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4th Week of June 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


June 25, 2007
At Bo and Hope's, Nick brings Chelsea some coffee and says morning sunshine! He wants a kiss, but she says morning breath! He says last night was so amazing, he wanted to know if they could go back upstairs and pick up where they left off. She quickly says no. She apologizes for snapping. She says she has her first day of work, he has a job too. She suggests he go shower. He says they could be eco-friendly and shower together. She says she has to shave her legs. She talks about how she just doesn't want them to be one of those couples who grope each other all the time. She says Bo and Hope could walk in as could Jeremy. Nick thinks they are a couple now, if anyone asks she has to say she's taken. Chelsea asks if that what having sex was about? To mark his territory and show Jett she was taken? She thought he was better than that! He says no of course not. He tells her that he trusts her, he trusts her with this job and with Jett. She asks why he can't be happy for her then? He says he is. He promises to have the apartment ready when she gets back. She says no rush, they already took the big step. He says and he wants to take it again and again, he wants her to be happy. She says she is happy. She suggests he go shower. He asks if they are okay? She says yes.

When Nick is in the shower, Chelsea makes a call asking someone to come over, they have a big problem. Nick later is dressed and heads out to his job. He tells her to call her as soon as she touches down. She says she will, now go. He says he loves her, she doesn't say it back. She seems relieved once he's gone. Stephanie shows up. Chelsea has to talk about Nick. Stephanie guesses they did it, from what she sees and from what Jeremy told her he saw last night. Stephanie asks how Nick was, did he rock her to her soul. Chelsea says it was more like she blinked and it was over. She says he was really sweet, gentle and enthusiastic, but she didn't feel anything. Chelsea thinks there is something wrong with her. She asks Stephanie how her first time was? Did she feel something? Stephanie says no, she was way to worried about it. Chelsea wanted it to be special, all of it. Stephanie thinks Chelsea watches too many chick flicks, real life sex isn't like that. Chelsea didn't want it to be just sex, she wanted to lose herself. Stephanie says you can't flunk sex, just practice and stop worrying. Chelsea just talks about how she wanted it to be special, she thought it would be if she was with someone who wanted more than to just grab ass. Stephanie says she's worrying and thinking too much about it. Chelsea wonders if it is wrong to think about other things while doing it? Stephanie says like imaging he's Brad Pitt? She says the whole time they were doing it, she only could see him with her mom. Stephanie says that is disgusting! Chelsea knows he's apologized a million times and wants to be with her. Stephanie asks Chelsea what she wants? Stephanie asks if she slept with Nick because she wanted to, or because she felt she owed him. Chelsea says a bit of both. Stephanie says there is nothing wrong with a bed buddy, but does Nick make her world go around? Does she want to put her hands in his pants 24/7? Chelsea asks if that is how it is with her and Jeremy? Chelsea doesn't know what to do, she hates the idea of letting Nick down and breaking it off. Stephanie says she can't sleep with Nick and fake it, that is not love, it's pity. Chelsea doesn't feel pity for Nick, and she's not into mercy sex. Chelsea says Nick makes her feel like a lady, not everything has to be about sex. Stephanie says it's the glue that holds everything together. Chelsea says not every couple will be the perfect hot couple. She sees couples all the times that kiss and hold hands, but nothing about them screams sex me up. Stephanie tells Chelsea she needs to admit there is someone else out there given her X-rated fantasies. Chelsea says there is no one else. Stephanie says hello, Jett Carver! Stephanie has seen how she looks at Jett, she tells Chelsea to admit she wants him bad. Stephanie thinks with the right guy and practice, she'll forget about Nick not rocking her world. Chelsea says Nick is the best thing to happen to her. She also says she only just met Jett and they are friends. She says she wouldn't leave Nick fir a guy with another woman already. Stephanie says but she's thought about it! Chelsea decides to show Stephanie out, she's tired of hearing about Jett. Stephanie says see you at work, so will Jett! After Stephanie leave, Chelsea smiles. 

At the pub, Billie is telling Kay about her big break with her security cell phone system. Kate says she'll have to pick out an outfit for when she gets a medal of honor in Washington for making the world a safer place. Billie says she's so proud she did it all on her own. Kate will revel in her success while her career goes down. Billie heard Lucas has the SEC after Mythic. Billie says EJ won't give up without a fight, but Kate says all EJ cares about is that baby right now. Billie can't believe Sami didn't press charges against EJ for rape. Kate says they only know Sami's side of the story, it's just her word. Billie says Sami wouldn't lie about this, she loves Lucas'. Kate thinks Billie needs a refresher course on Sami. Billie feels they need to be supportive of Lucas as EJ could be the father. Lucas walks in at this point. Lucas asks to talk to Billie alone. Kate says so the banishment continues. She says she'll go powder her nose.

Kate leaves Lucas and Billie to talk. Billie asks what is up? Lucas asks where he starts. He asks how it is going for mom? Billie says like he cares. He says he does, he didn't mean to hurt her. Billie knows, they all warned her about EJ. Kate listens in as Billie knows this isn't why he wants to talk to her. Lucas says he's on the way to the hospital, Sami's having the amnio. He feels bad that he asked Sami to do it. Billie says it's only natural he'd want to know. He says there is nothing natural about that bastard raping his wife, now he's supposed to raise the kid? No thank you! Lucas talks about how he has mixed feelings about this kid and hasn't been honest. He can't raise EJ's baby as his own. Billie says mixed feelings can be dealt with, unless he has made up his mind. Lucas says maybe he has decided, he can't accept EJ's child as his own. Lucas knows this isn't Sami's fault. Billie says she did this to save him. He knows, but at what cost. Billie says DNA doesn't mean a thing. Billie says Chelsea was raised by parents who didn't care where she came from. Lucas asks what he's supposed to do when EJ comes for weekend vists? The DiMeras will corrupt that baby. Lucas won't let them turn that baby into one of them, turn that baby against him. Lucas thought that because half of the baby was Sami's then it would be okay, but he doesn't know if he can do it. Billie asks if he's talked to Sami? Lucas asks what he says, raising EJ's kid wasn't part of their vows? See you later? Billie asks what he'll do? Lucas doesn't know. Billie thinks he needs to talk to Sami.

Nick comes into the pub looking happy. He sees Billie and Lucas talking, he also says hello to Kate. Lucas and Billie find their mom has been listening in. They aren't happy. Nick asks Lucas how Sami is doing? Lucas says she's at the hospital, he's going to call and check up on Sami. Nick says he works at the lab still, he'll check up on Sami too. Billie asks Nick about Chelsea, how is she doing. Nick says she's doing great. He talks about how he's never been happier. Nick has to run to work. After he's gone, Billie says thoat Nick and Chelsea deserve to be happy after all they went through. Billie tells her about Willow, the hairbrush, Nick stealing it and how Roman let them go. Billie makes her mom promise not to tell anyone about this. Lucas returns, he just talked to Marlena on the phone. The procedure is about to start so he has to get over there. 

At the hospital, Marlena is with Sami. The doctor explains how the amnio will work. The doctor has Sami sign a form that she's aware of the risks. Sami signs the form. The doctor says relax, she'll be back shortly. After the doctor leaves, Marlena says she doesn't have to do this. Sami does. She says if she doesn't prove that EJ is the father then she could lose Lucas. Marlena says she' under estimating Lucas. Sami says Lucas wants her to have this amnio. Marlena says she can't blame him. She says she wouldn't blame Lucas if he'd want to leave her. Marlena says don't go there. Sami says what kind of man would want to raise another guy's child? Marlena knows of one. Sami says but John . . . Marlena stops her, she says Lucas will love the baby at first sight. Sami used to think he would accept it. She says he used to always touch her stomach, want to talk to the baby. Sami says he doesn't do that since he found out it could be EJs. Marlena says she didn't have an affair with EJ, he raped her. Sami says she's afraid Lucas will hate the baby, that it will remind him of what EJ did to her. Marlena says they are getting ahead of themselves, they don't have the test results back. Sami says Celeste claims EJ is the father, what if she's shackled to him for life. Marlena says he raped her, that will not look good to any court. Sami says she didn't report it, it's her word against EJ's. She says it will lead to a custody battle, the fight goes on between the families. Sami tells Marlena what Stefano's price is to end the feud, she has to marry EJ and raise the baby as a DiMera. Marlena says Stefano was always a lot of things, most of them vile, but he loves his family. Marlena says he wants EJ to be happy. Sami says she won't be a harem girl for the DiMeras. Marlena says EJ loves her. Sami says a man doesn't rape a woman he loves. She says before EJ dies, she hopes someone hurts him the way he hurt her. Sami thinks her mom thinks that is a wicked thing to say. Marlena says he raped her, she would expect her to have strong feelings about him. Sami says punishing wouldn't help her out though. Marlena knows, revenge never works out for the best. Sami says she did have the chance to kill EJ. She says she wanted to, but she couldn't. Marlena says it's not in her. Marlena says she wants her marriage to survive doesn't she? Sami says she does. Marlena says this is far too important to leave to chance. Sami asks if she's saying she would switch the results? Marlena says yes. Marlena tells Sami say the word. Sami says no way. Marlena says nobody would know. Sami says someone always finds out and she's a respected doctor here. Marlena would do anything to secure her happiness. Sami says it won't work, she tried. If something happened to the baby, Lucas could find out. She won't do that again. She also says it would cause sleepless nights waiting for the truth to come out. Marlena says the old Sami would have jumped at the chance. Sami says she had to finally grow up. 

Nick stops by Sami's room and gives her some flowers, from him and Chelsea. She thanks him and is glad he's happy with Chelsea. Nick says he'll check on her later. She says make sure they don't mess up the lab results! Dr. Jacobs and another doctor show up, they are going to do her ultrasound. Lucas finally shows up as they are beginning. Sami asks if everything is okay. The doctors are shocked. Everyone asks if there is a problem? The doctor says nothing is wrong with either baby. Marlena says two babies? Dr. Jacobs doesn't know how they didn't pick it up before, but they are having twins!

Kate runs into Nick in the hall. Nick tells her that Sami is in there, if she's looking for her. Kate says actually she's here to see Nick. She says Lucas is worried about this amnio. Nick says the risk is minimal, Dr. Jacobs is one of the best, Sami is in good hands. Kate knows Nick works in the lab. Nick says cut the chase and asks her what she wants? Kate wants Sami's test to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that EJ is the father.


June 26, 2007
Sami, Marlena and Lucas are at the hospital and stunned when the sonogram shows twins. Dr. Jacobs and her associate say it's a boy and a girl, fraternal twins. Marlena is smiling, she can't believe there are two babies. Sami is not happy though. She asks how this could have happened? She has been having sonograms done since the beginning of her first trimester. Dr. Jacobs says the girl has been hiding behind the boy, as for the heartbeats, when you are only looking for one you sometimes only hear one. Sami says before it was just one baby's paternity in question, now it's two. Dr. Jacobs says they don't need to do another amnio, they can use the fluid they have to get both babies DNA and do the tests. Sami asks if she's saying that the babies could have different fathers? Marlena tells Sami while it is possible, it's highly unlikely. Sami says but it is possible, and EJ raped her only hours after she slept with Lucas. Sami is sure that night is when she conceived. Sami can't believe this, EJ could be the father of one or both babies. Dr. Jacobs says she'll have the lab rush the results so they know what is going on as soon as possible.

Later Sami is getting dressed to leave, Lucas is still with her. Sami needs to know what Lucas is thinking, can he deal with this? Lucas doesn't know. Sami talks about how the only reason she's been working to end this feud is to get Stefano those stem cells and get EJ out of their lives. Lucas tells Sami that won't happen, EJ wants more than the stem cells. Sami says EJ only cares about saving Stefano. Lucas says EJ wants her! Sami says well all she wants is her husband. She again asks Lucas if he can handle one or both babies being EJs. HE doesn't know. He wants these babies to be his. However if they are EJ's. Lucas says he will be there for Sami and these babies, he'll be Uncle Lucas or whatever. However he says he won't be the father, and EJ won't let them ever forget that. Lucas does promise her he'll be here for her, for better or worse.

Kate and Nick continue their discussion in the hall. Kate wants Nick to change the DNA results of Sami's tests to show EJ is the father. Nick says what she's asking is illegal, and he should call the cops and report her. He says he won't if she leaves now. Kate talks about how she can make it worth his while, but Nick says he can't be bribed. Kate thinks he can. Eventually when it seems Nick won't do it, she threatens him. She says she knows all about how he stole police evidence to protect Chelsea, she bets his boss wouldn't like to hear that. Nick says he was protecting Chelsea. Kate thanks him for that, but says she's just protecting her son from Sami. Nick says Lucas and Sami love one another. Kate doesn't think Sami knows what love is, she says in the end Lucas will be destroyed because of her. Nick asks how she can do this to her son, to her possible grandchild. He says she is evil. Kate doesn't care what he thinks of her, she wants this done. Later Dr. Jacobs shows up and asks Nick to put a rush on those results. Nick learns Sami is now having twins. Kate is also there to hear.

Later Nick is sitting around with his head in his hands. Marlena shows up, she asks if he's okay. He says yes, he was just going to the lab. Marlena asks him for a favor with Sami's results. She wants to know the results first, if one or both children are EJ's she'd like to know first in order to break it to Sami. Nick says he can't do that, it's against protocol. Marlena says she's not only Sami's mom, she's her doctor. Nick says okay he'll call her if it's bad news. Marlena thanks him for being on of the good guys. She leaves and Nick tries to call Chelsea. Kate returns and stops him. She says she forgot to mention, he's to tell no one about what she wants done.

At the mansion, Rolf is telling Stefano that he has a temperature and low blood pressure, he should be in bed resting. EJ shows up, Rolf tells EJ that Stefano needs to be resting. Stefano dismisses Rolf. EJ says he got his father's message, what is up. Stefano tells EJ he disappointed him. EJ asks how? Stefano says he lied to him! Stefano says that is the one thing he will not tolerate! EJ doesn't know what he means. Stefano says he told them they had nothing to worry about with Anna. EJ says they don't, she's here for a visit and to return the letters from Colleen to Santo. Stefano says that is not what he heard? EJ asks what he heard and from whom? Steve walks in with a plate of food and says hello! EJ says Stefano can't trust him. Stefano says Steve has proven to be a good soldier. He says Steve tells them Anna is working with the Bradys, she is coming here to get the letters from Santo to Colleen. EJ says then he was given bad information from the Bradys. Stefano says they won't tell him the truth, what kind of fool is he? Stefano tells EJ how he cannot trust him, and it hurts him to say that. EJ says this is Tony's doing, he's putting these ideas in his head. Stefano says as erratic as Tony is, he does not question his loyalties. EJ asks what this means? Stefano says it means he must decide where EJ stands, if he is part of this family and what his future with it is. Stefano says this means EJ could be on his own, he will get nothing! EJ begs his father, tell him how he can prove his loyalty to the family. Stefano gives him a chance, saying his brother has a project, they need seven trunks delivered to a plane on a private airstrip. EJ asks what is in the trunks, but Stefano won't say. He says if it's a success, he'll tell him, just know it's a legitimate business deal. EJ says he'll do it and leaves.

On the plane, Max shows up and Jeremy, in uniform, says he's late! Max says Jeremy told him to come alone, he had to lose the girl he met at the beach the day before. Jeremy asks if he has the money? Max does and gives it to him. Max asks about the stuff. Jeremy says it's not here yet. Max says and he's upset with him for being late? Jeremy says it's on the way. He just wants to get it loaded in the plane before others show up. Max sees Jeremy is nervous, he thought Jeremy said this was easy and nothing to worry about. Jeremy says it is, but he is still running a legitimate business and doesn't want anything going wrong. 

Stephanie shows up, she was hoping to spend some time with Jeremy before they took off. Jeremy however is furious. He says he told her when to be here, it's not for an hour. He says he has things to do, she can't be here so scram. She gets upset, he tells her to get it through her pea brain, she can't be here now leave! She asks where she goes, they are in the middle of nowhere? He says go hang out at the soda machine. Max eventually steps in, telling Jeremy not to speak to Stephanie like this. Stephanie tells MAx it's okay, Jeremy is the boss and she was wrong to show up early. She says she's sorry, she'll go. She then leaves. Max is furious with Jeremy for treating Stephanie the way he does. Max says Stephanie is a kid, sometimes kids need tough love. Max says she's a grown woman, his sister's daughter. He says if Kayla ever found out he let a man talk to her like that, she'd kill him. He doesn't like the way Jeremy bullies her. Jeremy tells Max he uses woman as Kleenex, he's one to talk. Max says he never bullies women though. He begins to think he should take his money and go elsewhere. Jeremy tells Max he's sorry, he's right. He asks Max what he can do to make this right. Max says apologize to Stephanie and get some manners! 

Later EJ shows up on the plane and talks to Jeremy. He has brought the trunks. Jeremy gives him the money. EJ asks what is in the trunks? Jeremy says he doesn't know? EJ says this is his brothers deal. Jeremy says then ask him. Later Tony arrives and asks why EJ is here? EJ says father sent him to deliver the merchandise. He gives Tony his money. Tony tells EJ to not mess with his business. He then leaves. Max then returns and sees EJ. EJ tries to shake his old rival's hand. Max tells Jeremy this can't be his partner, he's a killer! EJ says he'll be going now, before someone dies. EJ leaves and Max tells Jeremy that whole family is bad news. Jeremy says relax, they are done with them. Jeremy says they have the stuff, all they have to do is deliver it, split the take and party in Vegas.

Back at the mansion, Tony arrives asking Stefano what he was thinking sending EJ to take care of his deal. Stefano says Tony was busy and EJ wanted a way to prove himself. Tony thought it was established that EJ couldn't be trusted. Steve is still hanging around, Tony doesn't trust him either. Steve says that's cool, it will take time. Stefano zones out for awhile, which Tony catches onto. Stefano however says he's fine. He suggests Tony get ready for his dinner with Anna, who should be here soon. Tony wonders to himself what the hell is going on around here.


June 27, 2007
At the pub, Nick shows up to see Billie. He says Chelsea is out of town, he had no one else to talk to. He tells Billie that Kate is blackmailing him into changing the DNA results on Sami's twins. Billie can't believe this. She says tell her mother he won't be blackmailed, he won't compromise his job or morals and he won't do it. She says her mother only responds to brute force. She asks what Kate has to blackmail him with anyways? He explains somehow some bonehead told Kate all about the hairbrush he stole to protect Chelsea. Billie feels terrible, she was the bonehead. He asks how she could do this? They could all get in trouble, even Roman. Billie says she'll handle her mom, she'll just call her down here. Nick says he was told not to tell anyone. Billie says she's not just anyone.

Kate shows up at the pub and Billie confronts her mom over the blackmail. Kate claims Nick misunderstood. She says she may have spoken out loud what she was thinking, which always gets her into trouble. She won't lie, she'd love for EJ to be the father of Sami's twins. However she in no way threatened Nick. She says Nick must have misunderstood. Billie of course doesn't think so. She tells her mother that if she doesn't drop this, Nick could press charges. She also claims she'll make a call to Lucas and Sami and tell them what she's up to, with her relationship with Lucas as it is now, well . . . . she thinks they understand one another. Billie leaves to make a call. Kate tells Nick he has made a big mistake, have a nice life and good luck . . . he'll need it. She storms out and Nick runs after her. Billie returns and wonders what has happened.

On the plane, Chelsea and Stephanie are pouring drinks. Stephanie is telling Chelsea it's time for her to move on, she's not into Nick so break it off. Jett shows up and Stephanie leaves them to talk. She goes to serve the drinks. Jett apologizes to Chelsea for bad mouthing her boyfriend. He knows if someone talked bad about Danielle that he wouldn't be very happy. He says her boy Nick must be cool because he has a girl like her. HE says Danielle is going to be in town next week, he suggests they all go out on a double date. He thinks if Nick sees he has a fiance, well maybe he won't perceive him as a threat.

Max and Stephanie talk after she serves the drinks. She thanks him for sticking up for her with Jeremy, he was in another one of his moods. Max says he's always in a mood, the guy has problems. Stephanie defends Jeremy, saying Max doesn't know him. Max knows a lot of guys like him. Jeremy soon shows up. Stephanie tries to claim they were just talking, but Jeremy knows what about. Max faces off with Jeremy and makes it clear to him that he doesn't like him.

Later, Max tells Chelsea he wants his money back from Jeremy as soon as they land, he wants out of this deal. Meanwhile Jeremy tells Stephanie that he needs her to do something, he has to find a way to keep Max as a partner.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope are waiting for Roman and Anna to show up. Doug and Julie have Ciara for the night. They soon hear Roman and Anna showing up, they are arguing with one another. Bo and Hope are a bit shocked, Hope tells Roman to mind his manners. She tells Anna she looks beautiful, Tony won't remember his name when he sees her. She thanks her, but says she just wants to get this over with. Roman says he'll drop Anna off . . . of a roof, a bridge, whatever! He'll drop her off at the mansion and Hope will sneak in and find the letters while Anna distracts Tony.

At the mansion, Stefano explains to Tony that he's not feeling well, so he'll be going to bed for the evening. He warns Tony to keep an eye on Steve, who is still hanging around. Later Anna shows up. She and Tony talk with one another and even dance. Tony however becomes serious, demanding to know why she's really here. She says to return the letters, which she claims she didn't read as her Italian is rusty. She just knows Santo, Stefano's father, was mentioned. He knows she was at the Brady's, don't lie to him. She says they were once friends, she was married to Roman and they have a child. Anna claims she's dizzy, but Tony thinks she's playing with him. She's not, she accuses him of drugging her! She faints. Tony soon realizes the wine was drugged, both he and Bart pass out as well.

Outside, Bo is getting Hope ready to go in, they test out her communications piece. They also talk about Roman and Anna. Hope thinks Roman is crazy about Anna, Bo thinks Anna makes Roman crazy. They bet each other whether or not something will happen between them. Hope agrees to be at Bo's beck-n-call for a month, he has to change dirty diapers for a month. Hope then heads in. Steve shows up, he lets Bo know there won't be any problems. Bo asks why Steve is here? He claims he's been hanging with the Dimeras. Bo is stunned. Steve says they live like kings, it is the least they can do for him after what they did to him. He says he drugged their wine, Hope will be able to slip in there easily. Bo thanks Steve, saying he was wrong about him.

Hope makes her way into the mansion. She looks around and eventually finds the letters under a sofa cushion. She gets photos of the letters and puts them back. Suddenly Stefano begins calling for Tony or Bart. Hope says Stefano is here! Bo tells her to get out now! Bo hears Hope being caught by Stefano. Stefano asks what has gone on here, what has Hope done to them, who let her in here? What is she up to?


June 28, 2007
Nick goes to the lab. He's trying to call Chelsea, saying all hell is breaking loose here. Kate walks into the lab with Mr. Lewis from the board of directors. Kate says they have been talking about him. Mr. Lewis just comes to thank Nick for what he's doing for Kate's daughter-in-law Sami. Kate says Nick really goes that extra effort, she predicts a good future for Nick here. Mr. Lewis says Kate is a good person to have in his corner, keep up the good work. Mr. Lewis then leaves. Later Kate tells Nick that after that stunt with Billie, he thought he'd need a little refresher. Again she wants EJ to be listed on the form as the father. She says if that doesn't happen, well Mr. Lewis will find out about the hairbrush. Kate says one more thing, don't mention this to Chelsea or anyone else, or he will be sorry.  Nick is left alone looking at the DNA test tubes. He remembers Kate's threats. He says he's sorry Kate. He tries to call Chelsea, but she doesn't answer.

The plane landed in Vegas. Chelsea is cleaning up, she asks Max when he'll tell Jeremy that Jeremy wants out? Max says as soon as he can. Meanwhile Jeremy asks Stephanie how to keep Max in as a partner. She says he likes fast cars, easy women . . . oh and Linkin Park. Meanwhile Chelsea and Stephanie clean up the plane a little more, they both want to get to the hotel and relax. Jeremy says nobody is leaving yet. He proposes a toast to all five of them, to friends, partners and the Summer of 07. 

Later Max and Jeremy have a talk. Max tries to break off their little side deal, but Jeremy claims he has an important phone call to make and runs off. Jeremy return after his call. Jeremy gives Max some guy's number, the guy has front row tickets and back stage passes to the Linkin Park concert for Max. Max doesn't know what to say. Jeremy says he should thank Max, he came through with them. Suddenly a guy says freeze dirt bags, hands in the air now! It turns out to be a friend of Jeremy's, Kye Rawlings, their silent partner. Jeremy introduces Max to Kye, he knows Max from the circuit. Kye gives them the money, Jeremy gives Max his split. He tells Max to have fun, he'll catch him back at the hotel.

Jett, Chelsea and Stephanie show up at the hotel. Stephanie wants to go gamble, Chelsea just wants to relax. They go into the suite and a party is going on. Chelsea asks who all these people are? Jett says flight attendant and pilots. Jett says it's usually not this bad. Chelsea says she could probably get more sleep on the coaster on the stratosphere. Jett heads to the balcony to see some of his buddies. Three girls are playing poker with a guy. It seems they are playing strip poker. They ask who the new girl is, and then snub her. Chelsea asks where she sleeps? They say all beds and chairs are spoken for, newbies get the floor or the bathtub.

Chelsea just wants to relax, so Jett suggests they hit the hot tub. Chelsea and Jett end up in the hot tub. Chelsea tells him about her run-in with some girls that Jett calls The Mile High Sorority Sisters. They talk, Chelsea talks about Nick and how she wishes he could trust her. Jett doesn't blame him, he'd be worried about a hottie like her running wild in Vegas. They end up having a splash fight. It looks like they are about to kiss when Stephanie and Jeremy show up to join them. Meanwhile Chelsea's dropped phone rings, it's Nick calling. Stephanie and Jeremy have a make-out session in the tub. Chelsea decides to go, and she asks if this party will ever end as she needs some sleep. Chelsea is annoyed by the party people and some of the girls. Jeremy tells her what to do in order to get on their good side. 

Chelsea goes back to the party where the girls are still playing poker with some guy. Chelsea warns the girls he's bluffing, notice how he's playing with his necklace. He was bluffing, he storms off and the girls invite Chelsea to play with them. She gets in good with them. Later one of the girls gives Chelsea her cellphone, it's been ringing all night. Chelsea sees it is Nick calling. Nick wants to talk about her grandma Kate, but Chelsea is having issues hearing. Max then shows up with a woman and jokes she's going to be Mrs. Max Brady. Jett tells Max to join them in the tub. He jumps right in fully clothed! Chelsea is laughing and tells Nick what Max just did. Nick really needs to talk to her, but she says she has to go and she'll call him in the morning. She hangs up. Chelsea then asks Max what's going on with the wife thing? Max jokes he got lucky, it's Vegas baby!

Outside of the DiMera mansion, Bo and Steve listen as Hope has been caught by Stefano. Inside, Stefano demands Hope answer him, what has happened here? What has she done to them. Bo tells Hope, through their communications device, that he's coming in. Steve tells Bo he has a better way to handle this. Stefano demands Hope empty her pockets. All she has is a cell phone. Stefano again asks why she is here? He says if she won't tell him then he can make her tell him. She says he doesn't intimidate her. He says she is the one who drugged his son and came in here. Stefano grabs her, Steve shows up and tells Stefano to get his hands off his woman! Stefano asks for some explanation here. What is up with Tony? Steve guesses they stopped making his tanning products. Steve checks on Tony, he says he's fine, he's just out of it. Steve then says he and his baby have business to attend to. Stefano laughs and asks if he expects him to believe something is going on between them? Steve says believe what he wants, just don't tell Bo. Steve tells Hope not to worry, Stefano won't tell Bo or Kayla about them. Stefano asks Hope if this is true, is she having an affair? Steve says they don't call it an affair, it sounds tawdry. Steve claims it's been going on since he was in the nuthouse. He says she would come out and visit him, she was good to him. He says things didn't really start up until he got off the island. Hope and Steve end up kissing one another! Bo is outside wondering what is going on. Stefano tells Hope that he never did understand what she saw in Bo. He tells Stefano she was once an important part of his life, he suggests they get together for dinner and go over old times. He kisses her hand and says good to see you again. He says he's sorry for the misunderstanding earlier.

Hope leaves and Stefano yells at Tony to wake up, saying he's useless! Hope meets up with Bo outside, Steve also meets up with them. Steve says Hope is a good kisser, Hope says she'll explain everything. Steve says he has to get back inside. Hope tells Bo that Steve was amazing and she got the photos. 

Later Steve is whistling "Camp Town Races." Steve is eating and drinking when Tony and Anna walk in. Anna still thinks Tony drugged her, Tony thinks someone drugged their wine. Steve claims it tastes fine to him. Steve suggests they join him for the dinner. Anna says she needs to get to her hotel, her cab is here. Tony had hopes she'd stay. He says seeing her again reminds him of the man he used to be, the man he wants to be. She says they'll see and leaves. Steve says a little tip Tony, never say the man you used to be. Tony tells him to shut up.

Later Tony and Stefano confront Steve. Tony believes Steve drugged the wine and snuck Hope in here, he thinks Steve is working with the Bradys. Steve tells Tony and Stefano that he didn't expect them to buy his story. Stefano didn't, he asks Steve what is going on. Steve says he was scoring points with the Bradys, they now believe he's on their side. Steve says if they want to know what the Bradys are up to then sit down and make themselves comfortable. Steve tells them Hope took photos of Santo's letters to Colleen. Tony asks why Steve didn't stop her? Tony tells Stefano that Steve can't be trusted, they have to take care of him. Stefano says if the Bradys want to find out who murdered Colleen, then they should sit back and watch. He says trust him, if the truth is known, that family will never recover.

At Bo and Hope's, Roman talks to Doug. He's worried, they haven't heard from Bo. He thinks they should send a car over. Doug says a police car pulling up won't send up red flags. Roman says it would be an undercover car. Doug thinks it will be be okay. Meanwhile Julie is showing Ciara photos of her parents in New Orleans back in 1984. They also look at photos of her and Doug in Venice. They see an old photo of Jeremy and talk about how much he's changed. Julie says she's so worried about Jeremy flying planes. Doug thinks he has a good head on his shoulders.

Later Bo and Hope show up. She has the photos of the letters. They can't read them, they are all in Italian. Julie says she'll take them to the university in the morning to be translated. Roman hopes they'll get some answers from them. The doorbell rings, it's Anna. Anna stumbles in, she's still woozy. Roman helps her sit down. Anna begs Roman to do something for her. He says anything. She says take me to bed with you! Everyone is shocked. Roman says he'll take her back to the hotel, but she says she doesn't feel well. Hope says maybe Anna shouldn't be alone. Roman says he has work and she's a big girl. She asks Roman what is wrong, he can't think that she wants to have sex with him! She says she just spent the night from hell with one ex, she won't jump in the sack with the other. She says now that they got that straightened out in front of the whole family, take her back to her hotel! He says fine. He then hopes everyone else here is having a good time, they are laughing.

Later Bo is checking email. He got one from Chelsea, she's safe in Vegas. He says who'd have thought his daughter would be tearing up the strip in Vegas. He's just glad she's away from the DiMeras. Hope says unlike Steve, what if Stefano didn't but his story? Bo says if anyone can handle himself it's Steve. He also reminds Hope about their bet with Roman and Anna, he wants Hope to pay up. Hope says she thinks she won that bet. Bo says there is no way they are sleeping together. Hope says they'll have to wait till morning then. They end up laughing and kissing one another. 


June 29, 2007
Shawn is with his parents at their place, he brought Claire over to see them. Hope bought Claire a new swimsuit for the summer. Shawn says Belle will love it. Hope asks where Belle is? Shawn says at the pub with Phillip. Shawn wanted to spend some time with Claire alone. Hope talks to Shawn in private, he asks what is on his mind? Shawn says Claire thinks of Phillip as her dad still. Hope says Claire knows he is her dad, she's just confused. Shawn tells her about what happened in Chicago, how she ran to Phillip instead of him. Hope says she is sorry. She says it will just take time for Claire to adjust after being moved around so much. Shawn doesn't know how much time he has, he feels like he's losing Claire and Belle. He talks about how he can't provide for his family. Hope tells Shawn that Phillip didn't get that cushy job he has on his own. She suggests he, Belle and Claire move in here. Bo is back, he was off putting Claire down or something. He agrees with Hope. Shawn says if it was just him and Claire he would, but he doesn't know if Belle will go for this.

Belle and Phillip are at the pub. Phillip knows Shawn is still upset about what happened in Chicago. Belle says he is a little sensitive that Claire still thinks of Phillip as her dad. Phillip says he didn't mean for that to happen. He says Claire was just happy to see a familiar face. Belle tells Phillip he wouldn't be human if he didn't enjoy her reaction a bit. Phillip says he's just happy she's alive and well and they can get on with their lives. Phillip gives Belle something to help with that, their final divorce papers. He says she's free to be with Shawn now. Belle says so it's over. He thought she'd be happy. She doesn't know if happy is the right word. She guesses it's good they can put it behind them. She never thought she'd be divorced before 30. Phillip jokes they are like Bruce and Demi and all those other couples now. Belle tells Phillip she knows they haven't been easy to live with either. Phillip says Shawn still isn't happy about the arrangements? She says he's trying, but he wants to be the one to provide for his family. Belle asks Phillip for a favor, but Shawn could never find out. She asks if Phillip can help Shawn find a job. He says Shawn isn't the corporate type, but he can see what he can find that would suit Shawn. He also promises not to tell Shawn, it will be their secret.

Later Phillip finds a job for Shawn working as an auto part salesmen with a company in Cleveland. He can set up an interview for Shawn. Belle says they can't move, but he says it's just a base of operations, Shawn can live and work here. He also says Titan finances the company under the radar, he'll never know they are involved. Belle thanks him, Phillip goes to make the call about the interview. Shawn later shows up at the pub. He talks to Phillip in private when Belle takes Claire off to see her new swimsuit. Shawn tells Phillip he's been great to them, but he has to let them be a family right now. Phillip knows this is all about what happened in Chicago, be honest with him and tell him the truth.

Marlena shows up at the hospital where Nick is staring into space. Nick gives Marlena the results. She says that was fast. He says Dr. Jacobs wanted them as soon as possible. She thanks him. She looks at the results and doesn't look happy. Nick knows it isn't what she was hoping for. She says it's not his fault, they always knew it was a chance EJ would be the father. Nick says if there is anything else he can do. She asks him to keep it quiet until she tells Sami and Lucas. Nick agrees. Marlena then heads out. Nick tells himself good work, is he proud of himself?

Roman brings Lucas and Sami to the safe house. He says they will be safe here, Salem PD owns the place. Roman says there is a sniper on the roof and officers next door. He says they will have more protection than the president. The place is basically a dump. Sami says she's sure the president would love it here, it beats the Lincoln room for sure. Roman asks if he can get them anything. Sami says disinfectant? Roman tells Sami this is for her own good and he loves her. Roman takes off.

Sami tells Lucas they should have gone to Switzerland with Will. Sami jokes she's sure Carrie and Austin would have loved to see them. Lucas says things aren't that bad. They look around the place, Sami asks Lucas to be honest, why are they here? He says to keep her safe. She thinks they are here to get EJ out of their lives. Lucas won't lie, he wants EJ out of their lives. Sami says but living here, it's like EJ has won. Lucas tells Sami it can be romantic, they'll spend time talking about the babies' futures. Lucas talks about how he wants the boy to go to Northwestern and then play for the Bears, it will be awesome. Sami says their son isn't playing football. Sami suggests they pick names first. Sami was thinking Tom for the boy. Lucas loves that, after his grandfather. Sami says for the girl she wants to name her Colleen. She says a family name from both sides. Lucas isn't too happy, he suggests hey just make sure he's the father first.

Later Marlena arrives at the safe house. She has brought some coffee from the java caf for them. She also has the test results. Sami says just tell her. Marlena gives them to Sami. She reads them, as does Lucas. Marlena says she's sorry, she wishes it was different. Sami begins to cry that EJ is the father. She tells Lucas she's sorry. Lucas says it will be okay, he will be a part of their lives. Sami says he has to be, she won't let EJ raise them, it has to be Lucas. Lucas promises he will be there, he won't let EJ ruin their plans for their life together. He won't treat these kids any differently than he treats Will. He says he will be there for her and the kids no matter what.  Later Marlena is gone, Sami and Lucas lay down. She's still upset, Lucas promises he's not going anywhere. They end up in a tickle war. Lucas and Sami soon end up kissing. They then get it on!

At the mansion, EJ is trying to call Sami and find out where she is. Bart shows up and says Kate is here to see him, he says it in an English accent which annoys EJ. Kate is let in, EJ asks Kate where Sami is? He can't find her. Kate says he won't find her, Sami and Lucas were put in a safe house by Roman. EJ asks where it is? Kate says if she knew that then it wouldn't be a safe house now would it. Kate says Roman is the only one who knows where they are. Kate asks why he wants to see Sami. EJ says Sami had the amnio today. Kate says and he's curious to learn if the babies are his. EJ asks if she's saying there are two babies? Twins? Kate says yes. She also tells EJ not to worry, she thinks the results will come out in his favor. EJ says she seems confident. Kate says Celeste did a test didn't she? He says Celeste failed to say there were two babies. Kate knows he wants this, she wants it too. She doesn't want Lucas pinned to that tramp Sami for 18 years. EJ says hey! Kate says she forgot that he thinks Sami is perfect. EJ says Stefano will be ecstatic too. She says so this is about giving Stefano an heir? He says and hopefully ending this silly feud. Kate then gets a call from Nick, he gave Marlena a fake test report, he didn't run the real one as he didn't want to know. Kate says it's for the best. Kate then tells EJ to break out the cigars, he's the daddy!

Roman shows up to see EJ, he finds Kate looking comfortable on the couch. Roman asks why he was called here? Kate says they need his help with Sami. Kate realizes Roman doesn't know the news yet. She says Sami got the results of the amnio. EJ says the twins are his. Kate says sorry. Roman asks how they found out before he did? Kate says that isn't important. EJ says this is not time for an argument, he knows Roman is disappointed. EJ wants to set aside their differences. He wants to see Sami. Roman knows EJ would like that. He says all he needs is five minutes, he has rights. Roman says he raped Sami, he has no right! EJ says so this is how it always will be, the Bradys verses the DiMeras. EJ asks if he can call her, but Roman says no incoming calls are allowed. Kate asks how she talks to Lucas then? Roman says he'll give him messages. EJ says then give Sami a message, but Roman says no. EJ says he has a right to see Sami, she's carrying his children. Roman says those kids are better off living in that safe house than finding out what a loser their old man is. Later after Roman leaves, EJ thinks that went great. Kate tells EJ not to worry, Sami won't survive a week in that safe house. EJ thinks one day is enough, Lucas will manipulate her, convince her that the children are better off without him. Kate says she already thinks that. EJ says if he can't go to the mountain, he'll bring the mountain to the him.

Roman goes to Bo and Hope's. He says he has news and he didn't want Bo and Hope to hear through the grape vine. He tells Bo and Hope that Sami is having twins. Hope says this is unbelievable, it's wonderful Roman says here is the not wonderful news, EJ is the father. Later Hope is gone, Bo and Roman are talking privately about Anna. Roman says they got into a huge fight. Bo asks if they kissed and made up? Roman says in a way yes. Bo says you didn't! Hope walks in just as Roman says he slept with Anna!

Marlena returns to the hospital. She sees Nick. He asks how Sami and Lucas took the news. Marlena says they'll adjust, they have a fine support team. Nick says he's sorry. Marlena is too, it's funny how one slip of paper can change a life so drastically. MArlena leaves. Nick realizes he has to do the test for real. 


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