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2nd Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


May 7, 2007
On the island, Belle is tending to Shawn, who Duck shot. She is screaming a doctor is needed. Gabby returns with Claire, she can't believe her father did this. Duck says he was leaving, what was done is done. Gabby hands the kid to Phillip and leaves to get a doctor. Shawn tells Belle to get Claire. Duck tells the lieutenant to take the kid and go! Belle asks Duck what is wrong with him, he shoots an unarmed man and then tells Phillip to kidnap Claire? Phillip tells Shawn he never thought Duck would do this, he paid him, but not for this. Gabby returns, she says the doctor and sheriff are on their way. Phillip thinks he does need to go, but Belle stands in his way. She says he's not going anywhere, he'll have to kill her first. Belle demands he give her Claire, but he can't. Shawn says if Phillip leaves then he's an accomplice. Shawn can't believe Phil would steal his kid while he is bleeding to death. Phillip says he didn't want it to be this way. Belle tells Phillip he never thinks about anyone but himself, not even Claire. She begs him to comprise, he wanted to earlier. He says Shawn shot him down, he's not letting Claire go, not now and not ever. He says he still has two months left on his court order, she is legally his. Belle says he was going to take Claire out of the country, he didn't have permission for that. Shawn thinks Claire would have been raised by nannies while he counted his money, like father like son. Phillip says Shawn is no father, his plan could have killed Belle and Claire. Duck talks about when they got here, Claire was burning up with fever. Phillip thinks that proves his point. He says if they hadn't run then Claire would have been safe with the only father she's known. He tells Belle he's sorry it came to this. He runs as Duck says Semper Fi dude! Shawn tells Belle to go after them. Duck says she's no match for a marine. Shawn tells Duck he is a miserable . . . . he then passes out.

The doctor shows up, the bullet went right through Shawn, he'll be okay. He'll need rest though. Shawn can't rest, he has to get to his daughter. The doctor suggests they leave that to the sheriff. Shawn tells Gabby that he has to go find Belle and Claire. Shawn is sure Phillip has a boat in the harbor somewhere. Gabby says they can't leave yet, that buys them time. Shawn insists he go searching for them. Gabby says he won't do any good if he's passed out. The Sheriff shows up with Duck in cuffs. The Sheriff says he's sorry about this. Gabby says lock him up and throw the key down a volcano! Duck says this is the thanks he gets for taking her in, he should have let her rot in Nam. Shawn doesn't want to press charges, but he does give the Sheriff evidence that Phillip paid Duck to do this. Duck is taken away. Gabby tells Shawn he's sorry, it's all the drinking and guilt with Duck. She says Duck wanted to die fighting with his friends, not drink himself to death. Shawn says Duck was used by Phillip, it's a family trait to zero in on person's weakness and use it. Gabby asks how he turned out so good then? Shawn says 6 months ago he wasn't so good. He says back then Phillip was a good man. Gabby says they have both changed. Gabby insists she help Shawn, she'll take the jeep out and look for them. She wants to help him. He say no, this is his family and his fight. He however can barely walk. She suggests they go together. Shawn agrees, she'll drive and he'll ride shotgun. Shawn needs a gun,. Gabby thinks it is a bad idea. Shawn looks behind the bar and gets a gun. She begs him not to take a gun. He says he's wounded, he can't wrestle Phillip. She says a gun almost killed him, but Shawn says her dad almost killed him. She says if Phillip is holding Claire then he can't guarantee he'll hit Phillip. She says he's weak, he's not well enough for this. Gabby convinces him to leave the gun and they head off. 

At her place, Sami is in some flowery robe of a dress. Her wedding dress is in a garment bag. She is praying that her baby is Lucas' and that she will live happily ever after. Will and Lucas show up, they just went to rent Will's tux. Lucas wants to see her gown, but she says he knows the rule. He says he's already seen her. She says she's hoping the wedding gods will forgive that. Apparently today is the big day. Lucas and Will go to their rooms to get into their monkey suits. Celeste then shows up to see Sami. Celeste asks her if she remembers the photo of her and EJ in Lexie's car? Sami says yes, it haunts her dreams. Celeste says Kate has it! Sami says shoot her now. Celeste tells Sami she can still make it right, tell Lucas the truth. She says it is the only way. Sami says telling Lucas will not stop EJ, it will just ruin a chance of her future with Lucas. She also thinks EJ won't let Kate use that photo, it will incriminate him. Celeste says Kate doesn't care about EJ, she only wants to discredit Sami. Celeste says she has to tell Lucas everything, go gentle with him. She says don't deny Lucas the chance to forgive her. Sami asks if Celeste thinks he can? Celeste says if he loves her enough then yes. Sami says and if he doesn't? Celeste says then she's better off without him. 

Later Celeste is gone, Lucas shows up in his tux. She says he looks beautiful. Lucas says not exactly what a guy wants to hear. He talks about how he knows they will make it down that aisle today. Sami says she has to tell him something, it's very important. She says remember when he asked about her and EJ, if there was something going on. Lucas says yes, she said she loved him and it was nothing. Sami says she does love him, but the other part . . . Lucas says he doesn't need to hear this, don't do this to him. She says he needs to her this, but he says listen to him. He says EJ is in the past, together nobody can tear them apart. He's not blind, he knows what she's going through is more than pre-wedding jitters. He tells Sami not to give EJ or his mom anymore power to hurt them. He says if they stay together then they are golden, as gold as their bands. He says he just needs to know one thing, does she love him? She says does with all her heart. He asks does she want to spend her life with him? She says more than anything. He says then it will be fine, let the past stay in the past. He says they can make this work. Will shows up in his Tux and takes a photo of Lucas and Sami. He has a fancy new digital camera. Will says it's late, they have to go. He runs to get the rings. Sami again tries to tell Lucas, but he won't hear it. He tells her not to worry, everything will be fine, this will be the wedding of her dreams. Will returns with the rings, he and Lucas then leave. Sami tells herself this time she did try.

At the hospital, Foley scolds Adrienne for getting to close to Steve. He says cut the feely crap and roll away from Steve, he's off limits. Adrienne says she was getting to know Steve. Foley says now she knows him, so get away or else. She wonders if his bosses know how poorly he treats his patients. She calls him an orderly, which upsets Foley. The listening in Bo and Kayla warn her not to get on Foley's bad side. Foley asks the crip who she thinks she is calling him an orderly. Steve says she's his sister, she's here to help him. Foley asks Adrienne if that is true? Is she here on a mission of mercy? Bo thinks he needs to get in there, but Kayla says Adrienne is smart, give her a minute. Adrienne says she is Steve's sister, but she's his sister too. She claims she's a nun from St. Lukes. Foley asks where her costume is? She says she wears regular clothes to put others at ease. She says she's here to help these pour souls and comfort them. Foley says well move along, this patient is off limits. Adrienne wheels away. Foley then yells at Popeye for getting into the good beans. He knocks his tray of food on the floor and orders him to pick it up. As Steve cleans up, Adrienne tells Kayla and Bo it's worse than she thought, he's under their control, she may not be able to reach him. Kayla says she's his only chance. Later Dr. Granger shows up as Foley is laughing at Steve. Granger whispers something to Foley, they leave together. 

Later Steve goes to see Adrienne, he asks if she's a nun for real? Adrienne says no, she's his sister. She says Kayla is here and wants to talk to him. She says she's wearing a wire, Kayla can hear everything they say. Steve says he has to follow his orders and turn her in. Kayla begs Adrienne to let her try and talk to Steve. Steve is demanding Adrienne hand over her wire, it's contraband. Adrienne asks Steve to just listen. She gives Steve the earpiece. Kayla talks to Steve, he can't believe it's her. He asks where she is? Kayla says outside in a car, they won't let her see him. He says it's a restricted zone, he's in training. Kayla says no he's in trouble, they will get him out. He says on leave? Kayla says yes. She tells Steve to do as Adrienne says, trusty her. Granger returns, EJ is with him. Steve tells Kayla that EJ and Granger are here. EJ thinks Steve is talking to himself, that the doctor has turned him into a gibbering idiot. Bo warns Steve to play it cool. EJ walks over to Steve, he asks who his imaginary friend is that he's talking to about his arrival? Steve says he has no friends. EJ tells Steve that Dr. Granger is releasing him into his care, he can get out. Kayla listens and doesn't like this, she wants to go in there. Bo says they can't. Kayla says the longer he's left under EJ's control, well they may never get him back. Steve tells EJ he's not going with EJ, he's going with her. He points to Adrienne, he says Kayla told him to go with her. EJ looks at Adrienne and says well hello Adrienne, or should he call her sister savior? He talks about how he had an aunt who was a nun, Sister Mary Moira. He says he always wondered what was under those robes of hers. He reaches into Adrienne's robe and finds her wire. EJ speaks into it, thinking it's probably Bo and Kayla. Bo asks Steve to give the earpiece to EJ, so Steve does. Bo tells Elvis he has no legal right to take Steve. EJ says the judge is an old family friend, Steve has been released into his care. EJ says now Steven will get the care and attention he deserves. EJ promises to have Steve returned to his family, but in the meantime they have work to do. Bo says he's not taking Steve anywhere. EJ tells Adrienne she has a lot of hail marys to say to make up for her actions. EJ tells Steve it is time for them to go. Steve doesn't want to, but EJ says remember, he's one of them now. As EJ is trying to take Steve, the other patients start screaming Steve! and don't want him to go. The lights go out, everyone starts screaming! Kayla and Bo hear this, Kayla worries. They think they need to get in there. Suddenly Adrienne shows up with Steve! Kayla looks at him and asks if he knows who she is? He says Kayla. Kayla says everything will be all right. They then drive off.    


May 8, 2007
EJ meets up with two men in an alley. He gives them a payment for their assignment. EJ wants to make sure his hands stay clean in all of this. EJ is a little sorry he won't get credit for this, this day will change the lives of many irrevocably.

At Kayla's hotel suite, Marlena shows up to see Kayla. Steve is in another room screaming how he can't take it anymore. Marlena wanted to check in on her. Kayla says it's not going good, she fears with EJ looking for Steve, she could lose him forever. Kayla thinks that Stephanie feels Steve has given up, that he has turned his back on them. She says Stephanie thinks she's being a fool, that she should cut her losses. Kayla says the truth is Stephanie is afraid to get close again. Marlena understands. Kayla thinks Marlena should be at the wedding, she must be happy for Sami. Marlena is, this time it looks like things will work out for Sami. Kayla tells Marlena she should go. Marlena offers to stay, but Kayla says no. She says give Sami and Lucas her best. 

Marlena leaves and a man leaves the room Steve is in. He is  the deprogrammer. Kayla asks him (Mr. Arrowsmith) how her husband is. He says he's letting him rest, he's going for food and will be back in an hour. Kayla asks what her chance of getting her husband back? He says he's dealt with cases like this before, they all returned to their family. He leaves and Kayla bolts the door. Steve comes out to see Kayla, he asks Kayla what year is it? She says it's 2007. He thought it was 91, 92 maybe. Steve looks at himself in the mirror and says no wonder he looks like hell. He almost passes out, Kayla catches him. She steers him to the couch. He says it is hot in here, so she offers to open a window. He says no. He asks how he got here, how did he leave the nuthouse? He's afraid EJ might find him, he wants to call EJ. He grabs the phone and tries to, but Kayla wrestles with him yelling that EJ doesn't control him anymore. Steve tells Kayla how beautiful she is, her face is lit from the inside. He says he sees no darkness when he looks at it, he likes it. He touches her face. She tells Steve she loves him, when the darkness is about to take over, think about that. He says he's sorry for falling apart. She tells him not to be silly. He asks if he can ask her something? She says of course. He asks if she feels like makin love? She thinks they should probably wait until he has his strength back. They kiss. She says this is the Steve she remembers. She asks him to promise her that no matter what happens, that he'll never forget how much she loves him. He says he'll try. They kiss some more. There is a knock at the door, Steve thinks it is EJ. He flips out. Kayla says it's Mr. Arrowsmith. She goes to the door, it's not Arrowsmith, it's the guys EJ hired . . . and they have guns! They claim to Kayla, before she opens the door, it's room service courtesy Bo and Hope. Kayla asks if they could leave it outside, but they claim they need a signature. When Kayla peaks out, she sees who they are and shuts the door. They try and break in, Kayla makes a call for help as Steve cowers in the corner.

At Chez Rouge, Debbie Geller is helping Maggie set up the reception. Billie shows up, she says this looks amazing. She asks why there is a big screen TV here? Maggie says for a presentation, it's not exactly eco-friendly, but it's okay. They also talk about Ben Ford doing the menu, how great it is. Billie has shown up with the place cards, which have seeds in them and are plantable. Maggie runs off to put out some fire going on. Chelsea shows up to see her mom, she has to talk to her about Nick. Chelsea is nervous about seeing him, she asks Billie to basically run interference between them. Billie won't do this, she thought she and Nick made peace. She says it's still weird between them, this is all she's asking her to do for her. Billie gets there is something Chelsea isn't telling her. She thinks what is going on is Chelsea doesn't want things over with Nick. Chelsea tells her mom she's right, Nick isn't as easy to get out of her head as she thought he would be. She says she has to forget about Nick. Willow shows up, she says shouldn't talk like that about the guy who saved her boney butt. Chelsea asks how she's out of jail? Willow says she was sprung by a friend, a friend who is getting her a lawyer. Chelsea also says he will prove she started the fire, though that will be hard sense she destroyed the key evidence. Willow tells Billie the hairbrush at the scene of the crime was Chelsea's, so she had Nick steal it from the lab. Chelsea walks off, Willow tells Billie if she doesn't believe her then ask Nick, even he thinks Chelsea is an arsonist. Billie refuses to believe this, she threatens to put Willow's head on a platter. Chelsea tells her mom not to bother, Maggie is calling the cops on her. Willow leaves, Billie then asks Chelsea if Willow is telling the truth? Billie just wants to hear it from her that Willow made it up. Chelsea says Willow made it up, she is a lying and thieving whore. She walks out.

At the church, Sami thanks her dad for being here to give her away. He says he's an old pro at this, but assures her nothing will go wrong this time. He talks to Sami about how the night she rescued Lucas, it changed her, it turned her life around. He says she became the person he always knew she could be. 

Elsewhere, Lucas is on the phone. He's furious and vows to see him in small claims court. Lucas lets Will know the photographer is sick and nobody can cover him. Will has a solution, he has his new camera and he can do this. He says he won't let them down. Lucas says okay he's hired. Will says about his fee . . . Lucas says he's got his fee!

Shawn and Caroline arrive for the wedding, Nick shows up and sits next to Max. Nick asks Max where Abby is? Max says she went to London to see her folks. Nick wonders how he doesn't know this, he lives with her. Max says it happened quick, she didn't want to deal with him today. Nick says because he dumped her? Max says he didn't, it was Jack and Maggie that orchestrated the breakup. Max thought they were friends? Nick says he's sorry, he is just miserable because of Chelsea. Max says forget her, there are bigger fish in the sea. Stephanie walks up and says some are right here. Nick and Max are shocked to see Stephanie. So is Will, who takes some important wedding photos of her as she's a guest. Will moves onto the other guests, Nick and Max ask her about her return. She says she's here for family stuff and asks them both to be her dates! Nick thinks they could both escort her. Stephanie tells Nick he should patch things up with Chelsea because, well, what are the odds he'll find someone that hot to fall for him again? Max tells Stephanie to not give him a hard time. Stephanie says she's just teasing, he knows that. Nick says unfortunately he is a geek, he just has to find someone to tolerate him enough so he doesn't have to die alone. Stephanie tells Nick to talk to her, show her what he's made of, what she's missing. Nick says he will and heads off. Max doesn't know how she just pumped him up. She says she's a sucker for romance. She asks where Abby is? He says London. Stephanie smiles and says cool.

Nick goes to see Chelsea. He tells her hi, and that she looks beautiful. She says he doesn't look so bad himself. He says he thought he'd see if she needs a ride to the reception. She has a car, so he suggests they take one car in the theme of the green wedding. 

Marlena runs into Lucas, who was leaving a flower for Sami as a present. He thanks Marlena for bringing Sami into this world, she's made him happier then he ever thought he could be. She's glad to hear that. She takes the flowers and a kiss on the cheek. She then heads in to see Sami.

Marlena finds Sami crying, she asks what is wrong? Sami says nothing, maybe an allergic reaction to her dress. Marlerna says she didn't have any reaction when she had her fittings. Sami admits it isn't the dress. Marlena asks what it is? Sami says the usual, she has a secret and she's terrified of what will happen when the truth comes out. Sami thinks her mom is disappointed. MArlena says how many times must she tell her that she'll always love her. She says Lucas will feel the same, just tell him before the wedding. She gives Sami time to think about that. Sami says she doesn't need time, find Lucas for her. 

Bo tells Hope he leaves for Tinda Lau tomorrow. Steve is at with a deprogrammer now. It's not going well. Later Bo tells Marlena and Hope he heard from Shawn. Bo relays the info that Belle took off after Phillip, who took Claire. Bo says he's going to have to go now, he can't stay for the wedding. Marlena offers him John's plane to get there faster. Hope tells Bo to be careful, and she loves him. They share a kiss.

Bo later tells Roman that Shawn was shot, he didn't want to tell Hope. He says Shawn will be fine, but he doesn't want Hope to know. He says he'll find Phillip and get what they need on Elvis J. Bo tells Roman that he'll call him as soon as he has news.

Lucas knocks on the door to see Sami. He says her mom said she wanted to see him. She tells him to come in, she's hiding behind a dressing screen. She tells him not to come closer, she needs no more bad luck than she already has. Sami tells Lucas there is something she has to tell him. She knows he said it won't change anything, but she has to tell him something that could change everything. Lucas stops her. He says she is determined to get something off her chest. He says he wanted to know what it was, but he won't push her anymore. He says the music is playing ,he has to go now. He says everything will be okay and he runs off.

Chelsea comes to get Sami. She says the wedding is about to start. Sami thinks it is too late, there is nothing anyone can do now. 

The wedding begins. Nick watches as Will walks down the aisle with Chelsea. They take their places up at the altar where Lucas is. The wedding march begins, Roman then walks Sami down the aisle. She's smiling at Lucas. Sami soon takes her place at the altar, Roman sits with Marlena. The wedding finally begins. As the Father talks, we see Kate standing in the back of the church! The wedding goes on, Marlena reads a passage from the bible. The father then begins the vows, asking if they have both come of their own free wills. He then asks anyone to speak now or forever hold their peace. Sami looks around. Nobody is saying anything. She sees Kate in the back of the church looking at her. Kate says nothing. Then EJ walks into the church! Sami looks at Lucas.


May 9, 2007
At Kayla's hotel room, she's calling security to the room as EJ's men are banging on the door. The men soon break into the room. Both Steve and Kayla are grabbed by the men. Later Kayla is tied to a chair and gagged, the men load Steve into a van and take off with him. Security eventually shows up, he asks if she's okay? She says they took her husband, call Roman Brady and tell him Steve has been kidnapped. The man runs off.

At the church, the Father asks the Speak now or forever hold your peace question. Kate says nothing, EJ then walks in. Sami is petrified, Lucas looks back at EJ. Everyone soon turns around and stares at EJ! He looks at them all. Nobody says anything, so the Father takes this as a sign to go forward. Lucas and Sami then say the traditional vows. Lucas tells the father he's done it so many times now he knows them by heart. They then move onto the giving of the rings. The Father finally introduces Lucas and Samantha Roberts. Everyone claps, even EJ. Kate stands there looking furious. Sami trips on her way down the altar, Lucas catches her. The bagpipes play Amazing Grace. Lucas and EJ exchange looks as Lucas walks Sami down the aisle and out the church. Kate stands there with her arms crossed as they pass her.

Nick is sitting with Billie. Billie says Chelsea looks pretty. He says yeah, she's pretty amazing. Billie says amazing enough to make a guy snitch something from the lab that isn't his?

Shawn, Caroline and Max are preparing to head to the reception. Shawn is complaining about the menu, Caroline explains how it uses free range chickens, which is kind to the animals and they are locally bred. Max goes to get the car, Stephanie continues to flirt with him and asks him to save a dance for her at the reception.

Kate confronts EJ. She says she gave him the photo to nail Sami, why hasn't he done it? Why didn't he give her the happy ending she wanted. He tells her to go to the reception like a good mother-in-law, her patience will be rewarded.

Roman is with Marlena and Hope when he gets Kayla's call. She says EJ sent two men, they kidnapped Steve. Roman passes the message to Hope and Marlena. They realize now they know why EJ is here, to set up an alibi. They all cast him a look.

Later Marlena tells Sami how Alice wanted to be here, but she has a nasty cold. Lucas says she called them earlier. Lucas asks where Roman is? Marlena says he's working, it's unavoidable.

Lucas finds his mom by the candles. He wonders if she's planning to light one. Kate wanted a moment alone with him. HE thinks they have nothing else to say. Kate asks if she can go to the reception. He says if Sami says it's okay then fine. Kate says if not then she will leave. He asks peacefully? She says yes. Sami shows up, Lucas says his mom has something to ask her. Sami says give it her best shot. Kate asks Sami if she can go to the reception? Sami says sure, why not. Lucas tells Mrs. Roberts how great she is. Kate thanks Sami. Sami asks Kate if she can call her mom from now on? Kate says no, just call her Kate.

Roman heads to the hotel to meet with Kayla. He promises her that they will find Steve. Kayla wants EJ to feel pain, to know what it feels like to lose everything. She wants EJ brought here, she only needs ten minuets with EJ. Roman sys he has to get back to the reception, but they will get Steve back. He promises her.

Steve is tied to a chair in a dark warehouse. He is calling for Kayla. EJ shows up, he says normally he doesn't make house calls, but he'll make an exception this time. Steve asks where Kayla is. EJ says probably at the hotel crying on Roman's shoulder. Steve asks him what he wants? EJ mumbles something about Kayla, Steve says if EJ hurts her then he'll kill him. EJ says he won't hurt a fly without his permission. EJ opens a book, he points to Tinda Lau. Steve asks what that is? He says it's where Steve is going to find an old friend. Steve asks what he does when he finds him? EJ says good question. He says the first part of Steve's mission is to stop Shawn from signing a piece of paper Bo has. However his real mission, should he chose to accept it, is to kill Bo Brady. Steve says no, Bo is family. EJ says Steve's loyalty is to him, not his family. He says he'll go to Tinda Lau and kill Bo Brady. Steve repeats this.

Chelsea, Nick and Stephanie are in Chelsea's car speeding off. The girls say they aren't going to the boring reception just yet, they are going to have fun and be bad! Nick says people will notice they aren't there. Chelsea and Stephanie say they have time. They go to some lookout point/drive to look at Salem from it. As they speed around, Stephanie stands up out of the sunroof. She screams Say hello to the new Stephanie! Nick is not happy, Chelsea JUST got her license back. He pulls Stephanie back into the car. Stephanie wants to continue to have fun, Chelsea is up for it too. Soon the cops are showing up, Nick tells her to slow down. Chelsea hits the breaks and Stephanie flies out of the car!

At the reception, Lucas thanks everyone for coming. He recites an old Irish wedding prayer to Sami. Sami tells Lucas that was beautiful. They then share their first dance. As they are dancing, Maggie tells Will to go prepare the DVD presentation. Sami and Lucas continue to dance and kiss. Kate looks on, she's not very happy.

Kate sits with Billie. Kate hates this. Billie tells her mom for once to accept defeat graciously. Kate says she doesn't have to, she won't be the one defeated at the end of the day. She tells Billie that she'll see. Billie asks her mom to just be happy, but Kate thinks that wouldn't be fun. Billie notices Chelsea isn't here, so she calls her daughter and leaves a message.

The DVD presentation is on. Marlena asks Sami and Lucas to take a seat, they have a surprise for theme. Roman shows up at this point. He is looking forward to his dance with Sami. He shares his dance with Sami, so the presentation is delayed a bit. Kate is mumbling dammit!

Hope later takes off to check on Kayla, after learning what has happened with Steve. Roman and Marlena then decide to finally give the present to Sami and Lucas. Marlena talks about how this is a wonderful day for their families, and how Lucas and Sami have made a commitment to themselves, as well as to a future world with their green wedding. Marlena begins to thank all the people who helped with the preparations of the wedding. Marlena says Eric couldn't be here, but he had a big part to play in this presentation. Maggie has a note from Bill Horton, he wishes he could be here with them to. Maggie says Bill wanted them to enjoy this day, and remember it is where they've been that takes them to where they are going. The slideshow begins, it's full of classic Sami and Lucas photos, starting with Sami's prom picture with Lucas. We see classic Sami and Lucas flashbacks back to when they were still teens! We see Lucas taking Sami to her prom as well. We are treated to when they first made love and conceived Will too. Suddenly the DVD is interrupted, the photo of EJ and Sami in Lexie's car is shown. Sami screams turn it off! Kate says no don't, that is a memory worth remembering. Lucas asks Kate if she did this, but she says no. Sami says she can explain. Kate says the luck of the Irish has run out now hasn't it? Roman tells Kate that he'll handle this. Roman and Marlena think it's a fake, Kate says it's real. Roman asks Sami if this is real? She says she didn't want to help EJ, she had no choice, she only wanted to be with Lucas. She begins to cry as everyone watches


May 10, 2007
Nick visits Chelsea in the hospital, she's all banged up. Nick hopes she had fun. She says a girl has to cut loose once in a while. He says there are other ways to cut loose. She says well he's a chicken, ask Chelsea. She doesn't understand why he went and made up that phony internet guy. He says he has his reasons. She thinks he took the easy way out, as always. She says he also lied to Chelsea about Billie, a stand-up guy would have just fessed up. She says she's not trying to be mean. Nick says she keeps saying that, but she is being mean. He asks what happened to her in Dayton? She says she learned if you don't put the pedal to the metal, it can all be gone. She tells Nick to take a chance, do something outrageous. Stephanie thinks she should call her boyfriend and tell him what happened. She looks for her cellphone in her purse, it's gone. She thinks it is at the church. She begs Nick to go get it for her. He agrees to do it, but there is a condition. She says he wants her green jello? He says no, lay off the name calling. Stephanie says that is a toughie, but okay. She says now, find her cellphone. 

An officer is scolding Chelsea for making another mistake behind the wheel. He says her last one killed someone. Chelsea asks what happens now? He says she'll probably lose her license for at least 90 days. She whines she has school, how will she get there. The officer gives her a ticket and says she should have thought about that before.

Chelsea goes in to see Stephanie. She says this was the last thing she needed, what was she thinking? Stephanie says she wasn't thinking, that is why she was loving every minute of it. Chelsea assures her it wasn't fun. Stephanie asks why she did it then? Chelsea says she has a rep to maintain with Nick as wild and rebellious. Stephanie wonders what is it with them, why can't they just talk to one another? She tells Chelsea if she decides to talk to Nick then he's over at the church looking for her phone.

Chelsea leaves and runs into Billie in the hall. Billie asks what happened? Chelsea fills her mom in and waits for a lecture. Chelsea thinks she is going to tell her how stupid she is. Billie says she's not. Billie says she's not stupid, everyone makes mistakes, she is the queen bee of mistakehood. Billie says they'll find a way to make it okay. 

At the church, Chelsea shows up and finds Nick still looking for Stephanie's phone. Chelsea and Nick both agree they need to talk. They sit down at a pew.

At the wedding reception, the photo has caused a huge uproar. Roman is demanding to know what this picture is of? Sami is crying to Lucas that she did it for him! Kate says Sami is a fraud, but Roman and Marlena tell her not to say a word. Sami begs Lucas to say something. Kate is yelling at Sami to shut up, Marlena is yelling at her to shut up. Roman asks Sami why she didn't tell? Sami says she couldn't. She begs Lucas to say he understands, that he forgives her. EJ walks in and says this looks like one for the wedding album. 

EJ hopes he hasn't missed the cutting of the cake. Roman tells EJ they'll make this easy, he can come in on his own or he'll cuff him now. EJ claims he has no idea what he's talking about. Roman says that is Lexie's car, that is the night John was shot, it was stolen from near where John was shot. EJ claims Lexie lent him the car, but Roman doubts that. Roman knows he got rid of Lexie. EJ says Lexie is his family, he cares a lot about his family. EJ tells him that he can arrest him, but they both know he'll be out of his little jail before the ink is dry. Roman gets a call from Hope, saying Kayla is missing. Roman turns to EJ and then accuses him of having Steve kidnapped. EJ asks if Roman would like to accuse him of anything else?

Sami continues to beg Lucas to give her a chance. Kate says he doesn't have to give her a chance. She says Lucas and Will can stay with her as long as they need. Lucas tells Sami . . . Mrs. Roberts . . . not to be upset on their wedding day. She doesn't know what to say, he says just be happy as he is that they are married. She says she is happy. Marlena and Maggie are beaming, Kate thinks Lucas is insane! Lucas tells Kate she should be happy. Kate says Sami has made a fool out of him. Lucas asks for everyone's attention. He knows it is traditional for the bride and groom to share the first peace of cake, but it's time for a new tradition. Lucas takes a piece of cake and smashes it in Kate's face! Lucas says it's time for their honeymoon. He picks her up to carry her off, but EJ stands in their way. Sami asks Lucas to put her down, he does. Sami pretends to apologizes to EJ and holds her hand out, saying no hard feelings? He thinks that is mature of her. She ends up punching EJ as everyone applauds. Sami and Lucas then leave.

Kate walks over to EJ, she asks if he is happy now? She says he told her the plan would work, the marriage wouldn't happen. He says just relax, he has a card up his sleeve. She hopes it is a good one. He says remember the night Lucas almost died? He asks why she thinks Sami was with him. She says to save Lucas? He says yes, he helped Sami. He also says Sami gave him something. Kate asks what the trade off was. He says it was the love of her life . . . the love of his life. Kate says Sami is the love of his life? Oh he slept with Sami. Kate says she's a little surprised, all he wanted was a roll in the hay? EJ says it was a life for a life. Kate tries to figure this out. Kate finally gets it, Lucas's life for a baby. Kate says she thought the baby was Lucas' EJ asks if she's sure about that? He kisses her and walks off. Kate says this isn't over yet! 

Marlena and Maggie hang out and laugh about the reception, but how at the end of the day they remained together. Marlena says seeing your child in trouble and not being able to help them is tough. Maggie says they thought them when they were children, they have helped them. Maggie says Sami is a survivor. Marlena says she knows, Lucas and Sami will make it. 

Hope shows up at Kayla's hotel suite looking for Kayla, who is not there. A maintenance man there to fix the door says that crazy woman stole his drill! Hope pays the man to get a new drill and suggests they keep this between them. Hope then calls Kayla. She doesn't answer, so she calls Roman. Roman shows up, he and Hope fear Kayla went after EJ with the drill. Roman tells Hope about the photo that showed up at the wedding. Hope says he can't believe Sami had anything to do with John being shot. Roman says no, but there is a reason she lied.

Kayla knocks on EJ's door. He doesn't answer, so she drills the lock! Kayla gets a call from Hope, but doesn't answer it. Will soon shows up, he asks aunt Kayla what is with the drill? She says nothing. He talks about how the wedding got sabotaged, the marriage is probably over too. He is sure EJ and grandma both had something to do with it. He feels awful for his dad. Will doesn't get it, his dad could have died that night, why was his mom with EJ? Kayla asks if he talked to his mom? He says no, he split. Kayla says there is probably and explanation and they will make EJ pay. Will decides to head home, he warns Kayla to watch out for the apartment manager, they're a real bull dog.

Kayla breaks into EJ's and is caught by Roman and Hope. HE says they are trying to build a case against EJ, they may have the break they need. Kayla says she got hers too. She found the map of Tnda Lau. Hope says that is where Shawn and Belle are. Kayla says and where EJ's sent Steve she bets. Roman is not happy with Kayla, she's put her life on the line here. Kayla is planning to go to Tinda Lau, but Roman won't let her. Hope then gets the call about Stephanie, she relays the news to Kayla. Suddenly EJ shows up, he assumes they have a search warrant? Kayla says this was all her doing. She says she has to go, her daughter was in a car accident. He won't let her go until he's sure she hasn't stolen anything, but she kicks him and leaves. EJ asks Roman if he's going to stand by and let her do this? Roman says he didn't see anything, must be his blind eye. EJ says his sister broke in here, his daughter assaulted him and his nephew is a kidnapper . . . yet they all get away free because they are family. Roman says they do stick together. He also tells EJ the DA would like nothing better than to get him in for questioning. Roman says when the lights are on he's mr. smooth, when they are off, he's a cockroach. Hope says one that is about to be crushed.

Lucas and Sami are back home. Sami is crying, Lucas sits by her. He asks what is the matter? She says she thought it was over when the photo came up. He says he trusts her. She asks if he's not angry about it all?  Sami asks Lucas if he knew? She realizes he did. She says all this time she was afraid and he knew. Lucas says he wasn't sure until tonight, but he always knew there was more to the story. She says because of Kate? Lucas says that night, he did hear voices, he wasn't completely out of it. She says EJ is the one who saved him. HE says he knows. She says he threatened her, he said if she told anyone that he would tell people she was in on it and helped him. Lucas says she saved his life, that is what matters. Sami says she got caught up in the hero thing, everyone was so proud of her. She says she wanted to tell him, she does trust him. He knows she did it because she loved him. He says when that picture went up, that was when it was supposed to come crashing down. He says no way, not again. He says the past is behind them, no one can hurt them again. Sami says there is more to the story, when she tells him, he may not forgive her. Lucas says whatever it is, he doesn't care. She says he has to listen, she wants no more secrets. Sami tells Lucas EJ agreed to save him, but she had to do something for him. He says what? She says this is what she's dreaded for months. Lucas asks what EJ made her do? She says she didn't have a choice, she had to save him. She says she really didn't want to do it, but EJ forced her to . . . and now. Lucas realizes what happened. He says not the baby, please not the baby.

Kayla heads to see Stephanie at the hospital. She asks what is wrong with her? Ever since she came back her behavior is out of control. Stephanie thinks her mom has been so wrapped up in dad that she doesn't even notice she's here. Kayla says her father is sick, if Stephanie can't deal with her concern for her dad then get on the next plane to Dayton.


May 11, 2007
Chelsea and Nick sit at the church. He asks if she shouldn't be somewhere? She says like where? He says jail? She says funny. She says she is sorry for the ghost riding thing, it was dumb. Nick doesn't want to say he told her so, but  . . . She says he did, and she messed up. Nick asks what the cops say? She says she'll lose her license for a few months. She says it could have been worse, they all could have died. She says she just wanted to apologize. He says apology accepted. She decides to leave, but he asks her not to go. He says Chelsea set them up, she sent them both here. Nick tell Chelsea how sorry he is for being a coward, for not being there for her. He says he's going to try and be a better man for her, if she lets him. Willow is in the church listening, she looks like she's about to cry. Nick says Stephanie gave it to him, she told him he is a professional fake out artist. Chelsea tells Nick how he's a good guy. Nick says he thinks he is a fraud and a mess. Chelsea says join the club. She says her act may be better, but she's spent her whole life hiding who she is. He asks who she is? She says she doesn't even know. Nick says him too, but he knows one thing has stayed the same, how he feels about her. He says falling in love never happened to him before, and he didn't know what to do as she was so far out of his league. He says that is why he became Shane Patton. Chelsea says he never gave her a chance. Nick says he never gave himself a chance. He says anyways, if he learned anything from this, it was that his life can be over in a flash. Nick tells Chelsea that he wants to be a better man for her and a better friend. Chelsea asks what this talk means for them? Nick tell Chelsea that he loves her, not a crush, not an infatuation, but real and true love. Nick says he wants her to love him back and he'll do anything he can to make it happen. A crushed looking Willow walks off. Chelsea tells Nick that she tried to get him out of her head, but she couldn't. She says she tried to protect her own heart by laughing at him in his face, which caused him to go hide behind someone else's face. Chelsea thinks her parents, the Bensons, would have liked him a lot. Nick thinks about how he can picture himself in a few years from now, working on a space station like Jimmy Neutron. Chelsea loves Jimmy Neutron, Nick says he's modeled his life after the guy. Nick's phone rings, he takes it. It's Willow. She says she's outside the church, she didn't want to intrude on him and Chelsea . . . but it's important. Nick says it's not a good time, but she says it's important. Nick tells Chelsea it's work, he'll take it outside. Chelsea says she'll save his seat. 

Nick goes out to see Willow. She needs a place to stay. He offers money for a hotel. She doesn't want a hotel, she wants to sleep at his place. Nick says he can't have her at Aunt Maggie's, he can't let Chelsea know he's helping her. Chelsea shows up, she thought he was taking a phone call. Nick says he was, Willow showed up. Nick says he'll be back in in a second. He gives Willow money for a hotel and walks off. He returns to Chelsea, who went back into the church.

Nick finds Chelsea lighting a candle. He says he's sorry about that. She says it's okay. They end up sharing a kiss. Chelsea says part of being an adult is . . . well this isn't the best place, maybe they should find out a place that would be?

At Sami's, Sami says she didn't want to sleep with EJ, but she didn't have a choice. Lucas asks if the baby is EJ's. She doesn't know. She thinks he must hate her for lying. She says she is sorry, but she would have done anything to save him, even sleeping with EJ. She says if he wants to walk away then she understands. She says she doesn't regret what she did, she would do anything for him. Lucas says he doesn't hate her, he hates EJ for raping her. He says he will kill EJ! Sami says but she's the one who lied to him. Lucas asks if that is all she has to say? There is no more. Sami says no. Lucas asks her if she is okay, did EJ hurt her? Sami says not physically. Lucas says he promises EJ will never hurt her again. Lucas wants to go confront EJ. Sami says if he goes after EJ, if he kills him, then EJ will have succeeded in destroying then. Lucas asks what happened after EJ raped her. She says he helped saved him and then left for Mexico. However then he came back. Lucas says that is when she fell apart. She says EJ was nosing around to find out if she was pregnant. She says he was torturing her over it. Lucas says he wanted her and the baby. Sami says EJ got ugly, he was threatening to tell Lucas she seduced him. He wished she came to him and told him. She says she was scared. She just wanted to be his wife, and in the process she broke every promise to him. Sami says now she could be carrying the baby of a rapist and a murderer. She says she tricked Lucas into marrying her. She says if he wants to walk away then she will understand. Lucas says the old him would have walked off and found a bottle of vodka. He says now he's just ashamed of that man, the man who doubted everyone, especially her. She says she gave him a reason. Lucas says the problem is he gave her a reason for doubting him. She says this is not his fault, but he says it is for loving and leaving her in the past. He says EJ tortured her and she couldn't come to him. He says he is sorry, can she forgive him? Sami thinks Lucas needs to get out while he still can, before she causes him more misery. He says she's asking him to leave because she loves him? She says because she messed up too many times. He says he wants to be the guy who she can depend on, for better or worse. He wants to know why she thinks she's responsible for EJ raping her. She says because she led him on, she flirted with him. Lucas says rape is rape, she submitted to EJ to save his life. Lucas says she is his best friend, his lover, his wife and his hero. Sami asks if that means he's staying? Lucas says yes, for the next 50-60 years. They kiss. Sami then remembers Will, he left the reception. Lucas thinks Will is fine. She also asks what about the baby? Lucas says he doubts even if it is EJ's that it will have horns and a tail. He says the baby is half hers, so he will love it. Sami tells Lucas how they should go on their honeymoon and rebuild homes of Katrina victims. He says yeah that's much more fun than sitting on a beach. She says it will be selfless of them, and she thought it would be good Karma. They continue to kiss one another. Sami thinks they will be okay. Lucas ends up carrying her into the bedroom. 

On the island, Gabby and Shawn return, to the bar they haven't found Belle and Claire. Gabby gives Shawn some pain pills and antibiotics. She plans to change his bandage. Suddenly Bo shows up on the island. Shawn tells his dad how he screwed up, he lost his family. Shawn and Gabby fill Bo in on what has happened. Shawn says Phillip took Claire and left, Belle went after him. They know he has a boat. Bo thinks Phillip will need supplies before he can leave. Gabby makes some calls to find out if Phillip shopped at any of the stores. Bo asks Shawn, when they are alone, how he and Belle are. Shawn says they are all doing great, Gabby is just a friend. Bo asks Shawn if he has plans for when he finds Belle and Claire? Shawn says when he finds them, they are going back home. Shawn says even if that means he gets thrown in jail.

Later Gabby tells Bo and Shawn that a store spotted Phillip, it's nearby some caves. Shawn suggests they go, but Bo says it could be a trap. Bo says they need a tracking dog, Gabby says some fisherman have some. He sends her to get a dog and Shawn to get some of Belle and Claire's clothes for a scent.

Phillip is in a cave with Belle and Claire. Phillip has some supplies for Claire. He is stocking up on everything she needs. Belle asks where they are taking her. Phillip asks when this became a trip for three? She says so he's going to leave her here? He thought he made that clear. He says Claire seems afraid of him. She says nobody will hurt Claire, Phillip says like he ever would. They argue over Claire. Belle says he could have been a part of her life, but that wasn't good enough. Phillip says he was not going to be good old uncle Phillip. He says he's not without compassion, Shawn can see Claire. He says they'll deal with it in family court, round two. He says now give him Claire. Belle says Phillip will have to pry her from her cold dead hands. Phillip says don't make him take her. Belle says God forbid he doesn't get his way. Phillip says he was her father the first year of her life. Belle says this is about payback, about sticking it to her and Shawn for not letting Phillip have his way. She says she won't let Phillip use Claire as a weapon, he'll have to kill her first. Phillip says all he wants is a chance to be a dad again. He says he was good at it. She says Claire adored him too. Belle says she and Shawn were lied to as well. Phillip says they wanted to cut him out of her life! Belle says Claire needs her family now. Phillip says they were a family once . . . and could be again. He says if she would give them a chance? Belle admits they've both made mistakes, running off with Claire was one of hers. Belle wants to take Claire home, she wants her to be with her family, to make friends and to be safe. She says she is willing to compromise, for starters they need to stop fighting and making threats. She wants them all to go back to the States and share custody. He asks if he'd get equal time? She asks no more lawsuits? He says no more running off with her? She asks if they can do this for Claire's sake? Phillip then gets a call. HE tells Belle the boat will be here, they are leaving. Phillip won't trusty Shawn, he says Shawn is trouble. They then hear a dog in the distance. Phillip takes off to look on things.

After Phillip leaves, Belle finds her PDA. She says it works, Shawn will find them. Soon Shawn shows up at the cave, he finds Belle and Claire. He asks how Daddy's little girl is? Unfortunately Phillip returns as well. He suggests Shawn ask her real daddy!


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