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5th Week of October 2007 Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted © 2007 by Dustin Cushman (unless otherwise indicated)

Please LINK to my summaries. Do not cut-n-paste them to other sites. Thanks! 


October 29, 2007
At the sorority house, everyone is worried because Chelsea hasn't come home yet. Nick shows up, he asks Max what is going on? Max says they think Chelsea is missing. He explains what is going on with Chelsea, how she got a call and just went right outside to check on her car lights. When Nick learns about the campus rapist, he calls Billie. Billie soon shows up, Max explains how Chelsea got a call from the security office about the lights in her car being on. Billie calls Jett to find out if someone there made the call. Billie asks if when Chelsea left she was upset or anything? They say no, she was excited about moving in here. Billie asks if anyone was angry with her? Morgan says no, they all like her. Billie gets a call from Jett which she takes. Morgan tells the girls in the house to go get flashlights, they'll start a search. Billie says Jett says nobody called Chelsea, she was set up. Billie plans to head out to look into things, the girls are all planning to go looking around campus for Chelsea. 


Later Ford shows up, Max called him. Max says Chelsea is missing, does Ford know where he is? Ford asks why they are asking him about Chelsea? He says he has no idea where she is. Max says so he hasn't seen her since leaving the party? Ford asks what he's being accused of? Max says they just want to know if he saw anything as they left at the same time. Ford says he didn't. Nick says this isn't getting anywhere. Nick goes to look for Chelsea and leaves. Ford asks Max what his problem is, he's been after him all night. Max and Ford argue and make threats at one another, Ford eventually storms off. Later the girls out searching return, they've found nothing. Max calls Billie, the cops need to talk to someone about what happened. Max plans to go down to speak with them, Morgan wants to go with him. Max says she's cold and tired and to just stay here for now. Max asks if she will be okay? Morgan says she's tough too, Steele Magnolia and all that. Morgan realizes Max really doesn't like Ford. Max doesn't like how he treats women, he got very defensive about Chelsea. Morgan says he can be a jerk, but he's more spoiled than anything. Max doesn't trust him and suggests she not invite him back here. She says she can't ban him without a vote from all. She says aside from being a jerk, he hasn't done anything wrong. She also says he's a Decker, they donate a lot of money to the school. Max says in his world people like Ford get their butt kicked for being a jackass. Morgan says she'd like to see that. He says she might, if Ford keeps pawing at people like he did tonight. Morgan likes a man who isn't just talk, she gives him a kiss. 


Outside the house, Nick gets a call from Chelsea. She is standing somewhere and tells Nick she's in trouble. A man takes the phone, he tells Nick if he wants to see his girlfriend then come alone to this address, if he sees the police or anyone else, he'll kill her. Later Nick shows up at some warehouse. The boys show up, they followed Nick here, he left the address behind and so they called a cab. Nick says they can't be here. He ends up hiding them and asking them to be very quiet. They think that isn't fun, they want to help. Nick says this will be helping, he tells them to hide behind an old couch. Nick then goes looking for Chelsea. He meets the man who has Chelsea. Nick wants proof that Chelsea is okay. The man tells Chelsea to say hello. Chelsea cries out for help from another room. Nick offers himself for Chelsea, but the man wants Artemis and Demarquette. The man knows they aren't at his apartment. Nick says they are with a sitter, but the man thinks he's lying. Nick then attacks the guy! Chelsea calls out Nick what is happening. The boys run out to help Nick. The man can't believe the boys are here. Nick tells them both to run. The man ends up locking Nick in a room as he yells at the man to leave his kids alone. Nick then finds himself in a room with Chelsea. She's standing on a bomb, if she moves it will go off! 


In the hospital, Lucas is with Sami. She's thinking about them and the kids, how perfect everything feels, how she wishes it could be like this forever. EJ looks in on them and leaves. Sami tells Lucas how she hates it can't be like this forever. He says him too. Sami says they don't have a choice. Lucas just hopes when he wakes up Stefano will be dead, Lucas asks Sami why she doesn't string EJ along until Stefano is dead. Sami says as soon as she can leave the hospital, they have to go to Santo Domingo and get a divorce. Lucas says she can't be serious. Sami is. Lucas asks if this is EJ's idea? Sami says she's not doing this for EJ, she's doing it for the family. Sami says he knew it was coming. Lucas thought he had a little more time, a divorce usually takes months. Sami says he agreed that she had to marry EJ. Lucas says he takes it back, he's not giving her a divorce. Lucas says the time will come when Stefano wants a grandchild. Sami says they are going to lie to him, say they are trying. Lucas doesn't think EJ will keep his word of separate bedrooms. Lucas says Stefano and EJ came up with this idea to get EJ in her bed. Sami says Stefano is just enforcing his father's last wishes, this was Santo's idea. Lucas says she needs to get it through her head that Stefano is only doing this for EJ. Sami says Lucas needs to get it through his head that Stefano is dangerous. Lucas says he's dangerous too, it is time he proves it. She asks what he's going to do? Lucas says the DiMeras don't play by the rules, neither will he. Sami doesn't want him to do anything rash. She has a plan to exploit EJ's weakness. She says he is in love with her, she'll use that to destroy him and his family. Lucas says he knows what she is capable of. Sami says it will be fun, by the time she's done with him, he'll be begging her to leave. Lucas says if she crosses him then he'll go after someone she loves. She says that would be breaking the deal, she'll leave. Lucas says he won't let her leave, he'll coerce her to stay. Lucas says he's not letting her do this. He says a quickie divorce isn't the answer. Sami says her family is in danger, she doesn't have a choice. Lucas says he won't let the DiMeras hurt her family. He begs her to just let him protect his family. Lucas says he can handle this, everything will be okay. She asks how he can be sure? He says just trust him and relax. He tells her to just rest. She doesn't think she'll be able to sleep. He says just try. 


Sami eventually falls asleep and has a terrible dream. She's in a dark room and hears EJ reciting off all the names of her family members (Rex and Cassie are even named!). Sami goes to see what is going on? She finds all these bodies on gurneys and covered by sheets. She asks what is happening? A dark figure appears, she pulls a sheet off one of the bodies. John sits up, she says he's dead. John says they are all dead. Sami begins looking at the toe tags, they are her family. She asks how this is possible? Sami asks John who did this? John says she did. She says no she can stop this. He says she better hurry. All the bodies then sit up. She tells the dark figure she won't let this happen. The figure takes off their hood, it's EJ with all this scary makeup on. Sami wakes up screaming, Lucas tells her it is just a dream. She says she is getting a divorce and marrying EJ.


Kate is looking in on the babies. She remembers talking to Lucas earlier about not cutting her out of his and the kids lives and about Sami pushing for a divorce to save her family. Kate tells the babies that their daddy is angry at her now, but she'll find a way for them to be together, and she'll spoil them like she spoiled their father. EJ shows up and asks which father that is? Kate asks EJ what he wants. EJ tells Kate that was some performance back in there, when she said the son took after Lucas. Kate tells EJ to stay away from Lucas and Sami's children. EJ says the Kate he knows wouldn't be defending Sami. Kate says this has nothing to do with Sami. EJ says no it has to do with Lucas banishing her from his life. EJ tells Kate he can give her something. Kate says EJ only helps himself, so what does he want? EJ says he will help her get her son back, if she will convince Lucas to divorce Sami. Kate says she wasted a lot of time trying to achieve that goal, she's never been successful. Kate says besides Sami is already planning to divorce him. EJ says Lucas isn't on board though, he might change her mind. Kate says nothing short of blackmail will change Sami's mind. Kate still doesn't know what she gets for helping him. EJ says she will get her son back, if she helps him convince Lucas and Sami to divorce. Kate says and she is supposed to trust him? EJ says yes, so what does she say? The babies cry, Kate says something to them and calms them down. EJ says she has a way with kids. Kate says when Lucas was a baby and would cry, her voice whispering would always calm him down. She says now he hates her. EJ says he doesn't, they have a bond, it may be stretched but not broken. EJ says she can have that relationship with Lucas back, he can get her back into her son's life and time with her grandson. Kate says if he thinks her grandson is his child, he's delusional. EJ says fine, she'll get her time with both her grandchildren. EJ says he can do this if she lets him help her. Kate says her son means what he has said to her. She tells EJ no thanks, this time he is on his own. EJ says he's never known Kate to walk away. Kate says Lucas and Sami have both made up their minds here. EJ tells Kate that they have some common goals here, and he'll be very disappointed that they don't get a divorce because she failed to help. Kate says for the first time she's realized she can win her son back, and working with EJ will only jeopardize that. A nurse walks in and then changes the babies' name cards from Roberts to Horton. Kate thinks she's been officially removed from her son's life. EJ again says he can get her her son back, let him help her. She agrees, asking what he is planning. EJ says to hurt her! Kate says forget it! EJ says he's not going to hurt her, but they have to make Lucas think her life is in danger. EJ says Sami is terrified that Stefano might hurt someone in her family, Lucas doesn't share that opinion. EJ says this will make him see Sami's side. Kate says it could work. She agrees, but Lucas can never know. She says if he finds out, the deal is off. EJ says his lips are sealed. He says he'll go make some arrangements. She wonders what kind. He says just trust him, it will be fun. EJ leaves, Kate looks at the babies and says she has to do it so they can be together. 



October 30, 2007

At the sorority house, Cordy is packing up and moving boxes. Max shows up to help her. Ford then shows up with a girl, he's drunk. Cordy runs off, he says what's wrong, not in a party mood? Ford wants to continue the party. Max tells the girl Amy to go to bed. Ford says sounds like her sorority has a new house mom. Amy leave to go to her room to get some music, Ford heads to the kitchen to get champagne. Cordy returns, she asks if he's gone. Max says Ford is in the kitchen. He asks for a second to talk. He thinks her leaving school has more to do with Ford than anything else. She doesn't want to talk about it. Max helps her carry her box's out. He bumps into Ford, who asks Max what his problem is? He isn't getting any from Morgan so he's taking it out on him? They have a little ruffle, Max shoves Ford onto the couch and tells him to do himself a favor and stay down. 


At Steve and Kayla's, Steve can't sleep and tells Kayla he's thinking about life. She says that is a big subject. He says you know, why things happen. She says they've lost a lot lately, John and Benjy. Steve says and now little Pocketman. He says hat little guy took up a lot of space. She says in here or his heart? He says he's just had it with people being taken from him. Kayla says he won't lose her. Steve says that would kill him. There is then a sound in the other room, Steve goes to check it out. As it turns out it is just Stephanie. She wanted to sleep in her old room. They ask what is wrong? She says her life is a mess, she came home as she had no where to go. Kayla holds her and says it's okay. Stephanie wants to talk to Kayla alone, so Steve leaves. Kayla asks why she didn't want her dad here? Stephanie doesn't want him thinking she was a tramp. She explains she went to a party and made out with some guy she doesn't know, and she was fine with it. Kayla doubts that as she is here and not in that guy's bed. Kayla asks if she wasn't supposed to move into the sorority house tonight? Stephanie says she was until the Max and Morgan show started. Stephanie is afraid he'll only get hurt. Kayla says she can't fix things with Max if he doesn't want to fix them. Stephanie says or as long as the Max and Morgan show continues in front of her face. Later Stephanie thanks her mom for the talk and decides she should probably head back to the house. Kayla says she'll meet another guy, but Stephanie doesn't think so. 


Steve returns saying Kayla has been paged. She leaves and Steve talks with Stephanie. She thinks she's been a disappointment to him, but he says she hasn't. He doesn't know what she and mom talked about, but if it has to do with Max, he might be able to help. She says she doesn't want him fixing her guy problems. He says he's not talking about a sit-down with her and Max. He says with guys it is about geography, where she is and how often he can see her. Steve says Adrienne is pretty busy at the Cheatin' Heart and needs some help, so does she want to work side by side with Max? Stephanie says where she watches him flirt with more girls? Steve says maybe he'll realize the girl in front of him is the one he wants. Stephanie doesn't know, Steve says it could work. Stephanie says she's sorry for what happened with Jeremy, she feels bad for how she treated her parents. She says now he's imposing on Aunt Adrienne for her. Steve says Adrienne needs the help. He says forget it and move on. Stephanie says she wants to be more like mom, she wouldn't get herself into these situations. Steve says it took Kayla years to become the woman she is. He says she got there by making mistakes, it is part of being human. Kayla returns, she asks if everything is okay? Steve says it's good. Steve leaves to check his messages and get coffee. Kayla asks to put her two cents in. Kayla says maybe she should let Max go and start over with someone new. Steve returns and tells Stephanie that Aunt Adrienne called and she might have a job for her. Kayla realizes what is going on here. Stephanie says she'll think about the job. Stephanie goes to take a shower. Kayla and Steve then get a little frisky. Later we see Stephanie crying. She thinks he'll never forgive her, not after last night. 

At the warehouse, Nick is locked in a room with Chelsea. She is standing on a bomb, she says if she moves it will go off. Nick says he'll deal with this. She says what about the kids. He says her first, then the kids. Nick tries to figure out how to outsmart the bomb. He says these are land minds, they are triggered when the weight is removed. Chelsea tells Nick to help her, she doesn't want to die. Nick manages to save Chelsea. Suddenly someone is banging on the door, Chelsea thinks they are back for them. The bomb begins to tick, Oomar Abud suddenly breaks in and pulls them out. The bomb doesn't go out, so he goes back to check on things. It was a fake bomb. Nick asks who would do something that sick? Oomar says someone who would want to scare him. Nick asks where the boys are. Oomar says they are safe. Nick wants to see them. 


Later the police show up, as do Billie and Jett. Nick explains what happened with the bomb. Nick learns the boys are being debriefed. Oomar tells Nick he told him he was not one of the bad guys. Artemis and Demarquette show up to see Nick, Oomar tells them to go back to the car. Nick doesn't understand what is going on. Oomar explains that the boys parents are alive, their death was faked to get them out of the country and now they have been granted political asylum. Oomar explains the danger is over, Artemis and Demarquette's parents are in Nick's debt. Nick asks if he can talk to them before they go. He is allowed to speak with them. Nick says goodbye to the boys. He says nobody will hurt them anymore, Mr. Abud is a pretty cool dude. They laugh and say that rhymes. He tells them they are amazing and taught him a lot. They say he knows everything. He says no. He tells them to stick with the books and learning, don't let anyone stop them from figuring out how things work. Nick says their parents are waiting for them, they will have a real home now. They ask if Nick is coming too? Nick says no, he'll miss them a lot. Nick says they can visit though, and they'll be with their parents. He says they went to a lot of trouble to keep them safe. Nick says he never thought much about having kids, but if he does, he wants them to be just like them. He says they know where he is and where to find him. He then hugs them. He says it's time for them to go. They say they will take a picture of him in their mind so they never forget him. Nick then loads them into a police car. Chelsea give Nick a big hug.


Billie leaves to give Roman and Bo and update. Jett talks to Chelsea, he says he misses seeing her around. He asks if she's enjoying school? She says when she's not being kidnapped. She asks how the job is? He says good, but he was hoping to run in to her every now and then. Jett says maybe he misunderstood, he thought they were starting something. He asks if he did something to hurt her? She says no, it's just their schedules. He asks her out to dinner some night. She says she needs a second and walks over to Nick. She tells him that she's sorry about the boys. He says it is best this way. She asks if she can help? Nick says he's good. He says it will be hard going back to that empty apartment. He says it is hard saying goodbye. Chelsea takes his hand as Jett watches. Nick talks about how those kids were special, he can't believe they never told him the truth. He says it takes a special kid not to crack under such pressure. Chelsea asks Nick if he could take her back to the house? Jett says he's going back to campus, he can do it. Nick says he doesn't mind doing it and leaves to get the car. Chelsea talks to Jett and basically lets him know she's back with Nick, it's been on and off for awhile, but last night Nick showed him the kid of guy he is. Billie returns and hugs Chelsea for her dad, and says if she goes anywhere alone with the rapist out there then he'll put a detail on her! Billie offers to take her home, but Chelsea says Nick is going to. Billie says okay, and she tells her never to scare her like that again. Billie leaves, Chelsea tells Jett she should probably go He asks if that is an no to dinner? She says it is a she'll call him.

Later Billie talks with Jett. Jett asks Billie if Chelsea has mentioned him? Billie says how so? Jett thinks he has done something to tick her off. Billie doesn't think so. She suggests they go out to breakfast, Jett can talk to Chelsea about this later.


Back at the sorority house, Morgan finds Max asleep on the couch. Morgan wakes him up, she lets him know Chelsea is okay. Max stayed over night, he was worried as Ford showed up. Morgan thinks Ford is a pain, but he's not dangerous. Max isn't so sure, he thinks Ford is the reason Cordy is leaving. Morgan doesn't think so, but Max does. He says she practically ran out of the room when Ford showed up.

Nick and Chelsea end up back at the house on the couch. Chelsea never thought they'd end up like this, alone and together. She says China Lee was a lot smarter than she gave her credit for, she knew he'd take good care of those boys. Chelsea has been thinking about all the times he's saved her and made her feel special. He says she is special. She says he's a hero and she loves him for that. They then kiss. Max and Morgan interrupt, but then make themselves scarce. Nick decides to head home and face his empty apartment. She says call her, he says he will. Chelsea tells Nick they are having a Halloween Party tonight, she'd like him to come if his cape isn't at the cleaners. Nick asks what she's going to be? She says the devil. He says maybe he'll wear his collar and they can break some commandments. 


October 31, 2007
Bo and Hope meet with Marlena at the pub. Bo goes to get them something to drink. Hope asks Marlena how she's doing. Marlena says she's up, she's breathing, she's putting one foot in front of the other. Hope asks what she bought? Marlena says a scrapbook. She's going to be making a scrapbook of John and the photos she has of them and their life. Hope offers to help, but Marlena says she needs to do it by herself. Marlena says she stopped by St. Luke's before coming here to pray that nobody they love is taken before their time. Marlena talks about how she misses John, she misses all the small things like watching TV with him, making popcorn with him, the way their fingers laced when they fell asleep. Hope says they will find the killer, but Marlena says they know who killed him. Marlena tells Hope to take her family and get out of here, if she had done that with John then he'd be alive. Bo returns and says they can't run, if the do then Stefano wins. Marlena says he sounds like Sami, or she sounds like him. Marlena asks for a favor, she wants them to stop Sami's wedding. Hope says Lucas won't agree to the divorce. Marlena says Sami will wear him down if he doesn't. She feels John's death is driving this, and if he were here then he'd find a way to stop the wedding. Bo says he'll have to do it for him. Bo decides to head off to talk to Sami. Marlena then tells Hope not to take that for granted, the sound of Bo's voice. Hope tells Marlena she's so sorry. Marlena says if nobody can reach Sami, there is another way to protect Sami. Hope says what, kidnap her? Marlena says kill EJ Wells! Marlena tells Hope how she is dreaming about killing EJ. She knows as a doctor thinking about this is natural. However she knows these are more than fantasies. She had these feelings last year when John was shot. Had she acted on them, John would be alive now. Hope says she doesn't know that. Marlena says EJ is the heir, when he dies the dynasty dies. Hope thinks Marlena needs food and rest, these thoughts will go away. Marlena says she's a psychiatrist, she testifies in trials, she knows exactly how to set up an insanity plea. She says the grieving widow, the breaking moment, sleep deprived, terrified that her children are in danger. Hope tells Marlena to stop this, this isn't her. She says if Marlena does this it will incite more violence. Hope says listen to Roman and Bo. Marlena says no, she doesn't trust them anymore. MArlena says the DiMeras only understand one kind of justice, she's hoping for the courage to give it to them. 


At the hospital, Sami tells Lucas they need to fly to Santo Domingo tonight to get their divorce. Lucas thought they talked about this. Sami says they have, to death. She says they have to get divorces so she can marry EJ. She also says no matter what happens, he won't lose her. Belle shows up with a gift bag, she just came from the nursery seeing the babies. Lucas says he'll go check on them, they'll finish this later. 


Lucas leaves and Belle gives Sami a gift. She says she shouldn't have done this, she knows money is tight for her. Belle says she can afford onesies. Belle asks what was going on? Sami says they were arguing over her marrying EJ. Belle doesn't blame Lucas for being upset. Sami doesn't want to talk about the DiMeras. Sami asks about mom. Belle says she's doing as well as she can. Sami asks about the wedding plans? Belle says not good, that is why she is here, for advice. Sami says coming to her for advice, is it that bad? Belle says she slept with Phillip! Sami can't believe this, where? Belle says it happened in their room at the pub. Sami says as in the bed she sleeps in with Shawn. Belle says it sounds even worse when you say it out loud. Sami thought she was over Phillip. Belle says they've gotten close since they got back. Sami says she divorced Phillip because she didn't love him. Belle says he's changed, he has feelings for her. Sami asks what about her? Belle cares for Phillip, but loves Shawn. She wants to marry Shawn, what happened with Phillip will never happen again. Sami says then she has to make that clear to Phillip and she can never tell Shawn. Belle says someone else knows, Hope. Belle says she found out and she swore she wouldn't say anything. Sami says oh good, then she has nothing to worry about! Sami asks what she's going to do. What happens if she's ever alone with Phillip again, or she has a fight with Shawn. Belle thought Sami was on her side. Sami wants to make sure she knows who and what she really wants. Belle says she wants Shawn. Sami says then stay away from Phillip. Belle doesn't want to lose him as a friend and Claire adores him. Sami says Claire has a father and Phillip is not her friend, he's her lover. She says stay away from him or she will end up in a full blown affair and she'll lose Shawn. 


EJ meets with Kate somewhere in the woods. Kate says if Lucas finds out about this. EJ says he won't, and for all his ranting and raving, the boy still loves her. EJ says if this doesn't work then well she can come visit his son a at anytime, she can be the eccentric aunt. Kate asks what supplies he brought. He flashes a gun and says the lethal kind. He says it is completely untraceable. Kate asks what he's going to do with it? He says step away from the car and he'll show her. She says he's going to shoot her car? HE says Lucas will think an assassin was going to take her out. He then shoots up the car. Kate says he's buying her a new one! EJ says let's go over the story. They discuss the story, an unknown car drove up, shot at her and sped off, she saw nothing. Kate thinks she should call Roman about this and let him call Lucas. However what if Lucas doesn't come, what if it doesn't work. EJ says he'll come. Kate says gets some glass, she needs to hurt herself to make Lucas believe it. He gets a piece, she says cut her up on her forehead as if it cut her when the window shattered. He does, she starts bleeding on the forehead. Kate says if Lucas doesn't believe this then she'll lose him for good.


Later Roman shows up with the cops. They are taking photos, Roman offers to take Kate to the hospital. She says the paramedics said she would be fine. Roman says it's odd that the shell casings are right by her car, not in them or in the shooter's car. He says both cars were moving right? She says she doesn't really remember, she slammed on her breaks. Roman shows her the entry point, she would have had to duck a lot not to be hit. Kate says she was almost under the dash. Lucas then shows up, he asks what is going on here? Lucas says Roman called him. Kate says she's okay, and she didn't think he'd come. Lucas gives her a hug. Lucas tells Roman they know who did this and why. Roman says he'll get a guard on his mom, and he may need her to answer questions at the station. He says he'll be in touch and leaves. Lucas asks his mom why she's here, she hates the country. Kate says she was driving to relax and think. Kate claims she doesn't remember much about what happened. Lucas thinks the DiMeras are desperate, she's not even connected to the Bradys. She says but he is. Kate says she can drive home, she can take care of herself. Lucas says there is a way to make sure. He gives her a gun and wants her to use it if she has to. Kate doesn't want it, she asks when he got it? He says don't worry about it and take it. Lucas says it's the only way to protect themselves. Kate says she can reason with Stefano. Lucas says they can't reason with him. He makes Kate take the gun. Kate says she's sorry for the things that she said to Sami, now she knows what she's going through. Lucas suggests they get out of here. 

Later EJ shows up at Sami's room at the hospital with flowers and some kind of gift. He asks how is Marlena doing? He tells Belle how upset he was to hear about the accident with John. Sami says it wasn't an accident, what is he doing here? He says it is customary to give chocolates to the nurses. Sami says Lucas will be right back, but EJ says there was some kind of emergency with Kate. Sami thinks this can't be good. She tells EJ he has delivered his bad news for the day, so get out of here. EJ asks if she's still going to Santo Domingo? She says Lucas won't go. EJ says maybe he'll change his mind. Sami tells him to get out, he leaves. Belle tells Sami how there is a weird vibe in the room with her and EJ, does she feel anything for him? Sami says a lot of things, hate, disgust. Belle says okay. She offers to bring over some of Claire's old clothes. Sami says that would be great. Belle eventually leaves as well.


Bo soon shows up to see Sami. Bo says he just saw her mom. Sami asks how she is. Bo says he wants him to do something for her, to keep her from marrying EJ. Sami says she has heard every argument, and she knows EJ could be behind what happened to John. She says but EJ loves her and that gives her the upper hand. She also says Stefano won't get near her or her kids, and once he's dead she'll go back to Lucas. She says EJ will put up a fight, but he's not like his father. Bo says not yet. Sami asks Bo to support her and understand she's doing this for their family. Bo says it's not worth the risk. Sami says her mind is made up. Bo asks what he tells her mom? She says that she's a grown woman who can make up her mind. Lucas soon shows up. He asks for a moment alone with Sami. Bo gives her a hug and says he won't give up on her. Sami says she figured. Lucas explains what happened to Kate. Lucas tells Sami she's right about the threat to their families and has been all along, they have to go to Santo Domingo and get the divorce. Lucas says he doesn't want to lose her, and if they do this, then she has to do him a favor. He wants her to make EJ look like an idiot. He wants to be able to take her where he wants, meet her anywhere they want. He wants her in his arms as much as she can be. Sami promises Lucas they'll be together forever. Lucas wants EJ to know that he's not the right man for her. Sami says EJ will suffer in silence as he'll never admit defeat. She says Steve and Kayla will watch the twins tonight, the sooner they do this the sooner they start meeting in romantic places. Lucas says they should get this over as soon as possible. Sami thanks Lucas for being the most perfect almost ex-husband a girl can ask for. 

Bo returns to the pub, he tells Hope how it didn't go well and Sami thinks she can control Elvis. Bo says it's time to come up with an alternative. Hope tells Bo how Marlena was talking about murdering EJ after he left. Hope says she's never heard her like that. Bo says she'd no more kill anyone than Hope would. Bo says it's all talk, but Hope is worried Marlena might go through with it. Bo says he would understand if she did, Vigilante Justice could be the only way out. 


EJ goes to see Stefano at the mansion. He says Lucas is ready to agree to the divorce. Stefano says excellent. He asks Rolf to have the villa in Italy prepared. He would like them to honeymoon there with him, he would feel better having him around for however long he has left. EJ doesn't want to hear that. EJ says he has more good news, the boy baby may be his. Stefano is thrilled and says this is a great blessing. EJ says for all of them, his cells could save his life. Later Kate shows up to visit. Stefano calls this a wonderful surprise. He says let him look at her. He asks what happened to her face? She says just a minor cut, nothing big. Rolf tells Stefano it is time for his rest. Stefano says he has a guest, but Rolf says he needs his rest. Stefano says he's worse than an old woman. He tells Kate he'll see her soon. He also tells Elvis he is proud of him. Stefano leaves to rest, Rolf goes as well. EJ asks Kate how she knew he'd be here. She says lucky guess. She says Lucas showed up, she should never have doubted him, he is a wonderful son. EJ says his father said the same thing about him. Kate says he'll never be half the man Lucas is. EJ says she should be careful, he just gave her her son back. EJ talks about how this will pave the way for his wedding to Sami. Kate knows this will hurt Lucas badly, but EJ says in every game of chess there is a loser. Kate tells EJ that Lucas did give her a gift, she flashes the gun at him. EJ asks if she knows how to use one? Kate says just aim and shoot. EJ hopes it just remains a token of his affection. Kate warns EJ if Lucas learns what really happened, and that it was EJ's doing, EJ will find out what a good shot she is.


November 1, 2007
At the sorority house, the Halloween Party is in full swing. Morgan flirts with Max, who isn't dressed up. Morgan is in some half-white half-black outfit. Stephanie, in her race car driver outfit, Chelsea is a devil. Stephanie asks Chelsea if she thinks Morgan got her outfit at the retail tramp store. Stephanie begins pigging out on candy. Chelsea says she's going to make herself stick. Stephanie tells Chelsea how Morgan's website changed from single to relationship within a week. Stephanie talks about how she is cyber stalking now, it's pathetic. Chelsea asks Stephanie where she went last night? Stephanie says to this party, there was this guy. She has flashes of someone undressing, but not much more. She dismisses her memories and tells Chelsea how she's going to be working at the Cheatin Heart with Max. She says Max doesn't know yet, she has to tell him without it looking like a set-up. Chelsea says it is, and he'll figure it out. Max comes over to talk to them. Max claims he came as a bartender. Max tells Stephanie he learned she got a job at the bar. Chelsea makes herself scare. He wishes she told him, but he's looking forward to it.


Later Chelsea looks for Nick, who shows up as an angel. She thought he was coming as a priest. He says he thought to kick it up a notch. She wonders if it would be sacrilegious to kiss him. He says not at all. She thanks him for coming. Nick says he was supposed to be trick-or-treating with the boys. She knows this is hard for him, but they are with their parents. Nick says enough talk about the boys, tonight is about them.

Morgan tries to convince Cordy to come out to the party. Cordy however isn't in the mood. Morgan asks her to just show up for one last hurrah. She sees Ford in the hall and slams the door. Morgan wonders if she's okay?

Ford is chasing a girl around, he's drunk as usual. Max watches him and wants to bounce the fool out of here. Stephanie says ignore him, he's not worth it. Max and Stephanie talk about the job, Stephanie hopes it won't be awkward for them. Max says why would it be, they are friends. Morgan shows up and asks what is going on? Stephanie says she was telling Max the good news. Morgan asks what news? Max says that she didn't need to get a costume this year, she used her old racing outfit. A girl tells Morgan the girls are complaining about Ford, so Morgan leaves to talk to him. Stephanie asks Max why he didn't want Morgan to know the truth? Max says he didn't want her to freak out. He says Morgan is a little concerned about their past, he told her they dated and had moved on. She asks if he brought up the cave? Max says no, why would he. Stephanie asks if he thinks Morgan would think something is still going on between them? He says nothing is but friendship, that is what she wanted. Stephanie says right. He asks if they are cool, she's okay with him seeing Morgan. She says she doesn't really see Morgan as his type. He asks what his type is. Stephanie says maybe someone who drives a stick. Max is trying to teach her in his car, which Stephanie thinks means it is serious. Max says if this is weird for her, they'll hang out at his place. She says she's fine with it, she's happy for him. He says thanks and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Max leaves, Chelsea talks about that kiss. Stephanie says it was on the cheek, it doesn't count. Chelsea says it seems Max doesn't have a problem working with her. Stephanie says it will be torture for her though. She tells Chelsea she blew it, Max was a good guy and she let him get away.


Nick impresses girls at the party with his magic tricks based on physics. Meanwhile Chelsea keeps talking to Stephanie about letting this thing with Max go. Stephanie says the hard part is she really likes Morgan, this would be easier if she was a stuck up snob. Chelsea thinks maybe Stephanie needs to play the field. Stephanie says she's sounding like her mom. She says Max is it for her. Chelsea says so if she can't have Max she'll have no one? Chelsea says she needs air and steps out, which Max sees. 

Morgan soon goes to try and convince Ford to go home, as he's sloshed. Ford drops his drink, which thinks is his cue to leave. She grabs his keys and won't let him drive. He says he is fine, he can drive. Chelsea says they can call her mom, head of campus security. He thinks her mom is hot, bring her on. Chelsea says he's sick. Chelsea grabs Max aside to talk, she needs to know what he thinks of Stephanie. Chelsea says Stephanie doesn't know they are having this talk, she can't know. Chelsea wants to know how he feels about her. Max says she's a great girl. Max learns Chelsea knows about the cave and what happened. Max says Chelsea made it clear all she wanted was a friend. He asks why this is important to her? Chelsea wants her to be happy. She lets Max get back to Morgan and Ford.

Morgan and Max fight with Ford, not allowing him to drive drunk. Nick needs Max's help, someone's car needs a jump. They leave, Morgan decides to drive Ford home when he suggests it. When she goes to get her keys, he puts some drug in her drink. He then gives it to her when she reytnrs and suggests they toast. Morgan drinks up and asks if they can go now?

Cordy's parents arrive to pick her up. Chelsea invites them in, but they don't seem to want to come in. They decide to wait in the car. Stephanie goes to get Cordy. Cordy hears Ford yelling in the hall, she slams the door again. Chelsea tells Cordy she might not want to tell them what happened, but she might feel better. Cordy says she can't talk about it. After Ford leaves, Chelsea presses Cordy to admit what Ford did to her. Cordy says he raped her! Chelsea is furious, Stephanie is stunned. 


At the hospital, Kate meets with EJ. EJ asks what is going on, Sami didn't change her mind about the divorce did she. She says no, they are in Santo Domingo. She says they are here because the DNA results are in. Kate gives them to EJ, who is overjoyed as the boy is his. He says they now share a child, it's a bond that can't be broken. Kate says people have kids don't always love each other or like each other. EJ says he and Sami will be raising this child, and if Samantha loves that boy, then she'll open her heart to loving him. Kate reminds him that she still loves Lucas, and she wasted a lot of time underestimating that love and trying to break them up. EJ says but he succeeded, they are probably divorced now. Kate says maybe not, they are in a romantic place, maybe they decided not to go through with it. EJ wants to know where his son is. Kate doesn't know, Lucas wasn't forth coming. EJ asks Kate to find out where they are for him. Kate says she'll see what she can do. EJ decides to go tell Stefano the news. 


Stefano is at the mansion listening to opera when EJ arrives. EJ says it is a glorious evening. Stefano says the results are in yes. EJ says he has a grandson. They then hug. Stefano says bravo! He says now they have a wedding to plan, everything is falling in place. EJ can't believe he is a father and marrying the girl of his dreams. They share a toast. EJ says he also found out the stem cells from the cord have been stored. Stefano asks if he has a name? EJ says Sami wants to call him John. Stefano says how original. Stefano says he will call him Jandi. He says it is a powerful name and will hold him in good stead when he takes over the empire. EJ wants Stefano to be a mentor for his son, Stefano looks forward to it. Stefano talks about how to raise him, he suggests they do so in Italy and later send him to an English boarding school like EJ. Stefano wants to meet his grandson. Kate then shows up, EJ assumes she's here as she has found his son. Kate tells EJ and Stefano that they are with Steve and Kayla. EJ says she can't be serious. Stefano calls this an outrage having Steve Johnson watching his son. EJ says this won't go on for long. 

At a hotel in Santo Domingo, Sami is on the phone checking in with Kayla. Lucas can't believe they are here when it is the twins first night home. Sami says the sooner they finish the sooner they get home to them. They talk about this divorce, Lucas doesn't know why they are doing this. Sami says it's a piece of paper, it doesn't mean anything. Lucas says it means EJ won and the DiMeras get what they want. Sami brings up some old black and white movie she made him watch with an immigrant girl who comes to American and marries a man to stay in the country. She reminds him how in the movie they were told by a priest they had been living in sin together as they weren't married, but the woman said in their hearts they were already married. She tells Lucas that in her heart nothing will change and she'll always love him. Sami thinks they should take advantage of this romantic place and have a swim or something. Lucas isn't in the mood, she thinks she can fix that. They kiss when there is a knock at the door. Sami thinks it must be the lawyer. A man shows up to get documents signed, he wasn't expecting the husband to be here as well. Sami has to sign but is hesitant. Lucas says this is crazy, they'll find another way. Lucas asks the man for a moment, so he leaves the room. Sami tells Lucas she doesn't want to hear it. Lucas shows Sami a clipping from a magazine on Australia, they were supposed to go there for their anniversary. He says she was as excited about the trip as he was. She says they can still go, but Lucas says EJ won't let that happen. He tells Sami their dreams are over. Sami says they can still have family vacations, they can do all of it. Lucas says EJ will keep her from him, he'll lock her up if he has to. Lucas says he told EJ he would kill him if he married her. Sami says he can't say things like that. Lucas says think about it, what if there was a way to make EJ disappear. Sam says he's not doing this again She reminds him of when he killed Franco to defend Kate, but it was her who went to death row for it. She says she had to say goodbye to everyone, including Will. She says they aren't doing that to him or anyone again. Sami says they can get through this. They then sign the divorce papers. Sami is in tears. 


Later Sami tells Lucas it will be okay, they'll be re-married as soon as they can. She says maybe they can go on their second honeymoon to Australia. Lucas tells Sami he'll miss her face. She says he's going to make her cry. He says sorry. He says he'll be good, they'll make this night one last memorable one. He says they'll make this night about them. She says she loves him. They end up in bed together, Lucas later leaves to get some massage oil and give her a massage. There is then a knock at the door, an envelope is slid under. Sami opens it, it's the DNA results from EJ saying the boy is his. Sami hides them as Lucas returns. He sees Sami is upset, he asks what is wrong? Sami says she's sorry. He asks what happened, she's as white as a ghost. Sami says it's just hormones kicking in. He asks her to lay down. He says he'll give her a wonderful massage. She lays on the bed, but is still crying.


November 2 , 2007

At the sorority house, Stephanie and Chelsea are with Cordy, who admits Ford raped her. Chelsea tells her that she's so sorry. Stephanie asked if it happened the night of the date? She says in his dorm room she thinks. She is pretty sure he drugged her. Cordy says she woke up almost naked in a strange bed, and she knew. Chelsea wants to call the police, but Cordy says no. She says who will believe her, Ford could have any girl he wanted. Stephanie begins having more memories of being raped herself. Stephanie tells Cordy if she thinks she's the first one Ford has raped? Chelsea says she can stop him from doing this again. Cordy says she won't go to the police. Stephanie storms out of the room.


Max worries about Ford and the way he was acting. He remembers how Ford put up a stink about driving home rather than walk. He is worried that Morgan isn't back yet. Max talks to one of the girls who was hanging out with Ford, he sees it looks like she's been beaten and has a fat lip. Ashley says Ford got a little physical, but she took care of it. Max says there is a rapist on campus, doesn't she think there is a connection? Max says Cordy freaks when she sees him,  and Morgan just took him home and could be his next victim.

Stephanie finds Nick at the party and learns Morgan took Ford home. Stephanie says Ford raped Cordy, Morgan is in big trouble! Nick realizes he has to report this. Chelsea shows up and says he can't, Stephanie told him as a friend not a professor. Chelsea then learns Morgan drove him home. Chelsea tried to figure out where Ford lives, nobody seems to know. One guy says check his webcam, they might recognize his dorm. The guy wants to know what it's worth to her to know the website location? She threatens to kick his butt if she doesn't tell him! 

Stephanie goes back to Cordy, who thinks she shouldn't have said anything. Stephanie says she did the right thing. She asks Cordy if she remembers where Ford lives? She doesn't know. Meanwhile Chelsea has broken into Ford's website, they are watching a live web cam of him about to rape Morgan. They recognize the dorm room, Max runs to deal with Ford while the others are forced to watch and hope Max gets there in time. The one guy says you can't tell she's drugged, but the girls know she is. Ford then covers up the camera. Billie and Jett show up, Jett heads over to the dorm. Stephanie is looking upset as they listen to the audio, but can't see a picture. 


Morgan takes Ford home and then plans to go back to the party. He asks if she's at least going to tuck him in? She says yeah right. She becomes dizzy, thanks to the drugs Ford gave her. She asks to use his bathroom. He says sure. He says he knows the flu is going around, maybe she caught it. Later he puts Morgan in his bed, she's passed out. Ford says she's looking hot and she wants it. Morgan soon wakes up in her bra and panties, she asks what is going on? He says she had too much to drink, go back to sleep. She passes out, suddenly Max and Jett show up and grab Ford. Ford is screaming his dad will have them all for this!


Back at the sorority, Cory's parents want to know where she is. Max soon shows up with Morgan, Jett drags Ford in. Ford is saying if they have him arrested they will be sorry. Jett says they need a statement from Morgan, but she's out of it. Ford says this is all a mistake. Stephanie asks if he has to be here. Jett says they need someone to ID him. Max says Morgan is drugged, Ford claims she had too much to drink  and will be angry with them when she wakes up. Chelsea asks if anyone here has been attacked by Ford and kept their mouth shut? If so speak up. Cordy walks out and says she can ID him. She says Ford is the campus rapist and he raped her. Ford says she is lying. Chelsea asks Cordy to take her parents to her room, but she screams at Ford that she hates him. Ford says he only was having a good time with a girl who wanted him. Chelsea says they saw him on his webcam. Ford is taken off, Billie is going to make sure he's expelled and prosecuted. Chelsea wonders if they'll ever live normal lives. Nick says Ford will go to jail and the boys are safe, boring times ahead? She says hopefully not too boring. 

Later Max has return from the hospital, Morgan is staying there and he's going to stay with and watch her. He thinks Stephanie seems upset. She says of course she is given what happened, she'll be fine. Max then leaves. Cordy then returns and tells Stephanie she's going to stay, thanks to her and Chelsea. She says she has to stop Ford. Stephanie says they are all going to be there with her. Stephanie has more memories, she was for sure raped by Ford, though his face is not shown. 

At the DiMera mansion, Kate argues with EJ about the twins. She says he can't just show up and see his child, but Stefano says he has every right to see his child. HE tells her to stay out of matters that don't concern her. Stefano tells EJ to go to his son, he leaves. Kate tells Stefano that EJ will end up arrested before he marries Sami. Stefano says EJ knows what to do. He says this calls for a drink, he has a grandson and the DiMeras live on. He wants to toast to his grandson, but Kate doesn't feel like celebrating. She learns Stefano is planning to move the whole family back to Tuscany. He says eve more reason to celebrate Sami will be a cotenant away! Kate says so he wants to raise his grandson in Italy. Stefano says yes, and he can visit this county anytime he wants. Stefano says the DiMeras have always appreciated America. Kate asks if Sami has been told of this? Stefano says the raising of a DiMera heir is up to him and EJ. Kate wishes him luck, telling Sami how to live her life can make her dangerous.


At Steve and Kayla's, Steve is taking care of the babies as Kayla is on the phone telling Bo that everything is okay. Bo and Hope are offering to come over and help, but Kayla says it's not necessary and they were supposed to be celebrating Bo's birthday early tonight. Later Steve tells Kayla that it kills him that EJ could be the father of one or both of these babies. Kayla thinks there is nothing to worry about. Steve thanks Kayla for saving him from himself. He says after Benjy was killed, he was close to making the DiMeras suffer. He has also been thinking how easy it would be to take the babies to Lucas and Sami in Santo Domingo and tell them never to come back. Steve says however she's made him realize the babies are what are important and they need all the Brady love they can get. Later Kayla gets a photo of Ciara in her Halloween costume. She thinks about Pocket and what he might look like. Steve tries to cheer her up with a little baby power war. She tells him not to dare, back off. EJ shows up hearing the commotion and the baby crying, so he breaks the door down. Kayla says she's calling security, Steve is going to throw him out. EJ has the results that show he's the father and he wants to see his son! EJ just wants a moment, he has a right to see him. Steve says no. EJ says he'll get to see him sooner or later. Kayla says he won't be seeing him tonight. She tells EJ he has no idea how to care for or love a child, so get out of here. EJ says fine, he'll be back with a court order. 


At Bo and Hope's, it seems Shawn and Belle can't make it to the birthday party as Claire has the sniffles. Hope really wanted to give him a big party, but with John and everything. Bo says he doesn't need a party, he just needs them. Hope presents him with a present, a scrapbook of their family. She worked on it all summer, with Caroline and Kayla's help. She talks about how much they have to be grateful for. Bo thanks her and says she's amazing. Hope then gives him his last gift, her in a negligee! They of course are interrupted by Steve and Kayla calling. Kayla tells him that EJ was just here demanding to see his son, apparently EJ is the father. Bo passes this news to Hope. Kayla says EJ is swearing to come back. Bo says he has an idea on what to do.  EJ meanwhile return to the mansion and says they wouldn't even let him look at him. Kate says he's surprised? Stefano makes a call to a judge to get a custody order.


Stefano and EJ return to Steve and Kayla's with Mrs. Meyers. She's saying they must be well connected to get a court order at this time of night. A guy in a hazmat suit tells them they'll have to leave, the place has been quarantined . Mrs. Meyers says there is nothing she can do for them now, call her in the morning. Stefano tells EJ he will see his son soon, they leave. Steve and Kayla call Bo back, Kayla says it worked but EJ won't give up. Bo says one day at a time, get some sleep. Kayla thanks him. Bo meanwhile tells Hope they have stirred up a hornet's nest, but she says they will deal with it tomorrow. Bo says he's thought about torching the mansion with them inside, but he knows revenge isn't the answer. He says he looks at her pretty face and knows it's not the way.


In Santo Domingo, Lucas is giving Sami a massage. She ends up falling asleep. He then finds a paper in her pocket and reads it, it's the letter from EJ. Lucas remembers how EJ was telling them the day of the birth that the babies looked like they had different fathers. He remembers Sami telling him in the hospital they had a DNA test and the babies were his. She said EJ was just stirring the pot. Sami wakes up and sees Lucas has the letter from EJ. Lucas asks when she was going to tell him? Sami says she just found out, and she just wanted to have one last normal night with him. Lucas says keeping it from him is the same as lying to him. Sami says this is a nightmare, and she just wanted them to have one night. She says she was going to tell him in the morning. Lucas says the mother of all mornings, he gets divorced, finds out his son isn't his and has to travel home on a plane and think about it the whole time. Sami says once he thought they were both EJ's and he still wanted to be a father of them. Lucas says now this is real, EJ will want a say in how he's raised, he'll teach him the wrong values. Lucas wants their kids to learn side by side, that they should be loving and give back, that is the Brady and Horton way. Lucas says their daughter however will compare herself to him, what she doesn't have and he does, he doesn't want her to turn out like . . . . Sami says like me? Lucas says no, like me. Sami says she hopes she turns out just like him, they'll be the luckiest parents in the world. Lucas says look at the problems he's had because of his drinking. Sami says and look at him now. She thinks she'd be a lucky little girl to have two parents to help her avoid the pitfalls of life as they have fallen into all of them. Sami also promises him that Johnny will grow up to be a wonderful man just like him, he'll be there to teach him to be a real man. Lucas asks and what if EJ doesn't let him anywhere near him? Sami says he will be part of Johnny's life, but Lucas says the DiMeras now have an heir to their throne. Sami says Stefano won't want a hand in raising this kid, and EJ sees him as a trophy and will get sick of it. She says Lucas is the one who will be teaching him to ride a bike and throw a ball. Lucas still says the kid is a DiMera, if he tries to escape it then he'll be treated like Lexie or Tony, or even end up dead like Benjy. Sami promises him that won't happen and she will be back with him soon. Lucas holds Sami as she cries. He says he'll miss holding her like this, feeling her heart beat next to his. 


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