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3rd Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


May 14, 2007
Kayla is at the church. She's alone and goes to sit at a pew. Adrienne soon shows up at the church. Kayla tells her that Steve is gone. Adrienne asks where? Kayla is pretty sure he's gone to Tinda Lau. Adrienne asks why he'd go there? Isn't that where Bo and Shawn are? Kayla feels Steve went there because of Shawn and Bo. Adrienne says to help them? Kayla says no, she thinks Steve was sent there to kill them. Adrienne says in the hospital she saw the old Steve was still in there, they can reach him. Kayla says EJ's hold on Steve is more powerful. She says he's programmed to do what the DiMeras want, he is going to that Island to kill. Adrienne asks why Shawn, she gets Bo. Kayla explains Bo was going there to get a statement from Shawn, who used to work for EJ. Shawn could put EJ away. She also says John came to Marlena in a dream, she knows it's odd, but everything has come true. She says John warned her that Steve was programmed, a DiMera killer. She says it all came true. Kayla says now it all needs to end. She asks Adrienne if she brought what she asked her to. Adrienne did. She hands the gun over to Kayla. Adrienne asks why she needs this gun? What is she going to do? Kayla says it's better she doesn't know. Adrienne asks if EJ is threatening her? She says no. She says she's going to Tinda Lau, the gun is just in case. She tells Adrienne not to tell Roman about her trip. Adrienne says she won't, she just wishes she'd let her go with her. Adrienne asks what the gun is in case of. Kayla says she has to stop Steve. Adrienne says she can't let her do this. Kayla says she's sorry. Adrienne says think about this, this is the man she loves. Kayla says she doesn't want to do this, but how can she know he will kill her brother and nephew and not do anything? Adrienne says so she'll kill him like that? Kayla says she needs to stop Steve. She says Adrienne is a good sister to him, they both want the man they love back, but he's not that man anymore. She says he has to be stopped. She says she's going to Tinda Lau, she's taking the gun, she's praying to God that she doesn't have to use it.

On the island, Phillip tells Shawn he's too late, but Shawn thinks he's on time. Phillip says he has a boat. He says when it leaves, he'll be on it with Claire. Phillip says Belle too if she wants to go. Shawn says that won't happen. Phillip says he doesn't have time for this argument again. Shawn says Belle and Claire are going no where with him. Phillip says and he'll stop him? Shawn says with everything he's got. Phillip says Shawn can barely stand. Shawn tells him to take his best shot. Belle begs him not to do this, someone will end up dead. Phillip just wants to go home with Claire. He says Shawn can come home and fight for her, but if Shawn tries to stop him . . . someone could end up dead. Phillip hears the dog, he asks what it is. Shawn says a tracking dog, his dad is here too. Phillip demands they give him Claire, but Shawn says no. Phillip punches and kicks Shawn. Belle begs him not to do this. Phillip demands Belle go with him now, or he'll take Claire without her. He warns her not to make the mistake Shawn did. He says come with him, he'll take care of Claire. Phillip takes Claire. Belle tells Shawn she is sorry, she has no choice. She says she can't leave Claire. She tells Shawn to just remember that God Punishes Sinners. As she runs off, Belle is yelling this back to Shawn. 

Shawn is found by Bo. Shawn says Phillip left with Belle and Claire, if they get to that boat then they'll lose him. Bo says they need to get Shawn to a doctor, he can't go after anyone like this. Shawn says Phillip claimed he was taking them to Salem, but he doesn't believe him. Bo says he might just take them back to Salem. Bo says Phillip has Belle with him, that's a good thing. Phillip has to know this isn't good for Claire. Shawn remember Belle said the weirdest thing to him, that God punishes sinners. Bo thinks it's some kind of message. Shawn knows, but what?

Bo and Shawn make it back to Gabby's bar. Bo is on the phone while Gabby is telling Shawn how sorry she is for her dad shooting him. Shawn tells Gabby about Belle's message, he doesn't get it. She asks if Belle is religious? Shawn says yes, but this is unusual for her. He thinks it's a message. Bo is unable to get through to home and his cell is dead. He wanted to get Roman and the coast guard involved on this. Shawn thinks the only choice they have now is to go home and hope Belle, Phillip and Claire show up. Bo goes to get his things while Shawn rests. Gabby goes to get her GPS so Shawn can look at it one last time for her. Gabby soon returns, she's got it. She says Belle's message means GPS, she's got the GPS, which is missing. Bo asks if she has a laptop. Gabby does and goes to get it. She returns with it, they can track Phillip with this. They track the boat south towards Australia, not the US. Shawn knew he couldn't trust Phil. Gabby offers them her boat, but Bo and Shawn need something fast. Gabby suggests they find someone with a plane, she could put out the word. Suddenly they hear a plane coming in. Bo thinks this might be their lucky day. Gabby soon returns, she says a sea plane just landed and guess who the pilot is looking for . . Bo Brady! Shawn and Bo wonder who it is. They joke a guardian angel? 

Lucas and Sami are packing for their plane. Sami tells Lucas he was ready hours ago, if they are late it's his fault. She's only in a man's shirt. They kiss one another. Sami tells Lucas how this is the happiest she's ever been. Lucas says if she's 1/10th as happy as he is, they'll be walking on air for the rest of their lives. They fall onto the couch kissing, but there is a knock at the door. Lucas thinks it is the driver. He says he'll ask for a minute so she can finish dressing. He opens the door, it's EJ. Lucas says you have to be kidding me. EJ tells Lucas there is something important they need to discuss. Lucas tells EJ he tried to break them up and it didn't work. EJ says there is a lot Lucas doesn't know. Sami says she told him everything actually. Lucas says yes, he saved him after he raped her. EJ says so they are calling it that now. Lucas says they have a honeymoon to go on, they won't let him ruin it. He tells EJ to get out of here. EJ tells Lucas that Sami was a willing participant and he came here to talk about their child. Sami says the truth is she doesn't know whose baby this is. EJ wants to discuss this like a rational adult. He says not only has Sami lied about the baby's paternity, but she's accusing him of rape. He says he was able to forgive Sami for almost killing him. Lucas asks what he's talking about? EJ says obviously Sami left out the part where she drugged Lucas in the hotel and ran off to kill him by setting fire to the cabin. EJ tells Sami to tell him everything. Lucas asks Sami what he's talking about. Sami says she'll explain it later, but EJ says now. Sami tells EJ to stay out of it, they won't find out whose baby this is for five more months. EJ tells Sami she thinks she's won, she thinks it is over, this is far from over. EJ tells Sami that they share a lot more than secrets, and if this baby is his then they will be connected for a long time. He tells them to have fun in New Orleans and leaves. 

After EJ is gone, Sami wonders how he knew where they were going? Lucas looks at her and says you drugged me? He says he thought she told him everything? He asks how she drugged him? She says it was the lipstick. She didn't want to do it, she didn't think she had a choice. She says EJ was threatening to take her baby. She says then she realized she had to kill him. Lucas is angry, he wants the details. She gives him the abridged version of Celeste's stupid plan. She says she couldn't do it, she knocked him out and walked away. She says the cabin wasn't on fire because of her, EJ must have done it to mess with his head. Lucas doesn't know what to think, he can't believe she is doing this to them. She swears that is it, she wasn't trying to keep it a secret. She says she's sorry. Lucas says it's too bad that she didn't kill him! She says he wouldn't want her to be a killer, even if it is EJ they are talking about. She says EJ can't hurt them anymore. She says they have five months, EJ won't hurt her until he knows the baby is his or not. Lucas says this is a big if. She says let's just go to New Orleans and enjoy their honeymoon. He say he's still pissed she drugged him. She says she'll let him get even, he can kiss her until she gets weak and her knees pass out. They kiss, he suggests they go catch their plane. 

EJ is back at his place, he is thinking about Sami telling him that she wanted this baby to be his, she wanted it to be a DiMera. Kate shows up, EJ says Sami told him everything, he's still with her. Kate doesn't believe him. EJ says go over and ask him, they are getting ready for the honeymoon. Kate says Lucas knows he could be the father and Lucas hasn't thrown her out? EJ says it's game over for them. EJ says Lucas will forgive anything Sami does. Kate says now she's seen everything. EJ says Lucas is in love and he respects him for this. Kate can't believe she's hearing this. EJ is packing a bag, she asks if he's running away from home. He says no, just a trip. She asks if he forgot about their business? He says she can run it. She asks where he's going. He gives her a number where to reach her. She says Louisiana? 

Lucas and Sami head out for their honeymoon. They are singing as they head down the hall to the elevator. EJ opens his door and watches them go. Kate tells EJ to just say the words, or tell her that she's wrong and it's not true. EJ says he loves Samantha, he always has and probably always will. He says now if you will excuse me, I have a plane to catch. EJ leaves as Kate says bloody hell!


May 15, 2007
Hope is putting Ciara down for a nap. She then gets to work folding laundry. Chelsea shows up, she has baked chocolate chip muffins. Hope says they are great. Chelsea helps with the laundry, but Hope says she doesn't need to do that. Hope thinks they should have a talk. Hope asks what is going on in her world? Chelsea says things are good right now. Hope asks if this happens to do with a man? Chelsea asks how she knew? Hope knows the look anywhere. Chelsea says she and Nick did some talking. Chelsea has a question to ask Hope, it's embarrassing. Hope says just ask her. Chelsea asks how do you know if you are ready to lose your virginity? Hope is stunned, Chelsea says she's sorry, she probably shouldn't have asked her about that. Chelsea says she'll go clean the kitchen, but Hope tells her to sit. Hope says she's sorry, she didn't mean to react like that. Hope says she took her by surprise. Chelsea says if she doesn't want to talk about it . . .  Hope says she does, and she's flattered she came to her. Hope says wouldn't she rather talk to her mom? Chelsea says no, Hope gets it. Chelsea thinks because of what happened with Billie and Nick, it would be weird. Chelsea also doesn't want Hope to tell Billie that they talked about it. Hope agrees. Hope asks when she and Nick started seeing each other again? Chelsea says they talked recently, she told him all this stuff that she never told anyone. She says Nick made her feel comfortable, like she could be herself. Hope says that is important, as is trust. Chelsea says she trusts Nick. Hope says she has reasons not to as well. Chelsea just gets this feeling about Nick, like he's someone who is a good person, they just did some dumb things. Hope knows a guy just like that. Chelsea knows Nick lied, but in all fairness she didn't make it easy for him to tell her the truth. Hope says that was very mature of her, she's come a long way. Hope says that is important considering thinking of taking things to the next level. Hope tells her that she has a lot to think about before taking this step. Hope says she could get pregnant, but Chelsea says who said anything about having a baby? Hope says they can't talk about sex without the possibility. Chelsea says they'd use protection. Hope asks if she talked this over with Nick? Chelsea says no, but it's Nick, she knows him. Hope says she's not trying to give her a hard time. She says she likes Nick, she just thinks . . . Chelsea says Hope thinks she's not ready. Hope just wants her to really think about this. Chelsea says she has thought about it, she thinks she's ready. Hope asks how many of her friends are having sex? Chelsea says just sitting in at a Monday morning class is a like a recap of who did what with who over the weekend. Hope thought so. She asks if she's going to have sex because everyone else is, or because she loves Nick. Hope knows there is a lot of pressure on girls to have sex. Chelsea says nobody is pressuring her. Hope asks if Nick knows she's a virgin? Chelsea says no, she kind of gave him the impression she had experience. Hope says she has to tell him the truth. Chelsea says what if she does something wrong, or it is awkward afterwards. Hope wants to go back to her original question, does she love Nick? Chelsea says she thinks so. Hope says that isn't good enough. Chelsea admits she always thought she'd be with a bad boy, Nick is opposite of that. Hope says opposites attract. Chelsea says like her and dad? Hope says exactly. She says she and Bo are opposites, they balance each other. Chelsea thinks like that about Nick. She says he's so different and she likes that. She says she loves that his pants are too short, his hair is always messed up, that he can recite the periodic table of elements. She also likes how she feels safe when Nick hugs her. Chelsea says she thinks she does love Nick! She thanks Hope and decides to go tell Nick she's ready to go to the next level. Chelsea runs off as Hope is trying to call her back, saying this isn't what she meant!

At his place , Nick is on the floor in a sleeping bag looking at a photo of Chelsea. In his bed is Willow, who is snoring. Nick ends up shooting her with some kind of nerf gun. He says time for her to wake, she needs to go. She didn't think he'd mind her crashing here. He says she broke in and slept in his bed. He gave her money for a hotel. She says it is cozy here. He says well it's checkout time so go. She says she's doing the late checkout, she has time to read the paper and take a bath. He says she needs to go now! Willow asks why he's being a spazz? He says because if Maggie finds her here then she'll flip. Willow says she's not leaving without a bath. Nick says she can't take a bath. She says fine a shower. He says now, she's leaving. She won't leave, she's in this mess because he stole the hairbrush for Chelsea. He says he didn't. Maggie then knocks on the door asking Nick if everything is okay in there. Nick shoves Willow in the bathroom as Maggie is trying to open the door. Nick says coming and finally opens the door. Maggie swore she heard voices in here. Nick says he downloaded a movie and was watching it. Maggie then asks why his sleeping bag is on the floor? Nick says he got a bad backache and he thinks the mattress isn't firm enough. She says she'll go get him aspirin. She goes to go to his bathroom, so he says there is none in the bathroom. Maggie knows they have some, she'll go get then. Willow comes out and Nick is telling her again that she has to go. Maggie is returning with the aspirin, soNick shoves Willow back in the bathroom. Maggie brings him aspirin and says she'll pout the bottle in the bathroom. He says no, she can't go in there! He says it's huge mess, but Maggie says she raised two girls. Nick then fakes a muscle cramp to stop her. She starts giving him a massage, she says maybe he shouldn't go to work. He says he has to. She says at least he'll be at the hospital. She wants him to see a therapist if he has anymore problems. Maggie decides to go fix breakfast. She then leaves. Nick then tells Willow again she has to leave, but she's having some hair drama because she used the wrong gels and has to comb it out.

Chelsea soon shows up to see Nick, as Willow is in the bathroom dealing with her hair. She says she knows he's late for work, but this is important. She says she has made a decision, she has to get this out. He says he can't do this now, she has to go. She says someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He says he hasn't had his morning coffee. She thinks she can cheer him up and it will only take a second. Suddenly the shower goes on, she tells him that he's wasting gallons of water with it running. She's going to go in and turn it off, but Nick says she can't. He says he has unmentionables in there. Chelsea says she can't believe he called them his unmentionables, and nothing can be more embarrassing than the boxers he has on. He puts his pants on, Chelsea decides to go see what unmentionables are in the bathroom on the floor. Nick pretends his phone has gone off, he's late for work. He says they have to do this another time and throws her out. Right as he throws her out, Willow shows up. Willow hears them arguing in the hall, Chelsea knows he's trying to get rid of her. She hides under the bed when they come back in the room. Chelsea needs to have this talk, but it's hot. She goes into the bathroom, Nick thinks he's done for. He finds out Willow is under the bed, he tells her to stay there. She complains that she's freezing and her hair is wet. Nick says he'll get rid of Chelsea, just stay under the bed. Chelsea returns with some pink fluffy bath scrubby, she says now she knows how he keeps his skin so soft. He suggests they keep this a secret. She says she can do that. She tells Nick how she's been thinking a lot about them, she thinks they should take this relationship to the next level. She thinks it's time. They sit on his bed and start getting it on. Nick sees Willow's face pop up, Nick says she has to leave, he can't do this, not now. Chelsea totally misunderstands Nick, thinking this has to do with his other experiences. She tells Nick how he would have been her first, she's so glad she didn't lose it to him. She then storms off. Willow comes out from under the bed, she says who knew Nick was such a stud muffin. Nick yells at Willow to get out, she's ruined everything! He also says if she tells anyone then he swears to God . . . 

On the island, Steve shows up at the bar. He says he heard he had relatives here , he thought he'd drop on down. Steve jokes he'll work on his full body tan at the nude beaches here while he has the chance. Bo asks if Kayla knows about this? He says she sent him, she thought they could use help. Bo asks how the deprogrammer went. Steve says good, he is the new and improved Steve. He says he's just boring Steve again, but Shawn says he was never boring. Bo says that is a nice plane, where did he get it? HE says he got it in Guam, he only has it for 24 hours. Steve says so they should go find Phillip now. Bo says hold it cowboy, Shawn's not going anywhere with you. Bo needs to know Steve is in the right frame of mind before Shawn gets in a plane with him. Shawn doesn't believe this. Steve says it's okay, they can't forget Uncle Steve's wild ride to Canada. Bo asks about the deprogrammer. Steve says this dude Arrowsmith deprogrammed him. Bo says this usually takes weeks of months, he did it all in hours? Steve jokes he has a can of spinach in his pocket. Shawn wants Steve to fly him out there, he doesn't have time for his dad to figure out if Steve is crazy or not. Steve says he flew half way around the world to help them. Gabby, who is tracking the boat, says they are 80 miles out! Shawn wants to go, Bo still feels it's a bad idea. Shawn won't play what if, he knows Bo would do the same thing if it was him. Steve says he just wants to help. Bo eventually agrees. He then goes to Gabby for some help, he needs to call the States and his cell is dead. 

Bo calls home to Hope. He says Shawn is okay, but Phillip left the island with Belle and Claire. He is headed for Australia. Hope thinks Shawn must be going out of his mind. Bo says here is the kicker, Steve is here. Hope says as far as she knows, Kayla doesn't know. Hope tells Bo that Steve was kidnapped from the hotel. Bo knows it was EJ. Bo says she has to talk to Kayla and find out if Steve can be trusted. Bo says at the moment he's their best chance at rescuing Belle and Claire. Hope says she'll call Kayla and get back to him. Bo has a bad feeling about Steve. 

Steve and Shawn are discussing the plan, he thinks if they drop Shawn a mile away from where Phillip is then he can sneak up on him. (The show was interrupted for awhile here for news). Later Shawn is thanking Steve for going above and beyond what is normal for him. Steve says you can always count on your uncle patch.

Bo asks Gabby to distract Steve, he needs to talk to Shawn alone. Gabby says she's good at distracting people. Gabby goes to talk to the guys about their plan, she thinks Steve must be exhausted. She offers Steve a room on the house. She says she owns the place with her dad, she has connections. Steve takes her up on the offer, Gabby says maybe he can tell her one of those wild stories Shawn was talking about. After they are gone, Bo talks with Shawn about Steve. Shawn doesn't want to hear Steve is psycho, he's here to help them. Bo says he talked to mom, she's going to find out from Aunt Kayla what is going on. Bo says until they know for sure, Shawn isn't going anywhere with him. 

Back in Salem, Hope calls Adrienne over. Hope asks Adrienne if she knows where Kayla has gone? Adrienne says she's sorry . . . Hope asks where Kayla is? Adrienne says she can't tell her. Hope says it's important, Steve is in Tinda Lau. Hope says Bo thinks Steve is dangerous, they are worried about Shawn. Hope knows from Adrienne's face that she knows something. Hope begs her to tell her. If her son is in danger then she needs to know the truth. Adrienne tells Hope that Kayla asked her to buy her a gun. Adrienne says she knew she shouldn't have, but she did. She says Kayla is going to Tinda Lau to stop him. Hope says stop him from doing what? What did Kayla think Steve was going to do? Adrienne says kill Bo and Shawn! 

Hope calls Bo back. She tells Bo that Kayla talked to Adrienne, Kayla fears Steve was sent there to kill him and Shawn! Bo says so his suspensions were right, Steve wants to kill them. Steve is hiding and spying as Bo is on the phone saying this.


May 16, 2007
Chelsea goes home to Bo and Hope's. Nick bangs on the door, he says she has it all wrong. She is on the other side of the door, she thinks he rejected her, but he says he didn't. He says he didn't think they should do it then and there. He swears he'd never reject her. She opens the door and asks why he kicked her to the curb after she opened her heart and soul to him? She slams the door and hits him right in the nose. Chelsea won't open the door to him, so he starts singing Chelsea I love you. She finally opens the door, saying they have neighbors so shut up. He begs her just five minuets. She lets him in and starts counting down the seconds. 

Once inside, Nick talks really fast about how he wants to be with her, he wants to kiss her. She says he came over there to be with him, she put everything with him and Billie behind her, she wanted him to be her first. He wanted to as well, but it was horrible timing. She says she talked with Hope about why she loved him, the number one reason was that he never gave up on her. Nick says he hasn't, but she feels he has. She says he can't come up with one good reason why he doesn't want to be with her. Nick says he can, but she won't like it. Chelsea says so who is she? They continue arguing, Chelsea thinks he's sleeping with some other girl. He says he doesn't sleep around, he didn't go to prom, he couldn't find lovers lane if he tried. She says he didn't go to prom? He says he got stood up. Chelsea says so what, is he making up for lost time? Nick says yeah, he has girls stashed everywhere. Chelsea says so there is no women. Nick says there is another woman. She asks who is she? She says make it quick, this is the last conversation they'll ever have. Nick says it's his aunt Maggie. Nick says he lives in her house, she is the other woman in a way. Chelsea says that is disgusting. He says he's not kidding, Maggie does everything for him, she thinks he can't even tie his shoes. He says he wouldn't not want her to walk in on them with his morning OJ. Chelsea says she could sneak out before juice time. Nick asks what her dad would think of her sneaking in and out. Chelsea says she wouldn't have to stay the night. Nick would want her to so that he could hold her all night long. Chelsea says she loves him and gives him a kiss. Chelsea thinks she has a solution, he can either stay with Aunt Maggie and live like a monk, or move out and get his own place. She says then they could hold each other all night long. Nick begins thinking about how much money this stuff will cost. She thinks he has it saved, unless he blew it all on something she doesn't want her to know about. She says really all he needs is a giant bed. Nick says he has to think about grad school too. She thinks he should go, maybe he'll figure out the cure for baldness. He says funny. She thinks he's making excuses as to why he can't move out. She wants to know why did he really kick her out of his room. Nick tells her that he doesn't want them to have to sneak around like kids. He says she's a beautiful woman and he is honored she wants to be with him. They kiss. She asks what about the future? He says she's looking at it. He promises to look at the real estate ads after work. He says he's been dreaming about this moment since he was seven, that the prettiest girl in the world would look up and see him.

Maggie goes into Nick's room with some laundry. Willow is still hiding in the bathroom. As she is picking up laundry, she finds panties! She wonders about them. She puts them in a drawer and is confused. She thinks it's a kinky little secret Nick has! She heads out. Willow then zooms in and grabs all her stuff and jumps out the window.  Later Nick returns home, Willow is gone and Aunt Maggie left Nick a note about finding something under his bed, she can't wait to catch up with him. Nick says well this is just great.

On the boat, Shirtless Phillip tells Belle to come up and look at the beautiful night sky. He says it's beautiful, almost as beautiful as her. Down below, Belle is looking for the GPS. She finds it and says it is working. She hopes Shawn finds them. She hides the GPS in her duffle bag when Phillip comes down to see her. He wanted her to come check out the sky. She says why? HE thought it would be nice. He says she used to love to look at the stars. She says it was a long time ago and she's tired. She thinks he's going to push her to go out until he gets his way, he always does. She stands there folding laundry. Phillip talks about how when he was a kid he used to dream about traveling to the ends of the universe. She says too bad he didn't get his wish. She quickly apologizes for that. She asks what was at the end of the universe? He says the feeling that he could do anything, be anything. He asks her to come up on deck with him. She says this is not a vacation, he's trying to take her daughter. He says he has legal custody and she's here because she wanted to be. She says no, she's here for Claire. Phillip says they had their chance in Salem to share custody but they didn't want to. Belle says they were wrong about a lot of things. Phillip asks if he can take Claire up on deck? She says he's asking permission? He says he's been out of her life for so long, he is a stranger to her. He just wants a few moments alone with her, Belle too if she wants to. Belle wonders how Shawn would feel about them stargazing on a deck. Belle is still angry about Shawn being shot. Phillip didn't want that to happen. Belle tells Phillip they need to cut the crud, he is holding her and Claire hostage and that pisses her off. How does it make him feel? Phillip says it makes him feel lousy! 

The boat rocks, Phillip falls over. She catches him, but he says he doesn't need her help. Phillip says he just wants back what he's lost. She knows he's lost a lot these past few years. They sit down to have a talk. Phillip says when you are at war, everything is a battle. He says when he got back from that hell, he couldn't switch gears over night. He says when he lost Claire, he went to war with her and Shawn. He says now he just wants everything right, maybe to find peace. She says he is still at war. Phillip says Claire deserves better. Belle says Claire is part of her and Shawn. Phillip says him too, he loves her, what is wrong with him wanting to show Claire the stars. Belle says they can end this war, if he really regrets what happened, then he'll let them go. Belle says a good parent has to learn to let go. He says he's sorry but he can't let them go. She says so they are prisoners of war. He says she got so caught up in running away that she forgot what it was like between the two of them. She says they can't go back. Belle says Shawn will never give up looking for them. Phillip says new rules, they don't talk about Shawn anymore and don't mention him to Claire. He says it's for Claire's own good. She says no it's for his own good. He says biology doesn't make a parent. She says no, how you parent does. He says Shawn dragged her all over the world. She says for her own good, so they could stick together. Phillip basically threatens her that if she doesn't follow his rules then Claire will be the one to suffer. Belle can't believe him, if she doesn't stick with this farce of a family then she loses Claire? She tells him if he want them to be a family then be honest, where are they going and how long will they be there? He tells her that they are going to Australia. She asks why? HE says if they go back to Salem then the war starts all over again, with Claire as the prize. He says he won't let that happen. She asks how long they will be away. He says he doesn't know, he needs time to spend with Claire and for her to know him. He says all she's seen the past few months is the angry guy he's become. She asks what she does in Australia? He says she can go back home for all he cares, the custody agreement is binding and he has a fortress for them. She realizes he had this all planned. Phillip tells Belle how he is waiting for Claire to say Daddy, when she does, he'll be the one she says it too. He says he won't go back to Salem until he's the only father she knows and recognizes. Belle says this is not what a good father does! She says she can't spend months in Australia, so he says go back to Salem. She won't leave Claire. Belle says Claire needs her. Phillip says she and Shawn put Claire through weeks of danger, why is he a monster for keeping her somewhere safe? He says he's going to take Claire to see the stars, she can come with him or stay here. He says he is giving her a choice, which is more than she gave him. Later Phillip looks in Belle's bag for a sweater for Claire, he finds the GPS. He asks what this is?

On the island, Bo gets off the phone with Hope. Shawn tells Bo there is no way Steve will hurt them. Bo says he can and will. Shawn says he traveled half way across the world to help. Bo says to help Wells, not them. Bo says if he gets on the plane he'll die. Bo says they have to stay one step ahead of Steve or neither of them will get off this island alive. Steve is spying on them as they argue. Bo says Elvis J Jr. is calling the shots, that is how Steve got here and got a plane. Shawn still won't believe that Steve would kill him. Bo says Steve has been involved in crimes recently. HE says Elvis is brainwashing Steve. Bo says Steve kidnapped John, he took his kidney out and gave it to Stefano. Shawn asks then why isn't he in jail? Bo says they couldn't prove it. Shawn says he gets EJ is bad news, but why would he want him dead? Bo says Shawn worked for him, he can bring him down. Bo says they want him to sign a statement to get Lockhart to talk about EJ. Bo says Shawn is a loose end for EJ. Shawn says he still doesn't care, he needs to get his family back. Bo says he'll get them back, but Steve is more of an enemy right now than Phillip. 

As they continue to argue, Steve shows up and says they need to go get Shawn's family back. Shawn is ready to go, but Bo says Shawn isn't going anywhere with Steve. Bo says they need a plan first, but Shawn says his plan is to get his family back. They say they'll drop him near Phillip from the seaplane. Steve tells Bo not to sweat the details. Bo says details matter, they could be flying blind out there. Bo tells Steve to fuel the plane up, they'll figure out Phillip's location. Steve tells Bo this isn't how he operates, if they don't want him here then tell him. Steve says he's a big boy, his feelings won't be hurt. Bo and Steve have a talk, Steve assures Bo that he's okay now thanks to Kayla getting him help. HE admits he is here for himself as much as he is for them. He wants to be a man this family can still count on. Bo shares a toast with Steve and Shawn. They down some shots, Bo says lets go find them. Steve heads off to the plane, Bo tells Shawn that Steve is testing them. Later Gabby shows up, she says there was a gun in Steve's room. Shawn realizes his dad was right about Steve. Bo says he needs Shawn's signature on the piece of paper, this is what Steve is here to stop. Shawn says he'll sign whatever he has to. He sits down and goes to sign it, but Steve returns. They hide the paper from him. Steve asks if they are good to go. Bo says this plan isn't panning out, they have to go after Phillip another way. Bo tells Steve they need to go by boat, the seas are getting too rough, the plane may not be able to land. Steve thinks a boat is just as risky and slower than the plane. Bo says they made their decision. Steve says fine, he'll come with them for backup. Shawn says they can handle this just them. Steve thinks now he's the odd man out. Bo tells Steve to go home. Steve won't be talked to like he's crazy, he came a long way and nobody is stopping him. Bo says this isn't about him. Steve says like hell it's not, they don't trust him. He wants Bo to admit it. Bo tells Steve to get his ass off this island or he'll escort him off!


May 17, 2007
Down in New Orleans, Sami and Lucas are at a mansion doing some work. Shirtless Lucas is pounding away at a wall with a sledgehammer. Sami throws him some water and says throw me something red which Sami says is what they say on Bourbon Street. He says they aren't in the French Quarter, this is the Bayou. Lucas says this place is a bit creepy, she thinks it's romantic. They end up kissing one another. Lucas has to get back to work knocking a wall down. He says happy honeymoon Mrs. Roberts. Sami loves this rebuilding peoples homes, she loved the look on those other peoples faces when they saw what they did. Lucas teases her that she's not working as hard as he is, she says it's not her fault she's . . . . She becomes upset over the baby. Lucas tells her it will all work out, everything will be fine. He also says helping people is a great feeling. He tells her just not to get too goody goody on him. The foreman Rodney shows up as they are kissing. He sees them kissing and says Let the good times roll! He reminds them of their job. They say it is their honeymoon too, so he says get the job before sundown to make this little girl happy. Rodney heads off. Lucas and Sami keep joking around, Lucas wants to grab some Gumbo after they are done here. Sami talks about how their hotel is ugly as a box of frogs as Rodney would say. Lucas takes another swing at the wall and they hear something inside. 

Lucas and Sami pull a black box out of the wall. The box is locked, but something is inside. Sami suggests they use some tools and open it. Lucas says it could belong to someone. She says it could be buried treasure! They break open the box, inside is a letter. She wonders if it's a love letter. It's very old and dusty, they can't tell how old it might be. Lucas says it looks like it's in Italian. He gives it to her to look at as he gets to work. Sami is stunned by what she finds, now she knows why Lucas was creeped out by this place. She shows him the signature, DiMera! He says a lot of Italians could have moved here in the day, but she knows it's connected to Stefano. Rodney returns to check on them. Lucas wants to show him what they found, but Sami doesn't and keeps what they found a secret. Sami asks Rodney about this house, why haven't they met the family of this one? Who owns it. Rodney looks it up, it was Maison Blanche owned by some fool named DiMera. Rodney then heads off. Sami tells Lucas this is the place, her parents where here, there was a fire. She says this is Stefano's house! 

Billie comes over to Bo and Hope's to see Hope, Hope called her over. Hope wants Billie to watch Ciara for her till Maggie arrives, she's going on an errand. Billie asks what is going on, where is she going? Hope wants to go to Tinda Lau to be with her family. Billie says this is a bad idea, probably the worst idea anyone has had in this town. She says Steve is dangerous, she could get killed. Hope says she is a cop, she's trained for this. Hope says she can't abandon her family. Billie says okay she's convinced her. Billie says she's going too. Hope says she's not. Billie tells Hope if she goes, then Steve will have all the Brady's lined up one by one. She begs Hope stay here for Ciara. Billie knows how Hope feels, they both missed out on their children's lives because of the DiMeras. Billie says if they go there then history will only repeat itself. Hope says she can't sit here and wait. Billie promises to stay with her, she won't be alone. Billie reminds Hope how she told her to stay home and wait the night of the fire. She hated hearing it then. Hope agrees, she hates hearing it too. She won't go. Billie tells her they will have their chance with EJ, when it comes, they will kick DiMera butt. Hope says damn right they will! 

On Phillip's boat, Belle is pacing around and Phillip asks her for an answer. She doesn't know what it is, but Phillip knows it's a GPS. She says did he think Shawn wouldn't try to find them? Phillip thinks she planted it. Belle says she did it, he better believe Shawn is on his way. He says what about all her talk of making up. She reminds her that he was busy giving her ultimatums the whole time. She says it's over so yell, scream, hit if she wants. HE says he would never, but she says he's become a bully. HE says he's just trying to get his life back and that starts with Claire. Phillip picks up Claire and says she's everything to his daddy. He takes her up above as Belle yells at him to stop, put her down.

Belle goes up top where Phillip is with Claire. He's talking about the waters, how quiet it is out here. She says he's close to the edge, be careful. He says he wouldn't jump overboard with a child, he's not that kind of parent. She says he pushed them. Phillip shows Claire all the stars. Phillip ignores Belle and only talks to Claire, saying anything she wants is hers. Belle says she wants to be in her mother's arms. She begs Phillip to give her back. She cries she's sorry that it has come to this, if he's trying to scare her then he has. She demands he look at her, face her. HE finally does. He lashes out at her, saying she blames him for everything, she sees him as the villain . . . the bully. Belle says he can't see this from anyone else's side, she carried Claire, she almost died. Phillip says she's as much his as she is hers. He says she can't even remember conceiving her! He says they always worked things out, until she sided with Shawn against them and their family. Belle says she had a miscarriage, she needed space. She says he convinced himself she was leaving him. Phillip tells Belle she's good at running away and proved that these past few months.

Belle puts Claire down, she later tells Phillip he was right. She says she did take sides and did walk away. She tells Phillip they could have worked out something but he wanted full custody, he wanted everything. Phillip says he had nothing left! He says he sat in that hospital covered in bandages. He says all that time she was setting up house with Shawn. She says he rand away from her and the child he loved so much. He says he couldn't take it, he couldn't look at her as all he could think of was her. He says he knew they weren't perfect, but along came Claire. He says Claire was the proof of their love, their connection, their family. He says Belle turned her back on their family and took his daughter and his heart. He says she broke his heart and him. Belle hugs Phillip. She tells Phillip she s sorry. She says he left and then came back demanding it all. He says he thought if he left it would be easier. He thought at war he could do good, but he got wounded. He says laying there, all he could think of was Claire He says all he could think of is that if he died, she'd never know how much he loved her. He says he came back to fight and win. She says because he had nothing left to lose, she understands that now. He thanks her. Belle says they need to end this fight, end this war. She says they should go back, tell Shawn this is over before any of them do something they can't take back. Phillip won't though, he can't because of Shawn. She tells him that he and Shawn used to be like brothers, they all grew up together. She says the bond is still there and isn't broken. He says it feels pretty broken to him. She says Claire would be lucky to have two fathers who love her and each other. She says it can be like it was if they try. Phillip says maybe. Suddenly there is something coming over the radio. Phillip says something is wrong. He learns a level four typhoon is heading for them. Phillip says they have to make their way to an island nearby, it's their only chance. Phillip leaves to batten down the hatches, Belle uses the radio to try and call Shawn.

On the island, Bo tells Steve to go home. Steve tells Bo that he gets the feeling he doesn't love him anymore. Bo doesn't think it was Steve's idea to come here and help them. He thinks Elvis J. Wells sent him here to kill them! Steve wants to hear what Shawn thinks. Shawn says he thought he was here to help. Steve says he is, and it was because of him that he got to Canada. Bo says this is his decision, so Steve asks if Shawny Boy is doing daddy's bidding? Bo tells Steve this is about what he's been programmed to do. Steve says he's changed the channels, he would not kill his best friend and son. Bo says so this is a peaceful mission? Steve says yes. Bo asks then why did he bring a gun and hide it? Bo says he doesn't know if Steve will watch his back or stick a knife in it. Steve says he brought a gun because Phillip won't be playing nice. He tells Bo to think about what they've been through. Bo says the man he called a friend, who he loved like a brother, that isn't him anymore. Bo tells Shawn they'll do this together. Shawn says his dad isn't giving him much of a choice either. Steve says he's not giving him a choice either, he pulls out a gun! However he gives the gun to Bo, he wants to prove he's fine. He wants to know if they are good or not?

Gabby shows up later, she says the GPS is gone, he's not on the radar. Steve suggests either Phillip found the GPS or the boat went down. Shawn says great, as they sit around trying to figure out Steve is crazy or not, he may have lost his family. Steve says Kiriakis has Shawn's girl and kid, stop playing with the computer. He says they need to get on the plane and go to the last place the signal was. Bo thinks Steve is anxious to get them on that plane. Steve won't argue with Bo, he asks Shawn what he wants to do. Shawn decides he's going to go with Steve. Bo wants him to listen, but Shawn says Bo doesn't know if Steve is brainwashed or not. He says he can't afford to be paranoid when it is his child out there. He tells Steve they should do it. Shawn gets ready to go with Steve. Bo is still trying to talk him out of this, he's not thinking clearly. Shawn knows he's not. Bo suggests they call the coast guard, he's making a mistake if he gets in the plane with that crazy SOB. Patch flips out and tells Bo he kicked his ass before and he can do it again! Shawn breaks them up saying they have to find Claire. Bo begs Shawn to just give him an hour. Bo says they'll call the authorities. Shawn gives him one hour, if nothing happens then he has to go with Steve. Gabby shows up, she says Belle is on the radio and is in big trouble!


May 18, 2007
In New Orleans, Sami realizes she and Lucas are at Maison Blanche. Sami says here they are trying to help people and they stumble on the DiMeras. Lucas says God has a strange sense of humor. Sami says this is not a coincidence. She says this is evil deed central. Lucas says Stefano hasn't been here for years. Sami says they have to find out what this note says, it could be the answer to this whole vendetta the DiMeras have against them. She wants the letter translated, but Lucas says no. He thinks they need to put it back and get out of here. Suddenly EJ shows up saying of all the people and all the houses in New Orleans, they walk into his. EJ talks about how this house has survived the Civil War, the Great Depression and a fire, but a hurricane brought her to her knees. Sami asks what he's doing here? Lucas says he's following them. EJ says this is his family home. He says this is just a coincidence, but Sami says it's twisted and sick. Lucas asks what he wants from them. He says for his house to be restored. She says it's not his house. He says actually his father gifted it to the city for low income housing after the fire. Lucas says nobody will believe Stefano was a humanitarian. EJ says Stefano helped a lot of people, including Lucas. Sami asks EJ again what does he want with them. He says nothing. She doesn't believe him. EJ says he's stopped expecting anything from her. Lucas says for arguments sake, let's say EJ is telling them the truth. Lucas asks EJ why is he here if not for them? He says this is his family home, he grew up here. He says he and his father would fish, they'd sit on the porch and listen to the symphony of the crickets and frogs. EJ says he gets a little sentimental about the place. Sami doesn't buy that. Lucas wants to get into what EJ did to his wife, but Sami doesn't want to. She begs him not to do this, don't kill EJ as he'll just go to jail. EJ says if the drama is over, he'll go to pay his respects at the family plot and then he'll leave. 

EJ leaves, Sami tells Lucas that bludgeoning EJ won't solve anything. Lucas says she's right, but there is something he can do to him. Lucas says he will teach EJ a lesson he will never forget. She asks what is gong on in his sexy head? Lucas says he has a way to make EJ pay for good. Before he can say more, Rodney returns to get Lucas' help. Lucas tells Sami they'll talk later, he tells her not to do any heavy lifting. She promises she won't. 

After Lucas is gone, Sami decides to put the box back where they found it. She then looks over and sees EJ at the family plot.  EJ is visiting some graves. We see one marked Sofia DiMera. He wonders if this is what the great DiMera legacy comes down to, names etched in stone, just dust. Sami shows up. EJ tells Sami that they say death concentrates the mind. Sami says spare her the philosophy lesson, she wants to know why he's here. He says he doesn't like how things were left, he wants to start over again as friends. She laughs at him. He says he made her laugh, he hasn't done that in a while. She asks what planet he's living on that he thinks they can just start over? EJ says he can think of a few. She says he just wants to start over, that sounds great. She says she should just forget how he threatened her, risked her child and humiliated the man she loves. He knows he went too far. She says he can't even admit that he made her trade sex for Lucas' life. EJ says he regrets that. She says he hasn't shown any remorse for it. She says he just can't wait to spread his evil to the next generation. She spits on a grave to show him what she thinks of him and his twisted family. Sami says if he had to do it over, she knows he'd rape her again. EJ says she has every reason to despise him, what he did was horrible and wrong. He says he won't make excuses anymore, but he's not a monster. She says then he's an excellent actor. He says what he is is spoiled, demanding and willful. He says he grew up with everything he wanted. He says he was taught he was the center of the universe, master of everything. He says nobody ever said no to him, but then she did. Sami says it's too bad he didn't listen, and he's still not listening. She tells EJ that she cannot forgive and forget, him asking her to is like him raping her over again. He says he's not asking for forgiveness, he wants a chance to earn it. She says he doesn't deserve a second chance. HE tells her to think about how much her hating him hurts her. She says it keeps her safe and alive. EJ tells Sami he loves her. She says if he loves her then give her what she wants. He says okay, say the word. HE says he will go, she won't see him again. She says that is all she wants, is for him to disappear. EJ says she doesn't mean that. She calls him a bastard. She says this isn't about her, this is about him. She says he wants to posses her, Celeste was right about him. She says there is only one way to get rid of him. He says she tried that and couldn't do it. She says the ball is in his court, tell her what sacrifice she has to give to get him out of her future? Lucas is spying on them at this point. EJ says there is a 50% chance this baby is his. She says this baby is hers, she knows that much. She also says she won't ever trust EJ again. EJ says he is sorry, he is sorry he forced himself on her. She wants him to say he raped her. She says she wants to hear him say the words. EJ says I'm sorry that I raped you. Sami breaks down and damns him to hell. He says she may get her wish, but he needs to know if the baby is his. She says she won't have the amnio. EJ says if it's not his then he's out of her life. She won't risk this child just for him, so he can lay claim to an innocent baby that may not belong to him. She lets him know it won't be his child no matter what the results.

Lucas finally shows up, he says EJ heard her, no amnio so back off! HE calls EJ a bastard for making Sami cry. Lucas asks Sami to talk in private. He tells her they need to end this, they need to find out who the father is. He wants to settle it. EJ agrees, there is no purpose served to keep the paternity a secret. He says if the baby is his then they'll work something out. Sami scream this baby is not his! Lucas takes Sami off to talk in private, they leave. Sami can't believe he is agreeing with EJ, he's trying to take their child. Lucas thinks they should get the amnio. Sami says the baby is his. Lucas says she thinks it is EJs and that is why she doesn't want the test. Sami says amnios are for woman who are afraid their baby may have birth defects, she won't risk losing their child to satisfy EJ. Lucas says this is stressing her out, which isn't good for the baby. He says they have to know for sure, the sooner the better. He says if she talks to her OB and it will harm the baby, then fine. However if it won't then they should do it. Lucas says they will tell EJ they are doing the test not for him, but for their peace of mind. 

Back in the cemetery, Celeste shows up to meet EJ. EJ asks what she's doing here? She says she got a phone call from Tony. EJ asks what Tony wants. She has an urgent message. She says Stefano's condition is rapidly deteriorating, to save Stefano's life they need the stem cells now. 

On the island, Belle talks to Shawn over a radio. She says she and Claire are fine, but Phillip threw the GPS over. She tells him they are going west to an island called Monta Fuer. The transmission breaks up, Shawn is unable to hear her. Shawn keeps trying to communicate with Belle.

On the boat, Phillip has caught Belle radioing Shawn. She claims she was calling for help, but he knows she called Shawn. She says they are in trouble. He asks if she told him where they are going. She says she tried. She says they are in trouble and need all the help they can get. Phillip says there will be more trouble if Shawn comes near this boat!

Phillip radios Shawn back, claiming he made Belle walk the plank. Belle screams she's fine. Phillip muzzles Belle so she can't say where they are going. Shawn demands to know where they are going, Phillip says it's classified. He says he'll dump Belle on mystery island and then he's taking Claire where they won't be found. Shawn wants to talk to Claire, but Phillip says his daughter doesn't talk to strangers. Belle breaks free and screams they are going west! Phillip tells Belle their truce is over. Belle wants Phillip to put Claire first for once, put out an SOS. She says if he thinks he can outrun a typhoon then he's crazy! She tries to send out one, but he smashes the radio. She tells Phillip he cut off their only lifeline. HE says he is her lifeline, he holds her life in his hands. She says he's insane. He asks who she thinks pushed him over the edge?

Belle gets Claire to sleep, though she thinks she'll probably have nightmares. Phillip says this has been a nightmare for him since she slept with Shawn. They continue arguing, Phillip know she wants Shawn to be her hero so they can live happily ever after. HE says then he'll never see his daughter again. Belle asks how that is different than what he has done? Phillip says she's given him no choices,. He says she can stay with him and Claire, or once he reaches land she can leave. Belle says he will lose either way. She says if she stays, she will make his life a living hell. She says if she goes, what will she tell Claire when she asks about her mommy? She'll find out the truth one day. Phillip says that Belle abandoned them, that she didn't love them. Belle says that is a lie, she knows this is payback and he is enjoying it. He says she's wrong. He says she stopped loving him, but he never stopped loving her. The boat is rocked, Belle is thrown into Phillip's arms. HE says he always told her he'd be here to catch her. Claire cries so Belle goes to check on her. She tells her there is nothing to be afraid of, she's safe. She asks Phillip what he will do now, can he keep her safe? 

Back on the island, Shawn loses contact with them. Steve tells Shawn that Phillip will make sure he loses his daughter. HE tells Bo he's talking about legal channels, but nobody will be able to help them. Shawn says Steve is right. Shawn doesn't care if EJ sent Steve to kill him, this is his one chance and he's grabbing it with or without his dad. Gabby pulls out a map, she found the island Belle and Phillip are headed too. She also checks the weather on the typhoon. Steve and Shawn decide to go, Bo still feels it isn't safe to fly. Shawn says the risk is worth it, Steve says he'll run a flight check and chart the course. Bo insists on going with them. As Steve is gone, Bo gets Shawn to sign the paper against EJ. Steve however is in the bushes and watches this. We see in his boot he has a gun! 

Later Steve says it's time for them to go. Bo thanks Gabby for everything, Shawn then says goodbye to Gabby. Gabby realizes they aren't coming back after they find Belle and Claire. Shawn hopes tomorrow they'll be home. Gabby tells Shawn she's not good at this. Shawn says she's been a good friend, he won't forget her. She says she'll miss him and Belle and Claire. He says this may not be goodbye, maybe one day she'll get to Salem. She knows, she'll stop by the Brady Pub and introduce herself to Grandma Caroline and Grandpa Shawn. Shawn says they'll give her some chowder and tell her where to find him. She says she'll miss him, and she won't forget him. She gives him a little kiss on the cheek .

Steve tells Bo that it really hurts him, all the years they go back and he still doubts him. Steve says when they get home they need a guys night out, clear some stuff up. Bo says know this, he will be watching him. Bo says if he twitches wrong then he'll take him out. Shawn asks if they are ready to go? Steve says lets do this. 

Steve, Bo and Shawn are up in the plane. It's dark and raining. Shawn wants to be dropped off 2 miles ahead of Phillip. He says when he hits the water, he'll inflate the raft. He assures Bo he can do this. Steve gives Shawn some binoculars with heat vision and night vision, he'll find Phillip even if his lights are off. Shawn soon finds a boat, he thinks it must be his. Shawn gets ready to jump. Bo tells him to be careful. Shawn says as soon as he gets to the boat, he'll radio the hotel. Shawn then jumps! 

Steve and Bo remain in the plane, Bo is checking to make sure Shawn is fine. Steve says Shawn has what it takes, just like his old man. Bo says Hope would skin him alive for letting Shawn do this. Steve says he's no mama's boy. Steve asks Bo if he got Shawn to go on the record about EJ? Bo asks where that came from? Steve says he knows he didn't come here for a walk on the beach. Bo says he knows he didn't come here to help Shawn. Steve knows he came here to get Shawn to sign the statement. Bo asks how he knows? Steve says who cares how he heard, did he get it? Bo says he did and he'll use it to put EJ behind bars. Steve says he can't let him do that.

Back on the boat, Phillip is promises Belle that he won't let anything happen to her or to Claire. He puts on a raincoat and heads up deck. Belle checks on Claire. She tells her they are going up and down like on the carousel. Meanwhile Phillip is up deck and we see a hand on the side of the baot! Phillip is revving up the boats engine as the hand hangs on. Phillip goes back down below deck. Belle says she feels like a cork bobbing on the ocean. Phillip says with any luck they'll be at the island soon. He says he'd die before he let anything happen to her and Claire. He thinks she's probably hoping for that. She says she just wants her life back. Phillip promises they'll get out of this alive. Back up top, Shawn, who is bleeding, has made it onto the boat! 


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