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2nd Week of June 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


June 11, 2007
At the station, Chelsea tells Nick his pacing is wearing out the floor and to sit down. He's biting his nails, she says he's going to draw blood. She says it will be okay. He says if she says so. She asks if he has gum, she likes to chew when she's nervous. He says she's nervous? Chelsea says she's trying to stay positive. Nick says him too, but coroners can see things in bodies. Chelsea says it was an accident. Nick says not if the coroner doesn't think so. Nick's phone rings, it's his parents. He can't deal with this now and turns the phone off. He says they talked to him last night for an hour, he's gone from perfect son to screw up. She says he did nothing wrong, Willow is dead because she was a selfish liar and tried to bleed him dry. Belle and Phillip show up, Belle asks where Shawn is. Chelsea can't believe Belle is with Phillip, who almost got them all arrested. She says she doesn't trust Phillip and Belle shouldn't either.

Bo is in the office with Shawn waiting for the coroners report. Belle and Phillip burst in, they have possibly found Claire in Chicago and have to go now. Shawn says he can't leave yet, he asks what is going on? He learns about the USAdorable pageant in Chicago. Phillip offers to go to Chicago with Belle, Shawn can meet them there after he deals with the Willow stuff. Shawn asks Phillip to give him a few minutes alone with Belle. Phillip leaves them and goes to check on their flight. Shawn tells Belle he doesn't like this, he thinks Phillip is doing this to play hero, to be the one who holds Claire first. He knows this sounds petty, but he wants to be the one Claire sees first. Belle says she has to go, if he wants to be the face that Claire sees then get on the plane with them. Shawn can't go, so Belle and Phillip head to the airport together to go to Chicago. 

Bo goes to check on Roman about the coroner. The coroner is stuck in traffic. Bo and Roman joke how nothing is ever simple with their family. Bo tells Roman about the letter Sami found and how he's meeting Doug and Julie in the old club to look into the old tunnel. Roman asks if he needs backup? Bo says no, Hope will be there and she's as good of a cop as he is. Bo gets a bad feeling about this DiMera family reunion. Roman understands, having them all here is as comfortable as being invaded by rats. An envelope shows up, it's something from Willow's safe deposit box. Bo wonders why Willow would have a safe deposit box. Roman opens it, he tells Bo that he better sit down. The letter is a confession from Willow, in case something happened to her. Willow admits to everything she did, starting the fire and setting Chelsea up so she could blackmail Nick and Chelsea. Everything checks out, it's Willow's handwriting. Still, Bo says if the coroner report doesn't come back in Nick's favor then Willow gave them Nick's motive for killing her.

Meanwhile Nick and Chelsea are still waiting to hear news about the inquest. Chelsea knows she should feel bad about what happened to Willow, but she doesn't. She also knows Nick went to that beach for her. Nick doesn't want her with him if she feels she owes him. She kisses him and says that is why she is here. Nick says it's nice, but she expected a better reaction. He says she is great, he just doesn't know what will happen. He says if it is bad then he doesn't want her here. Chelsea says what is great about them is they have a history with each other, of being there for one another through good and bad times. She says no matter how today ends, it will end with her being there for him. Nick can't get Willow's body out of his head, she tells him to stop thinking about  it. She says Willow did this to herself, it was never going to end good for her with all her blackmail and schemes. Nick tells Chelsea when this whole thing is over, he wants to be with her. He says they've waited too long. He says he wants to spend the night with her. She can't believe he's thinking about sex, but he needs to know everything good in his life didn't die on that beach. She asks where though? He says he still has the apartment. She says Willow's place? She's not stepping foot in it ever. Chelsea says she slept in that bed, now she's dead. Nick says he'll buy a new bed. She asks if he's just so horny that he's not getting this? Nick says that's him, Mr. Horny Insensitive Jerk. Nick says he did get the apartment for Willow, but it doesn't have to be about her forever. He says it was done to prove he loves her (Chelsea), to protect her. He won't push it, if it's not right then he'll leave the place empty. Chelsea says he'd really throw all that money away? Nick says yeah. She says if he can stand up to the coroner for her then she can face the apartment for him. They kiss. 

Roman tells Nick the coroner is finally here. Nick has to go in alone to see him. Chelsea tells Nick they'll meet at the apartment later. Nick says if this doesn't work out hen this is it for them. She says no, tonight will be it for them. She says think about being with her tonight. He says if the thinks about that then he won't even remember his name. She tells Nick that she loves him, just remember that. He says he loves her to. He then has to go in and face the coroner. 

Nick runs into Shawn on the way into the office. He tries to tell Shawn he's so sorry about Willow. Shawn knows it was an accident. The coroner has arrived, he knows Nick from the hospital. They go into the office. Shawn then asks his dad about the DNA tests. Bo says he'll see what he can find out.

In Roman's office, the coroner details how Willow died, death was immediate and no amount of CPR Nick performed would have brought her back. Roman asks if there were signs she was pushed or bludgeoned, which Nick doesn't like. The doctor says all his conclusions were in the report. Bo shows up, he asks about the paternity of the DNA? The coroner did the test and gives Bo the report. The coroner leaves, Nick asks if Roman plans to torture him or something now? Roman reads over the report, the obvious cause of death was blunt trauma to the head. The force of angle indicates and accidental fall. IT is just like Nick described it. Nick realizes he's not going to be going to jail.

Bo goes out to see Shawn, who feels that he should be with Phillip and Belle right now looking for Claire. Bo has the results, he gives it to Shawn and tells him to open it up, find out the truth and get on with his life.

Chelsea goes home to find Jeremy there in only a towel. He has the music blaring, as he dances his towel falls off. She is shocked, he asks what, she doesn't like to dance? Maybe it's the view she doesn't like? Chelsea tells him to just get dressed. She asks what is he doing here anyway? He says showering. He also says he lives here now, welcome home roomy. 

At the hospital, Lucas is furious over Sami's latest note. He calls information and demands Tony's number.

Sami and EJ end up at a warehouse to see Stefano. Sami says it's like DiMera deja-vous, wasn't she just brought to a warehouse to see Stefano? EJ says not to be afraid, she's with him. That doesn't make Sami feel any safer.  They hear opera playing, EJ says it's Stefano's way of letting them know he's ready to see them. They go in to find Stefano sitting in a chair conducting an illusionary orchestra. Sami says he is the healthiest dead guy she's ever seen. Stefano laughs and says she flatters him. He stands up and gives Elvis a hug as a father should embrace his son. EJ tell Stefano he's looking well, Sami comments John's kidney agrees with him. Stefano thanks Elvis for coming. In the shadows, Tony is spying. Stefano then tells Sami that she is lovelier than he remembers. She asks if he's talking about her or Colleen? She reminds him that he called her Colleen in the ambulance. He jokes never listen to a man flat on his back. Sami says he acted like he saw a ghost. He says it was just her beauty. She knew she wouldn't get an honest answer out of him. She wants to cut to the chase, who is Colleen and is she the reason he's tried to destroy her family? Stefano suddenly becomes tired, so EJ tells him to sit down. Sami says Stefano was ready to run a marathon until she mentioned Colleen. Stefano says Colleen has been dead many years and has nothing to do with either of their families. Sami says well that clears everything up, that was very simple. She demands the truth about this feud or she will rip John's kidney from him. EJ says show his father respect! Stefano says if Sami wants this feud over then consider it done. He says sit down and listen closely to his terms. She says tell them, EJ says sush! Sami will not be sushed! Stefano laughs saying EJ has his hands full with Sami. Sami says it is not like that. Sami calls their whole family crazy, saying they all lie and kill people. Stefano tells Sami that her moral superiority is laughable. He says the DiMeras don't parade their sorrows in a pub for the world to see, they hold it close to their hearts. Stefano suggests she think about her family, the ones she loves and how she should can keep from morning them. She asks if this is a threat? Stefano says no. EJ says Sami wants to settle this. Sami says she knows what he wants and he knows what she wants. She says she will give him the stem cells in return for what she wants. He says no, she will give him what he wants and then he'll make sure her and her family don't spend their lives looking over their shoulders. Stefano believes that Celeste is right and her child is a DiMera. He wants Sami to marry his son and raise her child as a DiMera. If she does the Bradys will spend the rest of their lives free from harm. Stefano says this will give him piece and a chance for her child to share in the DiMera legacy. Sami says no, she'll give it to him in Italian too, NO! She says EJ is unbelievable. EJ swears he didn't know any idea about this. Stefano says these are his terms, his grandchild will be raised a DiMera or the vendetta will not end until the last Brady falls. Suddenly the lights go out. EJ has no idea what is going on. A forklift starts up and begins headed straight for them. Sami screams, there is no where for them to run. We see the headlights of the forklift aiming at them as Sami screams and EJ holds her.

Lucas shows up at the warehouse, but Tony stops him from going to see Sami. Lucas asks if Sami is here. Tony can't believe he lost Sami again. Tony says Sami is with his father, but they don't want to be disturbed. Lucas demands he open the door. Tony says just because he can't find his wife again doesn't mean he should be nasty with him. Tony assures Lucas that Sami is in no danger from his father. Lucas swears to kill Tony. Tony asks why everyone wants to kill him? Bart shows up and points a gun at Lucas. He says Lucas was saying? Lucas says go ahead and shoot him! Tony tells Bart to teach him a lesson, it's a squirt gun! Bart them quickly ties Lucas up. Later Lucas is left alone with his hands tied behind his back. He hears Sami screaming as the fork lift heads for her and EJ.


June 12 , 2007
At Bo and Hope's, Jeremy tells Chelsea that cousin Hope is letting him crash here until the business is up and running. Chelsea wishes she was told. Jeremy asks if she has a problem with him, he's not feeling the love. She tells him that he has insulted her boyfriend and thinks he's too cool for school. She asks him to go put on clothes. He says he would if she thought that is what she wanted. Jeremy says he saw her checking out the goods, she's digging him. They bicker, Jeremy tells Chelsea what she wants is written all over her face. He then kisses her! She slaps him and says if he does that again then she'll rip his eyes out. He thinks she likes it rough, he can deal. He goes to kiss her again. She's upset, he claims he was just goofing with her. She says maybe they should call Stephanie and see what she thinks about it. He says go ahead. Chelsea goes to leave. He stops her and apologizes. He says he was an ass, he's sorry. She thinks if they are going to be working together then they need to set some boundaries. Jeremy agrees, but they have to go to Stephanie's shindig. She says she can't go, she has plans. She says she's supposed to hang out with Nick. He says this is a party for the launch of the business. He says she has to come, Stephanie and Jett will be disappointed if she flakes. He tells her she can hang out with her lover boy later. Jeremy leaves, saying he's going to go put on clothes. Chelsea calls Nick and leaves him a message asking him to call her when he gets this. Jeremy returns half dressed. He asks if she's coming or not? She says not. He says yeah, why go have fun and party when she can wait by the phone. Chelsea says she'll go only for a bit. He tells her to bring her ipod so they don't get stuck listening to Stephanie's TV show talent contest loser collection. Chelsea leaves, leaving her cell behind. She of course gets a call from Nick the minute she's gone.

Jett, Jeremy and Chelsea show up at Stephanie's parents' hotel room. Jeremy and Stephanie immediately begin sucking face, Chelsea feels bad for pour Stephanie. Stephanie tells the guys to hang out, they will get their drinks. Chelsea says they are waiting on them? Stephanie says they have to practice. Jeremy says Touch The Skies is a full service flight. She says that better not mean what she thinks it is. Chelsea doesn't think her parents would approve of this, but Stephanie says they are out of town on some island while her mom tries to heal her crazy dad. Stephanie asks Jeremy what it will be, Vodka, Scotch or her? Chelsea isn't happy, they say it's only a tease. Jeremy takes a scotch, Stephanie pours him a drink. Stephanie then says she and her coworker have a little surprise for them, so fasten their seatbelts! Stephanie takes Chelsea into another room. They soon come out in their flight attendant outfits. They are little white mini skirts and tight turquoise tops. Chelsea found them in a vintage shop in town. She tells Jeremy Hi I'm Stephanie, fly me! They make out, Chelsea thinks this is getting old. Jett suggests they take a walk, Chelsea says not like this. He give her his pullover, leaving him in a wife beater. They then head off on their walk. After they are gone, Stephanie realizes they are gone. Stephanie thinks that was rude, but Jeremy just wants to get busy so they head into the bedroom. Before they do, Stephanie orders them a pizza. Jeremy claimed it would make the afternoon perfect. Later the pizza arrives, Jeremy pays for it and they sit around in towels eating the pizza. The doorbell rings, they think it is Jett and Chelsea coming back. Jeremy opens the door and it's Steve! Behind him is Adrienne. Steve asks who the hell he is?

At the station, Shawn opens up the DNA report. He says Willow lied, the baby isn't his. He asks how she showed him a form showing he was the father? Roman suggests she doctored it, stole one when she was in the hospital. Nick shows up, he's signed all the papers he had to. He sees Shawn looks a little off, did he get the DNA results? Shawn says he's not the father. Nick says congratulations doesn't seem fit here. Roman tells Nick he's free to go. Bo says Willow left a confession behind as well clearing everyone. Roman suggests they both give thanks in their prayers tonight. Later Shawn tells his dad how this baby, who was innocent,  didn't stand a chance. Bo says the baby was another one of Willow's victims. Shawn knows this sounds crazy, but Willow was a victim as well, even after what she did to them. He thinks he could have treated her better, he used her and she did have a good heart. Bo says that isn't how it happened. Shawn says he needed an escape, when he didn't want her anymore . . . Bo says it's no good beating himself up over this. Shawn still wants to pay for the funeral expenses. HE says right now though he's broke. Bo says don't worry about it. Shawn promises to pay him back. Nick returns, he just tried to call Chelsea and she's not answering. Bo says maybe she's away from the phone? Okay maybe not. Shawn suggests they both go check out the pub and wait for their girls to call them.

At the pub, Shawn and Nick end up drinking beers together. They toast to Willow, may she rest in peace. Nick is still blaming himself for what happened. HE thinks he should have been able to save her. Shawn says Nick did everything he could. Nick says that is the thing, he's not so sure he did. Nick says he did want her out of his life. Shawn says that is the beer talking, shut up. Nick is plastered at this point. Shawn tells him to go home and sleep this off. He says what home, the empty apartment that he got for Willow before he let her die? Shawn thought he was meeting Chelsea there. Nick says she's not answering his calls because he's a loser. Shawn says he's not a loser, Chelsea doesn't think that. Shawn says if she did then she wouldn't be with him. Nick thinks she's only with him because she feels sorry for him. He thinks Chelsea is disgusted by him, or it suddenly occurred to her that maybe he did kill Willow. He says maybe Chelsea think if he got pissed off enough that he'd kill her. Shawn laughs, he says it's not in Nick's nature. Nick wonders why Chelsea hasn't called him then. Shawn says she will. Shawn says Belle hasn't called him yet, but she will. Nick feels terrible, Shawn's daughter is lost and he's here with him. Shawn suggests he call Chelsea, but he won't beg. Shawn says his phone has a message. Nick realizes his phone was on silent. He says Chelsea has called him twice, now she'll never sleep with him. Shawn asks if that is what this is all about? Nick says yes, tonight was supposed to be their first . . . He says it appears she's changed her mind though. Shawn says Chelsea called him and left a message. He suggests Nick get in a cab and get over there. Nick leaves and Shawn calls to make an airline reservation.

Jett walks Chelsea back to Bo and Hope's. She finds her phone, there is a message. Nick says it's good news. She calls him back, this time he's not answering his phone. She tries calling him on he land line. She says she's at home, call her as soon as he gets this. She wonders if Nick is mad at her. Jett asks if they had plans? She says they did. Jett thinks he should probably get going, the party is probably over now. He asks if she'll be okay? She says she'll be fine. However she soon says no, nothing is fine. She cries, she feels terrible, she told Nick she'd be waiting for his call. She says he's kind of sensitive and insecure. Jett knows relationships are tough work. She says he's engaged though. HE says and his fiance is 100 miles away in med school. He thought she and Nick were pretty solid, so what is the problem? Chelsea says he slept with her mom! Jett is stunned. She says it only happened once, it was before they were even together. She says they got passed it and moved on. Jett says maybe she didn't. Chelsea wants to trust him, she doesn't know if she'll be able to. Jett gives her a hug to comfort her just as a really drunk Nick walks in. Jett asks Nick if he's okay? Nick says he's fine, but Jett is about to get his ass kicked!

In the warehouse, we see a recap of someone driving a forklift and heading straight for EJ and Sami. Sami is screaming, Lucas, his hands still tied, manages to open the door to the warehouse. Inside boxes and shelves are falling over from the forklift. They are running all over. The forklift ends up heading for Sami, who got separated from EJ. Lucas shows up and stops the forklift. Sami sees him and they hug. Sami says she was so scared. Lucas tell her how someone was in the forklift and took off. He stopped it just in time. Lucas says Tony and his thug friends tied him up outside. She asks if he's okay? He says they'll deal with that later. He asks why she's here? She says she had to come, Stefano summoned her. Lucas tells her not to do this, this is the third time to they tried to kill her. He asks if it was worth the risk, did she find out about Colleen? Sami says no. Lucas has found out about Colleen from the letter. He says Colleen has something to do with this vendetta and Bo and the others are handling it now. Lucas is calling Roman and Bo, they need more security. They hear moaning, Sami realizes EJ is in there somewhere. She says they have to help him. They soon find EJ trapped under boxes and shelves. EJ's legs are trapped, Lucas can't help but enjoy the irony. They free EJ. EJ thanks them both. Lucas asks why he brought Sami here? IS he trying to get her killed? Sami says it was her decision to come. She found out that Stefano would be willing to end the feud. Lucas says in exchange for what. Sami says it doesn't matter, what matters is that he's willing to end it. Lucas wants to know what Stefano wanted. EJ tells Lucas what Stefano asked, that he and Sami marry and raise their child together. She says she turned him down, that is why he tried to kill them. EJ says this was not his father, it was Tony. Lucas says it doesn't matter who did it, all the DiMeras are the same. EJ says Lucas is wrong. Lucas tells EJ to tell his daddy that this won't work. EJ tells Sami that she can't think he set this up, but she does. She says this is all exactly what he wanted, them together. EJ doesn't deny that. EJ says if he had persuaded Stefano to do this, why would Tony try and kill him too? EJ says his life is in danger too. 

Back at the station, Bo and Roman talk. Bo thanks Roman for giving Nick and Chelsea a break. Roman says the stories added up. Bo has to head off to meet Hope and her folks at Doug's old place. Bo gets a call, it's from an upset Lucas. Bo tells Lucas that he and Roman are on their way. He relays the message to Roman, they take off for the warehouse.

Bo and Roman show up at the warehouse to check things out. Lucas wants a cop assigned to Sami 24/7. EJ is sure Tony is behind this, neither he nor Sami are safe. Roman could care less about EJ, Sami however he wants in a safe house. Sami thinks that is not needed. Roman won't argue, she is going to the safe house. Lucas says he will take Sami home, just put a cop outside the door. Bo says they will. Lucas and Sami leave. EJ wishes Sami would have taken Roman's advice. Roman says if anything happens to Sami then he'll hold EJ responsible. He tells EJ to find a way to stop Tony and Stefano, if anyone can it is him.


June 13, 2007
At the hotel room, Jeremy answers the door to find Steve and Adrienne standing there. Steve is just staring, Jeremy says tickets don't go on sale till tomorrow. Jeremy says he has a pizza getting cold, so later. Steve says he lives here, Stephanie hears her dad's voice. Jeremy says dad? Jeremy introduces himself as Jeremy Horton. Steve isn't happy to see his little girl and Jeremy in nothing but towels. Stephanie didn't expect him back so soon. Adrienne introduces herself to Stephanie, saying she may not remember her. Stephanie asks about mom, Steve says she's at a medical conference and they'll deal with that later. He wants Jeremy to put on some pants so they can take this outside. Stephanie tells her dad to stop it. She says he doesn't get to order her guests around. Steve says he does when they are in his house half naked. Jeremy tells Sweet Cheeks it is cool. Steve says her name is Stephanie. Jeremy goes to put his pants on. Stephanie asks Steve why they didn't call to warn her? They didn't expect her here, what happened to Dayton? Stephanie says sorry to disappoint, she moved back home. He says he's not disappointed. Steve however thinks she shouldn't have been having her clothesless play date here. Stephanie says he doesn't seem to want to accept that she's grown up. She isn't going to be like mom, she's having sex and plenty of it! Adrienne leaves them to talk alone. Steve thinks Stephanie is disrespecting her mama. Stephanie says growing up with mom was like growing up in a nunnery, her dad is the reason she never had fun. He says he'll spend his life trying to make that up. Stephanie says she loves Jeremy and there is nothing wrong with what they did. Steve says they did it in his home! Jeremy shows up dressed, he's ready to go. He hopes Steve won't take a punch at him as he's all about peace and love, especially love. He gives Stephanie a kiss, which Steve doesn't like! Stephanie tells Jeremy he doesn't have to talk to her dad, he can split. Jeremy says no it's cool. Steve tells Stephanie to put clothes on, he and Jeremy go into the hall.

Adrienne returns and asks Stephanie if she's okay? Stephanie says she's not a slut if that is what she's thinking. Adrienne isn't. She says she's not ten, which is how her dad treats her. Adrienne says it's not easy for her parents right now, they just found each other after years. Stephanie says it's always about her dad, her parents don't pay attention to her unless they want to tell her how to run her life. Adrienne tells Stephanie if she wants to be treated like an adult, act like one. Stephanie tells Adrienne she doesn't know her. Adrienne knows what she saw, a little girl rattling her daddy's cage. Stephanie says she was embarrassed. She says she's not a kid, she's raced cars. She says she loves this guy. Adrienne asks if they've said it? She says no, but she feels it, she knows it is there. She also thinks she grew up just fine without her dad, he has no right to judge her.

In the hall, Steve wants to know if Jeremy cares about his daughter or is he just having fun? Is Stephanie his girl friend? Jeremy says they are just keeping things real and Stephanie can take care of herself. He says he and Stephanie just hooked up, he doesn't know where things are going and that is how he likes it. He says he's not giving her a ring or anything. Steve says trust him and he sure doesn't want Jeremy giving his daughter a diamond ring. However he wants Jeremy to respect her. He wants to know Jeremy isn't using Stephanie. Jeremy says he likes her, he's not out to hurt her. Steve says if he does then he'll answer to him. Jeremy thinks it wont' be a fare fight, unless he wears an eye patch and has one hand tied behind his back. Steve says he'll take him anywhere anytime. Jeremy says he was joking, later.

Steve returns as Stephanie is saying Steve has no right to judge her. Stephanie asks her dad if he kicked Jeremy's ass? Got rough with him? That will solve everything. She thinks she's going to go. Stephanie says thinking she could come back and live here was a huge mistake. Steve says she doesn't have to go, it would mean a lot to her mom if she stayed. Stephanie asks if it would mean a lot to him? Steve says he is sorry she didn't have him around when she was growing up. Stephanie says well it wasn't his fault, isn't that what she's supposed to say? He says say what you feel. She says she's leaving, she'll find a place. He says Jeremy is bad news, he used to be just like Jeremy himself. He says Jeremy is a big mouth with no common sense. Stephanie doesn't care what Steve thinks, he is who she wants to be with and sleep with. 

Phillip and Belle arrive in Chicago, the pageant is over. A woman shows up with the pageant, they question her about their daughter. They explain how their child was kidnapped and possibly entered in the pageant. Belle shows the woman a photo, the woman says she has seen this child. The woman says she's seen so many kids, to remember this face is a miracle. She says she's going to send the photo to their headquarters and see if it pulls up anything. Phillip looks over a list of names of contestants, but Belle says they don't know what name to look for. Later Belle looks at a board of photos of a lot of kids. Belle was really thinking they'd arrive and find Claire. Phillip says don't give up, they still will. Belle thanks him, if it weren't for him and his help they wouldn't be this far. She says Shawn too of course. They share a hug when Shawn walks in. He asks if they've had any luck finding Claire, or are they too busy to look? Belle says she's so glad to see him. They explain what they've found out so far. Shawn thanks Phillip for what he's done, now that he's here, he can head back to Salem. Belle says Phillip came to look for Claire too, not to hold her hand until he got here. Shawn thinks it was a lot more than hand holding. Phillip says they are only friends. Belle says Shawn is crazy if he thinks she used looking for Claire as a cover to go away with Phillip. Shawn says all he's saying is that he and Belle are her parents, Phillip gave up enough to help them already. Phillip says Claire has his last name, she is family. Belle reminds them of their pact to get along. Shawn and Phillip continue bickering with one another. Soon the pageant woman shows up, she says their little girl was in this hotel. The woman dressed Claire up as a boy, putting her in a fireman outfit and calling her Jeffery. Belle looks at the photo and says that is her baby! 

At Bo and Hope's, Nick is drunk and jumps on Jett, claming he's going to kick his ass. Chelsea realizes he's been drinking. Nick tackles Jett and begins punching him in the stomach. Chelsea screams stop it. Jett eventually throws Nick off of him, Nick storms out of the room. Chelsea tells Jett she's sorry, Nick is so out of control for some reason. Jett says two things make a guy act like that, alcohol and love. Jett says her boy has it bad. He also says not to take this the wrong way, but she is way out of her boyfriend's league. Chelsea says he's only seen Nick at his worst. She says she loves Nick, she really does, she just doesn't . . . Jett says trust him? He says it happens, and the dude slept with her mom. Chelsea says lately Nick wants to step up their relationship. She thought she wanted it, but she keeps coming up with excuses not to. She says it means a commitment and she's not sure if she wants that. Nick yells from the bathroom for help, he thinks he's dying. Later Chelsea returns and talks to Jett some more. She realizes she has to be honest with Nick, she hasn't forgiven him for what happened with her mom. Nick shows up, he apologizes for attacking Jett. He says if Jett wants to press charges then he understands. Jett says no, feel better. He heads out. Chelsea tries to talk to Nick, but he runs off to be sick.

Later Nick is on the couch way hung over, she's giving him pepto. He wants to go to sleep. She wants to talk. She says he barged in here drunk out of his mind. He says he just had a few beers, back off. She says he is not allowed to be rude to her. Nick says Jett was all over her. Chelsea says he's her friend and her boss. Nick thinks that must be a perk, playing with the employees. Nick is convinced that Jett is interested in Chelsea. Chelsea says he has a girlfriend and they are engaged, she can trust him. Nick isn't sure, he thinks Jett is the reason she doesn't want to have sex with him. He thinks she wants to do more than fly the friendly skies with Jett. She says Jett is just her friend, he's not the reason she's not sleeping with him. She tells Nick he has to stop acting like he's five. He thinks if Jett is just a friend then something else is wrong between them. She says there is some thing wrong, but they'll talk later when his alcohol has worn off. Nick says fine, they'll talk later. She tells him to sleep it off here on the couch. Nick says fine, but they are talking later. Chelsea covers him up and gives him a peck on the cheek. 

Hope, Doug and Julie go to the old club. Doug opens up the old window, Julie remembers watching the moonlight out this window. Bo soon shows up. Doug is wishing he could write a song. They find the old piano. Julie thinks it must be out of tune, but it's not. Doug begins playing it and singing. They all applaud him. Hope asks Bo about the inquest. Bo says Nick was cleared and as for Willow's baby, Shawn isn't the father. Hope asks how he's holding up? Bo says he's doing well. He says Shawn went to Chicago after Belle and Phillip, who have a lead on Claire. He also says Willow's family wants nothing to do with the body, Shawn wants to pay for the burial. Hope thinks it's so sad, Willow was someone's little girl. Bo soon suggests to the piano man that they get to work, there has been another attempt on Sami's life. Bo explains what happened with Sami going to see Stefano about the vendetta and Colleen. Hope is sure Colleen is at the center of this feud. Bo says they need to get into the tunnels. Doug says it's boarded up and he doesn't own the place anymore, he cant go demolishing things. Hope says there must be another way down. They realize they could use the old dumb waiter. Bo heads out to get his tools.

Doug and Julie think about that old tunnel and the memories it holds. Bo is trying to find dumb waiter as Hope requests her dad play something from the old days. Doug says in the old days she was chasing after that boy Bo. Bo says he was smart enough to let her catch him. We see a flashback of when Doug caught Hope with Bo at his old loft. Julie remembers how it was, all the people they loved used to come through those doors every week. Tom, Alice, Uncle Bill, Robert, Marie. We see tons of flashbacks from the old days of people at the club, even of Tom and Alice! Julie says she had forgotten how much she loves this place. Julie says they could buy it again. Doug says and what would she do the next time she wanted to go to Italy? Julie says it wouldn't be practical. 

They soon find the old dumb waiter. They think it is too narrow for them, but Hope thinks she can get down there easily. Bo says forget it, he's not lowering her down there. He says who knows what could be down there. Bo says he will be the one to go down there. Hope says she kicked his butt at the police academy, she can deal with this. Bo and Hope bicker over who is being difficult. Doug and Julie suggests they draw straws, or they both go. Hope is okay if they both go. Bo says he'll go first. Suddenly a weird sound is heard in the tunnel. Julie say maybe it was the wind. Doug says that was no wind. Bo yells Is anyone down there? There is no answer. Bo thinks he should go down. Julie says they should call the police. Bo says he is the police! The sounds continue, it sounds like someone wailing and coughing. Hope says the thing down there sounds sick. The show ends with them looking down into the tunnels


June 14, 2007
At the hotel, Steve tells Stephanie so she's going to do what she's going to do, she doesn't care what he thinks or what her mom thinks? She says yes and too bad what they think. She says it's too late for him to wear the daddy hat now. Adrienne says that is enough. Stephanie snaps at Adrienne, Steve says don't talk like that to his sister. She says why not, Adrienne wasn't in her life either! Stephanie doesn't want to hurt him, but he didn't bring her up, mom did. Steve says he's not to blame for what happened either. He says he is her father and he does remember holding her and making her laugh like it was yesterday. Steve only wants what is best for her. She asks how he can wants something for her when he doesn't know who she is. Adrienne tries to calm everyone down. Stephanie regards Steve as a stranger who her mom wasted her life on. Steve understands she is angry with him, but he's trying to get back to normal and Kayla is helping him. Stephanie says that is good, but she's trying to start her own life here. Steve says he doesn't care if Jeremy is Mike's son, something stinks about him. Stephanie doesn't care what Steve thinks, she loves him. She says he's not only her boyfriend, he's her boss. She tells them about the Vegas shuttle business and how she and Chelsea will be flight attendants. Steve says she's not taking that job, not while he's breathing. She says newsflash, she can take any job she wants, even if that means sliding down a pole with her clothes off. Adrienne says that's mature. Steve asks where they will be staying in Vegas? Obviously they aren't flying there and back in the same day. She says they have a suite. Steve says nice, he's sure it has a hot tub too. She says yes and she can't wait to get all ten of her little toes in it. 

Adrienne takes Steve to the hall to talk. She says Stephanie isn't a kid, they can't tell her what to do. Steve thinks if she gets mixed up with that Horton kid then it will turn out bad. Adrienne says she thinks the kid is a creep too, but if he keeps pushing Stephanie then he'll push her into the arms of that guy. She says like it or not, his job is to support Stephanie if and when she falls down, be there to support her. Steve says it's all coming back to him now, Adrienne always was a sweet talker. Steve says all he knows is that it he is her papa, he has questions like if fly boy has a license to fly at night, has the FAA approved of this business? Stephanie comes out, she's heard her dad. She claims they can hear him in Vegas. She tells her dad that Jeremy and Jett are responsible, they will take care of what is needed. She  says if she was going to work for Maggie she wouldn't ask to see her license and permits. Stephanie tells her dad that she's going to do this, she doesn't need his permission. She also says she'll find a new place to live, see you Steve! She walks off. Steve tells Adrienne not to say it, he knows he blew it. Adrienne says yep.

Later, Adrienne and Steve sit down. Adrienne tries to tell Steve how he's still living in the past and dwelling on what happened. She says he has to let that go and look forward to what is to come. Steve says when he and Kayla left the island, he was feeling so good. He says that is why he let Kayla go to the conference. However if she was here today, she would have handled things differently. Adrienne pretends to be Kayla and herself having a conversation about what happened today. She talked too fast to get it all, the gist was that  Kayla would have stayed neutral, saying Steve's heart was in the right place. Adrienne says that Kayla would tell Steve to treat Stephanie like he'd want to be treated. She'd tell him to tell her that he absolutely loves Jeremy. Adrienne makes up a story to give Stephanie, say he talked to Kayla and she made him see the light. Tell Stephanie he was intimidated by Jeremy at first and reacted badly. Say that he and Kayla want to go out to dinner with them both. Steve gets where this is going, Kayla will real Jeremy in. Adrienne says yes, and either Jeremy will step up or act like an ass, and Stephanie will see him for who he really is. Steve says and he and Kayla look like mommy and daddy of the year. Adrienne says or Jeremy could turn out to be not that bad after all. Steve gives his sister a hug. 

Later Steve calls up Kayla to talk to her. She asks how he is, how his day was. Steve says he met Stephanie's boyfriend, he wishes she was here. Kayla asks what he's like. Steve says it's hard to explain. Steve says they got off on the wrong foot. He tells her not to be upset, he thinks it will all turn out to be a happy ending. He then asks her what she's wearing!

In Chicago, Belle and the boys id the photo of Claire, who is dressed like a boy. The pageant woman give them the name and number of the woman who claimed to be the mother, her name is Evelyn Quarry. She's from a small farm town in Indiana. Phillip goes to make some calls to the police. Belle tells Shawn she's thinking, she has an idea. She wants to call the woman and get her back here, say maybe her little Jeffrey won a prize. Shawn thinks that is a great idea. She calls the woman, claiming to be Marlena Evans from the pageant, and that her Jeffrey actually won. Belle says there was a miscalculation, they have a check for $5000 dollars and are in the conference room of the hotel. Phillip returns, he learns what they've done and how Claire will be here soon. Phillip gets emotional, he just wants her back. Belle says she will be so happy to walk in and see them here, the three people who love her the most. Belle calls them her family. Phillip asks Shawn if he feels this way? Will he be cool with him being part of Claire's life again? Belle thinks Shawn is on board with this. Shawn says he is grateful for what Phillip has done. However he does wish things were different, he'd like to take Claire back to a real home, a real neighborhood, not a mansion. Shawn says he's trying to be honest and make sure they are clear. Phillip says Shawn has made it clear that he's Claire's father. Belle has had it, she says Claire could be here at any second. She says this competition has to end, so figure it out. 

Later Evelyn shows up looking for her check. Belle asks about Jeffrey, they wanted some photos with him. Evelyn says she's with a sitter back in Indiana, she didn't want to wake him up for the drive. She claims she'd just like the check and to go home to Indiana. They try and stall, claiming Phillip is a photographer. Belle offers to get her a hotel room here and have her bring Jeffrey so they can take the photos. The woman says they'll have to use the photo of Jeffrey they submitted. She sees his photo isn't on the board of pictures anymore. She demands to know what is going on. Belle claims as soon as the mistake was found, they had to send the photo off to the pageant offices, formalities and stuff. The woman is not believing this, she didn't sign anything about having to take an extra picture. She wants her money, or is this a joke? Do they have a check or not? They say nothing, so she says she's leaving and calling the head office. Belle says You bitch, where is my daughter! She says they know the truth, Jeffery is her daughter Claire and either she or someone she knows fished her out of the ocean. Evelyn says they are crazy, call her again and she'll press charges. Phillip and Shawn stop her from leaving. They say the cops are on the way and she's not leaving until she tells them where their daughter is! Shawn takes her backpack and looks through it. The woman says she will have them arrested, she doesn't know anything about their daughter. Shawn says she's lying. Shawn finds a pair of shoes in the backpack which Belle put Claire's name on. Belle says they are the shoes she was wearing she disappeared. Belle slaps the woman and demands to know where her child is or there will be nothing left for the police to lock up when they get here.

At Doug's Place, Bo and Hope hear the wailing of someone in the tunnel. They realize someone is down there. Julie thinks they must be freezing to death. Bo and Hope argue about who will go down. Doug yells down that they want to help them, can they hear them? The voice responds Heeeeellllpppp Meeeeeee! Bo keeps calling down to them, they are just crying now. Bo decides to lower himself down there and pull this person back up. The person continues to scream out Help Me!

Bo goes down into the tunnel. He is talking up to Hope, Doug and Julie. They are going to lower some flashlights so he can see. Suddenly we hear the person scream and a WHACK! Hope asks Bo if he's there, can he see it? Is he okay? Hope wants to get down there, but Doug says no he's not letting her go down there. Julie says Bo would not want her to do this. Julie wants to call Roman, but Hope says Bo could be dead by then. Suddenly someone is climbing up the rope. They think it is Bo, but Julie doesn't think so. Hope says someone is climbing up the rope. Julie says or some thing. Doug is sure it's not Bo.

Hope, Doug and Julie begin pulling the rope, out pops a person in black, who attacks Hope! They pull the person off Hope. Hope demands to know where Bo is, they can't run, what did they do to Bo. The person, who is in a mask, gloves and a huge jacket, is in a defensive stance. Hope and Doug corner them. Hope says take the mask off or they will. Doug grabs them, Hope rips the mask off and it's Lexie! Hope calms Lexie down, saying she's safe, she knows her. Hope says they are friends, Abe, her son. Lexie soon calms down and recognizes Hope. Lexie cries as they hug. Doug asks what is going on? Hope says there was an accident, Lexie disappeared, they thought she was dead. Julie says they should get her to the hospital. Hope asks Lexie to focus, where is Bo? Lexie says Bo? Hope asks where he is. Lexie says oh no . . . . . dead! She says he's dead, Bo's dead.


June 17, 2007
At the hotel in Chicago, Evelyn keeps insisting she bought those clothes at a used clothing store. They don't believe her, the photo of her son is their child. A cop shows up. Evyln claims the photo is of her son Jeffrey. The cop seems to think he bares a striking resemblance to their daughter. They tell the cop they found Claire's clothes in her backpack. Evelyn wants this woman arrested, Belle says they'll arrest her for killing her! The cop says nobody will kill anyone. The cop asks Belle, Phillip and Shawn about Claire disappearing. They tell them the story about the typhoon in the south pacific. They explain about someone seeing a woman run off with Claire with a USAdorable pageant sticker on their back pack. Evelyn says this is ridiculous, she doesn't have a boat and hasn't been west of Des Moines. Shawn and Phillip want Evelyn arrested. The cop asks who they are? They both say Claire's father. The cop asks Belle which one is her father? 

Later the cop has talked to Evelyn, she claims she and the boy's husband split a year ago and she's been doing pageants ever since. He called home where the boy is supposedly with a sitter, but there was no answer. They don't believe she could have got here from Indiana so fast. They decide to go check her car, but nobody is in it. They continue to confront Evelyn, who they don't think went all the way home to Indiana and back. Belle wants the hotel searched, the cop agrees and has all available men search the hotel. Phillip tells Belle it won't be long now. Evelyn continues to claim she's innocent, she tells the cop maybe one of these guys have the girl in some weird custody battle. The cop has to go help with the search, he says there are men at every door so nobody is leaving. The cop soon returns, they searched everywhere, they didn't find her. Belle breaks down as Shawn holds her. Evelyn asks if she can go. The cop says a few more questions and she can go. Belle can't believe this, but the cop says they have no proof against her. Belle threatens to follow her home. The cop says not to do that, do this through legal channels. The cop talks to Evelyn some more.  Belle and the boys discuss what to do. They don't even know if Evelyn's address in Indiana is her real address. Belle cries, she misses Claire, she misses singing to her. Shawn says she will sing to her again. Suddenly Belle starts singing and clapping her hands. Phillip and Shawn think she's lost it, but Claire suddenly begins crying. Belle says it's Claire, she's here! 

John and Marlena are doing some serious kissing at the pub. Caroline shows up and says it seems like old times. Caroline joins them and they chit chat a bit. They talk about family, how everyone is back in town. Marlena says this may be a sore spot in Shawn's past, but has he ever brought up Colleen? Caroline says they don't talk about her, she'd like to keep it that way. Marlena says they believe Colleen is behind the feud. Caroline begs then not to dig into the past, it will only break Shawn's heart. She begs them not to ask Shawn about Colleen. Marlena asks then how they end this problem with the DiMeras? Caroline says maybe they can't, they arrest them and they get out. Look what they did to John. EJ isn't in jail. Stefano isn't in jail. Marlena and John think if all this violence started with Colleen then she could be the key to ending it. They says if Shawn wont talk about her, will Caroline? Caroline says go behind Shawn's back? John asks if she'll save her family all this heartache? Caroline explains she didn't know about Colleen till a few years ago. She was cleaning and found and old shoe box . . . cue the fake flashback. Caroline showed an old photo to Shawn, she couldn't make out the woman's face. Shawn told Caroline never to mention this woman to him again. Caroline says eventually Shawn apologized and said Colleen was his older sister and she died young. He never said how she died. Marlena says so Colleen was a Brady? In walks Stefano, who says and the loveliest Brady of them all, present company excluded of course.

Caroline runs off to work, John asks Stefano what he wants? Stefano wants to know their morbid interest in Colleen Brady. MArlena asks what he knows about her? Stefano says a lot more than they do he suspects. He asks if he may join them or does he take the secrets to his grave? John suggests he make it an early grave. Stefano says his coma didn't rob him of his sense of humor. Marlena thinks Stefano is looking better than ever. He claims the prognosis is not what they hoped. Marlena suggests they discuss Colleen and how she was involved with Santo. Stefano says his father was a remarkable man, and Colleen a remarkable woman. He says Colleen was the love of his father's life. 

Stefano sits down with Marlena and John. He says Santo and Caroline met on an island (Calloway?) where his father had an import business. John asks if Santo wasn't married? Stefano says yes, but his mother overlooked such things. Santo says Colleen was the love of his life and the vendetta began with Colleen's death. Marlena asks how she died? Stefano says that does not matter. He says they have to end the bitterness between the families. They ask how they do that? Stefano realizes Sami didn't tell them. He says peace, true lasting peace is in the hands of Samantha. They accuse him of trying to kill Sami, but he says he hasn't lifted a hand against her. They ask what the deal is. He says he will let Sami explain it, tell her that he is anxiously waiting for her decision. Stefano then leaves. MArlena thinks they need to talk to Sami. John then gets a call. It's from Doug, he says Bo and Hope are in trouble. John and Marlena take off.

At Doug's Pace, Lexie tells Hope she thought Bo was coming to kill her. She says she hit him over the head, she thinks she killed him. Hope realizes she has to get down there. Hope makes her way down as Lexie tells Doug and Julie not to tell Abe about her, she doesn't want him to know. Doug asks who put her down there? She doesn't know, she was in a car with a friend, they were run off the road. She woke up in the tunnel, where she was given food and water every few days. Julie doesn't understand, why didn't she tell them who she was? She was afraid, she didn't know who they were. Doug says it's okay now, she's safe. Lexie says no, no one is safe!

Celeste soon arrives. She and Lexie hug and are crying. Lexie asks about Theo, Celeste says he's strong. She asks and Abe? Celeste says he's had another operation, they don't know if his vision has been restored. Celeste asks Alexandra what they did to her? Doug and Julie say she was held captive. Celeste wants to call Abe, but Lexie says no. Celeste says they need to get her to a doctor. Doug helps Lexie out to Celeste's car.

In the tunnel, Hope finds Bo unconscious. He soon wakes up. Bo asks what happened? Hope says he won't believe it, it was Lexie. Hope says she was held down here this whole time. Lexie thought she killed him. Bo says she did her best to try. Hope then asks Bo what the last thing she said to him when he came down here. He says that she loved him? She says before that! He says be careful? She asks what part didn't he get. Suddenly they hear opera music in the tunnel. Bo says it's Stefano's song! Bo tells Hope to head back up, he'll be there later. She says or they'll go up together. He wonders if she's going to fight him all the way, They get the flashlights working. They find a door that is bolted, the music comes from the other side. They also found all sorts of albums, Stefano's personal library of music it seems. They soon find some photo albums, they learn Colleen was a Brady. They can't make out the faces though. They also find some photos of Tony and Anna, as well as Stefano. They soon find a photo of Colleen and are stunned. She is the spitting image of Sami. Hope says this is too weird. Bo wonders why pop didn't say anything to them? Hope says maybe he didn't know, or didn't remember. He wants to confront his dad with these photos. Hope soon finds a key. Bo says it must be a box to something they've missed. Hope says it was important enough to be hidden. They soon find a box which the key fits. Bo tells her to open up Pandora's box and see what flies out. They work to open the box, which is stuck. Doug calls down to them, Hope lets them know they are fine. She says they'll both be up soon. Bo ends up getting the box open, inside is a music box. A ballerina dances around. Then a timer starts ticking. In the box they find a bomb! They wonder how long it's been here. Bo doesn't know, but they set the timer off. It's counting down with 1 minute and 30 seconds to go.

At the hospital, Celeste is with Lexie. She wants the person who did this to her punished. Lexie says she's really tired now. Celeste says too tired to see her little boy? He has been praying for her to come back and now his prayers have been answered. How can she sit here without him. Lexie is afraid to see Abe, he hates her. Celeste says he doesn't, he was hurt. LExie says her mom doesn't understand. She explains the night of the accident she was with Tek. She says nothing happened, but she lied about the night John was shot. She says now Abe won't believe her. Celeste says it is not for her to decide what Abe will or won't believe. She says if Lexie won't see Abe then so be it, but he deserves to know she's alive. Celeste asks what happened to Tek? Lexie says she doesn't know. Celeste asks if she loves Tek? Lexie hasn't been able to think about love since she's been in that prison. Celeste says Abe thinks about it, she hears him walking at night. Celeste says Abe misses her. Lexie thinks she humiliated Abe. Celeste says a good man chooses love over pride. Celeste says he's coming to the hospital to have his bandages removed. Lexie asks for a favor. She needs a shower, a little make-up, to fix her hair. Celeste says okay. Lexie wants to have the doctor remove the bandages in here. Celeste says she'll make sure it is done. Lexie wants her face to be the first face Abe sees. Celeste says she thinks Abe would like that.


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