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1st Week of March 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


March 5, 2007
Phillip shows up to see Willow, who says it took him long enough to get here. Willow says she thought he'd be interested in the news she has on Shawn. Willow explains the whole conversation she had with Hope to Phillip. She says Hope isn't acting like a grieving parent, she was acting like Shawn will be home one day. Willow is sure they've heard that Shawn is still alive. Phillip asks Willow how much she wants? Willow says all she wants is a room in his mansion for her and the baby, he'll never see them. She asks what he says? Phillip says no deal. He says she's the one who messed this all up, she's the reason they are dead. She says she will do anything to make this up. He says so Hope is helping her out? Willow says yes, she's giving her money for the baby and helping with doctor appointments. Phillip sayt that means she will see Hope from time to time. He tells her to see what she can get out of Hope. He says he needs proof, if she gets it then she will get her reward. He won't say what the reward is, he just says stay out of his face until she has something concrete. 

On the island, Belle tells Shawn, who is sleeping, to wake up. She says Claire has a fever and her cut is infected. Belle is worried, they don't have drugs or anymore peroxide, she's already running low on her anti-rejection drugs. Belle thinks this could kill her. Shawn takes care of Claire as Belle makes some bandages for Claire's cut. Shawn knows Belle will know what to do for her. Belle says if they can't get rid of the infection then she doesn't know what they will do. Later Claire is asleep. Belle doesn't know what they were thinking, she's a baby, she's going to get sick and they don't have enough anti-rejection meds to last a lifetime. He says they won't be here a lifetime. She asks what if something happens to her or to him and they are stuck here? He says not to think that way. Shawn says they made it this far, he thinks God is on their side. She thanks him for staying so strong. She also says she is really sorry for how she acted when he kissed her. He says he understands. She says she feels closer to him now than she ever has. Claire wakes up and she goes to change the dressing on her cut. She finds that Belle is still warm. She looks at the cut, there is a red line up her arm, she has blood poisoning! 

Sami drops by the station to see Roman. She asks if he's ready to walk her down the aisle, he says he is. She thinks he needs to be measured for his tux, but he says he as his measurements on file from the last 5 or 6 weddings. Sami begins worrying about EJ and how she wishes he had stayed in Mexico. Sami asks if he has any new leads, new evidence to put EJ away. Roman asks Sami what this is about? Why is she really here? He says she's getting married, he thinks she should be thinking about the wedding and not EJ. Sami says she'd love to but EJ is always in her face. She says Lucas works for him, he lives down the hall, she just wants to feel safe. She says she doesn't feel that way with EJ on the loose. Roman understands and says putting him behind bars is their number one priority. She asks how they plan on doing that? He says he can't tell her details. She just wants some assurance. Roman says they are trying a new route. He says they know Shawn worked for EJ and Patrick, he's hoping Shawn will sign a statement against EJ. He hopes it will be enough to get charges of conspiracy and to get Patrick to talk. Later as Sami thanks her dad and is about to leave, EJ calls Sami up asking if she has that information. She tells him that she'll tell him later. He wants her to tell him now. She says she is in her dad's office, if he calls her again or asks her anymore questions she will kill him! Sami hangs up and turns around, only to find Roman standing right there. Roman asks who that was? She says the florist, he's been asking her a million different questions about the flowers. He says she was a bit stern with them. She thinks it is just the pregnancy hormones getting to her, she should call back and apologize. Roman says she's very tense, that can't be good for the baby. He says if she ends up on bed rest then he can't walk her down the aisle. She says she's marrying Lucas if it is the last thing she does. Roman hopes it isn't the last thing she does. She says she just wants everything to be perfect for her wedding and she wishes EJ was behind bars. She asks how long it will take to find Shawn. Roman says they are doing all they can and they won't give up until they get EJ off the street for good. Roman says as soon as they find Shawn then they will get that statement from him. Roman says right now he's glad Shawn is out of reach so he doesn't end up like Lexie and Tek. She asks if he thinks he'd hurt them? Roman says nobody is safe from EJ, especially if your last name is Brady. 

EJ is in his office at Mythic. Lucas shows up with a report from a deal with China for him. EJ is glad and mentions some other work he needs done. Lucas reminds him of the time he promised him off and how he hopes that this project won't interfere. Lucas says he needs that time off, especially since they moved the wedding up to May. EJ wonders why they moved it up. Lucas says Sami is pregnant and will start showing soon. Lucas wants to make sure his baby takes the name Roberts when it is born. Lucas asks EJ if he has a problem with this? EJ says he does. EJ says a birth right is very important to a child. Lucas still wonders if he has a problem with him moving up the date? EJ says no, he will even clear out Kate's schedule so she can help them plan the wedding. Lucas says no need, she's not invted. Kate walks in saying thank God for that. EJ tell them that they can't go on not speaking. Lucas feels that is none of EJ's business. EJ says it is as it is bad for his business. He tells them to work this out and leaves them. 

Lucas and Kate talk. Kate tells Lucas that Sami is keeping secrets from him again, she won't stand by and do nothing. He says her hatred towards Sami has made her irrational. She says his love for Sami will ruin his life. Lucas thinks Kate is the one who will end up ruining his life. Kate asks Lucas to put himself in her shoes, what if Will went off to college and got involved with a girl who has done 1/10th of the things Sami has done. He says he'd hope that nature would take it's course, but Kate says bull. She says he would not butt out, he would try and save Will. Lucas tells Kate that she wants him to see things in Sami that aren't there. He says she is blind when it comes to Sami and now she is out of his life, forever. Kate says that was harsh. Kate tells Lucas that of all her children he was always the most stubborn. She thinks about all the things she sacrificed to make sure he had the best of everything. Lucas says he never wanted to go to military school, she never asked him how he felt about it. She says he never doubted her love for him though, but has he ever doubted Sami's love? She knows he has. Kate says eventually he'll realize that she loves him without boundaries and with his best interests at heart. She says she is his mother and that won't change no matter how many times he turns his back on her. Kate walks out of the office.

EJ offers Kate some sympathy in the hall. He holds her and asks what he can do to help. Kate tells EJ that he tried to help him before. She says Sami and Lucas are still together and will be married in a few weeks. EJ says a lot can happen in a few weeks. To himself, EJ says he is the one to take Sami away from Lucas permanently. 

Sami shows up at Mythic. EJ says she looks so radiant, probably because she is pregnant. She says if she's glowing it is because she is imagining what will happen to him. She is here to tell him what she found out. She says her dad and Bo are trying to get Shawn to make a statement against him and Patrick. EJ thought they were up to this. Sami asks why he needed her? He says he always needs her. She says well they don't know where Shawn is, he may be dead, so he's in the clear and she doesn't need him anymore. 

Back at the station, Roman asks Kate why she's here looking for sympathy form him? He says they are about to share another grandchild, the more things change . . . she says the more things stay the same . . . just like Sami. Roman says he didn't like Lucas and Austin much at first, but her sons make his daughters happy. She says in the short run. Roman says what they had was short, Carrie and Sami have both loved Austin and Lucas most of their lives. He asks why she can't let Lucas and Sami be happy. She says maybe it is time she accept it. Roman can't believe he's hearing this. She says if she had the power she thinks she does, she wouldn't have made a mess of her life. She just hopes it isn't to late for her and Lucas, but she thinks this time he really wants her out of his life. 

Back at Mythic, Lucas tells Sami how he didn't back down an inch from his mom. She thinks it much have been hard for them both. Lucas reminds her they have an appointment with Father Kelly. They leave. In his office, EJ is on the phone saying he needs information on Shawn's whereabouts the minute Bo and Hope find him. He thinks he should have killed Shawn when he had the chance. 

At the garage, Mimi is dealing with a customer, Mr. Atkins, who doesn't know why his car isn't done yet. Max shows up, Abby asks where he has been? Max says she can't tell anyone this, but he has to tell someone. Max tells Abby that Mimi killed her father in self defense, Bonnie covered it up. He tells her the story that they found out from Bonnie and how Mimi blocked it all out. Abby asks what she's going to do? Max says Bonnie is taking the rap so Mimi doesn't have to. Abby asks what will happen to Mimi? Max says Mimi is gone, Bonnie thought she should go to Arizona and look after Connor. Max says he just got back from taking her, and she can't tell anyone. She says she won't, she promises. She asks if he's okay? He doesn't know. He says the other day he was complaining what a drag Mimi was, now she's gone and he'll probably never see her again. He apologizes for laying this on her, but she is glad he did. She says she is his friend. She says she will be here for him no matter what. They talk about Mimi and what she meant to Max. Abby knows this has to be awkward for him to talk to her about. She thinks he must miss having Frankie around. She says if there is anything she can do for him, anything at all. It appears they are about to kiss when a very drunk Jed shows up yelling Abby's name. Jed is upset about how his hooker sister lied to him. Abby fills Max in on who Jed is. She also says Willow is not a hooker anymore. Jed says Willow sold her body to pay for his school, it's his fault. She says it isn't, Willow made her own choices. Max asks what he wants Abby to do? Jed says nothing. He thinks he's going to drop out of school, maybe jump off Lookout Point. Abby tells Jed not to talk that way and not to do anything stupid. He asks if she cares? She says she does, he knows that too and that is why he is here. He brings up their date and how sorry he is for how it ended. He says he still owes her a goodnight kiss. She pushes him away when he tries to kiss her, Max catches him so he doesn't fall down. Later Max gets out of their way. Abby gives him some coffee, Jed knows Max is the guy that Abby has feelings for. She asks if it is that obvious? Jed says yeah. Jed says he's still involved with another girl though. Abby says not anymore, she left town, she thinks it is over. Jed asks where that leaves them? Does she not want to see him anymore? Abby says he's a great guy, but they should just be friends. Jed decides to catch a cab home. She says no she'll drive him home. She goes to bring the car out. She leaves Jed alone with Max. Jed tells Max he's so lucky to have a girl like Abby fall in love with him. 


March 6, 2007
Billie shows up at Mythic to see EJ. He flirts with her, but she cuts him off and says she is only here on business. She has brought the security system proposal. He says very well, she may begin her presentation. She begins her presentation, what makes her system different is that her system is hooked into your cellphone. She says she calls it Century Cell. She says anyone can check in on their house or their kids, if you see something you push a panic button and it dials 911 and locks down the house. EJ is impressed and says this is the answer, he loves her! He then plants a kiss on her lips. She asks what was that !?!? She says normally people give a handshake. He says he's sorry, he over reacted. He says he is impressed and she is sitting on a gold mine. She lets him know that he better not be playing her, and if he ever tries to kiss her again then this relationship is over. She also suspects he is interested in her idea for another reason, she thinks maybe she should take her business elsewhere. He says she is right, he hasn't been completely forthcoming. He offers her a mighty nice advance to show how serious he is about this deal. Billie's eyes almost fall out of her head when she sees the numbers. He says it is a retainer. She says to cushion the blow? She asks what it was that he wasn't forthcoming about earlier. He tells her to get a good lawyer and play hardball. He wants to get her a good deal, but this will be a tough sell to the board of directors, even with his endorsement. He says it will be especially difficult since she has no testimonials yet. Billie says so she needs to get someone to test it out? He says yes, someone known in the community, someone familiar with these systems, someone in real estate for example. Billie says or in law enforcement. EJ says that is an excellent choice. Billie brings up Bo, but EJ says he isn't Bo's favorite person. She says yes because he's a DiMera, though she can't help but wonder if he's somehow different, more human than the others. There is a knock at the door. A man with an Italian accent has come to discuss the patient with EJ. Billie hears this and asks what patient? EJ tells Billie that this is Dr. Abruzzi, he came to tell him about a colleague of his who is in Europe and not doing well. EJ says he has no family and he's taking care of the bills. Billie tells EJ she'll go, they are done anyways. She'll talk to Bo and won't let him know EJ is involved, she can handle it. Billie leaves and EJ talks to the doctor. The doctor says Stefano is back in Italy, his will is strong but the body isn't. EJ asks what their options are if he doesn't accept John's kidney? The doctor says with stem cell research, there are possibilities. EJ has a gift for his father, he asks the doctor to take it back to Italy. He has a gun for him, the gun that killed the Arch Duke Ferdinand and started the first World War. EJ thought his father would appreciate it, it's a symbol of a world wide conflict as well as the war he started here generations ago. EJ says he plans to finish the war for his father. 

Billie meets with a guy and gives him a list of all the programming things she needs done for her surveillance system. She then calls up Bo and asks if they could meet for a few minutes. She says this isn't about Chelsea, she has a business proposal for him.

At the church, Father Kelly meets with Sami and Lucas. He says Father Jansen, who is away, wants to make sure they followed tradition for her down to the letter. They have do a candle lighting ceremony, he says next week they will discuss the act of contrition. Sami says they never had to do this before. Father Kelly says that Father Jansen has implemented this for all brides and grooms now. Sami says she won't make the confession, she won't do it. Father Kelly says they can put the wedding on hold if she wants to talk to Father Jansen, but Lucas doesn't want to put it on hold. Father Kelly says he's heard his share of confessions, nothing can shock him. He says he'll see them next week for contrition. Father Kelly leaves, Sami is freaking out. Sami tells Lucas how she doesn't care about the candles, the bagpipes they ordered or anything else, she doesn't want any of this. He asks if she wants to call it off? She says no, but look at where they are. She says she's tried to get married here many times, last time it wasn't even him, it was Austin. She says every time something ruins her wedding because she does something wrong, she doesn't deserve to be happy. He doesn't want her to be upset. He tells her to tell him what to do and he'll do it. She wants to leave, she says they can get married on a beach or a ship, she just can't be married here. He says she means in a house of God. He says she is feeling guilty, she freaked out over the contrition. Lucas wonders what she doesn't want to tell the Father, what doesn't she want to tell him? Sami says she still goes to church every week, she still believes in this. She says that is why she can't get married here, because of everything she's done. He tells her that he doesn't care about the past, he only cares about who she is now and who she has become. He asks her to trust in him, tell him what is bothering her. She says everything, she can't marry him, she can't marry anyone. He tells her that he won't let her do this, she is not leaving him. He begs her not to hurt him like this. Se says she doesn't mean to. He says he doesn't blame her for not trusting in him, he knows he has hurt her in the past by blaming her for so many things. He says they have both changed, he's not that man anymore. He says they are good people. She doesn't know how he can want to marry her knowing everything she has done. He says he's also seen the good things she has done. He says the good things blow the bad things out of the water. He says she will walk down this aisle and she will hear the bagpipes playing Amazing Grace as she wanted. He says they were both lost but now found, they have an Amazing Grace kind of love. He says it will be okay. She believes him and says they'll get married as planned. She says there is something he has to do for her first. Sami says they need to invite Kate. He asks why, she will pass judgment, she will stare daggers at her. Sami knows, but there is nothing they can do to change how his mom feels. She says Kate is family, she can't spend the rest of her life (cable broke up here for awhile). Lucas says she's a pain in the butt when she's right. He says he'll do it. He asks if she wants to go with him, but she says no. He heads off to give Kate the news. 

After Lucas leaves, Sami heads to the altar to pray to God. She tells God that she has lied, but not to hurt someone or cause trouble. She says she lied to save someone who loves her very much. She says if Lucas knew that she let EJ have sex with her, well he wouldn't understand. She says she doesn't think he'd believe she let EJ do what he did in order to save Lucas. She says that is why she did it, to save Lucas. Sami says the truth is, if she had to do it again, no matter how much she hated it and EJ, she would do it. She says it is done and over, she and Lucas have a fresh start now. She says they have a beautiful future ahead of them so don't let Lucas find out. She says one more thing, she won't ask for anything else, but please don't let this baby be EJ's. She says don't let EJ be the father of this baby. In walks EJ at this point applauding. He says God can't unravel his DNA. He says keep praying, it will work out. He says confession is good for the soul.

  At Billie and Chelsea's, Nick is helping Chelsea with her calculus. She has prepared chips and dips, but he says this is not a party, it is a tutoring session. She says he is the one always saying math can be fun. He says it can, but he feels she'll forget about the work and take advantage of . . . his knowledge. He won't be the one to do all her work as she won't learn anything. He knows this isn't as fun as crossing the border and helping Shawn and Belle, but if she gives it a shot then she might like it. He says hello, Chelsea? She is spacing out, wondering how Belle and Shawn are. Nick says he's sure they made it to Australia and they are probably enjoying the sun in their nice green backyard. Later Nick is trying to help her out, she starts laughing as he's reading the formula. Chelsea makes a joke, it sounds like he should be yodeling. Nick says fine if she wants to sing this then they will. He makes a song out of the forumula, but she responds This is really freaking dumb, dufus (to the tune of Camptown Races). Later Chelsea finishes the work, she thinks she got it right but Nick says she didn't. She doesn't know how she doesn't get this, is she stupid? He says stop that. She says that is a good idea, she should drop the class and take something she's good at. Nick says it doesn't matter if she isn't good at calculus, she is good at a lot of things, such as talking to people. He says he's jealous of that. She closes the books and thinks they should focus on some other problems, adding something else up. Nick thinks they should get back to calculus, but she says they will, stop nagging. Chelsea says she won't use this stuff in real life, she won't be a nuclear physicist. Nick asks what she will major in. Chelsea says she's majorly interested in marrying rich. He asks her to be serious. She says she likes history. He says she could get a job at the Smithsonian teaching historical things, she'd be great. She says he's always complimenting her, and he's also her tutor on top of everything else. She asks if he's afraid he'll get sick of her? He says no. He touches her face, they get very close. She knows he is very serious and good with details, so has he noticed he's stroking her cheek? He says uuuuuuuh, they should get back to calculus. She says Nick Hi. He says hi. She says hi. They then kiss. 

On the island, a storm is moving in. Shawn promises Belle that he'll get her off this island tonight. He tells her to trust him, there are more islands out there, ones he can even see from here. He says they just have to find one with people. The storm is coming in, Belle is worried as it is a big one. Shawn assures Belle that he can do this, he knows boats. Belle tells Claire they have to trust her daddy. Shawn builds a raft, but Belle is worried because of the storm. Shawn thinks it is a chance they have to take, anything is better than doing nothing. Shawn finishes the raft and they prepare to head out into the sea. Belle heads to collect some berries. Shawn holds Claire and tells her the story about his first boat trip. Belle hears him telling her this story. Shawn says he promises her that no matter what happens, they'll always be here for her and nothing will take her away. He promises to get her a doctor and a real home for them to live in. He says they won't have to run anymore, they'll be a nice little family the three of them. Belle approaches Shawn, she apologizes for being miserable to him before. She says if it weren't for him, they would have lost Claire weeks ago. She says what they've been through, it's been worth it. She says she is grateful for all of it. Shawn wants to keep things that way. He hands her Claire and gets the raft he's built into the water before the storm hits. 


March 7, 2007
Billie meets with Bo at his place about her security system. She wants to install it in Bo's house to get his endorsement, she says they could do it today. He agrees and suggests they get this thing going. Bo asks how much this will cost, this stuff can't be cheap. She says it won't cost him a dime, it is his lucky day. He says he should at least buy it from her at cost. She tells Bo she has an investor, a major corporation has shown an interest in this invention. However she needs an endorsement from someone like him. He says he'll be glad to endorse it, as long as it works. Billie tells Bo that a few months ago she wouldn't have told anyone about this, but now she believes in it. She says she knows it will work. Bo thanks her for doing this as it will help him out too, he could use this extra security for Hope and Doodlebug when he goes out of town. She asks if he's going somewhere? He says he's hoping to hear from Shawn soon. He tells her about the message Shawn left, which she has to keep secret. Billie asks if he will convince them to come back? Bo says no, they are better off where they are. Bo says he needs a statement from Shawn about EJ and Patrick. He thinks they can get Patrick to talk, with pressure from Shawn, and then they can all say goodbye to Elvis Jr. Billie tells Bo that she has to tell him something, the company that wants to back her, it is EJ's. Bo asks if this is a joke? Billie says it is no joke. Bo says cancel his order, he can't do this, not even for her. He asks how she can work for him knowing what EJ has done to all of them, including John. Billie says she knows nothing and neither does he, there is no evidence. She tells Bo that he has him tried and convicted over a grudge. Bo says EJ has hurt people he cares about, the last one being Steve. Billie asks what happened to Steve? Bo knew that would get her interest. Bo says Steve is locked in the state hospital for the criminally insane, thanks to EJ. They continue to argue, Bo says EJ is a sociopath. Billie says he is willing to take a chance on her and her system. Bo says about the system, whose idea was it to install it in his house, hers or EJ's? She says EJ didn't send her, in fact he told her not to come to him as he knew Bo would dismiss it. Bo says he's not dismissing it, he does think it is a great idea. She says whatever, thanks anyways. She says thanks for the time, no hard feelings. Bo says he's not worried about hard feelings, he's worried about her life. She says if he's so worried about EJ then arrest him. Bo says they are trying to. Billie says until he does, she's outta here. Billie then leaves.

Lucas meets with his mom at her office. He was about to leave her a note as Kate wasn't there, but she shows up. She asks if he was leaving her a Dear Mom note saying she was out of his life forever, if he was then she doesn't blame him. Lucas wonders if he heard her right. She says she wouldn't blame him if he never spoke to her again. She says she has had a hard time accepting all her children are adults. She has a hard time letting go of her babies. He says they aren't babies anymore. She says he was her baby once. She says she knows they've grown up and have lives of their own now. Lucas says it doesn't mean she's lost them. She says she lost him, she pushed him away and will never forgive herself for that. Kate says she's done what she's done because she loves him. He says he knows, he's going through with similar things with Will. Kate says now he has a baby on the way, a new child to love. Lucas says so does she. She thought he wanted her out of his life. Lucas says he didn't mean it, he just wants her to respect him and the choices he makes. Kate says she does want to, she wants to be the mother he deserves. She says Sami is just very flawed. Lucas says Sami isn't the only one. She says spare her the details. Lucas says he's speaking of himself here. She says he is a great man, many women would love to be with him. Lucas wants Sami and wishes she could see past her flaws and see how smart, funny and beautiful she is. He says his mom taught him never to settle with being bored, well he's never bored with Sami. Lucas tells his mom that Sami wanted him to give her an invitation to the wedding. Kate is stunned, Lucas asks now who is surprised?

At the church, EJ has heard Sami praying in hopes that her child is not his. She knows the baby isn't. EJ says she is having a DiMera baby, his son, a son he will bring up to be like Stefano. Sami says over her dead body! She says she will do what it takes to protect her child. He says newsflash, so will he. She goes to attack him saying she won't let him hurt her son, she'll kill him. She calls him a monster, he shouldn't be in this church. He says neither should she, she shouldn't be praying for redemption after making a deal with the devil. She says he forced her to lie, he forced her to betray her father, forced her to do what she did. He says he made her do nothing, the truth would set her free from all of this. Sami tells EJ that she will never let him near her child. EJ says she doesn't understand, he is not asking her, he is telling her that he will take this child whether she likes it or not. She says he's not the fatherly type, what is his interest in this baby. He says this child will be raised with his father, only his father, and as a DiMera. She says he's insane, she won't just hand her baby over to him. He says she will if she's smart, and he thinks she's smart. She asks if he'll kill her if she doesn't? He thinks there is no need. She says he'll have to, she will never let him take her child. Elvis says they should drop the drama, obviously she needs proof on who the father is. He tells her to have a DNA test through the amnio. She says no way. He says they will do it his way and end this suspense. She says she won't risk the life of the baby with this test just to satisfy his ego. He says he needs time to get ready. She asks for what, what is he planning? He says to be a father of course. She doesn't believe him. He orders her to have the amnio otherwise he will tell Lucas everything. She knows he doesn't want the truth to come out anymore than she does. She says Lucas will believe his version of the story, but the police will be interested in hearing her version. EJ says again she has 48 hours to get the amnio.

Later EJ shows up to work  and says Kate seems distracted. She shows him the invitation to the wedding and says it came from Sami. Kate is sure Sami is up to something. EJ thinks she may not be up to anything. Kate says he always did have a soft spot for Sami. EJ says he likes her spunk. He won't deny he was attracted to her. Kate says he wants her and doesn't EJ always get what he wants. He says not this time, Sami has made her choice. He asks Kate if she's afraid that Lucas will get hurt. Kate says she knows Sami will hurt him. EJ says don't worry too much, he thinks Sami will never betray Lucas again. 

Back at the church, Sami is in a pew crying. Lucas shows up, he is glad she's still here. He says he talked to his mom, she will come to the wedding. He sees she is crying, he asks what is wrong? She says they need to leave town, they have to leave as soon as they can. He asks what is going on here? He asks what happened while he was gone? She says nothing, she was just sitting here thinking about how they will never find happiness here in Salem. He asks what about their talk, their Amazing Grace love. She says they can have that someplace else. She says they need a fresh start, they will be so happy. Sami says they have to pack and go. He says go where, what is she talking about? She says she wants to leave, she never wants to see anyone from Salem again.

At Billie's, Chelsea and Nick share a real kiss. Chelsea doesn't know what is happening to her. Nick says pheromones, a chemical that attracts one to the opposite sex. Chelsea says she's kissed many men before, but never like this. He says it was different, better. Nick says because she felt the kiss. Chelsea says for the first time ever, she liked it. Nick says he did too. He suggests they do it again, but she says that would be the worst thing to do. He says she is driving him crazy. She says he is the one who wanted to get back to the books. She asks where they were with the math. Nick and Chelsea try and get back to studying. Chelsea wonders if anything could be more complicated then the math. Nick says yes, her. He asks why would she say she like kissing him and then say they can't do it anymore. Chelsea says that is an easy answer, Shane Patton. She says he made her fall in love with someone who didn't exist, he lied to her, her best friend lied to her, she almost got raped by Dr. Pervert, she can't forget that. He says he wanted to tell her the truth so badly. She asks why didn't he? He says he was scared. Nick begs Chelsea to tell him what he can do to make sure that wasn't their last kiss, he'll do anything, risk anything. She asks him to promise her no matter what that he won't keep secrets from her again. Nick of course flashes to his night of luv with Billie. Chelsea says this is the only way she can give him a second chance, promise her that she won't be the last one to know about something. Nick promises never to lie to her again. She says she wants to believe him, she really does. He asks if she thinks he would hurt her? She says not intentionally. She says okay she believes him. Nick says sweet! He asks if they can make out now? She says as long as he keeps the promise, he doesn't have to ask or need and excuse. They begin going at it on the couch. She is shocked at how well he can kiss. He says there is more where that came from. She thinks they should save more for next time. He says okay, what about calculus. She doesn't think she can focus on that now. She tells Nick goodnight. Nick says goodnight. He leaves, Chelsea can't believe this and says go figure. 

In the hall, Nick runs into Billie. She asks how it went with Chelsea. He says it was amazing. She asks if he's okay, he looks flushed. He says he just kissed the girl of his dreams, he thinks he's in love! Later Nick calls Abby, he says they have to talk right away. 

Billie heads inside. She tells Chelsea she just ran into Nick, sounds like the tutoring went well. Chelsea says nothing. Billie says hello, earth to Chelsea. Billie says Chelsea looks happy. She says Nick told her about the kiss. Chelsea says who would have thought. Billie says she knew, and she thinks he's a great guy so she's very happy for them. Chelsea says her mom was right all along, Nick is definitely different. She wonders how she got so lucky. 


March 8, 2007
Nick shows up at the garage to see Abby, he is all excited and rambling on. Abby says she has to get to Chez Rouge to help Aunt Maggie, what is it he has to say. He asks what he wants more than anything, but has no chance at getting. She says a kiss from Chelsea. He says yes, and he is the man. Abby can't believe this, but then thinks something must be wrong. She asks if it was a peck or a kiss kiss? Nick says it was a real kiss. He tries to explain what has happened between them. Abby hates to say this, but she thinks Chelsea is playing with him, she is just paying him back for the Shane Patton thing. Abby says Chelsea holds a grudge, she still hasn't forgiven her 1st grade boyfriend Roger Stubbons. Nick doesn't think this is the same thing, but Abby isn't sure. Abby says Chelsea is paying him back for his mistake. Nick asks why doesn't she think Chelsea kissed him because she wanted to. Abby says he isn't Chelsea's type, she needs a guy who can protect her. Nick says he can. Abby says trust is another issue with her, he lied about Shane Patton. Nick says he knows, which is why he has to tell her everything. Abby says like what? Nick says he has to tell Chelsea that he slept with her mom. She tells him not to do it, keep his mouth shut. He says that is just as bad as lying, he has to tell her the truth. He says if he doesn't tell her the truth then he will lose her. She says she can't do this over a crush. Nick says he loves her, he wants to hold onto her. Abby says he could ruin her relationship with her mom. Nick says if that is what happens then so be it. Abby is disgusted wonders what happened to him. She then walks off. 

Abby shows up at Chez Rouge. She is ranting about the jerk who doesn't care about others feelings if he gets what he wants. Maggie thinks she's speaking of Max, she hopes Abby isn't going to start seeing that heartbreaker. Abby says Nick is the jerk she's speaking of. Abby says Nick is about to ruin two people's lives. Maggie asks why she doesn't stop him? She says she tried. Maggie says there must be someway she can get through to him. Abby gets an idea. She says she'll be right back to help her fold the napkins. She says Maggie is a genius. After Abby leaves, Maggie says if she's such a genius then why can't she convince Abby to stay clear of Max. Maggie says Max is trouble. Later Nick shows up looking for Abby. Maggie says he just missed her, but she was saying how he was selfish and a jerk. She asks what is going on? He can't say, it's a secret. Maggie is worried someone could be in danger. Nick assures her nobody is in danger. He says what happened is in the past, nobody was hurt. However Abby is telling him not to tell anyone about this thing, but he can't do that. Maggie says Abby is a smart girl, take her advice.

At the Java Cafe, Willow asks to talk to EJ. He calls her Ivy, but she says her name is Willow. He asks why he should give Shawn Brady's girlfriend the time of day, he was a terrible employee, completely untrustworthy. She says she's not his girlfriend, he dumped her and now she's pregnant. He asks if she talked to his family about help. She says she has, but she needs more money than Hope is giving her. She needs a job. EJ tells her to wait right here, he may have something for her.

EJ has a meeting with Billie. Billie tells her how she struck out with Bo, he was onboard until Bo found out EJ's company was backing her project. EJ tells her that she did what she could, he doesn't know if the board will pass this without Bo. EJ says he'll talk to the board of directors and suggests they are still in the testing phases. Billie says she could talk to Roman, but EJ doubts Roman will endorse it if Bo won't. EJ says Bo is a good guy, sometimes he is just so . . . EJ says close minded? Billie says yes! Billie says Bo still thinks he is responsible for Patrick kidnapping hope. They make jokes about EJ being the boogie man in Bo's eyes. Billie also jokes she should break into Bo's house and make him realize why he needs her system. EJ says he didn't know she was so devious. It's obviously given him an idea.  Billie says she was, those days are over. Willow approaches and asks EJ again for some help, saying she doesn't mean to rush him but she has to get going. EJ tells Billie how he's trying to help out Shawn's ex, the poor thing is pregnant and penniless. Billie is impressed, she says that is a good thing he's doing. She has things to do and leaves them to talk. EJ then tells Willow that he does have as job for her, but they can't talk here.

EJ and Willow go outside to talk, he decides perhaps this is a mistake, Shawn will come home and take care of her. Willow says he won't, Shawn and company jumped off a cruise ship near Australia. She says everything thinks he's dead, but she thinks he's not and his family knows something. Either way, Willow says  he's not coming back. EJ says he does have a job for her. He tells her to turn around and bend over! She does, not knowing what he's doing. He says writing her a check! He writes her a check on her back. She's stunned, this is two years salary. She asks what she'd be doing? EJ wants her to break into someone's house for him. She won't have her baby in jail! She asks whose house he wants her top break in. He says Bo Brady, just break in and steal some things. She says she won't break into a cops house. He says not even for this amount of money? He says it will take one hour, and this isn't the first time she's broken the law. She thinks she'll look for a job in the want adds. He says good idea, he's sure there are a lot of jobs out there for pregnant ex-hookers. Later we see EJ calling the woman who is in charge of renting rooms at the YWCA. He asks about their policies on children. She says they don't allow them. He tells her that is terrible news. He then brings up Willow, who the woman says she knows very well. EJ says then she must also know she's pregnant. EJ hangs up the phone. 

EJ goes back to say goodbye to Billie. Outside Willow is watching them. Abby shows up, Willow begs Abby to please talk to her Aunt Maggie about getting her job back. Abby refuses, saying because of her, Shawn had to take his family and run and now they could be dead. Abby says she hurt her family. Willow says she is family, she's having Shawn's baby! Abby asks how she knows it is Shawn's, it could be anyone's. She says she had an amnio. Abby thinks Shawn doesn't know. Willow says he does, but he doesn't care as he's so preoccupied with Belle. Abby says it must hurt. She says she loved him, he was the first person who treated her like she had a brain. Abby says so why was she so terrible to him? Willow says the way she was brought up, if someone hurts you then you hurt them. Abby says sorry she had a lousy past, but it doesn't give her the right to be nasty to people. Willow says love confuses her. Abby says not her, she loves Shawn and her little cousin, but thanks to her she won't see them again. Abby walks off and Willow gets a call from Mrs.. Ashwell at the YWCA. She says they have a problem and have to talk. Mrs. Ashwell says they can't do this over the phone. Willow begs her to tell her what is going on. Mrs. Ashwell says she was informed she was pregnant. Willow says she is. Mrs. Ashwell says they can only accommodate single women. Willow cries that she doesn't have a job or money. Mrs. Ashwell says she is sorry.

Abby goes in and sees Billie. She tells tells her what Nick is planning and how she couldn't convince him not to do this. Billie thinks she can and thanks Abby. Meanwhile, Willow confronts EJ, she knows he called the YWCA on her. He says they were going to find out eventually. She says now she needs to find a place to live now, which requires a job, which he knew would happen. He still has that job for her. Willow doesn't get it, she says she doesn't want Hope's jewelry and things. He says she can dump them after she steals them, he doesn't care. He pays her and says if she tells anyone about this then neither her nor her baby will make it through the year.

Nick goes back to the garage. He thinks about Abby's advice as well as Chelsea begging him not to keep secrets from him again. Nick calls Chelsea and says they need to talk. He says he'll be right over. Billie arrives before he can leave. Billie knows what he's planning. Billie won't let him go near her daughter. Nick says if Chelsea finds out then she will . . . Billie says hate him? Billie can live with that, she can't live with Chelsea hating her. Billie says it took her a long time to get Chelsea to trust her, it took them a long time to get to the relationship they have now. Nick says why risk that. Billie says this will destroy her. Nick says she's strong, but Billie says they have no idea how she will react. Nick says she will be angry, grossed out, hate them . . . but it will pass. Billie says he's only doing this to stay in her good graces, but who will have to pay the piper? HE says both of them. She says no she will, her relationship with Chelsea is for a lifetime. He says his could too. Billie says he doesn't know that. She won't let Chelsea pay for her mistake. Billie says she screwed up, she took a drink and slept with him. Nick says he's sorry but he's doing this. Nick walks out. Billie then calls Chelsea and leaves a message, asking her to call her as soon as possible. 

At the church, Lucas doesn't understand what is going on with Sami, why does she want to run. She says it is to protect their family. Lucas says he'd do anything for her, just tell him what has her so scared. She begs her to do this for her. Lucas says she really wants to yank Will out of school, move them all? What is going on. She says she'll tell him later. He says no no no . . . she's all over the place with this wedding. He says she's scared of someone and he thinks it is EJ Wells. He says they can move, he can get another job, but they don't need to leave town. Sami says EJ isn't the only reason she wants to leave town. He doesn't believe her, something happened while he was gone. She says nothing happened. He says so they are back to that, back to square one. She says she loves him. He says then be honest with him. He says he'll do whatever she wants, just tell him why he's doing it. She says she can't, so Lucas says then he can't marry her. She cant believe he doesn't want to marry her. He says it's not what he wants. She says she is Sami Brady and she can't escape her past. He says he has a bad past too. She says not like hers, she is Sami Brady and everyone expects her to screw up. Sami breaks down and says she can't keep living this lie. Sami tells Lucas how she is a mess, she has these horrible habits. She says she makes horrible mistakes and everyone in this town knows it. She says his mom leads the pack against her and her own dad usually follows. Lucas says her dad is proud of her, he gave her that award and everything. Sami says she hasn't changed, that is the problem, no award will change that. She says if he loves her then he has to accept her. Lucas doesn't know what to say. She wants him to accept her and say their life won't be one big test. He says it's not a test. He says she wants to leave town, pack Will up, take him out of school, he has a right to know why. She says she can't tell him. He says if she doesn't trust him then they have a problem. She says se trusts him, but she knows him. She says if he hears something he doesn't like then he'll walk away. He says he won't do it. He says they are in a house of God, if she tells him then he won't walk away. Sami says she is so scared. Lucas says he knows and they will work this out. Sami says okay, she'll tell him. She says it was EJ, he was here while he was gone. Lucas asks what EJ said. Sami says that he said . . . suddenly Celeste walks in on them. Celeste says she hopes she's not interrupting. Celeste has come to light candles for Tek and Lexie. Sami says she's not interrupting. Lucas thinks they can finish this at home. Sami asks Lucas to let her light a candle too, alone. Lucas says she was just about to tell her why EJ upset her. She says EJ was being EJ, he wanted to be invited to the wedding. She says it all got to be too much with EJ and Kate there, she felt something bad would happen. He still doesn't know why she'd want to leave Salem, her home. Sami says well she is pregnant, he can't imagine how it really takes over one's world and makes reason fly out the window. Lucas jokes attack of the hormones. Lucas has a prescription for that, a chick flick and a pound of chocolate. Sami laughs. She tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her too. He leaves her to light her candle. 

Sami goes to talk to Celeste near the candles. She tells Celeste that she needs her help. Celeste says she knows, that is why she is here.


March 9, 2007
At the garage, Abby meets up with Billie. Neither have found Chelsea. Billie tells Abby that if Chelsea finds out that she and Nick slept together then she doesn't know what she'll do. Abby lets Billie know that Nick hasn't told anyone else, just her, she figured it out a long time ago. She thinks Nick won't tell anyone else. Billie can't take that chance. Billie heads out.

Later Max shows up as Abby is working on a car fixing the break lights. He says she's the best employee he's ever had. They chit chat, she asks if he heard from Mimi. Max says no, he talked to Connor. Max says Connor told him that she's having a rough time, she acts lost all day. Abby says it will get better. Max says he feels like this is all his fault. She says it isn't and now she can at least get help and move on. He wonders how you move on from this. Max feels all he did was let her down, what is new, when the going gets tough . . . Max Brady gets going. She asks why he's being so hard on himself? He says this is his MO, he broke up with Stephanie and Chelsea when they got too close. He says the truth is, he wanted Mimi to leave. As they talk, Max realizes Mimi knew it wasn't going to work, she didn't ask him to come with her. He says Mimi is the one who let him off the hook. Abby says Mimi had a horrible year, there wasn't much left here for her but bad memories. Max says there was him .Abby says if he wasn't ready to commit then Mimi did them both a favor. Max thanks her for the talk, they then return to working on a car. 

At the apartment, Chelsea was sleeping on the couch when Nick shows up. He thinks he should come back later, but she is glad he's here. She says she was dreaming about him. He tells Chelsea there is something he has to tell her and it is bad, really bad. She thinks this is about tutoring her, if he doesn't feel comfortable then it's fine. Nick says no it's not that. Chelsea rambles on, she talks about her dream and how she knows she said they should take it slow, but her heart says otherwise. She tells Nick that she's not playing games with him if that is what he's worried about. Nick tells Chelsea about what they were talking about before he left. She remembers, they were talking about secrets. She asks Nick why he looks like he just lost his best friend? He says he's afraid he's about to. She says he can tell he anything. He brings up how he told her that he wasn't a virgin. She knows, but quickly assumes that he was lying, he is still a virgin. She says she knew it. She says it's okay, she is still a virgin too. She says they could be together for their first time. Nick says he'd like that so much, but he wasn't lying. He says he was with a woman, but she was a woman. Chelsea says they usually are. Nick says she was . . . . Chelsea says older? Nick says yes, but she wasn't just older. Chelsea is shocked and assumes the woman was married. Nick says no she wasn't married. He says he wouldn't do that. Chelsea thinks they should drop this. She says she doesn't care where she met her or how it happened. Chelsea says it is in the past. She says all that matters is the present and the future. She says she's finally able to move on and she wants to do it with him. She says they are the only two people that matter, for now until forever. She says now she's sounding like Lonely Splicer . . . she's starting to sound like him. They share a hug. This is when Billie bursts in saying Nick you didn't tell her . . . . . Chelsea asks what she's talking about? Billie realizes Nick actually didn't tell her. Chelsea asks what is going on here? What are they talking about? Chelsea remembers the night Nick came over, the night her mom had some loving. Chelsea begins to put it together. She looks at her mom and says it was you? Chelsea doesn't believe this. She can't believe this, the two of them. Billie says she can explain. Nick says he's so sorry. Chelsea ends up slapping Nick! 

At the church, Celeste came as the Tarot cards gave her a message that Sami needed her. Sami asks what they said? Celeste says EJ wants something and won't give up till he get it, he wants her child. Sami knows. She doesn't know who the baby's father is though. Sami says he told her to have an amnio or he will tell Lucas all. She doesn't know what he wants with her. Celeste says this is about power, he chose her to secure the next generation of DiMeras. Sami asks why her? Celeste says Stefano was obsessed with Marlena and now his son is obsessed with her. She asks if EJ is out to ruin her life? Celeste says that Tony did court Sami, why does she think? Celeste says Tony's greatest regret was that he never had an heir. She says Lexie is Stefano's daughter, but he cut her out of his life in favor of EJ. She says Stefano took EJ from his mother to insure a strong leader when he was gone. Celeste says now EJ wants to secure the next generation with Sami's son. Sami wishes she had told Lucas the truth. Celeste asks why didn't she? Sami says she can't find the words. She says part of her  thinks he'll believe EJ, the other part thinks he'll hate himself for what she had to do for him. Sami says either way, Lucas won't believe her again. Celeste says Lucas leaving her is the least of her problems. Sami asks what if she is carrying the DiMera Spawn. Celeste says she will still love that child just like she loved Lexie. Sami says Celeste got Lexie out, how? Tell her what to do. Celeste says that is a lot to ask given what she did to her daughter. Sami asks why she is here if not to help her? Celeste says her daughter is gone and she will not forgive Sami for what she did. However her hatred for EJ and Stefano is far greater. Sami says so she is the lesser evil? Celeste says Sami is reckless and careless, but she saves evil for those who deserve the word. Sami says she'll do whatever she has to do to save her child. Sami asks what she has to do. Celeste says that depends on how far she's willing to go. Sami says she'll have the amnio and forge the results. Celeste says that is her specialty and at least she can't blackmail her daughter into helping her. Celeste says EJ will see through a forgery. Sami asks what she does then? Celeste says she needs a permanent solution. Sami asks what the permanent solution is? Celeste says EJ chose her to have his child, if it doesn't work this time then he'll try again. Sami says that's why she wanted to leave Salem. Celeste says she can't hide, she has to get rid of EJ. Sami asks how? Celeste says you kill him! 

Kayla arrives at EJ's office and is furious. She demands to know what he's done to her husband. EJ tells Kayla that her husband is a guest at a mental institution, he wasn't the one that did that, she committed him. EJ says he never set eyes on them before coming to Salem. She says he is a liar. She says Stefano has never won in the past against her family and he won't win either. EJ says Steve is the one who tried to kill her, not him. She says she knows he's brainwashed Steve, making Steve kidnap John and take his kidney out was his doing. EJ asks now why he'd do that? Kayla doesn't know yet. EJ says Stephen needs to sort out his problems on his own and with the doctors. Kayla says Steve's father was a monster, but Steve is nothing like him. She starts talking about how the man EJ shot, John, was a father to him, he loved him and didn't want to give him up. EJ claims he didn't shoot John. Kayla wonders why he is the same bastard his father is. EJ says his father is beside the point. He fears Kayla is spending too much time with Steve, his delusions are contagious. She says she'll prove he's behind this. EJ says he's sure she will, but just know those with the best of intentions end up having accidents. 

Steve is in the mental institution. He's in a padded room and  in a straight jacket and struggling. A huge guard shows up with a doctor. The guard says he'll be back if the patient gives her problems. The doctor introduces herself as the attending, Dr. Ella Kraft. Steve tells her that he's in he wrong place, he is as sane as she is. She has some questions. He recites his name, the date, the current president, are they done? She asks if he wants to be an ass then fine. She suggest they try this again. She says her name is Ella Kraft and he is? Steve says he is unable to shake her hand. Steve asks what she'd do if someone threw her into this place, would she roll over or kick and scream until they realized it was a mistake. She says he is not here by mistake. She lists everything he's charged with, kidnapping, organ theft, assault. Steve says he saved John's life, he had Kayla remove his kidney because he knew it would save his life. She says she thinks John would have preferred to keep the kidney. She says if Steve can tell her why he did it then she'll release him. Steve says he doesn't know . . . Ella says that is why he is here, to find out why he is doing these things. Steve talks to her about how many shrinks he's seen. He thought the cure would be when he got his memory back, instead that is when it all went to hell. She asks if he doesn't want his old life back? He says he can't have that while stuck in here. He says he is not crazy. She says fine, but when a man does unsympathetic things that he can't explain, there is a problem. Steve says fine, he's insane, now leave him alone. She says nobody is judging him. Steve says the judge did. Ella says the judge gave him the benefit of the doubt, as did the DA and Kayla. He says he doesn't want to talk about Kayla. Ella asks why? He yells that he won't talk about her. The guard checks on them to make sure everything is okay. Ella says it is. Ella tells Steve that he did get his memory back, the answers are all accessible. Steve knows how this game works, he's played it before. Elle ends up getting a call on her cell, which she takes. She asks the person to leave a message on the voice mail as she's with a patient. Steve ends up eyeing the cellphone. He tries to make a deal, he'll give her what she wants if he gives him something. She says no deal. She says if he wants out of here then he has to do a lot of work. She wants to see remorse in him and she is the one who says when or if he ever leaves. Steve says so it is her butt he has to kiss. Steve says okay, assume the position! He says he's just kidding. He asks to be let out of the straight jacket. She says okay, on one condition . . . he has to be medicated. Steve says no fricken way! She says it is only a mild sedative. He says he doesn't need it. She says it is that or the straight jacket. He says okay he'll take it. She gives it to him, but she says she needs him to open his mouth to make sure she swallowed it. He does and as she's looking, he kisses her! She says don't touch the doctor! She ends up letting Steve out of his jacket. He pretends to be dizzy and fall down. The doctor catches him and helps him to the bed. The guard comes in, the doctor says it's okay, he just lost his balance. He says he's so sorry, maybe it is the meds. Ella suggests Steve get some rest, tomorrow he'll give him the grand tour. Steve thanks her. She says take care, he says he always does. Once she's gone, Steve pulls out the doctor's cell, which he stole. He calls up EJ. Steve tells him that he's in hell and EJ has to get him out. 


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