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4th Week of October 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


October 22, 2007
On the docks, Bo and Shawn continue their talk about how he and Hope don't want him to be a cop. Bo tells him to think about Claire, what it would be like for her to grow up without him. Shawn says you can't go around living life worried about what could happen. He doesn't want his mom walking around all night worrying about him. Bo says Marlena probably didn't sleep last night, and these last few years, he would catch Hope pacing around worrying too. Bo says she wouldn't say what was worrying her, he knows it was always Zack. Bo tells Shawn that being a cop is dangerous. Shawn says he'll be careful. Bo says John was careful, he had a family he adored and loved. Shawn says John wouldn't tell him to quit and be a shoe salesman. Bo agrees he wouldn't. Bo admits to Shawn this isn't just about what mom wants for him, if something ever happened to him then he couldn't take it either. Shawn talks to his dad about how he won't quit active duty and go work at the academy. Bo says the bottom line is it is hard watching someone you love do it. Shawn reminds him when he told Grandma and Grandpa he wanted to do this. Bo remembers, they didn't like it either. Shawn says the bottom line is they respected his choice. Bo says they had to, he was going to be a cop no matter what. Shawn says he made some bad choices these past few years, he wants to make a difference, he wants to make the world better for Claire. He says he's learned from John's death that the good guys need all the help they can get. Bo can't argue there. Bo tells him to just be safe, they hug.


Later Sergeant Iron Pants, aka Commander Flynn from the academy shows up. He meets Shawn, they discuss if he has what it takes? Bo does, he got top scores on his examines. Shawn says he starts tomorrow. Commander Flynn says he has some making up to do, and he invites him to have breakfast with him and the new recruits tomorrow. Shawn says he will be there. The Commander heads off. Shawn thanks his dad for putting a good word for him. Bo says he just told the truth. Bo is proud of him, he's taken on a lot of responsibilities. He says speaking of that, when are he and Belle marrying? Shawn says when the time is right. Bo tells him not to wait too long, Claire might end up being her mom's maid of honor. Shawn decides to leave to go see Belle and tell her the news. Shawn leaves, Bo tells himself that Shawn will be okay. 

At Marlena's, Marlena insists she doesn't need a baby sitter or to be taken care of. Belle and Sami tell her that they all need each other. Marlena can't argue with that. She says what she needs is John, and their families need them right now. She asks what their fellas would say if they told them that they were choosing her over them? Belle says they'd understand. Sami says Lucas would be glad she's choosing her over EJ. Marlena and Belle can't believe that she's still doing this. Belle says the DIMeras shouldn't get rewarded for killing her father, tell EJ to go to hell. Sami says and then someone else would die. She won't let that happen. Marlena tells Sami nobody wants or expects her to protect the whole family. Belle says this is the dying wish that drove Colleen to suicide, that is a wish to be spit on, not honored. Belle tells Sami to let the DiMeras know they can't run her life. Sami says they hurt those they love, they could go after anyone. Sami says pretending Stefano won't carry this to the end means people will get hurt. Belle says what if this is a trap, look at what they've done to John, Steve, to Hope. Marlena says to her. Sami says if they don't end it then she'll get out. Belle asks how? Sami says EJ loves her, she doesn't love him, that means she has power over him. Marlena says that won't keep her safe, Stefano said he loves her and took away one of the most precious people to her. She says EJ is Stefano's son, he has a black heart, she can't control it. Sami says she has to try. Marlena says she's taking on something dangerous that could end with her life. Sami says thanks to the DiMeras, the body count keeps rising. Marlena says that won't end by her becoming a DiMera. Sami says she'll never be a DiMera, she'll always be a Brady and Lucas' wife. Belle says her dad wouldn't want this. Marlena thinks she believes this will really satisfy Stefano? Sami says what else would he want. Marlena says an heir, to carry on the bloodline. Sami says she won't sleep with EJ, EJ said he would lie to Stefano and say they are. Belle says EJ could force himself on her again. Sami says Stefano won't survive another year, once he's gone then she'll leave EJ. Marlena says and she thinks EJ will just let her go? Sami says she's trying to do what is right for this family. Marlena says there are limits. Sami says they've both risked everything for their family, she can do no less. Sami is done arguing with everyone about this. Marelna tells Belle to tell her that this is the biggest mistake of her life. Belle says she doesn't know if she can. Marlena asks Belle if she's lost her marbles? Belle says she did crazy things on the run to protect Claire and even Marlena has gone up against the DiMeras. Belle agrees, Stefano can't live forever. Marlena is beginning to wonder. Marlena tells Smi after Stefano dies, EJ won't let her leave him for Lucas. Marlena says EJ would rather see her dead than married to Lucas. Marlena says this is making things unbearable for her. Sami wishes she could take her pain away. Marlena says she can't, no one can. Sami says she'll leave them for awhile, if her mom changes her mind about her living here then tell her. Sami promises to turn this vendetta back around on Stefano. Sami then leaves.


Belle tells her mom to lay down and sleep. Marlena wishes she could, sleep would be some wonderful relief. Belle has to go, she has to pick up Claire. She says she'll check on her later. Belle then leaves. Marlena is alone again in her room. She sees the American flag on her bed. She makes a call. Sami later returns, Marlena called her back. Marlena didn't like the way they left things. Suddenly Sami is hit with labor pains. Marlena thinks it's time to get her to the hospital, but Sami soon realizes these babies are coming now! The contractions are far too close.

At the hospital, Phillip keeps arguing with Steve and Kayla. Steve says Phillip isn't going to take their son. Phillip says he is his son, but Steve says they haven't proved that yet. Steve tells Phillip he chased Claire half way around the world and she wasn't his, he's not doing that with Pocket. Kayla tells them to stop it, Pocket is sick and they need to find out why. Steve doesn't get Phillip, he didn't want this kid before, what has changed now. Is he just another trophy for him? The doctor and Mrs. Meyers show up, Phillip wants to know how his son is. The doctor says excuse me? Mrs. Meyers says this is the young man saying he's the boys father. The doctor explains Pocket has MMA, a disorder that causes the body to produce chemicals that interfere with the body's digestion. She says that it's serious, but treatable with medicine and diet. Steve asks if the case with the DA against them has been closed? Mrs. Meyers says yes. She also tells Phillip that she's still working on the DNA test with family court. The new foster parents come in, they've been waiting all night for word. They are told what is going on and  they meet Steve and Kayla and Phillip. The new foster parents are still calling him Pocket as the name fits him. When they learn about Phillip, they knew this would happen one day. They say they've just fallen so in love with him. Everyone watches as Wayne and Ruth, the new foster parents, check in on him. They all see how much they love Pocket. They've brought in a blanket for him. 


Later Mrs. Meyers tells Phillip, Steve and Kayla that the baby will stay with the new parents. She says a DNA test will be performed for Phillip. However she says these new parents have bonded with him, they want to adopt him. Phillip says it won't happen. Mrs. Meyers says they are aware Steve and Kayla love him too, and of Phillip's claim. Mrs. Meyers says Pocket has won over everyone. She leaves, Phillip and Steve watch Pocket as he bonds with the new parents. Phillip tells Steve he knows what he's thinking, he has more than money to offer his son. Steve wonders what Pocket has to offer Phillip? Steve says if he's lonely get a pet, get a dog. Steve then walks off. Kayla tells Phillip that they both love that baby. Phillip asks if they'll trade him in for a dog too? Kayla says no. She suspects Phillip is the father. She tells Phillip he can go to court, or he can do what is right for this baby. Phillip says he was a good father to Claire. Kayla says she is sure he was, but right now Pocket comes first and he needs healing. She says sometimes they have to do the right thing and let go. She knows he has a hole in his heart where Claire and Belle were, but Pocket can't fill that. 

Later Phillip leaves. Kayla and Steve say goodbye to Pocket before giving him to the new foster parents. The new parents are then able to take him home. Steve tells Kayla he'll miss him, he loved him. Kayla says she did too. Steve says that baby could be Phillip's and they could have still lost him. Kayla says she knows. Steve suggests they just focus on their little family right now. He says maybe some day they'll have a baby, never say never. Kayla says he's a wonderful father and one day they'll talk about it, but only if he's ready. They kiss and hug.


Belle and Phillip both end up at the church. Phillip finds her lighting a candle. He tells her that he's so sorry. Belle was thinking about how she used to go to the carnival as a kid with her dad. She remembers one time they got separated and she was so scared, but he found her. She says even though she's a grown up, she's still daddy's little girl. She wonders who will hold her hand now. Phillip takes her hand. Belle asks him how things are with Tyler. Phillip explains he met his new foster parents. Phillip says they are amazing, and Tyler has been found to have a disorder making him sick, it's treatable. Phillip says his new parents were wonderful. Belle says but he'll take him home soon. Phillip says he can't believe he's about to say this, but he thinks he has to give his son up. She doesn't understand, he explains he has to do what is best for his son and he can't fill the hole in his heart. She asks who can? Phillip says she can. He says he loves her and wants her back. They kiss. Meanwhile Shawn arrives outside the church and is about to walk in as they are kissing!


October 23, 2007

At the pub, Bo is upset when he sees someone reading a story on John's death. Bo and Abe talk, Abe says the headlight has been traced to a used car lot in Chicago. The last owner was a Harry Jenks. Abe says he checks out clean. Bo says it could be his first job for the DiMeras or just a random hit and run. Bo decides to have this guy staked-out. Bo then gets a call from Flynn at the academy. He needs to speak with Shawn, there is apparently a problem. Bo says he'll find Shawn and bring him into the station. Bo tells Abe he has to go, he doesn't like the way Flynn sounded.

EJ and Lucas meet at the pub, EJ asked him there. EJ reminds Lucas about their conversation a few months ago about the twins, when they thought he was the father. Lucas promised to love and raise the kids as his own and not prejudice them against EJ. Lucas says well the twins are his. EJ feels it is only fair he honor the same commitment he made, when he and Sami are married he wants them to all raise these kids together. Lucas says when there is a cold day in hell. EJ says Sami won't forgive him for putting her through a court battle for the twins. Lucas says as soon as Stefano dies, Sami will come home to him. EJ says in a perfect world. Lucas asks what he thinks will happen, she'll get Stockholm syndrome and fall for him? EJ says like Beauty and the Beast? They keep arguing, Lucas thinks EJ called him here to stick it to him. Lucas says he picked the wrong day. EJ says he will raise these children as if they are his own. Lucas and EJ keep arguing and bickering, John's death ends up being brought up. Lucas tells EJ to save it, his phony sympathy for John's murder makes him sick. EJ thinks Lucas enjoys vilifying him. Lucas says he shot John and put him in a coma. EJ calls it a rumor, saying no evidence was found and no charges were filed against him. Lucas thinks it bothered him when John didn't die. EJ tells Lucas these crazy conspiracy theories could cause him a lot of suffering. Lucas asks if that is a threat? EJ says he's just saying his perfect world doesn't always meet his expectations. Lucas thinks this is sounding like a threat to him. Will he shoot him? Hit-n-run? Maybe he'll throw him in a freezer truck. Lucas then gets a call from Sami and learns Sami is at at the penthouse and in labor. Sami says the twins are coming, get here. Lucas says he's on his way. EJ asks what is going on with Sami?


Later Bo sees Lucas about to rush off. Bo asks what is going on? Lucas says Sami is in labor, Bo says congratulations then. Lucas asks Bo for a major favor. We don't hear it, Bo later says he's happy to help. EJ then asks Lucas what he's doing talking to Bo, he heard Sami is in labor. Lucas tells EJ they should call a truce now that Sami is in labor. They shake, Lucas handcuffs him to a booth at the pub! Lucas says he'll be back later with the key, when the twins are about 18. Lucas leaves, Bo and Abe laugh at EJ. EJ tells them to help him out. Bo and Abe say okay, but then of course realize Lucas has the key. EJ says then get him some bolt cutters. Bo asks if this looks like a hardware store? EJ says this is outrageous. Bo says what is outrageous is John being taken out by a DiMera hit. EJ says his family had nothing to do with it. Bo says he's heard that before, from a DiMera. 


Kate later shows up to find EJ trying to break free. EJ says her grandchildren are being born as they speak, does she have bolt cutters. She says no, she left them in her other purse. She asks how this happened, he explains. EJ asks her to help him get out, but Kate says call a lock smith, she's off to see her grandchildren. EJ eventually breaks out, Kate's having car trouble or something (missed it) and they plan to head to see the twins together. 

Shawn shows up at the church as Belle and Phillip are kissing. Of course he doesn't see them, Belle pushes Phillip away and says this is wrong. Shawn walks in and asks what is going on? Belle says she was lighting a candle for her dad, Phillip came for his son. Belle explains Phillip has decided to give his son up. Belle is glad to see Shawn and hugs him, saying she feels like nothing is the way it should. She wants to go home, she belongs with him and their daughter. As they go to leave, Phillip watches. Shawn continues to support her. As they are leaving, Bo calls and asks Shawn to meet him at the station. Shawn says he has to drop Belle off first. Belle tells Shawn it's okay, she has her own car. Shawn says he has some news, good news, but he won't tell her to later. He then walks her to her car as Phillip watches. 

After Belle and Shawn leave, Phillip prays and talks with God. He believes he should be with Belle, and he believes Belle's reluctance to marry Shawn is a sign. He admits maybe it's what he wants to see. Phillip says the first year he and Belle were together with Claire, it was everything he's ever wanted. Phillip says he loves Belle, he never stopped. He says he wants Belle back, if God can help then he'd be grateful. Belle then returns and finds him praying. She says sorry to interrupt, but her car won't start. She asks if he can look at it? 


Phillip couldn't get the car working, so he took Belle home. For some reason they end up making Belle's bed, which isn't made. She does a terrible job, Phillip shows her how it is supposed to be done, saying she has to learn this to be a nurse and make those hospital bed corners. Belle says just like old times. Belle says they've moved on, but Phillip says he's still in love with her and wants her back. They discuss their marriage failing. Phillip says he should have called her out on her feelings for Shawn earlier. Belle thinks their marriage would have failed all that much sooner. They discuss their marriage, Phillip admits walking away cost him everything he loved. Phillip says it's not too late to put them back together. Belle says she's with Shawn, they are engaged. Phillip says when he kissed her, she kissed him back. She asks him to leave, but Phillip knows she wants him as much as he wants her. He asks why she's fighting it? She says this is wrong. He says he's not talking about sneaking around or having an affair, they love each other and never got a second chance. Belle says she can't do this, and she kissed him back because he made her feel safe. She says Shawn loves her and she loves him. Phillip says but if Shawn was all she needed, she would have slapped him and not kissed him. Phillip says he loves her and wants to make love to her. Belle asks him to go. Phillip says if she wants him to walk out of he life then he will, she's the only one who can stop him. He goes to leave, but of course she stops him and they begin to kiss. 


At the station, Bo and Shawn meet with Commander Flynn. Flynn says Shawn's enrollment in the academy has been postponed pending review. This is because of Shawn's defying a court order and taking Claire when Phillip had custody. Shawn tries to explain, but Flynn says Shawn isn't what they are looking for at the Salem PD. They want to know who brought this up to him, but he isn't at liberty to say. Flynn says it doesn't matter, it would have come up in the background check. Shawn says he doesn't believe that some anonymous informant just happened to give him one sided information. Bo says no charges were filed and his record is clean. Flynn says he will be brought up before the board. Bo promises to appeal this if it doesn't go their way. Flynn says Shawn's rejection is far from a done deal, but Shawn doesn't think it sounds that way at all. Flynn says he'll call them with the decision. Shawn is furious, he tells his dad he's going to do what he should have done a long time ago. Shawn says he thinks Phillip did this, and he found Belle and Phillip at the church talking. However he thinks Belle was looking very guilty, and now Phillip is giving up his kid for adoption. He thought this kid would take Phillip's focus off Belle. He says Phillip wants Belle back. Bo says he's afraid she'll falter? They continue to talk about this, Shawn talks about how Phillip constantly milks Belle for her sympathy, and Belle of course feels guilty and that she's the only one who understands him. Shawn says he's sick of it. Shawn says he's going to find Phillip and force the truth out of him about this stunt. He wants Belle to see what Phillip is really about. 

At the penthouse, Sami is in labor and thinks it's too soon, she's not ready. Marlena says she's ready all right. Sami says the apartment isn't ready though, she hasn't finished baby proofing it or setting up the room. Marlena says the babies are coming. She tells Sami to focus on the twins, that is her job now. She says she'll call her doctor and have them meet them at the hospital. Sami cries out she doesn't think there is time, they are coming now! Marlena calls the paramedics and assures Sami that if they don't arrive, she'll deliver the twins. Sami says she's a shrink. Marlena says she is also and an MD, she did her rotation in OB and gave birth to her own children safely. MArlena continues to monitor Sami's progress as the babies are coming. 


Lucas soon shows up to be with Sami. He asks where the paramedics are? Marlena says there is a five car pile-up on the high way. Lucas tells her she was supposed to wait for him. She says she tried. Marlena says the first baby is coming, Marlena guides her through labor and when to push and not to push. The baby boy comes first. They are happy to meet him, but MArlena says a baby girl is still waiting. 

Lucas and Sami discuss the baby boy's name. Instead of Roman Thomas then name him John Roman. Marlena thanks them for that. Sami's hit with another pain, the next baby is coming. However there is a problem, the cord is wrapped around the little girl's neck. Sami begs her mom to save her baby, do whatever it takes, cut her open. Marlena says she won't have to do any cutting. Marlena manages to get the baby free and continues with the instructions on pushing and not pushing. 

Later both babies have been born. Lucas and Sami can't believe this. Suddenly Kate and EJ show up, Marlena asks how the hell they got in here? EJ and Kate say they just want to see the babies. Marlena says please have the good manners to get out! Why is he still standing there? EJ says the twins don't look alike, almost like they have different father. He then walks out. Kate tells Lucas she knows he's angry with her, but she's happy for him.


October 24, 2007
In Belle and Shawn's room, we see a replay of Belle not letting Phillip leave. She closes the door when he offers to walk out. She says she doesn't want him to leave, she couldn't bare it if she never saw him again. They kiss and soon end up in bed. Belle says she can't, but doesn't stop. They begin ripping each other's clothes off and soon make love. During the process Belle kicks over a vase. Belle later tells Phillip to get out, this was a mistake, she's engaged. Phillip says there is nothing wrong with what they did. She asks how he can say that? She says it was just sex and it will never happen again. She tells him to go, he left them a long time ago. Phillip says it was a mistake. He says she isn't happy, if she was then she would have married Shawn by now. He says he loves her and will never stop fighting for her. Belle basically shoves him out of the room. 


Down in the pub, Hope is looking through Halloween decorations. Shawn shows up, she asks if something is wrong? Shawn takes it she hasn't talked to dad yet. Shawn says she just got back from the station, his enrollment has been postponed. He doesn't want to talk about it, he wants to go upstairs. Hope tells him to wait. She wants to know what happened, maybe it isn't as bleak as he thinks. He explains his case is being reviewed for violating a court order. He also says this wasn't from a background check, they were tripped off. She asks who would do that? Shawn says Phillip. Hope asks why he'd do that, he was willing to offer to help him get a job not long ago. Shawn says it's the same reason Phillip helped Claire with school and Belle with those close. Shawn says he's playing games, earlier he caught them at the church and they looked guilty. Hope says Belle just lost her father, does he really think Phillip would take advantage of her at a time like this? Shawn says yes. Hope says it takes two, and remember that Belle loves him. Shawn says he's just afraid she loves Phillip still too. Hope says if Belle still had feelings for Phillip then she wouldn't have agreed to marry him, trust in Belle. Shawn still thinks Phillip bad mouthed him to the commander, he saw a way to make him look bad to Belle and took it. Hope says Belle doesn't care what he does for a living, but Shawn says it makes Phillip and his money look better. Shawn thinks that the Commander was paid off. Hope tells Shawn that if he doesn't stop with these accusations, Belle will see his insecurities and that he's consumed with jealously. Shawn says he'd rather look jealous than like a naive wimp. Hope asks so what he'll do, beat him up? Hope says that won't look good to the academy. She tells him to do detective work and find out if Phillip is playing fair or dirty. She also says tell Belle the truth about everything, she might surprise him. Shawn says he guesses it might work. Hope says it will. Shawn asks if she's upstairs? Hope didn't see her car in the lot, but Phillip's was there. Maybe he gave her a ride home. Shawn checks it out, it is Phillip's car, he's not happy. Hope tells him to cool down, not to do anything rash.

Phillip soon comes down the steps and face to face with Shawn and Hope. Hope excuses herself, she leaves with Ciara. Shawn tells Phillip they need to talk. Shawn asks why he's here. Phillip says he gave Belle a lift, her car wasn't working. Shawn the asks what he was doing up in their room? He says he's a gentleman, he walked her to the door. Shawn says that is a joke. He tells Phillip to leave Belle alone, she's off limits. Phillip says Belle is miserable and if he'd pay attention then he'd realize that. Phillip says they both want to see Belle and happy and he's the one that does that for her. Phillip says he'll always love Belle and she'll always love him.


Upstairs, Belle is in tears over what she's done. She looks at the broken vase and then starts stripping the bed of the sheets. Hope later shows up with Ciara and checks on Belle, she's cleaning up the vase. Hope looks around and wonders what happened here. Hope had brought up a pumpkin candy collector for Claire. Hope says it looks like they came at a bad time, what happened. Belle says she was doing laundry and knocked a vase over. Hope sees she's been crying. Belle says it's a week for crying. She says she has missed a lot of classes this week and she has a final on Friday. Hope says she loves her son and there is nothing she won't do to protect him. She wants to know what happened between her and Phillip, she wants the truth. 

Sami is now in the hospital. The babies are next to her, Lucas shows up to check on them all. They talk about how tiny the babies are, how cute they are. Lucas talks about how terrific her mom was. Sami says he was to. Lucas says he didn't do much, but Sami says  he didn't faint and that is more than most guys. Lucas says he wasn't there when Will was born, so he wouldn't miss this one for anything. He says he'll be there for the next ones too. Sami suggests they not talk about any more babies right now. Sami suggests they choose a name for the girl. She'd like to go with the J theme. Lucas suggests Julia, but they realize than name is taken, ie Julia Roberts. Jane is out as it's too 1950s. They continue talking and EJ's comment comes up. Sami tells Lucas not to worry about EJ's comment, they are fraternal twins and don't have to look alike. Lucas says but what if they do have different fathers? Lucas reminds her the first DNA test was screwed up by Nick, but Sami says Kate had something to do with that. Sami says EJ doesn't know what he's talking about, he's trying to stir the pot.

EJ and Kate show up at the hospital, in the hall he is still saying those twins don't look alike. Kate says if he was the father they'd have a horn and a tail. EJ says then why is Marlena over there talking to a lab tech? Marlena talks with the lab tech about the first test done. She offers to run it again, but Marlena doesn't know how well that will go over with Sami. EJ continues to tell Kate he is sure one of those babies is his, which means he and Sami will be bonded for life. Kate reminds him there is a bond between her and Lucas too. EJ says he and Sami are getting married. Kate says he thinks he's really going to get her to fall in love with him? He says he likes a challenge. He says once Sami knows the truth about the babies, Lucas will become a distant memory. MArlena walks up hearing this and is furious. She says how dare he! She says he raped her daughter and has caused her family unspeakable pain. She says damn you and slaps EJ! She says he looks surprised, he didn't think she had that in her. EJ admits he didn't. She says she'd rather kill him than slap him. Marlena tells EJ to stay away from Sami and the twins. EJ thinks she has doubts too, that is why she was talking to the lab tech. EJ says it is possible that he fathered one of those babies. MArlena says don't send out any birth announcements yet. EJ says he knows she's dying to know just as much as he is. She says you mean if one of those babies was fathered by a rapist? EJ suggests they keep this conversation on an adult level. Marlena says when she looks at him she sees a little boy in a man's body, so she doesn't think they can do that. She says if he thinks he can make Sami or a child love him, he is in for a hard landing.


Back in Sami's room, Lucas tells Sami that they should probably get another DNA test. He says he'll love these babies no matter what, but they have to know. Marlena walks in, Sami asks her mom to help her convince Lucas not to do another DNA test on the babies. Marlena says she agrees with Lucas. Sami thinks Marlena is taking EJ's side. Marlena isn't, but she wants to erase any shadow of doubt in this area. She says they always knew EJ might be the father from the beginning. Sami says he's not, they did a test. Marlena says she doesn't think there was a mistake, but with twins it can be complicated. Sami says maybe she and Eric should be tested too, doesn't that sound crazy? Marlena says it's a different situation and she knows. Marlena says what if something happen to the babies one day, something that was hereditary. She says Sami would need all information she could have. MArlena says one lab tech suggests they re-run the test again. Sami says why now? She thinks it is a convenient timing. What if EJ bribed him. Marlena says if they do the test again, they will make sure it is under the tightest security. Sami says the thing is she doesn't care whose babies they are, she already feels they are theirs. She says EJ has taken so much from them, don't let him take the babies too. Lucas sides with Sami, if she doesn't want another test then they won't do it. He also says if EJ wants to take them to court then they will fight him. Lucas says he won't let anyone break up their family. Marlena asks Lucas for some time alone with Sami. Lucas says she doesn't want the test. Marlena says she knows. Lucas says he'll go to the cafeteria. 

Marlena is alone with Sami. She suggests they do the test without EJ knowing. Sami says are you kidding, he knows more about her life than she does. Marlena says they need an answer. Sami says she doesn't want to be stuck with EJ for life. Marlena says if the tests show Lucas is the father, then EJ might leave her alone. Sami says not likely, she has to marry him and is stuck with him until Stefano dies. Marlena says then she has nothing to lose by doing the test.


Back outside, EJ thanks Kate for the support there. Kate says the woman just lost her husband. EJ says he had nothing to do with that, don't insult him by taking her word over his. Kate says if she ever finds out he had anything to do with John's death, she'll kill him herself!  Later Lucas later fins Kate on the phone. Kate asks how they are, can she look at them. Lucas asks if EJ went home. She says no, he went off to get tea. Lucas asks if Kate put him up to the comment about the twins, but Kate says he came up with it himself. Lucas says every time he turns around she's with either EJ or Stefano. He also isn't buying this idea that she had nothing to do with this. He thinks she'd love it if one or both baby turned out to be EJs. She says those are her grandchildren. Lucas reminds her of Nick's tests, but Kate claims he made that mistake on his own. Lucas still thinks she'd do anything to break him and Sami up, even if it means losing her grandchildren. Kate says those are her grandchildren and she wants to take them to the park and spoil them. She says she has been a good grandmother to Will and Chelsea. She even has a gift. She got them silver rattles to be engraved with their names. Lucas doesn't want the gifts. He tells her not to buy them anything, their only grandmother is Marlena. Lucas then asks how she knew Sami was in labor? Did EJ tell her? He wonders if she set EJ free? EJ then returns, Lucas can't believe he's still here. EJ says he's family. Lucas says if they came together they can leave together. Lucas tells EJ those children in there are his. EJ says they'll find out soon enough. Lucas says if he thinks Sami will have another DNA test then he's mistaken, she said no test. Lucas tells EJ to go back to England where he belongs. EJ says he's making a spectacle of himself. He doesn't care, he says it's time people know what a son of a bitch he is. Lucas says EJ is crazy to think Sami will marry him and raise their children. Lucas says he'll kill him before he lets that happen. Kate tells him to stop. Nurses and lab techs are watching as Lucas swears to God that he'll kill him with his bare hands. Lucas walks off, EJ shakes his head. 


Back in Sami's room, Sami's on the phone with Eric telling him about the twins. A nurse shows up to get a sample from the babies. Sami tells Eric that she needs to call him back. Sami is shocked about the test, the nurse thought they wanted one. Marlena asks the nurse to excuse them. Sami tells her mom that she can't make this decision without Lucas. Marlena says not taking the test won't make the problem go away, it will just eat her up inside. Sami is scared. Marlena says if EJ is the father of one or both they'll deal with that. Marlena reminds her that Lucas and everyone was supportive in the beginning when they thought EJ was the father. Sami agrees to the test. The nurse comes in, Marlena instructs that two techs do the test, the samples are never to be out of sight. Marlena says she'll walk her to the lab with the swabs. The nurse then takes the samples by swabbing the babies cheeks.


October 25, 2007
Bo and Abe are going to question the suspect for the hit-n-run. They arrive at his loft apartment. Roman is already there, he has him hand cuffed. Bo asks who hired him to hit John and kill him. Stefano, EJ? Harry says he doesn't say anymore until he has his lawyer. Bo knows he's lying, Abe says and they will prove it. Abe calls a squad car to pick up EJ. Harry says they can't do this without a search warrant. Bo shows him one. Abe also reveals that this guy is really named Jake Genarro, who just got out of jail for armed robbery. EJ then shows up to meet Jake Genarro. EJ says he never seen this guy in his life. Jake says he doesn't hang out with pretty boys.  Roman and Bo realize they don't know each other, so EJ is let go. Roman thinks maybe the DiMeras had nothing to do with John's death. Abe then says not true, Jake was in the same cell as Andre DiMera in the state pen. Jake claims he doesn't know any Andre. Roman looks at his phone and finds Tony DiMera's number and name on it, Tony being the name Andre used in jail and for years. Abe arrests Jake, Bo asks Roman what they tell Sami about this? Roman says they tell her nothing. Roman says if she finds out she'll want to marry EJ. Bo says she has a right to know. Roman says so Jake and Andre shared a cell, it could be a coincidence. Bo says there is no coincidence when it comes to the DiMeras. Roman has to go see the new babies, he says he won't be the one to break her heart on this day with this news. 


At the pub, Shawn tells Phillip to leave Belle alone, she's off limits. Phillip says Belle is miserable, if he paid attention he'd see that. Phillip says he's the guy that makes Belle happy, that is the way it is. He says he still loves Belle and she still loves him. Shawn says Phillip is crazy to think Belle loves him still. He says he is going to marry Belle, she is going to marry him. Shawn says he's done with him. Phillip says no Belle is done with him! Phillip says he can give Belle the stability and future she needs, Shawn can't even decide what he wants to be when he grows up. Shawn says he wants to be a cop, and Belle is fine with being the wife of a cop. Phillip says Belle is only marrying him because of Claire, but she really loves him. Shawn and Phillip continue to argue, Phillip tells Shawn how he fails at everything he does. Shawn think that makes Phillip sound desperate, he knows he won't have Belle in his life again or his bed. Phillip says who says she's not already there? This leads to a huge fight between them! They completely trash the pub and Phillip begins some serious butt kicking. Caroline soon shows up with a club, hits Phillip to stop this and tells them to knock it off. Phillip says Shawn threw the first punch. Caroline says get out and don't come back. Phillip leaves, Caroline asks Shawn what is his problem? She says he started a brawl in the pub! Shawn says he let Phillip push his buttons. Caroline promises to push his buttons. Shawn goes to get cleaned up and Caroline calls Bo and tells him to get down here as Shawn really needs him. 


Bo shows up and tells Shawn if he wants to fight then take it outside. Shawn says he lost it, he's sorry. He says Phillip said he was going after Belle, he made it clear. He also made a crack about him joining the academy. Bo says he did find out a letter was sent to the commander questioning his worth as an applicant. Shawn is sure it is Phillip who sent it. Bo says maybe, but Phillip keeps pushing his buttons and Shawn attacks. Bo says Phillip plays the victim and Shawn looks like the bad guy. He says trust Belle, he does trust her doesn't he. Shawn says he does. 


In Belle's room, Hope confronts her about what happened here. Belle says nothing happened. Hope can see what is going on, she's in a robe, the sheets are ripped off the bed and there is a broken vase. Hope says the truth is all over her face. Belle says she doesn't know what she's talking about. Hope says you didn't just cheat on Shawn? You didn't have sex with Phillip? Belle says there was no affair. Hope doesn't believe that, and Shawn won't either when he comes up here. Belle panics when she learns Shawn is here. Hope threatens to go talk to Shawn unless Belle gives her the truth. Belle cries she's sorry and she doesn't know how it happened. Belle begs her not to hate her, she's not having an affair, she doesn't know how it happened Belle says she was vulnerable. Hope says don't use John's death as an excuse, ever since she got back from Tinda Lau she has found one excuse after another to be with Phillip. Hope throws moving in with Phillip and going to Tulsa into her face. Hope says it's clear what Belle wanted and she got it. Belle says she hasn't been chasing after Phillip and she never meant to hurt Shawn. She has been in love with Shawn since high school. Hope says and she destroys everything by jumping into bed with Phillip? Belle says it wasn't like that. Hope says so she was confused? Belle says yes and Phillip was there. Hope feels for her and says her heart is breaking for her, but she won't let her use John's death to cheat on Shawn. She won't let Belle dishonor him like that. Belle swears it will never happen again, it was a mistake. Hope says it wasn't a mistake. Belle says her marriage to Phillip just ended, she never got over it and stopped feeling guilty about it. Hope says maybe it's Phillip she didn't get over. Belle says no Shawn is the one she never got over, she loves him and needs him. Hope says fine she'll keep her secret. Hope says there is one condition, she cuts Phillip out of her life completely. Belle agrees, she is done with Phillip. She says it will never happen again and she appreciates what Hope is doing. Hope says she's doing this for her son, and if she even thinks Belle betrayed him again then she'll tell him all. Belle says it won't happen again. Hope tells her to freshen up.

Later Shawn knocks on the door, he asks if she's decent as his dad is with him. She says yes. Bo and Shawn come in, they see Shawn is a mess. Shawn says he and Phillip got into a fight that is all. Bo takes Ciara out, Hope goes with his as Belle takes care of Shawn's face. Shawn notices the new sheets on the bed. He asks if she didn't change them yesterday? Belle says she got bored with them. Belle cleans Shawn up, he promises he won't let Phillip get to him again. Belle says Phillip isn't going to be a part of their lives anymore, it's not good to have him around. Shawn asks when she decided this? She says she lost her dad, she doesn't want to lose anyone else. Shawn tells her how they will be okay. 


At the hospital, Sami is sleeping and Lucas looks in on the twins. He says mommy is tuckered out, so this gives them a chance to get to know each other. He says it is crazy to have kids, you have these two strangers depending on you for everything. Lucas says after looking into their little eyes, he can see they aren't strangers at all. He says they are everyone they've ever loved. He says he can see their mom, Marlena, Roman, Caroline and Shawn. He says they are everyone wrapped up into two little bundles of joy. Lucas says he just hopes they take after their mommy. Sami stirs, Lucas goes to check on her, but first says their daddy loves them already. Sami continues to sleep and the babies stir. Lucas checks on the little girl and wonders what is wrong, is she hungry? Lucas then has a dream about the kids' future. Sami and EJ are married, little Johnny is the perfect kid and spoiled. He has a horse and a is taking violin lessons with some famous orchestra member, the little girl only has a violin as they can't afford both, her lessons are through school. EJ tells Johnny they have to get him off to his fencing lessons now. Sami leaves with EJ and the boy, the little girl stays behind with Lucas. The little girl doesn't like that Johnny gets everything and she doesn't, she hates him! Later Lucas dreams about how his daughter ends up a slightly over weight teen and is made fun of by her own brother, who wants nothing to do with her. He calls her fat and tells her to drink up to forget how gross she is. She ends up watching the bartender at the pub pouring shots on the bar. Lucas tells his daughter that it won't be like that, she won't make the same mistakes he did. Lucas vows to protect his kid, but what happens when he's not around anymore. We see the twins at the cemetery, Lucas and Sami are dead of broken hearts. The girl tells Johnny that they their mother never stopped loving him. Johnny says that was her mistake. The girl is now a drunk, John is cold to her. She asks him to lend him a money. He says for booze? So she can die quicker? His pleasure. He throws the money at her. 


Later the babies are off getting baths. Sami wakes up, Roman shows up and congratulates the new parents. They have to tell Roman that EJ is demanding more DNA tests, Lucas is nervous. They have decided to do more DNA tests to prove to EJ that Lucas is the father of both twins. Roman says if they have to do it then they have to do it. Roman thought this was settled though. Sami asks how the investigation is going on John's killer. Roman says they are running down some leads. He says he should get back to the office. He says he has work to do, and tells them not to worry about EJ. Roman then leaves. They discuss how Roman didn't seem so worried about the test. Sami says once they are in, EJ will have to shut up about it. Lucas tells Sami how EJ is trying to get his hooks into her. He says EJ won't give up until he's in her bed. Lucas says it is time they consider taking their kids and leave Salem. Sami says they can't run, EJ will just hurt the ones they love. Lucas says so they are back to her marrying him? She says he said he was okay with it. Lucas says that was before the babies. He's worried about EJ and his father getting their hands on the kids. Sami says they won't. Lucas tells Sami no matter what happens, he'll always love her and their kids, they are his family and mean everything to him. Bo and Hope later show up to see Sami and the babies. They learn about the DNA test. Sami then questions Bo about the investigation into John's death. She wants to know the truth. Bo tells her that they found a guy who was Andre's cellmate in prison. Sami says so it proves it, it was a warning to her. Lucas decides to go check on the kids and leaves. Sami says Lucas doesn't understand. Bo goes to check on Lucas. Hope says she doesn't understand either, she doesn't need to do this. Sami says she does, she has to marry EJ. Sami says she'd rather spend eternity making EJ miserable than go to one more funeral.


Bo and Lucas talk in the hall. Bo says they'll find a way to talk Sami out of this. Lucas says they have to stop EJ and he'll do it. Bo asks what he's saying. Lucas says if EJ turns up dead, Bo knows who to go after. Meanwhile, EJ shows up and looks at the babies in the nursery. A nurse asks which one is his? EJ asks if it matters? He says they are so full of promise. He thinks to himself if fate makes one of them his, he'll be the best father they can ask for. He says they will be a DiMera like no other, not even Stefano.


October 26 , 2007

Chelsea and Stephanie are moving into the sorority house. Stephanie asks why Nick couldn't help? Chelsea says he couldn't get a sitter for the boys. Chelsea wanted to move in immediately, she's excited they get to live here. Stephanie says she'll have to put up with Morgan and her y'alls. Chelsea knows what this is about. Stephanie says she just knows Morgan will end up hurting Max. Meanwhile, inside the house, Ford invites Max to their next frat party, saying the girls there were so hot . . . .not as hot as Morgan of course. Max says call him before the next one.

Chelsea and Stephanie walk in with their stuff. They learn they can't room together, there is a single room upstairs and a room to share with Cordy downstairs. Chelsea offers to room with Cordy, who is downstairs, which means she doesn't have to lug her stuff up stairs. Stephanie looks over at Max, who is flirting with Morgan.

Stephanie and Chelsea help each other set each other's rooms up. Stephanie talks about how Morgan and Max are getting serious. Chelsea says they both know she has feelings for Max, if she's ready to admit it then tell Morgan and soon. Stephanie says she was making conversation, she is bumed they can't be roommates. They consider asking if Cordy will take the single so they can share. They think it's a good idea. They get bored and go back out to the party.

Morgan sees looks between Max and Stephanie. She asks if something is going on she needs to know about? Max swears there is nothing going on between him and Stephanie. He explains again, they were dating, but they are just friends. He says Stephanie was in love with this creep Jeremy, but he left town. Morgan says so now they are both single . . . . Morgan says she can step out of the way, but Max says maybe he doesn't see a future for him and Stephanie. Morgan says then maybe they could hang exclusively. Stephanie watches them and heads upstairs to check her room out. Max asks Morgan if she's asking him out. She says it depends on whether or not he's available. Max says he is. She thinks he should talk to Stephanie first though. Max says he doesn't need to, she chose Jeremy and he thinks he's choosing her. He also says her family is wealthy, would they like her dating a bartender. She says they'd hate it, but they'd get over it when they see how happy he makes her. She says maybe she could make him happy. Max and Morgan agree to see each other. They kiss as Stephanie returns and sees them.


Ford talks to Chelsea, he asks why Stephanie left the party. Chelsea says she wants to check out her new room. Chelsea asks about his date with Cordy. Ford says she has issues. He says he spent a bundle on dinner, she ate two bites and decided she wanted to go home. He she has some insecurities or something, but he thinks Chelsea is the kind of girl who would stay till the end of dinner, maybe even have dessert. Chelsea asks if he is serious? She says that is so cheesy and a lot like Jeremy. Chelsea tells Ford for the record, they are so not happening. 

Cordy comes home, when Ford says something to her about dancing, she screams don't touch me and runs off. This gets everyone at the party's attention. Stephanie and Chelsea run after her, Morgan asks Ford what he did to Cordy? Ford says he asked her to dance, the chick is psycho! Morgan says guys like him give the Greek system a bad name. Morgan goes to check on Cordy with Chelsea and Stephanie, she's in her room crying. They ask what is wrong, what happened? Cordy says she's just tired and wants to be left alone. Cordy says she's dropping out of school. They thought she liked school. They ask what is going on? Cordy says she just needs to get away for awhile. Stephanie asks if this is about a guy, Chelsea asks if it is about Ford. Cordy just wants to go home, she doesn't know if she's coming back. They says if this is what she wants then they will support her. They say they are here for her, sisters forever and they'll miss her. Cordy says she'll miss them too. Chelsea says they should at least give her a going away party. Cordy says no, her parents are coming tomorrow and she needs to pack. They leave her. Morgan says something isn't right, but there is nothing they can do tonight. Morgan begins telling the other girls about Cordy leaving.


Max watches as lady after lady shoots down Ford. Max wonders what happened with him and Cordy. He says he'd never take her out again, it was crazy. Ford says sorority girls want to play with fire, but cry when they get burned. Ford then runs off after another girl. Later Chelsea asks Ford if he has any idea why Cordy dropped out? Ford says no, but it's a good idea, she needs meds in a big way. Ford then walks off. Max and Chelsea discuss Ford, who reminds them of Jeremy. Stephanie joins the conversation, Stephanie feels Cordy seemed scared earlier. Morgan joins in, Max talks about how he can't stand Ford. Morgan calls Max her night in shining armor for wanting to protect her and the others. Stephanie becomes upset and storms off. 

Chelsea watches as Stephanie runs off. Chelsea tells her to stop, she shouldn't go off alone. Stephanie doesn't listen. Chelsea goes back to her room where Cordy is packing. They talk about her leaving. Cordy says her parents aren't happy about it. Chelsea says Ford was being such a jerk to her, he was trying to hit on her. Cordy says don't let him! Chelsea says she knows something happened on her date with him. Cordy doesn't want to talk. Chelsea says leaving school is a bit extreme. Cordy tells her to just leave her alone. Chelsea says they all care about her. Cordy says she just doesn't want to talk. Chelsea says okay. Chelsea leaves and tells Max and Morgan she tried to talk to Cordy. Morgan asks where Stephanie went? Chelsea says she wasn't feeling good and went home. Suddenly a girl yells at Ford and says she said no! Max asks what is wrong, she says Ford won't keep his hands off her. Max suggests Ford go. Ford says this party is dead anyways. Ford leaves, Max says he doesn't like that guy. Chelsea then gets a call, campus security says she left her lights on. She decides to go check on it, she assures Max it will be okay as she's out front. Morgan sends Max just to make sure she's okay. Chelsea heads outside and is attacked! She's grabbed from behind by a gloved hand, earlier Ford put on gloves as he was storming out.

At the hospital, Lucas finds Kate looking at the babies. She says they are so tiny, so perfect. She says they are her grandchildren, don't shut her out of their lives. Lucas says this changes nothing between them. She says one of the kids might not be his. Kate says DNA doesn't make a parent, he will raise them and love them, they will have a grandmother who loves them. Lucas tells Kate they've found the guy who hit John, he was Andre's cellmate. Kate says so Sami was right. Lucas says the guys not talking. Kate says so Stefano is getting away with it, if it was him. Lucas says it was him. Kate says Stefano could have killed John years ago, he didn't as he likes playing with his victims. Lucas says Stefano had to send Sami a message, now she's prepared to marry EJ. Lucas says Kate pulled every trick in the book to keep him from Sami, they could have been married for years if it weren't for her. He says and he forgave her for years as she was his mother. He says he can't forgive her anymore, he's changing his name to Horton, he's through being her son. Lucas says she forced him to choose between being her son and being a father and husband he can be proud of. He says he'll never be the son she wants him to be, but Sami and the kids love him for who he is. Kate says she loves him. Lucas says in her own little way. Kate says she will stop talking to Stefano and she will prove she had nothing to do with Sami having to marry EJ. Lucas says it's too late. Kate says she can't lose him. Lucas says she already has. Later the twins are brought out and Lucas is told it is dinner time for the kids, she thought Sami would want to feed them together. Lucas is allowed to wheel them to Sami. The nurse says she'll stop by Sami's room later to pick them up. Kate says he'll be a wonderful father, he already is. She says she's proud of him and goes to leave. Lucas tells his mom to wait. 


Sami is in her room eating Jell-O. EJ shows up, she asks if he's back to say the twins don't look alike. EJ is glad she agrees. He says it is possible he fathered one of those children. Sami says they are Lucas' kids. EJ says they don't look alike. Sami says they are fraternal twins, they don't have to look alike. EJ says even she has to admit her son is the spitting image of him. Sami tells him to shut up and says they are getting something straight right now. Sami says her son doesn't look anything like him, he could speak with a British accent and he'd still be Lucas' son. They continue to argue over whether he'll be a part of the kids' lives. EJ reminds her they are moving in together. She says this is a marriage in name only, and she has no choice. She says they found out that the man who killed John was Andre's old cell mate. EJ says he didn't know, but Sami doesn't believe him. EJ says Bo dragged him down there to meet the smelling guy, he's never seen that man before, but he can't speak of his father. Sami says to stop hiding his giddiness, he finally has her where he wants her, under his thumb. He doesn't think he has her at all. He says if they are going to do this, they should make the best of it. She says what, live happily as husband and wife. EJ says he'd like them to be friends. She says they aren't friends, and she is stuck marrying him. She tells him to be prepared for the marriage from hell. He says this marriage is about ending a vendetta. She knows, what more does he want, wait don't answer that. She thinks he wants them to fall in love and live happily ever after. He asks if that is so ridiculous? She says yes and it won't happen. EJ talks about how this is the burden they've been given, this is the sacrifice they have to make to end this vendetta. Sami says she is making the sacrifice, EJ is getting what he wants. EJ asks if he thinks she's happy that he's marrying a woman who hates him? Sami knows him and knows he thinks he'll get passed that somehow. EJ warns her not to mess with this marriage, John is dead because she changed his mind about marrying him once. He says her family doesn't want her to make that mistake again. Sami welcomes the real EJ back, that implied threat was a dead give-away. EJ says he's not making a threat, he's reminding her what happened the last time she ignored what had to be done. He says she needs to decide whether she's committed to ending this vendetta. He says know this, if she doesn't, she will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. He says his father has lived his life fulfilling this promise and he'll never walk away from it. He says it's her decision, but choose wisely. He doesn't mean to pressure her, but arrangements need to be made for the legal divorce. Sami says she will marry him. EJ says wise choice, they must marry as soon as possible. Sami says she just gave birth to twins. She says she has to recover and get a divorce. She says it will take time. EJ says not if she goes to Santo Domingo, they can be divorced in 24 hours. He says he'll make the arrangements. She says she'll convince Lucas to go. Later she thinks she can't do this, she should just wait and get divorced here. HE says that could take months, the violence will continue. Sami says they can set a wedding date, but EJ says it won't appease Stefano.


Lucas comes in with one of the babies and finds EJ there. EJ goes towards Lucas and the baby. Sami tells him to stop, not to take one more step! Lucas takes the boy over to Sami, Kate brings in the little girl. Kate says she's precious, they both are. Lucas says he thought it would be okay for his mom to spend time with them. Sami says she's glad. She asks Kate which looks most like Lucas as a baby? Kate says the baby boy. Sami agrees, he has his daddy's cutie cheeks. EJ says the daughter is as beautiful as her mother. Lucas asks why he's here? EJ says he guesses he overstayed his welcome. He tells Kate it is nice to see her, and Sami will do what she has to do, he'll be in touch. EJ leaves, Lucas asks what that was about. What does she have to do? Sami suggests hey not talk about it now, they should talk about their little family. Lucas asks if he's thanked her yet for giving him two of the most beautiful kids he's seen? He says Will is no ugly duckling, but these kids . . . . Lucas tells Sami that he loves her very much, her's and these kids' happiness are everything to him. She says she loves him and they kiss, which Kate watches. Kate decides to go, but thanks Lucas for letting her spend time with them. She says they have a beautiful family. Sami tell Kate she can stay if she wants, they would like it. 

EJ is outside the room spying and saying isn't this lovely, on the other hand it gives him a wonderful idea. 


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