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1st Week of January 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


January 1, 2007
At the Java Cafe, Abby and Nick are having latts .Abby is still working on Nick to tell Chelsea the truth. Nick is reluctant, he thinks Chelsea won't understand. Abby says he's smart, he read Cyrano in school. Nick jokes about how Chelsea is expecting America's Next Top Model, which he is not. Abby says not everyone can be that good looking. He tells her that she is. Abby pushes Nick to just tell Chelsea the truth. He eventually agrees to. Later Abby gets a call from Maggie. Maggie says Chelsea wants a job at Chez Rouge, she asks Abby what her opinion is. Abby suggests Maggie give her a shot.

At Chez Rouge, Chelsea shows up to see Maggie. Maggie asks if she is looking for a table for one, but Chelsea says no. Maggie says then Chelsea must want something. Chelsea says she does, but it is more for her mom really. Chelsea needs a job. Chelsea talks about how Billie is really broken up over losing Steve and they are already living in the house of the last guy that she dated. Chelsea says she wants her and her mom to get their own place so she needs a job to help pay the rent. Maggie is intrigued by this turnaround in her life. Chelsea credits it all to her Lonley Splicer, who makes her want to be a better person. Maggie tells Chelsea that she'll think about it. Maggie calls up Abby to ask her opinion. Later Maggie tells Chelsea that they are short staffed tonight, so she will give her a trial chance. She tells her to go to the kitchen and introduce herself to Marge and get acquainted. Maggie says if she can get a long with everyone then she'll consider making the job permanent. 

Also at Chez Rouge, Abe and Lexie are having dinner. Lexie is upset that Roman was so rude to her, but Abe says he was just doing his job. Abe talks to her about giving her statement. Lexie says what if she didn't see EJ shoot John. Abe asks if she's saying she didn't? Lexie says she's speaking hypothetically, if she didn't would they still have a case against EJ? Abe isn't really sure, there is no other evidence. He thinks Lexie is worried what EJ might do if she speaks out. He promises to protect her, her mom and Theo. Lexie asks him about the doctor and his eyes. Abe says he's rejecting the transplant. Lexie says but he can try again. Abe says he may reject that transplant too. She says she is here for him, she knows this scares him. Abe says he's terrified of going blind, but to have her have to take care of him would kill him. He says he wouldn't want to live like that. Later Chelsea shows up offering them coffee or anything they need. Lexie snaps at her to just get out of here. Chelsea leaves them the bill, which Abe can't even read to pay.

At Billie's, Billie checks her mail and finds Steve's letter to her. She reads it. In it he talks about how she really did mean a lot to him and he wasn't trying to lead her on. He says he gave her something to look forward to instead of dwelling on the blank past he had. He says because of that she'll always be special to him. Billie calls up her mom and leaves her a message. Billie tells her mom how when they last spoke she thought Steve had chosen her, well surprise he got his memory back and is with Kayla. She cries that she's tired of feeling like she always has to do or say the right thing when she's dumped, it sucks. She says just once she wants someone who will put her first. She asks her mom to call her when she gets this message. Later Nick shows up to see Chelsea. Billie lets him in and says Chelsea isn't home. Nick finds Billie smoking and even finds a bottle of booze hidden behind the sofa. He says Chelsea  says she doesn't drink. Billie says she doesn't, and not to tell Chelsea about this. Nick can see she's upset as she's drunk. He calls her Mrs. Reed, but she quickly corrects him and says Miss Reed. He asks if something is wrong, but she says no. Nick ends up seeing Steve's letter. As he reads it, Billie is on the phone with Chelsea. Chelsea has called after speaking with Abby. Abby warned her that Nick was on her way to see her. Chelsea says she's running late so just tell Nick that she's busy, she doesn't want to see him anyways. Billie says he's here already and she can't do that. After hanging up, Billie sees that Nick is reading her letter. She tells him that is rude. She then talks about how Steve kissed her off and that is why she's upset. Nick says according to this letter she was special to him. Billie says he's just a kid, he wouldn't know. He says he does. He says she wants someone that she can open herself up to, to be her real self with. She wonders how he knows? He says he feels the same way. She says God help you . . . . Billie cries about how she is tired of being alone, she just wants someone to come home to, to go to bed with. Nick understands, she wants someone to be close to, to kiss . . . .Nick and Billie then lean in and kiss one another!

At the hospital, a doctor tells Sami that Lucas has severe hypothermia but should be okay. Roman is there, he asks Sami what happened? Sami explains how she and Lucas were going to Green Mountain Lodge, but it was snowing pretty bad. She says they had car troubles and had to seek shelter. She explains the whole thing, with flashbacks. However she leaves out everything about EJ, claiming she somehow saved Lucas and flagged down a trucker to get them back here. Roman says that is an unbelievable story. She snaps and thinks that he is accusing her of lying. He says he's, not, he's just saying what she did was unbelievable, she is a hero. HE says you hear stories of people in duress finding amazing strength to save loved ones. Sami wonders why her dad is here. Roman explains that John was shot tonight by EJ. He says Lexie apparently saw it happening, she tried to help John. Sami is furious, she can't believe her dad let EJ get away. He asks how she knew that he got away? she says she assumed it as he's not at the station putting bamboo shoots underneath his fingernails. Roman explains the whole story, how Bo was supposed to go meet EJ but couldn't because Patrick kidnapped Hope. Roman says he asked John to do it, knowing John promised Marlena that he wouldn't get involved. Roman says right now Marlena is praying for John in the chapel. Sami can't believe this, she says they just got married.  Roman tells Sami how EJ stole Lexie's car and it was seen going through a roadblock very close to where she was. He asks her if she saw anything. Sami cries and says she's sorry she didn't, all she saw was the trucker she flagged down to help them.

Elsewhere, Steve becomes dizzy after looking at the tarot card of the devil and passes out. Kayla finds him on the floor, she stirs him awake and asks what happened. He's disoriented and asks where he is, what is going on. She explains they are at the hospital, John has been shot. She asks what happened to him. He says nothing, he's fine. She doesn't believe that. She wants a doctor to check him out. He says no he's fine, besides she's a doctor and can look over him. She wants a doctor who will be unbiased. She says this is serious, he just got his memory back, he could have trauma of some type. He agrees so she heads off to find a doctor. Steve sees the tarot card on the floor at this point. He looks at it and breathes heavily. Later Kayla has him in an exam room. She couldn't find a spare doctor so she gives him a look over. The exam turns a bit sexual as they start kissing. Steve tries to convince her that he's fine, but she won't believe him. She insists she make an appointment for him to have a complete neurological work up. He says fine, for her. She calls and Steve remains worried about the card.


January 2, 2007
Nick and Billie are kissing on the couch. Nick stops Billie and says he has never done this before. She says he's kidding her, you mean he's a virgin? She says she thinks it is sweet. She says lucky for him, she's done this a few times. She tells Nick to just does what feels good. They continue kissing and soon get horizontal. Later Billie is smoking a cigarette. Nick wakes up and sees Ms. Reed there. He begins panicking and yelling Oh My God, Did We, I'm So Sorry! Billie asks if it was that bad? He says no, but it was wrong. He says he's Chelsea's friend. He then asks if she's going to tell Chelsea. Billie says she doesn't share her love life with Chelsea. She asks Nick if he is just friends with Chelsea or something more. He says they are just friends. Billie jokes that she's old enough to be his mother, but he says no as she is gorgeous. Billie asks Nick something personal, was this really his first time? He says it was. She says he figured it out and it was nice. He says sex is not supposed to be nice, it's supposed to be hot and amazing. Nick says it was for him. Billie says for her too. She asks Nick why he waited this long? Nick says he's tried before but not exactly a dream guy. Billie says she thinks he's cute. Nick says that makes one of them. Billie asks if he's been in love? Nick thinks so, but says it was just a one sided thing. Billie says one day he'll meet the right girl. She says in the meantime shut up and kiss her! Nick then makes love to Billie again. They then snuggle on the couch. She says he learns fast grasshopper. He says he has a good teacher. She suggests they go again. Suddenly a car pulls into the driveway! They scramble to get dressed as Chelsea is walking up. Nick grabs all his clothes and Billie tells him to go out the window in Chelsea's room. He takes off as Chelsea reaches for her keys to open the door.

Earlier that night . . . Chelsea is working at Chez Rouge as a waitress. She's not doing very well. She forgets to bring a table bread or drinks. She says she'll go get them their basket of bread and will be back with the drink orders, which is of course the best part of the meal. Maggie then scolds Chelsea, table 10 is waiting for their order and she is to never take a food order until she gets the drink order, which is where the money is. Chelsea promises to do better. Suddenly Willow shows up and asks why Chelsea is working her shift. They end up arguing with one another. Willow comments about how she has too many damn teeth. Chelsea says if Willow wants to fight then she's game. Maggie breaks up the fight, Willow says she has been Mrs. Horton's waitress since she's been here. Maggie tells Chelsea to tend to her tables. Maggie tells Willow she heard she was behind bars. Willow says it was a mistake and she's out now. Maggie says she heard there was a fire at Shawn's. Willow says it was more of a domestic disturbance. Maggie says again, not what she heard. Willow knows she probably heard what happened from Shawn's parents. Maggie says they are family. Willow says she doesn't have Shawn anymore thanks to his parents convincing her that she's no good. She also says she has no place to live and she needs money, she needs this job. Maggie says she has a violent streak and isn't very stable. Willow says she is the best worker she had, she said it. Maggie says the most promising is what she said. Willow says well her third cousin or whatever can't figure out what drink goes to what table, what restaurant will her customers eat at next time? Maggie tells Willow that she can have her job back tomorrow, but only if she trains Chelsea tonight. Willow says train that moron in one night? Maggie says she claimed she was the best so prove it. Chelsea is still messing up her orders and her specials. Willow comes over and tells them that she's sorry but this is Chelsea's first night here. Willow goes over the specials for them. Later Chelsea is trying to carry the tray and having issues. Willow is yelling at Chelsea to tilt it this way, tilt it that way. As they argue over the tray and how she should hold it, Chelsea drops the whole tray of food. Maggie shows up, she can't believe this. Maggie says she told Willow to train her. Willow says she tried. Maggie ends up telling Chelsea that waitressing isn't her calling, leave her uniform in the locker room. Willow tells Chelsea that is too bad. Chelsea asks Willow who she's kidding. She tells her to have fun waiting on tables, see ya! She smears food on Willow as she leaves.

Max and Mimi are called to the station. They don't know why they are here. Mimi says maybe they have a lead on who took them. They discuss Belle's dad and what happened with him. Mimi says it's like a dark cloud is hanging over them and isn't going away. Max promises Mimi that he won't let anything happen to her. They come close to kissing when Abe walks in and interrupts. Max asks if they are here about their kidnapping, was it Victor? Abe says they are still working on that, but he wanted to talk to them about the skeleton. Mimi says they are sorry for disturbing an archaeological site. Abe says he's not a civil war soldier. Abe says he has modern dental work and the uniform is synthetic fabrics, it's a fake. He says someone wanted them to think he was an old civil war soldier so they wouldn't notice the trauma to his skull. Abe says they have uncovered a homicide. Abe says unfortunately there is no forensic evidence found. Mimi and Max realize that is their fault, it was Christmas and they got carried away. Abe says it's okay. Abe asked them here to ask about how they found the bones. Max explains everything with flashbacks. Abe asks what else was in the sealed room. Mimi has what she found on the skeleton. She has a ring with an unusual symbol. Abe decides to take it to the lab. Abe asks them to stick around until he gets back. Abe leaves and Mimi tells Max how she thinks she's seen that ring that before. She also gets this awful feeling that she knew the person who was wrapped around those bones. Max brings up what happened between them in the basement. He says he's been in lust with many women, but what happened between them was different. He says he likes her. She doesn't know why after what she did to Shawn. Max says Shawn should have given her another chance. He says she's a strong woman. She says he's a strong man, he saved them and kept them going. Max tells Mimi how she has helped him out so much, with the garage and when Steve and Kayla almost died. Max says the most amazing thing about being trapped with her was that it was like they were on a great adventure together. He asks Mimi if there is something going on between them. Before she can answer, Abe returns. Abe tells Mimi there is something she needs to know about Patrick. Mimi says what now? Abe says Patrick is in trouble, big trouble. He says Patrick was arrested tonight. Abe tells her that he was arrested for kidnapping Hope. They are also sure he's EJ's accomplice in a number of crimes. Abe says he is sorry. He thanks them both for coming down. Abe then leaves. Mimi realizes she has to call her mom and tell her. Max says if she needs him then call. He gives her a little kiss and leaves.

Lexie and Tek meet somewhere to talk (looks like Alice's). Lexie says they aren't buying it. She says they kept pressing her to say that that the shooter is EJ. She says she told them that she wasn't sure. She asks Tek if he is sure without any doubt that EJ shot John. Tek says EJ is the one he saw shoot John. He says just say that and stay calm. Lexie says she can't, he got her into this mess. She wants a guarantee that they won't be found out. He says if he could give her one . . . Lexie tells Tek how this isn't all about him, if it weren't for him then she wouldn't have been there. Tek says if she wasn't there then John would be dead, she's a hero. Lexie says easy for him to say, he has nothing to lose here. Tek asks what she wants from him. Lexie says she wants him to swear on the bible that he saw EJ shoot John. Tek says he is sure. Lexie says Roman wants her to do a photo line-up. She says she knows what EJ looks like and can pick him out, but can Tek. Tek says he told her it was EJ, if she doesn't believe him then they have a problem. Lexie says no she has a problem. She says if the case doesn't pan out then they will come after her. Tek swears EJ is the shooter, no doubts. Tek says he'd love to be there and ID EJ himself. Lexie says maybe he can. Tek asks how that can be pulled off, maybe with some of her  mom's voodoo magic? Lexie says it's not voodoo. She says she'll get Roman out of the room, snap a photo camera phone and send it to him. She says he can text her back. Tek says they both know what EJ looks like. Lexie says they could try and trick her somehow, put a similar looking photo in the lineup. She says EJ is a DiMera, she is putting Abe and Theo in jeopardy by doing this. Tek says he'll do whatever she wants him to. Lexie says what she wants is to never see or hear from him again after this mess is over. She tells him to move on, there is nothing here for him anymore. She says because of him she could have been killed, Theo could have lost his mother. She says now she has to lie to her husband and the police. Tek says he won't do anything to please her, he's in her life so get used to it. Lexie asks what he thinks he will gain? Tek says if she makes one little mistake here then she will be in huge trouble. Lexie then gets a call from Abe. Abe tells her that he'll be home soon. Lexie says she's in bed reading her favorite book, she'll wait up. She tells Abe that she'll see him soon. Lexie tells Tek that she has to get home. He grabs her and says she needs him, don't forget it.

Lucas is in the hospital. He's in a bed and has a cast on his leg. Sami sits next to him. He opens his eyes. Sami says it is good to see his eyes open. She offers to get him something, maybe some water. He wants her to fill in the blanks, he doesn't remember much. He says the last thing he remembers is seeing his mom and Will. Sami says they weren't with them. Lucas says he must have been hallucinating. Sami asks what they said. Lucas says Will told him to hang in there and that she'd be back. Sami says that's her boy. Lucas says his mom didn't have such nice things to say about her. He says it was only in his mind though. Sami says she doesn't care, she's just relieved that he's okay. Lucas asks Sami who got the beam off his leg? Sami says she found a strength she didn't know she had. She says she lifted the beam off him, wrapped him in a blanket and carried him out. He says you carried me out? She says it was more like dragging. She says she got him to the road and a trucker gave them a ride here. He says it's unbelievable, he can't believe she did that. She says it is the power of love. Lucas says he does remember one thing, he remembers some awesome sex dreams. Later they talk about John. Sami says they don't know if John will make it and EJ got away. Lucas asks how her mom is doing. Sami says she's holding on. Sami says she talked to her and held her hand, it was like a role reversal. Sami says she's always there for everyone so it was her chance to be there for her. Sami also says she's happy they are back together. Kate walks in and Lucas says well one out of two isn't bad. Lucas asks why she's here. Kate says what kind of question is that? Lucas says he thought she was in Canada. She says she was but she came home after hearing about John, then she found out about him. She asks what happened. Lucas brings up Sami, Kate assumes Sami did this to him. Lucas sets her straight and lets his mom know that Sami is the one who saved him. Kate says she's had a hard time believing this, but if it is true then she has to thank Sami. Sami can't believe this, did she hear right? Kate tells Sami if she doesn't stop then she'll take it back. Sami tells Kate that she doesn't want to fight with her for the rest of their lives. She suggests they put aside everything that has happened. Sami tells Kate that she and Lucas are back together now and they will stay together. Lucas says that is right, forever. They then kiss. Kate says well she wishes them the best of luck. She tells Lucas to get some rest. She tells Sami that she is grateful to her for saving her son. Kate then leaves. Sami can't believe Kate really said that.

Outside Lucas's room, Kate runs into Roman. Roman thought she was in Canada. Kate says she was but Lucas is in the hospital. Roman thinks she didn't fly back because of Lucas. He also knows something is going on with her and Victor. Kate says they are Phillip's parents, next topic. Roman then tells Kate how Max and Mimi got kidnapped and held in a church. Kate doesn't know anything about that. Roman says they were taken from the garage where she asked them to meet her, but she never showed. Kate says not true, she drove by and the garage was dark. Roman says nice story. Kate says well he can't prove it isn't true. Roman says as a friend, once upon a time as  someone who was more than a friend, does she know anything about Max and Mimi's abduction. She says she doesn't. She then tells Roman that he must have heard about Sami's rescue. Roman says yes and he's proud of her. She says she's not buying the story that Sami saved him. Roman says there are stories about people gaining superhuman strength trying to save someone they love. Kate says Sami only loves Sami, and she suggests Roman question his daughter. Kate then walks off.


January 3, 2007
At Patrick/Billie's, we see a replay of Nick grabbing his cloths and rushing into Chelsea's bedroom to climb out her window. Chelsea walks in just as Nick is in Chelsea's room looking for the way out. Chelsea asks Billie what happened here? Billie says she fell asleep on the couch and had a dream. Chelsea says some dream. Billie says she should have been here when Nick got here. Chelsea says she was working at Chez Rouge. She says she made 42 bucks in tips, but then that psycho who worked there got out of jail and got her fired. Chelsea then asks her mom exactly what is going on here? In Chelsea's room, Nick is getting dressed and realizes he doesn't have his belt. Meanwhile, Chelsea is sure something is bothering Billie so she tells her to spill it. Billie says the holidays just wore her out and she fell asleep. Chelsea says okay. She asks when Nick stopped by if he left anything, maybe found out who her mystery internet guy was. Billie says he didn't say anything about that. She also tells Chelsea that she should be nicer to her friends. Billie says she could have called Nick and said she wasn't here and saved him a trip over. Billie asks Chelsea if she's interested in Nick? Chelsea tells her mom that she's seen Nick, what does she think? Chelsea says Nick is a sweet guy, but when it comes to romance . . . .not so much. She calls Nick her little lap dog. Back in Chelsea's room, Nick hears this and says he's so done with Chelsea if that is what she thinks about their relationship. Nick finds the photos of Lonley Splicer in her room. Billie keeps warning Chelsea that if she's not careful then she'll lose all her friends. Chelsea sits down complaining about her feet. She then finds a belt and says look at this. She shows it to her mom and asks who it belongs to. She tells her mom that she's busted, she had a guy here. Billie asks where she got that. Chelsea says it was under the couch. Billie says it's probably Patrick's. Chelsea says no, it's much to small to be his. Nick is listening in as Chelsea asks her mom who she had sex with tonight. Billie says it was just someone she just met. Chelsea says a pick-up? Chelsea says it means she's at least getting over Steve. Chelsea says she's proud of her, she is a cool mom. Billie says if she finds her Lonely Splicer maybe they can double date. Billie says she's not comfortable discussing this with her. Chelsea says she'll go take a shower and Billie should get the popcorn ready for the story. Meanwhile Nick is scrambling to get out of Chelsea's room. He is forced to hide under her bed because he can't get out through the window. Chelsea heads into her bathroom and Nick sneaks out into the living room. Billie is taking a huge gulp of wine at this point. Billie can't believe he's still here. He says he couldn't get out. As he's about to go out the front door, Chelsea shows up asking if her mom has any shampoo. She asks Nick why he's back? He says he came back to see if she was home yet, which she is. Chelsea says he must have the lowdown on Lonely Splicer. She thinks he knows who he is to have come back here this late. Nick says his snooping did pay off. She asks what his real name is. Nick says it is Shane Patton. Chelsea thinks that is a perfect name for a perfect guy. She asks for him to tell her more. Nick says he's a brain surgeon living in one of those west coast city's, San Francisco or San Jose or something. She thanks him and hugs him. She then says his aftershave smells a bit like lady's perfume. Billie says maybe Nick should go now. Chelsea agrees, it's time for her and her mom to dish. She asks Nick to find out everything he can about Shane and then shoves him out the door.

At the hospital, Hope is holding her baby girl. She's saying that she made her and daddy so happy. Hope says nobody has ever gotten a better new years gift. She says even if Patrick didn't tell them the truth, she would know the truth as she looks just like her daddy. Bo shows up and asks if that is a good thing? Hope says it's a very good thing. Marlena shows up to congratulate Bo and Hope. She asks how the mommy is doing? Hope says she's good. Marlena says the baby is a beauty. Hope tells Marlena how sorry she is about John. Hope asks if there is any word. Marlena says he's still in the operating room. Marlena is glad they have a new Brady though, it's something happy to focus on. Bo says he'll leave them to talk, but Marlena asks Bo not to leave. Marlena has something to say to him. Bo tells Marlena that he's sorry about what happened with John, he shouldn't have taken his place. Marlena says what happened to John was not his fault and she said awful things to him. She says she is sorry, she was sick with fear and it's no excuse. Marlena says Bo did what he felt he had to do, as did John. Bo says John didn't want to break his promise to her. Marlena wishes she hadn't made him make it in the first place. She tells Bo not to punish himself for what happened. She says the last thing John would want is for her to blame him. Bo thanks her. She thanks him for being their friend. Bo says if there is anything they can do, let them know. Marlena says there may be one thing. Marlena tells Bo that before John went into the OR he tried to tell her something. She was hoping he would have a read on it. She tells Bo and Hope how John was agitated and told her the world killer. She knows it means something important. Marlena asks if they have any thoughts on it. Bo says nothing. Marlena says she feels like such a failure, she can't believe she can't sort out what he was trying to tell her. Marlena says Steve and Kayla were there too, he just kept saying killer. Bo says he'll talk with Steve and see what his thoughts on this are. Bo heads out. 

Hope talks with Marlena. She tells Marlena that it will be all right. Marlena doesn't know, he was hanging on by a thread when he went into surgery. Marlena says she just can't lose him. Marlena says it seems like since she got her memory back she's had these mood swings. Hope says it's been one thing after another for her. Marlena says only recently had she felt like herself again. She says she and John have been so close, and she's always loved him. Marlena says when her memory came back she just loved John more than ever. Hope understands, she feels the same way about Bo. Marlena says John always stood by her and made her believe in herself again. Hope tells Marlena she also has an inner strength helping her too. Marlena says she just can't believe God would let them get back together only to separate them. Hope says their love is too strong or that to happen, believe in that.

Shawn and Belle are at the hospital. Belle is upset over her dad, she wishes they would tell them something. Belle says she can't lose him. Shawn holds her and says he's here for her. Belle looks over and sees the woman they saw at the java caf. She's with a little boy. The woman quickly takes off. Belle tells Shawn that she just saw that lady from the java caf. Belle swears she was watching them and she ran off when spotted. Belle says she had a little boy with her, maybe it was her grandson. Belle decides to go find her and see if she's okay. Belle catches up with the woman. Belle asks if this is her grandson? The woman says no, just a child she's looking after. A doctor shows up and asks the woman for her badge number, she has the boys papers. They sign some documents. Belle sees her badge, she realizes the woman Beverly is a CPS agent. Beverly says she has to go now, she has to get this boy to his foster family. She then runs off. 

Bo talks to Shawn. Shawn tells his dad how he's been such a jerk about this EJ thing. Bo says a lot was going on, nobody could see clearly, they should just forget about it. Shawn says he's just glad his parents worked things out and he has a baby sister. Bo can't believe he has a daughter. Shawn talks about how Patrick almost pulled it off. Bo promises that Dr. Bader will go away for a long long time for her part in this. Shawn thinks it is funny that they both had daughters they didn't know about. He says now Claire has an aunt younger than her. Bo asks how things with Claire are going. He says things are getting better between him, Claire and Belle. Bo says their families will only get stronger from here on out. Belle soon returns. Bo gives her a hug and says they are all praying for her dad. Bo heads to the cafeteria to get Hope something to eat.

Belle tells Shawn that the woman they saw works for Child Protective Services. She is suspicious about that woman. She says that first time they met her, she was so friendly. She says now she was not friendly at all. Belle doesn't trust her. Belle says the woman didn't even ask why they were here, it's like she couldn't get away fast enough. Belle also says she was trying to hide the fact that she is a CPS agent. They talk about when they met her, she asked a lot of personal questions. Belle wonders if they are being investigated and don't even know it. Shawn says CPS gets involved when a child is abused or neglected, Claire is happy and healthy. He promises her that he'll protect her and Claire, nobody can hurt them if they stick together. Bo returns at this point, he says her dad is out of surgery and the doc wants to speak to her and her mom.

The doctor talks to Marlena, Belle and Shawn. Bo and Hope are there too. He says John is out of surgery and holding on. However they don't know the details, he could have suffered brain damage form being deprived of oxygen. He also says John is currently in a coma and they don't know if he'll wake up. Marlena tells Belle they should all pray for John. Hope leads them all in a prayer, asking God to give John the strength to survive. 

At the station, Bonnie shows up. Mimi is there. Mimi tells her mom she told Patrick this would happen if he got involved with EJ Wells. Bonnie says it gets worse, Patrick kidnapped Hope. Mimi thinks he'd never hurt Hope. Bonnie says he did give himself up. Bonnie also tells Mimi that Hope went into labor and had the baby. She says the baby isn't Patrick's after all, Patrick convinced a doctor to lie for him. Bonnie says Patrick screwed up badly and he needs his family. She thinks they need to go see him. Mimi says he's probably tired, as is she. She tells her mom about how she and Max found a skeleton in a closet. She tells her mom that it was wearing a civil war uniform, they thought it was old. However tests say the dead person is more recent and was murdered and then hidden away. Bonnie begins to cry. She says murdered and left to rot in a church basement? Bonnie cries Oh no! Mimi asks why she's taking this so hard, it's not like the skeleton fell on her. Bonnie asks if the cops know who he is and how did they know he was murdered? Mimi says Abe promised to keep her informed. Mimi tells her mom that he was wearing a ring with an insignia, it looked familiar. Bonnie looks like she's going to faint. Mimi asks what is wrong. Bonnie says Patrick is in jail and now she's involved in a murder. Mimi says they aren't suspects. Bonnie says this is a lot to handle. Bonnie wants to see Patrick tonight. Mimi says fine.

Bonnie and Mimi go to lockup to see Patrick. Patrick is sporting an orange jumper and is brought in wearing cuffs. Patrick says he's sorry to put them through this again. Patrick admits he did what he was charged with. He also swears he will never get into trouble like this again. Patrick is ready for Mimi to tell him I told you so. Mimi says it just breaks her heart to see him here. Bonnie tells Mimi to tell Patrick about the skeleton she and Max found. Mimi doesn't want to bother him, but Bonnie says Patrick will be interested. Patrick asks to hear about it. Mimi explains how the skeleton is probably a murder victim who was dressed in a civil war uniform and moved to the church. Mimi is sure they'll find out who he is, she just hopes they catch who did it. Mimi asks why they are talking about this, they should talk about Patrick's defense and lawyer. Bonnie says that will take money. Bonnie can't help him, but Patrick thinks she can pay him back the money she's stolen from him the past few months. Bonnie claims she has no money to give him, but he knows she stole from him. Patrick says he needs a good lawyer, not a public defender. Patrick says he doesn't want to be in here for 20 years. Mimi says she has some cash, it's enough for a retainer. Patrick thanks Mimi and says he will pay her back. Mimi says he's her brother, he'd do it for her. Bonnie then asks Mimi for a moment alone with her brother. Mimi says whatever. Mimi hugs Patrick and says goodbye. Mimi then leaves. Bonnie tells Patrick if the cops ID those bones then they are in big trouble. She tells him not to talk about this should he be asked. Patrick assures her that he's not about to implicate himself in anymore crimes. Bonnie says it's also for Mimi, if she ever found out . . . Patrick says the police have bigger fish to fry, they won't worry about an old bag of bones. A guard says it's time for Patrick to go. Bonnie worries what she'll do if the police find out anything. Patrick says she'll be on her own. Patrick is then taken away.

Bonnie talks with Mimi later. She asks her not to go poking around with this skeleton business as they don't need anymore trouble. Mimi heads home and Bonnie makes a call to Connor. Bonnie says Patrick is in jail and Mimi has done something that could get them in trouble. She tells Connor to get on a plane and get home. 


January 4, 2007
Marlena sits with John at the hospital. She talks to him about the promise they made in Italy by the fountain. She says she is staying by him and she needs to know he's staying too. She asks for a little sign, just a word, a touch. She says maybe a flicker of life in his eyes. She says she won't go anywhere, but she could use his help about now. Belle comes in to see her mom and dad. Belle says Shawn took Claire so she could spend time with her and dad. Marlena says she's expecting the doctor with the test results any moment. The doctor eventually shows up. He doesn't have good news for them. He says as he was saying last night, John's brain was deprived of oxygen for a long time. Marlena asks about his EKG and other test results. The doctor says it's not promising. He says John is in a coma and not likely to come out of it. The doctor says even if John did recover, his cognitive abilities could be seriously impaired. He says he's sorry. Marlena says that is all he can say? He wishes there was something more he could do. He offers to make arrangements to have John taken to a long term care facility, but Marlena says absolutely not. Marlena says John is fewer than 24 hours out of surgery. She says it's too soon to make a prognosis for the long term. She also won't abandoned him to people who won't give him the love and support he needs. The doctor says nobody is abandoning John, he would have the best care in one of these places. The doctor says he'd have rehab and they could visit him. Marlena refuses. She says if this hospital can't help John then she'll take him elsewhere, the best hospital she can find. She says she will never give up on him. The doctor says he encourages her to get a second opinion, but he stands by his prognosis. He wishes them luck and leaves. Belle tries to talk to her mom, but Marlena says they will not accept his and they have just begun to fight.

Shawn takes Claire to see his parents and her new Aunt. Shawn jokes Claire being older gets to boss her around. Bo takes Claire and Shawn holds his sister and says she has Zack's eyes. He tells his sister how they'll spend a lot of time together. Shawn asks his parents what they named her? They joke and claim they've named her doodlebug. They haven't decided on a name just yet. Claire begins calling dada so Bo hands her over to Shawn.

Later Bo is talking with Hope and holding the baby. Hope has a name book ,they can't come up with any names. Hope suggests they hold a contest. She says they'll get all their friends and family to pick out a name. Bo says his parents will pick out some Celtic name that can't be pronounced. Hope says they don't have to accept what they suggest. Bo agrees, but until they decide on a name they'll call her doodlebug.

Steve and Kayla show up at the hospital with tons of baby presents and balloons. Kayla says babies need to be spoiled. He thought you spoiled grandbabies. Steve has a harmonica with a pink bow on it, he says this baby will be his protg. She laughs and says she remembered when he tried to teach John to play, which was a disaster. Kayla decides to go see Hope and the baby while Steve checks on John. A little boy shows up with a t-shirt that says I'm a little devil. Steve remembers the devil card he was giving and begins grabbing his head in pain. Kayla worries and asks Steve if he's okay? Steve has a ringing in his head and almost faints. She asks Steve what has happened? He says he'll be fine, he just needs sleep. She says no he had his hands over his ears like he was blocking a noise. He admits he heard this sound in his head, it was a banging. Kayla demands he see a specialist now. She says something is wrong, he was completely out of it. She says what if this happened when he was behind the wheel of a car? She tells him to stay put and she heads off. 

Kayla returns with a college of hers Dr. Carlyle. He offers to run a MRI on him, they can do one right now. Kayla asks him to do this for her. Steve says okay and tells Mr. MD to take him to his torture chamber and do what he will. Kayla makes him stop before he goes and gives him a kiss goodbye. 

Kayla goes to take all the present to Hope, Bo and the baby. Kayla says the baby is so beautiful. Bo jokes that is an unbiased opinion. Kayla asks if Bo fainted like at Shawn D's birth? Hope says he did stay conscious, but he did get a little pale and was shaky. Bo says he did not, he did fine. Hope says he was their hero, she doesn't know where they'd be without him. Bo says that is all over now. Kayla offers to help with the baby anytime. Bo asks where Steve is? Kayla explains how Steve is having an MRI. They ask what happened? She says he's been having these episodes and she wanted him checked out. Hope asks what kind of episodes? Kayla says he has this pounding in his head and goes into a trance. They wonder what it could be. Bo says maybe it's an inner ear thing, he's always had a screw loose. Bo lets Kayla hold the baby and he goes off to check on Steve. 

Later Kayla opens up to Hope. She tells Hope how she has this fear that one day she'll wake up and Steve will be gone. Kayla talks about how she grieved for him for so long, but they are back together now. However Kayla is worried as Steve still doesn't know what happened to him for a few years. Hope asks if she's talked about it with him? Kayla says there is nothing she wouldn't forgive him for, but she fears Steve is afraid of those years. She says he has said he has no way of knowing who he was and what he was doing. Kayla says she thinks those years scare him to death. Later Dr. Carlyle shows up to tell Kayla that the test results were normal. Hope thinks that is good news. Kayla says but Steve keeps having these episodes. Hope says maybe he should see a therapist, someone who specializes in memory retrieval. Kayla suggested it but she fears whatever is buried in his mind he wants to leave alone. Hope suggests they go to Marlena, she could get him to open up. Kayla says she'll go find their husbands and heads out. Before she leaves, Kayla asks if she's chosen a name? Hope says doodlebug. Kayla says she likes that.

Bo talks to Steve. He hasn't gotten the results of the MRI, but he's sure they won't show anything. Bo says he talked to Marlena last night. He says Marlena wonders if Steve knows anything about why John got agitated when he came in the room. Steve says Marlena and Kayla were both there, they heard what John said. Bo says he said killer. Steve thought he was talking about the dude who shot him. Bo says Marlena thinks that John got agitated because of Steve. Steve says he thinks John was agitated because he thought he might be dying. Steve says he hasn't talked to John in over a week, he doesn't know why he'd react to him. Steve suggests they go check on John right now.

Bo and John find Marlena and Belle hugging in John's room. Bo asks what is going on? Marlena says they seem to think John is gone. Belle says the doctor says he's in a coma and won't wake up. As Steve approaches John, all his monitors begin to beep. The doctor returns, Marlena says John became hypertensive. Marlena thinks it has to be his reaction to Steve, it happened before. Steve says it doesn't make sense. The doctor agrees, his brain isn't functioning so he can't be responding to Steve. Marlena thinks they have been wrong, she demands a second EKG. 

Bo and Steve talk out in the hall. Steve doesn't think John was responding to him, but Bo says he got worked up about something. Suddenly Steve has another one of those pounding attacks and the eye in his head rolls back. Bo sees something is wrong, but Steve snaps too and says he's okay.

Marlena tells Belle how she's going to go with John for his next EKG. She tells Belle that she should go be with Claire. Belle asks her mom if she'll be okay. Marlena says as long as she's with John she will be.

Back in the hallway. Marlena and John show up, John is being wheeled to the room for the test. Steve and Bo offer to do anything to help her with John. As Steve is talking, John's hand begins twitching. Nobody sees it. Marlena tells them how she is positive John will come out of this.

At the garage, Max is sweeping as someone bangs on the door. He yells they aren't open, but the banging continues. It's Mimi, she needs to talk. He lets her in. Max asks how Patrick is? She says she went to see him last night, he may be put away for years. She says he deserves to be punished, but he's not a bad person. She says Patrick needs a good lawyer and she and her mom have almost nothing to spare. Mimi cries that she didn't know where else to go with all this was going on. Max holds her. She tells him that he's a good friend. He says he wants to help anyway he can. He says even if it's just given her a shoulder to cry on. He also says he has some money. She says she doesn't want his money or to cry, she just wanted to see him. Mimi thinks she should go, her mom will wake up and wonder where she is. Max says he doesn't want her to go. Mimi jumps in his arms and they begin some heavy making out. Suddenly Shawn walks in holding Claire! Shawn closes the door, which they hear. Mimi says he should learn to knock, Shawn says they should lock the door when they are busy. Mimi asks why he's here, is there something he wants. Shawn says yes. He says he stopped by to tell them that he's sorry for acting like such a jerk. He says when he found out Mimi was working here, he lost it. He says he had no right to tell them how to live their lives. Max says he's sorry too, as does Mimi. Shawn tells Mimi that she has apologized a million times, he's just now starting to accept it. He hopes they can put this behind them and move on. Max says he can. Mimi wants to, she wants to spend time with her goddaughter and best friend again. Max asks if they are a real family? Shawn says they are taking things easy and aren't rushing things. Mimi wishes them all the best. Shawn asks what about them? Mimi says they were taking things slow, until he walked in on them. Shawn says he is happy for both of them. Mimi asks if she can take Claire outside to see the kittens down the street. Shawn says sure. 

Mimi heads off with Claire and Max and Shawn talk. Max asks Shawn if he's really cool with this? Shawn assures Max that he's okay with it. In fact he'd love to hang out with them more, say 9 to 5. Max says so he wants his job back? Shawn says yes. Max says good, he's been through 3 bad mechanics since he left. Shawn asks if that means he has his job back? Max and Shawn shake on it. Later they look at a car, Max can't figure out what is wrong with it. Shawn mentions some things, Max says it's so good to have him back.

Mimi is with Claire out back of the garage. She puts her in a tube tire and they play. As they are playing some guy shows up and takes photos of them. She yells Whjat the hell are you doing? Mimi yells for Shawn and Max for help. Shawn and Max run out, a guy is speeding off in a car. Mimi says this guy was taking photos of her and Claire and she doesn't know why.

Later Max and Mimi are alone and talking. They agree to take things slow between them, that way if and when it happens it will be more special. Max jokes and it gives him a chance to take a lot of cold showers. Mimi has to go but says they'll talk later. She can't seem to leave though. She says what the heck you only live once. She runs back into his arms and they kiss.

Shawn goes back to the hospital with Claire. He finds Belle in the chapel praying. Shawn heard the news about John, but Belle says that her mom doesn't believe it and thinks it's wrong. Belle doesn't know what to think. She asks about what they did. Shawn says they just went for a walk. Belle asks why he looks like something is wrong. Shawn says remember that Beverly woman that she has a feeling about. Shawn says she may be right, she may be investigating them. 

The photographer delivers a packet to Beverly and says tell Mr. Kiriakis they are ready to make their move. 


January 5, 2007
At the garage, Mimi and Max are going at it again. Max slows them down this time. She asks if he's not sure. He says he is, but not here. He wants it to be special. Mimi says just being with him makes her feel special. They kiss some more, but Max says this isn't right. He says not on the floor, not on the dirt and grease. He says she deserves better. Max suggests they go to her place. Mimi says the garage floor is more romantic than her house. Mimi says besides, her mom doesn't want any unexpected guests right now. Max says they can go to his crib. Mimi asks why guys call their places cribs, it's so blanky-teddy, as if they aren't big enough babies as is. He says are you calling me a baby? They kiss again. Mimi asks if his crib is clean. Max asks define clean. Mimi asks are their old pizza boxes around? He says with or without pizza in them? She says moving along, sheets on his bed? He says yes. She asks when he changed them last. He says Christmas. She says she won't even ask about the bathroom. She says she doesn't care where they go, as long as she's with him. She tells him it would be nice to be at the beach under the stars, but this place is special. She says this is where they got to know one another. She says this office is like their crib. He says she's the one person he knows that could make a mangy garage sound like heaven. They prepare to do it right on the desk when Abby shows up. Mimi is in her bra. Max thought he gave her the day off. Abby says she had things to catch up on. She decides to leave, but says next time hang something on the door to save them this embarrassment. Mimi says now she feels cheap. Mimi puts on her shirt on and leaves so Max can talk to Abby. 

Max sees that Abby is upset. She says and he has no idea why. She tells Max to just go find Mimi and get on with what he was doing. Max won't let this go. He wants to know what is bugging her. Abby says she kept this business running while they were gone and she froze her butt off to save them and he hasn't thanked her or anything. Abby doesn't know why she should even stay here. Max says because he needs her. Max says if he neglected her or took advantage of her then he's sorry. He promises to never do it again. He wants her here, they are a good team. Abby says so where is her Christmas bonus? Max returns with a gift for her. Abby seems thrilled that he got her something. She opens it, it is a book of Shakespeare's sonnets. He says he remembered she liked to read and the woman in the bookstore thought she'd like it. She says she's read it, but she loves it, they are her favorite. He says there is a card too. She reads it, it says she is his friend, confident and closest thing to a little sister he has. She gets upset and says she is not his sister, she is a woman! She storms off after throwing the gift back at him.

Billie meets Bonnie at the pub. Billie tells her happy new year. Bonnie hopes Billie's has been better than hers. Billie says she got Bonnie's message to meet here. Billie asks if she's okay? Bonnie says Patrick is in jail. Billie says she knows and she's sorry. Bonnie says you try to raise them right but sometimes they slip away, Billie knows what she means. Billie does. She says she can do whatever she can to help. Bonnie says there is something Billie can do. Bonnie says Connor is coming to town for awhile. Bonnie tells Billie what would be a help for her now is if she and Chelsea could find a new place to live. Billie says she's kicking them out? Bonnie says don't think of it as an eviction, think of it as relocating. Billie says she's paid her rent every month on time. Bonnie says they are great tenants, but they need space. Billie says she can move into Patrick's room. Bonnie says she just needs some space for a few weeks. She says maybe she could stay at her mom's for a few weeks. Billie says she'd have to open a vein! Bonnie offers to give her back what she's paid this month, she can stay at the Salem Inn. Billie asks if  she knows how much the Salem inn costs! Billie says she can't find another place to live on such short notice. Bonnie begins crying and says she understands and they'll have to find a way to make it work. She says it's just that she's having a hard time to keep her family together. She says her little boy is going to prison and she wishes she could take his place. Billie calms her down and says they'll figure something out. Bonnie thanks her and says she'll help her pack. Billie says she thinks she can handle it. Billie leaves. Bonnie dries her tears and is all smiles. 

Billie talks with Caroline about the bind she and Chelsea are in. They have to move out of Bonnie's today. Billie asks if she has any rooms available above the pub? Caroline says no, but there is Bo's room, she could ask him if it's okay to use his room. Billie doesn't think that is a good idea at all, besides her and Chelsea sharing a room? Billie says she has been promising Chelsea that they would get their own place, so if it gets them out of that Lockhart craziness then who knows. Caroline suggests they could use the spare bedroom and Bo's room, that would give them both rooms. Billie is so touched and says she may take her up on that. Billie says in the meantime, back to apartment hunting. 

Later Mimi meets with Bonnie at the pub. Mimi asks what is wrong, is it Patick? Bonnie says no it's her other brother. Mimi wonders what he did now. Bonnie asks why she always assumes he's in trouble. Mimi says maybe because he has been at a boot camp for delinquents. Bonnie says it's a boot camp for troubled teens. Bonnie says she's asked Connor to come home for a while and he was supposed to be here this morning. She says he was supposed to be on the bus this morning but wasn't at the station. Mimi can't believe her mom sent him cash and a bus ticket. Mimi tells her mom that Connor took the money and ran. Bonnie doesn't think he'd do that, but Mimi says face it, she made a mistake trusting him. Bonnie says since when is it a mistake to trust your kids? Mimi says since one is in prison and the other is in juvie. Mimi thinks Connor should be here with them going to school, or at least living with dad. Bonnie says they aren't talking about him. Mimi asks so what will they do about Connor? Bonnie asks if he really could have run away. Mimi doesn't know, she just wishes their family wasn't so high maintenance. Later Bonnie gets a call from the police. Bonnie tells Mimi that Connor has been arrested. Mimi rolls her eyes. 

At the hospital, Marlena sits with John in his room. Steve looks in the window at them. Kayla asks Steve how John is. Steve says he's not good. Steve tells Kayla that they are saying his brain could be damaged beyond repair, he's supposed to be unresponsive. Kayla asks what he means supposed to be. Steve reminds Kayla how John reacted to him when he was brought in. Steve says it happened again. He doesn't know what it means. Kayla says if his brain is dead then he shouldn't react that way. Kayla says miracles do happen. Steve says they both know that. Steve asks if John could come around. Kayla says if he's responding to him. Steve asks why him though? Kayla doesn't know. She says maybe she is drawing on his strength. Kayla decides to go to the chapel and light a candle. 

In John's room, John wakes up and calls to Marlena. Marlena says she's right here. John tells Marlena that he needs her and struggles to speak. Marlena wakes up, it was only a dream. John is still in a coma. She tells John that she is here and by his side. Roman shows up to see Marlena. Marlena tells Roman about the dream she had about John before he came in. She says she was calling to him but it was like he couldn't see or hear her. Roman says it was just a dream and nothing to feel guilty about. Marlena says she knows that John is in there. Roman says he talked to Dr. Tucker and knows the prognosis. Marlena says she will not hear this and she doesn't care about the prognosis. She says she can't measure her prayers or what is in his heart. She won't believe it is over. Roman feels Marlena needs to go home and get rest. Marlena says what she needs is for Roman to get the man who did this to her husband. Roman would like to. Marlena asks why he hasn't done it? Roman tells Marlena that he's sorry but EJ got away. 

Roman and Marlena argue outside of John's room. Roman doesn't know how EJ pulled it off but he's in Mexico City. Marlena can't believe that John is fighting for his life while EJ is in Mexico celebrating. Roman promises her that they will get him. He says even if he has to go down there, EJ will pay for what he did to John. Later the doctor returns, the second test results show the same thing. Marlena knows he responded to Steve. The doctor says it's not possible, his brain just isn't functioning. He says he's sorry. Marlena says they don't need sympathy, they need help. He offers them the number of his friend in St. Louis who specializes in brain injuries. Marlena goes back to John and holds his hand. She doesn't understand what is going on here. She begs John to please open his eyes and say her name. Roman says he knows she doesn't want to hear this but she needs to accept . . . Marlena won't, she says she will believe that John will come back to them. Roman asks if they should go for a second opinion. Marlena says no, the same results will come up. She says science isn't on their side. Roman asks about a home for John, but Marlena says no. She says they won't know the kind of man he is and what he needs. Roman knows she'll make the right decision when the time comes. Marlena says John gave her the strength to do that and get through this. Roman offers to help her. She asks how? He says by being her friend. Roman tells Marlena that she has to go home and get some sleep, for her and for John. He offers to give her a ride home. She accepts but wants a moment alone with John. He says he'll be outside. Marlena lays her head on his chest as she says goodbye. She says she has to go now but she will be back and that she loves him. She gives him a kiss on his cheek. Marlena leaves and John is able to speak her name. His eyes also flutter.

At the chapel, Belle asks Shawn why he now thinks they are being investigated? Shawn tells Belle about some guy snapping photos of Mimi with Claire when they looked at kittens. Belle asks why, what are they looking for? Shawn says anything that Victor could use against them. She says he thinks Victor is behind this? Shawn does. He reminds her how angry Victor got when they cut off his visits. He also says Victor doesn't like to be told what to do when it involves his own pride and joy Phillip. Shawn says Victor has this bizarre idea that Phillip will be Claire's real father. Belle realizes Shawn is right, he's trying to take their baby. Belle holds Claire and says she doesn't believe this. Shawn says Victor can't take her, they are her parents. Belle says Victor is Victor, he gets what he wants. Shawn says not this time, Victor has no legal right. Belle says that has never stopped him before. Shawn says then Victor can take his best shot. Belle asks about the pictures, are they bad? Shawn says no, she was with Mimi. Belle says maybe Bo can get Victor to back off. They decide to do that. Shawn opens the door and Beverly stands there with a cop. She says she is here to take Claire. Shawn slams the door on her as she bangs on the door. Beverly says she has a court order to take the child. 

Steve and Kayla show up. They ask who she is. Beverly shows them her badge and says she's with CPS. She says she has a court order to take Claire.  Kayla says this must be a mistake. Beverly shows them the order and they look it over. Kayla asks on what grounds. Beverly says she can't discuss that, but if they don't give up the child then the officer will remove the chapel door. Kayla says let them talk to them. Beverly says it won't change the outcome. Steve says ten minutes won't kill her. She says they have five. Steve knocks on the door and asks to come in. Beverly asks how she knows Steve and Kayla will keep their words. Steve promises he'll get Claire out safely, protecting children is her job isn't it? Shawn lets them in. Kayla comforts Belle as Steve tells Shawn that Victor is filing for full custody of Claire. Shawn says this is wrong. Steve says that cop tells him this is serious. Shawn says he doesn't care, no one will take their baby. Beverly begins banging on the door again saying their five minutes are up. The cop says it's time to go. Steve says hang on, nobody is going anywhere. Shawn wants to run for it, but Steve says then what? Kayla asks where they will go? Shawn says far away where nobody will find them. Steve tells Shawn that they understand how he feels, but running will dig him in deeper and isn't the answer. Shawn asks what he'd do if he was him? Steve says probably the same thing a few years back, which would have been a train wreck. He says they need to hand Claire over, get a lawyer and find out what is going on. Belle says they didn't do anything wrong. Kayla says nobody is disputing that, but they can't ignore a court order. Kayla says this will be a temporary thing. Kayla says they won't take her away from her natural mother. Belle says there is no guarantee that Victor won't win. Belle says that they'll say they are unfit and Claire is better off with Phillip. Steve says then they will prove they are fit. Shawn and Belle discuss this. He tells Belle if she says the word then they'll be out of here. Kayla and Steve say that will give Victor what he needs and he'll catch them eventually. Kayla says they've been on the run, they'll always be looking over their shoulder. Steve says it's a rotten situation, they can't trust the system but they can trust the people who love them. He says they have friends and family who will support them every step of the way. Steve asks what it will be. Beverly is banging that their time is up. Belle is in tears, Shawn nods. Steve says it will be okay. Steve lets Beverly in, she's yelling that she could charge them all. Kayla tells her to shut up, she will scare the child. Beverly says she has a court order to take this child. Belle is crying and begging them not to take her baby. Belle tells her that she was no nice at the Java Caf. Shawn says it was an act, all lies. Shawn says Victor Kiriakis sent her to take Claire. Shawn wonders how much she was paid to destroy a family. Beverly says he works for the county, she was not bought and paid for. Shawn says so they are supposed to believe this is a coincidence? Belle says she claimed to have a son in the military, a granddaughter she couldn't see because they were in Germany. Belle asks if that was a lie? Beverley says nothing and demands the officer take the baby. Kayla says stop this. She begs Belle to make this as easy as she can for Claire. Belle and Shawn say goodbye to Claire. Belle promises her that she has to go with their friend and nothing will be wrong, no need to worry. Beverly takes Claire and is smiling evilly at them. She walks off and Belle breaks down in Shawn's arms. 


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