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3rd Week of June 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


June 18, 2007
In Chicago, we see a replay of Belle crying on Shawn's shoulder, saying how she may never see Claire again, get a chance to sing to her. Shawn said she would. Belle looks strange and then begins clapping and singing "The Noble Duke of York." Phillip and Shawn think she's lost it, but Claire cries out. The boys run to look for Claire as Belle keeps signing. Evelyn stands there looking all guilty. Claire soon shows up, dressed as a boy with a little baseball cap on. Evelyn of course tells Jeffrey to come to her, but Claire runs to Belle. Belle warns Evelyn to back off or she'll kill her! Evelyn grabs her stuff and runs for it.

Belle calls out to Shawn, who shows up and sees Belle holding Claire. Belle tells Claire to go give her daddy a hug. Claire runs to Shawn, but Phillip walks in and she goes to him. Shawn is of course crushed. Phillip claims it was just the confusing situation that was all. Shawn takes Claire and Phillip swears he didn't encourage her to come to him. He is happy though, and tells Belle this means Claire does remember him, the only father she had the first year of her life. However he assures Belle that he knows and has accepted Shawn as Claire's father.

Later Shawn and Phillip say Evelyn has been caught and arrested. Belle hopes she rots in jail. Shawn thanks Phillip for everything he's done, hoping he has a good flight home. Phillip again tells Shawn he didn't entice Claire to come to him. Shawn says he knows. Phillip leaves. Shawn and Belle are planning to head back to Salem tomorrow together. Phillip soon returns, saying he's stuck, there are no flights out tonight. Shawn doesn't look to happy, Belle seems torn.

At Sami and Lucas', Lucas makes a call to the cops to make sure they have a guard outside their apartment. They say someone should be there, Lucas checks and there is. He verifies it's one of Salem PD's men. Lucas jokes the guard looks like he could be on a soap. Later Sami learns the guard is here, which means Lucas can satisfy her cravings. Lucas gets all hot and bothered, but she says she means food cravings. She wants him to go get her anchovy pizza and rocky road ice cream. He thinks it's gross, but agrees to go.

Outside in the hall, EJ shows up to try and see Sami, but the guard won't let him. EJ claims he's family, the father of Sami's baby. Lucas soon shows up and learns EJ is trying to see Sami. EJ says he's tried calling, but Lucas says they changed the number and he's not getting it. EJ asks how many more times must he save Sami's life before they believe he's not a threat?  Lucas punches EJ and tells him to stay away from his wife! He tells the guard to shoot EJ if he tries to get in there.

Back in Sami's, Sami finds a bag of garbage in her room, she thinks Will put it there, he didn't. She thinks it must be Lucas' stuff then. Will is on his phone texting when he gets a message for his mom. EJ texted Will's phone desperate to talk to Sami. Sami decides to take the garbage out and see what EJ wants.

Sami goes to see EJ, they talk in the hall where the guard can see them. EJ tells Sami how he realizes they have to put an end to all of this, they are both in danger. He says he's going to do what he should have done, he's going to the police with information to put Tony away. She is shocked, asking if he'd really betray his own brother? HE says for her, yes. She doesn't believe him, she thinks Stefano would not stand for this. EJ says Stefano is becoming aware that Tony is mentally unstable as well. Still, she doesn't think Stefano will like him going to the police. EJ says it almost sounds as if she cares. She says he's stirring up a rats next here, she cares. Lucas soon returns with the food, he's furious to see Sami talking to EJ. He asks if this is why she sent him for food? SAmi says no. She says she was taking garbage out and found out EJ was trying to see her, she wanted to know why. Lucas again claims he will take care of his wife, EJ needs to stay away. EJ soon returns to his apartment. Lucas tells Sami they should go eat, but she remembers the trash. He says he'll take it, but she thinks it's safe to dump down the chute. He insists on going with her then. The bag is too big, Lucas says she over stuffed it. She says it's not hers, it's his. He says it's not his. They wonder whose it is. Suddenly they hear ticking. Lucas thinks there is a bomb in the bag!

In the tunnel, we see a replay of Bo and Hope finding the bomb in the music box. Hope screams up to her parents to get out, there is a bomb. They don't have time to climb out of the tunnel, Bo will have to defuse it. John and Marlena arrive, they learn about the bomb. John insists Marlena take Doug and Julie out, he's going to help. Marlena won't leave John, she is staying. He asks her to stay up here then. 

Back in the tunnel, Bo is trying to remember the training for defusing a bomb. He has to cut a wire, but which one. He wants to do the yellow one, but Hope doesn't like that one. Bo cuts a wire and the bomb timer stops. They hug, they think they did it. John shows up, he learns the bomb has been defused. Suddenly red siren lights go off, they think it's going to blow. They all duck for cover and the bomb explodes. Bo ends up having his leg pinned under some rubble, it's possibly broken. However no one is seriously hurt. John says he'll go up above to get help. John leaves as Hope works on a splint for Bo's leg. Hope thinks they were lucky, but Bo doesn't. Bo says that bomb was a warning from Stefano, if he wanted them dead then they would be.

Back up above, John relays the news to Marlena, Doug and Julie that Hope is okay, Bo's leg may be broken. The paramedics arrive to help Bo and get him out of the tunnels. John tells them about the bomb, how it was obviously a warning. John thinks Stefano was telling them to stay away.


June 19, 2007
At Bo and Hope's, Nick is still out cold on the couch. Chelsea, in a bikini, goes to sneak out. Nick wakes up and hears her trying to leave. She tells him to go back to sleep. He asks where she's going? She says the beach. He asks if it is morning? She says no, she's going to hang out with everyone. She figured since he was dead to the world . . . Nick says she figured she'd leave him on the couch and go have a swim with Jett Carver? Nick thought they would talk when he woke up. She says fine, come to the beach, they'll talk there. Nick says he's not tagging along with her. She says don't give her a hard time, he messed up. He says he may have been drunk but he could see that guy was all over her. She says Jett was trying to comfort her as a friend, she was upset. Nick asks what she was upset about? She says about us. Nick can't believe she talked to a guy she knew for five minuets about them. Have her feelings for him gone out the window? Chelsea says no. She says she told him how tonight was supposed to be special for them, but something keeps getting in the way. Nick says 9 times out of 10 that thing getting in the way is her! Chelsea says her? Who is the one who slept with whose mom here. Nick says so they aren't passed that yet are they. Nick tells Chelsea to stop acting like they are in junior high, he loves her and wants to be with her. He says it's so long since what happened with Billie, why is she opening up old wounds. She says maybe they never closed. She says or maybe she found someone else. He's ready to move forward, but if she doesn't want to then let him know. He says they have a problem and need to deal with it. Chelsea asks him what he's saying here. Nick doesn't know, he's trying to find that out. Nick says if they are going to be together then they should be making one another feel happy and loved. She says so he wants to know when he's getting laid. He says this isn't about sex. He needs to know what she wants from him. Does she love him, or is he just some guy she feels she owes something too. He thinks it isn't too much to ask. Chelsea tells Nick he does deserve an answer. She cries. She says she hasn't been fair to him, she's never given him a reason to believe in them. She says he believed in her more than anyone else. He says but? She says she doesn't know if she has a future with him and can't give him an answer. Nick decides to go. Chelsea begs him for more time, but he can't and says it's over. He then walks off as Chelsea cries "Nick don't do this."

Chelsea is left alone crying. She says it's time to go have some fun. She says from here, to the beach to Vegas. She thinks this is the best thing. She then heads out. Nick watches her as she walks off and follows her. 

At the Beach, Stephanie is giving Jeremy a back massage. Max and Jett are there, they all toast to Max, thanks to him Touch The Sky will be taking off right on schedule. Max says he has to be honest, when he signed the loan papers, his hand was shaking. He says though you only live once, take a chance, touch the sky. Jeremy asks Carver what is going on with him, he's not speaking. Jett says he has things on his mind. Stephanie says yeah, like Chelsea Brady. Jeremy asks Jester if he has the sizzles for Chels. Jett says hello, remember his fianc Danielle? Jeremy asks when he had the operation that sliced out his sense of humor? Jett says he's going to go grab some more beers. Jeremy asks Steph to give Jett a hand, he needs to talk some business with Max. Stephanie says they talk business all the time. Jeremy tells her to do what he tells her for once and don't be a pain in the ass! Stephanie is shocked, as is Max. Max tells Jeremy to watch how he talks to Stephanie. Stephanie thanks Max, but says she'll handle fly boy. She tells Jeremy not to talk to her that way, she's not one of his bimbos. Jeremy says what Bimbos? All he wants is a powwow with Max, what's the deal. She says not her, that is for sure. She walks off.

Jeremy tells Max he has a slam dunk, money in the pocket deal for him. Jeremy tells Max they will do more than touch the sky, they'll own it. Jeremy says if he wants to make it big then he may have to bend some rules, is he up for that? Max wonders if this involves smuggling. Jeremy says he said nothing about weapons, it doesn't involve drugs either. Max says than what? Jeremy says he knows a guy in Chicago with a warehouse of top of the line designer clothes. Max says he means knock offs. Jeremy thinks the cops have have bigger things to look at than knock offs. All Max needs to invest is 10,000, he'll get 40,000 in return. Max says he's sorry but this isn't for him. Jeremy thinks if he wasn't interested then he'd be back at the garage changing the oil on some rich guys mercedes. He says he knows him. Max says Jeremy doesn't. Jeremy says he knows his last name isn't Kiriakis, that when he wet his bed as a kid it wasn't on silk sheets. Max tells Jeremy he needs to quit while he's ahead. Jeremy tells Max to give him the money and he'll do all the work then. Jeremy says in New York there are fake watches all over the side walks with cops standing there, nobody cares. Jeremy again says just give him the money, nobody knows he's involved, 10 grand in, 40 out. Max says he'll do it. He says he'll get him a check, but Jeremy says cash only, a check will be traced back to him.

Stephanie talks to Jett, who is upset. If Danielle hears these rumors he and Chelsea are anything, it's over. Stephanie says she gets it, they are just friends. Jett says not even friends, they just work for the same guy. Jett says he's keeping his distance from Chelsea from now on. Stephanie thought he liked Chelsea. Jett says he does, but she has an out of control boyfriend. Stephanie says Nick doesn't know how to be out of control. Jett says today he got drunk, came over to the house and jumped him! Jett says he doesn't want trouble, so that means no Chelsea. Stephanie says Nick doesn't drink and he doesn't throw punches. Jett swears, the guy showed up and it was like fight club. Stephanie  thinks all the guys must have had a meeting and decided to all act like jackasses today. Jett says he has better things to worry about than Chelsea's boyfriend. She teases he doesn't like competition? He says what, him compete with that loser? Is she kidding? In the bushes Nick listens. 

Chelsea shows up at the beach party. She talks with Max, Jeremy leaves to do his thing. Chelsea tells Max she doesn't trust Jeremy. She says you know what I mean? Max says yeah, he guesses. 

In the hall way near the trash chute, Lucas and Sami think they've found a bomb in the bag of trash, but it only turns out to be an alarm clock. They wonder who did this. Sami thinks it may have been the DiMeras, trying to show them that they can get to them whenever they want. Sami then scolds Lucas, he pushed her into the corner to shield her in case it was a bomb. She says he risked his life for her. He says it's terrifying to think about life without the one you love, isn't it? Sami doesn't want him to ever . . . . She stops and says she's sorry. She says she doesn't want to go to a safe house though, she'll be careful. The clock alarm goes off again, Lucas throws it against the wall and it breaks. They end up finding a CD inside. 

Sami and Lucas go back to their apartment. Sami wants to know what is on the disk, she puts it into her laptop. A disguised voice plays, they say they had to find out some way to get this to them without anyone knowing. The voice says they have information on how the feud began. The voice says a package will be left at 9pm tonight in the alley off pier 18. They say don't tell anyone and come alone. Sami says it's almost 9, they have to go. Lucas says they aren't going anywhere. Lucas thinks this could be a trap, but Sami thinks the voice sounded scared for themselves. She wants to do this, if there is a chance she can end this feud. Lucas tells her not to jeopardize their future and family. He says she thinks she's acting noble but she's not, she's acting like a selfish brat. She says she'll admit she's a brat, but not selfish. She says this is for all of them, if she can find out why the DiMeras are doing this, if she can stop Stefano from taking his own grandchild's stem cells . . . . Lucas says what! She thinks this baby really is EJ's doesn't she. Sami says no matter who the biological father is, the baby is his. Lucas says it may not matter to her who the father is, but it matters to him. He thinks it is time to find out whose baby she's carrying. She's afraid to have the amnio. Lucas thinks an amnio is a walk in the park compared to her putting the baby at risk by going to the docks. She asks if he really thinks she should have the amnio? Lucas says it is what he wants, he wants them to start their life. He doesn't want to think about stem cells, EJ, forklifts or garbage bags with clocks. He wants them back. She says he's right, she'll have the amnio. She says he has to do her a favor, go with her . . . . He says of course he will. She says no tonight, she wants to go to the docks. Lucas agrees to go with her, they take off. They run into the guard outside, they claim they are going for a Chinese food run. The cop says he's sorry but they can't leave. 

At Doug's Place, Bo has been pulled out of the tunnel and the paramedics have his leg in a splint. Bo thanks John again. John says he's been thinking about that bomb. They both think the DiMeras are playing with them, sending them a loud message. Bo says they won't make it easy to find information on Colleen. John doesn't think it was Stefano, he looked him in the eye tonight, that sparkle he gets before he strikes wasn't there. They think it must be Tony. John says they need a strategy to fight back.

Marlena is tending to Hope's cuts and scrapes. Hope knows they are lucky to be alive, as is Lexie. Marlena says Lexie has checked out of the hospital, she's okay, physically. Marlena says only the DiMeras could be so cruel. Hope says she found something. She shows Marlena the photo of Colleen. Marlena says it's a photo of Sami, but Hope says it isn't Sami, it's Colleen Brady. Marlena tells Hope what Caroline told them about Colleen. They believe the love between Santo and Colleen is connected to this feud. Marlena says Sami and Colleen could be twins, it must mean something. Hope feels Colleen is the key. Marlena is upset, she says Stefano claims Sami is the key.

Marlena shows the photo of Colleen to John, he to thinks it's Sami . . . Sami's evil twin? Bo says no, it's Colleen Brady, Pop's sister. John asks Bo what his dad says about this? Bo says he won't talk. John thinks it is time for a family sit down, they need a game plan. Bo says they'll do it at the pub, Pop's home turf. Marlena says she'll contact Roman and Kayla. John and Marlena end up heading off.

Hope asks Bo what he's thinking? Bo says that the fun is just beginning. The paramedic tells Bo that his leg is stable for now, but they are getting the ambulance here to take him to the hospital and get him checked out. Bo thinks he's going to end up being chained to a desk instead of helping them out. Hope says he can still help out, plus she knows someone qualified to take on the DiMeras. He asks who might that be? She says he's looking at her. Bo knows she enjoyed this. She says what, almost watching him die? He says no, but she enjoys the adventure and intrigue. She agrees she does. Hope says they've done some of their best work together. He says yes, both on the job and as parents. Bo says Ciara needs her mommy. Hope says the DiMeras are focusing on Sami right now, they are ignoring the Bradys that can be real threats. Hope wants to go to the mansion and deal with Stefano face to face. Bo says no way is she going over there on her own. Hope asks what he'll do, chase her down and tackle her? He says come on. Hope wants to settle the score with Stefano. She asks Bo if he's with her? She says she'll wear a wire, back up will be right outside. Bo thinks they need to hang back a bit, he wishes he could be there to help her. Hope can't wait, Stefano and Tony have had the upper hand for too long, it's time to turn that around. Bo says okay, against his better judgment. Bo does have conditions. He says no secrets or keeping anything from him, and no taking risks she doesn't have to. She promises. They kiss and say they'll do this together. Later Bo is put on a gurney. He says she should go to the pub, but she insists on going with him. 

Marlena and John go to the pub. Marlena says Kayla is at a convention, but Steve is coming. John says Roman will stop by as soon as his shift is over. Shawn walks up, with Caroline, and asks what is going on? Are they having an party and not inviting them? Caroline asks if she can get them something to eat? Marlena says Roman, Bo and Hope and the kids are coming by. John says it's a family meeting. They ask if something is wrong? John says they need to talk about Colleen Brady. Shawn gets upset and says he told them to leave it alone. He says they are asking for trouble, listen to him. She says come to the meeting and talk to them, they will listen to him. Shawn says when hell freezes over and storms out. Later Shawn returns. He tells John and Marlena no matter what his feelings are, they are all welcomed here. John says they just are trying to keep people safe. Shawn says he just prays with all his heart that while they are protecting, they don't dig up something that might destroy them all. Shawn walks off again. John wonders what the hell the two of them are doing here. Marlena says they are doing the right thing. Marlena says the truth may be hard, but it's better off in the light. John says one thing is for sure. Stefano has got his hands on their lives for the last time. MArlena says do her one favor, don't ever leave her. John says never, that's a fact.


June 20, 2007
At the beach, Jeremy tells Max so he'll see him later? Max says he'll be there. Jeremy leaves and says he'll see Chelsealuscious later too. She's sketched out by Jeremy, she tells Max that he's trouble. Max says he's about to give this guy a lot of money, don't say this now. Chelsea says she's sorry, Jeremy might be a great business partner. Max is suddenly having second thoughts about giving Max the money. Chelsea says Jett is in on the deal, he's a good guy. Max says speaking of Jett, what's going on with him and Nick. She sees Nick talking to Jett. Max notes she doesn't seem very happy to see her boyfriend here. Chelsea tells Max that she and Nick are over. Max asks when this all happened? She says today. She explains the details of drunk Nick fighting Jett. Max says he likes Nick, but he doesn't have much self confidence. Max says look at them, you have Nick who is scrawny and nerdy; then you have Jett who is straight out of a magazine. Max says he thinks Nick will feel inferior if she hangs out with someone else. Max says Nick knows he's not in the same league as her. Chelsea can't believe him, but Max thinks she knows it. Max says if Nick had a kick ass car and a house by the lake, well maybe it would be better for him. Max says the rich guys always get the pretty girls. Max tells Chelsea maybe it's a good thing she broke up with Nick. Chelsea says he broke up with her. Max says really?

Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Jett he can't blow Chelsea off because he doesn't like Nick. Jett says what is he supposed to say or do. Jett says that Chelsea can do better and Nick is a loser. Nick comes out of the bushes, Jett quickly apologizes. Nick doesn't care what Jett thinks about him. He does care about Chelsea and he wants Jett to stay away from her. Nick asks how his fiance in Dayton is, does she like him hanging out with other girls, or does she even exist? Jett tells Nick that Chelsea is a big girl and can decide who she hangs out with, maybe she is better off without him. Jett tells Nick if Chelsea is too hot for him to handle then that is his problem. Chelsea and Max finally walk up, she asks what is going on. Nick says he came to find her, only to find Jett trash talking about him. Stephanie says he was joking. Chelsea wants Nick to apologize, Nick won't. He wants to fight again. Max stops them. Chelsea tells Nick to go home now. Nick asks why, so she and Jett can have some alone time? Chelsea says he broke up with her, he has no right to pull this jealous crap. Nick asks her for ten minutes. She says fine, no more, she has to go home and pack for the trip to Vegas. 

Stephanie thinks she needs to go pack for Vegas too. She asks Max where Jeremy went, should she put out an APB? Max says Jeremy left. Stephanie calls him a jackass. Max wonders if anyone has anything nice to say about this guy?

Max sees two girls walk by. Both Max and Jett ogle them. Max decides to go try and pick one up. Jett talks to Stephanie, who is upset over Jeremy leaving. She wonders where he went and what is so important. Jett says he does like to party. Stephanie asks who he's partying with? Is Jeremy cheating on her? We don't hear his answer. Stephanie starts grilling him about Chelsea, how she knows he likes her and needs to get rid of that dead weight fiance. Jett says she hasn't even met his fiance! Max soon comes up with a blond. Her name is Gigi and he invites her on the trip to Vegas. She accepts, Max and Gigi leave together.

Jeremy goes home to Bo and Hope's. He's in a towel AGAIN. He's with some blonde name Jess. A car pulls up, Jeremy says Jess has to go, this isn't his house. They run off.

Nick and Chelsea show up at Bo and Hope's. Chelsea tells Nick to say what he has to say and go. Nick says when he walked in on her with Jett, he got upset. He thinks the same thing would have happened with her if the situation was reversed. She says she would have handled things differently. He reminds her of Willow. She says he can't compare him and Willow to her and Jett. Nick asks so what is going on with her and Jett? She says nothing! He says he jumped to conclusions, but so did she. She says this is a waste of time and he should go. Nick says he is sorry for not being good at this. They continue talking, Nick says she is the best thing that has happened to him. She tells him that she doesn't know what the future holds for her. Nick isn't asking for a long term commitment. He says he will wait for her, she's the best thing to happen to him. She says she's sorry, it's over. She thinks they need a break. Nick doesn't think so. Nick remembers that night they met in the club. She remembers, he came to her rescue when she spilled the drinks. Nick says he'll always rescue her. They end up kissing. She tells Nick they should go upstairs, which is what they do. 

Jeremy goes back to the beach where Stephanie is. He kisses her, but she pushes him away. He asks what she did that for, she thinks he knows why. He says he had some errands to run, he has a surprise for her. He gives her some earrings. She thinks they cost a fortune, but he says money is no object when it comes to her. She wonders where Chelsea went? Jeremy says she's busy, he stopped by the house and she and the geek were ripping each others clothes off. Jett looks a bit shocked to hear this.

Roman meets Tony and Stefano at Doug's place. He questions them about Lexie being holed up down in that tunnel, how Bo and Hope almost died because of the bomb they planted. Tony insults Roman, bringing up Anna and how it's no wonder Anna left him and ended up on his door step. Stefano tells Tony that is enough. Stefano says he had no idea this was going on. He says his family has nothing to do with what happened here and he would not want to harm Alexandra. He also says he cares deeply for Hope, he wouldn't harm her. Roman remembers, Stefano had Hope steal those paintings for him. Stefano says it seems like yesterday. Stefano claims the bomb down there could have been there for years. Roman says his men say its new, and he thinks a DiMera planted it. Stefano asks what reason his family would have to plant a bomb in an abandoned tunnel? He says he has more important things to deal with, he's not in the best of health. Roman says that is a damn shame. Tony doesn't think they should have to tolerate these remarks. Stefano  says he doesn't want to be remembered as a monster. Roman says look up Attila the Hun, that's how Stefano will be remember. Stefano suddenly feels ill and has to sit down. Roman suggests maybe Tony is the one who tried to kill Sami. Stefano asks why they'd want Sami gone, Sami is carrying his grandchild. Roman asks what he's talking about, that baby is Lucas'. Stefano says he hit a nerve, he forgot that this is Roman's grandchild too. Stefano says think of it as a celebration, they will be one big happy family! Roman says he'll save the celebration for when they are in jail. Roman thinks they made a mistake coming back to Salem. Stefano says he thought they wanted the same thing, to protect their children. Stefano was hoping they could sit down and work this out. Roman says that will be a cold day in hell. Stefano says that is a shame, he wanted this to be a new beginning for their families. Roman says he's delusional and walks off.

Stefano confronts Tony. He asks what he's been up to behind his back? Stefano asks if Roman is right, is he responsible for this? Stefano realizes Roman is right, he did this and imprisoned his own sister. Stefano demands answers. Tony says he did what was necessary to protect the family business. Stefano thinks he lost his mind! Tony tells his father this family is his legacy, that is what he always said. Stefano doesn't want it destroyed over this vendetta. Tony says Stefano is just following his fathers wishes. Tony tells his father that he spent years distancing himself from his father, he had friends here, people he cared about. Tony says his father pulled him into this and destroyed it all. Tony tells Stefano that he's the one who created the Bradys as their enemies, so if Stefano won't finish it . . . he will! Stefano tells Tony he's been acting unacceptable here. Trust his father. Tony says he once did, but then Stefano brought EJ to Salem. Tony says John is still alive, as is Steve. He says if he made half these mistakes then his head would be on a platter. Stefano says it would be a head without a brain. Stefano says they are having a family sit down, call his brother and sister and tell them to be there. 

Roman tells Stefano the investigation is still going on, they need access to the tunnel from the mansion. Stefano says of course. Roman seems a bit shocked Stefano has agreed. Tony looks at Stefano and says he barely recognizes him. Whatever happened to the powerful man he once admired? Tony walks off. 

At Sami's, the cop tells Sami that she is not allowed to leave this apartment. He has his orders. Sami says to call her dad, but he says he can't call the boss after hours. Sami and Lucas say they aren't under arrest though, they can leave. The cop says not on his watch. Sami asks for a compromise, she suggests the cop come with them. She says this is part of a big case, he could get a medal for helping them. The cop says some of his buddies are working desk duty because she slipped by them. Lucas says the cop can trust them.

Sami, Lucas and the cop go to the alley off the docks. They search for the package, the cop hopes this isn't a drug deal. Sami and Lucas say no, of course they wouldn't bring a cop if they were trying to score drugs! Sami asks the cop to search the parameter, the cops won't let Sami out of his sight. Lucas says he'll watch her, they won't leave this area. The cop doesn't like this, but looks around. Lucas asks Sami if she's really thought about this? She shouldn't be here, Stefano or one of his men could show up. Sami doesn't think this is the DiMeras doings. Lucas says whoever it is, they are late. Sami suggests they give them a few more minutes. Sami's phone rings, Lucas says real stealthy of her! Sami sees the person calling is her dad. He says let it go to voice mail, but she thinks it could be important. Sami takes the call. Roman tells Sami they are having a family meeting at the pub, they have information on Colleen and she needs to be there. He says be there in 20 minutes, the cop will give them a ride. She asks if she should bring Will? Roman says no, in fact perhaps Will should go visit Carrie and Austin about now. Sami agrees. Sami and Lucas decide to go. About this time a mysterious person shows up. They are in black, clocked and wearing red high heels. Sami and Lucas hide behind some crates and watch. The person has an envelope with them. The cop joins Sami and Lucas, Sami says The eagle has landed. The person tries to leave. Sami, Lucas and the cop grab the person. Sami says relax, they won't hurt them. The person seems scared. They say everything they need to know is in there, please let them go. Sami wants to know who they are. The person, a woman, begs to be let go. Sami gets the envelope the person left. Sami looks in the envelope, they are letters. Sami asks where they got these. The woman says they have what they need, let her go. Sami says the voice sounds familiar. She reveals the woman's face and says It's you!


June 21, 2007
At the pub, Roman, Bo, Hope, John and Marlena are sitting, joking, having fun. Caroline comes and serves apple pie. The men can't eat another bite. Hope says she'll eat it, their loss is her gain. Roman can't believe his mom got all this together on such short notice. They ask about Sami and Lucas, Roman says they should be here at any moment. Hope says this whole thing started with the letter they found in New Orleans. Bo hopes that letter tells them how this feud got started. John says he wouldn't call it a feud, he'd call it the DiMeras coming after the Bradys. Roman says now that Stefano and Tony are back, they are at it again. Bo says they'll fight dirty like they do if they have to. Marlena says until they find out what happened between Colleen and Santo, the horror will continue. Bo asks Caroline where pop is? Caroline says he said let sleeping dogs lie, and then he went fishing.

Sami soon comes into the pub. She says she's sorry she's late, but does she have a surprise. Sami says fate has really stepped in here, she has someone familiar to them all . . . especially dad. Sami yells to Lucas to bring her in. Lucas walks in with the woman in the cloak, she has the hood up and sunglasses on. The woman takes off her glasses and hood, it's Anna. They are all shocked. Roman says it is her. Anna tells Roman that he looks well. Roman says and she looks exactly like the day they got married, incredibly beautiful! (He's not joking, she looks the same!) Caroline says this is like a ghost from the past, Anna DiMera. Anna says she has crossed paths with both families. Sami says Anna contacted her, she wants to help them, but she's afraid what the DiMeras will do to her. Roman says they won't do anything to her. He gives Anna a hug and says she's been so missed. 

Roman suggests Anna sit down and talk to them. She joins them at the table. Hope asks her why she came back to Salem? Sami reminds them all about the letter she found at Maison Blanche. Well Anna says there was more than just one letter. She produces a whole bunch of letters. Anna says Celeste contacted her to let her know Tony and Stefano were back in town. That reminded her of the letters, which Tony left behind when he left her years ago. She never bothered reading them, but then she found out they were looking into this Colleen Brady. Anna says the letters are over 50 years old, they are from Colleen to Santo. John asks why Anna never gave the letters back to Tony? Anna says Tony has changed, she didn't know how he'd respond to her. She says she can read Italian, she can give translating them a shot. As she works, Marlena nods to Sami.

Sami goes off to the side with her mom. Marlena was worried about Sami, she says she's taking too many chances. Lucas is with them, he agrees with Marlena. Sami says she feels like this was all meant to be, like this is her destiny. Marlena says what she has to show her may solidify that. She says it also may put her in danger. Marlena shows her the photo of Colleen, which is over 50 years old. Sami says she looks just like her, this is spooky. Sami asks what happened to her? Marlena says all they know is that she died at a young age. Sami thinks this is Colleen from the letter they found by accident. Marlena doesn't think it was an accident, there have been attempts on her life since finding that letter. Lucas also doesn't think it's all about getting the stem cells for Stefano. Marlena says she wants Sami on high alert. Lucas won't leave her side. Marlena says don't let Sami engager her life or the life of her baby. Lucas tells Sami that she needs to go to the safe house tonight.

Anna is translating the letter. It seems they met in a romantic way, she's apologizing in the letter for not writing in Italian all that well. It seems Santo was injured in an accident and wound up in a church, Colleen was a nurse or nursed him back to health. Santo was married at that time, she was possibly involved with someone else too. She wanted to see him again, but knew she shouldn't. Hope says so an Irish country girl with the hots for a married man. John tells Caroline they need Shawn here. Caroline says Shawn knows the story, but he won't talk about it. Bo wonders if Shawn knows how Colleen died? John says more important, what about her death sparked this war.

Later Roman is flirting with Anna at the bar. He's getting her a drink. She congratulates Roman on his promotion to Commissioner, she always knew he'd go far. He says it's so strange after all these years seeing her walk through that door. She says good or bad strange? He says spooky strange, he and Tony were just talking about her. He says it took a lot of courage coming back here with those letters. Anna says she intended to make an anonymous drop off, but Sami spotted her and somehow knew who she was. He says family albums. She says she's still included? He says she's Carrie's mom, she is family. Anna says Carrie is a good girl. They share a little toast. Anna says she has a problem, if Tony comes looking for the letters, she'll need someone to wash her back. He says he's already watching her back, now she wants him to wash it? She laughs and says it must be seeing him again, it was a slip of the tongue. She says seriously, Tony will come looking for the letters and she'll have to lie to him.

Hope decides to take these letters to be translated. Bo thinks they have a problem, they only have half of the letters here. He says they need his to her. John thinks they must be somewhere. Bo says one of the DiMeras could have them and they could be at the mansion. MArlena says they aren't welcomed there. John says the need to get someone on the inside to go over. They all look over at Anna. 

John and Bo join Roman at the bar to talk to Anna. Anna says the Brady men have more looks and charm than the law allows. She says if any had a fat bank account she may still be a member of the family. Bo says he and John were talking, they have Colleen's letters but need Santo's letters to her. Anna asks how this involves her? They say she knows Tony, she can look around the mansion. Roman asks if they are crazy?

Hope makes a call to her friend at the University. They will have the letters translated. Suddenly Shawn shows up. He looks around and sees everyone here. Anna tells Shawn hello, saying it's been a long time. He's surprised to see Anna. He asks why she's here, what is going on. Bo says they have been talking about his sister Colleen. Sami asks Shawn why he never told her that she looked like Colleen, he had to have seen the resemblance. Sami sees he's afraid, she says if he's scared then so is she. Shawn is not happy, but Bo says they have to talk about this. Bo has love letters from Colleen to Santo. They all demand the truth. Shawn says Colleen was murdered in the most horrible way they could imagine, murdered by a DiMera. He says their hands are stained with her blood until they are delivered to the devil themselves. Shawn says he warned them all about this, now they've gone and dug up the dead. He says God have mercy on them and storms off.  John says so back to the chase. He asks Anna if she'll go to the mansion? Roman doesn't want to put Anna at risk. She says she'll do it . . .if the price is right. They all look shocked.

At the mansion, Stefano is looking at a photo of Colleen. He says she was the love of his father's life, and the ruin of it. He then looks at some china and says this was part of his mother's dowry. EJ walks in with Bart. Stefano says his mother came from a wealthy family, her marriage to Santo was arranged at their first communion. EJ tells his father that he's looking very well. Stefano says his bones tell him something different. EJ asks what they tell him about drinking? Stefano, holding Brandy, says they tell him it won't kill him. Stefano shows him the photo of Colleen. EJ thinks it is Sami, but Stefano says no. He says it is his great aunt (?!?!?) Colleen Brady. Stefano says she grew up in Galloway, Ireland a long long time ago. EJ says the resemblance is uncanny, why did Stefano not tell him? Stefano says this has always been a secret in his family, only two people know the story. He says that would be him and Shawn Brady Sr. EJ asks if that is why he called him here. Stefano says they must decide what to do about her. EJ says about Colleen or Sami? Tony walks in at this point. He tells EJ his place is not to question, it is to listen and do as he's told. EJ says he's just about had it with Tony issuing orders. Tony says get used to it, he'll be giving orders the rest of his life. Stefano says he's had it with this dissention in the family. EJ says he's tried to make peace. Tony says EJ has tried a lot of things and failed miserably at all of them. Tony tells Stefano that EJ has failed the family. Stefano says what is clear and not clear remains to be seen. Tony thinks Stefano is wasting time giving EJ chance after chance. Stefano tells Tony that his slate is not without blemish. Tony says his loyalty to Stefano has never been in question. Tony says EJ is failing to complete his assignments because he's fallen in love with Sami. Tony sees the photo of Colleen and asks why Sami's photo is here? Bart says it's his great aunt Colleen Brady. Tony laughs and says this is the infamous Colleen? EJ asks what Colleen has to do with their family? Stefano says she was the love of his father's life. Tony says she's still a Brady, might as well burn it. Stefano tells Tony that he always talks in absolutes when there are shades of grey. Tony says forgive him for being blunt, but history is repeating himself with the weakest link in the family. He says EJ fancies settling down with Sami in wedded bliss, the woman EJ took by force to save Stefano's life. Tony says he believes that was the plan. EJ says plans can change, the outcome remains the same. Tony tells EJ not to play God with father's life. He says EJ can't be trusted, get rid of him. Stefano asks EJ if this is true? EJ says Tony is jealous of their relationship. Stefano says that is enough, this in fighting only weakens them. HE has called this meeting to resolve old problems, not create new ones.

Bart soon announces Celeste's arrival. Celeste walks in and sees Stefano. Stefano looks at her asks where Alexandra is? Celeste says she won't allow her to come, and if Stefano goes after her again then she will cut all of their throats! Tony asks Celeste if something is bothering her? Celeste says the site of him makes her physically ill. Tony suggests she watch her language! He says she's not among friends. Celeste says there was a time she was afraid of him, but no more. She has survived a mother's worst nightmare, she was virtually buried alive. Stefano assures Celeste that he had nothing to do with Lexie's imprisonment, he wouldn't do that to a child of his. Tony says try telling that to Renee (DuMonde). Stefano slaps Tony and says How dare you! Tony says he was just attempting . . . He doesn't care, he demands and apology. Tony apologizes. Stefano says he will not tolerate such insolence, arrogance and disrespect. Celeste says Tony is the son he raised him to be. Stefano says what has been done can be undone, and he is still Tony's father and head of this family. He says if Tony forgets that then he'll live to regret it. 

Stefano tells Celeste he would like to see Alexandra and apologize to her, to assure her that it was not his doing. Celeste says Abe and Theo thought LExie was dead. She says Theo always would ask My mommy isn't coming home is she. Celeste says she didn't have the heart to answer. Celeste says now she is home and Alexandra will take that little boy in her arms and promise never to leave him again. She won't spoil that by letting Stefano see her. Stefano wants to make this right. Celeste says look at your legacy, two power hungry son's vying for his approval, a third son Benjy who is afraid to be in the room with him. Celeste says his one surviving daughter has been tortured by him and his family to the point of insanity. Tony tells the lady of the tarot to tell them what she really thinks. Stefano says quiet Anthony! Celeste says a master's voice, he commands and they obey. Celeste says when you turn a hard hand to an animal, it eventually will turn on them. She thinks Bart can agree. She also wonders where Dr. Rolfe is? She says this is his lot, not a loving family to care for him in his final days, but a band of vultures waiting to pick at his bones. Tony thinks they can count her in then. She says no, she's cutting her ties with this evil family. Stefano thinks that is a shame, they were once close. Celeste hopes the next time they are close is at his funeral. Tony tells his father that his family is falling apart, will he stand there or do something? Stefano says Tony what he'd do? Tony says he'd kill her! He says he's just kidding, she is family.

Later Stefano has letters. They are all sitting at a table for dinner as Bart serves the soup. He spills some on Celeste, she calls him an idiot. He says it's okay, it's cold soup, fishy-sois. She says vichyssoise. Rolfe has now joined them for dinner. Stefano says there is a natural order to things in nature and life, when things go out of balance, chaos follows. He wants order restored to this family. He says he admits he's not in the best health. Tony says they can still get the stem cells from Sami's child for him. EJ says she's carrying his child, Stefano says and his grandchild. He empathizes with EJ. Celeste says such a softy. Stefano looks at the photo of Colleen. He says wars are won and lost, and nobody remembers why. He says their war with the Bradys began with a tragic death. He explains his father met Colleen in Ireland, she stole his heart and became his life. He says Colleen Brady changed the course of their family's history. He says love did not conquer all, she was murdered in cold blood. EJ asks who killed her? Stefano swears it was not a DiMera, it was a Brady who took a Brady's life. He says his father never recovered and left a letter on his death bed. He made him swear to seek vengeance on the Bradys for what happened to her. Stefano says he tried to carry out his wishes. Tony says and he will continue to do so. Stefano says what, until he dies and gathers then to tell them to continue the vendetta? He says or he could stop it. Tony says he can't go back on a dying man's wish. Stefano asks what about his wish? Peace for his children and grandchildren. EJ says this vendetta has taken over their lives and cost them as much as it has cost the Bradys. EJ says they have the power to stop this. Tony says he never asked for this, he was happy with the way his life was. He had everything he wanted, but Stefano forced the vendetta on him. He says now Stefano wants to end it just because EJ has fallen in love with the enemy. Tony tells Stefano his legacy is fixed in stone. Celeste says Tony is right, there is no magic erasure to wipe away the past. Tony says answer this question, does it make a difference if Samantha's child live or dies? Tony says they've all been marked and nothing Stefano does will change that. Stefano says they are marked? Their fate is sealed? How far does Tony think they've fallen? Tony thinks Celeste summed it all up. Stefano says if Tony has such disregard for the family then pack his bags and leave. He says find a hole to hide in, he won't tolerate disloyalty from a son of his. Tony says he has never been disloyal, he has been a faithful right hand. Tony says he has been running his business because he is ill. Stefano says trying the crown on before the king is dead? Tony says he's tried to save his father's life and they are only having this discussion because EJ has fallen in love with the enemy. Tony says a blonde bimbo who has him love sick, it makes him want to puke. EJ is furious, Stefano tells them both to stop it. Stefano says this family is at a crossroads, the action to be taken has not been decided yet. He says nothing can be decided until they end their differences. Stefano says they are brothers, act like it, embrace each other. Tony rolls his eyes. Stefano says do as he asks. He says he will not have his sons at war with each other. EJ and Tony eventually give each other a hug and a pat on the back. Stefano says good! He tells Celeste if she wants to leave then leave. She says she can't say it's been fun. He says he'll call her if he needs her, tell Alexandra that he loves her. He thinks they need to have Celeste followed, he orders Tony to do it. Tony leaves. He then dismisses Rolfe and tells EJ to come with him. EJ says they are on the same track with the vendetta, he has something to show EJ. He says it's the reason only EJ can end the vendetta. He shows EJ a photo of Santo. Santo looks just like EJ but with a big mustache. Stefano says this is why EJ means so much to him.


June 22, 2007
At the hospital, Celeste is helping Lexie with her make-up. She looks at herself, she thinks she's aged ten years. Celeste tells her that she is beautiful. Lexie thinks this was a mistake. Celeste says just speak from her heart. A doctor comes in to see Lexie. She has some bad news about Abe. Abe has a fever and is complaining about headaches. The doctor says this could mean nothing, but it could mean an infection and the rejection of the transplant. They won't know the results for several days. The doctor tells Lexie she can see Abe, but Lexie doesn't want to. The doctor says she'll keep them informed. Later Lexie tells her mom this is a sign, a sign she should leave Salem and not come back. Celeste says don't be foolish, there are no signs, she should know. Celeste says Abe needs her. Lexie says he doesn't need his unfaithful wife. Celeste asks what about her son? Lexie says she'll call him, she'll explain. Celeste says the boy doesn't need an explanation, he needs his mother. She says if Lexie walks out that door then she will regret it. Lexie thinks Abe will never be able to forgive her. He may say he does, but the doubt will always be there. She's afraid once Abe knows she's back that he won't forgive her. Celeste comforts Lexie and says it will be all right. Celeste says if there are any signs in all of this it is that they've been given a second chance to show those they love how much they mean. Celeste tells Lexie to grab onto that chance and never let go. Later the doctor returns, Abe is comfortable and his fever is going down. It's a good sign. Lexie says she's changed her mind, she wants to see her husband. The doctor says he' been sedated, he won't know she's there. Lexie is fine with that. When her husband opens his eyes and sees, she wants to be the first person he sees. Celeste tells Lexie how she is so proud of her. She says she comes from an evil family, she was imprisoned by them, but she survived and is a good woman. Celeste feels she deserves a reward. Celeste opens the door and Theo runs in to see Lexie. She hugs him. Lexie promises she won't be going away again. Theo says he loves her. She says she loves him and his daddy so much.

At the mansion, EJ is shocked by the photo of Santo. EJ asks why did Stefano not tell him this before? Stefano needed to make sure everything was in the right place. He says EJ and Sami will make sure Colleen and Santo rest in peace. EJ warns Stefano about Tony, he's trying to kill him and Sami. Stefano says he will deal with Tony. Stefano says Tony is the past, EJ is the future, Tony knows this. Stefano says making peace with the Brady's is a hollow victory if they keep fighting with themselves. Suddenly Stefano has issues breathing, he seems to be choking. EJ rushes off to find Rolf. Rolf shows up to help Stefano, who is okay. Rolf says his blood pressure is high, he needs to be in bed. Stefano agrees to a little rest. Stefano tells EJ to talk to Tony, they need a united front. 

Stefano leaves to rest and Tony shows up. EJ asks Tony to join him in a drink. Tony continues to claim EJ doesn't have the backbone to do what is necessary to save Stefano. EJ says Stefano wants this to end, why can't they be brothers. Tony says so said Kane to Able. Tony questions why Stefano has turned on him, how EJ became the anointed one. EJ says it doesn't have to be that way, they can be equals, brothers. Tony doesn't think so. He says it's a wonderful fantasy. Tony says the crown achievement of his life will be the day he watches EJ die. Tony tells EJ he was dealt the lucky hand genetically. Tony  knows about the photo of Santo, father has no secrets he doesn't know. He looks at it and says this photo is EJ's ticket to everything. He says Stefano is going soft, counting his days, planning his legacy. EJ says he wants his life to be more than just about bloodshed. Tony says should Stefano recover tomorrow, so would his thirst for blood. Tony warns EJ that Stefano isn't as soft as he thinks, cross him and he'll have a room in the dungeon for EJ. EJ thinks Tony is lying, but says he'll be careful not to disobey father. EJ knows Tony is trying to turn Stefano against him. Tony thinks EJ will do that on his own. All he has to do is sit, wait for father to die and he'll be the sole heir. EJ says he and father see a future EJ doesn't. Tony could care less about the Bradys, he thinks they are boring. He says he waged war against them as it was what Stefano asked of him. He says he doesn't get unfocused. He says he can put it to the test and try to fall in love with someone and get a woman pregnant, but it won't distract him. EJ thinks Tony is jealous of Sami. Tony says not true. 

Bart shows up with news at this point. He says the Bradys are having a reunion at the pub, a stunning blonde is there. Tony says yes Sami. Bart says no, Anna. Tony is shocked. EJ says Tony was questioning his loyalty, well put it to the test. Later Tony gets the call from Anna. After the call EJ wonders what Anna wants. Tony doesn't know, finding out will be half the fun. As they continue to argue about the future of the family, Stefano walks in and asks if he is dead and buried already? He knows Anna is coming with the letters. He wants to know how she got them. He tells EJ to go to the Brady pub and find out what is going on with Anna. EJ then leaves. Stefano tells Tony that EJ will either prove himself worthy, or disappoint him. Tony says if he does? Stefano says it will be his loss. Tony is glad Stefano realizes EJ is weak. Stefano says EJ isn't the first man to be waylaid by love. Stefano says should EJ betray them, then he will learn what he holds dead he can also hold in contempt.

At the pub, everyone tells Anna if she's out for money then she's playing for the wrong team. Anna says she's not noble, she never has been. They beg her for her help. She says she will help, if there is something in it for her. Sami says she'll do it. Lucas says no she won't. Sami says she can get to EJ, but everyone forbids this. Roman says it's Anna's game, she's the insider. Hope suggests she be the back-up. Anna is in for that, she assures Hope will be safe as distracting men is her life's work. Roman tells Anna they'll discuss her reward later. Anna says that sounds interesting. Sami still thinks she's the one who found the letter, she looks like Colleen, she should go. Lucas again says no. Lucas drags Sami of to talk to her. Hope tells Bo they need to stick to this plan, she should go. Marlena thinks Hope should go, which shocks John. Marlena certainly thinks John isn't up to this, and Hope agrees. Roman says they all need to relax. 

Steve walks in and says only one person can pull this job off, and they are looking at him. Bo doesn't like this, he could still be susceptible to them. Steve says he's been deprogrammed. Anna thinks Steve is a real man. Steve remembers the beautiful Anna. Steve tells John he knows he won't forgive him, he can't forgive himself. John says they cut into both of them, but they are still standing. John gives him a little hug. Steve tells Bo and Hope he's trying to get back on track and in with the family, going to that mansion is his way of getting passed what they did to him. Marlena tells Steve the road back doesn't start at the mansion, it starts here with them saying they appreciate his wanting to help. Everyone is still arguing. Everyone wants Steve out, he needs more time to recover. Steve says nobody is closer to those freaks than him, but Bo still says no.

Meanwhile, Lucas is begging Sami to let her family take care of this. He says they need to go have the amnio and find out who the father of the baby is. He also wants her in the safe house after the amnio. 

Roman later has Anna call Tony. Anna calls Tony up. Tony asks to what he owes this pleasure. She says she heard he was in town and she wanted to swing by and see him. He asks what his pet has been up to. She has something that belongs to him. He says his heart? She says she found letters from Colleen to Santo. He asks if she's free tomorrow morning. She says oh she'll be free. She suggests he not have the normal ghouls hanging around. He says it will be just them. Hope also insists she go to the mansion with Anna as back-up.

EJ soon arrives at the pub during the meeting. He asks if he's interrupting a family party. He sees Anna. Roman introduces them. EJ says for once his brother isn't lying, she is beautiful. He says he's come to warn them, Anna has been spotted. John asks why EJ is telling them? EJ says for once his loyalties are split between the DiMeras and the Bradys. He says he'll assure his father and Tony that Anna is here for innocent reasons. Anna says once Tony sees her he'll be hot to get his hands on those letters and . . . well her. Bo tells EJ to be a man, get rid of Tony so they can reason with Stefano and end this war. Sami says Bo is right, EJ has to put up or shut up. EJ says he'll call his father and tell them that Anna is just here to see old friends. EJ makes the call.

Sami and Lucas plan to go. She tells Roman they are going to the hospital for the amnio. Afterwards they will go to the safe house. Lucas thanks Sami for doing this. 

Steve meanwhile goes to the DIMera Mansion and barges his way in to see Stefano and Tony. Steve pours himself a drink and is talking about Anna and the Bradys. Stefano tells Tony to take out the garbage. Steve says if it wasn't for him, Stefano wouldn't have that kidney. Steve says Kayla thinks he's his old self, but he's not. He's missing the action. He says he found Anna at the Brady Pub doing a recon mission. They are sending her here to find Santo's letters to Colleen. Stefano tells Steve he has done well. He suggests Steve go to the garden and he'll join him for a cigar. Tony and Stefano discuss Anna being in with the Bradys. EJ then calls Stefano. He says he's at the pub, Anna is just having a friendly visit. He assures him that they are just having a family party, Tony has nothing to fear from Anna. Stefano is troubled, he tells EJ he did well. Tony asks Stefano what EJ said? Stefano says EJ claims Anna is here for social reasons. He says EJ has disappointed him . . . . more than Tony has. Stefano says he'll go rest, Tony needs to take care of the pest in the garden. Tony assures Stefano he'll take care of Anna, he won't disappoint him.


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