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3rd Week of October 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


October 15, 2007
In the road, Belle arrives to help Marlena with John. They cover him with a blanket and tell him to hold on. Belle doesn't understand who could do this. We see a replay of John's accident. Marlena says his pulse is strong and his breathing regular, he is a fighter. The ambulances soon arrive for John. 

At the pub, Sami is crying this is all her fault. EJ meanwhile makes a call (to Stefano I think) asking him to call him right away, it's about John's accident. Sami tells EJ that he warned her what would happen if she didn't go through with the annulment, well he made her pay. EJ says he didn't have anything to do with this. Lucas says they don't believe him. EJ tells them that his father will keep this vendetta going until his grandfather's terms are fulfilled. Lucas says he is the same killer he's always been. EJ says he's been here. Lucas says it could have been anyone who works for the DiMeras, all those soldiers he told them about. Sami says she tore up those papers and the next thing she knows, John gets hit by a car. She says she gets the message. EJ says he wants peace between their families. Lucas says no he just wants to marry Sami. Sami wants EJ to swear that he didn't arrange to have John killed. EJ swears on his father's life that he did not arrange John's accident. Lucas says Stefano is on death's door and he made it clear he'd do anything. EJ swears to Sami that he's not lying. Sami wants to get to John. As Sami and Lucas leave, EJ tells Sami to be careful, unless they marry, no one is safe. 

Sami and Lucas arrive at the street where John is being put into an ambulance. Sami says this is her fault, but Belle says it isn't. She says she shoved the annulment papers in EJ's face. Marlena says it will be okay, John is a fighter. John is put in the ambulance. Belle decides to go with Sami and Lucas to the hospital. Lucas tries to tell Sami that this isn't her fault, she did the right thing. 

At the hospital, Tony and Anna arrive as Stefano is talking with a doctor about Andre. The doctor is shocked when Tony walks in, Tony says he's the cousin. The doctor says the resemblance is uncanny. Anna assures him that Andre and Tony are polar opposites. Tony asks where Andre is? The doctor leaves them to talk. Stefano says Andre was murdered by Shawn Brady Sr. Tony says that he can't be serious. Stefano says Shawn barricaded the door and turned off the life support. Tony says he didn't know Shawn had it in him, but he wishes he could say he was upset. Stefano says his cousin was murdered and he's not upset? Tony says not after what Andre did to him and everyone in Salem, no. Stefano says he realize Andre wronged him. Tony says he stole his life. Stefano says but Tony is here and Andre is gone. Tony says and good ridden. Stefano says he guesses he is the only mourner. Tony says he won't mourn for long, he doesn't have it in him. Stefano tells Tony that Andre is dead and the family needs him, it is time for him to take his place by his side. Stefano says he was raised a DiMera, it is time for Tony to stand by him as head of the family. Tony says he wants him to be head of a family that has been responsible for destroying his life? Tony asks what being head entails? Stefano says he may go to Tuscany to carry on business, he'll need Tony to . . . . . Tony says what, he kidnaps Marlena? Reprograms Steve Johnson? Tony sees Stefano is desperate for his help, but is he desperate enough to apologizes for putting him on that island for 20 years? Stefano thinks Tony isn't in the mood to talk rationally. Tony says he just got his life back and intends to live it to the fullest. He tells Stefano if he takes over the family then fine, but the cycle of murder and mayhem will end with Stefano. Stefano says he spent his life fulfilling a promise to a dying man like a good son. Tony says well since he is the gardener's bastard he can plant roses. Stefano says he raised him, taught him everything and gave him everything. Tony says except a moral compass, he had to find that on his own. Stefano says Colleen Brady destroyed his father, he'll despise her till his last breath. Tony says this vendetta is as much Stefano's as it is Santo's. Stefano says it was his father's wish, little did he know it would destroy his family and make his son hate him. Anna tells Tony they should go, but Tony says and miss this random display of emotion? Anna tell Stefano she's sorry, but he can't blame Tony given what he did to him. Tony can't believe Anna is apologizing to him? Tony storms off, Anna follows. 

Anna tells Tony there is no use being cruel to Stefano. Tony says given what that man did to them, he can't be cruel enough. Tony walks off, Anna follows him. Tony continues to tell Anna what Stefano has done to them and how he has pursued this absurd vendetta to the end. Anna says Stefano is a broken man with no one to lean on, even she knows not to beat a man when he's down. Anna says he's not the Stefano they knew, this vendetta has cost Stefano much more than it's cost them. Tony says he has no pity, he got what he deserved. Anna says Tony scares her, he is starting to sound like a DiMera. Anna says Stefano has lost and they have won. 

John arrives at the hospital and is taken into the ER, Anna and Tony rush to Marlena's side. Anna says John is strong, he'll make it. Dr. Berman tells Marlena they'll take John in for surgery, they can't assess him until they get a look inside. Belle tells her mom it is really bad isn't it? Marlena says right now her dad needs them to be strong for him. Marlena says they need to pray, she asks Tony and Anna to pray with them. Tony doesn't think a prayer from a DiMera is what his broither needs now. Marlena and Belle pray together. Lter Lucas offers to bring Shawn here, he was released and is probably home sleeping. Lucas says he'll be right back. Lucas tells Sami he's going to go get Shawn and bring him here. She thanks him. He tells her to just stay positive. Lucas says John is the toughest man he knows and Dr. Berman is a good doctor. Lucas asks if she'll be okay if he leaves? She says she will. Tony meanwhile tells Anna that John is his brother, but he doesn't know him and probably never will. 

Marlena, Belle and Sami rely on each other for strength. Sami says John is strong, remember how long he was in that coma and he came out of it when no one thought he would. She says he'll get better this time again. Marlena says Belle is right. 

Tony talks to Marlena in private. Tony says he and Anna are going to leave, she needs time alone with her family. Marlena says they are family. Tony thanks her for saying that. Tony and Anna plan to go to the alley to find out if he police have any more info. Tony tells Marlena to call if she needs anything. Anna says when John gets better, the four of them will have dinner together as a family. 

EJ arrives at the hospital and talks to Stefano. Stefano is still in Andre's room. EJ says Stefano never ceases to amaze him. Stefano asks what he's done now? EJ says Stefano was quite right, John was the better target to go after, Samantha's son or half sister would have set him back months. EJ asks where Andre is. Stefano says he is dead. EJ says what? Stefano says he was like a son to him, a man should not have to burry his old child. EJ asks if Andre is dead, then who hit John Black? Stefano says Andre was murdered by Shawn Brady, and now he tells him John was struck down? He asks if John was killed. EJ says no, but it doesn't look good. Stefano asks who did this? EJ says it wasn't him? Stefano says he has had enough of death. EJ says when he finds out who did it, he'll buy them a case of Champaign. Stefano says his greatest creation and he was struck down by an unknown assailant. EJ says this person has put Samantha where he wants her. Stefano says Benjamin and Andre are dead and he's thinking about a woman? EJ knows this is difficult, but there is no way Sami won't believe he didn't order this hit. He says they will marry and Santo's soul will be put to rest. Stefano says and EJ will have everything he's ever desired, or so he thinks. EJ says once they are married, the vendetta will be over right. Stefano says EJ must learn from his mistakes, otherwise he will lose Sami like he lost MArlena. EJ asks what happened with him and Marlena? Stefano says John happened. He says John was his private mercenary, but he could not be trusted. Stefano says he could not keep John under his control, his pawn ended up stealing his queen. Stefano says had it not happened then this vendetta may have ended years ago. EJ promises this marriage will happen, the families will unite and history won't repeat itself. Stefano hopes EJ is right and he doesn't end up alone like he has. 

In the hall, Sami again tells Belle how sorry she is for letting this happen. Belle says Sami didn't do this, this is the fault of the person who hit him. Belle says this doesn't have to do with the vendetta. Sami thinks it does. Sami goes to a nurse and asks for transparent tape. They go off to find some. John is then brought out of surgery. Marlena tells him he'll be okay. Belle asks Dr. Berman if he'll be okay? EJ shows up at this point. Marlena and Belle go into John's room to see him. Dr. Berman says John's injuries are extensive, his back was broken twice, three broken ribs, a shattered collarbone, punctured lungs and sever internal hemorrhaging. Dr. Berman says so many of his organs were damaged that makes surgical repair possible. Marlena looks at his monitors and remembers the accident. Dr. Berman says his liver was crushed and . . . . Marlena tells him to just stop. She says just tell her if her husband will make it. Dr. Berman explains it's not good, he won't make it through the night. Belle asks Marlena what they will do? Marlena is in shock. She says they have to call Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla and Roman. She says they have to call everyone who loves her daddy and tell them they are losing him and they have to come say goodbye. 

EJ finds Sami in the hall crying. Sami asks what he's doing here? She says John may be dying. She thinks EJ is here to say I told you so. Ej says he came to see his father, Andre died, for real. EJ says Stefano wouldn't tell him who is responsible for the accident. Sami says she can do the math. Sami has taped together the annulment papers and signed it. She says tell his father the vendetta ends tonight. Sami tells EJ it is his lucky day, she'll marry him.

A man shows up to see Stefano and give him a delivery. He gives Stefano an envelope. The envelope is marked confidential. Stefano opens it, inside is another envelope that says Samantha Brady Roberts DNA test results. Stefano opens this and reads it. He laughs and says just as I thought. 

At the sorority house, Morgan is trying to prepare for her date. Stephanie and Chelsea show up, Morgan asks them to help her pick out her shoes. She says when Max sees her she wants him to say Morgan you are so hot that I want you to have my babies. They ask about Cordy, the girls say she's been in her room preparing for her date. Suddenly they hear a scream from Cordy's room. Cordy hates the way she looks, her hair and make-up make her look like a hooker. She says she isn't leaving this house, tell Ford she has the flu. Chelsea tells Cordy they were going to help her, why didn't she wait for them? Cordy thought she could do it on her own, and it was getting late. They all promise to make Cordy look drop dead gorgeous. The girls get Cordy out of her clothes, make-up and hair. Morgan asks one of the girls to find the hottest outfit in here, she asks Stephanie to watch and make sure Max or Ford doesn't get within 50 feet of the house and then she and Chelsea get to work operating on Cordy. 

Max later shows up outside, as does Ford. Stephanie sees them outside and tells the others to hurry! Morgan tells Stephanie to stall them, she says no problem. Chelsea and Morgan are still working on Cordy. Outside Max tells Ford that Cordy isn't bad, he met her. Ford says she's no Morgan, but it's for charity. Stephanie walks out and tells Max that she was just the boy he was hoping to see. Stephanie invites the boys in and offers them something to drink, but they say no thanks as they are driving. She says they are very responsible. Ford talks to Stephanie about how he was a bit disappointed to find out she was only originally bidding for Cordy. Stephanie says Cordy is great. Ford says yes, but she's not exactly his type. Ford thinks if she and Cordy had fought over him then maybe he would have gone for top dollar like Max. Ford asks if she has a boyfriend, but Max says she doesn't Max says she just broke up with a real jerk.. Stephanie says she can speak for herself here. Stephanie asks where Max is taking Morgan? He says he thought he'd take her around the old track. Stephanie says he's taking Morgan around the race track? Max thought it would be different. Stephanie wishes him luck with Morgan getting down and dirty in the pit. Morgan shows up and Max says she looks great. Morgan says Cordy is ready too. Cordy comes out in a stunning red dress with her hair and make-up done. Chelsea asks Ford if she doesn't look great. Ford says great doesn't begin to describe it, is she the same Cordy that bid on him? Cordy says it's her! They all head out for their dates. Ford thinks all the guys will be jealous, she looks sensational. He says tonight will be one neither of them will forget. Max meanwhile tells Morgan that leaves them, and he says where they are going is a surprise. Chelsea tells Stephanie how much fun that was, she says she never thought she'd like being in a sorority. Stephanie however is watching Max leave with Morgan and is not listening. 


October 16, 2007
Max is at the pub with Morgan, he got them some chili fries. She seems a tad unimpressed. Max says you don't go to Conny Island without having a corn dog, you don't go to the Brady Pub without having chili fries. She's never had them before, and she loves them and says this alone is worth the five hundred dollars. Max tells her that he knows she's not used to this, he just thought he'd do something different. She says nachos for dinner and going to a race track was different and she's loved it. She talks about how many guys think they have to go out of her way to impress her with fancy and expensive dates. Max says what she sees is what she gets with him. Morgan says she likes what she sees. Later she lets Max know that Stephanie has been following them all night and spying on them. Morgan says they used to date didn't they? Max says kind of. Morgan thinks that she still has feelings for him. Morgan asks how she and Stephanie ended things? Max says she sort of blew him off for another guy, but he's not around either anymore. She asks if he has feelings for her? Max says he doesn't, not anymore. Morgan asks if he's sure? Max says he's moved on, he just finds it odd that Stephanie is here and interested in him seeing some one. He says not that they are seeing each other, this is for charity. He says he'll stop talking now. Morgan says she is having a good time. Max is sorry she paid so much. Morgan says it's for charity, and he's worth every penny. Caroline later comes over and brings them some apple pie. Morgan tells Max she likes her mom, Max says he can tell his mom likes her too. Morgan keeps asking Max about Stephanie, how long they dated. He says a month or two last year, and recently a few odd encounters. He explains over the summer some feelings resurfaced, nothing came of it aside from deciding to be friends. Max asks what about her, are their exes he needs to know about? She says a few, but right now she's one hundred percent single. Max says he's glad


Stephanie stands outside the pub, Chelsea finds her as apparently Stephanie called her. Chelsea can't believe Stephanie is following them on their date. Stephanie says fine she's a pathetic stalker. Stephanie says at the race track Morgan acted like she was interested in the cars and now she's eating nachos for dinner. Stephanie wonders why she's acting like she's having the time of her life. Chelsea says maybe Morgan is open minded and likes him. Stephanie says they have nothing in common, Morgan has to be up to something. Stephanie thinks they have to save Max from her. Chelsea says maybe Max doesn't want to be saved. Stephanie soon realizes she may have been spotted. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she's obsessed, this is extreme. Stephanie says she's just looking out for him, Morgan is going to use him and dump him. Chelsea tells Stephanie she has to let him go, she is the one who dumped him. Stephanie didn't think he'd rebound that quick. Chelsea says he's a good looking guy. She also says most first dates don't lead to a second. Stephanie fears the way Max is looking at her, he may be falling for her. Chelsea says if Stephanie still has a thing for Max then tell him. Stephanie says she doesn't, she is just worried Morgan will take advantage of him. Chelsea says Max can handle Morgan with his eyes closed, but maybe that is what she's worried about. Stephanie says Max wouldn't sleep with her, he's changed. Chelsea tells Stephanie to tell Max how she feels or she'll regret it. Stephanie says she had her chance and blew it. She also says she can't go crawling back to Max. She says she's just trying to protect him. Stephanie says if she goes to Max and tells him that she still have feelings, Max will get weirded out and think Jeremy will come back and ruin things. Stephanie says it is a lose lose situation. Chelsea says then whey are they standing here spying on him? Chelsea says she is worried about her. Stephanie says she's right this is a stupid waste of time, they should go. 

Later Caroline tells Max that John was hit by a car tonight, he won't make it. Caroline says she and Shawn have to take Claire to the hospital. Max says he'll drop Morgan off and give them all a ride to the hospital. Morgan asks Max what is wrong? Max explains a good friend of the family was hit by a car. Morgan tells Max not to worry about getting her home, she'll get a cab. He says he's sorry. She says if he needs to talk then call her, she's usually up late. He says she's pretty great. They head out, and run into Chelsea and Stephanie. Chelsea claims that they came here craving chili fries. Max explains about John's accident, he asks Stephanie to take Morgan back to the sorority house for him. Stephanie says she will. Chelsea tells them she needs to go tell her mom about John. Morgan gives Max a little kiss and says call her. Max then leaves. Morgan then tells Stephanie this will be a good way to get to know each other better. 


At the hospital, Marlena is with John as Belle makes calls to Hope and the family. Belle goes back into her dad's room. Marlena is talking to John asking if he can hear her. Dr. Berman says he'll be out of it because of the morphine. Belle thinks there must be something they can do. Marlena tells Belle that sometimes all they can do is say goodbye. Belle says he has to wake up, she has to tell him that she loves him. Dr. Berman leaves to give him privacy. Marlena tells Belle they have to be strong for when John wakes up.

Sami tells EJ to smile, he's gotten what he wants. EJ says he's surprised. Sami says he and Stefano haven't given her much of a choice, John is fighting for his life to drive the point home. EJ says he didn't have anything to do with it, neither did his father. He hopes they can put all this behind them and their families can start off with a clean slate. Lucas shows up and asks what they are talking about. Sami says she taped up the annulment, she's going through with it. Belle then walks out, Sami asks how John is? Lucas says he brought Shawn here. Belle says John isn't going to make it. Sami says that can't be true! Lucas gives Sami and Belle time alone. He and EJ leave. Belle tells Sami that Dr. Berman says there is nothing more that can be done, it's too much. Sami says no he'll be okay, they'll make sure of it. Belle says she's really scared. 


Marlena tells John that they are telling her this is the end, that she has to say goodbye. She says he's a part of her, she can't imagine him not being with her tomorrow. She says they've always been together and they have always found their way back to each other. She says she's not giving up on them. John begins to wake up. John says he's heard every word. She asks how he feels. He says never better. Marlena kisses his cheek. John asks where his strong and unafraid Doc has gone. She says she's trying. Marlena tells John his injuries are serious and she knows he can make it. He says she was never good at lying to him, he heard a lot of what was said. He says he's glad she's with him. Marlena says she doesn't know if she can do this. John says she can, he's counting on her, the whole family is. She says she just got him back, she can't let him go again. John tells her not to cry, not now. John says he wants to take her beautiful face the way it looked on their wedding day with him. John says they had a good run, no regrets. Marlena says Sami and Belle are outside, people are coming . . . John says to say goodbye. Marlena says yes. John asks her to lay in bed with him, she does. John says he loves her. She says she loves him always. 


Belle and Sami are outside John's room, Belle asks how this can happen again. Sami says it isn't fair. Belle says she was just with him last week, they were going over wedding ideas. She says he was laughing and joking and telling her not to play YMCA at the reception. She says now he won't be at the wedding, Claire will never even know him. Sami says she knows how she's feeling, it's hard. Belle says there is just so much John wanted to do, he wanted to take Claire to see the cubs when she was older. Sami tells Belle to focus on all the good times, all the good memories and what a special man he was. Shawn then shows up to be with Belle. He says he's sorry, he didn't hear the phone. He's glad Lucas came and woke him up. Later Marlena tells Belle that daddy is awake and can see her. She goes in to see him. Shawn tells Marlena how sorry he is. He says he'll call grandma and grandpa, they are watching Claire. Marlena asks Shawn to stay close to Belle, she'll need him. 

Belle goes in to see John. John tells her it is okay. John says give your daddy a hug, she does. He asks where Claire is. Belle says Shawn's grandparents are bringing her over. John says good. John tells Belle that he would give anything to see the look on her face when she sees her first game at Wrigley Field. Belle tells him not to talk like that. She cries, she says there is so much she wants to say to her. She says at the same time, she doesn't know what to say. John says just promise not to forget her daddy. Belle says she could never. 


Lucas is having it out with EJ. Lucas thinks EJ did this, or Stefano did this. EJ says it's possible Stefano did, but he had nothing to do with it. Lucas says then prove it. Lucas says he won't argue with him now, Sami needs him now, she needs to mourn with her family. EJ says he'll be sensitive to her needs. However they are about to be married. Lucas says his signature isn't on the papers yet. Sami shows up, she tells EJ to leave, go talk to Stefano before someone else gets hurt. Lucas thinks EJ should be the one dying. Sami says he's not, John is. Sami cries on Lucas' shoulder. Lucas says he's here and no going anywhere. Sami again says if she had agreed marrying EJ, John wouldn't be dying. Lucas says follow her heart and not her gut. Sami says she knows this isn't fair, but how many people have to die before they admit she doesn't have a choice. Lucas says John or her family wouldn't want this. Sami says if something ever happened to Will she couldn't forgive herself. Lucas says they can get body guards and protection until Stefano dies, but Sami says it won't do any good. She says if she had another way . . . but she doesn't, she doesn't have a choice. She tells Lucas she can't stand this anymore than he does, but she can't get by this without him at her side. She says he's her true husband no matter what. Lucas doesn't know if he can do this. Lucas says he can do everything she asked him to, but what will happen, they'll spend a little time together? He says every night she'll go home to him, every night he'll pull her closer. She says they won't let EJ come between them. Lucas says she doesn't think it is strange she just said that? Marlena interupts and tells Sami it is time. They walk off, EJ comes out of the shadows with the papers smiling. 


John's whole family gathers around him, Shawn and Caroline bring in Claire. John wonders where his chowder is? She says it's coming. Claire sits on the bed with John, he hugs her and says he'll miss her so much. 


October 17, 2007

Nick returns home, Jeremy is playing with the boys. Nick tells them to hit the books, they say but dad! Nick says don't but dad me. Nick then tells Jeremy he heard him all the way down the hall, noise brings complaints and the cops. There is a knock on the door, Jeremy thinks it is the cops. It's not, it's Maggie. Nick called her and leaves Maggie to talk to Jeremy. Jeremy knows he has to do the right thing, he doesn't need to hear the Horton creed. Maggie threatens to drag Alice over here if she has to.  Jeremy tells Maggie to walk out and forget she saw him, because he is not turning himself in. Maggie says Mike keeps calling to find out about him. Jeremy says you mean to find out whether he's in jail. Jeremy won't go back, he says people don't line up to hire ex-cons, especially repeat offenders. Maggie tells Jeremy that he's better than this. She says Nick sticks his neck out for him, he says he is great with those kids. Maggie begs Jeremy to take a chance and trust them, see what happens. Jeremy asks what about the cops? Maggie says she's giving him one last chance to do the right thing. Maggie then leaves.


Later Nick finds Jeremy packing. Jeremy thinks Maggie is already working on a family intervention to save his soul. He can't believe Nick turned him in, he thought they were friends. He says not to worry, he's out of his way. Nick says Maggie is right, talk to the cops. Jeremy says forget it. Nick says a great life he's choosing, he can't go out when he wants, do what he wants, he can't even show his license. Jeremy says he's not worried about driving when he's wanted for smuggling aliens. Jeremy asks Nick if he can spare a few bucks. Nick gives him all he has. Jeremy then goes to leave, but the boys ask where Uncle Jeremy is going? He says he doesn't want to leave, but he has to. He reminds them of their rule, smile because chicks love it. Jeremy tells them to listen to Nick and remember to root for the bears. Jeremy gives them both hugs and says don't do anything he wouldn't do, and don't do most of the stuff he would. Nick tells the boys to get to bed now. Nick tells Jeremy if he sticks around they'll make good character witnesses. Jeremy says he can't. He also tells Nick not to give up on Chelsea. Nick says he'll miss having him around. Jeremy says he's all right. They knock fists and Jeremy heads out. 


At the sorority house, Morgan and Stephanie have chai tea and talk. Stephanie thinks she should probably check in with her mom at the hospital and then head home, she's tired. Morgan says all that ducking and hiding tires a girl out. She says she saw Stephanie following them the whole night. Morgan says she saw her at the tracks, but Stephanie says she goes there all the time, she has friends with the pits. Morgan says and at the pub? Stephanie says she and Chelsea go there all the time too. Morgan tells Stephanie that an Alpha Chi Theta doesn't take another girl's guy, so if she has a thing for Max then tell her. Morgan says she knows she and Max hung out last year and have had encounters this year. Stephanie says Max and her decided to be friends. She claims she just wants to make sure nobody gets hurt. Morgan says she and Max can take care of themselves. Morgan lets her know she is going to date Max if possible. 

Billie and Jet show up, they are here to talk about an incident on campus. Jett says a student on campus was nearly raped. They explain someone used the date rape drug, they warn them all to be careful. Billie and Jett then leave. Stephanie thanks Morgan for the tea, she should be going. Morgan asks where they are on the Max thing? Stephanie says whatever they do is none of her business. Morgan thanks her for bringing Max into her life. Morgan tells Stephanie be careful walking to the car. She also says there is going to be room in the house if she and Chelsea want to move in. Stephanie heads to her car and gets the feeling she's being followed. It's Jeremy, who sees her, says nothing and then takes off.

At the hospital, Kayla, Steve, Bo and Hope have now arrived to say goodbye to John. John asks about Claire, Belle says Shawn took her home. Everyone is in tears watching his heart rate slow. Kayla tells Belle he's getting weaker. Belle wants them to do something, Kayla says all they can do is make him comfortable. 


Bo tells Marlena he hates to do this, but he needs to ask her questions about the accident while it's fresh in her mind. Marlena says it happened so fast, it was a sedan. She says she can't recall the color, she's sorry. John wonders if Bo is making the moves on his wife. Bo says no, just taking food orders. John wants chowder and a cold one. Bo tells John that he's been thinking, which he knows is dangerous. He's been thinking about parents and family. He says there is the family you are born into, and there is the family you choose. Bo tells John how he is family, he is as much a Brady as he is. John tells Bo to win this damn war. Bo says it would be a hell of a lot easier with John with him. Bo says he needs all his brothers. John passes out. Marlena explains that his body just needs to rest. Bo runs off in tears. He tells Hope he needs air, stay here with the family.


Bo breaks down in the hall. Bo remembers how John went to see EJ at the boathouse that night to set the trap to try and catch him. Bo was supposed to go that night but couldn't as Hope was in danger, John went in his place. Bo looks over and sees some vials on a cart. He takes one and a syringe. 

Steve talks with John, telling him that he has to stay around and help catch this guy. Steve says they all know who did it, he's right down the hall. Hope says now is not the time. Steve says it is never the time. Kate then arrives. Lucas asks why she's here. Kate says to see a dear friend. Kate goes over to John to say goodbye to him. She says the last time they saw one another he was disappointed in her. She says she usually doesn't care what people think of her, but she cares what he thinks. She says she can't spend her life thinking she let him down. John wakes back up and says never. Marlena smiles and says it took Kate to wake him up. Belle thinks he's getting stronger, is this a good sign? Nobody says anything. Belle talks to her dad about the wedding plans, John moans. Kate asks if they can give him something for the pain, but Marlena says he's had his limit. Kate leaves the room, Sami tells Lucas that she'll be okay. Lucas says it will be a long night, he'll get her tea. Sami says she will get it and leaves.


Kate talks to Sami in the hall. She asks if she's still marrying EJ? Sami says more like surviving with EJ. Sami says she should be smiling, she's getting what she wants. Kate says it's the last things she wants. She says Lucas will never let her go, but no matter what happens, at least she knows she kept her family safe. Lucas shows up wondering what Kate said to her. Sami says they weren't fighting. Lucas says he thought he told Kate to leave Sami alone. Kate tells Sami good luck, she means it. Kate then leaves. Lucas asks good luck with what? Sami says with marrying EJ. 

Back in John's room, John is struggling to talk. They tell him not to, just relax, he doesn't always have to be strong. They all try and ease John, reminding him how he promised to take Claire and Ciara to the park. Kayla wonders how he put up with all these hot headed Bradys for years, he's the cool headed one. John says he's not going anywhere. Steve talks with Marlena. She knows he's dying. Steve asks what he can do? Marlena says there is nothing he can do. She says John knows it is close, and no matter how much pain he's in, he's going to keep fighting until she tells him to let go. Steve says they should take a walk, but Marlena can't leave him like this. She has one last thing to do for John. 

In Stefano's room, EJ again asks his father if he caused John's accident? Stefano says it is a coincidence. Stefano asks how John is? EJ says he won't make it through the night. Stefano says he's sorry to hear that. Stefano says an honorable man, an adversary is losing his life. EJ says he tried to destroy John for years, now he's sad he's succeeded? Stefano asks why he thinks he arranged John's accident. EJ knows he did. Stefano says life is fated. He asks EJ to go check on John for him, but be discreet. EJ then leaves.


Bo shows up to see Stefano, with a syringe behind his back. Stefano asks how John is, Bo says he's not expected to make it. Stefano says he's sorry, and to leave him to his reading. Bo takes the call button so they aren't interrupted. He wants to know who ran John down. Stefano says get out. Bo then pulls out the syringe. Stefano says Bo is going to kill a defenseless man? Bo says interesting he said defenseless and not innocent. Stefano says he'll help him and rolls up his sleeve. Bo demands a name of who was ordered to kill John. Roman walks in and suggests he put that away before someone is hurt. Stefano tells Roman that his brother has gone mad. Bo demands Stefano tell him who ran John down. Stefano says he hears Chelsea is hell on wheels. Bo then injects Stefano with the drug right in his chest! As it turns out, it's only saline. EJ returns and demands they get out. Bo says if he doesn't get answers, next time he won't be so lucky. Stefano later tells EJ he will be going back to Italy soon. EJ wants him at his wedding, so he decides he and Sami will marry immediately. They do this high five thing.

In the hall, a cop shows up with pieces of a headlight from the scene. Bo thanks him and says good work, this could be the break they need. Hope joins him, they check for serial numbers to trace the car. Bo promised to find who did this to John, he will keep it.


Back in John's room, Steve asks if they should go. Marlena says no, she wants his love ones here. Marlena says John is in terrible pain and it is time. Marlena goes to John's side. Marlena tells John that it's time for them to talk. Marlena tells John to close his eyes and rest. He says he can rest later. Marlena says he's not going to miss anything, but he says he will miss her. Marlena says he will never leave her and she will never leave him. Marlena says this isn't the end, there is no end. She says don't worry about her or Belle, they'll be okay. She says they'll be strong, he taught them how to be strong. Everyone is with John, they are all in tears. John tells Marlena that he loves her. She says she loves him and kisses him. She says he is the great love of her life. She says rest for her. She says when it is time for her to see him again, he'll have his arms wide open waiting for her. She says she'll be there, he'll be taking care of her again. She tells him to sleep and she'll see him in forever. John then dies. 


Sami runs out of the room in tears. She demands Lucas sign the papers. Lucas signs them for her. Sami hugs him and says she's so sorry. 


October 18, 2007
A very brief summary due to illness. If I can add the screen caps in I will do so ASAP.

At the hospital, Tony shows up to see Stefano with a bottle of wine. He says he was going to take it to a dinner with John and Marlena, but he thought he'd bring it to Stefano as he is probably celebrating. Tony believes Stefano did this to John, just like he put him on that island for twenty years. Tony says he hardly knew his brother and doesn't really know his sister. Stefano says he's sure he and Alexandra will get along, they are both disgraces to the DiMera name. Tony warns Stefano that the Bradys will come after him, he is as good as dead now. Anna comes for Tony, saying they need to go. She tells Stefano to think she felt sorry for him, he will get everything he deserves. After they leave, Stefano makes a call and asks for his limo to be brought here.

On the docks, we see flashbacks of when John returned to Marlena years ago. Marlena is on the docks thinking about John. She hears a noise and wonders if it is John. It's Roman. He says everyone is wondering where she is and is waiting for her. Marlena asks how he knew to find her here. Roman says John told him long ago about their reunion here. MArlena tells Roman she doesn't think she can do this, she can't say goodbye to him.

At the pub, the Bradys are gathering before the funeral. Everyone is worried about Marlena, nobody has seen her. Sami tells Belle she's sure mom will be there. Belle gets a call from Brady, he and Chloe are snowed in in Austria and can't get here. Sami says Eric can't make it either. Sami says they'll be here for each other. Kayla meanwhile worries about the folks. Steve remembers how he was the one who brought John to Salem so many years ago. Flashbacks to John wrapped in bandages. Steve says John was just a paycheck to him then, who knew he'd turn out to be one of his best friends. Stephanie meanwhile talks to Abe and Lexie about John's passing. Celeste is there, she feels John's soul is not at peace, that he will be a restless soul.

Outside the pub, EJ shows up and Lucas asks what he's doing here? EJ says he came to offer his condolences. Lucas says he killed John! Lucas decks EJ, who goes down. Everyone comes running out when they hear the commotion. Sami is furious, she knows why he is here. She says this day is not about her or him or Lucas, it's about John so respect that and leave. Steve tells EJ he better go now. Abe tells EJ not to think about pressing charges. Sami meanwhile talks to Lucas and calms him down. She tells Lucas that he knows there is only one way to end all this violence. 

Later at the pub, everyone has left for the funeral, everyone but Kate and EJ. Kate is pouring them drinks. He asks why she's not at the funeral. Kate asks him the same thing, she thinks he'd be wanting to celebrate his victory. Kate says this is what he wanted, it's why he put a bullet in John last year. EJ says he didn't shoot John. Kate asks who did? EJ says he doesn't know, maybe Andre or Bart. Kate says blame the dead. Kate tells EJ that he was trained his whole life to hate the Bradys before he even met them. She says now he has met them, he even fell in love with one. She says he can probably see now that the Bradys didn't deserve this vendetta. She tells him to take it from her, don't let your life be consumed by hatred, otherwise before you know it it will be too late.

At the funeral home, Bo and Hope are the first to arrive. They find flowers everywhere, the coffin draped in an American flag and photos of John and John and Marlena on the sides of the coffin. They wonder who could have done all this? Father Kelly arrives and says he can explain. He says instructions and a check were delivered this morning from a V Alamain. Bo says Vivian. He asks if she's here? Father Kelly says no, she sent a note saying she felt she wasn't welcomed in Salem, but wanted John to have a proper burial. Bo says he had almost forgot about Vivian, but she sure didn't forget John. Hope asks how anyone could.

Belle and Shawn arrive next. Belle sees the coffin and is in tears. She breaks down. Hope soon rushes to her to comfort her, to offer to do whatever she can for her.

Later the funeral starts. Victor bursts in and walks up to the podium, everyone is stunned. He says he wasn't invited, but he had to come. He says John was a good friend, and his son-in-law at one time. He says John was a better man then he could ever hope to be. He says their relationship was strained recently, that was his fault. HE says he is sorry for how he handled the situation with Claire. He knows John would have handled it differently, and he wishes he could have too. He says he will miss John. He goes to leave. Shawn Sr. gets up and thanks him.

Caroline speaks next about John. She talks about how John was like a son to her and Shawn, and for a time they thought he was their son. We see flashbacks of when they thought he was Roman and had come back to them. 

Hope speaks next. She says John has saved her so many times over the years. She breaks down, saying she wanted to be strong for Belle and Marlena, and most of all for John. She says she just can't, she needs her brother here with her. She steps down in tears saying John will be missed.

Abe speaks next about John, saying he has known and worked with him for many years. He says even though John wasn't an official officer, in honor of his years as Captain of the force and for all his help over the years, he will be buried with full honors. He salutes John's coffin.

Roman talks next. He explains how he and John had an interesting past, as they shared a life, no fault of John's. He remembers when he returned to Salem and met John, who thought he was Roman. ROman says hell he was a better Roman than he was! Roman says John later stepped aside, which he says took class and showed the kind of man he was. 

Anna speaks next. She says she didn't really know John all that well. She says the years Roman was gone he raised Carrie while she basically jetted around Europe looking for adventure. She says he raised Carrie, raised a better daughter than she ever could have. She says she will always be grateful to him for that. 

Belle gets up to speak. She puts a drawing Claire made for John up on one of his photos. She says she will never let Claire forget him, she'll teach Claire everything he taught her. She breaks down and can't go on.

Sami gets up to speak about John. She says she never expected to be giving a Eulogy for John, as he always seemed invincible. She says John and her didn't always get along, that was her fault. However she says he was a second father to her, and she was very lucky to have two amazing fathers. She promises John that his death will not go without notice, it will mean something. Everyone in the church raises eyebrows at each other. 

Marlena speaks last. She gets up and thanks everyone for coming here today. Suddenly there is a commotion in the back of the church. The doors open and in wheels Stefano! Everyone just looks at him.


October 19 , 2007

At the funeral, Stefano tells Marlena he came to pay his respects. Marlena tells him to get out! Stefano says she can't think . . . Marlena says she doesn't think, she knows. She says he has hated John and been after him since his greatest pawn turned on him. Stefano says he only hated John as he had the woman he loved. Marlena says it wasn't love, it was a sick obsession. She tells him to get out! Stefano says he admired John, he was a worth adversary. Bo and Roman tell him to leave before they throw him out. He says he will go and let them morn, pray tell they don't have another funeral to attend. Later everyone watches as John's casket is carried to the graveyard by Abe, Bo, Roman, Shawn, Steve and Tony. 


Later w see Marlena return home to her bedroom with the folded flag. She goes to her bedroom, turns on the light and says John? There is no answer. She sees his jacket folded over the chair. She also sees his coffee cup and book open on the night stand. Marlena breaks down. 

At the pub, Kate tells EJ to let go of the hatred, he has what he wants, Sami got the annulment. She wants this vendetta to end for her children and grandchildren. EJ says the vendetta won't end until he and Sami marry. He says he's sorry about John, he knows they were close. Kate says he was a hero, and if Sami marries him to end the vendetta, she'll be a hero. EJ then leaves. Kate remembers when she and John were together after they believed Roman and Marlena were dead. Kate toasts to her love and says goodbye.


Later Bo is hard at work trying to find evidence in the headlight. He says they have to nail Stefano for John's murder, they don't have time. Hope says he will, they can't lose anyone else they love. 

Max asks Stephanie how she's doing. Stephanie can't forget the look on Marlena's face as his coffin was lowered into the ground. Max says they have one of those all time great loves. Stephanie says like her mom and dad. Max makes some comments to Stephanie about her parents, and Kayla surviving all those years waiting for Steve. Stephanie feels bad because she realizes she was there for her mom, but never really there for her.

Chelsea talks to Billie. Chelsea says she's been so caught up in her whole life that she never thought how serious this DiMera thing was. Billie wants her to be careful. Chelsea asks if the DiMeras will come for her given she's a Brady? Billie is more worried about the rapist on campus right now. Chelsea says not to worry, nothing will happen to her. Billie says it better not, she's all she has.

Anna its with Tony. Tony says Stefano was right, John was his brother and he never knew him. Anna says that wasn't his fault, there is nothing he could have done. Tony says there is. He goes over to formally introduce Anna to his sister Lexie. Lexie points out she and Tony aren't really related, but he says they have both survived Stefano as a father and that is as good a bond as any. She says good point.

Outside, Sami is crying and Lucas sits with her. He can't believe John is dead, and he knows it could happen again, Stefano made that clear. Lucas tells Sami he can't deny that any more, she's right, she has to marry EJ. She says this isn't what she wants, he says he knows. He says but he won't stop her. EJ watches as Sami cries on his shoulder and says just hold me. 


Shawn toasts to John, a Brady if there ever was one. As he toasts, Stefano stands in the church saluting to John's photo. He then remembers branding John with the phoenix and telling him he was his pawn. We then see flashbacks of John heading to Salem, taking the name John Black, meeting Marlena and ending up on the rapids in West Virginia where she first saw his Phoenix tattoo (and wondered if he was Stefano). We also see when John gave her the charm bracelet. Shawn continues to toast to their friend, their son, their brother. Hope remembers when John woke up from the coma, Sami remembers when John walked into the pub after waking up. 


Back at the penthouse, we are treated to classic John and Marlena flashbacks, such as when he first held Belle and knew she was his, and the pier reunion. Marlena remembers one of her many weddings to John and their honeymoons. Outside it begins to rain. 


A new day dawns in Salem . . . . . .

At the hospital, Steve and Kayla arrive. Pocket is sick yet again. Steve says this time he got sick and wasn't with them, this means they aren't to blame. Kayla doesn't care about that, she wants to know what is making him ill. She says the doctors have been in there all night. Phillip shows up demanding to know where his son is, who is trying to poison his son. Kayla explains the doctors are with him trying to find out what is making him sick. Steve says at least he knows it wasn't them, he wasn't with them this time. Steve wants Phillip to apologize to Kayla. Phillip says he doesn't care about this, his son has been poisoned three times and doesn't care about Kayla's feelings right now. Steve decks him!


Bo and Shawn go for a run. They talk about Shawn trying out for the academy and what old Ironpants is going to put him through during training. Shawn talks to Bo about a speech his mom gave him, she doesn't want him to join the force. Bo says he agrees with mom. Shawn thinks it's a bit hypocritical given they are cops. Bo doesn't care that they are cops, they are his parents first and foremost and will always want him safe. He also says they just lost one of their dearest friends. Shawn says John wasn't a cop and it could have been an accident. Bo asks if his gut tells him it was an accident. Shawn says no. Bo says it wasn't, it was murder. Bo says John died the same way Zack did. He says Hope is as tough as steal, but she couldn't' handle losing another son.


Belle arrives at the penthouse with some tea and pastries for her mom. She got them from the bakery she liked. Marlena remembers how dad would go in there and pretend to only speak French, and she'd pretend she didn't know him when he did that. Belle asks if she wants to open the blinds, Marlena leaves it to her. Belle asks if she slept at all last night? Marlena asks if she did? Belle asks why she didn't take something? Marlena says drug herself into a dreamless sleep to wake up with out John? Belle and Marlena talk about losing John and how to deal with it. Marlena says she's counseled so many patients over their loss, listened to their words, even offering them a glass of water. She says they'd look at her as if she was mad, she must have been. She knows now no psychiatrist can mend a shattered heart. They can offer words, say you'll survive this, you'll get through. Se feels she was naive. Belle says no one can mend a shattered heart, but she did help them with their grief. Marlena says she had no idea what they were going through, the depth of their despair. She said she sat there giving them prescriptions and saying take it one day at a time. She says she got to go home to her husband, she had no idea. She says she had no idea what it was like to walk into an empty house. She says now she knows what it's like to walk into that house, find mementoes and know they'll never see their loved one again. Marlena doesn't know how she could have said they'd get threw it. Belle says it's true, what else can they do. Marlena says words can't help, they can't even scratch the surface of a grief that goes right got the core. She thinks she sounded like a horrible greeting card. She doesn't know how she could tell someone in that pain they'd keep going on. Belle hugs her mom and tells her they have to be strong. Marlena doesn't know if she can without her dad. Marlena knows Belle is mourning too. Belle says they'll get through it together and give each other strength. Marlena says she is amazing and such a blessing. Belle says they'll always be a family. Marlena says she has such wonderful memories of John. She's not sure she can live without those memories, without him. Sami then walks in with coffee and pastries asking if there is room for one more, only to find Belle beat her too it. Sami joins Marlena and Belle in bed, Marlena hugs her. Sami asks what she can do? Marlena says she's doing it now. Sami spoke to Eric on the way here, he hates that he's not here. Marlena knows, she talked to him too. Sami says Brady and Carrie are worried too. Marlena says she appreciates that. Marlena says she'll manage. Sami says she wants to help, so does Belle. Sami says she and Belle are going to take care of her. Marlena says she doesn't need taking care of. Sami does, she and Belle decide they are moving in and staying as long as she needs them. Marlena says they are so sweet, but no. 


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