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1st Week of October 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


October 1,  2007

At the cemetery, Abe and the cops are photographing the crime scene when Bo arrives. Bo can't believe this happened and says this job gets to him sometimes, seeing the innocent get hurt like this. He says you never get used to it. Abe asks if he'd want to? Abe says this is burnout from chasing the same bad guys over and over. Bo says Benjy is a good guy who never hurt anyone. Abe tells him not to let the anger control him, Steve has already gone off like a bomb as is, he took out of here like a bat out of hell. Bo thinks they need to guard Stefano, who is back in the hospital. Abe already posted a guard and has given instructions not to let him in. Bo says when Steve is angry, he's hard to stop. 

Elvis shows up saying he might be able to help them. Abe asks what he's doing here? EJ says he might have the fast track to finding Roman alive. Bo says he better not be yanking his chain. EJ knows he's worried about his brother. Bo wonders if EJ is worried about his brother. EJ is clueless, so Bo informs him about Benjy's death. Bo says if EJ didn't do it, then Andre did. EJ says he's sorry about this, and he'll send . . . Bo says what, condolences? Bo tells EJ to be a man and go face Benjy's widow in person so she can spit in his face. EJ didn't know, he would have stopped this if he could have. Bo says he was a good guy and his family killed him. EJ says it may be over for Benjy, but it doesn't have to be the end for Bo's family. EJ says the vendetta can end. EJ has the folio and the contents. Bo says so he knows the terms of ending the vendetta. EJ says he does, Sami told him. EJ shows him the wedding rings for Santo and Colleen, how they are the key to ending the vendetta. Bo says Sami won't marry him, but EJ says he's wrong and Sami's already agreed. EJ says she told his father, Stefano offered his blessing and offered to end the vendetta. Bo says Sami won't go through with it, Lucas won't let her and neither will he. EJ says it's the only way to save Roman, Sami knows this. Bo thinks EJ is enjoying this. EJ says Sami wants to end the vendetta, as does he. Bo asks and what about Sami's happiness? What about Shawn's happiness? Bo fills EJ in on the end of the story, Santo lied to Colleen about his wife being dead. He says Shawn found out and told Colleen, so she killed herself by committing suicide. EJ says he had no idea. Bo says his father has felt guilty ever since. Bo says only a sick SOB like EJ could reach into this tragedy to grab the golden ring, or in this case two rings. Bo says EJ gets what he wants and it doesn't matter what Sami wants. EJ says the bottom line is if he doesn't marry Sami then Roman will die. EJ asks Bo what he'll do, stand here and vilify him or save his brother? Bo asks what he did to force Sami to agree to this. EJ says it was Sami's decision actually. EJ says he came here to tell him that everything was being done to save Roman. Bo says Roman would rather die than have Sami marry him. 


Later Abe says an officer found this in the grave. Bo recognizes the item as Roman's. Abe thinks Roman was moved for Benjy, Andre must have figured they were onto him. EJ says Roman was saved as the vendetta will end. Abe then learns Sami is divorcing Lucas to marry him and end the Vendetta. Benjy is put in a body bag. Bo and Abe talk, Bo is sure Steve is going to go after Stefano for this. 

At the pub, Sami asks Lucas to hear her out. Lucas won't, he says she wants to marry the man who raped her, who shot John, who put him in a coma. What does she expect him to say? She says this is the only way for her family to survive. Lucas thought he was her family, as were Will, the babies. She says she's doing this to protect all of them. Lucas reminds her till death do they part, has she changed her mind? She says she hasn't, she doesn't want to do this. Lucas asks if she's marrying EJ to end the vendetta, or is ending the vendetta an excuse to marry EJ. He says be honest, does she love the guy? Sami can't believe Lucas asked her that. Sami tells Lucas she loves him more than anything. Lucas says they aren't talking about her feelings for him, they are talking about EJ. Sami says she loathes EJ. She says she wants to save her dad and protect her family, it is the only reason she's marrying him. Lucas says he gets Colleen's suicide is tragic, but it happened fifty years ago. Lucas asks why they are letting two dead people control their lives. Sami says her dad will be dead if she doesn't marry EJ. Lucas says this is such a joke, had they never gone to New Orleans then they wouldn't have found these letters and none of this would be happening. Sami says this started years ago in Ireland, before they even found the letters. She said had then not found them then they might not know how to end this. Lucas says he doesn't want the vendetta to end if he is going to lose her She says he won't lose her, this is a temporary sacrifice. Lucas asks her what makes her think she and EJ can escape Colleen and Santo's fate. She says she's not going to have a real marriage to EJ. Lucas says so she's going to divorce him based on the DiMeras word and marry EJ, does she really think they will spare her father? Sami says she doesn't have any other choice. Lucas says they've always been good at working together, they can meet with the family and figure out another way. Sami says there is no other way to satisfy the DIMeras demands. Lucas says he doesn't care if Santo loved Colleen, generations of Bradys shouldn't have to pay. Sami agrees, but that isn't the point. Lucas asks what the point is, what is he missing? Sami says they've never had a way to end this until Santo gave them one. She says Stefano wants to give his father the happy ending he didn't have. Lucas says just because she and EJ look like Colleen and Santo it means they should marry? Sami says to save her family, to save her father, she believes she was meant to do this. Lucas tells her not to tell him that, not to tell him this crap about fate. Sami says she does believe she is meant to be with Lucas. Lucas says that is right, he's her future. He says it's only by chance she and EJ look like their relatives. Lucas says he can't do this anymore, he can't yell and fight anymore. He storms off. Sami approaches him and asks him to talk. He says he doesn't want to talk, he doesn't want to fight, he has nothing to say. She says don't shut her out. Lucas says he's not the one slamming the door on them. Sami says it's not fair. Lucas says it's not, she's done this so many times to him. She seduces him into believing in her, that nothing will come between them, and now they are back at square one. Sami tells Lucas she will always love him forever, all she wants is to grow old with him and their kids and grandkids. Lucas asks how she can do that married to EJ and lying in his bed. Lucas says she can't say she loves him one minute and want a divorce the next. Sami says she'll only stay with EJ until Stefano dies, which could be at any moment. She says they'll sleep in separate beds, and soon she'll be back home. Lucas says Stefano always rises from the ashes, that is why they call him the phoenix. Lucas says says hell Stefano might even move in with them. Lucas says that is her future and he won't let it happen. Sami says he'll never lose her, and she hates hurting him like this. She asks what if it was him in her place, wouldn't he grab the chance to make everything right. Lucas says no, he couldn't rip her heart out like that. He also says he's not going to give her this divorce, because if he does, there is no turning back. He tells Sami to stay here where it is safe. He then leaves. 


Andre is in a car with Roman, who is out cold and his mouth duct taped. Andre tells Roman he's going home and it should be quiet an explosive home coming. 

Back at the pub, Sami is calling Bo at the station to find out if there is news on Roman, there is none. EJ shows up at the pub, Sami says they are closed. He asks how she's doing? Sami says her dad is still missing and for all she knows he could be dead. She thinks he and his father aren't holding up their end of the agreement. If her dad isn't found, this agreement is off. Suddenly Andre shows up with Roman, saying he has a treat for Sami, her dad has come home. She runs to Roman and hugs him. Roman is duct taped and tied up. He it still very much out of it. She wonders what Andre did to him. Andre holds a gun on Sami and EJ, he says they only went out site seeing. Andre says he's returning Roman to them, consider this a gift. He then tells them to open the coat. EJ opens his coat, strapped to Roman is a bomb! Andre says he hopes they don't already have one!

Kate shows up at the hospital to see Stefano. Kate asks if he knows where Roman is. Stefano says he has no idea where Roman is, it is Andre doing all of this. Kate wonders how Andre commits crimes in two locations at the same time. Stefano has something that will please her. She says she'll pass, it's late. He says it concerns Lucas and his marriage to Sami. This gets Kate's attention. She doesn't know what he could tell her that could make her happy. Stefano says what she'd say if he could arrange Sami divorcing Lucas and marrying EJ? Kate thinks he's on something other than morphine, he is imagining things here. Stefano asks if she's ever known him to make false claims. Kate says no. However she doesn't know how he thinks he can pull this off. Kate says Lucas and Sami are hopelessly in love. Stefano says everyone thinks love makes the world go round, but it's really money and sex. She asks what he's talking about. Stefano reveals to end the vendetta, Sami and EJ will continue the affair stared between Colleen and Santo years ago. They have both agreed to the terms. Kate laughs and tells Stefano that he is a wonderful man. Stefano says he knew she'd be grateful, God knows he could use some gratitude. Kate tells him that she knows he wants to celebrate, and she will oblige, but only after she sees the divorce decree. Kate says if Lucas comes to her face to face and tells him this, then she will take a long trip down memory lane with him. She says until then he'll have to suffer with his sentimental self. Stefano laughs and says so be it. Kate does give him a kiss. 

Steve arrives at the hospital, but is stopped by a guard from going into Stefano's room. The cop tells Steve he knows who he is and Abe has forbidden him to go in there, so he must leave. Steve thinks the officer heard wrong, but the officer shows him a mug shot he was given of him. Steve claims he was just told by Bo to come here as they want to make use of his history with Stefano to help them. The officer says when he hears from Bo, then he'll let Steve in. Steve says fine, but Bo won't be happy about this.


Lucas later shows up to see Stefano, only to find Kate with him. He wonders why Kate is here, what are the two of them up to. Stefano says they were taking a stroll down memory lane. Lucas says he should have known they were in on this. Kate says this isn't a conspiracy. He says then what, a victory celebration? Lucas says Sami dropped a divorce bomb on him, so what will Kate do now that she's gotten what she always wanted. Kate says she is sorry and she does know Lucas loved her. Lucas says they still love each other. Lucas tells Stefano he convinced Sami that she has to marry EJ to end the vendetta. He wonders when the two of them concocted this up. Lucas is tired of this game of his mom's, but he won't forgive her this time, this stunt makes the others look like charity work. Kate swears she didn't know. Stefano says this is true, he just told Kate. Lucas says there will be no divorce and storms out. Kate then follows him. 

Steve meanwhile is still hanging around. He says he is calling Bo to make the officer one sorry dude. The officer says be his guest. Steve calls Bo, saying he's at the hospital outside Stefano's room, but the guy at the door won't let him in. Steve then hands the phone to the guard. Bo tells Steve to get his butt out of that hospital now and down to the cemetery. Of course the guard thinks the order is for him, not Steve, so the guard leaves! Steve them slips into Stefano's room. He pulls out a gun and tells Stefano this time he's not going home from the hospital. 



October 2, 2007

Lucas goes to his car, but Kate follows and jumps in with him. Kate says they have to talk, but Lucas doesn't think so. Kate asks him to let her explain. He says there is nothing to explain, and he won't listen to her. He says listening to her is a waste of time, she can't tell the truth. Kate says she'd do anything for him. Lucas thinks she's done enough. He says he finally got what she wanted, she ripped Sami out of his life. Kate says no, she'd do anything for him. Lucas says then get out of his car, out of his life, stay away from him. Kate says she never wanted to see him unhappy. She says if she thought Sami was the right woman . . . Lucas says he doesn't want to hear it, he loves her and she loves him. He says yeah they fight, they argue and they even said they hated each other at times. Kate says she hurt him, but Lucas says he hurt her too. Lucas says he loves her and she won't accept it and probably never will. Kate says all she's ever wanted was good things for him, an education, a career, all the happiness in the world. Lucas says she's always done everything she could to come between him and what makes him happy, it's always been like that. Kate says she always remembers putting him first, so he could have the things she thought he needed to be a good man. Kate says he is a good man. She says she is very proud of him. She says she must have done a little something right. Lucas says pat yourself on the back if you have to, but not around him. He tells her to get out of his car, he doesn't want her around. He says stay out of his life and leave him alone. Kate remembers when was born, there was something beautiful about him. He says something that made her decide to make his life a living hell? She says she tried to give him the best life she could. She says she's not denying that she made mistakes, unforgivable ones. She says she never stopped wanting the best for him. He says he wants her to get out of his car now, he doesn't want to hear another word of this. He asks if he has to yank her out himself, because he will. He goes to do that, so Kate cries and says okay! She gets out of his car. 


Later Lucas calls Sami and leaves a message. He tell her that he loves her and doesn't want to fight anymore. He says he loves her, she's the only woman he'll love. Kate then jumps back in the car. She tries to convince him that she had nothing to do with Sami's decision. She says the thought that this misunderstanding could come between them is unbearable to her. She begs Lucas not to let that happen. She swears she didn't know, she was getting used to the idea of Sami, she's having her grandchildren. Lucas tell Kate he doesn't want to hear it, she doesn't exist to him anymore, from this moment on she is on her own. He says he is not her son, his name is not Lucas Roberts anymore. He says he's going file papers and take the name he always should have had, Lucas Horton. Suddenly over the radio comes news that Steve is holding Stefano hostage. 

At the cemetery, Bo is having men look for more evidence that could help them find Roman. He also expects Steve to show up. Hope arrives, Bo tells Hope that Roman's badge was in the grave. However Roman wasn't in there, but Benjy was. Bo says Benjy is dead. Hope thinks Steve must be crazy with grief. Bo explains Stefano is at the hospital and being guarded by a new cop on the force. Bo says the guy is good, Steve showed up and the guy got rid of him. Bo says Steve is on his way here, he asked Hope to meet them because she always keeps Steve calm. He says Kayla doesn't know about Benjy, and he needs her help keeping Steve calm and not focused on revenge. Hope says Steve won't give up that easily, she should go to the hospital to check on things. Bo is sure things will be fine. The cop guarding Stefano's door shows up and tells Bo he got here as fast as he could. Bo asks who sent him here? The cop says he did. Bo says he's never spoken to him in his life. The cop says he said he wanted his butt out of this hospital and down here. Bo realizes that is what he told Steve, not the cop. 


At the hospital, Steve holds a gun on Stefano and keeps him from calling for help. Stefano tells Steve to be reasonable. Steve says nothing is more reasonable than making someone pay for their crimes. Stefano says he's going to end back up in that padded room. Steve doesn't care, he'll be fine with that as long as it's after Stefano's funeral. Stefano says tell him what happened, he owes him that much. Stefano asks what Andre has done now. Steve laughs and says like he doesn't know. Steve says they dug up his grave. Stefano asks what they expected to find? Steve says he knows, but Stefano doesn't. He begs to know. Steve says they thought Roman was in the box. Steve says but Roman wasn't in there, Benjy was in there. Stefano says what? Steve says Benjy, his son. Stefano says no, Andre would not dare. Steve says Andre does what he tells him to do. Stefano says he would not sanction the murder of his son. Steve says Stefano made Andre what he is and turned him lose on the people he loves. Steve says Stefano trained him too, and will show him what a good job he did. Stefano tells Steve to pull the trigger. He says the vendetta will go on. Stefano says he's tried to end it, call Sami as she knows. He says the end of the vendetta has begun, but if Steve kills him, nobody will call off the dogs and the Bradys will suffer even more. Stefano tells him to kill him and the Vendetta will go to the end of time, is that what he wants? Steve says what he wants is everything back that Stefano took from him and his family, the memories, the lost years. Steve says right now he just wants Benjy. Stefano says his boy . . . Steve calls him a fake and a liar. Stefano tells Steve not to mock his pain. Steve asks Stefano if he remembers what Benjy was like as a little boy? Steve does, he remembers when he and Kayla found him out on the street all by himself. Steve says he looked at Kayla and something in him lit up. Steve says after awhile Benjy became a happy boy, he had that silly monkey grin. Steve says when he smiled he would shine. Stefano says he saw something in that boy that he had not seen since. Steve says because he stomped it out, being a part of Stefano's life destroyed him. Steve says Benjy tried to run away from him, he hated knowing he was Stefano's son. Steve says he lived ever day of his life scared, scared he'd disappoint his father. Stefano says he couldn't as he knew how special he was. Steve says and Benjy knew one day Stefano would give him the orders and if he didn't follow them he'd be punished. Steve says Benjy didn't want to live like that, he wanted to be free of him and Stefano knows it. Steve says but Stefano couldn't leave him alone could he. Steve calls him a son of a bitch. Steve says Benjy was more a part of his family than Stefano's, and now he'll get him some justice. Stefano's phone rings, it's EJ calling him. Steve tells him not to answer it. Stefano says what or he'll kill him? Stefano says he's not afraid of death, he has lived in its shadow every day of his life. He says death is but a breath away, and part of him sometimes craves its release. He tells Steve to pull the trigger, he'll die knowing Steve will spend the rest of his life suffering for his murder. Stefano tells Steve he is insane. Steve says he made him that way. Stefano says yes, that was his mistake and he regrets it. Steve says he has something planned for Stefano so get up and get dressed, or wear his jamies, Steve doesn't care.


Bo soon calls Steve, telling him not to do this. Steve says he can't hear him, the call is dropping out. Bo says if Steve hurts Stefano then he can't protect him. Steve says well he can't protect Benjy, and now he has to do what he started at the funeral. Steve hangs up. Bo and Hope, at the cemetery, rush to the hospital. By time they arrive, Steve and Stefano are gone. Later  Hope sees something on the news about Roman. At the news station, Steve shows up with Stefano as his hostage! He goes on air with a gun to Stefano, he demands the show stays on the air. Steve says they are going to find out just how much Stefano's family really loves him. Bo shows back up at the hospital where Hope is watching the broadcast. He too sees Steve and Stefano on the air.


At the pub, Andre holds a gun on Roman, who has a bomb strapped to him. The timer isn't set, Sami knows this. She also says Roman appears drugged. Andre says the damage isn't permanent. Sami talks to her dad and asks if he can hear her? Sami tells Andre to take the bomb off. EJ says things have changed, has he spoken to Stefano? Andre hasn't, but he says he doesn't need to as he  already knows what goes on in Stefano's mind. Andre says he is Stefano's true son, not like Tony and EJ. EJ says father called off the vendetta, is he going to defy Stefano's word? EJ says they both know what happens when he gets angry. Andre asks what would make Stefano call off the vendetta. EJ says the terms Santo laid out have been met. Sami says hold on, she hasn't agreed to have her father tied up and strapped with a bomb. Andre says it seems Sami isn't willing to meet the terms. Sami says she never said she wouldn't honor the agreement, she will. She says the deal she made was to marry EJ if her family was safe, but it doesn't look like her terms are being met. She says her dad has been beaten and wrapped in a bomb. She tells Andre to let him go or they are done talking. Andre says he'd be very happy to see her stop talking . . . in his own special way. EJ tells Andre to call father and talk to him. EJ says he'll call him and he can hear it from Stefano. Of course Stefano doesn't answer, as Steve has him hostage. Andre then sets the timer on Roman's bomb, it's set to go off in five minutes. He tells Sami she should start saying goodbye now. Roman finally wakes up and begs Sami to just go. Andre says they can't stop the timer or move anything or the bomb will go off. Sami calls Bo for help, but Andre says not even Bo can get here in five minuets. Andre berates her for wasting her four minutes left calling people for help. Sami gets a hold of Bo and tells him about Roman. Sami begs Bo to help her, tell her what to do. Bo says he'd have to see the bomb to tell her what to do. Bo tells Sami to let him talk to Roman. Roman talks to Bo, Bo asks if there is anyway to defuse the bomb. Roman says it's too late, Sami needs to get out of there. Roman says he loves him, tell Mom and Pop he loves them. Sami talks to Bo, who tells her to get the hell out of there. Sami won't let her babies be blown up or let her dad die. Roman begs her to go, EJ tells her they should leave. Andre thinks it's time for his exit as well Suddenly Andre Sami and EJ see Steve on the TV holding Stefano hostage. Steve demands Andre bring Roman to him alive and healthy, or the curtain goes down on Stefano!



October 3, 2007

Chelsea and Stephanie are at the sorority house. Chelsea remembers her talk with Stephanie about how she rejects everyone out of a fear of rejection. Chelsea isn't happy, she was in the middle of studying when they called her down to this house, which is freezing. Stephanie says it is called hazing. Morgan, Cody and Carmen gather all the girls around. Morgan tells the pledges they have some work to do tonight. Morgan says tonight they will begin the decision process as to who will be joining them and who will go packing. Morgan talks about how they always raise the most money for their charity, the women's shelter, and she's not about to let that change. Morgan says they will be divided into teams and can plan any kind of event to raise money, as long as it is legal. She says no topless car washes! Stephanie says there goes her idea! Morgan says the team that raises the most will automatically be voted in and will be added to their wall of Alpha Chi Theta Angels. Stephanie and Chelsea laugh at this, wondering if the honor comes with a sash to wear. Morgan puts them in their place saying she is proud of her accomplishments and would be happy to help them realize their full potential, if they get in. Morgan tells the ladies they have 48 hours, get to work. Chelsea and Stephanie both know if they don't win this, they won't be getting in to this sorority.


Stephanie and Chelsea go to the Cheatin' Heart to discuss how to raise money and fast. Stephanie makes fun of Morgan, saying she enjoys dieting and reading to the blind. Chelsea says under that fake tan and hair she might be nice. She also says if they get in, it will look good on their resume. Stephanie also says some of the frat boys are gorgeous. Some boys walk in, Stephanie likes the one who is captain of their swim team. Chelsea wonders if this means Stephanie is over Jeremy? Stephanie says Jeremy told her to get over him. Chelsea still wonders what Stephanie would do if Jeremy walked in the door. Stephanie keeps flirting with the guys in the bar. Adrienne shows up and takes their orders. They ask why she's so busy on a weeknight? Adrienne says college football. Adrienne is understaffed too, one of her waitresses called out. Adrienne wonders if they . . . . no she couldn't ask them to help out. Chelsea and Stephanie learn they could make a few hundred bucks in tips if they worked, so they agree to help. As they work, Chelsea gets a great idea from her aunt, who admits those college guys are really hot. Stephanie thinks they should have a college guy auction! Chelsea thinks this will be hard to pull off in two days, they need a place to do it and get the word out. Chelsea asks how they'd even recruit guys? Stephanie says no problem. She approaches a table of guys and asks them if they had a chance for a hot college coed to fight for a chance for a date with them, would they turn it down? The one guy says don't let him stop the two of them. Stephanie says she's not talking about them. She tells them about her idea, the one guy says start the bidding, he's all theirs. Stephanie tells Chelsea it was a piece of cake, but Chelsea says that guy agreed because she flirted with him. Chelsea still thinks this will be hard, but Stephanie calls her a buzz kill and asks if she's in or not. Chelsea thinks it could work. Stephanie says frat boys think they are God's gift, they'll hit the hottest houses and make them think it is an honor to be chosen. Stephanie says it will be fun and maybe she'll meet someone interesting. Chelsea says who like Swimmer Boy over there? The guy then spanks Adrienne, who is serving them, on her butt! Chelsea eventually agrees to do it, but she says they have to do this to win. Stephanie says you better believe it. 


At the hospital, Bo and Hope watch Steve on the TV holding Stefano hostage. He demands Andre bring Roman to the station alive and well. Bo informs Hope that Andre is at the pub, he had a bomb strapped to Roman. Hope calls the precinct to find out if the pub basically exploded and reports were called in. Bo meanwhile calls Sami to find out if Andre is watching this. Hope says nobody has received any explosion reports, so Bo says he should get over there. Lucas then shows up, he can't believe this is happening. Lucas says he's been trying to find Sami, do they know where she is? Bo explains what is happening with Sami, Roman, Andre and the bomb. They watch the TV broadcast, Andre calls in to Steve agrees to make a deal with Steve. Bo plans to head to the station to stop Steve from killing Stefano. Lucas and Hope go with him.


At the pub, Andre is watching the broadcast. Roman is yelling at Sami to go, EJ tells Andre to defuse the bomb or they'll all die. There is only 15 seconds left! Andre pulls a wire and stops the bomb. He however says he can start it back up at any time. EJ says he told him this vendetta was over, so call Steve and say he will exchange Stefano for Roman. Andre says EJ is not in charge. EJ says Steve will kill Stefano, he was programmed to do this. Stefano comes over the TV asking Andre to please do this. He says nobody has to get hurt, he will be rewarded. Andre calls the station and talks to Steve. Steve says what Andre says, will he make a trade? He says Stefano isn't in mint condition, he has a few recently acquired used parts, but he's still in good condition. Steve asks if they have a deal. Andre says yes, Roman is his. Steve says good news, especially for Stefano. Steve tells Andre to bring Roman to the station, but Andre wants to meet someplace neutral. Stefano talks to Andre, telling him to follow Steve's instructions. He promises to help Andre in any way he can. Steve tells Andre he has ten minutes to get Roman here, don't be late. Andre plans to take Roman to the station, but first decides to finally do something about Sami and EJ, who have been a thorn in his side for too long. 


Bo, Hope and Lucas arrive at the station. Bo talks to the manager, who is glad the police are finally here. Bo tells him to keep his cameras rolling, he'll handle this. Bo decides to talk to Steve, who is holding a gun on Stefano. Lucas calls Sami, who isn't answering the phone. Bo tries to calm Steve down. Stefano wants Bo to disarm this lunatic, but Steve says Stefano is the one who buried his son alive. Bo tells Steve to calm down, Andre is on his way with Roman. Steve says this will get ugly if he doesn't make it in time. Bo says nobody is killing anyone. Lucas meanwhile thinks something is not right, he's going to the pub. Andre then shows up with Roman. Lucas asks where Sami is? Andre says oops they forgot Salem's own Helen of Troy. Bo says if Andre hurt Sami then he's only made things worse. Lucas asks where Sami is? Andre says he heard that Lucas and Sami were getting divorced, but Lucas says no way will that happen. Stefano says the vendetta is over, EJ and Sami will marry. Andre says maybe in hell, but in this life time there will be no wedding. Lucas again asks where she is, Andre says you know the proverb, if at first you don't succeed, try again. He tells them by now Sami is a mere memory. Lucas thinks Andre is lying. Bo asks Roman if this is true. Roman nods. Bo asks if she's at the pub, Roman nods that she's at the pub, so Lucas runs off. Andre says he'll be a little too late. Stefano asks Andre what in God's name has he done? Andre says what Stefano should have done months ago when Elvis made his first mistake. Stefano calls him a fool, he has done this all for Elvis! Andre says really? Andre says he's done everything for Stefano and he's left it all to the bloody brit? Why is he even trying to save his life? Stefano says he'll get everything he deserves, he promises him. Stefano says he's gone too far this time. Bo tries to save Roman, but Andre ends up taking Hope hostage. Steve still holds the gun on Stefano and demands he let her go. Andre says or what he'll kill Stefano? Steve says first Stefano then him. Andre doesn't care, shoot him, Steve is just another pawn like him. He doesn't care if Stefano dies. Stefano begs Andre not to do this. He asks what has happened to him? Andre says he has tried to please him, be the soldier he trained him to be. Stefano says the war is over, but Andre says it's over when he says it is. He tells Bo from now on he'll be dealing with Andre DiMera. Bo throws over his gun and tells Andre to take him, he's a Brady. Bo reminds Andre they had a deal, he tells Steve to release Stefano. Steve does. Andre says he's had a change of heart, he's done taking Stefano's orders and Hope is much more valuable to him. Bo says he won't get away with this, he'll spend his life behind bars. Andre says Hope is an excellent bargaining chip. Andre begins making his way out with Hope. 


At the pub, EJ and Sami have been tied up in the kitchen and the gas from the stove is on. EJ asks if her grandparents are home, but Sami says no. He asks if they have borders, but Sami says no as they were just about to put an ad in the paper. EJ says well it won't look good to rent a room above the imminently infamous Brady kitchen. EJ and Sami are trying to break free. They are trying to wiggle over to the door. They knock a bottle of liquor over, Sami then feels something is wrong with the babies. EJ works to try and get their hands free, but they can't. EJ thinks to grab some of the glass that broke to cut the ropes. Sami gets the glass, she hands it to EJ to try and cut the ropes. HE won't let Sami do it as she could cut herself. EJ however is seemingly passing out, as is Sami. EJ tells Sami to stay with him, talk to him. Sami comes too and EJ manages to cut them loose. EJ then goes and turns the gas off on the stove. Sami thanks EJ, who says they need to get some air. Sami runs and opens the door, but EJ is weak and passing out. Sami tells EJ to get up, he can't do this. She tells him not to die on her, she needs him, this vendetta won't end without him. Sami cries she doesn't want him to die, he can't die on her. She says she hates him for everything he's done to her and her family, but she doesn't want him to die. She says she hates herself for this, but she cares about him and doesn't want him to die. EJ comes too. Sami holds him and says he'll be okay, she is here. At this point Lucas shows up and sees them together. 


October 4, 2007
At the Cheatin Heart, Stephanie and Chelsea are still working or their idea for the auction and trying to put together an ad. Stephanie thinks they should call it "Bid on a Bod" or "Auction Your Assets." Chelsea still says they need a way to get guys to go up on the block. Max walks in, Stephanie thinks that won't be a problem. Max comes over to see them, he's here to speak to Adrienne about a job. Chelsea says so he lost the garage? Max says he did. Chelsea says another score for Jeremy. Stephanie tell Max that she and JEremy are officially over. Stephanie then asks Max for help, she and Chelsea ask him to partake in their auction. Max doesn't think so, he's not ready to put his heart in the meat grinder again. They say it's just one date, but he passes. Max walks off. Chelsea says Max still really likes Stephanie, if she just said the word, she could have him.

Max meets with Adrienne about the job. She's not sure. Max says nobody is better behind the bar than a Brady, plus he's had a lot of experience working at the pub. Adrienne says their clients here are different than the pub though. Max suggests a trial run to see how he does, but Adrienne gives him the job. He thanks her. 

Chelsea and Stephanie meanwhile continue working. Stephanie comes up with the idea how to lure in the crowd, they'll offer free beer and pizza. She says once everyone is gathered, then they'll spring the auction on them. Chelsea asks who pays for the beer and pizza? Stephanie says they'll take it out of the auction money, they should have tons of money left over. Adrienne overhears them and offers to donate the Cheatin Heart, beer and pizza herself. Stephanie accepts, but Chelsea doesn't like the idea of taking this for free. Stephanie thinks it will draw new customers in, so in the end Adrienne wins, as do they. Max comes over to say he got the job. Adrienne then comes over to talk to Stephanie. She tells Stephanie about her dad being in trouble. Stephanie says she has to get to the station. Max offers to drive her, so they leave.

At the pub, Lucas watches as Sami holds EJ and cries. He leaves unnoticed. EJ soon comes to and jokes with Sami, saying she's so beautiful. She's furious with him, they end up in an argument. Sami lets EJ know she loves Lucas, he is her life and always will be even though she's marrying him. She says it's to end the Vendetta only. EJ says blah blah blah, whatever, saying Lucas is talking through her. Sami tries to get up, but has trouble. EJ offers to help, but she refuses his help. He says he's just trying to be a gentleman. She says good luck with that.

At the station, Roman has his men arrest Steve. Stefano tells Steve congratulations, he saved Roman, but has probably gotten Hope killed! Roman wants Steve taken downtown, locked up and given his one call. He wants Steve saying nothing until a lawyer shows up. Stefano tells Steve how he is so going to enjoy destroying him now that the Vendetta is over and he has free time. He says Steve will be locked up in that state hospital for the rest of his life for this. Steve wants Roman to get to the hospital, but Roman is worried about Sami at the moment.

Later Roman learns SAmi is okay when EJ arrives and informs Stefano they are both fine. Roman is put on a gurney and taken to the hospital. Kayla arrives to see Steve. She says what he did was so brave, yet at the same time stupid. Steve just wanted to save Roman. Steve has to tell her how Andre escaped and took Hope. Kayla is furious and yells at Stefano, who is sipping a drink, that she and her family have had enough of this war! 

EJ talks with Stefano, who is upset over Benjy's death and what Andre has done. He says he never should have lost faith in EJ, and now their family is in ruins. EJ says their family will be back and better than ever. He says the vendetta is ending, but the DiMera dynasty will go on. EJ talks about how he will be raising Sami's twins, and even though they aren't his by blood, he will raise them as DiMeras. Stefano doesn't think Lucas will like that. EJ says Lucas will be a part time father to them only, and over time he bets his visits to the twins diminishes. He says if Lucas doesn't like this, then he'll be silenced. Stefano asks what he means? Stefano says this marriage will end the violence. EJ says he just means he'll deal with Lucas. HE decides to take a page out of Santo's book and show Sami who and what she really needs, him.

On the roof, Andre holds Hope hostage. Bo shows up and tries to negotiate with him. Andre however says he knows the page in the police manual he's getting all these lines from. Bo claims this isn't a trick. He offers Andre immunity, if Andre testifies against Stefano and puts him away. He says Stefano will be gone, as will EJ, and Andre can inherit the DiMera Empire. Andre doesn't believe Bo and threatens to jump off the roof with Hope. He perches them on the ledge, but Bo doesn't think Andre will actually kill himself. Bo eventually signals to Hope, saying when push comes to shove, Andre won't do this. She gets the hint and pushes Andre. Bo fires, Andre is hit and goes over . . . .pulling Hope with him! Bo rushes to the ledge and saves Hope, who manages to hold on. Andre someone lives, but is in bad shape. He's taken to the hospital. The cops inform Bo that Roman is okay and was taken there as well. Hope tells Bo how she was so scared. SHe says she remembers as a little girl laying in bed trying to remember how her mother's voice sounded, she couldn't. She pictures Ciara doing the same thing. Bo says it's over now, but Hope asks is it? She says the monster is still alive and Steve is going to jail. Bo says she's right, it's far from over.

At the hospital, Roman is recovering when Sami shows up. He's so happy to see her. She explains she's fine, and the tests indicate the twins are okay as well. She learns Andre took Hope hostage and says when she marries EJ, all this will end. Roman says she will never marry EJ, that won't end this, but only make things worse. She says she only has to stay married long enough for Stefano to die, but ROman thinks EJ won't let her go, and then the war will start back up. Later Roman is taken for tests and Lucas shows up to see Sami. She can see something is bothering him, he just claims it is the fact their children will be raised as DiMeras. They argue about what Sami is doing. Lucas proposes that they just leave Salem. Sami says it's a nice idea, but even if they were away and safe, can they be happy knowing the rest of the Bradys are being picked off one by one? Lucas says she can't marry EJ. He says she thinks she'll be able to leave him, but EJ won't ever let that happen once she's his wife, this is what EJ wants. He also says he may not take her back if she leaves him. Will happens to walk in at this point and asks his mom if she is walking out on them?



October 5 , 2007


At the hospital, Sami asks Will why he's here? He wasn't supposed to be back till tomorrow. Will says she's stalling, answer the question, is she leaving them. Lucas asks Will to answer the question as to how he got back so soon? Will says he took an earlier flight home. He then asks again if she's leaving them? Sami says it's complicated. Will says she finally got a marriage right, and to his dad, so now she's leaving him? What did she meet someone better? Sami says no, worse. Lucas says Sami is marrying EJ. Will says that slime ball? Has she gone crazy while he's been away? Sami explains if she marries EJ, the vendetta between the Bradys and the DiMeras will be over. Will asks who came up with that crazy idea? Sami says not her. Lucas says Sami thinks if she marries EJ, he and the twins will be safe. Sami says they will all be safe, there will be no more attacks and no more looking over their shoulders. Sami says she loves Lucas more than anything and always will, but she has to do this and she hopes he can try and understand. She hopes he doesn't hate her. Will says he doesn't hate her, he thinks she's amazing. He then gives his mom a hug. Lucas says he's okay with this? Will says no, but he gets it, Sami is making a sacrifice for their family. Will says he spent his whole summer hiding in Zurich and away from them. He says he did dig the alps and Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie, but he would have rather been here. He says instead of his dad teaching him how to drive, some guy name Lars did. Will says if he could talk mom out of this he would, but they all know how she gets when she decides to do something. Lucas says he does. Will says it won't be forever, and mom won't be EJ's wife for real, it's just a piece of paper. Sami says that is right. Will says he's proud of her and they should support her. Will decides to head home and let them talk.


Sami cries to Lucas that Will understands. Lucas says he's a great kid, he has a big heart and he's proud of him. Sami is proud of him too and glad he's home. Lucas is just glad Will doesn't know the whole truth. Lucas says there is more to this EJ thing than saving the Bradys and they both know it. Sami says she doesn't have feelings for EJ. Lucas says she's convinced herself of that, but he saw her holding EJ in her lap. She says why didn't he say anything? She says she was glad EJ didn't die, it was only for a moment, she reacted to the situation. Lucas says she was holding him like a poor child. Sami says she thought he was going to die. Lucas thinks EJ is the last person she should be showing loving concern for. Sami says it was concern, not loving concern. Sami tells Lucas the way he's acting he acts like he walked in on them doing it. Lucas says that is just an act, this seemed like something more. Sami says he's being so pig headed, and this is all because she keeps getting in these life altering situations with EJ. Lucas says maybe it's destiny. Sami says no, she is fated to be with him, she believes fate is on their side. Lucas says he believes in free will and controlling your own destiny, fighting for what you want. Sami says she is fighting. Lucas says yeah, for EJ. He thinks she needs to admit that, if not to him, then to herself. She says he thinks she's in love with EJ? She remembers what he did to her. Lucas says she doesn't think of him as an enemy anymore. She says she has seen him change, go against his family and the will they imposed on him. Lucas thinks she's making excuses. He says she needs to take a long hard look inside herself and she'll see he's right. Sami says she swears the only reason she is marrying EJ is because he's a means to an end. She says it will end the vendetta, it will be separate bedrooms and separate lives. Lucas thinks if Stefano finds that out, he'll start the war again. If she marries EJ, she will be under the DiMera thumb for the rest of her life. Sami says she will be EJ's legal wife, that is the deal, they can't break it. Lucas says she is naive, they can't take their word. Sami says this is what Santo wanted, this will end the vendetta. Sami says if she doesn't do this she'll never be able to forgive herself. She says have faith in her and their love that they will be back together. Sami says she just has to know he'll wait for her. She says tell her that he'll wait. Lucas gives her a kiss. He says goodbye Sami and walks off! 


Shawn is talking a walk because he's bored. A nurse orders him back into his room, saying he needs to rest and not let the burns get infected. She gives him a few more minutes to walk around, he claims he wants to find some magazines to read. Meanwhile Lauren shows up and Shawn notices her. He begins following her. Shawn wonders what Lauren is doing here. Shawn finds the nurse and asks to make a phone call, a child's life could be at stake. He tries to call Belle, but she's not answering and it keeps going to voice mail. 


Belle is at the Cheatin Heart having a drink, studying and thinking about being trapped in the freezer with Shawn. Adrienne asks Belle how she's doing, does she like being back in school? Belle says it is hard work, but she likes it. Adrienne asks how Shawn is? Belle says still in the hospital, but he's doing good and should be out soon. She says he was hurt saving her life. Adrienne says that is what you want in a man, someone who will protect you and keep you safe. Adrienne sees Kayla show up, so she excuses herself. Phillip then shows up and meets Belle. Belle asks if he has any leads? Phillip says the search is over. Belle thinks he's found Tyler and hugs him. Belle says tell her everything. Phillip says he hasn't found Tyler. He says the trail is cold, it is hopeless. She says no he will find him. Phillip says it is like Lauren and Tyler have vanished. He says for all they know they left the country, or worse. Phillip worries Lauren could have done something to Tyler. Belle says don't think that. Phillip says he has to face the possibility that Tyler could be dead. Belle says Lauren is screwed up, but she's not abusive and not the kind of person who would . . . .Phillip says they don't know anything about her really. He says he can't let this consume him like pursuing Claire did. He says he may never find Tyler and he has to hope that Tyler is okay and well taken care off. Belle can't believe she is hearing this from him, what happened to the man who went to the ends of the earth for Claire, what happened to the man who never says die. Phillip says he's scared, what if this ends in a way he can't deal with. He says he's already lost one kid. Belle says he hasn't lost Claire, she'll always be a part of his life. She doesn't want him to give up on Tyler, but Phillip doesn't know how he can find him. Phillip says this way he can imagine them with a loving couple. Phillip says sure he won't have the money he could give him, but that could be a good thing. Phillip says sometimes he wonders how he would have turned out if he wasn't the son of Victor, he may have been a better person. Belle says he is a wonderful person. Belle says it would be wonderful if Tyler was with a wonderful family, but what if he's not? Phillip still says he has no idea what he's up against, what Lauren did and what he might find. Belle says whatever he find, they'll face it together. She says she'll be by his side and hugs him. Phillip's watch gets caught in her hair, they laugh because this has happened before. Belle gave him the watch for a birthday present, he loves it. He remembers one time it was a mood killer in bed, and instead they fell asleep in each other's arms. Belle says okay, enough of the trip down memory lane and reliving intimate moments. Phillip says he's sorry, he wasn't trying to make her uncomfortable. Belle just rather they not go there. She says he'll find Tyler and when he does, he'll be the luckiest boy in the world. Phillip's phone rings, it is Shawn calling. He says get to the hospital, Lauren is here and is in the women's room. He says get here now or she'll be gone. 

Back at the hospital, Lauren comes out of the ladies room. Shawn grabs her and says she's not going anywhere until Phillip gets here and she tells him where his kid is. The nurse shows up, Lauren claims this man is assaulting her so call the cops. The nurse says this man has burns all over him, so she doubts he is assaulting anyone . . . especially in a hospital. Shawn says call the cops, this girl has been keeping his friend's kid from him and leading them on a goose chase. Lauren says it was a misunderstanding, don't call the cops. The nurse says that was a quick change of heart, she leaves. Lauren tells Shawn he's wasting his time, Tyler is gone. Shawn lays into her, saying nothing she does makes any sense to him. He says she has the kid, she wants money for the kid, then she disappears and won't give the kid back. Lauren doesn't know what to say. She then pushes Shawn away and tries to run. Shawn is hurt as he hits the wall when Lauren pushes him. Phillip and Belle show up at this point, Phillip grabs Lauren as Belle tends to Shawn. Shawn says Tyler isn't here, she's alone. Phillip demands to know where Tyler is. Lauren says he's gone! Phillip asks what she did to him? Did she kill his son? Lauren says when she left him hew was fine. The cops show up and grab Phillip, Lauren runs off and falls down the steps! Everyone follows, she lays at the bottom of the stairs. Phillip yells to get the doctors quick.


Back at the Cheatin Heart, Kayla talks with Adrienne. She can't believe Steve lost it like that, she thought they were okay. Adrienne says they will get him out, Jack is going to make sure Steve looks like a hero in all this in the papers and on the news. Kayla says it doesn't matter if he looks like a hero, he held a gun to a man's head and will have to pay. Adrienne asks what Mickey says? Kayla says Mickey thinks they should plead temporary insanity over Benjy's death. Adrienne asks how she's dealing with this? Kayla says it just hasn't sunk in really. Kayla says Benjy's wife is devastated, she and the baby were sent out of town for their safety. Kayla says she probably never thought when she kissed Benjy goodbye that it would be the last time.  Adrienne is glad Andre is in custody. Kayla says she blames Stefano for this, he created Andre. He hopes Stefano's guilt over what happened to his son eats him alive.


At the station, Bo is looking at Steve's booking photo and remembering the events of the past few days. Bo doesn't know how Steve will beat this. Stefano shows up and says he won't. Stefano says Steve will spend the rest of his life in jail for kidnapping and murder, nobody can change that. Bo tells Stefano to get out of here. Stefano says he's here to talk to the DA to make sure Steve's charges stick. Bo says Stefano DiMera playing the victim, how about that. He says nobody will let him make a joke of the legal system. Stefano suggest they concentrate on the love blossoming between two members of their families, how they will soon be family. Bo says now there is the joke. 


Later Kayla shows up, Bo lets her know Stefano is planning to meet the DA and get the book thrown at Steve. Bo tells Kayla to talk to an officer and have them take her down to see Steve. Bo leaves to blow off steam, Kayla then goes and confronts Stefano. Kayla wants the charges dropped against Steve. Stefano asks why should he? Kayla says because he owes it to Benjy, Steve loved him like a son and because of him and Andre, he's dead. Stefano says he loved Benjy, he would never have hurt him. He says he'd cut off his arm for him. Kayla says instead they cut out his liver. Stefano says Andre did that, not him. Kayla says in spite of who Stefano is, Benjy still loved Stefano and craved his approval. Stefano says Benjy shot him. Stefano again says he had nothing to do with the murder of his son. Kayla says prove it and do what Benjy would want him to do, let Steve go. Kayla says be the father he always wished he could be. Stefano says he's sorry, she took care of Benjy when he could not, and he'll be grateful for that forever. However the boy is gone, nothing he does or does not do will bring him back. She says so he won't honor his memory? Stefano says justice will be served. Kayla says he knows nothing about justice, only revenge. She says he claims he wants this vendetta to end, but if he did he'd do the right thing with Steve. She says he kept Steve away from his family for years, hasn't he punished him enough? Stefano says this has nothing to do with his father, this is his fight with Steve and he will keep it going till his dying day. She wishes she had killed him when she had the chance. She goes to slap him, he stops her. He asks what she is talking about? Kayla says he doesn't remember? She says she was in his hospital room in Italy, all she had to to was pull the plug on him. Stefano laughs and says sweet Kayla? He doesn't think she has the nerve, but she should have done it as she'll never get the chance again. Kayla says don't be so sure, she's a doctor and he's a sick man. She says one day soon she could be standing next to his bed. She says if he thinks she's joking then try her. She says if he presses charges against Steve, pray he doesn't end up in the hospital.. Kayla says those little fatal mistakes can happen so easily. Kayla walks out of the room Stefano is in. Bo returns, she lets Bo know Steve will be okay, she's made sure of it.


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