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2nd Week of October 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


October 8,  2007

In the stairwell at the hospital, Phillip rushes to Lauren, who has a head wound and is bleeding from her mouth. He yells for doctors to be brought quickly. The doctors show up and tend to Lauren. Phillip watches and holds her hand, telling her to hang in there. He begs Lauren to tell him, is Tyler alive? She says yes!

Phillip calls Billie, he lets her know Lauren suffered a fall, they don't know if she'll be okay or not. However she did tell him Tyler was alive. Later the doctors have Lauren in a cubicle and are working on her. She codes and they are unable to save her.

In Shawn's room, Shawn is returned to bed and given some pain meds for his back. Belle is with him and tells him how he did a good and brave thing. He admits to her that he was a bit selfish, he figured if Phillip could get Tyler back, then he'd get her back. He says he knows she hates it when he talks like this and is jealous of Phillip. BElle says no, she realizes now that is her fault. She says she was so guilt ridden for taking Claire from Phillip that she thought helping him find Tyler would make up for it. However everything she did, all that time she spent with him, she didn't take into account how it would make Shawn feel. They both tell the other how much they love them, how they will be getting married soon and should start thinking about a wedding date. They also decide to use Thanksgiving break to go on a mini-vacation somewhere. 

Later Phillip shows up in Shawn's room, he tells Belle and Shawn that Lauren is gone, she's dead. Belle says she's sorry, Shawn wishes he could have done more. Phillip tells Shawn how he did so much for him today, in spite of what has happened between them. Phillip tells Shawn he did a selfless thing, nothing was in it for him, he won't forget this.  Billie soon shows up, she talks with them about what happened with Lauren. They all wonder where Tyler is, knowing he's alive. They think he could be anywhere, but Billie says no. Billie says the two questions they need answering are where Tyler is and what Lauren did with him. She says they know Lauren is alive, and Lauren for some reason came back to Salem when she clearly didn't have Tyler anymore. Phillip says then Tyler must be in Salem!

At the pub, Sami is in the kitchen cleaning up when EJ shows up. She was earlier thinking about admitting she cared for him. She's not in the mood to see him, and they soon end up arguing about their upcoming marriage and whether Sami cares for him or not. When EJ brings up their marital bed, Sami cuts him off. She lets him know there will be no shared bed. She says she loves Lucas, he is the man she wants. She says they will have separate beds, separate rooms, separate wings of the house. EJ says so they are buying a house together? Sami says she's not moving into his apartment and rubbing this in Lucas' face. He tells her to end this vendetta they have to honor Santo's terms, to reunite his and Colleen's soul. He says they need to have a real marriage, it's the only way. Sami again lets him no there will be no consummating the marriage, they can lie to Stefano. EJ doesn't think he can do that, his father will know. Sami doubts his father will put cameras in their bedroom, he won't know. Sami gets upset and worked up, eventually yelling at EJ to get out now. EJ leaves.

Later Hope shows, she finds Sami in tears. Hope stopped by to take care of Grandpa and Grandma Brady, she was going to make them tea. She asks Sami what is wrong? Sami says only that she has to leave the man she loves to marry one she hates. Hope says no one expects her to do this. She says EJ and Stefano do. Sami talks about how this is the only way to end the vendetta. She says she used to be such a selfish you know what, only caring about herself and what she wants. She says now she's giving up what she wants for her family. Hope says even when she was making all their lives hell, she still loved her family and they knew it. Hope asks Sami not to get mad, but is there any other reason she's agreeing to this marriage? Sami says she's sick of people asking if she has feelings for EJ, she doesn't. Sami does however admit she's a bit scared. She says she looks like Colleen and EJ like Santo, what if this is more than chance, what if it is fate. She asks Hope if she's doing the right thing? Hope says she can't tell her that, nobody can. Hope says nobody is in her position so they can't say what they would or wouldn't do. Hope says Sami needs to look in her heart and figure out what is right.

EJ is in the bar pouring himself shots when Tony shows up. He says it seems EJ isn't very happy. They talk about the upcoming marriage. EJ says Sami hates him, though he had hoped she would come to love him. Tony says not likely, not after what you did to her. EJ talks about how he does love Sami. Tony jokes he could take her on a romantic honeymoon, he knows a great island in the south pacific. EJ blames their grandfather for all of this, for turning Stefano into a hateful man, for bringing them all into this vendetta. Tony says who knows, maybe Sami will grow to love him. EJ says this vendetta has cost them everything, the DiMeras are in ruins and it has to stop.

Back in the kitchen, EJ shows up again. Sami says she told him to go. He says he wanted to tell her that he'll lie to Stefano. He says he'll respect her love for Lucas, he'll give her separate bedrooms, all the privacy she needs to make this work. Sami asks why he's doing this? What is the catch? EJ says no catch, no strings. He tells Sami that he does love her and he just wants the chance to show her that. He gives her a little kiss on the cheek and then leaves. 


October 9, 2007

At the pub, Lucas tells Sami how he's not giving her a divorce. EJ is there, Sami wants Lucas to listen to her and EJ, listen to the terms. Sami says that the marriage will be in name only. EJ says he's agreed to separate beds, separate everything. He says the marriage is only until his father dies, which probably won't be far off. He says then Sami goes back to Lucas. Lucas thinks it must be comedy night at the Brady Pub. Sami tells Lucas he doesn't have to believe EJ, but believe her.

Lucas and Sami argue in private about Sami wanting a divorce from Lucas. Lucas refuses to give her a divorce.  Lucas wants her to think about this, she's divorcing the man she loves and marrying the man who raped her. She talks about how she has to do this, it's the only way to end this vendetta. Lucas thinks EJ probably set this whole thing up. Sami says they both know the terms were laid out before EJ was born. Lucas says EJ's still making use of it, he may not have set this up, but he doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit EJ Wells. Lucas tries to convince Sami that EJ can't be trusted. Sami says people can change, but Lucas won't believe a Dimera can change. He still doesn't understand why she's doing this to them. Sami says he knows why, and this is killing her. Sami tells him that she believes this can work out, but Lucas doesn't think so if they are apart. She talks about how much she loves him, how much he makes her happy. He asks ho she'll feel when she wakes up in the same bed as EJ?  She says that won't happen, but Lucas says it is what EJ wants. She says she won't sleep with EJ, EJ is no match for her. She says she is Sami Brady, nobody makes her do what she doesn't want to do. She asks what he's thinking? He asks what if he forces himself on her again? What if he says it's to save Will's life or Roman's life? Sami says the marriage will be over if they hurt anyone in her family. Lucas says she believes that, but being around EJ 24/7 is just tempting fate, why can't she see that.


Meanwhile Stefano arrives at the pub as EJ is once again pouring drinks. Stefano shows up, saying he has business with Shawn. EJ says he hasn't seen Shawn here, or Caroline for that matter. Stefano says well he has something that will make him happy. He hands EJ a paper. EJ asks where he got this? Stefano has an official church annulment for Lucas and Sami's marriage. Stefano says the DiMeras have always been great contributors to the church. Sami and Lucas soon show up, Lucas can't believe Stefano is now here as well. EJand Stefano tell them about the annulment. Stefano says this paper, once signed, will make it like they were never married in the first place.


At the Cheatin Heart, all the frat guys show up for the game, free beer and pizza.  Max tells Stephanie there is no way she's going to get these guys to give up their game and help out a chick charity. Chelsea thinks she's hot enough to convince them. They make a bet. Meanwhile the girls also meet Ford Decker, who learns about their plan and also doesn't think it will go well. Chelsea and Stephanie turn the game off later and try and start the auction, but it doesn't go over well at all. They demand the game be turned back on, Stephanie and Chelsea give up. Stephanie suggests to Chelsea they auction her off, but Chelsea won't go for that. Stephanie thinks they only have to look forward to hazing and no guarantee they can get in. Ford talks to them and suggests they start crying and use tears, guys can't say no to a girl crying.. Chelsea won't, she has some self respect. However when they learn Morgan and the other girls are on their way, Chelsea breaks out the eye drops and gets up in front of the microphone. She apologies to them all for earlier and tells them how this is for a good cause, a homeless shelter. They seem to agree to help her out. Morgan and the girls show up, they wonder what is going on here. They say some of the others made 300 dollars with a cupcake sale, so this better be good. Stephanie and Chelsea say they've organized a bachelor auction. Morgan is impressed, but when Chelsea tries to start it, none of the guys want to be the first. Max ends up offering himself up to get things started. The bidding starts and Morgan pays 500 dollars for him!


At the hospital, Billie, Belle, Phillip and Shawn all discuss where Tyler could be. There is a series of flashbacks involving Lauren and what has happened with her and the baby over the past few weeks. They conclude because Lauren came back to Salem several times, he must be here. Phillip eventually realizes if she was at the hospital, then maybe she left Tyler here? Billie thinks the same thing. Billie does some checking, she says a baby boy about 4 months old was left at the hospital awhile ago. Belle realizes it is the little boy Kayla and Steve took in. She says this is wonderful, Phillip couldn't ask for better foster parents. Phillip decides to go find his son.


Kayla has brought Pocket to the hospital as he's sick again. Hope is with her for moral support. Kayla says she was giving him his bath and he just became ill. The doctor talks with them later, asking if Pocket could have come in contact with poisons. Kayla insists that couldn't have happened, they are very careful. SHe already discussed this with the doctor after the first time, she doesn't appreciate the accusations. The doctor informs Kayla how he unfortunately has to, by law, notice child welfare services. Later Kayla doesn't understand what is wrong with him, but she's worried they will look like they are to blame. Hope hates to say this, but maybe she should call Uncle Mickey and get a lawyer. Kayla says that would make them look guilty, but Hope says her reputation as a doctor could be on the line. Kayla tries to call Mickey, but he's out of town. Later Mrs. Meyers from the child welfare office shows up. Kayla says she was expecting her. Mrs. Meyers says that they cannot overlook these incidents anymore, they have to take the boy away. Kayla begs her not to do this, but they must take him and give him to a new family. Kayla promises Pocket that mommy will find out what is making him sick and will protect him, nobody will take him.



October 10, 2007

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea tells Stephanie, who is stunned Max went for 500 dollars, to close the bidding. Chelsea jumps on stage and closes the bidding, selling Max to Morgan Hollingsworth. Chelsea thinks they can say hello to Alpha Chi Theta. Everyone applauds Morgan, and Chelsea asks if any guy here thinks they are worth more than Max? The guys begin fighting to get up and auction themselves off. Chelsea lets Adrienne take over the microphone. Adrienne gets up and auctions off Ford. Ford begins dancing for the woman, takes off his shirt and says they'll have to pay to peak at his engine. 


Max talks to Chelsea and Stephanie. He says he may have a future in this. They thank him for doing this for them. Chelsea leave the two of them to talk. Max tells Stephanie that they get to keep their heads while he wins a date with a future supermodel. Stephanie says Morgan? Max says she's beautiful. Stephanie says if you are into the slash and burn type. Max says he was once. Stephanie says well if he thinks so. Max asks how she knows what he thinks? Stephanie says they are friends. She says Morgan is a total flirt, but Max doesn't care. He says anytime she wants to thank him for pulling her auction out of the fire, he'll be at the bar.  Chelsea meanwhile talks to Morgan about Max. Morgan says he's so hot, he doesn't come across like the other guys. Chelsea says Max had to grow up fast. Morgan asks for an intro to Max, from a fellow sister. Chelsea says sure and introduces them. Stephanie watches and hates this! 

Cordy likes Ford, but is afraid to bid. Chelsea bids for Cordy until she gets her courage up. Ford ends up going for 300 dollars. Adrienne thanks her and says they are going to take a quick break here before the next auction. Chelsea shows up and congrats Cordy. Cordy wonders if Morgan saw what she did? Chelsea says Morgan is pretty busy talking to Max. Cordy thinks Ford will only be going out with her because he has to, but they say Ford is lucky to be going out with her. Cordy then goes to pay up. Chelsea lets Stephanie know they are pretty much in. Stephanie asks Chelsea about introducing Morgan to Max. Chelsea asks if she has a problem with them? Stephanie says she has a problem with her friend playing matchmaker behind her back. Chelsea tells Stephanie if she likes Max then tell him. Stephanie says they are just friends, but Chelsea says she is standing her jealous of Morgan. Chelsea tells Stephanie to work the crowd, bid on a guy and forget about Max. She says okay she will.

Max talks to Morgan about the position he's in, what happened with Jeremy and his garage and  why he's working at a bar. Morgan says most guys she knows would run home and get a piece of their trust fund from mommy and daddy. Max says he ran home and got some advice. She can't believe he doesn't hate his parents or blame them for everything wrong in his life, what planet is he from?


Adrienne gets the auction going again, the next victim is Tommy. Stephanie decides to bid on Tommy. Max watches as Stephanie continues to bid for Tommy. Stephanie ends up being out bid by another girl. Later Chelsea brings Ford over to meet Cordy. Ford thanks her for shelling out a lot of coin, so he wants to plan something special. He asks if she wants to go out tomorrow? She says sure. Later Cordy can't believe she has a date tomorrow. She tells Chelsea how guys like that aren't into girls like her. Chelsea tells her to stop saying that. She says if Ford just wanted to be nice and get out of this then he would be postponing the date, not moving it up. Chelsea tells her that she and Stephanie will come by tomorrow and help her get ready. Cordy can't wait until they become members. Chelsea says if they become members. Morgan walks over and gives a spiel about how Alpha Chi Theta members always assume poise and responsibility in any situation, and in this case they annihilated all their competition. She welcomes her and Stephanie in. Chelsea thinks she has to tell Stephanie, she'll freak out.

Stephanie tells Max that she's sorry for how she acted earliuer. She says Max raised a lot of money, so he should get a medal for having to put up with Morgan for the night. She asks if he forgives her? Max says nothing. She says so what the plan for Morgan is? His credit card is about to take a hit. Max says actually she doesn't care what they do. Stephanie says Morgan is all about the label. Max says he told her the truth about his situation. Stephanie says she's slumming, and not to be crushed when she ditches him for a better offer drives by in a convertible. Max asks where she gets off? He says Stephanie was the one who jumped into Jeremy's convertible when he drove on by after their time in the cave. Stephanie says she knows Morgan's type and is just trying to warn him. Max says as far as he's concerned, Morgan will get her 500 dollars worth and more. 

Later Adrienne thanks everyone here for what they've done tonight, they raised money for a good cause. However if any of them needs a ride home tonight, please come and see her. Adrienne then suggests they all applaud Chelsea and Stephanie for putting this together. Stephanie  thanks Max for getting things started tonight. Chelsea tells everyone to eat up and have a good time. Chelsea later tells her they got in. Stephanie heard from Cordy, it's great. Stephanie decides she has to follow Max and Morgan on their date, she can't let Max date a flesh eater. Chelsea worries they'll be the first sisters kicked out before the induction ceremony. Stephanie says she'll handle everything. 

At the station, Kayla visits with Steve and tells him about Pocket. Steve asks if he'll be okay? Kayla doesn't know, and she won't find out. She says child protective services are assigning him to a new family, they think they are responsible. Kayla says she's hired a lawyer, but they can't stop them from doing this. Steve says they will somehow. Kayla says they found ammonia in his system. Steve asks how that got in him? Kayla has no idea. Kayla says even if he hadn't gotten sick, they would have taken him away after what Steve did. Steve says he explained why he did it, he found Roman when the police couldn't. Kayla says and now she has to fight for this baby alone. He says she doesn't. She says she's sick of him making promises he can't keep, she's sick of living this way. Steve says he will explain why he had to do what he did, it was the only way to save Roman. Kayla says when he says it, it sounds rational, but it was scary and dangerous. Kayla says Pocket was just getting to know her touch, her voice. She says these new people won't know the songs to sing to him. Kayla says she loves him and wants to get Pocket home. 


Phillip walks in as Steve and Kayla talk about Pocket. Phillip says his name is Tyler. Steve asks how he would know? Phillip says because he's his son. They ask what he's talking about? Phillip explains the story of the surrogacy, the baby mix-up and Lauren's scheme for money. Steve says until Phillip offers proof that he is Pocket's dad, he doesn't believe him. He says until a judge says otherwise, he is Pocket's dad. Phillip says he will get a DNA test. He also wants to see Pocket. Kayla says he's at the hospital having tests done. Phillip learns he's been sick and had toxins in his system. Kayla admits CPS has taken him away. Phillip asks what they did to him, this wouldn't be the first time Steve did anything crazy. Steve gets upset and promises to show Phillip crazy! A cop has to come in and stop Steve from attacking Phillip. Steve apologizes, but Phillip accused them of hurting Pocket. Kayla says they don't know what is making him sick, and they are worried. Kayla and Steve say they love the guy, and if he wants a DNA test done, take it up with CPS. Phillip says it will be done and walks out. Steve asks Kayla if she believes this? Kayla says he sounded pretty sure. Steve says he did. Steve holds Kayla and says Pocket will be fine, and if Phillip has a claim on him . . . well he doesn't give up on the people he loves that easily.


Stefano arrives at the station and says prison is kind to Steve, he has no restraints and a lovely visitors. They wonder why he is here. Stefano says he is here to help heal old wounds, he is dropping the charges against him. Stefano says he paid off the TV station and the manager won't pursue action against him either. Kayla says so Steve is free? Stefano says yes. Steve says he's had his fun, get out. Stefano doesn't blame them for not believing him. He says he signed the papers, Steve is free and he won't come after him or his family. Kayla can't believe this is over. Stefano says he'll leave them to celebrate. Steve thinks there must be a catch. Steve thinks he wants to get him out to whack him. Stefano says no, he's doing this because the loss of Benjy unites them. He says he freed Steve because he knows Benjy would not want this. He says it is the only thing he can do to honor his memory. He asks them to honor his privacy and leave him to his solitude. Stefano goes to  leave, a cop tells Steve that his release has been signed by Abe. Steve wonders what happened for Stefano to change his mind. Kayla says he must really care for Benjy. Steve thinks they need to get Pocket back  home. 

Phillip then returns with Mrs. Meyers and says don't count on getting Pocket back. Phillip says the DA is going to be charging them with endangering a minor, they have a good case against them. Mrs. Meyers says the investigation is on going, nothing is official and it is still early on. She says until they no more about what happened, the baby will remain in the new family. Phillip wants to see his son, but Mrs. Meyers says not until they know he is his father. Phillip continues to think they hurt him. Kayla says he can stand here and threaten them, or she could show him a photo of him. Kayla shows him a photo, he asks if he can keep this?

At the Brady Pub, EJ tells Sami to sign the annulment and it will be like they were never married. Stefano got the bishop to put his seal on this, so they don't have to worry about the local church getting involved. Lucas asks if the Pope was too busy? Stefano says he didn't want to bother him with this! Stefano says Caroline will be happy, Sami can be married in the church now. Lucas think this has to be a fake. EJ says this document represents the first steps of peace between their families. Lucas tells him he can start a fire with it. Lucas wants him to get his own girl. EJ says this is the only way to end the vendetta. Stefano says Elvis is willing to make this sacrifice, now it is up to Samantha. Sami tells him not to even talk to her about the sacrifice EJ is making. Lucas talks to Sami, he knows she's doing this to save the Brady's, but maybe they should have a say in this. She says they'll want to change her mind. Lucas says maybe they should. Lucas asks her to talk to them, just give it 24 hours. Stefano tells Sami she knows what must be done, regardless of what her family wants. He says she'll be a beautiful DiMera. Stefano has to go and leaves, EJ says he'll make sure this is signed. 


Lucas again asks her to stop and think, but EJ says she's made up her mind. Lucas tells EJ to stay out of this! Lucas says Andre is barely hanging on, Bart is dead and Stefano is nearly dead. Lucas says they've already won. EJ tells Sami she can't afford not to do this, there is a lot at stake here. EJ says one phone call and this vendetta is back on. EJ asks if she wants to keep spending her life looking over her shoulder, wondering where Will is if it is after curfew? Lucas tells EJ to be his guest, make the call and tell them the Brady's aren't in on this anymore. EJ says his father is ill, but has a legion of people who owe him favors. Sami says more threats? Lucas says EJ wants them to be afraid, but Stefano is pretty much history. EJ says true, but Stefano isn't about to turn his back on the promise he made to his father. He says Andre is on life support, but Stefano's power isn't dependant on Andre. Sami knows EJ is right. Lucas however says there is no one to call in anymore favors on, he juts proved it. Lucas tells him and Stefano to pack their bags and head back to Italy. EJ tells Sami if she doesn't sign this, then she'll put her whole family in jeopardy. Lucas tells Sami if she wants to sign it then do so, but all he's asking for is one day to think it over. Lucas thinks one more day won't matter too much. Sami says okay, 24 hours. She says after that she has to make a decision they'll all have to live with. EJ says nothing her family says will change the reality of the situation. Lucas tells EJ to stop trying to scare her, but EJ is trying to make sure she doesn't have a false sense of security. Sami says if the DiMeras have lost their power, there is no reason for her to leave the man she loves. EJ says ignoring this danger is a grave mistake. Sami says she doesn't have to be sold on the idea that Stefano is a killer, all she has to do is ask John or her dad. EJ says they lived, they were lucky. Sami says she will make up her own mind, she wants 24 hours and he has to respect that. EJ says very well. Lucas says tell the bishop thanks but no thanks. Sami and Lucas then leave together. EJ says a lot can happen in a day.


October 11, 2007

At the pub, Lucas meets with Bo, Hope, John and Marlena. He tells them Stefano got a church annulment for the marriage, he has to convince Sami not to sign this thing. Meanwhile, EJ is outside the pub and watches Sami arrive. She has a brochure with her about annulling a marriage. She remembers Lucas telling her she didn't have to do this anymore, they had won. Sami goes into the pub as EJ watches.


Sami joins everyone in the pub. John tells her she can't be considering this annulment. Marlena says please tell them she's not going to end this marriage. Sami says Lucas didn't need to call everyone here, but Lucas says they all love her and don't want her to make this mistake. Lucas says they think she's amazing what she's willing to do to keep her family safe, but handing her to EJ isn't going to keep her safe. Lucas says to trust them, they can keep her safe. Sami says she woke up this morning and for the first time she did feel safe. She says she thinks Lucas is right, the DiMeras are washed up and everything is over. Lucas says she's amazing. They kiss. Sami says she loves them all so much, and she knows this family is about keeping each other safe. She knows they'll protect her and the twins and Will. Marlena tells Sami it really is over. John says given how the phoenix has one half of his talons in the grave, he won't be rising from the ashes again. Hope says and if Andre lives, he'll go to jail for life. Lucas says she's free, they don't have power over her anymore. 


EJ walks in and asks exactly what Sami is free from? Hope says this is a private conversation. Bo tells EJ that he's not welcome here. EJ says it's a public place, he came in for food. Bo says the place is closed. EJ says he doesn't mean any harm, but John thinks he's here to put pressure on Sami. EJ wants equal time, they've all ganged up on her and he'd like a chance to talk to her. Hope says this isn't a debate, it's the end of a war started by his family. EJ asks Sami why she's being so quiet? Sami says they agreed to a marriage of convenience. She says they agreed to the marriage  it to end the vendetta only. She appreciate he was willing to honor the terms they agreed to. Lucas says she's not signing the papers. EJ says very well, he hopes she made the right choice. He says good luck to her and hers. EJ goes to leave, and lets Sami know he heard Will was back in town. He says he's lucky to have the Brady's looking after him day and night, he will be watched 24/7 right? EJ then leaves. 

Everyone congratulates Sami, they say this game is over. Sami cries and says no it's not over, it's not over at all. They ask what she means, is she changing her mind? Sami says she won't let Will or anyone else be hurt when she can stop it. Lucas asks if she hears herself right now? They all tell her that they have her back, don't back down. Sami says they can't guard Will 24/7, and EJ may not seem as dangerous as Andre or Stefano, but he is. She says ask John, they both know what he's capable of. Sami again says the marriage will only be for a short time, until Stefano dies Lucas says don't kid yourself, EJ won't give up her or give the babies back. Marlena says he's right, she's not just marrying EJ, she's giving him two hostages. They tell her she knows what EJ is capable of. Lucas says EJ will want to raise the kids as DiMeras. Sami says never, she can make his life a living hell. Bo says she could try, but EJ would only have to pick up one of the babies and she'd do what he wanted. Marlena tells Sami she won't keep Will safe, she'll just put the babies in harms way. Is that a risk she's willing to take? Sami doesn't know what other choice she has? They tell her to rely on them, the family has always been their strength. Lucas says trust them, they won't let her down. 

At the hospital, Shawn Sr. shows up to see Andre, but the officer won't let him in the room. He thinks Shawn is here to see Roman, he says this isn't his room. Shawn knows, it's Andre's room. The officer says Stefano is in with him. Shawn says even better!


In Andre's room, he's on life support as Stefano talks to him. He says he should punish him for what he did to Benjamin and for wanting to kill EJ. Stefano says he cannot punish him, as he's not the one who killed Benjamin. Stefano says that was the one who made him who he is. Stefano says he took advantage of Andre's loyalty and his devotion to the family name, he turned him into this twisted person. Stefano says he did this to him, but not to worry, he will take care of things and fix it. Stefano tells Andre to get well, regain his strength, when he is ready he'll take him to Italy. 

Shawn then comes into the room. Shawn says he has business with them. Stefano says his nephew is not in shape for any business and he is not in the mood. Shawn asks if he's going to die? Stefano says it is touch and go. Shawn says so he could still make it? Stefano knows that disappoints him. Shawn says his son nearly died because of him and this vendetta. Stefano says he was not able to explain everything before. Shawn says he knows how it started, it all goes back to Colleen. Stefano says yes, and the spell she cast on his father. Shawn says his father seduced her! They argue about whether Colleen was innocent or not. Stefano says her Da was forcing her to go into the convent, which she didn't want, then she saw his father and decided he was the answer to all her desires. Shawn says it's always the Bradys fault isn't it. Stefano says so Colleen was the victim? The one hurt? What about his mother! Shawn says she was in Italy. Stefano says his mother knew and it broke her heart. He says his father was guilty, but it takes two to tango. Shawn says Colleen thought his mother was dead. He told her to truth to save her, but he killed her instead. Stefano says yes, she ran to the cliffs, left her habit and leapt, so dramatic. Shawn says they never found her body. Stefano says of course you didn't you fool! Shawn asks what that means? Why shouldn't her body have been found. Stefano says because if she was dead and in a grave then she couldn't keep his mother's pain going for all those years. Stefano says his parents marriage was arranged, but his mother did love his father . . . even though he didn't love her when they married. Stefano says he used to think his mother was the most beautiful woman on earth. However now he sees she was at best a plain woman. Stefano says his father could have had anyone, but his mother had inner beauty. He says if his father had realized that then he would have seen her for the treasure she was, but it wasn't to be because of Shawn's sister. Stefano says he hated Colleen for what she did to his mother and father, so he told him the truth about his mother being alive knowing he'd tell his Da. Shawn says you used me to destroy my own sister? Stefano says he thought it was time he knew. Shawn says damn you! Shawn storms out. Stefano then says if you only knew . . . .  Shawn leaves the room and ends up sobbing in the hall, thinking he killed his own sister. Shawn then sees EJ show up. 


EJ goes into Andre's room and finds Stefano reading Dante to Andre. EJ can't believe Stefano is here given what he's done to them. Stefano says they all make mistakes, even him. EJ says he's made a mistake himself too. He says Sami isn't going to sign the papers, Lucas has convinced her the DiMeras aren't a threat and he's added to that perception. He says he wants to show her the danger still exists, and he made a thinly veiled threat against Will. He says he needs Stefano's help to, well drive the point home as only he can. Stefano says hurt an innocent child? EJ says he's hardly innocent and he didn't say anything about hurting him. Stefano asks EJ if he's crazy? Has he lost it completely? Stefano tells EJ that Andre may die, Benjy is dead and Lexie hates him. He says he's too filled with grief, he can't fight anymore. EJ asks how he can give up and let the Bradys win? How will that help him when he's in charge of this thing? Stefano says an obsession with a woman, a Brady woman is what led to the downfall of this family. Stefano tells him to stop wasting his time on this.  EJ says she's not a waste of time, but Stefano calls women like Sami a dime a dozen in any small town. Stefano asks why this one woman is so important to him? Stefano says he has money and looks, he could have a harem. EJ tells his father he's the keeper of the Vendetta, he is the wanted them to marry in the first place. Stefano says he's not talking about the vendetta. EJ says he loves her and wants her, so if Stefano wants him to run this thing when he's gone, then he'll help him get her. Stefano basically tells him to do it himself. EJ says he will then. Stefano says he will make an enemy of her for life, he will never get her. Stefano gives him a piece of advice, he tells EJ to leave her children alone, there are enough Brady's around to target. EJ then leaves. 

Stefano goes out to see Shawn, who is still in the hallway. He apologizes for using him, and says don't be hard on himself. Stefano says he was just a boy. Stefano leaves to make a call, Shawn goes into Andre's room claiming he'll wait in there for Stefano. The officer thinks that would be okay. Shawn stands over Andre, who wakes up and sees Shawn. Andre reaches for the nurse call button, but Shawn grabs it. He says are you in pain? Andre nods. Shawn says not for long. Shawn locks and bars the door with a cane! He then walks over to Andre and says this is for Colleen! He then goes to push the off button to Andre's respirator. 

At the Cheatin Heart, Belle shows up to see Phillip. She asks if he wants to join her for lunch before she goes to the clinic. He says he can't, he's leaving soon. Phillip tells Belle he's been leaning on her too much, depending on her to help him find Tyler. He says that is going to change. He says today he's breaking into Mrs. Meyer's office, he's getting his son today. She says he can't do that, besides he's with Steve and Kayla. Phillip says he was with them. He explains about the poisoning and how he was taken from them and given him to a new couple. Phillip has to find him and get a DNA test. He says his father tried to pull strings, but got no where. He has a lawyer who says he has a good case, but it could be months before they can arrange a DNA test. Phillip says he's furious, he has learned Pocket was put with the Johnson's under pressure from Abe, Meyers didn't follow protocol. Belle doubts Steve and Kayla poisoned him, and she says if he gets caught doing this then he could lose Tyler forever. She tells him to think about this, don't be impulsive. She tells him to remember his training, draw up a battle plan. She says Tyler is in the system and he has to get in there to get him out. Phillip says that is Lauren's fault he's in the system, not his. Phillip doesn't want to lose anymore time with Tyler. Belle says if he's caught breaking and entering then the court will find him an unfit parent. Phillip says Myers made it clear she won't help him, nobody will. Belle says she'll help him, but Phillip doesn't think even she can help him. Belle says her mom works at the hospital, she can probably help things along. Phillip says you can't hurry the courts. Belle says you can't give up, she's not. Phillip isn't, he's planning to break into the office to find Tyler. Belle asks him to let her talk to Meyers for him. Phillip says he tried already and she didn't care, so he's doing things the Kiriakis way. Belle asks for just a shot. Phillip says if anyone can get through to Meyers it will be her, but he doubts she'll get an appointment. Belle thinks she won't need one, Meyers walks into the Cheatin Heart. 


Belle goes to talk to Meyers on Phillip's behalf, but Myers says this is her lunch hour. Belle says if she would only take time to get to know Phillip, he's a decorated hero. Meyers didn't know he was a veteran. Belle says he didn't know he had a baby until Lauren began calling him about him demanding money. Meyers says they only have Phillip's word he is the father. Belle says so they should want to do a DNA test. Meyers says if Tyler hadn't been poisoned, a DNA test would have been easy to arrange. However now an investigation is ongoing. Meyer tells Belle she will take Phillip's case to a family court judge, maybe they can authorize and immediate DNA test. 

Later Belle tells Phillip not only will Myers do a test, but she's going to try and arrange a meeting for him with Tyler. Phillip says she's amazing. He picks her up, swings her around and kisses her. Belle brushes it off, saying she's as thrilled as he is. She says she needs to get to the clinic, he says he has things to do. He says he'll wait for Meyers to call, he won't break into her office. She wishes him luck and heads off.  Belle leaves and EJ follows her dressed in black!


October 12 , 2007

At the pub, Sami is thinking about the annulment. Her whole family tells her not to do this, not to give up on them now. They say they are all behind her. Sami rips up the papers, Lucas gives her a hug. Sami says she loves him, she just hope nobody gets hurt. Sami says she tried to not be selfish for once, and John says they talked her out of it. John and Sami have a talk, he knows they haven't been that close lately. Sami says that is her fault. John says tonight she really knocked him out. She thanks him, she says it means a lot to her, he is her dad too. They then hug.


Caroline shows a note to Bo and Hope from Shawn, he went to visit someone at the hospital. Caroline says if Shawn went looking for Stefano there then she is afraid what he might do. Caroline says Shawn has not been himself, he feels responsible for Colleen's death. Hope says he's not responsible, maybe he should talk to someone. Caroline says he won't talk to a psychiatrist. Caroline says every year around October he'd become terrible angry, but he'd never say what was wrong. She says he would always try to hold it together. Bo says she thinks he'll hurt Stefano? Caroline begs Bo to find him and bring him home before something happens. Hope and Bo says they will and leave.


Belle is driving in her car and parks it along the side of the street. She calls Shawn and leaves a message to  let him know tonight is her first night at the clinic, she'll pick up Claire on the way home. EJ is in his car watching. He says sorry Belle but her half-sister gave him no choice. Belle's phone rings, Marlena calls to let her know that Sami won't be marrying EJ. Marlena asks her to come join them at the pub to celebrate. Belle wishes she could but tonight is her first night at the clinic. She's shadowing a nurse tonight. She asks her to let Shawn know she'll pick up Claire, she left a voice mail for him but sometimes he forgets to check them. Belle then goes to head to class and locks her keys in her car. EJ watches her walking to the clinic. He says they'll learn the hard way that this vendetta is over when he says it is. He starts his car up. However Belle soon realizes she locked her keys in her car. She turns around, but says she can't deal with this now. EJ keeps waiting for her to hurry up. EJ then gets a call from Sami. Sami asks him to come to the pub, they need to talk. EJ hopes she's changed her mind. She says just come to the pub. He says he's on his way. He tells Belle it's her lucky night.


In Andre's room, Shawn wonders how many times a man can die and keep coming back while others die so young. Andre tries to call the nurse, but Shawn stops him. He asks Andre if he's in pain? Andre nods, but Shawn says not for long. Shawn bars the door with a cane and goes to turn off the power to Andre's respirator, saying this is for Colleen! As he's reaching to kill Andre, Colleen's ghost appears and tells him not to do this, not for her. Shawn says this is an eye for an eye. She tells him not to let vengeance turn him to stone, this isn't his fault, none of it. Shawn looks at Andre and says you DiMeras killed my sister and now there is a price to be paid. He goes to kill Andre, and says God forgive him for this, but if any man has earned his death, he's the one. Shawn however stops and doesn't kill him. He says he can't, Colleen taught him too well. Andre reaches over and turns it off on his own as Shawn watches! The cop yells what is going on in there? The nurse says let them in, they know the machines have been turned off. Shawn sits down and says may God save his terrible soul. They finally break in, a nurse calls for a crash cart. The cop asks why didn't he open the door? Shawn says call it a sign, and he says he's not leaving, he's where he needs to be. The nurses try and save Andre, Shawn sits outside the room. 

Later Stefano shows up and learns Andre is dead, his life support system was turned off. Stefano learns Shawn was in here alone with Andre. Stefano is furious and decides to talk to him before the authorities get here. Stefano also wants a moment alone with his nephew. The doctors and nurses leave him. Stefano tells Andre that he was loyal and brave to the end. He says for so many years he wore this face to be the son he needed by his side. Stefano says he will be given an honored place in the DiMera tomb, as it should be for a good soldier. He says he was his best soldier. Stefano kisses him on the forehead. He then covers Andre up. 


Stefano then goes and confronts Shawn in the hall. He wonders what restrains him now, why doesn't he just draw his sword. He quotes this from an opera. Stefano tells Shawn well done, he bares his heart to him about the pain of his mother and this is how he chooses to reward him? Stefano says well my old friend, just remember that this vendetta could have been over. Stefano says but now Shawn Brady has given it life and blood to avenge! Stefano says Andre's murder will not go unpunished. Shawn says he murdered no one. Stefano wants the officer to arrest Shawn, but the officer says there is no proof anyone killed him. Stefano tells Shawn he'll be hearing from him! Bo and Hope soon show up. Stefano tells Bo that Shawn killed Andre. Bo says his father couldn't have. Stefano suggests they check with the nurses and doctors, Shawn barricaded the door, turned off the life support and watched him die. Stefano wants him arrested. Bo tells Stefano if he wants justice then get in line. He tells Stefano he's falling apart piece by piece, do them all a favor and put a bullet in his brain. Bo says that would be justice. Stefano says his death would be avenged by his sons. Bo says Tony isn't his son by blood, and Sami isn't going to marry EJ. Stefano says Sami is more foolish than he thought. Bo says his time is over. Stefano says so Samantha has turned down his son? Stefano says don't underestimate Elvis, he will take what he wants. Hope says not this time. Bo asks the cop to take Mr. DiMera into his dead nephew's room. Stefano leaves, Hope and Bo ask Shawn if he's okay? Shawn says he used him, Stefano told him on purpose that his mother was alive. Shawn says Stefano wanted him to destroy his sister. He also says he had a visit from Colleen, she told him it wasn't his fault, and that is why he couldn't do it. Bo says you didn't kill Andre? Hope asks who did? Shawn says Andre did it himself. Shawn says he wanted it over, he was in pain.. He also says he could see a brief flicker of remorse in his eyes. 


Stefano tells Andre again that he'll avenge his death. Bo comes in to see Stefano, he says Hope took Shawn home. Bo knows what happened here. Bo says Shawn wanted to do it, but couldn't. Stefano says the machine turned itself off? Bo says actually Andre did it, he was tired of fighting for him. Stefano doesn't believe this, he says Andre would have fought to his last breath. Bo says this was a suicide. Stefano asks if he is going to dust for prints or wipe them off? Bo says he'll do his job, don't worry about it. Stefano says Shawn will go to trial. Bo says there won't be a conviction, no jury in the country would find his pop guilty. Stefano says if the justice system isn't adequate, he'll find another way to avenge it. Bo tells Stefano to get out of his town. Stefano says he comes and goes as he pleases and he decides when this vendetta is over. Bo says the vendetta is a joke, his father caused his own pain and he is blaming the Bradys. Bo calls it petty and tells him to go back to Italy. Bo tells Stefano he's worse than his old man, he let his pop live for years thinking he was responsible for his sister's death. Bo says after all these years there is a lost little boy in his pop still, a boy Stefano takes advantage of still. Bo says he told his sister the truth as she taught him to, he felt responsible but it was Santo who murdered Colleen. Bo says just like a DiMera, he blamed someone else, like father like son. Bo tells Stefano that he knows in his heart that his pop couldn't and wouldn't murder Andre, Stefano did the day he trained Andre to be just like him. 


Back at he pub, John gets a message from Belle, she locked her keys in her car. They head out and run into EJ, who has just returned to see Sami. John says Sami does have something to say, enjoy. Marlena and John leave. Sami thanks EJ for coming. She says she wanted to tell him herself that she won't marry him. He says she made that clear. She just hopes he will do everything he can to end this vendetta. She says her family is behind her and this decision. Lucas tells EJ that he loses, there isn't a thing he can do about it. Sami asks Lucas to give them a minute alone, so he goes. Sami tells EJ this idea was crazy from the start. He says she didn't use to think so. Sami says she didn't feel she had a choice. EJ says she doesn't, this will be the only way to end it. Sami says she's not walking away from her husband and love to make a dead guy happy. EJ wants her to admit part of her liked the idea, to stop pretending. EJ knows she wishes she didn't feel the way she does about him, but it is the same way he feels about her. She says he's out of his mind. EJ says he loves her and through all of her denials, he knows she loves him too. EJ says she hates herself for it because of what he did, for supposedly shooting her step father. Sami says she will never forgive him for that night. She tells EJ she loves her husband and their marriage would have been one in name only. EJ tells Sami to forget Lucas, forget his father, forget the vendetta. He says imagine it's just them, tell him how she feels. Sami says she feels nothing. She says she loves her husband, and if he cares about her then leave her alone and leave her marriage alone. She says leave my family alone. EJ says this isn't up to him. Sami says it will be soon enough, he'll be the one to inherit it all soon. EJ says his father has spent his life cheating death to live up to his father's promise. Sami says she is not afraid of Stefano, she has her family behind her. EJ brings up fate and Santo and Colleen. Sami says it's not a love story, it is a tragedy. She says this vendetta is a tragedy. She says if Colleen was alive she'd spit in Santo's face for what he did to her. EJ tells Sami the truth here is she had a chance, she could have ended the tragedy and she chose not to. EJ says so be it, but when his father hears about this . . . EJ says from this moment forward, anything that happens to her or her family, she has brought it on herself. Sami tells EJ if he cares, if he wants to honor Santo's feelings for Colleen, then he can talk to Stefano and end this vendetta for all of them. EJ says he doesn't care about all of them, he cares only about the two of them. Sami tells him that he'll have to get over it. EJ says by destroying the annulment, she sealed her and her family's fate. Sami asks what he's going to to do them? Lucas returns and says time is up, he's out of their lives for good. EJ tells Sami this was her choice. Lucas says actually it was their choice. EJ says good luck. Sami then gets a call.


John and Marlena show up to unlock Belle's car. Marlena wonders why she parked all the way out here, she might as well wear a sign that says mug me. John says she's just making sure she doesn't have to move her car every half hour. John works to open the car door with a lock pick, but Marlena finds out the passenger side was unlocked the whole time! Marlena gets the keys out, John suggests they call Belle and find out where she wants them to drop off her keys. Suddenly a car speeds out of no where and runs John down! John is hit, flies over the car and lands in the street as Marlena watches and screams. Marlena calls Sami and tells her that John has been hit by a car. Marlena tells Sami where they are, she says it is really bad. Sami tells her mom they'll be right there. Marlena begs John to hang on, they are so close to the clinic. Belle soon returns and sees her mom in the road with her dad. She runs over and finds out her dad was hit. Belle asks if she called 911, Marlena says she did. Belle asks who hits someone and keeps driving? Who did this? Marlena says they know who did this. Belle says Stefano? Marlena tells John to hang on, take their strength and hold on. 

Back at the pub, Sami tells Lucas, as EJ listens, that John was hit by a car. Lucas looks at EJ, but EJ says he was here the whole time so don't think it. Lucas says he already is thinking it. Sami tells EJ he said she sealed her fate and the fate of her family. Sami asks what she's done? Sami hugs Lucas and gives EJ a look.


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