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4th Week of January Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


January 22, 2007

At Max and Mimi's, the two pack a bag for Belle, Shawn and Claire. Max takes it out and then Phillip shows up demanding his daughter. She plays innocent, but he knows she and Max helped them get away, he smashed his  hand into her car. He says she's always looked out for number one, be smart. He asks if she wants to serve time protecting them? Mimi says she won't sell her friends out. Phillip says then she'll end up in jail with her brother, a pair of losers. She demands he leave, but he won't without his daughter. She tells him reality check, Claire isn't his. Phillip says Shawn never cared about Claire until he found out they shared DNA. Phillip says he's the only father Claire has known, she is legally his. Mimi doesn't like this new Phillip, she doesn't want to know him. Phillip says the old Phillip was fair and it got him no where, he lost his wife and daughter. Phillip is living by his father's philosophy now, if there is something you want then you take it. Phillip says Shawn and Belle started this war, he's ending it and taking no prisoners. She has nothing more to say to him, she just wants to see justice for Shawn and Belle.  He tells her that her lies caused all of this. She says and she's trying to make up for that. He says she hasn't made it up to him. He says if she had told the truth from the beginning then he and Belle could have worked things out. Mimi says Belle didn't love him, she knows it hurts, but it's the truth. Phillip warns Mimi to tell him what she knows or else. She asks if he's threatening her? He locks the door to Max's place and says you bet he is! He offers her a chance to talk.  She says or what, he'll beat her up? He says no. He grabs her cell phone in one hand while twisting her arm with the other. He calls Max and demands to talk to Belle.

At pub, Bo and Kayla talk about the unfairness of what has happened with Claire. Bo says if he never sees his son again then it means Shawn and his family are safe. Kayla assures Bo that they will hear from them again. Steve shows up. Kayla is not happy that he took off on a Mexican adventure without her, especially after his episode in the CPS office. Bo shrugs and tells Steve he broke his promise so he had to tell. Steve says he's fine. He says he couldn't convince EJ to come back, but he did take his phone and wallet. He says the phone has several calls to Italy, probably Stefano. He says the wallet has his visa, so he'll have to come back to USA to replace it if he wants to go anywhere. Bo takes off with the evidence to see Abe. Kayla is still angry with Steve.  He says he's been trying to protect her. He says he got more out of EJ than his things. He says EJ brought up the episodes he's having, he thinks the DiMeras are involved. Steve says EJ also mentioned Benji. Steve says these episodes started the night they dined with Benji. Steve says he was such a good kid, but he is a Dimera and even the good ones are forced to get their hands dirty sometimes. Kayla wants Steve to promise to let Bo handle this and talk to Benji, but Steve can't do that. Kayla is worried. She says when he is not honest with then it makes her feel like she can't truth him. Steve says that hurts. Kayla says now he knows how she feels. Steve is just trying to get things back to normal between them. Kayla wants him to know that he doesn't have to do that on his own. They share a kiss. Later Steve gets a call from Shawn, who needs help. Steve and Kayla agree to help. Steve warns Kayla this is illegal what they want him to do. Kayla understands, she feels they need to call Bo first though. Steve also tells Kayla he needs to do this on his own, it will be easier. He promises it is just this once.

At a church, Belle is with Claire and Shawn. They are hiding out in the same church Max and Mimi were held in. They have a small radio and hear an amber alert for Claire. Phillip is made out to be the wounded war hero and the victim of Belle and Shawn. Roadblocks have been set up, Max is  supposed to come help them escape Salem. Belle is sad, Claire got a new tooth while with Phillip, she's missed so much already. Shawn says they won't miss anymore. They talk about all the things she'll do growing up, like playing softball. Shawn promises that Claire will have everything. Later they hear someone coming. It's only Max though. Max warns them that Victor and Phillip are out for blood. He doesn't know how they'll get through all the roadblocks, he's a good driver but not that good. Belle suggests they split up, they are after all looking for a couple. Shawn says no way, they are in this together. Shawn knows someone who could help them. he says Steve and Kayla offered help with no questions asked. Belle doesn't know, Steve could tell Bo. Suddenly Phillip calls. He claims he has Mimi prisoner and demands to talk to Belle. Max hands the phone over. Phillip swears this isn't what he wanted. He says the truth is he still loves Belle. He says they could still try to work things out, a second chance to be together and give Claire a family. Belle says Claire isn't his daughter and she and Shawn love Claire and are going to be a family. He says fine, he gave them a chance, what happens now is on their heads. Belle tells Shawn to call Steve for help, which he does. Max has to take off since Phillip has Mimi hostage at his place. Later Shawn is talking with Steve again. He tells Steve where they are. Steve has an idea on how to get them to Canada.

Back at Max's, Phillip destroys Mimi's cell phone after the call. He demands she tell him the truth. She lies and says Belle and Shawn are with friends at the new development across town. He knows she's lying. He ties her hands up and she says he's hurting her. She then asks what he plans to do with that? We don't see what Phillip has. Later Max shows up at his place. Mimi is bound and gagged and in a trunk of some sorts. Max frees her. Mimi cries that he lied, he promised her. She says he said if she told them then he'd let her go. She cries that she told him, God forgive her but she told him. Max calls Shawn and warns him to run, Phillip knows where they are. Max says when this is over that he'll kill Phillip. Mimi begs him to stay with her. They begin kissing one another and fall onto the couch. 

At Abe's, Abe using a huge magnify glass to read some police reports. Lexie comes home and tells Abe that tonight is supposed to be a no work night. Abe confronts her about her statement on the shooting. She claimed she was on the phone with him when she heard a noise, went to the boat house and saw EJ shoot John. He knows it didn't happen that way and wants an explanation. He has her cellphone bill, the times of her calls don't match the time of his attack. John's watch broke, he was on the phone with her when EJ shot John. He wonders what she's hiding from him. Lexie says the person who saw EJ couldn't stick around, she made them leave. Abe demands to know who she's covering for. She says it is Tek, she was with Tek. Lexie explains it isn't what he thinks, Tek jumped in her car. She says she made him leave, he came back to get her after John was shot. She swears she wasn't with Tek, she hasn't even thought about him since they got back together. Abe doesn't believe her. He says her involvement with Tek has destroyed them. He says they are over and he wants her out of this house tonight. Later Lexie has a bag packed. She swears she was only trying to protect them ,she didn't want this to end. Bo shows up and asks what is going on? Lexie says she has to find a new place to live. She then leaves. Bo tells Abe that Steve got EJ's travel visa, he has to come back to replace it and then they can nab them. Abe says it doesn't matter. He fills Bo in on Lexie and Tek's lies. He says with all the lies they've told, neither is a credible witness. Abe says they have nothing on EJ. Bo thinks they have enough evidence, but Abe isn't sure. Bo then gets a call from Steve. Steve fills Bo in on how he's going to help Shawn get to Canada. Bo tells Steve to do what he has to do, he has his blessing. Later Bo offers to do anything he can for Abe, but Abe asks to be alone tonight.

Lexie meets with Tek, she is crying in his car. He asks what was so important that he had to leave work. She says Abe knows everything, it's over. He says great, now he'll lose his job with the Sheriffs office. She says she just lost her marriage! She thinks she needs to try and tell the truth and salvage the case against EJ. Tek says no, forget it. He thinks they should start fresh like he always wanted. He wants them to run away with one another. As they talk, a car is behind them beeping it's horn at them, Tek is trying to wave them around. Lexie says she has a child, she won't leave Theo to run away with him. She demands he pull over. She says she lost Abe, she won't lose her son. Tek can't see anything as the person behind them have their bights on. Suddenly their car swerves, there is screaming, they go off the road.



January 23, 2007

Lucas and Sami are at home kissing and looking at Sami's plaque she got. She thinks it's not real, but Lucas says it is. Lucas says she has changed, she's proven it. Lucas says he knows he can trust her with his life now. Sami sniffles. He asks what is wrong? Did he speak too soon? Is she lying through her teeth? Sami asks why he thinks she's lying? He knows when things are bothering her, he's upset about Phillip barging in on her celebration too. He says it was a terrible ending to a good night. Sami doesn't know what happened to Phillip, she doesn't know why he's treating her sister like this. Sami assures Lucas that she had nothing to do with Belle and Shawn running off. Lucas says he knows she didn't. Sami says it's not like she wouldn't have helped them though, Belle is her sister and what Phillip is doing is wrong. Sami says it was odd that nobody blamed her for it, especially Kate. Lucas says his mom did apologize to her in front of everyone, he thinks she wants a fresh start. Lucas says his mom knows she risked her life to save his, don't worry about it. Lucas says she knows she can't break them up, that they will be together for a long time. They kiss some more. Sami says what if something changes Kate's mind about her? Lucas says just meet her half way for him. Sami says she'll do it for him. Later the clothes are coming off and they are kissing. Sami asks Lucas if he's happy? He says if she has to ask him that then he must be doing something wrong. She says she means if he is really happy.  Lucas says he is, he thought she knew that. She says she does now. She says everything is going so well for them, especially for her. However she says when people forget about her and she goes back to her regular old self . . . . She says that person has never been able to keep this family together. Sami also wonders what if she hadn't done what she did . . . would he still feel the same way about her? Would they be here like this? Lucas says he's loved her forever, he was just too stupid to know it. He says he's been with his share of women, but nobody comes close to how he feels about her. He says it takes every ounce of strength he has not to throw her into the corner and make mad passionate love to her, even at her grandparents pub. He says he loves her and he doesn't care if she wins a hundred awards, it doesn't matter to him, it doesn't make him love her anymore than he already does. He says he loved her before she saved him. She says she loves him so much. They then kiss. Suddenly Sami feels ill and runs off. She returns as Lucas is on the phone with Roman. Sami returns and says she's not feeling well. She asks who he was talking to. Lucas says it was her dad, Lexie is missing. He also says it wasn't Lexie who saw EJ shoot John, it was Tek. Lucas says this means the case against EJ could be blown to bits. Sami asks Lucas to tell her everything that her dad said. Lucas says basically Lexie was with Tek, she lied to Abe about the shooring so he didn't know she was with Tek. Lucas says Abe kicked Lexie out, she then hooked up with Tek. Lucas says they found Tek's car on the side of the road but no sign of Tek or Lexie. Sami knows it was EJ, he made them disappear. Lucas says maybe Lexie and Tek took off, but Sami says Lexie wouldn't leave her son. Sami is scared, if EJ eliminated Tek and Lexie then he could take them out next. Lucas says even if EJ came back and went after Lexie and Tek, why would he come after them? Sami says he doesn't understand. He says what doesn't he understand? Sami then runs off to the bathroom again to be sick. Sami comes back out, Lucas asks if she is sick, does she need a doctor? Sami says she's not sick. Lucas says it's been a long night, they should just go to bed and cuddle. Sami looks like she's about to cry. Sami tells Lucas that she has to tell him something. He asks what? Sami takes his hand and says she's pregnant! She then breaks down crying.

Marlena is at home looking at a photo of her and her girls. Kayla shows up with tea. Marlena says Sami has finally becomes the person she always thought she could be and it happens the same night Belle runs off. Kayla says Steve is on his way to help them. Kayla tells Marlena that she knows she's worried. Kayla says it's late, she should rest. Marlena can't sleep until she hears from Belle or Steve. Steve then calls. He is outside the church and says he's with the kids and they are ready to leave. Kayla passes the message onto Marlena. Steve says once they are on the road he can't use this phone. Kayla makes him promise to be careful and says they are all counting on him. Kayla and Marlena talk, Marlena knows Steve won't let anything bad happen to the kids. Kayla excuses herself to check on Stephanie. Marlena assures Kayla that she's fine, she doesn't have to stay with her. Kayla leaves the room. Marlena falls asleep on the couch as Kayla is assuring Stephanie (on the phone) how everyone is fine. Kayla sees Marlena is a sleep. She fell asleep with a photo of John. Kayla puts the photo on the table and then covers Marlena up. Marlena is dreaming of John, whose name she says. Marlena wakes up and hears John's voice. He is telling Marlena that he needs her and to help him. She looks around and says she is here, she is coming. She heads out to the terrace looking for John, but she gets caught up in the curtains. She sees his face in the curtains. She asks John what he needs to tell her, was it about Steve? Suddenly Marlena wakes up for real. Kayla says she was having a nightmare, but Marlena says no he was here. Kayla gets her some water. Marlena knows this must sound crazy to her, but this isn't a dream. Marlena says she feels John is still trying to get a message to her, she thinks it is about Steve. She says John looked at Steve and said killer, she fears he could be a target. Kayla tells Marlena that Steve has been having these episodes. She tells Marlena about the episodes, how Steve becomes violent after hearing a noise in his head. She feels it has something to do with his past. Kayla says Steve worries the DiMeras were involved. Kayla says it all started the night they had dinner with Benji. Marlena says so there is a connection. Kayla says Steve thinks so, she doesn't know what to think though. Kayla says it is killing Steve and it is killing her that she can't help him. Marlena suggests therapy, but Kayla says Steve says he's been there and done that. Marlena says there are many kinds of therapy, they could try hypnosis. Kayla says Steve is downplaying his fears, she thinks he's afraid finding something out that he doesn't want to face. Marlena understands. She says with both of them helping Steve, he can get through this.

At the church, Shawn, Claire and Belle are waiting for Steve to show up. They hear a car pull up outside, it sounds like a truck. They wonder who it could be. Shawn looks outside and sees it is Steve. Shawn lets Steve in. Steve says he hears they have three packages for pickup. Shawn asks about the truck. Steve says he borrowed it, the less they know the better. Back outside Claire's bunny is in the snow. Phillip shows up and picks it up. He says "gotcha!"  Later Steve is outside calling Kayla and Marlena. After talking to them, Steve finds footprints in the snow. He realizes they have company. Back inside the church, Belle and Shawn talk about what Steve is doing for them. They all decide they are ready and it's time to go. Phillip them walks out of the shadows and says they aren't going anywhere! They ask how he found them. Phillip says he made Mimi snap like a twig. Belle asks why he's doing this to them, they were friends. Phillip says she was his wife, even if he was the last person to know she still had a thing for Shawn. Shawn thinks this is about revenge. Phillip says no, he wants Claire. Phillip says the cops are on the way, he has the Salem PD on his side, the DA, the courts and the Kiriakis name . . .what do they have? Belle says Phillip will have to kill her first before he gets Claire. Shawn begins fighting with Phillip. Phillip gives hell to Shawn and then tells Belle that she brought this all on herself. He walks up to her and tells Claire that it is okay, daddy is here. Belle keeps Claire from Phillip.  As Phillip goes to take Claire, Steve shocks up and knocks Phillip upside the back of his head. Phillip goes down. Shawn gets up, he's okay. Steve says they have to go now. Shawn sends Belle out with Claire, he asks Steve to help him take care of Phillip. They end up locking Phillip up down in the cellar where Victor trapped Mimi and Max. Phillip comes too and starts screaming to be let out. 

Steve drives Belle, Shawn and Claire in the delivery truck. BElle is holding Claire, she thinks this is dangerous as they need a car seat. Steve says he should have thought of that. Shawn just says hold her close. Shawn asks Steve if he's okay? Steve was spacing for a second. Steve swears he is cool. He tells them to relax and leave the driving to him. Steve tells them not to leave any clues in this truck, not even a baby fingerprint. Steve says Canada is a big place, where do they want to go? Shawn was thinking Montreal. Shawn hopes the passports won't get flagged. Steve suggests a freighter, they can pay someone off to stow away without passports. Shawn only has a little bit of cash, which Steve says is a mistake. He says they need money. Shawn and Belle say they can handle this, but Steve thinks they are making a mistake. Steve says he's been where they are, what they are heading into isn't easy. He says they will have to keep moving, to move you need cash. Shawn says he will get a job. Steve says he's on the run, he needs to feed his family and keep a roof over his head. Steve says what if the baby gets sick, how will he take care of her? Shawn doesn't know, he says lay off. Steve says he's trying to give him a reality check. He says life on the road isn't easy, especially with Kiriakis on your tail. Steve says take it from someone who knows. Shawn doesn't understand how Victor gets away with all this stuff. Steve says it comes down to money and power and Victor has both. Belle says Victor always gets what he wants and right now he wants Claire. Shawn says he won't get Claire, ever. Steve says they will be okay if they stick together. He tells them all to get sleep. He says once they get to Canada they will be on their own. Shawn holds Belle and they all try and sleep. Steve puts on some music and starts having one of his episodes. He begins hearing the banging noise in his head.

Back at the church, Phillip is still trapped and yelling for help. A cop shows up and demands they come out with their hands up. Phillip says he's the one that called them, calls them an idiot and demands to be let out. The cop lets him out. He says it took them long enough. He says someone knocked him out, someone is helping them. He demands the cop get on his radio and call for back up before they get away. The cops leaves and Phillip looks at Claire's bunny.  Phillip calls his dad and says they got away, hopefully they left behind a clue. The cop tells Phillip that a delivery truck has been stolen and they have the plate numbers. Phillip thinks it is a lead.


January 24, 2007

At Sami's, Sami is in tears after telling Lucas that she's pregnant. He doesn't understand why this news has her so upset. Sami says she's just afraid they might blow it. Lucas says they talked about their future though. Sami says they never discussed another child. Lucas says he's always wanted another baby with her, he knows Will has wanted another brother or sister too. Lucas says he'd do anything for their baby. Sami says don't say that. Lucas says this baby is a miracle. He talks about when the baby is older they'll tell him or her about the night he or she was conceived and how Sami saved him. Lucas thinks it was that night as they hadn't been with one another before then. Sami says yes it must have been that night. Lucas thinks this is a sign, they had a child their first time together so this means it is just meant to be. Lucas starts talking about how he feels a bond with this baby, he thinks it is a little girl. He calls her his little miracle. Sami says she'd do anything for him, he and Will are her life, her family. Lucas ends up running out to the store to get some stuff. Sami gets a call after he leaves. She answers and it is EJ. He asks if she's been dreaming about him? Sami says she told him never to call her again. He says they can do this face to face, he can stop by. She says he's here? Why is he back? He says for her, they have unfinished business. He says things are far from over. She says the police will find him and throw him in jail. She knows he shot John and she knows he's behind Lexie and Tek disappearing. He asks if she had proof? Sami says she kept her word, she didn't tell anyone she saw him. He says she helped him escape. She says he had a gun to her head. She also says he forced her to have sex. EJ says she had a choice, but she says her choice was whether or not to let Lucas die. He also talks about how she's been rewarded for her good deed, but she says she didn't ask for it. He says she didn't turn it down. He asks how it feels to be loved? She says he'll never know. He says he hears about the love of a child for his or her parents . . . Sami tells him to shut up! She says never call her again and hangs up. Sami begins crying about how she had to do it. Lucas returns with his purchases. He finds Sami crying. He asks what is wrong? She thinks he'll hate her. Lucas knows she doesn't want to have this baby. He says it's okay, they'll find a way. Sami says she does want to have their child. He tells her not to say that to please him. He says she's been freaking out, something is eating her up inside. He begs her to trust in their love, trust him.  Sami says she does trust him. Sami talks about how she feels something will ruin this for them. He says that she doesn't think she deserves this, that is the old Sami. He tells her to tell the old Sami to shut up, they do deserve this. Lucas has brought Sami crackers from the store for her stomach, as well as caviar, cheese, the works. He says they will celebrate their new addition. She thanks him for making her feel hopeful. He says have faith, he has enough for all of them. 

Chelsea brings Nick and Abby to the pub to apologize to them. Nick wonders if a pod person took her over. Chelsea says very funny. Chelsea apologizes for all the mean things she has said, she never meant to hurt them. They are speechless. Chelsea was hoping they would forgive her. Nick wonders if they are being punked, is Ashton hiding somewhere? Abby says they've seen this before and this time she's being nice because Dr. Shane Patton told her to. Chelsea admits he is good looking and she likes that, but it's more about what he thinks and says. She says those things he writes to her, they make her want to be a better person. Abby tells her that Shane told her goodbye and that she should just move on. Chelsea says she can't. She says she thinks she's in love with him, actually she knows she is. Billie shows up and Nick decides he should go. Chelsea wants Nick to stay and she demands her mother stay, she has news for them all. Nick is a bundle of nerves around Billie, he knocks over a drink. He runs to get napkins to clean it up. Chelsea wonders why everyone is acting so weird, what is wrong? Billie says nothing, she wants to hear the fabulous news. Chelsea shows them a letter, Billie asks what it is. Chelsea got into Salem U and starts in the spring. Nick asks if she's doing this to impress Shane.  Billie can't believe she's still talking to the internet guy. Chelsea says she's not doing this for Shane, she's decided to build a better future for them. Chelsea hasn't decided yet what she's doing, but she intends to make big bucks and buy them a palace. Billie says it's great to have big dreams, but she doesn't know if she can afford the tuition. Chelsea says she talked to the financial aid lady. She says because of her high school grades she got a scholarship. She also will get a part time job.  Chelsea asks if they have any ideas? Billie does, she did that work at the hospital, maybe Nick can get her a job in the lab. Chelsea says yes and begs Nick. Nick says he doesn't think it's possible.  Chelsea says she did great in AP chemistry. She begs Nick to ask his boss for a job for her, she'll clean his test tubes and everything. He says  ask his boss? Abby thinks this is a bad idea. Chelsea thanks him for his help with this.  Chelsea thinks it will all work out, she'll be able to live in a dorm room soon and Billie can have the place to herself. Billie thinks they'll save more money if she lives at home. Chelsea says but if she moves out then Billie can have her secret lover over. Billie hates this, she says she is leaving. Chelsea asks her mom what is wrong? Billie doesn't want her discussing her life. Billie says she just went to an AA meeting and she's on edge, things come up in those meetings. Billie leaves. Chelsea says some thing or some one is on her mind. Chelsea thinks the guy her mom slept with was married, that is why she's ashamed. A car alarm goes off outside, Nick claims it is his and runs off. Abby asks Chelsea if she's ready for college? Abby is only working part time to keep working for Max.  Chelsea suggests she register full time, it would be so much fun and they can go to parties together. Meanwhile, Nick runs into Billie outside. Nick tells Billie that he's sorry. She says he did nothing wrong. Nick says neither did she. Billie says she should go, but Nick thinks they should talk about that night. 

Steve has pulled the car over for a moment (I missed why). Shawn finds a payphone and calls Phillip. He says he wanted to call one last time and say goodbye. Shawn says Claire is his daughter and he and Victor won't get their hands on her again. Phillip tells Shawn to run but he will find them and when he does, he swears to God . . . Shawn says God isn't listening to him anymore. Later they are back in the car. Steve is trying to find some kind of driving music on the radio. He finds a song with a beat, but then he begins having another episode. He hears the banging in his head, he remembers the shock treatment. He begins yelling "Stop it!" The noise eventually goes away. Belle is asleep, Shawn wakes up and wonders what is wrong. Steve says everything is cool and Shawn should go back to sleep. Shawn obviously knows something is wrong. Belle soon wakes up. Steve asks if everyone is okay. Belle thinks Steve should slow down, but Steve says relax everything is under control. She says he's going too fast and they don't have a car seat for Claire. Steve says they have 20 miles to go, nothing can go wrong now. Suddenly the cops show up with sirens blaring. Shawn asks what they will do? Steve tells everyone to hang on.  The cops are yelling for them to pull over or they will shoot out their tires.  Belle cries that he's going to get them killed. Shawn begs him to pull over. Steve is screaming that they aren't pulling over! Steve demands Shawn take the wheel. He goes into the back of the truck and demands Shawn do as he say and keep driving. Steve hears the banging in his head and begins throwing boxes out the back like a madman at the cop cars. Belle is stunned, Shawn admits the guy is crazy. Steve eventually collapses in the back of the van. Shawn sees the cops have pulled over, they lost them. Steve says they are almost there, it's only a mile. He tells them to break through the border  and ditch the van. Steve then gives the cops something else to chase, he jumps out of the truck!

Shawn, Belle and Claire make it to Canada. Belle doesn't know what happened back there with Steve. Shawn says if it weren't for him then they wouldn't have made it. Belle asks what they do now? Shawn doesn't know where they will go, but he promises to take care of both of them. Belle says she trusts him. She thinks about never seeing her family again. Shawn says they will, if she believes in him. She says she believes in them. They then walk off.

Phillip goes to see Roman at the station. He demands to know what Roman is doing about Claire. Roman says he is doing everything he can to find them, but Phillip accuses him of helping his family break the law. Roman says he didn't know Phillip had such respect for the law, because from what he understood he and his father were already planning to defy the judge and break the law. Did he hear wrong? He heard he was going to Brussels. Phillip says his family has offices all over the world. Phillip says he may have had to take Claire if he had to travel. Roman says that would be breaking the law. Phillip doesn't care, he demands Roman do something or he'll call his lawyers. Roman says he can have Victor hire his own police force while he's at it. Phillip tells Roman to put himself in his shoes. He says he knows their families have always had problems and probably always will. He says but he loves his little girl and wants her back. Phillip thinks everyone in Salem wants them to get away. Roman says you can't blame a mother for wanting to hold onto her baby. Phillip says he wants his baby back too. Phillip doesn't know what to believe. He says  the stolen truck and the phone call could be a decoy. He says maybe they are still at the Pub hiding. Roman is having a hard time feeling for Phillip because he keeps opening his mouth. Roman also says if they have made it to Canada then there isn't a damn thing they or anyone else can do. Phillip accuses Roman of being in on this. Roman grabs him by the collar and tells him not to say that to him again. Roman says he's not dirty, but what is dirty is what Victor did to Belle and how he hired that woman to kidnap Claire. Phillip tells him to prove it. Phillip says he will be pressing charges against the department. Suddenly EJ walks into Roman's office. Roman says it is good to have EJ back. EJ says it's been a long time. Phillip tells Roman he'll be back, in the meantime he'll give his father Roman's best. 

Roman has a chat with EJ. EJ says he understands they think he shot John. EJ says he wasn't near John when he was shot. Roman decides to make it official and puts EJ under arrest. EJ says he returned as soon as he was informed there was a warrant for his arrest. He says his lawyer will be here, so what evidence do they have? He says he knows Lexie's testimony doesn't hold water and she's run off with her lover Tek. Roman says he's glad EJ came back and it was the right thing to do, but why did he come back? EJ says to clear his name and see some friends. EJ says Roman's daughter for one, they've become very close. Roman tells EJ how John is one of the finest man he knows and may not come out of that coma. He says EJ is standing her with that dumbass smirk on his face thinking who knows what. EJ says what he is thinking is that John ruined his reputation and got what he had coming to him. Roman throws him against the wall and tells EJ not to push it. EJ asks what he'll do? Roman says remember what he said, don't push it. Roman has EJ processed and put in a cell. Phillip then returns and tells Roman when Shawn and Belle get to Canada they'll need money. He says the only thing of value is Belle's ring, which he reported stolen. Phillip says if Belle tries to sell her ring then alarms will go off. He thinks Claire is as good as in his arms already, his baby is coming home.


January 25, 2007

Connor and Bonnie are done hiding the bones. Mimi shows up and sees Connor and her mom are a mess. She demands to know what they are up to. Bonnie says the basement flooded and that was what they were doing, cleaning it up. Mimi asks where the water came from since it hasn't rained. Bonnie says sewer backup. Mimi thinks they are lying to her. Mimi tells Connor to learn to lie better, watch mom every time she opens her mouth. Mimi goes up to her room. Mimi soon returns with a fax from Abe, it's a sketch of the guy who stole the bones from the morgue. She asks Connor if it looks like anyone he knows? Bonnie says it looks like Matt Damon. Connor tells Bonnie to shut up . . . he says mom made him do it. Connor says he's going to barf. Mimi asks what mom wanted with the bones. She decides to find out for herself and heads out. Bonnie is sure Mimi won't go digging with her new manicure. Later Connor is thinking he should have stayed on that ranch. Bonnie says she needed him here. Later Mimi returns with a bag and demands two good reasons she shouldn't call the cops.  Mimi has found the bones. She demands Connor tell her the truth. Connor asks her to leave it alone, they didn't want her mixed up in this. Mimi threatens to call the cops and send them to jail with Patrick. Bonnie doesn't think she'd do it. Mimi picks up the phone and begins calling. Connor says he'll tell her but she'll be sorry. Connor tells Mimi that she has a right to know, the bones in the bag belong to dad! Mimi begins feeling sick, they think she's going to faint. Mimi says Connor brought him home a Christmas card from him. Bonnie says she kept asking questions and they gave her answers. Mimi demands to know what happened to him. Bonnie refuses to answer anything on the grounds that it might incriminate her. Mimi thinks she killed him. Bonnie says she's not saying that. Mimi says she's not denying it. She thinks her mom killed him and buried the bones to hide her secret. Connor asks if she can just forget this, but Mimi won't. She says what is left of her dad is in a bag. She demands Connor to tell her what happened to him, if he ever cared about her then he will tell her. Connor says he'd tell her if he knew, but he doesn't know. He says mom just asked for help and she knows him, he's never curious about stuff. Mimi says she and Connor promised one another to never turn out like mom. Mimi then tells her mom that she has till the morning to tell her the truth, otherwise she tell the cops what she found and who they belong to. She also locks the bones in her room with her.

At the pub, Abby tells Chelsea she needs her job, she won't work full time. Chelsea says her parents can pay for school. Abby says what about loyalty to Max? Chelsea tells Abby she's wasting her time with Max, he's totally into Mimi right now. Abby says she doesn't care about that. Chelsea says it will be fun to go to school, they'll have all the hot guys after them. Abby asks if this means she's giving up on Shane Patton? Chelsea says she's been dumped by him since he told her off, it is over. Abby says maybe he figured she wasn't . . . Chelsea says nice, she got it. Chelsea says they can forget about Dr. McDrippy and Max, they can both date and have fun. Abby says she enrolled part time. Chelsea accuses her of never going all the way, she doesn't want to grow up. They grab the condiments and almost squirt one another, but they call  a cease fire.

Outside Nick and Billie talk. Billie assures Nick that Chelsea will never find out about this. Nick asks if Chelsea would be hurt. Billie says she'd be grossed out, kids don't want to think about their parents . . . Nick says he's not a kid. Billie says he's not, but she feels his first time should have been with . . . Nick says it was perfect, don't feel bad as he doesn't. Billie is glad it was special for him, but it wouldn't have happened had she not been drinking. She says that night was a wake up call for her. He hopes that wasn't all it was. She says she has sweet memories, but she is back at her meetings. Nick asks about sharing at these meetings. Billie says she's not sharing that. She says she doesn't want Chelsea to know, she thinks Nick has been a good influence on Chelsea. Nick says it's Dr. Patton that she's trying to impress. Billie realizes Nick isn't a big fan of his. Nick says he isn't. Billie thinks Nick has a crush, and she says she approves. He says Chelsea likes Dr. Patton, he's Chelsea's type. Billie says Nick is her type, she just doesn't know it yet. Nick says he used the think the most exciting thing in the world was watching cells divide, now he thinks about how a girls eyes makes your heart beat a million times a minute. Billie says it's called chemistry. Billie asks if Chelsea knows? Nick says she does because she uses it to get him to do things for her. Billie says that is her girl. She tells Nick not to give up on Chelsea just yet, she likes him even if she won't admit it to herself. She says hang in there. She hugs him and then heads off.

Nick returns to the pub. Chelsea asks Nick what kept him so long, maybe a hot babe? Abby says she has to go. She tells Chelsea she'll think about enrolling full time. Abby then heads off. Nick talks to Chelsea about school, but she won't let him change the subject. She says his cheeks are pink, who was he talking to. He says someone old enough to be her mom. She says hey her mom is hot. Nick says he knows. . . .he then asks what she plans on studying. Chelsea says she's been thinking about law. Chelsea then tells Nick she needs his help. He says there aren't many jobs where he works.  She asks what he's afraid of, that she'll embarrass him, that she's freaky looking? Nick blurts out that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Chelsea smiles and thanks Nick. She says it's the nicest thing anyone has said to her in a long time. Nick knows she wants something from him, it's the only reason she's nice. Chelsea says the only thing she wants is a job. Chelsea walks out on him and Nick of course goes after her. Nick says when he's at work he's the man, he's respected. Chelsea says so she doesn't want him there teasing him. Nick says he wants to keep things separate. Chelsea says she understands and she's sorry. Nick ends up agreeing to see if he can find anything out about a job for her. She says she hopes she can work there, she'd make him proud of her. He says he already is. She cries and says nobody ever says stuff like that to her. She swears to Nick that this will sound lame, but she really likes him. Chelsea says he stood by her no matter how she treated him. He says that is what friendship is about. Chelsea says it's more than that, he inspires her and he's sorry for how he's treated him. She asks him to promise to always be her friend no matter what. He says of course. She says he's the best and gives him a little kiss. She then walks off. Nick is left speechless. 

Roman arrives at Sami's to tell Sami  and Lucas that EJ is back in Salem and turned himself in. Roman says he's been arrested. Sami asks if he said anything about that night. Roman says EJ says he has friends to clear his name, he mentioned her in particular. Sami says EJ is not her friend. She says he's her neighbor and her boss for a second.  Roman tells them that without Lexie and Tek they have no case. Roman says besides with their lies the case would be dismissed. Sami says Lexie and Tek won't be coming back, they are dead and EJ killed them. Roman says there is no proof of that, but Sami says EJ wouldn't have come back if he couldn't have gotten rid of them. She says he killed them and she is next, he knows she set him up. Lucas tells her to calm down, she is . . . Lucas tells Sami to tell her dad. Sami tells her dad that she's pregnant. He says isn't that good news? She says yes except for EJ . . . Lucas says EJ won't get near her. Lucas tells Roman he dropped the ball on this one. Lucas says from now on he will protect Sami, if EJ comes near them then he has to get through him first. Roman understands Lucas' concerns. He promises Sami that she and the baby will be okay.  Roman asks when he can spread the word about the baby? Sami says they aren't telling anyone now, it's too early. Roman has to head out, Lucas asks him to call him after EJ is arraigned. Sami thinks her dad is happy about the baby. Lucas is not happy that they dropped the ball with EJ. Sami says EJ is just good covering his tracks. 

Later Billie shows up at Sami's place. Billie passed Roman in the hall, she asks if everything is okay? Lucas leaves when he gets a call from Victor. Sami tells Billie that EJ is back and the cops don't have enough evidence to hold him. Billie says she must be scared. Sami says she is. Sami says she has to go see EJ, while there are still bars between them. Billie says she can't go see EJ after setting him up. Billie says EJ is dangerous, he tried to kill John. Sami says he won't try and kill her, he likes torturing her. Billie says Lucas won't let her go. Sami says that is why she's here. She asks Billie to make an excuse to Lucas, say they will go shopping or something. Billie doesn't like this at all. Billie eventually agrees, but only if Sami will swear on a phone book to be careful. Sami swears on the names of everyone in Salem that they will be careful. Lucas returns and says Victor needs to see him in the morning. He doesn't know how long he'll be tomorrow, hopefully he'll make it home for dinner.  Sami says she'll spend the day practicing her cooking. Lucas doesn't want Sami to be alone. Sami says she will be fine, right Billie. Billie says yeah and goes to get some sleep. Lucas doesn't like leaving Sami alone. Sami says she's fine, she'll have Billie help her and she'll be waiting for him to come home.  Lucas says he has a bad feeling about Victor, he's on the warpath. Sami says let him vent. Lucas says if it is brought up then he will tell Victor that he feels Claire should be with Shawn and Belle. Sami says Belle is her mother and that is all that counts. Sami suggests they not talk about this anymore. She says she's tired and wants to go to bed. Lucas and Sami end up getting passionate with one another as Sami says she's not to tired for that.  

Kate shows up at the station to see EJ. EJ is cuffed to a chair. EJ asks Kate how she's been. Kate slaps EJ across the face hard! She says he's lucky she didn't have gun. She says their business is frozen because of him. He says he couldn't stay around and be arrested. She says he deserves to given John may never wake up. He claims the Salem PD set him up. She asks him if he shot John. He says he was half way to Guadalajara before he found out. He says she knows him better than anyone else, he couldn't kill a man in cold blood and she knows that. Kate knows who he is, he lied to her. She says his name doesn't usually stand for good citizenship. EJ says he's not his father. Kate asks how much he had to pay the witnesses to testify that he didn't shoot John? EJ says he's not guilty. He is working to get Mythic back open. Kate says he expects her to keep working for him? EJ says much more and kisses his hand. She says she cared for John. EJ says he is her partner and part time lover, she's waited years to have it this good. He says she can't have it unless she comes back, so it's her move. She asks why he fled to Mexico. EJ says he needed time to figure things out. He says the Salem PD illegally broke into his things, they used Sami to set him up . . . Kate wonders how Sami got involved. She also has a little theory about the night he allegedly shot John and when Sami allegedly saved Lucas. Kate fills EJ in on how Sami and Lucas took refuge from the storm in a rustic cabin. She says the ceiling collapsed and Lucas was pinned under a huge beam. She says Sami was able to do the impossible and she lifted a two ton beam. EJ says he doubts even he could do that. Kate says Sami, a woman in love, was able to do it. EJ says well done for Sami. Kate thinks someone helped her rescue Lucas. Kate asks if this sounds familiar. EJ doesn't know where she's going with this. Kate thinks EJ helped Sami. EJ says he was in Mexico, he can't be in two places at the same time. Kate says he would only have made it to Mexico with help getting through the road block. He says she could make a lot of money in fantasy books. Kate thinks EJ and Sami helped one another. EJ says she needs to remember that Sami is about to become her daughter in law. Kate continues to accuse EJ of helping Sami, but he says he was on his way to Mexico. He says since she's not convinced he will have his attorneys draw up papers dissolving their partnership. He says she has until the morning to make up her mind. EJ talks to Kate about how he likes a woman of a certain age and with a lust in her heart. He kisses her and says he'll miss her. He's then taken off by the cops.



January 26, 2007

In Canada, Shawn and Belle arrive at a safe house run by a guy named Merle, who is obviously trapped in the 60s and out of touch with reality. He thinks Shawn is a draft dodger and needs to get someplace out of the country. He tries to help them finding a place to go, suggesting Russia. Shawn promises Belle that he will take care of them and they will be okay. Belle knows as she believes in him. Shawn and Belle soon realize they'll need money, lots of it. Belle thinks she can sell her ring, it's worth at least a thousand or two. Later Shawn uses a phone to call home.

Lucas meets with Victor. Victor wants Lucas to go to Canada and get Claire. Lucas refuses as this is not business, it's a family matter. Victor demands Lucas do this. Lucas wonders why he doesn't send Phillip, but Victor is afraid of his temper and what he might do. He wants Lucas to go and play peacemaker, convince Belle and Shawn that no charges will be pressed if they return Claire. Lucas says and if they don't? Victor says then do what is necessary! Lucas won't be part of this, he refuses. Victor then says he'll have to fire him as well as make sure he doesn't get a job from anyone else!

At the jail, Sami visits with EJ. He comments how lovely she is, but she wants answers. She accuses him of having done away with Tek and Lexie. EJ of course denies it and says Lexie lied about seeing him shoot John, was caught and ran off with her lover. Sami knows she wouldn't have left her son. She also thinks he shot John. EJ again denies it. Sami asks why he ran if he did nothing wrong. EJ says because she and the Salem PD set him up.  Sami wants to make sure he's not going to get revenge on her or her family. He says he would never kill the mother of his child. He asks if she is pregnant with his child, but she says she isn't pregnant. He comments they'll have to try again. He is planning to get out and wants her to come back to work for him. She refuses and tells him to stay away from her or she promises to kill him. Later after Sami has left, EJ is freed. He makes a call to Kate and leaves her a message, suggesting they "get together" so to speak.

At Sami's, Lucas returns home and tells Sami he was fired and blackballed by Victor. Sami is sure they can figure something out. She says she can work, but Lucas doesn't like the idea. They discuss her getting a job until he can find a new one. Sami also wants to keep the baby a secret for now.

Nick talks with Abby on the phone about how he told Chelsea he'd get her a job at the hospital. He doesn't know why, she was just being so nice to him. Abby says she was using him, but Nick feels it was genuine this time. Later Dr. Reiber, his boss, has questions for Nick. He needs a new assistant to help around the lab and asks Nick if he has any ideas. It turns out that Nick has a fantasy/nightmare of Chelsea applying and seeing Dr. Reiber and him being busted by her.

At the pub Abby and Chelsea talk. Chelsea talks about how Nick is going to try and get her a job at the hospital. Abby tells Chelsea she's decides to take her advice and enroll full time at Salem U. Chelsea is excited and says they can do the parties and the sorority thing, it will be fun. Abby doesn't seem to keen on joining a sorority. Later Nick shows up and lies to  Chelsea about the job, claiming nothing is available. She thanks him and knows he did what he could. Later Abby has to go to Chez Rouge to help  Maggie. Chelsea has some more questions for Nick. She wonders about the night he came over to tell her Lonely Splicer's name. She says her mom had a guy over that night, did he see who? Nick again lies and says he didn't. Chelsea believes him and once again tells Nick she really does like him. She suggests they go out and get some food together. As they are about to leave a phone rings.


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