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2nd Week of November 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


November 12, 2007
Typed after I saw the show. I've attempted to include as many details as I could recall.

At Lucas', Bo and Shawn question Lucas about the shooting of EJ. Lucas says Bo doesn't think he shot EJ does he? Bo doesn't know. Lucas keeps referring to EJ as Sami's husband. Bo wonders how he would know EJ was shot after they were pronounced man and wife? Lucas says he is guessing they married, that is what tonight was about. Lucas swears he was home tonight, Billie even came over at one point. Kate is soon brought up as a suspect in the shooting as well. Later Bo tells Shawn to write up everything he heard tonight, he'll need the statement and he'll sign it later at the station before it is turned in. Bo decides to go question some more suspects.

At the church, Roman arrives to look around the scene. The other cop who was first on the scene is still there, as is a forensic analyst looking into the shooting and the casings. Abe shows up and asks Roman where he was tonight. Roman says at home, though nobody can prove to that. He does say Bo saw him earlier at the pub, even took his gun from him. Later Roman remembers he was at the church. He was hiding in a confessional and aiming at EJ. However he didn't shoot, and was startled when the other shots were fired.

At the hospital, Sami and Stefano are waiting around as EJ is in surgery. Sami tells Stefano he looks tired, go home and rest and she'll call him if anything happens. He refuses to leave his son. Sami says she just knows he's still sick and EJ wouldn't' want him to have a relapse. Stefano says married a few hours and already making decisions for EJ? Stefano blames Sami for this, saying her father could have done this to protect her, after what happened between her and EJ. Sami says you mean when he raped me, saying Stefano can't even say the word.  Sami says her father is not a cold blooded killer and wouldn't do this. Stefano again tells her that if EJ dies, so will every last Brady.

Belle is still at the hospital.  She is calling a cab to take her and Claire home since she can't get a hold of Shawn. Phillip shows up and says he can take them home, and maybe they can go get ice cream on the way. Belle tells him that he has to stop this, he's using Claire to get to her. Phillip claims he's not. He then informs Belle that Sami is here, and EJ has been shot. Belle checks on Sami, who is now alone. She asks if she should call mom, but Sami says no. Sam doesn't think mom needs this right now. Belle later leaves, letting Phillip drive her and Claire home after all. 

At the DiMera mansion, Kate shows up demanding to see Stefano. Rolf says he's not here, he's at the hospital. Kate says get him here. She looks at a painting of Stefano on the wall and swears she didn't shoot EJ. Later Stefano arrives, wanting to know what was so important that she had him called here. She claims she needed to let him know that she didn't shoot EJ. Stefano says so her waving that gun around earlier was what, a scare tactic? He grabs her by her neck and begins to choke her! Bo soon walks in, to see Stefano about Kate, not excepting her to be here. He decides to question Kate since he has her here. Stefano leaves to go back to the hospital, Bo asks Kate about threatening Stefano and EJ earlier with a gun. Kate says she did. HE asks where the gun is now? Kate claims she realized having it was dangerous, she got rid of it. He asks where? She says some dumpster, she's not sure where. Bo knows she's not being honest with him.

At pub, Phillip brings Belle and Claire home. Belle continues accuse him of not leaving her be like she asked. He says he loves her still and knows she loves him. He says he feels like he's losing both her and Claire. He ends up kissing Belle! HE does eventually leave though.  Phillip later calls his mom about the gun she gave him. He still has it, he has not gotten rid of it as she asked. He wants the truth about what she did, if she doesn't give him the truth by morning then he will take the gun to the cops.

At station Shawn finds his phone he left behind and checks his messages. He finds the ones from Belle about Claire, and how she's fine and they will be back at the pub. Shawn races there and learns what happened, assuring her that accidents happen. However he soon realizes Phillip gave them a ride home, he's not happy. Belle assures Shawn she let Phillip know he was not a part of her life anymore, and she and Shawn were getting married and had set a date.

Back at the station, Bo talks with Abe, Abe wants to confirm with Bo he took ROman's gun. Bo says he did. Abe however knows Roman has other guns at his house. Bo asks if he thinks Roman did this? Abe says right now no, he just hopes it stays that way.

Back at the hospital, Lucas shows up to check on Sami. She talks to him about EJ and how she has to be here, to make it look like she actually cares. Lucas wonders if that is what she is really doing, pretending. Lucas lets Sami know he was questioned about EJ's shooting, his mom is a suspect too. Sami says that Stefano accused her dad of the shooting as well. Later Lucas returns home to check on the twins. He ends up packaging and mailing the gun he had in the lock box to himself. When the parcel guy picks up the package, and sees Lucas is mailing it to himself, Lucas claims it's a little joke being played.

Back at the hospital, Roman shows up to check on Sami. Sami questions her dad about the shooting, asking him if he did it. Roman says he didn't. Later Roman sees a bullet hole in Sami's dress.He says it seems EJ isn't the only one someone wanted dead tonight!



November 13, 2007
Bo is at the church investigating when Hope shows up. She missed him last night, he was working all night. She asks if he has any leads. Bo says clues he's got, suspects he's got, no leads. Bo says he has a list of people as long as his arm that wanted Jr. dead. Hope says but who would do it. Bo says it is tempting to turn this into a cold case. Hope says he bends the rules, he doesn't break them. Bo says three shooters, what are the chances they got the shots off at the same time. Hope says highly unlikely. Bo says but that seems to be what happened. What if they were working together and had a signal? Hope says there is no one in this family that would do this. Bo says they heard Roman making the threats, but Hope says he was angry, they all were. Bo says after years of dealing with the DiMeras, it will be wrong if the family he ends up bringing down is his own. They discuss the suspects, and how Roman was high up on Abe's list until Abe learned he took his gun. Bo says they all know he has other guns though. Hope asks where he is on Bo's list? Hope still thinks Roman would never murder anyone. She asks where he is now? Bo says at the hospital working the case, Abe still trusts him. Bo says he has enough suspects other than Roman to deal with, such as Lucas. Bo says he questioned him earlier, he was jumpy, nervous, like he was hiding something. Hope asks if he even has a gun? Bo doesn't know, and he can't search his place without proof and probable cause. Bo tells Hope how there was another suspect who threatened the DiMeras earlier with a gun, Kate! Hope says that doesn't make sense, why would she stop a wedding that broke up Sami and Lucas? Bo says he thought the same thing, until he learned she threatened them on another personal matter earlier. Bo also says she claims he threw the gun in a dumpster and doesn't remember where. Hope says or she still has it. Bo says his thoughts exactly. Hope also says Stefano should have seen the gun close enough to know what kind it was. Bo says and if he gets the bullet and it is the right kind, he can get a search warrant and find the gun. Hope says then then can determine if Kate was the shooter. Bo says exactly. Hope think Bo should bring Shawn in to help, it could be good training. Bo says he did bring Shawn in, and he was doing a great job . . . until he got a call from Belle about Claire being burned and bam, he left. Hope says well it was his daughter. Bo says he needs to follow rules and he should have told a superior he had to leave instead of taking off. Bo says instead he just left.


At he hospital, EJ comes out of surgery. Stefano sees Roman there, he asks what he's doing here. Roman says he's here on business, to talk to EJ's doctor. Stefano doesn't think Roman wants justice for his son, saying even the Bradys aren't above murder in the house of God. Stefano promises Roman that if EJ dies, there won't be a Brady who has a moment of peace. Stefano wants him off this case, but Roman says he tried to get off it but the brass want him on it as they think he's objective. Roman is here to get the bullet to try and match it to a gun. Stefano asks if they have the gun? Roman says privileged information. Stefano walks off and the doctor comes out. He lets Roman know that EJ is still critical, and the surgery is long and hard. Roman asks about the bullet. The doctor says he's afraid he made Roman's job a lot more difficult.


Back at the church, Roman shows up to give Bo and Hope the news, EJ is out of surgery but they couldn't get the bullet out. Bo asks if the surgeons will go in again? Roman says another operation is too risky. Bo says so they won't get a match. Roman says it doesn't look like it. Hope asks what about the other bullets. Bo wants to search Kate's place for her gun, but Roman says Kate is no killer. They argue about Kate, Roman says she hates Sami not EJ. Bo says she hates them both. He says a judge won't get him a warrant, but suggests Roman spy on Kate, take a look around her place. Roman says he won't do it. He says Kate is no angel, but he does care about her. Bo says maybe he should part with those feelings for awhile. Roman says he won't use his relationship with Kate, he won't go through her stuff behind her back. Bo says Kate treats Sami like dirt, he doesn't get him. Roman says trampling over Kate's rights doesn't help Sami. Bo tells Roman he'll let him know when he gets a warrant for Kate's place. Roman asks if he is still on his suspect list? Bo says Abe knows he took his gun, but that has other guns. Bo says Abe's giving him a long rope. Bo and Hope leave. Roman mumbles he didn't ask about Abe, he asked about Bo. Meanwhile Hope tells Bo that if Kate has a gun that matches, Roman will have to do his job. 


Back at the hospital, in EJ's room the doctor talks to Stefano. The doctor tells Stefano that the bullet did a lot of damage and is lodged in EJ's spine. He says he's paralyzed from the waist down. Stefano wants another opinion. The doctor understands, but says he might want to find someone to talk to EJ about coping with this. He says he's facing a challenging future and the will to live is very important to his recovery. The doctor leaves so Stefano has a moment with EJ. EJ wakes up and calls for Samantha. Stefano says it is him, he is here and won't leave him. EJ asks what happened? Stefano tells him that he was shot and they don't know who did it. He promises to find out and make them suffer. EJ asks about Sami. Stefano says she is fine. EJ asks if he's married? Stefano says yes, they were married in the church before God. EJ smiles.


At the apartment, Sami has returned home after being talked into it by her dad. Lucas is glad she came home. Sami warns Lucas if EJ dies then Stefano will come after them. Lucas says they'll deal with it like they always have, as a family. Lucas says he tucked in the twins last night and promised to make sure their mom came home. Lucas says then she walked through the door, which he thinks is a sign. He hugs her and says he'll never let anyone take her away from them again. She says Stefano wants her to come back to the hopsiptal, and if EJ dies . . . . Lucas says it is one less psycho in this world. Sami says if EJ dies then Stefano will come after them. Lucas says whoever shot EJ sent a message, they aren't victims anymore. He says if Stefano comes after them, he'll get what EJ got. Sami can't stop thinking about when EJ fell into her, how she thought he was dead. She says he was just trying to help her end the violence. Lucas says don't turn him into a saint, he forced her into that wedding. Lucas says “marry me or my father will kill everyone.” Sami says that is what will happen if EJ dies. Lucas doesn't care, he hopes Stefano keels over right next to EJ. Sami tells Lucas to stop talking like this, he'll be a suspect. Lucas says he's already been questioned. Sami says but he was here tonight and Bo knows he's not a killer, that is the truth. Lucas tells Sami it is okay, she can ask him. She says she doesn't have to, because she knows he loves her. Later Sami says when she woke up she thought it was all a nightmare, but they can't pretend this wedding didn't happen. Sami thinks she should call the hospital. Lucas sees she's wearing EJ's ring, take it off. Sami says she can't, Stefano will think she's backing out. She says Stefano threatened them all, she can't think about what would happen if EJ dies. She says she has to finish what she started. Lucas says she doesn't, she'll get an annulment and they'll be together with the kids. Sami won't stop this until Stefano dies. Lucas thinks if EJ recovers, it also won't end, he's been telling her that. She tells Lucas this isn't about us verses them anymore, something else happened in the church. She says one of the bullets was meant for her. Sami says someone wanted to kill her. She says she has to get back to the hospital. Stefano suddenly calls, not surprised she is there. He says EJ woke up and is asking for her, for her family's sake, he hopes she'll do the right thing. Sami later tells Lucas that EJ is awake and she needs to do go. Lucas again tells Sami that nothing will change, Stefano will keep threatening her. He says if she does this, then Stefano will know he can keep threatening her. Lucas asks if she wants a life with him and the kids, or the one waiting for her with EJ. Sami later says goodbye to the twins, and says she'll be back as soon as she can. Lucas asks will she? She says she'll always come back to him. Lucas says then do something for him. He gives her her wedding ring with him, he wants her to keep it with her. She kisses him. She tells Lucas to tell the twins she loves them when they wake up. Lucas will, but says they need her, they aren't a family without her. She says she's doing this to save their family. 


Back at the hospital, EJ asks his father about Sami. Stefano says she was here all night, but went home to rest. He assures EJ that she's coming back. EJ says he heard what the surgeon said, something about his legs. EJ can't feel his legs. Stefano says the bullet is lodged in his spine, it hit his spinal cord. EJ says so he's paralyzed? Stefano says they are not giving up. EJ asks if he'll walk again? Stefano says the doctors aren't Gods. EJ asks if Sami knows? Stefano says no. EJ asks Stefano to leave him. Stefano kisses him on the forehead and leaves.

Sami later shows up. Stefano says EJ has been asking for him, he needs his wife. Sami says that is why she's here. He says for the rest of your life? Sami thinks about her marriage to Lucas where they made the same promises. Stefano tells Sami he expects her complete devotion. Sami says and she expects him to end the violence. Stefano says after her family gunned down EJ? She says she held up her end of the bargain. Stefano says it isn't over. He says EJ is paralyzed and may never walk again. He says their truce is as fragile as her infant children. Later Sami looks in on EJ, who is in his bed staring at the wall. 


Phillip meets with Kate at the pub, he's brought the gun with him and lays it on the table, wrapped in a napkin. Kate wanted him to get rid of it, but Phillip says it could get him in trouble. Kate swears she didn't shoot EJ, but Phillip thinks it is a big coincidence she needs this gun taken care of right after EJ was shot. Kate claims she got the gun for protection, but the police won't see it that way. Phillip says only if the slug matches the one in EJ's back. She keeps saying it wasn't involved in EJ's shooting. Phillip wants the truth, why is she so jumpy if she wasn't at the church? She says she formed an alliance of sorts with EJ and Stefano when Mythic was going down. She was caught between what they want and what Lucas wanted. They had differing opinions on this wedding, she was caught between two camps. Phillip asks why she felt the need to buy a black market gun? She says she was shot at recently, it was for protection. Phillip says there is gun powder residue on it, it has been fired. He wants answers or he's taking it to the police. Kate claims she went practice shooting in the woods. Phillip asks who gave her the gun. Kate says a business associate, she's keeping him out of it. Phillip doesn't believe one word of this. He says she better give it back to her associate. Kate admits she was furious with EJ earlier today, he said something to make Lucas angry with her. She says she went to the mansion to shoot EJ, but she didn't. Phillip asks if she went to the church? Kate says she did, she hid until the ceremony began. Kate says when they were saying their vows at the altar, she aimed, but realize she didn't know which one she hated more. She says she closed her eyes to regroup her thoughts, she didn't think she could do it, then the gun accidentally went off. She says she heard two other shots go off at the same time, so she got out of there. Phillip asks if she shot EJ? Kate says no. He asks how she can be sure? She says the last person the gun was aiming at was Sami! Phillip says she tried to murder Sami? Kate says no, she was aiming at both of them. She says first EJ, then Sami, but when the gun went off it was pointed in the air. Phillip says if the cops get the gun, she could still be charged with attempted murder. He also doesn't get it, Sami marrying EJ, that was in her favor. Kate knows it is twisted, but she thought if she could kill EJ, Lucas could marry Sami again and he'd forgive her. She says the only thing she's guilty of is loving her children too much. She says what does she get in return, not a hell of a lot. Phillip says he'll take care of the gun, but they never had this conversation. Kate asks how she knows he won't turn against her like his brother? Phillip says she thinks he could hate her? Kate says his brother does. Phillip tells her good luck with her alibi and tries to walk off. She stops him, saying if she is linked to this crime then Stefano will kill her. Phillip says he'll take care of it, that is all she needs to know. She thanks him and leaves. Phillip takes the gun.


November 14, 2007
Chelsea is outside the dean's office. Morgan shows up thinking she's late, but Chelsea says the dean pushed the meeting back as he's talking with her mom and Jett right now. They discuss how there is no way that they can prove Ford gave Morgan the drug at that party or was trying to rape her. Morgan says so Cordy is the only one who can prove this? Chelsea says yes, the case rests on her. Morgan hopes Cordy gets here, and where is Stephanie? Chelsea says in the hall talking to her mom on the phone. 

Out in the hall, Stephanie is talking to Kayla on the phone. Kayla is proud of Stephanie for what she's doing supporting Cordy. Kayla asks Stephanie if she saw her dad last night, Stephanie didn't. Stephanie asks if everything is okay? Kayla says yes and just call her after the hearing. 

The Dean finally comes out and meets the girls, Cordy still hasn't arrived. Chelsea is shocked to learn Ford is coming to the meeting. The dean says university policy dictates both parties be able to present their case before him. He doesn't require them to swear under oath, but he does want the testimonies to be truthful. He also expects everyone to conduct themselves in a professional manner as a young man's future is at stake. The dean goes back into his office.

The girs talk about how they will make sure Ford is expelled. Ford then shows up and says what's up ladies? Ford hopes this doesn't take long, he has a date tonight. The girls say he better cancel it, the dean will kick him off campus. Ford says he did nothing wrong. Morgan accuses him of attacking her and drugging her. Ford says she went to his apartment willingly and she can't prove he attacked her, it was consensual. Chelsea says they saw him on his web cam. Ford says the dean won't believe them over the son of one of his board members. He says he's going to prove they lied and then revoke their sorority's charter. Chelsea says once Cordy tells the dean what happened he won't be so smug anymore. Ford wonders what Chelsea's deal is, does she not like men? Stephanie continues to have flash backs of being raped. Ford tells Chelsea she must not have any experience with men, she could pay him to take him out. He says he'd show her a good time. When Ford says wait she does have a boyfriend, Nick; Chelsea loses it and tries to attack him. Billie stops the fight and says that is enough! Morgan says she can't believe she ever trusted him, she even defended him to Max. Ford says Max doesn't know anything but grease. Morgan tells Ford he is a spoiled brat and a loser who can't get a girl on looks or personality. Ford says he got her. Morgan says he drugged her! Billie tells Morgan not to let Ford get to her, that he's trying to rattle her before the hearing.

Meanwhile Jett tells Chelsea she needs to stay cool, they can't make Ford look sympathetic. Chelsea says she'll try to ignore him, she just wishes Cordy would get here. Ford keeps antagonizing them all, saying their Halloween party rocked, their save the day earth benefit sucked though. He says want more hot guys at their parties, invite more hot girls. Billie finally steps in letting Ford know that if he says one more thing to these women, she'll remove him from the building herself. Crawford Decker walks in, introducing himself as Ford's father and council, and saysif Billie does so then she can pack up her office and leave. Ford thanks his dad for coming, he says they are believing their absurd allegations. 

The dean comes out and greets Crawford, he and Crawford decide to go into his office to chat. Chelsea leaves, after stepping on Ford's toe purposely! Billie asks the dean for more time, the girl pressing charges isn't here yet. Crawford says if they were in court and the plantif didn't show up, the case would be dismissed. The dean says if Cordy isn't here within the next ten minutes the case would be closed. Crawford goes into the dean's office. Ford smiles at Billie, who wonders if it is university policy to schmooze with the defendant's father. 

In the hall, Chelsea calls Cordy to try and get her to get here. Later Cheslea tells Stephanie that she can't find Cordy, what if something happened to her? Eventually Cordy finally shows up for the hearing. Billie asks for a few moments to talk with Cordy first, the dean gives it to her. Cordy is shaking; she tells them she can't testify against Ford. Stephanie continues to remember being raped by Ford.

Kayla goes to the church and finds Steve there. She wonders what he's looking for. He says he's just scoping the place out. She asks if he's helping with the investigation. He asks what is with the questions. He says don't beat around the bush, just ask him what she wants to know. Kayla asks where he was when EJ was shot? He claims he went to an auto parts store to pick up a fan belt for the car, but they didn't have the right part. Kayla says did he order one? They need proof he was there for the cops. Steve says he didn't order one, and if he can't find someone to place him there, will she still believe him? Kayla thinks someone there would remember a guy with a patch. Kayla reminds him about when they exchanged their vows in this church. He says he remembers. She says he promised to never lie to her. She says here they are years later, at the same spot. She asks him did he shoot EJ? Steve says he didn't shoot EJ. She says because he was at the auto parts store? He says yes. She says fine, that is all she wanted to know. To himself, Steve remembers leaving the church after some shots were fired. 

At the hospital, EJ sees Sami arrive and ask what she's doing here. Sami says she wanted to see him, she was worried about him. He says he's sure she's heard the wonderful news, he can't move his legs. Sami says it might not be permanent. EJ says don't pretend you care, I'd much rather if you didn't. Sami says she does care, and it's too soon to know anything for sure. EJ says don't start with the keep your chin up EJ. Sami knows he is angry, but she wants to help. She asks what she can do. He says leave. She says no. He says fine, tell him what she's doing here. She says she already did. He says you care about me? Sami says yes and she's sorry. EJ asks why she's sorry? Sami says for the pain he must be in, she feels for him. EJ says that is rich, coming from someone who promised to make his life miserable. He says congratulations, he's in hell and he's sure she's loving every second of it. Sami says she wanted to make their marriage miserable, but not like this. She says this is horrible and she hates seeing him like this. Sami wishes she could leave, but she can't. She says she didn't leave him after he was shot. She says she heald him in her arms, she waited around and sat with Stefano to hear his prognosis. Sami says she thought he might need her, how stupid is that. EJ says he doesn't want her pitty. Sami says that isn't what she's offering. He asks what she is offering? Sami says she doesn't know. He says it's kind of funny when you think about it. He didn't expect to spend the first night of their wedding dead from the waist down. Sami says they don't know he'll be like this permanently. EJ says he knows. Sami says he's not a doctor. EJ says he knows and she doesn't have to look after a cripple the rest of her life. He says she has a teenage son and two babies, go, get out and be with Lucas. Sami says what about the vendetta? EJ says he'll talk to his father; he'll let him know it's fine and over. Sami asks why he'd do that for her. EJ says he has nothing to offer her. Sami says he talks like his life is over. EJ says it is, hers doesn't have to be. Sami says he's in shock, he can't process all this yet. EJ says his life is over, go home and be with Lucas. EJ says he loves her too much to make her stay with him like this. He says go be with Lucas, be happy. Sami says if he wants her to be happy then stop feeling sorry for himself. She says it isn't like him to give up without trying. EJ hits his legs and says look he's trying, nothing. Sami says she wasn't attracted to his legs when she met him, but to his charm and charisma. She reminds him that night they were together on the pier. EJ says they were dancing. She says it wasn't about dancing, he made her feel special. Sami tells EJ not to quit without trying. She tells him not to dare give up. EJ says he has nothing left to live for. Sami says wrong. She shows him a photo of her holding the baby boy and asks if he's forgotten about his son? Sami says her son is counting on him. EJ says yeah to chase behind him when he's learning to walk, to chase him when he's learning to ride a bike. He can't do that, Lucas can. He says go be with Lucas. Sami tells him to fight, but he yells at her to get out. Sami leaves the photo with him and finally leaves. 

Stefano later comes in to see EJ, saying Sami told him that he turned her away. He says stop sulking, he is a DiMera, act like one. He says they have never indulged in self pity, nobody pities them and they don't pity themselves. Suddenly EJ begins having trouble breathing, his monitors are going nuts. The doctors rush in to help him. They tells Stefano to get out, but he refuses.

At Lucas' place, Kate arrives asking Lucas what is wrong. He wants his gun back. She says she got rid of it. Lucas asks what she did with it? Kate asks why he wants it? Lucas doesn't want the police to find it and trace it to him. Kate says he thinks she shot EJ. Lucas asks if she did. Kate says she didn't. Lucas says then give him the gun or he'll tell Bo she had a gun. Kate says she gave it to Phillip. She didn't want the police to find her with it. Lucas asks how the police would know she had a gun? Kate admits she got angry and lost it and threatened Stefano and EJ with it earlier. Lucas wants the truth, did she shoot EJ? He says there were three shots, one was a horrible shot, one shot EJ and one tried to shoot Sami. Kate asks if he thinks she shot Sami? Lucas asks did she? Kate says she may hate Sami but she didn't shoot her and won't stand here and listen to this. Lucas says she is not going anywhere. He wants her to look him in the eye and says she didn't try and shoot Sami. She does, so he says fine. He still wants the gun back. Kate says Phillip probably disposed of it by now. Lucas says he needs to be sure, if the police find out he bought two guns, he'll go to the top oif the suspect list. Kate asks if if he shot EJ? She says she won't hesitate to help him cover it up, all he has to do is ask. Lucas remembers how she covered up him killing Franco, he will live with that regret for the rest of his life. He says he won't do that again. Kate says she means it, if he shot EJ then she'll give up everything for him. Kate says she'll confess to shooting EJ. Lucas says nobody will swear to anything, it's only a matter of time before they are both suspects. Lucas says there are precautions they should take. He says they shouldn't be seen together or spend time together, which shouldn't be too hard since he can't stand her. Kate says nice, but reminds him that he called her. Kate says he still won't say if he shot EJ. Lucas says and she won't admit to shooting Sami.

Sami returns home as Kate quickly leaves. Sami asks why she was here? Lucas says it is just his mom being his mom. He thinks she looks tired. He says she can't keep running back and forth, the kids need their mom. She says she's not running back and forth anymore. Sami tells Lucas that EJ is dying. Lucas says after everything he's done to her family, what does she care? She says he may never walk again. Lucas doesn't have much sympathy for him. Sami says it is hard watching him have to give up. Sami says EJ told her to come home to him. Lucas likes hearting that. Sami says EJ's will to live will help him survive, and if he dies Stefano will make them pay. Lucas says EJ sent her home to him, they should send him a thank you note and move on. Sami says if EJ dies, Stefano will get custody of Johnny, take him from them and raise him as a DiMera. Later the babies cry, Lucas goes to tend to them. While he is, Colleen arrives and tells Sami she must give EJ the will to live, she knows what she has to do. 


November 15, 2007
Apologies, I've fallen behind with the photo snaps this week in the summaries. I'm trying to catch up and will probably have them in the "Thoughts" come this weekend.

At the dean's office, Cordy tells everyone that she's sorry but she can't testify. She thinks they hate her, but they say they don't. Cordy says she can't face him, she never wants to see Ford again. The dean comes out to get the show on the road. More sorority sisters show up, they all learn Cordy can't go through with it. Chelsea says coming here took a lot of courage. Morgan says they are proud of her. Chelsea tells her she has to be strong. Cordy says this didn't happen to her. Chelsea says she knows, but she understands a little. Chelsea tells Cordy about the Dr. Rebert incident. As Chelsea talks, Stephanie remembers being raped herself but still can't see the person's face. Chelsea says it was hard for her for awhile, but it helped a lot when she reported the man. Cordy asks if they believed her? Chelsea says yes and they fired him right away. Chelsea tells Cordy it may seem the odds are against her, but she has to try. Billie says Cordy has to make this decision on her own. Cordy asks if she wants her to do this? Billie says they have reason to believe Ford has done this before, and will keep doing this. Cordy asks why don't the other girls come forward? Chelsea says the dean will believe her because of her reputation. Cordy doesn't think so because of Ford's father being close to the dean. Cordy talks about all the sacrifices her parents made to send her here, how they worked so many jobs. She says she can't do this to them, they don't have the money to fight it. Chelsea says they can have another fund raiser. Stephanie says her uncle could take her case pro-bono. Cordy thinks she'll be on the cover of the paper, people will be pointing and whispering about her. They say she didn't do anything wrong. Cordy says she hates herself right now, she feels like a scared little girl. Cordy says they have no idea what she's going through. Stephanie says actually she does. Chelsea thinks Stephanie . . . .but she says no her mom. Stephanie says her mom felt ashamed, like it was her fault. She says her mom felt people would look at her differently. She says her mom eventually pressed charges. Billie says Kayla told her how hard it was, and if she stayed silent she would have remained a victim. Billie tells Cordy she has to take care of herself, don't worry about them or her parents. She says she'll do it. Ford gives her a look from the dean's office, which makes her decide she can't do it. The dean comes out saying he assumes Cordy won't be testifying. Billie claims Ford stepped into the doorway and stared her down. The dean claims if he did, he wasn't aware of it. Billie thinks the dean has made up his mind already. Crawford says they can't have a hearing without a witness. Morgan steps forward and says she'll be more than happy to testify against him. Crawford asks who this is? Morgan says Cordy isn't the only one Ford attacked. The dean says Morgan can testify. Billie lets Morgan know they'll ask her questions that will make her uncomfortable. Morgan says she'll be fine. Cordy hugs Morgan and says good luck.

Morgan is only allowed to bring in four friends, she takes Stephanie, Chelsea and two of the other girls. Stephanie however decides to stay with Cordy. Stephanie talks with Billie about how unfair this is. Billie says date rape is hard to prove, and at universities they try and sweep this under the rug. Stephanie knows Morgan will get ripped apart in there. Billie tells Stephanie to stay here with Cordy, she has to check on Jett.

At the hearing, Morgan explains she thought Ford was drunk, so she gave him a ride as she was drinking soda. Crawford asks if there was underage drinking at this party. Morgan says not that she's aware of. Morgan says she drove Ford home as he was drunk. Crawford asks if it was Ford's idea? Morgan says he said let him go or drive him herself. She says she was drinking soda, and his son put a drug in it. The dean says she can't prove that. Crawford asks if someone else could have done it? Was the drink in her sight the whole time? Morgan says no. Crawford continues to rip her testimony to shreds, not believing suddenly when she arrived at Ford's place she got drunk. She says he was not drunk after all, it was an act, and she was drugged. She says everyone saw what happened on the web cam. Crawford has the testimony of the boy at the party who claims he didn't see rape, and since nobody can claim they saw him try to rape her, there is no case. 

Ford is let go, the sorority girls tell Stephanie and the others that they made Ford look like the victim and the dean said charges were without merit. They think there is nothing they can do. Chelsea says they can, they can let everyone on this campus know what Ford did. Chelsea asks if anyone has a photo of Ford? Morgan does from the party. Chelsea suggests they make up some posters about Ford and cover the campus with fliers about him. They think they could get into major trouble for that. Chelsea says this is a chance to do something good. She says if they stick together and make noise, someone has to hear them. They all agree to do it for Cordy. Stephanie continues to remember being raped. 

At Sami and Lucas', Sami tells the vision of Colleen to leave her alone. Sami says she's annoying her. Colleen says she's not leaving until Sami realizes she is the only one to get through to EJ. Sami says she tried everything. Colleen thinks Sami is giving up. Sami says EJ doesn't want her around, he told her to leave and go back to Lucas. Colleen says it is Sami he wants. Colleen thinks Sami is taking the easy way out, that she is afraid of what she feels inside. Sami tells her to go away and she blasts music. Lucas shows up and says turn that down, she'll wake up the kids. Sami says sorry. Lucas asks if something is wrong? Suddenly there is a knock at the door, it's Phillip. Lucas goes in the hall to talk to Phillip. Colleen returns, she asks if EJ dies, will Sami be able to live with herself? Sami tries to convince herself that Colleen isn't real. Colleen says part of her wants her to be here, part of her cares about EJ. Sami says she doesn't care about EJ. Colleen says now is not the time to be deceiving herself. Sami says she doesn't have feelings for EJ. Colleen says she's still wearing his ring. She tries to take it off, but it is stuck. Sami says why should she care what Colleen thinks? Colleen says she cares otherwise she would have disappeared by now. Sami asks what she's supposed to do? Colleen says go to him and tell him you love him. Sami says tell him I love him? Are you crazy! She says she's not telling that to EJ. Colleen says if she does, and if EJ lives, Stefano will be grateful to her. Sami says she won't tell EJ she loves him when she doesn't. Colleen says she married him. Sami says it was an act. She says even if she told EJ she loved him, he wouldn't believe her, he knows she loves Lucas. Colleen says telling EJ she loves him won't change how she feels about Lucas, unless it's true. Sami says saying “I love you” can't save a dying man, ask her mother. Sami's phone rings, it's Kate calling from the hospital. She asks Sami to come to the hospital, EJ is dying. 

In the hall, Lucas wants the gun back. Phillip asks why he wants it? He says it is his, he gave it to mom for protection. Phillip wonders if this has to do with EJ's shooting? Lucas says he needs it back to get rid of it. Phillip says he did him a favor then, the gun is gone. Phillip says he tossed it in the lake. Lucas isn't happy. Lucas says someone may have tried to shoot Sami, so he needs to know if that gun was fired. He asks Phillip if it was fired. Phillip won't say, which Lucas thinks is an answer. Phillip says if the DiMeras consider mom a suspect, they have to protect her. He doesn't think Lucas can do that. Phillip says most of the time mom deserves what she gets, but not this time. He says don't sell her out. Lucas won't, but he won't lie for her. Sami then comes out, asking Lucas to watch the twins as she has to go out. Lucas tells Phillip that if Kate put a bullet in EJ, there isn't anything either of them can do for her. Lucas leaves to go back inside. Phillip then pulls out the gun! He still has it. 

At the hospital, Stefano is upset, he doesn't want to leave EJ's room. EJ is seizing. Dr. Berman is afraid an infection has set in, and that could be dangerous. Stefano is taken out and prays to God to save Elvis. Tony shows up and asks Stefano what makes him think God will listen to him? Tony didn't know he had become such a spiritual person. Dr. Berman comes out and tells Stefano they are giving him antibiotics to try and treat the infection, if they can stabilize him then they have a chance of saving him. Stefano feels EJ has given up hope, which is why he called Tony. He wants Tony to help restore EJ's will to live. Tony says Stefano should be the one restoring that, not him. Stefano says he must live. Tony says why, to carry on the vendetta? Stefano says to hell with the vendetta. Tony says he should have figured that out years ago, it may now cost him his son. Kate then walks in, Stefano thanks her for coming. He wants her too to convince EJ not to give up. Kate says he won't listen to her, get Sami. Stefano says Sami walked away. Kate says she is the last person EJ will want to see, the last time he saw her she was pointing a gun at him. Stefano says this way she can redeem herself. Kate says fine, but if he doesn't make it then don't blame her. Kate goes in, while Tony asks Stefano how it feels to be in his twilight years and have his life be a disaster. 

Kate goes in to see EJ, who is awake and looking at a photo of Sami and the baby. She says he gave his father a scare. She apologizes for what she did yesterday, but wants him to know she did not shoot at him or Sami. She wishes there is something she could do for him now. He says there is. He wants her to bring him something . . . .  He says Sami, so Kate offers to call Sami. He says no. He says his father always said if you want something to take it. He says he took Samantha, look what happened. He knows he can't force Sami to love him. Kate says he can't. She says she can try and get Sami down here. EJ says no, his father. Kate says he wants to see his father? EJ says no, he means his father is the only one he can count on. 

Kate goes out and tells Stefano that EJ wants to see him. Stefano goes back in to see EJ. Stefano asks EJ what he can do for him? EJ tells Stefano that he loves him, but he can't live like this. EJ asks Stefano to help him, get him a gun. Stefano is horrified. Stefano leaves the room and tells Tony and Kate that EJ wants to end his life. He says to see him in such despair and so young, it's not right. He says he will not rest until he find out who did this. He says when he does, God help them. Tony tells Stefano before going after anyone else, look in the mirror. Stefano tells him to get out of his sight! Tony says give Elvis his best and walks off. Sami then shows up at this point. Stefano asks what he's doing here? Sami asks if he's dying? Kate says he has an infection, but Stefano says he's lost his will to live. Sami wants to see him. Stefano tells her not to upset him. 

Sami goes back in to see EJ. Sami tells EJ that it's her. He barely looks at her. She says she's sorry they fought, she wants to help. He tells her to go away. Sami says she won't do that. EJ again says go be with Lucas, he's the one you love. Sami says what if he's not. 


November 16 , 2007

Bo has Kate come into the station to question her. Kate says she already told him everything she knows about the shooting, she doesn't know why she's here. He brings up the gun she claimed to throw away in a dumpster. Kate says she isn't a fan of dumpsters, they all look the same to here so she doesn't know where it was. Bo says they are a fan of them, they searched through all the dumpsters in the area and found no gun. Bo tells her to start talking, if he has to get a search warrant, well he might be so upset he might wreck her nice furniture tearing her place apart. She says he has no probable cause, but he says she threatened EJ and Stefano hours before the wedding. He wants the gun. She says she doesn't have it, she threw the gun out as she was panicked and she doesn't know where the gun is. He asks why she panicked? She says she was emotional and frantic. Kate says for the last time she doesn't have the gun or know where it is. Roman soon shows up, he asks Kate to be cooperative and help them out. Abe has called, he has "it." He doesn't say what it is. Roman tells an officer to take Kate into the other office and have her write a new statement. She asks if she has to? Roman says they've have to charge her with perjury if she doesn't. She leaves to another office. It seems the "it" is a search warrant, Roman heads over to help with the search of Kate's place. Bo then gets a call from Shawn and heads out. Later Roman checks on Kate, who complains they are leaving her in here for hours on purpose. Roman says it hasn't even been an hour. Roman says they just finished turning her place upside down. Kate says Bo claimed if she wrote a statement then he wouldn't go through her things. Roman says things are pretty much where she left them, except for this. He has found a gun, which he puts on her desk. He says her statement might need a few changes. 


At the Pub, Caroline talks to Shawn about whether he's nervous about getting married? He says no, but it's going to be a different Thanksgiving. Caroline says she'd give up Christmas or the Fourth for this wedding. She says marrying John's daughter, well it gives them a reason to be thankful this year. Caroline takes Shawn to go see the centerpieces she made. After they leave the room, Steve sneaks in to get his gun he hid behind the bar. Shawn returns asking Steve what is going on? Steve says he's just pouring himself a drink, wait he's driving and can't drink. He says he's looking forward to the wedding and leaves. Steve tells himself that was really smooth. Steve makes a call and says no luck, Shawn came in before he could get it. He says not to worry, he'll get it. Shawn watches Steve on the phone through the window. 


Shawn later calls Bo, who comes to the pub. Bo has to talk to Shawn about running off when he got the message from Belle, he took off and didn't tell anyone. Shawn says he didn't know how bad his kid was. Bo says the review board will just see he didn't do the job, and the job comes first. He says if he is on duty, he has to stay at his post until he's allowed to leave. Bo says if he can't make that adjustment, he shouldn't be a cop. Shawn says he knows it is wrong, but he's not a cop yet. Bo says people still depend on him. Shawn says he knows, leaving for Claire was a bad call, but this can't be make or break it for him. How mad is Abe? Bo doubts he'll hold it against him if the lesson is learned. Bo asks Shawn what he needed to talk to him about? Shawn tells him about Steve's odd behavior in here earlier, how he acted like he was caught doing something. Shawn says he looked around and found what he was looking for. Shawn has found a gun under the counter! Bo is glad Shawn kept his prints off it. Bo is proud of him, he has good instincts and that will make him a great cop. Bo again says he's proud of him. Shawn just hopes that Steve didn't shoot EJ. Bo asks Shawn if he saw Steve put it back there? Shawn says no. Bo says they need to know it's his gun, he knows how they can.  Later Steve returns, Shawn is still hanging around. Steve asks to surprise Kayla with chowder, how about 2 bowls to go. Shawn says coming up and heads out. Once alone, Steve goes back to get the gun. Unfortunately Bo comes out to catch him. He asks what he's doing back there?


Billie drops by Lucas' to check on him and the kids. Billie asks how he's holding up. Lucas asks what she wants, the good news or the bad news. Billie says the good news. Lucas says EJ told Sami he wants to die. Billie wonders if she wants the bad news. Lucas says Sami is with him now, she keeps going back to see him. Billie says she could have gone to say goodbye. Lucas says she can't let go of him. Billie says she went through a traumatic experience, one she can't walk away from. Billie says a traumatic experience tends to create a connection. Lucas says he knows. Billie hugs him and says it will get better. Lucas thinks it is going to get worse, Johnny will be raised as a DiMera. He says Sami doesn't think so, but he knows. Billie says he has his daughter still. Lucas knows, aside from Will, she might be all he has. He asks Billie for the name of a lawyer, he thinks he has to sue for custody of his daughter and raise her alone. Billie didn't know it has come to custody already. He says they have only discussed it. He says they've tossed around the ideas that sometimes the kids are with him, sometime with Sami. They've also discussed that Johnny stays with Sami across the hall and the girl stays here with him. Lucas is just worried. Billie says Sami would never take his baby from him. Lucas says even if Sami wouldn't, EJ would. He says he can't take chances, he won't let his daughter grow up under the DiMera roof. Lucas says he can't be there for Sami or protect her, but he can his daughter. Billie will get him the lawyers, but think this through. He says if she goes through this without telling Sami, she will side with EJ even more. Lucas says Sami told him she married EJ to save her family; but Andre is dead, Stefano is teetering on the edge, Tony turned his back on his family and EJ is an invalid. He says why is Sami still with him? Lucas says if Sami finds out he doesn't trust her then good, he doesn't trust her anymore. Lucas says something is going on between them. He knows she loves him (Lucas), but at the same time . . . .Lucas says the only thing he knows right now is the woman he loves is sharing his life with another man. Billie wants him to talk to Sami. Lucas says she has, she thinks this is something noble she's doing. He just wants his wife back, or his ex wife back. Billie again says she'll get him the numbers, but think long and hard before he makes the call. 


Later after Billie leaves, Lucas calls Sami, but gets her voice mail. He says they need to talk, it's important. There is then a knock at the door, it's a cop with Will! Lucas asks what happened? Will was caught drinking with boys at the lumber yard. He says it's a first offence so he gets a warning, but Lucas has to sign something. Will is let go and Lucas is furious, saying there are alcoholics in the family and he doesn't want to see Will go through the same thing. Will wants to go back to live with Austin and Carrie. Lucas asks why now? Will says because there he doesn't have to watch his mom wrecking all their lives. Lucas makes some calls and arranges it all. Lucas tells Will everything that has happened, it's not his fault. Lucas says he is a great kid and they love him. Will knows. Lucas says he does need a stable home, and he likes Carrie and Austin right? Will says Switzerland is great. Lucas says he'll miss him. Lucas says get some things together, say his goodbyes and he'll call for a ticket. Will tells his dad he hopes they'll be okay. Lucas says they will be, he'll find a way to make it all okay.


At the hospital, EJ is stunned that Sami says Lucas isn't the one she loves. She says she's here to talk about him, not her. He says then let's talk about the funeral. She says he's not dying. HE says one way or another he is. He says she'll be free of him. Sami can't believe he is the same man who walked into Salem, hiding his last name and acting like he owned the town and everyone in it. He says he's not that man anymore, he's given up. Sami says he's had everything handed to him on a silver platter, but when times get tough he can't deal with it. She says people live full and successful lives in wheelchairs. EJ says if he has to live like this, he doesn't want to live. She says he sounds down right pathetic. EJ doesn't want her pity, and her thinks she's only here because Stefano promised her or threatened her. She says she hasn't talked to his father. He says never lie to a liar, not one as good as him. EJ says leave, go to Lucas. She won't, she says she cares, she cares about him and their son. She tells him to think about what he's doing, abandoning his son because he's feeling too sorry for himself to even care. Sami tells EJ that she and Lucas used to hate each other, they fought for years, she used to want Will to hate his own father. Sami says luckily Will grew up to be a wonderful kid in spite of her. She won't make that mistake again. She says if she and Lucas aren't able to . . . . He says what? Sami says well everything has changed and she doesn't know what the future holds. EJ asks if she is saying maybe there is a possibility for them? Sami says she knows she can't love someone who can't stop feel sorry for himself because for once things aren't coming up roses. She says nobody loves a loser, and right now that is what he is. EJ claims he's trying, but nothing happens. He also says he doesn't want to live like this. She says he is making her angry, fight, try. He asks why? She again says for his son. EJ says he appreciates what she's trying to do. However he wants her to stop this heroic attempt to convincer him to fight, to stay alive. He tells her that he loves her and cares about her too deeply to watch her throw her life away on half a man. Sami says he is the only man who can be a father to his son. She says being a man means he doesn't get to run away from the responsibility of teaching him to step up and face life's challenges. EJ says no, he won't saddle his son with an invalid father. He won't allow it or her to play his nursemaid. She says he'd leave his son rather than let him help him with his wheel chair? EJ says he loves him too much. Sami thinks he has a lot more wrong with him then his legs. Sami again tells him he doesn't know if his legs can be fixed or not, and she will help him. EJ says she is stubborn and strong. He says however he doesn't think she's tough enough for a life with him. Sami says they can do this together. He says they can make a miracle happen, but he has to want it, to make it happen. EJ says nice pep talk, but it is a dream. Again he says go back to Lucas, forget him. Sami says too bad, she wants to stay and he can't make her leave. EJ doesn't get it. He says she told him saving her family was the only reason she married him. She says he's made her pretty angry, and when he got shot, it changed everything. EJ says he knows she doesn't care about him so just leave him alone. He claims he's not feeling well, just go get his nurse and don't come back. Sami thinks this is an excuse to get rid of her. He says no more talking. She says they don't have to talk. She gets into bed and holds him, saying if he's going to will himself to die, he'll have to do it in her arms!


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