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2nd Week of January 2007 Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


January 8, 2007

Kate is pacing around Lucas' hospital room as Lucas reads an article on Sami's rescue of him. She's blushing and saying stop it. He tells her that she's a hero, enjoy it. She says people get their fifteen seconds of fame and then . . . . Sami flashes to EJ and the car . . . she then says well they go back to their life. Kate says well people don't read the paper anymore so nobody will see this. Billie shows up and says she just finished reading the article, Sami is a hero. Sami says she didn't really do anything. Kate says exactly, they should stop talking about it. Kate asks Billie how she and Chelsea are doing? Billie says that Bonnie kicked her out. Kate offers to have them stay with her, but Billie says they don't want to get in her way. Sami says tell the truth, she would rather stay in a cardboard box. Kate thinks Chelsea would much rather stay with her than in a dark smelly room above the pub. Sami says hey! Kate insists Billie come stay with her, but Billie thinks she can find her own place. Kate knows Billie isn't making much now, saying the cosmetic market can be so fickle. Sami has an idea, she has a way for her and Chelsea to live alone. Kate says she's not interested, but Billie says she is. Sami suggests she move into Lucas' place down the hall, they are family and now they will be neighbors. Kate says no way, but Sami suggests they let Billie speak. Kate suggests Sami stop interfering. Lucas says Sami is just trying to help. Sami says she's just trying to help them find a place to live. Billie doesn't know if she can swing the rent. Lucas says she's family, he'll help her out and talk to the landlord. Sami and Lucas start saying Come on! Kate tells Billie this is her decision, but she knows what she'd do. Billie warns them that Chelsea gets up early and listens to her music loud. Sami says she won't scare them off, they are family and family is important to them. Lucas says they are sure, really really super sure. Billie says yes, she hugs Sami. Billie thanks her mom for the offer as well. Billie runs off to go pack. Kate asks Sami if she's happy now? Sami says she is, thanks for asking. 

Later a reporter comes by the hospital room. He wants to do a big feature on Sami and the rescue for the Sunday edition. Kate says she can't believe this, isn't there any other news? Lucas says Sami is a hero. The man starts taking some photos of them together. Kate says this is too much for her to deal with, she takes off. Later Lucas and Sami are playing some nerf basketball in the room. Lucas almost falls out of bed, Sami grabs him. She asks if he's okay. He says he's fine. He begins tickling her, she tells him to stop. He says does she really want him to stop? She says no, never. They begin kissing. He says she saved him and he loves her. They kiss and canoodle and Kate returns, making a face.

Bonnie and Mimi go to the station to get Connor. Connor has on a plaid shirt and cowboy hat. He has a thick accent and wants some sugar from his momma. She is not pleased with him for getting himself arrested for driving around in a car with no tags and insurance. Connor is being fined almost a  thousand dollars, Mimi says she'll take care of it. Mimi thought Connor was studying for his GED. Connor says he's been doing other things, exploring new talents. Connor says it seems he has a talent with horses, he could ride in the rodeo. Bonnie says he won't go back to that ranch until he graduates. Connor has something for Mimi, he calls her Moomoo. He has something from dad for her, a Christmas card. He says he misses his little Moomoo. She thinks it's cheesy but cute. Bonnie sends Mimi to deal with paperwork so she can talk to Connor. Bonnie says she brought him home to help protect the family. Connor asks why they don't just tell Mimi. She says they agreed not to let Mimi ever find out the truth about . . . .Mimi returns and wonders what her mom is hiding now. She asks Connor to tell her what is going on, he can't get away with lying to her. Connor says it was about school of course. Connor says he did the work, he tried and he blew it. Mimi says his GED? She says he can keep trying and she'll help him. She says they'll talk when they get home. She says she'll pull the car around and leaves. Connor asks Bonnie what is with Mimi? Bonnie says you mean why didn't she take his head off as usual? Bonnie says Mimi has gone and grown up. 

Chelsea and Stephanie are on Chelsea's computer. Chelsea doesn't know why he won't respond. Stephanie says she is stalking this guy. Chelsea says Shane is into her and she is into him. Chelsea asks what she really knows about this guy? Chelsea says she knows his heart and soul, and thanks to Nick she knows his name. Stephanie says Nick who she treats like a puppy. Chelsea says Nick likes being told what to do, it makes him feel useful. Stephanie says Shane isn't a geek with a wedgie. She talks about how he's a doctor and has a custom Ferrari, why would he be on the net. Stephanie thinks Shane is playing her and isn't who he says he is. Chelsea claims she knows what she's doing so shut up and she may learn a thing or two. Stephanie asks what makes her think she's so knowledgeable. Chelsea claims she's lived, she knows. She says she warned Stephanie that Max was playing her, but she wouldn't listen. Stephanie wonders if Chelsea knew that he'd dump her too? Chelsea says she was just playing with Max and biding her time. She says when Stephanie has a guy that maybe she'll take her advice. Stephanie warns her that when her doctor finds out how twisted she is that he'll rev up his ferarie and leave her. Chelsea thinks he'll be back in three seconds. Stephanie walks out as Chelsea emails him again.

At the garage, Nick talks with Abby, though he can't stop thinking about being with Billie. Abby wants to know how it went with Chelsea. Nick says he didn't tell her, he got distracted. Nick also says he told Chelsea that he found out Lonely Splicer's real name, Dr. Shane Patton. Abby can't believe this. She wonders what he was doing so long at Billie's place. Nick says he , uh . .. . Abby asks Nick what he's not telling her? She also wonders where his belt went? Nick says it's under control. She says he's such a child. He says a child with a job and college degree. Abby says fine, if he won't tell Chelsea the truth then she'll do it for him. She picks up the phone but Nick hangs it up and says absolutely not. He says he'll tell Chelsea when he's ready. He asks what about her, why doesn't she tell Max the truth? Abby says Max is a lost cause, he is so into Mimi and only sees her as a little sister. She then tells Nick that he has to wake up and realize Chelsea isn't for him either. She says he can't stay a virgin forever. Nick says drop it and don't make him sorry that he told her. She asks  if something happened, is it not true anymore? She says yesterday a virgin, today not? Chelsea then shows up. Chelsea sees Nicky and says he's just who she's looking for. Chelsea says she really needs him, she needs him not to be such a jerk. She says he promised to find Shane for her, so what is taking so long. She says she really needs an address. She tells him to hop to it. Nick looks at her, she asks what he's waiting for? She says time is money, tick tick tick. Abby says maybe he has other things to do. Chelsea says little Nicky loves to make her happy. Nick snaps and says his name is Nick and she has to work on how she asks for favors. He says he's tired of doing things for her and won't anymore. She starts saying what is wrong Nicky? He says she is what is wrong. He says he did a favor and is done. He says he won't be her lapdog, find someone else to walk all over. Chelsea is of course stunned.

At the pub, Bo and Hope are showing their Doodlebug off when Shawn and Belle walk in. Shawn says Claire is gone. Belle cries that they took her baby. Hope says this doesn't make sense. Kayla and Steve are there, Kayla explains Victor is suing on Phillip's behalf. Steve says they had a court order, there wasn't much they could do. Bo says there is something. Bo tells Shawn to stay with Belle. Belle begs him to bring her back. Bo says he will. Bo and Steve head off together. Belle says she thinks Claire is scared, she must be crying non-stop. Kayla promises her that Claire will come home, Shawn also says this. Caroline shows up with the Doodlebug. Belle looks at her and asks if she can hold her. Hope says of course. Belle says look at her little fingers. Belle says they looked just like Claire's little finger. She tells Doodlebug that everything will be fine. Shawn's face looks worried . . . 

Bo and Steve go to see Beverly. Beverly sees Steve is back. Bo says she has made a mistake taking Claire. Beverly says Claire was in danger, they received highly credible reports. Bo knows the reports came from Victor. He says he played her like a fiddle. Beverly says the court made this decision, not her. She says Claire's parents can make their case before the judge. Steve asks where the baby is? Beverly says with her people until the foster parents arrive. Bo says she doesn't need strangers she needs her family. Steve suggests Claire stay with her grandparents, but Beverly says she wouldn't be safe from her parents. She calls them negligent mother and father. Bo says the only people Claire needs protection from is her and Victor, since Victor has her in his pocket. He says she's not the first person to take cash from Victor. Steve tells Beauregard to slow down here. Steve says he'll talk to her. Steve says they understand what she's saying, but doesn't the kid come first? Steve says this child has never spent one night from home, to put her with strangers will shake her up for years. Beverly says this case is out of her hands now. She says rules are rules and the judge put her into foster care. Steve says all Bo wants to do is take care of his family. She says she wants to do her job without being insulted or threatened. She tells them to get out or she'll have them removed.  Steve says now she's the one threatening them. Bo suggests Steve sit down, he'll handle her. She tells him to use the door and go. Bo asks to see Claire for just two minutes. He says he wants to see her and let her know everything is okay. As they are talking, Steve has an episode. He sees a bright light and begins remembering some man telling Steve to Say it, say what he has to do. As Beverly is yelling at Bo to leave now, Steve suddenly flips out, begins screaming and bangs on her desk. 

Back at the pub, Victor walks in. He wonders if that is his new granddaughter, referring to Doodlebug. Belle hands her to Hope and tells Victor to stay away from her. Caroline approaches Victor and asks why is he here? He says to make peace. He knows they are upset. Belle says give her her child back and they'll talk about peace. Victor says he and Phillip don't want to take this to court, they offer a compromise. Belle says Phillip has no rights, he walked out on them when he learned that little girl wasn't his. Victor says if they chose to fight then they will lose any access to that little girl. Shawn says Phillip isn't the parent, he is. Victor says Claire's home environment is the issue here. Shawn says he's living at home as is Belle, they are both working to change things and build a home for Claire. Shawn says nobody would take her away from them. Victor says even if the judge hears that that while Phillip was bravely fighting for the country that Claire's real father shacked up with a prostitute and worked for a man with a warrant out for his arrest? Shawn says he told Belle that Victor would do this. Victor says Shawn is an unstable young man. Belle tells Victor that he knew Shawn was Claire's father and didn't tell him. She says every mistake Shawn made was his fault. She says all this pain, including Phillip's, could have been avoided if he had just told the truth. Victor says he did what he had to protect his family. She says he doesn't deserve a family. Kayla suggests they hear his proposal so he can leave. Victor says Phillip is being far to generous in offering this but he's willing to settle if he's named Claire's primary parent. Belle says he abandoned them and hasn't seen her for months, that is insane! Shawn tells Victor to finish up and get out, as he's dead to them. Victor says all Phillip cares for is Claire, they have the resources to bring her up. Hope says his money can't buy happiness and love, ask his own children. Victor says he made his mistakes, but Phillip has learned what a good parent can't be, that is selfish. He says he knows this will be painful for them both, he wants them to stay apart of her life. He says Claire will live with them, they can visit when they like. He thinks that is more than fair. Shawn tells Victor that he would like to respond to his very fair offer. He opens the door and says take it and shove it. He says get the hell out of his face now! Victor says he expected these children to overreact. He tells Caroline, Hope and Kayla that they know how the world and the courts work. He tells them to teach them because they will not win. He says think of the strain it will put on their family. He says tell them this is the only way to go. Victor asks Caroline if she hears him. Caroline says she does and he heard her grandson. She says this is her pub and her property, she wants him out. Victor says he'll see them in court. Victor leaves and Belle says that man doesn't deserve to live does he? Shawn says he won't get away with this. Hope says she will get through this. Kayla says Claire will be back with her. Kayla can't believe they got a judge to listen to this case. Caroline says that is why Victor wanted to settle, he knows he won't win. Suddenly a guy shows up and subpoenas Belle and Shawn. Belle begins crying and saying So no judge will listen? So Phillip can't win?


January 9, 2007

At the garage, Nick is steamed with Chelsea and tells her that he's not going to do her bidding anymore. He then storms off on her. Chelsea says wow where did that come from. Abby tells Chelsea off, she says all she does is order him around, she's not a friend to him. Chelsea asks what the big deal is? Abby says she really doesn't care does she. Abby goes to see Nick, who is outside. She says Chelsea deserved that, she's proud of him. Nick says he meant it, if she can't see him as a man then he will walk away. Nick feels like he may have been too rough on her, and it's not like this will make a difference about her feelings for him. Abby says Chelsea is too busy thinking about herself, he needs a girl who won't treat him like a slave. Nick agrees, but he's still in love with her. Abby rolls her eyes. Abby tells Nick that if he keeps this up then he deserves what he gets. Nick says Chelsea is his destiny, for better or for worse. He says Abby doesn't know Chelsea like he does, she has feelings, she hurts. He says she puts up this tough exterior but beneath there is a phenomenal human being. Abby says Chelsea only reveals that side to Shane Patton. Nick says he knows. Abby suggests he kill Shane Patton, go online as his best friend and say he died of a rare virus. She tells Nick he has to stick to his guns, if Chelsea doesn't see the kind of man he is then walk away. Abby says unless he's not man enough. Nick says fine, Dr. Shane Patton is dead, long live Nick Fallon studly scientist. Nick then remembers he was supposed to help Aunt Maggie take down decorations at Chez Rouge. He thanks Abby for the advice and says she should use it to make Maxi Boy sit up. Nick heads off.

Chelsea gets a call from her mom. Billie tells her to meet her at the pub, she has a surprise that will blow her mind. Chelsea says in a good way? Billie says she has to meet her so she can give her the surprise in person. Chelsea asks if this can wait until tonight, but Billie says it can't. She says for once in her life do as she asks and meet her at the pub ASAP. She then hangs up on Chelsea.

Chelsea goes and asks Abby where bad boy Nick is? Abby tells Chelsea to stop teasing him. Chelsea says in a few days he'll get over this. Chelsea says Nick can't stay mad at her. Abby says if she doesn't clean up her act then she could get booted off the island. Chelsea says everyone knows this is how she is. Abby reminds her how there was that time in Middle School when nobody would talk to her. Chelsea says that lasted like a day. Chelsea says she's starting to sound a lot like her mom, always lecturing her about the consequences of her actions. Abby says listen to her, she's been around. Chelsea laughs and says more than she knows. Chelsea starts gossiping, she came home last night and found her mom was entertaining a guy. Abby says she walked in on them? Chelsea says almost. Chelsea says Billie was looking all disheveled. Abby says they talked about the sex, she admitted it? Chelsea says no. Chelsea says she found a belt under the couch and her mom couldn't deny it. Chelsea says she thinks the guy heard her key in the door and took off through her bedroom window and forgot his belt. Chelsea says it goes to show you that you are never too old. Chelsea then runs off to meet her mom. Abby remembers earlier Nick didn't have his belt. She says Nick couldn't have done that, it's so disgusting. 

Nick arrives at Chez Rouge. She's fiddling with some kind of animated figure of Santa and Father Time. She says Mickey gave it to her, but it's not working. Nick says he'll take a look at it. Maggie wonders if Nick is feeling okay? He says he's fine. Maggie says he can't fool her, he has woman trouble. Nick says nothing, she says she knew it. Nick says he's going to go fix this. Later Nick is working on the Santa when Abby shows up. Abby says she just had a talk with Chelsea, it turns out Billie had a one night stand with a stranger last night. Abby asks if he finds that interesting? Nick pretends not to care, until Abby points out that Billie's man left something behind, his belt. Nick gives her a look at Abby says it's true, he had sex with Chelsea's mom!

In Beverly's office, Steve flips out and is trashing the office. Beverly yells that she's calling the police. Bo grabs Steve and holds him against the wall. Bo tells him that he has to calm down. Steve sees bright lights and yells get away, don't touch me! Beverley is on the phone calling the cops as Bo pins Steve against the wall. Steve calms down as Beverly says the police are coming. Steve says he's so sorry for doing this. Beverley tells them not to leave, the police are coming. Bo says he is the police. Beverley says this man is dangerous to the public and should be locked up. Bo says he'll calm him down. Bo takes Steve outside the office and asks what the hell that was about? He asks what happened? Steve says he doesn't know nuthin. Bo says something happened to him. Bo says he's having trouble with his memory and he has no problem kicking his butt if he doesn't talk. He says the cops are coming and will haul him off to jail. Steve doesn't know much about this. He tells Bo that the first time this happened it was when they had dinner with Benji and his wife Sonia. Steve says he hears this metal banging in his head, it gets so loud that he can't stand it and he can't stop it. He says this time he saw a bright light. Steve says it's all in his head and he can't stop it. A cop shows up and asks what is going on. Beverly says she wants the guy with the eye patch arrested for trespassing and assault. Bo says there is no need for the cops. He says this is his friend, he came with him to find out about Claire and go carried away. Beverley says he threatened her! Bo says no he just got upset because he wanted to see Claire. Beverly says he tried to attack her. Bo says no he hit her desk. Bo says he's having a rough time and he'll vouch for him. The officer says he can't let him walk. Bo says he can if he tells him to. The officer says if Beverly files a complaint then he has to follow through with this. Bo promises Beverly that his friend is a good man and having a lot of trouble. She says just get him out of here. Bo tells the officer that he'll handle the paper work here. The officer leaves. 

Later Bo demands Steve an explanation as to what is going on. Bo asks if he's gotten violent before. Steve says if he's asking if he's hit Kayla no, he'd never do that. He says he'd be lost without her. He says she's helping him through this. Steve says he had an MRI and it came up clean. Steve says he thinks this will all pass in time. He says he feels like his mind is trying to reach back and grab what he's forgotten. Steve begs Bo not to tell Kayla what happened. Bo says he can't do that. He says Kayla is his wife, she should know. He also says that he can't ignore this. Steve says he's not ignoring it. Steve says he just doesn't want to worry her. Bo says he won't tell Kay if Steve goes to see a shrink. Steve says he's tried and it doesn't work. Bo says he needs to get some help before people's lives are put in danger. Steve says he'd never hurt Kayla. Bo says not in his right mind, but his right mind has gone wrong and he doesn't know what to do about it. Steve says he'll go see the head shrinker but Kayla can't know. Bo says what is this with having to lie to his sister? Bo says if he hears something like this happens again then all bets are off. Steve says he wouldn't hurt his family. Bo says he doesn't know that. Steve says he can get this under control. He says the more he remembers the more he'll understand what is going on. Steve says that look on a woman's face when she believes in him, he says he had that with Kayla long ago. Steve wants to see that look again. Bo says she is there for him. Steve knows, but how much can he ask her to put up with. He needs time to get a handle on this before bringing her into it. Bo says he can do that. 

At the pub, Shawn talks with Belle. Belle says she can't lose her little girl. Shawn says Clair is their little girl, and no judge will take Claire from them. Belle says Victor could have the judge in his pocket, he already has child protective services wrapped around his finger. Shawn tells her that she can't go there. Belle is just afraid they will lose Claire for good. Shawn says they won't. Hope and Kayla bring Dan Hall over to meet Belle and Shawn, he is a lawyer they called. He sits down and talks with them. Dan tells them that Victor has filed numerous complaints about Claire's care on Phillip's behalf. Shawn asks if he knows that Victor knew the truth that Claire was his daughter for the first year of her life and lied about it? Dan says he does. Shawn thinks that counts for something. Dan says Phillip was deceived too. Shawn says when Phillip learned the truth he ran away. Dan says the other side will say that Phillip is as innocent as Shawn and Belle here. Dan says he left because he was hurting and in shock. Shawn wonders who side he is on? Dan says theirs, but he has to make sure they are prepared for what will come their way. Belle says she trusted Victor, she wanted Claire to spend time with him. Dan says Victor set them up, he played them, both of them. Shawn says he knows he made dumb choices but he's working to change. Dan says him living with a prostitute, working for a man who is wanted for murder and not being able to support Claire are the facts. Shawn says he's sorry. They ask what they can do to show they are good parents. Dan says they need to show they have changed. Shawn says he moved in with his parents and has his old job back. Dan says Belle has to change too. Dan says Victor claims Belle is a neglectful mother and has ammo to back it up. Dan says for starters Belle is still legally married to Phillip. Also Dan says Victor is talking about when Belle lost Claire in a restaurant. Belle says Victor was there, he was comforting her and saying it wasn't her fault. Dan says well he's changed his story and they have to defend themselves against these charges. Shawn says what about what Victor has done to them? Shawn says all he is hearing is that Victor has everything and they have nothing. Shawn asks what they have to do in order to get their daughter back? Dan says they have awhile to prepare but he just wants them to know what they are up against. Shawn does, Victor is his family. He says he's made mistakes and will own up to them, but Belle is a terrific mother to Claire. He says he won't let Dan or anyone else says otherwise. Belle tells Shawn not to do this, all that matters is how they come across in court. Dan aggress, they are dealing with perception. Shawn says what about Phillip running away. Dan says he left for War, not a plus to them. Shawn says he still ran away. Dan says Phillip is in Montreal, if he doesn't show up then that is good. Shawn says Victor will bring him into court probably in a wheelchair and with a marching band. Dan tells Shawn he can lose his temper with him, but don't do this in court. He tells them to present themselves as loving, responsible and rational parents. Dan says he'll be in touch. He then leaves them.

Hope and Kayla talk. Hope says her heart is breaking for them. Hope says the insane thing is that Belle and Shawn would never deny Phillip seeing Claire. She says Shawn has lost so much, first Zack and now he may lose his own child. Hope says it's been a year since Zack died, she doesn't want Shawn and Belle to feel that pain. Hope says Victor won't win. Later they dote over the Doodlebug. Kayla asks Hope if she ever feels like having another. Hope thinks this one will be the last, but she has brought back so many beautiful memories of Shawn, Zack and JT. Hope asks Kayla if she and Steve discuss having another child? Kayla says no. Hope says they have so much love and could raise the child together this time. Kayla is tempted, but says with everything Steve is going through now that it's not the right time. Hope says if she's saying he's not a good father? Kayla says no, but he is having these weird trances. She says the doctors can't tell her what is wrong with him and now he's pretending like they aren't happening and is hoping they will pass. Kayla doesn't think it will disappear. She says basically everything is so uncertain and maybe dangerous right now. 

Billie shows up and sees the baby. Billie is surprised to see Hope out of the hospital already. She asks Kayla how she and Steve are. Kayla says they are good. Billie wonders if there will be a time where this isn't awkward. Billie says she got Steve's letter. Kayla is sorry if she was hurt. Billie says she is happy for the both of them. Billie then dotes over Doodlebug. Billie asks what her name is. Hope says that is the big question, does she have any ideas? Billie says this gorgeous girl has to have a name. Hope says they are calling her Doodlebug for now. She says they are trying to come up with a special name, so if she has any ideas. Billie likes the name Eileen, it's from this old movie. Kayla isn't to keen on it though. Billie says fine, she won't let them name her Eileen. Hope has to go check on something and Billie holds the Doodlebug. Kayla tells Billie that she's a natural. Kayla tells Billie she wants to thank her. Kayla says she told her not to give up on Steve. Billie says she did did she. Kayla says yes and she could have missed out on a lot. Kayla also says she' handled this with grace. Billie says she feels stupid and embarrassed. Kayla says she shouldn't. Billie says men, you can't live with them and you can't kill them. 

Hope talks with Shawn and Belle. She says she knows it looks like a big mountain to climb, but they can make it. Hope knows they were meant to be a family. Hope says they will all be there and show him the power of this family's love. Shawn says what if love isn't enough. Hope says then they have faith. Shawn says Victor has power and that power wins out. Hope says they won't lose Claire. Shawn says if the court decides otherwise then she and Belle will take Claire somewhere nobody can find them. Hope says they can't run away with Claire. Shawn says he won't let Victor take their daughter, they will be out of here.

Chelsea shows up at the pub wondering what the surprise is. She finds Billie with the baby. Chelsea jokes You adopted a baby! Billie says no, she's as much kid as she can handle. Billie says this is Bo and Hope's little girl. Chelsea says you mean Patrick's. Billie says no, it turns out it is Bo's. Chelsea says so she has a little sister? Billie is about to give her to Chelsea for her to hold when Hope returns to take the baby to get something to eat. She smiles and says Hey Chelsea and walks off. Kayla says Hope didn't realize. Billie says Chelsea hasn't even asked her about the surprise yet. Billie says they are moving into their own apartment. Chelsea smiles. Billie tells her where they will be living. Chelsea is happy, she thanks her.

Bo and Steve show up later. Steve tells Kayla that Claire is in foster care. Kayla says Stephanie wants to have dinner with them tonight, she has some news. Steve hopes it is good news. Kayla asks if he is okay? Steve says this thing with Claire just has him upset. Meanwhile Hope asks Bo what happened. Elsewhere, Belle tells Shawn what he said to his mom, they aren't going to run are they? Shawn says they won't just sit here and let Victor and Phillip take their child from them. Bo approaches them and tells them that Claire is with a foster family and will be taken care of. Bo also knows what Shawn is thinking about doing. Bo says the court almost always sides with the mother, the judge will see that Claire belongs with them. Shawn just worries Victor may have paid off the judge. He says he's sorry but if the court rules against them then it's a big world, let's see if Victor can find them.


January 10, 2007
At the garage Mimi shows up as Max is working on a corvette. Max is glad to see her, he asks what is going on. She says her family is driving her crazy. She says Patrick is in jail, her mom is wigging out, her brother Connor is home and has decided he wants to be a bronco buster. She also says her deadbeat dad is nowhere to be found. Mimi knows her family needs her, but she needs a break. She says if she had someplace else to stay tonight she would instead of going to that nuthouse. Mimi knows it sounds awful, her wanting to bail on her family. Max says he's been there. Mimi says she's sorry for dumping her problems on him again. Max says if she doesn't want to go home then she can stay with him. Mimi says that is nice of him to offer but . . . Max says he has the room, why not. Suddenly Abe shows up to see Max and Mimi and talk. He has an update on the skeleton. They have sent the bones for analysis, it might be a month or more before they have answers. Abe says forensics is backed up, this isn't a priority case. Mimi asks what about the ring? Abe says that ring is interesting, it was stolen and not during the civil war. Abe says the ring was stolen six years ago and the owner of it came forward. Mimi says so this guy wasn't killed that long ago. Abe says correct, but they still have a lot of questions. Abe says how he came in possession of the ring could be a clue to his murder. Abe says first they have to reopen the robbery investigation. He says in the meantime he could use their help. Mimi says they've told him everything they know. Abe says that she mentioned the ring seemed familiar. Mimi says she did get a dj vu feeling about it. Abe says maybe she knows the man who lost it. Abe says his name is Harold Cavanaugh, he's 80 and is in poor health. Mimi says the name doesn't ring a bell. She says maybe it just looked familiar. Abe asks Mimi to think about it, dig deep, let him know if something comes to her. Mimi says she will. After Abe leaves, Max continues trying to convince Mimi to stay at his place. He says the bed is clean and he'll take the sofa. Mimi decides to take him up on the offer. Max decides to go wash up so they can get out of here. Mimi then calls home and tells her mom that she won't be home so don't wait up for her.

Steve, Kayla and Stephanie are at Chez Rouge having dinner. Stephanie has news that she hopes they'll be happy about. Steve says dinner is almost over, so get to it. She says guess, what do they think would make her happier than anything else in the world. Steve doesn't know, Kayla jokes that perhaps Stephanie is pregnant, she has that glow and sparkle in her eyes. Steve sits there with his mouth open. He says pregnant as in having a baby, she's not even married. Stephanie says she's not pregnant. Steve says you womens is evil! Kayla says she was just joking, she thought he knew. Stephanie says this might make her real news go over better. She says she got a job offer to join a new racing team and she's moving to Dayton! Steve says anything but that. She wonders if they are going to say anything? Kayla says yes, congratulations. Kayla asks when she has to go. Stephanie says as soon as possible. Stephanie didn't think it was a problem, now that dad has his memory and they are back together she thought they could do without her for a bit. Kayla says nothing else is wrong, she can go. Kayla doesn't like the idea of her racing again, but if it is what she wants then she's happy for her. Stephanie thanks her mom. She says her dad hasn't said anything, is he okay? Steve says he'll miss her, she's his baby and he's just getting to know her again. Stephanie cries that she won't go, but Steve says she has to. He says she has to follow her dream. He says go out there and kick some ass on that track. Steve also says they'll visit Dayton all the time. Stephanie says she loves them and will come visit them every chance she gets. Steve says they'll always be a family. Kayla asks her to just be careful. Stephanie says she will. Stephanie has to go see some of her friends and say goodbye. She hugs her parents and heads off. Kayla and Steve talk about Stephanie. Kayla wonders if she was a good mother, Steve says she was. Steve says she proved it by letting her go. Kayla says if she told Stephanie about his episodes then she wouldn't have gone. Kayla says she doesn't want Stephanie to worry like she is. She says these things are scaring her to death. Steve comforts her and says nothing in this world will tear them apart now. He says these episodes are under control, he's sure of it. She says what if they aren't. Steve says they'll take care of it, there is nothing they can't do together. Kayla says she needed to hear that. Steve says he thinks he needs a drink. Steve goes to the bar to get a Brandy for them. 

Abby accuses Nick of sleeping with Chelsea's mom. Nick says no way, he could never have a woman like that. She knows he's lying, she says she's his friend and cousin, tell her the truth. Nick says he's sorry, it happened, only once. He says it wasn't planned, they were talking and they connected. He says it doesn't change anything, he still loves Chelsea. Abby says what if Chelsea finds out? Nick says he won't tell her, Billie won't tell, and Abby is the only other one who knows. He begs her not to tell her. Abby says she won't, besides who would believe her. She asks what it was like though, was it weird sleeping with Chelsea's mom? Nick says it wasn't weird at all, it was incredible. Nick says it made him feel like a man. Abby says he acted like one how he talked to Chelsea, this could change his life. Nick doubts it, he is in love with someone who hates him. Abby says it still amazes her that he doesn't get Chelsea. Abby says Chelsea was impressed that he stood up to her, but she expects him to come groveling back. Nick says that won't happen. Abby says let Chelsea come to him, let her see the real Nick. Nick says it won't happen and Chelsea would never forgive him for sleeping with her mom. Abby says she'll never know. Nick says he will, that is bad enough. Nick says he'll never be what Chelsea wants. Abby says Chelsea loves him for who he is inside, she loved Lonely Splicer before she saw his photo. Abby says give Chelsea a chance, get rid of the fake Shane Patton. Abby says the hard part will be facing Chelsea's mom. Nick says he won't, he will avoid her for the next sixty years. 

Steve shows up at the bar to order a drink just as Nick has fixed Maggie's Santa and Father Time chime clock. It begins bonging, which triggers another episode for Steve. Steve grabs the thing and smashes it. Nick asks what is wrong with him? Steve says he's sorry. He says the sound of that was just driving him crazy. He takes the drinks and runs off leaving Nick stunned. Steve returns to Kayla with the drinks and toasts to the most beautiful woman on the earth. Kayla says she'll accept that, she makes a toast to the most wonderful, kind and loving husband a girl could ask for. Steve tells her that he doesn't know what he did to deserve her. She asks if he's okay, he's sweating. Steve says it must be the brandy. Kayla says there is nothing he can't tell her, no problem that isn't too big. She tells him that he trusts her doesn't he? He says he does. 

Billie meets with Bo at the pub. Billie hates taking him away from Hope, but he says half the neighborhood is there having a baby thing. Billie says good news first, she and Chelsea have their own apartment. She says the other news. She says it's the whole Steve thing. She says she fell apart after getting his letter. She says it pretty much killed her and she drank a bottle of wine. Bo says not good. Billie knows it was stupid, she ruined her sobriety. Bo says she slipped, the important thing is she didn't drink today. Billie says she wanted one but she did not drink. Billie is afraid she will drink again. Bo says they should get out of here and go to an AA meeting. Bo says there is one at the church.

Later Bo and Billie return from the meeting and are back at the pub. Billie feels better. Bo has faith she'll get back on track. Billie says he shouldn't. She says she did something in her less than sober moment that she's not proud of. She says she hooked up with a guy. Bo says well she's an adult, single, beautiful, what is the problem? Billie says he's someone she shouldn't have encouraged. Billie says he's younger, legal, but really very young . . . and inexperienced. Bo chuckles lucky guy. Billie says this isn't funny. She says he was very sweet, but he's a kid compared to her. She says he was being nice and trying to make her feel better about herself. She says she shouldn't have involved him in her drama, it was wrong. Bo says she didn't do anything wrong. He tells her a story, something he never told anyone. He says he was fifteen, Salem had a huge storm, he was making money shoveling driveways. HE says they had a neighbor, her husband died in Nam, she had kids and so he helped her for free. She invited him in for cider and donuts, her kids where home. Billie says Oh my God, she seduced him! Bo says let him . . .yeah. He says she rubbed his shoulders, told him he was sweet, told him how lonely she was. Bo says one thing led to another. Billie says she traumatized him for life, great story, thanks! Bo says she met a nice guy later on and they married. He says he felt like the king of the world, he was not traumatized. He says he was filled with a lot of confidence afterwards. Bo tells Billie not to worry about the young man of hers, he's probably walking pretty tall right now. Billie says maybe he's right, maybe she did something good for someone for once. She thanks him for making her feel better. Bo says he's been there for her many times. Billie says so if his woman got married then there is hope for all of them.

Lexie goes to the station in order to ID EJ as John's shooter. Abe is with her. He's telling her that if she ID's EJ then there is no where in the world he can hide. He says she is their whole case, without her they can't put him away. Lexie says what if she's made a mistake? Abe tells her not to worry, that she will be fine. Abe has to go do see Mimi and Max, which worries Lexie as it's dark out and his eyes . . . . Abe says he'll be fine. He heads off. Roman shows up and asks Lexie if she's ready to look at some pictures? Lexie asks to make a phone call first. Lexie calls Tek, who is in his car. She says she's about to do the line-up and they have to be sure it was EJ he saw that night. Lexie goes into Roman's office to look at the photos. Roman lays the photos out and asks her to take a look. Lexie says she knows what EJ looks like, they are related and his photo is everywhere so don't treat her like an idiot. Roman doesn't know where this is coming from. He says all she needs to do is ID the man who shot John, it's simple. Lexie says it isn't that simple. She asks Roman for five minutes alone to clear her head and be sure. Roman says he's not getting this, why can't she just look at them and make a decision. LExie says she just wants to be sure. She says all she needs is five minuets. Roman says fine, he'll be back. Lexie calls Tek once again asking him if he is certain. Tek says he is. Lexie reminds him he said he thought it was EJ, he needs to be absolutely sure. Tek is sure, why is she sweating this? Lexie says there is too much at stake to be wrong about this and she knows Tek too well to trust him. Tek swears it is EJ. Roman returns and Lexie quickly hides her phone. Roman needs an answer, will Lexie testify? Lexie says says she is sure, she saw EJ shoot John. Roman asks what changed? HE says a few minutes ago she wasn't sure, now she is. Lexie says she just needed time to clear her head. Lexie says she went with her instincts, EJ shot John. She asks if she can go. Roman says she can. Lexie walks out, Roman seems to look like he doesn't believe her. 

In the station main room, LExie gets a call from Tek. She says it's over, she pointed the finger at EJ. However she is afraid she'll be called into trial and she'll have to testify. Tek says this was her choice, she was so afraid of having Abe know he was anywhere near her. Tek says if she needs him then he is here for her. Lexie says this is the last time they need to speak, don't call her again. Abe shows up and asks Lexie how it went? She says fine. She wants to go home, but Abe has business to attend to. He tells her to go ahead home. Lexie says if he is sure. Abe says he's proud of her, she did the right thing. Roman later tells Abe that they have to talk.


January 11, 2007

Max and Mimi return to Max's "crib." She asks if he cleaned the place (which is a mess)? He says yeah, she should have seen this place before. He says it's just been awhile since he had a woman over you know. . . Mimi says she doesn't know, tell her. Max says a woman that he cares about. She says so you are saying you care about me? Mimi is shocked, she asks him to run those words by her again. He jokes that he forgot how to say them. Max asks if she likes the place? She says she does, it's very cozy. He gets her to test out the sofa and see how cozy it is. He puts his arm around her and they start kissing. He wonders if she'd like to say something about what is going on here. She says they feel good together. As Max is about to carry her to the bedroom, Shawn knocks on the door walking in saying Anybody home? Max and Mimi think Shawn needs to learn to announce himself. Max thinks Shawn is trying to stop them from being together. Shawn says he told them earlier to go for it, they have his blessing. He says he came here for help, Victor had CPS take Claire from them. Mimi hugs Shawn and says she's sorry. Mimi thinks this is her fault, but Shawn says Victor did this. Shawn feels that Belle and Claire may pay for his bad choices. Max and Mimi offer to do anything to help. Shawn asks them to testify for them in court. They agree to. 

Later Shawn leaves and Mimi talks to Max. She blames herself for this whole mess. Max says she paid for that mistake with her marriage. She says now Shawn and Belle are paying for her mistakes too. She calls herself a disaster and wouldn't blame him for taking back what he said to her earlier. Max won't. He knows who she is and he thinks it is time she forgives herself. He tells her to listen to that . . . She says she hears nothing. He says exactly. He says his life used to be full of loud and crazy sounds, she gave him peace and that is why he wants to be with her. They begin some heavy making out, but Mimi can't stop thinking about Shawn and Belle and just can't do this. Max says he understands and she's worth the wait. Mimi says she never expected this from him. He says because? Mimi says because everyone says he's a player. Max says a player is someone who skims the surface and moves on. He admits he was like that until her. Max says he found himself trusting her, and that doesn't happen easily or often. She says she trusts him too. He says she better get to bed, but she wants to take the sofa. Max realizes he won't win, he gets sheets and a pillow for the couch. Later Mimi and Max are in their jamies. They are a bit turned on, but they know they have an early morning in court tomorrow. Max kisses her and says he'll see her in the morning. They can't stop kissing one another goodbye. Mimi eventually has to stop them. She says she wants their first night to be a long one and a lazy morning. He says she better cover her whole body with that blanket so he doesn't attack her. She jumps on the couch and under the blanket, Max heads to his room. 

Bonnie and Connor are at the morgue. Connor is wearing his dad's old leisure suit. He just wants to get this over with. He doesn't know why they are doing this. She says to keep the family together, she can't be caught. The plan is for Connor to go in and try and distract some guy by claiming his mama wants to know when the funeral is for her sister is. He doesn't like this, but Bonnie says she's his son, running a con is in his blood. She tells him to go. Connor goes in and starts lying away to the guy at the desk. He says his aunt died and his mom is wondering if the funeral home picked up the body. The guy can't find her name on the list so he gets the guy to leave to check with the hospital upstairs. Bonnie then quickly breaks into the backroom. She begins opening up the units looking for the bones. She soon realizes the bones don't need to be refrigerated. She wonders where Mr. Bojangles is hiding. She finds a body bag and looks inside. She says bingo! Connor yells that someone is coming. A nurse shows up, Connor says the exam room is lock as the attendant is running an errand. She says she has a key. Bonnie tries to bar the door from the other side. Later the nurse gets in, she sees something isn't right. She sees red shoes on one of the cadavers, Bonnie is under a sheet posing as a dead body! The nurse says she can't believe they left the shoes on. She takes them off and Bonnie kicks her. She thinks it's just rigamortis and ends up running off. Bonnie grabs the skeleton and runs off. Bonnie takes off, Connor is left when the attendant comes back. He says he looked everywhere, nobody knows of his aunt. Connor says maybe she isn't dead after all, it's a miracle! Connor thanks him and runs off. Connor meets with Bonnie outside. Bonnie doesn't know what to do with the bones, which upsets Connor. Bonnie says she did the thinking so far, he needs to come up with the rest. She says her brain is tired. Connor says he's 17, he doesn't have a GED, all he's good at is riding horses and herding cows. She says stop whining, put Bonjangles in the car. He says she makes the juvie ranch seem easy! 

Roman has brought Marlena home to her penthouse. He gives her tea and is making food. He tells her that she has some tough decisions to make about John. She tells Roman that she's not in denial about John, she can read the brain scan. However she says it only measures physical evidence. She says it won't measure the spiritual connection between her and John. Roman gets why she and Dr. Tucker don't get along. Roman jokes maybe for Dr. Tucker's sake she should bring in swamis. Marlena says John needs to know that she hasn't given up on him. Roman says she's talking like John is aware of what is going on. He asks if there is something she wants to tell him. MArlena says she knows John is in a coma and his brain seems to be shutting down, but she also knows John is still in there. She says she knows he understands everything going on. Roman says what if she's wrong and John's brain isn't functioning. Marlena worries she could make the wrong decision, she could put him in long term care and he could wake up. Marlena says she doesn't know what to do, she needs someone to talk to and listen to her. Roman asks if she means a therapist? Marlena says she was thinking of him. Roman says she knows John better than anyone, if she thinks he's conscious on some level then who is he to say he's not. Marlena hugs Roman and thanks him for saying that. They keep talking, Roman suggests maybe John is hanging on for . . . Marlena says don't say the word closure. She doesn't like that word, some wounds never heal. Marlena then says what if she's wrong, what if he can't get better. Roman says she will make the right choice. Marlena says and if she's right and he's trying to reach her? Roman says then he will. Roman says he knows how their eyes light up when they see each other, he envies that. Marlena says she can't bare the thought that John is trapped in a body with only the possibility of blinking his eyes. She says she won't accept that. Marlena feels like everyone is watching her, waiting to see if she's going to fall apart under pressure. Roman tells Doc that she feels things the rest of them miss, so he will be here for her. He says he is going to be here night and day. He says he's not trying to make her forget John, he knows he can't. He is just trying to be a good friend to her. Marlena says she can be high maintenance. He says he knows that. She knows he has a lot going on at work too. He says he knows. She accepts his offer for help. He decides to go get her the food he made. She lays down on the couch for a quick nap. 

The curtains on the terrace begin to blow as Marlena sleeps. The doors blow open. Marlena wakes up and hears John calling to her asking where she is. Marlena says she's here and runs out to the terrace to look for him. She closes her eyes and it's like she's feeling him holding her. She says she feels him. Everything soon calms down. Marlena yells John don't go. Roman runs out and grabs her saying it was a dream. Marlena says it wasn't a dream, John was here and he spoiled it. Roman says no, but Marlena says he was here. Marlena says John hugged her, she felt him. Roman says she almost fell off that balcony. He says he's staying here and not leaving her. Marlena swears John was here, the wind woke her. Roman says what wind? She sees there is no wind, she wonders if it was a dream. She swears she's okay and he can go. Roman says if she's sure. He wants her to make sure those doors are locked tonight. HE says he'll check back with her tomorrow. Roman leaves and Marlena is sure it wasn't a dream. The wind starts up again, Marlena runs outside asking John for a sign. There is no sign though, Marlena looks disappointed. 

Belle is with her dad at the hospital. She's talking to her dad about Claire and how she was trying to feed her teddy bear. She says it was so cute. Belle breaks down. She tells her dad that she needs him to wake up for her. She says Victor has filed for custody of Claire, the court has taken Claire from her. Belle says she's with strangers now and she needs her dad to tell her what to do. Belle knows Victor will do everything he can to win this. She says she's really scared. She begs him to come back. John begins twitching his fingers. Belle says she wouldn't be so scared if she knew he was here for her. She knows he'd get Phillip to understand and back off. Belle begs him for a sign to know he can hear her. He moves his finger and touches her hand. Belle thinks he's come back, she yells My dad is waking up! She tells her dad never to leave them again. She yells out into the hall for help. She wants them to call the doctor, her dad is waking up. John keeps moving his hands. The doctor comes in and claims his finger moving was just a muscle spasm. Belle knows he's waking up, but the doctor says her father's brains can't send out commands. He says he's seen this reaction before and they didn't wake up. She says she doesn't know his dad and how strong he is. The doctor says if she wants another opinion . . . Belle says good idea, they need a doctor with an open mind. She says she's going to tell her mother what happened. Belle wants to call her mom, but she can't get an outside line. The doctor is thinking she shouldn't call her mom and get her hopes up over an involuntary results. Belle says fine, she'll wait if he can tell her why he's so sure that he's right. He says he's seen this before, it's a neurological hiccup. She says that is cold and unconvincing. Dr. Tucker says he's sorry. He says her father's brain is incapable of telling his muscles what to do. He says if he could fix that then he would. The doctor leaves, Belle decides not to call her mom. She goes to her dad and cries over him. Shawn soon shows up and asks how he is? Belle tells Shawn about him touching her hand, but the doctor says it was just an involuntary muscle spasm. Shawn says he's sorry. Belle knows he was trying to reach out. Shawn says doctors aren't always right. Belle says not Dr. Tucker, she just wanted to hit him. Belle remembers how when they were young and they couldn't wait to grow up. Shawn says life in grownup land isn't what it's cracked up to be. Belle says now they have to watch a good man like her dad lose and a horrendous man like Victor win. Belle says even their lawyer thinks they will lose her. Shawn says when Victor stands up and says things about them, he'll be alone. Shawn says they have their family and friends to stand up for them. He says Max and Mimi will be there, Steve and Kayla, his mom and dad. He says her mom will be there, but Belle says no, not her mom. She doesn't want to see her mom as she might tell her about the hand incident. She doesn't want her to get her hopes up only  to lose him all over again. Shawn gets it. Belle doesn't know what they'll do if they lose Claire. Shawn says they won't. Belle wishes she could be so sure. Shawn says Victor and Phillip won't win, trust him. 


January 12, 2007

Lexie and Abe go to the morgue and meet with the technician who dealt with Connor yesterday. He tells Dr. Carver that they miss her here, she thanks him. The man tells Abe that the reason he called them here is because that skeleton he sent for analysis has disappeared. Abe asks what the hell happened? The man doesn't know. He says the bones where there last night but this morning they weren't here. The man thinks someone had to have stolen the skeleton. Abe wants to question everyone on shift, but the man says he doesn't think it was an inside job. He begins explaining about the teenager who came by here yesterday asking about a body for a funeral arrangement. He thinks that boy did this. He thinks it was a high school prank. Abe asks if he can identify this man? The guy says he can try. Abe says he'll have a sketch artist down here ASAP. Lexie talks with Abe, he thinks the killer stole these bones, or at least someone who knows what happened. 

At Bonnie's, Connor walks in and asks Bonnie what is up. She wonders where he's been. He says he went for breakfast. Bonnie says the skeleton is still in the trunk, they have to hide it. Connor says whatever happens now is all on her. Bonnie can't believe he won't help her. He says he came here, had to lie to his sister, had to steal a skeleton and now she doesn't have a plan. Bonnie asks what he'd do in her place? He says step in front of the bus. She threatens to smack him, so he says stash the bones where nobody will find them again. Bonnie says the dump, but Connor says the dogs will get them. Bonnie says she gives up, they can shove them under Patrick's bed. Connor says no way, he's sleeping in there. Connor suggests they stick them in the backyard. Bonnie says she loves him, he's a genius. She says it's so easy and simple. She tells him to go get the bones, but he says no way. She says fine she'll do it. Bonnie says for now they'll hide them in the basement, tonight when it's dark they will bury them. Connor says what is this we stuff. She has had it and sends Connor to go get those bones now. Connor brings the bones in and they plan to hide them behind the broiler in the basement. Connor says his helping her is a big deal, he wants something in return. He needs some cash to get his bike out of the impound. Bonnie says fine just get the bones in the basement now. Suddenly Abe knocks on the door saying he has to talk to them.

Bonnie and Connor scramble to hide the bones under a sofa (or something) and Bonnie lets Abe and Lexie in. Abe says they are looking for Mimi. Bonnie says she's not here, is she in trouble. Abe says no they just need to talk to her. Bonnie says she's at Max's and then she quickly gets rid of them. Abe tells Lexie that Bonnie seemed nervous, like she had something to hide. Back inside, Bonnie is nervous about Mr. Bones. She doesn't want Mimi to know anything about them. She tells Connor to get the bones in the basement and later they will bury this secret forever.

At Max's, Max brings Mimi coffee and wakes her up. He's dressed in a suit. She wakes up a bit startled, he says he let her sleep in. He went to the courthouse and signed the affidavits. Mimi wanted to go. He says it is a closed hearing, they can't go in anyways. He offers her the coffee, he wasn't sure if she wanted a single or double latt. She takes the double. He thinks it was rough on the couch. She says no it was the best sleep she had in a long time. Max was taking cold showers all night to cope. They share some morning kisses. Max tells Mimi she's welcome here anytime, and even suggests she move in. She is shocked. He says if it is that bad for her at home he thought it would be an option. He says she could have the bed or the couch. She asks what if they both take the bed, is that an option? He says if she wants. She thinks they should just take things slow, they haven't yet been together. Max knows. They kiss some more. Mimi says she really has to get ready or they won't make it to the hearing. He knows she's right. She says she won't be long. She runs off to get dressed. She returns later, they kiss some more. The doorbell rings, Max thinks the people in this town need to let them have sex. Abe and Lexie show up, they tell Max and Mimi that it seems the skeleton has been stolen. Abe suspects the killer or someone who knows what happened took the bones. Max asks if they know who did it? Abe says no, but they are working on a drawing of a suspect. Max and Mimi offer to help if they can. Abe asks Mimi to keep trying to remember anything about that ring. Mimi says she's drawing a blank. Max says they hate to be rude but they have to be somewhere. Abe and Lexie leave. Meanwhile Mimi gets a bad feeling about all of this.

Shawn is trying to comfort Belle. They are at the courthouse. Hope and Bo show up to support them. Hope tells Belle that Victor won't get away with this. Bo tells Shawn to keep his temper in check. Marlena shows up, even though  Belle didn't tell her. Marlena found out from Hope through the mom network. Belle didn't want to upset her mom more than she already was. Marlena understands, but she is here for her now. Hope then says look who else is here . . . Victor walks in, Shawn says he'll never forgive him for this. Victor knows the boy is upset. Shawn says he is no boy, he is the father of a baby he's trying to steal. Victor says he's doing this for Claire. Bo takes Victor off to talk in private. Belle tells Shawn how last night she couldn't stop dreaming about Claire crying for her. Shawn says he won't let Victor take her. Bo tells Victor that he can't believe Victor is doing this. Victor says it's for her own good and Phillip was her father for the first year of her life. Bo understands that Phillip was upset, can't they compromise. Victor says he tried that and Belle and Shawn refused. Bo says they refused to give up custody of their kid to a man who isn't her father. Bo asks where Phillip is? Victor says on his way home. Bo says he's not even here, he hasn't been here, does he really expect the judge to give Phillip custody? Victor says Phillip is a war hero, his name is on the birth certificate and that comes with certain rights. Bo asks why he's doing this? Victor says it's a father's duty to stand by his son. Bo doesn't recall Victor ever standing by him. The bailiff calls court to session.

Hope and Marlena get a chance to talk. Hope asks how she's doing, has she gotten a second opinion? Marlena met someone this morning, he says there is no hope and John won't recover. Hope says she's so sorry. Marlena says he also agreed with the other doctors that she should put John in long term care. Marlena can't bear to do that. Hope knows she'll do the right thing and John would never think she abandoned him. Marlena isn't so sure. Hope says Marlena knows John better than anyone, if John could talk what would he tell her to do? Marlena says she doesn't know. Hope says she thinks Marlena does. Marlena leaves to take a walk.

The judge says he's revealed the papers and asks Victor to state his case first. Victor says he is here only out of concern, as a father, grandfather and great grandfather. He says he holds no malice towards Belle and Shawn. He loves them both, but he loves Claire too. Victor feels Claire would be better off with his son Phillip, the one and only father she ever knew. The judge asks for evidence that Shawn and Belle are irresponsible parents. Victor says he does have evidence. He says not too long ago Shawn walked away from a marriage and moved in with Willow Star, a prostitute. He also says Shawn is no stranger to violence, he deliberately drove his car into his home. He says a few years ago he drove his motor cycle through a church window. Victor says Shawn has no job, no permanent residence. He says Shawn has lived in a garage, on his father's boat which he sank and in the YWCA. He also says Belle has no job and lives with her parents. The judge asks if her parents are stable? Victor says her father is in a coma and is not expected to recover and her mother has a history of mental instability. Victor then says there was an incident that was the last straw. Shawn gets upset, the judge says he'll have his chance to speak. Victor talks about how Belle lost Claire in a diner, the child just wandered off. Victor says a stranger found and returned her. The judge asks why does Shawn's name not appear on the birth certificate? Victor says he never made a claim, Phillip was in every way but biologically her father from birth. Victor says Claire needs the stable home that Phillip provides.

Lawyer Dan gets up and speaks on behalf of Belle and Shawn. He says these charges are out of context. Dan says they have done nothing but love and do what is best for their child. He says he has a petition from family members and friends. Dan reads off the names. Basically most of the Horton's and Bradys, as well as Abe the Commissioner. Dan hopes he will consider these testimonials. The judge wants to here from Shawn and Belle themselves. He asks are they irresponsible or does Mr. Kiriakis have it all wrong?

Shawn gets up and admits he's made mistakes, but he's turning his life around because of Claire. He says he loves Claire so much, so much that when he found out she was his that he was willing to give her up to the only family she's known. However Phillip left, he's been absent since. He says since that day he stepped up and has been trying to give his daughter the best life possible. He says he's moved back in with his parents, has his job back and is working to get a home for them. Shawn says he can do that if they are given a chance. He also says Belle is an incredible mother, she would give her life for Claire as would he.

Belle gets up to speak. She says Victor lied to them all. She says his first lie was that he knew Shawn was Claire's father and never said anything. She says then after Phillip left he lied about where Phillip was and what was going on with him. She says he lied about wanting to spend time with Claire, who he was taking to see Phillip. She says now he's lying to the judge, they are not bad parents and would never put their daughter in danger. Belle says nobody wants Claire to be safe more than they do. She says they have loved and protected her while Phillip was nowhere to be found, he's not even here today. Belle begs the judge not to take Claire from her. 

Hope and Bo are outside discussing the trial. Bo thinks there is no way Victor can prove Shawn doesn't love his daughter. Hope says Shawn and Belle have everyone standing behind them. Bo says Victor has no witnesses, not even Phillip. Suddenly Willow walks up. Bo wonders why she is here, maybe to gloat? Willow says no, but why she's here is a good question. 

Back in the trial, the judge says he's not convinced that Claire is in real danger in Shawn and Belle's custody. He also says that is the central issue here. Victor says Belle was negligent in the diner and Shawn's been involved with criminals such as Patrick and EJ. Victor says Shawn worked for them, even after he was informed EJ was under investigation. He also brings in a witness to conform this. Willow is brought in to testify! Willow is sworn in. Willow begins telling the judge that Shawn was working for EJ delivering messages, he was getting paid a crazy amount of money. Willow says Shawn didn't care that EJ was a probably criminal, Shawn only wanted his cushy new lifestyle. Belle says that is a lie, Shawn did it for Claire. Willow says Shawn only cared about his new car, he never talked about Claire. Shawn says she's lying, she's crazy. Shawn says Willow burned his apartment down, she's doing this because she got dumped. The judge won't tolerate these outbursts anymore. He asks Willow how she answers these charges? Willow says the fire was an accident. Dan says a police report indicates arson. Victor says one more poor judgment of Shawn's. Willow claims she wants Claire to have the attention she deserves, not to turn out like her. Willow gives Shawn and Belle a nasty look as she leaves the courtroom.

Later Willow leaves and tells Hope and Bo she didn't say anything that Shawn didn't deserve. Bo is sure Willow has no credibility. Marlena returns, she says she's concerned about what is taking so long. Bo says as long as Phillip isn't here he can't win. 

Back inside, Dan asks the judge to take in advisement that Willow has an axe to grind against Shawn. He also says Victor has filed this suit on Phillip's behalf and nobody has seen him in months. Dan demands his to know why his presence isn't here today. Dan says how can they grant custody to a man who can't appear. Victor says his son is here right now. 

Back outside, Bo, Marlena and Hope watch as Phillip, in bandages, is wheeled in by a nurse. Back inside, Victor presents his son to the court. 


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