operation. Later as Kayla is finishing up, Steve hears sirens outside. Kayla is told John's blood pressure is dropping. The cops don't stop, they keep on going. hen we next see her, Kayla tells Steve that the operation is over. She takes off her smock and tells Steve that John made it through but there is a good chance of infection, or the remaining kidney could fail. Steve says she has to make sure he gets through. The guy leaves with John's kidney, she asks who it is for. Steve doesn't know .She asks for a list of what John needs. Kayla says John needs to be in a hospital, he won't survive here. She says call an ambulance before it is too late. She begs Steve to make the call. Steve mumbles he won't like it. Kayla asks who, EJ? The DiMeras? She says they have what they want. Steve says he never mentioned EJ or the DiMeras. She says of course not, she's sure he was threatened not to name names. She says he got her involved and she is telling him that if they don't get John to the hospital then this will have been for nothing. Steve is struggling, he says he doesn't want John to die. She begs Steve to give her the phone. He lets go of the phone. As she is calling for help, Steve tells Kayla that he loves her and runs off. Kayla asks the operator to have the police called too, a terrible crime has been committed. 

At Chez Rouge, Sami and Lucas are trying various foods and looking at menus for the wedding reception. Sami doesn't like the prices. Lucas says money is no object, how many times to they get married? He says he'll rephrase that, this is the last time they will get married. Sami says she just doesn't think it's a good idea to plan a big wedding, it is tempting fate. Lucas says that is in the past, they love one another, what could go wrong? EJ walks up and says he could think of something. Lucas asks what could go wrong? EJ says he just meant the chances are against most marriages, that is why he chose bachelorhood. Lucas says well they will take their chances. EJ tells Sami to take Lucas' advice, go all out for the wedding. EJ then gets rid of Lucas by using work, asking him to check on some contract that they were expecting. Lucas thinks an assistant could do this, but EJ points out he worked hard on this, does he want someone else handling it? Lucas leaves to fax some things. EJ then joins Sami. Sami asks what he wants, it's obvious he sent Lucas on a wild goose chase just so that he could be with her. EJ says he can't get anything past her, but that work both ways. EJ tells Sami that he's onto her, he knows her secret. Sami says the only lies she is telling are the ones he is forcing her to tell. EJ confronts her with the proof that she is pregnant. He tells her that he went through her trash and found an appointment with her OBGYN for her first sonogram. She can't believe he went through her trash, but he says it was obvious that she wasn't going to tell him the truth. She says she wasn't telling anyone, it's normal not to talk about a pregnancy until after the first trimester. EJ tells her the only reason she isn't shouting this from the rooftops is because she knows this child is his. Lucas returns, he thinks Sami looks upset. Sami says no. Lucas says he faxed the stuff to the office, but EJ sends him on another chase. Lucas thinks EJ is trying to put the moves on his fianc. Sami tells Lucas it's okay, go make one last phone call and then EJ will go. She says she can handle EJ, she's sure of it. Lucas says he'll be back, but no more calls and faxes after this. Lucas leaves and EJ returns to the subject of the baby and how happy he is that they are pregnant. She says this baby is Lucas', not his. She says it couldn't possibly be his. EJ disagrees. EJ thinks it is probably, they made love 8 weeks ago. Sami says he doesn't get to use that word, he raped her. He says she had a choice, but Sami says it was extortion. She says he didn't hold a knife to her throat, but he may as well have. She says she did what she had to in order to save Lucas. EJ says and in the process they created another life. EJ wants to have Sami take a test to find out who the baby belongs to. Sami says she won't do it. He says because she knows the baby could be his. EJ tells Sami to get the test or he will tell Lucas. He says nobody will raise his child but him. Lucas returns again. EJ says before he leaves he wants to discuss something with Lucas, the little one that is on the way. Lucas asks how he knows? EJ says good news travels fast. He says he wanted to discuss something with Lucas, ythic gives fathers paternity leave. He suggests they get back to planning their wedding. He heads off. Lucas thought this was a secret. Sami tells Lucas he figured it out, they should forget about EJ. Lucas then gets a call, it is EJ calling him asking if they could meet tomorrow morning. EJ says there is something important they need to discuss. Back inside Lucas tells Sami about his meeting with EJ, does she know what it could be about? Sami says she doesn't. Back outside, EJ gets a call from Steve. Steve says it's done, the kidney is on the way.


February 28, 2007
At his place, EJ is sitting on his couch reading his paper. There is a knock at the door, EJ tells her to come in. Sami asks how she knew it was her? EJ has been expecting her. She says Lucas is in the shower so she needs to make it quick. She asks why he came to Chez Rouge last night? Why has she called a meeting with Lucas this morning? He says he is going to tell Lucas that she slept with another man. Sami says if he does then it will be the biggest mistake of his life. He asks what she'll do, send the cops after him? He says she did that before, how did that work out for her? Sami tells EJ that the last thing he wants is for people to get any more evidence that he shot John, and the last thing she wants anyone to know is . . . EJ says that they shared a night and made a connection? She says the last thing she wants is for people to know he raped her. He asks why she keeps calling it that, doesn't she remember how it felt being in his arms? She says he is ruining her life, all she wants is to be with the man she loves and has dreamed about. She also talks about how people are finally proud of her, she's wanted that for so long. He asks what about what he wants? She says he is rich and could have any woman he wanted with just a smile, why can't he leave her alone. EJ says the only thing he wants is to be a father to his child and he won't let a dime a dozen looser like Lucas stand in the way of his future. She threatens to tell the police everything about that night, so he asks what her point is here? She says they should make a deal. He says excellent. EJ says Uncle Bo and the Salem PD are once again interested in him. She says she doesn't run the Salem PD. He says her daddy does, so he would like her to find out what is going on. Sami says her dad doesn't discuss cases with just anyone. He says she's not just anyone, she's the most cunning, deceitful and manipulative person he's met that isn't related to him. He bets that she can get her daddy to tell her everything he needs to know. Sami says her father will be suspicious. EJ says probably, but he will only think she's frightened of him. Sami says she's not doing it, sorry. EJ says he can guarantee she will be sorry. He thinks in a moment she will change her mind. He calls Lucas and says if she doesn't do what he wants then he will tell Lucas everything. She agrees to his demands. She asks why he had to come back, what is so fricken important in Salem? EJ says she is, she is the reason he came back. EJ says he really cares about her. Sami says he has a strange way of showing it. She tells him that she doesn't care about him and never will. He says she's wrong, she is just afraid of how she feels. She says he's wrong. She says she'll get him the information, but she's only doing it for Lucas, Will and for her baby. She says this is it though. There is a knock at the door. EJ says it could be Lucas, he wonders if he saw the call on his cell phone. EJ asks Sami if she should answer or should he?

At the garage, Abby finds Max working. She wonders why he's not with Mimi. Max fills her in on Bonnie's drama as well as Mimi's family basically falling apart. She thinks he should be with Mimi, but Max needs a break. He says he doesn't know what else he can do for her. Max feels like a jerk. Abby says he's not doing anything wrong, he just needs to catch his breath and get his life back in order. She tells him that a real jerk wouldn't care what was going on in Mimi's life, but he cares. He wonders how she always know the right thing to say. She offers to help him finish up working on the car he has in the shop. As they work, Max tells her stories about Shawn Sr. teaching him how to work on cars and how he didn't know the difference between all the parts, like the oil pan and something else. She says he might want to keep that to himself, but he thinks his secret is safe with her. Later Jed shows up and Abby finds out this is his car that they are working on. Abby feels like she owes him an apology, she thought his car trouble story was him just hitting on her. He says he was hitting on her, so he owes her an apology too. Max gets a call from Mimi and heads off to take it. Jed tells Abby had he known she could fix cars then he wouldn't have given up on her so fast. Jed asks how his baby is. It takes Abby a moment to catch on that he means his car. She suggests he start it up and see. He does, he says it sounds great. She says Max is the best. Jed tells Abby that he knows when they first met that he pushed a little hard. She is looking at Max, who is on the phone in the office, as Jed is talking to her. He thinks she can't stand to look at him because he was a jerk, but she says she just has a lot on her mind. Jed talks about his sister, not naming her, and how she is the one who is helping him with school. She says she sounds like a great sister. Jed says now that she knows he's not just talking to her to impress his jock friends, what would she say if he asked her out? She says she's kinda seeing something. He asks how kinda? She says not hot-n-heavy, but kinda. He says he was just looking to have some coffee and talking about school, he really needs to catch up. He asks if she has a major yet? She says no. She asks him if he does? He says business, he's going to be in the fortune 500. He talks about how he grew up with very little, so he wants to make everything he can . He asks what she says? How about some coffee? She says she'd love to, but she can't. Later Max has to go meet Mimi and asks Abby if she can take care of Jed's bill. Abby tells Jed she'll get his bill . . . and she'll go have that cup of coffee. They head off together.

Nick shows up at the lab, Rebert wonders why he is here as it is Nick's day off. An official shows up and tells Rebert some things have come up and they need to talk. Chelsea is there, she tells Rebert did he think she'd let him get away with it? Rebert can't believe Ms. Brady has a complaint after just starting her job. The supervisor says Ms. Brady says he took her out for an intimate dinner and assaulted her. Rebert of course calls Ms. Brady a pathological liar. Chelsea claims he uses his job to try and get women to sleep with him. Dr. Rebert says she is lying, but Nick stands up for Chelsea. Rebert says Nick is a stalker and has been sending her messages on the internet, using his photo. The supervisor, Dr. Endo, says Nick and Chelsea came forward about that. Rebert thinks his reputation speaks for itself. Nick suggests Dr. Endo look at all of the evidence. Nick has a photo he took last night. He shows him his cell phone. Dr. Endo is not happy and tells Rebert that they should continue this upstairs. They both leave. Chelsea didn't know about this photo. Nick says he thought if she knew he took the photo that she'd be mad. He wanted to hold it back, he didn't want to have to show it. She thanks him and says what he did was sweet, she is grateful. He says everyone here is grateful for what she did. He says at least two other assistants have agreed to come forward because of her. Later Dr. Endo shows up and says Dr. Rebert has resigned, the senior staff will be heading up the experiments here for awhile. He also thanks both Nick and Chelsea for what they've done for everyone here. Everyone in the lab applauds. Chelsea feels so good, she especially liked that Dr. Endo called her a colleague. Nick says she deserves it, she deserves so much. To thank Nick, Chelsea offers to make him dinner. He says but he got her into this mess. She says yeah, he should make her dinner. She asks what his specialty is. He says toast, or peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches. She says okay she'll cook and he can help her with her homework. He says so this was all a ploy to get him to help her? She says yep! He says lucky for her he is flattered by the attention.

On the island Belle and Shawn are trying to figure out if the food Shawn has gathered is safe. Shawn thinks there is only one way to find out. Shawn downs some berries as Belle watches. Shawn thinks he's okay. She asks what it tastes like? He says chicken, just kidding. He says it's not bad, it's better than brussel sprouts. He suggests they give it an hour to see what is happening and make sure he doesn't turn green. Shawn becomes ill and says scratch the hour. He runs off to be sick in the bushes. She makes sure he's okay, which he is. Belle insists she be the next to test the food, but Shawn won't let her. He downs some more of the things he's collected. The second round of berries settle his stomach and make him feel better. She thinks it means they'll be okay for Claire. Shawn jokes about how he'll cook something up for dinner, their own little fish-berries-southbound beach diet. They laugh, saying they'll make millions and can buy their own island. Shawn says they are already stuck on their own island. Shawn tells Belle that if they do end up stuck here, he won't mind. She says being stuck with her he means. He says and Claire. Claire begins googling, Belle checks on her, she is just dreaming. Shawn says sleep sounds good to him too. They settle in. Shawn offers to sleep outside the shelter, but Belle insists he can stay next to her. They are laying next to one another and talking. They get very close as they talk, Shawn asks if they are okay? She says yes they are okay. Belle eventually rolls over when things seem to be getting a little too intense. Shawn ends up pulling her close and they kiss! She stops him and is angry, telling him that he's so clueless. He thought it was what she wanted. Claire cries, she is woken up. Shawn doesn't understand. Belle says no he doesn't. He says so tell him, but she says go away. She says get out, she doesn't want to be around him. Shawn leaves their shelter. 


March 1, 2007

Jed and Abby go to Chez Rouge for their lunch date. Maggie brings them out their food. Jed is impressed that her aunt owns the place and says it is cool. Jed meets Maggie and thinks Abby's aunt is terrific. Abby thinks he needs to work on his material. He says he's out of practice, maybe she can help him. He says she is beautiful and that isn't a line. She says she doesn't hear that often. He says the guys in this town are crazy. They talk about this guy Abby is supposedly seeing. She admits she lied, she isn't seeing someone, but she does like a guy. Jed asks if he likes her back? She says yes, but he's involved with this other girl who is a mess right now. Jed thinks it sounds complicated for her, and he warns her when a guy has to choose normally the girlfriend wins. She tells him that he knows nothing about this. He says he has a big mouth that gets him into trouble, he's sorry. He says if she wants to chase after a guy then have at it. He says seriously, if she likes the guy then give it her best shot. Abby tells Jed that they just click, it's hard to explain. Jed says he gets it, it is like when you meet someone and they fill that hole that is there in your heart. She says he's smart for a jock. Jed asks Abby why she decided to go out with him? She says she likes him, as a friend. He says well when he likes someone he wants it to be more than just friends, he goes for it. He starts talking about reciting prose and turning into a puddle of goop. Abby jokes that he's a romantic. Later Willow shows up at the place, Abby says this could be bad. She tells Jed that girl used to work here and is bad news, total trash. She says that girl used to be a prostitute. He says what? She says trust her, if Willow Stark comes his way, cross the street. Jed says he should reintroduce himself, he is Jed Stark, Willow is his sister! He says Willow is putting him through college and has a really great job.

Meanwhile Willow is begging Maggie for her job back, as she's broke and pregnant with Shawn's baby. Maggie says right. Willow says it is true. Maggie says if it is Shawn's then the Brady's will help her. She says they won't, but Maggie won't give her her job. Jed confronts Willow about why she's here. She says she was here about a job interview. He says she is lying. He says she claimed to have this great job, but she was a waitress who got fired. He wonders where the tuition money came from and what is with this baby? Willow says she shouldn't have lied to him, she's sorry. He says tell him the truth now. She says she can't and runs off.

Nick shows up as Abby watches Willow and Jed. She tells Nick she was just on a date that has been derailed. Abby goes to Jed and says let Willow cool off, talk to her later. He doesn't know where to find her. Abby says she used to live at the Y. Jed walks off, Abby thinks she's officially a failure at dating. Nick thinks he knows a way to turn things around for them. Nick thinks him and Celsea and her and Jed should double date. Abby says there is no her and Jed, she ruined it. He knows she's hung up on Max still. Nick says he just saw Max and Mimi nd they  seem tighter than ever. He suggests she move on. Abby says he maybe right, maybe it is time for her to move on. 

Maggie calls Hope and asks her to give her a call, they need to talk about Willow and this baby. Meanwhile, Jed is outside trying to find where Willow ran off to.

Max meets Mimi at her house. Mimi says her mom posted bail and is coming home. Nick shows up to see Mimi and Max. He has the results from the lab tests on the ring. Nick says there was blood on the ring, but it wasn't Bonnie's. Nick says the blood on the ring is Mimi's! Mimi asks how this is possible? Nick says they ran the test twice, but he can do it again. Max says no it's okay. Nick leaves and Mimi is a mess. Mimi tells Max that this makes no sense. Bonnie shows up and Mimi asks where she got the bail money? Bonnie says Victor posted bail. Mimi asks why Victor would do a thing like that for her? She says he took pity on her. Mimi says she's lying. Bonnie asks why she is so upset? Mimi tells her mom how her blood is on dad's ring and she wants an explanation. Bonnie says Nick was wrong, it was a mistake. Mimi thought that too until she saw her lying face. Mimi begs her mom for once in her life to tell her the truth. Bonnie says she will, but Mimi won't like it. Bonnie says in fact she'll wish she never knew. Bonnie says her father came home wreaking of booze and with lipstick all over his shirt. She says she went off on him. She says he was unemployed and spending her money on a floozy. Bonnie says he was never violent with him before but . . . she most have pushed him past the breaking point. As Bonnie tells the story we see flashbacks. David hits Bonnie and she falls to the floor. He began grabbing at her. She says Mimi came into the room, she tried to stop him. She says he hit her with the back of his hand, which we see. Bonnie says that is how the blood got on the ring. Mimi cries that she doesn't remember this, it is a lie. Bonnie swears that it is the truth. Bonnie says David kept coming at her again, he was strangling her. Bonnie says that is when Mimi picked up Connor's bat, screamed and brought the bat down on his head. We see the flashbacks of this and David falling down dead. Bonnie tells Mimi that she hit him, he fell and he was dead. Mimi cries that she couldn't have killed her own father. Bonnie says she was in shock, she gave her a tranquilizer and put her to bed. She thought they'd go to the police and tell the truth, but when she woke up the next morning, she didn't remember any of it. Bonnie says she called Patrick, they got rid of the body at the abandoned church. She says had Mimi and Max not been locked in that basement then his body would still be there. Mimi thought she thought her dad was out west and she hated him for leaving them, but the whole time she killed him. Bonnie says she will go to jail for this. She tells Mimi that she needs to keep her mouth shut and leave Salem . . . for good. Mimi thinks they can still go to the police. Bonnie says no. She says she committed a crime by hiding the body. She says she's willing to pay for it. She begs Mimi to let her make up for her being a lousy mom. Bonnie says Connor needs her, he will end up in jail like her and Patrick if she doesn't go. Mimi says it's not right. Bonnie tells Mimi that she saved her life that night, now it is her turn to save hers. Bonnie says she doesn't want Mimi to spend another second in this house, it is cursed. She says she wants more for her and Connor, she wants them to have futures. She tells Mimi that she has to go, she has to go tonight. Mimi's memories come flooding back, she remembers killing her dad. Max tells Mimi that her mom is right, she has to leave. He says maybe finding that skeleton was meant to be. He says her mom wanting a future for her and her brother is the right thing. He says he will support her if she chooses to stay or go, but it she goes then it may be the right thing for her. Mimi asks her mom what will happen to her? Bonnie says she'll turn on the sprinklers and the judge will go easy on her. Bonnie says one day the Lockharts will rise again. Mimi tell Max this is it for them too, but he says he's not going anywhere. She says he will and it's okay. She says he is a good guy, she hopes there is more than one of him out there. She says she should get going and beat the traffic. Mimi and Bonnie share a goodbye hug. They tell one another that they love the other. Bonnie says go get her things and go. Bonnie says it will be okay. Mimi and Max then leave. Bonnie breaks down in tears. 

At EJ's, Lucas shows up to see EJ. Lucas is banging on the door. EJ tells Sami to run out the fire escape, but she answers the door. Lucas asks why she's here? She says she had to talk to EJ about some stuff. Lucas asks what stuff? She says they'll talk another time. Lucas knows EJ called him, he says something is going on here. Lucas thought EJ was going to move out in agreement for him coming to work at Mythic. EJ says he's picky about where he lives. He says work has gotten in the way of him moving. Lucas says work like annoying him and Sami all the time? Lucas doesn't think EJ is going to move out, he wants to stay here and be close to Sami. EJ says these accusations of Lucas' are becoming tiresome. EJ says he asked Lucas to meet with him for some truth telling. Lucas says like he tells the truth. Sami suggests they go, but EJ thinks if anyone wants to hear what he has to say it will be her. She says neither of them want to hear what he has to say. EJ tells Lucas that he has an opinion of him that is formed from false accusations. He says he gave Lucas a job when no one else would touch him. He says all he's gotten in return is his rudeness and insubordination. Lucas says he's just being direct. EJ says let him give him the truth sunshine, he's got it coming in spades. EJ says he never had any intention of moving because he did want to be near Sami, especially since she went out of her way to help the police set him up. He says he has the maturity of a fifteen year old, but he doesn't like anyone else getting his girl. He says he could recite some poetry now. Lucas, who thinks EJ is joking, says he's made his point. Lucas just wants EJ to move out. EJ asks what if he doesn't move? Lucas says he'll quit and his family will move. EJ says they should just relax, but Lucas says that is what he would do. EJ says okay then he will move out. EJ says he'll move out as soon as possible, he'll call his real estate dealer. He asks if anyone has any boxes? Lucas says he does, he'll help him pack. Lucas leaves to get him some. EJ tells Blondie that he's keeping his deal with his boy, so keep her deal with him. EJ says find out what the police have on him or he'll let Lucas know that may not be his baby she's carrying. Lucas returns with some boxes and tape. He tells Sami they should go celebrate that EJ is finally moving. Lucas and Sami leave, Sami begins seriously making out with Lucas in the hall and says he was amazing in there. Sami tells Lucas that she only went to see EJ to tell him to stop following them around. HE says he can fight his own battles. Sami asks Lucas not to push EJ, she doesn't want anything to happen to him. Lucas says he will be gone soon, it's okay. They run off to take a shower as Lucas says he wants to see her naked. After they go, EJ calls about his father to find out if the operation is a success. He says good, he wants updates every half-hour. EJ says when he wakes up to tell him that the plans are proceeding and that he loves him. 

Steve returns to the Salem Inn where Kayla is waiting for him. Kayla is glad he came home. He says he can't stay. He asks about John. Kayla says he's back at the hospital and she told them everything. She thinks she may lose her license for this. She begs Steve to turn himself in, but he says he can't do that. He says he's leaving town, he needs her to get him some money to leave Salem for good. She won't let him. She says the DiMeras have control of him, he's sick and needs help. Steve says he's not sick, he knew what he was doing. She says he called her for help so that hack didn't operate on John, it shows he has some control. She says a part of him is fighting and he could win. He screams that he can't. He says give him money and let him go. She says she won't. She says he has a family and friends here, a life here, people who care about him. She says she won't give up on him. Kayla won't let him leave. Steve says she can't stop him. She says don't be so sure. She begs Steve for the love that they have for one another, for everything they have meant to each other, please don't run away. She holds Steve, but he says he's sorry. Later when Steve is out of the room, Kayla makes a call. She claims to the hospital to let them know she wasn't coming in. Steve continues telling Kayla how he has caused her nothing but trouble since he came back. He says any normal person would put him out with the trash, but not her. She says she loves him. Steve says she should have gotten on with her life years ago. He says she has to give up on him, he is a danger to her and the family. Steve says she doesn't care! She says she will never let him go, so if he wants to walk out that door then he'll have to kill her first. Kayla says he can hurt her, threaten her or kill her if he has to, but she won't step aside. She says she'll call her brothers, they will help them. He says call who she wants, he's out of here. He makes a run for the door, he finds two cops standing there. He realizes Kayla didn't call the hospital, she set him up. Kayla says it was the only way to keep him safe. He says it's too late for that. He tries to run, but the cops take him down. Steve is put in coughs as the cops read him his rights. Steve asks Kayla if she knows what she's done? She says she's trying to help him, but he says she signed his death warrant and he won't be coming back this time! Steve is then taken off. Kayla paces around the place.


March 2, 2007
On the island, Shawn is standing outside the shelter in the rain. He's holding a big leaf over his head. He tells Belle it is raining out here, is she going to let him die of pneumonia? He says he built this shelter too, it's half his. He begs Belle to let him back in. He says he's sorry, he thought she wanted him to kiss her. He says they were talking about how much they meant to one another, it felt right. She says it didn't feel right to her, she thinks he was trying to get it on with her. Belle says she's not Willow Stark. Shawn assures Belle that Willow was a mistake, a big mistake. He says she didn't mean anything to him. Belle asks then why he moved her into his place, why did he hide her and lie about her. Belle says Shawn couldn't tear himself away from the tramp even when he could have lost his daughter. Shawn admits he screwed up, but Willow was just about sex. Belle asks how she knows when he puts his hands all over her that it isn't about just sex. She thinks maybe she should talk dirty like Willow since it is what he likes. Shawn tries to tell her how he feels something for her and it's not about sex. He also knows she feels the same way about him. Belle says he just doesn't get it. Shawn says he doesn't and he gives up. He says he doesn't know what she wants from him, but he's sorry for what he did. He says he'll keep his hands to himself from now on, but can he please come in? She says no, they need to come to an understanding. Shawn says he knows what he did wrong and it has nothing to do with him being clueless. He accuses her of letting him get close and chopping him off, which she interprets as him accusing her of being a tease. He says no that isn't. They continue talking about the two of them, but Belle says they haven't talked about where they stand. He says he's sorry, they've been on the run, he didn't think they had time to schedule the talk in. She thinks he just made up his mind and took her. He says he didn't, he doesn't want sex, he wants her. Belle doesn't get how he can be with someone and not love them. Shawn says it's a guy thing. He assures her that she is the one he wants to be with. Belle says she's sorry she threw Willow in his face. She says she just doesn't want to be another notch in his belt. He says she would never be that. She knows he wanted to make love to her. He says he knows she's not ready. She says she's ready, but she needs some things first. Shawn asks what she needs for her to trust him again. Shawn begs Belle to forgive him, to let him back in. He talks to her and says it doesn't matter what they do or who they are with, something always brings them back together. He believes they are destined to be together. He asks so what is the problem? She says she needed to hear him say that. He says he's sorry he didn't say it earlier. She says she just needs to know that no train is coming down the tracks that will knock them off the rails. He says no, from now on it's just them and she can set the pace. She says he just has to be patient with her. He says take her time. He asks while she takes her time, can he wait inside where it is dry? She says she doesn't know. He decides then he has to take off all his clothes. He strips down to his tighty whities, which is when Belle finally lets him back in. She says she's sorry she's been hard on him. Shawn tells Belle to make him a promise, if she thinks thinks aren't going to work out for them then tell him. She says okay, but the same goes for him. She asks if he's tired, he says exhausted. He jokes that being a castaway is hard work. She suggests they get some sleep. She says he can lay next to her, which her does. She takes his arm and puts it around her as they snuggle. 

Hope finds Jed and Willow talking at the YWCA. Jed is not happy with his sister for whoring around for him. She says she wanted him to get an education, she couldn't make that money flipping burgers. Jed says it is an honest job, what is wrong with it. He asks where she got the ten grand, from this baby's father? She asks him to stop asking questions, go to school and get an education. Jed walks off and Hope goes in to see Willow. Willow asks Hope what the hell she wants? Hope says she came to help her. Willow tells her to get out, she doesn't need her help. Hope asks what happened between her and Phillip? She thought he was taking care of her. Willow does it look like he did? Hope doesn't like seeing her here. Willow says she has a bad habit of picking losers like Phillip and her son to trust. Willow says she'll get by, now leave. Hope asks Willow what she can honestly do to help her and the baby. Willow asks why she's changed her mind? Willow reminds her how she came to her for help before, but Hope said no. Hope says Maggie called her. Willow says if she's so concerned then when didn't she give her her job back? Hope asks Willow if the child really is Shawn's. Willow says what she's asking is how many guys did she sleep with and how does she know it is Shawn's. Hope says she would be concerned about any baby in this situation. Willow tells her she only cares about this baby if it is Shawn's. Willow says if she ends up dead and the autopsy shows the baby is Shawn's, well Hope's reputation as Saint Hope would be ruined and everyone would see what a bitch she really is. Hope wants to talk about the baby. She tells her how important prenatal care is. Willow knows, but Hope says knowing isn't enough. Hope asks if she's seen a doctor? Willow says no, she'd wish she could see a doctor but it won't happen without a job. Hope asks what happened to the money Victor gave her? Willow plays innocent, but Hope tells her not to play dumb. Willow says she bought a spit load of crack and smoked her brains out. Hope tells Willow not to joke about that. She says she lost a child and knows the pain, there is nothing funny about it. Willow says she's sorry, her bad, are they done. Hope says no, she wants to know what she did with her money. Willow says she gave it to her brother for his school. Hope says the money could have been used for her and the baby, why did she give it all away. Willow says she's lived on the streets since 16, she knows how to make a buck as Hope knows. Willow says Hope hates that about her, she made it clear that is why she didn't want her with Shawn. Hope says she never had anything against her, if Shawn wanted to be with her then it would have been okay. Willow tells Hope bull, she wanted Shawn with Belle and even broke the law to help them run away together. Hope says they wanted Shawn and Belle to work things out for Claire, plus they do belong together. Hope also reminds Willow about her actions, she set Shawn's apartment on fire, she lied in court. Hope tells Willow she is a nasty young woman and if she didn't have to deal with her ever again then it would be fine with her. Willow acts like she's been shot and says Hope got her! Hope tells Willow to tell her what she needs fro her to insure that her and her child are properly cared for. Willow tells her to look around? This place isn't exactly great. Hope gives her the name and number of an OBGYN at the hospital, she has an appointment and they will take care of the bills. Willow asks about a job. Hope says she'll have to get that on her own, Hope can't in good conscious recommend her to anyone she knows. Hope suggests they talk about what she's eating. Willow says she had beef jerky and diet soda for breakfast. Hope says not good, she needs to take a class at the hospital about taking proper care of herself. Willow says she'd like a hot meal, a nice bed, someplace quiet. Hope says make it happen. Willow says how, by clicking her heals? Hope offers to write her a check to help her get a start. Willow is insulted that she's offering her money, she tells Hope to go to hell. Hope asks what she thought, she would ask her to come home with her? Hope says she's sorry if she mislead her, but she can't let her in the house with a new baby. Willow says she can help her with the baby. Hope doesn't trust her, she has a mean streak and loses control when she doesn't get her way. Hope says she's sorry if that hurts her. Willow says Shawn is dead, how can she be so cold to what is left of Shawn (the baby). Hope says Shawn could be alive, but Willow says he is dead. Hope tells Willow to shut up, she doesn't know what she's talking about. Willow says she's saying Shawn is still alive? Hope says is just saying that she believes it in her heart. Willow thinks she's holding it together awfully well for someone who has lost a child. Hope gives Willow a check for food and asks her to keep her appointment. Willow thanks Hope, who leaves. Willow knows Hope knows something. She ends up calling someone and says they need to meet, she thinks she just found out that Shawn, Belle and Claire are still alive! 

At the station, Kayla and Bo talk about Steve. Bo has tried to explain everything to the DA about Steve. Bo says Steve is following the DiMeras orders. Bo says the judge agreed sending him to prison would be a dead end. Kayla thanks him, she thinks he is going to University Hospital. Bo says he's not going there, he's going to a state hospital. She says he means an institution for the criminally insane. Steve is brought out in an orange jumper. Steve tells Sweetness to take a good look as she did this to him! Steve says he won't get help, he will be locked up and they will flush the key. Bo tells Kayla that he's sorry, the decision was based on Steve's history of violence. Steve tells Kayla he just wanted to leave town, but she wanted to help. He says now he'll be thrown in with killers, psychos and perverts. He says he'll be in a straight jacket and strapped to a bed. Steve says he'll be so pumped full of drugs that he won't be himself. Steve says he's been there before, he's been on the table under the bright lights and having the electricity pumped through his veins. He asks Kayla how she could do this to him. She says she loves him, she was pushed against a wall. She says this is the last chance to fix what is wrong with him, to fix them, to find peace again. She says she won't give up on him and she begs him not to give up on himself. Steve says she and his so called best friend sold him out. He says he doesn't want their love or pity. He yells at Kayla to get away from him. Bo tells Steve not to hurt his sister, take his anger out on the wall. Steve suggests he take it out on Bo. He tells tough guy Bo to show him what he's got. Bo tells Steve to stop it, he is foaming at the mouth right now. He says he's his own worst enemy. Bo says if Steve had gotten treatment at the hospital then his friend John may not be missing a kidney. Bo says Steve is lucky John isn't dead otherwise he'd be facing murder 1. Bo tells Steve that Kayla has done everything she can to keep him out of prison, he's lucky to have someone who hasn't given up on him. Steve says she has, she's put him away. Kayla says only so he gets well. Steve says he's not coming home, he will die there and he'll die knowing she killed him. Bo tells the cops to take him away. Steve breaks free, head butts Bo and screams. Steve is caught by the cops. Bo says he is out of control, if there is any of the old Steve in him then he needs to get help. Steve says he doesn't want anything from either of them, don't visit, don't write, don't send cards, they are both dead to him. He tells the cops to get him out of here. Kayla tells Steve that she will make an appeal to the judge to try and get him put in University Hospital. Steve doesn't know why she's doing this. She says she loves him and this isn't his fault, there isn't anything he could do to make her hate him. Steve asks the cops to take him away, which they do. Bo comforts Kayla as she cries. 


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