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1st Week of November 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


November 5, 2007

Bo and Shawn go to the station to meet with Commander Flynn. Flynn says there are two types of cops, the by the rule ones like Roman and the rule breakers like Bo. He wonders what kind Shawn would be. Shawn hadn't thought about it. Flynn says this letter indicates what kind he might be. Shawn says there were circumstances that lead up to that, Bo asks to let Shawn explain himself to the board. Flynn says they've already reviewed the case and he won't be entered into the academy this year he's afraid. Shawn asks what about Roman or his dad vouching for him. Flynn says family recommendations could hurt him more than help him in this case. He says they have one cowboy cop as is. Bo says yes he has gotten into trouble, but also gotten accommodations. Flynn reads all the charges brought up in the letter, he says it shows Shawn doesn't play by the rules like his father. Shawn says his dad is a great cop. Flynn agrees, but they only have room for one cowboy on this force and Bo has that title. Bo asks what about come January? Flynn says the board knows what Victor and Phillip did to set him up, so they will reconsider in January. Flynn says he needs to show he's matured, he's willing to do hard work and be one of Salem's finest. Bo suggests he work at the station. Flynn agrees that is a good start. Shawn thanks Flynn for giving him this second chance. Shawn and Bo then head out after thanking him. 


In the hall Bo makes a call to Abe to get him set up with this job. However Shawn says he unfortunately can't wait until January. He says he needs work now, and Phillip just killed his chances at that. Bo says he doesn't have proof that Phillip wrote that letter, but Shawn is sure he did. Bo says so what if he wrote it, it didn't ruin his plans, it put them on hold. Bo says he has a chance to be a good cop, he can take it or continue this childish battle with Phillip. Shawn asks if Bo could seriously let this go. Bo says no, but Shawn should learn from his mistakes. Bo says one more battle with Phillip could cost Shawn the future he wants. Shawn just can't believe this, he was supposed to be celebrating this with Belle. He says this news came just before the holidays too. Bo says the holidays are about family, which he still has. He says if he goes after Phillip then Phillip will use that to play on Belle's sympathies and he won't get into the academy if Phillip presses charges. Shawn thinks it is history anyway. Bo says if he feels that way then he has no business being a cop. Shawn keeps ranting about what Phillip has done to him, but again Bo says he has no proof that Phillip wrote the letter. Shawn admits he doesn't have proof, but could it have been anyone else? Bo says the letter didn't ruin his chances, it is what was in the letter. Bo says if he didn't do those things then he could be training now. Bo says he's got a break, now it is all up to him. Shawn gets he has to prove he's not that guy anymore. Bo says finally he gets it. Bo says he knows there were extenuating circumstances, and Flynn made it apparent he was paying for those mistakes. Shawn says it burns him that Phillip is walking away laughing. Bo says Shawn needs to walk away, if he grinds Phillip's face into the ground and his future falls apart, well he has nobody to blame but himself. Bo is trying to get Shawn not to repeat his mistakes, Belle is counting on him to get it right this time. Shawn says she hates it when he loses his temper. Shawn says he guesses he'll go break the news to Belle.


Hope and Ciara visit with Kayla. They are going through Stephanie's old baby clothes, Kayla is giving them to Ciara. Hope hopes she's okay with giving these away. Kayla says they'll look better on her than Pocket. Hope says she must miss him. Kate says yes, but having the twins here was great. They talk about EJ trying to see the boy and Sami and Lucas finally coming home to get them. Hope can't believe Sami is going through with this plan to marry EJ. Kayla doesn't think she's thought it out, and she thinks she loves Lucas so much that it will withstand anything. Hope says maybe, look at all she and Steve survived. Hope says Sami and Lucas have been honest with each other since this marrying EJ idea came up. Kayla says lies always destroy love, but Hope says the truth can be just as deadly. Ciara soon goes to sleep, Kayla asks Hope what she meant by that comment about the truth destroying love. Hope tries to shrug it off, but Kayla presses. Hope explains that she has learned that Belle cheated on Shawn with Phillip. Hope says she walked in after, Phillip was gone but she knew what happened. Kayla asks if she admitted it? Hope says she said it wouldn't happen again. Hope says she was so angry. Kayla says she has a right to be. She says she hasn't told Shawn has she? Hope says no, she knows he'd be devastated. Kayla says these things have a way of getting out. Kayla asks if she's considered talking to Bo or Marlena? Hope says Marlena is still grieving, Bo well . . . she said she'd keep her mouth shut. Kayla says she told her. Hope says she promised not to tell Shawn. Kayla says Bo hates secrets, and perhaps Shawn and Belle shouldn't be getting married. Hope says Belle says she wants Shawn. Kayla says but he slept with Phillip. Hope says she has to tell Bo. Kayla says that could be worst decision she could make. She thinks it's a battle that could be lost, she knows Bo's temper. Hope can't keep secrets from Bo, it almost cost her her marriage once. Kayla says Bo could tell Shawn. Kayla says give Belle a chance to get Phillip out of her life. Hope says what if he doesn't want to go? Kayla tells Hope she needs to keep this to herself. Hope says if Shawn finds out then he'll never forgive her. Kayla says it's not about protecting him from heartache, but saving him from himself. Kayla tells Hope to think what Shawn will do to Phillip when he finds out. Hope tries to call Belle, she doesn't answer. Kayla says she could be in a class or at the library. Hope says or with Phillip. Kayla says things happen, Belle and Phillip have a history. Hope says so do Belle and Shawn. Hope hates keeping this secret. Kayla says she has to have faith that Belle will come to her senses. Kayla also says Shawn is a match for Phillip, he can stand up for himself. Hope says poor Shawn never gets a break lately and Phillip is throwing his money around. Kayla says that will change, Shawn will get accepted into the academy. Kayla says there is just no way Phillip could keep Shawn from being a cop. 


Bo walks in as Kayla is telling Hope that Phillip won't stop Shawn from being a cop. He says someone did, that letter has stopped him from getting into the academy. Bo explains everything that happened, including Shawn getting a second chance and almost blowing it. Kayla decides leave to let them talk. Bo says Shawn thinks Phillip is targeting him. Hope says maybe he is. She needs to tell Bo something, but he can't go off the handle. Bo thinks this doesn't sound good. Bo can't promise without knowing, so Hope says she can't tell him. Bo promises, so Hope says Belle slept with Phillip. Bo says she what! Bo can't believe this. He says Shawn was right, Phillip is doing everything he can to make him look pathetic. Bo says Shawn has a right to know about this. Hope says Shawn almost took Phillip's head off once before, think what he would do now if he found this out.


Phillip shows up to see Belle at the pub. He shows up at her room, he asks if he can take Claire to story time at the library? Belle says Claire is with her mom for a few days. Phillip wants to talk about what happened. Belle says what happened is she hates herself now. He says they made love, she shouldn't be ashamed of herself. Belle says tell that to Hope. Phillip asks what Hope has to do with this? She says Hope discovered what happened. Phillip thinks she has nothing to feel guilty about, but she says they made love in the bed she shares with her fianc. He says they should do it again, guilt is a wasted emotion. She tells Phillip that he has to go and forget about her and Claire. Phillip says he'll go, but she has to tell him to his face that the man she wants is Shawn. She says she wants Shawn and walks off. Phillip walks in saying she left the door open for him, she doesn't want Shawn. She says she has since high school. He says they aren't in high school anymore. She wants him to get out and leave her alone. Phillip says he will when she admits these feelings are real and they won't go away. She says Shawn will be back at any moment, if he finds them like this then he'll think they made love. Phillip says yes and nothing is stopping them from doing it again. She says if he loves her so much then leave. She goes to get dressed, as she was in her robe. She goes into the bathroom leaving her door open a crack and Phillip watches. She rants he should go back to Titan and raid a corporation or something. Phillip says he knows her better than she knows herself. She returns and says he took advantage of her grieving. He says they both know it wasn't just a roll in the hay. She says it was a mistake. Phillip then kisses Belle. She thinks about when they made love. She pushes him away and says he had no right. Phillip just wants her to admit the truth. Belle picks up a photo of Shawn and Claire. She says the truth is she can live without him, but not what is in the photo. He asks if this is supposed to make him feel guilty? She says he would but he doesn't have a conscience to feel guilt. She says what happened here was a mistake. Phillip reminds her how they had a family photo like this too once. He remembers how it was. Belle says he remembers what he wants. Does she remember he ran out on them? He said he wasn't thinking straight. Belle says did he not think maybe she could have used support from him? He says she ran to her parents. She says maybe she wanted him to come after her and fight. She says she waited to hear from him, but it was like she was dead to him when he found out Claire wasn't his. He says he thought she wanted Shawn. She says he never asked her what she wanted. She says she needed someone to catch her and Shawn did that. She says he stepped up, he proved the he was the man she needed. She says Phillip didn't do that. Phillip says he didn't know she felt that way. He thinks it isn't too late to fix things. She says it is and to go. She tells him if he loves her then get the hell out of her life. He says lucky Shawn, he gets the girl who is in love with another man. He says that is a truth she doesn't want to face. She says she loves Shawn, that is the truth Phillip won't face. Phillip talks about what he learned when he was a soldier, how when he lost his leg and his face, his only thoughts were of her. He says he ached for one more day with her. He says what he learned at war was that nothing is free, and he won't spend his life watching her waste her life on Shawn. Belle's phone rings, it's Hope. She begs him to go, but Phillip says she won't know he's here. Belle says she'll hear it in her voice. BElle doesn't answer. Belle tries to convince Phillip what happened was just sex, she was feeling sorry for him and herself. Phillip says it was not mercy sex. He says she reached out for him, it wasn't charity, it was love. She says believe what he wants. Phillip says easy enough, when it comes down to him and Shawn, he's the one she wants. Belle says his ego is amazing. She says she just needed someone's arms around her, she had just buried her father. Phillip says people in love comfort each other, they go to the ones that make them feel safe. Phillip kisses her and says whatever this is, it isn't friendship.


Belle pulls away from Phillip right as Shawn walks in! Shawn reveals the news that he won't be a cop, and he claims he knows Phillip sent that letter to the station derailing his chances. Phillip says if he wanted to make sure Shawn didn't get on the force, he'd send a check to them. He says he never does anything anonymously. Phillip leaves, Shawn wants to go after him. Belle tells him to stop. Belle tells Shawn that Phillip didn't write the letter, she did!



November 6, 2007

The Cheatin' Heart has gone green for a save the earth day benefit. Everyone is wearing various save the earth shirts. Nick tells Chelsea how the boys father is throwing an embassy ball in his honor. He asks her to go, she answers with a kiss. Jett then shows up to talk to them, they have a problem with Ford. They ask what kind of problem? Jett says he may get away with rape. Jett talks to them about how it's going to be Cordy's word against Ford, and Ford has connections with the university. Jett says Billie is worried if Cordy falls apart, so will the case against him. Chelsea says what about Morgan? Jett says it's not provable, anyone could have drugged her at that party. He says Ford says it was consensual, and Morgan can't say otherwise. He says Cordy is all they have. Nick and Chelsea say they'll make sure Cordy shows up for this meeting with the Dean. Jett says he'll see them both at the meeting. He then leaves. Nick and Chelsea then continue their make-out session.


Meanwhile Stephanie is trying to learn how to make drinks, she doesn't know how Max remembers everything that goes into them. She does have a skill even Max can't do, she ties a knot in a cherry stem. As Max tries it, Morgan shows up, so he quickly leaves Stephanie to tend the bar on her own.  Morgan tells Max how she's been embarrassed to talk to him. She thinks she was stupid when it came to Ford, especially when he warned her about him. She says she's here to let him say I told you so. Max says he's not that kind of guy, and he doesn't want her to blame herself. She says she doesn't, not for what Ford tried to do to her, but for not being smarter. She says she should have listen to what everyone was saying about Ford, but she didn't as she thought he was Ford Decker, the well connected rich guy. Max is just glad she didn't get hurt. Morgan says what is incredible is that people are believing Ford and blaming Cordy and saying nasty things about her. Morgan says this is why women don't come forward to report rape. Stephanie needs help at the bar, Morgan gives Max a little kiss before he goes back to work. He asks what that was for? She says for being a man, a real man.


Stephanie serves up her first fuzzy navels. Ford then shows up and asks who he has to kiss to get a beer around here? He says give him a draft. Stephanie is speechless, Ford yells Hello can you hear me? Everyone in the bar stares. Stephanie tells Ford they don't serve pigs here. She tells porky to get back to his pen. Ford breaks a glass and demands he be served and calls her a white slave. Max then shows up and asks Ford he he wants to fight him or give him a roofie first. Ford tells Max not to touch him again. Max says what he'll do call his daddy the lawyer? Well start dialing. Max suggests Ford walk out he door or he'll throw him through it. Ford says he doesn't take order from grease monkey bar tenders. Nick steps in to stop Max from beating him, saying Ford is just baiting him. Jett returns and helps stop the fight as well. HE tells Chelsea to call 911. Ford says he's leaving, besides he has that big meeting tomorrow he can't be late for. He assures them all that he's not going anywhere, especially not jail. 

Max asks Stephanie if she's okay? Stephanie tells him when she saw Ford she went blank, she didn't know what to say or do. Max thinks what she said was perfect, he was proud of her. He says take the night off, he'll cover for her. Stephanie thanks him and gives him a big hug. Meanwhile Chelsea tells Morgan that Ford suddenly sucked the life out of this party. Morgan says she should have done something, but when she saw him it was like the life got sucked out of her. Chelsea tries to get things started again. She tells everyone how they are here to celebrate, they have bags filled with environmentally friendly products. She says however you have to have a good time to take one, it's their way of thanking everyone for to help clean up the lake and plant the trees today. She also says all the houses on campus have signed on to save energy and cut down usage by 10% next semester. Everyone gets to dancing, Stephanie can't stop watching Morgan and Max together. Ford shows back up and looks at Stephanie thorough the window. She has more flashes of being attacked and raped, but still doesn't remember a face. 

At Sami and Lucas', they are both holding the twins. Sami wished she had seen the look on EJ's face when he showed up at Steve and Kayla's. Lucas is worried, this is all happening like the thought it would, EJ won't give up. Sami says they should just enjoy the fact that they are home with their kids right now. The babies are put down for a nap, Sami asks Lucas not to talk about the DiMeras, to live in the moment. Lucas says all they have is this moment. Sami says they've been over this and why she has to do this. Lucas says he doesn't know how to let her go, he can't, he doesn't know how to do it. She says this isn't about losing her, they'll have to let EJ be a part of their lives to insure that they can be together. 


There is a knock at the door, Sami says it is open. EJ then shows up and tells Sami he has three choices for their honeymoon, he wanted her to pick one. He says he realizes this is inappropriate and this won't happen again. Sami says she's not going away with him, she has two newborns. He says he was going to hire a nanny to help with them. Lucas actually says she might as well get a nice trip out of this and EJ is being thoughtful. EJ says thanks him, he's just trying to make the most of this situation. Lucas asks what his choices are. EJ first thought about Tuscany, but then he realized they would be spending a lot of time there with his dad moving home. Choice two is some island, he shows Lucas and Sami the brochure. Lucas says with Sami's fair skin, the sun would be harsh on her. Plus he says the twins can't be exposed to that kind of sun. He rips the brochure up. Lucas asks what else he has? EJ says the most romantic city in the world, Paris, but he says forget about it he guesses. Sami says she actually would love to go to Paris one day, it's too bad he doesn't want to go. Sami says well thanks for stopping by. EJ had hoped they could do this more pleasantly, but let's get down to business. He says bring him his son now! Sami says they are asleep ,she isn't waking them . EJ says his lawyers have drawn up a court order. Lucas and Sami read it, Lucas says what judge did he threaten or pay off this time? EJ says the boy is his, Sami is welcomed to come with them .Sami says he isn't taking the baby, he lives three steps away and can see him any time. EJ says she will live three steps away soon. Sami tells EJ he's got what he wanted here. EJ says so has she, this vendetta is over. Sami says she wants to make sure the twins aren't traumatized by this. EJ says they are infants, they don't care where they are. He says his future, her future, their son's future is in the apartment across the hall. He says everything she sees here is gone! He says the wedding has been arranged, but Sami says this is all happening far too fast. EJ says this was all her choice. Sami says she just wants time to adjust. EJ says scheduling a wedding is difficult, there was a cancellation at the church so he jumped. She asks when. He says they'll be man and wife tomorrow night! 

Hope and Bo talk about Belle sleeping with Phillip. Bo is furious. He says he told Shawn not to go after Phillip, but he'll go after him himself. Bo says Shawn needs to know about this, he was right about Phillip. Hope says Shawn nearly took off his head when he found them alone, how will he react when he learns Phillip slept with her? When Bo learns this happened in their room at the pub, Bo says this is just getting better and better. Bo asks what she was thinking? Hope says she said she wasn't thinking straight due to John's death. Bo doesn't like she blamed this on John's death, Hope says she told her as much. Hope says maybe she wasn't thinking straight. Bo says she wasn't thinking at all. Bo feels Shawn needs to know, but Hope tells him to think about this. She reminds him of that fight at the pub, Shawn will throw a lot more than punches this time. Bo agrees, and it would kill his chances at the academy. Hope says if he doesn't get arrested by his father first. Bo hates this, and it is hard to believe she'd betray him like this. Hope says that is why they can't say anything. Bo says and that is why they have to tell him. He goes to call Shawn, but Hope says this isn't over so hang up. Bo says there is nothing to think about, Belle was wrong and Shawn should know. Hope says it won't happen again, but Bo says they don't know that. Bo never thought she would cheat on him to begin with. Hope thinks Shawn will be lost without Belle. Bo says he told Shawn not to go after Phillip, he was wrong. Bo says Shawn will find out, Phillip will make sure he does. Bo says no Kiriakis will get away with this. Hope wonders what this is really about, Shawn or Bo? Bo says this has nothing to do with his connection to that family, this is about protecting his own. Hope says she was going to tell Shawn, but then she realized this would destroy him. She says people make mistakes, she reminds him of the mistakes he made. Hope says they have come close to losing each other many times and they have made a lot of mistakes along the way. Bo says so keep his mouth shut? He says this won't be easy, and he won't be able to look at Belle the same way. Later Bo gets out of the shower, Hope has Ciara and jokes she told him all the bad things Daddy did when he was young. Bo says but she couldn't keep her hands off of him! Bo takes Ciara as Shawn calls to say he and Belle have news. Hope tells Shawn they'll be right over. She tells Bo that Sawn has news for them and want them to come to the pub.


At the pub, Belle tells Shawn that she is the one who wrote the letter! Shawn asks what she's talking about? She says she wrote the letter. She says she didn't want him to become a cop. She says she just lost her dad, she couldn't lose him too. She says the thought of him going out in uniform, waiting for that call that he had been killed. He says so she killed is chances at being a cop altogether? Belle says she regretted it the minute she mailed it, but she didn't want him to die. Shawn says and he doesn't want to lose her. He says Phillip shouldn't be the one buying her clothes and putting a roof over her head. Shawn says that is what this job was about. He asks why she didn't come to him with this. She says she was afraid he would hate her, and he does. He says he doesn't hate her, he never could. He just wishes she had told him. He says there is nothing she could do that he couldn't forgive. He holds her, she of course thinks about her roll in the hay with Phillip and is in tears. She says she is sorry. He asks what is it? What was she just thinking of. He says no more secrets. She says she just feels bad. He says don't, what is done is done. He says he understands why she did it, but she needs to understand why he needs to do this. Belle says if this is what he wants then she is with him. Shawn brings up how they are engaged, but haven't taken the next step. Shawn thinks they should make it official. She says he wants to get married right now? He says yes. She says she just started school, they are in debt and weddings cost money. She also says they are still living over the pub. Shawn doesn't care, a great wedding isn't about money. He talks about how the whole family can pitch in to help with the preparations, everyone they love will be there. She says not everyone. Shawn says John will be watching. Belle still isn't sure the time is right. Shawn says okay, if she doesn't want to marry him now then he won't push her. He says he's okay with waiting, and says they'll wait till Thanksgiving. She says what? He says they've danced around this too long, and everyone will be in town for the holiday anyways. He asks her to do this, make him happy, make Claire happy, make their moms happy. He says marry him for real. Belle remembers Hope asking Belle to stay away from Phillip. Belle says it's still too soon, especially for her mom. Plus she doubts his parents will want her to marry him after the letter stunt. Shawn says this is their moment, their ever after. He says marry me. Later Bo and Hope show up and see Belle and Shawn. Bo asks if there is a problem? Shawn says no, they are getting married on Thanksgiving. Bo and Hope are stunned! 



November 7, 2007
Days of Our Lives was pre-empted for almost the entire episode in my area, aside from the last few minutes. This is NBC's official recap for today's show, with a few bits added in by me. I will attempt to add to it later, but will not be able to see Days until late tonight when it re-airs.

EJ insists he and Sami must be married immediately because Stefano's about to return to Italy. Lucas leaves, and EJ demands to see his son. Sami convinces EJ to let the baby spend this one last night with his sister. Later EJ informs Stefano that he and Sami will be married tomorrow night. Stefano wants EJ to bring Sami and the boy home with him, but EJ won't do that to Sami. Stefano asks what about his grandson? He says Johnny cannot be raised by the Bradys, the sooner EJ realizes the better. EJ says he loves Sami, they will raise this child together. However the boy will be a DiMera through and through, and Stefano will be around to make sure of it. Stefano can't wait to get back to Tuscano. He tells Elvis that Santo would be proud of him, he is proud of him. He says EJ has given Santo's soul rest, but his work is not done, the future of this family is in his and Johnny's hands. 

Colleen's ghost appears to Sami and talks to her about what she's doing and her feelings for EJ. Sami claims she hates him, but Colleen doubts she'd be marrying him if she hated him. Sami says she's trying to end this vendetta, a vendetta Colleen helped begin.  Colleen says Sami is the one to end it, but it must be ended in the proper way, the way it was meant to be ended. Sami asks Colleen what she saw in Santo. Colleen says maybe what she sees in EJ, and they aren't that different at all. She tells Sami she has to look in her heart and figure out which is the man she loves, the one she can't live without. Sami tells her to shut up and leave her alone, Colleen dissapears. 

Lucas appeals to Stefano not to make Sami go through with the marriage. Stefano won't be swayed, and also denies any knowledge of the attempted shooting of Kate. Lucas visits Kate and accuses her of faking the shooting with EJ. Kate denies it, but Lucas calls EJ, who says it was her idea. Lucas tells Bo and Hope he wants the entire family to stage an intervention to stop Sami from marrying EJ. 

Shawn and Belle have just told Bo and Hope they want to get married on Thanksgiving. Bo takes Shawn down to the pub for a drink. Bo tries to convince Shawn he's rushing into marriage, and Shawn asks if he has something against Belle. They return to Hope and Belle, and Shawn says Bo approves of their wedding. 

Philip tells Kate that Belle is pushing him away. Kate warns him not to interfere, but Philip fires back, pointing out her years of interfering with Sami and Lucas. Later, Philip calls Belle. She hangs up on him, but not before stunning him with the news that she and Shawn will be marrying on Thanksgiving.


November 8, 2007
At the pub, Bo and Hope tell Steve, Roman and Kayla that Sami and EJ are marrying tonight. Bo says Sami is afraid and wants to save the family. Roman asks if she knows what this will do to her, to her mother? Marlena won't want to see her marry the man whose family murdered her husband. Steve thinks Lucas can't be happy about this. Hope says that is why they are here, Lucas wants to stage an intervention. Steve asks if Lucas should be here too? Bo says it's killing him that he can't be. Roman thinks he should just go to the church stop this. Hope thinks that would be a mistake. They tell Roman that trying to stop this, to force Sami to do anything is a mistake and they all know it. Hope says Sami is doing this because she feels she's making up for her mistakes, the wrongs of the past. Roman says they forgave her long ago. Hope says Sami still feels she doesn't measure up to Carrie and Belle. Hope says this is her way of measuring up. Bo says they need to convince her that this is not the way, that they already love her. Bo thinks Roman must be the one to do it, he is the one whose love she's always craved. Roman says he'll do it, but if it fails, he's going to shoot EJ. Steve suggests that they just let Italy take Stefano and his spawn back, let Sami stay here with Lucas. Kayla wishes it could be that simple. Bo says they are here legally, they can't deport them. Steve says they are murderers. Bo says but they can't prove that. Hope says their only hope is to talk Sami out of it. They decide to head out. Bo tells Roman he's making everyone nervous talking about Shooting Wells. Roman assures Bo he's not joking, let's just hope it doesn't come to that. Roman has a gun, which we see. 


Lucas is at home with the twins, saying they are stuck with him tonight. Sami shows up in a black dress. Lucas says she always was a beautiful bride to be. She says not funny. He asks that is what she's wearing? It looks like she's going to a funeral. Sami says that is what it feels like, and she hopes this is the last funeral she has to attend. Sami assures Lucas that she hates this. Lucas says well he'll get his last night alone with the twins. Sami says she'll be right down the hall. Lucas says she'll be EJ's wife, not his. Lucas says he keeps telling her that if she does this, their future is over. Sami later goes over feeding instructions with Lucas, he assures her that they'll be fine. Sami says so he's not going to say anything before she goes? He says like what, have a nice life, see you around the building? Will shows up, he thought Sami would be gone by now. He can't believe she's really going to do this. Sami thought he understood. Will says he changed his mind. Lucas says Sami's doing this for all of them. Will says he gets that, and that is why he thought it was cool, but now he sees there is nothing cool about it. Sami says she has no choice, this is the only way to end the vendetta. Will says according to a dead guy obsessed with a nun. Sami says this is about Stefano, who is very much alive and will continue to hurt their family. Sami says they'll be together again soon. Will says in the mean time she's stuck with the guy who raped her, that is messed up and it's too much. Will says he wants to go back and live with Carrie and Austin. Sami says he just got home, she loves him. Will says he loves her too, which is why he can't stay and see her with him. Lucas says they'll talk about this another time. Sami says she has to go, they'll talk about it after. Will says after will be too late. Will takes off. Sami thought Will understood. Lucas says it will take Will time to find out what this all means. Sami hopes Lucas can talk to him, but Lucas thinks Will should probably go be with Carrie and Austin. Sami says she's doing this for Will too, so he'll be safe. Lucas says they don't know if he will be safe. Sami says she has to try. Sami says she has to go now. Lucas begs her not to do this. Sami fights the tears and just says she's sorry. She then takes off her wedding ring and leaves it on the table. 


At the DiMera mansion, Stefano and EJ are dressed for the wedding. Stefano tells EJ how proud he is of him, how proud Santo would be. EJ says this is the happiest day of his life. Stefano says this is an important day, for them and their future. He says he is raising the DiMera air, Sami can't interfere with this. EJ says it will be taken care of. Stefano says he will take care of it if he has to. Suddenly Kate barges in, she's furious that Stefano betrayed her, that Lucas found out the truth about the accident. EJ says he doesn't have time for this now. Kate pulls out a gun and says make time. EJ gets the gun from her, Kate is furious with them. Stefano says he did not tell Lucas on purpose. He says Lucas accused him of having her shot at, so he said he did not  do any such thing. Stefano says Lucas figured the truth out, he had no idea EJ and her had this plan. Kate then tells EJ that he's still not off the hook. EJ says Lucas already said she told him the truth. Kate says he tricked him you imbecile. Stefano laughs and says Lucas is more clever than they thought, which is why it's been hard to get him and Sami apart. Stefano says but they finally did it. Kate says and now Lucas blames her and hates her. EJ tells Kate not to worry, there is always another chance with Lucas, he banishes her from his life every week and takes her back. Kate says not this time. Stefano assures Kate it will be fine, the bond between a mother and son is very strong. Stefano sends EJ off to the church to meet Sami, he says he'll be there soon. Kate asks if they aren't forgetting something? She wants her gun back. EJ decides he should hang onto it, but Kate says he explained himself and she's feeling so much calmer. He gives her the gun back, but takes the bullets. He then tells Kate to cheer up as she is out a daughter in law finally. Kate tells Stefano that EJ is right, Sami is out of Lucas' life, but she can't enjoy it. Stefano says Lucas will realize it in time, that everything she has done out of concern for him and for his happiness. Stefano says let Lucas figure that out for himself. Kate says and in the meantime? Stefano says this is a dark day for Lucas, so a show of sympathy will go a long way in healing the wounds.


Kate heads to Lucas and Sami's place. Kate says she came over to apologize. She knows he is hurt. Lucas says apology not accepted. She says she's asking him to forgive her. HE says he has a million times, no more. Kate says there has to be something to do to make it up to him. Lucas says stop Sami from marrying EJ. Kate says that is asking the impossible. He says talk to the DiMeras, they are close. Kate says no they aren't, and EJ thinks his family future depends on this marriage. Kate says it would have happened with or without her involvement. Lucas says but it happened with it. Lucas says if she wants him back in her life, to see the grand kids, stop the wedding. He slams the door on her, she pulls out her gun and loads a clip into it. Back inside, Lucas tells the twins he won't let anyone split them up. The baby sitter arrives to sit with the twins for the night. He thanks her for coming. When she excuses herself to wash her hands, Lucas goes and unlocks a gun box and takes out a gun! 

Sami arrives at the church and lights a candle. She thinks God probably isn't happy with her for not honoring the sacrament of marriage. However she doesn't know what else to do. She doesn't want anyone else to die lie John or suffer like her mom. But how does she walk away from Lucas and Will? What if the twins end up being raised apart. What if she's causing more harm then good? How does she know she's doing the right thing. Colleen shows up again and says she knows the answer to that. Sami says she doesn't, she's more confused then ever. Colleen says then ask why she's doing it. Sami tells Colleen that just because she fooled herself into loving Santo, doesn't mean she loves EJ. Colleen says she loved Santo for who he was, and because she could be the real her with him. She says that was her undoing. Sami says her heart belongs to Lucas. Colleen says but her body and everything else will be living with EJ. She says eventually it will happen, when the lights go out one night, when she's scared, she'll fin herself in his room. Sami tells her to shut up. Colleen says face her darkest and deepest desires. Sami tells her to shut up! 


EJ shows up asking who she's talking to? Sami says no one. EJ says she looks beautiful, and in Spain brides wear black as a sign of devotion to their death. Sami says good thing they aren't in Spain. He is glad Sami came, he was worried she wouldn't. Sami tells him not to act like he cares about her. He says he knows she loves Lucas, and she is free to return to him, he won't stop her. Sami says as soon as her family is safe, there is nothing he can do to stop her. She says let's do this. EJ says he means it, if she doesn't want to do this then go home. She says she needs a minute and runs off.

In the back of the church, Roman and the Bradys arrive. They tell Sami they have to talk. They all tell her to call this off, this won't stop the DiMeras. Weird camera angles are shown as Sami gets dizzy, their voices echo in her head. They say this will solve nothing, she belongs with Lucas and her family, if she walks down the aisles she'll regret it. Suddenly Sami faints! She gets up, claiming she is fine. They tell her she can't marry EJ, she is obviously upset. Sami  asks them to support her. They say they can't when they know she is making a mistake. Roman says she can't be both a DiMera and a Brady. She says so she's doing this for them and they are turning their backs on her? Roman says no, they are trying to make her to see she can't do this. He says choose them, trust her family. Sami says this isn't about a choice. Roman says it is. She says then she chooses to marry EJ, no one will stop her. She storms off.


EJ meets with Stefano. EJ says Sami is in the vessel with her family. Stefano says they'll try and talk her out of it. EJ says he's sure, but they won't succeed. EJ is sure they will be married tonight. HE says Sami will walk through fire before giving up being the Brady's savior. He says this is working out perfectly, he gets to be there for Sami when her family isn't. He says in time he'll win her trust. Stefano says and her obedience. EJ says of course. Sami walks into the chapel and says she must look a mess. She says she needs to get ready and goes off.

The Bradys all leave. Bo tells Roman they did their best. Roman says and now it is up to him. Kayla tells Roman she's sorry. Roman says they did the best they could. Steve tells Roman it's not over, he says it's not. They Bradys all return to the pub, Roman begins taking some drinks. Bo says that won't help, go home. Roman asks how that will help? He says Sami is counting on him, as is Marlena, Will and the kids. Bo asks Roman to give him his gun. Roman thinks this is a joke, but Bo says Roman taught him well, when people's emotions are running high, they lose their heads. Roman hands over his gun and leaves. Hope thanks Bo for doing that. Roman then leaves and outside has another gun hidden in his sock! Meanwhile Steve tells Kayla he'll meet her at home, he has some things to do. She asks if he's going to the church? He promises her that he just got back to normal, he won't risk that. He says he'll see her at home.

Back at the church, EJ and Stefano see a lady in black come in and sit down. She has a veil over her face, we don't even see her. EJ thinks it is odd. Stefano says in Italy you'll always find a woman in black praying hour after hour, just worry about his bride. The woman in black suddenly vanishes from the back of the church. Sami then walks in as the wedding march plays. From various places in the church, people are are raising guns! Three guns are pointed up at the altar.


November 9 , 2007

Bo is at the station, Shawn is busy filing. Shawn has a bunch of messages for Roman, who isn't here. Bo says Roman is taking a personal day. Shawn says he's not going to the wedding? Bo says he'd fear for Jr's life if he did. Shawn can't believe Sami is marrying that guy. Bo asks about his first day working here. Shawn says he has a lot of filing to do. Bo says that will never change, there is always paperwork. Shawn talks about how they had a singing DUI booked, some hookers, and a pill head who tried to rob a pharmacy with a comb. Bo lets Shawn know that he won't always be at the bottom of the food chain here. Shawn knows this is good training for the academy. Bo sends Shawn to be a grub and fill his coffee up. Bo then thinks about taking Roman's gun from him earlier. Shawn brings him some coffee, but he forgets the sugar. Bo asks him what is wrong? Shawn says he was talking to Belle and the connection dropped, he hopes nothing is wrong. Bo says it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Bo asks Shawn if he confronted Phillip about the letter? Shawn says no, claiming it would just lead to more issues and more mistakes he would pay for. Bo is glad he's not repeating his own mistakes. Suddenly a cop comes in and says there is a shooting at St. Lukes. Shawn wants to go because Sami is his family too. Bo says this is a crime scene, touch nothing.


At the pub, Belle is with Claire. She calls Shawn to check in on him. They talk about why Shawn is doing this job. Shawn swears he's not mad about the letter. Shawn says he's doing this for her dad and everyone else who has been victim of a crime. Belle says they'll get over all those hurdles together. Belle asks Claire to say hi to daddy, he does. However Phillip walks in at this point, it seems she was saying daddy to Phillip! Belle leaves her phone on the table as she goes to chase Claire, who has run to Phillip. Shawn calls her back and only gets her voicemail, he just guesses the connection got dropped. Belle takes Claire back to the booth, she finds Shawn has hung up. Phillip brought over the toys Claire left at the mansion. Belle thought they agreed he should see less of Claire. Phillip says she decided that, and it isn't fair to Claire. Belle says she has to get back to studying. Phillip takes that to mean she wants him to leave. Phillip lets Belle know when Claire grows up and asks why she never saw him at birthday parties and only got gifts at Christmas, he will tell her why. Later Belle decides to have Caroline take her up, get her ready for bed. She tells Phillip again thank you for the toys. Phillip says he also came to apologize. Belle says they were both in that bed. Phillip says this is about Shawn, he has been pushing his buttons every chance he gets. Belle says they've been friends for ever, she thought they could be friends still, but obviously that isn't possible. Phillip says he doesn't want to be her friend. As they are talking, Claire runs out to get to her box of toys, which are on the bar next to a pot of coffee. Phillip ends up leaving just as Claire spills the coffee all over her. She screams out, Belle runs over to her. Phillip returns as he forgot his jacket, he finds out Claire got burned. He says they'll take her to emergency. 


At the church, Sami walks down the aisle as three guns are pointed from various parts of the church. Sami and EJ stand at the altar as the priest begins the ceremony. They say their vows and exchange the rings. Sami hesitates when she has to say I do, EJ says the vendetta will be over. Sami says I do and they are pronounced man and wife. Suddenly the gunshots ring out and EJ goes down! Stefano rushes to the altar and says call 911. EJ tells Sami he's so sorry, so sorry. Stefano tells EJ to be brave, to breathe deep.


EMS arrives later, they have EJ on a stretcher. The priest says to one of the cops that he heard three shots, he is sure. A paramedic asks what EJ's blood type is. Sami doesn't know, Stefano says A-. Stefano is screaming he wants the shooter found, but the cop says Detective Brady will be here soon enough to question everyone. EJ wakes up, he cannot feel his legs. Sami tells EJ to stay calm. Stefano wants to know why he can't feel his legs. Sami is in shock, she has blood all over her. She is realizing that they are actually married. Stefano tells her it would seem so. Sami says so it's over? Stefano says Elvis is strong, he'll survive. Sami says she meant the vendetta. She says she married his son, so the vendetta is over! She says he promised that. Stefano says she vowed to be Elvis' wife till death do they part, well he won't let him die on his wedding day. Sami says that is out of his hands. Stefano says it is in hers. He says his son loves her, she can give him the will to live, for her and his son. Stefano says be the wife he deserves in every way, keep that promise and he will keep his. EJ is then taken off to the hospital. Stefano tells Mrs DiMera he will see her at the hospital. 

Sami later thinks it wasn't supposed to happen like this. Bo and Shawn show up, she asks about her dad. Bo says he'll call him in a minute. The cop on the scene fills Bo in on what happened. Bo says they need some leads, witnesses who may have seen someone running. Bo says toss every trash can in a ten block radius in case the gun was dumped. The cop asks if he knows who may have done this? Bo basically says just about everyone wanted him dead. Bo asks Sami how she's holding up. She doesn't know. Bo asks about Stefano. Sami says he went to the hospital. Bo says he should take her home, but she doesn't know where that is. She says she has to go to the hospital. Bo says no she doesn't. Sami says she is his wife, she should be there. Bo tells her to sit tight. Shawn asks Sami if she is really up for this? Sami says this day was supposed to mean freedom, that the vendetta was over. She says it's starting over again. Shawn thinks whoever did this wasn't targeting the Brady's. Sami thinks it was a Brady who did it and the last shot hasn't been fired yet. Sami asks Shawn to call Lucas for her, but Shawn thinks she should. Sami doesn't want to argue with him tonight, just tell Lucas she loves him and will call him later. Sami then leaves to go to the hospital, not before throwing her bouquet away into the pews.


The cop on duty has found three bullet cases, all in three different locations. Bo says so three shooters and three guns. The cop says a conspiracy? Bo says no, only one bullet reached it's mark, a conspiracy is done to make sure the job gets done. He says it looks like amateurs, all three who wanted to kill EJ. The cop says Kate is a suspect, Stefano was talking about her pulling a gun on him and EJ earlier. Bo tells him to go find her. Bo and Shawn then head out to see Lucas. Bo says perhaps this was a family affair. 


Lucas returns to his apartment and pays the babysitter for watching the twins. She says call her if he needs her again or needs someone full time. The woman then leaves. Lucas walks around looking a bit nervous. He reaches for the booze and even opens it and smells it. Later Billie shows up pounding on the door. Lucas lets her in. Billie says she just heard there was a shooting at the wedding, is SAmi okay? Lucas says Sami is fine, EJ was shot and they don't know he'll make it. Billie says that information hasn't been released yet. Lucas says he was there. Billie says talk about kicking yourself while your down. Lucas says he couldn't stay here while Sami marries the man who raped her. He says EJ always gets what he wants, but not this time. Billie doesn't like what she's hearing. Lucas says he went to the church, he got there right as the priest proclaimed them husband and wife, then three shots rang out. He says he made sure Sami was okay, but then he ran. Billie says Sami needed him. Lucas says if he was found there then he'd be arrested for shooting EJ. Billie thinks he needs a lawyer, but Lucas says he didn't shoot EJ. Lucas says he might be dead, this should be the happiest day of his life. Billie says not to talk like that, and people know he's no assassin. Billie asks if he's ever threatened him in public? Lucas says yes, more than once. Lucas says when the police need a motive, they'll know he had one. Billie says but he doesn't own a gun. Lucas remembers taking a gun out of a box earlier. Lucas lies and says that is true, Sami didn't want one in the house. Billie says good. She says he does have the opportunity as he was there. Lucas says but nobody knows that. She tells Lucas he has to confess this, it will make him look guilty if they learn from someone else. Billie asks why he was there? Lucas was hoping she would change her mind. Billie says he has nothing to hide, don't act like he does. He says he will call Bo. Billie says good. She has to go, but says call her if he needs her. After Billie leaves, Lucas unlocks the box, the gun is still in there. Bo later shows up knocking on the door, Lucas scrambles to hide his gun. Bo asks if he and Shawn can come in. Lucas says sure. Bo says EJ was shot at Saint Luke's. Lucas asks if Sami is okay? Shawn says she's fine, but EJ may not make it.


Steve returns to the pub and hides a gun, narrowly being caught by Caroline. Caroline asks what he is doing? Steve says getting himself a drink. Caroline says she just heard there was a shooting at Saint Luke's, she's worried it was Sami. Steve says don't worry, it was EJ who was shot. She asks how he knows that?

At the hospital, Phillip and Belle talk to a doctor about Claire. He says everything should be fine, they did the right thing putting ice on her and she'll probably have some blisters and a little bit of discomfort when they break. Belle feels like a terrible mother. Phillip says she is a great one, kids have accidents. She tells Phillip to stay with Claire, she'll call Shawn. She tries, but he left his phone at the station. She leaves him a message telling him about Claire. Kate soon shows up saying she came as soon as she heard. When Belle says Claire is okay and just gave them a scare, she says Oh Claire I thought it was . . . Kate asks how is Claire? Belle says fine. Kate asks for Phillip , she needs to talk to him right away. Later Kate tells Phillip she needs his help. She needs him to get rid of a gun. Phillip takes her aside asking what she's doing with it and what did she do? Kate says she needs him to get rid of it, no questions. He takes the gun, she thanks him and runs off. Phillip returns to Belle and Claire, Belle hasn't gotten a hold of Shawn still. Phillip says he'll take them home. 


Elsewhere, Sami and Stefano are with EJ. He calls to Sami, she says she is here. EJ says she and their son matter more to him than his life. He says love him as he would have loved him. Stefano tells EJ not to talk that way, he will live to see his son grow up and grow strong. EJ is taken off, the doctor says he's lost a lot of blood and there is injury to the spinal cord. The doctor says they'll do everything possible to save him. Stefano then tells Sami that if Elvis dies the vendetta will continue until every last Brady is dead! Sami says that is not what he promised. Stefano says he is promising it now, if Elvis dies, the Bradys will follow.  


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