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3rd Week of July 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


July 16, 2007

On the plane, Jeremy and Max plan to look at the trunks now that they've landed, Max needs to see what they are transporting. The girls have gone to the hotel, Jett offers to give them a hand unloading. Jeremy tells Jett no, he has some dealings to take care of with Max so they'll handle it. Jett leaves and Max sees what is in one of the trunks, it's only clothes. Rawlins arrives, Jeremy says Max just needed to make sure they weren't smuggling guns to Al Quida. Jeremy says he can look in the rest, but Max says no. He thinks it's okay. Jeremy again tells Max he's sorry about cheating on Stephanie too. Max heads off and then Jeremy's partner Rawlins thinks that was close, what if Max wanted to look in the other trunks? Jeremy says he knew Max wouldn't. He also thanks Rawlings for the help, saying now they just have to get that big fat check.

At the hotel, Chelsea and Stephanie show up at the suite, which again is full of other pilots and airline attendants. They give some girl the new Adam Sandlar movie, a studio exec on the plane gave it to them. They say it's not even out. She thanks them and runs off. They then get to work on the PC searching for information Danielle. They find out she married a man named Mark Prentiss last year in Pittsburg. Chelsea is stunned, what does she do? How does she tell Jett that he's been played all this time? Stephanie says Jett got played big time!

In the hot tub, Max and Jett are relaxing. Jett sensed some tension back on the plane between him and Jeremy. He asks if everything is okay? Max says just business stuff. Jett says "Touch the Sky" business or J's side business? Max pretends like he doesn't know, but Jett knows they were transporting something in those trunks. Is Jeremy trafficking stolen goods? Max says no. He tells Jett no to tell anyone, but it's just designer clothing, that is it. 

Later, Jeremy shows up at the hotel. He surprises Stephanie with a necklace to go with those earrings he gave her last time. Later it seems there is another tense moment between Jeremy and Max. Meanwhile,  Chelsea joins Jett in the hot tub. She has something to tell him, but she doesn't know how to. She says she was concerned, so she did some research on Danielle. Chelsea says Danielle is married to a guy name Mark Prentiss!

At the pub, Roman, Marlena, John, Hope, Bo and Kayla are all meeting to discuss Tony. Bo talks about how Anna thinks Tony isn't Tony after a kiss. John thinks that is stretching it, who else would he be? Marlena thinks they should trust Anna's instincts. She also says Tony was her friend once, there is no sign of that Tony in his eyes anymore. She also says Tony never wanted anything to do with his father, let alone to be like him. Hope asks what if he's not Tony, what if he's Andre? Again John says impossible, Andre is dead. Kayla asks them to remind her about Andre. Roman pulls up files on the laptop so they can take a trip down memory lane. They begin telling the story of Andre, how he was Tony's cousin who was given plastic surgery to look like Tony. Stefano did this as he was furious Tony wouldn't be the son he wanted, so he made Andre that son while locking Tony up. They talk about how Andre then killed many people in Salem as the Salem Slasher, including Stefano's own daughter Renee and Marlena's cousin Trista. Roman says Andre them framed him. Could he have done so years later as the Salem Serial Killer, only framing Marlena that time? They discuss how Andre died twice, one in the quicksand on the island after arranging for a plane for them all to crash, once in Aremid while framing John for his death. We see flashbacks of both deaths. Could they both have been Andre faking his death? They discuss how last time they did DNA tests on a body and it claimed it was Andre who died in Aremid, but it could have been rigged. They all begin to wonder. Bo thinks thanks to Steve, they'll get answers. 

Stefano meets Tony in a car in an alley. Stefano doesn't know why he's been called out of bed to meet him here. Tony says he had to eliminate Elvis, he became a problem, Elvis has now left the building . . . . permanently. Stefano is stunned. He cannot believe Tony could do this, could kill his youngest son, Tony's own brother. He tells Tony this is outrageous, he is out of control. Suddenly Steve shows up and jumps in the back seat. They wonder what he wants now. Steve says he brings news from the Bradys. He says the Bradys don't think Tony is Tony, they think he's a fake. He says they are calling him Andre. Tony laughs, his evil cousin? He says Andre is dead. Stefano looks suspicious, he says they get points for creativity. Tony continues to say it's preposterous really. Steve says a test can solve this, who won the world championship in some year. Tony yells at him, Steve says too difficult he knows. He then asks who won the 1972 world saber championship? Tony pulls a gun on Steve and yells get out or he'll shoot him! Stefano stops him, saying he's committed one horrible act tonight, don't make it two. Steve says if they are talking about that boobytrap Tony set for EJ, well he put a stop to that, he and John discovered it at the hotel. Steve eventually leaves, saying he'll tell the Brady's that he's the real thing. Later Stefano lectures Tony, telling him he has done irreparable damage to this family, EJ will never trust them again. Stefano lectures him, telling him to be the son he wants, have pride in the DiMera name. Tony tell Stefano he was getting things done, he was getting those twins for Stefano so that he can continue to live on. Stefano talks to Tony (calling him Anthony) and saying he needs to see the poetry in life. Tony asks if he wants poetry or revenge on the Bradys?

Anna soon shows up at the pub. She assures them all that the man in town is not Tony, she shared a bed with Tony. She knows her Tony, the love of her life. She too thinks about how romantic he was, via flashbacks. When she learns they suspect he's Andre, she is upset. She wonders where her Tony is? They have to find him. She says the last time she saw him was 20 years ago when he was lost in some fog off the pier. Where has he been all this time? Marlena says they will find Tony, John eventually agrees to do what he can to help. Steve shows up, he has answers. He tells them how he quizzed Tony about the world saber championship in 1972, Tony didn't know who won. Steve says he should have, as Tony was the one who won it! Bo decides to get a DNA test on Tony and get some answers as to who is in Salem. John thinks if this isn't Tony, and the real Tony is out there, then they may have the weapon they need to finally take the DiMeras down.


July 17, 2007
At the suite in Vegas, Jeremy confronts Max, he saw him talking to Jett, what were they talking about? Max remembers telling Jett all that is in the trunks were designer clothes. Max lies to Jeremy and says all he talked to Jett about was the racing circuit. Max gets angry, threatening to hit him. Jeremy says lighten up, what is wrong with him asking about what is going on with him and Jett? Max says ask Jett himself about what he's thinking. Jeremy says Jett has been sniffing around lately. Max asks if he doesn't have a right to know what they are transporting. Jeremy says Jett doesn't like taking risks and they have a whole lot of cash involved here. He asks again, what did he tell Jett? Max says that they were running clothes, that was it. Jeremy says now that was easy, he asks a question and Max gives him an answer.

In the hot tub, Chelsea tells Jett that she's sorry, he doesn't deserve this. She says Danielle is married to a man name Mark Prentiss. Jett becomes angry at her, why did she snoop in his personal life? She says did he not hear her? She thought he'd want to know that Danielle was married. She says she didn't want to tell him this, she didn't go looking for this. She says she heard Danielle on the phone at the Cheatin Heart. She tells Jett that the person he should be pissed at is Danielle. He says the Cheatin Heart was awhile ago, what took so long. She wasn't sure and Nick told her not to say anything, that he already suspected something was going on. He says great, now she and Nick are spreading gossip about him. He tells her to butt out of his life and runs off. 

Stephanie shows up joins Chelsea in the hot tub. Stephanie thinks that went well. Stephanie tells Chelsea how lately with her it's all been about Jett, what happened to Nick? Is he not a priority anymore? Stephanie tells Chelsea that she's wasting her time with Nick, he doesn't set her on fire so don't waste her time with him and don't waste his time. Chelsea says she and Nick have a connection. Stephanie says a best friend connection, not the can't keep your hands off each other connection. Chelsea says but she and Jeremy fight all the time. Stephanie says yes, she's hated him many times today, but hates when she's not with him more. She says and the makeup sex is great. She says Chelsea needs to find passion or she'll wind up old and alone. Chelsea says if passion is what she and Jeremy have, well pass her some dentures. Stephanie tells Chelsea to wake up, she's with a guy she doesn't want and not with the guy she does. Chelsea leaves, saying she's going to find Jett. Stephanie says mission accomplished. 

Jett walks up to Max and Jeremy and asks what is going on? Jeremy knows Jett is interested in his side business. He assures him it's 100% legit. He realizes Jett doesn't believe him. Jeremy says he had his back, they flew missions together. Jett says fine and leaves. Max then heads to play blackjack at some tables. 

Jett goes to the plane and calls Danielle. He says she overheard her on the phone with Mark, but there may be another way to use her. Max shows up, so Jett says he has to go. Max needs to talk to Jett about Jeremy. He tells him about catching Jeremy with another girl in Salem. Jett isn't shocked, not horn dog Horton. Max says something was off, this girl was crying, she was terrified. Max says Jeremy let loose on her somehow, something was wrong about her body language. Jett asks what her name was. He says Isla, Jeremy claimed he met her at a bar. Jett thinks it was a one night stand, but Max knows it was something more. Jett doesn't involve himself in Jeremy's love life. He says as for Max, this side operation, get out while Max can. Chelsea then shows up looking for Jett. She asks if she's interrupting? Max says no and leaves them to talk.

Chelsea tell Jett he was pretty angry. Jett apologizes. He says she's not the one lying to her. He says he hates himself for being blind and dumb. Chelsea says he had feelings for someone, he couldn't help it. She just wanted to make sure he was okay. She says she'll leave him. Jett asks Chelsea to stay, he'd like that. She tells him not to beat himself up about trusting people, you have to trust people. She says you'll make mistakes, she knows. She asks if he's going to confront Danielle. He says he did, they are over. He says he's the biggest loser in Vegas now. She asks if he'll ever talk to her again? He says why, she's married. He wants to talk about something else now. She says well if he ever wants to talk or needs company, she's here. He says that means a lot to him. They lock eyes, she moves in to kiss him! He says what she's doing. She says she thought . . . He says she thought wrong, she should go. Chelsea then runs off. 

Back at the suite, Jeremy joins Stephanie in the tub for a make out session. Later after everyone leaves the suite, Stephanie takes off her top for Jeremy! She wants him to take something off. He says it will cost her. She says how much? He says everything she has. He takes off his trunks. They then make out some more. Stephanie tries to talk to him about their relationship. She wonders if they are happy, as sometimes she thinks he'd rather be with his friends or somewhere else. He says he's happy, if he wanted to be somewhere else he would. She wants him to say it. He says people say it all the time but they don't always mean it. She thinks he's chicken. She makes the chicken sound. He says shut the . . . and holds her head under water! She comes up, asking if he's crazy. He says he loves her, he loves being with her, not to blow the best thing she ever had or will. He relaxes like nothing happened, she is panicked. Max returns shaking his head as he looks at them. 

In the car, Bart shows up to meet Tony. He says Stefano sent him, the cops are at the mansion asking questions, Tony can't come home. Tony says he has no intention until he resolves this thing with Sami. First he has to wait for Elvis' call. He tells Bart that Elvis is alive, and now he's gone against their family.

At the pub, Roman and Bo offer EJ a chance to prove he means what he says. They ask him to call the man who calls himself Tony. EJ says fine. They have a machine hooked up to his cell phone to listen. EJ calls Tony, who answers. EJ thought Tony would be surprised to hear his voice. He suggests it is time for a meeting. Tony says that depends. Will he meet him alone? EJ asks if Tony will give him the same guarantee? Tony says yes. EJ says he'll text him with the time and place. Roman tells EJ that he's won points. Bo is going to go meet Tony, not EJ. Bo then heads off. 

Sami then walks into the pub, saying she got a message that her dad wanted to see her. Roman explains the price that he had to pay to set Tony up. He says he's sorry, it was necessary. Roman says he'll be in the kitchen, he leaves them. Sami tells EJ she is fine, so are the babies, but that is all they have to say to one another. He says this will take 10 minutes, her father promised him that much. She says then sue. She says she is fine, she is with the cops. He says the Salem PD? That makes him feel safe. She says she feels safer with them. He smiles and thinks she's protesting too much. She says he has some ego. He says she pretends to hate him, but she felt the feelings between them when they kissed. They have an attraction that she can't deny. He wanted them to sit down and have an honest conversation, honest about everything. Sami thinks they don't have much to talk about. He says soon twins will be here, he doesn't want to have to get lawyers involved. She asks if he's threatening her? He says no. She says she's glad to hear that. He says he just wants some civility between them. He thinks they need to sit down with a family court judge to come to an agreement. He says he's sure the judge will rule the children will be placed in her care, as they should be. He would like to however see them, these twins will have two fathers, he will be a part of their lives. She thought he'd want a war. EJ says no, he wants them to be friends. She thought they were be honest? He says this is the best he knows he can get, he wants to make peace with her and her marriage. He thinks they need to sort out what is best for the children, he will leave her and Lucas alone. He says he can see Lucas has her heart and she is happy. He just wants to make sure these children have the best of all their parents. He thinks they need a truce regardless of what happens with Stefano. She wants this to work, she agrees to meet with a judge. EJ wants her to know that he's really sorry. She says don't go there. He says okay. He says if co-parents and friends are what they are meant to be, then that is it. She says it's all they'll be.

Back in the car. Tony gets a text message. He says EJ is disloyal but efficient. Bart knows where the meeting place is, it's a big building, lots of apartments, a nice terrace on the roof. Bart asks Tony what this meeting is about? Tony says this is about talking about family. However he says their meeting will be shorter than EJ expects. He gives Bart a gun, tells him to keep it and stay close by. Tony wants him to take the first clean shot he gets of EJ.

Tony goes to the rooftop to meet with Elvis, but nobody is there. Bart shows up, he reminds Bart to take a clear shot of Elvis when he gets one. Bart then goes to hide behind some exhaust pipes, but is grabbed by Bo! Bo can't believe they were going to ambush the poor guy. Tony reminds Bo that the art of ambush is known to the Brady's. Bo takes Bart's gun and tells him to get out of here. Bart runs off. Bo then reads Tony his rights. Tony asks what grounds he's being arrested on? Bo says attempted murder of Elvis and Sami, and the disappearance of Tony DiMera. Tony says he's Tony and his charges are nothing. Tony says he as no evidence against him. Tony says he'll be going now. Bo says to a dark, dank and depressing cell . . . Andre. Bo tells Andre that they have plenty of evidence, rock solid evidence on him. Bo says they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Tony then gets on the edge of the building, telling Bo he'll jump. Bo knows he doesn't want to die tonight. Tony says there is no mercy waiting for him. Bo thinks they can work something out. Andre knows he has something Bo wants. Bo wants to know where Tony is. Andre finally admits that if Bo does anything, Tony will rot away on the island he's on now for another 20 years! He tells Bo that it's his move. Bo tells Andre to help them get Tony back, once they do . . . Andre then slips and ends up hanging onto the edge of the building. Bo grabs his hands, Andre is begging him to help him. Bo wants to know where the map is. Bo says things happen in these situations. Andre says he can't, he's a cop. Bo says he's a Brady, people will believe him if he say Andre jumped. Andre says pull him up and he'll tell him. Bo pulls Andre up a bit, he wants to know where the map is. He says Bart's back. Bart shows up to try and help at this point, only to make things worse. Andre ends up falling!

Bo returns to the pub, he says Andre is in the hospital, he fell from the roof, it doesn't look good. EJ says this isn't his brother Tony? It's been Andre all the time? Bo says yes. Bo says Andre was about to tell him where Tony was, but Bart showed up and that is when Andre fell. Bo explains that Tony said he was on an island alone for two decades. Andre was about to tell him where the island was, but Bart showed up and he fell. Sami says no last words? Bo says nothing special, he just said Bart's back, he must have seen him over his shoulder. EJ thinks Andre has answered the question, maybe the map to find Tony is on Bart's back!


July 18, 2007
Back on the roof, Bo is explaining to John and EJ what happened with Andre falling and him telling him about the map. Phillip shows up, Bo says this is a crime scene and he shouldn't be here. Phillip says this is a police matter. He says he's been getting crazy phone calls and messages for days now. 

Phillip and Bo talk, Phillip plays some of the messages he's been getting for Bo. We hear a baby crying and a computerized voice saying Where are you daddy? Why did you abandon me? Bo asks when this started? Phillip says a few days ago, he has no idea who it is. Bo asks if he has a kid out there he doesn't know about? Phillip says no, his dad put the fear of God into him about being careful. Bo asks then what he wants him to do? Phillip wants him to find out who is doing this and stop it. Bo says without threats or extortion, it's not a police matter. He'll have to get a PI. Bo says if things change, if threats start, let him no. Phillip then leaves.

John talks to EJ, saying his father is crazier than they thought. EJ says his father would never do something like this, he could not have known Andre and Tony switched places. John says this is classic Stefano all the way.

Later Roman brings Bart up to the roof. Bart says they cannot do this to him, he works for powerful people. Bart then sees EJ and says what kind of son has he turned out to be, he sold out his brother and his father. Bo tells Bart to tell him how to find the real Tony. Bart says he has no clue what he's talking about. Bo says take the shirt. Bart says nobody undresses him unless it's a girl! This is an illegal strip search. They pin him down and rip his shirt off, finding a map tattooed on his back. It's of an island in the south pacific. Bart claims it's a tattoo in honor of his service in the navy. Roman ends up dragging Bart off. John tells Bo that he'll go, he'll take his jet to get there and search for Tony. Bo thanks him. John then leaves.

Bo talks to EJ. He thanks him for his part in all of this. EJ says hopefully this proves he's on their side. Bo says they'll see. EJ says whether Tony's alive or dead, they still need help getting peace. He is willing to help, but don't drag Stefano into this. Bo says he started this, he's caused his (Bo's) family pain not to mention his own family. EJ thinks his father could not have known about Tony, he wouldn't do this. Bo says he has done this and worse, face that and the fact that Stefano will go to jail. EJ says he's dying. Bo says he can die in prison, he can't think of a more appropriate place. Bo then storms off. 

At the pub, Shawn and Belle are talking about moving into his parents garage (I think). Belle asks him about the job interview. She says Phillip claims he never showed up, so why did he tell her that he went? Shawn thinks Phillip needs to butt out. He admits he didn't go. He says he realized he'd be on the road five days a week, he couldn't live with only spending time with her and Claire on the weekends. She is touched. She has one more question, what did he do in Cleveland all that time? Shawn has flashbacks to the call from Mimi. He also remembers changing his trip from Cleveland to Indianapolis. Shawn simply tells Belle that he just hung out at the airport and caught his flight back. Later Shawn tells Belle about how Max has offered them a free trip on the Vegas shuttle, a room and tickets to a show. She's in, as long as Phillip can sit for Claire. Shawn can't believe this, their trip is up to Phillip? Shawn says this is supposed to be about them and no one else. She says they still are living in his house, this would be rude. Shawn says Claire had grandparents who would love to baby-sit for her. 

Later Phillip walks in, Shawn says he doesn't look happy. Phillip says Bo says there is nothing that can be done about the calls, he needs to hire a PI. Shawn excuses himself to check on something, Belle tells Phillip how sorry she is about all this, it's strange and sick. Phillip says speaking of strange, he found out something about Shawn's trip to Cleveland. She says she talked to Shawn, he didn't go to the interview because he didn't want to be away from her and Claire for 5 days a week. She says he just sat in the airport and came back. Phillip says he never went to Cleveland, he called the airport to find out the price of the ticket and pay him back for the ticket. Phillip says Shawn called up and canceled his ticket, he didn't fly to Cleveland. They whisper about what he could have been doing. Shawn returns, he tells Belle they should get some sandwiches and go for a picnic. Phillip tells them to have fun, he has to go deal with these calls. 

Hope and Marlena are at Hope's house. They are talking about how it's been Andre all this time, how Tony has been in exile for 20 years. Sami shows up. Marlena asks where her guards are, why is she by herself? Sami says she doesn't need them anymore with Andre in the hospital and fighting for his life. Sami says in the meantime, she has another letter of the Santo and Colleen saga. She has a letter from Santo to Colleen. Colleen showed up to meet him for the picnic. He talks about how he was thrilled she showed up to meet him, but then unexpected company showed up.

In the past we see Colleen showing up for the picnic, which is on the beach. Santo said he had almost given up that she would show. He tells her how her habit was beautiful on her. She says Mr. DiMera . . . . He says please, call him Santo. He brought her many things from Italy for her to enjoy. A nun showed up soon, Colleen introduced Sister Mary Rose, a guardian angel from the church.

Hope, Marlena and Sami laugh, they can only picture the look on Santo's face when the sister showed up. Sami says Colleen wasn't going to make it easy on Santo. Sami thinks she gets her feistiness from Colleen, though she can't imagine being a nun. Neither can Marlena. They talk about how Colleen and Sami are look-alikes. Sami thinks Colleen is way smarter than she is, she is testing Santo and he knows this. 

Back in the past, Santo helped the sister sit down. She asked for a wee drop of something, so he got her a drink. Colleen tells Santo how Sister Mary Rose is marvelous and she's lucky she agreed to be her chaperone. She hopes there is enough food, Santo says there is plenty.

Sami keeps reading the letter, Santo said this was not the picnic he envisioned. Hope wishes they knew what Colleen was thinking. Marlena thinks Sami is right, she was testing Santo, she wasn't going to leave the church so easily. 

Back in the past, Santo had an artichoke and told her about how if you cut into it and find the tender heart inside, you claim it for your own. She then looked at a load of bread and thought it was funny shaped. He gave her a piece, it was garlic bread and she thought it was heavenly. Colleen thanks Santo for the picnic, saying she's used to potatoes and meat. She said she had to go. He says so soon? She says he wanted to thank her for tending to his injuries and he has. She has to get back to the church for evening prayers. He asks her to stay for a few more minutes. He says his son Stefano is staying with him here. Colleen says that must be nice for him. Santo says Stefano needs a friend, he was hoping Shawn could play with him. Colleen said there were plenty of boys in town, he could make other friends or go back home to Italy to Santo's wife. She thanks him again for the picnic. Santo says Stefano can't go back, his mother is dying right now. Santo says Stefano needs a friend, he needs kindness, he needs someone to help him know it would be okay. Sister Mary Rose says Colleen can't so no to this!

Sami, Marlena and Hope discuss how Santo passed the challenge and Colleen was thrilled at the idea of seeing him again. Sami thinks Colleen wanted to throw caution to the wind and give into the passion she was feeling.

In the past, Colleen tells Santo if Shawn agrees then she will meet him with Shawn. He says she needs to find the time off and a chaperone. He asks why a chaperone? She says they are the rules of the convent. He then said something to her in Italian.

Sami says Santo is clearly a player and knows how to work it. They discuss Santo's looks, they don't know what he looks like, but Sami thinks he must be gorgeous. There is a knock at the door, it's John. John asks Marlena if she has plans for the next few days. She says nothing she can't change. John says once they have a certain map, they are going to go find Tony. She says they found the map? John says on Bart's back. Marlena agrees to go with him. Sami suggests they finish the letter.

Santo had asked Colleen to meet him again without a chaperon. He said he had to, he knew the moment would be lost forever. Back in the past we see them talking in Italian. Santo begs her to trust him, but she can't. Sister Mary Rose asks what they are jabbering about? Colleen says he's just helping her with her Italian. Santo tells her to bring her brother tonight, but Colleen says she can't give him what he wants. Colleen then told the sister they should go. Santo only wanted to be friends, he tells her that he knows they will see each other again. 

John is a bit confused, Marlena tells John that she'll fill him in on the story as it is very romantic. Roman soon shows up with a copy of the map. John and Marlena then head off. Hope tells Roman about the new letter they just got. They are trying to figure out why Santo was attracted to Colleen and vice versa. Roman has something to help them. He gives Sami a photo of Santo himself. She's stunned, it's EJ! Roman says she's not the only one who looks like someone in the past.


July 19, 2007
At Bo and Hope's, Sami looks at the photo of Santo. Hope is stunned, she says she would swear it was EJ. She says he looks just like Santo the same way Sami looks like Colleen. Sami says she needs water and runs off. Hope tells Roman this connection is starting to freak her out. Roman says him too, and it explains Stefano's fascination with Sami. Hope asks if Stefano is trying to recreate the past. Roman doesn't know. Roman wonders where Anna is, she was supposed to meet him here. Roman says if she shows up tell her that he waited as long as he could. Roman leaves and Sami returns. Hope asks if she's sure she is okay? Sami says it's just creepy, she feels like she's a reincarnation of Colleen. Hope says there is a resemblance. Sami says it's more than that, it feels like fate, destiny or something. Hope says she thinks EJ knew what he was doing when he forced himself on her. She says they are bonded for life to EJ now. Hope says her true bond is with her husband. Sami thinks Lucas will freak over this photo. Hope says she can't blame Lucas. Sami doesn't, but Lucas doesn't want to talk about moving on. She says he sees it as forgiving or her having a soft spot for EJ. Hope asks if she does? Sami says what kind of person would she be if she had feelings for him? Hope says you can't wish feelings away and if you fight them, they sometimes get stronger. Sami says she is in love with Lucas. Hope isn't questioning that. Sami says so what, she's totally screwed up? Hope says no, she thinks she's been on an emotional rollercoaster for months. Sami says she should want to kill EJ for what he did to her, she tried to in fact. She explains what she did at the cabin to Hope and how she couldn't do it. Hope says because she's not a murderer. Sami says it's not just that, she couldn't do it as she didn't want him dead. She talks about EJ, how she wants to believe he is different now, she wants to give him another chance like everyone gave her one. Hope says obviously she didn't know EJ as well as she thought she did, maybe all the kindness and understanding was an act? Sami gets he's a screwed up guy, but he wants to be a better person. Hope says he wants that or she does? She says they both do, for their babies sake. Hope can see how conflicted Sami is, about EJ and his role in her life. Sami just wants what is best for the twins. She thanks Hope for this talk, she asks her not to say anything about what they talked about. She thanks Hope for being here when they read through the letter. She then leaves.

EJ shows up at Sami's place. Lucas answers the door saying they've been out of the safe house for a few hours, what took him so long? EJ wants to talk. He tells Lucas that he envies him, more than he knows. Lucas says he knows that, everyone in Salem knows EJ wants what he has. Lucas asks EJ to say what he wants and then leave. EJ says he wants peace. Lucas says now he wants peace? EJ wants them to sit down and talk about the raising of these children. He says he will respect his role in raising these children, but they are his children and Lucas will have to accept that. Lucas suggests EJ give up his rights and stay away from his family. EJ sys these are his children, he wants to be a father to them, to love them. Lucas asks if they will love him when they find out who they are and how they came to be? EJ says that is their decision to make, not his to make for them. Lucas says these children didn't deserve this, but he will love these children because they are Sami's. Lucas says if EJ is serious about wanting to be a good father to these kids, he won't stand in his way. However if EJ hurts Sami or these kids, he'll make sure that he never sees them again. EJ says he understands. Sami returns home, she asks what is going on? No bloodshed? EJ says no, she may be pleased with what they have to tell her. 

On the Basic Black Jet, John is pouring some champagne for him and Marlena. Marlena wonders how Tony is, it's been 20 years since she saw her old friend. John says relax and prepare yourself for liftoff. Anna then shows up. She thanks God she made it. John asks what she's doing? Anna says she's coming with them. They both down their champagne. They don't think this is a good idea, but Anna says she knows Tony better than anyone, one kiss and she'll be able to tell them if it's the real Tony. Marlena agrees, John says welcome aboard. Anna says she needs John's help first, she couldn't get her overnight bag up the stairs as it was too heavy. Later she asks if there is someplace she could change? John says Pittsburg? Anna says Tony's been on an island for 20 years, she can't meet him like this. He points to the back. She returns and has an islandy dress on. She is concerned, she wants to look like she did for Tony. Marelna says nobody looks like they did 20 years ago, and Tony hasn't even met John. John says he's becoming concerned, what about how he looks? They all laugh and joke. Marlena wonders if Tony knows how this vendetta began? John doesn't know, they'll find out, if he's still alive.

John, Marlena and Anna land on an island. They are looking around for Tony. They find a makeshift hut. Marlena and John are talking, Anna's behind them as her heel got stuck in the sand. John wants Marlena to brace herself that Tony didn't survive. Marlena says Tony can survive anything. Tony shows up with two girls. He says he just saw a plane for the first time in 20 years. Marlena and Tony hug. They are crying. He introduces them to some girls who have been here for the past six years taking care of him. Marlena introduces Tony to her husband John. He is shocked, he asks about Roman? Marlena says they are still good friends, he's still the deputy police commissioner now. Tony is shocked. They ask about Andre, Tony says Stefano was in on all of this with Andre. He says enough about them, how is little Sami, she must be grown now. Marlena says yes, and pregnant with twins. They explain though that Sami's husband is not the father, Stefano's youngest son EJ is. They explain how Stefano is dying and the stem cells from the babies are needed to save Stefano's life. They say Stefano ordered these babies to save his wretched life. Marlena says they are trying to find out what started this feud, they know it started with Stefano's father Santo and Shawn's sister Colleen. Tony only heard bits of the story. He knows for sure that Colleen was murdered and Santo never got over it. He says he made Stefano promise to avenge her death. Tony then remembers something else, Stefano holds the key. John says they figured that. Tony says no a little key which he wears with him. Marlena asks what it opens? Tony says all he knows is that it has to do with a vendetta and how to end it. Marlena says they should go back to Salem and get this key with Tony's help. Tony tells them that he has no intention of going back to Salem . . . ever.

Bo has brought Stefano to the Brady Pub. Stefano wants to know why he is here and why he is not allowed to see his son, the one Bo pushed off the roof. Bo says he fell off the roof resisting arrest. Stefano says he'll be interested in hearing Tony's side of the story. Bo says that man is not Tony, it's Andre. Stefano says this is a joke. Bo gives him a DNA report showing that Tony's life was stolen by the person he trusted the most, dear old dad. Stefano thinks Bo is playing a game and he won't put up with this. He tells Rofl, who is there, to take him home. Bo says he's not going anywhere. Bo says they know where the island is, John and Marlena are going to get Tony. Stefano says and if he's not there? Bo says then they'll find a body. Bo says Tony wasn't like Stefano, he wouldn't get involved in this vendetta, that's why he sent him away. Bo talks about this feud between their families and when it will end. Shawn walks out and says it doesn't! Shawn asks what he's doing here? Bo says they know Stefano's old man and Colleen have something to do with this vendetta. Shawn won't talk about it, but Bo says they have to talk about it. He asks his dad to tell him what happened. Stefano says tell Bo how he murdered his own sister! Stefano asks Bo if he didn't know that? That his pop murdered his aunt Colleen? Shawn walks out of the room. Bo tell Stefano he didn't kill anyone. Stefano says don't ask for the truth if you don't want to hear it. Bo tells Stefano to tell him his side of the story, but Stefano won't. Stefano tells Bo to confront for the second time that Shawn isn't the man he thought he was. Bo asks him to help him end this. Stefano says tonight he will end the vendetta his way! He will make sure there are no more Brady's to torment! 

Roman walks in, Bo tells Stefano to sit tight. Roman tells Bo he's looking for Anna, Bo says Anna invited herself along with John and Marlena to find Tony. Bo says she says she's the only one to ID the real thing. Roman says how, more kissing? Bo asks if Roman has a problem with that? 

Meanwhile, Stefano tells Rolf to get on the phone with their associates. They will go after the Bradys with both barrels. Rolf wants Stefano to be focused on conserving his strength and getting the stem cells. Stefano says this is about more than stem cells, it's about payback. He says after 20 years Andre may not make it through the night, he was a good soldier. Later Stefano shows Rolf the key, which he says will end the vendetta. He says it's too bad nobody knows the secrets it holds. 

Stefano tells Bo he's tired and wants to go home. Bo says not until he tells him about this vendetta. Bo asks why he just won't end it? Stefano says for awhile he considered it, but he cannot. Bo says he can't or he won't? Stefano says he'd have to want to, but he doesn't. He will see his father's death wish will go through to it's conclusion, even if it is the last thing he does. Bo tells Stefano to go to hell. Stefano says he looks forward to seeing him there. 

Bo returns home to Hope. He tells her what Stefano said. He's worried, when and where will he strike next?

Over at Sami's, EJ and Lucas say they have agreed to make peace for the sake of the children. Lucas says his opinion of EJ hasn't changed, but he can't raise these kids in a battle zone. Sami says this is a weight off her shoulders. She thanks EJ. EJ says she is welcome, he then leaves. Sami thanks Lucas for doing this. Meanwhile, outside, Dr. Rolf shows up and places a potted plant outside their door. In it is something that is beeping! 


July 20, 2007
At the pub, Max is mixing some drinks behind the bar. Stephanie shows up and says he's looking pretty comfortable behind the bar. He says Pop wasn't doing so hot so he stepped in. She says she and Chelsea could use his expertise on serving drinks. He says he's not a flight attendant. She tells Max how he's got it made thanks to Jeremy. Max says yeah, thank God for Jeremy. She asks why he's always on J's case? He says just be smart, keep an eye on him. She calls him a hypocrite, saying he trusted Jeremy enough to get into business with him. Max says maybe that won't last. Jeremy soon shows up. He says great news, they have a last minute trip to Vegas tonight. Stephanie says this is a bit last minute, Chelsea and Nick had plans. Jeremy says taken care of, he sent someone to talk to her. Jeremy asks Max if he's in for Vegas? Max doesn't know, he's got to work here for his pop. Jeremy tell Max come on, they are partners. Max says maybe he's rethinking that. Stephanie says that would be a mistake, touch the sky is going to be huge! Stephanie walk off to let them talk. Jeremy asks if this is about that girl, well Max was right, he was a jerk. Max says maybe he just doesn't want to be partners anymore. Jeremy thinks this will change his mind. He hands him an envelope of cash, saying it's a bonus from the boss man. Jeremy says it's a bit of profit sharing from the guy in Vegas. Max says keep it, he doesn't want it. Jeremy can't believe this, he says they are in this together, they have commitments. He says take the money and come to Vegas. Max says no. Max walks off, Stephanie returns. Stephanie suggests Max tell Jeremy what he was saying about not trusting him. Jeremy tells Max if he's upset about something then let's hear it. Max says forget it. Jeremy says sounds good to him. He gives him the money and says so they are still partners? Max nods.

Nick and Chelsea are on the beach having a campfire date. Chelsea brought the wine, she just picked it because she liked the label. Nick makes fun of her cheap wine, saying it's not supposed to fizz when you pour it. They laugh and kiss. Nick tells Chelsea they seem to be good now, did something happen? Chelsea remembers almost kissing Jett. She tells him that she's just glad they have a chance to be alone, she's all his for the rest of the night. Suddenly Jett shows up! Jett apologizes for interrupting, he tried her cell but only got voice mail. Jett says they have to leave tonight for work, is she in? Chelsea says of course. She then realizes it is last minute, and she did have plans. Jett says business has picked up, they will be doing a few flights a weekend from now on. He says she has her thing here, it's okay, they have another girl who can fill in. She says no, she'll go! He says he'll give J a call. Nick says hold on a second. Nick tells Chelsea that he thought they had plans. She says she knows but this is work. He says he isn't asking her to quit, he thought the night was about them. Chelsea asks Jett to give them two minutes. He says okay, just call him when she's on her way. Jett leaves, Chelsea asks Nick what is wrong with him? She thought they were past this? He just wanted to spend time with her. He says fine, if she wants to go, go. Chelsea says this is work, if she has to work over time then she has to. Nick asks why she pretended they were going to talk this out? Was that for Jett's benefit? Chelsea tells Nick that he has to let her live her life. Chelsea tells Nick she's going to Vegas. She's sorry their night didn't work out, but if it was reversed and he got called into work, she would have been fine. She says if he has a problem with her going to Vegas for work then maybe they should break up. Chelsea then walks off. Nick calls Chelsea after she's gone. He says he's sorry about what he said. Chelsea says they need some time apart. He asks if they can't talk about this? She says they'll figure it out, but she has to go. He says he loves her. She just says yeah, you too. Later Nick gets another call, it's a doctor from the lab calling him. Nick gets the DNA results from Sami's amnio. He says they are? Nick thanks him. Nick realizes he has to tell this to Sami and Lucas. 

Jett returns to the pub. He tells them that he doesn't think Chelsea is coming because of Nick. Jeremy calls Nick a piece of work, will Chelsea ever get a clue about him? Max says hey Nick is his cousin, don't trash talk him. Stephanie tells them all to cool it. Stephanie takes Jeremy to get a table and fuel up before the flight. Jett tells Max that he and J need to work this out. Max asks why everyone gives him a free pass to act like a jerk? He tells Jett that he told him that Jeremy is cheating on Steph and he turns the other way. Jett says he tries to stay out of his personal life. Max says so he doesn't give a damn about Jeremy's lack of morals. Jett says if Max is concerned about morals then why doesn't he tell Stephanie the truth. Max says she will think he has it out for Jeremy. Jett says she'll have to work it out for herself then. Max says she maybe to in love with Jeremy by then and get hurt. Jett thinks if Max wants to blow Jeremy out of the water than they can work something out. Jett wants Max to get a good look at the merchandise he's carrying. Max says he did last time, it was just clothes. He says he was relieved, the money they are making is strangely large and it worried him. Jett tells Max to spy on Jeremy then. Can he do that? All he has to do is ask a few questions.

Meanwhile, Stephanie talks to Jeremy about Max. Stephanie says maybe max is just more of a small time dealer than they thought. Jeremy says the next time Max gives him a hard time he won't get off so easily.  Later, Chelsea shows up at the pub. Jett apologizes for crashing the party on the beach earlier. She says it's okay. Jeremy and Stephanie are glad to see her. Steph says the other girl is a you know what, Jeremy says and Chelsea looks hotter in the outfit. Jeremy suggests they go. Max agrees to come after all, Chelsea says she'll ride with him to the airport. Jett tells Chelsea that Jeremy was right, she does look hot in that outfit. Chelsea gets a call from Nick, which she ignores. Jett says she did blow him off for work, she can't blame him for being a little upset. Jett then leaves for the airport.

Sami and Lucas are on the couch kissing. Lucas then remembers he left ice cream in the car, it's probably melting right now. She tells him not to leave. He opens the door, in the hall are the beeping flowers. She tells him the ice cream can wait, she can't. He says he'll get seat covers. She drags him back in, neither of them see the flowers. They make love, Sami then gets an appetite for curry. He says are going to have strawberries, that is disgusting. She says it's not, it's sweet and spicy. Lucas says actually he's making dinner tonight. He gets up and checks on the dinner. Sami says she's impressed. He says it's just dinner. She says she's talking about him making peace with EJ. Lucas says make him a promise, when the twins are grown up he gets to kick the crap out of EJ. She says she'll throw the first punch. Later Lucas is feeding Sami strawberries with milk chocolate and whipped cream. They also talk about what the kids will play when they grow up. Sami says her princess is not playing football. Lucas says well his kids aren't playing European style football. Sami gets turned on that he call them his kids. They kiss. Later as Lucas is about to serve dinner the doorbell rings. It's Nick, he's holding Sami's flowers. He says he has to talk to them about something important. She says and he brought flowers? He says no they were sitting her. He says he thinks they are beeping. Sami gets a look on her face.

On the island, Marlena tells Tony that they need his help, he has to come home to Salem. John says Marlena is right. Tony says he can't. John tells Tony that he is the only one who knows what is going on in Stefano's head. Tony knows how the man works, he destroyed his life and that is why he doesn't want to see him again. He says Stefano DiMera is no longer a part of his life. Marlena says she can see why he might not like to leave this island, but she also know he's a wine connoisseur and a gourmet. He says he likes his life here, it's simple, comfortable. Marlena says this is a chance to return to civilization, he as friends he hasn't seen in years. He says there are people he would love to see, but not Stefano. He says this is his home until Stefano is dead and buried. John thinks they gave it a shot. Marlena wants to try one more thing. Marlena tells Tony that she's never known him to be afraid of anything. Tony says he's not afraid of his father, he just doesn't want to see him. Marlena says how about his friends who need him? Tony says they can't change his mind. 

Anna shows up and says she'd kill for a Mai Tai and a Cabana Boy. Tony and Anna see one another. They smile and laugh, Tony asks what she's doing here? Marlena says surprise! Tony says it's like Anna stepped out of the past. Tony walks up to her, but she says stop right there. She says she won't be tricked again. Marlena says this is Tony. Tony says let him hug her and show her. Anna pulls out a gun and says hold it! She says maybe this will help him remember who he really is! John tells Anna to relax. She says they are going to play a little Q&A. She says just like all those years ago on the island after the plane crash. We see a flashback, Anna held a gun on him back then to try and find out if he was Tony or Andre. Anna tries asking Tony the same questions she asked back then, the first question is how much money did he invest in her design company. He says that was twenty years ago! Anna says one more question, who was the man who wanted to put her designs in the European showing. Tony says he can't remember all that, ask him something he remembers. She says game over, he is not the real Tony. Marlena begs Anna not to do this. Her hand is shaking, she says she's afraid this is the only thing she can do. Tony tells Anna if she does this, it will destroy her life too. Marlena says don't do this. Anna says this isn't he real Tony, he has to be Andre. Marlena asks who is in the hospital in Salem then? John manages to grab the gun from Anna. Tony then grabs Anna and holds her and kisses her cheek. He finally answers her question, giving her the man's name, Claus VanZlotten (something like that). He says she was framed for his murder, that is when he was kidnapped. She says yes, that was the last time she ever saw him. They end up kissing. John tells Marlena this could be contagious and kisses her! Anna says there is no doubt, it is really Tony. Tony says he's missed her face, her touch, her laugh. She says she's dreamed of him so many times, only to wake up alone. Tony says this is not a dream. She says promise her that he'll never leave her again. Tony promises. Marlena says Tony? Anna says what? Marlena says Tony didn't want to go back to Salem. Anna asks if this is true? He says yes, but that was before he saw her! Marlena asks if that means he'll come back and help them? Suddenly the two little island girls show up and hang over Tony. John asks Tony will he stay or will he go?

Later John, Marlena, Anna and Tony are back on John's jet. Anna is crying, saying all her dreams have come true. Tony says his dreams have come true. Anna runs off to freshen up, saying she looks a mess. John asks Tony about the key, what it looks like and all. He says it wasn't large, it was unusual as it looked solid gold. He also says the shape of it looked very old. John asks if he knows what it unlocks? Tony says no, it opens the secret to ending the vendetta, the secret is hidden away. Anna then returns. She can't believe he is coming home to Salem with her. He says maybe he could come stay with her? Marlena says she hopes Roman doesn't mind. Tony says excuse me? Marlena says she just meant . . . well Anna is living with Roman isn't she? Tony says huh. 


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