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1st Week of June 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


June 4, 2007
Nick is at the pub and sees Jett and Chelsea come in. Jett is opening the door for her, pulling the chair out for her, she didn't think guys did that anymore. He says it was how he was raised. They sit down to order burgers. Nick comes over, he meets Jett. Chelsea says Jett is Abe's nephew, this is her boyfriend Nick. Jett says so he's the geek. Jett says he's sorry, his bad. He says he knew several of them back in the air force academy. He says guys like him make Touch the Skies Airlines possible. Nick asks how he got the name Jett? Is it after a plane? Jett says no, he was named after a character in an old movie, if he is into those. Chelsea says Nick is, he likes Shane and Patton. Jett says he was named after Giant. Nick knows the movie, James Dean's character is who Jett is named after. Nick starts going into the plot, but Jett doesn't really know it. He says his mom just thought the name sounded cool. Nick gets a call he has to take and leaves. Jett tells Chelsea that her boy Nick is cool. Chelsea is glad he thinks so.

Nick goes outside, he meets Maggie. Maggie says the bank called, Nick's credit card is way over the limit. She knows this isn't like him. Nick says Willow. Maggie says as in Stark? Nick says he can't explain it, he has to go.

Nick goes to see Willow. He is furious, he says he gave her his credit card for a bed, what happened. She says she needed a TV, a DVD player and a Nintendo Wii for the baby. Nick says he did everything for her, it's over. He says give me my card back. He yanks it back from her when she hands it to him. He says he's calling the bank, the repo man is coming to take everything back. He also is canceling the apartment. She threatens to have him investigated by her lawyer. Nick doesn't care, it's over, the free ride ends here.

Back at the pub, Chelsea asks Jett about the air force. Jett says the best years of his life. She asks if that is where he met Mr. Personality? Jett says yes. He says they were both from families in Salem, but they weren't raised here. Jett says that is how they hit it off. Chelsea asks him about this Salem to Vegas shuttle. Jett says J (Jeremy) is always coming up with money schemes, this was his latest one. Chelsea says Jett is so much nicer than his boot camp buddy. She doesn't see her and Jeremy getting along. Jett says they will make money in this business, if the loan clears then they'll be up and running by next week. He asks if she is sure she doesn't want back in? He will run interference with the J man for her. Chelsea asks what difference does it make? Jett says it makes one to him. She admits the idea is awesome, she's never been to Sin City before. Jett says it's amazing. He talks all about Vegas and how great it is, calling it a play land for adults. He says they'll be staying in a 4 star suite with a pool, Jacuzzi, a bar and a view of the city that will knock her socks off. She says she will making so much money, the high rollers take care of the hotties. Chelsea asks Jett if he is hitting on her? He says no, he shows her a photo of his fiance, who he loves to death. Chelsea feels terrible. He admits he likes her and does think she's hot, she just picked up on that. He thinks they get along, will she take the job? She says yeah, she's bored.

Nick returns to the pub. He learns from Chelsea that she just got a job working for Jett and his friend Jeremy this summer. She explains the whole deal to him. Nick thought they needed training to do things like that? Jett says it's a private jet, she doesn't need to have training to be friendly. She asks if he's not happy for her? Nick can't deal with this now. Jett leaves them to talk. Chelsea asks what his problem is? He says this is just the first he's heard about this job, how much does she know about this Jett guy. She says he's Abe's nephew, you can't get more standup than Abe Carver. She also says his partner is his cousin Jeremy Horton. Nick doesn't know Jeremy, he was raised overseas and is like a stranger to him. Chelsea tells him not to go get jealous on her when he's the one renting the apartment for the hooker. Nick says he just saw Willow, he told her the free ride is over, he cut her out of his life. Chelsea says this is something to celebrate and kisses Nick!

Maggie shows up at the pub again. She doesn't mean to interrupt the kissing fest. Nick says he took care of the credit card thing. Maggie says that isn't why she's here. She says his room was broken into, his room was trashed. Nick asks if Mickey is okay? She says he was sleeping through it all, only Nick's room was trashed. Maggie says whatever is going on with him has gone on long enough. She asks what happened? She wants the truth.

Willow is at the beach. She holds a bag and says Nick is so predictable. She then calls Nick, who is at the pub. She says guess what she found in his room? Nick says she crossed the line. She says he did his talking, now it's her turn. She says remember the hairbrush he stole to save his boney ass girlfriend? She tells him to be here in 20 minutes with cash, credit cards, the works; otherwise she'll turn it into the police. At the pub, Nick tells Maggie not to tell the cops about the break in, this is his problem and he has to deal with it . . . for good. Nick then takes off.

In the alley, Tony and EJ meet. EJ asks Tony what his next plan to kill Sami is. Tony can't believe EJ called him away from his dinner to discuss that tramp. EJ warns Tony, call off the hit on Sami or he will kill them! Tony can't believe he is threatening him. EJ is. EJ asks who Tony got to pump the carbon monoxide in the car? Bart? Dr. Rolf? Tony asks if his beloved Samantha is dead? EJ says they know she isn't, if she was he would have taken the stem cells. Tony thinks they are through and leaving. EJ says they aren't through. EJ wants a truce. Tony says no . . . EJ has turned his back on their father, their history, cut ties with the family . . . all for Samantha Roberts, who Tony calls a waste. EJ asks if she's a waste then why is he so interested in her? Tony asks what is it about that brat that gets him down on her knees begging to save her pitiful soul. EJ says this is about the child she is carrying, he knows that. Tony says he never had the desire to procreate before. EJ won't sacrifice this baby for father. Tony says this has nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with Sami. He says Sami has turned him into a love sick puppy. He says EJ is risking their father's life for what, so that bitch can make love to him on a bed of rose petals? He tells EJ that Samantha will never be his, not in this life time or any other. EJ says look who is talking, he brings up Kristen Blake and how his failure with her turned him into a bitter and soulless creature. EJ says that is not him and not Stefano, so Tony shouldn't speak for the family. He says Tony is one of a kind. Tony smiles and says yes! Tony tells EJ that was quiet a speech. EJ accuses Tony of being jealous of him, he fathered a child, Tony could never do that. Tony tells EJ he should have been a stand-up comic, he missed his calling. EJ knows his own history, he was conceived so that Kristen could hang onto John Black. He says poor Tony, he never does get the girl of his dreams. EJ knows he was conceived as a pawn in his father's game, but now he is a prince and having a child with Marlena's daughter. He says Tony is just hanging around a house with the old man and some hired thugs. EJ says he has everything Tony ever wanted. Tony tells EJ that he never used extortion to get sex, EJ can only control a woman by raping her. He says and a used woman at that, a whore. EJ says enough! Tony tells EJ that he's the rotten limb that father cut from the family tree. EJ says fine he will see father himself, if Tony tries to stop him . . . well he told him already what would happen. Tony says the next time EJ makes a threat like holding a gun to someone's head, make sure you have the bullets. EJ tells Tony not to underestimate him. Tony tells EJ he'll arrange a meeting, but forget the past and focus on the present. HE says getting those stem cells will go a long way to earning his support. EJ says if he refuses? Tony says he'll be branded a traitor, that bran burns. He tells EJ his head is on the cutting block now. He tells this is tiresome, perhaps he should go visit Sami now. Tony says she's in room 210, unless something has befallen her while he was wasting his time. EJ runs off. Tony says it's time to make that call.

Later, Tony returns home and looks at a photo of EJ. He damns his little brother, saying who does he think he is. He smashes the photo and says they'll see who father loves best. He says EJ means nothing. 

At the hospital, Dr. Jacobs tells Sami that the baby shows no ill affects from the carbon monoxide. Lucas asks if he can take her home, but he guesses they want to keep her overnight. The doctor says just as a precaution. The doctor leaves, Sami tells Lucas how she was just here. They laugh about Lucas spraying EJ and Kate with the fire extinguisher. She thinks they should spray the guard and go home, but Lucas says no. He says those whack job DiMeras are trying to kill her. He's planning to assign body guards to her for every minute of the day. She thinks he's making too big a deal, but he's not. He says she was almost killed. Sami says they need to talk about something else. She says the letter they found, she believes it is the past reaching out to them. She says Hope read a bit of it, she thinks it could help them understand the vendetta the DiMeras have against them. Lucas thinks they should burn the letter. Sami says that won't make this go away. Sami says this is their chance to find out what started the madness. She says this is Lucas' family too. They have to think about the bigger picture, Will and this baby could be in danger. They owe them a better future. Lucas doesn't want her put in danger. Sami says he doesn't know how they unleashed a reign of terror over them. Lucas knows the story, but Sami says he wasn't there. She says the DiMeras kidnapped her parents and her sister, she and her brother lived in terror of being kidnapped by a DiMera goon. She says she won't live like that anymore, she won't let her children live like that. She says they have to end this, if Lucas won't help then she will do it on her own. He wants her to calm down. He still doesn't want her to do this after today. She says they have an obligation to do this for their children. Lucas says she has an obligation to grow old with him. He says she can't guarantee he won't be putting flowers on her grave for their one year wedding anniversary. He won't turn out like Kayla, he won't lose the person he can't live without. He says they took an oath for better or worse, he didn't give her his name in order to sign a death warrant with him. He says for all their sakes, leave this alone. He tells her she's already been a hero, but Sami says EJ saved him. Lucas says he doesn't see it that way, she is the one who saved his life. He says she'll always be his hero. HE asks if that isn't enough? She says no. She thinks they should be the ones to find out what caused this feud and end it. 

Dr. Rolf is on the phone. He says he knows what to do. He has a tray of food. He's dressed as a cafeteria worker. He tells the guard outside Sami's room that he has dinner here for Samantha Roberts. Dr. Rolf says Sami needs to eat before midnight, something about tests in the morning. The guard lets him in. Rolf gives food to Sami says it is from the doctor, she has to eat it. He then leaves. Meanwhile EJ arrives just as he sees Rolf leaving. He finds out Rolf brought Sami dinner, he demands the guard let him in there. The guard says he's not going in there. Back in Sami's room, she's playing with her dinner as she talks to Lucas. They are still arguing about the feud. Lucas finally agrees to help Sami. She hugs him. He says he'll do it on one condition, Roman and Bo be brought in. She eventually agrees and asks for water to choke down this mystery meat. He leaves to get her some. Rolf meanwhile calls Tony and says it's done. He says EJ did show up though as he was leaving. Back in the hall, EJ is yelling that he has to get in there, Sami's life is at stake. Lucas hears EJ in the hall and goes to confront him to see what he wants now. EJ looks in the room and sees Sami eating the food. He runs in and says spit it out, it is poisoned! 


June 5 , 2007

At the beach, Nick shows up to meet Willow. She says he got here in record time, he must really not want to go to jail. He asks her what she wants. She thought she made it clear, credit cards, money, debit cards, she wants it all. She says she's trying to raise a baby hear and needs money for things. Nick says why not get it from her friend Phillip, but she says she has nothing to hold over Phillip's head. She shows him the hairbrush in an evidence bag, but Nick doesn't care. He says he's threw with this, he won't give her anything. She says then she'll call the police and he'll go to jail. He demands the hairbrush, she says or what? Nick tries to take it from her, they end up fighting. Willow screams she's going to kill Nick! Nick pushes her as he yanks the hairbrush, she falls and hits her head on a log on the beach. Nick asks if she's okay, say something. He says if she's hurt he'll call for help. Soon he realizes something is wrong. He calls 911 and then freaks out. He has a vision of him being caught with the hairbrush and arrested. He says it's not his brush, not his evidence. Nick appears to bury the brush on the beach. Later the cops and paramedics arrive. Willow is dead, she's put on a gurney and covered. Nick says this can't be, she's pregnant. They ask if he was the father, he says no Shawn Brady is. They say as in Bo Brady's son? They aren't liking this. They tell Nick he has to come with them. Nick says again it was an accident. They say a pregnant girl is dead and there are signs of a struggle, it doesn't look like an accident to them. 

At the pub, Bo and Hope are talking, Ciara is in a stroller. Bo isn't too pleased that Belle and Shawn moved in with Phillip. Hope says it's temporary, and Victor is out of town. She becomes emotional over Claire. Bo says there is a good chance she is alive and out there. Bo switches topics to Sami and what he found in her car, the letter! Hope says this could be the key to solving the Brady DiMera feud. She wants them to look into it. Bo asks what this "we" stuff is. Hope was envisioning them playing "Mr and Mrs. Smith." She talks about how she knows there is no more important job than being a mother, but she's just itching for a little more. She says she was a good cop and they made great detectives. Bo agrees to let her do this, but he doesn't want her doing anything alone. They end up kissing.

Doug and Julie arrive at the pub wanting to know where there welcome party is. They just arrived off a plane from Crete about an hour ago. They all hug, Julie then runs over to see Ciara. Doug and Julie are in love with her, tell her how pretty she is and how she'll have all the boys lined up at preschool. Bo asks how long they are in town for this time? They are staying awhile with Alice, who has finally agreed to teach Julie her donut recipe. Hope becomes upset, Doug and Julie ask what is wrong? She tells them about Claire. Doug is certain Claire will be the next one to come home. 

They all sit down and talk. Bo brings up the song Doug used to sing every night when he ran the nightclub. Julie remembers the old club on the lake. She says it was almost perfect. Doug says almost? She says when you looked out the one window you would see the creepy DiMera mansion. They remember finding the old tunnels in the cellar that lead to a secret room in the DiMera mansion. We see flashbacks of them in the room finding records and family trees on the Bradys and Hortons. They never knew what it was about. Hope and Bo give them the news, Tony is somehow out of jail and back . . . along with Stefano! Stefano is apparently dying, which Doug drinks to. Julie scolds him, but he knows they were all thinking it. Hope brings up the letter Sami and Lucas found, Doug says Julie speaks Italian. She says and 17 other languages, it helps when writing Embassy's, or hotels when things get lost. Julie takes a look at the letter and begins translating for them.

Julie reads the letter, which is from Santo, Stefano's father, to Stefano on his death bed. Santo talks about how everything he has reaped on earth now belongs to his son. He speaks of how he knows Stefano will carry on his qualities, such as justice. He says in all these years he has kept something from Stefano, a secret. He says there was a woman, a woman he loved outside the bonds of matrimony to his mother. Julie is grossed out at this point. She can't believe Stefano's father is writing a letter on his death bed to confess an affair. Doug says it's so European! Hope asks Julie to continue. Santo fell in love with Colleen, the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. He uses a big word to describe her, Bo and Hope look puzzled. Doug and Julie do the hand signal for "it means a woman with big breasts." Doug jokes just like his Julie! Santo says Colleen was taken from him and he never got over it. He says the family that took her was the Bradys, which Bo guesses. He wants Stefano to seek them out, torment them, make them all pay. Mother and daughter, father and son, punish them for what they did to his papa. He tells Stefano he will find them in a little village in America called Salem. 

At the hospital, EJ runs in to Sami's room and yelling the food is poisoned, spit it out! Lucas shows up thinking EJ is at it again. EJ swears the food could be poisoned, he just saw Dr. Rolfe bring the tray in and leave. Sami says impossible, that guy is dead! Lucas says EJ is the one who is a danger to Sami, but EJ says he has now saved her life twice today. Lucas isn't convinced. He wants the guard to come arrest EJ, but Sami says wait.  EJ suggests they have the food tested. He says if the food isn't poisoned what do they have to lose, Lucas comes out on top again. Sami says it can't hurt, EJ could be telling the truth for once.  Lucas says fine and takes the tray away. 

EJ and Sami talk, EJ again tries to convince Sami that he is the only one who can help her. He talks about how Tony is the problem, he has to get to Stefano and talk to him. Sami says she'll be with him, but EJ says absolutely not. She says this is her baby and her family, she is going to be there. EJ says it will be hard enough for him to break into the mansion, get passed Tony and the guards to see Stefano. He doesn't think she can do it. She says he's right. He's glad she's listening to reason. She says instead of getting in to Stefano, they get him out. EJ asks how? She says EJ can call 911 and pretend he's Stefano having a heart attack or something. EJ thinks this could work. She says they'll bring him here, she can see him. She says she just has to figure some way passed the guard.

Lucas returns at this point and hears Sami and EJ plotting. He wants to know what is going on, but EJ jokes he was just scheming about how to get Sami out of here and away with him. Lucas eventually tells EJ to go. EJ tells Sami he hopes she feels better and leaves. Sami asks Lucas to go home to WIll. Lucas won't, he's staying here to make sure nothing happens to her. He says Will is at home studying, he has a test tomorrow. Sami flips out, Will is alone and could be in danger from Tony! Plus he will need to go to bed at a descent hour and have a good breakfast. She tells Lucas she has a guard, she'll be fine. He agrees to go, she demands a kiss first. As they kiss, she swipes his cell phone! Lucas then leaves and tells the guard if EJ tries to get in, arrest him. Better yet, shoot him! He also says Sami is acting strange, don't let her get out.

Later, Sami calls EJ. She tells him to get back here and get her out somehow. He asks how? She says he's a good liar, think of something, distract the guard. EJ returns and the guard says he won't be going in to see Sami, he will be arrested if he tries. EJ pretends to be sick so the guard is distracted calling for help. Sami sneaks out of the room at this point.


June 6, 2007
At the beach, Nick is telling he officer this was an accident. The officer says Nick will get his chance to tell his side of things. The way they see it, they have a pregnant dead girl at a beach and signs of a struggle. The officer says he has to take him in. Nick says his car is around the corner. The cops say leave it, he's getting a ride. Nick makes a call saying something happened to Willow and he's in trouble.

At the station, Chelsea shows up and asks Nick what is going on? Nick says Willow broke into his place, she took the hairbrush. Nick says the cops don't know about the brush though. Chelsea asks why he's here? Nick explains everything, how Willow told her to meet him and she tried to blackmail him. Chelsea says calm down, what happened. Nick says Willow is dead. Roman then walks in and says he has to talk to Nick about Willow and what happened at he beach. 

Roman tells Nick to start at the beginning, don't leave anything out. Nick says they were at the beach, Willow started teasing him, taunting him. Nick says then she fell. Nick says she tripped he guesses, at that point he didn't think she was hurt. Nick says he said something to her, she didn't respond. He thought she was screwing around, but soon realized she wasn't. He says he tried to give her CPR, he tried so hard. Roman says calm down. Roman says nobody is pointing fingers. However the police do have to investigate. Nick knows, but he doesn't know what else to say. Nick says she fell and hit her head, that is all he knows. Roman doesn't believe that. Chelsea says she can vouch for Nick's honesty and Willow's lack there of. She knows it's bad to talk ill of the dead, but Willow was a tramp who caused everyone problems. Roman says he is aware of Willow's past and her MO. He says whether he believes Nick is how he answers his questions, and so far they've been vague. Roman asks Nick why he was out on that beach alone? Nick says Willow called him and he went to meet her. Roman says he went to meet someone who Chelsea calls a manipulative tramp who caused him problems. He says this isn't making sense. He tells Chelsea that he doesn't think Nick is as honest as she thinks he is. Chelsea says Nick just saw a poor girl die, why not give him till tomorrow to clear his head. Roman can't, Nick understand that he needs the facts. Roman suggests to Chelsea, who keeps opening her mouth, that she shut up if she wants to stay. He asks Nick why he met Willow. Nick says Willow wanted to borrow money, he told her no and to leave him alone. Nick says she got mad, she started running around and taunting her. He says he got mad too. He says they struggled a bit. Roman says they need to take this in the office and put this on tape. HE says everything just changed, they can't declare this an accident if there was a struggle. Chelsea asks if she needs a lawyer for Nick? Roman says no, Nick isn't under arrest. Nick asks if he can talk to Chelsea alone, to say goodbye. Roman says yes. Roman leaves them, Nick says he needs a favor from Chelsea. He says Willow had the hairbrush with her, he took it and buried it in the evidence bag. He says they can't just leave it there. Nick says if he can't convince Roman this wasn't an accident, then the cops will comb the beach and find it. She says she'll get it, so he tells her where it is. Nick says when she gets it, throw it away, do what he should have done to begin with. He says he's so sorry. She is glad he called, she is here for him. Nick brings up Jett, how he saw them earlier and he thought she liked him. He was trying to prove he could be cool and confident too, that he could stand up to Willow. She says not to worry about Jett, he's engaged and knows how she feels about Nick. Roman tells Nick they have to do this. Chelsea gives him a kiss and hugs and leaves. 

Roman begins the tape recorder and officially questions Nick in Willow's death. He asks Nick why Willow wanted money from him. Nick says he loaned her money before. He says in the beginning he felt sorry for her. Roman asks and how long were they sleeping together? Nick says he has a girlfriend, he was not sleeping with Willow. Roman asks then why did he lease an apartment fot her? Roman says if they weren't sleeping together then he was obviously being blackmailed. 

At the hospital, Sami calls EJ and says Lucas is gone, she has to get out. He says if she tries to leave then the guard will call Lucas or her father. Sami tells EJ to come up with a way to distract him then, lie. EJ goes to the guard and apologizes for earlier. He then pretends to be in pain. The guard tends to him, calling for a doctor. Sami sneaks out and EJ suddenly feels better. The guard says be on his way and don't come back. EJ says he has no need to and leaves. 

At the mansion, Tony is meditating as the creepy DiMera music plays. He is doing his samurai sword thing in his meditation room. He's interrupted by a knock at the door. Rolf shows up, he says Stefano is growing weaker by the hour. Tony says if he dies then he'll hold every Brady responsible, this time they will play for keeps.

Outside the mansion, Sami and EJ show up. Sami thought she'd never be back here after Tony got arrested. Sami tells EJ to make the call and pretend to be Stefano. EJ makes the call and does his best fake Stefano accent and claims he is alone and can't breath. He then hangs up. The phone rings, Sami says not to answer it, it's 911 calling back. He hangs up, Sami says now they wait. EJ asks if she is sure this will work. She is, her dad is a cop, remember? EJ says he is aware of that. HE tells Sami that she really is something. Sami asks if he's using this situation to score points with her? HE says of course not. He says he accepts her heart belongs to Lucas. He says forgive him, he's just impressed with her cunningness. They soon hear the sirens in the background. Sami tells EJ they are here on business, if he won't focus then she'll do this herself. 

Back in the mansion, Tony is drinking as the phone rings. He ignores it. He sits down to read a book. Bart shows up, he says they have problems. Tony wants Bart to handle it. Bart says someone requested an ambulance and they are coming here. Tony rolls his eyes. Tony says obviously nobody called, call back and say it was a mistake. Bart says he did, they are sending an ambulance anyways as it is the law. Tony says law or no law, they are not allowed in here. 

The EMTs show up at the mansion. Tony answers the door and says his father is sick, but he has his own physician. The EMTs say they have to see him, they are sorry. EJ and Sami are spying as they argue. EJ realizes they have to get to Stefano before he gets to the ER, if he is taken to the hospital then they'll never get to him as Tony will have guards there. Sami and EJ realize they have to get on the ambulance.

Meanwhile Tony is forced to let the EMTs in as they say they'll have to bring the police in if they won't let them see Stefano. Tony has Rolf take them up to see Stefano. Outside Sami is sure they'll be out with the old man in five minutes. EJ isn't so sure, but Sami is. Unfortunately they are caught by Bart, who aims a gun at them.

Bart brings EJ and Sami in to see Tony. He asks so which one called 911. EJ says they came to see his father. Tony demands their cell phones to check the outgoing calls. He finds out it was EJ. Tony says why is he not surprised. Tony asks what he's thinking is going on? EJ wants to make sure Stefano is being properly cared for. Tony says EJ had a chance to help him but didn't. Tony calls EJ a love sick fool He tells Sami it seems EJ is developing a crush on her. Suddenly Rolf is heard screaming. The EMTs are taking Stefano to the hospital, he's in bad shape. They all see Stefano, who is in an oxygen tent. Tony is telling the EMTs they are not to take Stefano anywhere. EJ says this man is his father too and he needs a real doctor, if Tony gives them problems then call Roman or Bo at the Salem PD. Sami then realizes Dr. Rolf is supposed to be dead, Rex and Mimi buried him. Rolf just says it didn't take! The EMTs say it is the law they take Stefano in, they begin loading him into the ambulance. As Tony is screaming, EJ and Sami run off, leaving their phones behind. Tony is furious, he says they'll all be sorry, most of all EJ and Sami. Tony then realizes Sami and EJ are both gone. Tony screams for Bart, asking why wasn't he watching them? Bart was off getting himself food.

In the ambulance, Sami and EJ finally are able to see Stefano. They pull back the oxygen tent and reveal Stefano's face! EJ tells Stefano that they need to speak to him. EJ says it's him, Elvis. He introduces his friend Sami, who he's sure he's already met. Stefano looks up at Sami. He says Colleen! You are alive! 

At the pub, we hear a recap of Julie reading the letter in which Santo is  telling Stefano to go to Salem in America where the Brady's gather. Stefano's father tells him to seek them out and make them pay. Hope says this is all because Stefano's father had his heart broken? Julie says it would be romantic if it weren't so gothic. Bo has never heard of this woman and who stole her from Stefano? Hope says it is time they solved this mystery. Julie wonders if Shawn or Caroline know about Colleen? Doug says maybe, Colleen could be a Brady. Hope says she asked Shawn about this earlier, he was annoyed she brought it up and wouldn't talk about it. Bo says the Bradys have been through hell because of the DiMeras, it is understandable. Hope suggests Bo talk to him about it. Bo says Shawn is getting grouchy in his old age . . . but he'll talk to him. 

Bo goes to ask his dad for his help, with an investigation he's working on. Bo says it involves the DiMeras, a name from the past came up. He asks Shawn if Colleen means anything to him? Shawn claims he never heard of her and storms off. Later Shawn returns and asks Bo if he's still here. Bo knows his pop isn't being straight. He asks his dad who Colleen Brady was. Shawn says leave it be! 

Hope, Doug and Julie discuss how they have to find out who Colleen was and how she ended up with Santo. Hope wonders what happened that lead to so much bloodshed? She thinks it is some story. Hope thinks there has to be a record of this relationship somewhere, a diary or letters. Julie says maybe they can go to the Big Easy and tear up Maison Blanche. Hope thinks there is nothing left there. Julie suggests Italy. Hope then remembers the tunnels under Doug's Place. Doug says they were closed off years ago. Hope thinks they are still there, they may have secrets. Doug says it was a direct link to the mansion. Julie says the building itself is closed off. Hope says but the building is still there. Julie says it's boarded up now, Doug says it could be condemned. Hope asks her dad to see if he can get them in, he decides to try. 

Bo returns to Julie and Hope, Doug is off making calls. Bo didn't get answers about Colleen. Bo says he'll try Caroline when Shawn isn't around. They inform Bo that Doug is making calls about Doug's Place. They are going to try and go investigate the tunnel, maybe they can find something about Colleen and Santo there. Bo then gets a call. He says he's on his way. He says he's sorry, it's work. Bo says they'll catch up later. Later Julie and Hope are drinking and toasting to Ciara, who hasn't made a peep. Doug returns and they will be able to get in. He says he'll pick up the keys to it tomorrow. Julie and Doug just hope that the tunnel is still there and they can find something on Colleen. As they all toast, Shawn watches and doesn't look happy. 

Chelsea goes to the beach to look for the hair brush. The crime scene tape is up, nobody is around. She begins digging where Nick told her to. She finds the brush, only to be caught by Bo. Bo asks what she's doing here?


June 7, 2007

At the beach, Bo asks Chelsea why she's here? Chelsea says no reason, she comes here to chill all the time. He says kicking back at a crime scene? Digging in the sand collecting shells? She says he knows her better. He thinks she's looking for something involving Nick and Willow's death. Chelsea says Nick would never try and hurt anyone. Bo says not deliberately. Chelsea is holding the brush behind her back, she asks Bo why he would think her being here has anything to do with Nick? Bo knows she was at the station when Nick was being questioned, now she's here. He asks what she's looking for, he thought they were passed this stuff. She says they are. He says well she's not telling him the truth. He tells her to go, obviously he was wrong about her. Chelsea says she's not lying. She says she'll tell him everything, even though he won't believe her. She shows him the evidence bag. 

At the station, Nick claims he leased Willow and apartment as he's a nice guy. He couldn't let her sleep on the street. Roman thinks the baby is his, Willow was going to tell people and that is why they fought. Nick says the baby isn't his. Roman tells Nick he's losing his patience. HE knows Willow had something on him. Nick says he can't tell him, lock him up, he'll go to jail. Roman says a man willing to put his neck in a noose for someone else is a man in love, that is who he's protecting. He asks how Chelsea was involved in all of this?

Bo and Chelsea soon walk into Roman's office, where he's still questioning Nick about Chelsea. Bo needs to talk to Roman, he puts a guard in the room with the kids and tells the guard not to let these two talk. Bo takes Roman out and gives him the brush. He says Willow planted Chelsea's brush in the house, Nick stole it from the lab to protect Chelsea. Roman thinks this is how Willow was blackmailing them. He thinks they could be in trouble, it's time to turn the heat up.

Roman and Bo go back in to question them. Nick claims stealing the brush was his idea , but Chelsea says that isn't true and tells Nick to stop. She says she loves him for trying to protect her, but enough. She says she asked Nick to take the brush. Roman thinks to keep them from proving Chelsea started the fire. Nick says no, Chelsea didn't start the fire, he knows she couldn't have. Bo would like to believe in her, but they are asking them to believing in people lying to them all along. Chelsea says she had to, if they found that brush it would show it was hers, they would believe she started the fire. Chelsea says she had no proof she didn't start the fire. Chelsea knows it's terrible to say, but she's glad Willow's dead. She says she's sorry about the baby though. Chelsea says Willow was just so twisted. Roman says she was a tortured soul and hopefully she's better off where she is now. Roman takes the brush and says he's going home. He believes them, he believes Willow's death was an accident, he doesn't think they need to drag them through this. He is going to throw the brush out, grab a movie and go home and have a drink to forget this happened. Roman then leaves. 

Bo, Chelsea and Nick are shocked, they didn't see that coming. Bo says Roman just gave them one heck of a gift. Nick says so he doesn't break the rules often? Bo says he doesn't like bending them. Chelsea says she is grateful for what Uncle Roman did, but she needs to hear that he believes her. That she wouldn't put Hope and Ciara in danger. She needs to hear that he believes in her. Bo says if they told the truth from the beginning then they would have saved themselves the trouble. He says now Willow's dead and Nick has to go through a coroners inquest. Bo says that won't be easy, he can't leave town till this is finished. Bo says as far as Chelsea's question, he does believe her. He says he's proud of her and gives her a hug. He says this is a beginning, let's build from that. Later Chelsea promises to be with Nick through the inquest, they will get though this. Chelsea says like her dad said, a new beginning. Nick says but not for Willow. Chelsea says she dug her own grave. 

At the hospital, John, Marlena and Belle go to visit Sami, only to find she's gone. The guard is sure Sami didn't get passed him. They soon realize EJ suckered the guard and let Sami leave. Lucas soon shows up and learns Sami is gone. He says he just left her, he came back to find his cellphone. Marlena thinks EJ is involved. Lucas asks for a phone, Sami has his cellphone so he's calling it. After a chat with Tony (below), Lucas decides he's going to the mansion to confront Tony. John goes with Lucas to watch after him, assuring Marlena he'll be okay.

Belle asks her mom why she didn't tell dad to stay? Marlena says she'd never tell her daddy what to do, does she tell Shawn what to do? Belle says yes, and when he doesn't listen he gives him hell for it. Marlena suggests she change that tactic. Belle says dad just got out of the hospital, now he's taking chances and chasing Sami and her ridiculous schemes. MArlena thinks Belle is a little more like Sami then she'd like to admit. Marlena is also confused here, she was on the run for so long and the first thing she did when she returned home was move in with Phillip. Belle says they did it to focus on finding Claire, when they do then she and Shawn will live on their own. Belle says this was about working together to find Claire. Marlena asks if that is the only reason? She finds it odd, Phillip caused them so much pain, but now she's putting him back in their lives and relationship. Marlena wonders if Belle still has feelings for Phillip? Belle says she loves Shawn with all her heart. Marlena says she's asking about her feelings for Phillip, who was a good father and husband. She wonders what Belle is going through. Belle tells her mom that she is her daughter, not her patient. Marlena says she's sorry, she was treating her like a patient. Belle jokes so you aren't perfect? Belle apologizes too for snapping. Belle says she doesn't know why she moved into Phillip's home. Marlena is interested in the choice of the word home and not house. She thinks home is some place you feel safe and comfortable and secure. Belle admits Phillip always made her feel safe and secure. Marlena wonders if Shawn doesn't make her feel that, so she's turning to Phillip. Belle seems a bit perplexed. Belle doesn't know how she can love Shawn but feel this way about him. Marlena says it happens all the time, Shawn is not yet settled in life. She says whereas Phillip, well he can offer what Belle needs, he can make her comfortable. She says Phillip has the means to find Claire and provide opportunities for her. Belle says she wants the best for Claire, but it doesn't mean she doesn't love Shawn. Marlena says she should tell Shawn or he will misinterpret the choices she is making, which could lead to trouble. 

At the DiMera mansion, Tony calls lawyers to get his father back now. He's also furious with Sami, saying he has to send a forceful reminder to Sami to stay out of his family's business. Rolf says he'll talk to Bart, but Tony wants Rolf to do the job. Lucas' phone rings, it's still at the mansion. Tony answers it, Lucas is not happy to learn Tony has his cell phone. He demands to know where his wife is, what has he done to his wife? He threatens to have Tony arrested for kidnapping. Tony says Sami is hardly a kid. Tony suggests she keep a better eye on his wife in the future. Lucas gives Tony a suggestion, which we don't here. Tony says what a rude little twit!

In the ambulance, we see a replay of EJ unveiling Stefano, who thinks Sami is Colleen and that she is alive. EJ says this is not Colleen, it's Samantha Brady. Stefano asks what she wants? EJ says she wants  peace between their families. She says she'll give him the stem cells to save his life if he'll end this vendetta. HE says her family started this, but Sami says they didn't and they don't understand. He wants Sami taken away from him. EJ says he did what father asked, Sami is pregnant, she will give him the stem cells. Stefano tells Elvis that he has so much to learn. The paramedics then cover Stefano back up, saying they have to take him back home now as the old guy has one hell of a lawyer. EJ and Sami beg him, but Stefano says there can never be an end to the Vendetta. He says there is only one way . . . . They ask how to end it. He says the Bradys cannot . . . . He is fading, he's having trouble speaking. He eventually says all the wrongs of the past must be righted. Sami asks what wrongs? EJ asks him to help them understand. Stefano says ask Shawn Brady, the old man knows. Stefano says he's always known. Stefano then passes out. The paramedics tend to him. Sami asks how this is possible, why would her grandfather keep this a secret?

Lucas arrives at the mansion and bangs on the door. Lucas demands his wife or else! Tony answers the door and says Sami isn't here, get off his property or he'll release the hounds. John shows up and demands they be let in. Tony assures them Sami isn't here, he's with EJ. Tony lets them in to look. Lucas goes looking for Sami. Tony tells John this gives them a chance to chat, it's been awhile. Lucas can't find Sami, so he starts breaking things until Tony tells him where Sami is. Tony calls him a ten year old having a tantrum, and when Lucas goes to break some vintage wine, John stops him! He says not that! The doorbell then rings, it is the paramedics, Stefano, Sami and EJ. Lucas is furious, he asks where the hell she's been?

Tony signs papers for the paramedics. Stefano is sitting in a wheel chair. John goes and sits right next to him. Stefano laughs and says well well well, his favorite and best pawn John. He asks how the lovely Marlena is? John says looking forward to having a dance on his grave. Stefano laughs and says that is a good one. John says soon? Stefano makes a who knows face. Tony tell John that his father needs his rest now. John thinks they will have questions for Stefano, but Tony says tell Roman and Bo that nobody will bother Stefano. John says fine, but he warns them, they've been doing their best to destroy the Brady's for 25 years. He says keep pushing and they'll push back, if blood is spilled then it won't be the Bradys. John tells Stefano to take care of himself and then leaves. 

Outside, Sami explains to Lucas that they had to talk to Stefano and try and end this vendetta that Stefano has against the Bradys. Lucas isn't happy to hear EJ dragged Sami into the middle of this lion's den. He thinks EJ doesn't care about Sami or her baby. EJ says he does, they both agreed to try and end this vendetta. Lucas tells Sami to open her eyes before it is too late and see that EJ is lying to her. Sami says this is not about EJ, it's bigger. Will, Claire, their baby, they all deserve a better future than this. Still Lucas thinks every time Sami ends up in trouble that EJ is there. Lucas says they want her dead, but Sami says it isn't what they want. John shows up, he tells Sami that her mother and sister are at the hospital waiting. Lucas insists they go to the hospital now. He takes her off.

John is left alone with Elvis. He tell him this is the first time they've been together since that night in the boat house. John assures EJ he remembers, it's as clear as a gunshot to him. HE tells EJ that he thinks he owes him one. John says it is payback time and pulls a huge dagger out. John says EJ took his kidney, so he's taking EJ's! EJ says he's crazy, John says that is what happens when your brain is staved of oxygen. EJ soon runs off. John says Elvis has left the building!

Sami and Lucas arrive at the hospital. Lucas is not happy with Sami, he's not talking to her. She says he has to talk to her sooner or later, he chooses later. She says this is not the most mature way to handle this. He thinks her leaving wasn't mature either. He says he had to track her down and pull her from EJ's arms again. Sami soon wonders if Lucas is jealous? He says he's mad that she's pursing this peace thing with EJ. Lucas is sure EJ will hurt her. Sami kisses Lucas and says he is a good man and she loves him. HE says then do him a favor and stay in one place, do it for him.  Later, Sami goes into her room where Belle is. They haven't seen one another since Belle came home, they hug.

Back in the mansion, Stefano tells Tony that they have too much to do. He says they must never know the truth. Their vendetta, Colleen and her story, he wants it kept a secret at all costs. Tony understands and says of course father. Stefano says very good. Tony leaves Stefano, who gets up and walks over to the brandy snifter. He pours himself a drink and says the circumstances are not ideal, but even so. He says salute to Salem, it's good to be back!  


June 8, 2007
Sami is getting ready to leave the hospital. She tells Lucas she's craving her grandma's French toast. She's also craving grits. Lucas is not saying anything, she asks if he is seriously still mad at her? He says no he's worried about her running off with EJ to see Stefano. Sami says she's fine, but Lucas says she might not be next time. He thinks she's making stupid decisions, but Sami thinks it isn't stupid to want to protect her family from the DiMeras. Sami feels she was meant to do this. Lucas says Sami saves the world again. Sami says this baby is the key to saving Stefano and their family. Lucas says they don't know if the stem cells will work and he thinks the baby is his. He doesn't know how long he can keeping believing her. How does he know that if she goes to get her hair done that she's not running off to see Stefano with EJ. She says so he doesn't trust her? He asks if that surprises her. Sami asks what he expects her to do, lock herself in the apartment? Sami says she can handle this, but Lucas doesn't think so. He says she's so busy trying to be a hero to her family that she's forgotten about theirs. Sami says she's doing this for them, she doesn't want her kids to grow up in the DiMera shadow. Lucas says he's heard that excuse a million times now. She talks about how finding that letter was a sign. He says she sounds like Celeste now. Sami remembers speaking to Stefano and him calling her Colleen. Sami tells Lucas that something happened yesterday. (Grr, a news break happened at this point). She apparently told him about being called Colleen. Lucas says Stefano was out of it, he was delusional. Sami says in that ambulance Stefano almost seemed human. Lucas doesn't think so. Sami says he was real, vulnerable, a lonely man reaching out to a woman he cares about. She thinks if she could get to Stefano then she could find out who this Colleen is, she could bring her back from the dead. Lucas says she's sounding insane. He says he forbids this, he forbids her to go near Stefano. She says she's not twelve, he doesn't get to order her around. He says he does if it's for her own good. She thinks she should call her dad, but Lucas says he won't be any happier to know she was with Stefano. Sami agrees, she doesn't want a lecture. Sami says her Grandpa Shawn knows about this feud, so they decide to talk to Uncle Bo. Lucas says no he will talk to Bo, she is not coming with him. Sami says she'll be safe at Bo's house. Lucas would rather Sami stay here in the hospital. She says fine. He says he'll be back, by time he is she'll be cleared to leave. 

Lucas leaves and EJ calls Sami. He says he needs to see her right away! Later Dr. Jacobs comes by to see Sami. She wants her to keep her stress levels down for the next few days. She also says she can leave as soon as Lucas returns. Sami says she's sorry for being a pain in the butt. The doctor tells her to take care of herself. The doctor leaves and EJ shows up. Sami says she told him not to come, how did he get past the guard? EJ says he was more agreeable than the one yesterday. EJ says his father wants them to come see him. HE has a note from his father. She reads the note. It says perhaps they can settle their business, warmest regards, Stefano. She thinks this is a forgery. She won't fall for this DiMera trap. EJ says nothing will happen to her, he's proven he can take care of her. He says stop being stubborn, his father is offering a truce. Can she afford not to take it? Elvis says his father is no monster, he is fair. She says in comparison to who, Hitler? She says she can't leave, she promised Lucas that she'd stay here. EJ says Lucas is keeping her on a tight leash. She says Lucas cares about her and the baby. EJ says does he care about Hope? Bo? Her father? Kayla? EJ says Sami is the only one who can defuse his father's hatred for the Bradys. She can't do this, but he knows she wants to, he knows she wants to find out who Colleen is. He promises her that no harm will come to her as long as she's with him. She says he held a gun to her head, he raped her! She says she doesn't feel safe with him. He also says he's the one keeping her alive. She says because his family is trying to kill her. She doesn't trust him or anyone related to the DiMeras. EJ says he thought more of her, he says he'll go. Sami gets fed up, she says she hates him, but will go. If anything happens . . . EJ begins wheeling Sami out, the guard says he has order not to let Sami leave the room. She says she's being released. Sami says she needs to leave Lucas a note, it is the least she can do.

At Bo and Hopes, Bo and Hope are with Ciara and waiting for Shawn. Bo feels bad for the poor kid, he has enough on his mind as is with Claire. Bo talks about how life is so much easier when they are Ciara's age. Shawn shows up and holds his baby sister. Shawn says once Claire gets back they play together. Shawn tells Hope and Bo that Phillip may have a lead on Claire, he doesn't know the details, so don't mention it to anyone. He's on his way to the pub to meet Phillip. He asks what they needed to talk to him about? Hope lets Bo do the talking. Bo says there is no easy way to say this, there was an accident and Willow is dead. Shawn is stunned, Willow died? He says he just saw her and she was fine. Bo says he's sorry. Shawn asks how it happened? Bo says she was at the beach, she fell and hit her head. It looks like an accident. Shawn says the baby? Hope says she's sorry and hugs Shawn. Shawn says they had their differences, but he didn't want this to happen. Shawn says last time they spoke they actually had a decent conversation, they were trying to work things out for the baby. Bo says he doesn't know how Shawn feels, but since the baby was his, they should take care of the funeral arrangements. Shawn says if this is his kid, he'll take care of it. He isn't sure the kid is his, Willow was a stranger to the truth. Bo admits he ordered a test with the coroner, they should have the results in a few hours. Shawn needs some closure with all of this. He also offers to be a character witness for Nick if they need him. Shawn asks if Nick will be okay? Bo doesn't know, Nick and Chelsea were being blackmailed by Willow, he can't say anymore. Shawn says he needs to get to the pub, they'll catch up later.

Bo and Hope talk, Hope says Shawn will get through this. She says Chelsea however was upset last time they spoke. Hope asks Bo if he really thinks Chelsea was framed by Willow? Bo says Willow was at the Penthouse Grille the night Chelsea lost her brush, both Chelsea and Abby saw her. Bo doesn't think she's lying. Hope doesn't either. The doorbell rings, it's Doug and Julie. Doug has the key to his old place so they can go into the tunnels. He only has the keys till the morning. Bo has to take care of things at the station, he'll meet them at the club later. Hope decides to find a sitter for Ciara. 

Lucas soon shows up to see Bo, he gives Doug and Julie hugs and handshakes. They apologize they missed the wedding. Lucas suggests they have dinner with them, they can show them the photos. Lucas tells Bo how he's worried about Sami with Stefano and Tony around. Bo says they are doing what they can. Lucas knows, and a lot of it is Sami's fault for trying to find out what started this feud. Bo says they all want to know that. Lucas says Sami ran away and met with Stefano, with EJ's help. Lucas relays the news from the meeting, how Stefano called Sami Colleen. He asks if they know anything about this? Bo remembers asking his dad about Colleen and getting know answers. Lucas realize they heard of her. Bo says she was mentioned in the letter they found. He says she was involved with Stefano's old man, and the Brady's separated them. Lucas thinks that a feud over that is extreme. Doug says she must have been some woman! Lucas asks what Shawn says? Bo says he's closed mouthed, so they are digging up information on their own. They are going to the old club for information. Lucas asks what Doug's Place has to do with it? They tell him about the tunnel and how it may have clues. Lucas hopes they find something, but don't tell Sami about this! Hope tells Lucas not to sell Sami short, she wants to protect her family, that is admirable. Lucas wants to protect her, she's pregnant. Hope says she's not a child, give her space, she may surprise him. Lucas knows, that is what he's afraid of. Lucas agrees to lighten up, just don't let Sami do anything crazy. Bo says she won't fight this battle alone. Hope tells Lucas not to worry. Lucas tells Doug and Julie to come by anytime. Lucas heads off. Doug and Julie decide to go to Doug's place, they all plan to meet there in two hours. Doug and Julie leave. Bo tells Hope he wonders what they'll find in that tunnel? Hope says no worries, she has his back. Bo jokes and his front. They kiss.

Meanwhile, Lucas heads to the hospital and finds Sami's not that she went to see Stefano. He's not happy!

At the pub, Belle meets Phillip. Phillip has some possible news on Claire, who was spotted after the storm. He got news from a man who has possibly seen Claire. The man is coming to meet them at any minute. Phillip asks where Shawn is? She says he had to stop by his place to see his parents. Belle talks to Phillip about staying in his house, when Claire comes home she wants a safe and familiar place for Claire. She thinks his house will be that place. He hopes it feels like that for her too . . . and Shawn. Belle tells Phillip that she and Shawn appreciate all he's done for them. Phillip says they all love Claire. Belle says last night was the first night in forever that she felt safe going to sleep. She says something about his house makes her feel protected, which is ironic. He knows they have felt anything but safe around him. She says she's sorry, but he knows. HE wishes he could go back and change things. Belle says so does she, but it's in the past. Phillip says the way she's been so forgiving is amazing. Belle says all that matters now is Claire. Phillip says they'll find her, this guy could be their big break. Belle cries and says yeah their break. She says she's always been the good girl, Sami's always been the one who made the mistakes. She doesn't know what possessed her, what made her think that running was the right thing, she put Claire at risk every day. Phillip says she is a good mom, she did what she had to. Belle thinks she's being punished. Phillip says if they were punished for every mistake they made then God would have a 24 hour job on his hands. Suddenly a man shows up looking for Phillip.

Phillip, Belle and this man sit down. He asks about their little girl. They show him a picture, the man says this is the little girl he saw. The man says he and his wife were at a harbor, they saw a woman with a small child, she seemed nervous. He says she jumped in her car and peeled out of there. He's sure this is the baby the woman had. Phillip asks about the woman. The man says she was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap. He doesn't know where she was going, but she was in a big hurry to get there. The man remembers the woman had a backpack with a sticker USAdorable on it. He doesn't know what it means, he hopes it helps. The man leaves, they decide to google the sticker. Belle got the impression that Phillip told that man that Claire was their daughter. He says he may have, he's sorry. She says it's okay, he knows she loves her.

Shawn soon shows up at the pub. He gives Belle the news about Willow's death and how they are having a DNA test done to see if Willow lied or not about the baby. Shawn says he's going to the station after this for the results. She offers to go with him, but he wants her to follow the lead on Claire with Phillip. Phillip soon shows up, he found out what the sticker means. They find out it's some kind of baby beauty pageant. They find a site online, there are both online competitions and real live ones. Shawn asks why they'd kidnap Claire to enter her into this contest, other than she'd win. Shawn sees he has to go, it's late. He tells them to look through the website and see if they find Claire. Phillip finds a pageant going on in Chicago today. They decide to go see if she's there. 


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