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3rd Week of November 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


November 19, 2007
Belle gets into her car and Phillip gets in the passenger's side. She tells him to get out, but he wants to talk. He says she's not answering his calls or returning them. She says and do you know why? He says because she still loves him. She says she is marrying Shawn tomorrow. Phillip says he won't stop fighting for her, she belongs with him, they belong together. She says he has to let this go. He says he can't, he loves her and she loves him too. She says she loves Shawn. Phillip says if she loved Shawn then she wouldn't have slept with him. He says she is confused about them, so she can't marry Shawn. Belle says she's not confused . . . Phillip is everything . . . I mean Shawn. She tells him she knows she meant to say Shawn. Phillip says what he knows is that is the most honest thing she said in weeks. Belle says he has to stop this, she's marrying Shawn, why can't he respect that. Phillip says he can't watch her make a mistake. Belle says they can't go back and pick up things, Shawn is who she wants to be with and he has to accept it. Phillip says how can he when she hasn't, she was in that bed too. Belle says she was vulnerable and upset. Phillip says it was more than that, she has feelings for him and has to deal with them. He wants her to tell him she doesn't fantasize about it, that he means nothing to her. He says if she can, he'll leave and never bother her again. She can't says she doesn't have feelings for him as they've been friends since they were kids and they were married. She says but Shawn is the man she loves, she always has and always will. She says Phillip said it himself, he always knew it was Shawn. Phillip's phone rings, he ignores it. Phillip thinks it is only a matter of time before Hope tells Bo they slept together. Belle says she has, but he hasn't told Shawn. Phillip thinks everyone is protecting Shawn. Belle says he doesn't need to be protected, they just don't want to hurt him. Phillip says Bo and Hope will watch her every step. Belle knows but says she's fine with that as it won't happen again. Phillip says when she's ready to talk, call him on his private number. He also says if she can lay next to Shawn and not think of him, then go ahead and marry him. He says if she can't, call him. Phillip then leaves. 


At the station, Roman shows Kate they found a gun in their search. Kate says if he thinks it is her gun then they must have found it in a dumpster. She says that isn't her gun, but he says her prints are over it and it was fired. She says someone is trying to set her up, she should call her lawyer. Roman says he's trying  to help her here, so be honest. She asks why she'd shoot EJ when he did the one thing she failed to do, get Sami out of Lucas' life. Roman then reads Kate her rights! Roman asks a cop to process Ms. Roberts on a charge of attempted murder. Kate tells Roman he can't arrest her, they know that's not her gun. She says if they arrest her then she'll sue him and the City of Salem. Roman asks the officer who came in to give them a minute, so he leaves. Roman tells Kate that he's trying to help her, where is her gun. She says so he did lie about that gun? He says like she lied about hers. She says she didn't shoot EJ. He says prove it, turn over the weapon. Roman says if she didn't shoot EJ, it shouldn't be a problem to give the gun. He says if she did shoot him, then he'll do what he can to help her. He tells Kate that she owes him the truth. She says she gave the gun to Phillip and asked him to get rid of it. Roman asks if he did? Kate says as of yesterday he hasn't. Roman says call him and have him get down here. 


At the pub, Bo catches Steve going for the gun. He wants him to hand it over, Steve does thinking Caroline must have found it. Shawn shows up, he says actually he is the one who found it. Bo asks Steve if he shot EJ? Steve says the dude tortured him, turned him into a psycho, tried to kill his wife; but that is no reason to shoot him. Steve assures Bo the gun is clean, it hasn't been fired. Bo says he could have cleaned it, and why would he hide a gun that hasn't been fired. Bo says maybe he did go to the church to shoot EJ, but changed his mind. Steve claims he was at an auto parts store, Hayes auto parts, when EJ was shot. Bo says he knows the place, maybe they can go check out the surveillance tapes. Steve admits he was at the church. He says the DiMeras stole years of his life, his daughter's childhood from him, years with his wife. Steve admits he went there to shoot EJ. Shawn says but he didn't? Steve says no. Bo wants to know everything that happened. Steve says he entered the church, nobody was around but the ceremony started. He was going to go in, but realized it wasn't worth the risk to shoot EJ and left. Bo says Ma claimed he knew who was shot before the news got out. Steve says he heard three shots, he doubled back to see what happened and then left. Bo hopes ballistics can confirm this gun wasn't fired. Bo says EJ is paralyzed. Steve says that proves he didn't do it, he's a better shot than that. Bo says they need to go down to the station, Steve asks cuffs or no cuffs? He thinks Bo doesn't believe him, what about Shawn? Shawn hopes he's not lying for Aunt Kayla's sake. Steve says he sounds more like a politician than a cop. Steve tells Mayor Brady goodbye as he leaves with Bo.      

Later Bell shows up at the pub. Shawn fills Belle in on what is going on with Steve and the gun he hid there. He asks why she's here, she says to  make sure Claire's dress fits and take her to the doctor. Shawn says he'll do that. She blurts out that she wants to marry him. He says he never said she didn't, is someone telling her she shouldn't? She says she's just nervous, it's the day before their wedding. Shawn takes Claire's flower girl dress and decides to have Caroline put it on her so she doesn't have to worry about that. Belle meanwhile remembers Phillip telling her to call his private number when she's ready to talk. Shawn later brings Claire out in the gown. Belle says she's beautiful, and she can't believe their daughter will be in their wedding. She says she can't wait to marry him. Hope then calls Belle, she has to go meet her. Shawn tells Claire it's time for her to go to the doctors, and he says the next time they see each other is when they say their vows and she's staying at his folks tonight. Shawn leaves with Claire. Belle keeps looking at the card Phillip gave her with his number, she crumples it up.  


Bo comes into the station and talks to Roman about Kate and her gun. Roman says Kate claims she gave it to Phillip. Bo thinks Kate is one of the shooters. Bo brings Roman up to speed on Steve. Roman tells Bo that is his gun, Steve lied to protect him. Later Steve and Roman fill Bo in. Roman was at the church with a gun, but he didn't shoot. He says he gave his gun to Steve to hide it at the pub. Roman says he didn't shoot EJ, but Bo says he went to the church to murder a man!


Phillip shows up and meets with Kate. Kate says she told Roman that she gave him the gun, he promised to help get her out of this.  Phillip says he's a cop, and  says her excuse that the gun went off accidentally sounds so lame. She says it's the truth, but he doesn't believe her. She says he thinks she shot EJ. Later Phillip goes in to see Roman, he pleads the fifth on the gun. He says if they want to search his home, get a search warrant. He says if they want anything from him or his mom, call his lawyer. He says they are leaving, and walks out.  Phillip goes back to his mom and fills her in. She says she's sorry about this. Phillip replies if he never hears another woman say she's sorry then he'd be a happy man. 

Bo comments he'd love to bitch slap that brat one day.  Bo says he'll keep his mouth shut about this, he trusts Roman and needs him on this case. Roman doesn't want Bo putting his career on the line, but Bo believes him. Roman thanks him. They then continue talking about the suspects. Bo and Roman both think Kate is one of the shooters, Lucas could be the other. Steve says what about Marlena? Roman says she was babysitting Claire that night. 


In the hospital, Sami holds EJ and asks what he's thinking? He says that she's hard to get rid of. She says but he doesn't believe she cares for him and wants him to get better? She says maybe she'll have to prove it, and she kisses him! Sami cries, he asks if he's okay? She says she's just scared of losing him, she and his son need him. EJ says he knows. He tells Sami that he loves her. He says if she loves him . . . . Sami says she didn't say that. EJ says but she does have feelings. Sami tells him to hush. She says he's the father of her son. He says he is. She says and he needs her, and she needs him. EJ says after what happened the night of Lucas' accident, well he really thought she'd never forgive him. He says you do forgive me don't you? Sami says they have both done hurtful things in the past, but she knows he is a different man now. She tells him he has to get better, he has to fight to live. EJ says he can't promise he'll live forever. She says she's not asking him to promise that, but he is injured. She says he has a long difficult recovery ahead of him, but with a lot of hard work he can make a miracle happen. EJ says the fact that they are married, she's here and caring about him, well that is a miracle. He doesn't know if he deserves another. She says he is the strongest man she knows, and she knows he can beat this. She kisses him again. He says they can beat this. Sami tells EJ she has to get back to the twins. EJ asks if she'll bring his son in next time. She says she can't bring him into the ICU, but it's just one more reason for him to get out of here. EJ tells Sami that he does believe he can get better, thanks to her.


Sami leaves and talks to Stefano in the hall. He asks if everything is all right? She says she thinks she's going to be sick! Stefano asks what happened. She says she gave his son a reason to live. Stefano says as long as EJ lives, she and her family have nothing to fear. Later Stefano goes in to see EJ, who is now eating. A nurse says his fever has broken, she goes to tell the doctor. Stefano says Sami was smiling, what were they talking about? EJ says she admitted to having feelings. Stefano says it was only a matter of time. EJ says he's finally starting to believe they may be a husband and wife in the real sense of the word. Stefano tells EJ that he has so much to live for. EJ says he wants them to raise their son together and doesn't want them separated. Stefano says well, they will rear Johnny, he's a DiMera and part of them. Stefano says he didn't have him conceive a child to be brought up a Brady. He wants them to raise them their way. Imagine how he would have turned out if he was raised by his mother, he'd be useless, probably off playing a guitar somewhere. EJ says maybe if he had been kept closer to his mother, maybe he'd be a little more human. Stefano says being human is highly overrated. He says his son is one of them, never forget that or who he is. Stefano then leaves.



November 20, 2007
Stephanie returns home with a white bag from a store, inside is a pregnancy test. As she reads it, Kayla shows up. She hides it in the bag, she thought her parents were out. Kayla says her car is in the shop, she's not sure where her dad's is. Kayla is staying in for the night, and wonders what Stephanie brought home. Stephanie begins crying, Kayla asks what is it? Stephanie shows her mom. Stephanie says she's three days late. Kayla says she is stressed, that can throw it off. Stephanie says she doesn't understand. She says that night she came home upset with Max, she was with a boy with no protection. She is worried about STDs and being pregnant. Kayla says they'll go take this test first to know what they are dealing with. Stephanie doesn't want papa to know. Kayla says it's just the two of them. They head off, leaving the empty box on the couch.


Later Steve returns home as Stephanie is in the bathroom. He throws something on the couch, not seeing the box. Kayla comes out to greet him. He wants some alone time with his wife given they won't have much the next few days. He says come with him to the couch so he can speak to her in the language of love. She says they aren't alone, Stephanie is here. He wants to talk to her, but Kayla says no. He asks what is wrong with Stephanie? Is she in trouble? Kayla says it's just personal. He asks if she still has a thing for Max? Steve says he's been so wrapped up in Sami's joke of a marriage that he hasn't checked in with his little girl. Kayla says it's just school pressures, she's frazzled. Steve says if that is all it is then okay. Steve says they'll have to postpone their plans till later. They end up kissing on the couch, Kayla tries to hide the test. Steve unfortunately finds it! Steve asks if there is something he needs to know about Stephanie? He isn't happy, so Kayla lies and says the test is hers! She says she was a little late, but she's not pregnant so breath easy. He asks her if she's okay? Is she disappointed? Kayla says no she's fine. Steve says if a baby is what she wants, he'd be okay with that. She says she has such a sweet husband. She says it was just a test, not a wish. Steve knows how much they miss Pocket, how much fun they've had babysitting for Claire and Ciara. He just doesn't want her thinking if she was pregnant that he'd be disappointed, he'd be for it. They kiss. Stephanie then walks out with the test asking her mom to look at this and tell her if it means what she thinks it means. Opps!

Phillip is at the Cheatin Heart, a girl sits down thinking he's a student and wonders why he's not home for break. He says he's not a student, he works for his family's business. She wishes she had something like that. He says she doesn't know what he does, he could wash cars. She says no, he's big money. He wonders who the girl who has him drowning his sorrows? He says nothing, so she says he's into anonymous and that is cool. She says buy her a beer and she'll make him forget all about this other girl. Phillip basically laughs at her thinking she does this often with men. She walks off saying her mistake, she thought he was a gentleman. Phillip asks Max to give him another. Max says he's not with anyone, test the waters, have some fun. Phillip says so say they hook up, they are around the bed and he has to ask her to help with his leg. He says that is when they remember they have to go home and feed their cat. Max says he doesn't give women enough credit, Belle never had a problem with his leg. Phillip mumbles Belle is the only one who knows him for who he is. He tells Max that Belle never saw him for his money, she saw him for who he was. Max says it sounds like he's not over his ex. Phillip knows Max is standing up for Shawn tomorrow and says maybe he should shut up. 


Morgan shows up later and shows Max the flier they've made up of Ford that says "Rapist" over his face. She tells Max how they are posting these all over campus. Max says they could be sued for liable. Morgan says Chelsea says she'd take the heat, but let him sue and see what else he can stir up. Max asks about Cordy. Morgan says she only leaves for her classes, she's too scared to press charges. Max says be careful, if they corner Ford then he could turn dangerous. Morgan says she feels so safe with him, they kiss. Phillip bangs his glass to interrupt and get another drink. Max feels Phil has had enough. He eventually gives him a drink and goes back to Morgan. Morgan invites Max to hang out with her family in Bermuda for the holidays. He says meet the parents? She just thought he would be a single guy on Thanksgiving. Max says he is related to the whole town, and there is a wedding he has to attend and a dinner. Morgan knows he'll be spending time with Chelsea . . . and Stephanie. However she doesn't get jealous. She says happy Thanksgiving and heads out. 

Phillip keeps complaining for more booze. Max thinks he should call him a cab, but Phillip says he has a driver out there waiting for him, that is what he's paid for.  Phillip continues to complain, saying his future stinks. Max says stinks with money, he sees no problem. Phillip reminds him how the customer is always right. Max says so he's just here to serve him the drinks? Phillip says he has a life most men would kill for, except an empty space in his life. He says only one woman can fill it and it's the woman he can't have, so here is to being alone. He says there are things money can't buy. Max says that he finds it hard to have sympathy when he has a chauffer to take him back to his mansion and watch the room spin. Max is working to get out of debt. Phillip knows he's lucky, but luck comes at a price sometime. Max says he knows he's lonely, but he was too once, he used to live on the streets. Phillip tells himself he'd trade it all for Belle. 


Belle shows up at Bo and Hope's only to find Hope has decorated the whole living room for the wedding. Belle can't believe she did all this. Hope asks why wouldn't she? Belle says because she doesn't deserve it. Hope brings them tea, she tells Belle that she's known her and loved her since she was a little girl. They talk about her and Shawn, how they've been brought closer and driven apart over the years. Belle says she loves Shawn. Hope knows, but enough? Hope wonders why she turned to Phillip?  Hope says Shawn wants to spend the rest of his life with her, is that what she wants? Belle says she loves Shawn, she wants to marry him. Hope says but Shawn pushed for this day, and she went a long with it. If she feels guilty . . . Belle says she does, she always will. Hope says her wedding day should be the happiest day of her life, settling for less, that would be unfair for her and Shawn. Belle says so what, she should cancel it? Hope needs her to be sure it's what she wants, if she's not ready then she'll help her bow out gracefully. Belle asks if she's saying this because she's concerned about her, or because she doesn't want her to marry Shawn? Hope wants to make sure Belle knows what she wants is and doing what she wants to do. Belle wouldn't blame her, Shawn is her son. Hope says and she is the woman he loves and the mother of her granddaughter. She wants the best for all of them. Belle says she wants to be with Shawn more than anything. She says her future is with Shawn and Claire, she means that. Hope says good and hugs her. Belle says she's so sorry she lost her trust. Hope just wanted  to know ths is what she wanted to know. Hope brings up telling Kayla, Belle asks who else he's told? Hope says she confided in friends trying to figure this out. Hope says she doesn't need to defend what she did, they've both made choices. Belle thinks her whole family probably knows and they'll be here judging her tomorrow. Hope says she promised not to tell Shawn, she kept that promise. She says tomorrow will be a beautiful day. Belle thanks Hope for everything, for the wedding, for protecting Shawn. Hope says se's sorry her mom couldn't be here doing the mother of the bride thing. Belle tells Hope that her having any respect left for her is amazing. Hope says she's more daughter than daughter-in-law. Hope says she wants to welcome her to their family, Belle Brady. Later Belle is alone and thinking about calling Phillip. She ends up calling him! Belle tells him that she needs to see him. Phillip tells her to meet him in his office.

Lucas finds Sami at home resting. She finally got the twins to sleep. Lucas says he'll take the 2am feeding so she can get rest. Sami asks about Will, is he's at his friends again. Lucas says no. She hopes he gets home soon, she would like them to have a nice dinner. Lucas thinks she's lost in TV land, they are so far from normal since she married EJ. Lucas tells Sami that Will left, he went back to Switzerland. Sami says without saying goodbye? Lucas says Will told him. Sami asks how he could let this happen? Lucas says she wasn't here. She says she was coming back. He says she was with EJ, she's with him more then she's here. She says he was just shot. Lucas says meanwhile her family is being abandoned. Lucas says Will feels she's ruining their family, he feels betrayed and hurt. Sami asks if Lucas did this to hurt her. He says no, he did this to protect them. He says he's the one who is always here, he is the one making excuses for her all the time. She says she didn't have a choice. Lucas says Will doesn't see it that way, neither does he. Lucas says he'll go check on the babies, Will left her a note she may want to read. 


Sami reads Will's letter. He talks about how he wants his mom back. He wants his Friday night pizza, his DVD blasts, their camping trips all back. He hopes they get that back again some day, but he doesn't think that will ever happen. He signs it love Will. Sami is furious with Lucas. She says he could have talked to him, stopped him, one day wouldn't have made a difference. Lucas says that day was a big one, it was when she got a new husband. Sami says he kept her from saying goodbye to him, how could he. Lucas says it was Will's choice, he didn't want to see her.  Lucas says Will isn't a kid anymore, he can make his own choices. He says he didn't want her to stop him, and he turned to him for help. Lucas says Sami was with EJ when her son needed him. Sami says she didn't know Will needed her because her partner failed her that is why. Lucas says that is what he is now? Her partner? He says it doesn't even feel like that. She asks if he doesn't trust her, or love her enough to wait for her. He say he is here for her. She thinks Lucas sent Will away to spite her. He says no, he did it for his own good. Sami thinks Will hates her. Lucas says no he loves her, but doesn't want to see her hurt herself. Lucas says he loves both of those babies, but that little boy is EJ's and he can do nothing about it. He says the girl is his, and he needs to protect her. She says she'll help him, but he doesn't know if he can believe that. He says he's calling a lawyer to get custody of their daughter. She says this is how he shows his trust in her? Lucas say he won't let his daughter be raised by a DIMera, and if she loves him and their daughter, she'll sign the papers. Sami says she lost her son, she's not giving up her daughter. Lucas says then stay here and forget EJ. Sami says it wasn't easy to divorce him, to marry that criminal. She says she can't walk up to him and say sorry, I changed my mind. Lucas says he can't let another man raise his daughter. Sami begs Lucas, she says Will is gone, don't take her little girl too. She says she gets why he wants to protect their little girl from EJ, but giving up rights to her, it makes her feel like he doesn't trust her. Lucas says it is EJ he doesn't trust and neither should she. She says she doesn't, but she's stuck. Lucas says he's learned never to underestimate the reach of his evil. Lucas gives Sami the card for a family lawyer, call her and they'll work something out. He doesn't want to be the bad guy, he's doing what she's doing, protecting what is left of his family. 


November 21, 2007


At Kayla and Steve's, Stephanie holds the test behind her back. Steve asks for a hug, she gives him one and hands the test to Kayla, who hides it. Steve asks if something is wrong. Stephanie says she's just cramming for biology. Steve says he used to be good at it, maybe he can help her study. She says she doesn't want to think about exams right now. She asks to talk to her mom in private, girls stuff. Kayla sends Steve out to get them some hot chocolate. Steve finally leaves and Kayla reads the test, it's negative. Kayla says she's not pregnant. Stephanie says she was so scared. She says she can't take care of herself, let alone a baby. Stephanie promises to be careful from now on. Kayla tells her not to put herself in this position again. Kayla tells Stephanie there are other things to worry about, she needs to go have an HIV test. Stephanie says she already went to the campus health center, everything is negative, but they will repeat the HIV test in six months to be sure. She thinks six months seems like forever. Kayla says they'll go together. Stephanie worries, what if the first test was wrong. Kayla says so far everything is fine. Stephanie apologizes that she had to cover with dad. Kayla thinks he could still find out. Stephanie knows, but just not tonight. Kayla says she is proud of her, she faced her mistake like a grown woman.  Stephanie gets a message from Chelsea, she decides to go meet her and the others. She also wants to stay at the sorority house, Cordy can't afford to go home so she wants to stay with her. Kayla suggests she invite her to stay here. Stephanie then leaves just as Steve returns. Steve tells Kayla that he wants the truth. He knows Kayla lied about the pregnancy test. Steve asks if she's pregnant, Kayla says no. Steve asks who the guy was, Jeremy? Max? Kayla says no, she doesn't know who it was. Steve says she was with a stranger without protection? Kayla says she was tested, everything is fine. Steve wants to call her, but Kayla asks him not to otherwise she'll never trust her again. Steve and Kayla talk, Steve feels like he was left out. Kayla says she was embarrassed. Steve still wants to beat this guy up. Kayla says she has to take responsibility for her actions. Kayla says the important thing is she came here when things went wrong. Steve says it's because of her, but Kayla says it's because of them. Kayla wants what they have for Stephanie. Kayla then asks Steve if he was tellign the truth before, about the pregnancy test if it was hers. Steve says he would be happy. Kayla says but if he had a choice to have a baby or not. Steve says if they both want to do it, he would say yes. Kayla says she's sorry she lied about the test. He says don't make it a habit. Steve then suggest as far as the baby thing, they should practice a lot, just in case.


At the Cheatin Heart, the girls are all passing out fliers they made up on Ford. (Side Note: Cordy is now being played by Christina Stacey). Adrienne wonders who is running for mayor, she looks at the fliers they've made. Adrienne thinks they aren't messing around. Chelsea asks if they can put them up in the bar, Adrienne says sure. Chelsea comes up with the idea of even making an internet site. As they talk, Cordy is upset. Morgan says he should be scarred, not them. Adrienne brings them over some beers. Cordy goes to put some fliers up in the ladies room. Chelsea toasts to Ford going down in flames. Ford of course shows up outside the bar, he's not happy. Billie also shows up, she found their fliers. She says if they get into trouble for this, he will win again. She says if Decker is capable of drugging and raping women, they don't know what he's capable of. They say they are sticking together and being safe. Billie says more cameras have been set up, and more foot and bike patrols are out. Cordy returns, everyone makes themselves scarce so Billie and Chelsea can talk. Billie tells her this isn't a game, she hopes they know that. Chelsea says they are all being very careful. Billie asks her to do something for her, move back in with her until Decker is caught.  Chelsea asks why she would need to move in with her. Billie says because of her fliers, what is she trying to accomplish. Chelsea is hoping he leaves town, but Billie says think about the girls where he goes. Billie says he can go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants, the fliers won't stop him. Ford shows up screaming at Chelsea, calling her a bitch for putting these fliers up. The other girls come out to stand by her. Ford calls them a whole coven of witches. Ford tells Chelsea she'll find out liable suits can be very expensive. Billie tells him to leave, but he says this is a public place and he was not convicted of a crime. Morgan says that doesn't make him innocent. Ford tells everyone that these chicks are desperate, all he did to them was turn them down. Chelsea says the only reason he isn't in jail is because of his rich little daddy. Billie suggests Ford go before he gets into trouble. Ford says he can afford it, can Chelsea? Adrienne asks Ford to leave, but he won't leave. He says maybe he'll post up some mug shots of them. Billie says that is enough. Ford says he likes to say when he's had enough, isn't that right Cordy? Chelsea then decks Ford! He ends up with a bloody nose! Ford says she'll regret that! Stephanie shows up at this point. Adrienne again tells Ford to leave. Ford says he was assaulted! He says they all saw it, but everyone says they didn't see anything happen. Adrienne, with a bat, tells him he has somewhere else to be. Ford says this place is a dump anyways. As Ford is leaving, he calls Stephanie the campus slut and tells her to call him! Lter Billie and the girls are icing Chelsea's hand. Billie still wants them to stop this campaign, but they won't. Billie says maybe she can put something on him, like a trail. Chelsea says even if they nab him, the law will still be on his side and Ford's dad has the DA in his pocket.  Cordy tells them she wishes she could be strong like them. Stephanie says she's strong in other ways, and invites Cordy to their place for the holiday. Cordy thanks her. They decide to go pack up Cordy. Chelsea and Stephanie talk about what they are doing to Ford, if they are going too far. Stephanie says if they stop he'll hurt someone else, the next girl may not be as lucky as Cordy. Stephanie again remembers being raped. 


Shawn shows up at his parents and talks with Hope. He sees how she's  decorated the place. He can't believe he'll be married by this time tomorrow. She brings him some beer and pretzels, joking after tomorrow it's Belle's job to wait on him. Shawn doesn't think Belle knows about this waiting thing. They end up talking about Shawn getting married. Hope says marriage isn't always easy, hard times come. Shawn says they already have, they've survived them. Hope says a good relationship takes work. Shawn says he knows, relax. Bo later shows up with the tuxes, he sees the party has started without him. Shawn is now staying the night there, Belle elsewhere. Bo thinks Hope will soon be pulling out the photos of him in the diapers, Shawn says she already did. Bo asks about Belle, she's staying with Marlena and Claire. Hope sends Shawn to try on the tux. Hope is worried, Bo asks what is going on? Hope says she slipped, she told Belle that she told Kayla. Hope says one thing led to another, it just came out. She says she just wanted to make sure she was committed to this. Bo says they have to let them live their lives. Hope says what if it happens again? Bo says Belle has spent her life loving Shawn, she won't break his heart. Hope says she thinks Belle was fine when she left. Bo says she is carrying a lot of baggage around for her wedding night. Hope says she just had to make sure this is what Belle wanted to do. Bo asks if she's going to hold what she did against her. Hope doesn't know, she thinks she will. Bo says they have to move on. Hope says she can, if Belle has. Bo tells her that tomorrow is supposed to be a happy day, this family needs that right now. Shawn returns as Hope says she just hopes Phillip doesn't ruin the wedding. Shawn says relax, he won't ruin the wedding. Shawn wants to know why they were talking about Phillip? Hope asks if he was invited? Shawn says yes, but Belle told him to stay away. Bo says he'll call Phillip and un-invite him for sure, but Shawn says he'll do it. Bo wants to, consider it a wedding present. Shawn says he appreciates this, but this is his job. 


Belle shows up in Phillip's office at Titan. She's thinking this was a bad idea coming here, but he says he's glad she came. He gives her a little kiss on the cheek and takes a call involving work. Later Belle fills Phillip in on how Hope has not only told Bo, but Kayla, who probably told Steve. She doesn't think she can face those people tomorrow. He says if she wants to marry Shawn then don't let others stop her, do what she feels in her heart. He says she knows what that is, don't let him stop her. He says he has work to do.  Belle feels like he's ignoring her, he told her to call if he needed help. He says not to fix her problems with Shawn or to be a go to guy friend. Belle thinks she should tell Shawn, she doesn't think she can face him tomorrow as she's confused and ashamed. Belle feels like Phillip is her only friend, the only one she can talk to about this. Phillip says she's not ashamed they made love, she's ashamed she can't stop thinking about it before marrying Shawn. Phillip also says don't insult him by calling them friends. Belle wishes they could be. Phillip says when she called he was hoping that she was calling to tell him the wedding was off, that she and Claire were coming home. Phillip tells Belle that marrying Shawn is a huge mistake. Belle says thanks for the support. Phillip says stop acting like a brat! He says she wants Shawn and him waiting in the wings, like a kid who can't figure out what toy she wants. He says he won't play that, leave as he has work. She tells him not to be mean to her. He says mean is coming over here like he matters to her. He says go ahead and get married, but leave him out of it. She says she will. Phillip says if she marries Shawn, they are over. Belle says they have been over. Phillip says she can't leave this room if she wanted to, there is more passion here than she's ever had with Shawn. He says she's so close to kissing him that it scares her to death. Phillip says every night she's with him, she'll wish it was him. He says she'll see his face when she closes her eyes. She tells him to stop. Phillip says don't this to herself or to Shawn. She says she's loved Shawn for years. Phillip says not like this. They kiss, and almost make love right there! Unfortunately for Phillip, his phone buzzes and it is Shawn calling. Phillip takes the call. Shawn tells him not to come to the wedding, don't send a gift and don't send a card. Phillip says not a problem, good luck tomorrow, he'll be thinking of him. Phillip hangs up and finds Belle has run off. 



November 22, 2007-
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November 23 , 2007

Steve and Kayla are getting ready to head to the wedding. Stephanie decides to stay home with Cordy, saying the whole big family thing is too much for Cordy. Kayla says they'll bring home some turkey. Later Stephanie is talking with Cordy, thinking they should do a girls day. Cordy wonders why Stephanie cares so much? Stephanie says she doesn't want Ford to win. She says she's not talking about the case, she is talking about who Cordy sees when she looks in the mirror. If that changes, the Ford has changed everything.  Later there is a knock at the door, it's Ford! He screams open up bitch or he'll break this damn door down! Stephanie tells him she's going to call security. He says he's going, but if she dares to keep posting those fliers or opens her mouth about their night together, he'll make sure the whole town knows what a lying whore she is! 


At Bo and Hope's, Marlena is reading the wedding announcement for Shawn and Belle's wedding. She looks at a photo of her and John, wondering why he's not here . . . he was supposed to be here. Maggie shows up and finds her looking at John's photo. Later Marlena heads into the bride's room where Sami and Hope are helping Belle get ready. Marlena brought her something old, she brought the old purity rings she and Shawn wore together in high school. They are on a necklace, she puts them around Belle's neck. She says they have a whole new meaning now,  they symbolize their commitment and fidelity to one another. Maggie gives Belle a ruby bracelet as something new, to symbolize the ruby she and Shawn brought back from Puerto Rico for Alice. Belle's phone rings, she thinks it is Brady. She answers and it is Phillip! She hangs up quickly. Marlena asks if something is wrong? Sami says maybe they got disconnected? The phone rings again, Belle answers it and says it's Mimi, she asks for a moment alone. Everyone leaves Belle to talk. She then tells Phillip to stop this, she's not doing this with him today. She says she's getting married and he can't stop her. She hangs up. Hope returns to get something, she knows Mimi wasn't on that phone. Belle says it was Mimi, she just called to wish them the best. Hope says she'll tell everyone to take their places. 


In Bo and Hope's kitchen, Doug fills Shawn and Max in that Shawn Brady Sr. had to go to the hospital, he was having stomach pain. Bo and Caroline are with him. Bo is hoping they'll get back in time. Roman decides to go over to the hospital. Doug thought he was walking the bride down the aisle? Roman says that has been taken care of. Later Chelsea shows up to have a second alone with the groom. She says she just wanted to say she is happy for him and Belle. She says she can't help but think of those who aren't here, especially the one not here because of her. Shawn says they are here, he says the blue forget-me-nots in Belle's bouquet are for John and Zack. He says they are always with them as long as they keep them in their hearts. They hug.

In the living room, Lucas is holding the baby. Maggie reveals Alice is in London with Jack and Jen for the holidays and is missing this. Doug asks if the baby has a name, Lucas says her name is Alice Caroline Horton, Ali for short. They all think it's perfect. Sami shows up not looking too happy.


Sami and Lucas go outside, Sami can't believe he named their daughter without consulting her. He has he had to call her something, and he thought she'd like the name. She says it's not about the name. She says first he sent Will away, then he filed for custody.  Lucas says Will wanted to leave, and he won't let his daughter be raised by a DiMera. She says they can't do this now and walks off, but says for the record she loves the name. 

Steve and Kayla show up, Steve has a present for Shawn from Victor. Shawn opens it, it's a watch. Victor writes that  he's sorry about their past differences, he wishes him the best and hopes he'll wear this watch today. Shawn wonders what that is about. Steve says maybe it's his version of an olive branch.

The wedding begins. Sami walks down the aisle and shakes Shawn's hand. Claire walks down the aisle followed by Chelsea. Max and Shawn are at the altar. Marlena then walks Belle down the aisle. She looks at Shawn and sees a watch on him, a familiar one. She remembers Phillip has one like it, she gave it to him. It's the one that always got caught in her hair. She is stunned, and pictures Phillip standing at the altar. Marlena asks Belle if she's okay? She says her daddy is right here, he's always with them. She says Belle can do this. They keep walking. Marlena then tells Belle to just be happy, they love her.


Belle asks Shawn about the watch, he says a present from Victor. The wedding then begins.  Shawn talks about how they've talked and dreamt of this day for so long, since they were in high school. He says things haven't gone the way they planned, but one thing that hasn't changed is his love for her. He says she is everything he needs and can't imagine his life without her by his side. He gives her his ring as a pledge of his love, of who he is and everything he'll become. Belle talks about how she remembers when they gave each other another set of rings. She says now, like then, they are a symbol of their deep commitment. She says they symbolize a love that will again be pure. Shawn says their love has always been pure. Belle sees the watch and says stop, she can't do this! Shawn asks what is it? The camera keeps panning to Hope, Belle just says she can't do this if she keeps interrupting her, she had it memorized but can't remember. Shawn says just say what is in her heart. She says she loves him and thanks God he didn't give up on them. She says he fought for her and Claire and she'll never forget that. She says he proved not only that he loved them, but that her dad wasn't the only hero in her life. She says if he was here today he'd be happy and at peace knowing she was in the best of hands. She promises to be a good wife, to love him and to be faithful to him. Belle then gives Shawn his ring. They are then pronounced man and wife.


Marlena goes to visit Stefano, who is home listening to opera. He asks what took her so long?  He says she is a vision, is this for him? She says no, it was her daughter's wedding. Stefano says ah, two daughters married after each other, Brava. Marlena doesn't consider Sami's wedding a joy. He asks what he can do for her? Marlena wants Sami's freedom, she's only doing this to protect her family. Stefano says is that what she told her, that he forced her into a loveless marriage? Marlena says "That's a fact!" Stefano says Sami is in love, he heard her say so himself. Marlena says he is wrong, Sami loves Lucas. Stefano says believe what she will, but only last night she was telling EJ she loves him. Marlena says she was forced to do it. Stefano says she has a mind of her own. Marlena says so does she and Stefano has made her do far worse. She again begs Stefano to let Sami go, take EJ back to Italy and leave Sami in peace. Marlena says if Stefano ever cared about her, he'll do this for her.  Stefano says she meant the world to him, he'll do it . . . for a price. She asks what the price is? Stefano says his queen of the night! She wonders if this was his plan all along. He says no, he couldn't have predicted this, but now that she has come to him . . . He says the thought that the possibility after he had given up hope, well it is impossible not to make the dream a reality. Marlena says she didn't say yes. He says that is true, she must decide what is most important in her heart: her love for her daughter or her hatred for him. Marlena extends her hand, which he takes. He says she has brought him joy. She leans in to kiss him, but says "Your queen is what you've made me, but you've also made me your killer." She says deep inside, that instinct lives, it's a darkness he put in her soul. She says when it comes out, it will come out with a vengeance! She then walks off. Stefano says "You wench!" Stefano screams he's not finished with her, but she's long gone. 


At the pub, Phillip is drinking. The waitress says they'll be closing soon for a private function. Phillip says he knows.  Later Billie shows up to keep Phillip company. He wonders why. She says she knows he is still in love with Belle and she's getting remarried, it has to be driving him crazy. Phillip says when Belle walks down the aisle, she'll be thinking of him. Billie asks him how he knows this? Billie says if he did anything . . . Phillip says all he did was send a reminder to Belle, she wouldn't take his calls. Belle tells him that he's sounding more and more like Victor every day. Billie tells him to let this go, but he won't. He says she may be satisfied spending her life alone and miserable, but he's not. Billie says it is nice to know he thinks so little of her. She says she is sexy, single and fabulous; just because she doesn't have a man doesn't make her miserable. She says she could use some romance, but when the time is right it will happen. Lucas shows up, he warns Phillip they are on their way, Shawn will flip if he sees him here. Phillip says he's leaving, and when the time  is right it will happen. Phillip leaves, Lucas asks Billie what that means, Billie says he doesn't want to know.


The family arrives at the pub. Stephanie calls her mom for help, Kayla says she'll be right there. Shawn and Belle arrive to make their big entrance. Belle eventually takes his watch off, claiming she doesn't want to watch the time as she doesn't want this day to end. They then go in, everyone applauds. Later Doug makes the announcement that Grandpa Shawn is fine, it was just indigestion. He then says he'd like to say something. He thinks that being able to celebrate this wedding on Thanksgiving is wonderful, it reminds them that along with the pain of the last year that they've experienced great highs. He says lost loves were reunited (Abe and Lexie), they welcomed two new members to the family (the twins), and welcomed one back who triumphed over their enemies (Steve). He also says there have been losses, one very special person, John. Doug says they miss John and always will. 


As Shawn and Belle's old song "I'll Be," plays, we see them cut the cake and dance. Doug talks over all the wedding scenes with his speech. He talks about about how they have come full circle and welcomed John and Marlena's daughter into their family. Doug says they should focus on their blessing, and though their troubles are far from over, they can beat them together. Sami and Lucas begin passing the babies around to be held as Doug says together they will all survive, they'll make their family whole again. Lucas and Sami end up joining Belle and Shawn on the dance floor.  Later Sami tells Lucas it was nice spending time with him, but what do they do tomorrow? Lucas says it's not up to him. He gives her a kiss and walks out. Steve meanwhile goes over to kiss Shawn and Belle. He says congrats again, they have a nice family. They say they still owe him for his help. 


Hope returns home and is on the phone with Bo. She sees Belle left her cell phone behind. She looks at it and sees who really called her! She also sees a message, and against her better judgment, listens. It is Phillip begging her to turn her phone on, she can't marry Shawn when she's in love with him. He says he knew it in Tulsa, when they made love at the pun and when he held her in his arms last night. He knows she can't let him go.


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