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5th Week of May 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


May 28, 2007
At the warehouse, EJ tells Tony that we will not allow him to kill his child. Tony tells EJ he knows he's grown accustom to getting his own way, but they are talking about their father's life. Tony says if EJ won't make the sacrifices necessary then he'll have to make them for EJ! EJ tells Tony if he harms Sami or his child . . . Tony says this is a family issue, he took an oath. EJ says to his father. Tony says he planted his seed to save father, be proud of that. EJ tells Tony that his agreement was with father. He says they can harvest stem cells, but the baby stays where it is. He says that was Stefano's decision. Tony says it was, now it's his. EJ wants to take Sami with him. Tony tells EJ to try it. The men have guns on EJ and Sami. Tony tells Elvis he knows how this family works, when Stefano is unable to be in charge, he is and Elvis follows his orders like he would Stefano's. EJ tells Sami to get out of here, she says she doesn't have to be told twice. EJ tells Tony that father would not have him kill his own child. Tony says father is unable to place orders, so it's up to him now. Tony tells EJ he will kill him and Sami. EJ says then he'd have to explain to Stefano how he murdered his favorite son, the son he personally groomed for the last 20 years, the son whose death he will avenge. EJ tells Tony to shoot him, the only way he'll stop him from leaving is cold blooded murder! Tony tells EJ to keep pushing his lucky. EJ again wants to see if Tony is stupid enough to authorize the killing of Stefano's favorite son. EJ says if Tony wants to shoot them then do it in the back. EJ then takes Sami out of the warehouse. 

Sami and EJ are in a car. Sami says she thought they were dead for sure. She wonders why Tony didn't order the guys to shoot them. EJ thinks he wanted to, but he wouldn't without father's permission. Sami says he knew that all along? Sami asks if Stefano could change his mind about the baby? EJ says trust him, he won't. Sami says like she'll start trust him. He says he got her out of their alive, her and the child, doesn't that earn him some gratitude? Sami says she's only in this because of him! She says finally something goes right for a Brady and a DiMera sweeps in and makes it all go to hell. EJ says thankfully Stefano won't send Tony after them. EJ thinks it is Tony's idea to take the baby. Sami says she knows Stefano is his father, but nobody else thinks of Stefano as a warm and fuzzy guy. EJ knows Stefano wouldn't harm a child, not one of his own. Sami says tell that to Lexie, or was that Tony's idea . . . or his? EJ mumbles something about how he adores her vivid imagination. She doesn't want him to adore her, that is her husband's job. She says her baby, her son and husband are her family; now they are in danger because of her. EJ promises her that as the mother of Stefano's grandchild, she will never be harmed. She asks what about the rest of her family? EJ says his father is not a murderer. He wouldn't kill. Sami says but he'd hire someone to kill for him. EJ says his father is a complex man. Sami says he's a man with an obsessive hatred for the Bradys. Sami says they don't even know why he hates them. EJ says he doesn't know either, he can't just ask his father why. EJ says you don't ask questions until you know your place. Sami says he didn't stay in his place today, he protected her and her child. EJ says it's their child. Sami says according to Celeste's voodoo. EJ believes it. Sami tells EJ he's now the black sheep of his family, like she is the black sheep of her own. She tells EJ to go all the way, break the pattern. She says now is the time. EJ says the time for what? She says to change the rules, go to Stefano and tell him how he feels about his baby. She says convince Stefano to change for this baby, for the future. Sami says he can convince Stefano for a truce. EJ thinks there isn't a snowballs chance in hell it will happen. She says it's worth a try. He says say he does convince Stefano to entertain the idea, Stefano would ask what he'd get in return? Sami says she'd give the stem cells if Stefano would give a guarantee they wouldn't hurt her family. However she wants it done in a real hospital with a real doctor. He touches her face, she smacks his hand away. She says she's not doing this for him, she's doing it for her family. She asks if EJ has the courage to ask? EJ finds it hard to believe that she'd willingly save his father's life. Sami says it is nice to know he actually cares about someone, even if it is his father. She says she isn't doing this for Stefano, she's doing it for her family. EJ says they don't deserve her. She thinks they deserve better than her. She says she's always been trouble and a liar, she proved it again at the wedding. She says if she can end her family's misery then she has to try. He says that is noble if her. Sami says not really, if Stefano dies then Tony will take it out on the Brady's. She says then there will never be an end to this. She asks EJ again to talk to Stefano. EJ says he will possibly talk to Stefano, but there has to be a condition. EJ gets how this helps her, but how will it help him? He tries to kiss Sami, she knees him in the groin! She then begins hitting him. HE says he's teasing, she says look where they are? EJ says he just took on his brother, he saved their life and their child. She says a child conceived in a car and he's joking about this. HE says he's sorry. She says he'll never be sorry enough. She says live with that as she has to live with what he did to her. EJ tells Sami how nobody has ever made him feel like she does. She says that isn't her problem, she is married. He says actually it is Lucas' problem, he will never give up. She tells EJ they may share a life, they will do what it takes to protect that life, so perhaps someday they maybe be friends. She says if he's willing to talk to his father. She says maybe then they can be friends, but that is all. He says that is all he's ever wanted. She says he's such a slime. He says yes, but he's honest about it. They laugh. EJ agrees to her proposal, but he'll never be able to stop flirting with her, it's like breathing. She again asks him to broker a cease fire to this war. He says and what? And? She gets out of the car and walks off and he's laughing.

At the hospital, Belle and Marlena are with John asking him to wake up, speak. Marlena thinks it is nothing, he's not waking up. Belle asks Marlena to please check his eyes. She does as she talks to him, asking if he can hear them. Belle asks if she sees anything? Marlena can't tell. Marlena says it could be a muscle spasm, but Belle knows it is dad. She asks her mom to go get Dr. Tucker. Marlena does as Belle asks John not to let go of her hand. Dr. Tucker returns, he asks Belle if she's sure it was John that grabbed her hand? Belle is. Dr. Tucker suggests they try something. He asks Belle to talk to him. She says she has been. Marlena and Tucker tell her to just talk to him, tell him how she feels. Belle talks to John as Dr. Tucker listens to his heart. His heart rate begins going up. Dr. Tucker says John is responding to Belle's voice. Belle begs her dad to wake up, just open his eyes. Nothing happens, Dr. Tucker is at a loss as they really don't know much about comas. Dr. Tucker asks John if he can hear him then move his finger. John moves his finger. Belle and Marlena keep talking, John is waking up! Marlena says they are waiting for him, Belle begs him to come back. Dr. Tucker tells John to open his eyes when he's ready to see his girls. Marlena says do it for her. Marlena gets an idea, she shines a light in his eyes and says she is in the light. She reminds him of the dream where she followed his voice into the light. She tells him to do that now, find the light, they are there. She tells him to come to the light and open his eyes. John finally opens his eyes. Dr. Tucker says this is incredible. Marlena says he is incredible, that is who he is. She asks John if he had a sweet little dream?

John is now awake, his vitals are good, but he's not talking. Dr. Tucker says he'll need therapy for his motor skills and muscles, it may take time for his speech to come back. Marlena and Belle says he might not have much time to talk and they have so much to tell him! John smiles at them. Belle remembers her dream, Marlena says this isn't the time. Belle asks her dad if he remembers the dream, telling her Claire is alive. John closes his eyes, Belle begs him to say he remembers. Marlena thinks Belle is pushing it, but Belle needs answers. Marlena asks John if he can remember for Belle? Belle asks if she remembers coming to her in a dream, telling her Claire was alive. He asks if it is true? Marlena tells John they believe those dreams were real. Belle asks if they were. Marlena asks if Claire is alive? John nods, that is all he can do. Belle thinks it is true, Claire is alive. John keeps nodding that it is all true. Marlena eventually suggests to Belle she go rest. She says they'll have breakfast together tomorrow. Dr. Tucker also agrees, she wants to be home when her father is released. Belle asks when that will be? Dr. Tucker thinks John wants to be home as soon as possible. Belle eventually heads to her room to rest. Marlena says they'll see her in the morning. Dr. Tucker and Belle leave, Marlena thinks John needs to rest. He shakes his head. She asks what he wants. He points to his mouth. She thinks he wants water? Food? She thinks maybe he should write what he wants. He is given a pad of paper and writes he wants a kiss! She laughs, but gives him a kiss.

In the hall, Shawn argues with Willow, who gives him a DNA test showing the baby is his. Willow says she had it done in jail, not that he cares about her being in jail. Shawn says he's had his own problems, he's sorry he couldn't worry about poor little her. Willow says poor Shawn off with princess Belle. She tells Shawn if he ever gets the itch one day, don't come around saving her baby like he saved Belle's kid. Hope shows up and hears them at this point. Willow tells Shawn to look over the test, DNA doesn't lie. She says he is the father, but the last father she'd ever want for her baby. Shawn looks at the test. He doesn't know what to say. She says maybe sorry, gee I was wrong. Shawn says she can't blame him for thinking she's a liar, it is what she does best. She says she will make sure he doesn't get near this baby. Hope shows up at this point and is furious. She asks Willow if she has no decency? No compassion? She says she lost it when their family threw her into jail. Hope says because she nearly burnt their house down. Willow says that wasn't her! Shawn says as if she doesn't know how to light a match. Willow says believe what they want, she doesn't need them. Willow says she will take care of her baby just fine. Hope asks what kind of a mother never once puts her child above her own needs. Isn't she concerned about what kind of mother she will be? Is she even capable of being one? Willow says she will be the type of mother who raises her baby in once piece, the type of mother that teacher her kid not to play in the street so the child stays alive. Hope says how dare you! Willow says she does dare. She tells Hope that she thinks she's some kind of an angel. She tells Hope she obviously wasn't grateful for the handouts Hope gave her and she sure wasn't good enough for her precious baby boy. Shawn tells Willow it doesn't have to do with what she did, it has to do with her being an angry loser of a person. Willow says this loser won't let her baby drown. Hope slaps her and tells her to watch what comes out of her mouth. Willow asks grandma what she's going to do? Hope says she'll make sure that Willow doesn't get to see her child. Willow says she is the mother, Hope can't stop that. Hope says the state can. Shawn says if this is his child then he wants to do the right thing. Willow thinks the best thing for her and her child is to stay as faraway from him and his mother as possible. Hope says that would hurt the baby. Willow doesn't need them, she has someone else taking care of her and the baby. Hope says obviously Willow wants something, what is her agenda. Willow says she wants to not have to go to jail, take care of that and they'll call it even. Hope says it isn't that easy. Willow says they all know the Brady Bunch pulls a lot of strings around here. Hope fells she is using the baby to blackmail them. Hope thinks Grandpa Bo and get Uncle Roman can  get the DA to drop the charges. She says if they scratch her back she will scratch theirs. Shawn has a problem with this. HE can't believe she'd use a baby to get out of jail, actually he does believe it. Willow continues with her lie that Chelsea set the fire and planted the jewelry in her room. Hope says that story stinks. Willow tells Granny this is her last chance . . . Hope says no it's her last chance. Hope says they do have influence in Salem, so she hopes Willow is ready for a fight. Willow says she is a really good dirty fighter. She says bye and walks off. 

Hope tells Shawn she's sorry, but Shawn says it isn't their fault. Hope asks what he wants to do? Shawn says they'll hit Willow with everything they got, the Brady's are going to war. Hope lets Shawn know that she and Bo already have custody papers drawn up. Shawn doesn't know if he can do this again, not after losing Claire. Hope says he could take Willow up on her offer. Shawn talks about how he's gotten himself into another mess. Hope says they'll deal with Willow, right now he has to focus on Belle. Shawn asks how he tells Belle that Claire is dead, but Shawn has a spare on the way. He thought Willow was lying, that is why he never told Belle the truth. Hope says he needs to tell her the truth and right away. 


May 29, 2007
Willow is checking out the apartment, she loves it. Nick shows up, she says this place is ginormous. She says the real estate lady is coming back, all he has to do is sign the lease. Nick says they have to talk about this, about how she's always grateful until she needs something else. He says no more money, no apartment, he's done with this. She thinks he's listening to Chelsea the nasty bitch, well he won't get rid of her that easily. Nick says it was embarrassing telling Chelsea what happened. Willow asks if Chelsea thought they did the nasty? She says usually she's the girl people walk in on, but if Chelsea thought they did the nasty even for a second then good, she deserves it. Nick tells Willow that he's not doing this because of Chelsea, he is doing this because he decided to do it. She says what, did he finally grow a pair? She thought they were friends. He says they aren't, friends don't use people like she does. Willow asks what happened to him saying he wanted to help her and her baby? He says he did help her, but it will never be enough for her. He says he felt sorry for her, that's why he helped her. She says he is such a liar. She says he is doing this because he feels guilty for stealing the hairbrush. He says for the last time he didn't steal it. She says he's such a liar that his nose is growing. Nick asks why she's so sure it belongs to Chelsea? He says there are a lot of hairbrushes in the world. Willow says Nick would do anything to defend her, she'll call her public defender and tell him that Chelsea's boyfriend works at the lab where the evidence disappeared from. She thinks the cops will look into it, she'll be cleared, but he and Chelsea might not make out so well. She asks Nick if he's a gambling man. Nick tells her how she doesn't have to stop this low, she is pretty and has brains. The woman who runs the place shows up, Mrs. Granger (wasn't this the name of the lady at the Y?). She asks how they like this place. Willow says Nick loves it and will take it. Nick of course signs it and pays for the place. Willow calls Nick her uncle who is buying the place for her. Later Willow tells Nick that he's the best friend she's ever had. She then asks him to get her money for furniture. He gives her a credit card and says it has a 500 dollar limit, don't go crazy. She tells Nick she really likes him. He says you know, stop acting like a whore and people will stop treating her like one. 

Chelsea is feeding Ciara at the pub. Stephanie shows up to see Chelsea. She asks where Hope and Bo are? Chelsea says visiting John at the hospital. Stephanie thinks that can't be too much fun. Chelsea says John is awake. Stephanie says her mom will flip, though she can't get in touch with her, she's on some tropical island with her dad. Stephanie asks Chelsea if she has plans for the summer yet. Chelsea doesn't. Stephanie has jobs for them, it's fun, legal and they will make a boat load of money. Stephanie says they will be working girls. Chelsea says been there, done that, got busted. Stephanie says not those kind of working girls. Chelsea thought she was going to Dayton for the summer. Chelsea says she was going to, but then her dad happened. Stephanie rants about how her mom thinks her dad will turn into a white knight, she figures she needs to be around when her dad once again disappoints her mom. Stephanie changes the subject, she talks about how she was going to enroll in Salem U, but that costs money. She says that is where the job comes in. She says they will be flight attendants. Chelsea says they have no training. Stephanie says they have looks and personality. Chelsea thinks they need to be certified. Stephanie says it's a special deal, all they have to do is look hot. She says it's one plane, one destination, once a week. She says it's Jeremy's gig, he's a pilot. Chelsea says and Jeremy is her bad boy boyfriend? Stephanie says yes. She says Jeremy and his partner shuttle high rollers from Salem to Vegas, they are the pilots and we are the hot chicks that serve the drinks. She says they get one night in Vegas, paid and all the tips they can put in their wonderbras. Chelsea isn't sure about this. Stephanie thinks it is a great job and they'll meet lots of men. Chelsea says she has a guy. Stephanie says Nick is great, but she's too young to know he's her one and only. Stephanie says trust her, she's been around more than Chelsea. Chelsea says yeah, first she got dumped by Max and now she's dating bad boy Jeremy. Chelsea says Stephanie is a real party girl. Stephanie says she knows the real thing when she sees it, she doesn't see it with her and Nick. She doesn't think Nick can rock her world. She says besides this isn't about Nick, it's about them. Chelsea thinks Stephanie is making this job sound too easy. Stephanie says because it is, she thinks Chelsea should be thanking her for this. She tells Chelsea it's only one night a week, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Chelsea thinks this is insane. Stephanie says then they'll be insane one night a week, they'll be paid top dollar for having fun. Chelsea still doesn't know. Stephanie says use it or lose it. Chelsea tells Stephanie how she and Nick just haven't had an opportunity. Stephanie says please, with her and Jeremy it was like let's go find a room at first sight. Chelsea says that is really romantic. Stephanie says she and Nick aren't sleeping together, they aren't living together and they aren't engaged . . . what hold does he have on her? Chelsea says she likes Nick, when she talks bad about him then it hurts. Stephanie says all she's saying is while she's waiting for the earth to move with Nick, live it up. Chelsea says it sounds great, but she passes. Stephanie asks Chelsea to at least meet with Jeremy and his partner, talk the deal over and see what she thinks. 

Nick walks into the pub. Stephanie and Chelsea see him, Stephanie asks the professor what is up. Chelsea asks how it went with Willow? Nick suggests they talk about it later. Chelsea asks what is wrong with now. He says it wasn't his finest moment okay. Stephanie knows when she's not wanted, she tells Chelsea to call her and leaves. Chelsea asks what happened with Willow? Nick says she blackmailed him again. Chelsea says they won't find anything, he shouldn't have backed down. He asks if she's disappointed? She says no, they will figure something out. She asks him to watch Ciara a minute, she'll be back.

Chelsea chases after Stephanie, who is outside. She tells Stephanie to count her in. She ll meet with Jeremy and do it. Stephanie asks what changed her mind? Was it Nick? She says no, Nick will just have his hands full so she wants to make herself busy. Stephanie thinks this will be awesome, Viva Las Vegas!

At the hospital, Hope and Marlena are helping John try and walk around the halls. Marlena doesn't want him to overdo it. He pretends to fall as a joke. They take him back to his room, where Roman is. Roman gives him a hug. He thinks John would love a tall cold one. John gives him the thumbs up, Marlena says one ice water coming up. Roman tells John he knows he's just waking up, but he has to ask him something. He asks John if he can ID EJ as his shooter? Marlena says he remembers some of what happened, but not everything yet. He remembers going into the warehouse and confronting EJ, he remembers losing contact with Roman. She says that is all he recalls right now. Roman says they will get EJ and he takes off. 

Roman talks to Bo in the hall, He says John is up and awake, his memory is a little sketchy, he doesn't remember EJ shooting him yet. Bo says dammit. Roman has an envelope, it's from Tinda Lau. Bo thinks it is bad news. 

Later John is getting a physical by Dr. Tucker. Dr. Tucker is doing the thing where he tests his reflexes by hitting him in the knee. John's knee doesn't move. Dr. Tucker hits him a bit harder, John yells Easy pal! John suddenly has his voice back. Marlena is thrilled to hear him speak. Dr. Tucker and Marlena ask him to say something else. She asks if he wants to have naughty sex with her? He says hell yes! She says it's good to have him home! John asks when he can go home? Dr. Tucker says they'll talk later. Dr. Tucker leaves, as does Marlena. John then gets a visit from Hope. He notices she doesn't have her baby anymore. Hope says they had a little girl, she can't wait for him to meet her. She says they have a lot of catching up to do and all the time in the world to do it. She hugs John and says it's so good to have him back. She tells John he's such a good man. 

Marlena asks Dr. Tucker for the truth, how is John. Dr. Tucker says he's aced every test they can throw at him, he is in remarkable condition. Marlena asks what he's not saying? Dr. Tucker is worried about the residual effects, it may be time before his recovery is complete. Marlena knows, she will be with him, she wants him to go home. The doctor says he'll sign his release.

Marlena returns to John's room, he and Hope are hugging. Marlena jokes she can't leave him alone for a second. John asks what the doctor says? MArlena says the doctor is sick of him lounging around and wants him out of here. John is all for that. John wants to go right now. He tries to get up, but is a bit weak. Hope leaves to call Bo, she wonders why he's not here. Marlena tells John while he was gone, the place was just so empty without him. She says it was lonely, and well she moved them out of the penthouse. She hopes it's okay. He asks if she saved the bed. She says yes. John says then it is all good. 

Hope finally runs into Bo (after the stuff with the kids below). Bo asks how John is doing, Hope says see for himself. Marlena and John show up. Bo asks John how it is going? John asks if the cops found his kidney? John says gotcha! Bo gives John a hug and says it's good to have him back. 

Belle is in her room telling Shawn about John waking up. Belle is now more sure than ever that Claire is alive, her dad remembers the dream. Shawn wants to believe it . . . Belle says but he doesn't. Shawn says John coming out of the coma is amazing, he can see how she would think one miracle will lead to the next. He says he would give his life to have Claire back, but they have to deal with the reality that Claire is gone. Phillip shows up, he says Shawn doesn't know for sure. Phillip has a pink rose for Belle and gives her a little kiss. Shawn takes Phillip aside and says giving Belle false hope is wrong. Belle hears them, she says as a mother she knows Claire is alive and will keep believing until she sees proof otherwise. Both Phillip and Belle are still believing in Belle's dream. Belle knows when they were picked up, she heard her baby crying. She says Claire was still alive. She looks at Phillip and says he believes Claire is alive doesn't he? Phillip wants to believe it, but if she thinks Claire is alive then that helps him. 

Bo soon shows up to see them. Belle asks about John, Bo says he's doing good. Bo says he needs to talk to Shawn and Belle, alone. Shawn says it's okay, they are friends again. Belle asks if it is about Claire? Bo says yes, he has information from Tinda Lau. Belle holds both Shawn and Phillip's hands. Bo says he needs to know Phillip can be trusted. Phillip says they are brothers. Bo says so far his decisions about Claire haven't been so family friendly. Shawn says they worked passed all that, but Bo says he hasn't. He says if it weren't for Phillip then Claire wouldn't be missing. Shawn says the all made mistakes, if they could turn back the clock they would. Shawn says on the boat they made a promise to end this war if they made it out alive. Belle wants Phillip to hear what news he has. Bo shows them a life jacket, the coast guard pulled it out of the water. HE asks if it is Claire's? Shawn says it's Claire's, he put it on her. Phillip says it had a tracking beacon on it too. Belle doesn't understand, how did the vest get off her? Bo says the tracking device was ripped off the vest, that is why the signal was lost. Shawn says how? Bo gives it to him to look at. Shawn sees that someone cut this vest off Claire. Phillip is looking a bit suspicious at this point. Belle asks what this means? Phillip says it means someone found Claire, it means she's alive. Belle asks why someone wouldn't have called the coast guard? Bo says one of the civilians could have picked up Claire and got separated from the team. The coast guard is checking into what happened. Bo warns them though, this vest doesn't mean she's alive. Belle says it doesn't mean she's dead. Bo says Claire has been re-listed as missing. Shawn asks what they can do. Bo says just stay positive. He's going to go talk to Belle's parents. Phillip tells them to have courage and leaves as well. Shawn apologizes to Belle for doubting her. Belle thinks they will get Claire back, they will be a family. She thinks it will all work out. She tells Shawn he believes that doesn't he. She thinks they'll get a place of their own, their family will come over every Sunday for dinner. Shawn says it will be great if it plays out that way. Shawn tells Belle there is something she needs to know, something happened before they got back together. Belle says they will get through it, they love each other. Shawn says there is a problem. He says Willow is pregnant . . . . and he's the father! 

Phillip talks to Bo in the hall. He knows Bo doesn't think much of him and he doesn't blame him. He says he is sorry. Bo says that is it? Phillip says they have made peace, if they get Claire back then her home is with Shawn and Belle. Bo asks what Victor thinks. Phillip says Victor has nothing to do with this. Bo says it does, if Victor isn't in on this peace train then it will crash. Phillip says he told Victor where he stands, Victor will respect his wishes. Bo tells Phillip not to screw with him. 


May 30, 2007
EJ goes to some back alley where Tony shows up. Tony says this is an interesting spot, very cloak and dagger. Tony says he prefers a foggy pier. EJ asks if father thought about Sami's offer? Will they do it. Tony laughs and says no, Stefano won't end the vendetta. EJ says without the stem cells Stefano has no hope. EJ then realizes Tony didn't even tell Stefano, he has no idea. Tony tells Elvis that he's not getting it, he's back, he's in charge now. EJ says so father will die so he can show him who is boss? Tony says he has no intention of letting father die and he will get the cells from EJ's spawn. He says Sami will pay for her mistakes, as will he. EJ reminds Tony that Sami is carrying a DiMera. He thinks Tony is jealous of his relationship with father, that is what this is about. Tony tells EJ he defied orders, he refused to help father. Tony says Stefano was so upset when he heard that he turned his face to the wall. Tony says that means EJ is no longer his favorite son and no longer has his protection. Tony says the target is on EJ's back now, along with his darling Samantha. Tony then walks away.

At the hospital, John is dressed and ready to go. Bo and Hope tell him they've missed him, Salem hasn't been the same without him. John says EJ is still out there though. Bo has a plan to nail EJ, they are going to bring EJ in for questioning and use John to surprise him. EJ will sink himself. John says it's worth a shot. Marlena shows up with a wheel chair, threatening John to get into it or stay here. He sits and wants them to go to the Brady Pub, he remembers the worlds greatest clam chowder is served there. Bo says they have a lot to celebrate.

In Belle's room at the hospital, Belle says Willow has to be lying. Shawn says she has a test, but Belle says it's still Willow. Shawn says they'll do another test, but even Willow isn't that good of a liar. Belle asks Shawn so what does this mean for them? She thinks Willow will make demands of him or will keep the kid from him. He tells her she already doesn't want him near the kid as she doesn't think he's a good father. Belle doesn't know what to say. Shawn asks her how she feels about him right now. She says these things happen. He says yes if you are dumb and irresponsible, he knows that is what she's thinking. Belle says yes this sucks, she won't pretend this is good news. She can't worry about this child when their own is missing. She says if he wants to know how she really feels . . . she slaps him! Belle quickly apologizes and says she didn't mean that. He says yes she did and he deserved it. She says it's just the timing, they found out Claire could be alive and here they are talking about Willow. She is scared that Willow and her baby will ruin their chances of finding theirs. Shawn assures her that Willow won't get in the way of them finding Claire. Shawn says Claire needs them, but Belle says so does Willow's baby. Belle tells Shawn she'll be there with him, if they do this right, it will work out. Shawn says she's willing to accept this baby? Belle says regardless of who the mother is, it is innocent and deserves to be loved and cared for. She says it's a part of him, which makes it a part of them. Belle suggests he go to Willow, try and smooth things over. She says do his best, tell her that he wants to help her and not fight. Belle says just be nice. Shawn says he will do what he can to make things nice with Willow. They continue to talk about working to find Claire, to be whole again, to be a family. They share a kiss. Shawn then heads out.

Willow is enjoying her new furnished apartment. She tells the baby that she's a good provider, it will only get better. Suddenly Phillip shows up. She didn't expect him to come by here. Willow says she heard about Claire, she's sorry. Phillip says she may be alive, they haven't given up on her yet. He says he's come to ask her for a favor. She's surprised, she's not used to him asking her for things. He admits he's been a little rough on her. She asks what he wants. He wants her to take it easy on Shawn, don't use her baby to punish him. She says not long ago he wanted her to use the baby to get revenge on Shawn. Phillip says things changed. He tells her how they all made a promise in that storm, if they survived they'd stop the fighting. Willow says his life is a chick flick, this is a classic triangle. She says he wants Belle, that is what this is about. Phillip says she's wrong about that. She says yeah right, he still has the hots for Belle. Phillip doesn't care what she thinks. He says if she lays off on Shawn, then he can give her some money. She says consider it a freebee, from one whore to another.

Later Phillip goes to see Belle. She asks him if he knew Willow was pregnant with Shawn's kid? He did, he admits to using her to get back at Shawn. She thanks him for being honest. Belle says Shawn is going to try and work things out with Willow, but she doesn't hold out hope. Phillip says he thinks things will turn out, he made Willow an offer she won't refuse. HE asks her not to tell Shawn about this. She says he's a good man, she's glad she finally remembered that. Phillip says he's glad he remembered that too. Phillip and Belle talk about finding Claire. Phillip has hired a PI, someone has to know something. HE says they will find Claire. He also thinks she and Shawn will need a place to live now, he has an idea. He wants them to move into the mansion, they can live there and work to find Claire. He asks what she thinks?

Shawn shows up at Willow's place. She calls it the day of uninvited guests. He wants to talk, she lets him in. He looks around and says nice place. She asks how he found her? He says the Y told him where she was. He came to apologize, he is sorry for how he treated her and for not believing her about the baby. Willow asks if he's working her? HE says they are having a baby, he doesn't want them fighting over it, he doesn't want to do that to a child again. She says she grew up in a house where the adults were always fighting, she doesn't want that for her baby. Shawn says so she agrees? She says she's not a monster, she loves this baby and wants him to have a mother and father. Willow tells Shawn that the baby is a boy. Shawn says she's not a monster, they've both just had tough times. She also swears she didn't set fire to his parents house. Shawn would like to believe her. He says no matter what happens, he is here for her. He knows she has someone else . . . .She says if she needs anything then she'll let him know. Shawn goes to leave. Before he does, she warns him not to trust Phillip . . . he's not his friend. 

At the pub, Lucas wants Sami to tell her dad about EJ kidnapping her. She says he is also the one who saved her. She says Stefano and Tony were the ones who wanted to hurt her, EJ didn't. She says he didn't see the look on his face, he looked vulnerable. Lucas still doesn't trust EJ. Sami says there is only one way to stop this. She tells Lucas about her deal with EJ, to trade stem cells for the end to this vendetta. Lucas asks her if she is insane? Sami says the DiMeras have tormented her family for more than a generation. She says enough is enough. Lucas says well EJ isn't a friend. She says she doesn't trust EJ, but she does believe he wants to end this vendetta. Lucas says this is the man who raped her, who tried to stop their wedding. He can't believe she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt because he showed an ounce of humanity. She says this is more than about them, this is about protecting her family, ending this feud that has gone on for generations. Sami says they have to do this.

John and Marlena walk into the pub with Hope and Bo. Sami sees John and says she's missed him so much. She gives him a big hug, Marlena is smiling. John says if he knew it would be like this then he would have woken up long ago. Sami apologizes to John for her behavior for so long, she's so glad she gets the chance to tell him and make it up to him. John tells Lucas and Sami that he's sorry he missed the wedding, he heard it was eventful. Sami says it was another Sami Brady show stopper, but she got her happy ending. Lucas says they both did. John welcomes Lucas to the family. They all decide to have a little party. Bo asks where Ma and Pop is? Sami says on a break right now, but the waitress should be by shortly. John asks Lucas how married life is? He says eventful, like their wedding. Lucas is glad he's here and feeling better, they need to talk about something important. He tells Sami that he's sorry, he has to tell them. Lucas feels Sami is in danger, Tony is threatening Sami, they want her baby. Sami says Lucas is over reacting. Bo wants to know everything. John says Tony isn't in jail? Lucas says no, he had a sympathetic judge let him go. Sami explains Stefano and Tony were at some warehouse, which is now empty as Lucas went back to check. Sami says Stefano is dying and needs the stem cells from her baby to survive. Marlena says they don't know who the father is. Lucas says Celeste performed a voodoo ritual and thinks the baby is EJ's. Marlena thinks Roman needs to know about all of this. Sami says she offered them a deal, she'd give her stem cells in exchange for the end of the vendetta against the Bradys. Bo thinks they can use this to trap EJ. Sami says what are they talking about? Bo says he is going to question EJ about Tony and Stefano, then they'll bring out their surprise witness, John. They say EJ doesn't know he's out of the coma and doesn't know who shot him. They think EJ will break and they can put him away. Sami thinks this is an awful idea. She says EJ trusts her, he was going to take her idea to Stefano. She says think beyond EJ, think about all the DiMeras. She says they have been tormenting their family for years and they don't know why. She says let her try things her way. Lucas says it is too dangerous. Bo says Stefano won't hold up his deal, she shouldn't be involved. Sami says this is her baby, she has to be involved. Hope agrees with Sami here, she thinks they need to try and make this deal. Sami gets a call and excuses herself. It's EJ, he says the need to speak, it's a matter of life and death. Sami relays this to Bo and the others, they tell her to have EJ come here. Lucas wants her to do it, Bo and John won't get another shot like this. Sami tells EJ to come to the pub, he says he's on his way. Sami still doesn't agree with this, if he comes here and he thinks she set him up, it will ruin her chances of making peace. Hope and Marlena are on Sami's side here. Hope and Marlena all want this to stop. Sami begs them to let her do it her way. Bo says she won't stop Stefano, and besides this is police business. Sami says and look at the way they've been handling it so far. Sami apologizes, she didn't mean it like it sounded. She knows they've tried to stop the DiMeras, but nothing works. John and Lucas still think it's too dangerous for Sami. Sami says EJ will be out of jail in five seconds, then she'll be in more danger. Hope agrees, and the feud will go on. Sami says they can't change the past, only the future. Bo suggests they get ready, John needs to hide and he'll call him when he's brought EJ into the station.

EJ shows up at the pub and says he needs a word with Sami at private. Bo tells EJ he needs to ask him some questions . . . down at the station. EJ says he came to see Sami, not the police. Bo says they have things to talk about, Tony, Stefano, things like that. EJ says he will play his game, once again though they'll find out he has nothing to hold him on. He says first he wants to talk to Sami. Lucas doesn't want her talking to him, but she says let her talk to him. Sami and EJ go off to a corner to talk. She says she is sorry, this isn't her choice. EJ says Tony said no and it gets worse. He says his brother is out for blood, and not just the baby's. EJ says they are both in grave danger.


May 31, 2007
n the hospital, Belle says Phillip wants her to move into the mansion? Phillip says her and Shawn. She thinks that might be weird. He is confused . . . he  thought they were together. She says it's not that, it's just all of them together in his dad's house? He says the accommodations are better than the Bikini hotel. He asks what she says? What is she thinking? Belle thinks they should talk to Shawn, this is a big decision. He understands. He just wants them together to find Claire. Shawn then shows up. Belle says they were just talking about their living arrangements. Shawn was too, he thinks they need to find something temporary until they get on their feet. Phillip proposes his idea that they move in with him, they'll have a private wing of their own. Belle says Phillip thinks if they are together it will help them find Claire. Phillip asks if he's in? Shawn appreciates the offer, but no. Phillip asks if he's sure? Shawn has thought about it, it doesn't feel right. He says he's leaned on others too much, this would be the easy way out again. Phillip says Claire is their number one priority, do what is best for her. Shawn asks how it will be easier if they lived there? Phillip says they don't have to worry about rent and food, they can focus more on Claire. Shawn won't live with Grandpa Victor. Phillip says dad is in Europe on business, he won't be back for months. Belle says they will have found Claire by then. Belle doesn't want to worry about a job or place to live right now, she wants to focus on Claire. Phillip says Belle is right. Shawn asks Phillip why this is important to him? He claims he wants to find Claire, but Shawn thinks it is a hell of a lot more. Phillip says he only wants them to work together to find Claire, he thought they made peace with this. We see a flashback of them all on the boat agreeing not to fight when they got home. Shawn still is having trouble shutting down his old feelings about him and Victor. Belle thinks they should do this. Shawn says what if they don't find Claire/ Belle says not to say that, not to let his pride get in the way. Shawn says this is not about his pride. Phillip wants to hear the real reason Shawn won't move in. Shawn says the truth is, how can he say this without sounding like a jerk. He says if they live with Phillip, he has the upper hand. Belle says this isn't a competition, Phillip says it's not even his house. Belle says so he feels threatened by Phillip? Shawn thinks they have to do what Phillip says, they can't argue with the guy feeding and housing them. Phillip says he's doing this to find Claire. He swears this isn't about them owing him. He says if anything he owes them. She says he doesn't, they are all to blame for what happened. Phillip says when he left town he was jealous, angry, he picked up his cards and took off. He says Claire suffered because of him and his ego. Belle says they shouldn't go back there. Phillip wants them to really know how bad he feels, how he wants to make this up to them. He knows things between him and Shawn won't be the same again. He says for Claire, they owe it to her to put their differences aside. Belle asks for a minute to talk, so Phillip leaves. He gives them a key to the front door, saying he'll have a room made up just in case.

Phillip leaves and Belle and Shawn discus this idea. Belle wants to do this, and she knows something else is going on here. Shawn tells Belle he doesn't trust Phillip. She asks why he doesn't trust Phillip? Shawn wants her to open her eyes. She has, she reminds him they agreed not to fight. Shawn says that doesn't mean they have to trust him. Shawn thinks Philly has a different agenda, would she know anything about that? She asks why she would? Shawn says maybe its him being paranoid, but he is getting closer to her. She says he's the one with other things going on with Willow and the baby. Shawn says Willow agreed to let him be apart of the baby's life, which he didn't see coming. Belle says Phillip didn't want him to know, but he went to Willow and told her to treat him with respect given what he's going through. Shawn asks why Willow would listen to Phillip? Belle says who cares, maybe he can see Phillip isn't a bad guy. Shawn remembers Willow telling him not to trust Phillip. He says it all makes sense now. Belle asks Shawn to compromise. She says as soon as she gets out, they move into the mansion for a few weeks. She says once they get Claire and jobs they'll get their own place. She asks him to do this for her and Claire. Shawn agrees to do it. Belle knows this isn't easy, but she won't forget this, neither will Claire. 

At the pub, Sami can't believe Stefano turned down the offer. EJ says Tony hasn't even told Stefano, Tony wants this baby for himself. Sami says she won't let Tony have her baby. EJ says Tony is positioning himself to take over this family, that is what this is about. Sami says well Tony can take over the family, Stefano can die, she doesn't care. EJ warns him this is their problem, Tony will try and kill them both! Bo says it's time for EJ to go downtown, Lucas decides to tag along for the party. Lucas tells Sami he'll meet her back at the house.

After EJ leaves with Bo, John comes out of his little hiding place. John heads to the station, Marlena feels this is a bad idea. She says he was told to take it easy. John says he'll just take a little cab ride and scare the hell out of EJ. John then leaves. Marlena says he's so stubborn, Hope says she has one of those. 

Marlena sits down next to Sami. She asks her what EJ said? She says Tony is out to hurt her and the baby. Marlena and Hope tell her that Tony won't hurt her or her baby, they'll get her protection. Sami doesn't understand any of this. Why are the DiMeras after them in the first place? Hope says after all these years they don't have a clue. Sami says she does. She tells them to wait here, she'll be right back! Sami returns with the old letter. She explains to Marlena and Hope how she and Lucas ended up renovating Maison Blanche for their honeymoon. It turns out the house was donated to the city for low income housing, EJ arrived to see how the progress was going. She shows them the letter they found there. Marlena feels the letter is by Santo, Stefano's father. Hope looks at the letter and is shocked. Sami asks what is it? Hope says this is a letter from Santo, written on his death bed to his son. It was about a romance, the love of his life. Santo was heartbroken when the woman was taken from him. That is all she can make out, but she does find the word Brady! Sami wishes they could translate the whole sentence with their name in it. Sami thinks this is the beginning of everything, this could be a letter from Stefano's father ordering revenge. Hope calls up Salem University and finds someone at the foreign studies department to translate the letter. Hope has her friend Nancy translate the letter for them. Sami offers to take it over there, she did find the letter afterall. Marlena tells Sami how proud she is of her putting her family first. Sami feels she owes it to them given the trouble she caused. She says her wedding was another train wreck. Malrena says they understand she did what she had to in order to save her husband's life. Sami heads to the university with the letter.

Sami leaves and is bumped into by a man, who is Bart in disguise. Sami wonders what was wrong with that guy. Suddenly Sami passes out. Bart drugged her with a hypo! 

At the station, Bo is questioning EJ about Tony as Lucas watches. EJ says all he knows is that Tony found a judge that owed Stefano a favor. Bo thinks Elvis knows more than he's saying. EJ suggests the detective figure it out. Lucas asks about Sami, who he kidnapped. EJ says he saved Sami, and why is a civilian here? Bo says he's in too much trouble to worry about protocol, his days as a free man are numbered. Bo has a surprise for EJ. John then walks in and says hello Elvis. EJ is shocked to see John. So shocked he's speechless. EJ eventually says it's nice to have him back. John says interesting given the last time they saw one another. EJ says it's been a long time, John says for him it seems like yesterday. It was the boathouse, Christmas. John says they met, one of them had a gun. EJ says John may have problems with his memory here, anyways it's wonderful to see John on his feet again. EJ says he's been praying for it. Bo says when they are done with him he will need those prayers. EJ says Bo has said that many times. Bo says he now has an eye witness, and unlike Lexie, he can't make this one disappear. EJ suggests if they arrest him then do it. Bo says if this is a confession? EJ says no. John says EJ shot him. EJ says it pains him to think about what he's been through, but who shot John must remain a mystery until John remembers. EJ says he has more pressing matters to deal with. Lucas says what the SEC? EJ says no Sami, she is in danger. Lucas says she's been in danger since she met EJ. EJ tells Bo, John and Lucas his story. He says Tony is now head of the DiMeras, Stefano is sick and the only that can save him are stem cells from his child. He says obviously he doesn't want his father to die, so he agreed to share the stem cells. EJ says Tony wants more, he wants the baby. HE told Tony it wouldn't happen, Tony wouldn't take his child. Lucas gets riled up, as this isn't EJ's child. EJ thinks if he can get to Stefano and talk to him then he'll explain, he'll understand. However Tony is stopping him from seeing Stefano. He says because of Tony, Sami and the baby are in danger. John tells Lucas to call Sami, have her stay at the pub. Bo warns EJ they will arrest him for conspiracy and murder. EJ says he'll never make it to trial. EJ also says they will be signing Sami's death warrant if it happens. John says so EJ is afraid he would get whacked in prison? EJ says he won't be going to prison. He says if they care about their niece then let him leave and talk to his father. EJ says he'll convince Stefano not to hurt Sami or the child. He think that earns him an out for good behavior. Bo says no deal. EJ gets a call and takes it. Lucas shows up, Sami is not answering her cell. Lucas says Sami left the pub to do research. The men then realize EJ has left.

Back at the pub, Marlena and Hope are talking about what could be going on at the station. They also talk about this war and how they have no idea why it is going on. Shawn shows up with a fresh baked apple pie. He asks where Sami went? They say to run an errand. He tells them to enjoy. Hope asks Shawn to sit, join them. He supposes he can take a break. Hope asks Shawn for help with some family history. He says ask him anything she likes. Hope asks why they are at war with the DiMeras? Shawn says anything but that! He leaves, Hope realizes he knows something. Marlena says when Shawn is ready to tell them, he will.

Meanwhile Sami wakes up duct taped to the seat and steering wheel of a car. She's begging someone to help her! She is passing out from fumes. 


June 1, 2007
At the Salem Beach, Chelsea and Stephanie show up to meet Jeremy and Jett. Jeremy calls Stephanie sweet cheeks. Stephanie introduces Chelsea to Jeremy Horton and his best friend Jett Carver. Chelsea says as in Abe Carver? Jett says he's Abe's nephew. Jeremy offers them all beers, but Stephanie says they can't drink that on the beach. Jeremy and Jett try to out macho one another. Stephanie says if they are done grunting, she has a great idea for their shuttle to Vegas. Stephanie thinks they can be their hot flight attendants. Jeremy loves the idea, but they lost their investor and are grounded. Stephanie says so they are just giving up? They say it costs money to fly. Chelsea thought they owned the plane. They say they do, but they don't have gas or a place to keep it. They also need insurance and booze and of course the bags of pretzels. They say they need 25,000 dollars to get this started. Stephanie says they'll go to banks, but Chelsea gets the feeling they did. They did and were turned down. Stephanie suddenly gets an idea, Max would invest in this. Chelsea says they can't ask Max to do this, friends shouldn't go into business together. Jett says he and Jeremy are partners and friends. Chelsea laughs and says to be in business you need a business. Stephanie says leave it to her, she will call Max. Chelsea is looking out for Max, he's just a small business owner. Jeremy says think small, stay small. She asks if he learned that at Harvard business school?

Stephanie calls up Max while Jett tells Chelsea it was impressive the way she busted Jeremy's chops. Jett asks . . . she says she doesn't have a penny to her name. He says he was going to ask if she was single. She says she's seeing someone, Nick. Jett asks if he's from school? She says he's out of college, but he's not older, he finished in a few years. Jett guesses he's smart, wear's glasses. She says yes, he's a lab tech at the hospital. Jeremy overhears and claims Nick sounds like a geek to him. Chelsea says he's not. Stephanie then says Max is on his way. Jeremy says sweet cheeks deserves a reward, they make out. Jett and Chelsea take a walk. Chelsea says Jeremy is a jerk. Jett says he has his moments. 

Chelsea and Jett return from their walk, Jeremy and Stephanie are still making out. Chelsea talks to Jett about this business plan. Jett says they need to make a living. She says there are other ways. Jett says there is nothing like up there though, he loves taking risks. She thinks he sounds like Abe's nephew. Jett reveals he doesn't know Abe well, his dad died when he was young and he was raised by his mom (maybe grandparents, missed this). Chelsea tells him her own story, how her adoptive parents died and she found her family later on. Max soon shows up at the beach. He learns Jett and Jeremy are Abe's nephew and Mike's son. He thinks they can't get better than this. Max however seems a bit upset when he sees Jeremy, CEO of Touch Sky Airlines is all over Stephanie.

Later, Jeremy and Jett explain their plans to Max, they even have a little report for him to look over. Max doesn't get what  they offer that other places can't. He thinks there are easier ways to get to Vegas. They say they will offer top shelf liquor, great meals from gourmet restaurants and sexy flight attendants. Max says he doesn't know what they (the girls) told him but he doesn't have much money to get his hands on. Chelsea says she told them that. Chelsea thinks Max is happy being a grease monkey. Max doesn't need her looking after him. He has made his decision, he's in . . for as much as he can contribute. Max says he knows how to read a business plan, this one is way better than his garage. He says he'll get them the money. Chelsea still doesn't like Max getting involved. Stephanie is pleased that they saved Touch The Sky airlines. Stephanie wants those jobs in return. Jeremy says Stephanie is in, but he's not sure about Misses Doom over there. Chelsea doesn't like the idea of Max selling his dream for theirs. They say she'll make his money back easily. Jeremy asks why she's been on him since meeting him? She says this could have been a blast, but she will pass.

Jett talks to Chelsea, he apologizes for Jeremy. Chelsea says Jeremy is a rude misogynist woman hater. Jett says he's not, he just thinks women should be seen . . Chelsea says and not heard. Jett asks Chelsea to grab a burger. She says she has a boyfriend, but he says that is why this isn't a date. She says okay and they leave.

Stephanie hangs out with Jeremy, she thinks this is so cool. She can't wait to tell her parents. Jeremy wants her to tell no one about this. She says they will ask how she's getting money to pay for school. He claims he wants to wait for the press conference, if this doesn't work out then he doesn't want her parents to be disappointed. She thought he was hiding something, he isn't smuggling pirated DVDs is he? He says no. He does want her to work for him, and what happens on touch the sky airlines stays on touch the sky airlines. It is very obvious Jeremy is hiding something. 

At the station, Lucas leaves messages for Sami everywhere, warning her that EJ escaped. John tells Bo how Sami is supposed to be on her way to translate a DiMera letter at the university. Both John and Bo think EJ's mysterious call was about Sami. Lucas takes off to look for her, Bo and John decide to go see Tony.

Bo and John show up at the DiMera mansion. John thought they got rid of this place long ago, but Bo says it was to eerie to sell. They joke it's hard to wage war on the Brady's when they have to commute. Bart answers the door and calls them Salem's own Batman and Boy Wonder. Why the long faces, did they lose their capes? Bo and John demand he be a good house boy and go get Tony. The mansion has been totally redone, they joke it was decorated by Satan. They hear a horse in the next room, they find Tony has ridden in on horse to his living room. John tells Tony he looks good, almost as if he hadn't been in jail for two years. Tony tells John he looks good after being in his coma. He offers them a drink, but thinks they came here for a reason. Bo asks what Tony did to his niece Sami? Tony claims he doesn't know where Sami is. He makes jokes about where she could be, which Bo doesn't appreciate. Bo tells Tony that Elvis his psychotic brother . . .Tony says his half brother! Bo says he took her to a warehouse where their psychotic father Stefano was prepped for surgery. Tony pretends to be shocked. Bo says then he threatened to rip the baby from Sami to use the stem cells to save Stefano. Tony claims Sami has a very active imagination. John and Bo say EJ made a statement too, he says Tony threatened them both. John says that is why they are here. John asks where Sami is. Tony calls out Sami! He says maybe she's under the sofa! Bo threatens to go talk to Stefano. They decide to go upstairs and see him. Tony tells them to hold it right there. John asks Tony if he wants to talk now? They continue to head up the steps, Tony claims he's not up there. Unfortunately Bart shows up and asks if Tony is letting them go to see Stefano? Tony forgot how stupid Bart was. Tony reminds Bo he has no warrant, so he can't search his house. Bo and John head to leave. They say they'll be back. Tony says it will take time to get that warrant, and anything could happen in that time. John says if anything happens to Samantha . . . Tony says he did not mention her name, he's just talking about his half-wit of a brother. Bo tells Tony if he touches a hair on Sami's head then he'll come looking for him himself. Tony says good day and shuts the door on them. Outside, John asks Bo what he thinks? Bo says the DiMeras are back and Sami is in danger. John says the war between the families is still on.

Sami is trapped in her car and fading from the fumes. She's trying to scream for help, but is fading in and out. EJ shows up and tells Sami to wake up, he will get her out. Sami tells EJ to help her and the baby. EJ says he'll get her out, just stay with him. He is yelling and banging on the window to keep her awake. EJ rescues Sami, but then Lucas shows up. EJ swears he didn't do this to Sami. Sami finally wakes up. She tells Lucas he saved her! EJ isn't looking to happy that Lucas is taking all the rewards for saving her! EJ leaves to get help, Lucas asks Sami what happened to her? Sami says she was on her way to translate he letter, a guy bumped into her, she passed out and when she woke up she was in the car and couldn't breath. EJ returns, an ambulance is on the way. Sami asks Lucas to call mom, she needs to know about this. Lucas isn't getting a signal and has to leave to get one. Sami tells EJ that she knows he saved her. She is worried. EJ is scared too, and the next time . . . Sami says next time she may not be so lucky. EJ says he got an anonymous call earlier, they told him where to find her. Sami asks why they are doing this? She offered them a deal. What do they want from her? EJ says they both know. He says he stopped Tony from taking her baby, now he's more dangerous than ever. Sami thinks EJ can't stop Tony, he's crazy. HE says yes he is, but his father isn't. He says Stefano wouldn't sanction this. Sami says EJ can't even get to see his father. Sami thinks she, Lucas and Will will have to disappear. EJ says he will take care of her, don't worry. Lucas shows up, he tells EJ to stay away from his wife, he will be the one to take care of Sami. Lucas thinks EJ set this all up. EJ asks why he'd do that? Lucas says because he's in love with his wife that is why. EJ says he would never endanger a child. He thinks Lucas can't stand he ever came to Salem. He asks Sami if she agrees with Lucas here? IF she does then he can't help her. Sami tells EJ she doesn't know if he saved her or tried to kill her. She tells Lucas she knows she can trust him, but she thinks she needs EJ. Lucas tells Sami that is Stefano's son, Tony's half brother. EJ says he knows he made mistakes and hurt her . . . but she needs to listen to him. He says this is real and the games are over. He says Tony won't stop, they are in danger. Lucas has had it and slugs EJ! Lucas says he takes care of his wife, him and him only!

Sami is put on a gurney and taken to the hospital. Lucas promises Sami that he's coming with her. Bo asks Lucas what happened here? EJ says exactly what he told them would happen, but they wouldn't listen. EJ says Sami is in danger as is his child. Lucas yells that this isn't his child, he has no proof. Lucas wants EJ arrested, but EJ says he was the one who saved Sami. Lucas eventually has to leave to go with Sami in the ambulance. Bo and John question EJ, they don't think he stumbled onto Sami, his call was about Sami. Bo decks EJ as John holds him. HE wants EJ to try and remember what happened. EJ claims it was an anonymous phone call, but they think it was Tony. EJ says Tony never gets his hands dirty. Bo tells EJ to leave his family alone, back off or he will come after them. EJ says he's going to try and keep Sami alive, something they aren't interested in. John asks why he says that? EJ says if they were then they would stop threatening and work with him. He says this isn't about Brady verses DiMeras, this is about his father dying. He says he needs Sami's baby's stem cells to stay alive. Bo warns him, if Sami or the baby are hurt . . . he will bury EJ! Bo and John leave. EJ makes a call saying he needs to talk to them . . . now


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