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2nd Week of July 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


July 9, 2007

Jeremy, Stephanie, Jett and Danielle are having a night time beach party. Jeremy talks about how Papa Bear got in his face when they got freaky on the dance floor. Jeremy thinks Steve is way too interested in his little girl's sex life, it's freaky. She says he makes her dad sound like a perv. However Jeremy does say that Papa Bear did stick out his paw and made nice, now they are best buds. Stephanie tells Moon Doogie they should hit the surf. Jeremy says right behind you Gig! They run off. Danielle asks how she's doing? He says the Oscar for best performance of his bride to be goes to . . . .She says she'd like to thanks her parents, God and her husband. Jett says Mark probably wants his wife back. Jett appreciates her help, but he thinks he has it from here on out. Danielle asks what about Chelseliscious? What will he cast her as? He says he's not casting her as anything but a flight attendant. Danielle warns him about Jeremy, he's nothing but trouble. Jett says he can handle Jeremy. Jeremy and Stephanie return. Danielle says she's heading to the hotel, but Jeremy and Stephanie insist they go get wet and wild. They both say they want to get back to the hotel. Jeremy says they seem like an old married couple already. He asks when Jett is going to ask him to be the best man. Jett asks on what planet is he best man material. Jeremy says he throws a mean bachelor party. Stephanie asks when they are thinking of marrying? They say they haven't set a date, weddings take planning. Jeremy wants them to just elope in Vegas, but Stephanie says that is not very romantic. Jeremy says life is too short to wait. Danielle says they'll talk about it and head off. Stephanie asks Jeremy if he meant what he said, life is too short to wait to get married? He's stunned, Stephanie laughs and says gotcha! Jeremy tells Stephanie that Jett and Danielle won't last, she's wound up way too tight for him. He says a few parties in Vegas and he won't remember her name. Stephanie hopes she doesn't feel that way about her. Jeremy dodges the comment and decides to run off back to the water. Jett returns later, he sees Stephanie is upset. He wonders what Jeremy did now. Stephanie just says Danielle is a keeper, so don't lose her. 

At Bo and Hope's, Chelsea tells Nick how she can't believe Jett's fiance is cheating on him. She asks Nick if he's okay? He's seeming distant. He says he's fine. She says then help her find a way to break this to Jett. Nick says she's going to say nothing to him is what she's going to do. He says stay out of their business. She says so she should keep her mouth shut? Chelsea says no, she won't, she's telling him. He says she doesn't know for sure she's cheating. She says if he had a girlfriend who was cheating, hypothetically, wouldn't he want to know? He says no. She says so he'd want her to go on cheating? Nick asks if she's trying to tell him something. Chelsea says this isn't about her, it's about Jett and how he's a good guy and her friend. Nick says a friend who disrespects her boyfriend. She says he has to get over that. He tells her not to tell Jett as no guy wants to hear he's being played. She asks what she does then? He says this and kisses her. He wants to spend the night with her, but she says it won't happen. She says this is Bo and Hope's house. He says it wasn't a problem last time. She says she was caught up in the moment. He says after the crap they've been through, at least act like she cares. Nick says Chelsea says she loves him, but she never wants to have sex. She asks if that is what this is about? He says no, what this is about is she is always talking about protecting Jett. He knows how important protecting people is to her as he risked a lot protecting her. Chelsea says that hairbrush isn't an issue, it's over. He says it's not over for him. He says he did what he did because he loves her, but he's thinking it was the biggest mistake of his life. Chelsea thinks the case is closed, but Nick says not for him. Nick says she's too interested in Jett's life to care about his. Nick says someone else knows about the brush and is blackmailing him. She asks who? He won't tell her, so she says he'll sleep with her but not share parts of his life with her. She says tell her. He says it's her grandma Kate! He then storms out of the house.

In the yard, Bo and Hope are cleaning up. They talk about how Claire was mothering Ciara, it was so cute. Bo says another in a long line of many mother hens. Hope asks what the problem with that is? Doug and Julie show up, they just picked up the fist set of letters from the university. Doug and Julie have also given copies to the Salem PD to give to Sami and Lucas. John and Marlena show up, Doug called them over. Doug asks if Shawn has said anything? Bo says no. Hope feels like this is going against Shawn's wishes, but Bo says it's the only way to find out the truth.

Roman gives Lucas and Sami copies of the letters. Sami asks him to stay and read with them, but Roman has business. Sami says business or Anna? Roman says have a little respect. Roman has to go, but he's also dropped off food from the picnic. Sami wants to read the letters, but Lucas is starving and eating. He says he can eat and listen. Sami begins to read the letters.

The first letter says Dear Senior Dimera, please forgive my chicken scratching. She hopes this letter finds him well in spite of the head wound he took the day they met.

Flashback to Ireland. Colleen (Sami) is in a church praying. Two men ask the sister for help, a man is in need of attention. They have brought in Santo (EJ). He was mistaken for someone else at a bar and was attacked. She calls him a poor soul. She looks at him, the men think he may die.

Marlena talks about how Colleen was a nun, wow. John says no a novice, she hadn't taken her final vows. Bo thinks this is why Pop didn't want them looking into this. Doug says it was a scandal in the Brady past. Bo says for an Irish Catholic family to have a daughter go into the convent was a blessing. Marlena says to have her turn her back on the vows, wow. They all talk about how maybe it was a case of Santo loving her and not Colleen loving him. Hope says no, unrequited love didn't start this. Julie suggests they read on, which she does. Colleen says in her letter that she was so afraid when he was brought in, but when he opened his eyes and she heard him speak, the sound of DaVinci and Dante left her breathless. 

Back to the past, Colleen had the men fetch her some water and a towel. They think he needs a priest for last rites, but she says he needs a doctor. She also says face wounds bleed more and look worse than they are. They ask if she's a nurse and not a nun? She says she is both. Santo is out cold and passes out in her lap.

At the safe house, Sami says she sympathizes with Colleen, those Italian accents can be sexy. Lucas says so because of some cheesy accent her Aunt broke her vows? Sami says she is sure Colleen just found him intriguing. Lucas says so that makes up for a multitude of sins. She says Colleen is a sheltered young woman, she's been brought up in a small Irish town, all she knows about the world is what she's read in books and saw in movies. She says imagine this gorgeous man from another land came in and swept her off his feet. Lucas says they are in a church and has a bump on his head, he won't be doing much sweeping. Lucas says if Colleen left the church because of Santo then the Brady's would have the vendetta against the DiMeras. She says he's right, that doesn't make sense.

Back in the past, Colleen asks Santo to open his eyes, which he does. HE looks up at her and says something in Italian. He thought she was the Madonna, Colleen says no just a novice. He speaks in broken English, asking if she understands his Italian. She says he's in the house of the lord, they know the Madonna. Santo said his father had him learn English for conversations. Colleen says Sister Angelica taught them all Italian, it's a beautiful language. Santo says Irish is a beautiful language, can speak Gaelic? Colleen says she does, they are all blessed with the gift of gab. Santo asked who she was, they both introduce themselves. Colleen says Santo means saint, he must be a good man to wear such a name. Colleen bandaged him and asked if he could stand. He said if she could help him. She helped him stand. She asks if he remembered what happened? He was in the pub having a glass of Irish beer. He was attacked, why? Colleen says a case of mistaken identity. Santo asked Colleen how long before she took her vows? She said it would be soon. 

In the backyard, Doug wondered why a novice about to pledge her life to God and the church was she writing love letters. Bo doubts this is a love letter. Hope thinks the love is there. Marlena agrees, the message between the lines is loud and clear. Julie continued to read another letter. She was writing to him in Italian because Mary O'Callaghan at the post office is far too curious. She was sitting in a chapel writing the letter for privacy and direction. She would not normally write to a man she barely knew, until him.

Back to the past, Colleen continued to tend to Santo's head wound. They looked into one another's eyes. He asks if she was born here. Colleen says born and raised. Santo says his family was in the import and export business, always looking for things to buy and sell. She thought they wouldn't be doing much business here, Ireland is very poor. HE says but is green and good. However it does rain a lot. She says no rain, no rainbows. He said if she ever came to Italy he would give her a grand tour. She asked if his wife would be coming with them? He asked how she knew he was married? She says she didn't. He says she is in Toscana with his son Stefano. He says she makes many beautiful things. He shows her a handkerchief she makes. She says his wife is gifted. She asks if his head is feeling better. He says she is his saint. Colleen said God is his saint, not her. 

At the safe house, Lucas says get to the point where the guy gets her into bed. Sami says this is not a late night cable skin flick! She says this is a letter written by a woman of God and faith. Lucas says and a little Italian seasoning on the side. Sami keeps reading the letters. 

Back to the past, Santo told Colleen that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She asks if he does not see the habit she's wearing? She thinks the knock to his head has done something to him to be saying such things to a Novice. He says God brought him here to find her, she called that blasphemy. She says that blow to his head is more serious then she thought. He says let the lord come for him, he will go as he has seen heaven on earth.

Later the priest of the church returned. He asked who might this be? Colleen introduced Santo to Father Mallory. The father asked about his head, Colleen explained what happened. The father then tried to get Colleen to persuade Santo to make a donation to the church! Colleen suggested to Santo that he be going. Santo went to leave, but she stopped him. She said he should have his head examined. He thanked her and said he would. He kissed her hand to thank her again. He then left. Father Mallory returned and asked Colleen Mary what she had in her hand? Santo left the handkerchief behind.

At the safe house, Sami tells Lucas of the favor she asked of Santo. Lucas says what, rescue her from the nunnery? She says no. She read that she wanted a silk handkerchief for her father. She offered to pay him for it. Lucas says so the DiMeras are after the Bradys over the handkerchief rebellion? She says it was an excuse to see him again.

In  the past, Colleen shows Father Mallory that he left his handkerchief. She thinks it is expensive, she should return it to him. Father Mallory says it wouldn't be necessary. She says she could get a donation from him, but the Father said if he wants it then he'll return for it. Colleen then got some paper and began writing a note to Santo to hasten his return.

At the safe house, Sami explains Colleen just used the handkerchief to see him again. She says obviously he came back, it must be in his letter to her. Lucas tells her to find the good juicy stuff. 

At Bo and Hope's, they are all discussing how Colleen wants to see Santo again and is using the handkerchief. They all talk about how Colleen knew Santo was the one she wanted. Hope thinks she may not have taken her vows, but one thing they do know, this can't have had a happy ending.  


July 10, 2007
At the pub, Shawn looks at a photo of his sister Colleen Mary. He calls her the girl with the golden hair. He wonders why she's coming back to haunt him now. Later Caroline comes looking for Shawn. She asked what he was doing, he claims he is going to work on the books. She says this late? She leaves him, Shawn continues looking at the photo of his sister. He hopes she has found peace and forgiven him. He ended up writing Caroline a letter that he had to go back to Ireland, watch the pub for him for a few days. She catches him writing the letter, she asks what he's up to? Shawn says nothing at all and tells her to go back to bed and he'll be there before she knows it. Caroline leaves and Shawn then locks up the pub and turns off the lights. He looks at the photo and says he'll be there soon, hopefully the good lord will allow them to put the past in the past.

At the safe house, Lucas is giving Sami a back massage. He says his magic fingers are the accompaniment for Santo's stupid letters. She says they aren't stupid. He says fine, they are romantic and sad, skip to the sex part. She laughs. He is kissing her neck, she says these letters and him are getting her in the mood. He suggests she keep reading! Sami reads Santo's letter back to Colleen.

In the past, Santo returned to the church. He told the Father that he is feeling much better, which is why he returned. He wants to chat with the lovely angel who looked after hia head. The Father said she wasn't here today, her da (father) was ailing today. He tells Santo that he'll pass the message onto Colleen.

At the Brady's, Julie reads the letter about how Santo had haunted the church looking for her, but she is never there. They all think she was scared, she had committed her life to the church and was having second thoughts. Bo wishes he could go back and warns her of what was to come. Hope thinks Shawn probably feels the same way. 

At the safe house, Sami has a question for Lucas about people who play games. He asks if they are talking about someone in this room? She says no just in general, everyone plays games. They talk about all the games and schemes they've played, but Lucas thinks it all worked out. Sami can't help but think about Santo and Colleen, she says it seems so familiar to her. She begins reading Santo's letter again. He had begun to doubt what he saw in her eyes when they first met, perhaps it had never been there.

Santo return to the church, a man and his son were meeting with the Father. Father Mallory told him that he was wasting his time always coming to see Colleen. Santo says Colleen asked for something, a handkerchief for her father. Colleen's father happened to be in the church. He said he was Colleen's da, who might he be? He asks Santo what he was offering him.

At the Brady's, Bo recognize Grandpa Pete, he was a bog carrier that delivered peat to the town. They burned peat back then as there was no wood in Ireland. Hope says then the boy with Pete in the church when Santo came in, it was Shawn preparing for his first communion.

In the past, Santo gave Pete the handkerchief. Pete was insulted, he thinks it's a woman's, it's dainty he says. Shawn, the boy, ran off. Pete asks what the charge for the handkerchief was? When he found out how much it costs, he says this is more than a weeks waged. Pete felt Santo took advantage of his Colleen.

Julie says that they only met once and suddenly a line was drawn in the sand. John wonders if Stefano was around when this war started? Marlena thinks it's more of a one way war, but Doug says Pete could have thrown the first punch. Julie continues with the letters. Santo felt the lord worked in mysterious ways bringing her into his life. 

Back in the past, Pete was ranting and raving at Santo for interfering with Colleen's life. 

Sami tells Lucas she really likes this guy Pete. Lucas isn't so sure about him, but Sami knows he'd protect his daughter the same way. He says he would. Sami knows he will be there for them, that is the one thing she knows. Lucas says he'd take on a whole town of crazy DiMeras or Pete Bradys. Sami keeps reading the letter, Colleen showed up with her brother Shawn, who showed more sense than any of the adults according to Santo.

Back at the church, Pete was ready to beat up Santo. Father Mallory wouldn't have it in the church and demanded it be taken outside. Colleen runs in, with Shawn, and says stop it, leave Mr. DiMera alone or he'll answer to her! Pete argues with Colleen, calling Santo a peddler who was trying to sell her something that didn't suit him. She says sorry for disappointing him, she wanted something nice for him. Pete apologized to Colleen. Colleen said she wanted to speak to Mr. DiMera in private. He left, but no before warning Santo he doesn't like the looks of him and never would. Colleen apologized to Santo.

At the safe house, Lucas tells Sami not to stop now, things are heating up. Sami asks Lucas if he believes in fate? Lucas says sure, he spent half his life not wanting anything to do with her, the other half wanting her. She says so he thinks they are meant to be? He says yes. Lucas says things were rocky in the beginning, but they always knew they belonged together. He tells her to read more. She says now he's interested? He wants to see what Colleen does. 

Santo told Colleen ho he visited many times to bring her what she asked for, but Father Mallory always gave a reason why she was not here. He began to think Father Mallory was making excuses for her, maybe she asked him to? She says nothing. Santo thought so, he asks Colleen why he frightens her? She says she wasn't frightened of him, and his hander kerchief is like nothing she had seen. She says that is what attracted her to him . . . them. She just wants to pay for the handkerchief, but he insisted it was a gift and he couldn't take money from her. He says it was a gesture of gratitude for her kindness to him. She thanks him but cannot accept it. He then invited her to come out with him on a picnic, allow him the pleasure of her company.

Lucas and Sami discuss what is going on, whether the picnic is a date or not. Lucas thinks Santo is going after Colleen, but Sami thinks Colleen is the one in charge. She says Colleen took one look at Santo and knew what she wanted.

Colleen told Santo she couldn't go with him. She has given herself and heart to the church and the lord. Santo says he wasn't proposing, just asking her for lunch. He wanted to thank her, to share her company. She says no and he must go.

Julie finishes reading Santo's letter, in which he said God did not bring them together to take them apart so soon. They have no more letters, they are waiting for the next letters to be translated. They discuss how all they know is Colleen was a novice, and Santo was working to establish a market in Ireland. Bo says Pete knew from the beginning not to trust a DiMera. John says Shawn still knows more than he's saying. Bo doesn't think his dad will have to talk, before long they'll figure this out on their own. 

At the safe house, Lucas says that is it? He says he wouldn't have just disappeared like that. Sami says maybe she thought he was trouble. Lucas suggest they get into a little trouble themselves! They kiss and begin going at it.

Back in the past, we sees Santo come to the church and leave the handkerchief behind. He left and then Colleen came out of hiding and watched him leave. Father Mallory returned and saw she got the handkerchief after all. She asked if she could have some time off tomorrow? She wanted to fix the organ and the roof. He didn't think that was something she could do. She says but a stranger is in town trying to prove he has a good heart, he may be able to lend some money to help. The father said he's speak to Mother Superior about it. 


July 11, 2007
At Bo and Hope's, it's a new day. Chelsea is packing up some 4th decorations away. Nick shows up, he took the morning off to finish their conversation. She says he's the one who walked out. He says she didn't stop him. He asks if he can come in? She lets him in. She says she was in shock, she can't believe this is happening and her grandma is doing it. Nick explains that Kate is threatening to get him fired. Chelsea says Kate can't get away with this, she says she'll confront her. Nick says it won't help, he already told Billie. She says you told my mom? He says he didn't have anywhere else to turn. She asks what about her? He says he tried, she was in Vegas, remember? He says he didn't know what to do. Chelsea says who cares if Kate told the hospital, Roman has said Willow confessed and they are in the clear. Nick says the hospital would only see that he compromised their integrity, that would be the end of his career. Nick says Billie tried to get Kate to back off, Kate pretended it was a big misunderstanding, but the minute Billie was gone she dropped that act. Chelsea asks what Kate wants from him? He says she wants the DNA tests from Sami's baby to show they are EJs. She asks if he did it? He says he didn't run the test, but he did make a fake report naming EJ. He says he was trapped, his future was on the line. She says is that all he cares about? He put his career before two innocent children? Nick says that is all she has to say? Chelsea thinks maybe Nick should see Marlena or a therapist. He says all he needs is her. She says she is here for him. Nick says she's acting like she doesn't know what he's talking about. She says she's not. He says cut the crap, why won't she have sex with him anymore. She asks why having sex is the only thing that will prove they are okay to him. He says he loves her, they are a couple, he wants to be with her, what is wrong with that. She says nothing, but it is not a good time right now for either of them. She says she's uncomfortable doing it here like he was uncomfortable at Maggie and Mickey's. He says they have the apartment, but she says the one he got from Willow and it creeps her out. Nick just feels like he's the only one putting effort into their relationship. Chelsea says he's making too much of this, but Nick says she's making him out to be a sex fiend. He says he's not. He just needs to know she's there for him, he's always been there for her. He thought they were there for each other, but he was wrong. Nick says nothing has changed, they are back to square one. Nick says ever since they slept together, things have been different, she's pulled away. He asks if he was that bad? She says no. He says then she must want to be with someone else . . . Jett? She says this has nothing to do with Jett. Nick doesn't believe her. He wonders if she was thinking of Jett when they had sex? She says no. He says then who as it wasn't him. She says fine it was her mom, the whole time she couldn't stop thinking about them together. She says she'll get over it one day, but she can't right now. She says Nick has to stop pushing her. Nick thinks that Chelsea doesn't just want him now, she doesn't want him in that way. Nick then walks out.

EJ finds Tony in a car spying with binoculars. Tony is trying to find where Sami is. EJ says she's in a safe house and it is not the Brady Pub. Tony says well something is going on in the pub. EJ says whatever is going on it has nothing to do with Sami. Tony says Roman knows where the safe house is and he will lead him to his daughter. EJ says he's the one father charged to look after Sami. Tony knows, he made a deal to get the stem cells. Tony says father is dying, he won't be around long enough to make deals. Tony says only one of them will inherit the empire, EJ can have all the compassion for Sami and the Brady's he wants, but Tony says he will assume his place on the throne. EJ asks if Tony hears himself? Tony tells EJ cringe if he wants, but one day he'll find himself in the gutter smelling of urine and cheap wine. EJ asks what happened to him? He used to be a decent man. EJ says he once didn't want any part in this war, he was married and had friends. EJ asks what turned him into this . . . this creature that sucks the happiness out of others. This psychopath who takes pleasure in harming others. Tony can't believe this is the same Elvis who put a bullet in John, who raped Sami. EJ knows who he is and what this family made him, he lives with it every day. EJ says he was raised a soldier, father always said nothing else matters unless you are a good soldier. He believed that. Tony says until he fell in love with Sami. EJ tells Tony he is his brother, join him in ending this vendetta. EJ says if they don't then this won't end well for any of them. Tony ignores EJ and notices Roman show up at the pub. Tony says perfect. EJ wonders if Tony is too much of a coward to look himself in the mirror, to answer the question. Tony says he was a different person once long ago, a respected business man, a husband, a friend to people. He says his father hurt the people he loved, imprisoned him in a dungeon, making Anna think he was dead. Tony says he didn't want to be like Stefano, but he couldn't fight it, the phoenix always wins in the end. He says he decided to get something for his pain and suffering, that was the DiMera empire. He wouldn't be cheated out of it, so he became the ideal son and DiMera. He thought he'd be rewarded for it. Tony tells EJ so what will he do to stop him? EJ says so what, he's following Roman to get to Sami? Tony says by the end of the day he will have delivered Samantha. EJ says Stefano will take his babies, his grandchildren. Tony pulls a gun on EJ and says this conversation is over, cross him and he is dead! Tony says from this moment on there is a race, the clock is ticking. He says Stefano is challenging them, that is why he sent them both on this mission. Tony says the son that delivers to his liking will be the winner. Tony says he has no intention of disappointing him. EJ says he won't let Tony harm Sami or his children. EJ then gets out of the car.

Caroline looks out the pub window, the closed sign is up. Bo shows up, as does Hope. She thanks them for coming, she didn't know what to do. Caroline says she woke up and Shawn wasn't here. She thought he went fishing, but then she found a note. Bo reads the note, it tells her to keep an eye on things, he has business and won't be gone long. Hope can't believe he just left like that. Bo says this isn't like pop. Caroline is worried, were could he have gone all alone? Hope tells Caroline not to worry, Bo will find Shawn. Caroline knows it is about that sister of his. Hope says Colleen's death affected him deeply. Caroline says she kept asking him to talk to her, she chased him away. Hope says no, they all tried to get Shawn to talk. Bo says he has found where Pop is, he's on a plane. Caroline says he went to Ireland didn't he. Bo says yes. Caroline says Shawn intends to go home to Galloway. Bo tells Caroline not to go thinking the worst. Bo says they'll go over there, find him and bring him home. Caroline cries he could get into trouble, he could never come home. Hope takes Caroline off to make her some tea. 

Roman and Anna show up, Roman asks what is wrong? He got ma's message. Bo says Pop took off to Ireland and left a note, Ma thinks he went home. Roman says this has to do with Colleen doesn't it? Bo says yes. He says he and Hope are going to find him. Anna says she needs to eat, what are the specials today? Roman says they aren't here to eat, and in case she hasn't noticed they have a situation. She says she'll faint if she doesn't keep her blood sugar up. Bo says the kitchen is closed, she can go get something herself. She says cook? Surely they jest! Roman sends her to a donut place behind the pub. She says fine, she can tell when she's not wanted. She heads out. Roman offers to come with them, but Bo says stay here for Sami and Lucas. Bo does have something for Roman to do, reach out to Elvis. Roman can't believe this, if EJ raped his daughter would he reach out to him? Bo apologizes. He says he'll handle it when he gets back. He says EJ is the most level headed DiMEra and because of his feelings for Sami, he's their best shot at making a deal. Bo says they have to sit down with them and come to an understanding. Roman says they are criminals and should be in jail, not getting a dinner invite. Bo says he's not talking about the law, he's talking about their families safety. He doesn't want his little girl living in a safe house like Sami. He says they've tried everything, they have nothing else to lose. Roman agrees and says he'll talk to EJ. He says EJ may agree, but not Stefano and Tony. Bo says for now they need to work on EJ and figure out what side he's on. Roman says this is still probably a long shot. Hope returns, Caroline is resting. Roman says he'll make sure someone stays with her. Hope and Bo then head out to find Pop. Before they go, Bo asks Roman how things are going with Anna? Roman says dealing with the DiMeras will be a piece of cake. Bo says that good? He and Hope then leave.

Later EJ meets with Roman at the pub. Roman says his family is sick of being terrorized by the DiMeras, so whatever this vendetta is about, it's time to end it. EJ agrees and he thinks Stefano would as well, if it was presented in the right way. Roman says they need to have family meetings, they want to know how this war started and how to end it. EJ says it's a lovely idea, but it won't work with Tony. Roman says at one time Tony was reasonable, but EJ says right now Tony only wants one thing. HE says Tony is trying to find Sami and is using Roman to get to her. Roman says he is suspicious of any warning that comes from him. EJ says he's trying to help him here. Roman says touching coming from the man who raped Sami. EJ says if Roman spent half as much time being concerned about Sami as he spends drumming up charges . . . Roman says he will nail EJ one day. EJ says listen to him, if he wants to end this vendetta and have peace then there is only one way. Roman says talk to him. EJ says you have to take out Tony. 

Back in Tony's car, Tony calls Bart over to the pub to do some work. Later Anna shows up. He was expecting Bart, he asks what she's doing here? She says she was grabbing donuts and saw him here, is he spying on someone? He says he is, now leave. She says but they never finished their evening. He says he's busy, go back to wherever she's been. She says she's been with Roman, but thinking about Tony. She's been wondering if that old magic is still there, and how much fun it would be to find out. She says did enjoy the candle light dinner with him, dancing, feeling his arms around him. HE says yes, until someone drugged the wine. He then asks her again to leave his car. Anna wouldn't and pulls him into a kiss! 

Bo and Hope returned home to tell Chelsea they had to go to Ireland. She asks about Ciara, Hope says Kayla will look after her. Bo asks if she'll be okay here alone? She says Jeremy is here. Bo says that is what he's worried about. Chelsea says she'll be fine. 

In Ireland, Shawn arrives at the church where Colleen served. He kneels by a pew and prays. He says he came for her, to tell her how sorry he is. Shawn suddenly sees a vision of his sister. She says he's scared out of his britches, she can show him what to do. He's actually having a memory, he was afraid of his first communion. She had offered to be there and lead him through step by step. She explained how it would all play out. As they were talking about it, she said he also had to learn the act of contrition word for word. He said sheesh! She says that he has to keep his promise to God. Santo then walked in, Shawn told his sister they all have to keep their promises to God. Later Shawn sits in the pew reading the act of contrition. Santo has brought in Stefano, he introduces him to Shawn. Santo says Stefano wanted to play with him. Back to the present, Shawn says if only he hadn't met Stefano, if only they had stayed strangers forever. Back in the past, Stefano had two toy cars. He offered one to Shawn to play with. Colleen told him to say Gratzi to Stefano. They went off to play together. Shawn didn't seem happy to see Colleen talking to Santo though. In the present, Shawn says who broke their promise to God? IT wasn't him, she knows who it was. Back in the past, Shawn remembers returning to the church and Colleen was gone. In the present, Shawn looks at a plaque on the wall that says Sister Colleen Brady, she gave her life to God and now she sings to the angels. 


July 12, 2007

In Tony's car, Anna kisses Tony, who pushes her away. She is confused, that is not the kiss of her Tony. She asks who he is? He says he doesn't have time for this, they'll  figure out who he is another day. She says or they could figure it out now. She says maybe her kiss just caught him off guard, she could try again. He argues, saying he's changed. She says what, to be like Stefano? Surely he can't want that. He considers it a compliment. She still won't let up on another kiss. He says if this is the only way to get rid of her. As they are about to kiss again, Bart shows up and interrupts. He sees the lovely Anna DiMera is here, it's always a pleasure. She says yes, his. She eventually decides to leave. Later Tony tells Bart what the plan is. He needs Bart to go disable the alarm in Roman's car for him. Bart says done and heads off to do that. 

At the pub, EJ is still trying to warn Roman about Tony. Roman says he can't kill Tony, it is against the law. EJ says they don't have to kill him, just get him out of the way for awhile. Roman still has trouble trusting EJ here, he is the man who raped his daughter. He says once upon a time he trusted Tony, look at the man he's become. EJ says they both want to keep Sami and those children safe. They argue back and forth, Roman suggests if EJ really wants to help then he'll turn evidence on Tony, get him proof Tony tried to have them killed and testify in court. EJ says Stefano wouldn't let him make it to the court house. Roman thinks EJ's yellow streak is showing. He walks out of the room, later to return to find EJ still there. EJ claims he's not leaving until Roman's come to his senses. Roman still won't trust EJ. EJ says Tony will find where Sami is and he'll do it through Roman. He asks if he knows what is going on right now? Roman knows Tony's in a car outside watching, he's no fool.  Later EJ is gone and Anna shows up. She is hungry and demands some food, saying no more men are getting kissed today until she's bought a real meal. Roman has a situation with Tony right now. Anna says he's a cop, he should know better. Anna says that man is an imposter, he is not her Tony. He asks how she knows this? She says she kissed him, that was not the kiss of her Tony. Roman wonders who it is then?

At Roman's car, Tony breaks in and downloads his GPS onto a portable hard drive. He suspects it will track everywhere Roman has been, including to the safe house. Later as he's leaving, EJ catches him. EJ says he won't let Tony get away with this, even pulling a gun on him. Tony says if he shoots then at least he knows EJ has the guts. Bart knocks EJ out from behind and says "Elvis has left the building." Tony thinks that was Bart's finest moment and suggests a raise. He says get EJ, they'll figure out how to eliminate him later.

At the safe house, Marlena shows up to see Sami. Sami asks about the picnic, how it was. Did Grandpa Shawn tell all his stories about how everything traces back to Ireland? Marlena says Shawn was hesitant to come, Kayla had to drag him there. Sami thinks that is her fault, for digging up Colleen. Marlena tells her how Shawn has actually gone back to Ireland, to confront his past. Sami again blames herself, saying she ruins everything. She was only trying to make a deal, to have peace. Marlena tells her how she cannot go through with this deal and give Stefano the stem cells. Sami asks why not? Marlena says her babies will die. Sami says EJ made the procedure sound easy. Marlena says it would be easy to do after the twins were born, but not while they are in utero. She says the chances they would survive are not good. Sami can't believe EJ lied to her. Lucas says he's only ever wanted to save his father. Sami thought he wanted peace, that being a father changed him. Lucas says he will be the one to protect her and these babies, no matter what. Sami calls Lucas her hero. Marlena meanwhile gets a call and says they have to leave now!

At Roman's, Marlena arrives with Sami and Lucas. She says they will be moved to another safe house, but Sami says she's done with safe houses. Marlena insists, it's for her own good. Lucas agrees. Marelna says Roman will arrive shortly to move then. Back at the safe house, Tony bursts in with Bart and a gagged EJ. Sami and Lucas are gone, Tony knows EJ did this, he went to the pub and warned Roman.  He says the punishment for treachery is death, and points a gun at him. 

At the church in Ireland, Bo and Hope arrive. They look around, Hope thinks so many of his ancestors must have been married here, prayed here, attended services. Bo says the mother superior said Pop came in to light a candle and pray. Hope wonders what for. Bo says two things, either his soul or Colleen's. She says Shawn was just a boy when Colleen died, he couldn't' have been involved. They find Shawn in the church at the alter praying. He's remembering more of his past. He remembered finding Colleen about to leave the church late one night. She scolded him for being out so late. He cried for her not to go, to stay with him. Shawn asks Bo and Hope why they came. They say Caroline is worried, but he says he told her that he would be fine. They want him to come home. HE says they don't understand. Hope says she does, she thinks about her mother's death all the time. Shawn says but she can rest knowing she didn't kill Addie, he is responsible for his own sister's death! They are shocked, but he won't say anymore. He leaves the church. Bo and Hope talk, they wonder if this is why he wouldn't talk about Colleen? Did he think they would stop loving him? Hope believes so. Hope tells Bo not to push him, they may push him away.



July 13, 2007

At Bo and Hope's, Max finds a blond name Ilsa crying on the couch. He asks if she's okay? What happened. Jeremy shows up, yelling at her to move it as he has to go. Jeremy soon sees Max is there. Max confronts him over this girl, what did Jeremy do to her? Max  learns Jeremy picked her up at the Cheatin Heart and slept with her on side. Max is furious with him for doing this to Stephanie. Jeremy says Max knows how it is, he just needed something different. He says it's over, they are cool right? Max says no.  Jeremy tells Max he likes Stephanie, from the moment he saw her he knew that he wanted her. Max thinks Stephanie is just a piece to Jeremy. Jeremy says Max was on the circuit, he knows how the babes are, he played the field he's sure. Max says he at least always got the names of the women he was with, Jeremy apparently didn't even do that! He demands Jeremy at least take this girl home. Jeremy says he planned to, after all he is a Horton.

On the plane, Steph and Chelsea are setting up for a new flight. Stephanie asks Chelsea about Jeremy, what she really thinks about him. Chelsea is honest, she doesn't like him and thinks Stephanie can do better. Stephanie is offended, she thinks maybe the problem is she sees too much of herself in Jeremy. Chelsea says Jeremy doesn't treat her well. Stephanie makes excuses for him, saying Jeremy just gets that way sometimes. Chelsea says yeah, every day of the month without a 1 in it. Stephanie becomes angry and storms off.

Jett shows up asking Chelsea if everything is okay. Chelsea says she's realized not to be honest when people when they ask you about something serious.  She talks about how she doesn't like Jeremy and told Stephanie so. She also feels bad for Max, who is caught up in business with Jeremy. Jett asks if Max has mentioned what Jeremy could be up to? Chelsea realizes Jett doesn't trust Jeremy either! He claims he trusts him with his life, but the thing is that Jeremy often just goes looking for side action that comes back to bite him in the butt. Jett says he's just looking after him. She thinks he still doesn't trust Jeremy, she thinks maybe he's too trusting for his own good. He asks if she's talking about someone or something else now. She says no she's just talking about Jeremy.

Stephanie returns to where Chelsea is. They seem to make up after their spat. Chelsea then tells Stephanie the truth about Danielle, she's cheating on Jett. Chelsea asks if she should tell him? Stephanie questions if she heard Danielle right, or is this Chelsea thinking wishfully so she can be there to comfort Jett. Chelsea reminds Stephanie that she has a boyfriend.. Later Max shows up, saying Jeremy will be here soon. He talks to Chelsea in private and tells her they have to get Jeremy away from Stephanie and fast. Jeremy shows up before Max can tell her what happened. He later confronts Jeremy, he demands to see the trunks when they land in Vegas, he wants to know what they are really transporting. Meanwhile Chelsea and Stephanie talk about Danielle again, they plan to google this girl when they get to Vegas. Stephanie thinks Chelsea will be there to offer Jett comfort when he gets his heart broken. Chelsea doesn't seem to say anything this time.

Outside the Brady pub, Roman, John and Steve laugh over EJ turning on his own family. John can't believe it, Steve says those Dimeras are a nasty bunch of people. In the pub, Marlena is with Sami and Lucas at a table. They are waiting on new safe house for Sami and Lucas. She tells them about how EJ is the one who warned Roman what Tony was up to. Roman learned Tony got to his GPS and found the safe house. Sami is shocked that EJ is the one who saved them. Lucas thinks it's another DiMera plot of his. Sami says maybe not. She says she needs to move passed the rape, which upsets Lucas. Sami says right now she needs to be concentrating on the babies, playing them Mozart, not worrying about EJ and what he may or may be doing. Marlena feels Sami is taking a healthy step to healing, she does needs to be concentrating on babies. Lucas can't forgive EJ for raping Sami and walks out of the pub.

Back outside, Lucas is angry. Kayla is sitting for Ciara, Lucas sits and talks to Kayla about the rape. He asks if he's supposed to forgive the man who raped his wife, could she if she was in Sami's shoes? Kayla explains she was raped once, she understands where Sami is. Lucas had no idea, he says he's so sorry. She says in time she forgave the man. Lucas didn't know. Kayla too thinks Sami needs to heal and move on. However she says  EJ also tortured her hubby, she could forgive for hurting herself, but not someone she loves. They then talk about babies, how biology isn't everything, Lucas will be the real father to the babies where it counts. He'll be the first one to hold them, be there for their first steps, be there for their first words. She then tells him to hold Ciara and give it a shot. 

Back in the pub, Roman tells Sami that they found a new safe house. He says they are leaving in thirty minutes.  Sami goes to tell Lucas. Roman then asks Marlena if she knows Tony well enough to know he's a fake? Marlena is confused. Roman tells her about Anna kissing him. She says why is Anna kissing Tony and not Roman? He says they won't deal with that now, what is important is that Anna is sure he's an imposter.

At the hotel, Tony and Bart set EJ up to be shot. They tie him to the bed, gag him and rig a shortgun so that when the door to the hotel room is opened, EJ will be shot in the chest. They then make the undignified escape through the bathroom window.

Later, Steve and John show up at the hotel. Tony tipped them off as to the fact that EJ was here. They soon realize it s booby trap, this is to easy. Steve goes in a back way and walks into the room to finds the set up. John meanwhile worries, kicks in the door. Steve leaps and somehow saves EJ just as the gun goes off.

Back at pub, John, Steve and EJ show up. Roman asks what happened? John fills them in on how Tony tried to kill EJ. Sami and Lucas walk in at this point, they all look at each other. Marlena says she knows EJ is to thank for saving Sami. EJ says he doesn't approve of Tony's tactics. Lucas starts arguing with EJ, saying this doesn't make up for the rape. Sami says EJ did warn them and suffered the consequences, they should show more gratitude. Lucas won't thank him. Lucas says they are going to a new safe house now. Sami mouths thank you to EJ as she leaves. Afterwards Roman asks EJ to set a trap for Tony with him as bait. EJ says one condition, he goes to the safe house too. Marlena asks if he is afraid of Stefano, or wants to be with Sami? Marlena and Roman both say stay away from Sami if he knows what is good for him.

Outside, Steve and Kayla are with Ciara. Kayla says she misses this feeling. Steve thinks she's jonesin for a baby. She says it brings back memories of Stephanie. She says raising her was bittersweet without him. She wishes they had a second chance to have another baby. Steve says now? He thinks she's kidding, he almost had her. He walks off laughing. It's clear by Kayla's face that she's not kidding.

In a car, Bart asks Tony how he'll explain this to Stefano. Is he afraid of what Stefano will do or say? Tony says he's in charge now. Bart says Stefano isn't dead yet, he'll go nuts over this. Bart says tony killed his favorite . . .only . . . .youngest son. Tony says if Stefano loses it then he'll have him committed, he's already crazy for wanting this family truce. Tony threatens to wipe out the Brady's himself. He says the days of Stefano will be the golden age when the Bradys look back on things.


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