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4th Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


May 21, 2007
In New Orleans, Lucas and Sami are back working on Maison Blanch. Sami asks Lucas if he thinks they should really have the amnio? Lucas says he does, he's tired of not knowing and tired of EJ always in their lives. Lucas says he followed them on their honey. Sami says he claims he came here to check on his house, but did say he also came to apologize to her. Lucas hopes she's not buying that bull. Sami says she's not. Lucas says he heard their little talk, EJ said if the baby wasn't his then he'd get out of her life. Lucas thinks that is a good deal. Sami says but if it is his . . . . Sami won't do it. She says it's too dangerous, she can't put this baby at risk. She says the baby will be born in five months, they will all know then. She says besides, they are newly weds. She says if the baby is EJ's then he wouldn't get out of their lives. She says this way they at least have five months to themselves. Lucas agrees, they won't have the amnio. Sami then suggests  they go tell Elvis no way! 

In the cemetery, Celeste tells EJ that she has a message for Tony. EJ asks when she started running messages for Tony? She says when they stole her child! She says she has to do this in order to get Lexie back. The message from TOny is that Stefano is going downhill, the stem cells are needed now to save him.  She then reminds EJ that he was supposed to tell her where Lexie was after the wedding, but he lied. EJ says things at the wedding didn't go as planned, she'll have to wait a little longer. Celeste is furious. She thought he was only going to torture Samantha a little. Celeste then gets it, she says "Dear God!" She realizes that the baby Sami is carrying is for the stem cells for Stefano. She cannot believe this. She wonders which one of them came up with this sick plan. EJ says Stefano raised him, he gave him everything, he owes him this. She says Stefano gave him nothing, which is exactly what he owes him. Celeste says once Stefano wouldn't dream of hurting his own blood, but now, she thinks he's capable of anything. She tells EJ that baby could be his, if he cares for Sami or that baby then stand up to Stefano, save his child's life.

Sami and Lucas return to the graveyard to talk to EJ, only to see Celeste is there. She claims she's here on family business. Lucas says what family? The Adams? The Manson? No it would be the DiMeras, same thing really. Sami tells EJ they've made a decision, there will be no amnio. She won't risk the baby, they'll have to wait till it is born. EJ says he is not waiting five months! Sami tells EJ he has a lot to learn about being a father. She says she is not doing what is best for him, for her or for Lucas; she's doing what is best for this baby. She says that is what being a parent is about. Celeste says well said! EJ agrees, he will differ to her and won't push the amnio.

Sami and Lucas return to the house. They wonder if they can trust EJ not to bother them anymore. Sami remembers Lucas mentioning something about teaching EJ a lesson.  Lucas says he will teach him a lesson, one that will mean the end of EJ Wells. HE reminds Sami about the cooked books. He says there are at least 6 SEC violations, as well as EJ committing fraud against Billie.  He has copies of all of the papers. Sami says it doesn't matter, he's a DiMera, he'll walk. Lucas doesn't think so. She says what about his mom, she is his partner. Lucas says Kate is a big girl and will have to get herself out of this one. 

Back in the cemetery, Celeste asks EJ if her speech got through to him, or Sami's? Did he mean what he said to her? EJ says he did. She says then what will he tell Stefano? EJ has no intention of waiting the five months to learn if that baby is his. She asks how he will learn without a DNA test? He wants her to do that thing she does, her voodoo, her black arts. He says use it to tell him if he's the father.  

In the plane, Bo tells Steve he did get Shawn to sign the statement, he's using it to take down Elvis J Wells. Steve says he's afraid he can't let Bo do that. Bo laughs and says Steve won't stop him. Bo won't give him the statement, Steve says that is the wrong answer and pulls a gun on him! Steve says he needs that statement. Bo says of what? Bo knows Steve was sent to kill him and Shawn, he wants Steve to admit it. Steve says it doesn't have to be like this, all he has to do is give him the statement. Bo says he and Shawn are still a threat to Elvis, Elvis won't let them live. HE wants Steve to admit he's here to kill them. Steve has flashbacks to being tortured by EJ and ordered to get the statement and to kill Bo Brady. Bo can see him, he knows Steve is still in there. He says they are family, he knows what they mean to one another. We see a flashback of Bo saving Steve's life years ago when he almost drowned. Bo asks Steve what about Kayla? Will she turn on her too? Steve yells Kayla is better of without him, he told her so. Bo keeps trying to get to the real Steve. Steve yells at Bo that he's not his friend, he put his eye out. Steve says he should kill him just for that, he told him he'd get back at him for it. Bo reminds Steve they worked through that and he had his chance. We see a flashback of when Bo was working in a warehouse with Steve, Bo was almost crushed by some crates but Steve saved him. Bo tells Steve the real Steve is still in there. Bo then grabs the gun, the fight over it until Bo gets it away from Steve. Steve says Bo shouldn't have done that. Steve says plans are in motion, they will be carried out. Steve then sends the plane straight towards the ocean! He tells Bo give him the statement or they both die.

On the boat, Phillip tells Belle that he will protect her and Claire. He says he's tired of this fighting between all of them, he just wants to go home and work things out. There is a thump above deck, Phillip wonders what that was. He goes to check and finds Shawn is laying on deck. Phillip can't believe him, how did he get here in the middle of a storm? Shawn says he told him he'd always find him. Shawn gets up, he says he's taking over this ship. Phillip says so it's mutiny? He says he's the captain, Shawn does what he says or he swims home! Shawn then attacks Phillip! Belle comes up to find them fighting, Shawn eventually passes out. She says his wound has been reopened. Phillip thinks he'll be fine, he carries Shawn below deck.

Belle is later shown tending to Shawn, who is semi-conscious. She can't believe he came here in this storm, what was he thinking? Phillip says he wasn't, he did what he had to do. She says Phillip sounds like he admires Shawn. Phillip says he does have to give it to the guy. Shawn wakes up, he asks where Claire is? Belle says she's here, she's safe.

Later Phillip is up deck as Belle and Shawn are sitting and talking. They hear the engine making some grinding noises. Belle thinks that can't be good. Phillip shows up saying he is trying to outrun the storm. Shawn says you can't push the engine in rough seas, it is better to take it slow. Phillip says they are being chased by a typhoon! Later Shawn and Phillip are up deck, the boat is smoking. Shawn says Phillip brilliantly threw a rod, which can't be fixed without parts. They go down to give Belle the news. Belle asks what they do now? Shawn says the only thing they can do, wait and pray.


May 22, 2007
On the plane, Steve taking them straight down into the ocean, saying give him the paper or they will both die. Bo asks if he wants to be EJ's puppet for the rest of his life? He says this is Steve's chance to break the hold EJ has on him. Steve is screaming this is his last chance or he will die on this plane. They are both yelling at each other, Steve eventually saves them when Bo claims he'll give it to him. Bo call him a crazy bastard. Steve tell Bo he better not be playing him here. Bo wants Steve to be straight with him, will he put a bullet in his head? Steve says nobody tells him what to do. Bo says prove it, show him he's in control. Bo says forget Shawn's statement, take this plane back to Guam so they can go back to Salem. He says they can go to the pub and have some drinks. He says they can go home to their wives and families. Steve says there is nothing back home for him. Bo says there is, Steve just forgot. He says Steve can't kill a friend. Steve says they will see, when he's holding Shawn's statement he knows what he has to do. Bo says so does he, they both have their orders.

Steve and Bo return to the hotel. Gabby asks if Shawn is okay? Bo isn't sure how Shawn is, but he's sure he is fine. Gabby put out an SOS for the boat. Steve says right now they have bigger fish to fry. Gabby asks if everything is okay? Bo asks her for the document she has in her safe. Gabby goes to get it. Bo gives Steve a look. Steve asks what he's looking at? Bo says him, he's remembering the good times they had in bars like this. He wonders how far Steve will push it. Bo gets the statement, Steve demands it. Bo says he didn't think he'd really give it to him did he? Steve says give him the paper and he'll leave. Bo says after he kills him. Bo says Steve claimed to have come here to help him and Shawn. Steve says he helped Shawn get to the boat. Bo says and he'll go after Shawn after he kills him. Steve pulls a knife on Bo and demands the paper now. Bo says if Steve wants it then come get it. Bo tells Steve if he keeps listening to the voices then he's as good as dead. Bo pulls his own knife out, but puts it in the bar. He says he's not giving Steve the paper or surrendering. Steve says he's stupid. Bo says if he's going to die then it might as well be at the hands of his friend for something he believes it. Steve holds the knife on Bo telling him this is his last chance! Bo says Steve will have to take the paper from his cold dead hands. 

Kyla shows up at this point. Steve grabs Bo and holds the knife to his throat. Kayla tells Steve to put that knife down now! Bo tells Kayla to stay back, but she won't move until Steve drops the knife. Steve warns her she's making a mistake. Kayla says Steve will have to kill her too. Kayla tells Steve to listen, he is her husband, she loves him. As she says the wedding vows, Steve begins breaking down. Steve lets Bo go, Kayla is holding Steve. He strokes her hair and cries. He eventually falls to his knees sobbing. 

Later Steve is asleep. Bo has to go look for Shawn, he doesn't want to leave Kayla with Steve though. Kayla says she's not afraid of him. Bo says when he gets into that dark place then you can't reach him. She says she did. Bo says she may not be lucky next time. Kayla says they will stay here until Steve is better and she breaks the hold EJ has on him. Bo tells Steve, who seems out of it, to take care and listen to Kayla. Bo tells Kayla he guesses this is goodbye. Gabby then shows up, she just heard that Phillip's boat has gone down, everyone went down with it! 

On the boat, Shawn says the boat is broken and they can't fix it. Belle asks what they do now? Phillip thinks they can ride it out, but Shawn says they are talking about a small little boat up against a monster storm. Shawn tells Belle that it doesn't look good. Phillip turns it over to Shawn, he knows what he's doing here. Shawn says they have to stay calm. Belle tells the boys if they don't make it, if they lose Claire, then they are all to blame. Shawn gets them all life jackets, they have one for Claire and it has a GPS device. Belle just hopes they don't have to use it. The boat begins rocking. Shawn goes to put the jacket on Claire, Belle tells Phillip she has something to say. She says she's sorry, from the bottom of her heart. Phillip says this is not the time, and they won't die. Belle says he doesn't know that. She says she did him an incredible wrong, she was wrong to take Claire from him. Phillip says they all made mistakes. Shawn returns holding Claire and listens as Belle apologizes. She says if she had to do it over she would let him in Claire's life. Shawn says if he had to do it over he wouldn't be so afraid to let him in either, that he might always be seen as Claire's father. Phillip says he kept insisting he was Claire's father though he knew it wasn't true. He says she isn't his. Belle says the only thing the DNA test proved is you don't have to be related to be family. They give Claire to her Uncle Phillip. Phillip says he's sorry too, he's sorry for taking off instead of facing things. He says when he returned he wanted what he left behind, his little girl. He says he put them through hell. He knows if he hadn't done what he did then they wouldn't be here. The boat continues rocking, Shawn suggests they all get their life jackets on.

They get into their life jackets, they keep talking about how they are all sorry. Shawn and Phillip do the bumping fist thing. Belle suggests they make a promise, if they survive then they go home and work things out. Belle says they all love her, they can raise her together. The boys say deal. The boat is rocking worse and worse, Belle sees the boat is now leaking! The lights on the boat go out, apparently the power is now gone too. Claire is crying, Belle has the feeling it will be okay, everything will turn out okay. They are basically in the typhoon now, the rain is coming down as is the thunder and lightening. Belle begins singing Amazing Grace to Claire. The others join in as they all huddle around Claire. 

Lucas brings Sami home. They are kissing and decide to have a quickie. Sami however says things shouldn't be rushed. Lucas says kids shouldn't have to see them doing the hanky panky. He says Will will be home soon. Sami becomes upset, she asks how Will sounded on the phone? Lucas says great, he can't wait to get home. Sami is shocked. He says no worries. Sami feels he's still mad at her, but Lucas says he explained everything. Sami hates he knows about what happened. She says all Will wants is a normal family, she's like a one woman circus. She talks about how EJ came to their wedding, he came to the reception, he came on their honeymoon; he's probably camped outside the door now. Lucas doubts that. He says he turned EJ into the SEC, he bets the feds are at mythic swarming all over him. Sami is afraid, EJ will know he did this. Lucas doesn't care. Lucas says they had a deal, he was too back off or he'd got to the SEC. Lucas says EJ didn't so, he went to them. Sami asks Lucas if he really thinks things will work out? Lucas does, he thinks EJ will be put away and they'll live happily ever after. Sami asks what if the baby isn't his? He says he loves the mother, he will love any child that is hers. Sami doesn't know what planet she's living on thinking EJ might be descent about the baby. She hopes he won't grab the baby and run if it is his. She also knows if the baby isn't his then who knows what he'll do to them. Lucas says that is why he did what he had to do, they will have a happy marriage where trouble doesn't barge in every five minutes. 

Right on cue, Kate barges in! She says you lying, conniving manipulator . . . you blew the whistle on my company and don't deny it. She thinks Sami blew the whistle, but Lucas tells his mom that he did it. Kate doesn't believe him, but Lucas says he told her he was going to do it. Kate doesn't believe he'd do it unless Sami made him. Will walks in at this point, asking what his mom has done now? Kate hates to hit Will with this. Kate says Sami forced Lucas to do something unforgivable. Lucas says what is unforgivable is what she's doing to Will. Lucas hugs Will and sends him to see his mom, he is going to talk with Kate in private.

Lucas drags Kate into the hall and scolds her. He says he was after EJ, but she chose to work with him. He says he has every right to get that bastard out of his and Sami's life. Kate says maybe he should have told Sami to stop sleeping with him. Lucas says she didn't sleep with him, he raped her. Kate says so she says. Kate says if EJ goes down then she goes down with him. Kate says if that happens then he's in for the fight of his life. Lucas says he gave her fair warning, she chose to ignore it and she never made EJ clean up his mess. Kate says he only called the feds because she hates Sami. Lucas says she is so wrong. She asks how long he has been plotting this revenge? Lucas says EJ got what he deserved, he showed up on their honeymoon so he sealed his fate. Kate cries that she had nothing to do with that, it's not fair. Lucas says life isn't fair. She says even throwing his mom to the wolves. She thought of all her children they were the closest. She says she has always looked out for Lucas. Lucas says that is the problem, she would never cut the cord. She says she's saved his ass so many times. He says now it is sink or swim time, she's on her own. Lucas gets slapped by Kate! She tells him that he has turned into one ungrateful son. Lucas says she did everything she could to destroy his wedding, she humiliated them on the happiest day of their lives. HE says she wants him to be forgiving, well he can't do that. Lucas tells his mom that she hasn't been a good mom at all. Kate thinks they are too upset to talk, they need to calm down. She says she'll come back tomorrow and they will talk. 

Back inside, Sami gives Will a mask she bought, she thought they could go to Mardi Gras together some day. He thanks her. She also got him some pralines autographed by Emerald, he signed it Bam! She also got him some jazz CDs. Sami says she has one more thing to give him. She says she owes him an apology. Will says it's okay, but she says it's not. She doesn't blame him for thinking the worst of her. She goes to tell him the truth about what happened. Will says he already knows she had to choose between saving dad and helping EJ. Will says he has been waiting for her to come home to thank her for saving dad's life, for keeping their family together. He also has a gift for her, the wedding photos. He says don't blame him for Maggie's photos, like the one with Grandma Kate's head lopped off. Sami laughs, saying she never looked better. 

Later Sami is listening at the door to Kate and Lucas' fight. He tells Kate he can't trust her to be around his family, until that changes well she can't be a part of it. Kate says then this is goodbye and walks off. Sami goes out to Lucas, she says she's sorry, Kate will come to her senses. Lucas says if she doesn't then it's her loss. He won't let anyone come between them again. 

Back down on the DiMera cemetery, it is night. Celeste has a huge fire going in a cauldron. EJ shows up, Celeste says take his shirt off! He does, asking how long this ritual will last. She says that depends on the spirits. Celeste then begins her ritual. She seeks the power and wisdom of the spirits who walk the night. She wants to know who the father of Sami's baby is. She throws stuff in the cauldron, which rages the fire. She asks if the ancient DiMera bloodline flows through the soul of Sami's child. She says the spirits will help, does he have the items? EJ brought a little brown bag with him, He has a glove of Lucas' and a scarf of Sami's. Celeste gives him two feathers to represent him and Lucas, blow on each and then wrap everything in his shirt. EJ feels silly. Celeste says the spirits have never lied, if he doesn't trust them then don't do this. He of course goes through with it. He then throws them all in the fire. Celeste says they wait, when the fire dies, one feather will remain to tell them who the father is. As they wait, Celeste lectures EJ some more. She tells him to imagine Stefano ripping that child from his arms in order to add a few more years to his life. EJ says he's heard enough, he wants to go. She says he can't go until the fire has burned out, unless he doesn't want to know who the father is. EJ says he'll stay, but he's had enough of her ramblings. Celeste says this is the price he pays for taking Lexie, this is her justice. She says she will make him feel the pain of having his child ripped out of his life. She tells him that he could walk away from Sami and leave her and the baby in peace. EJ says his father needs the stem cells or he will die. Celeste says if this child is his, will he protect it like a true father? She wants to know if he'll protect the child if it is his. He says he wants to know the truth.. He pulls the feather out, he asks which one it is. Celeste looks at it and says his, the spirits have spoken, he's the father. She asks what he will do now? He says he will save his father.


May 23, 2007
In their room on Tinda Lau, Kayla has put up all sorts of photos of her and Steve together. Steve wants to know who will repaint that wall. She says she put up their family tree and he's thinking about paint? She asks him what he thinks, he says he doesn't know. She says every face is looking at him with love, every face is a memory. He says of what, he has no idea. She says the Beatles had it right when they said all you need is love. Steve wonders if they sang about tough love. Kayla says all love is tough. Steve goes to get coffee, he wonders if it's drugged but it's not. He sees that Kayla is holding a syringe, he asks what that is. She says medicine, good medicine. He asks if he is to take her word? She tells him it is a relaxant. HE says he's fine, but she says he's not. Steve says they have coffee, they have pictures, they have each other; they don't need the happy hypo. She says they don't, he does. She then injects him. He says damn she plays dirty! She says when it comes to them, he bets she does. She asks if he's ready for a walk down memory lane now? He says the pictures are just faces. She says maybe right now. He asks when this stuff will relax him. She says a few minutes. He wants to see the syringe, she lets him. He says this was the weapon of choice in the pen. Kayla says they'll use it to make him better. Steve says that is what they always told him. 

Later Steve is playing his harmonica. He tells Kayla she's beautiful and kisses her! She stops him saying he's crossing the doctor patient line here. He says he doesn't need a doctor, he needs his wife. She says lucky for him, he's got both. They keep kissing, he says now who is crossing the line. She soon stops, she says these next few weeks won't be easy. He says they can't be worse than the last fifteen years. She says they won't leave this room until she has her husband back. He says they may be stuck here for a long time. Kayla says stuck on a tropical island with the man she loves? It's not the worst thing to happen to her. 

Steve remains laying in bed, Kayla is sitting next to him. She warns him the next few days he may not like her much. She has to try and get into his mind. She wants him to look at the photos and remember these people, remember in his heart and not just his head. She shows him a photo of himself, of Adrienne and Jack. She shows him a photo of Stephanie. He holds the one of Stephanie. She asks him what it is? We don't ear his answer, when next we see them she's trying to make him recite something. She's making him name all the people in the photos. He's tired of this, should he say poems to them? Kayla says it can't hurt. He talks about Stephanie, who can't decide if she loves or hates him. She wonders if Steve loves her? He won't answer, he says they are done here. She shows him a photo of EJ and asks how this one makes him feel? She asks if he should put EJ up on the wall? Steve goes nuts, he rips up all the photos on the wall. She says was that supposed to hurt her? It's just papers. She orders him back in bed. He says don't give him orders, she can't fix him. Kayla says failure is not an option. She will stay until one of them breaks and it won't be her. 

Steve gets back into the bed and rests. They continue talking. She tells him how most men wouldn't have survived what he's been through. Steve says this hard head comes in handy. She says and a soft heart. She says he should sleep, she'll be here when he wakes up. Steve begins falling asleep, before he does he asks if she's sure his middle name is earl? She says she's positive.

Bo and Gabby are trapped on the island, everything is grounded because of the storm, so Bo can't go and help. A message comes in that Gabby takes. Bo asks what is wrong? Gabby says they found them, they are alive. Gabby says they were spotted in the water, they are about to get them. Bo asks her to find out more if she can. She calls the coast guard back to find out the status of the survivors. Gabby tells Bo that everyone seems to be fine. They end up having some drinks to celebrate. Gabby calls for some more news. Gabby finds out Belle, Shawn and Phillip have been found. They break up before they can say anything about Claire. She soon learns though that they can't find Claire.

Bo and Gabby hear a chopper coming in. They are hoping they'll get good news. Shawn, Belle and Phillip show up. They are wrapped in towels and shivering. Bo goes to Belle, she is not saying anything. Shawn tells Bo that he lost her, he lost their daughter. Shawn is a mess, he wants to go back looking for Claire and help them. Bo says he's too weak, let the others do their job. Shawn says they put a vest on her with a tracker, there has to be a signal. Bo says the rescue workers will see the signal. Bo asks what happened? Phillip says it's not Shawn's fault, he was the last to hold her, he lost her. He remembers trying to hold on to Claire, he was holding so tight he thought he was hurting her. He says they got dragged down, he was telling her not to be afraid. He says he told her that he wouldn't let her, go, that he loved her. He says then a wave hit, she was ripped from him. Belle sits there not saying anything. Phillip swears he never let go, but when she was taken, that he couldn't find her. Both Phillip and Shawn hug.

Bo tells Belle this isn't her fault. She says it should be her out there, not Claire. Bo says they will find her. Belle talks about how nobody is out there to hold her, to sing to her. She says she's alone and the water is so cold. She says the wind also could cut through you. She says if she could only sing to her then she might not feel so scared. Suddenly Gabby has been contacted by the rescue team. They all hope for good news . . . but it's not good news. They haven't found her. She says the seas are worse, they have to stop looking. They are changing the mission to a recovery mission. Belle breaks down, Phillip tells Bo to do something. Bo doesn't have any jurisdiction here. Shawn refuses to believe Claire is dead. Shawn holds Belle.

Hope and Chelsea are at the pub. Hope is waiting for Bo to call with news. Chelsea says she has some good news. She says Nick is getting his own place, he's going to make things perfect for their first time. She promises they will be safe and careful. Maggie then comes in, she asks if she can talk to Hope alone. Chelsea says not at all. She goes to take Ciara, who is in a stroller, for a walk.

Maggie tells Hope there is something she needs to know, and there is no easy way to say it. She says she found some of Chelsea's panties under Nick's bed. Hope says maybe they belong to another girl. Maggie says but he's Nick. Hope says don't forget Billie. Maggie says Billie aside, the only other girl in his life is Chelsea. Hope promises to talk to Chelsea about this.

Maggie laves and Chelsea returns. Chelsea asks what that was about? Chelsea thinks she's done something. Hope says she could have told her that she and Nick were intimate. Chelsea is puzzled. Hope says Maggie found a pair of her panties under Nick's bed. She says impossible, they didn't sleep together, he gave her a speech about not wanting to disrespect Maggie. She says she believed him, he was disrespecting Maggie with Little Miss Panties. Hope asks if she thinks he's seeing someone else? Chelsea says if he isn't, then he has a lot of explaining to do! Hope suggests she get the facts first. Chelsea doesn't know who she hates more, him or her. Hope thinks it is him.

Later Hope talks with Caroline. She just talk to Bo, they found the kids . . . but Claire is lost! Caroline says they will find her, they have to believe they'll find her.

In Nick's room, Nick is looking over the note Maggie left about finding the panties under his bed. Willow shows up to see Nick, she climbs into his window. He says she can't keep doing this. She asks where the warden is. Nick says not here, what does she want. She says she left some clothes behind. Nick says her panties maybe? He says Aunt Maggie found them. She sees he's upset, saying the evidence proves he's guilty when he's innocent. She says kind of the opposite of the situation she's in, although in her case there is no evidence. Nick again claims he doesn't have the hairbrush. He says she has her panties back so go now. She cries she'll be spending a night on a park bench again. This makes him feel bad. She thinks if she told Maggie he let her stay here then she'd be proud of him. Nick doubts that. She sees Nick looking at the want ads, realizing he's getting his one place. She says how nice, he has two roofs while she has none. He says not his problem. HE says she is out of jail and can take care of herself. She cries she can't get a job, what is she to put on the resume? Suspected arsonist? Hooker? Again he says at least she's out. She says yeah until her trial. He says well then she'll be back in jail with a roof over her head! She slaps him and goes to leave. She says good thing about baby's, they don't know the difference between a soft bed and a hard bench. Nick tells Willow not to go, they'll figure something out. He won't let her sleep on a park bench. He says he'll look into it. She's smiling. She however says believe it or not she still has some pride. She drops her bag, which she is quick to point out is everything she owns. Nick finds a place in the paper, he thinks she should take it. She has no references or rent. He says he'll take care of it. She hugs him saying that you so much, he's a life saver. Nick says this blackmail, her always bringing up the hairbrush, it has to stop. Nick gives her a check and wonders if there aren't programs out there for people like her. She says people like her? Suddenly Chelsea shows up banging on the door. Nick tells Willow to go, but she won't. She wants to stick around for the show, but she eventually leaves.

Nick opens up and lets Chelsea in. She wonders what took him so long? He says he was cleaning up. She asks if he got all the extra panties, you know, the one Maggie found and thought were hers? He says Maggie told her? She says no she told Hope. Chelsea wants to know who she is? Better yet they can take them to the lab for a DNA test. Nick says there is no other girl. She asks how panties showed up here? Nick says maybe Abby's fell out of the laundry at some point, but Chelsea says Maggie would recognize them. She thinks he's sleeping around. He says he swears he is not cheating, the only panties he wants under his bed are hers. He says he loves her and only her, he then kisses her. 


May 24, 2007
EJ arrives at the warehouse. We see a man behind a curtain and hear the beeps of a heart machine. Tony steps out, EJ says if it isn't the great Tony DiMera. EJ says he heard he had been released. Tony says yes, he was watching after their father. He tells Elvis that their father is fighting for his life and he has come here without Sami or her baby. EJ asks how he got released? Tony says a compassionate judge reviewed his case. EJ wonders how much that cost. Tony again tells EJ he has come here without Sami, he was instructed to bring her here. Tony says if EJ hopes to see father again then do as he's told, bring him Samantha Roberts now! EJ says he is Stefano's son too. Tony says who has been the most loyal? He tells EJ he's a failure, and embarrassment to the DiMera name. EJ says Tony hasn't achieved much in jail. Tony says EJ has accomplished nothing with the whole DiMera army at his hands. He says Bo, John, Patrick and Shawn all live while their father dies. EJ says there is more to this than just Stefano. EJ says his child, part of him is at risk. Tony says he's putting that bastard above their father's life? Tony tells EJ if he does not bring him those stem cells then there will be hell to pay for EJ and for his little unborn child. EJ doesn't appreciate the threats. Tony says if Stefano dies, so does EJ. He gives EJ one hour to bring Sami to him! He also tells EJ not to disappoint him again.

Sami and Lucas are at home. They are trying to feel the baby kick. Lucas eventually feels the baby moving. Sami says it's amazing, it's their baby. Sami tells Lucas how she loves this, just them and the baby. Lucas says they need to enjoy it while they can. Sami knows, soon it will be diapers and crying and late night feedings. Still Sami keeps worrying that EJ could be the father. Lucas says that baby is there's no matter what. He says there is a chance it is his, let's think positively. He does joke she could be lying to him and the baby might not even be hers. He keeps telling her to be positive, there is a 50/50 chance the baby is his. 

Later they discuss the future, how Lucas obviously will be needing a new job. He doesn't want them robbing Will's college fund. Sami says after what has happened to her before, well she has saved money. Lucas wants to provide for her, call him old fashion. Lucas begins worrying, maybe he made a mistake going after EJ the way he did. He says EJ will come after them if he skates free. Sami says she's sick of worrying, she won't be EJ's victim again. She says all she cares about now is this baby. She says she's happy with who she is, where she is, and how her life is going. She says she won't let anyone take it from her. 

Sam and Lucas get busy, but a knock at the door interrupts them. An envelope is slipped under the door. It's a copy of the magazine The Knot, the editor asks to do an interview about their Green Honeymoon. She wants Sami to meet her at Chez Rouge, she has to do this right away. They think it's weird she didn't just call, but Sami decides to go. After she leaves, Celeste shows up. She asks if Sami is here, but Lucas says no. Celeste says she'll tell him then. She says EJ knows the baby is his. Lucas says she hasn't had the amnio. Celeste says there are other ways of knowing. Lucas says what, her ouija board? She begs Lucas to listen to her, Sami's baby was conceived for one thing, to save Stefano's life.

Sami heads down to her car. She gets in, not knowing EJ is in the back seat. He grabs her from behind and chloroforms her . . . saying he's so sorry. 

At the pub, Hope is with Marlena. They are both upset over Claire. Hope asks why God keeps taking their children. Marlena says they have stay strong for the kids. Victor walks into the pub at this point. Hope asks what the hell he's doing here? Victor says Bo told him that Phillip was returning. Hope says he's not welcomed here, he needs to leave now. He says he loved Claire too. Hope says if it weren't for this ridiculous suit then none of this would have happened, Phillip is not Claire's father. Bo comes in with Phillip. Phillip says he did what he could. Victor hugs Phillip. Bo tells Hope that Belle was admitted to the hospital with shock, Shawn is with her. MArlena and Hope decide to go to the hospital.

Victor tells Phillip that he's hired the best team money can by. Phillip tells his dad the GPS is not giving out a signal, Claire is gone. Bo agrees, if Claire was out there then they would have found her. Victor won't give up, but Phillip says Claire is dead, let her rest in peace. Victor asks why he's the only one here being proactive? Phillip tells his dad that Claire died because of them. They wasted time fighting instead of compromising with Belle and Shawn. Victor says they were going to cut him out of her life. He says he cut himself out when he left. Phillip says it was his job to keep her safe, he didn't and now she's gone. Phillip says they have to accept she's not coming back. Victor says she has to, he promised to teach her how to ride horses. Phillip knows this must be hard for him too. Victor just wishes he had a little more time with her. Phillip says he knows. 

Later, Phillip tells Victor how on the island, Shawn, Belle and Claire were a real family and he was the outsider. However on the boat, they all put aside their differences. Victor says that is admirable. Phillip says he's glad he thinks so. Phillip wants to honor Claire by making things right. Victor tells Phillip that he's making a mistake. He says if Claire is alive, will he give her up? Victor says until they are sure she's not coming back, don't fraternize with the enemy. Victor believes Claire is alive and he won't rest until she takes her proper place as Claire Kiriakis! 

Shawn is sitting by Belle in the hospital. Shawn thinks if they had gone home like she wanted then Claire would be alive. He doesn't know how he'll forgive himself. He's asking Belle if she can hear him? Belle is asleep. Shawn wishes he could take the pain away, but he says Claire is in heaven now and at peace.

In her dream she wakes up and someone is there in the room. She sees a shadow, she asks where Claire is, what have they done with her baby? She begs them to give her back her little girl. She says they all tried to save her, it just happened so fast. She says God should have taken her instead. Out of the shadows walks John! She cries that her baby is gone. John says no, Claire is still alive. She asks how he knows? John says he's been hovering between life and death, he has seen everyone who has passed on, he hasn't seen Claire. He says Claire is still on earth. Belle asks where? Belle asks if Claire was kidnapped? John only says she is alive, that is all he can say. He says the rest is up to her. She begs him not to go, but John disappears.

Belle wakes up from her dream. Shawn runs to get a nurse for her. Later Marlena and Hope show up. A nurse has given her some drugs to relax her, she was agitated. The nurse has to check on another patient and leaves. Shawn tells Marlena how sorry he is. Marlena says she is glad he is okay and safe, she's grateful he took care of Belle. Shawn says Belle has been having some bad dreams. Marlena sits by Belle. She asks Belle if she an hear her? Belle wakes up and looks at her mom. Marlena says she knows. She says just let it out. Marlena says Claire is at peace now. Belle says she doesn't understand, Claire is alive. Hope and Shawn leave them to talk. Marlena wants her to accept that Claire is gone, but she won't. She says dad told her! Belle knows it sounds crazy, but dad came to her right here. Belle tells Marlena what dad said to her. Belle thinks Marlena believes she is imagining it, but Marlena doesn't. Marlena says she has also had dreams of John. Belle says he was right about Steve, so he may be right about Claire. Marlena doesn't want her to get her hopes up though. Marlena tells her it is possible though. She tells her about her coin dream, how the coins was in dad's hand like she said. 

Out in the hall, Hope tells Shawn she just needs to be there for Belle and listen. She is glad he's okay and hugs him. Shawn winces, Hope finds out that Shawn was shot. She demands to know who did this, was it Steve? He says no. He says he's fine, it's no big deal. Hope wants him to see a doctor. HE says right now he has more important things to worry about. Shawn talks about how before all this, he had this idea they would finally be a family. He says it was all good, but then they lost Claire. He says he's afraid he'll lose Belle now too. Hope says that won't happen, Belle loves him. Shawn says and he loves her, but how do you move on from this? Hope says he and Belle will need each other now, just like she and Bo needed each other after Zack dies. Shawn says Belle thinks they'll find Claire though, they have no closure here. Bo shows up, Hope asks when he was going to tell her about the gunshot? 

Bo, Hope and Shawn go into see Belle. Belle tells them Claire is alive, her dad came to her in a dream and told her. They all look at her like she's crazy. Marlena, Bo and Hope decide to wait outside. Belle tells Shawn that she knows this is crazy, but John has visited her mom too and everything he said came true.

Back in the waiting room, Hope is confused about this dream and why Marlena is encouraging her. Marlena tells her that it has happened to her too. Marlena gives Bo a look, Hope asks them to say something. Marlena says she too had a visit from John. Bo says Marlerna talked to him about these dreams, they were on target. Hope just doesn't like the idea of getting Belle's hopes up. Marlena says she wouldn't lie to her daughter. She then leaves to see John. 


May 25, 2007
Nick and Chelsea are making out on Nick's bed. Nick says they can't do this here, not now. She says this is torture. Nick says it's just it's his aunt and uncle's house. Chelsea knows, her aunt thinks she is the slut of Salem. Chelsea seems to believe that the panties were Abby's. Chelsea then sees Nick has circled a place in the want ads. She tells him he looks sick. Chelsea says relax, she's not saying they will move in. She says it's just nice he has a place of his own where they can be together. Plus it's by her house. He hasn't made up his mind, it's really expensive. Chelsea says if she'll be there a lot then she can pitch in some. He says sounds perfect. Chelsea decides to call the place, but Nick says don't do that! She asks what is wrong? He says he just wants to do things right here. He says this is a big deal for him, he's never had his own place. She says he wants to do this though right. He says yes. She says then why is he acting all weird. Unfortunately Willow shows up at Nick's window smiling. Chelsea asks why she is here? 

Willow comes in saying she forgot her newspaper. Chelsea says your paper? She takes it and says thanks Nikki. She also says if Chelsea finds any other panties then they are hers too. Willow then leaves. Chelsea is furious, why did he lie to her? Nick says she slept here one night, she had no where else to go. He says she slept in the bed, he slept on the floor, they never touched. Chelsea says if he expects her to believe that then tell her now why is he helping her? Nick says Willow knows he stole the hairbrush, that he's trying to protect her. Chelsea says it doesn't matter, nobody will believe her. Nick says they could, it makes sense that he would steal it for her. Nick says if he doesn't help Willow then she'll sink them both. Chelsea says so she's blackmailing him. Nick says he loves her. He'd do anything for her. He says if that means keeping Willow quiet then it is worth it. Chelsea says she is not okay with this at all. She thinks he should tell Willow to get lost, unless he likes having her hang around. He swears nothing is going on between them. Chelsea asks if he believes she didn't set the fire? HE says at first he wasn't sure, but he knows now she didn't. Chelsea says she believes him, but he's not off the hook. She tells Nick to stay away from Willow, she's trouble. She says no more helping her, no more letting her manipulate him. She says the next thing she knows, Willow will ask him to pay her bills and get her an apartment. Nick says she did ask him to sign a lease. Chelsea asks and who would pay the rent? Nick says that would be him. She wants him to stand up to Willow, show her he's nobody to be messed with. Nick says he's not EJ Wells! Chelsea says then be more like him. She says tell Willow to take a hike or say goodbye to her. She says she won't share him with a gold digging whore.

At the hospital, Belle is showing photos of Claire to Marlena. Belle is sure she's alive, she knows they'll see her again soon. She knows they will find Claire. Shawn comes in to check on Belle. Marlena says she'll give them some time. MArlena wants to visit John. Belle wants to go too, but Shawn thinks she needs to rest. Marlena agrees with Shawn. Marlena heads off. Belle tells Shawn he needs to rest too. He needs to get better if they are going to go find Claire. Shawn doesn't think Claire is coming home. Belle is not happy with Shawn. Belle says her father said she is still alive. Shawn says that was a dream. Belle says she believes it. He says aren't dreams pictures, hopes for things they wish for. Belle says no this is real. Shawn says he dreamed about Claire too, but then he woke up. Belle tells Shawn that if he loves her then keep an open mind. She says Claire is out there, they have to find her and bring her home. Shawn says what if her dream is just a dream? He says he struggled in that storm and he's a lot stronger than Claire was. He also says there was a tracking device, they didn't find it. Belle says a lot of other boats were there, private boats. She says anyone could have found her. Belle is talking about a miracle here. Shawn says it would be a miracle if Claire was alive. Belle tells Shawn once he believed in miracles, his grandma Caroline told him if he believed than anything could happen. She begs him to tell her that he hasn't given up on miracles. He does believe in miracles, it's a miracle they found their way back to one another. Belle says and now they are getting the best miracle of all. Shawn says it's not the same. He thinks Belle needs someone to help her through this, and not Marlena. Belle thinks Shawn believes both her and her mom are crazy. He says no, that's not what he's saying. He just wants them to figure out how to survive without their daughter. Belle says they don't, if he gives up on Claire then he's on his own. Shawn says so she's ending things between them when they need each other the most? Belle says she is fighting for their daughter. She then storms off to see John.

Marlena sits with John. She says he knows how to create a stir, even in the state he's in now. She says Belle is home and is alive and safe. Marlena says Belle says he came to her in a dream, like he came to her. Marlena asks John if he told her that Claire was alive? That she did not die? Marlena says as her mother and a doctor, Belle needs to deal with the truth. She just doesn't know what that is. She needs John to tell her, she needs him awake now more than ever. Marlena says every day she comes in here hoping he will open his eyes. She knows he's still in there and he is still the same person he always was. She tells John that she needs him, she needs him now more than ever before. 

Dr. Tucker shows up to talk to Marlena about John. Marlena and the doctor leave the room to talk about him. Dr. Tucker shows her information on a new care facility, they specialize in cutting edge technology for patients like john. Unfortunately it is out of the state, Marlena won't do it. Back in John's room, John's finger is moving. Marlena won't move John and she won't give up on him. Dr. Tucker says she's been saying that for months, how long will she keep holding out hope. John continues to move his finger, reaching for the nurse call button.

Marlena returns to John's room, she is saying to the doctor she's not giving up on her husband, it is his family, their love and prayers which will bring him out of this. Dr. Tucker says should she change her mind . . . .Marlena says she won't. The doctor then leaves the room. John knocked the call button onto the floor. Marlena doesn't see it, she's just about to leave when she finally does see it. Belle then shows up. Marlena feels she should be in bed, but Belle wants just one minute with him. Belle sits by John and says she's back. She says he came to her in a dream and told her Claire was alive. She says she needs a sign it is true. Marlena says John can't give her a sign. Belle begs John for a sign. Marlena tell Belle that's enough, she needs to go back to her room. Marlena says she can't help her dad if she doesn't take care of herself. Belle tries to go, but John is holding onto her hand and won't let go. They think it means John is coming back. 

Willow arrives at the hospital. She tells Shawn she heard he was back, she thought he might like to know how his baby is doing. He won't listen to her, his child just died and the only person she cares about is her. She says that is not true, and for a guy who just lost his daughter she would think he'd be a little more sensitive to his unborn baby. HE says they know that baby isn't his. She says it is, but she doesn't need him anymore, she has someone who will take care of her. She says after this thing with Claire, she won't let him near their baby.

EJ shows up at the warehouse. He has Sami on a gurney. Tony says it's about time! EJ says she's here, he completed his little task. EJ wants a guarantee, no harm comes to her or the child. Tony's only concern is for their father, that should be his too. Sami begins to wake up. EJ tells her to be quiet. She asks what is going on here? EJ says nobody will hurt her. She asks what he wants with her. He says he'll tell her, just calm down and listen. He says his father is dying. Sami says Stefano? EJ says he needs stem cells, stem cells from their baby. Sami says no, he can't take this baby's stem cells. EJ says his father's life is at stake. Sami doesn't care about Stefano, her baby is the only thing that matters. She won't let him do this. EJ says believe him, he doesn't want to do this. He says he doesn't care what Sami thinks about Stefano, he is his father. EJ says their child is the only thing that can save his life. Sami says they don't know who the baby's father is. EJ says he knows. He says when she wouldn't have the amnio, he found another way, alternative medicine. HE says Celeste. He explains she called up the spirits in a ritual. EJ says it's infallible, the local people in New Orleans believe in it. Sami says this is crazy, she is leaving. EJ says she can't go. Sami says he is not stopping her. She is struggling to get free.

Sami escapes and runs, but some men stop her outside and force her back inside the warehouse. EJ tells her to stop this nonsense. Sami says he's the one believing in a voodoo ritual. EJ tells her she has nothing to fear, harvesting stem cells is harmless procedure. He begs Sami to show compassion. Sami asks where his compassion was when he shot john, when he killed Lexie and Tek, when he raped her. She says he and his sick family don't know the meaning of the word compassion. EJ tells Sami he has no choice here. She says why, because of Stefano? Tony walks out and says and because he's not calling the shots. Sami says he's supposed to be in prison. Tony says he was, but now he's not. He says he's missed the happy people of Salem, her in particular. He says he hears congratulations are in order, the curse is broken, she got married. She says she would have married Lucas long ago if it weren't for him. Tony says good things come to those who wait. She says she's still waiting for him and his family to die. Tony says thanks to her that won't happen, they just need a few tiny cells. Sami says they won't touch her or her baby, not as long as she's alive. Tony says he has always admired her, she's never more lovely when she gets her Irish up. He suggests she just give it up, it will only take a few minutes and then she can go home. Sami says he will never leave her or the Brady's alone. Tony says time has run out, it's time to get Sami into surgery. He tells the men to get her. Sami begs EJ to stop him, he can't let Tony do this. EJ tells Sami that he's so sorry. She says he is a liar, that or a coward. She says he struts around Salem like he's all that, but he's just a pawn too, a coward and a fraud. Tony says she's wasting her breath, he is in charge here. EJ seems to back down as the men put Sami back on the gurney. Sami yells if Celeste is right then what kind of man is he! EJ is cowering as Sami is screaming at him to stand up to Tony! Tony tells Sami after the little procedure the child will be theirs to do as they please with. At this point EJ tells them all to get their hands off of Sami! EJ asks Tony what he just meant. Tony says they may need future access to the stem cells. Tony says they are taking the fetus for safe keeping. EJ says he'll have to kill him before he gets a hand on Sami or his child! 


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