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4th Week of November 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


November 26, 2007
At the pub, Stefano shows up to see Bo. Bo says he has nothing to say to him. Stefano has a lot to say, why hasn't someone been arrested for shooting his son? Bo says the investigation is on going. Stefano says he and that joke of a force couldn't care less his son was shot. Bo says he is correct there, but they are doing their job. Stefano talks about Kate and whether she's still a suspect. Bo says she hasn't been eliminated. Stefano says she had motive, means and opportunity. What else do they need. Stefano asks if there is anyone else? Bo says more than one shot was fired, and more than one person had motive. Bo says everyone is being checked out. Stefano says there is one being overlooked. Bo asks who? He says someone right under this nose. Bo says tell him a name. Stefano says no, this is one he has to figure out himself. Stefano wants this person found, but he doubts the Brady police force will find them. Bo says he won't find the suspect only to have Stefano put a hit out on them. Stefano says he doesn't do that, Bo says tell that to John. Stefano says he had nothing to do with John's death. Bo asks Stefano what it is he's dying to tell him? Stefano tells Bo about the woman in black at the church. Bo asks for more details. Stefano tells him what he knows, he didn't think there was much concern for her. Stefano says he was involved with the wedding, so he doesn't know how long she was there. Bo asks if he knows who she was? Stefano doesn't want to make a mistake, he doesn't want the wrong person punished. He says right, they know how Stefano feels about hurting the innocent. Stefano says whoever shot his son has to pay. Stefano asks Bo to think who would be in morning for the bride? Bo says anyone who cares about Sami, anyone in his family or hers. Stefano says exactly and walks off. 


Sami shows up at the hospital to see EJ. He throws some food at her when she walks in and laughs. She asks what that was? What happened to him? He laughs and says she happened, she's the best medicine a man can get. Sami says she's in shock. He says maybe it wasn't all her, he had a sponge bath this morning and it made him feel a lot better. Sami says last time she saw him he didn't want to fight to live. He says that was before he knew she cared about him. He says it saved him, he's living proof of it. She takes his tray of food away, asking if Nurse Bertha got him to eat too? EJ says no she did. He says she's the reason he's not dead. Later, EJ sees Sami is upset. She says he has enough going on, she can deal with her problems on her own. EJ says she's his wife, they'll deal with it together. Sami tells him about Lucas sending Will to Switzerland and naming their daughter without him. EJ says Lucas is playing games and being manipulative, he's being very cold. Sami says Lucas is a wonderful man, he has some nerve saying anything bad about anyone else. EJ says he's sorry. He asks if he picked a good name for his daughter. Sami says she is my daughter too. She says he named him Alice Caroline Horton, and they will call her Ali for short. She says she just feels like she's being pushed out of her children's lives. EJ says it will be okay. Sami doesn't know when he became so understanding. He says she has herself to blame, her and Johnny. They turned him from a selfish handsome rake to a dull and devoted family man. He hopes she doesn't mind. Sami doesn't know what she wants, or why her life is such a mess. He tells her to go home and get some rest. He says they have all the time in the world to think things out.   Sami asks what the catch is. He's spent the last year trying to control her, trying to keep her close, now he wants her to go? He says this isn't a trick, being a father has changed him. He says when she held him, kissed him, released all those feelings, it changed him.  Bo interrupts saying they need to talk, it will take a second.


Bo goes into the hall with Sami and asks her about the woman in black at the wedding. Sami remembers her, how sad it was, that she seemed like a widow. Sami says oh my God, Mom. Meanwhile, Stefano shows up to see EJ. He says he is getting stronger by the minute. EJ says thank Sami for that. Stefano just saw Sami outside with Bo. EJ says he and Sami are stronger than ever, she's still a little more attached to Lucas than he'd like, but that will pass in time. Stefano says he can't be that patient, where is his grandson. EJ says they can't bring infants into the ICU, and Sami is very protective of him. Stefano says this needs to be nipped in the bud right now. He says it is not up to Sami to make these decisions, tell Sami to bring the child here. EJ doesn't think she'll listen. Stefano says make her listen, he is the man, make her do it. Sami then walks in. Stefano says he'll leave them alone. EJ says he's sorry about that. Sami is thinking about the wedding, about seeing the woman in black. EJ asks if she's okay. She says she's just tired. EJ then tells Sami it is time to introduce their son to his grandfather. He asks Sami to take the baby to see Stefano. Sami says absolutely not! 


Hope and Marlena visit and talk at Bo and Hope's. Hope knows the wedding must have been tough for her without John. Hope asks her about her little disappearance after the ceremony. Marlena says she had a meeting, letting Hope believe it was a patient. Hope is sorry she missed the dinner. Marlena says Max emailed her photos, she thinks they look so happy together. Marlena says she suspects Belle sees a lot of her dad in Shawn and she made a very good choice. Hope says but she's not sure she has. Marlena is confused. Hope says she asked her here to talk about Belle. Hope says she hasn't ended things with Phillip. Hope tells Marlena that she and Phillip are still seeing each other, they are in a relationship. Marlena says they were married, he is still just concerned with Claire. Hope tries to explain that Belle and Phillip are more than friends. Marlena doesn't believe that and doesn't believe Hope is gossiping. Hope says it's not gossip, Belle admitted she slept with Phillip. Hope tells her everything about finding them after the incident, and how Belle promised to end it. Marlena says maybe it is over, maybe she made a mistake. Marlena knows how much Belle loves Shawn. Hope says it's not over, Belle lied. Hope has Belle's cellphone. Hope says she left it here, and she wished she hadn't. Marlena thinks they need to start at the beginning here. Hope says she loves Belle, she always has, which is why she can't believe she'd do this. She wanted to tell Shawn, but Belle begged her not to. She says she didn't, as long as Belle promised never to see Phillip again. Hope says she promised, but she is worried keeping this secret from Shawn isn't in his best interest. Hope says she thinks she's done the wrong thing. She says she needed to talk to someone. Marlena is glad she came to her first . . . she did didn't she? Hope says she told Kayla and Bo, they agreed telling Shawn would do more harm then good. She says she decided to put it behind her, but then she found out Belle lied to her. Hope says she did something she's not proud of. Marlena knows she listened to her messages. Hope reminds her of when Belle's phone rang and she acted oddly. Hope says it wasn't Mimi, it was Phillip. She says Phillip left a message, it was clear they were still seeing each other. Hope says she didn't know if she should tell Marlena or not. Marlena tells Hope that violating Belle's privacy isn't right. Marlena says to leave Shawn and Belle alone and take care of their own problems. She says they don't need them interfering. Marlena says she will talk to Belle in her own way, without judgment or criticism. Hope says of course, they wouldn't want to think Belle's done anything wrong. Marlena says she's not defending what happened. She says Belle is young and has been through a lot. Hope says they all have, it's no excuse to lie to and betray her son, making him look like a fool.  Marlena thinks Hope is overreacting, Belle is not someone who sneaks around by nature. Hope says she wishes she was overreacting. Marlena says maybe she misunderstood the voicemail. Hope says she didn't and relays the message exactly. Marlena says Belle must be very confused, she's been pulled between these men for so long. She says she married Shawn, he's the one she wants. Hope says then she needs to say goodbye to Phillip. Marlena says she's lost her father, maybe she can't bare to say one more goodbye. Hope tells Marlena how sorry she is for her, she knows she and Belle are grieving, she knows her timing is awful. Hope is sorry she brought this up. Marlena is glad she brought it up. She says they have to help Shawn and Belle. Marlena says she will talks to Belle and get some answers. Hope tells Marlena to let Belle know she went to her and not Bo and Shawn, and she wants things to work out for Belle and Shawn. Marlena says she will. She thinks about John and how he would know what to say to her, how to make this better. Hope says it's amazing, just when they think their children are grown and don't need them anymore, they do. Bo then shows up and asks to talk to Marlena about her being at Sami and EJ's wedding. He wants to know if she shot him. 


At the pub in their room, Belle wakes up in Shawn's arms. He says she looks a lot like his wife. She says she can't believe they did it. He says and just the way they planned it, well close enough. Belle says she loves him and never wants to lose him. He says she never has to worry about that. Later Belle asks what he's thinking about? He says pancakes, maple syrup and sausage. He says she made him work up an appetite. He decides to go cook them a breakfast feast for their wedding morning. She says while he's doing that she'll call Doug and Julie and check on Claire. She can't find her phone though. They look around, Shawn asks when she last used it? Belle says at his parents house before the ceremony. Shawn says then call his mom, she'll bring it over. Belle panics, saying she needs her phone now to call Doug and Julie. Shawn says just relax and enjoy this time together. He says it's bad enough they postponed the honeymoon, but for now she'll have to settle for breakfast with Shawn the chef. Belle says she loves him and is so glad she married him. He tells her to get in bed so he can spoil his bride. Shawn later brings her breakfast and a gift. Belle says they said no gifts, they can't afford it. Shawn says just open it. She does, it's an album for the wedding photos. He says it's already been started. He says he wants to take lots of pictures, have memories of their whole life together. They kiss. Belle looks at the album, it's filled with some of Claire's old photos and them as a family. Shawn later notices his watch is gone, it was on the nightstand. Belle says she doesn't know where it is. 



November 27, 2007
Belle stops by Lucas and Sami's to see the twins. She talks with Lucas, saying those twins are adorable. She doesn't know how he does it. He says he has help, when Sami is here. She asks if Sami will be home soon? Lucas says she should be. Belle talks about how she was on her way to Bo and Hope's to get her cell phone, but she stopped by here first. She looks at a little stuffed tiger and says cute. Lucas says it was from EJ. She talks about how you have all these hopes and dreams, it's amazing how something can mess it up. Lucas wonders why she's not with Shawn, or is the honeymoon over? She says they are married but not joined at the hip. Lucas says well they are very lucky. She says things worse than she thought? Lucas says everyone knows Sami divorced him to marry EJ, it stinks. Lucas talks about how he feels like he's a pit stop between EJ and the babies. Lucas asks how she'd feel if Shawn was running between her and another woman? Or how would Shawn feel if she was seeing another man? She says she doesn't know what she'd do. Lucas says he's getting a lot of quality time in with the twins, getting to know them both and their little personalities. He talks about how Johnny is so innocent, and he wants him to be with his sister. Belle asks what will happen when Sami moves in with EJ? Lucas doesn't know, he knows Sami wants them raised together. However he's worried about Ali. Belle says Sami is a hell raiser when it comes to her kids and she's sacrificing everything. Lucas isn't sure, he says she's fallen in love with EJ. Belle doesn't think so, she tells Lucas that Sami has always loved him. Lucas says something is going on between them. Belle says she married him to protect her family. Lucas says the family begged her not to go through with this, but she did. He says now EJ is paralyzed and she won't leave him, she acts like his wife. Belle tells Lucas not to give up on her. Lucas says he won't, he loves her, but he is worried. He says she is not spending time with those kids, stick around and see how much quality time she spends with them. Lucas says he needs to protect them from the DiMeras, all of them, including Sami. Belle says but Sami loves him. Lucas says well Shawn loves her too, but he's human and not beyond temptation. Belle says Shawn would never cheat on her, that is who he is. Lucas says and they all know Sami is the one who keeps secrets, possibly ones that could destroy a family. Belle thinks about making love to Phillip and in talking about Sami, mentions Shawn's name. He wonders why she is mentioning Shawn? Belle says he's just on her mind, and decides to head out. She asks if Sami has heard from Brady or Chloe, she hasn't. Lucas says no. She then heads out. 


At the hospital, EJ tells Sami that he wants Stefano to meet his grandson. Sami says no, this is not at the top of her to do list. She says she has to take care of her newborns, she's running back and forth from home to the hospaital, Lucas wants custody of Ali and on top of it all someone was in that church to kill them. She says if Stefano wants an audience with her son then he can get in line.  She says she won't let Stefano sink his claws into her son. EJ says his father is driven by family, and he'd never let his grandson be in danger. Sami says she knows she has to introduce Stefano to Johnny at some point, but not now. She says right now she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She says she wants her son to read and write before he learns to cast the evil eye. EJ says that is not acceptable. Sami says she is his mother, she's not handing him over. She says if Stefano doesn't like it then tough, same goes for EJ. Sami goes to leave, EJ reaches for her and pulls something in his back. She returns to him to help him. Sami tells EJ that they can't give into Stefano, if they do then he'll think he's in charge. She says Stefano has to know they are in charge. EJ says she married him out of fear of his father, now she wants to cross him? She tells EJ he still has a spine, use it. 


Stefano then walks in to have a little talk about this family thing. He tells Sami that she looks radiant, motherhood agrees with her. Sami says she wants to get back to it. Stefano thanks her for taking good care of EJ and his grandson. He invites her and Johnny over to the house, they'll have a party. EJ says Sami has a lot on her plate, she'll bring the baby over later. Stefano asks if EJ has not talked to her about how a DiMera child should be raised? Sami says no he hasn't. Stefano says a male DiMera child has to bond with the males of the family, they'll be the one shaping his future. Sami says she will never let him have anything to do with shaping her son. Stefano asks where his son is, certainly not here as he would not let his wife speak to him like this. EJ tells Sami that there are traditions in this family they want instilled in Johnny. However he also agrees with Sami, now is not the right time. Stefano says he is disappointed, but if this is their decision, so be it. He then leaves. Sami thanks EJ, but is worried Stefano might do something. EJ says he won't. EJ says give Johnny a kiss for him, kiss both of them. He also says don't worry about Stefano, he won't cause trouble. Sami says her family has their culture and their traditions too. She says all that talk about handing her son over to the DiMera men to raise, not in this lifetime. Later after Sami leaves, Stefano returns and says he let him down. He tells EJ to be a man and a father, demand what is due to him. EJ says Sami will come around in time, he won't put pressure on her yet. Stefano says if EJ can't handle her then he will, his way. 


Sami shows up at home to see the twins. Lucas says she missed two feedings, the milk she left was gone. He thinks they should switch them to formula. She says no and that  she's sorry and she had things to do. Lucas says he's going to catch some Zzzs. Sami asks Lucas if he still loves her? He asks how she can even ask her? He says he's not the one that wanted this divorce, he's not the one running all over town and taking . He says she's at EJ's beck-n-call. Sami says EJ is getting better, but Lucas wonders what that means. He says EJ has divided them and their children, and he doesn't get to see her anymore. He says he misses holding her and kissing her. She ends up kissing him. She says she is sorry and she promises she'll spend more time with him. The babies cry, so Sami has to go to them as they need her. Lucas says they all need her. 

At the pub, Phillip shows up to see Shawn. He says he's not here to have a rematch. He says he's amazed they made it through the ceremony, but Shawn did win. He says as an officer and a gentlemen, he's backing off. He extends his hand. Shawn doesn't take it, saying the past is the past and he prefers the present. Phillip says no going back? Shawn says there is no point, he's moving on, Phillip should give it a try.


Later Belle shows up and finds Phillip hanging around the pub. Phillip says he left her a message yesterday. She says she left her cell phone at Bo and Hope's, and not to call her again. Belle gets a note from Shawn, he went with Bo to help out on a case. Phillip tells Belle she can make things up to Shawn for sabotaging his chances at the academy. She asks how? He says leave that to him. She asks what he can do? He has some evidence in EJ's shooting that could make Shawn look like a hero. She asks what is in it for him? He says an evening with her. She says Shawn doesn't need his help. He says one night is all she needs to understand she belongs with him. She thinks he's using this to get her into bed. He says he doesn't want to force her to do anything she doesn't want to do, and he just wants to talk. She says all she has to to is spend time with him, no strings? He says no strings. She says no, she can't do that. He says call him if she changes her mind 

At Bo and Hope's, Bo tells Marlena that he knows she was at the wedding in black. Marlena says she was babysitting Claire during the wedding. She says he can call Roman, she talked to him while with Claire. Hope pulls Bo aside and asks what he's doing? Bo says his job. He explains about the woman in black. Hope says so what if it was her, maybe she was making a statement. Hope doesn't like this, saying he could be wrong about this. Bo hopes he is wrong. Bo tells Marlena that he has a witness of a woman at the church, she looked like she was in mourning. She says that it wasn't her and she has things to do. She tells Bo that today was the first day since her husband died that she could get out of bed. She says her family needed her, so that is what she did. She says it's been a difficult day for her. She says she came here for comfort, but she finds out she's being interogated for murder. Marlena says she did not go to the wedding. Bo asks if she has a black dress? Marlena says yes, she wore it at the funeral. Bo says he knows John has guns too. Marlena tells Bo if he wants to see them then show her a search warrant. She assumes she's free to go and says not to worry, she won't skip town. 


Bo and Hope continue to argue over Marlena, after she leaves. Bo noticed how defensive she got. Bo says he was trying to get her worked up to go home and dispose of the evidence. Hope says and he'll be there to catch her? Bo says that is his plan. Later Roman shows up with some news on the shooting. They found a shack near the church that needs checking out. Hope tells Bo she can take care of that errand if he needs to go search this shack. Bo thanks her and leaves with Roman. 

Marlena returns home and begins shoving her dress and gun in a garbage bag.  She opens her door and finds Hope standing there. Hope asks if she needs a hand with that trash? Marlena asks if Bo is outside with the posse? Should she go out with her hands in the air? Hope says nobody else knows but the three of them. Hope says they want to help her. She says the last thing Bo wants to do is take her in. Marlena says tell Bo she's sorry she didn't trust him, but she's not sorry for what she did. Hope suggests they make tea and start from the beginning. Hope tells Marlena about this book John loved, "Stranger in a Strange Land." She feels like that now, a stranger in a life she no longer knows. Hope knows this is hard for her. Marlena says there is nothing you can do to stop it. Hope asks if that is what she tried to do, to stop it? Marlena talks about Sami, how the best intentions always lead to the worst disasters. Hope says Sami believes she's protecting them. Marlena says she isn't, and she was so angry with Sami that she could barely grieve for John. Hope didn't know Marlena knew about the wedding. Marlena says Roman tried to keep it from her, but a mother knows when her daughter is signing a pact with the devil. Marlena says she gave Claire to a neighbor, she put on a black dress, she loaded John's gun and went to the church. Hope asks what she was thinking? Marlena says that she wouldn't marry him, that she'd leave him at the altar. Marlena says she didn't, so she shot him. She says she didn't know if she could, her hand was shaking so badly she could barely aim. She says there was a shot from somewhere else, that startled her and caused her to pull the trigger. She says then there was a third shot, and she heard someone running. Hope says then MArlena doesn't know if her shot hit EJ. Marlena says she meant to shoot him though. She says and for what? So Sami could marry him? She says now they all have to pay for it.  Marlena asks Hope for some time, time to see the twins, to hold her girls and put her affairs in order first. Hope says they still don't know if she shot EJ. Hope says they will do what they can to help her. Marlena says she shot a man, she meant to kill him, she doesn't think they can do anything.


Bo and Roman arrive at the crime scene/shack, Shawn is being yelled out by a detective for messing up his crime scene. Shawn trampled a foot print. Roman says the foot print probably wouldn't have helped them anyways. Shawn says he was told to get up here, he didn't know. The detective says then he asks, and tells Bo to tell his son the rules of a crime scene. 


November 28, 2007
Note: I'm out of town for the rest of the week, so recaps may be shorter than normal. I'm also unable to do the screen caps for the shows. I have caps for Monday and Tuesday still to post, which I'll do ASAP.

At the Brady Pub, Chelsea and Nick are having lunch/dinner with Cordy. They are talking about Ford. Chelsea says he's going to keep on doing this unless someone stops him. Cordy says it's just too hard, she can't see him, she can't do it. She runs off upset. Chelsea then talks with Nick about how Ford will get away with this. His dad knows the Dean and the DA, there is no evidence, even Billie can't do much. She thinks it is up to them. Nick doesn't like what she's suggesting. She wants to break into his place and find evidence. Nick says it will be obtained illegally, it won't be accepted. Chelsea says her dad might receive it from an anonymous source. Nick says if they are caught, he won't only be fired, but go to jail. Chelsea says she didn't think about that, forget she told him. She says she's going to head out. He realizes she's still planning to go stake out Ford's place. He says there is no telling how long she could be there, she might get hungry . . . .they'll need sandwiches. She thanks Nick. Later they hide out in Nick's car waiting for Ford to leave his dorm, wondering what is taking him so long as there is a party tonight.

At the Crime scene, Bo lectures Shawn about messing up, saying when a cop messes up, he hones up. He tells Shawn he had to pull so many strings to get him here, he's only a clerical worker. He tells Shawn he has to learn to listen.  Shawn says he's sorry, and he'll do better. He says he can apologize to the detective, but Bo says nooooo! He tells him to just stay clear of him. Shawn tells his dad how if he was in the academy he'd know how to act at a crime scene, instead he's learning on the job. He accidentally in talking about the letter and why he's not in the academy calls it Belle's letter. Bo asks what he just said? Shawn finally tells his dad the truth, Belle sent the letter out of fear of losing another person she loved. Bo is furious, saying Belle has some issues and wonders if she can be trusted. Shawn says she's his wife, he can trust her, he has forgiven her. Bo tries to put doubts in his head, but Shawn won't listen.

Roman interrupts Bo and Shawn's talk. He says pop is home from the hospital, but still not doing well. He asks Shawn to go to the bar and watch over it. He says sure and leaves. Roman tells Bo he was listening in and thought now was a good time to interrupt. Roman offers to talk to the detective about what happened, but Bo says no. Roman says if he's written up, he might not get into the academy. Bo says it's a chance he'll have to take. Bo thinks if word gets out they are protecting him, it will be worse for him. Bo says Shawn has issues with authority that he has to get over. Roman laughs and wonders where Shawn got those from! Roman and Bo then head to the crime scene. A bunch of shell casings were found. They look around the shack, saying there is a matress here too. They think it might be a place kids come and have a bit of fun. Bo doubts Kate would come here, or go near that mattress.

At Marlena's, Belle shows up to see her mom, Marlena called her. Marlena says Hope is very worried about her and Phillip, but says no more. MArlena asks if Hope has a reason to be worried? Belle tries to lie to her mom, saying she and Phillip are only friends. Marlena says Hope feels it's more than that. Belle wonders what Hope said to her? Belle tries to lie, saying Hope thinks they slept together, but they didn't. Belle says Hope wouldn't believe the truth, so she said she did so Hope wouldn't tell Shawn. She says it wouldn't happen again. Marlena says again, so it did happen? Marlena gets fed up with Belle, telling her to just leave as she doesn't have time for this. Belle breaks down and finally admits all to her mom. Marlena wants to know what or who she wants. Does she regret marrying Shawn? Belle says she loves Shawn, she always has, and she loves how he looks out for her and protects her. She says but Phillip, he takes care of her and she likes that too. Marlena tells Belle she must choose, she can't have both. Marlena says take it from someone caught between two men for years, someone always gets hurt in the end. Belle knows she has to choose, she has to do it soon. She tells her mom not to tell Hope about this, she doesn't want to give her anymore reason to hate her anymore. Marlena says Hope loves her and Shawn, she only wants the best for them.

Shawn and Belle later meet up at the pub. Bo tells Belle how he messed up at the crime scene today, he let his dad down. He says the way his dad talked to him, it's like he lost faith in him. Belle claims she left something in the car and will be right back. She goes outside and calls Phillip . . . . 



November 29, 2007
Nick and Chelsea break into Ford's room through the window. Nick says now they really are breaking and entering. They begin snooping around. Nick finds an odd journal, it looks like it's in code. It appears to be a list of sororities and they are all rated with stars. They realize Ford has a record of the girls he's raped and is rating them. Nick sees another Theta date aside from the one the night of the auction, which they assume is Cordy. This one is the night he lost Artimis and DeMarquette and Chelsea was kidnapped. Chelsea wonders why the other girl didn't talk? Nick says after what happened with Cordy, who could blame her. Chelsea then finds a bottle of sleeping pills. Nick says they effect people differently, some people will do crazy things and not remember when they wake up. Chelsea finds more, in one bottle the pills have been ground up to a powder. Nick tastes it, it's tasteless. He says Ford is using legal drugs to rape the women. They soon find a mortar and pestle he uses to grind the drugs. Then they hear Ford returning with a woman. They try and put everything back and run for it. Ford soon comes in with some blonde. They make out on the bed. She tells him to slow down or she's out of here. He offers her a drink. Nick and Chelsea are in the closet hiding. They realize they have to do something. Ford soon sees his window has been smashed. He looks around, nothing seems stolen. He says they must have scared off whoever it was. He then sees his journal laying on the table. Ford tells the woman that she has to go. He shoves her out and then begins gathering up the pills and evidence and puts them in a bag. He then leaves. Nick and Chelsea come out of his closet, Nick has a bat just in case. Nick suggests they go. Chelsea realizes he took everything with him. 

Later they leave and go back to the pub. Outside the pub, Chelsea has a bunch of photos on her phone of his things and shows them to Nick. Ford confronts them, asking if they had fun going through his stuff? Chelsea plays innocent, Nick says he should call campus security if his place was burglarized. Chelsea says they were on a date, not at his place. Ford says she's playing with fire. Nick tells Ford not to threaten her and stay away from her. Ford says stay away from his room, unless Chelsea wants an invitation. Ford leaves. Chelsea wants to take this stuff to her dad. Nick says the evidence was gathered illegally, but she doesn't care. 

At the Pub, Belle thinks about Phillip offering her help getting Shawn evidence to blow the EJ DiMera case wide open. Phillip said he could use this to make Shawn look like a hero, in exchange for an evening with her. Shawn brings Belle some tea. Belle gets a call, which she pretends is her mom. It's Phillip, he tells her that it is all done and everything will fall into place. She thanks him. He says thank her by coming to the hotel later. Belle later goes to take the garbage out, but Shawn says he won't let her do that on their honeymoon. He says drink her tea, he'll take it out. 

In the alley behind the pub, Shawn sees a guy trying to sell a gun to another guy. This is the set-up Phillip arranged.  The buyer thinks the gun is dirty and won't buy it. He leaves. Shawn then jumps the seller and demands he hand the gun over now! Shawn heard the man telling the other he stole it from a car behind Titan. Shawn manages to get the gun, the guy runs off. The gun is in a bag, Shawn knows he has to turn it over to his dad. Belle learns what happened, she tells him she's proud of him. Shawn decides to go take this to his dad, Belle says she'll watch Claire. When Shawn leaves, Belle calls Phillip. He's with Kate and can't talk easily at the moment.

At Titan, Kate shows up to see Phillip. Phillip tells Kate to have a seat. She asks if something is wrong? Phillip says there is a problem with the gun, it's gone. She says he was going to get rid of it. He tried, but the time was never right. He says then someone broke into his car and stole the gun. He was hoping to find the gun, but he hasn't. Kate says that gun ties her to EJ's shooting. Phillip says it is probably out of state by now, that gun can't be traced back to her. We later see flashbacks of Kate meeting with Phillip about the gun, and him promising to help her get rid of the gun and not turn against her. Kate had hoped he was the one man left that she could count on.  Kate tells Phillip he told her she could count on him, he let her down. He says it won't be a problem. Phillip gets Belle's call and puts her on hold. He then assures Kate that he'll handle everything with the gun. Kate says he better, or he'll be the first person she names as an accessory! Kate leaves, Phillip tells Belle to meet at the Longfellow hotel. She says she needs a sitter for Claire first. He says come as soon as she can. Later the two guys from the alley show up. Phillip pays them and tells them to go back to Saint Louis and never contact him again.

Bo and Roman are still at the shack. They look through the garbage, there is all sort of junk food wrappers, which they think is what teens eat. They know the shell casings mean someone was planning to shoot someone and practicing up here. Bo says even with the planning, the shooter failed to make the kill. Roman says EJ came close to dying though. Bo doesn't know why the bad guys live and the good guys like John don't. Roman says he'll have to talk to a higher power about that one. Bo says these shell casings are a godsend, now they just need the gun that fired them. 

Later Bo thinks about his talk with Shawn earlier, how he ruined the footprint and screwed up. Hope soon shows up at the crime scene. She has Marlena's garbage bag. Hope tells Bo she has the dress, the veil, the gun. Bo says so she shot him? Hope says she got a shot off, but she shot so badly that she doesn't know if she shot him. Bo says so one was Marlena, one was Kate. Hope says Marlena heard a shot before and after. Bo can't believe Marlena would attempt murder. Hope says Marlena knows he has to turn this in. Bo says he told John he'd protect his family, it looks like he's going to have to arrest his widow. Hope worries, what if the gun matches the casings. Bo says they'll have to wait for the report. Hope says if the shell at the church is a match, it means she fired. Bo says if they have the slug then it also means she missed EJ. He says three people went to kill, only one hit their mark. Hope asks what about the other suspects? Bo says Lucas says he was at the twins, Roman also appears clear. Hope tells Bo that he's going to have to tell Roman about Marlena. He knows, but Roman still thinks of her as the perfect woman. Hope says the DiMeras put her through hell for years, she can't really blame her for this. Bo says everyone has their breaking point. Bo says this one just hits too close to home. Bo says Shawn isn't helping, he tells her about Shawn messing up the evidence. Bo says Shawn is so headstrong. Hope says like his father. Bo says but he has her to pull him back down to the ground. Hope says and Shawn has belle. Bo wonders if he really does.

Later, Shawn shows up, he gives the gun to his dad and tells him what he knows. Bo says if this is a gun from the DiMera shooting, it will break this investigation wide open. Shawn later talks with Hope alone. Hope thinks Shawn is trying a little too hard, it takes time to become a good cop, his dad knows that. Shawn says he wants this for him too; for him, Belle and Claire. Hope tells Shawn that Bo is proud of him, but Shawn says he jumps on his case every time he makes a mistake. Hope says he doesn't want him to repeat them. Bo returns, he tells Shawn there is a good chance for a match, and Bo did a good job.  Later Shawn leaves, Hope thanks Bo for telling Shawn he was proud of him. Bo gets a call, he tells them to get a report on his desk. The gun was matched to a bullet at the church, prints too. It's enough to make an arrest.

Belle meets Phillip at the hotel. She tells him that she can't do this, she can't cheat on Shawn. Phillip says all he wants to do is talk; talk about her, Claire, school, her life. Phillip says he's sorry about how he came off before the wedding, he was angry. Belle says Hope found her phone and heard the voicemail he left, she knows they were together the night before the wedding. 
Belle says it gets better, she told her mom. Phillip says she should go, this is not right. He says he didn't help Shawn so he could get her into bed. He just wants to know, her walking out that door, will it be as tough for her as it will be for him watching her go? Belle says he is rich and successful as well as handsome, he can have any girl he wants. Phillip says he can go where he wants and do what he wants, but what he's bad at is letting go. He doesn't want to be the uncle that gives Claire a kiss once a year on her birthday. He tells Belle he meant it about tonight, no strings attached, she should go. He says she has the family she wants, go home. Belle says when she is with him she feels like she is home. She says it's the fairytale life. She says sometimes you can love two people with your whole heart, for different reasons. She says she loves him, and the thought of never seeing him again scares her. They then kiss! Phillip stops, he says she's married and loves Shawn. She says she loves him too. Phillip says it doesn't change anything, and no matter what they do, someone will get hurt. He kisses her on the forehead. 

Belle leaves and heads out. Both her and Phillip are in tears. Belle runs into Chloe in the hall way. She can't believe it. Belle thought she was in Vienna? Chloe thought she was on her honeymoon. She asks if Shawn is here? Meanwhile, Shawn returns to the pub, he learns Belle had to go to some emergency study group. He can't wait to tell her about tonight.

Roman shows up to see Kate with two cops. Roman says they found her gun, it matches a bullet at the church. She says she didn't shoot EJ. Roman is forced to arrest Kate. Roman tells Kate to do herself a favor and not say another word. He says she's under arrest for EJ's attempted murder. Kate says she didn't do it, he knows she's no killer. Roman simply reads her her rights. 



November 30 , 2007

Chelsea and Nick look at the photos they've developed from the raid on Ford's place. She thinks they are good enough to bust him. They are outside of the pub. They keep looking at them, even the journal entry is legible. They are waiting for Stephanie and Cordy to show up, she wants them both here when they bust Ford. Stephanie soon arrives, she couldn't get Cordy to come. Stephanie asks what is going on? Chelsea says she'll show her, follow her. They head into the pub.

Shawn is behind the bar, Steve and Bo are sitting at it. Shawn says he hopes Detective Brady isn't on duty. Shawn asks about the gun, Bo says it was Kate Robert's. Shawn can't believe he busted Phillip's grandma. Bo says technically Roman did. Bo does say that his application was just fast tracked to the academy. Shawn can't wait until he tells Belle. Bo asks if she'll be happy for him given she almost cost him his entrance? Shawn says they've dealt with that. Bo says the academy is tough, he'll need support from his family. Shawn says Belle is behind him. Steve, who had left to get something, shows up with some of Grandpa Shawn's private stash of booze. Steve tells Shawn to go find Belle and celebrate, they'll handle the bar. Shawn says he's gone and leaves. Steve thinks Shawn looks happy, but Bo doesn't. Steve asks Bo why he's not happy about all of this?

Nick, Chelsea and Stephanie show up at the pub. Chelsea surprises her dad with the evidence she got on Ford, she thinks it is enough to arrest him. Stephanie asks Chelsea if she's crazy? Why would she do this? Chelsea asks what she's talking about, they got him! Bo looks through all the photos, how they got photos of everything. Bo and Steve ask how they got these? They admit they broke in. Stephanie asks who made them FBI? Nick and Chelsea want to do something, but Bo says they were taken illegally. Steve suggests maybe someone dropped them off anonymously at the station? Chelsea says Uncle Steve is so cool. They look at the journal, how he's been rating the girls. Stephanie has more flashbacks, this time she sees Ford's face, though it's shadowed out. Nick and Chelsea tell Bo about the drug he's using, its sleeping pills for insomniac. Steve looks at the journal photos, he definitely has some system going. Stephanie says these are illegal, it's a waste of time. Bo says Stephanie is right. Chelsea says it's a good thing they did break in, Ford brought another girl home. He was going to rape her, but then he saw the broken window and sent her away. Chelsea also tells Bo there are two Theta's listed, they know one is Cordy, but the other they aren't sure who it is. Bo says he'll see what he can do, he'll try and get a warrant and go get the evidence. Nick and Chelsea says Ford apparently took it with him. Bo says without the evidence, the case against him is no good. Chelsea says there were there, they saw everything. Bo still needs evidence, and he doesn't want her going to get it. Steve also says the judge could just claim the photos are faked. Stephanie says they have to forget about him, but Chelsea says they can't as he'll keep doing this. Bo says he'll have a sweep of the area done, Ford could have dumped the stuff somewhere. Bo says he'll make a mistake. Chelsea says so they have to wait for him to make a mistake, until then he'll rape more women? Steve suggests to Bo they pay Ford a visit, as two angry dads. Stephanie begs them to stop this, they'll only make things worse. Stephanie says he won't just get mad, he'll get even. Bo and Steve say if you deal with a bully, they'll back down. Steve and Bo leave. Stephanie then asks Chelsea if she every thinks of anyone but herself? She is hurting others acting like some hero. Chelsea asks how she's hurting her? Stephanie says she's hurting Cordy, she doesn't want to relive this, no one does. Chelsea says this is a serious crime. Stephanie says Ford is just going to take this out on someone else!

Steve and Bo drop by Ford's room. Ford says show him as a warrant or he's calling his old man. They say they aren't here as cops, sorry to mislead him. They introduce themselves, saying he knows their daughters, and shove him down to the ground to talk to him. Ford says he doesn't know Chelsea, and this is harassment. Bo says then report him! Bo smacks Ford and tells him if he even looks at their daughters, step foot in the sorority house, or go near them on campus . . . . well he'll lose a very valuable body part. Bo says even his daddy won't recognize him when he's done with his pretty face. Steve tells Ford to feel free to report them to the dean, he has some nice photos of his journal and his drug stash. Steve and Bo then leave.  

At the station, Kate tells Roman she needs to talk to her son first. Roman asks why? Kate says Phillip is the last one who saw it, and she is not saying the gun is hers. Roman says her prints are all over it. Kate says he said he had a gun before, it was a lie. Roman says this isn't a lie. Roman says fine, call Phillip. Roman wants to know how this gun got on the streets. Kate says so does she. 

Chloe and Belle meet in the airport hotel hallway. Chloe and Belle are shocked to see one another. Chloe assumes she and Shawn are honeymooning here. Belle says it was great to see her, but she has to get back to Claire. Belle says Shawn is staying here by himself then? She jokes if she has to do some looking around, does Belle have someone else here? Chloe sees Belle is almost shaking in her skin. She asks if something is wrong. Belle says no, she's back in school, raising a daughter, life is a little crazy. Shawn calls Belle to see if study group is rapping up. Chloe realizes Shawn is on the phone, she wants to say hi. Shawn says he has a surprise for her so come home. Belle doesn't let Chloe talk, she just tells her that Shawn is really busy. Chloe is in town for their high school reunion, Belle suggests they get together before it. Chloe says she'd really like to see Phillip, she heard he was back in town too. Chloe thinks they should all grab a bite. Belle says Shawn and Phillip aren't friends anymore, it's a long story. Chloe asks if she has Phillip's number? Belle says he's at his dad's house.

In his hotel room, Phillip gets a call from his mom. Kate says she's at the station being charged with attempted murder, thanks to the gun that disappeared from his car. Phillip says don't say another word, he'll send a lawyer over and he's coming too. Phillip heads out, only to run into Belle and Chloe! Chloe says this is weird, she was just asking Belle where she could find him.  Chloe says he is as handsome as ever. Phillip says just missing a spare part or two. Phillip has to go, but says they'll be in touch. Chloe gives Phillip her number. Belle tells Chloe she and Shawn are at the pub. Chloe decides to go to her room and leaves. Belle worries, but Phillip says he'll explain it to Chloe, everything will be fine. 

Back at the station, Phillip shows up and tells Kate they don't have enough to hold her on, she'll be out soon. She says that is it? He asks what else she wants? Kate says loyalty. She doesn't think it was a coincidence that Shawn found the gun. She also says if he had gotten rid of the gun, she wouldn't be here. She wants him to use connections, make that gun disappear. Kate says if she goes down, he will too! She says suspects that Phillip sold her out because of Belle, she hopes whatever he got was worth it. Phillip storms off. Roman returns, Kate asks him how much trouble is she really in. Roman says that depends. He says he'll get them more coffee. Kate says she doesn't need more caffeine. She says she didn't pull the trigger, it went off on its own. The bullet from her gun hit the altar. Kate tells Roman how she is scared.  He brings her some coffee, they are still waiting for Phillip's lawyer to show up. Kate says if he even called him. Roman says she'll make bail. Kate says everyone knows she hates Sami, but she wouldn't try and kill her. Roman says but she wanted to. Kate says and Sami wanted to kill her too. Kate says one thing she and Sami have in common, is him, well and Lucas. She says she wouldn't have shot EJ, he was taking Sami from her son. Kate tells Roman she doesn't need a lawyer, she needs a friend. She needs a friend who will go into the evidence room and make sure the gun isn't seen again. She asks if he is that friend? Roman says he's sorry, the gun stays, he can't tamper with evidence. A cop shows up with a report from the lab. Roman leave to speaks with the officer, the other stray bullet was from Marlena's gun. Roman  wants him not to tell anyone, he says he'll take it from here. Kate seems to overhear this. 

Shawn heads back to his room and decides to slip into something a little more fun.  Later, Belle returns home to the pub and finds Shawn dressed up as a cop. She asks what he's doing? He says step away from the door and stay right where she is. She asks what the charges are? Shawn says he heard she has been stealing hearts. He is going to have to search her. She asks if he has a warrant. He picks her up and carries her to bed. He then pulls out the hand cuffs! Later they've made love. Shawn asks how she pleads to the charge of concealing information. She asks what kind of information? He says making so many great things happen. He asks what her secret is, does she have anything to confess to officer Shawn? He says he's kidding, he knows she has no secrets. He tells her about the gun, how it belongs to Kate. Shawn says now he's a shoe in for the academy. Belle says she's so proud of him. Shawn says it feels good to hear her say that. He says he sentences them to a life time of kisses and more. 

Phillip calls Chloe back and asks to meet her for a drink. Phillip goes to the hotel. He asks about Brady. She says Brady and her divorced, it didn't work out. She says it was finalized around when John died, they didn't want to dump it on Marlena. She says as for her career, she was a 5th tier diva in a town full of singers, it didn't pan out either. She says she misses home, the place she knows. She then asks about how she hears he and Shawn are out the outs. She wonders if it has anything to do with Belle coming out of his room? Phillip says it's not what she thinks. Chloe says relax, her marriage and career may have gone sour, but she still knows how to keep a secret. Phillip claims it's easier for Belle to talk to him and give him updates on Claire on neutral ground. He says Claire sees him more than a father than Shawn, Shawn is unhappy about that. Chloe still thinks something is up, if this is totally innocent, why is it a problem? Phillip says it isn't a problem, unless someone makes it one. He asks how long she's back for? She says she's moving back, things sound a heck of a lot more interesting on this side of the ocean. Chloe thanks him for the drink. He thanks her for not asking too many questions, he means about the war and the leg. Chloe is sorry they lost touch. Phillip says that it won't happen again. Chloe suggests hey all get together soon. Phillip tells Chloe she should let Shawn know she's back, he'll be glad to see her back. Chloe says with a little push they may all get that old magic back Chloe decides to head out. She then pulls out her phone to make a call.


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