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2nd Week of March 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


March 12, 2007
At the hospital, EJ shows up to meet Steve. They are in a common area. Steve wants EJ to get him out, but EJ has a problem. It seems Kayla accused him of having Steve kidnap JOhn and take his kidney. Steve swears he didn't tell Kayla, she must have assumed it. EJ says she is a problem and he is going to have to deal with her. Steve gets angry and tells him not to touch a hair on her head! The guard checks on things, but EJ assures him that everything is fine. Steve tells EJ he'll do whatever he wants, he'll be a good soldier, just don't hurt Kayla. Steve also tells EJ to get him out of here. EJ says that will take time, it seems Kayla wants him to get well and she has friends in powerful places. Steve says so does EJ. EJ says he has to go, he has other things "gestating" right now. He tells Steve not to call him again. After he leaves, Ella Kraft shows up and confronts Steve about stealing her cell phone. He says he's sorry, she can't blame him for trying. She orders Steve to be taken to his room and restrained. He's dragged away screaming "No, not the straight jacket!"

At the church, Sami tells Celeste that she can't be serious. Celeste is, if Sami wants to get rid of EJ then she'll have to kill him. Sami says she's no killer. Celeste tells her to think of the people she loves, the people EJ could hurt. Sami says she can't kill another man, but Celeste says this is Satan they are talking about, not a man. Sami says he's still Lexie's half-brother. Celeste says and he may have killed her! Celeste promises to help Sami, together they will rid the world of Stefano's heir. Sami asks how they do this without being caught. Celeste doubts the police will go looking for EJ's murderer. Sami says they will, she knows her father, he'll consider it his duty. Celeste tells Sami that she has something EJ wants, herself! She says Sami needs to promise to give herself to EJ if they meet up somewhere, a rendez-vous. Sami says so what, she lures EJ away and kills him? Sami says she won't do it. Celeste says then godspeed and good luck.

At Mythic, Sami shows up to see EJ. She tells him that she'll do it, she'll have the amnio. However she says there is a condition, something she wants from him. She asks what happens if the baby is Lucas'? EJ promises her that if it is then he'll leave her alone. However if it is his baby, then that means they will have an unbreakable bond. Sami says there will be no bond between them. She leaves and makes a call to someone, saying she needs their help.

At Billie's, Chelsea can't believe that her mother and Nick slept together. They want to explain, but she says she doesn't want to hear the details of their sex games. They tell her it wasn't like that. Billie says it was the night Steve wrote her that note. Billie says she was upset, she drank a whole bottle of wine. Nick says he came looking for her to tell her about Lonely Splicer that night, but she wasn't home. He says Billie was in bad shape and he knew she shouldn't be alone. They say it just happened. Chelsea says she should have known this wouldn't work out, Billie could never take the place of her real mother. Billie says she is her real mother. Chelsea says no, she's nothing to her. Chelsea heads to her room as Nick and Billie discuss the fallout. They hope she'll cool down and get over it, but she shows up with her suitcase and says guess again. She says she's getting out of here, she can't be here anymore. She then heads off as Billie is in tears. 

Billie and Nick call around. Nick calls Abby and warns her that Chelsea found out, by accident. They can't find Chelsea, so Nick tells Billie to call the police. She says and say what "Is slept with my daughters boyfriend so she ran away?" Billie then wonders how she will tell Bo about this. Nick thinks she has to, Bo will know what to do. He says call Bo up and go see him. Billie realizes she has no choice.

At the garage, Max ends up asking Abby out to dinner as a way to thank her for everything. HE wants to go to Chez Rouge, but she says no! She says it's so expensive, they should just go to Buddy's Burger Barn. Max wants to take her some place nice, so she suggests the Penthouse Grill. After they leave Chelsea shows up looking for Abby. She sees the phone book open and the ad for the Penthouse Grill had been circled. 

At the Penthouse Grill, JEd and Willow are having dinner. Willow shows him the check she got, which she says is for a new legit job. She thinks if they move in together it will save them both tons of money. Jed wants more information on this job of hers. All she will say is that it's not illegal. Later she asks him to take her check and hide it under her mattress at the Y for her.

Abby and Max show up at the Penthouse Grill. They sit down and are having a good time. Jed shows up to say hello. Max invites him and Willow to join them, but Abby makes it clear that is not a good idea. After Jed goes back to Willow, Abby asks Max why he wanted to invite Jed over? She thought this was a date? Before he can say anything she is phoned by Nick and Chelsea. Later Max tells Abby that this is a date. He says he likes her, she is a beautiful woman. Maggie then shows up and Abby panics. She goes to see Willow and Jed, apologizes for her attitude earlier and invites them both over. Willow says Jed should go, she has to do an errand.

Jed joins Abby and Max, Abby sits Jed very close to her. When Maggie sees them she assumes Jed is Abby's date and says take care of my niece! Later Chelsea shows up, so Abby heads to the bathroom to talk to her. Jed lets Max know that Abby likes him, she made that clear. Max says Abby may like him, but her aunt doesn't.

In the bathroom, Chelsea cries to Abby about what has happened. She wants to leave town, but Abby says that is a bad idea and people would miss her. Abby suggests Chelsea talk to her dad, but Chelsea doubts he'll care and say she brought this on herself. Abby doesn't think so. As Chelsea cleans herself up, we see Willow spying on them in a stall. Abby and Chelsea leave and Willow steals Chelsea's hairbrush, which she left behind. Later Chelsea  calls Bo and says she's coming over to the house to see him. Willow hears this, looks at the brush and smiles.



March 13, 2007
At the YWCA, Jed puts Willow's check under her mattress as asked. EJ shows up pounding on the door. Jed answers and EJ demands to know Jed is. Jed says none of his business. EJ says Willow is his business, explain now or explain to the police sunshine. Jed explains that this is his sisters room, he is Willow's brother. EJ suggests Jed leave, but Jed says he has to lock up. EJ says he'll take care out that. Jed leaves, assuming EJ is some official. EJ then decides to find out where Mr. Cool put that check. He looks under the mattress and finds the check. He ends up burning it and flushing the check.

Sami shows up at Billie's place. Nick is waiting there in case Chelsea comes home, Billie is out looking for her. He starts explaining, but Sami says she doesn't care . . . well she does, but she doesn't have time to hear it all. She says she needs Nick's help. She needs a report showing Lucas is the father of her baby, he can do that right? He asks if she's saying that Lucas isn't the father? Sami says he is, but there is this guy giving her a hard time as he thinks he's the father. Sami says he's not, she need proof. He says get an amnio. Sami doesn't want to, she just needs his help. Nick says he could lose his job, he's sorry but the answer is no. Sami says nobody will find out, but Nick says he hears she is a magnet for trouble. She says not anymore, but he thinks she must be in trouble if she's asking him to do this. Sami says maybe it is just the teeniest of problems. She admits okay it is a big problem, they are talking about her child, her marriage, her future. She begins crying, which he asks her not to do. He says she wins, sort of. Nick says he will get a blank report for her, she can do whatever she wants with it. Sami thanks him and hugs him for doing this. He says he's working tomorrow morning, but Sami needs it now. Nick says he said he'd stay here and wait for Chelsea. Sami says she'll stay here and he can go to the lab. Nick says that isn't a bad idea, Chelsea would leave if she came home and found him here. Sami says good, he can go to the lab and she'll stay here. As they open the door, they are shocked to see Lucas. Lucas asks Sami what she's doing here? Nick says he needs to do an errand and runs off. Lucas asks what is going on, why is she here? He says he thought she was coming home from the church for the video and chocolates, but she didn't. He says he saw her car here when he took out the trash. He is worried about her. She understands and says she's sorry, she feels like she's driving him crazy. Lucas says he's not mad, but tell him what is going on. He says if it is about him or the marriage then tell him, but if it is something else then maybe he can help her. He says if she can't talk to him about this then he'll understand. He says he'll start believing it isn't about them if she sees a professional. Sami says like a shrink? He asks what she says? Perhaps her mom can recommend someone. She says she's pretty lucky that he still wants to marry her. He says nothing could stop him from standing at that altar with her. Lucas says they should go home and watch the video. She says she can't, she has to wait for Nick. Sami says it's about Chelsea, it's some girl thing and they are worried about her. She says she'll be home soon, just keep dinner warm for her. Lucas leaves. 

Later, Nick arrives with the blank report for Sami. She thanks him. She promises that she will never forget this. He says forget what? She says right. She tells him that she owes him. She then runs off.  After leaving Billie's place, Sami runs into EJ in the hall as she's holding the fake report in her hand. She tells him to stop sneaking up on her, she'll mace him next time. He says he still lives here. She hopes that changes soon and says she's sick of looking at his scruffy face. He says he wants the results of her amnio. She screams at him about that. EJ says calm down as he doesn't want to raise her blood pressure. As Sami walks off, she faints. EJ catches her and screams for Lucas. Lucas shows up, he wonders what EJ did to her. Sami comes to and says she's fine, she's just a little light headed. She says she didn't eat earlier, that is it. She says she's fine, she just needs a minute. Sami sees the report is on the floor. Sami insists she is okay. EJ asks Lucas to have someone look at Sami, make sure the baby is okay. Sami says she is fine as is the baby. EJ says he hopes she feels better and leaves. After EJ is gone Sami quickly gets the paper. EJ is watching from behind the corner and is smiling. 

Billie meets with Bo at Chez Rouge. Billie tells Bo that Chelsea ran away, and this time it is her fault. Billie reminds Bo of telling him about the guy she had a one night stand with. Bo remembers. Billie says she never said who it was, but he knows the guy, as does Chelsea. Bo says she didn't sleep with Nick Fallon did she? Billie tells him to hush, as he basically screamed this. Bo says this happened after she got that letter right? Billie says yes, she drank a lot and Nick showed up. Bo says it happened and he's not judging her. Bo says she needed a shoulder, he was there, it happened, no hard feelings. Billie says Nick gets that and has been great. Billie says Nick cares about Chelsea and she cares about him, until this. Billie says Chelsea found out and she ran away. Billie says he knows Chelsea, when Chelsea gets hurt she gets herself into trouble. They talk about Chelsea and how Bo wanted nothing to do with her after Patrick's statement. Bo admits that was an overreaction on his part. Billie says Chelsea needs him, she needs her dad. Bo says maybe but who knows, last time they spoke . . . Billie's phone rings and it is Abby. Abby tells Bo that Chelsea was headed to his house and may be there. Bo decides to find out.

Hope is home with her doodlebug. She says she has her daddy's eyes and nose, but the Williams smile. Hope finally names her Ciara Alice. She says Ciara is the queen of queens, Irish royalty. She says Alice is her great grandmother and head of the Horton family. Hope says she will make both of those strong ladies proud. Hope decides to put her down for a nap.

Chelsea arrives outside Bo and Hope's. She still has her suitcase. She hopes her dad is home, if she can't talk to him then she doesn't know what she'll do. Chelsea starts having second thoughts about seeing Bo, she thinks he'll just slam the door in her face. She says she can't blame him, she pushed everyone away and there is no going back. She says she has to find someplace else, anyplace else. She decides to leave, but stops to write Bo a note. She writes Dear dad, I'm leaving tonight, but before I go I have to tell you this. She writes I'll always love you and I wish that things could be different, I love you so much. As she writes the note, Willow shows up and spies on her. Chelsea continues to write her note, saying how she wanted a new dad so bad that she pushed too hard. She says she would trade places with Zack in a moment if she could. She says she is sorry for making a mess out of so many people's lives. She says she loves him and always will. She leaves the note in the door and says Goodbye Salem, Goodbye Dad. After she leaves, Willow shows up and heads to the door. She's about to pick the lock when the phone inside rings. She runs off to hide.

Inside, Hope gets a call from Bo. Bo asks if Chelsea came by? Hope says nobody has come by or called. She asks if something is wrong? Bo says Chelsea got rough news and could have run away. Bo says she mentioned to Abby that she might come by their place. Hope says maybe she's on her way now. Bo says he'll be home soon. Hope tells Ciara that her sister is coming over so they should go upstairs and change her.

After Hope heads upstairs with Ciara, Willow breaks in. This time HER phone rings so she runs off to answer it. It is EJ calling her. She asks if he wants her to get caught. He's glad to find out that she is keeping up her part of the bargain. She says she's doing the job now. He says he won't keep her, have fun.

After the call from EJ, Willow breaks in and goes looking for Hope's jewelry. She hears Hope upstairs saying Be right back sweetie. Willow goes to hide as Hope comes down to the living room. She grabs what she needs and runs back upstairs. Willow then makes her way around the house with a candle for light. She ends up grabbing some jewelry, but drops it. She sets her candle down to pick up the jewelry. The candle ends up catching some curtains on fire. She tries to put the fire out with water from a plant, but she ends up running off. She says she knew this would come in handy and drops Chelsea's hairbrush before leaving. After Willow leaves we here Hope calling out Bo, is someone there?

Chelsea heads to the garage to try and find Abby or Max. They aren't there, but Jed shows up. He says nobody is home, he was looking for Abby too. He asks if she's okay? She says she's fine, she just came here to see if she could crash. He says so she doesn't want to go home, what is the problem? She says the problem right now is him. She says she doesn't need his help. He says if she is nice to him then he could probably open the door for her. She asks why he'd do that for her? He says for her charm, why else. Jed breaks into the garage and lets Chelsea in. She thanks him, even though she doesn't like him. He asks if there is anything else she needs, since he loves to be punished. She just wants to sleep. She says she'll be gone before the sun comes up, nobody will know she's here. She also thanks him, she had a bad day and didn't mean to take it out on him. Jed says forget it and he leaves her. Chelsea heads into Max's office. She pulls up a chair and throws a blanket over herself. As she is sitting there, her phone rings. Bo calls her and asks where she is? Bo says Billie told him what happened, they should talk. Chelsea says nobody can fix this, she's leaving town. He says her problems will go with her. Bo says he'll pick her up and take her to his place. She thought he didn't want to see her again. Bo says that was a mistake, even Hope said he should give her a break as they've all done things they are sorry for and in the end, nobody is to blame. Bo says Hope wants to help and so does he. He says tell him where she is and he'll come get her. She says she doesn't believe him, mom probably put him up to this. She says she's sick of them lying to her. She says they all call her a liar, but they do the same thing to her. She says she's leaving, she's going someplace where nobody knows. Bo begs her to tell him where she is going. She hears Billie in the background and knew mom put him up to this. She says her bus is here and she's leaving. She then hangs up. 

Back at Chez Rouge, Bo tells Billie that he thinks Chelsea was bluffing about the bus, there was no noise in the background as they were talking. Billie still doesn't know. She thinks Chelsea will attract trouble. Bo says they'll go look for her and they will find her. Billie thanks him.

Back outside Hope's, Hope has the baby and calls for help as there is a fire. She says get someone here soon as the fire is still small and can be put out.

At Chez Rouge, Bo gets a call from Hope as he's about to leave with Billie to look for Chelsea. She tells him about the fire. She says someone broke in and did this, they could still be here. Bo says he's on his way.

Willow goes to her place and hides the jewelry in the refrigerator. She goes looking for her check, but it's not under the mattress. She wonders where it is. 

Nick is laying on the couch at Billie's saying how sorry he is about what happened. Meanwhile, Chelsea is trying to sleep at the garage.

Back at Bo and Hope's, the fire is out. Bo, Hope and Billie go in to check things out. Billie suggests they stay with her, but Bo has a hotel booked for the night. Hope wonders who could have done this to them? Bo says good question. The camera pans to the brush on the floor.


March 14, 2007
Bo is at the house speaking to the fire marshal. He goes outside and tells Hope and Billie that they'll know what started the fire soon. Hope knows it was arson, she heard someone downstairs and she knows the door was jimmied. Billie wonders if it could be Chelsea. Hope asks why she'd think that? Hope asks Bo what he's not telling her? Hope asks if Chelsea is involved? Hope remembers Bo called her and said Chelsea would be stopping by. Billie says Chelsea has a key doesn't she, she wouldn't have to break in. Bo says no, he took the key away. Billie says then she wouldn't have knocked or rang the bell. Hope says Billie brought Chelsea up, so what happened? Billie says Chelsea is leaving town, she's not here, she wasn't here tonight. Hope asks why she is leaving town? Billie says she and Nick had a fight, something bad happened and she is leaving town. They don't seem to want to tell Hope what really happened. Hope knows something more is going on here than Chelsea having a fight with her boyfriend. Billie says it was her, she is the reason Chelsea ran off. Billie says she had a one night stand with Nick. Hope can't believe this, she asks Billie if she's that desperate? Billie says she was. She says she just got dumped, she drank a bottle of wine and then Nick showed up. Hope says so Chelsea found out and paid them back by setting their house on fire? Billie and Hope begin arguing and slinging accusations back and forth. Bo suggests they stop this and not jump to conclusions before talking to Chelsea. Hope says she just can't believe Billie would sleep with her daughter's boyfriend. Billie says and she takes responsibility for what she did. She says for now, Chelsea is out there alone and she needs help. They all agree to help try and find Chelsea. 

Abby meets Nick outside the garage. She says Jed called her, Chelsea locked herself up in the office. Nick says at least she hasn't left town. Nick asks Abby to let him in, but she says he needs to figure out something to say to her first. Nick realizes Abby is right, he needs to find something to say to her. He doesn't know what to say to her. Abby goes in to see Chelsea first. Abby tells Chelsea it is only her, so Chelsea lets her in. Abby talks to Chelsea, saying she has to go home. Chelsea refuses to go back to Billie's bordello. She says her mom is dead to her. Abby says so what will she do? Chelsea says get enough money to leave this town and go far away. Nick soon walks in and says he won't let her run away. Chelsea can't believe Abby lied to her, she thinks she's surrounded by liars. Abby says she just hoped that she and Nick could come to an understanding. Chelsea says she understands that she never wants to see Nick's lying face again. She lays into Nick, who says he's been a good friend to her. Chelsea says that is why this is so hard. She says he's made her believe in herself and others, he's been a freaking superhero. She says now he's nothing but a liar to her. Nick says she made some mistakes. Chelsea says well because of his mistake she has a porn going through her head of her mom and her boyfriend. Nick says her boyfriend? He says most of the time he treated him like crap. Chelsea tells Nick she wants nothing from him anymore. Nick offers up his debit card to prove how much he cares about her. He says she can take his credit card and skip town. She says it won't do her any good without him and his pin number. He says he'll go with her, but she doesn't trust him not to sell her out. Abby leaves them at this point and makes a call. Later Nick tells Abby that Chelsea has agreed to let him drive her to the bus station so she can get a ticket to Chicago. Abby thinks this is a bad idea, he's sending her to a homeless shelter. Abby decides she will stop Chelsea from leaving. Chelsea asks what she'll do, tie her up. Abby says she did get a badge in the girl scouts for tying knots. Abby wonders what she gets for being her best friend? Chelsea says she'll send her a postcard. Abby says she can't leave. Chelsea says the memories aren't enough to keep her here. 

Billie, Hope and Bo go back to Billie's. Chelsea still isn't home. Bo has had Roman put a watch out for Chelsea, he had to claim she was a witness to a crime. Billie doesn't like this. She asks him to find Chelsea first. Bo then gets a call from Abby, who tells him where Chelsea is. Bo says he is on his way. Bo suggests Billie stay behind, Billie is the last person Chelsea wants to see. Bo thinks she could just run if she sees Billie. Billie agrees.  Bo takes off and Hope follows. In the hallway, Hope asks Bo for the truth, does he think Chelsea started the fire? Bo says a few hours ago he would have thought this was EJ, but this fire has amateur written all over it. He says if someone wanted to get them, they would have burned their house down. He says if it was someone in the heat of the moment . . . . Hope says then it has Chelsea written all over it. Bo wishes he could trust his daughter, he wishes he didn't think this. Bo says when he finds her that he'll say he loves her and he's sorry he doubted her. He hopes it will give her the strength to tell them the truth. Bo leaves and Hope heads in to see Billie. Billie tells Hope she really is the worst mother in the world. Billie looks at a bottle of wine saying it is what cost her Chelsea. Hope says she isn't a bad mother, she gave up a lot to try and make a relationship with Chelsea work. Hope says she is a good mother. Billie thanks her. She says she and Chelsea were just making real progress and now this. She says she doesn't know if she can trust that Chelsea didn't start the fire. Billie says the minute she and Bo learned about the fire both she and Bo thought it was Chelsea. Hope tells Billie that life is too short to hold onto the hurt and anger, she has to let it go. Hope says if she can't then the bottle will be all she has to hold onto. Hope suggests they both get rid of their bad habits together. Hope helps Billie poor out the booze left in her place. 

Bo arrives at the garage as Chelsea is saying to Abby that the memories aren't enough to keep her here. Bo asks if he's enough to keep her here? Chelsea thinks Nick stalled her so Bo could show up, but Abby says she is the one who called Bo, not Nick. Bo says he just wants to help her. Chelsea says she wants to get out of this town. Bo says why didn't she stop by the house? Chelsea says she did, nobody left the  lights on for her so she wrote a note and slipped it under the door. Bo says no note was found at the scene. Chelsea says what scene? Bo says there was a fire at the house, a fire that could have killed Hope and her baby sister. Bo explains that Hope and the baby are okay, but this was arson. Chelsea asks who would do something like that? Chelsea soon realizes that Bo thinks she did it. Chelsea lashes out at her dad, saying the detective solved the case in record time. Bo tell her to stop it. He says this has nothing to do with her, Nick or Zack. He says this has to do with a crime at his house. He needs to know when she was there, who she was with and where she went. He needs the truth, not the version according to Chelsea.

Kate shows up at the church, she is to do a reading for Midnight Mass. The priest says he believes God called her here for another reason. He directs her to Phillip, who is in the chapel praying. She goes to him. Phillip was praying for Claire and lit a candle. Phillip says he got information, but he doesn't know if he should believe it. He says Claire may not be dead, she could be lost out there. Kate tells Phillip if she is still alive them someone will see her and recognize her. Phillip doubts the pacific islands get the latest amber alerts. Phillip says he has thought about bugging Marlena or Bo's phone, but Victor told him that was too risky. Phillip says that is why he is here praying. Phillip says he has to face it, he failed Claire. They soon begin arguing about Victor and his advice to Phillip. Phillip says dad wanted to make him a man, he told him if he wanted Claire then he'd have to be ruthless. Phillip says he had to tell Victor the truth when he came home without Claire. He says Victor could barely hide his contempt. Kate says Phillip will never satisfy Victor. She says Victor wants him to be just like Victor, but he never will be. Kate says Victor loves him for the man he is and the man he's become, though he may not admit it. Phillip says some fine man, he's lost his wife and daughter. Kate says he won't get them back by acting like Victor. Kate tells Phillip he's not like Victor and never will be. She thinks it is time for him to remember that and she knows just how he should begin. She tells him to extend an olive branch to Bo and Hope, that he doesn't want to pursue this all or nothing agreement. Phillip says that would be like giving up, a Kiriakis doesn't surrender. She says he is a Roberts too. She says he tried it Victor's way and that got him nothing. She says she's having dinner with Billie and Chelsea tomorrow, he should join them. She says he needs to change tactics. Phillip says thanks but no thanks, he wants to deal with this on his own. She says stop being such a martyr. He jokes that this is the place for it. Kate says for months he's talked about wanting a family for Claire, well she's handing him one. She begs him to come to dinner, lay a foundation. She says tomorrow night, 7'o'clock, Chez Rouge. 

On an island, Shawn is running around looking for help, screaming his daughter needs a doctor. A man shows up with a gun, points it in Shawn's back, and asks who the hell he is. The man says the bar is closed, he thinks Shawn is trying to steal his booze. Shawn says he's not a drunk or a thief, he and his girlfriend got washed up in the storm and his little girl needs attention or she could die. The man suggests Shawn lead the way.

Belle, Shawn and Claire are with the guy, whose name is Duck. He says is no doctor though. A woman shows up and asks her dad what is going on. Belle explains they need a doctor. Gabby, the woman, tells her Dad to go get Dock Mulder. She speaks in French to her dad that this is a matter of life and death. Belle speaks French, this worries her as she understood. Gabby tells them she hopes the doctor can help as the closest hospital is a good two hours away. Gabby gets some water for them, Claire's temperature is 103 and rising. Shawn and Belle worry about Claire. Belle wonders what they tell this doctor. Shawn says they'll claim they were on vacation. He says first they'll take care of Claire, then they'll deal with the questions. Gabby returns with some more water. As they try and cool Claire, she is screaming. Shawn asks about this doctor. Shawn wonders why he is practicing way out here? She says he's lost his license. She says most of the people who live here on Tinda Lau are outcasts or fugitives. She asks which ones they are? Belle says they were vacationing on his boat, the storm hit and they got washed over. Gabby suggests they go up to her room and Belle change into something dry. Shawn thinks it is a good idea. He holds Claire as Belle and Gabby leave.

Later the doctor shows up to check out Claire. Shawn and Belle are both in dry clothes, as is Claire. The doctor gives her some penicillin to knock out the infection. He then says that is fifty bucks for the house call. They don't have anything, but Gabby says they'll pay. Duck says what does she mean we, they aren't giving them money. Gabby says she'll take it out of her tips. She pays the doctor. She then suggests they get Claire some food, she has some milk and bananas! After the girls go, Shawn addresses Duck as Sir and says that he doesn't know how to thank him. Duck says nobody calls him sir, his name is Duck. Duck asks Shawn when they are leaving? Shawn says as soon as Claire is 100%. Duck asks where he'll stay? Shawn says here? Shawn offers to do dishes or anything he needs. Duck says sorry kid, he got his help and his fifty bucks already, that is all he's getting. Duck thinks he doesn't need any extra help. Gabby, Belle and Claire return. Gabby tells her dad they could always use help. Belle says Shawn is good with mechanics. Duck says he couldn't keep his own boat from sinking. Gabby tells them they have plenty of rooms here. Duck thinks they shouldn't get too comfy. 

Later Belle and Shawn discuss Gabby's offer. She knows Shawn doesn't want them to stay in one place for too long, but Belle says it's been so long since they slept in a real bed. She begs him to take Gabby up on her offer. Shawn hugs her and says they'll find a way to make this work. 


March 15, 2007
On the island, Gabby talks with Shawn. Shawn asks for two coffees, she offers him a full breakfast. He turns her offer down. She tells him no offense, but he looks like hell and could use the food. She doesn't know why he won't accept her help. He tells her that he appreciates what they've done for them already, but as soon as Claire's fever breaks, they will be leaving. Belle soon shows up with Claire, he fever is gone! Shawn takes Claire into his arms, they are thrilled. Gabby once again pitches her offer with Belle there, they can stay here and help her out. Shawn again says no thanks, they will be leaving soon. Belle tells Shawn that he can leave, but she and Claire are staying right here. Belle asks Shawn why he won't accept their help. Shawn says the look that Duck gives him reminds him a lot of the disapproving "you'll amount to nothing" looks that Victor gives him. Belle says he has proven himself to her, that is all that matters. Gabby begins quizzing Shawn on boats. She has him tie a knot for her, then she asks how he'd go about repairing a boat. Gabby says she has a broken boat she needs fixed. She offers the job to Shawn, saying the parts could be here within a week. She says a lot of people on this island could use help with their boats too. Belle says Shawn will take it! Shawn asks what they do until the work starts? He won't sit around for a week. She says they can both help out at the bar and restaurant. Shawn will only accept this if it is okay with Duck. Duck says it's not okay! Gabby tells her dad that he knows they can use the help. Duck says his daughter runs the place, he's just the owner, whatever. It is settled, Shawn and Belle will take a room in exchange for working. Shawn thinks Duck doesn't like them, but Gabby says her dad gives the tough guy vibe, but deep down he's a softy. She says when the Tsunami hit he had everyone staying here and wouldn't take a dime from them. She suggests they go rest up now. She even offers to take Claire off their hands and feed her. Shawn immediately says no! Belle tells Shawn that she trusts Gabby. Shawn apologizes, but Gabby says it is okay. She says hopefully he'll trust her more when he gets to know her better. After they leave, Duck tells Gabby to stop wasting her time with them, they are a couple. Gabby says she didn't see a ring on her finger. 

At Willow's, Willow returns home and looks for her check. EJ shows up, she knows he took it. He admits he did. She says she did the job. EJ says he knows, and almost burned down Bo and Hope's house. She says it's okay, she pinned the crime on someone else, they are in the clear. She asks to be paid, he can pay her in cash if he wants. He says no. She says but she did the job, she got the jewelry. EJ says he doesn't care about that tacky stuff. She realizes he was never going to pay her, that is why he postdated the check. He tells her let this be a lesson, always deal in cash and up front.

At the mental institution,  Kayla visits Steve, who tells her to leave. She refuses and wants to know what is going on, why is he doing these things for EJ. Steve plays innocent, but Kayla says don't lie to her. She says she saw the sign-in list, EJ came to see him. She demands to know what EJ wants, if Steve won't tell her then she'll go to EJ herself. They fight and argue, Kayla doesn't want Steve to screw this chance up. He wants her to just leave him alone, he's told her that from the beginning. She says she is fighting for them and she never thought she'd say this, but he is a coward. She wishes there was a spark of the old Steve. She wonders what he is planning, to break out and go run more errands for EJ? She asks how he thinks Stephanie will feel about that. Steve demands she not bring Stephanie into this or else! Kayla asks if that is a threat? Kayla says Stephanie asks about him almost every day, what is she supposed to tell her? Steve says make up lies, but Kayla says she won't do that. She threatens to tell Stephanie the truth if he doesn't shape up. Later Steve grabs Kayla from behind as an orderly shows up. HE puts one hand over her mouth and the other in her back. He claims he has a knife and will use it if the orderly doesn't get out of his way. Steve makes it into the hall with Kayla. He then shoves her into the room and locks both her and the orderly in. Steve makes his escape as Kayla screams at him.

At Billie's, Sami and Lucas are with Billie. They are waiting for Chelsea to come home, she's being questioned at the station. Right on cue, Chelsea walks in. They ask how she is. She says great, dad thinks she set the fire. She says she's still out of here, she won't stay here. Chelsea says she made such a huge mistake thinking she could replace her real mother with Billie. Chelsea says she is a Benson, she was raised by two loving parents who were tragically killed. Billie cries that she made a mistake and she's sorry. Billie says she wishes she could take away her pain, she'd die for her, which is what Chelsea probably wants. Chelsea asks if they are done here? Billie can't have her sleeping on a park bench, where will she go? Lucas asks Bo and Hope's? Chelsea doubts they want her living under the roof they think she burnt down. Lucas and Sami say she can stay with them. She decides to accept the offer. Before she leaves, Billie tells Chelsea that ever since she took her in, she has been the one to forgive her when no one else would. Billie tells Chelsea to try and extend the same consideration to her. Chelsea leaves with Sami as Billie cries to Lucas about how she's a failure.

EJ arrives at Billie's place as she's with Lucas. He heard about the fire at Bo and Hope's. He thinks this is a huge opportunity for her security system. Billie can't believe he wants her to make a hard sell to Bo. Lucas lectures EJ, saying Bo and Hope are family and they won't use this to their advantage. EJ apologizes and leaves.

In the hall, EJ runs into Sami. He asks how that amnio is coming along, daddy is waiting for the good news. Sami tells EJ that he is not the daddy and they are not having a baby. She says it will take a least a week for the results. Later Lucas shows up as Sami hugs him and they head into their apartment together. EJ smiles and watches them from his own apartment.

Back at Billie's, Billie is cleaning up and is stunned when Steve shows up.


March 16, 2007
At the mental hospital, Kayla is on the phone making calls about Steve to see if anyone has seen him. Roman shows up, he got her call. Roman says Steve is dangerous and they need to get him off the streets. Kayla says she thinks she knows where Steve is, he is with EJ. She thinks that EJ orchestrated this whole thing. Roman says there is one other possibility, he may have gone to Billie. She says she thought about that, but things didn't end well with Billie. Roman says she needs to stop thinking about the Steve she knew, this one is a stranger and could feel more comfortable with Billie. Kayla agrees to call her.

Steve is at Billie's place. She asks how he is. He says not so good, Kayla and Bo had him thrown in the state hospital. He says he broke out though, they were going to keep him their permanently. She asks what he needs from her. He says he needs money, clothes and a car. He says he can't trust anyone but her, he hopes. There is a knock at the door, Steve says not to answer it. She says it could be Chelsea, they had a fight and she has to see. Steve says get rid of her fast. Steve hides and EJ shows up. EJ asks if he could take her out? He has a meeting at the Penthouse Grill and thought she could join him afterwards. Billie says Chelsea is here, they are talking. EJ says that is fantastic, so he leaves them. After EJ leaves, Steve asks how long she and Wells have been seeing one another? She says they aren't seeing each other, they are working on a project. Steve says so it is just business? She says yes. He hopes she's telling him the truth, he needs to put his faith in someone and would hate to think she'll sell him down the river too. 

Later the phone rings, Billie begs Steve to let her answer it as it could be Chelsea. Billie answers and it is Kayla. Kayla asks Billie by any chance has she seen Steve? Steve is literally face to face with Billie at this point. Billie says she hasn't seen him, she's been stuck in bed with the flu all day. Kayla tells her that Steve escaped from the hospital and could be dangerous, so if she hears from him then get in touch with her. After getting off the phone with Kayla, Billie tells Steve that she doesn't have clothes but says she can get some from Lucas'. He thinks she may call the cops while she's there, but she says she is only trying to help him. She says he said he trusted her. He says he wants to, but he can't. He says find something here for him. She says she doesn't have men's clothes. She thinks she may have some old sweats. Steve finds a map and plans their escape route. He says if someone catches up with him then they won't take him alive. Billie is petrified, Steve realizes she is scared of him. Steve says he's sorry. He says the nuthouse did a number on him. He says he's sorry he is scaring her. He's also sorry he hurt her. He says they were friends once. He says he needs that friendship now. He asks her to help him. She says get dressed, she'll pack food and they'll hit the road. 

Back at the hospital, Roman and Kayla continue to wonder where Steve is. Kayla still thinks EJ has him. Roman says he'll call Mythic and find out where he is. 

In a car, Celeste meets with Benjy! She tells Benjy that she needs his help, EJ is out of control and they must stop him once and for all. Celeste says EJ has shown an interest in Sami's child. She says he's not the fatherly type, so she needs to find out what his true motives are. Benjy tells her that a baby is an obsession with the DiMeras, Stefano considers the baby a gift from God. Celeste asks what that means? Benjy doesn't know, but it doesn't bode well for Sami.

Chelsea and Sami are out to dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Chelsea is complaining about her family, but Sami says she's is a Brady and they are a great family. Chelsea wonders why Sami is being nice to her. Sami says she sees a lot of herself in Chelsea, they have a lot in common. Sami says when things don't go right for them, they scramble to fix them and sometimes make mistakes. Sami tells her not to give up on herself of the family. Sami asks Chelsea to be her bridesmaid. Chelsea asks why, last time she was the worst bridesmaid ever. Sami says she was the worst bride, this time it's a fresh start for both of them. Sami says this will be the wedding to end all weddings, she wants it to be a celebration like no other. She remembers she has to call the videographer, they are having the wedding filmed. She asks so will Chelsea be a part of her wedding? EJ shows up and says so wedding planning hey. He wonders if she's taking on a lot. She tells him to mind his own business. He says her happiness is his business, they are friends. He doesn't want her to get her hopes up given her track record. Sami asks if he has a reason to be here other than making them lose their appetites? EJ leaves, Chelsea says he creeps her out. Sami again asks Chelsea if she will accept. Chelsea can't, she just can't face all the people she's disappointed or have been disappointed by. Sami says she gets that. Chelsea feels she's not meant to be a part of this family. Sami says she can be, trust her. Chelsea says her life turned around because she saved Lucas, she can't wait for a roof fall on her dad. Sami tells her that she can't shut out the world. Chelsea asks what she does then? Sami says hold her head up high and be her bridesmaid. Sami says the family can be a pain in the ass, but they are still family. Sami says a real hero is holding your head up high even when your heart is breaking. Sami says besides, she can flirt with the groomsmen and make Nick jealous. Sami says plus it will make her happy. Chelsea admits Sami has actually made her feel needed. Sami says she means it, she can't sit around feeling sorry for herself. Chelsea agrees and says she won't let her down. Sami says fantastic, now they can go to a wedding gown fitting this afternoon. Sami hopes she likes her new dress better than the last one. Chelsea says she liked the last one, she was just being a brat. 

EJ meets with Dr. Abruzzi again. The doctor says Stefano has responded to the transplant well, but there is an issue with his blood cell count. If things don't turn around then they'll need a bone marrow transplant, a family member is the best option. EJ asks to be kept informed. He says nothing is more important to him than his father's life and he's holding the doctor responsible for it. The doctor says he needs to be going.

Meanwhile a man working at the restaurant comes over and hands Sami a note. She's shocked. She looks over at EJ, who wonders what is going on. Sami excuses herself to use the ladies room. After Sami leaves, EJ comes over to join Chelsea. He wonders what is up with Sami. He saw her rush off, earlier she fainted into his arms. He says he's concerned about her as a friend. Chelsea says well he could rush into the ladies room and find out. EJ tries to butter Chelsea up by claiming he doesn't think she the arsonist. Kayla and Roman show up, wondering why EJ is out with Chelsea. Chelsea says she's out with Sami, EJ has his own table. Kayla and Roman claim they are here to see EJ.

Celeste meets with Sami in the ladies room. Sami asks what she is doing here, EJ is right out there. She wonders how Celeste knew she was here. She says she called Lucas claiming to make sure Abe and Theo were invited to the wedding. Sami says well EJ could catch them together. Celeste came to warn her about what Benjy told her. She says Stefano is obsessed with her baby, he thinks it is a gift from God. Celeste tells her that if she is carrying EJ's baby then she won't see the baby, the DiMeras will take it from her. She asks if she's going to let that happen? Sami says is won't happen, she has a foolproof way to convince EJ that he's not the father. Celeste says she's playing with fire, the only way is to . . . .SAmi says no, she is not going to murder EJ so forget it. Celeste says Sami picked a fine time to become moral. Sami says she has done a lot, but she's not a killer. Celeste says killing EJ isn't a sin, she'd be saving others from evil Sami says if Celeste feels that way then she can do it. Sami goes to leave, but says don't let Celeste see her.

EJ, Roman and Kayla talk. EJ wonders what the evil EJ has done this time. Kayla demands to know what EJ did with Stve. Roman calms her down. Roman says Steve escaped. EJ says and they think he had something to do with this? He says Steve has assaulted him and made accusations against him. Kayla says he and his family tortured and brainwashed him. EJ tells her to get a grip or she will find herself next to him in the hospital. Kayla knows he went to see him, she saw the guest log. EJ admits he did, Steve stole a phone and called him. He says Steve wanted him to help him escape. He says he told him to get help. Kayla says he doesn't care about Steve of anyone, he expects them to believe he visited Steve to tell him to get help? She says if she went to the hospital to see Steve then it was for some other reason and she wants to know what. EJ says he's tired of these accusations, he will get a restraining order against Roman's family if he needs to. He says he doesn't know where Steve is, maybe he's at Billie's. Roman says they talked to Billie, she's been sick in bed. EJ says well he'll make them a deal, he'll put feelers out for Steve and if he finds him then he'll let the Salem PD have him. Roman and Kayla leave and then EJ takes off.

Chelsea and Sami watch EJ leave. Sami wonders where he is rushing off to. Chelsea says funny, EJ asked while she ran to the ladies room. Chelsea says she thinks EJ seems off. Sami asks Chelsea to tell her everything he said. Chelsea says he was jut concerned about her health, they both made snaky remarks and then Roman and Kayla came to question him. Chelsea so asks what the story is, why did she run off? Sami notices the time, she says they can't sit and talk, they have to go to the fitting.

Still at the restaurant, EJ is on the phone as Celeste heads out and gets into the elevator. He spots her and doesn't look happy! 

Roman and Kayla go to the hospital and look for clues in the cell, but find nothing. Kayla is still sure EJ knows something. Roman says EJ did seem surprised that he escaped. Roman decides to call the hospital and have John guarded, no need to have a repeat of last time. Kayla says Steve isn't a threat to John, he just wants to get away. Kayla asks Roman to call Marlena, tell her that she needs her help.

Back at Billie's, she and Steve are about to leave when  EJ shows up. Steve hides as EJ asks why Billie lied to him? He says she said  she was here with Chelsea, but that is not true.


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