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5th Week of January Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


January 29, 2007
At the station, Max and Mimi show up to see Roman. Max says they know he's very busy. He says he is, they had to let EJ go. Max and Mimi says they won't keep him long. Mimi returns the skeleton, saying she found it. Roman asks where she found it? Mimi says her backyard, she thinks her mom and brother had something to do with it. Roman asks why they would do this? Mimi says her mom does crazy stuff and her brother . . . Roman says he's aware of her family, what is this is about? Mimi says she doesn't know, all she got is lame answers. Roman thinks he should talk to them. Mimi says he won't get any further with them. She begs him not to drag them down here and question them. She wants something done before they are interrogated. Roman asks what? Mimi asks him to do a DNA test on the bones. Max says they know the lab is swamped but they think Nick can do it. Roman says he can't let them go off and play detective. Max says it's not a hot case and this guy died a long time ago. Roman says they still need DNA to match to the skeleton to ID him, and he thinks Bonnie is a better way to get answers. Mimi doesn't want to see her brother get hurt in all of this. Roman says he'll give them a week, if they don't know who the bones are by then, well he'll have to talk to Bonnie. Roman is interrupted by another cop. The Michigan state police called about the stolen delivery truck that Shawn, Belle and Claire were in. The cops says someone else was there too and hands him some papers.

Later Max and Mimi are eating at Chez Rouge. Mimi doesn't have an appetite and just plays with her food. He suggests they do this another day. Mimi says she's sorry, she's wasting a perfectly wonderful meal. Max says it's okay, he thought she needed a break after what happened. Max says she did the right thing, she's done everything she could to protect her family. Mimi says Connor doesn't deserve to end up in jail because of her mom. Mimi has the feeling that she'll be the only one in her family not locked up. Max knows she must have freaked last night. Mimi tells Max there is something she didn't tell Roman, something so unbelievable and horrifying. She says she didn't have the guts to tell him. Mimi tells Max that Connor says the bones are her father's. Max thought her dad was alive. Mimi says so did she. She says five or six years ago her dad headed out west looking for work, or so her mom told her. Mimi says she woke up one morning and he was gone, she's hated him for years for it. Mimi says now it looks like he is dead and her mom and brothers had a part in killing him. Mimi remembers when they found the skeleton, Bonnie immediately called Patrick. Mimi knows they all know something about what is going on. Mimi says she needs to be positive before this goes any further though, which is why she asked for the DNA test. Max says if it is her dad? Mimi says then she'll make her mom pay for killing him and sealing him in that cellar. She says nobody deserves that, he was her dad. Max comforts her. He says he'll be here with her every step of the way. Mimi says Patrick is in jail for who knows how long, Connor is in trouble and her mom may have murdered her dad. She says that is screwed up. Max says they have one thing going for them, her. He says they are lucky to have her and so is he. Mimi says underneath she is just like her mom and brothers. She says she wasn't honest with Roman, she covered for her family. Mimi says last night she even thought about hiding the bones in her backyard again. She says that is sick. Mimi feels like all she ever does is dump stuff on Max. Max says he's not going anywhere and will be here for her. She says having some hang in there is new for her. Max says she needs to get used to it. 

At the safe house in Canada, Shawn calls the payphone at the pub. Chelsea answers the phone, Nick is with her. Shawn tells Chelsea to keep it down. She says he can count on her, are they okay? Shawn says they are safe. Shawn says he needs to get in touch with dad. Chelsea says he's not here. Shawn asks about the grandparents. Chelsea says no, but she'll help him. He says he'll call back later. She says she'll find dad, tell her where he can reach him. Shawn says he can't call here. He suggests she get Bo there in an hour for another call. Chelsea says she'll do it and races off to find Bo.

At the Salem Inn, Steve returns home to Kayla. Kayla hugs him and says she was so worried. Steve tells Kayla how he helped Shawn and Belle escape to Canada with Steve. Kayla is worried about Steve, but he says everything is cool. She asks if he had one of those episodes of his. He says episodes are for TV. Bo shows up, Steve told him to meet him here. Steve tells Bo that he got them across the border, they are safe. Bo thanks him. Bo wonders how they are doing. Steve says they may wonder for awhile, he told them not to call any regular home phones as they may be bugged. He also says they have to play dumb, they can't call in favors to find them. Bo says he knows, Hope and Marlena agree as well that this is the right thing. Steve knows this is tough for him. Bo says they may never see them again. Kayla thinks they should take this one day at a time. Chelsea then bangs on the door saying she needs to talk to Bo, it's important. Chelsea found out where he was from Hope. Chelsea says Shawn called, they are fine but they need to talk. Nick says he called from a safe phone and called the phone at the pub and would call in another hour. Bo tells Chelsea that she did good. They all leave for the pub.

Back at the safe house, Shawn fills Belle in on the call to Chelsea. Belle wonders if they can trust her. Shawn says they don't have a choice. Shawn thinks they should take a nap and get some rest. Claire is sleeping and they only have two cots. Belle suggests they share one of the cots, but Shawn says he can sleep on the floor as it is better for his back. She wonders when he started having back troubles? She tells Shawn how sweet he is. They come close to sharing a kiss, but don't. Belle says she's sorry it had to be like this. Shawn says this is not her fault. Belle says he's been really great, even with Phillip. She says he was willing to let Phillip be a part of her life. Shawn says he made his own mistakes with EJ and Willow. Belle says that is all in the past. Shawn says he wants to take care of Claire and her. Shawn says he better get some rest while he still can. Belle sleeps on the cot and Shawn sleeps on the floor net to her. Belle is still worried, how will they stay a step ahead of Victor and Phillip. Shawn says he has Kiriakis blood in him too. He says his dad taught him the most important thing its to take care of the people you . . . your family. He says he's kept his promises so far, he has gotten them out of town and didn't let them take Claire. He says he'll find a place for them to stay and raise their family. He says count on that. She says okay. He kisses her hand and they go to sleep. Belle is smiling. Later Merle wakes Shawn up. Shawn realizes he over slept and was supposed to make a call. Merle says he was zonked. Belle wakes up, she asks what is going on? Merle has good news for them. He says tomorrow night a Turkish freighter is leaving for the east, this is there chance to get away. He also says they don't need their passports, he has a friend who can arrange for this. Belle isn't so sure, Claire doesn't have her shots. Shawn thinks they don't have a choice. Merle promises them that they will be in good hands. Belle says okay, they'll do it. Merle says there is a problem this comes at a price. Merle says it will cost them 5000 dollars. Belle thinks her ring will be worth that much or more. Shawn asks about some pawn shops. Merle can take them. He says the ship leaves in 24 hours so they need to get the cash. Belle decides to go with Merle, she tells Shawn nothing will go wrong and he should stay here with Claire. Shawn asks Merle to take care of her. Merle says he will like his own daughter. Later Belle returns, she tells Shawn she went to several shops and nobody would buy the ring. Belle says she realized Phillip reported the ring stolen. Belle doesn't know what they will do. Shawn looks at his watch and thinks there is still a way, they'll call his dad.

At the pub, Bo is waiting around for Shawn to call. Chelsea and Nick are there with him. Chelsea says she admires what Shawn is doing for Claire, she's the luckiest little girl in the world. Bo says she is. Steve and Kayla are there, they decide to lock the door so nobody shows up. Roman suddenly walks in and says look who all is here. Roman wonders if anyone plans to say anything. Steve asks how it is going? Roman says Steve doesn't want to know. Roman asks if he's interrupting something? Bo says they are just wondering about Shawn, Belle and Claire. Roman says they are in Toronto and the cops are looking for them. Chelsea asks why they can't leave them alone? Chelsea ends up walking out after everyone looks at her. Roman tells Bo that he can't pretend the law hasn't been broken. Kayla asks if he can't look the other way. Bo says it's okay, Roman has to do his job. Steve says everyone is doing what they have to do. Roman says if the kids call then that means they have to tell him. Bo says yes if they hear from them then they'll tell him. Roman says he would appreciate that. Bo says if he's here for food, the kitchen is closed. Bo says he'll tell Ma that he stopped by. Roman says he's not leaving yet. He has another case drop in his lap and hoped they'd help him. Roman says it involves a stolen delivery truck. Roman tells them how a stolen delivery truck was found across the border and a pacifier was found under the seat. He also says this same truck ended up in a high speed chase and a drugged out wild man was in the truck and was throwing things out the truck and then jumped out of the truck. Roman says this man is wanted by the cops for about 26 different charges, including conspiracy and helping a kidnapping. Roman asks Steve if he is the one they are looking for? Steve says he was home all night last night. Roman asks if he was home alone? He says yes, Kayla was at Marlena's. Kayla says she was at Marlena's last night. Roman asks Steve where he got those bruises? Steve says reaching for seconds. Roman says stop playing games. Roman checked Kayla's cell phone records, she got a call from a payphone in the area the truck was found. He asks what they have to say now? Kayla claims the call was a wrong number. Roman says so a stranger stole the truck, drove it to Northern Michigan and accidentally calls her? Bo says that is what she is saying, is she calling a liar? Roman says they know she's lying. Steve tells Roman to take him in if he has his mind made up. Roman says he just wants the truth. Steve admits he helped them, he stole the truck and he was the madman. Roman tells Steve he is a good friend and wants to know if that is the truth or not. Steve says he was home alone all night, he doesn't know anything about the truck or anything else. Steve says that is his story. Suddenly the payphone begins ringing.

Nick and Chelsea talk, Chelsea thinks she blew it for her dad and Shawn. Nick says she didn't. He also tells her that a perfect relationship with parents just isn't possible. He says families argue and have disagreements, it doesn't mean they love you any less. Chelsea says but she hasn't been here since the beginning. She says ever since she came into her dad's life all she's done is screw things up. He says that isn't true and her relationship with her dad is better than it has been. He says she needs to hang in there.

The payphone continues to ring, everyone in the pub is looking at it. Roman wonders who is calling on that payphone. Nick says it's probably his boss, he lost his cell and told him to call him here. Nick answers and plays it cool, letting Shawn know the cops are here. Bo tells Roman it looks like nobody can help him with the stolen truck thing, good luck with that. Roman tells Bo that he does have a job to do and Bo has a job to protect. He says he will file the report that he found nothing for now, but if he gets a hint of another incident involving them then he has to open this back up. He begs them not to put him in that position. Bo says fair enough. Roman then heads out. Nick keeps Shawn on the phone until Roman leaves so that Bo can take it. Bo asks how they are. Shawn says they are fine and trying to catch a boat out of here. Shawn says they have a problem, they need 5000 dollars and 24 hours to come up with the cash. Bo says he'll get the cash for him, call back here and they'll figure out how to get it to him. Shawn thanks him for this. After he gets off the phone, Kayla offers to get the money to Bo. Nick says they can't do a bank transfer or wire the money, it's easy to trace. Shawn says he'll take the money, but Kayla and Bo says the police are watching them all. Chelsea says not her, she'll do it. Back in Canada, Shawn tells Belle that it's all taken care off. Belle is afraid to say things may be going their way. Outside a cop shows up at the safe house . . . . 



January 30, 2007
Max shows up at his garage for work, only to find Phillip waiting for him. Max says no hired muscle this time? He had the guts to come down here by himself. Max is furious with him, he could have killed Mimi by locking her in that trunk. Max plans to teach him a lesson. However Phillip grabs Max by the throat and warns him the marines trained him to kill people with his bare hands. He advises Max shut up and listen. Max isn't interested in anything he has to say so get out. Phillip says not until he helps him find his daughter. Max says that is hilarious, but Phillip says he's dead serious. Max asks why he'd do something like that? Phillip says to stay out of jail, the Salem PD will find out he and Mimi helped Shawn and Belle. Max says until they do all he has is his big mouth and his old man's money. He tells Phillip to get out of here, go terrorize some other woman hero. Phillip then decides to try and persuade Max with some of his old man's money. Max won't take a bribe, but Phillip is talking about buying him a new race car. Phillip says nobody will have to know he was involved and nobody will find out Max ratted them out. He knows they are in Toronto, he just needs a location. He tells Max to give Shawn a call and that car will be here within 24 hours. He hands Max his phone and tells him to make the call. Max calls Shawn to see if he's okay. He says he wants to send him a care package, maybe money for curling lessons. He hangs up, he faked calling Shawn. Phillip is furious and throws Max up against the wall. He says he has lost a leg, he has lost his face, he closes his eyes at night and sees good men blown to bits. He says all he has left is Claire, the one thing life hasn't taken from him. Max tells Phillip he is sorry for what he's lost, but that doesn't entitle him to treat people the way he does. Max talks about his lousy childhood and nobody gives him everything he wants. He says if Phillip doesn't recognize himself it isn't because of his new face but because of the bastard he's become. Max tells him to get out. Phillip says he will find Shawn and Belle, and when he does, it won't be pretty.

Hope and the doodlebug are at Chez Rouge with Maggie. Hope talks about how she has her dad's sleeping habits. Hope is worried about Shawn and Belle. Willow shows up claiming she is just who she wants to see. Maggie thinks Willow is here to get her job back, but Willow says she's here to see Hope about Shawn. Hope says they have nothing to say to one another about her son. Willow thinks otherwise. Willow tells Maggie she owes her another paycheck. Maggie says they haven't arrived, but Willow suggests she go check. Maggie leaves them. Hope thinks Willow is after money, but Willow doesn't need any. Hope says of course not, she already has 10,000 from Victor. Hope says she doesn't know how she lives with herself. Hope is done talking with her, but Willow thinks Hope wants to hear what she has to say. Willow tells Hope that she's pregnant with Shawn's baby! Willow says this is a shock to her too, she is 8 weeks along. Hope says she's no fool, she was with Shawn for 5 minutes and given her other line of work . . . Willow assures her it is Shawn's. Hope doubts she's really pregnant, so Willow brought a note from her OBGYN stating she is pregnant. Willow says this pregnancy is the real deal. Hope still says this doesn't prove the baby is Shawn's. She also won't tell Willow where Shawn is because she'll just tell Victor. Willow says fine, she'll go to the court and name Shawn as the baby's father, that will look good on the news. Hope asks why she won't leave them alone. Willow says they are the only family her baby has, she thought maybe they would help and have a heart as she has no place to live, no job and no insurance. She thinks maybe Bo will feel differently. Hope says don't throw family in her face, she'd crawl through fire for her children and their children. Willow says but not a dime for her child? Hope says that is what this is about, money isn't it. She tells her to go to Victor if she needs money. She also warns Willow if she tries to take Shawn to court then she'll destroy her for the tramp she is. Hope then walks off. Maggie returns and says the checks won't be in for twenty minutes. Willow says she'll wait as long as she has to.

At the pub, Chelsea volunteers to take the money to Shawn. She says she is the last person anyone expects to help anyone. She says she is getting on that plane to help Shawn and nobody can stop her. Bo says he is her father and can stop her. Chelsea says she's 19, she's old enough to make her own decisions. Bo says not this time. Steve and Kayla say none of them know what she could be up against. Chelsea says after everything she's done to this family she owes it to them. Bo appreciates her offer but says no, they'll come up with another way. Kayla tells Chelsea that she doesn't want to get involved with Victor. Chelsea says he's her grandpa, but Kayla says he's Shawn's too. Kayla says as far as Victor is concerned you are either for Phillip or against him. Chelsea thinks Bo doesn't want her to go because she'll take the money and run. Chelsea tells her dad to admit that he doesn't trust her. Bo says it doesn't have anything to do with trust. Chelsea thinks it does. She says the whole Brady clan doesn't trust her, she lies, cheats and even kills. She knows she screwed up and is an outsider. She admits she pushes everyone away and didn't care if she ruined everyone else's lives .Bo says even through that they still love her and want to protect her. Nick says this isn't his business, but Chelsea is right. He says Chelsea is the only one who can fly under the radar here. Chelsea begs Bo to just let her help them. Chelsea says this is a great idea. Kayla and Steve agree, it is a good option. Nick sticks up for Chelsea, she can make this happen. Bo asks what about her mom? Chelsea says Billie would probably even be proud of her, maybe Bo would be too. Bo says Chelsea can go, but there is a condition. Bo says she is not to go alone. Nick says he'll go with her. Chelsea tells Nick to hang on. She says she doesn't need a chaperone. Bo says he says she does and he thinks Nick is a good choice. Bo feels more comfortable with someone watching her back. Steve tells Chelsea she won't win this won. Nick says he'll call and get the day off. Kayla and Steve plan to get the money, Bo makes the reservation under Nick's name so they look like a couple. Bo says these are the terms. Chelsea says she'll do it. Nick says he needs to go tell Maggie about this. Bo talks with Chelsea and tells her that he is proud of her. He says they have had their ups and downs. Chelsea says she is sorry for the trouble she caused for him and Hope. She is also sorry about Zack, but she can't say that enough. Chelsea hopes this is a chance to make things right. Bo tells her that he loves her and they hug. 

Later Hope shows up at the pub. She gives Bo the news Willow told her. Hope doesn't believe her, but to think for a second that tramp and liar could be a permanent fixture in their lives. Bo says well he has news that will make her happy. He tells her that he heard from Shawn and Belle, they are okay. They are also getting them 5000 dollars so they can leave town. Hope is stunned to learn Chelsea is taking them the money, that he's trusting this to the girl who almost broke their family apart. Bo explains the situation, that Chelsea wants to make things right. Bo says she knows she can't bring back Zack but she wants to do this. Hope doesn't know if this is a good idea. He says she is trying and Nick is going with her. Bo says Chelsea is trying and in reality she may be their only chance. Hope just can't believe Shawn and Belle's future rests in Chelsea's hands. Hope and Bo wait for word on the plan, Nick and Chelsea are supposed to go meet Steve and Kayla to get the money. Hope talks about how far they have all come in a year. Bo says Shawn will always have his family, and they will always have each other and their doodlebug.

Steve and Kayla return to their place at the Salem Inn. Kayla has given them the money to take to Shawn. She got a bit more than 5000 for them. She then confronts Steve about his latest episode. She says they can't ignore this anymore, it's bringing out a side she's never seen before. She doesn't want to hear that he has this under control. Steve admits he had another attack. He says he did handle it though. Kayla says he can't be reckless like this, she just got him back and she can't bear to get another phone call. She also can't fathom the idea of calling Stephanie to say she lost her father again. Kayla wants Steve to call Marlena and schedule an appointment, she thinks hypnosis will help. Kayla says they need help and he can't do this alone. Steve knows this all started the night they dined with Benji. He wants to talk to Benji first, if he gets no answers then he'll see Marlena. Kayla agrees. 

Nick shows up at Chez Rouge and tells Maggie about going to Toronto to help Shawn and Belle. Unfortunately Willow spies on them and hears everything. She soon comes out of hiding to get her check. Maggie gives it to her and tells her to leave. Maggie tells Nick to be careful. Nick promises he won't let anything screw this up.

Abby is sitting on a bench somewhere. She calls her mom to check in with her. She asks Jen if she woke her. Abby says she's calling for her mom's advice on something . . . the rest of her life. Later Abby says this is something she wants to do, she is tired of being treated like a kid. She's glad her mom is happy, but there is one more person she has to tell.

Abby heads to the garage where Max is working shirtless on a car. Abby pulls him out from under the car. Abby sees Max is looking a bit upset, like he wants to hit someone. He says they've had some unexpected visitors today. Max is glad to see her, he's behind and the computer is messed up again. Abby says she's here to talk about that. She tells Max that she has to quit. He says she can't just quit. He asks if she got another job, he'll match the salary. She says no, she's going to school full time. She says she and Chelsea are both going. Max just wishes he had more notice. Abby says she needed a change. Max says from him? Abby says she'll be seeing him. She goes to leave, but he stops her. He knows he hasn't been around lately much, between Frankie leaving and Kayla being sick . . . and other things. She says like him and Mimi? Max knows he hurt her at the Christmas party when he brushed her off. He doesn't want her to leave thinking they aren't friends. Abby says they are friends. Max says then tell him what is really bothering her. Abby says she likes Mimi and she is happy for him, but she used to be the one he always relied on. Max says she still is that person, but Abby refuses to be the third wheel again. She says she's walking away to focus on school and see where that takes her. She says he can focus on Mimi and see where that takes him. They share a goodbye hug. 

Outside, Willow makes a call to Phillip and says she has information that he'll really like. Phillip shows up and meets with her. Willow wants something in return for the information. He asks how much? She says she doesn't need his money, she wants to go with him to see the look on Shawn's face when he loses Claire. Phillip says she does know how to hold a grudge. Phillip says okay. Willow says they are in Toronto, but he knows that. She says they follow Chelsea, she's taking the money to Shawn and Belle. She says Nick is going with her. Phillip says he underestimated her. Willow says people do all the time and are usually sorry that they did. They head off, not realizing Abby was nearby watching them. Later Abby walks out to see them, she doesn't even know Phillip is Phillip. Phillip says she'll get used to the new face. He asks how she is. She says she's going to school in the spring and is working a shift at Chez Rouge which she's late for. She heads inside. Willow asks Phillip if she's onto them? Phillip doubts it but says if she is well she can't stop them. 

Back inside, Abby tells Maggie that she saw Phillip and Willow outside, they are up to something. Maggie tells Abby about Willow being here when Nick told her about his and Chelsea's trip. Abby thinks Willow found out and told Phillip. They make some calls to trey and warns people. They try and call Steve and Kayla, but they don't answer as they are discussing Steve's episodes. 

Back at the Inn, Nick and Chelsea meet up and plan to go meet Steve and Kayla to get the money. Chelsea thanks Nick for everything he did today. They go in to see Steve and Kayla to get the money from them. Steve warns them to lay low at the airport, they could be stopped for having such a large amount of cash. Chelsea hopes they'll be back tomorrow with the mission accomplished. Nick and Chelsea then leave. Abby shows up and catches them. She warns them about Phillip and Willow. Chelsea wonders what they will do if Phillip knows. Nick says the only thing they can do, outsmart him.


January 31, 2007
Nick and Chelsea are driving to the airport. Chelsea has some directions to where Shawn and Belle are, they are to knock on a door in the back of an alley. Nick says he must have hooked up with people who can help him get out under the radar. Chelsea says he just knows everything, some people find that obnoxious. Nick says some people think those people who feel that way are obnoxious. She asks if he's talking about her? He says no he thinks she is wonderful and plucky, which he says is a good thing. Chelsea is worried about Willow and whether she heard and told Phillip what they were planning. Nick then realizes they are being followed by a really expensive imported car. Chelsea says who else could it be, what do they do now? Chelsea pushes Nick to think of something. Nick can't lose them in his economy gas saving car. He says they do have to stop and pick something up though. She asks what he forgot, his retainer? He says no, relax.

Phillip and Willow are following them in Phil's car. Phillip says they should be afraid. She says he's so evil, she likes that. He lets Willow know that he is nothing like she is, so don't go there. Later they realize Nick and Chelsea are going somewhere else, not the airport. Willow realizes they are in her old boss's neighborhood. Phillip says her pimp? She says no Maggie's, that is where they are going.

Nick pulls into Maggie's driveway and runs in, saying this will only take a second. Unfortunately while he's gone, Phillip jumps in the back of their car. He asks Chelsea if she is going somewhere? She tells him to get out. Phillip says or what, Nick will hit him with a slide rule? She knows he's been following them. She says they are only on a date, but he knows they are going to the airport to go to Toronto. She says they aren't. He says then why did she pack a suitcase? He decides to find out what he's taking Shawn and Belle. Nick returns and tells him to get out of the car now. Phillip says fine, they can enjoy their movie, but he'll be behind them the whole way. Phillip goes back to his car. Nick tells her that he was only trying to scare them. Chelsea says it worked. Nick tells her not to worry, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. 

Back in Phillip's car, Willow doesn't understand why he told them they were following them, they may not go now. She says he could have just lost a shot at getting his kid. Phillip says they will go. They continue following Nick and Chelsea. In Nick and Chelsea's car, Nick wants them to follow them to the airport. He tells Chelsea when they get there distract Phillip, kiss him if she has to. Chelsea says while Phillip has his tongue down his throat what will he be doing? Nick says getting this ready. He shows her what he took from Maggie's. She doesn't think it will make Phillip run. He says he has a plan and she will see. 

Nick and Chelsea make it to the airport. Later Phillip shows up with Willow and gets in line a ways behind them. Chelsea can't believe he's with that street walker. Nick says now is a good time for her to do that thing he asked her so he can do what he needs to do. Chelsea goes to see Phillip and claims she wants to tell him where Shawn and Belle are hiding. She doesn't say anything, so he says her time is up. She says no she'll tell him to protect Claire, to keep her safe. As she stalls, Nick is doing something with the suitcases. Chelsea then tells Phillip that they are in Canada! She yells this to him, he says she need not yell. She says he's the one who yells, probably because little guys feel the need to compensate. Nick and Chelsea head through security. However when Phillip tries to go through he's detained by security for something in his luggage. They open it and find a knife. The security pull guns out and demand Phillip get on the ground. Phillip swears the knife isn't his. Chelsea and Nick walk off triumphant. Willow stands there with a dumbfounded look on her face.

Up in Canada, Belle is trying to sleep with Claire, but someone outside the door is having a party and keeping Willow up. Shawn decides to go tell them to keep it down. Two drunks, who also happen to be hiding in the safe house, are in the alley throwing a party with a boom box. Shawn turns it off and asks they can keep it down, otherwise they will bring the cops down on them. The guys leave and suddenly a cop shows up. Shawn hides behind some trash cans. The cop leaves and Shawn goes back in to the safe house. Claire is teething and Belle doesn't have anything for her. She also thinks something happened out there. Shawn says there was a cop out there. Belle asks what if he comes back? Shawn says then they leave a lot sooner than expected. He says there is a 24 hour pharmacy near here, he can go there. Belle says no, if he was caught then what would they do? Shawn says he won't get arrested, the pharmacy is only two blocks away. He says he will hurry. Belle gives him the last few dollars she has, she hopes his dad gets them that money. Shawn promises her that it will take every mounty from here to Vancouver to stop him from getting back here. Later the two party guys from before are complaining about Claire. They say they have to sleep so get the brat out of here. Belle takes her outside for some air. Shawn returns and asks why she is out here? Belle says Claire is crying and everyone is upset. She won't go back in until she falls asleep. Shawn has the medicine for her teeth. Later they head back in when the baby quiets down. However the cops are onto them and begin banging on the door demanding they open up. The cop tries to open the door but it's locked. He goes away after awhile. Belle and Shawn are worried they might come back. Shawn says he will make sure Claire is okay and they need to try and get some rest. 

At Chez Rouge, Kate, Lucas and Sami are having dinner. Lucas tells Kate that Victor fired him. Kate admits that Victor and Phillip have taken this too far, forcing Shawn and Belle to kidnap their kid. Lucas asks her to talk to Victor, but she says she can't change his mind. Kate tells Lucas that he'll find a job soon, he has skills. Lucas hints around to working with Kate, but she says the problem is she still has to answer to EJ. Suddenly EJ walks up and says good evening to them all. He tells Sami that she looks stunning as always. Lucas asks his mom what she is thinking, he's a crook and a killer. EJ shows Lucas the cover of the evening paper, he's been cleared of all charges. Lucas says another miscarriage of justice, what is new in this town. EJ says he's not a killer or a crook. Lucas says the jury is still out on that. EJ says there will be no jury, he was cleared of all charges. Lucas says only because the eyewitness to the shooting disappeared. EJ says he is planning to focus his full attention on work. Kate says Lucas was asking if there was a job opening with them. Lucas says no he wasn't, he'd rather squeegee windows with snow up to his butt. EJ sweet talks Lucas by saying to have him working for them would be a coup for them. Lucas says he doesn't want to work there so save it. EJ hopes Lucas will let him know if he changes his mind. EJ gives Kate a kiss on the cheek and heads off. Kate can't believe Lucas is letting his ego get in the way of this. She says it's not personal, it's business. Kate thinks he's a fool for turning this down. Lucas says he's a DiMera and shot John Black. Kate says as far as they know Tek and Lexie ran off together and half of the people in Salem have DiMera blood. Kate says she is stuck with EJ financially and has to make things work. Kate says he doesn't have to stay with EJ and the company, he can move on later. Lucas asks Sami what she thinks? Sami says he said he needed a job. Lucas thought she was afraid of EJ. Sami says she's not afraid of anything or anyone. Kate says because she's a hero! Sami tells Lucas to do what is best for him. Kate tells Lucas to just talk to him and set some conditions. Lucas says he will, and he will warn EJ not to come within 2 feet of her.

Lucas sits down with EJ to talk about working for him (the sound went off for a bit). Lucas wants EJ to move out and find a new apartment. He also lets EJ know that he doesn't trust him. EJ suggests they get to the real issue at hand, Samantha. He knows she doesn't want him, she's made it clear. Lucas says and he is a real gentleman like he was in Talledega. EJ asks if they are planning a wedding and making plans for more children? Lucas feels that is none of his business. EJ says he's just trying to make friendly conversation. Lucas says he'd rather not be his friend. EJ says fine, if Lucas signs the deal then he'll move out of the building and stay away from Sami. Lucas agrees to the terms. 

Meanwhile Kate talks with Sami. Kate asks if they have savings? Sami says they do. She asks why Lucas is worried then? Sami says he is responsible, they want to keep their savings savings. Kate tells Sami that she met with a producer last night and they talked a lot about her. He was interested in the story of her rescue of Lucas. She says this guy wants to tell her story on TV. Kate says Sami could be a star, how does that sound to her? Sami asks about this show. Kate says the producer does a segment on the show each week about true people dealing with impossible situations. Kate says he calls it human interest reality. Sami can't believe this and she knows Kate hates the attention she's getting, so why is she helping her? Kate says she can't blame Sami for being suspicious, she has treated her less than kindly in the past. Kate says they are both stubborn and suspicious and neither wants to share the spotlight. Kate says she did save her son though and she is grateful for that. Kate says she did speak to this producer as a way to make up for what happened between them in the past. She says if she's interested then she'll give him the word. Later Lucas returns and says he took the job. Sami can't believe it, she can't believe he'll be working with EJ. Lucas says part of the deal was that EJ has to move out and stay away from them. Sami tells Lucas that she loves him so much. She thinks they should get home to Will as he's been alone for awhile, but Lucas thinks he's fine. Lucas offers Kate a ride home, but Kate passes. He is impressed that Sami and Kate didn't draw blood and bruise one another while he was gone. Sami tells Lucas about the TV show Kate told her about. Lucas says she's his hero and a star. Lucas thinks this has been some day. Kate says it has. She tells Lucas she knows he's not a fan of EJ, but he is a celebrity and if they work hard they can turn this company into a power house. Lucas and Sami head out for the night. 

Kate talks with EJ later. She knows he never cared about hiring Lucas before, so she wonders what is going on. He says he's a changed man, it's his resolution for the new year. Kate hopes he's not up to his old tricks. Kate then walks off. EJ says that the closer Lucas is to him, the closer he is to Sami. He says they make a perfect pair.


February 1, 2007

Nick and Chelsea are on the plane to Toronto. Chelsea ends up sleeping with her head on Nick's shoulder. He smells her hair and ends up sneezing. This wakes Chelsea up. She wonders when they'll be there. He says soon. She asks what he's reading. He claims it is an article on molecular structure of atoms, but really it is bridal guide. She sees Nick is looking clammy and sick and his heart is beating fast. She says either he's sick or in love. Chelsea says she thinks he's in love? He laughs and says with who? She says well he is reading bridal magazines, that is a clue. She wonders if it is a fellow lab geek? She thinks it is someone he doesn't want her to know about. She says another man? Maybe an older woman? She quickly says ew that an older woman is gross, well how much older? She wants details. He just says she is ageless and calls her Marge. He claims there is no girl, so she asks why he was reading it? He says he hates flying and would read anything to avoid thinking of planes crashing. She doesn't buy it, nothing gets under his skin. He says she'd be surprised. They hit some turbulence and she panics. He says it's okay and they are safer here than in a car. She wonders what happened to his white knuckle flying syndrome? He says he's cured, it's a miracle. She asks why he's reading the magazine. He says he didn't want her to think he was staring at her like a creep. She asks if he was? He says he was just resting his eyes on her face. He then gets up for a moment. Chelsea has found a test in the bridal magazine that will indicate if they are a good match. She thinks it would be fun to take. He agrees, only to pass the time. She begins asking him the questions, the first is are you smart, the second are you kind and generous. Nick makes her check yes for herself to the second, she wasn't going to. The next question is if you are comfortable around the opposite sex. She says yes for herself but a big no for him. She adds up their scores. Nick winds up in the young and inexperienced category. She asks if he's a virgin? She thinks it all makes sense, these magazines are never wrong. She says they are written by shrinks who know what they are talking about. Nick says they are written by shrinks that couldn't get jobs with real people so they write trash quizzes for these magazines. She says he's a virgin, he yells leave his virginity alone! People begin staring. Chelsea asks if he's a virgin, he says he's not. She asks if it was the older woman? He ignores her and starts playing a game of Sadoku, claiming he has a tournament coming up. She won't leave him alone though, she wants to know who he lost it to. He claims he can't remember, but she says he's lying. She thinks he's still a virgin because he can't talk about it and call it sex. Nick still won't tell her the name. Chelsea says it's not like she'd meet her . . . unless it's someone she knows. Chelsea asks if it was Abby? Nick says she is his cousin! She says it can happen. She asks if it was Stephanie, ewwww. Nick thinks they should add up Chelsea's score and see where she falls. She says it would only intimidate him. She claims she's been around and leave it at that, but Nick won't. He adds up her score. She says he doesn't have to, she'll tell him anything. He asks if she is a virgin. She says please! Nick is surprised, but then says he guesses not. He asks how many guys has she . . . you know'd. She pretends to count on both hands and claims ten. She says she's out of fingers so ten. He says that seems like a lot of guys, he would have heard something about her. Nick asks for the name of one guy, anyone he knows? She says she doesn't kiss and tell. He accuses her of lying. She claims the first one was Larry, then Moe, then Curly. Chelsea says she'll make him a deal, she'll tell him a name if he gives up the name of his one and only. HE says forget it. He says he'll finish his puzzle and she shouldn't talk to him until they get there. Later she apologizes to him for teasing him. She admits she did some research on him to find out about him, like he likes to play ultimate Frisbee. She says what she found out made her want to know more about him. She asks if it was hard being a science geek. He says the jocks always gave him a hard time, but they came around when he helped them get out of tests by giving them concoctions to break out in hives. She asks about girls. He says he had girlfriends in high school and college. She asks if he lost his virginity to one of them? He says he can't tell her that. 

At the safe house, Shawn and Belle are spooning on the cot. They wake up, Belle says it looks like Claire slept through the night. Belle is worried Phillip will come walking through the door at any moment. Shawn says the freighter leaves tonight and they will be on it. Belle says they need baby food. Shawn says he has a few bucks left, he can get some food. Shawn gets up and looks for his shirt. She hands it to him and they have a hand touching moment. She thanks him for making Claire feel safe, it's how her dad always made her feel. Shawn says the real test is still coming and he doesn't know if he can pass. He tells her that he's not her dad. She says he can be counted on, he proved that last night. He says all he did was get medicine, he's never done anything her dad has done, like take on the DiMeras. Shawn thinks she wants him to take John's place. She says no, she wants him to be himself. Shawn says he is himself and if he could be like her dad he would, but he can't. He says her dad is a strong man, he never blames other people like he blamed Mimi for his problems. Shawn says her dad doesn't lose his temper and crash cars into people's homes. Belle says so he's saying why fight? If Phillip arrived that he would hand Claire over? Shawn says no he'd fight him and die protecting them. Belle smiles and says that is what her dad would do. Later they come close to kissing when Merle shows up. Merle has learned something is going down on the streets, they need to start packing. Shawn thinks he should go to the store get some supplies. Belle thinks they need to wait, but Shawn says it is test time. Suddenly Merle says this place is about to be raided, they all have to go. Shawn needs Merle to wait for the person who is bringing them the money, but Merle tells Shawn he's on his own. Shawn thought Merle was in with the cops, but Merle isn't going to do time for Shawn. Belle tells Shawn that he's not on his own, he has them. Later the cops arrive and Shawn forces Belle to run with Claire while he pretends to be drunk. They end up arresting him. Shawn's saying Who's your daddy! as he's cuffed. The cops think someone tipped them all off. Shawn says a cop was here earlier and people freaked and left. 

Merle and the others make it to a new house (or just return to the old one). Belle learns what happened with Shawn. Another mother gives Belle some food for Claire, she has a kid too. Belle tries to convince Claire and herself that everything will be fine. Later Nick and Chelsea show up with the money for Belle. Belle asks why they are here. They say Bo sent them, where is Shawn? Merle shows up and says Shawn has definitely been arrested. Belle doesn't know what she should do. Nick says they have enough money for bail, she and Shawn will be long gone by time Phillip gets here. 

At the airport, Phillip is cuffed to a chair. Willow is with him, but she's not arrested. Phillip blames Willow for this, she was supposed to watch Nick and she didn't. The cop has heard it all, Phillip is claiming he was set up. He says tell it to his lawyers. The cop gets a call and has to leave. Phillip asks Willow to get him out of here, but she refuses to end up arrested too. She says once Victor gets here then the airport manager will fall all over himself. Phillip says he's been waiting all night for Victor to get here. Willow says she'll go to Toronto and stall them. Phillip wonders if Bo and Hope paid her off, but she says she didn't take a dime and she is on his side. He says she better be because if he finds out otherwise . . . . Willow has had it and threatens to leave if he doesn't apologize. As she is walking out he yells that he's sorry. She says she lied in court for him, she told him about Nick and Chelsea, if he doesn't show her respect then she can be a big help to the cops. He asks if she's threatening him. She says she's giving him a fair warning. She thinks they should be working together, they both want to see Shawn hurt. Phillip says for him to give her money to go to Toronto means he has to trust her, which he doesn't. She's about to leave when Victor shows up. Victor sends her away and talks with Phillip alone. Victor says people will pay for this, but Phillip says Shawn will pay and he will collect the debt. Victor says his task is to get Claire home, forget about Shawn and revenge. Phillip says he can do both, but Victor says everyone is fooling him every day lately because he's distracted by Shawn. He says deal with Shawn later. Phillip says this is his fight, he thinks his dad believes he will fail so he paid off Willow and the judge. Victor says Phillip was still recovering, he tried to help him out. Phillip says he will do this on his own. Victor says he can't let him, if Phillip walks out the door then he's on his own and will lose all the money and power the Kiriakis name can get him. Victor says trust him or he'll never see Claire again. Phillip says he'd do that to get his way? Victor says he'd do anything to get Claire back, but if this trip is about revenge then he won't get Claire. Phillip says Shawn needs to be taught a lesson. Victor says if he has more tantrums like this then Shawn will always stay ahead of him. Victor says he's obsessed, which keeps him from thinking like a soldier. Victor tells Phillip not to throw away what the marines taught him. Phillip tells his dad that he's right, he has been distracted. They begin planning what to do next and how to catch them. Victor happens to already know where Shawn and Belle are hiding. He was alerted when Belle tried to pawn her ring. Shawn and Belle are only wanted for theft, the cops will find out about the kidnapping when Phillip gets there. Phillip thinks they could post bail, but Victor says they have no money. Phillip decides to call the PD there and tell them about the kidnapping, but Victor says they will talk to Bo and Roman before he gets there. Phillip realizes Victor is right. Phillip is released by the airport cops. HE has to sign some papers and leaves the room. Willow shows up and tells Victor that she's going to Toronto to see Shawn get taken down by Phillip. Later Victor asks Phillip what he's thinking taking her with him, is this about sex. Phillip says no. He says he owes her, but Victor says she was paid off. He wonders if Willow is blacking Phillip. Phillip says no, but Willow did tell him about Nick and Chelsea. Victor thinks Willow set him up, he says that tramp could ruin everything. Phillip says he's taking some advice from that book he had him read, keep your friends close and enemies closer. He says he doesn't trust her, but he's keeping her around until he finds Claire, then he never wants to see her again. Victor warns him to be careful. Later Willow asks Phillip why his dad doesn't like her. Phillip says she took a bribe, he doesn't trust her. Phillip says he's going now, with or without her. She says she's with him, for a long long time. 


February 2, 2007
Kate is having dinner with two men at Chez Rouge, saying how attractive Sami is. Sami shows up, Kate introduces her to the producer and director of the show Heroes Among Us. Sami joins them and thanks Kate for doing this. Kate says it's not a done deal, she has to sell it to them, this is show business. Sami tells the producer and director her story, of course leaving everything about EJ out. Both Kate and Sami try and sell the story. The two men are impressed and applaud her. However they are being smart, they say they do stories like this all the time, like the one with a woman lifting the car off the kid. Kate lets them know that NBC has called and is interested. This peaks the two men's interest. They says they want one more thing to make it a done deal, they want to go to the cabin and have Sami show them what happen. Sami agrees. Later Sami and Kate are alone. Sami thanks Kate for being so generous and making this happen. Kate says she has made mistakes with her. Sami says she has too, she even thought this was a set-up. Kate says Sami saved her son's life, that made her realize she misjudged her. Kate says she does regret trying to make her look bad to Lucas. Sami says well now she'll make her look good in front of the whole country. Kate says that is her way of making amends. Sami says Kate didn't do anything she wouldn't have done. Sami decides to go tell Lucas about the show and that they made peace. Sami gives Kate a hug and leaves. Kate them meets with the two men, who she's paid off and work for her. They discuss getting Sami to reenact her rescue. Kate says when she fails then she'll expose her for the liar she is. The two men ask what she hates about Sami so much, but Kate says it is none of her business. To herself Kate says Sami is a lying skank who dug her nails into her son.

EJ is meeting with Lucas at Sami's apartment. EJ is showing him some pie charts on the projected forecasts for the year. He also talks about how Kate is organizing some spectacular press events. Lucas says they will still want to know about his indictments. EJ says as Americans say, there is no such thing as bad press. Lucas looks at his plans, he doesn't believe EJ will be able to surpass the big five in the major communication players as he is planning to do in the next few years. EJ thinks he can.  EJ then presents Lucas with his contract. Lucas apparently changes his mind and says he's not interested. EJ says now he's telling him he doesn't want to work for him? Did he win the lottery? Lucas says no, he still needs a job. EJ asks why he doesn't want this job, it's not like anyone else is beating down his door. Lucas says he just doesn't like him. EJ thinks he shouldn't turn this opportunity down because he doesn't like him. Lucas says he has hated him for a while and doesn't want to talk to him anymore. EJ says if Lucas doesn't take the job then why should he move out? Lucas says because of Sami. EJ says his flirtation with Sami is in the past, he gives Lucas his word that he won't even blink at her. Lucas doesn't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. EJ says well he believes Sami when she says nothing is going on. EJ asks if he is saying he doesn't believe her? EJ and Lucas continue arguing about why Lucas won't take this job, Lucas lets him know it is because he's a DiMera. EJ says he is not his father, he did not shoot John Black. EJ thinks Lucas not taking the job has nothing to do with him being a DiMera or Sami, he thinks it is about the money. EJ begs him to come to work with him. He says he'll give Lucas his own office, his own staff. Lucas still says he passes. EJ says he'll give him stock options and bonuses, but Lucas says no. EJ tells him to think about the mouths he and Sami have to feed. Lucas says they have one mouth. Will shows up and Lucas says there is the mouth now. Will asks why EJ isn't in jail? Lucas says it's not nice to ask people why they aren't in jail. EJ apologizes to Will for being rude to him before. EJ then leaves. Lucas tells Will how EJ tried to get him to work with him, but he said no. Will says good idea, but he has to work somewhere with the baby on the way. Lucas sees the door is open, he says that was to be kept a secret. Lucas tries to close the door but EJ returns with a PS3 for Will. Will is tempted but turns EJ down. Ej ends up throwing it away, which shocks Will. EJ just says he wanted to make things up to his son. Lucas tells Will to fish it out of the trash if he wants it, which Will does. Will gets it out and runs off to play it. EJ tells Lucas that Will is a good kid and he and Sami are good parents, he hopes they have more kids. Lucas says that it is none of his business if he and Sami have more kids. Sami then returns to give Lucas the news. She is shocked to see EJ. EJ tells Lucas they'll finish this later and leaves. Lucas asks Sami what is up? Sami tells Lucas about the show. He says this is great, they will need the money from this. She asks about his job, but he says he didn't take it. HE says EJ tried everything he could, even playing the family card saying if they had another baby then they'd need the money. Sami wonders if EJ suspects. Lucas says he doesn't know, but EJ could be right. Lucas says maybe he is being selfish not talking the job. Sami says she knows she said it was a good idea. Lucas says it is a good idea. Sami says they will make things work, they don't need EJ in their lives. EJ then shows up again, saying they should lock their door. EJ says he wanted to invite them all to the company retreat, bring the kid too . . . Sami is shocked and he says Will of course. 

At the jail in Canada, Shawn is asking the cops to let him out, but his bail has been set at 8600 dollars for being drunk, disorderly, trespassing and more. Shawn says he can get them the money. Phillip shows up and says not to believe him. Willow is with Phillip, she's gloating. Phillip says he has a proposition for Shawn. He says he'll pay the bail and get the cops to drop all charges, if he tells him where Belle and Claire are. Shawn says he won't tell him where his family is. Phillip says Claire belongs to him and attacks Shawn through the bars. Willow tells him to stop it. Phillip rants about how Belle used her miscarriage to walk out on him. Shawn says and he used that as an excuse to have his dad buy the judge and court. Phillip says he still has his freedom and money. Shawn tells Phillip he may be a war hero on the battlefield, but he is nothing but a coward when it comes to Claire. Phillip yells he was her father. Shawn says until he found out she wasn't his, look what he's done to her. Phillip continues ranting and raving, say he will get her back. Phillip says he'll go find Claire and deep down Shawn knows he will. Willow talks with Shawn alone, asking if he is frustrated? Shawn lets Willow know the reason she turned out the way she did, it's because of what she'll do for a dollar. 

Merle shows up and talks with the cop about the kid he has in lockup. Merle learns how high the bail has been set. Later Phillip questions the cop about Claire and where they found Shawn. The cops say they didn't see a kid and have no way to prove who the kid even belongs too. Phillip shows them the court order and demands Shawn be charged with kidnapping. Later Phillip goes to let Shawn know that he will go get Belle and Claire and Shawn can't stop him. Phillip tells Willow to go back to the hotel and wait for him. Willow doesn't think the cops will like this, but Phillip says the cops will never know unless she tells them. She says he won't. 

At the safe house, Merle offers to go to the station and find out about Shawn's bail. Belle says they need the money for bail and they have to be on that ship before Phillip gets here. Nick and Chelsea says he won't be here, they distracted him at the Salem airport. Belle is a mess, she says she has to get Claire out of here. She knows Phillip is on his way and she can't get out of here without Shawn. Belle feels this is her fault for pushing Shawn to be like her dad. Chelsea steps up and tells Belle to calm down, they won't let Phillip take Claire away. Chelsea asks Nick to go get Belle some hot tea. Belle says her dad would get her that to calm her down. Chelsea comforts Belle, telling her that she has a lot on her mind with Shawn, Claire and her dad. Belle wishes her dad could be here to help her. Chelsea knows what it's like to lose a parent. Chelsea talks about the Bensons and how she knows what it is like, it sucks. Chelsea tells Belle that she knows it looks bad, but she has a whole family back home praying for her. Chelsea says somewhere deep down her dad is too. Nick returns with the tea. Nick says what Chelsea said was right, everyone is pulling for her and they will be okay. Belle says unless Phillip gets here first. Chelsea doubts it, but Belle says he's a Kiriakis and is very powerful. Nick says if he comes then they'll figure it out. Merle returns and lets them know about Shawn's bail. They realize they don't have the money. Merle also says Shawn has had two visitors, a pretty boy and spacey blond chick. Belle realizes it is Phillip. Belle says Phillip has become like his father and he gets what he wants. Chelsea says he won't. Nick says he'll go to the station and get Shawn. Chelsea tells Nick she will stay with Belle and deal with Phillip if he shows up. He says her bite is much worse than her bark. Chelsea meets Belle's new friend Stacey. Stacey assures Belle she'll be okay as she has a family that watches out for her. Chelsea says Stacey is right, as long as they stick together then they can handle anything. Chelsea says she and Nick got Phillip arrested at the airport, she thinks they can come up with something just as good. Belle admits she never thought Chelsea would be the one she would rely on. Chelsea talks about how she felt the same way about Nick. She says she thought Nick was a mamas boy nerd, but at the airport he was amazing. Belle says they have both been amazing, Shawn will be proud of her. Chelsea doesn't think she can ever make things right with Shawn. Belle says she made things right with her, that will matter to Shawn. Chelsea sits for Claire while Belle packs. Later Belle asks Chelsea for a favor, use some of the money to buy some things for Stacey and her little girl. Chelsea says she will. Chelsea can't believe how a few days ago she thought the most important thing was to find out who her internet guy was and who her mom slept with. She says that was shallow. She says Belle is so amazing to everyone, like this Stacey. Belle tells Chelsea what she has done to help them isn't selfish or shallow. Chelsea just fears when she goes back she could be the same person she's always been. Chelsea would rather be like Belle because everyone loves her. Suddenly Phillip is banging on the door of the safe house demanding Belle open up the door.

Nick arrives at the jail to see Shawn. He lets Shawn know he's with Chelsea. Shawn thinks Chelsea is the last person they can count on, but Nick says he doesn't know her or what she's done for him. Shawn warns Nick that Phillip was just here and is going after Belle and Claire. Nick says if Phillip sees Chelsea it could be trouble. Later Shawn learns from the cops that he's been charged with kidnapping.


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