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1st Week of July 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


July 2, 2007
At the pub, Belle returns with Claire, Shawn and Phillip have been talking. She says the swimsuit is so cute, she needs to call his mom and thank her. Belle sees something is going on, spill it. Phillip says Shawn wants them to move out of his place and in with his parents. Belle says absolutely not! Phillip decides to go take Claire to see if Grandma Caroline has a snack for her. They leave, Shawn tells Belle it's not that he wants to move back home. She knows, he's trying and this is hard for him. Sawn says he wants the three of them to be a family, but Phillip always around is confusing Claire. Belle says he is right. However she doesn't want them to move out of Phillip's and in with his folks. Shawn says they don't have money to get their own place. Belle says they'll figure it out, they'll make it work. Shawn says his dad offered them money, but she says no. She says they are old enough, they can't keep having their parents bail them out. She knows he agrees. Belle says they should move out of Phillip's. She says it's not the best place for Claire, she's known that all along. However she doesn't want to move into his parents. Shawn again says their bank accounts read zero. Belle again says she thinks they can figure something out. He says okay. Shawn tells Belle that when his parents made the offer, he wasn't thinking about her feelings. He just saw it as their ticket out. She knows. She says how Phillip isn't to blame for this, for Claire thinking he's her dad. She says Phillip is a good guy and wants him to be happy. Shawn knows Claire makes him happy, but it's not like he won't ever see her. Shawn just feels they have to look out for themselves as family .He says Claire needs stability, she needs to wake up and see the same faces and the same walls every day. He says she needs to know they are her parents, nobody else. Shawn says but if they are going to make it, they have to get a plan. Suddenly Shawn gets a call from Ohio. He takes it and walks off, not knowing who it is.

Phillip returns to the table. He asks Belle so? Are they going to live with Bo and Hope? Belle says she talked him out of that, but if the phone call Shawn just got is about the job then they may be able to afford a place of their own. She says if Shawn gets this job then it is thanks to him. Phillip says that is what friends are for. She says he's a lot more than a friend. Shawn shows up saying that was the weirdest thing. He says some company from Cleveland called him, they have a job for him to interview for. He has no idea how they got his resume, he didn't send it to them. Belle asks how they got his name then? He says from Max he guesses. He says that the job would be selling parts to shops and places here in Salem. He says the interview is tomorrow. Belle says it's the 4th of July. Shawn says they have a company picnic and will interview him there. He says he'll call them back and ask if Belle can come too. Phillip makes this shady squinty looking face as he looks at Belle's reaction. Phillip says it's not a good idea to take Belle, she might distract him, he will be watched as to how he behaves in their presence. Belle says it's only for a day, and he'll be great. Shawn says he needs to go get his one descent suit, pack his bags and rent a car. Phillip says they'll pick him up. Shawn asks how he knows? Phillip says it's just good business. He also tells Belle that she should start packing, when he gets back they'll begin moving out. Shawn tells Phil he knew this was coming. Belle says they still need someplace to live. Shawn says they can't keep putting this off. She knows. She gets a call on her phone. Belle says she forgot about a play date she and Claire have. Belle then leaves. Phillip tells Shawn it looks like he got his way. Shawn says it was a mutual decision, nothing personal. Shawn leaves, Phillip says yeah right!

At Bo and Hope's, Hope butts in after hearing Roman admit he slept with Anna. She thinks it's romantic, she wants to know what happened. Roman says long story short, one minute they were at each other's throats, the next they were somewhere else. Hope asks how things were this morning? Roman doesn't know, he left the hotel to do errands. He needed to get his car washed. Hope asks if he's in high school? She can't believe this. She says he needs to talk to Anna, he owes her that much. Roman says the problem is he has no idea what to say. Hope tells Roman to go back to the hotel and pray that Anna is in a forgiving mood. Roman doesn't know what to say to her. Hope says he'll think about it on the drive in that nice clean car. Hope tells Roman from a woman's point of view, you never sleep with a woman and then disappear in the morning. She says use your head! Bo is laughing about all this. Roman says he's not an insensitive guy, he's tuned into the opposite sex. Bo says he should have his own talk show. Roman is glad Bo is getting a kick out of this. Hope asks Roman how they can help. Roman needs to know what to say to her. Hope asks how he feels about Anna? He doesn't know, he hasn't thought about her in a long time. He says he doesn't know how he feels about her. Hope says he does, he just doesn't want to admit it. Hope asks Roman when he's with Anna, does he feel sparks? He says he feels something. She asks if he feels guilty for giving into temptation and that is why he's pulling out? Bo thinks so, that is why Roman ran obviously. Hope thinks Bo is tipping things in his favor (per their bet). Roman tells them to stop. He says they are both right in their own way. He says Anna drives him crazy. He says she's head strong, brash, her ego could anchor a boat. Roman says but on the other hand, she drives him crazy, if they know what he means. Bo shakes his head as Hope smiles. Bo asks so is he interested in Anna? Roman says he doesn't know. He says bottom line, he's a single guy who has been working his butt off, he has no time for a personal life, a beautiful woman comes in and shows an interest. He says it's hard to say no. Hope thinks there is more, it felt familiar, comfortable. She thinks Anna made him feel young again, special. Roman says okay, she made him feel special. Bo says now look who is tilting things. Roman asks what is going on, it's like they have a stake in this. They both say Noooooooo! They claim they just want to see him happy. Roman says it doesn't matter, he thinks Anna's talking about him on the phone with a girlfriend as they speak. 

The doorbell rings, it's Anna! Hope invites her in. Anna says and look who is here, all this time she thought he was at the hotel buying her breakfast in bed. Bo says Roman has a tendency to disappear every now and then, it's one of his shortcomings. Anna thinks this must be awkward for him. Roman says not really. Anna says she figured Roman couldn't wait to tell Bo, she hopes Bo told Roman what a jackass he was. Hope says oh he knows. Roman says something came up with work, he had to go. Anna says and he didn't think to leave her a note or wake her up? Hope asks if they should leave them? Anna says no, she wants to humiliate him in front of an audience. Bo says fine with him. Roman thinks Anna is never going to forgive him. She says they could go back to her hotel room and start this day over and see what happens. Roman agrees and they leave.

Hope lets Bo know that she has won the bet, he is now on diaper duty till Christmas! Bo makes a not so happy face. Bo remembers the bet they made. Bo tells Hope this bet is null and void, they didn't sign anything. She says they had a verbal agreement. She says he'll call Uncle Mickey and see what he has to say. He says she's like a dog with a bone here. She says don't forget the butt paste, she doesn't want Ciara to get a rash. Bo says she thinks she's smarter than him doesn't she. She says she thinks she's more in tune with people's feelings, but he's a guy and can't help it. He asks what he's feeling now? She says excited at the thought of changing a lot of dirty and stinky diapers. She says he always was a bad sore loser. He says she cheated! She says she won fair and square. Hope knows how to make him fess up. She begins kissing him and then starts tickling. Bo eventually admits Hope was right and he was wrong. He asks so what that deal is again? A week of dirty diapers? She says six months! Unless he can get her potty trained before then. She also tells Bo not to pass this onto Aunt Julie or Maggie, otherwise she'll find out. They then talk about how the big Horton-Brady party is tomorrow. Hope feels this is their year, she knows it. They've suffered a lot of knocks, especially Shawn and Belle. Later Hope tells Bo to listen, does he hear it? He says he hears nothing. Hope knows, it's wonderful. Bo says enjoy it, tomorrow it will be a zoo here. She knows, all those generations of Horton and Bradys in the same place. She says it would make some picture. Bo says he'll have Greco from work take a photo. She says the guy who does the crime scene photos? Bo says he does weddings too, he's seen his work. He says he'll call Greco to. Ciara cries, Hope says it seems Ciara needs him now. She says don't forget . . . he knows, the butt paste.

At the safe house, Lucas and Sami are getting hot and heavy. Sami stops, she remembers she needs to stick to her strict exercise regiment. She says she skipped yesterday, so if she skips another then she'll gain 70 pounds she won't lose. Lucss doubts that. She says she's carrying twins, it will be twice as hard to lose the baby weight. Sami insists she work out. She has a pregnancy yoga DVD from the doctor. Lucas snatches it to see what is so appealing about this DVD. Sami becomes upset, she yells at him to give it back! The cops knock on the door and ask if everything is okay? Sami says yes, sorry. Sami then tells Lucas this is what she means, they can't have sex here, there is no privacy. Lucas says he can't be celibate, there is no way. They kiss, Sami then steals the DVD back from him!

Later Sami is doing her yoga as Lucas watches. He thinks she's doing this to torture him. She says she's trying to concentrate and she can't with him whining. He says she's killing him here. She's doing all her yoga moves. Lucas tells her that she's not doing it like the lady on the DVD, she's far more flexible. She says Lucas! He says now who is tortured? He keeps teasing her that she's not reaching all the positions. After she's done she pulls a muscle in her arm. He gives her a massage and they begin kissing and going at it. Later Lucas is in his boxers, Sami stops. She says they are making too much noise, the cops will hear them. Lucas gets an idea, he turns the TV on to cover the noise. They put on the music station. However they role over on the remote, some movie with gunshots begins playing. A woman is screaming, the cops them rush with their guns drawn in screaming Down on the ground now!

At the DiMera mansion, EJ gives Stefano a cigar, he says congratulations, he is going to be a grandfather. Stefano is thrilled. EJ says not only will he be getting one heir, but two. Stefano says twins? EJ says a boy and a girl. Stefano says this requires a toast. He pours the brandy and they toast to the DiMeras. Stefano asks how Sami took the news? EJ doesn't know, that idiot Roman had her locked in a safe house. Stefano says Sami must be found, the children must be born as DiMeras and raised as DiMeras. EJ wants that, but it won't happen unless she's given something in return. Stefano asks what he has in mind. EJ wants to end the war. Stefano made that proposal, Sami has to divorce Lucas and marry him. EJ says she rejected that offer, they have to present her with something more favorable. Tony walks in at this point and tells EJ to be a man, does he control the situation or does Sami. Tony says if he didn't know any better he would think EJ had no DiMera blood in him. He says he is risking their father for a married woman. EJ says he's trying to protect his flesh and blood. EJ doesn't want his children caught in this war. Tony tells EJ tells to stop whining and take charge, if those children are his then take them! Stefano yells at them to stop! He says he doesn't want his son's at each others throats all the time. EJ and Tony keep arguing. Tony tells EJ that the mother of these children is still a Brady. EJ says the war between them needs to end. Tony thinks EJ is in bed with all the Bradys, not just Samantha. Stefano suddenly collapses. EJ goes and brings Rolf in to see Stefano.

Later EJ and Tony talk to Rolf. Rolf says Stefano has taken a turn for the worse, he needs the stem cells, his condition is deteriorating rapidly. EJ tells Tony this is his fault. Tony says not to start. Rolf wheels Stefano in to see them. EJ tells Stefano that he looks okay and laughs. EJ tells Stefano that they need the stem cells, he needs Stefano to make a deal. Stefano says okay, get Samantha. EJ says thank you. EJ says he made the right decision. EJ then leaves. Tony asks Stefano what that was about? Stefano says he's afraid Tony was right about Elvis all along. Stefano says Elvis is too emotionally involved with Samantha, it's clouding his judgment. Stefano says the boy needs to learn a few lessons. He tells Tony can teach him his first one. Tony says it would be his pleasure. Tony asks what he has in mind? Stefano says EJ must be made aware that the DiMera's bow to no one. He refuses to beg for the stem cells, at least of all from a Brady. He says he would rather die. Stefano says he needs to connect to Sami, he doesn't care how Tony does it, bring her to him. Tony says it is done. Tony leaves. As he walks out we see EJ is hiding near the stairs and has heard everything! 


July 3, 2007
At the Cheatin' Heart, Stephanie meets Adrienne and gives her a hug. Adrienne has bought the Cheatin Heart! She then goes over to see Chelsea, who is at a table applying lip liner. They are planning to meet Nick, Jeremy, Jett and his fiance. Chelsea is hoping once Nick meets Jett and his fiance, he'll stop being jealous they are friends. Stephanie says so that is what they are? Chelsea says yes, and she hears Jett's fiance is really cute. Jeremy and Nick soon show up. Nick seems a bit uncomfortable at the bar. Jeremy is hoping they will get some free drinks from Stephanie's aunt. Jeremy and Stephanie go to the bar, Nick tells Chelsea maybe they should just meet later at Bo and Hope's. Chelsea says no, he's not going anywhere until Jett and his fiance get here. Nick thinks Jett told Danielle about him. Chelsea says Jett's over it, she's over it, they've always moved on. She asks Nick to stay for her. Nick says he'll stay. Nick hugs her and says he loves her. Chelsea thinks about Stephanie telling her she wasn't in love with Nick and to admit she liked Jett. She tells Nick that she loves him, with all he heart. Nick goes to get them some drinks. Jeremy says he's running a tab, touch the sky is paying for all tonight. Jeremy starts to get sloshed, Adrienne brings them all some shots. Jeremy asks Adrienne to join them, but she says she can't. Jeremy ends up toasting to Adrienne and her family, Mad Dog One Eyed Johnson. Adrienne tells Jeremy not to insult her brother. Jeremy says the man wants to kill him. Adrienne says if he wanted to, he would have done so. 

Danielle and Jett soon show up, Jett introduces her to them all. Danielle asks how Nick is connected to the group? Jett says he's Chelsea's boyfriend. Danielle says right. She's heard a lot about Chelsea. Jett says all good of course. Danielle says yes, almost too good. Chelsea downs her drink as Nick doesn't look to happy. Danielle doesn't seem keen on the place, Nick suggests they go to Chez Rouge. Danielle likes the sound of that, it's French. Chelsea says no, Stephanie wants to stay here. Steve then walks in looking not to happy. He gives Jeremy a look. 

Steve sits at the bar and asks Adrienne so what she thinks? She says about what? He says living here, running a bar, the creep dating his daughter. She says she likes it, she wishes business was up, the guys a world class jerk.  Stephanie and Jeremy dance. Steve doesn't like seeing this. Adrienne tells him it's just a dance. Steve says it's not just a dance. Adrienne tells him that Jeremy does come from a good family. Steve says so do some bums. She also says Stephanie isn't fighting him off. She knows he's just trying to be a good dad. Steve says he's trouble and he has to keep Stephanie away from trouble. Adrienne reminds him of their plan, Steve says he's trying! Jeremy tries to kiss Stephanie, but she says not in front of her dad. Steve soon smacks Jeremy on the shoulder. He tells Jeremy it's time they had a little talk.

Meanwhile Danielle breaks a nail and says a hundred dollar manicure gone bad. Chelsea lends her a file, Danielle goes to the bathroom. Later Nick tells Jett how they are both lucky, they love their jobs and have beautiful girlfriends. Nick says marriage is a big step, but he and Danielle seem perfect. He says that is what Chelsea says. Jett can't figure Danielle out, he gets the idea she's not as crazy about him. Meanwhile Chelsea hears Danielle on the phone in the ladies room. She's talking to her baby about how she hates being here, but she'll be back in their arms before he knows it.

Bo goes to the pub to pick up some food for the party from his mom. Caroline asks Bo not to ask him about Colleen today. Bo says he won't, pop will tell him about that when he's ready. Caroline says don't hold your breath. Phillip shows up with Claire and gives her to Caroline. Caroline takes her off to the kitchen to get some cookies. Bo confronts Phillip about the interview Shawn has with a parts company, is it the same company that Victor owns? Phillip admits he helped Shawn with the job. Bo says his son can make it on his own. Phillip says he's fallen pretty short lately. Bo says stay out of Shawn's life. Phillip says Shawn is his friend and Claire is . . . Bo says what? Bo thinks Phillip is playing Shawn, but Phillip isn't. Bo tells Phillip to call Shawn and tell him the truth. Phillip won't do that to Belle. Bo thinks Phillip has his own reasons for doing this, not to help Shawn. Phillip says Bo isn't helping Shawn. Bo  says neither is he.

At Bo and Hope's, Belle is helping Shawn get dressed in his nice suit. She tells Shawn he will get this job, don't worry, just be his self. Shawn says if he didn't know any better then he'd think he has some insider information. She says wow, he's already talking like a businessman. Shawn doesn't know what to put on his resume, but she thinks he'll be fine and his experience speaks for itself. She begins to pretend she's interviewing him, she acts enchanted by him. He asks if she seduces all of her employees this way? She says only the gorgeous ones. Shawn says he's madly in love with his girlfriend Belle. They kiss one another. Belle says he's hired, he asks for what position.

Later Shawn is getting ready to leave. Bo shows up and Belle heads off to get Claire. Shawn tells Bo that as soon as he gets the job he'll be out of his hair. Bo says he's not in his hair. Bo also tells Shawn he has to tell him, the job is set up by Phillip. Shawn can't believe this, how does Bo know? He says he is a cop, he figured it out. Shawn learns Belle knows too. He can't believe this, after all her pep talks, she was in on this. Bo says she loves him and wants to help him. Shawn realizes the job would have him on the road, it is to get him out of the way so Phillip can help himself to his family. Shawn feels like an idiot. Bo thinks he and Belle love one another, they can survive this. Shawn however won't go on this interview. Bo says Phillip can get him in the door, he can't keep him there. Bo tells Shawn a story. He says when he was a kid he got a remote control car, which he took apart and put together again three times. He tells Shawn if he gets this job and climbs up the ladder it's because of who he is. Shawn says or he could take this job and shove it down Phillip's throat. Bo says or he could make a great life for him and his family in front on Phillip. Shawn decides to take the interview. Bo then gets a call, it's Mimi for Shawn. Bo says it sounds urgent. Shawn takes the call. She's upset. He says what? When did she do this? He says he'll take care of it, he'll call as soon as he lands. Bo asks Shawn if there are problems? He says no, just you know. Bo says he knows panic, what is up with Mimi?

Back at the pub, Phillip asks Belle if Shawn left for the interview? Belle says Shawn was with Bo when she left. Philip says not, good, Bo knows about the job. Belle thinks she should go check on him. Phillip thinks it will lead to a fight. Belle asks if Claire is in the kitchen? Phillip says no, she's with Victor. Belle asks Phillip after all Victor's done, how could Phillip do this? She says he knew she'd say no to this. Phillip says he would not to let anything happen to Claire, it's for a few hours, she's fine. He asks if she trusts him? He doesn't want her to be upset. He says he wanted to do something nice for her, give her a day for herself. He says they are going to the beach, just them. She asks if he's serious? She thinks if Shawn isn't going to Cleveland they should invite him. She wants Phillip to make the call, apologize. Phillip thinks either Shawn will take the job, he'll get digs at him, or he'll hang up. Belle says or he'll accept his apology and they'll all go to the beach. Belle says make the call.

Back at Bo's, Shawn sees Belle calling him. He answers it, it is Phillip on her phone. Phillip wanted to apologize. Shawn says he's still going on the interview. Phillip tells Shawn he wanted to take Belle to the beach. Shawn says he's okay with that, Claire loves the beach. Phillip says Claire is with his father. Shawn asks if Belle knows? Phillip says yes. Belle tells Phillip he has to go and hangs up. Bo then confronts Shawn, something Mimi said short circuited his thinking. He says it's nothing, she just wanted to make sure he got the divorce papers. He says he needs to stay focused and not let anyone keep him from having his life with Claire and Belle. Shawn takes off for the airport, Bo wishes him luck. Outside Shawn makes a call, he changes his ticket from Cleveland to Indianapolis. 

Back at the pub, Belle figured Shawn would be going on the job interview, she says nobody knows her guy like she does. She and Phillip plan to go to the beach and have some fun. Phillip even has a picnic for them. She says he knows how to spoil a girl. He says that is the whole idea. 


July 4, 2007
Marlena and John are at the beach. She is giving him a rub down and says this feels so good. John knows she's worried about Sami, but he says she's in the safe house and is fine. They kiss. Marlena then sees Belle arrive. They only see her through some bushes separating them, they don't see who she's with. They soon see she's with Phillip though. Marlena wonders why she's with Phillip. John says the kids say he's reformed and they are friends now. Marlena says what if he's laying a trap for their daughter. Marlena thinks Belle needs to be careful.

Belle and Phillip are enjoying ice cream cones. She is worrying about Shawn and how things are going. Phillip tells her to relax, don't have the weight of the world on those pretty shoulders. Belle says she doesn't, she has Shawn, Claire and her dad back. She asks what more could she want. Phillip thinks she still needs time for herself. Belle says that is why she's here. Phillip says exactly, and he knows just the thing she needs. He wants to give her his guest pass to the country club. She doesn't know, she's not sure she's up to country club standards. He touches her hair and says she'll be the classiest woman there.

Later Belle goes to make a call in private. She sees her parents making out on the beach. Belle goes back to Phillip and tells him what she just saw. They both laugh at it. She's happy they are back together. Belle asks can you imagine, almost losing the love of your life and getting them back. Phillip says it happened with her and Shawn. She says yeah., Phillip doesn't look too happy about that. Later Belle learns Shawn is back, he got Claire and went to his parents' house. She says she should get going. Phillip tells Belle how he is sorry about what happened with Claire. He says he's thought about Claire, he knows she hasn't had time with other kids the last few months. He begs her to take the guest passes to the club for Claire. He says they have child care program there, she'd make friends and learn how to swim. She asks why this is so important? Phillip says Claire is important to him, so is her mom. Phillip says he's trying to make it up to her for the hell he put her through. She says he doesn't have to. He says he wants to, let him do this for her and Claire. Belle says she'll think about it and talk to Shawn. She says speaking of Shawn, she has to go. Phillip says let him know how the interview went. She says she will. After Belle leaves, Phillip gets a strange call and hears a baby crying. Phillip asks who is this? Who is calling?

At the Cheatin Heart, Nick tells Jett maybe it is just pre-wedding jitters? Jett says no, they haven't even set a wedding date. He says things are changing between them. Nick asks what he thinks is going on? Jett fears she's seeing someone else. Nick and Jett play some pool, Nick asks why Jett thinks she's cheating? He says little things don't add up. Nick suggests he ask her about it. 

In the bathroom, Chelsea listens as Danielle tells her baby that she misses them, it seems like she hasn't seen them in forever. Danielle hangs up later. Chelsea pretends to have come in and asks how her nail is? Danielle says oh it's better. She also thanks Chelsea for looking after Jett, they both appreciate it. Chelsea says they are just friends, Danielle says she knows. 

Danielle goes back to dance with Jett. Meanwhile Chelsea tells Nick she heard Danielle on the phone, she's totally cheating on Jett. Nick asks how she knows? Chelsea says Danielle was totally sweet talking some guy on the phone. Nick says this is none of their business. Chelsea says Jett is her friend, she won't stand back and watch him get his heart broken. She looks at Jett, who is dancing with Danielle but is looking at her. 

Meanwhile, Adrienne taps on the bar to send Steve a message. Steve tells Jeremy that he just wants to tell him that he's sorry. He says his little girl isn't a little girl, she's a grown woman and he has to accept that. Jeremy tells Steve that he thinks they are a lot a like. Jeremy says they are both a bit of rebels. Stephanie claims Jeremy just thinks outside the box, if he gives them a chance then he'll see that. Steve suggests they all have dinner and get to know Jeremy. Jeremy says cool. He gets a call and leaves. Stephanie asks her dad if he means it, is he going to give him a chance or is he blowing smoke? Steve says he knows she's right, he should get to know him before passing judgment. He also says if he acts like an over protective jerk, it's because he loves her. Jeremy returns and offers to buy Mr. J a beer, but Steve says he has to get to Bo and Hope's. Before he leaves, Adrienne tells Steve she's proud. She also remembers what people thought of him when he started dating Kayla, and remember what he thought about Justin. She says Jeremy could be the love of Stephanie's life. 

Jett, Danielle, Jeremy and Stephanie return to the table where Nick and Chelsea are. They do some shots, Uncle Sam Slammers. Nick seems upset that Chelsea has taken such an interest in Jett.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope are working to set up the picnic. Lexie talks with Hope and Bo. They both want Lexie to go see Abe, who has his sight back. Lexie doesn't know. The doorbell rings, Hope thinks it must be Shawn and Caroline. She goes to get the door, hoping maybe they'll get answers about Aunt Colleen. Bo says don't push it today. Hope leaves, Bo fills Lexie in on the Colleen and Santo story.

Hope answers the door, Caroline is here but not Shawn. Caroline says Shawn isn't coming. Hope says he has to come. Caroline says he's not up to it. Hope says this is about Colleen isn't it. Caroline asks if they can drop it for today.

Caroline goes to see Lexie. She's glad to see her up and around. Bo asks his ma where pop is? Caroline says he'll be along shortly, he had business. Bo says today? Caroline says she'll go get those deviled eggs he has been bothering her about. 

Max shows up for the party. He has a present for Ciara, some doll. Bo says this looks expensive, very expensive, he can't accept this. Max doesn't get the big deal. Bo says Ciara doesn't need fancy things to know he cares. Bo thinks this Vegas deal is treating him very well. Max tells Bo a little bit about what he's into, Bo says please tell him this isn't illegal? Max claims they are just the middle man, transporting knock off clothes. Bo says someone is selling them, making this illegal. Bo says he and Jeremy are guilty of complicity. Max tells Bo to have a little faith in him. He says if things get dicey, he'll get out. 

Meanwhile, inside Hope confronts Caroline and asks why she didn't tell Bo the truth about his dad not coming? Caroline doesn't want to upset him. Caroline tells Hope that Shawn doesn't want to dig up the past, he's very upset. The doorbell rings, Kayla is back from her conference. Hope is glad she's back, they have a crisis involving Shawn. She fills her in. Kayla asks where her hubby is? Hope doesn't know, but says he could be at the DiMera Mansion. Hope says he's been spying on the DiMeras for them. Kayla says this could jeopardize his recovery! She's also worried about this Jeremy thing, it's also bringing out the worst in him. Hope says she didn't know Steve had a problem with Jeremy. Kayla says Steve doesn't trust him. Hope says he's just trying to protect his daughter. 

Jeremy, Chelsea, Nick, Stephanie, Jett and Danielle show up. Jeremy finally meets Kayla, Hope leads them all out back. Stephanie and Kayla have a talk. Stephanie says dad apologized to Jeremy for how she treated him. She thinks they are working things out.

Out in the backyard. Lexie sees Jett has come. She tells Hope that she has to go, that's Abe's nephew. She doesn't want Abe to get told about her. Lexie says she can't deal, she has to go. Jett talks to Bo, both he and Danielle thank him for having them. Bo says any family of Abe's is their family.

Hope sits at a table with Kayla, Julie and Doug. Hope says Shawn Sr. isn't coming, but Kayla says she's going to go knock sense into her dad.

Chelsea talks to Max about Danielle, how she thinks she's phony. Max wonders why she doesn't like Danielle? She tells him what is going on. Nick hears them, again he tells Chelsea to leave this alone. Chelsea asks why he doesn't want her to tell Jett? Nick says Jett already knows. Chelsea asks how he knows that? Nick says Jett told him that he suspects she's seeing someone else. Chelsea says this makes no sense. Nick again says just let it go.

Bo suddenly announces look who is here! Maggie walks in with Alice. Everyone runs to kiss her. Jeremy comes over to see Alice and Maggie. Jeremy says Gran remembers him doesn't she? Alice says you remind me of my great grandson, Jeremy Horton. She says but he never comes to see her. Jeremy says sorry, he's been busy. She says she hears, and he has to be good. He says always, she knows him. Alice says exactly! Bo then brings Ciara over to see her. Shawn then shows up, he has Claire to say hi. 

Bo tells Hope what he's found out about Max and Jeremy's little scam. Hope says Jeremy's doing she's sure. They both get a bad feeling, Bo feels they are in over their heads. Meanwhile Max talks to Shawn about how the head mechanic is now running the garage, he's focusing on the Vegas thing. Max says he's a good guy, he just doesn't have a personal way with others. Shawn asks to take it over. Max says if he wants to do this sure. Shawn says it would be the answer to his prayers. 

Belle arrives at the picnic. Belle runs into her mom there. Belle says she was at the beach with Phillip, she saw her mom and dad. Marlena says she saw them too. Marlena says they seemed very friendly and cozy. Belle says they are just friends. Marlena is worried. Shawn comes to get Belle, they head off to talk. Bo talks to Marlena, he says she could use a cold one. Marlena says she could. He asks if something is wrong? She says no, just worrying like a mom. Bo thinks Belle, Shawn and Claire are back and Phillip seems like a changed man. Marlena isn't sure how much Phillip has changed. 

Steve soon shows up for the party. John asks what is shaking at the DiMeras? Steve says it's quiet today, they trust him, at least the old man does. Kayla then arrives with Shawn Sr. Shawn says he needs a beer! John says he'll show them where it is. Kayla and Steve reunited and kiss. Kayla then says she learned he is working as a double agent. Is he out of his mind! Steve swears it's okay, and he kisses her. 

The party ends with the entire family gathering for a huge photo. Marlena wishes Sami could be here, John says Sami is safe though. The photographer tells them all to say happy forth and snaps the photo


July 5, 2007
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July 6, 2007
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