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3rd Week of March 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


March 19, 2007
At Billie's, Steve hides when EJ comes to the door. He knows she was lying about being with Chelsea earlier. Billie covers, she says it's been a long day and she just wants time alone. EJ says okay, did she receive a package earlier though? Billie says she did receive a package addressed to him, she left it with the super as he wasn't home when she called. EJ says thanks and he heads off. Billie turns around, Steve is brandishing a bottle or something. She asks what he's doing? He says she used to be a cop yet she was losing her cool there, EJ could see something was wrong. Steve says they should go, so Billie opens the door. He says not that way, not passed EJ's apartment. He says they'll go out the fire escape. 

At Steve's room at the mental hospital, Kayla is on the phone when Marlena shows up. Kayla tells Marlena that Roman has put an APB out on Steve. Marlena says they'll find him. Kayla says and what happens then? She is afraid what might happen when he's backed into a corner by the cops. Marlena says Steve is dangerous, but Kayla doesn't think so. Kayla tells Marlena that she's so sorry about John, he was a victim like Steve.  She thinks Marlena is thinking the same thing she is, will she get her husband back. Marlena says she will and Kayla will too. Kayla says if he does come home, will he ever be her Steve again? Marlena says she wishes she could say he would be. Kayla says Stefano turned John into a very violent person, someone that wasn't his true nature. Marlena says but she was never afraid of John, she is afraid of Steve. They end up arguing over Steve almost killing her husband. Marlena is quick to snap that Kayla didn't seem to try very hard to stop what happened to John. Kayla says EJ is dangerous, he and Stefano forced Steve to take John. Marlena asks why they'd do that? Marlena then begins to figure it out, when she and John saw Stefano in Italy, he was very ill. At this point EJ calls Kayla and tells her that Steve is in fact shacked up with his former lover Billie. She asks if he's sure? EJ says Billie answered her door and wouldn't let him in, she was terrified of something. Kayla tells Marlena where Steve is. MArlena wants to call Roman, but Kayla doesn't want to. Marlena says she can't handle this on her own, her love can't save Steve. Kayla says Steve needs her, she will get him back to the hospital. Marlena says then she's coming with her. 

At Sami's place, Sami and Chelsea are being fitted for their dresses. Sami and Chelsea have a heart to heart. Sami hopes this is the last wedding, that it will work out. Chelsea says it will work out, they are meant to be together and are having a baby. She says Lucas adores her. Sami says he did last time to. Chelsea says her wedding flop last time was her fault. Sami asks her point? Chelsea says they both do stupid things when they are desperate. Sami says she's trying not to make mistakes this time. Chelsea asks if that is why she invited Kate? Sami says Kate is Lucas' mother and he loves her. Chelsea says she's not afraid Kate might drug her and ruin the wedding? Chelsea doesn't get how Sami can forgive Kate after what she's done to her. Sami says she thinks about those who have forgiven her for all the stuff she's pulled. Sami says she's spent far too long hating Kate, she wants to put some good karma out there. Sami says she's not saying she's going to start trusting Kate though. Sami thought Chelsea was Kate's best friend anyways. Chelsea says they've had their problems, besides she hates her whole family right now. Sami says hey! Chelsea says not her. Chelsea thinks Sami doesn't know what she's going through, her mom wouldn't do something like this. Sami explains how she saw her mom cheating on her dad, it lead to an eating disorder, she kidnapped her sister and she hated her step-father for years. Sami says John is in a coma and may never know how she really feels. She tells Chelsea not to make the same mistakes she did. She tells Chelsea not to hold this grudge, the only person she'd be hurting is herself. Sami tells her to try and forgive them, the way they have forgiven her. Chelsea asks when she became such a saint? Sami says she's just trying to be a good wife and mother. She says if she can turn her life around, anyone can. 

Later EJ shows up knocking on Sami's door. He is a bit taken back when he spots Sami in her slip. Chelsea decides she's not needed right now so heads out. The seamstress was hoping to take more measurement. Sami suggests she work with Chelsea's stuff while she talks with EJ. The seamstress leaves and EJ and Sami talk. Sami says she got the amnio and soon she'll have the results that Lucas is the father. She also says she would appreciate him not coming over here and stating her business out loud. EJ says as long as there is a chance that the baby is his, well who she is with and spends her time with is his business. Sami asks what he is accusing her of? He says she's been a naughty girl, again. He starts rambling on about her being up to something. He also says he has decided they are naming the child after his father. She says get the hell out! He says if she is up to something then he will find out. EJ then leaves. 

Chelsea goes across the hall to talk to her mom, just as Billie and Steve are trying to escape from the fire escape. The door is lock and Chelsea attempts to get in. Billie wants to talk to her, but Steve says they don't have the time. Chelsea goes to go inside, but stops and walks off. Billie is furious and tells Steve that he just cost her her relationship with her daughter, she's going no where with him. She tells him to take her keys, take her car, just get out. He says he can't do that, he doesn't trust her now that she's upset with him. He says she's going with him. Billie says he came here as he knew she'd help him, because she cares about him. She says he cares about her too, at least she thought he did. He says he does. He says just get him across the state line and then she can call whomever, her conscious will be clean. Billie says it will never be clean. Steve says it is time to go.

Kayla and Marlena show up at Billie's place. Marlena still wants to call Roman. Kayla is banging on the door, but she's not answering. Kayla finds a hairpin to pick the lock. Marlena can't believe this! Kayla says Bo showed her how to do this, it's surprisingly easy. They look around, Billie and Steve are gone. However Kayla finds the map Steve marked up. Again Marlena wants Roman to deal with this. Kayla convinces Marlena to give them an hour to find Steve on their own. Marlena says she has one hour.

Steve and Billie are now in Billie's car. Billie is driving as Steve is eating the food Billie packed. Billie is nervous, he tells her nobody has a clue where they are. He thought they'd be out of the city by now. He asks for the map, she says it's in her purse. Steve looks in her purse, but it's not there. She says maybe she left it . . . . Steve says she did it on purpose! Steve is furious with her. Billie says she's sorry, but he says this is what she wanted. Billie says nobody will find the map in her apartment. Steve says pull over, she's getting out. Billie says he's not leaving he in the middle of nowhere. He yells pull over and grabs the wheel. The car swerves and goes off the road.

Lucas meets with Kate at Mythic and shows her the material Sami has picked for her bridesmaid. He wants her to get a dress in a similar color. Kate doesn't like being told what to wear, she has a dress already. Lucas says so she's not even going to try? Kate says she's coming to the wedding, isn't that enough. Lucas says don't do him any favors. As he goes to leave, Kate stops him. She says she is in fashion and knows how to pick out a dress. She also says Sami knows she hates those colors. Lucas says so Sami chose her bridesmaid dresses because she'd hate them? When Sami asked her to read from the bible was she hoping ate would mess up? Lucas says she's either with them or against them. Lucas says they want her to be a part of this wedding, of their lives. Kate says she'll do her best to have Armando whip something up with that fabrics. Lucas thanks her and says she's the best. He says he loves her and heads out. Kate throws a tantrum and says damn Sami!

Later EJ finds Kate ranting about Sami and her fabric choices. She says she wouldn't upholster a dog's bed in these colors. He thought she buried the hatchet with Sami? Kate talks about how she's out to torture her. EJ thinks she has more on her mind then torturing her. Kate knew Sami was up to something. Kate says she knows Sami is hiding something, she did not save Lucas at that cabin. Kate wants to know what EJ knows. EJ suggests she become involved in the wedding. Kate says she knows he has his own agenda and she wants to know what it is. EJ says it is a rule from the Godfather, keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Lucas returns home. He tells Sami that Kate accepted the fabric, she's passed the test. Lucas says she really wants to be a part of their lives, he thinks it is for real. Later Sami and Lucas decide to take a shower . . . together. Before Lucas can get in, Kate calls. Kate tells Lucas that she is sorry about upsetting him earlier. She wanted to make it up to him. She says she will throw a wedding shower for Sami. Lucas thinks it is very nice of her. Kate suggests they keep it a secret, it will be more fun that way. Lucas says okay. Kate says she is trying. Lucas says he knows, it is making him happy. She says all she wants is to see him happy. She says they'll work out the details later. Lucas then tells Sami later on that he has a huge surprise for her. She doesn't know if she's in the mood for surprises, but he says she'll like this one. 

At the hospital, Willow talks with her OB. She's given a prescription for vitamins, everything looks fine and Hope covered the bill. The doctor says the baby looks fine. The doctor says she'll see Willow at her next appointment. The doctor leaves and Nick finds Willow crying in the waiting room. He asks if she's okay? Willow says she's having a baby, the father doesn't want it, she lives in a crappy room at the Y, she has no money and no job. She doesn't know what she's going to do. Nick says but she's having a baby, that is pretty cool. He comforts her. He tells her to try and find a job, but she says nobody will hire her, her only real job lasted two weeks. She says she's pregnant with a baby and Shawn is gone. Nick says thanks to her. Willow says so she deserves this? Is that what he's saying? Nick says no. She refers to the baby as a him, Nick says so it is a boy? Willow says most girls dream of being a mother, but it was something she never wanted. Willow says she has to go. She goes to leave, only to faint. Nick quickly catches her. He brings her water and talks to her. He asks about the Y, when does she have to be out? Willow says in a few days. He says what about subsidized housing. Willow would rather not live there. Nick says she has to think about the baby and not her pride. He says he'll call Mickey. She says Maggie's husband? Nick says  he won't mention her name. She asks why he's doing this? He says not long ago he did something stupid and hurt someone. He wants to try and help her out now. She realizes he's trying to make up for past mistakes. She hugs him and says she's sorry for being a jerk. As they hug, Chelsea shows up! She wonders if he's soliciting a prostitute now? Willow says she's not one anymore. Chelsea says she needs to talk to Nick, alone. Willow leaves, but Nick says he'll be in touch. Chelsea looks at him and says he'll be in touch? He says she's pregnant with no one to depend on, Chelsea knows how that feels. Chelsea says thanks to Nick. Nick says he's sorry, he doesn't know how many times he can say it. She says sorry for Shane Patton or sorry for sleeping with her mom? He says both, but in his defense she never gave him the time of day. She says he lied to her because he thought she didn't have a heart or conscious. Chelsea says she came here to tell him one . . . that she will never trust him again, two . . . what happened can't be undone and number three . . . she probably can't forgive him. He asks if there is a number four? She says they may run into one another a lot here, but he means nothing to her. He says he loves her, but she says he doesn't get to say that to her anymore. She says he ruined it, she'll never be able to forgive him. 

Willow goes back to her room at the YWCA. She is looking at various baby books and pacing around her room. She then looks at the jewelry she stole and wonders what she's supposed to do with this. Chelsea shows up at her door. Willow asks what she wants? Chelsea says she'll make this quick as she knows Willow charges by the minute. She tells Willow to stay away from Nick Fallon or she will regret it. 


March 20, 2007
Belle wakes up in bed on the island. Shawn is sleeping on the floor, Belle is in the bed. Belle gets up and checks on Claire. Shawn wakes up and asks how she's doing. She says she's okay, the fever is gone. She says they came close to losing her, but he came through for them big time with building that raft. He says it was nothing mam. He thinks he needs to dial down the macho a bit, she wants to let Gabby know how much she appreciates her letting them stay here. Shawn says don't get used to it, they aren't staying long. Belle says it will take a week for her boat to be fixed, that is a week in the sun for her and Claire. Shawn thinks he needs to get to work before Duck starts yapping at him. Belle says ask Gabby, when he sees her, to get them a room with two beds. He says they can't make demands, they are staying here for free. Belle says no, they are working for their room and board. She says this place is cramped, they could use more room. Shawn doesn't want anyone knowing their business and the details of their relationship. Belle thinks it is more than that, she thinks Shawn doesn't want Duck and Gabby to think he's not taking care of business. Shawn says that is not it, has she forgotten they are fugitives? She says she'd like to for five minutes. He says they can't afford to let their guard down, the minute they do, they could lose Claire. Belle says Phillip and Victor have a far reach, but to this island? She says they don't have a newspaper or a television station here. Shawn says they have internet. Belle tells him to chill out, but Shawn says she needs to remember what is at stake. She says he thinks she's a spoiled rich girl still? She thinks she's proven she can handle this situation. He says yeah, everything but sleeping in the same room as him. He says he'll sleep outside and make it easier for her. She says he can't sleep outside, he might get wet. He says he's been left outside in the rain before, remember? Shawn doesn't want to give their secrets away. Belle thinks Gabby and Duck aren't a threat. He says they don't know that, and for her information, he's not a threat either. He says he will sleep outside, nobody will know their secrets. She asks what is wrong with him? He says what is wrong is that he's abided by every rule she has set down and she still won't share a bed with him. He says he doesn't know what he's done to deserve this. Belle says she's still confused, but Shawn doesn't understand why. Belle says they've gotten close for survival reasons, what happens when things get back to normal? He says she wasn't confused back on the island. She says why because they snuggled? She says that was for body heat and survival. She thinks for him it was all about sex. Shawn says he's not here to get lucky, he's already lucky. He says he loves her and Claire. She says she's sorry, she knows he's not that kind of guy. Belle says she just needs a few days of not having to look over her shoulder thinking Phillip will be there. Shawn says that won't happen. Belle thinks he's wrong. She says she needs time to figure stuff out, such as what they mean to one another. Shawn says he knows what he wants, he loves her and Claire and wants them to be a family. He says it hurts him that she doesn't feel the same. Belle say he is lucky he knows how he feels, but she doesn't. She says they have a lot of history and baggage. She says she needs to find some peace before thinking about finding her way back to him. He says he's trying to understand that, but it is hard. She says she knows. She says she just wants to make sure that when they go back to Salem that she knows what is real in her heart. He says he'll give her all the time she needs to find her way back to her heart. She says and the room? He says he still thinks it is too risky, but he'll find a way to make it work. Duck shows up and asks the boy scout to lug a few kegs up from the cooler. 

Down in the bar, Shawn hauls around some beer kegs. He asks Duck where he wants them? Duck says leave them where he is. Duck then changes his mind and says better stow them behind the bar. Gabby eyes Shawn as he's carrying them around, she obviously likes what she sees. Duck then has the boy scout take some empty kegs down to the storage room. Later Shawn asks the captain what is next. Duck says he was a sergeant. He asks the boy scout what is up with him, he's working so hard to prove he's such a good guy. Duck asks what it is, is he young and dumb or does he have something to hide. 

Gabby heads up to see Belle. She asks if the room is okay? Belle says perfect. Gabby says she'll bring some liniment later for Shawn's shoulders. She says her dad is given him a hard time. Gabby then asks if they've set a date? Belle asks why she doesn't think they are married? Gabby says no wedding band. Belle says they haven't set a date. Gabby says why wait, her father can marry them . . .unless there is a reason she doesn't want to. Belle wonders why Gabby is so interested in her and Shawn . . . or is she interested in Shawn? Gabby says she doesn't go after guys who are taken. She says she likes them, she knows they have been through a lot. She says she always roots for the under dog. She admits she is curious about them. Belle says she doesn't know what she and Shawn are anymore. She says it's always been back and forth between them, even when they were married to other people. Belle says they are just taking things slow and seeing how it works out. Gabby then realizes she put them in a room with one bed. She says she can switch them to a room with twin beds if she'd prefer it.

At Willow's place, Chelsea and Willow are trading insults. Willow tells Chelsea that her hair is not her best friend. Chelsea says Nick wouldn't like hearing her talk like that to her. Willow says she and Nick are over, besides she likes him in a Clark Kent kind of way. Chelsea wonders what is with her, why does she latch onto these guys, use them then lose them? She won't let Willow hurt Nick. Willow says she'll have a hard time doing that from prison. Chelsea says she doesn't think so. Willow says it is front page news that she burned down her daddy's house. Chelsea says the damage was minimal and it was a suspected arson. Chelsea wonders when Willow became so interested in current events? Willow says she has to keep up with current events for a smart guy like Nick. They keep arguing, Chelsea suggests she was reading the crime report for suspected street walkers and her name. Willow says at least she didn't burn down a house. Chelsea says no, she and Shawn were what, just having an indoor barbeque? Willow again says it's no secret that Chelsea was taken down for questioning. Chelsea says her dad wanted to know what she knew about the fire, which was nothing. Willow asks if daddy believed her, or did he cover for her again? Chelsea says her dad wouldn't lie for her and she wasn't there that night. Willow says he has lied for her before. Chelsea says that was before. Chelsea hopes they catch the person who did this, Hope and Ciara almost died. Willow keeps talking about how Chelsea will be locked up and Nick will be so lonely, for five minutes. Chelsea and Willow keep arguing about Nick, Chelsea claims she doesn't care who Nick sees. Willow says yeah, that is why she flew over here to see her? Chelsea says Nick is a decent guy, he doesn't do loser trash. Willow says Nick came to her. Chelsea says Nick just feels sorry for her, she is nothing but his good deed for the day. Willow says Nick wants everything to do with her, he's asking Mickey to help her with housing .Willow says she thinks there is nothing Nick won't do for her. Chelsea thinks she's scamming Nick. Willow says she didn't scam him, he feels sorry for her baby. Chelsea says so does she. Chelsea says once Nick figures out what a cheap skank she is, he'll lose her faster than a cold. Willow says think again, but they'll visit her when she's locked up for robbing Bo's house. Chelsea asks what she just said? Chelsea says it was a fire, nobody mentioned a robbery. Chelsea asks how Willow knew? Willow says she's keeping up with the news. Chelsea says or she wants revenge on Bo and Hope and got it the same way she got revenge on Shawn. Willow asks why would she want to hurt Bo and Hope? Chelsea asks for a reason she wouldn't? Willow says she is carrying their grandson, Hope is paying for her bills. Willow says Bo and Hope have been great to her, maybe because she is the daughter they wished for but never had (Um, is Ciara gone already lol!). Chelsea yells at Willow to shut up! Willow says she can leave if she wants, has she hit too close to home? Willow says oh yeah, Chelsea doesn't have a home anymore. Willow tells Chelsea she needs to stop lying to herself, Bo does thinks she started that fire,. Chelsea says she had nothing to do with the fire, her dad believes her. Willow thinks Bo sees this as a way to get rid of her. Chelsea says Willow is crazy. Willow says after everything Bo and family have done for her and the baby, she'll be happy to lie on the stand to put her behind bars. Chelsea threatens her and says if it weren't for the baby she'd mess her up so bad that she'd have to pay for customers. Chelsea storms off and Willow realizes she has to get rid of Hope's jewelry. In the hall, Chelsea says Willow is lying, her dad does love her. 

Kayla and Marlena are driving, they are following the map they found at Billie's. Kayla is sure this map was left for them, she's sure Billie will drive slow so they can catch up with them. Marlena says what then? She thinks they need to let the police handle this. Kayla says he is her husband, she's not abandoning him. Marlena says no matter who gets hurt? Kayla says she knows her husband, he won't hurt anyone. She says she sees the old Steve in his eyes, he's fighting to get back. Marlena says this isn't fair, EJ should be the one running, not Steve. Kayla says so far EJ has managed to embarrass everyone in Salem and make them look like fools, even the police. Marlena says Roman wants to put EJ behind bars. Kayla asks why doesn't he? How many lives does EJ have to ruin before someone stops him? Kayla says maybe she'll be the one to stop him. Marlena calls her Laura Croft and warns her that the DiMeras are evil, they live by their own rules and will destroy anyone who crosses them. She says the DiMeras have no character, no conscience, they are monsters. Kayla says she isn't afraid. Marlena thinks she should be. Kayla says don't worry, she's not going to go shooting at EJ. Marlena asks what her plan is then? Kayla thinks EJ deserves whatever torture she could give him. She says think about John and what EJ did to him. Marlena says revenge won't bring John back. Kayla says she's talking about justice, she thought Marlena was on that ride with her. Marlena says she's wrong, she won't sign onto a vendetta and get everyone killed. They soon spot a gas station and decide to stop and show Steve's picture. Marlena makes it clear that she cares about Steve and wants to help him, but she won't protect him. She also says she won't be on her side if Steve endangers others lives. Marlena and Kayla don't find anyone that recognized Steve at the gas station, but one trucker saw an abandoned car two miles back. Marlena thinks they are on foot and they will have to find them.

Steve has brought an unconscious Billie to a cabin. He puts her on a bed. Steve says damn Billie for fighting him. He says he has to leave her here, he cant go back to that place. He says she'll be okay, someone will show up. He puts a blanket over her. He yells this is her own damn fault, she should have done what he told her. Later Billie wakes up and touches her head, which is hurting. She wonders where she is. He looks around for Steve and calls to him, but he's not there. She quickly passes out when she tries to stand up. Later Steve has returned and he is nursing Billie. She wakes up, she says she thought he left. He says he did for a minute, he was soaking a rag in a stream outback. She thanks him. She says he should be gone, the cops will be after him. He says he wanted to make sure she'd be okay first. She says that is sweet. He says that is him, Mr. Compassion. She says lucky for her, that is who he is. Billie lets Steve know that she's not afraid of him, not anymore. He says she should be, he's a scary dude. She says he stayed her and tended to her after pulling her out of the car. Steve says he has to go. Billie asks how he'll escape from something that is a part of him? Later Billie is tending to some of Steve's cuts. Steve is refusing to go back to the nuthouse. Billie says he won't have to, she'll talk to people and make them understand. He asks if he is supposed to trust her? She says at this point it is the best offer he's had in a long time. Steve says this is the thanks he gets for saving her life? She says he caused the car crash. She says he needs to get back to Salem, he is out of control! He says thanks for the prescription, he'll send her the bill! She says he's leaving her by herself? He leaves her a cellphone so she can call for help and says have a nice life. As Steve goes to leave he finds Marlena and Kayla at the door. 

Marlena and Kayla come in, they find Billie is hurt and may have a conscusion. Steve says he's leaving. Kayla won't let him leave, they can help him. Kayla says they'll talk to the judge, they'll get him back in the hospital. Steve asks why her solutions to his problems always end with him being locked up? Marlena says if he comes back to Salem then she'll talk to the judge and have him as her patient. Steve says he came to her for help once and she turned him down. He says he doesn't want her help, he's leaving. Marlena steps in front of him and says he's not going anywhere. Steve says he doesn't want to hurt her, so make this easy and step aside. Marlena says he's not leaving here until he turns himself in. 


March 24, 2007
On the island, Shawn asks Duck why he thinks he's hiding something. Duck says he doesn't think, he knows. He says he's a wide open book. Shawn says he doesn't seem much like a reader captain. Duck says hey he was a sergeant, he ate captains for breakfast. Duck wonders why a boy scout like him, Blondie and the diaper machine ended up here. Shawn says they got caught in the storm. Duck says he's not buying it. He says they are running, what from though? He asks if he cheated someone out of money or did he take off with another man's woman? Shawn says this game is over. Duck asks if he killed someone. Shawn says nothing like that. Duck says but it is something. Shawn says he's no thief or killer. Duck says he must be an actor then, just as bad. Shawn guarantees he's not a threat. Duck says he is not going to be hacked to pieces by him in the middle of the night, he wants the truth. Shawn gives him his word that all he and Belle did was leave home with their daughter. Duck says obviously he's running from someone. He says if Shawn won't tell him then Duck says he will call the States. Shawn stops him from making the call and says he'll give Duck the truth. Shawn tells him the whole story, most off screen. Duck says it's a hell of a story. Shawn says they won't be here much longer. Duck says don't kid him, they are looking for something permanent, the sooner the better. Shawn says he grew up sailing from place to place, which is what they will do. He knows Belle would be happier with a place to call home, but they can't have that now. He says he just needs to earn some money and leave. Duck says so he thinks he's going to work here? Shawn says he's thinking out loud. Duck doesn't like this, his costumers wouldn't like a cop showing up here. Duck thinks he should call the cops now and get this over with. Shawn warns him if he brings the law here then he'll take this place down. He says he will do whatever it takes to protect his family. Duck says so there is a grown man in there. Shawn asks Duck how he will play this. Shawn says he gave Duck honesty so can he trust Duck? Duck says yes, but he has to warn him that if trouble follows him, he won't stick out his neck for him. Shawn says fair enough. 

In the room, Gabby tells Belle that she can move her into a room with twin beds. Belle thinks Gabby overheard them talking about not sleeping together. Gabby says she didn't. Gabby says taking it slow is fine, people should get to know one another. She says she'll let Duck know they are switching rooms. Belle says she can't! She says she can't let Duck know about this. Gabby says she's really wound up tight. She tells Belle to relax, she's on an island. Belle says Shawn just doesn't want to cause trouble with duck. Gabby says they can drag some twins bed in here, Duck won't have to know. Belle cries, she says its been a long time since they came across people as nice as her and her dad. Gabby says yeah, she's sure her dad and Shawn are bonding. Later they move the twin beds in, Gabby hopes it will help. She tells Belle now relax. She suggests she take Claire to the beach for awhile and give Belle time all to herself. Belle says she doesn't have to, but Gabby doesn't mind. Gabby picks up Claire. Belle snaps and says take your hands off my daughter! Gabby says se just wanted to help, she's sorry. Belle says no she's sorry. Belle says whenever Claire is out of her sight she gets . . . she says they were separated once and she's not over it. Gabby just thought she could use some down time. Gabby sees a photo of John and Marlena on the dresser and comments how it seems Belle is making herself at home already. Belle says those are her parents. She says she wishes she could talk to them, she doesn't even know if her dad is still alive. Gabby says she can talk to them, they can go call her mom. She say they can use the phone in the bar. Belle says she told Shawn she'd make no calls. Gabby says they won't tell him, how can a quick phone call hurt. 

Gabby and Belle go to the bar, Belle has Claire. Shawn asks what the pretty ladies are up to? Belle says nothing, but Shawn knows that look in Belle's eyes. Gabby and Belle tell him just girly stuff, they were talking about lotions and make-up. Shawn says he doesn't want to listen to this, it's putting him to sleep. He says he'll take Claire and they can call him when they are beautiful . . . or more beautiful . . . if that is possible. Gabby says nice save. Shawn leaves with Claire. Gabby decides to give Belle some privacy. Belle picks up the phone and makes her call. 

Meanwhile Shawn takes Claire up to the room to get her swimsuit, but he forgot his key. He says they have to go back and get mommy's key. As he returns with Claire, Belle is trying to call the US but her call isn't going through. 

At the Penthouse Grill, Celeste is having dinner but gets a bad vibe. She knows something is wrong and says she has to leave. She heads to the elevator and EJ is there. He calls her Francesca, but she says her name is Celeste. EJ knows his father called her Francesca (her real name is Frankie). EJ is glad to see her, he was hoping to chat with her earlier, but he missed her. She says she has no idea what he's talking about. He says he knows she and Sami met here earlier. Celeste says ridiculous, she hates Sami, everyone can tell him that. She admits she was here, but only to meet a friend for a drink. EJ says it would sadden him if she had become involved in matters that don't concern her. Celeste claims she has to go, she has a small boy depending on her. EJ was hoping she'd stay and have a drink. She says he's wasting her time, but he says this isn't a request. He says lets go. They sit down and she tells him to say what is on his mind. He wonders what he did to get such disrespect from a member of his own family. She says he is not family, she hates him for what he did to her daughter. EJ says her daughter ran off with her boy toy. Celeste says no her daughter was murdered and she's sure he killed her. She says Lexie was his sister, not even Stefano would kill his own blood. He says he is his father's son. She says he is an abomination, Stefano would be outraged. She also tells EJ she knows better than not to upset him, she won't do anything to cross him. He asks if that is why she's been lying to his face? She asks what she's supposedly lying about. EJ says he and Samantha are grappling with issue. Celeste doesn't care. EJ says he does, he cares about who she spends time with. EJ knows Sami met with her in the ladies room earlier. He says he's concerned about that, perhaps she'd like that drink now? EJ says he saw her rush out of the bathroom earlier. Celeste swears she was here for a drink with a friend, if she was in the bathroom when Sami was then it was a coincidence. She swears she would never have anything to do with Sami, he has her word. He says perhaps he was wrong, he will let her go. EJ also says he thought she might be interested in hearing some news on his father's health, he knows she must be concerned. Celeste says Stefano took a lot from her, he took her body and soul, now he took her daughter through his son. Celeste says so yes she is concerned about Stefano and his health, she hopes it continues to fail and he rots in hell for all eternity. Celeste then storms off. 

At the cabin in the woods, Kayla and Marlena won't let Steve go. He thinks they are stalling him until the boys in the white coats get here. Kayla says nobody knows he is here. Marlena says not so. She says she called Roman when they stopped at the gas station. Marlena says the police are coming, Steve isn't going anywhere. Kayla asks why? Marlena says they know why, innocent people are being hurt, she can't let Steve hurt someone else. Steve says what about what he will do to her. She says she'll stop him, Steve asks if she has a gun? Marlena says she doesn't need one. Billie is up, but her head is hurting. As Kayla is tending to her, Steve tries to run. Marlena ends up macing him! He falls to the floor and writhes in pain. Billie and Marlena quickly move in and tie Steve up. Marlena asks Kayla to help them. Kayla just stands there with a blank look on her face. 

Later Steve is tied up on the floor, still in pain. Marlena wonders where Roman is. Billie leaves to get some air, which worries Marlena. Malrena wants to go check on her. Kayla says she can handle Steve. Marlena leaves and Kayla stays with Steve, who is still blind from the mace. He asks if she is there. She says he is. Steve begs her to help him. She tells him to rest. Steve says she can't let them take him back, that place will kill him. She says they just want to help him. He begs her to cut him loose, they'll both run, they can be together and they'll never look back. She thinks he's lying to her. He says he's not, they can have a brand new life, that he loves her. He tells her to hurry. She goes over and tries to untie the ropes. She looks him in the face. He says he is back and she needs to trust him, trust in them. She kisses him. Steve says she feels it right, it's him. Kayla says she did feel him. Steve says then she knows the truth. Kayla says she knows what is real, he can't fake a kiss. She says she knows in her soul this isn't him. She says he'd say anything to get her to let him go. He says he had her going for a while didn't he. Kayla ends up running off in tears. 

Billie and Marlena sit in Marlena's car. Billie thinks she'll be okay, it's probably just a minor concussion. Marlena says she assumed Steve forced her to escape. Billie wonders what they did to Steve to make him like this. Marlena says she knows Steve is in pain. She says he feels his mind and heart have been ripped apart by EJ and Stefano. Billie asks if she thinks EJ is behind this? Marlena does. Billie says but EJ called Kayla to tell them where Steve was, maybe EJ needs a break. MArlena says Billie's concussion must be worst than she thought! 

Later Billie talks with Kayla. She tells her that it will be okay in the end, he'll get the help he needs and they'll be together, like it was meant to be. Sirens are heard in the background. Kayla knows that is Roman. She also hopes Billie is right. Back inside, Steve is struggling hard to break free. Before he can break free Marlena jumps him and gives him a tranquilizer.


March 22, 2007
On the island, Shawn stops Belle from calling her mom. He says they agreed no calls, she is going to get them caught. They begin to argue. Belle thinks Shawn is talking to her as a child. Shawn says stop acting like one. Gabby shows up and says this is her fault, she told Belle to use the phone. Shawn says she didn't know any better, Belle did. Gabby offers to take Claire to get ice cream so they can work things out. Belle agrees to give Claire up to Gabby. Shawn and Belle talk, Shawn asks why she did this? Belle says she misses her mother and she knew he wouldn't understand. Shawn says he misses his family too, but if they stayed in Salem then they would have lost their little girl. Belle thinks their family may think they are dead, but Shawn says Phillip knows better, he won't give up. He says Phillip survived getting his face blown off to come back for Claire, he won't let a shredded raft stop him. Belle says she can't live like this, it's not fair to them, to Claire and to their friends and family. Shawn says she has to forget about them, this is their life now, get used to it. Belle says a quick call can't hurt. Shawn says it could be traced. She thinks they can use Roman for help. Shawn doesn't want to put him in the middle of this, he is the Police commissioner. Belle says they can at least try. Shawn says they will compromise, instead of calling home they will send letters. Belle says snail mail? She says why not throw a message in a bottle, it will take just as long to reach them. Shawn says like Gabby says, a boat comes by once a week. He says they'll write letters home, confidential ones. Belle begins writing a letter saying what she wants to say to her mom. Later Gabby brings Claire back. She says Claire was such a sweetheart, if they ever need a break then she'll be happy to watch her. Shawn gives Gabby the envelope to send home, it has all their letters in it. Shawn, Belle and Claire head up to their room.

Up in the room, Shawn is not happy when they get to the room and there are two beds. He thought they agreed on this. She says it's not that big of a deal. Shawn says again she's gone over his head, she broke her promise to him to spite him. Meanwhile, back in the bar Gabby grabs the letter to Roman from the pile of mail. She tears it up and throws it away! 

At Billie's, Chelsea shows up to get some things. Billie tries to convince her to stay, but Chelsea only wants to get a few things. Chelsea sees her mom's face has been banged up. Billie explains about Steve escaping and taking her hostage. Billie assures her that she'll be fine, she just feels a little strange. Billie becomes woozy and almost falls down. Chelsea helps her mom to the couch. Billie asks Chelsea if she could grab her some aspirin. Chelsea says sure and goes to find what they have. Chelsea thinks she shouldn't mix pain medications, she calls the hospital to find what they gave her there. Chelsea leaves the room and Billie goes to tidy up some stuff. She finds Chelsea's journal and opens it, not knowing what it was. Unfortunately when she realizes what it is, she reads her entry. Chelsea writes that she wants to forgive Nick but can't, and she hates her mom. Billie puts the diary away when Chelsea returns. Chelsea brings her an ice pack for her head, it's frozen vegetables. Chelsea leaves the room again, Billie continues reading her diary. Chelsea writes that she's afraid her dad hates her and that she set the fire. She also says she's afraid she'll flunk out of school and let everyone down. She continues writing about Nick, who she says could be the only guy who ever says he loves her. She wishes she could talk to her mom about this, but says she can't trust her. Billie hides the diary again when Chelsea shows up. Chelsea thinks she should go, she has brought in the  medicine for Billie. Billie asks Chelsea to stay and talk, to try and fix this. Chelsea agrees to stay and talk. She says she talked with Sami earlier, Sami told her that it's not worth holding a grudge. Billie agrees. Chelsea says this is hard as her mom did some crappy things, not just with Nick. Chelsea says she felt embarrassed, humiliated, like she had been drop kicked in the gut. Chelsea says she had Nick wrapped around her finger and it all blew up. Chelsea says it feels like waking up and finding out you aren't an adult, it's like you are a kid and everyone is laughing at you. Billie says nobody is laughing. Billie says she loves her, just give her the chance to be her mom, she won't let her down. Billie says if she wants to talk about Nick, her dad or school, she's here. Chelsea asks how she knew about school, she hadn't even told Abby. Billie says mom's know these things. She asks Chelsea if she can give her a second chance? Chelsea says she can't. She thought her mom hated her. Billie says she doesn't hate her. Chelsea talks about how her mom has two sides, the mom who loves her and she can count on, but then there is Billie, a selfish drunk who hurts her. Chelsea says she can't give her another chance as long as Billie is in the picture. 

Chelsea goes to leave and finds Roman at the door (after all the stuff below with Kayla and Steve). He asks if she's going somewhere? She says she's staying with Lucas and Sami for a few days. Roman says he stopped by to see how Billie is doing. Billie says fine. Chelsea decides to go, but Roman needs to see her too. Roman says they got new information on the fire at her dad's, he is here to talk about it to her. Roman questions Chelsea about the fire and her being there. She says she and her mom got into a fight so she headed to Bo's to talk to him. She says when she got there his car wasn't there. She says she didn't want to bother Hope and the baby. He says so she left? Billie says this is enough. Chelsea says she has nothing to hide. Chelsea says she wrote her dad a note, put it under the door and walked off. Roman says they never found the note. Chelsea says maybe the fire burned it. Roman says the fire didn't reach the front door. Billie says enough, go back to Bo's house and look for the note. Roman says there is no note, the house has been searched. Chelsea says so that means she's lying? Roman then asks about her wanting to leave town, that she needed some cash to leave town. Abby told her that Chelsea was supposedly looking for a way to make fast money. Roman says it turns out that some of Hope's jewelry is missing. Roman says whoever started the fire took it. Chelsea says now she's being accused of lifting Hope's jewelry. Chelsea says she's being set up. Billie tells Chelsea not to say another word until they have a lawyer. Billie lashes out at Roman for accusing Chelsea of something she didn't do. She tells him to get out now! Roman says he'll talk to Bo, they will arrange a time for a proper meeting. He had hoped they could have handled this unofficially. Billie says they could have if he and Bo had more faith in Chelsea. Roman leaves and Billie comforts Chelsea. She says they will get through this. She says a lot of people love her, they will get through this, she won't let anything happen to her. Chelsea says she should go. Billie says she always has a home here, anytime she wants to come back the door is open. Billie says well she still has her key. Chelsea says she forgot her DVD player. She goes to get it. Billie quickly puts her diary back into her bag. Chelsea decides to go, Billie says they will get her the best lawyer money can find. Chelsea says she should probably save her money. Billie says she is worth every penny she has. Chelsea tells her mom to take care of the bump on her head. 

At the cabin, Roman talks with Kayla. He says Billie was taken home, she will be okay. Kayla says Steve could have gotten himself and Billie killed tonight. She says this has gotten totally out of hand. She doesn't know what to do, she feels frustrated and helpless. Roman has bad news for Kayla, the judge wants Steve put behind bars tonight. Roman tells Kayla that she really didn't think they'd give him another chance did she? Kayla says he's sick, he doesn't know what he's doing. She says her husband was tortured and brainwashed by the DiMeras. Roman says they have no proof and EJ won't be turning himself in. Kayla says so what, they do nothing? Roman says he can make another appeal to the judge. Kayla thinks they should talk to Dr. Kraft, she could help to. The EMTs show up to get Steve. Roman wants him taken to University Hospital before lockup. Kayla says NO! Kayla says he will go to the state hospital. She begs Roman to let her talk to Dr. Kraft. Roman tells Kayla that she knows she doesn't want to hear this, but if they thought they could help Steve then they'd work to keep him there. Kayla says they don't know him, they just think he's another head case. Roman realize Kayla won't give up on this, so he tells the EMTs to take Steve to the state hospital. Roman tells Kayla that Steve better not screw this up again, otherwise it will be on her head. 

At the state hospital, Kayla meets with Dr. Kraft. She begs her to take Steve back, but Ella won't. Ella says they tried, but Steve has a history of violence. She says when a patient has such a history then they have to look at other options. Kayla says they are supposed to help him. Ella asks how you help a patient who refuses to be helped. Ella says Steve is a liability and when someone puts their patients at risk, well they have to do something. Ella shows Kayla the pills Steve was hiding in the air vent in his room. She says they can't help Steve when he doesn't want to be helped. Kayla says this violent man is not her husband, he is sick. Kayla says if Ella knew her husband then she'd know he is worth fighting for. In the background, Steve is waking up. Steve listens in as Kayla talks about her life after losing Steve, how she had to go on and raise their daughter alone. She says then Steve came back and she had her life back. She says for sixteen years they were cheated out of anniversaries and Christmases. 

Roman shows up later. Roman says if Ella Kraft will file a petition on Steve's behalf then so will Marlena. Ella says there better not be any funny business this time. Kayla says there won't be. She says she still has to clear this with the administrator. Kayla goes to Steve and tells him that he has to cooperate, he has to do what they want him to. 

Later Steve is strapped to his bed. She talks to him and says no more acting out, show them he can get better. She says he has a second chance now, don't blow it. Steve comes too and tells Sweetness that he knows he's a pain in the ass. 


March 23, 2007
Willow shows up to see Nick at Chez Rouge. She asks him if he talked to Mickey about housing. Nick says that was only a few hours ago when he suggested it, be patient. She wonders if this is Chelsea's doing, did she tell him not to help her? EJ shows up and asks if there is a problem? Willow says no problem. She tells Nick to call her and runs off. EJ knows who Nick is, he has a question about his friend Samantha. He says she recently had an amnio, was it his lab that processed the results? Nick says he'd love to help EJ, but he can't do that. 

Celeste shows up at Chez Rouge and hugs Maggie. She's here to dine with Abe. Maggie says it's so good to see her, she suggests Celeste wait at the bar for Abe, who is running late. She does and overhears EJ arguing with Nick. Nick tells EJ that he can't tell him about the baby. EJ says he wanted to give Sami an extravagant for her shower, which is today. He says he knows how woman get superstitious about their baby gifts. Nick suggests he wait till Sami's baby is born to get the gift. He says he doesn't know EJ and from what he hears, he doesn't want to know him. Nick tells EJ that he but himself into his private conversation earlier, again no means no. Nick goes to leave, but EJ stops him. He asks Nick to stay and have a drink with him, he'll make it worth his while. EJ asks him to just keep his eyes and ears open. Nick says he wants him to spy for him? EJ says no, Sami is his friend. Nick says then ask Sami himself. EJ tries to bribe him with a sports car, which Nick can't believe. Nick says for the last time, no. Nick walks off and Celeste makes a face as she saw them together.

Later Celeste goes over to listen to Nick talking to his Aunt Maggie. Maggie didn't know Nick knew EJ. Nick says he doesn't, EJ wanted to know about Sami's lab work. Maggie wonders what business it is of EJs. Nick says good questions. 

On the island, Belle tells Shawn that she didn't ask for separate beds out of spite, Gabby offered. Shawn asks why she offered? Belle says she told Gabby they were still figuring things out, she noticed they didn't have rings and couldn't lie to her. Shawn says she didn't have to say anything, she didn't have to tell a total stranger that she didn't want to sleep with him. She asks what he's so worried about, his image? He says it's not his image he's worried about. He says they agreed to pose as a couple, this is about keeping safe. She says she's not planning on having Phillip catch them. She says she's sick of him getting in her face all the time and telling her what to and not to do. He says he hates being shoved out the door, does she hate spending time with him that much? She says no. He says he just has enough to worry about without the whole island thinking he can't . . . She says what, satisfy his woman? She says she cares about him, but they haven't dated since high school. She says she is not ready to jump into another relationship, she's not ready to make love. She says if they made love it wouldn't be making love to her, she'd just be another Willow to him. She says maybe he needs another Willow, someone who is quick and easy. She tells him hat she knows he's done a lot for them, but she thought she was doing it to protect them, not because he was expecting something. He says he isn't expecting anything, but he does want to take her into her arms and show her how much he loves her. She says she remembers when they gave themselves those purity rings, they said they would wait and not be with anyone else. Shawn says he wished it had been that way. Belle says when he left it broke her heart, then he came back and called her a slut and a whore. She knows he wasn't in his right mind, but it still hurt. She says then he was sleeping with Jan, Mimi and Willow. Shawn says things are different now. Belle says not for her. She says until she knows he won't walk away, that things are forever, well he can sleep in his own bed or on the beach, but he won't sleep with her. She is confused about the future, when they settle down and can have a normal life, what will happen. Shawn says he won't walk away from her. Shawn feels like she is testing him, or punishing him. Belle says maybe she is. He can't believe she still doesn't trust him. She says she trusted him with the most important thing in her life, Claire. He says but she doesn't trust him enough to let him hold her. He says one minute they are dreaming about the future, the next they are fighting. She says he got bent out of shape about the beds. She says she wants him to treat her like a partner. She says he tells her to do something, they don't discuss it, it's his way or no way. She says he's always been like that, when he doesn't get his way he loses his temper. She says he's grown up and is more responsible but . . . . Shawn says still not good enough. She says there are things they both need to work on. At this point Gabby brings by some fresh blankets. Later Belle finds him stripping his bed. He says he'll sleep outside, partner. She tells him not to be ridiculous. She says she thought he was worried about them looking like a couple. He says he doesn't care about that now. She says she doesn't want to go, but if anyone asks . . . Shawn says he'll say it was his idea. 

At the hospital, Steve is out of his restraints. Ella hopes Steve will cooperate and take his meds. She says his wife is here, should she tell her to leave? Steve takes his medicine and asks if she's happy. Ella says very, if he keeps cooperating then he can join the other patients in the common room. Steve says whoopee! Kayla is let in and she talks to Steve. Steve says he knows he owes her an apology. He says he wanted to put distance between him and everyone else, that is why he ran. He says he didn't want to hurt anyone and he didn't want to come back here. Steve begs Kayla not to tell Stephanie that he turned out like this. Kayla says he doesn't give Stephanie enough credit, she can handle a lot. Steve says he doesn't want her to know that he's here because he strangled her mom. He begs her to just give Stephanie more time with the good memories, the memories of who he was. He says he will do whatever he can to get well and get out, just don't' say anything to Stephanie. She says she wants to believe him, but how is this time any different? He says he is different, he knows he can't do this on his own. He says he needs her. He says he heard what she said to his doctor, he heard her telling the doctor that she loved him. She says he knows she loves him, he used it to manipulate her and she let him. He says he won't hurt her and begs her to come closer. He pulls her into a kiss. Kayla says she knows how he feels, what matters is what he does. Steve says he does love her. He knows if it weren't for her then he'd be in lockup. She thought he'd rather be in jail. He says he'd rather be with her. She wants that too, but she wants him well. Steve says what if he can't get well. He wonders if she can live with that. She says he is the only man she will ever love. She asks if he's okay? Steve is falling asleep. She says it is the medicine, it's making him tired. She says she should go. Steve says wait, he still wants her to not say anything to Stephanie if he cooperates. She asks if cooperation means full disclosure about EJ. She can't believe he is still protecting EJ. Steve says EJ has nothing to do with it, leave it the hell alone! She won't, she wants Steve to testify that EJ forced him to take John. Steve says he can't, so she says he leaves him no choice. He begs her not to do this, don't put herself in danger. He says promise him to stay away from EJ. She says she has to go and leaves. Steve screams through the door that EJ will kill her, he will kill Stephanie. 

At Sami and Lucas', Lucas is at the desk and having work issues. Will and Chelsea are asleep. Lucas jokes the kids are in bed and the parents can play. Lucas tells Sami how he's so happy, he doesn't think he's ever loved her as much. She says she feels the same way. He says they should make out. Sami thinks they should take this into the bedroom before prying eyes walk out. As Lucas is cleaning up, he finds the blank lab report. He asks what this is, he thinks it is Sami's. Sami remembers Nick giving it to her. He asks Sami to talk to him. She says she doesn't know how this got there. Lucas says please don't tell him this is what he thinks it is. He thinks something is wrong with the baby. She says nothing is wrong. She says she probably just grabbed it by mistake while at the doctor's. Lucas apologizes. He crumples the form up and throws it away. Later they are getting hot and heavy on the couch. She says they should take this to the bedroom. She says she'll lock up. Lucas says he'll take out the trash first. She says no she'll do it. He says she hates doing that, but Sami chalks it up to pregnancy. As Sami is about to head out, Lucas says he hates to spoil the mood but he was thinking about EJ and work and has to ask her something. She says he doesn't want to spoil the mood but is bringing up EJ? Lucas says tomorrow he is meeting with a representative of The Knot, a website and magazine on weddings. Lucas says EJ thought Mythic might want to get into internet weddings. Sami says like internet web cam weddings? She thinks that is cool. Lucas says don't go there. Lucas says he has to do some research and he thought she could help him out with this stuff. Sami says that is all he wanted to ask her? He says yes. He notices every time he talks about EJ she gets tense, is he harassing her again? She says no, it is just they were having a romantic moment and he brought up EJ. Sami runs out with the garbage so they can get back to their romantic moment. While Sami is out, Lucas calls his mom to say he's meeting with the wedding web site lady and Sami is coming with him. He says while they are out she can come set up the shower. 

In the hall, Sami is going through the trash when EJ shows up. He says a woman as beautiful as her should not be taking out the trash. He asks what she's doing? She says she thought she dropped her keys. He says it has been almost a week since the amnio, when can he expect the results? Sami says he'll find her the results as soon as he does, it isn't her fault it takes awhile to analyze DNA. He says he thought she had a way around the hospital lab. He says he doesn't trust her, he knows she set him up. She says oh the night he shot John black? He says she doesn't know that for sure. She says she knows he raped her and is threatening to kill her. Lucas soon shows up and asks what is going on? EJ says he was just saying goodnight to Samantha. He heads into his apartment. Lucas  asks Sami if he was bothering her? Sami says no. Lucas says he'll be waiting for her in bed. Sami grabs the report from the trash and takes it out. EJ then peers out of his place. 

Later Willow shows up to see EJ. She needs help finding a place. He suggests she go stay with her new friend Nick. Willow says she is having a baby, she can't live on the streets. EJ says he thinks everything will be okay. Willow says she did what he asked but she still won't pay him. She says she has tried to sell the jewelry but nobody will touch it. She asks EJ to buy the jewelry from her. She begs him to help her. She says he doesn't want her to get caught does she? He tells her to throw it away. Willow tells EJ that if she gets enough money together she'll be out of town. He suggests she come inside. She says she's fine right here. EJ says if he wanted her dead, he would have killed her already. Later he gives Willow the name of a fencer. EJ says oh and if she should ever come here again then she won't have to worry about finding somewhere for her and her baby to live. She says she gets it and walks off. 

Back in Lucas and Sami's, Lucas asks if she's sure she's okay? She says she is. Lucas is still upset that EJ is still here, he's supposed to have moved out. He thinks he needs to remind EJ. Sami says no, it doesn't bother her. She says she is fine, everything is under control. They kiss, Sami claims she forgot to take her vitamins. HE says he'll keep the bed warm. Sami un-crumples the paper as soon as Lucas leaves the room. Sami then gets a call from Celeste. She says they need to talk about EJ. Sami says she is handling it, don't call her again. Sami hangs up and then hides the report in a drawer. She says this has to work. 


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