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3rd Week of 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


January 15, 2007
At the hospital, Kate finds Will wheeling around his dad in a wheelchair while Sami rides on Lucas' lap. Kate makes comments about Sami not being classy, but Sami says they are having fun like a family. Lucas continues to give Sami attention for saving him, making her sign his cast. They all talk about the story on Sami in the paper. Roman then shows up to see his daughter the hero. He has something that will make everyone look at her differently. The Salem PD is giving her an award for being a good Samaritan. Kate of course can't believe this. She yanks Roman aside to talk to him about her office, which is locked and sealed. Roman says EJ is a wanted criminal and his records are being examined. Kate says it's her office too. She is tired of being the only one being punished for being involved with EJ. Roman says she went into business with him all on her own even when she knew he was being investigated and had ties to the Dimeras. Kate takes off. Meanwhile Lucas continues to praise Sami, telling her how she is a hero and now she's got her second chance. She says this is where he tells her not to blow it. Roman returns, he and Sami discuss the awards ceremony. Sami wants to have it at the pub because all her friends and family can be there and it will be a friendlier atmosphere.

At the garage, Abby and Nick are still arguing about Chelsea and Shane. Abby suggests the next time he gets an email he tell Chelsea that Shane went back to his wife or girlfriend. Nick says it may work. Stephanie then shows up with great news for the, she's got a new job and moving to Dayton. Then Chelsea walks in with news. Nick says you're moving too? She says yes! She tells them how they are moving to their own apartment and away from the crazy Lockharts. Stephani says they only gave her and Billie a place to live. Stephanie decides now that shes leaving to tell Chelsea just what she thinks about her. She lets Chelsea know that she's rotten and selfish and will probably have a miserable life. Stephanie tells Abby and Nick to visit her in Dayton, Chelsea isn't invited. She then leaves. Chelsea wonders what her problem is. Chelsea then starts  telling Nick and Abby how Shane isn't' answering her emails, so she plans to rattle his bones and hunt him down if she has to. Nick lets her know that guys generally don't like being stalked. Chelsea has a favor to ask of Abby. She wants abby to get Max to give her a job here. Chelsea needs the money to help out with the new apartment. Abby doesn't know but gets sucked into agreeing to talk to him. Chelsea has to go. Abby tells Nick that he needs to end things with Chelsea and Shane. Nick agrees, next time Chelsea emails him that he's going to do just that.

At the courthouse, Marlena, Max, Mimi, Bo and Hope are shocked to watch a nurse wheel Phillip into the courtroom. They can't believe Victor is going to pull this. Marlena is sure that it won't work, Belle won't lose her daughter. Meanwhile, Max and Mimi talk. Mimi feels bad, she wishes she could help. She also says she should be thinking about her new opportunity with Max, but she is so worried about the skeleton they found. Mimi says he is haunting her, she's sure she something more is going on. Later Kate shows up. Mimi and Max wonder if she's here to gloat. Kate says she's here for Phillip. Max advises Kate get a lawyer as she'll need one when she's charged with kidnapping. Mimi and Max haven't forgotten that it was her that lured them to the garage where they were attacked and kidnapped. Max says they could have died. Kate says she has no idea what they are talking about, she showed up and they weren't there. Kate says that is her story, she can't prove it. Max says when this blows up, Victor won't protect her. Kate says if they ever have children then they will understand.

In the courtroom, Phillip shows up and says he is well enough to testify. He unwraps his bandages and we see his "new" face. Belle and Shawn say it's not Phillip, this is a trick. Victor assures the court this is his son. He presents the medical tests, saying his son went back into combat and was injured again. Phillip starts speaking about how he loves Claire, he and his father can provide everything for her. Shawn and Belle are furious, saying this isn't right. Belle says Victor lied about Phillip, she has no idea that Phillip was seeing Claire all along. She also says Phillip walked out on them. Phillip says Belle left him no choice, she left him with Claire and he was devastated. The lawyer points out that Belle is very well off money wise and money doesn't buy love and family. The judge takes a break to render his verdict. Later he returns. He wants to give Belle and Shawn a chance to prove themselves. He orders them to take parenting classes for 90 days. During that time he gives custody to Phillip, to be revisited in 90 days. The judge says Belle and Shawn can have supervised visits. Belle breaks down, Shawn ends up attacking Phillip.

Back outside, Beverly shows up with Claire. Bo, Hope and Marlena want to see her, but she tells them that it is against the rules. Bo has had it and snatches Claire from her. They all hug and pass her around. Beverly gets a bailiff and demands the child be return and Bo arrested. Bo gives the child back, but the bailiff knows Bo and won't arrest him, which infuriates Beverly. Suddenly Shawn is thrown out and Bo is told to control his son. Shawn tells his dad they lost Claire! Bo talks to him, saying taking this out on Phillip won't score any points. Marlena is briefed by the lawyer and then comforts Belle, promising they'll get her back. Phillip is given Claire. He, Victor and Kate make their way out. Phillip claims this isn't how he wanted things. Shawn promises Claire she will be back with them soon. Belle wants to say goodbye, but Phillip whisks her off. Marlena takes Belle home while Shawn decides there is someone he needs to see. Victor, Kate, Phillip and Claire leave. Victor promises Phillip that Shawn and Belle won't get Claire back ever. Meanwhile Mimi tells Max that she's going to see Phillip and try and talk some sense into him.


January 16, 2007

In John's room at the hospital, Marlena is telling the still unconscious John all about Sami and how she rescued Lucas and is a hero. Sami happens to show up. She talks to her mom and learns not only have Belle and Shawn lost Claire, but that John is not expected to recover. Sami says the doctor's don't know everything, her mom shouldn't give up on John.  She says she's sure John will wake up and the first thing he'll say is "Hey pretty lady." Sami tells her mom how sorry she is for how she's treated John. She says John was always so good to her even when she was a snot to him. She says now she fears she may never get a chance to tell him. Marlena tells Sami that she should tell him now. Sami sits with John. She tells him how sorry she is for being so terrible to him for years. She says she loved him and she was a brat to him. She tells John that he was as good to her and loved her as much as, no as if he was her father. She tells John that she loves him too. Later Sami talks to her mom about the award she's getting from the Salem PD. She tells her mom about the ceremony, but understands if she doesn't want to come given everything. Marlena says she wouldn't miss it for the world. She asks her mom for some change, she would like to buy a paper for herself, Will bought them all earlier to pass out. MArlena gives her all the change in her purse. Sami finds that one of the coins is an Italian coin from Marlena and John's trip to Italy. Sami leaves and Marlena sits with John. She's still not sure what decision to make about his care. She looks at the coin, sets it on the table and then tells John she won't give up on him, she'll never give up on him. The camera then shows that Marlena's coin has vanished!

In Lucas' room, Kate is with Lucas, who is being discharged. She comes to once again warn him about Sami. She wants to help him get Sami out of his life. Lucas says he's with Sami and she needs to accept that. Kate can't, she finds Sami's story about saving him suspect. She says that Sami supposedly got this rush of adrenaline to lift the log off him, but only after she left and came back, when he was  passed out. Kate believes Sami had help. She suggests it was EJ, who was also in the area. Lucas says no way. He says Sami hates EJ, they were up there to get away from him. He also doubts EJ would save his life, EJ hates him. Kate says he would if Sami made a deal to help him get away. Lucas won't hear of it. He thinks his mother just can't admit for once she was wrong. He warns her if she can't accept that he's with Sami then he will cut her out of his and Will's life. He says he's not like her favorite Austin or her rich son Phillip, he doesn't need her in his life. Kate says they don't need to make threats. She says she loves him, she'll never bring this up again. Sami shows up and Kate thanks Sami for saving her son and hopes they can put everything behind them. Kate leaves and Sami wonders who that was. Sami refuses to believe Kate has had a sudden change of heart about her. She then helps Lucas blow the hospital and get home.

At the mansion, Mimi shows up to see Phillip. He has Claire with him. Mimi can't believe him, she says not only has his face changed, but so has his heart. She says this is wrong and he knows it. She says he's become a cold SOB. Phillip says he is fighting for his daughter here, his right to be her father. She tells him that he sounds like Victor. She says if this is how he treats his friends, she wonders what he does to his enemies. She goes to leave but he stops her. He says that he is the way he is because it's a cold world out there. He says he left Salem broken and ready to give up, but when he went back into combat he realized Claire was everything to him. He says he is her father and won't give that up. He also tells Mimi it's easy for her to act like she is Shawn and Belle's friend, but he reminds her of her betrayal. He says nobody was a better schemer than her so if it's judgment day then it is hers. He says her lie is responsible for what has happened here. Mimi says she admitted she was wrong, but Phillip says only when she had no other way out. Phillip says Claire needs her food so he has to go. A bag is knocked over, Mimi sees a passport fall out. She realizes Phillip is taking Claire out of the country. Later Kate shows up. She sees the flight plan to Brussels and asks what this is about. He says he will be heading the Titan division there. HE says he's only staying there until he knows he won't lose Claire, he'll be back someday. He also expects her to visit. She hates that she's losing another son. Phillip suggests they spend time together before he has to leave.

At Chez Rouge, Shawn shows up to blast Willow for what she did. He demands to know why she lied. She shows him the 10,000 reasons Victor gave her. He is appalled and blames her, but she suggests he look in a mirror to see who destroyed his family. He says she traded in one form of selling herself for another, and when she blows through Victor's money she'll be back where she started. She says it's so easy for him to judge her. She asks what he'd do for a buck? She swears to give the money back and go tell the truth if . . . . he gives her a kiss. She says he used to like doing that among other things. Shawn goes to kiss her, but she pushes him away and laughs. She says she proved her point, and she says it's so easy to get him to do what anyone wants him too . . . which is why he lost his family. Shawn yells at her and Maggie shows up. Maggie asks what is going on. Shawn fills Maggie in on what Willow has done. Maggie is stunned. Willow tries to deny it but eventually admits she went to court and said some things. Willow tells Maggie she can't fire her for it. Maggie says she can fire her for being rude and insubordinate though! Willow loses her job and Shawn leaves. He grabs his chest and can't believe he lost Claire. Mimi shows up to see Shawn. Shawn tells her how he wishes he had run with Belle and Claire when they had the chance and not left things up to the court. Mimi tells Shawn that unfortunately it looks like Phillip is going to run with Claire. Shawn grabs his chest again. He says they have no choice, they have to take Claire and leave.


January 17, 2007
Stephanie stops by her parent's suite at the Salem Inn to see her dad and say goodbye. She's headed to Dayton to race. Steve knows she'll be a star. Steve tells Stephanie that she takes a lot after her mom, but after him too. She says she gets that drive to push things from him. He isn't thrilled about her racing, but wants her to do what makes her happy. He tells her not to lose that fire. Stephanie in turn gives Steve the same advice, saying he seems to be playing it safe lately. She wants her dad to push things too. They share a teary farewell as Stephanie heads off. Later Steve hears the pounding in his head. He ends up playing his harmonica to try and ignore the sound, but it doesn't seem to be working. The pounding gets worse and overpowers him.

Bo and Kayla talk at Chez Rouge. Kayla asks about the baby and if she has a name yet, but Bo says not yet. He asks about her little girl, who is leaving today. Kayla is putting up a good front. Bo switches topics and starts talking about how he feels like he's failed Shawn, he told him everything would be all right when he should have anticipated Victor would have bought off everyone. Bo talks about how Victor never plays by the rules, he has been a terrible father and grandfather. Bo knows Victor and Phillip are up to something and he is afraid Shawn is going to do something rash and run with Claire. He wants Kayla's help. He says Shawn is ignoring his calls, he asks Kayla to call Shawn and offer to be there for him, no questions asked. She does as Bo asks. Later Bo talks with Maggie about what is going on. She is there to support him during his time of trouble.

Later Stephanie and her mom are at the pub to say goodbye to Shawn and Caroline. Kayla is giving her a ride to the airport. Caroline and Shawn say goodbye, but they know there will be lots of visits. Grandpa Shawn has carved a wooden car as a gift for Stephanie. As Stephanie is saying her goodbyes, Shawn calls Kayla for a favor.

Shawn goes to hospital to see Belle, who is watching after her dad. There is no change in John. Belle is hopeful that they will get Claire back if they do as the judge has asked. Shawn isn't so sure, he says Willow was bought by Victor and he thinks the judge was too. Shawn breaks the news to Belle that Mimi learned Phillip is taking Claire out of the country. Belle can't believe this. Shawn says they have only one choice, they take Claire and run. 

At Max's, Mimi tells Max what she's found out. Not only is Phillip taking Claire out of the country, but they are doing it tomorrow. Mimi called Victor's office and found out that Victor is going out of town for a few weeks. She says they need to stop him from helping Phillip and Claire escape. Max doesn't know how, if Phillip knows she knows, they'll never get close to Claire. Max says they are up against Victor. Mimi is afraid it looks doomed, until Max wonders why they aren't leaving today. She says he's a genius.

Belle and Shawn come over to meet Max and Mimi. Mimi fills them in on how Phillip is putting off this trip until tomorrow because he needs to get Claire immunized. Belle fears he must be taking her someplace far away. They have to find out who she's seeing at the hospital, but none of them can call the hospital without tipping them off. Shawn gets an idea and calls Kayla back for that favor. She finds out the name of the doctor that Claire is seeing tomorrow. They all order pizza and begin discussing their next step.


January 18, 2007

At the pub, Roman meets with Bo. Roman is once again filling in for Abe as the commissioner because of Abe's eye condition. Roman has a job for Bo. EJ has been tracked to a hotel in Mexico City. He wants Bo to go down there and basically find out what he's up to. Bo unfortunately can't because of his new baby and what Shawn is going through with Claire. Bo doesn't understand why they need EJ when they have Lexie. Roman tells Bo that he thinks Lexie is hiding something from them about her story.

Kayla and Stephanie are both at the pub. Stephanie's flight has been delayed. Kayla thinks maybe this means Stephanie should stay, but Stephanie has made up her mind to go. Stephanie thinks her parents should try for another kid. Kayla isn't so sure because of her dad's condition. Stephanie worries, but Kayla insists Steve is just having issues with his memory. Stephanie thinks a kid is just what they both need. Stephanie remembers how all she ever wanted for Christmas was her dad back, now she has him. Stephanie keeps pushing for a sibling. Later Stephanie realizes her time is up. Kayla and Stephanie have to say goodbye as it's time for Stephanie to go.

At the Inn, Steve has another one of his weird episodes. He has flashes of being given shock treatment. Steve seizes and wrecks the place. Later Bo shows up and wonders what is wrong with Steve. Steve makes some excuses about kids breaking things. Bo needs to talk to Steve about those episodes like he had at Beverly's. Steve is sure that they will pass and he feels if he had something to do to keep him busy it would help. He asks Bo for a job with the Salem PD, but Bo can't give him one in his condition. He does have something for him to do. He wants Steve to go see EJ in Mexico and try and figure out what he's up to. However there is a condition to this trip, he must take Kayla. Steve doesn't like that, but it's the only way Bo will let him go.

At Lucas and Sami's place, Sami and Lucas are kissing one another. Lucas talks about how proud he is of her. Later the phone rings. Sami answers and is stunned that it is EJ. Sami wants nothing to do with him, especially since he shot John. EJ needs something from Sami. He wants to know what the Salem PD is doing about him. Sami has no idea and wants him to leave her alone. He reminds her that she is to keep her mouth shut about everything. She yells at him to never call her again. Lucas comes into the room and wonders who she's talking to. She tries to lie, but eventually confesses it was EJ. Lucas is proud and then convinces her to tell Roman. Roman asks if EJ said anything important, but Sami says she was to upset. Both Lucas and Roman are proud of her. Lucas says she's a new person.

Chelsea is trying to send another IM to Lonely Splicer, who is ignoring her. She tells him she knows who he really is and will find out where he lives. Nick, at work, finally returns her messages. He wonders how she found out who he is. She says a loser friend of hers found out. A hurt Nick says she is the real loser and should be nicer to people. He signs off, leaving Chelsea in a panic. Abby lectures her about how he's right, she treats people terribly. Chelsea decides she'll be a better person from now on. Meanwhile Nick talks with his boss at work. He explain the whole story about how he met a girl on line, but has lied about who he is to her. The doctor tells him to have the fake dump her and then he plays hero and comforts the girl, winning her in the end. 


January 19, 2007
In Mexico, EJ is at a bar and has a lovely senorita by his side. Steve shows up and says hello to him. EJ isn't thrilled to see him. Steve says he has something for him from the Salem  PD, a warrant for his arrest. EJ tells him it will do the Salem PD no good with him in Mexico. Steve tells him that is what that other guy thought who was extradited. EJ says that could take years, by then it will be Asta La Vista Baby! Steve thinks EJ should just go back to Salem and give his side of the story, but EJ isn't doing that as he doesn't trust them. Steve warns EJ there is an eye witness to his shooting John, who isn't expected to survive. EJ still won't go back to Salem. Steve grabs EJ and says the least he can do is tell him who got him through the roadblock. Out of nowhere men EJ has working for him show up. EJ suggests Steve not threaten him. Steve says it was more of a request. EJ asks Steve how he's doing lately, he heard he's been going bonkers. EJ asks Steve if he hears weird sounds . . . seeing flashes of bright light and torture? Steve demands answers, who did this to him? Was it Stefano? Tony? Steve attacks EJ and then goes into an episode. EJ's men drag Steve out and beat him up. EJ is troubled. Outside Steve recovers and laughs. He stole EJs cell and wallet. Back inside, EJ realizes Steve took his things. 

At the hospital, Shawn, Belle, Max and Mimi are in a car. They are putting their plan to kidnap Claire into action. Belle says before they do this she has to say goodbye to her dad. She goes in. Mimi thinks they don't have time for this, but Shawn knows if something happened to John while they were gone that Belle wouldn't forgive herself.

In John's room, Belle shows up to see her dad. She cries to him about how she really needs his help and advice. She fills him in on what Phillip is planning, as well as how she and Shawn are going to take Claire and run. She tells her dad that this could be goodbye. Marlena walks in at this point and asks why she's saying goodbye to her father? Belle tells her mom that she and Shawn are taking Claire and running. Marlena says she can't do that. She begs Belle to wait and let the judge make a ruling. Belle tells her mom that Phillip is bringing Claire her to be immunized, he and Victor are taking her out of the country. Marlena is stunned. She asks Belle how she can help. Belle doesn't want her involved, but Marlena says John is in agreement. Marlena lets Belle know her father approves, they are still connected. They hug and say goodbye to one another. Shawn shows up and learns Marlena knows what is going on. He promises to take care of Belle and Claire.

Shawn and Belle are in the corridors. Mimi calls and says Phillip has come in with Claire. Shawn heads into the men's room to hide. Phillip shows up with Claire. He ask why Belle is here? Belle says she's here for her dad. She asks why he has Claire here? Phillip claims she has this sneeze, he is worried she is allergic to something. Belle asks if she can hold her. Phillip eventually agrees. Belle yells for Shawn, who runs out, decks Phillip and tells Belle to run. Shawn says Claire is his daughter, stay away from them! They run and jump in Max's car. Max speeds off with them as Phillip fumes and screams. 

At Sami's, Sami and Lucas are getting ready to go to the pub for her award. Sami tells Lucas they should skip it and stay here and . . . Lucas says no way, he is looking forward to this. Will shows up and is looking forward to it as well. He has a shirt that says  "My mom is Sami Brady and yours isn't!"

At the pub, Bo is talking with Hope when Kayla walks in. Bo thought she'd be with Steve. Kayla says Steve went to do some assignment, why would she be with him? Bo tells Kayla how he sent Steve to Mexico to get EJ, well Steve volunteered. Kayla is furious that Bo sent her husband after a killer. Hope says it sounds like Bo expected Kayla to be with him. Bo says he did, he thought she'd go keep him out of trouble. Bo admits to Kayla about the episode Steve had at CPS, he agreed not to tell her only if he got help. Bo thinks Steve is afraid of his memories. Kayla agrees and is worried. 

Chelsea and Kate are at the pub. Chelsea talks about how Sami has turned the whole town around and have them on her side, which irks Kate. Chelsea wishes she could do the same. Kate tells Chelsea off, saying she had two families who loved her, first the Bensons and now the Bradys. Kate thinks Chelsea is being childish wanting her daddy's affection, she should give up on that dream. Chelsea tells Kate off thinking there is nothing selfish about wanting a family to love and love her. She says while she had the Bensons, she always wished for a big family like the Bradys. Kate says big families aren't all that, breeding to just breed dilutes the gene pool. Chelsea says she really hates Sami doesn't she?

Sami and family show up. Chelsea walks over to talk to her. Chelsea tells Sami how what she did was amazing. She also asks Sami how she did it, the Brady's wouldn't spit on her if she was on fire, now they are all on her side. Chelsea asks for some advice for a pain-in-the butt in training. Sami says while the Bradys may not seem to care, they do and they are always rooting for you to do right. Sami  says if the chance comes along to show her true colors, take it. She also tells Chelsea not to give up on herself. 

Sami and Marlena talk when Marlena arrives. Sami asks if John is any better, Marlena says no. Marlena tells Sami how proud she is of her, and that Sami should go mingle.

Marlena meets with Bo, Hope and Kayla. They begin talking about Shawn and Belle. Kayla brings  up that she talked to Shawn yesterday. She didn't tell Bo and Hope because that is what she promised and what Bo asked. Marlena tells them that she just saw Shawn and Belle at the hospital. She fills them in on their plan. Bo and Hope freak, this is against the law. Bo tries to call Shawn, Hope says they have to stop them. MArlena says they won't, Shawn and Belle are doing the right thing.

Kate and Will have a quick talk. Will warns Kate that his parents are together and she shouldn't do anything to come between them.

Roman arrives and ends up giving a speech to everyone about how they are here to give Sami the Good Samaritan of the Year award. He jokes that by now what Sami has done is an urban legend in these parts. Sami stands up to accept the award and makes her own little speech about what she did and thanks everyone for coming.

Kate downs a huge drink and approaches Sami. She tells Sami they haven't always gotten along, but they should put that in the past. she extends her hand to Sami. Sami shakes it.

After Sami's speech, Marlena continues to fill Bo, Hope and Kayla in. She tells them that Phillip took Claire to be inoculated, which Kayla confirms. She also says Phillip had a passport, he was planning on taking Claire out of the country. She says Shawn and Belle have no choice. Hope says this is just what Bo would do if he was in their shoes.  Suddenly Phillip bursts in. He demands to know where Shawn and Belle are going with his daughter and that anyone here helping them will be punished!


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