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4th Week of July 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


July 23, 2007
At the pub, Bo and Hope are going over letters. Shawn brings them a drink. Bo feels bad they are reading these letters here, it's like rubbing it in his pop's face. Hope says he'll come around. Hope asks where were there? Bo says Colleen was about to commit a sin. Hope says it's not a sin that  a gorgeous guy came into her life. Bo says she should have run for the hills. Hope explains how Colleen was expected to follow the plans for her life set by her parents. She tries to explain this to Bo so he can understand, saying this gorgeous guy rode up to her on a motorcycle. Bo says Santo didn't have a motorcycle? She's using an analogy, a gorgeous guy drove up on a motorcycle and the girl's old dreams got tossed for new ones. Bo doesn't like them being compared to Santo. Hope says she's doing it in a good way, in a bad boy handsome way. Hope wonders if Colleen wanted Santo as much as she wanted Bo. Hope corrects herself, still wants Bo. Bo says she was still a nun, but Hope says she was a novice. Bo says she still made a vow to God, things were different back then. He says she was raised in a very devout Catholic family. He feels that Santo was taking advantage of her. Hope doubts anyone took advantage of Colleen. Bo suggests they read on. Hope continues reading the letter, Colleen confessed in a letter to Santo that she had seen adventure in his eyes and began to wonder what more there was in the world. Hope felt that Colleen was afraid of doubt. Bo thinks again that she should have going running for the hills. Hope says easy enough to say, but not to do. She says especially after you jump on the back of a motorcycle and wrap your arms around temptation that comes along once in a lifetime. She says poor Colleen never stood a chance.

In the past, Colleen and Santo met at the shore. Shawn and Stefano were playing on some rocks. Santo asked if it was safe, Colleen assured him that Shawn grew up on them. Santo offered Colleen his jacket as she was cold. She wonders what this would look like to Sister Mary Rose. He says she already gave them permission to be here. She keeps calling him Mr. DiMera, he wants her to call him Santo. She says there are rules about being out with a man without a chaperone. He says they have chaperones, the boys. She doubts they meet the requirements. He says yet here she is. She says she should have said no. He says he would have asked her again then. She asks him what he wants from her? He says all he has asked if for the pleasure of her company. She thinks he can find plenty of women here. He says she is a mystery to him. He says he has a deep devotion to the lord, but is puzzled as to why she has chosen this path. She says it is not unusual for women in Galloway to chose the church. He says but she is so beautiful. She says there are many beautiful women here. He says none more beautiful than her. Colleen tells Santo he doesn't seem to understand what an honor it is for her to give her life to God. He says it is an honor, but not one he understands. She tells him this is what she wanted to do since she was a wee lass. He asks how a wee lass makes such a decision? She says through prayer and guidance of her da and ma, and her priest. Santo says if he had a daughter, he would want her to know that she is losing that which she does not know. She tells him not to pity her or she will toss him off the bluff and splatter his ego on the rocky shores. Santo told Colleen that he didn't pity her. She says she didn't pity him either. She tried to express that this was her calling and wasn't for him to question. He gives her his word as a gentleman that he will not question her calling again. She thanks him. He says on one condition, grant him one wish. He would like to see her in a simple dress. She says he is daft! She says her ma warned her of Italians, her cousin went there on vacation and spoke of men who said godless things. He says he'd be an absolute gentleman, meet him tomorrow. She says there would be no meeting. She yelled at Shawn saying they had to go. He again asks for this simple request. She says it is a sinful request. He says to wear a dress is not a sin. She says a sin in thought is still a sin. She tells Santo that she cannot let him shame her or her family. Colleen then grabbed Shawn by the hand and drug him off with her. 

Next Hope reads a letter from Santo to Colleen. Colleen did indeed come to meet Santo in a dress. Bo says he guarantees nothing happened. Hope suggests they read the rest of the story. Bo later takes over and reads the letter, in which Colleen talks about a kiss they shared. She wrote that their kiss was terrifying yet thrilling. Hope says she was on that motorcycle and not getting off.

Colleen met with Santo back on the beach. She was in a simple white dress. She did not have on her habit. She tells Santo that she feels he was sent to her, to prove to herself that she's chosen the right path. He asks if she has? Colleen says she is not tempted. Santo wishes he could say the same. Colleen says she is certain her life is with the church. She says she granted him his wish, he should grant hers. She wants to be free of him. He asks how is that possible? He says he will never be free of her no matter how far she is from this place. She asks Santo what it's like out there, beyond Galloway and the Irish Isles. He says beautiful and mysterious. He tells her about New York City, he has family there. Colleen says her da calls it the devil's den. She doesn't agree, she used to dream of going to see the Statue of Liberty. Santo asks what is to stop her? She says he is a man, men have the freedom to do what they want and say what they want. She asks him to tell her of New York. He tells her about the tall building, that they have restaurants from all over the world, and that fifth avenue is so crowded with people. She asks about the carriages. He tells her to close her eyes and imagine herself in a carriage going through a park in the middle of the city. He also tells her about the most amazing train system under the ground. He says New York is the most amazing city in the world. He touched her face, which upset her. She won't talk anymore. He doesn't want to talk anymore either, he wants something different. He asks her to kiss him. They then lean in and kiss! Colleen broke away and says she promised the church. They continued to kiss though. Shawn showed up and saw them kissing! 

On the plane to Vegas, Max tells Jeremy he want to check out the merchandise again. Jeremy says no. He says he looked at it last time, it was nothing more than designer knock offs. Jeremy says when the plane lands to make himself scarce. Later Jett talks to Max. Max tells Jett that Jeremy shut him out of seeing the merchandise. Jett says interesting. Max asks Jett what his deal is? Jett says he is just interested like Max. Max says Jett is in way to deep, he's staying in for his own reasons, what are they?

Meanwhile in the service area, Stephanie asks Chelsea if she was on that beach with Jett, would she have left so quickly? Chelsea says things are not over with Nick, she loves him and there is nothing going on with Jett. Stephanie claims she'll handle the drinks as Chelsea is too busy lying to herself! Stephanie leaves and Jett shows up to talk to Chelsea. He wants them to talk about last night. She says they don't need to, and if he wants to help her then grab the gin bottle for her. She is mixing up drinks. Jett says they almost kissed. She says they didn't. He says they came close. She knows he's upset about Danielle, but she does have a boyfriend. She asks Jett to just stop getting in their way. She then storms off.

Later Max goes to the service area to talk to Chelsea. Max tells Chelsea that they need to get Stephanie away from Jeremy. She says he said that before, but he didn't elaborate why. He says he caught him sleeping around. Chelsea says figures. Max asks if Stephanie knows? She says no, Stephanie thinks he's perfect in every way. Max tells her about catching him at Bo's place with a girl, who was crying. He says it was weird, her name was Ilsa and she couldn't speak English well. Max tells Chelsea to tell Stephanie. She says Stephanie won't want to know the truth. She says did you see the necklace he gave her? Max says yes, he gave it to her after he caught them together. Stephanie says it figures. Max goes to take his seat for the landing. Stephanie returns, she thinks Chelsea was talking to Max about Jett. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she really is clueless. 

At Sami's, Nick holds the flowers and tells Sami he thinks they are beeping. Sami says it's a bomb! Nick pushes Sami into the apartment and closes the door. Lucas grabs her and says get away from the door. We hear an explosion out in the hall. We then see Nick laying on the floor, his clothes are charred. They quickly run into the hall to check on Nick. The smoke alarm is going off, Nick is out cold. Lucas screams call 911 now! Lucas asks Sami what he was doing here? She says he said he had to talk to them, and that someone left beeping flowers at the door. Lucas says they know who left them. Nick still hasn't come too, Lucas is worried about the gash on his head. Nick begins to finally moan and stir. Sami says the paramedics are coming, he saved her and the twins. Lucas says he is a hero, he saved them from the bomb. Nick says what bomb? Nick is confused, all he remembers is he had a date with Chelsea. He says he has to find Chelsea. Lucas says he has to get to the hospital. Sami says she'll call Chelsea for him. Sami tries, but she's not answering. Lucas asks Nick what he had to tell them, he had something important to tell them. Nick says he has no idea what they are talking about. 

Later the paramedics show up as do the cops. Nick is now sitting on the couch in the apartment. They bandage his head and question him about the flowers. Nick can't remember the flowers, all he knows is that he has to find his girlfriend. The detective says they'll finish the questions at the hospital. Nick says all he remembers is that he was at the beach with Chelsea, the next thing he remembers he was covered with dust and smoke. Nick tells Lucas and Sami that he helped them tonight, so they have to help him find Chelsea. Sami says he is hurt, he can't go any where right now. They'll find Chelsea and bring her to him. Nick says Chelsea is mad at him for some reason. He says what if she's gone? Sami says gone where? He says he has to think. He remembers they had a fight and he thinks he lost her, that he and Chelsea are over. Later he moans saying his stomach hurts. He asks where the bathroom is. They help him up and to the bathroom. Sam and Lucas discuss this bomb. They wonder if Stefano has given up on the stem cells and is out to kill them. Sami says or maybe he wants them to think that. She says she is scared. The paramedics return to take Nick to the hospital. They go to the bathroom, he's gone! 

Nick goes back to the beach to look for Chelsea. She's not there. He ends up calling Hope. Nick says he needs Chelsea! Hope says Chelsea is in Vegas. He says but they had a date. She asks Nick if he's okay? Bo then tells Hope about the bomb outside of Sami's and Lucas' place, Nick intercepted it and got a nasty head wound. Hope tells Bo that Nick is on the phone. Bo tries to talk to Nick, but he's hung up. Nick is now calling the airlines for a first class ticket to Vegas!.


July 24, 2007

On the beach, Hope and Maggie are searching for Nick. Maggie is worried as to where he could be and how bad the bump on his head is. Bo shows up, he says they can stop searching. Bo says he just got off the phone with Nick's bank, Nick used his credit card to book a flight to Vegas, he should be there by now. Maggie says he must have gone after Chelsea.

On the plane, Jeremy talks to Rawlings about the latest shipment. Rawlings isn't happy that his friends keep wanting to nose around. Nick walks on the plane and Rawlings pulls a gun on him. Nick says he's a friend, Jeremy vouches that this is his cousin. Rawlings leaves, Jeremy claims he was just airport security. Jeremy asks Nick why he's here and what is with the do-rag on his head? Nick says he has a beach date with Chelsea. Jeremy says this is Nevada, there is no beach here. He wonders if Nick has been sniffing stuff at the lab. Nick asks if he can lay down and then passes out in one of the seats. Jeremy is called by Bo, asking if he's seen Nick. Jeremy says he's looking at him. Maggie takes the phone and tells Jeremy to look after Nick for them. Jeremy says he will and he'll check back in with them in a few hours. Nick soon comes too saying he has to find Chelsea. Jeremy says he knows where she is and will take Nick to her, but he doesn't think she'll be too happy to see him. Jeremy says there is a saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but there is nothing about the out-of-town boyfriend showing up.

At the suite in the hot tub, Chelsea and Stephanie are relaxing. Stephanie shows off a new toe ring that Jeremy bought her. Chelsea wonders what he did to make him buy her that. Stephanie is insulted, but Chelsea says some men do nice things when their conscience gets to them. Stephanie asks if she's speaks from experience, like when Nick slept with her mom! They get out of the tub and are fighting at this point. Stephanie doesn't appreciate Chelsea's insinuations about Jeremy. Chelsea says take and STD test and if it comes back negative then she'll take them back. Jett shows up at this point. Stephanie says she's going down to the casinos and storms off.

Jett asks Chelsea what that was about. She explains how Jeremy is cheating on Stephanie, but Stephanie can't see it. Jett wants to talk about their almost kissing, but she won't discuss it. She says she wants to relax and goes back to the tub. He joins her and insists they talk about it. He claims it was his fault, he was using her to get over Danielle. She says well she was using him to, so they are even. They sit in the tub and then decide it's gotten a little too hot. Jett gets out and then helps Chelsea out. She slips and falls into his arms. At this point Nick and Jeremy walk in. Nick stares at Chelsea with Jett.

At the pub, Bo and Hope are talking when Anna shows up. Anna tells them all that they found Tony and he's wonderful. She has to run but will be back later. Hope thinks this isn't going to go over well with Roman. Bo disagrees, saying Roman will love having his bachelorhood back. Hope says all Ciara's dirty diapers and butt paste have taught him nothing. They make a bet that this news won't go over well with Roman. Hope wants Bo to streak around the parking lot if he loses the bet.

At the hospital, EJ shows up to see Tony, who is in bed with his arm in a sling and neck in a brace. He can't talk. EJ calls him Tony at first, but then says he forgot, he's his cousin Andre. He wonders how long Andre has been impersonating Tony? Has it been Andre the whole time? He can't wait until father hears about this. Andre mouths something to EJ. EJ can't understand him. Stefano says "he said turn around!" Stefano has been wheeled in by Rolf. EJ tells Stefano there is something he must know. Stefano says no there is something he must know.

Outside Andre's room, EJ tells Stefano that man is not Tony, he is Andre. Stefano says he knows! Stefano has always known. He say that man in there is the one son who never disappointed him, he honors him and that man honors him in return. EJ can't believe this, Stefano has been pulling the strings the whole time. Meanwhile in the room, Andre, who is not as injured as everyone thinks, puts something in EJ's briefcase. Stefano, Rolf and EJ return. Stefano tells EJ he has disappointed him. EJ says he did everything Stefano asked, things others have failed to do. He says he got a Brady woman pregnant. Stefano says what good are grandchildren to a dead man? He tells EJ to go, he doesn't want to see his face again. EJ leaves. Stefano asks Andre if it was done? Andre says yes. Later a doctor shows up, Stefano yells at the doctor no more tests, his son is paralyzed and he wants the doctor go find a cure for him, not run more tests. The doctor leaves and Stefano laughs at his naivet. 

Later Tony arrives at the hospital. Stefano is shocked that Tony has walked in. Tony says yes it is him, his son, he's home and it's so good to be back! He says hello to his cousin Andre too, saying it's been so long. Stefano says the South Pacific agreed with him. Tony says yes it did. Tony warns Stefano that people are coming together, Anna, himself, Marlena, John the brother he never knew he had . . . they will not put up with Stefano any longer. Tony tells Stefano that his reign of terror is at an end, he will make sure of it if it is the last thing he does. Stefano applauds him and says he gets his sense of drama from him.

At Sami's, Roman has shown up to see Sami and Lucas. He wants to move them to another safe house, but they refuse to go. They say they've talked it over, they aren't running anymore. Sami says bring on the DiMeras, all of them, they won't run. Roman says will Sami at least move in with him then? Sami won't, she and Lucas want to stay in their apartment. Roman agrees to let them stay, he will post guards for them. Later an officer finds something, a card was left in a metal case, it says "Best wishes in heaven, EJ." Lucas says EJ did this? Sami doesn't think he did, neither does Roman.

EJ soon arrives at Sami's. He apologizes if his family did this to them. Lucas says if? EJ says he knows they did, he's sorry. EJ swears he only wants to protect Sami and the twins. Lucas and EJ argue, EJ thought they had settled this between them and were friends. Lucas says he will be civil to EJ for the sake of Sami and the twins, but they will never be friends. Roman eventually leaves them at this point. EJ tries to lighten the mood suggesting they play a game of cards, but Lucas wants him to just go. EJ goes to leave when he hears something. He says is it him or is his briefcase beeping?

Back at hospital, Roman arrives as Tony is in the roof confronting Stefano. Roman and Tony shake hands. Tony tells Roman that he and Anna want to have him over for dinner one night, which Roman is a bit taken aback by. Roman lets Stefano that his little bomb at Sami's went off, but nobody was hurt. Stefano of course plays innocent. Roman tells Stefano he knows he was behind it and soon Andre will be in jail and they will all be dancing on his grave. Roman and Tony leave the room. Tony offers to help in any way he can. Roman knows about this key Stefano has, he asks Tony to find out what the lock it fits is. Roman then has the guard keep an eye on this room, let nobody in or out!

Back at the pub, Anna and Tony return together and are kissing. Roman shows up, sees them, and tells Bo he guesses he heard Tony was found. Roman says he has something to do and runs off. Anna tries to go after him, but is too late. Hope knows Roman is hurting, Bo knows he's lost the bet. Later Hope is watching Bo run around the parking lot naked. Roman meanwhile gets a call from a doctor at the hospital. Somehow Andre escaped! The guard is tied up in Andre's bed. Roman alerts Hope and Bo, who just returned to the pub naked. Roman tries to keep a straight face and doesn't want to know what is going on here, but Andre has escaped. He suggests Bo put some pants on so they can go look for him.


July 25, 2007

At the pub, Billie meets with Phillip, who plays the crying baby tapes for her. He explains when they started. Billie believes these are somehow personal. In the background Belle shows up. She asks who he's angered lately? He says he'll work on that list. She says in the meantime she'll call his cell carrier to find out where they are coming from. Phillip asks why she's not asking if he has a kid out there he's not talking about, as Bo asked him that. Billie says she knows he would have told her. She give him a hug and walks off. 

Shawn talks to Bo. Bo explains to Shawn that Andre escaped, his paralysis act was just that, an act. He says all Bradys need to be on guard. Bo asks Shawn what is up with him? Shawn says he's thinking about asking Belle to marry him. Bo is happy, but Shawn is worried she might not say yes. Bo says why wouldn't she? Shawn wishes he was making some more money. Bo thinks the problem is Phillip. Bo tells Shawn that all young couples have money problems. They talk about how Shawn and Belle are still living with Phillip, how they need to find a place of their own. Bo says proposing won't make moving out happen any faster. Bo also knows being around Phillip, who is playing second daddy to Claire, must be hard. He tells Shawn to get his money together, get a place of his own and then pop the question. Roman shows up to talk to Bo, so Shawn leaves them.

Phillip talks to Belle. She is putting food together for a night at the beach with Shawn. Phillip has something for her, giving her a bag. He bought a bunch of clothes for both her and Claire. He found a catalogue at the house she had marked up, that's how he knew what to get. She says this is sweet, but she can't accept this. Phillip thinks it is because of Shawn. Phillip says he can send it back, but he thinks she should give Shawn a chance to realize he's done this for both of them.

Shawn goes into the pub and sits down at Billie's table. She is just getting off the phone. Shawn asks Billie if she has a quick minute. He shows her a ring to get her opinion on it. Billie says wow! Shawn says she takes it she likes it. He then asks if some guy used this to pop the question, what would she say. She says she'd say yes. She knows this is for Belle. Shawn says he's going to propose to her tonight. Billie says good luck.

Shawn goes over to where Belle and Phillip are. He asks Belle if she's ready to go? He then asks what is with all the clothes? Belle tells him a little fib about where they came from, to cover for Phillip. Shawn takes off to get his things, Phillip can't believe she did that. She says it was just a tiny little fib, like the one he told her about where he was the day of the interview. Shawn returns and he and Belle head off for the beach.

Later Billie talks to Phillip. The calls are coming from Indianapolis, does he know anyone there? He doesn't. Billie says not to worry, she'll find out who this joker is.

At the beach, Shawn and Belle are enjoying the night sky. Shawn then pulls out the box and hands it to Belle. He asks Belle Black if she will marry him!

At Sami's place, EJ asks if it is just him or is his briefcase beeping? Sami says not again! Lucas pushes her out of the way, screaming it's a bomb! EJ opens his case and a gas sprays out at all of them. Later EJ and Lucas wake up. EJ says it was either. Lucas then realizes Sami is gone. Roman and Bo soon show up, they all realize Stefano and Andre were in on this together. Lucas says it's the babies, they are going to kill the babies. Roman won't let Lucas run off and do something stupid, but EJ says Lucas is right. He says his father does want the babies and will do anything he has to to save his life, even sacrifice the babies. Bo and Roman ask Lucas to wait here, they will handle Andre and the DiMeras. Lucas wants to go with them, but Roman says he'll slow them down. He also says if Sami can get to a phone she will call. Lucas says he'll stay here. Roman and Bo leave. Once they are gone, EJ tells Lucas they have to go find Sami. Lucas says Roman told them to stay here, but EJ thinks they can work together and save Sami.

In Vegas, Chelsea is not happy to see Nick show up with Jeremy at the suite. She asks what he's doing here? He says they had a date. She says had, it was called off. She asks what is wrong with him? Jeremy says he got a bump on his head. Nick says there was a bomb. He doesn't want to talk about it, he wants to know what she's doing with Jett. She says she slipped getting out of the hot tub and Jett helped her, that is all. Nick thinks Chelsea isn't happy to see him, Jett agrees. Jett thinks Nick needs to take a nap, he doesn't look good. Jett pretends to pick a fake fight with Jett, who is puzzled. Chelsea also doesn't understand what is going on with Nick. Nick leaves and Chelsea talks to Jett about the way Nick is acting. She doesn't like that he's acting like some little lost puppy who follows her around everywhere. They go down to the casino to party. Meanwhile Nick is in a room and unpacks his suitcase.

Jeremy ends up going into the hot tub and is joined by Stephanie. As they kiss, Stephanie can't stop thinking about her talk with Chelsea earlier about Jeremy. She wonders if he's feeling guilty about anything, but he has no idea where that is coming from. He asks if someone has said something to her? Was it Max? She says no. He tells her there are people out there who would spread a lot of lies about him. She doesn't like people talking about him, but he says it will happen in business. She asks what they are saying? Jeremy gets an attitude and says don't play dumb. He then storms off. Stephanie wonders what his problem is?

Max is in the casino playing. Max hears a voice he recognizes, Ilsa is in the casino with an older man, they are flirting. Max sees Ilsa, and she sees Max  looking at her. When the man leaves her side, Max approaches Ilsa. He introduces himself, asking if she is okay. She says she can't talk to him, but it was nice seeing him again. Her date returns and says the little lady is with him so back off! Max says he's just talking to her. The guy ends up trying to pick a fight with Max, but Max throws him onto the bar. Ilsa is angry, slaps Max and says stay the hell out of her business! Ilsa then runs off. Soon Jett and Chelsea show up. Max asks Jett if he's seen a girl name Ilsa here, she was who he caught Jeremy with earlier. Jett hasn't, but if Max sees her then point her out to him. 

Later Jeremy shows up, he then pays Max some more of his take for their business. He then gives Stephanie some money to go buy some stuff. She wants them to go to dinner with her parents when they get back to Salem, they did promise them. He doesn't want to talk about this now and blows her off. He walks off. Meanwhile Chelsea sees Jeremy blow Stephanie off. She decides to go talk to her about Jeremy. She thinks Stephanie needs to know Jeremy is cheating. Jett thinks that is a bad idea. Suddenly Nick shows up dressed in a suit ready to gamble.


July 26, 2007
In Vegas, Jeremy is searching for someone as Stephanie wants to talk. He says he's busy, she wonders who he's looking for? She won't leave him alone until he agrees to have dinner with her parents. He says sure. She lets him go, which Max watches.

Jeremy finds Isla and yells at her for being in the casino, she has to stay out of sight and do her job. Max finds them and asks what is her job? Jeremy claims he doesn't know, she's just here to party. Max saw her run from him in the casino and he saw Jeremy following her. Max won't let Jeremy out of this. He wants to know what Jeremy is up to. Jeremy claims he doesn't know why Ilsa is here and tells Ilsa to tell Max why she's here. Ilsa claims she comes here many times, she knows people, it is not his business. Max doesn't believe her, he doesn't believe Jeremy. He says something stinks here. Jeremy says if he is dirty then Max is worse as he's in on it knowingly. They continue arguing, Max ends up giving Jeremy his money back. Jeremy says if Max wants out then fine. He says go back to Salem where it is nice and safe, their partnership is over. Max says he will keep his mouth shut about what Jeremy is doing, unless he's doing more than running designer knock offs. Max then storms out. 

Later Max finds the guy Ilsa was with earlier. The guy asks who Max is, her pimp? Max learns that Ilsa is in fact a prostitute, who goes by the name Candy Cane. Max demands a number to get in touch with her and now.

Nick shows up at the casino to gamble. Chelsea is trying to convince him not to play. She says he's never going to win, nobody does. Nick says he does, pointing to Jerry Springer! Pete (aka Jerry Springer) has two blonds kissing on him. Chelsea keeps lecturing Nick. He calls her a buzz kill, saying it's like having a nagging wife without being married. She says fine, lose his shirt, see if she cares. She walks off. Pete keeps on winning. He decides his two friends are a bit dirty and he needs to go give them a bath. He sends them up to his suite and says he'll be there soon. Pete then talks to Nick, saying he saw his lady split. He says they disappear when you start losing. Nick says she didn't want him gambling. He says then start winning. Pete introduces himself to Nick. He gives him some tips, saying he needs to start growing some hair! Nick takes his tips as insults, saying that he's not a man. Pete says all he's telling him is that he's not playing. He says there are forces out there in the universe, they are out there to be influenced. He says if Nick is going to gamble then gamble. Nick thinks he'll stick to his current plan and small bets. Pete says that doesn't seem to be working. Pete gives him another tip, he has a good luck charm which he shows Nick. Nick says a marble? Pete says no, his pappy's glass eye. Nick says that is gross. Pete says his pappy taught him everything he knows about cards, though his luck was lousy. He says he got caught with a marked deck, was beat up and some guys took out his eye. Pete says that is when he found the glass eye in a pawn shop, and afterwards he started winning big. Pete says he carries that eye with him to every casino, it never lets him down. Pete says don't call the eye gross, feel it, use it, own it! Pete suggests Nick start betting. Nick soon starts winning big and a crowd is gathered around him. Nick decides to do something big for that girl he's here with, once in a life time. Pete tells Nick the eye is good for only one more hand, so Nick decides to bet it all. The dealer says the table has a 1000 dollar limit. Pete says bend the rules this once, which the dealer does. The Pete knows Nick will win though because he's been counting cards. Nick wind 50,000 dollars and then runs off.

Chelsea sits with Stephanie at the bar. Chelsea says Nick is out of control, he's going to lose it all. She says what does she care, she's over him isn't she. She says he's still a good guy, unlike Jeremy. Stephanie asks Chelsea what her problem is? Is she jealous that the best she ever had is a geek like Nick? Chelsea says she is not jealous of Jeremy. Stephanie tells Chelsea if she has something to say about Jeremy then say it. Chelsea says okay, he's cheating on her. Stephanie says Jeremy would never cheat on her. Chelsea says Max saw him at Bo and Hope's house with a girl and Jeremy said it was a one night stand. Stephanie says that is a lie and she thinks she and Max are rotten friends. She says she hates them both! Chelsea says Max wanted her to tell her sooner, but she couldn't. She knew this would upset her, like she was upset about Nick and her mom. Stephanie says it's not true. Chelsea says whatever. Stephanie says if it is true, which it is not, what would she do. Chelsea says after getting back at him, she'd get in his face and make sure he never hurt her again. Chelsea says but then again, Stephanie won't do that as Jeremy would never cheat on her. She then walks off.  Later Chelsea returns to Stephanie and asks if she's still mad? Jeremy shows up, Chelsea decides to leave them. Jeremy doesn't get Chelsea, she's so hot, so why she's tied to that loser Nick. Stephanie says Nick isn't a loser, he's just different. He suggests they go upstairs and he give her a back rub. She says that always leads to sex, and she's not in the mood.  Meanwhile Chelsea learns that Nick won a ton of money. He says they are rich, in Vegas, let's get married! 

Elsewhere, the dealer at the table asks Pete why he did that? Pete says he is a sucker for love and walks off. Pete then gives the glass eye back to a janitor with an eye patch, it was his and he lost it. It turns out Pete found it under the table! (I think it was implied that Pete owned the casino). 

At the Brady Pub, Kayla meets up with Steve, who is behind the bar. She asks if her parents are still at the movies. He says yes. She stopped by Hope's on the way here to see Ciara. She took all sorts of photos while there. Steve thinks the baby doesn't like him. Kayla brings up the idea of them having another baby again. He knows she's been dropping the hints. She thinks they are lucky to have this second chance. He says yes, you and me. She says and baby makes three. Steve says he's just not there yet. Kayla says if the discussion ends here then she'll have to accept it. He says it ends here. She of course says she can't accept it! Steve is serious. He says there are a lot of things he's good at, but being a dad is one of them. Steve thinks they are happy right now, they don't need a baby. She thinks it would just make their lives richer. Steve says he has holes in his past, he may have once been good with kids, but he's not anymore. He says his memory is sketchy, he flies off the handle, he still has trust issues. Kayla says a child of their would love him as much as she does. He is worried it might not. She says impossible. She says he has so much love to give. Steve says Jeremy's parents probably think they raised a good person, he doesn't want a kid like him. Steve tells Kayla he's sorry but having a kid just isn't for him. Later Steve admits to Kayla she now has him thinking about another kid, maybe she should have gone into sales rather than medicine. However he says no decisions until they really talk it through. 

On the beach, Shawn asks Belle to marry him and hopes for an answer. Belle is in shock, she thought they would wait until they were settled. Shawn says they've done enough waiting. He wants her to marry him. They kiss. He asks if that is a yes? She talks about how she's dreamed of this moment. She says in some ways they've been together for a long time, in some ways they haven't been. He says if this is a right guy wrong time thing, he can live with that . . . as long as he knows one day soon she'll be Mrs. Shawn Brady. Shawn says he loves her and wants to make this official. She says this isn't about Phillip? He says he won't deny he wants Phillip out of their lives. She says they don't have to marry to do that. He says have to? He wants to get married. She does too. He asks why she's hesitating. She just wants to be sure. He can't give her a guarantee that they'll never fight again. He says whatever it takes to be happy, he'll do it. She says so will I. He says so? He says all this time he thought it was all him, that he was the one who had a lot of growing up to do. He says he guesses he's not the only one. He says he's sorry, that came out wrong. He says they don't have to do this tonight, if she wants advance notice next time then he'll give it to her. They end up in some kind of tickle fight which leads to kissing on the beach. They soon end up talking, Belle tells Shawn that she knows he blew off the job in Cleveland and that he didn't even get on the plane. He realizes Phillip told her. Shawn says he didn't take the job because of Phillip, everything they would have had would have been because of Phillip. He says working at the garage may not pay as much, but he is around to be with her and Claire. She gets that, she understands, but if he didn't go to Cleveland then where did he go all day? Shawn lies and says he didn't go anywhere or do anything, he just drove around. She asks why he didn't just go back to his dad's house. He didn't want to see the look on her face. She says she's sorry. Shawn knows he messed things up. She says they both did. She says if something isn't right for him then it's not right for her. Shawn asks what they do now? She then gets down on one knee and asks Shawn to marry her! He says yes. They then kiss. 


July 27, 2007
In Vegas, Nick asks Chelsea what she says? She says what? He forgot she was a traditionalist. He gets down on one knee and proposes. She thinks he's drunk, but he says no he's high on life. He thinks life will be good with what he won tonight. He wants her to do it, take a gamble. She says a gamble would be dying her hair, not getting married on a whim. She is not laughing about this. He thinks he needs a ring, so he makes one out of a cherry stem. She says wow he's put a lot of thought into this. He says he'll buy her a real ring later, money is no object. She says she can't be bought. He says he's not trying to buy her, he wants to be her husband. She asks if he honestly thought she'd say yes? She tells him no, now go away. Nick says important people get married on a whim all the time, look at Britney Spears. She says not a good example. Nick says they love each other, it's time to bump it up. She says no. He says no she doesn't want to get married or is this about a problem she has with him? She says she doesn't want to marry him or anyone right now. He says she should be flattered he asked her to marry him. She says Jeremy says he got bumped on the head, this isn't him. She says he needs to have his head examined. He says he'll get an MRI after the wedding. She says they aren't getting married. He says he is, with or without her. She says she'll send a gift and storms off.

Stephanie confronts Jeremy about his one night stand, who is she or has he been sleeping with her all along. She says Max told her about the slut at her Uncle Bo's, good luck trying to talk his way out of it. He asks what Max said to her? She says nothing, he told Chelsea and it came from her. He says so she believes Max and Chelsea over him? She says right now yes. Jeremy says this was a misunderstanding, Max got his facts mixed up. He says Max saw a girl and assumed. She says so there was a girl? He says he didn't sleep with her, she was Kai Rawlings friend. He says she was in Salem and Kai had him send her to Vegas. He swears he didn't sleep with her, she's not his type anyways. Jett then shows up and says they missed out on Nick winning 50,000 dollars. Jett says then he asked Chelsea to marry him. They watch Nick with Chelsea and see Chelsea storm off. Jett decides to go check on her. Stephanie then tells Jeremy she will ask Max about this girl, if he's lying . . . Jeremy says do what she wants to, he has business.

Jeremy goes to talk to Nick. He tries to convince Nick to invest in his business and double his cash. Jeremy says one of his investors backed out, so he's giving Nick a shot. Nick asks what he's investing in? Jeremy says clothes and merchandise. Nick says he doesn't know. Jeremy asks where the Nick that risked everything tonight? Nick says he has to go, good luck though. 

Jett talks to Chelsea to see if she's okay. He takes it she said no to Nick. She says yes. She's angry because Nick expected her to say yes. Jett says at least the guy knows what he wants. She asks what about what she wants? She wants a lot, the last thing she needs is to be tied down with a husband. She says she needs someone who understands her, trusts her, doesn't feel so insecure. Jett says cut him a break, he's not himself right now. Chelsea says she's cut him too many breaks, it's over and he needs to grow up and accept that. Jett thinks Chelsea is trying to convince herself now. He says they should talk, who knows, Nick might surprise her.

Nick joins Stephanie in a drink. They are both having a lousy night, aside from Nick winning 50,000 dollars. Stephanie asks Nick what Jeremy was asking him about? Nick says he wanted him  to invest in his business. Nick tells Stephanie he knows she's his girlfriend, but he doesn't trust him. She says she's been getting that a lot lately. Stephanie leaves and then a woman sits next to Nick asking him to buy her a drink. She says her name is China Lee, named after the country she was conceived in. 

Later Nick and China run into Jett and Chelsea. He introduces China as the future Mrs. Nick Fallon! Chelsea says he is out of his mind. Nick says don't offend China here, she's sensitive. Chelsea wonders what he's trying to prove. He says he's not the kind of guy who waits around. He says they should go get married. He and China walk off. China says they aren't really going to . . . Nick says no, he thanks her for helping him out. He says he'll buy her a drink.

Isla shows up to see Max at his suite. She says she doesn't have time for this. He knows who she is and he paid a nice chunk of change for her, so get into his room now. She says fine, does he have protection? She says he just wants to talk about Jeremy, how does she know him. She asks why does he want to  know the answers? Max says Jeremy is bad news. She says she met Jeremy at a bar. Max asks where, here or Salem? Why was she crying when they met? How did she get here selling herself? She won't answer, so he threatens to call immigration. She says she is from Slovakia and cannot go back. She claims she met Jeremy in Salem, she was told she could get a job from him. Max asks Ilsa to help him out. He asks if she knows Kai Rawlings? Suddenly Jeremy shows up and catches them together. Ilsa takes off after saying she didn't say anything. Jeremy tells Max he's getting on his nerves. Max says likewise. Max wonders how many more Ilsa's are out there? He warns Jeremy he won't let up until he finds out the whole story. Stephanie shows up wondering what is going on? Max leaves. Stephanie asks what is going on? Jeremy says nothing, Max is being a drama queen.

Later, Max is accosted by two thugs who say someone wants to talk to him. As he's taken off, Kai follows them. 

In Salem at the police station, Bo talks to Lexie. She's worried Abe might show up, but Bo says he won't be in. Bo says Abe would love to see her, but Lexie says he's better off without her. Bo says Abe will forgive her. John soon shows up to meet with them. John called this little meeting. He needs Lexie to do them a favor. John wants Lexie to be the bait to hook Andre. Bo says no, Lexie has suffered enough at their hands. John says and Sami is suffering now. Lexie says she wants to help, she needs to help. Bo says Abe and Theo could lose her again. Lexie says this is her chance to do something right. She asks what she has to do. John has a cell phone, with the same number as Stefano's. He's going to send Andre a text and have Andre meet Lexie at the riverfront. He'll show up, Bo will nab him. Lexie and John send Andre the text. Bo goes to round up backup. John thanks Lexie for doing this, he knows she and Sami had their differences. Lexie says she does hope Sami's okay and she would like to put their past behind them. John thinks Sami will agree. John gets a response, Andre bought it. 

At Lucas and Sami's, Marlena is with Lucas and EJ. Lucas says the cops can't find anything. EJ thinks this is just one of his family's scare tactics. EJ says he is sorry. Marlena says as sorry as he was when he raped Sami, when he shot John? How does she know he's not behind this. EJ says he cares deeply for Sami. She says then prove it, call his father and make him get Sami back here. Roman shows up, he can't find them anywhere, it's like they dropped off the face of the earth. Lucas says props to the Salem PD, what are they batting zero now? Roman says they are doing everything they can. Tony then shows up, he has news of Sami. Tony says Stefano's plane took off from a private airfield. They are over international waters, they don't intend to land. He's going to be airborne while they do the operation. Marlena says this is a delicate operation, what if there is turbulence? Tony says he doesn't have a choice. EJ says they have to land eventually, he needs fuel. Tony says he'll be refueling in flight, none of them will be seeing Sami anytime soon. EJ thinks they need to take some action, Stefano has to be in contact with air control. Roman says good idea. He'll go to the station and get on it. Lucas and EJ both want to go. Roman says they have to follow his orders. Roman promises Marlena that they will find Sami. 

Marlena looks at a photo of Sami. Tony stays with her to comfort her. Tony tells Marlena that if there is living proof that Stefano doesn't always prevail, it is him. There is a knock at the door, it's John. Marlena is glad to see him. John asks how she's holding up. Marlena says not so well. John says they will find her, in the mean time he has some news. Tony meanwhile checks his phone and says he has to go. He then leaves. John asks Marlena how she'd like to see Andre behind bars? John fills her in on the plan to catch Andre and hopefully find Sami. Marlena tells John he is wonderful, they kiss. 

Back at the station, EJ and Lucas are looking over some numbers for Roman, nothing is panning out. EJ tells Lucas that they will find them. Lucas says it's not his wife in the hands of a madman. EJ says but his children are. EJ tells Lucas that he's trying to make changes in his life because of those twins, now that he's faced with losing them, it puts things into focus. EJ says he is truly sorry for everything he's put him through, he's a good father to Will and will be a good father to the twins. Lucas says he will be. Roman says he has some news, they have a location on the plane. 

Meanwhile Bo and Lexie make plans to go to the wharf to meet Andre. Bo says she can still back out, but she wants to do this. He says he's proud of her and Abe will be too. 

Stefano, in red silk PJs, is on a plane with Bart, who is nursing his jaw. Sami decked him. Rolfe is tending to Sami, who is out cold. Rolfe says she'll soon be ready to make her charitable donation. Stefano says youth is wasted on the young, what he'd give to go back to those days. He looks at Sami and wonders if he will forgive him for doing this. Rolfe says who? Stefano says him, is he sacrificing his place by his side for a few more years on this earth? Rolfe says he's only doing what he must to survive. Stefano says he would have preferred to wait till they were born. Rolfe says time is a luxury he doesn't have. Stefano wishes it could be different, but they must make this sacrifice. Later both Stefano and Sami are on tables waiting for the procedure to begin.


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