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1st Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


April 30, 2007
On the island, Shawn is counting money on the bar trying to buy a boat or a trip off the island, but Duck says he doesn't have the money for a kayak.Shawn promises his dad will get him the money, but Duck isn't buying that.  He also says nobody else is leaving, tonight, he'll have to wait till morning. Shawn says they can't, Belle's ex is on his way here to take Claire. Duck suggests they stop running, face this guy, work something out. Shawn says he doesn't know Phillip. Duck says what he does know is while Phillip was serving his country 

Up in Belle's room, she's packing when there is a knock at the door. She assumes it is Gabby. Phillip unfortunately shows up at Belle's room. He says she didn't think she's really get away from him did she? She tells Phillip he will not take her daughter from her, but Phillip doubts they can stop him. He thinks this is not how Claire should be raised, but Belle says Claire is happy with her family. He says DNA isn't anything. She says she hates him and what he's become, even slapping him. She says she can't believe she ever loved him, he says they both know she never did. She throws a cup of hot tea on his brand new face and runs off with Claire.

Belle arrives down at the bar and says they have to go now! Shawn asks what is wrong? Phillip walks up and says he's what is wrong. Duck stops them from fighting, the boyscout already had one fight in his bar. Gabby shows up and sees Phillip. Phillip hopes she won't try and convince him they aren't here this time. He knew Claire was here, he should have listened to his heart. Phillip apologizes to Duck for the last time, for wrecking his hotel. Gabby wants the sheriff called, she wants Phillip arrested for trespassing. Phillip says he already called the sheriff.

The sheriff arrives, Phillip explains the whole story to the sheriff and says he has a court order giving him custody of Claire and demanding Belle and Shawn be arrested for kidnapping. The sheriff tells Phillip the court order is no good here, Tinda Lau has no extradition agreement with the US. Shawn and Belle basically laugh and smile as Phillip can't take Claire. Phillip asks Duck for a room, he gives him one as they talk war stories. Gabby can't believe her father is betraying them like this, but Duck sees it as business.

Belle, Shawn and Claire return to their room.  Shawn tells Belle they will figure something out in the morning. Phillip shows up. He warns them not to even think about running. He says he'll be watching them, and he will get Claire back.

Hope visits Willow in prison. Hope has brought her some healthy fruit and more prenatal vitamins. Willow says what she needs is to be bailed out and for Hope to drop the charges. Hope tells her that she can't do that. Willow again claims she didn't start that fire and the jewels were planted. Hope doesn't believe that at all. Willow asks Hope if she wants this child to be born in here? Hope says no, she doesn't want to see CPS take the child either. Hope thinks there is an alternative, she can sign the baby over to her and Hope. Willow tells Hope she thinks Phillip was evil for taking Claire, well she has nothing on him. Hope says this is her grandchild, she would think Willow would want her baby being raised by family. Hope says when Willow gets out, she can have contact with her child. IT is better than the child going into the foster care system. Willow thinks Shawn needs to come home and help take care of his child. She lets Hope know she's not signing over her baby.  Hope says she didn't want it to be this way, but she will take her to court if she has to. After Hope leaves, Willow asks to make a call to her doctor. She calls Nick, asking him to come see her, it's a matter of life and death. 

At Chez Rouge, Sami finds EJ in a bathroom stall and screams. She runs out claiming a man is there. She's incoherent, they sit her down. Kate asks who the man was? Sami doesn't want to say it's EJ, she claims she doesn't know, she didn't see their face. Lucas and Maggie go to check things out, but they find no one. Kate stays with Sami, telling her to take deep breaths, she's hyperventilating and going to pass out. Lucas returns, he says he and Maggie didn't find anyone. Maggie doesn't think anyone left the bathroom after Sami came out either. Sami ends up fainting in Lucas' arms. Lucas takes her to the hospital.

After Lucas is gone, Kate heads into the bathroom. She looks around and finds EJ's business card in one of the stalls. Later Hope arrives. Maggie thinks she looks like she lost her best friend. Hope says she just came from seeing Willow. Maggie says that explains it. Hope says she tried to convince Willow to give them her baby, but she wouldn't. Hope is willing to fight in court, but feels Willow still is the mother. Maggie suggests Hope do what she needs to in order to protect that baby. 

At the hospital, Sami is checked into a room as Lucas talks with the doctor. The doctor tells Lucas she wants to monitor Sami overnight. Sami is fine, but her blood pressure is very high and this worries her. Lucas says they are to be married next week. The doctor thinks Sami will walk down the aisle, but if she doesn't keep this blood pressure under check she could end up on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy.

Meanwhile Kate shows up in Sami's room and confronts her with EJ's card. Kate knows it was EJ she saw in that restroom, now why didn't she want to admit it? Kate begins in with her theory about the cabin fire, how EJ was supposed to meet her and elope with her. Kate knows something also happened to Lucas in that hotel room. Sami screams at Kate saying get out, she's not helping her. Sami's blood pressure monitors go off, Lucas comes in. Lucas tells his mom to get out. She says she has something to tell him, but he won't hear it. HE says get out now. Kate leave. 

Lucas comforts Sami, tells her to close her eyes and think about their wedding. As he talks he takes her current engagement ring off and puts a new one on, it's huge! She opens her eyes and looks at it. Lucas lets her know it's green too. She sees the box, it's from Tacori. Then mine the diamonds in a way that is environmentally safe. He promises her they will have their wedding. He hugs her as she cries.

At the hotel, Celeste meets with EJ! EJ shows up in a suit, he's all cleaned up. She says she has been waiting for him, but he says he had something to take care of. She says she's done everything he asked. He says she has, the fire, the set-up, it all went beautifully. She wants him to keep his end of the deal, tell him where Alexandra is. He asks why she's spoiling this beautiful day with talk of business. She thinks today was not beautiful, but he does. He says it was very romantic. She thinks he's insane. EJ says Sami couldn't kill him, even after striking two matches, he thinks it proves she still has feelings for him. Celeste says no, it just proves in spite of what Sami is, she's not a cold blooded killer. HE thinks she has feelings for him, they will be together. She thinks he's insane and nothing like Stefano. She says Stefano at least loved his children, protected them. She says all this is not good for Sami or her blood pressure. She reminds him that Sami could be carrying his child, is this how he treats his children? EJ yells his child will have everything and he will be with Sami. She again asks for information on Lexie. He says after the wedding, he doesn't want her going and getting ideas of playing the hero. He says he doesn't know yet if he can trust her. She says that makes two of them. EJ leaves and Celeste leaves as well. She calls Sami claiming she has not been able to find EJ, she's sorry. Out of the next room Kate peaks her head. She looks stunned!    


May 1, 2007
At Bo and Hope's, Kayla is on the phone with Stephanie. She asks her where she is, she thought she'd be here by now. Stephanie walks into the house. She tells her mom she was tied up. She asks why Bo wants to meet? Kayla says he wants to lay out a new plan for Steve. Stephanie asks her mom what if Papa is just crazy and she doesn't want to admit it. Kayla says Steve is not crazy and doesn't belong in that place anymore than she or Stephanie does. Stephanie puts in earphones and decides she'll just listen to her music until Bo gets here. Kayla says she is not done talking to her! Kayla yells at Stephanie to listen to her. Kayla says the hateful things he's saying, it's not him talking. Stephanie says right, it's EJ talking. Stephanie asks when they say enough, she didn't sign up for this kind of abuse. Kayla asks if she thinks her dad did? Kayla grabs her ipod and says she's not trying to make her feel guilty, but she won't give up on Steve. Stephanie says they lost him once and now they're losing him again. Kayla won't give up, she will keep trying. Stephanie thinks that means putting her life on hold again. Stephanie says she won't put her life into park and wait for him to get better, it's not fair. Kayla says in life people don't play fair. Kayla tells Stephanie that in the one visit she made to her father, that convinced him to talk to Bo. Stephanie says but he didn't. Kayla says they tortured him, he's at rock bottom. Stephanie says so is Kayla. She wants her mom to let him go. Kayla can't, they made vows. Kayla feels one day Stephanie will need her dad, but he won't be there because she didn't see this through. Stephanie says okay, she'll stick it out a little longer. 

Roman later shows up to meet with them. Kayla asks Roman about this court order the doctor has, can they fight it? Roman says he talked to the judge, he won't budge. Kayla says then they have to break him out. Roman says he and Bo can't get in there without evidence. Kayla says she'll go in. Roman says she won't get passed the front desk. Kayla thinks she can disguise herself. Stephanie says they need to plant someone in there that papa knows and trusts. She thinks she should go, she got through to him before. Kayla says this is out of the question. Roman says they saw her at the hospital too, she's too obvious. Stephanie thinks she could disguise herself, she's not afraid of Dr. Demented. Roman says well they are. She says fine, she's going out. She says first they want her help, then they don't. She asks them to let her know when she's part of the family. Stephanie leaves. Roman and Kayla continue to discuss their plan. They start to make a list of the people Steve could trust and won't be recognized at the hospital. Roman suggests Jack, but Kayla says it will take to long for him to get here. Kayla says Max? Roman says Max is smart but not strong enough for this. Kayla knows, they should use Adrienne. Roman asks if she'd put herself on the line for Steve? Kayla says only one way to find out. Kayla makes the call to Adrienne. Later Roman is telling her that she didn't exactly give Adrienne a complete rundown of what is going on. Kayla says she didn't want to scare her off. Kayla says she said she was on her way. Roman says they should have a backup plan in case, maybe he can lean on the judge again. Kayla says he said he wouldn't budge. The doorbell rings, Kayla thinks that is her. She answers the door and in comes Adrienne, red hair and classy outfit. Kayla thanks her for coming. Adrienne says of course she came. She says Steve is in trouble, how can she help? Roman gives her a hug, they all sit down. Kayla and Roman begin telling Adrienne what is going on. She knew something had happen when Steve stopped emailing her after he got his memory back. They explain EJ Wells, Stefano's son, did this to Steve. They explain how they are brainwashing Steve. Adrienne asks how they get Steve away from them? Kayla says it won't be easy, and if she decides to help Steve, her life will be on the line. Adrienne asks how she goes about being put in a state hospital for the insane? Roman says he'll take care of that. They plan to wire her and put her under surveillance so she'll be safe. He hopes Steve will make a quick connection and they will get Steve out in a day or two. She asks what about the worse case? Kayla doesn't know. They say this could be dangerous, if she doesn't want to do this then they will understand. Adrienne thinks they have no other options, she'll do whatever it takes to get Steve out. Kayla thanks her. 

Nick shows up at the prison to see Willow. Willow thanks Nick for coming to see her. She says not only has she been set up for arson, but Hope is blackmailing her into giving up her baby. She says Bo and Hope are trying to steal her baby. Nick says she has to be misunderstanding. Willow says she knows blackmail, if she doesn't sign over the baby then it goes into the system. Nick asks what her lawyer says? Willow says he just got his degree last week! She feels she has no more options, she has no bail money, no defense and no hairbrush to prove she is innocent. He asks why she called him? She says she needs a friend. She wants a second chance to start over. She doesn't want to raise her baby in here. She thinks Nick is thinking he wants to run off. Nick says he's not. She says she knows people, they all run out on her eventually. She says she will never run out on this baby, so he can tell Hope that she'll never turn her back on this baby. She talks to Nick about how love changes people, she's been having feelings and thoughts she doesn't even recognize. She also knows what he did for love, for Chelsea. Nick asks what he wants, an apology? A confession? She says a confession would be nice. She says she just wants an answer. She says she's in a quandary and whether he'll admit it or not, he put her here. She wants to know if he's man enough to fix it. He says he is not admitting to stealing the hairbrush. She cries, Chelsea has this great guy and what does she have? She says nothing. Nick tells her that he and Chelsea broke up. Willow says she's sorry that Chelsea hurt him. He says says he's fine. She says she knew Chelsea was a brat, but she's a fool to have given him up. Willow says she should tell him why he asked her here. Nick thought it was to give Hope the message. Willow says there is more. She asks him to post bail. He say she doesn't have that kind of money. She says he only has to pay part. He says does she know what he gets paid? It's one step above maintenance guys. She begs him to be her hero. He says he has a full time job. He says heroes make mistakes, the difference is when they do, they try and fix it. He says Bo and Hope are his family. She asks if he wants this baby born in this rat hole? He says no, but he's in a tough spot. He says she has to find someone else. She says oh she'll call Shawn wherever he is for help. Nick says it's not that he doesn't want to. She says well this visit will be a great chapter in her memoir. Nick tells Willow he will check how much he has, if he has enough if, that's a huge if . . . She says he's such a life saver. He says if he does this, how would he do it? She says call the public defenders, ask for Tim Norris. She says she'll owe him, she will thank him. Nick says he has a condition, keep this between them. He says hasn't have his family finding out. She says his family or Chelsea? He says either one. She says she can keep a secret. They pretend to high five between the glass that separates them.

Sami wakes up in the hospital. Lucas is by her. She has an IV, Lucas says it's to keep her hydrated. Lucas asks if she is hungry? Sami wants a turkey club, triple decker and curly fries. He says he'll go get it. She says no just get her fruit and cheese, it's better for the baby. Lucas says he'll go make them a little picnic for two. He heads off. After he leaves, EJ, dressed in scrubs, sneaks into Sami's room. He's got a hypodermic! Sami is sleeping again as he comes in. Sami wakes up and thinks Lucas is back. EJ puts his hand over her mouth so she can't scream. He says sorry to disappoint you, she thought he'd recognize him from the gas fumes. He says he'll take his hand away only if she promises not to call out. She nods. He says don't let him down. He takes his hand away, she says she is so sorry and it was all her mistake. She says she wanted to go back and help him, but Celeste wouldn't let her. Sami swears she didn't set the cabin on fire. EJ asks why? She says he knows why, because of their kiss. She says she couldn't do it, she kept thinking about their connection and how she couldn't live without him. He doesn't believe her, but says say he chooses to believe her . . . . He says if he lets one person get away with this then it's open season. She says they are hardly selfless people, they both go after what they want in spite of the body count. Sami continues to try and pretend she's so bored with Lucas and she does want EJ. Sami says she also knows no matter what happened, he still wants her. EJ takes her hand and kisses it. In his other hand he hides the hypodermic. He asks if he should take her right here? She says she's serious here. He says so is he. She says she didn't want to let him die, Celeste made her. Sami asks EJ why he's dressed like a doctor? He thought it would blend into the environment. HE didn't want to walk in on Lucas' bedside vigil. She says he will be back at any moment. She promises to call EJ the second she's released from the hospital. He asks if she thinks he's a fool? She says no and she doesn't want to fight. She says she'll make this up to him, but he says her promises are empty. She promises to do whatever he wants. He wants her to lay here like a good little girl. He also wants her to know how it felt for him to know the moment of his death was at hand. He shows her the syringe. She asks what that is? He says the final act in their play! She begs him not to do this. He says it's more humane that her way. She says he doesn't want to kill his own baby. He says he warned her there would be consequences. She says she will leave Lucas and go with him. He says he won't spend his life with someone who left him to die. He says he would have given her more than she could dream of, now all she'll get is the afterlife. He injects her IV and says she has 2 minutes to enjoy the rest of her life. She asks what he's done? He says don't struggle. He says it's ironic, she left him to die and burn, but now she'll spend and eternity in hell! EJ leaves after kissing her. Sami begins screaming for help.

Lucas returns with the nurses. Sami's trying to get her IV out. She says she's been poisoned, take it out. She says EJ poisoned her, she's dying, he said she only had a few minutes left. Lucas says maybe it was a dream, calm down. Sami tells Lucas he's the best thing that ever happened to her, tell Will that . . . The nurse gets the IV out of her, Lucas asks if she's okay? Sami says the room is spinning. Lucas says no it's doing that because she hates the sight of needles. She says she's dying. Lucas says the monitors are fine. Sami says she loves him, she really thought it would be different. Sami says Kate was right, she ruins everything. Sami begs Lucas to know she loves him, what she did was to protect him. He says from what? Sami then passes out. Sami soon wakes up, she thinks she's not dead. The nurse says her pulse is normal. Lucas says she only had a nightmare. She says no it wasn't a nightmare. She knows EJ was here. Lucas says nobody saw him. She says he was dressed like a doctor. She swears it was real. She asks why won't he believe her? She says she's telling him the truth. He continues to think it was only a nightmare. She says she knows what she saw. He says stress does weird things to people. She says it wasn't stress, it was EJ. Lucas says then he'll call security and have them look for him. She says he'll be long gone by now. Lucas asks why EJ would try and kill her? She says because A) he's a psychopath, B) he's a psychopath and C) . . . Lucas says what, a DiMera? Sami says same thing. Lucas asks why EJ would want to kill her, what did she do? He asks why she can't answer the question? She says maybe he's right, maybe this is just a pregnancy nightmare. He says a minute ago she thought otherwise, what has changed. He thinks she's trying awfully hard not to talk about EJ. She asks why she'd want to talk about EJ? Lucas thinks something is going on here between them and EJ. She says EJ is not a part of them, but Lucas says he is and has been since he came to town. Sami asks about the food, they should eat. He says stop it. He says every time he brings up EJ, she changes the subject. He says her stories have more holes than the grand canyon. He tells her to tell him the truth, what is really going on between her and EJ. She says nothing, she's upset because he's doubting her. HE says the closer they get to the wedding, the more unhinged she becomes. He doesn't want to fight with her anymore. He says they are going to stand in front of that altar and exchange their vows. He says he knows it's scary, but it's sacred to him. She says her too. He begs her to tell him what is going on. He says he will understand, he won't get mad. He tells her not to be afraid of the truth. It looks like she's about to tell him when EJ walks in with flowers! Lucas tells him to get out. EJ says it looks like Sami is doing much better. Lucas says get out. EJ says if Sami wants him to leave then he will leave.


May 2, 2007
Chelsea shows up at Chez Rouge to meet Abby. Abby lets her know Stephanie is back in town and she has totally changed. Abby says she has a tattoo! Chelsea asks if she shaved her head too? Abby says funny. Abby asks how things are going with her mom? Chelsea says they talked, she's still upset she's living with her dad, it's weird. Abby says she can work things out with her mom, she did with Nick. Chelsea says she broke up with Nick, it's over between them. Abby can't believe she dumped Nick, he put his future on the line for her. Chelsea says Mr. Heroic got the brush back after she threw it away. She says he thinks she's guilty. She asks Abby how she'd feel? Abby says she'd feel hurt. Chelsea says exactly. Chelsea knows Willow framed her, but she can't prove it. She also says thanks to Nick and his guilty conscience, this may blow up in her face. Abby says Nick still loves her. Chelsea says maybe, just not enough. Abby tells Chelsea with her if anyone makes a mistake, she just crosses them off her list. Chelsea asks if they are talking about Nick's mistake with Billie, or Abby knowing and not telling her? Abby begins to think maybe Chelsea dumping Nick is for the best. Abby says Nick did everything she asked of him and now she's blown him off for feeling guilty. Chelsea says no, for thinking she's lying. Abby says like that's something new. Abby says Nick is the best thing to happen to her, she needs Nick and still does. Chelsea thinks she doesn't. Abby says sooner or later Nick will turn the hairbrush in and tell the police the whole story, and Chelsea's sorry but will go to jail. Chelsea claims the truth is she didn't want Nick to feel obligated to help her, so she told him that he could do what he wanted with the brush. She says she knows she shouldn't have put Nick in the position in the first place, but she was desperate. She says she did use him a little, but it wasn't her intention. Abby thinks telling the truth feels good. Chelsea says and humiliating. Chelsea says if she could go back, she wouldn't have asked him to steal the brush. Abby is glad Chelsea told her this. Chelsea also says for the record, she does know that Nick was the best thing to happen to her. Abby says she should go tell Nick what she just told her. 

Later Stephanie shows up. Chelsea is shocked, she says Stephanie is different looking. Chelsea thinks they should go shopping, hit Salem Place. Stephanie asks who she is and what has she done with Chelsea? Chelsea says she's grown up. Stephanie hopes she's not too mature, she wants some fun. Stephanie says this town is boring, it's so dead. Later Abby and Chelsea fill Stephanie in on what she's missed with them, including Nick sleeping with Billie. Chelsea suggests they talk about something else. Stephanie says Salem isn't so dead after all. Abby says they all have their dramas. Stephanie says they should go have fun. Chelsea and Abby have 8am classes tomorrow, but Stephanie says she'll have them back by 7, 7:30am. The girls eventually agree to go have some fun with Stephanie.

At the jail, Nick goes back to visit Willow. Willow thanks him again for posting bail. She says he's her hero. She says she owes him big time. He asks what she'll do? She says the same thing she's always done, whatever it takes to survive. He thinks there must be someone she can turn to. Willow says she is creative at finding a bed, plus there is the streets. He says why is he posting bail? She's better off here. She promises to find a cheap room somewhere. He says why not find a job? She says what qualifications will she use? Arson, attempted murder? She says hey she can always go back to doing what she does best. Willow is taken back to her cell, she tells Nick not to worry, after all it's not his problem. Later Willow returns to see Nick at the visitors center. He says he wanted to talk to her before she left. Willow says about the job thing, she was kidding. Nick says good, she has a baby on the way. Willow assures him, she gave up that life. Nick wants to help her, he doesn't know why. Willow says she knows this will sound ungrateful after he posted bail, but a few weeks ago he was going to talk to his Uncle Mickey about getting her into subsidized housing. He looks down, she says she's used to it, promises are like dreams, they never come true. He says he did talk to Uncle Mickey, but she didn't qualify. She says it's okay. He says he's her friend, when she feels bad, he feels bad. She says Chelsea was a fool to dump him. Nick says he's going to leave cash and his number with some of the guys up front. He says take care of yourself. He says one more thing, sometimes dreams do come true. 

At the Carvers, Abe sends Theo up to brush his teeth and says he'll be up to tuck him in. Kate shows up, Kate introduces herself when Abe opens the door as it is dark. He says here he thought it was a girl scout selling cookies. He says he knew it was her, her perfume always proceeds her. Kate says thanks for noticing. He asks so what she wants? She says to apologize. He says for last night? She says and for interrupting her dinner with Celeste. He laughs. He says he may be blind but he can still see through her. HE says cut the chase, what is she really here for? She asks if he's going to invite her in? Please? Abe says fine. Kate hopes Celeste can join them for the talk, but he says she's out. Theo calls for help, he wants a story. Kate says go tend to Theo, she as some phone calls to make. Abe leaves and Kate begins to snoop to find out what Celeste and the blond tramp are up to. As she snoops, Abe returns and asks if he can help her? She says she was just looking for a pad of paper. She says she was going to write Celeste a note. He hands her one, she says right in front of her face the whole time. He says and it only took a blind man to find it. He asks again, what is she really here for? She says to apologize. He says and he accepted. She says she wants him and Celeste to understand why she was out of sorts. She says the whole wedding has her crazy. She says the point is, he's been on the receiving end of her unpleasantness. Abe says he'll tell Celeste she stopped by. Kate then pretends to be dizzy and faints! She comes too and insists Abe not call the doctor. Abe has had it, he knows something odd is going on here. Kate asks if he is suggesting she's coming onto him? Abe says that was the last thing he was thinking! Kate says sorry, she's just under stress with this wedding and with the business. Abe suggests she see Marlena about this. She doesn't think so, she just needs a nice cup of tea. He agrees to get her some. Once he's gone, she says she never thought he'd leave. Kate continues to snoop and finds what she's looking for. She says gotcha Sami! She's found the photo of EJ and Sami in Lexie's car! She says this was the same night John was shot and the same night Sami rescued Lucas. She says yea right. She hides the photo and then Abe returns with the tea. Kate tells Abe she just got a call, she has an office emergency. She says she has to go and take a rain check on the tea. She thinks their little talk and his kindness helped. Abe says not so fast lady! She says she really has an appointment, but he doesn't believe that. She says if he wants to frisk her for Celeste's crystal ball then go ahead. He says he was just going to say if she wanted to leave that note for Celeste then he'll make sure she gets it. Celeste then returns home, Celeste asks why Kate is here? Abe says now Kate can explain to Celeste why she's snooping around. Abe explains everything to Celeste, how he found her nosing around her things. Kate again claims she just wanted to write a note to Celeste to apologize for the other night. Celeste says when she accused her of conspiring with Samantha. Celeste asks Kate if she found what she was looking for? Kate says she doesn't have time for this. Celeste says hand it over or she'll search her herself! Celeste demands she empty her purse! Kate says she has no right and Abe knows. Abe says let Kate go. Kate says finally someone is being rational. Kate then leaves. Abe tells Celeste if anything is missing, they do have the right to bring her in. Celeste suggests he go check on Theo. She'll lock up. Celeste goes after Kate! Kate it outside with the photo hanging out of her purse. Kate tells Celeste how Abe has no idea she and Sami are in this. They fight over the purse, Celeste sees the photo in it. Kate says that is right, she suspected it from the beginning but now she's found out Sami's dirty little secret! Kate says she won't hesitate to use it, see you at the wedding! 

At the hospital we see a replay of Sami about to tell Lucas everything when EJ walks in with flowers. Lucas tells him to take his flowers and get out. EJ asks Sami if she wants him to leave? She says she doesn't feel good. Lucas says Sami said he came to see her and tried to poison her. Sami says they shouldn't talk about it. EJ asks Sami what she's been saying? Lucas demands to know what EJ did . . . or he'll kill him with his bare hands! EJ says he came to offer support to someone he cares about. Lucas asks what about his fiance in Vegas? EJ says plans change. Lucas says so he drove to a cabin and burned it down? EJ says is that is what people are saying? Lucas says yes. EJ assures him that didn't happen. He also says him trying to kill Sami here in this hospital is a creative story. He suggests Sami get her head checked out, maybe she hit it. He also suggests Sami could just be making this up as she goes along. Sami cries she doesn't know what is going on, she just feels woozy. Lucas says she wasn't feeling woozy 2 minutes ago, what is going on here? EJ says he has something to tell Lucas. He says both he and Sami do. He asks Sami if she'd like to do the honors or should he? He begins joking about how he and Sami ran off to Monte Carlo recently. Lucas says funny. EJ says he was just interjecting humor into this insane story. He says Lucas has accused him of hurting someone he cares about. Lucas thinks he should take EJ out now, nobody would care. Sami tells Lucas no, stop this. Her monitors start going haywire again. EJ says he'll go, he's sorry he upset Sami. Lucas tells EJ not to come to the wedding either, he's hired security. Lucas thinks he'll call hospital security and have EJ escorted out. Sami tells Lucas not to. Sami tells EJ he claims to have come here out of concern, but all he's doing is making her uncomfortable. EJ says he'll go and leaves. Sami asks Lucas if she can have time alone, she needs to rest. He says good idea. He leaves her. Sami cries What will I do? Suddenly the monitors go off, Sami is hit with pains.

EJ returns to the room as Sami is in pain. She's tried to call the nurse but can't, because EJ ripped the call button out of the wall earlier. EJ tells Sami to calm down and breath with him. He tells her to take deep breaths and calms Sami down. Sami cries she was so scared. Then she pushes him away, she says get off! He says he thought . . . She says he thought his tricks had paid off and he'd make her lose the baby. She says she can't take it anymore. She tells EJ if he's going to kill her then do it and get it over with. He tells her that he was convinced she wanted him in her life, but she never wanted him at all. She asks what he wants from her? He asks what she'd do if she thought someone cared for them but was just toying with them. She says she thought he was her friend, he was the one who lied to her and then raped her. She won't feel for him as the victim. Sami says he treated her like trash, like an incubator for his seed. She asks if he really thinks she wants future with a monster like him? He says he is not a monster, a monster wouldn't spare her life. She feels like he's destroying her life a piece at a time. He asks if she really thinks he cares? She saw the look in his eyes when he saw her in pain, he was afraid when he thought she could lose this baby. He says she's projecting, he saw a little girl with a belly ache. She says he's lying. He assures her that he doesn't care about her condition. She says it's time they move on. He says her wedding is around the corner, they are only getting started here. Lucas returns with a guard, he saw EJ  double back in here. The guard asks EJ to leave. EJ tells Sami if she doesn't get his gift to her before the big day, know she can expect it on the big day! EJ leaves and Lucas begs Sami to tell him what EJ has on her. Don't let EJ torture her like this. He assures her nothing will change how he feels about her, just tell him. Sami remembers Celeste telling her to do the same thing. Sami says there is nothing to tell other than she loves him so much, remember that no matter what happens.


May 3, 2007

On the island in Belle's room, Claire is sleeping and she's tending to her. Gabby shows up to give Shawn the GPS, she thinks she got it programmed. Belle asks a favor from Gabby, the key to Phillip's room. Gabby says Belle will be caught! Belle says not if Gabby plays lookout. Gabby says no way, Phillip hates her almost as much as he hates them. Belle says if she does this she'll wipe the slate clean and forget Gabby tried to get her man in bed. Gabby only agrees to give her the key, she won't play lookout. She says if Belle is caught then she'll claim she stole the key. Gabby leaves and Belle breaks in and finds Phillip's PDA, which she looks through.

At the bar, Phillip and Duck drink at a table and talk about their times in battle. Duck is loving it, it's like old times in Saigon with his buddies. Shawn is working the bar, Duck can't believe the boyscout talked such trash about Phillip. Phillip and Shawn trade insults, Phillip won't let Shawn get away and claims he can stay awake as long as he has to. Shawn has found some pills, he doesn't think so. Later Gabby shows up. Shawn asks her about the pills, Gabby says they are her dad's sleeping pills and will knock anyone out. She realizes Shawn is going to drug Phillip. He says, she is. He wants her to do it. She thinks this is a bad idea, the way he's drinking he'll pass out soon enough. Shawn says no, he's a soldier, he won't sleep when he thinks they might run. Gabby eventually agrees to do it.

Shawn heads off as Gabby tells her dad it's closing time. Duck heads off to deal with some mail, Gabby stalls Phillip. Phillip was going to leave, but she insists he have one more beer and talk. She tells him how she was wrong about him, she's sorry. She sees how much he loves Claire, it's like how Duck loves her. Phillip drinks up his beer, but is onto Gabby. He thinks she's stalling him while Shawn ransacks his room.

Meanwhile Shawn returns to his room and finds Belle with the PDA. They look through it and learn Phillip is working with EJ for some reason. Shawn feels he has to confront Phillip, but Belle thinks it is too dangerous. He promises everything will be okay. He says he will get them off this island and build them that house with the picket fence she wants.

Shawn goes back to the bar and demands to know why Phillip is working with EJ. He says so he was right! He thinks Shawn raided his PDA. He tells Gabby her name suits her, but she's not good at playing head games. Phillip lets Shawn he doesn't know why EJ wanted to find him and doesn't care. He does say he didn't tell EJ where Shawn was, but he's sure EJ will figure it out soon enough, he's smart.

Phillip bursts in on Belle and Claire. He tells Claire goodnight. Belle tells him that Claire doesn't know him as daddy anymore, but Phillip says that will change. Shawn shows up and takes Claire from Phillip. Phillip warns them not to try anything, he'll be out there watching. Phillip leaves to stand guard in the hall. Shawn says now is the time, Gabby drugged him so they can run, he'll be out for hours. Belle packs a bag. Back in the hall, Phillip begins falling down, he realizes something is wrong.

In Sami's room at the hospital, a doctor comes in and checks Sami and the baby out, all looks good. They are able to hear the heartbeat. Sami is released and gets dressed. Lucas wants her to see that all will be okay, they will be married and nothing will keep them from having that first dance as husband and wife. She thanks him. She also says that no matter what has happened, what anxieties she has had, it has nothing to do with him. He questions her about those, why is she so nervous about things like her mom? HE says his mom won't stop this wedding. Once again it seems like Sami is about to confess all to Lucas, but she doesn't. She simply says she knows everything will work out because of their love, and he was right. He likes hearing that part, that he was right.

In the hall, Kate shows up with the photo, but EJ stops her from going into the room. Celeste called him, apparently Kate took something from her and he wants it now. She says he can look but not touch. She shows him the photo. She talks about how it was taken the night John was shot, the night Sami saved Lucas, the night he was supposedly on his way to Mexico. She wants to use this to blow the bitch out of the water, taking him with her is a bonus. He says he can't let her do that! He says he has his own plans for them, she can't spoil it. She threatens to turn the photo over to Roman. He says he has a team of lawyers he pays to make him look good, besides that photo doesn't prove he shot john. He also says if she goes in there with it, the only thing she'll do is get Lucas riled up. Lucas will take Sami's side against her again. Kate thinks he might be right. He says leave this to him. She agrees and gives him the photo, but demands to know what he's going to do.

Later, Lucas and Sami come out of the room. Sami's in a wheel chair. They catch Kate and EJ together, Kate's still trying to find out EJ's plot. Lucas and Sami can't believe it. They joke they smell smoke. Lucas grabs a fire extinguisher and says those who play with matches get burned. He then hoses them down! Sami is laughing and calls out "bye!" as Lucas wheels her off. EJ tells Kate that it is going to be such a pleasure breaking her son's heart!


May 4, 2007

Billie confronts EJ at Chez Rouge. She knows he used her security system to spy on Bo, their contract is null and void. Oh, she's keeping the money and her system. EJ claims he has no idea what Billie is talking about. She suggests he ask Phillip, if he can find him. She says Phillip left the country, no return ticket. She thinks he must have found what he's looking for. He asks what she said? She says the deal is off and she is keeping the money. He says keep her silly little century cell, she said Phillip left? She says yes, to find Shawn and Belle. She says he already knew that as he's working with Phillip. She says one more thing . . . EJ cuts her off and says he has business and runs off. 

Kate is in her car on the phone dealing business. EJ shows up and gets in her car. He says he just had a disturbing chat with Billie, it appears her son Phillip is missing. He says it appears he's on a little trip overseas. Kate says that is nice. EJ knows he went looking for Shawn. Kate says and he's upset because Phillip didn't share the info? EJ says her children are causing him a lot of problems. He asks where Phillip is? She asks if he's threatening her? He says they can do this the easy way or the hard way, tell him where Phillip is. She says he went to an island. He says Manhattan is an island, Borneo is an island. She wants him to promise that Phillip won't be in danger. He reminds her that he is key to her plans to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate says fine, he went to an island called Tinda Lau. She wants EJ to promise not to hurt Shawn. EJ says he has no intention of harming him. 

Later EJ returns to the car, Kate says he can't leave for this island as he promised to ruin that wedding. He says he will. She says speaking of weddings, she then asks about Brandy Mathas, the woman he was to marry in Vegas, the anagram. EJ tells her she's a very clever woman, just don't get too clever. She doesn't know what he plans to do, just stop Sami and Lucas from marring. EJ gives her his word. She asks how he plans to do that if he's going to the island? He says he's not going to the island, he has just the man for the job. She asks who he's sending? EJ says she knows what they say about curiosity and what it did to the cat. She asks what demon in training he's sending. EJ says someone who is highly trained and follows his orders, one of the finest soldiers he knows. She says he's in the army? EJ says in a manner of speaking, the only problem is getting him out of his cage. 

At the hospital, Kayla and Bo are outside in a car. They are waiting for Adrienne to do her thing. Roman shows up at the hospital with Adrienne. She's in a wheel chair and is acting out of it. Roman says he was ordered to drop the patient off, now she is his problem. Foley decides to find her a corner. He wheels her off and then starts yelling at the other patients. Adrienne checks her wire and asks if they can hear her? Bo and Kayla are in contact out in the car. She says she's inside, Steve isn't here. Bo tell her to sit tight, if he doesn't show up then they'll go to plan B. Bo says give it a half an hour for Steve to show up. Meanwhile Kayla gets a bad feeling, if they don't get Steve out then they may not get another chance. Bo assures Kayla that they'll get him out. Back in the ward, Steve is brought in, she's in tears when she sees him. Kayla asks if he's okay. Adrienne says he's on his feet but he's not okay. Kayla and Bo ask who is with him? She says that Granger guy is with him. Kayla warns Adrienne to be careful, Granger is dangerous. Steve is sat down at a table and given some food. Adrienne keeps them up date, Kayla says they will get him out of there. Adrienne goes over to Steve, but he doesn't seem to recognize her. He eats as she says it's her, it's Adrienne. She says remember their mother? Remember Jack? She says they went through so much, she wants to help him. Bo and Kayla listen in as Adrienne tries to get through to him. Steve says he just wants to eat, Granger doesn't like trouble. Back in the car, Kayla can't stand to hear him like this. Bo gets a call, he has to excuse himself to take it. Adrienne tells Steve he has a surprise for him. Steve says he doesn't know her. She says they are brother and sister, their father was a horrible man who beat him and their brother. She says his name was Duke Johnson. Steve begins remembering. She sys he and Jack were given up for adoption, then she was born. However she says when she needed him, he was there for her. Steve says he thinks he killed someone. Adrienne says no she did, he said he shot their father to protect her. Steve says so maybe he didn't shoot him, but he's done terrible things. Steve says he deserves to be punished. Adrienne says he was tricked, he had to do what they told him to do. He says so he didn't shoot his father? She says no. Kayla listens in, she realizes Steve is starting to remember. However Steve says no he's a soldier and she's a liar. Adrienne shows him a bracelet that belonged to their mom. She says he gave the matching necklace to Kayla. Steve begins to remember more. Adrienne says Kayla loves him and would do anything to free him. Steve keeps saying he's just a soldier. Adrienne says no he's a husband and a father, Kayla is his wife. He says no, he doesn't know Kayla. He says go away or he'll make her go away. Back in the car, Bo returns after a call from Marlena, Phillip came to the island and he's been working with EJ. Bo says he has to get down to that island, but Kayla says he can't go until Steve is out of that hospital and safe. Back in the hospital, Adrienne tries to calm Steve down. She tells him to just listen to her. She says she's going to tell him a story. She tells him a story about a pigeon he found in the park as a little boy. She says he brought it home and she told him to get rid of it. He says he wouldn't, they nursed it back to health. He asks how she knew about that? Adrienne makes him look at the bracelet, he remembers his mama and Kayla. She tells him that he's Steve Johnson, her brother. Steve cries and remembers Adrienne. He remembers her kids, the little twins. She says yes. Steve becomes upset, he says the voices keep saying he's one of them. Steve is confused, if there is a Kayla then maybe he's not one of them. Back in the car, Bo promises to take care of things. He says if he has to then he'll break in there. Kayla says he'll be arrested. Bo says he'd do it for him. Back in the hospital, Adrienne says Kayla is here to help him, she's outside. She says he's waiting for them. She says they'll get him out of here and get him well. Unfortunately Foley returns, he tells her to let go of Steve, no contact between patients. He says move away or she'll end up locked up in a room for the week. Back in the car, Bo thinks their plan is about to be shot to hell.

On the island, Phillip is out cold as Belle, Shawn and Claire sneak past him in the hall. They make it outside. They think they are going to make it. Unfortunately Duck turns on the lights at the bar. He tells them they aren't going anywhere. They wonder if he's been hanging out in the dark for fun. He says no, he's helping out a fellow vet. He was warned Shawn would make a move and Phillip was right. Belle says this is about her daughter. Duck says Phil says she's his daughter. He says he's here to make sure nobody gets an unfair advantage. Shawn tells Duck to wake up, they lost Saigon. He says there is no blood of Phillip's in her body, they are leaving. Duck says not so fast and pulls out a gun! He won't let them leave, Shawn says he's going to have to shoot him in the back. Shawn tells Belle it will be fine, they need to keep walking. Meanwhile Phillip finally wakes up. Back downstairs, Duck says they were warned and shoots! He only fires a warning shot. Gabby shows up, she asks what is going on? Belle says Duck almost killed them. Gabby begs Duck to put the gun down, but he says no way. She says he knows how he gets when he drinks. Duck says he has to carry his mission through. Gabby says if he shoots them then he'll have to shoot her too. Duck says he'll count to ten for her to get out of the way. She says he's too drunk to get to five. Gabby begs her dad to put the gun away and go to bed. Phillip shows up, he tells Duck not to do it. He says good job. Duck sees Phillip has been doped up. Shawn tells Phillip to look at the soldier he has in his foxhole, a soldier who points a gun at a little girl, a little girl Phillip claims to love. Belle begs Phillip to tell Duck to put the gun down. She tells Phillip that Claire is her girl with Shawn, they won't give her up. Phillip says neither will he, a lifetime of fun is what they are in store for. Phillip says no one wants this, not him. Belle says the one suffering is Claire, she hasn't seen her family or kids her own age in months. Phillip asks whose fault is that? Belle says all of theirs and it has to stop. Phillip agrees. He suggests they go home, they will work out shared custody. He says if they agree then they can end this whole thing. Gabby tells Shawn this is what he wants, to go home. Shawn says GI Joe is still holding a gun while Phillip talks like a reasonable man, which he isn't. Phillip tells Duck to put the gun away. Duck does. Gabby suggests they all sit down, but Shawn says they are leaving. He says he thought over Phillip's offer, he's made a decision. Shawn tells Phillip that he doesn't believe a word that comes out of his mouth! Belle agrees, he'd say anything to get them to go back Salem. Shawn says when they get there he'll twist the system and take Claire from them again. Shawn says he's sick of this, there is no turning back. Shawn tells Belle to take Claire and go, he'll stay here to make sure nobody follows. Phillip says this won't happen. Shawn tells her to go. He wants Gabby to take them to the dock. They leave as Shawn stays behind to watch Phillip. Shawn says his family is his, they aren't afraid of him anymore. He says they used to be friends once. He tells Phil to have a nice life. He turns to walk, a shot rings out. Shawn goes down and Duck says it's over and done with. Phillip screams "What have you done!" to Duck. Belle returns, Shawn is on the ground, he's been shot! Belle screams What did you do!


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