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4th Week of March 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please do not distribute summaries written by Dustin through mailing lists or submit them to other forums or sites without e-mailing Dustin first! However, Linking to summaries is fine with me.  


March 26, 2007
On the island, in her room, Belle is holding Claire. She says it's late, she should be tired, mommy is tired. Belle knows she won't go to bed because Shawn isn't here to tuck her in. She puts Claire down and there is a knock at the door. She hopes it is Shawn, but it's Duck. She says you . . . He says expecting someone else? She says maybe. He asks to speak to the boyscout. Belle says he's not here, he went out. Duck wonders what kind of man runs off in the middle of the night and leaves a woman and baby at home. She says he needed some air. Duck says yeah, these windows they installed don't work that well. Belle knows they are on a free pass here, but it doesn't give him the right to pry into their business She says if he has a question then ask it. He says no need to get huffy. He says tell the boyscout that the mail boat comes in tomorrow, he would like help loading and unloading. Belle asks him to make sure their letter goes out, it's important. Duck says if it is in the pile then it will go out.

Shawn is on the beach trying to sleep. Gabby shows up, she has a beer in hand. She says it is a beautiful night. She hands him a beer and asks him to join her. He says he'll pass, it's late. She says passed your bedtime huh. She asks if everything is okay with the beds? Shawn says yes, he just needed air. Gabby says they had a fight . . . which isn't her business. She says she'll go, but he says no. He says he'll take the beer after all. She asks if he wants to talk about the fight? He says not really. Gabby again blames herself. Shawn assures her that it has nothing to do with her. He says they'll get through this. Gabby swears the last thing she'd want to do is cause problems for them. She swears she's not the kind of person who gets involved in other people's business. Shawn ends up opening up to Gabby and telling her how Belle's ex is chasing them. She says no wonder things are so tense. Shawn was hoping they'd be able to start a new life together, but things haven't turned out that way. Gabby says he still loves her though right. Shawn says he does. Gabby says and she loves him? Shawn says he thinks so. Gabby says you think, she hasn't told him. He says they aren't there yet, and the most important reason they are together is Claire. He says they will stay together for her to make sure she is safe. Gabby says he is the kind of  a guy who can have any girl at any time. She tells Shawn he is sweet, funny, brave and smoking hot. She says she's sorry, she should shut up. Shawn says he appreciates the compliments. Gabby tells Shawn well a guy who has as much going for him as he does should know where he stands. Shawn doesn't want to push it with Belle. He says he was a screw-up not long ago, he lived with an ex-hooker and worked for a criminal. He wonders if Gabby wants to retract her compliments. Gabby says no. She says her mom was a lady of the evening. She says she doesn't look down at people who can look past that. He apologizes if the word hooker offended her. Gabby says her mom did what she had to, she lived in Saigon during the war and did what she had to. She says there was no work or money, but there was men with money. She says no woman becomes a prostitute by choice. Shawn asks what happened to her mom? She says she died of cholera a month after she was born. She says she would have ended up lost in an orphanage if it weren't for a big tough marine who came in, who scooped her up and said he was her daddy and would take care of her. She says he kept that promise, he took care of her and made a living for them, even giving up some of his own needs for her. Shawn asks if this is Duck? She says he sounds surprised. Shawn says he has a newfound respect for the man. Gabby says in a lot of ways, he is like Duck. She says he gives up his own needs for others, that is as honorable as you can get.

Belle shows up with Claire, she finds him drinking with Gabby at the bar. She says Claire can't get to sleep, she wanted him to tuck her in. He says he was going to come up stairs and sleep, if that is okay with her. Belle says of course it is. As they leave, Gabby is watching from the background.

Belle and Shawn return to the room and Shawn puts Claire down. He also tells Belle that he's sorry and he won't pressure her about their relationship anymore.

Back in Salem, EJ and Phillip are in some alley talking. EJ asks why the secrecy? Phillip says he'll get to the point, he wants to talk about Shawn. Phillip asks if EJ heard from Shawn. EJ says he hasn't, he heard they took a dip off a ferry. Phillip believes they may be alive, he has people scouring the islands in the South Pacific. EJ sys he has unfinished business with Shawn, how can he help? Phillip suggests they exchange information, they help each other out. EJ says deal and they shake on it. EJ thinks this is the beginning of a useful friendship. Phillip says he has to run now, he has to go to Sami's wedding shower. Phillip leaves and EJ says wedding shower . . . or baby shower?

At Sami's, Sami is searching around for her folder with wedding plans. She wants to be prepared for the meeting. Lucas says this is not for their wedding, it's for Mythic. She says she knows, but she wanted to run some ideas by this woman. Lucas thinks she'd make a great wedding planner, if that is what she wants to be. As Sami goes searching for her folder, Lucas calls Kate to tell her that the operation is underway and Sami doesn't suspect a thing. 

At Billie's, Hope shows up. She was going to the shower and thought she should check on her and Chelsea. Hope knows Billie and Chelsea had a falling out, she's not here to judge. Billie says Bo thinks Chelsea started the fire, does she? Hope doesn't know, but someone started the fire. Billie says Chelsea is not a thief or an arsonist. Hope says she was at the house. Billie says she admitted it too, why would she place herself at the scene of the crime? Billie tells Hope that Chelsea's word is good enough for her. Hope says Billie's belief in Chelsea may not be enough to get her off the hook. Billie wants Hope to go, but Hope says she is here to tell her that Chelsea could be in serious trouble. Billie says she is aware of that. She also knows when Chelsea is hurt or disappointed, she lashes out. However Chelsea is hurt ands disappointed in her mom, so why lash out at Hope and Bo? Hope says Bo is being a good cop. Billie says what about being a good dad? Hope says Bo has to follow the lead. Billie asks Hope what she believes? Does she really think Chelsea is capable of this? Hope says she doesn't want to believe it, she thought she saw changes in her, but now she's not sure . . . not really. Hope says she came here to find answers. Billie says well she'll have to talk to Chelsea if she wants answers

Sami and Lucas finally leave as Kate and Chelsea are hiding around in the hall. They let themselves in, Kate can't believe this. She says it's always been her dream to do something special for Sami. Kate asks Chelsea to try some of the hors'd'oeurves, stuffed artichoke hearts. Chelsea loves them. Kate says they cost her and arm leg, why she spent the money she doesn't know as she's sure Sami is more of a pork rinds kind of girl. Chelsea asks Kate why she's doing this? Kate says she's doing it to make Lucas happy, but he doubts Sami will make him happy. Chelsea disagrees, she's been spending time with them, they are happy and in love. Kate tells her that she is young. She says she'll learn that love ultimately will crush your spirit and make her want to jump off a building. Chelsea says great. Kate tells Chelsea not to let her stop her from finding love. She brings up Nick, which she says was one of those things. Chelsea says one of those things with her mother! Kate says about that, get over it. Kate says Billie made a mistake, she wouldn't have done it normally, but she was in a bad place. Chelsea says so what is Nick's excuse, he was sober and claimed to love her. Kate says men are idiots and ruled by another part of their anatomy. Chelsea says so she is supposed to forgive Nick because he can't help but be a jerk? Kate says no. She says do what she want with Nick, but forgive her mother. She tells Chelsea life is too short to obsess over this, get on with life and get over it. Kate tells Chelsea to say she is a woman and is in charge. She wants Chelsea to say it, so Chelsea does. Kate thinks she's sounding better and more confident already. There is a knock at the door, Kate thinks it is their guests. Kate asks if she has a hairbrush she could borrow, but Chelsea says she lost it someplace. Hope and Billie are at the door. Chelsea lets them in and then lets herself out, claiming she has to make a phone call.

Phillip shows up at the apartment. Kate and Billie great him, they are glad he's here. They say Lucas and Phillip will appreciate it. Phillip isn't sure about that. He knows he has a lot of people he love in Salem and he hasn't been paying attention to them. Billie says well he's here now. Later there is a knock at the door, Kate answers and it is EJ! She lets EJ right in.

Hope goes over to Billie's again to talk to Chelsea. Chelsea doesn't want to be interrogated, she knows nobody believes her. Hope says her mother does, as does Kate. She says Sami and Lucas seem to believe in her too. Hope says she has a lot of support. Chelsea says not Hope's or her dad's. Hope says her dad . . . Chelsea says her dad thinks she's an arsonist. Chelsea says she is a lot of things but she is not an arsonist, if anyone is it is Willows. Hope says Willow is a suspect, but she claimed to be with her brother. Hope says Jed confirmed her story. Chelsea says Jed owes her, she pays for everything. Chelsea knows she has messed up over and over, and she doesn't deserve the benefit or the doubt, but she swears she wouldn't hurt her or that baby. Chelsea says she loves them and wishes they'd believe her. Hope says she does believe her. Chelsea asks what changed her mind? Hope says she did, she saw the truth in her eyes. Hope intends to tell Bo. Billie walks in, she finds Hope and Chelsea hugging. Chelsea says Hope believes her. Billie thanks Hope, they'll need her support. Billie says Bo is coming over ,official business. Chelsea thinks he's coming to take her to jail, but Billie says he only wants a statement. Hope figures out how to help her, she is going to go check on a hunch. Hope then runs off. Chelsea then asks Billie to be here with her when Bo comes, she needs her. They hug.

At the Penthouse Grill, Sami and Lucas meet with Sydney from The Knot. Sami says she loves her website. Sami then gets a call from Celeste. Celeste tells Sami not to hang up on her, her future depends on it! Celeste says things have gone from bad to worse, they need to talk now. Sami says she has told them that they have nothing to discuss, please don't call again. Sami hangs up and claims it was a DJ who won't leave her alone. Sydney congratulates them on their wedding. Sami brought some of her plans and was hoping she'd take a look at them. Sydney looks through her folder, they are Sami's designs. Sami wanted it to be creative. Sami asks her what she really thinks. Sydney says her wedding will be lovely, very traditional. She says that as it is a bad thing. Lucas suggests they get on track with the Mythic talk. They discuss how webcam broadcasts are great for those who can't be at a wedding. Sami is still stuck on Sydney's feedback, she didn't want her wedding to be traditional, she wanted it to be edgy. Sydney says then do a theme wedding, do a destination wedding or do a green wedding. Smi doesn't think she'd look good in Green. Sydney describes the green wedding, it is an environmentally friendly wedding. She says they wear natural cotton based fibers, you arrive in a hybrid car or horse and carriage, you use a venue that uses solar energy. Sami loves it, nothing can go wrong with a green wedding, it's so great. She says they are going green. Lucas says that is not happening. Lucas says the arrangements have been made, but Sami says they can be unmade. She says they are talking about melting ice caps and endangered grizzly bears. Sydney says she didn't mean to start trouble. Sami begs Lucas to do this for her, he agrees to have the green wedding. 

Later, Celeste finds Sami in the hall outside her apartment. She says they need to talk now. Sami says make it fast, Lucas will be here soon. Celeste says she heard EJ asking Nick about a test she had done. Celeste asks what Sami has done. Sami says nothing, she just asked Nick for a blank lab report. She says she'll doctor it and this will be the end of it. Celeste says EJ is on top of this, when he finds out she tried to trick him . . . he will destroy her. Celeste says EJ knows they met at the ladies room at the Penthouse Grill. Sami tells Celeste that is why she can't be here, she has to go. Celeste says she has to do something about EJ. Sami says she doesn't. She goes to enter her apartment. Celeste says don't walk away from me. She says that bastard from hell must die! Suddenly the door opens, everyone yells surprise and EJ is standing there!  


March 27, 2007
On the island, Shawn is holding Claire and asking her what she wants to name her new teddy bear. They decide to name him Freddy. Belle returns, she was doing laundry. She finds Shawn cleaned up the room. He says she wanted them to be partners and equals, he helped out. Belle takes Claire, she asks where the bear came from. Shawn says Gabby gave it to her, she thought she'd like it. Belle says that was sweet. They talks about the money they made last night at the bar. Shawn wants to buy Claire some new clothes. Belle says they can't afford new clothes, but there is a consignment shop on the island. Shawn tells Belle to buy herself something too, but she says she has everything she needs. Belle leaves, Shawn looks at the two beds and says that makes one of them.

Shawn goes to the bar to see Gabby. He says the girls went shopping at the second hand store. Gabby loves the place, she bought her current top there for next to nothing. She says it was a steal given it's a vintage piece. There is one guy at the bar, Gabby says his name is Charlie. He's apparently the island drunk. Charlie tells Gabby that he wants a dance, but she says not now. He won't take no for an answer. Shawn gets in his face and says take his hands off her. Gabby tells Shawn it its fine. She sits him down and says they'll have that dance later. Shawn asks Gabby if he wants him to throw him out. Gabby says no. Shawn asks what he does? Gabby says what he sees. She says he won the lottery and that buys a lot around here. Shawn says so he's rich? Gabby says everyone here has a story. She says fights bring cops, cops ask questions and Duck doesn't like questions. She gives him a kiss on his cheek for  trying to be her hero.

Belle shows up with all the stuff she and Claire bought. Gabby says she loves The Palm Tree, it's her favorite store. Gabby goes to get her camera so they can take photos. Belle tells Shawn about before, she wasn't trying to confuse him about the kiss. Shawn says he wasn't confused, he hasn't given it a second thought. 

Belle and Gabby are in her room with Claire, Gabby has a really old Polaroid. Belle hopes it still works. Gabby says it does. Gabby asks if things were cool with her and Shawn? Belle says eventually. Gabby knows he wasn't thrilled with the bed switch. She says she's so sorry if she caused problems. Belle says she didn't. Belle asks if she caused a problem for her, was something going on with her and Shawn last night? Belle says she wouldn't blame her, Shawn is a great guy. Gabby tries to dodge the question by taking more photos. Gabby eventually tells Belle that she's not trying to take Shawn away. She is not to keen about getting tied down to any one guy. She says she likes her life here, her life is simple. She says she doesn't go after other people's men. Belle says Shawn isn't taken. Gabby asks then why the beds caused such a problem? Gabby says Shawn loves her, he will wait for her. 

Gabby goes back to the bar. She offers to take a family photo of Shawn, Belle and Claire. Charlie the drunk shows up and says he'll take the photo, that way Gabby can be in it. Gabby suggests she have that dance with Charlie now. She insists to Shawn that it is fine. Belle asks Shawn who the guy is. Shawn says a local lush. Belle thinks she's handling him fine. Gabby sits Charlie down and gets back to taking the photo of Shawn, Belle and Claire. Belle wishes they could send the photo to Roman. Gabby suggests they send another one, she'll make sure it gets there. 

Later Charlie is telling Shawn that he has too much of a good thing. He offers to take the hot blonde off his hands and show him what a real man can do. Shawn says that is his wife. Charlie says not what he heard, he heard she has a husband and he's the guy who knocked her up. Shawn begins beating the guy as Gabby tells him to stop, he's killing him.

Back in Salem, Willow comes home as she finds Hope is in her room and found her jewelry. Willow was on the phone trying to make a deal to unload some stuff. Hope asks if she was trying to unload this? Willow says just because she gave her money for the baby it doesn't mean she owns her. Willow claims the bag is her great aunt's costume jewelry, she is selling it for money. Hope looks through it, everything looks so much like what was stolen from her. She says everything seems to be here, everything but the matches she used to burn down her house. Willow claims she has no idea how that got here, she has never seen it. She says Chelsea probably planted it, she was here the other day. She asks why would she want to hurt her and Bo when they are helping her? Hope says she intends to find out. Willow runs.

At Billie's, Bo shows up and Chelsea is panicking. Bo has backup with him. Billie is not thrilled. Chelsea tells her dad to cuff her now. Bo says he's not here to arrest her, he is here to search her room. Billie asks if he has a warrant? Bo says a verbal one yes. Billie wants a written one. She thinks Bo is making this personal. Bo says he almost lost his family, this is personal. Billie says Chelsea is his family too. Chelsea tells her dad she can blame him all he wants, but this time he is wrong. Bo's men search her room, Chelsea offers up all her keys to make sure she's not hiding things at the lab or her mailbox at school. Billie asks if this is necessary? Bo says it is. Bo shows her a hairbrush found near where the fire was started. He asks if it is hers? It of course is hers, but she lies. Bo then gets a call from Hope, she says she found her jewelry at Willows, but she ran. Bo says he'll put out an APB. Bo tells Chelsea about this new turn events. He says he assumes the brush is Willow's. He says he's sorry, he followed the evidence, he's glad it was wrong. Billie says it's over so no more doubting Chelsea.

Later Bo hugs Chelsea and says he's sorry. Hope shows up, Chelsea thanks Hope for doing this for her. Hope says it's not a done deal with Willow. She says Willow said Chelsea planted them in her room. Chelsea says Willow is lying. Billie asks if Chelsea was at the Y. Chelsea says she was there but she didn't do this. Bo says he has all the proof he needs. Bo shows her the hairbrush and says nobody can lie their way out of DNA. Bo says he needs to be at the station when they bring Willow in. He tells Chelsea one of these days he'll get it right. Hope says that is his way of saying he was wrong. Bo heads to the station, with the hairbrush. Hope leaves with him. Chelsea is worried, Billie asks if she's okay? Chelsea says she's great. Billie asks if she wants to go to the shower? Chelsea says she'll think about it. Billie says she's proud of how she handled herself with her dad. Billie leaves to freshen up. Chelsea makes a call. She tells someone that she really needs their help, her life is about to blow up in her face. 

Willow returns to her room only to be arrested by two cops for breaking and entry, arson and attempted murder. Willow claims they have the wrong person.

In the hall outside of Sami's, we see a replay of Celeste telling Sami that she has to do something about EJ. Sami says the only thing she has to do is make new wedding plans. Celeste tells Sami not to walk away from her, that bastard from hell deserves to die! Sami opens the door, EJ and others are standing there. They say surprise! She is shocked that they are giving her a shower. Sami goes in. EJ asks Celeste he doesn't know who was more surprised, her or Sami. He says for someone who hates Sami, she seems to be hanging around her a lot . . . planning a murder? EJ goes to Sami and sees her hands are shaking. 

Phillip gives Sami a gift. He asks if she knows it is a boy or a girl? Sami says no. Eavesdropping EJ says you can get tests to know that, among other things. Phillip says some people like to be surprised. Sami knows Lucas will appreciate Phillip being here. She says she can't imagine why his mom threw her a shower. EJ keeps interjecting, Sami thinks it is time for him to leave. Kate gets Phillip to help her in the kitchen and watches as EJ drags Sami into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, EJ gets nasty with Sami. She says she's going back to her party, but he says she's going no where until she says how she and that third rate gypsy are planning to kill him. Sami says she's not planning anything with Celeste. She says get out of her way or she'll scream. He says go ahead. She doesn't, he gets rough and grabs her. Sami says she's sick of this, she is calling Roman to tell him the whole story. EJ says fine he'll dial the number for her. She says he knows the number? EJ says there isn't a lot he doesn't know. He dials the station and hands the phone to Sami. He says don't leave out the part of her helping him escape and lying about it. Sami says give me that phone. Sami takes it and asks to speak to her dad. Of course Roman is in a meeting with the mayor, Sami says she'll call back. EJ says how convenient. EJ suggests they call her other family. He calls Bo up and says Sami has something important to share. He tells Sami not to keep uncle Bo waiting as he hands her the phone. Bo asks Sami if she's okay? Sami says EJ showed up at her shower. She says she just wanted to call and thank him and Hope for the gift. He asks why she's on his phone? Sami says the landline is in use and hers is dead. Bo says he's glad she likes the gift, he has to go. EJ says it seems the cat has her tongue, so tell him about her plans with Celeste. She cries that she's not planning anything with Celeste. She is in tears, she says she can't keep doing this, she can't keep lying and taking care of this baby, her son, and  plan this wedding. She says he won't give her a break, all she's asking for is one night, one party where she can pretend that she has a lasting and real relationship. EJ tells Sami that he will give her everything, doesn't she see that. He says he protects what is his. She says she is not his. He says he wasn't speaking of her. He says this stuff with Celeste must stop or she will never find the peace she's looking for.

Kate offers Celeste an hors'doeurves. She asks Celeste about planning a murder, but Celeste won't discuss it. Kate says well at least she livened up the party. Lucas finally shows up, he asks Kate if he missed anything. Kate says no, the fun has just begun. Lucas sees Phillip and wonders what he's doing here. Kate says that sounds hostile. She suggests they go outside and talk. He says fine, they go outside and talk.

Out in the hall, Phillip tries to apologize. Lucas says not interested. Phillip says they are brothers. Lucas says when it's convenient.

Kate continues to interrogate Celeste about killing someone. Celeste says she and Sami were just discussing Will's education, she wants Theo to go to Will's school rather than the private school Abe has him in. Celeste swears that is it. Kate says fine, it will be fun figuring out what Salem's latest odd couple is up to.

Lucas and Phillip go back inside. They both whine to their mommy about the other. Kate tells them that she thinks they can work this out. She wants them to try and be civil, they agree. Lucas wonders where Sami is. Kate says she and EJ are in the bedroom. Lucas asks doing what? Kate says talking I guess, what else would they be doing?

In the hall, Celeste is texting Sami. She hopes Sami gets it. Back in Sami's room, her phone is vibrating. Sami quickly looks at it and sees it is Celeste. EJ asks her again what is going on? Sami says Celeste is angry with a headmaster at Theo's school, he is who she wanted to kill. Sami says she didn't tell him as every conversation they have comes back to her baby. Lucas walks in and says their baby is none of EJ's business. Sami tells Lucas ho she just came in here for a moment alone and EJ followed her. EJ leaves, Lucas asks SAmi what is really going on here? He says she looked scared to death when he walked in. She says nothing is wrong and she loves Lucas so much. She then kisses him.

EJ talks with Kate and asks where Madam Marvel is. Kate says Celeste is gone, she's glad to see he's still alive. Kate claims Celeste told her an interesting story about Theo wanting to go to Will's school. EJ says Sami told him the same thing. She says so it is true? EJ says he could tell her, but then he'd have to kill her. She says he and his father are both such comedians. EJ ends up having to leave.

Phillip tells his mom that he just got a lead on Claire, if it pans out then it will lead to Shawn and Belle. Kate tells Phillip that Claire is gone. Phillip says she's not gone. Kate knows he'd do anything to get Claire back, but she won't let him slip away from him again. Kate says he will track his lead down with him.

Lucas and Sami finally arrive at the shower together. Lucas suggests they get the party started and open some gifts. Lucas goes to get Sami some punch. In the hall EJ is spying. He has some hanky that he dried Sami's tears with and is smelling it. He says Sami will be his, very soon. 


March 28, 2007

At Chez Rouge, Kayla has taken Max out for lunch. He is loving the food. She asks him when the last time he ate was? He says coffee and donuts for breakfast. Max says Abby's on a trip and he's fallen behind at the garage, so he's been working a lot. She says she hears the food is really good over in Italy. She asks when the last time he had a vacation was? He says it's been awhile. She suggests he come with her on a trip to Italy, her treat. He knows something is up, what is going on. She admits the trip might be a little . . . . dangerous. HE asks if this has anything to do with Steve? He knows he's been out of the loop for awhile, bring him up to speed. She tells him how Steve has been tortured and brainwashed by Stefano, as well as EJ. She feels EJ is behind what is going on with Steve, he's making Steve do all these crazy things. MAx thought Steve was getting treatments though. Kayla says he is, but who know how long that will take. Kayla says she's going to Italy because that is where Stefano is. Max tells her that he loves her, but she can't do this. He asks what Roman or Bo would say. She says they would stop her, which is why she didn't go to them. He says he loves her and Steve, both he and Frankie owe her so much for taking them in and introducing them to the folks, who eventually adopted them. He says he would do anything for her and Steve. Kayla says so he'll do it? Max groans and says he guesses. She thanks him. He says there is a condition. He says Abby is in New York on a trip. He wants to surprise her, so maybe they can stop in New York on the way back. Kayla says so they are a couple? Max says no just friends, buds. He says Abby has helped him out a lot lately and he just wants to pay her back. Kayla says okay, they'll stop in New York on the way back from Italy.

In Steve's room at the hospital, Ella Kraft comes to see him. She says they have a problem, he has not been taking his meds. Steve says they make him a zombie, all he can do is drool when he takes them. She says then they'll adjust the dosage. Steve reminds her that he's worked in these places before, he knows what will happen to him. He says you can't help someone get better when they are on these meds. Ella says that is not how things work here. She wants Steve to get better and walk out of here. She tells him he signed on for this, the judge said if he didn't cooperate then he'd be put back in jail. She asks why he really doesn't want to take the meds? He says he's afraid, afraid that he'll become a zombie and people will stop caring. He's afraid he'll fade away in here forgotten. She says that was a big step forward admitting his fear. She offers him a deal to make this place more attractive. She says if he takes his meds then she will let him leave the room, go to the common area, watch some TV. Steve says oh boy, now I can catch up on my soaps! Steve agrees and takes his medicine. Ella says she'll join him for lunch later. She leaves, and leaves his door open. Steve spits the pills out and says sorry but I will get better and get back with Kayla. He then leaves.

In the common room, Steve looks around as other patients are running around. Ella soon joins him for lunch, he fakes being medicated. She asks him why he kidnapped John Black and made his wife take out his kidney? Steve says he had to. She asks why? Steve mumbles, saying he can't say. She brings up brainwashing and mind control. He says he saw that in a movie once with Frank Sinatra. She says yes but that was a movie where a man was drugged to forget. She tells Steve he may have Stockholm Syndrome, he's forged a bond with his attackers and is protecting them. Steve says he wants to kill them! Ella calms him down. She says they've made progress, he opened up and it is thanks to those meds. She gets a call and has to leave. 

Later Steve decides the mystery meat is too mysterious for him. He gives his lunch to another patient. Soon an orderly comes along and yells at the patient, saying he knows the rules, he has to ask for another tray of food. Steve says he gave him that tray, it was his lunch. The orderly tells "the pirate" to shut up. Steve tells the orderly if he wants to pick on someone then pick on him. The orderly throws Steve's tray on the floor and then tells him to get on his knees and pick up his mess. Steve says no, you get on your  knees and pick up your own mess! 

At the bar on the island, Gabby screams at Shawn to stop attacking Charlie. Shawn lets Charlie go and Gabby tells Shawn that he has no idea the trouble he's brought. She says that was the Sheriff's brother-in-law, he's going to bring the sheriff here. Gabby tells Shawn he better get out of here. Belle, who was watching, takes Claire up to her room. Duck soon shows up, he's furious. Duck says the Sheriff, who thinks he's Wyatt Earp, is on his way and will drag Shawn off. He tells Shawn to pack his family up, build another raft and go now. Shawn tells Gabby that Charlie knew far too much about his situation, did she tell him? She says Charlie asked. He says she had no right, now he knows how much he can really trust her.

Belle is in her room with Claire when Shawn shows up. He says they have to pack and leave, but Belle says no. She says she is not leaving, this was Shawn's mistake. Gabby soon shows up, the Sheriff is on his way over to question Shawn. She says they have to go now. Before they can leave, Duck and the Sheriff show up at the door. Shawn leaves to talk to the Sheriff and Belle leaves the room so she and Claire can get some air. Later Duck shows up and goes through their things to see what they are really hiding.

Down in the bar, Shawn explains what really happened to the Sheriff. Gabby sticks up for Shawn, saying Shawn is telling the truth and he knows how Charlie gets when he's drunk. The Sheriff says he does know. He says he'll talk to Charlie and suggest there is no case and drop the charges. However he still has to do paper work, he asks for Shawn's passports. Belle joins him at this point, they know they can't give him the passports. The Sheriff wonders what is going on, what are they hiding. They are somewhat honest with the Sheriff. Shawn says he and Bell left the States because someone was after their daughter. He says his dad had a boat, they took it and got shipwrecked on a nearby island. He says they left home without passports, they didn't want a paper trail. The Sheriff thinks this sounds like a load of bull. Duck shows up and says it is. He's found their fake passports. The Sheriff says this is now a felony. Gabby soon chimes in, she says that Duck searched their room without a warrant, therefore they can't use the passports as evidence. The Sheriff says Gabby is smart. She says she watches law shows too! Gabby tells the Sheriff that they are all here because they have secrets they don't want known, all of them.  The Sheriff can't argue. He warns them if trouble comes looking for them then he won't be able to turn the other eye, he is the law around here. He says he's keeping the fake passports and they are not to leave the island.

Shawn apologizes to Gabby later on. He says she came through for them. She hugs him and says she'd do anything for him, anything . . . Meanwhile Duck finds Belle in her room with Claire. She just put Claire down. Duck says he knows she and the boy scout are having problems. She says this isn't his business. He says no but Gabby is his business. He says he loves his daughter, but she has a weakness for men, especially ones with dark hair and blue eyes. She tells Belle if she wants to keep the boy scout then stake a claim on him soon.


March 29, 2007
On the island, Shawn wakes up, Belle is already up. He asks what time it is? Belle, who is doing laundry, says the sun just came up. She couldn't sleep so she bathed Claire and did her laundry. Shawn tries to apologize to her for everything, he can see she's upset. He asks if she will talk to him or not? Belle says they've had Claire on the run for a long time, she's had no contact with their family or kids her own age. Belle says Claire needs more than them, she hates to think these risks they are taking could mess her up. Shawn says it will be hard to find her a play date on the island. Belle says that is why she wants them to go to Australia. Shawn doesn't get it, she wanted to stay here. Belle says she's thought it over and changed her mind. She says this isn't a fit place to raise a child. He thinks there is something more. She says this bar isn't a place to raise a child, she's worried about the Sheriff too. Shawn thinks he won't say anything. Belle says she wants to leave now. Shawn says okay they will go, but does she have a way to get to Australia. She says she does have a plan. She says she has the ring Phillip gave her. She says nobody here would think it was stolen. He doubts anyone here would want to buy this though. She says they won't sell it, they will trade it for a boat. She says once they get to Australia they'll sell the boat and use it to support them until they get jobs. Shawn is impressed, she really thought this through. However he thinks there is another reason she wants to leave. He wants to hear the reason she wants to leave that she's not telling him. Abby arrives with some breakfast for them. She tells Shawn that Duck needs him to gas up the generator before the bar opens. Belle tells Shawn they'll talk later, so he leaves.

Belle and Gabby get a moment alone. Gabby asks if everything is okay? Belle says yes. Gabby says for a moment she thought something was wrong with Claire. Gabby offers to watch Claire while Belle takes a shower. Belle asks Gabby why she's so interested in her kid? Gabby says she is sorry. Belle says she's a stranger, not her nanny. Gabby thought they were friends. Gabby says she cares about them. Belle says she thinks she cares, she thinks she cares too much. Gabby can tell Belle is pissed off at her. She wants Belle to spit it out, what is bothering her. Belle wants to know why Gabby is so friendly. Gabby says she doesn't have too many girlfriends here. Belle asks Gabby if she's sure it's a girlfriend she's looking for? Gabby can't believe Belle is accusing her of being after her man. Belle says she didn't accuse her of anything. Gabby says she is not interested in Shawn. Belle tells Gabby that she is beautiful, seductive and knows how to work it. Gabby asks how she is using these powers over Shawn? Shawn returns at this point, he tells Gabby something is wrong with the generator, something is stripped and he needs parts to fix it. Gabby leaves them to tell Duck. 

Belle asks Shawn if he loves her? He says he does. She says she needs to hear him say it. He says he loves her. She says then help her pack so they can get out of here. Belle tells Shawn she's sorry she's been so hard on him, she loves him. He says come again? She says she loves him. He says it has been a long time since he's heard those words. She says she knows they have a future together, just not here. Shawn knows things haven't been perfect here. She says Claire is better and they caught their breath, now they can go. Shawn says they didn't get much time together the two of them. Belle says this just isn't the best place for them to find their way back to one another. She says to lose him again would break her heart. They hug. He promises her that the last thing he'd do is break her heart. She says she's sorry for acting like this. She asks if he's okay with leaving then? He says he wished they had time and more money to get this plan together. She says they'll make it work, she just has to get out of here. He says okay, they'll go. She asks when? He says he'll see if he can get a boat today. As they plan, Gabby is spying at the door. 

Back in Salem, Chelsea arrives at the lab to see Nick. He got her call, he could tell she was upset. He's glad she called. He wanted to call her. She wishes he had. He knows he can't be forgiven for what happened. Chelsea doesn't want to talk about that. He says okay, perhaps they should put it behind them and move on. Chelsea says she still doesn't want to talk about it. She asks if he still loves her, does he still feel the same way about her? He says he loves her even more. She says good. She says she's in trouble and he's the only one she can count on to help her. Nick says he's here for her no matter what. He says he's her friend. She says she needs more than a friend, she needs someone who can see past her mistakes and loves her enough to take a huge risk. She tells him about the fire and how it's been pinned on her. Chelsea tells him about the robbery and how the jewels were found in Willow's room. Nick is shocked. Chelsea knows they are buddy buddy, but Nick says he's only helping her find a place to live. Chelsea says things get worse for her though, a hairbrush was found at the house and they think it was left by the arsonist. She says the hairbrush is hers, which is why she needs his help. He asks how her hairbrush got their? She doesn't know, she lost it awhile ago, she thinks Willow took it to frame her. Chelsea begs Nick to help her. Nick asks what she wants him to do? Chelsea says he knows the answer, she needs him to get her off the hook. He says he won't do this for her. He asks how she doesn't know she didn't drop it by accident. Chelsea says her dad thinks it is the holy grail of evidence. She says they are sending the brush here for testing, she wants him to accidentally lose the brush or something. She says he said he'd do anything. He says she wants him to break the law, risk his job, his career. She says nobody would know it was him. He says he would. She says all she's asking him to do is make the hairbrush disappear. He says it's not okay. He tells her not to do this to him. He tells Chelsea to tell Bo the truth, but she doesn't think he will believe her. She realizes Nick won't take the brush for her. Nick says he wants her to love him, but he won't compromise his integrity to make it happen. She thinks Nick thinks she really did this and that is why he won't help her. Nick says he didn't say that, but she says he doesn't have to. Nick says he is looking into her beautiful eyes, if she says she didn't do it then he believes her. She says she shouldn't have to tell him. Chelsea says coming here to ask him this isn't easy, if there was another way she'd take it. She thought that they had something special. Nick says what if he came to her and said rob a bank for him. Chelsea says that is different. She says he's asking her to commit a crime, she says she wants him to stop one, her going to jail. Chelsea also tells Nick she would rob the bank for him, she'd do anything for him and thought he felt the same about her. She says she guesses she was wrong. Chelsea walks out on nick. 

Max and Kayla are flying to Italy. Kayla thanks him for doing this with her. Max says Bo and Hope will be pissed when they find out what they are doing. He asks what exactly are they doing? Kayla explains how EJ has been controlling Steve. She says Steve had him kidnap John Black and remove a kidney from him. Max says she isn't saying Steve took out John's kidney is she. Kayla says no, she did it. She says Steve pulled her in because he didn't want a hack to do it. Kayla says Steve defied EJ, that proves he's still in there. She guesses that Stefano needed a transplant. Max says so what the plan is? Kayla has the address of the hospital where Stefano was found last year. Kayla says they need to get proof that Stefano has John's kidney and EJ orchestrated it. Max says wow. He tells Kayla that it must be nice to love someone so much that you'd risk all for them. Kayla blames herself somewhat, if she had never met Steve then he wouldn't have been a target for Stefano. Max says not to blame herself, not many men have a woman who loves them enough to do what she's doing. Kayla knows one day he'll have that kind of love. Max thanks her. He asks so how are they going to do this? Kayla says they can't storm the hospital obviously. She says she could use her credentials, but Max says that won't get them passed the front desk. Kayla says what they need then is divine intervention. Max sees a priest on the plane and gets an idea. When the priest leaves to use the bathroom, Max snoops in his things. He takes one of the priest's collars, thinking he had six so won't miss one. Later Kayla talks about the DiMeras, she feels she needs to prepare Max. Max says there are all kinds of tough people. He tells her that she is soft on the inside but tough on the outside, she's the kind that doesn't give up on love. He says she has the right kind of tough to take on the DiMeras, they will get what she needs. The priest returns and Kayla gives him some money as a donation to his parish. Max jokes that they know who has a sure spot in heaven now.

At the mental hospital, the orderly orders Steve to clean up the lunch on the floor. Steve says it looks like pig slop, maybe the orderly should eat it. All the patients are watching and laughing at this point. The orderly tells Steve to pick it up, so Steve gets down and puts the food all over his shoes. The orderly says Steve has crossed the line smartass! Steve says the only line he knows of is the yellow one running down his back. The orderly tells him to clean up this mess! Steve asks if that is all he has? Steve starts air boxing and tells him to show him what he has. The orderly pulls out a stun gun and asks if he's been shocked, it hurts real bad. The orderly tells him to clean it up or he'll shock him, he'll fall to the floor and wet himself, then he'll get to clean that up too. Steve says he's been around losers like him all his life, his dad had to beat his mom to feel like a man. The orderly says Steve is the loser. Steve says the only thing in here worth living for is eating and sleeping, and he is terrorizing this guy for asking for a little more to eat. Steve ends up telling the orderly to bring it on, he's been zapped with more lightening than Frankenstein's monster. Steve rips his shirt off and tells him to fire away. The orderly does just as Ella Kraft returns to find Steve on the floor in pain. Ella is furious with the orderly for doing this, this is not his place. The orderly says Steve was violent and asking for it. Ella says she saw what happened, what she saw was him goading him and that is all. She orders the orderly to clean up the mess as she tends to Steve. She asks how Steve is. He says he's fired up, he didn't think lunch would be this exciting. She says they need to get him to his room. He asks if she'll have her way with him? She says she always gets her way. As Steve leaves, he makes kissy faces at the orderly. 

Ella takes Steve back to his room and checks on him. She thinks he shouldn't have messed with Folley. Steve says he shouldn't have messed with the patient, he shouldn't be working here. Ella is still impressed that he's cooperating and taking his meds. The orderly shows up, Ella demands he get Steve a new shirt and then see her in her office. The orderly tells Popeye that he's made himself an enemy. Steve says bring it on. 


March 30, 2007
In Italy, Kayla and Max are in the hospital and are dressed as a priest and nun. Kayla hopes God understands this is for a good cause. Max thinks Ma won't! Kayla says he can still back out, but Max says she and Steve never gave up on him so he is here for her. He suggests Sister Kayla pray for them. They head into see Stefano, but a man puts a gun in the back of Max's head. Kayla says something in Italian to the guy, he opens the door to Stefano's room. Max asks what she said, she said they wanted to pray for Stefano. He asks when she started speaking Italian? She says she learned a few phrases in an Italian phrase book, she has no idea what the guy said to them. The guy went in to see Stefano and then comes out and says something to them, Kayla says something back, which tips the guy off. The guys says he said Stefano was sleeping, now who are they? They say they are Americans, which the guy knows. He holds a gun on them and wants answers. Max ends up knocking the guy out and taking his gun. The guy gets up, Max holds a gun on him. Kayla takes the keys from the guy and then unlocks the door to Stefano's room. She goes in as Max holds the guard hostage. 

Kayla goes into Stefano's room. She begins reaching under the oxygen tent he's under. She feels his scar, she knows if she ripped the stitches out then she'd find a kidney with John's name on it. She takes pictures of the scar and to prove who it belongs to, she takes his finger prints and photos. She says all that is over, she is sure Stefano is happy about that. She says Stefano is alive because of her. She says she took that kidney out and it makes her sick. She says he and his rotten evil family make her sick. She sees the cord to his life support and says she could end it now. She goes to pull it out saying Arivaderche Stefano! She says she could put him and the rest of them out of their misery. She says she can't do it though, even though he's such a bastard. She says it has to be in God's hand. She hopes God makes him suffer. She says that he has himself to blame that he and his son are rotting away in prison and that all his schemes have ended miserably. 

Kayla soon comes out of Stefano's room. Max has been holding the guard hostage and asking where he can get good pizza, what about renting a Lamborghini, what should he see while in town? Max asks Kayla if they are done? Kayla says yes, they have to go. They end up locking the guard in the closet before making their escape. 

At the mental hospital, Steve is working out in his room when EJ shows up to check on Steve's health. Steve says he only cares for himself. He says he's sick of being EJ's toy. Steve asks how he got in here? EJ says he has connections. Steve says he thought they'd be more careful given EJ was a suspect last time he broke out. He also knows EJ tipped Kayla off to where he was. Steve warns him that EJ is the one who trained him to be a human weapon, he could hurt him. He asks EJ what it is he wants? EJ wants Steve to know why he put Kayla on his trail and why he wanted him brought back. EJ wants Steve to know he can keep him here as long as he wants. Steve tells EJ he's no good to him locked up here. EJ says he's contained, that does him a lot of good. EJ tells Steve no more phone calls and no more help from him, Steve is on his own. Steve says he does him no good here. EJ claims he does need something from him. He says Phillip thinks he may have found Shawn, if that is the case then he needs Steve to make a delivery for him. Till then, play nice. Steve grabs EJ and says if he's crazy they won't blame him for killing the man who put him in here. Steve says he can't keep pulling his strings! EJ says watch him. He dares Steve to go ahead and choke him. Steve seems to be unable to and lets EJ go. EJ says good boy! EJ then gets a call from Sami, who says she needs to see him. He says he'll be right over. As EJ is leaving he mumbles something about Steve's wife, which gets him upset. Steve asks what he said? EJ leaves Steve screaming.

After EJ is gone, Steve screams for the doctor. An orderly says Dr. Kraft is with another patient. He screams it is an emergency. He ends up screaming that he took too many pills, he OD'd. Ella shows up asking what he took. He says nothing, he just needs her to listen. She says he made it sound like a matter of life and death. Steve says it is, someone could die. He begs her to call his wife so he can talk to her. Later Ella says she tried to reach Kayla, but she's out of the country, she's in Italy. Ella says she's sorry. She tells Ella she'll come back and they'll talk later. Steve wonders what Kayla is doing.

Sami is at home typing on her PC. Celeste is looking over her shoulder. Sami asks how she is supposed to concentrate when she feels Celeste breathing down her neck. Celeste only wants it to look accurate. Sami tells Celeste she has experience in forging DNA reports. She thinks she has it, she asks Celeste to look it over. Celeste says it isn't good enough to fool a DiMera. Sami says she worked at the hospital, it's a perfect forgery. Celeste says this will only make things worse. Sami says and murder won't? She says Celeste shouted it out to a room full of people. Sami also says even if EJ is suspicious he can't prove it's a fake, he can't get his hands on her medical records. Celeste asks what country she lives in? Celeste says nothing is private, especially not for someone as powerful as him. She says get rid of EJ! Sami says she won't kill EJ, so this is all she can do. Celeste says she could tell Lucas the truth. Wouldn't he understand why she did what she had to do? Sami says maybe, but it won't get rid of EJ. Celeste says there is only one way to do that. Sami says she won't kill EJ, no no no! Celeste tells Sami that the time will come when she will realize she has to do this. Later Sami folds up the paper and says she has to get this over with. Celeste leaves, but knows Sami will be calling her soon. Sami then picks up her phone to call EJ.

EJ soon arrives at Sami's place. She says the results came this morning, she hasn't opened it, she thought they should do it together. He says that reminds him of the good old days when she was getting the threatening notes and counted on him. She says he sent her the notes! He says she doesn't believe that does she. She says she does. He says remember when he was just EJ Wells, not a DiMera. HE says before they open this he wants her to know that he hopes some day they can be friends again. She says they should just open it. She hands it to him, but he says as the mother she should do this. She hopes it and cries. He asks if she's okay? What is wrong? Sami says she is more than okay because he is not the father! She then throws the paper at him. He says let me see that. She says DNA doesn't lie, the test is accurate to 99.8 percent. She says so she was right, mothers instinct. She says he raped her, but he won't get her child. He says he did not rape her and he was so sure. She says well he's wrong, he's not the father. EJ says he'd trade everything for her and his child. He is devastated over this news, he asks how can this be. 

On the Island, Belle and Shawn are in their room packing. Belle asks Shawn if he thinks this is the right thing to do. Shawn says she convinced him it was. Belle knows Australia will be better for Claire. Shawn says he's sold, is there something else she wants to tell him? She says no, she's just nervous. Shawn suggests they stop talking about it. Shawn heads out to check on the boat. He finds Gabby in the hall crying, she says it is just allergies. Shawn asks Gabby for a favor, would anyone trade a boat for a ring? Shawn says they need to get off the island. She asks why they are in a rush? She says they just mailed their family, don't they want to wait for a response? Shawn says the Sheriff took their passports, they think it is too risky to stay. Shawn asks if she can help them? Gabby says she'll do her best and she will miss them. Shawn says they won't forget how she and Duck took them in. He gives her the ring and decides to go tell Duck. Shawn leaves and Gabby is clearly shaken. She goes to see Belle. Gabby says Shawn just have her this, and shows her the ring. Gabby says Shawn needs a boat for it. She asks Belle what she can do to convince them to stay. Belle asks why she cares if they stay, unless . . . Gabby once again says she doesn't steal unavailable guys. She says Shawn loves her and she loves him. Belle knows Gabby isn't being completely honest with her. Gabby says she is paranoid and very insecure. Gabby says unless someone has told her something . . . . Gabby says that is it, someone's been talking to her. Gabby says if someone is talking about her then she has a right to know. Belle says it was her father! Gabby thinks that is funny, she starts laughing. She says her dad needs to be retired and sipping mai tais, not working the way he does. Gabby says having both of them around has been good for both of them, whether Duck wants to admit it or not. She also tells Belle what she and Shawn have here isn't so bad, think about that before sailing off into the unknown. Gabby says it has been a long time since she had friends and she thinks Claire is a doll, there aren't many young ones here. She understands why they have to go, she wishes she could escape with them. Belle apologizes for being hard on her earlier. She knows she doesn't have a right to ask Gabby this, but don't tell Shawn about what they've talked about. Gabby says she won't.

Down at the bar, Duck asks Shawn, who is standing around, if he's posing for a picture? Shawn helps him unload some stuff. Shawn lets Duck know that he, Belle and Claire are leaving the island. Duck says that makes sense given the Sheriff told them not to. Duck tells Shawn he still owes him for room and board so he's not going anywhere unless Shawn whatever he owes him he'll send from Australia. Shawn says Gabby is helping them try and leave. Duck says nice knowing you Boy Scout!

Shawn returns to the room and says he told Duck they were going. Gabby guesses it didn't go well, he still wanted more money. Shawn says he told Duck they'd pay him once they got to Australia. Gabby says no need and offers Shawn some money to give Duck, he'll never know. Shawn refuses. Gabby says she'll just go see about getting them their boat. After she leaves, Shawn says they will be okay. He hugs Belle. He says he'll go check on their boat. He then leaves the room. Belle continues packing their things up. 

Gabby goes to the bar. Duck is there, she's furious with him. He asks what he did. She says he knows what he did and she doesn't want to talk to him right now. He says fine! He says he'll go fishing. She says great, leave her to take care of the place, thanks! He says she said she didn't want him around, so later! Gabby then calls up someone called Cap. She says it's Gabby at the Bikini. She has a favor to ask, does he know anyone who would be willing to trade a boat for a nice ring? Suddenly Phillip shows up! He clears his throat to get Gabby's attention. She asks Phillip to hold a second. She continues talking to the Captain about this deal, whoever takes it will love it. She then goes to see Phillip, she asks if she can help him. He flashes a photo of Shawn and Belle and asks if she's seen these people as they kidnapped his daughter. Gabby looks at the photo. In the back, Shawn is spying on them. 


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